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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Vol. 29, No. 12,581

Constitutional Amendment:

All Hail The New Boss...

Pressure Mounts On National Assembly S Nigerians await the A resumption of members of the National Assembly in two week’s time to start debate on the items listed for amendment in the 1999 Constitution as amended, The Guardian learnt yesterday from a Senator from the Southeast zone, that pressure is being mounted on his colleagues in both Chambers not support local council autonomy and six- year single tenure for the President and governors which is expected to take effect from 2015, if passed into law. The Senator who was also a member of Constitution Review Committee (CRC) of the National Assembly, disclosed that the pressure was coming from the state governors who don’t want autonomy for council areas and scrapping of the State Electoral Commission. Also pressuring and lobbying the National Assembly members are leaders of the major opposition parties. The senator said some of the itemized issues for debate on resumption such as autono-


Enter Sani Muazu,



Adewale Martins, Arcbishop of the Lagos Catholic Archdiocese

my of council areas, six-year single tenure were the bone of contention at the Committee meetings. “While some senators that appear to be nursing ambition for governorship in 2015 do not want autonomy of council area, just as being opposed by incumbent governors, some of the senators, especially from the North, are in support of single tenure of six- years to take effect in 2015. “The pressure started to mount at the Committee level, but most members of (CRC) resisted it, insisting that there is need for an open debate on the floor of both chambers of National Assembly for Nigerians to witness and know who to hold responsible,” the senator disclosed. He revealed that the state governors are already in touch with the National Assembly on their areas of interest. “Yes, depending on where their interests lie; most of the interested parties which include the state governors, opposition party leaders, civil society organisations and President Jonathan’s foot soldiers, have reached out to the leadership of the National Assembly ahead of our resumption to commence debate on the issues”. It was also disclosed that the state governors are banking on the support of the members of their various state houses of Assembly to get whatever they cannot get from the National Assembly CONTINUED ON PAGE 2


We Need Practical Steps Not Promises To Alleviate Poverty In Nigeria, Says

• Govs Lobby Against Council Autonomy • Presidency, North Oppose Single Term By Samson Ezea, Lagos and Saxone Akhaine (Northern Bureau Chief)


NAMA Grounds Oshiomhole’s Aircraft From Alemma-Ozioruva Aliu, Benin City HAT played out in Akure, W the capital of Ondo State recently when the Rivers State’s jet that conveyed Governor Rotimi Amaechi to the state was grounded for few hours was replicated in Benin City yesterday as the charter helicopter meant to convey Edo State Governor, Adams Oshiomhole and his aides to the burial ceremony of the late wife of Senator Ben Obi in Anambra State was grounded by the Nigeria Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) for allegedly not paying required dues. But some players in the state said this could be part of the build-up to the 2015 general elections, which is getting messier by the day. It was gathered that the chopper Oshiomhole was flying was summoned to come to the airport for normal clearance but on getting there, and after the clearance preparatory for take-off, the pilot, Captain James Manahash of Philipines, was told that the chopper, OAS Helicopters, could not be granted clearance to fly. It was learnt that Mrs. Sally Mbanefo, new DG of the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC)…for your delight this morning.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


Nigeria Is Heading Towards Anarchy, Says NADECO By Ehichioya Ezomon (Group Political Editor) ATIONAL Democratic N Coalition (NADECO) will on Tuesday relive the Epetedo Declaration by the winner of the annulled June 12, 1993 presidential election, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola. The pro-democracy group is bringing back memories of the subject in order to analyse the current state of the Nigerian polity it fears is fast drifting towards anarchy. The June 12 poll precipitated the June 11, 1994 Epetedo Declaration in which Abiola proclaimed himself President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria based on the mandate given to him by Nigerians. Unfortunately, the military government of General Ibrahim Babangida on June 23, 19993, annulled that election, which till date is the barometer for measuring free and fair elections in Nigeria. When all protestations failed to get Babangida’s successor, the late General Sani Abacha and his military junta to reverse the cancellation of the election, Abiola, who had gone overseas in the wake of the government action, went to Epetedo, the acclaimed heartland of Lagos, and declared himself President. He was subsequently arrest-

• To Address State Of The Nation Tuesday ed and clamped into detention for five years. However, on the eve of a reported plan by the new military regime of General Abdulsalami Abubakar to release him, Abiola suddenly died after given a cup of tea to drink. Many Nigerians, and, indeed, the international community, felt the tea, reportedly served by America’s current Ambassador to the United Nations, Ms Susan Rice, in the presence of former American Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Thomas Pickering, was poisoned. But the coroner ruled it otherwise as a heart failure. Nonetheless, to members of the NADECO, a body formed in 1994 by eminent Nigerians to press the government to revalidate the June 12, and convene a Sovereign National Conference (SNC), the issues in the polity that brought them out to confront the military junta “with brain and biro” are more germane today than in the past. It is in this regard that the pro-democracy group has scheduled a colloquium and a world press conference “in review of the Epetedo Declaration of June 11, 1993 made by Bashorun M.K.O Abiola.” At an interactive session

with newsmen in Lagos yesterday, NADECO said the country was headed in the wrong direction, going by events playing out in the polity. It expressed concerns “about the apparent drift of the Nigerian ship of state, the despair amongst the populace and the fast descent anarchy.” towards Accordingly, it will on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 hold a colloquium with the theme, ‘Affirming the Sovereignty of the Nigerian Peoples’, “to engage the wider issues thrown-up by the annulment of the June 12, 1993 election won by Moshood Abiola, as well as the Declaration in

