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Rebuilding a Legacy

Josh’s Jams

photo by Kalif President

photo by Kalif President

Number 28, Tyler Kruze Sr. bolting towards the touchdown.

Future: Last Breath Kodak Black: Hollywood Denzel Curry; ULT Ski Mask the Slump God: Like a Soccer Mom Future: Stick Talk Lil Uzi Vert: Sidelines Watching (Hold Up)

photo by Kalif President


photo by Kalif President

photo by Kalif President

Number 6, KJ Sapp Sr. getting ready to make a memorable play.

I believe that sports are a very important component to developing our young people to be productive, functional and excellent members of society. They provide our student/athletes with the development of a work ethic along with teaching them coping, organizational, and time management skills. -Coach Mags

For the past two years, Cherokee Trail Cougars haven’t been a respected name in Colorado 5A football. With a 3-7 record in 2014 and a 5-5 record in 2015, many schools from Cherry Creek and other districts are not expecting them to improve. From being powerful in the playoffs and then suddenly, struggling in regular season, a change had to be made. As reported by Courtney Oakes in the Aurora Sentinel in November 2015, Thelen said, “After reflection of how this season went and how last season went, neither of them really hit the standards that we’ve been trying to build with the program,” After having such an impressive history then having such steep downfall, a change needed to be made. In 2016 Thelen announced his retirement to football team. News quickly spread and students and players were wondering who would be the new football coach. Weeks later the new coach was announced, the defensive coordinator Dain Magnall took the mantle to lead the cougars to a great season. The players are enjoying their new coach, jr. Aaron Neis, a starting center said, “Coach Mags seems like he’s making more personal connections with the players and getting the players a mindset to win. Many players are optimistic about their new coach and his ability to lead them this season, “Coach Mags is full of energy and always wants us

Story by: Josh Greer

It’s a challenge to achieve balance in school, sports and family life, however I make family my #1 priority and spending time with them is extremely important to me. During football season, I make it a point to eat a family dinner every night and make sure that I spend time with my kids doing something fun after they are done with their homework. I haven’t been able to beat my 10 year old in “MLB The Show” for over a year and my 6 year old dominates me in “Candyland” on a regular basis. - Coach Mags

Number 3, Josh Zambrano Sr. dashing to tackle the running back for Overland.

photo by Kalif President