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The Guide Volume 14, Issue 1 2016

Letter from the Editor... Danielle Gordon

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Contributors for this Issue What does Cougar Nation mean to you?

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“community” Over the summer, our staff talked about a lot of big changes to our publications, one of the things we decided on was creating themes for every issues we printed. After a lot of long nights and group discussions it was decided that the first issue should be dedicated to you, Cherokee Trail. The school that’s a part of us all, a part of shaping us into the individuals we’re proud to be. To all the teachers, students, security guards, and administrators that make CT more than just a high school, they make it a community for us to grow as people as we learn the skills we need for the rest of our lives. After three years at Cherokee Trail, after countless football, basketball, volleyball, baseball, and lacrosse games, after hours upon hours spent with my peers staring at whiteboard and projector screens, after long nights at school dances listening music loud enough to make my head pound, I’ve learned what it means to be apart of Cougar Nation. -Danielle Gordon, EIC

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“finding ourselves”

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Madi Koenig

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“family spirit”

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