Epetedo on June 11, 1994 by Abiola, that he was the President of Nigeria on account of that election.” The NADECO leader and a former military governor, retired Real Admiral Godwin Ndubisi Kanu, and its secretary, Chief Ayo Opadokun, flanked two other members, jointly fielded questions for the Tuesday outing. They said in engaging these issues at this time, NADECO aims at illuminating the issues surrounding the current debate about the state and direction of the Nigerian Union, “especially the vexed question of who draws up the Charter of Relationships in the Union, and the location

and place of sovereignty of the peoples.” “NADECO also intends to xray the many agitations in the land, which now present unsettling instability and galloping insecurity.” This is with a view to “distilling the constitutional questions raised by those agitations so that those questions may be resolved non-violently by the process long canvassed as a Sovereign National Conference (SNC).” They said a template of how to conduct this all-important Sovereign meeting of the peoples of Nigeria “shall be in review, as well as proposals for a transition designed to take the country through the present turbulence to a more settled future.” The planned events at the

Epetedo Multipurpose Recreation Centre, will also critically examine the forces at play in the period of the June 12 election so as to locate the place of the sovereignty of the people “amidst contending interests in societal management and for a redirection from the path it now threads.” “We note that whilst June 12, 1993 has annually been commemorated, this will be the first time the deeper issues surrounding the cataclysmic events that followed the annulment of that election would be focused upon,” they said. “This would enrich the contents of the entire June 12 narrative, both for prosperity and contemporary guide,” they added.

NAMA Grounds Oshiomhole’s Aircraft CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 Oshiomhole remained inside the chopper for almost an hour and 15 minutes and when it became obvious that he would not be allowed to fly, he aborted the trip. A visibly angry Oshiomhole refused to talk but entered his official car and headed for his hometown, Iyamoh. In his reaction, the Benin Airspace Acting Manager, who simply identified himself as Okolie, said: “I don’t have anything for you. If anyone said his aircraft was grounded by us, ask him why.” Speaking to journalists, the Capt. pilot, chopper Manahash said: “I was surprised that I was recalled after taking off from Government House because I had communicated with the control tower on radio. “We were already airborne when we got the call to return to the airport with the threat that failure to do so would lead to complete grounding of the aircraft. The governor prevailed on me to return and listen to them. “When we got back to the airport, I was told to pay landing and aerodrome fees which ordinary we could pay later because we were airborne. already “Even after completion of the process of payment within 10 minutes, we were still delayed for one hour fifteen minutes, with the governor still seated and thereafter left anger. in “I am surprised by this development because this is not the first time I would be com-

ing to Benin to fly the governor. “I was even threatened after payment that the aircraft will be grounded completely if I argue with them. I have flown for 35 years, seven of which I spent in Nigeria and this is the first time I am encountering a situation like this. I did not know what problem they have with the governor.” However, Oshiomhole’s Special Adviser (Media), Kassim Afegbua, said the development could be linked to the Presidency, noting that they want to “visit Amaechi’s treatment on Governor Oshiomhole.” Afegbua alleged that the incident is connected to the ongoing alleged onslaught against governors perceived to have played a role in the re-election of Governor Rotimi Amaechi as chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum (NGF). “I think the government of the day is competing with too many crises and it is disturbing that governors are no longer recognised, respected in the scheme of things even when it is known that they were duly elected by the people. “How else do you explain the role of NAMA clerk who grounded a governor’s aircraft and prevented him from keeping his appointment in Anambra because he is acting out a script that has become the rule off engagement by a dictatorial regime? We remain unprovoked because we are civilised people,” he said.

JAY WALKING: People stepping on stones to cross a flooded area of the Lagos-Badagry expressway along the Mile 2-Orile axis after yesterday’s early morning downpour. PHOTO: NAN

Govs Lobby Against Council Autonomy CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 members on the amendment issues as the constitution requires that for any amendment to be passed into law, it requires the consent of 24 Houses of Assembly, out of the 36 in the country. On why the idea of creation of more states was dropped by the CRC, the senator said the issue created deep rancour and heated argument among the members of the committee, to the extent that some members from a section of the country walked out of the committee in severally meetings protest, before the majority of members agreed to drop peace. for item the The senator expressed concern that debate on the items for amendment might be rancorous and divisive if not well handled, considering the already tense politi-

cal atmosphere ahead of the 2015 general election. Meanwhile, the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) yesterday criticized the Senate recommendations on constitution amendment which proposed a six-year tenure for the President and governors, saying it may worsen the problem of effective leadership for the country. The Arewa elders after studying the proposed recommendations of the Senate Committee on Constitutional Amendment, said that despite the fact that President Goodluck Jonathan and all serving governors may not enjoy the sixyear tenure proposal, the committee’s position on it could be counter-productive in serving Nigeria’s interest for good governance and providing democratic dividends for the teeming population.

ACF’s National Publicity Mr. Secretary, Anthony Sani who reacted to the Senate’s recommendations, said yesterday: “ACF’s position on single tenure for president and governors is that it is counter-productive, precisely because it has no incentives to motivate for excellence. “This is because the good, the not-so-good and the feckless are grouped together without any exception. All management of human affairs which have no incentives by way of reward that motivate for excellent performance, cannot reasonably be expected to be effective”. He added: “In multiple tenure, re-elections are often a form of reward for good performance. And if president and governors know that they are all entitled to six years whether they perform or not, they will not

perform but will concentrate on pillage of the public treasury, which is counter-productive. And that is why most countries of the world, including Russia and China, have multiple and not single tenure. And if abuse of incumbency is the problem, Nigeria can consider those models which allow multiple tenure that are not consecutive. “Chile is a good case in point where no president is allowed to conduct an election in which he is a candidate. But he can still re contest under the watch of a different president. Bangladesh has a caretaker government arrangement that conducts elections. “In any case, the idea of allowing problems that come with democracy to make us fear democratic practices like internal democracy and primaries, is not helpful”.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



MASSOB Sit-At-Home Order: Police Vow To Stop Action HE Abia State Police T Command yesterday deployed its officers and men to parts of Abia in a show-of-force to demonstrate its readiness to quell any lawless acts, following the order by the Movement for the  Actualisation  of the Sovereign State of Biafra (MASSOB) for residents in the entire Southeast geo-political to sit-athome today. In Anambra  State, the Police

Command warned against violence as a result of the order. And in Enugu State, the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Abubakar Mohammed, yesterday called on the people of the state to go about their normal businesses without fear of molestation. The Police team, comprising mainly mobile policemen and women, according to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), drove

roundUmuahiaandotherareas in trucks, chanting songs. The command’s spokesman, Geoffrey Ogbonna, explained that the command was poised to forestall any act that could threaten the peace and security of the state. He stated that the show-of-force was also carried out in Aba, the economic hub of the state, as well as other major towns and villages and called on members

of the public to disregard the MASSOB order and go about their lawful businesses without any fear of molestation. He added that officers and men of the command were on red alert and keeping 24-hour surveillance in all the nooks and crannies of Abia. “The command warns MASSOB and any other group that would engage in any act capable of breaching the peace to steer

clear as anyone caught would be made to face the full wrath of the law,” Ogbonna said. Also speaking on the MASSOB order, the Special Adviser to Governor Theodore Orji on Security, Navy Capt. Chris Osondu (rtd), described the agitation by the group as “unrealistic.” Osondu advised the leadership of MASSOB to work towards the unity and development of the

Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, SAN (left); his Deputy, Hon. (Mrs) Adejoke Orelope-Adefulire; former governor of the state, Alhaji Lateef Kayode Jakande; his wife, Abimbola; and elder statesman, Alhaji H. A. B Fasinro during the commemoration of Fashola’s 2, 200 days in office at the Main Auditorium, Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, on Thursday.

country rather than dissipate energy and resources pursuing an obsolete and unrealistic project. He urged residents of the state, market men and women, as well as shop owners to disregard the order and open for business today, assuring that security agencies in the state would be alert to deal with any acts of lawlessness and criminality. Anambra Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), Emeka Chukwuemeka, asked members of the public to ignore the order and go about their lawful business, saying the police in the state would not spare anybody using the order to disturb the existing peace in the state. Chukwuemeka said the command would ensure that orderliness was maintained, stressing that the full weight of the law would be applied against anybody caught causing breach of the peace. A statement from the spokesman of the Enugu State police command, Ebere Amaraizu, said the commissioner of police assured the public that nobody or group would be allowed to disturb their peace.

Knights Flay Congestion In Nation’s Prisons By Onyedika Agbedo

Supreme Court Okays Life Sentence For Naval Chief From Lemmy Ughegbe, Abuja      HESupreme Court yesterday T affirmed the life sentence slammed on a dismissed Naval Chief, Felix Olanrewaju Odunlami, who murdered a commercial motorcycle rider in Lagos. In a lead judgment delivered by Justice Bode Rhodes-Vivour, the

apex court upheld the decisions of the General Court Martial and the Court of Appeal, Lagos, dismissing Odunlami from service and committing him to life imprisonment. Lieutenant Odulami (with force number: NN2121) was traveling from the Lagos State Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja to Apapa on July 25, 2005, when at the Allen

Roundabout, Ikeja, a commercial motorcyclist, Peter Edeh, hit his car from behind. Upon realising that the owner of the car was a military personnel, Edeh was said to have knelt down to beg Odunlami for forgiveness. But rather than show mercy, he reached for his pistol and shot Edeh in his mouth, leading to instant death.

Passers-by could not contain their grief and shock at such bestiality as they attacked the naval officer, burnt his car and almost lynched him, but for the timely intervention of men of the police. Odunlami was on January 27, 2006, arraigned before a General Court Martial on a three-count charge. He was charged with manslaugh-

Northern Elders Insist On 2015 Presidency By Samson Ezea, Lagos N the run-up to the 2015 generIElders al elections, the Northern Forum (NEF) has insisted that power must return to the north. The NEF spokesman, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, said that the forum

hadtoldthenortherngovernors, who are not ready to key into the 2015 “Northern Presidency” project to prepare for the worst because there is no alternative to it. He stated that the bottom line is that, “power must return to the north in 2015 and the region is

ready to align with any political party that will offer the north the presidential ticket.” Headded:“Asitisnow,itappears that PDP has closed shop for a northern candidate with Tony Anenih’s automatic ticket proposal for Jonathan. But we will wait to see how it goes; if the par-

ty should have a re-think on the proposal and offer the north the presidential ticket in 2015, we will support them, but anything contrary we are out of it. “We have made it clear to our governors before now and we will continue to remind them because we will not budge.”

Rivers Worries Over Non-release Of Grounded Aircraft From Kelvin Ebiri, Port Harcourt HE Rivers State government T said irrespective of the House of Representatives report authenticating it’s ownership of the State’s bombardier jet, aviation authorities continue to ground the aircraft. The state government has also

denied allegation that it intends to slash the salaries of workers in the state-owned tertiary institutions. The Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, explained that weeks after the House Joint Committee on Justice and Aviation interaction with both

authorities in the aviation sector and the Rivers State government officials, both the Ministry of Aviation and Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA) are yet to grant the state aircraft the petition it requires for flying once again. “We were told that there was some penalty and we were waiting to be told what penalty is so

that we can make payment as appropriate so that the aircraft can be released. “We are yet to be briefed appropriately by the relevant authorities. We have tried to engage them and at the last engagement, we were told to go and wait, that they would contact us when they have been directed to do so,” said Semenitari.

ter, loss of service item (for not being able to convincingly account for four rounds of 9mm live ammunition) and conduct to the prejudice of service discipline. His offences were said to be contrary and punishable under sections 68(1)(a), 103(i) AFA 105 and 106 of the Armed Forces Act Cap A 20 laws of Nigeria. At the conclusion of his trial in July of that year, the Court Martial convicted him on counts one and two. The court sentenced him to life imprisonment for manslaughter and dismissed him from service on count two. Dissatisfied, he appealed to the Court of Appeal, Lagos. In its judgment on January 31, 2011, the appellate court upheld the Court Martial’s decision and dismissed Odunlami’s appeal, a decision that informed his appeal to the apex court. In upholding the decisions of bothlowercourts,theapexcourt held that the appellant’s defence of provocation could not avail him because of the facts of the case. The court also held that the trial court could not exercise its discretion to give a lower sentence because under Section 105 of the Armed Forces Act, (under which he was charged) “the trial judge has no discretion, but to sentence the appellant to life imprisonment.

HE Order of the Knights of T Saint Mulumba (KSM), Lagos Metropolitan Council, has advised Governor Babatunde Fashola and the Lagos State House of Assembly to review the criminal justice system in the state and ensure that traffic and environmental offences do not end offenders in prisons. The Metropolitan Grand Knight of the Lagos Metropolitan Council of KSM, Sir. Patrick Ikemefuna gave the advice at a media briefing held at the Mulumba House, Surulere, Lagos recently. Ikemefuna said the officials of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA), Kick Against Indiscipline ((KAI) and other agencies of the state had sent scores of people to the prisons. The offenders, he said, were convicted by the mobile courts either for traffic offences or loitering on environmental sanitation days. His words: “Majority of people in the Medium Security Prisons, Kirikiri are offenders of the environmental sanitation laws as well as traffic laws. The court fined them N10, 000. They were not able to pay. So, they will be in prison for six months or one year. Once they get into the prisons, it is the responsibility of the Federal Government to feed them and other inmates. But if the Lagos State Government is responsible for the welfare of the people its officials sent to the prisons, the state will think twice before they send anybody into prison.”

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


140 Policemen Deployed To Mali For Peace Keeping From Karls Tsokar, Abuja HE Nigeria Police Force has deployed 140 officers and men in support of the ECOWAS and the African Union-led peace project in Mali, with a charge to uphold integrity and the respect for human rights, even as their three months allowances are to be paid upfront before they depart. The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Abubakar while performing the official Flag Presentation Ceremony yesterday at the Force Headquarters Parade Ground, Louis Edet House, Abuja said the officers trained in the art of riot control and


Paid Three Months Allowances Upfront counter-terrorism and are well-equipped with modern crime fighting and peacekeeping equipment, would be of great use to the African-led International Support Mission to Mali (AFISMA). The Police top boss said in order to ensure that the troops are adequately motivated, their “three (3) months allowance have being paid before they depart and six (6) months feeding provided, so that they would not lack anything”. Abubakar said the contingent

should “display at all times, dedication and true commitment in the discharge of assigned roles, as well as be good ambassadors, not just of the Nigeria Police Force, but also of the Nigerian nation and must therefore, fly the country’s flag with pride”. He advised members of the contingent to conduct themselves with the highest degree of discipline and professionalism, and shun all forms of vices that are inimical to the image of the country. The IGP said the police con-

tingent designed to be selfsustaining, is deployed with full complement of Contingent Owned Equipment (COE), including Patrol Vehicles, Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs), arms and ammunitions and also traveling with a team of medical doctors and nurses, ambulances, drugs, first aid kits and other medical equipment. On his part, the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Admiral Ola Ibrahim while congratulating the troops for the successful completion of the counter-terrorism training and their eventual selection to represent the country in the peace keeping mission in

Mali, said: “It is a big task that requires the contingent to be true and worthy ambassadors of their country”. Represented by Major General Husseini Saliu, he added: “Anything you do, somebody somewhere somehow is watching and cannot be hidden forever”. The IGP also reminded the officers that the Nigeria Police has created and maintained an outstanding record of good performance in the mission fields, including a recent commendation given to Nigeria Police peace keepers in Somalia by the African Union Commission, for their level of professionalism and operational efficiency.

Ben Obi’s Wife Laid To Rest Amidst Tributes From Kodilinye Obiagwu, Uzoma Nzeagwu and Lawrence Njoku, Awka HE wife of the Special T Adviser to the President on Inter-Party Matters, late Deaconess Colette Ben-Obi (Nee Ojirhomu) was laid to rest yesterday in Senator Ben Ndi Obi’s country home in Awka, Anambra State, amidst tributes from friends and well wishers. The funeral service held at the old stadium, Awka was presided over by the Primate, Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion, Most Rev. Nicholas Okoh, who also interned the remains of the late Colette. In a sermon to mark the occasion, Most Rev.

Okoh observed that human beings at one time or the other were weighed down by life’s problems, especially death, and advised that when such happens, people should look unto God for consolation. He described death as an instability in one’s life, just as he urged Ben Ndi Obi’s family to look unto to God at this trying period. The primate recalled Christ even suffered physical pains because of our sins, adding that his sufferings would give the bereaved family the needed comfort. He noted that late Mrs Colette Obi’s marriage lasted a long time, was peaceful and blessed with children, adding that she lived a good Christian life. “She was a woman of great

virtue, humility, trustworthy and a help mate to the husband who also participated in activities to spread the word of God,” he said and prayed for the repose of her soul. In his condolence message, Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, noted: “This is indeed a sad loss to all of us and a particular challenging event for the entire Obi family. “I strongly believe that her legacies, like an inextinguishable beam of light, will never allow the sun on the sweet memories of her person.” In his tribute, the Oviemo of Uvwie, Chief Hope Erute, described late Mrs Ben Obi as “a virtuous woman worthy of emulation; she has made her relatives proud,” as he prayed God to give her children heart to take after their mother.

Knights Of Saint Mulumba Flay Prison Congestion HE Order of the Knights of T Saint Mulumba (KSM), Lagos Metropolitan Council, has advised Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola and the House of Assembly to review the criminal justice system in the state and ensure that traffic and environmental offences do not end offenders in prisons. The Metropolitan Grand Knight of the Lagos Metropolitan Council of KSM, Sir Patrick Ikemefuna, gave the advice at a media briefing at the Mulumba House in Surulere, Lagos recently. Ikemefuna said the officials of the Lagos State Traffic

Management Authority (LASTMA), Kick Against Indiscipline ((KAI) and other agencies of the state had sent scores of people to the prisons. The offenders, he said, were convicted by the mobile courts either for traffic offences or loitering on environmental sanitation days. He said: “Majority of people in the Medium Security Prisons, Kirikiri are offenders of the environmental sanitation and traffic laws. The court fined them N10,000, but they were not able to pay, so they will be in prison for six months or one year.

‘Senate Committee Goofed On Creation Of States’ From Gordi Udeajah, Umuahia MEMBER of the 1994/95 A National Constitution Review Committee, the 2005 National Constitution Reform Conference as well as Chairman of the Abia State Constitution Review Committee, Prof Joshua Ogbonnaya has faulted the recent  report of the Senate  Adhoc Committee   on Constitution Amendment   which among others, rejected the 61  requests for creation of new states in the country, saying that the   committee /national assembly did not treat the matter fairly. The Ad-hoc Committee headed by Senator Ike Ekweremadu who is the deputy  senate president, had ruled that the 61 requests for new states creation did not satisfy the provisions of section 8 (1) of the 1999 Constitution. But speaking yesterday   in Umuahia, the Abia State capital at the instance of The Guardian in reaction to the matter, Prof Ogbonnaya who is a member of the highest executive of the Ohanaeze Ndiigbo, submitted that the National Assembly   committee ruled that none of the requests satisfied the conditions already provided  in the 1999 constitution. “The south east still needs an additional state to be carved out  of the zone. If the Senate or the National Assembly had in that report given that concession to the south east, then the component communities in the south east will then proceed to satisfy the conditions already existing in section 8 ( 1 ) of the Constitution or its revised edition,” he averred.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



Again, Okonjo-Iweala Warns Against Inter-Bank Lending , Decries High Domestic Debts From Mathias Okwe, Assistant Business Editor ORRIED by the growing public domestic debt stock, particularly by the States, their exposures to banks and their debt sustainability or ability to service the obligations, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala has warned banks and other lenders in the country to stop lending to State Governments, particularly for frivolous activities. According to her: “We enjoin banks and other lenders to be


careful and prudent when lending to ensure that this is done within the existing rules, regulations and guidelines.” This advice to the Banks is coming after the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) about two months ago issued the same warning to banks and went ahead to raise the stakes and conditions for banks who continue to lend to States. These warnings by both the monetary and fiscal authorities in the country is coming on the heels of the outcome of the debt sustainability conducted in the 36 States of Nigeria and the Federal Capital

Territory (FCT) by the Debt Management Office (DMO), which spelt very dangerous signals concerning some States’ debt status in relation to their revenue flows. States like Bayelsa, Cross River, Zamfara, Ebonyi, Delta and Kogi are of the States identified in the DMO Report, which was concluded in December last year and exclusively obtained by The Guardian early March this year. The Finance Minister who restated the need to be more cautious in the contracting of new credit lines, particularly locally, expressed disgust that

the current rising debt profile of the country was rubbishing the gains of the debt relief the country gained between 2004 and 2006. Her displeasure is contained in a statement release yesterday on Nigeria’s public debt data. She said: “In 2004, prior to the Paris Club debt relief, Nigeria’s overall debt stock was very high. External debt stood at US$35.9 billion while the stock of the domestic debt amounted to US$10.3 billion resulting in a total of about US$46.2 billion or 64.3% of GDP excluding contractor and

pension arrears. “After the successful debt relief initiative, Nigeria’s stock of foreign debt declined dramatically. Indeed, in August 2006, when I left office, Nigeria’s foreign and domestic debts amounted to US$3.5 billion and US$13.8 billion respectively – a total of US$17.3 billion or 11.8% of GDP. “By August 2011, when I resumed for the second time as Finance Minister, the domestic debt stock had grown substantially to US$42.23 billion, while the external debt was still a modest US$5.67 billion.

ABU Prof Jailed For Frolicking Married Woman From John Akubo, Dutse ROFESSOR Festus David Kolo of the Faculty of Education, Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), Zaria, has been sentenced to two months imprisonment by the Chief Magistrate Court in Kiyawa local council area of Jigawa State for deliberately enticing a married woman who was a student in his department contrary to section 389 of the penal code. The Principal state Prosecution council, Mustapha Adamu Esq, who read the First Information Report, said on the May 21, 2013, one Muhammad Ghali of Takur Quarters Dutse reported you Professor Festus David Kolo of ABU Zaria knowing that Mrs Bushra Ghali Muhammed is his wife and you have been making advances towards her, inciting and calling her severally, sending her love text messages using your phone.


‘Accountability Critical To Good Governance’ From Hendrix Oliomogbe, Asaba HE Delta State Commissioner for Economic Planning, Olorogun Kenneth Okpara, has identified transparency, accountability and good procurement process as critical elements and drivers of good governance in any democratic setting. Okpara, who spoke in Asaba yesterday during a visit by a team of World Bank officials on “Public Financial Management System” said that the state government has done creditably well in this regards, just as he noted that any nation that plans to do well economically should be able to articulate the specific needs of the people it represents. The Commissioner, who remarked that there is a need for adequate public sensitisation on Public Financial Management system (PFM) in the state and beyond, urged the World Bank team led by Mrs. Verena Fritz to particularly extend the sensitization to the State House of Assembly.


Mrs. Folorunso Alakija, recipient of the Lifetime Achievement award at the Women In Leadership Conference, held earlier this month in Sandton, South Africa is flanked by South African Songstress, Yvonne Chaka Chaka (Left), Global African Communicator, Mrs. Nonye Omotola and a guest to the right

Edo Killing: Police Appeal For Calm, Await DPP’s Advice On Prosecution From Alemma-Ozioruva Aliu, Benin City HEpolice in Edo state yesterday said it was awaiting the advice from the Director of Public Prosecution in the state for necessary action on the controversial killing of 22year-old Ibrahim Momodu by the police on patrol on the night of May 27, this year. Also confirming The Guardian’s report of yesterday, the state Commissioner of Police, Folusho Adebanjo, in a press briefing yesterday said the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of Ogida Police Station, Carol Afegbai, who lead the patrol on the fateful day, and her orderly, Amadin Idahosa, have been redeployed “to facilitate further investigation.” Besides, Adebanjo said the ban on commercial motorcyclists from 7pm remains in force in the state, explaining


that the deceased was on a motorbike on the day of the incident, which was a contravention of the law. He, however, appealed to the people and particularly students of the University of Benin to remain calm as Police investigate further to substantiate the allegation that the late Momodu was in possession of a gun in bag and was shot in the legs apparently to demobilise him. “The Command is also using this medium to re-affirm its commitment to non-acceptance of extra judicial killing. Anything that leads to death other than through a judicial pronouncement and circumstances as contained in the Force Order 237 will not be acceptable. “It is not in dispute that the police shot the late Ibrahim Momodu to prevent his escape though he later died. It is true that every incident or story has

more than one side. “Therefore, the responsibility of the police in this crucial incident is to establish the fact with an objective mind as contained in our rules of engagement. “Looking at the scenario for now, it might be too early for


establishment of three counseling centres at Potiskum, Gashua and Damaturu, the state capital. Distributing the drugs yesterday in Damaturu, to 10 support groups of People Living with HIV/AIDS, the Agency’s Executive Director, Hajiya Farida Sulaiman Mamudo said that besides antiretrovi-

Prosecution for legal advice. “The Command therefore calls on the general public, particularly the family of the deceased and the University of Benin community to exercise restraint and go about their lawful business, as we await the DPP advice on the matter.”   

Falana Asks N’Assembly Members To Disclose Monthly Income From Adamu Abuh, Abuja SENIOR advocate of Nigeria (SAN), Chief Femi Falana has challenged members of the National Assembly to disclose the sum total of their monthly salaries and allowances in their own interests. Delivering a paper on ‘Public perception of the 7th House of Representatives’ as part of activities to mark the second anniversary of the House, he said this would erase the widely held view among Nigerians


Yobe Distributes N15 M Antiretrovirals To PLWAS From Njadvara Musa, Damaturu O prevent further spread and prevalence of Human Immune Deficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in Yobe State, the State Agency for the Control of HIV/AIDS (SACA), has distributed N15 million worth of antiretroviral drugs with the

anyone to dismiss either the claim of the police or that of the bereaved family. In order to demonstrate the Edo State Police management’s team’s desire for justice and fairness as it concerns this case, the case file has been forwarded to the Director of Public

ral drugs, other distributed materials include 100 sewing machines and 50 grinding machines. In her words: “The procurement and distribution of these drugs and other job creation materials were to assist the people living with HIV/AIDS to be self reliant and productive for an independent life.”

that the lawmakers are not only the highest paid lawmakers in the world but that they earn unjustifiably jumbo pay package to the detriment of Nigerians. The human right activist argued thatthereisnothingawkwardin doing so in view of the fact that about N150 billion was budgeted for the entire workers and members of the national assembly as against N300 billion voted for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) with far lesser workers and responsibility in the same period. Falana, who like his fellow SAN, Professor Itse Sagay had challenged the constitutional validity of the jumbo pay claim, wondered why members of the national assembly rushed to the Court of Appeal to challenge the judgment of a high court in LEPAD vs National assembly which ordered the disclosure of the details of their salaries and allowances. He said such attitude could further compound the decline in public confidence and citizens’

alienation in the activities of the national assembly, which stems from widespread perception that politicians and government officials are unrepentantly corrupt, self-centred and unresponsive to the yearnings of the citizenry. Falana said notwithstanding the constraint of inexperience dogging lawmakers and their support staff, the 7th House of Representatives has lived up to expectations in the exercise of its oversight functions. Urging members of the House of representatives not to waver in the quest to avert the pilferage of the nation’s resources, he made reference to the resolve by the House to ensure full implementation of the budget, a bill seeking to compel the Central Bank of Nigeria to submit its annual budget for vetting, the endorsement of the state of emergency in Borno, Adamawa and Yobe states as instances aimed at enhancing accountability and probity and good governance in the polity.

Monarch Enjoins APGA Factions To Mend Fences From Gordi Udeajah, Umuahia OP Abia State traditional T ruler and former Chairman of the State Traditional Rulers Council, Eze Dr Bernard Enweremadu has expressed worry over the lingering leadership tussle within the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), urging the two factions to mend fences for the good of the party. The Ruler spoke in his palace when the party’s state leader and governorship candidate in the 2011 election Ochiagha Reagan Ufomba, in company of the factional National Chairman, Chief Maxi Okwu and other party leaders paid him a courtesy call at his Ngwa Ukwu palace. He told them that where they fail to reconcile after making genuine patriotic efforts, they could seek his intervention and mediation.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


Emergency Call Centre, Code 112 Begin Operations, As Police, SSS, FRSC Receive Call Kits From Chuks Collins, Awka HE new pilot National Emergency Call Centre in Awka has now commenced full operations with a 24-hour daily services. Two such centres – Awka and Minna, have been approved as pilot centres to take calls for the Southern and Northern zones in the country. The Southern zone centre at Awka, which has commenced operations, is to take emergency calls to/from the Southeast, South-South and Southwest zones.


While the northern zone centre at Minna takes calls to/from North-Central, Northeast and Northwest geopolitical zones. To facilitate the effectiveness of the programme, the National Communications Commission (NCC), where the centre was domiciled, has handed out no fewer than 214 specialised desktop/handheld handsets with dedicated emergency toll-free lines to some agencies and stakeholders. The stakeholders included mostly security agencies, such

as the Police, Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC), Ambulance Units, Fire Service Stations, state emergency management units, and others. Ahead yesterday’s take-off, the Permanent Secretary, Federal Ministry of Communications, who was represented by Joe Emesheli and a team from the ministry, had earlier inspected the facilities. Emesheli told journalists and other stakeholders, who

toured the communications systems at the Awka Call Centre, that the project was one of the interventions of the NCC as part of President Goodluck Jonathan’s lifeenhancing agenda/services for Nigerians. Giving out the handsets to the cooperating agencies, Mike Onyia, a commissioner at the NCC, who was led by Chief Okechukwu Itanyi, an Executive Commissioner, flanked by other top officials of the commission, stated that

all the telephone lines were under strict tracking code and should not be used for any other purpose other than emergencies. He explained that the toll-free emergency line 112 should be made use of by all citizens at all times of real emergencies. The calls, he disclosed would be received by the centre and passed on to whichever of the emergency response agency/ies it applies to for necessary actions on a 24-hour basis.

Murdered Former Anambra Deputy Governor Laid To Rest FORMER Deputy Governor A of Anambra, Dr. Chudi Nwike, who was recently killed by kidnappers, was yesterday buried in his country home, Ogbunike in Oyi Council of the state. The 60-year-old Nwike, who was the deputy to Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife in 1992 on the ticket of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP), was kidnapped on April 8, this year in Asaba, the Delta State capital, and killed later by his abductors. Rev. Fr. Vincent Ejembi of Makurdi Catholic Diocese, in his sermon at St. Vincent Catholic Church, Ibollo, Ogbunike, warned his killers to repent or incur the wrath of God, saying God would not forgive anybody that takes the life of his fellow human being, unless the perpetrators come out of their evil ways.

Lagos State Commissioner for Energy and Mineral Resources, Engr. Taofiq Tijani (left); Benue State Governor, Mr. Gabriel Suswan; his Delta State counterpart, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan; Director General, Bureau of Public Enterprises, Dikki Benjamin; and Managing Director/CEO, Niger Delta Power Holding Company (NDPHC), James Olotu, at the NDPHC Road Show to attract investors to the power plant’s privatisation in Lagos yesterday.

New Pictures Of Suntai Raise Dust in Taraba From Charles Akpeji, Jalingo ECENTpictures of the ailing governor of Taraba State, Danbaba Suntai displayed on Facebook have again raised dust in the state. While some described the pictures as fake, some held the view that the appearance of the governor in the said pictures contradicted the position of government officials who had been saying that the governor would soon return. Suntai’s absence from office since October 2012 due to illhealth has been generating tension as some persons have been calling for the immediate confirmation of the acting governor, Garba Umar, as the


substantive governor. Some persons who bared their minds to The Guardian agreed that the pictures were not fake and as well not manipulated by computer or any form of communication technology, but opined that “from what we saw there, the governor still has a long way to go.” According to Buba Sani, “From what we saw in those pictures that are on Facebook, I think the health of the governor is nothing to write about yet because his looks and appearance showed that he doesn’t even know where he is, talkless of what is taking place.” But in a swift reaction, the Commissioner of

Information, Culture and Tourism, Emmanuel Bello, told The Guardian that “that the pictures are real reflections of the current health profiles of Governor Suntai, when the acting governor visited him in USA.” While further debunking the rumour presently making the rounds in the state that the pictures are not the true reflections of the governor, Bello said: “Suntai’s transformation has been tremendous.” The governor’s medical handlers, according to Bello “are impressed with his rapid recovery pattern,” adding that the “governor has continued his rigorous physiotherapy regi-

‘US Will Not Renege On Promise To Arrest Boko Haram Leader’ By Debo Oladimeji HE Acting Assistant Director of United States (US) Diplomatic Security’s Threat Investigations and Analysis Directorate, Kurt Rice, and David Gilmour, Deputy Assistant Secretary for African Affairs have emphasised US readiness to pay the $7 million reward for information that will lead to the arrest of Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau. Speaking in a telephone press conference on a new U.S.


Counterterrorism Initiative for West African countries at the US Embassy in Lagos Rice said: “We have paid over 125 million dollars to over eighty people who have provided information to us in the past. That is a very good track record. We make sure that their information are kept confidential and safe.” He disclosed that they simply take information. “We value the information. We consider the injuries to the person that

has given us the information and to the family. That is how we decide how much of the reward can be given. It is the system that has worked since 1984,” he said. He said that they would be looking at the threats posed by a given terrorist, the severance of the danger or injuries to the US persons or property. “And then also as far as the value of the information provided and thenthedegreeofcertaincooperation in any subsequent investigation trials.

ment, a situation that has seen him becoming stronger daily.” Some members of the party who also spoke on the issue said that commenting publicly on the issue now is very dicey because of what is presently going on in the national headquarters of the party. “You know the party at the national level has just been frustrated by our High Court here from carrying out its plans to investigate the reason behind our governor’s long absence from office. So for any of us to speak on those pictures now will be too risky for us.’ “It is of two ways, we should say the pictures are real, definitely you know we will be offending some person, and if should join those that are describing it as fake, we are as well committing offence too. So as a party member, one is presently being careful of the comments he or she makes.” “But whatever it may look like, as a religious person, my personal prayer for him is to recover and come back to continue his remaining two years because both Christianity and Islam enjoin us to always pray for the sick.” In the said picture, as noticed by The Guardian, both the ailing governor and the acting governor, were seen exchanging pleasantries with smiles spread all over their faces, with the wife of the governor, Hajiya Hauwa, standing close to her husband.

JTF Kills 2 Suspected Terrorists In Maiduguri From Njadvara Musa, Maiduguri S troops of Special Operation Forces continue to hunt for fleeing Boko Haram suspects whose training camps and hideouts in Borno State were destroyed, the military Joint Task Force (JTF) in Maiduguri, has killed two suspected terrorists at Bama road Motor Park and Mafoni ward of the metropolis Thursday afternoon. The suspects killed, according to an eyewitness yesterday, are Baba Goni and a Boko Haram almirul (local leader) of Mafoni ward in Maiduguri metropolis. He said: “The Mafoni Boko Haram almirul was captured and handed over to men of JTF on Thursday afternoon, as he had been terrorising us with hand guns hidden under his flowing gown. We took the decision of handing over this almirul to enable us live in peace here in Maiduguri.” He continued: “We are fully cooperating with soldiers patrolling this area to ensure that our neighbours and other residents that had fled return to their respective houses and places of abode.” At the Bama Road Motor Park, an official of the National Union of Roads Transport Workers (NURTW) told The Guardian Thursday that Baba Goni was arrested by volunteer motor park workers, and handed over the suspects to security task force in the afternoon. While handing over Goni, a rifle, according to him, was also recovered from him, before he was whisked away by soldiers for interrogation to an undisclosed destination of Maiduguri.


Catholic Church Worried Over Safety Of Members From Lawrence Njoku (Enugu) HE Catholic Diocese of Awgu in Enugu State has raised an alarm over the security of its priests and members of the Saint Mary’s Catholic Church, Ogugu town following a massive attack launched on the church by irate youths in which objects of worship worth over five million naira were destroyed and some members injured. In the attack on the church and its members said to be carried out by over 25 armed youths, seven faithful sustained injuries while items destroyed include 14 crucifix, altar  tables and clothes, chairs and tables, electric fans, window glasses, lectern and altar candles. The irate youths, which go by the name, “Youth Action,” allegedly being sponsored by a politician and lawyer from the town are said to be opposed to the position of the church, which had severally criticised their stand on the Igwe title tussle of the town.


The Guardian gathered that the town had not got another traditional ruler since the death of Igwe Godwin Ochi, who died in 2000, as efforts to hold election on occasions had not been fruitful. Presently, members of the Church in Ogugu no longer worship inside the church hall but under canopies at the primary school field. In a ‘Save our soul call,’ signed by the Diocesan Secretary, Rev. Fr. Lawrence Eze and addressed to the State Commissioner of Police, the diocese said it had been compelled to cry out to the police to liberate her Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Anugwo and other catholic faithful of the parish, who were being held hostage and threatened by some dissident youths of the area. He stated that on two occasions, irate youths had launched serious attacks on the church and its members, explaining that the height of it was the destruction of the church property and sacking of her members.

Victory High School Old Students’ Meet HEREwill be a meeting of the T old students of Victory High School, Ikeja, Lagos at Victory High School Compound, Abule

Onigbagbo, Ikeja, at 230pm. Members are expected to be prompt to the meeting.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


NEWS Abiola’s Wife Eyes Lagos Governorship Seat In 2015

Tambuwal Stresses Role Of Science In Nation Building From Samloco Smith, Enugu

NE of the wives of the preHE Speaker of House of O sumed winner of the T Representatives, Hon. annulled June 12, 1993 presidenAminu Wasziri Tambuwal, has tial election, the lateChief MKO Abiola, Mrs. Modupe OnitiriAbiola, yesterday declared her intention to contest the 2015 governorship election in Lagos State. Onitiri-Abiola, however, did not mention the party’s platform on which she would contest. She told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that her motive of seeking the votes of the electorate was to assist in the eradication of poverty. Mrs. Onitiri-Abiola said she worked with her late husband in the struggle for the actualisation of the June 12 elections mandate annulled by then military President, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida, in 1993. She noted that the country needed to start practising true democracy at all levels of government to meet the yearnings and aspirations of Nigerians. She promised that poverty eradication would be the focus of her government, if elected, adding that the same issue should be the major concern of governments at all levels.

stressed the role of science and technology in nation building. The speaker has also commended the management of Enugu State University of Science and Technology (ESUT) for nursing and superintending “ the institution since the inception to date… for a better place for the present and indeed the future generation”. Tambulwa, who was con-

ferred with the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws (LLD), Honoris cansa, “for the honour and dignity his personality has brought to bear on the exalted office of the speaker of the House of Representatives” gave the commendation at the 15th convocation ceremony of ESUT. The Speaker of the House of Representatives was honoured alongside Governor Godswill Obot Akpabio of Akwa- Ibom State, Dr. Cyril Nwabueze Udeh and Dr. Samuel Maduka Onyishi. The speaker stressed the role of science and technology in the

nation building, adding that “any nation that ignores technology is walking the path of stagnation.“ The speaker disclosed that while the United States of America, Europe and Japan had long attained spiraling height in nation building through the applications of science and technology, other countries such as China, India and Brazil have since climbed speedily upwards courtesy the applications of science and technology. Tambulwa, who charged scientists and technologists on issues that bothers on science and

technological development in the country , assured ESUT and Nigerian in general that the House of Representatives would give full support to efforts designed to hasten the pace of science and technology in the country. Vice Chancellor of ESUT, Prof. Cypria Onyeji, commended the support of the state government, adding that the non-interference in the administration of the university by the government has enabled the university to focus seriously on training students who can compete nationally and globally.

Man Remanded For Stealing Cell Phone In Court KADUNA Sharia Court Two, A Magajin Gari, yesterday ordered one Ayuba Haruna, 26, to be remanded in prison custody for two weeks after he pleaded guilty to stealing a cell phone in the court. According to the News Agency of Nigeria NAN), the police prosecutor, Corporal Bitrus Kwaji, said the accused stole the phone belonging to the court’s clerk, Abdullahi Sani, on May 5.

FCT Department Tasks Organisations On Safety From John Okeke, Abuja N a drive to ensure the safety Iment, of workers in work environDepartment of Health, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, has advised the various establishments in the territory to set up safety department that will safeguard the occupational health of workers. Speaking in Abuja yesterday at a-one day seminar titled “Sound occupational health and safety practices- key to improved productivity”, the Secretary of Health and Human Services Secretariat, FCT, Dr.Ademola Onakomaiya, stated that “the benefits of putting in place and implementing occupational health and safety measures cannot be over-emphasised,” adding “that it helps to minimise haz-

Nasarawa State Deputy Governor, Mr. Dameshi Barau Luka, addressing some of the people displaced by the attack of suspected Fulani herdsmen now taking refuge at Doma Central Primary School, Doma.

NBA Opposes Bill For Arbitration Regulation By Bertram Nwannekanma HE Nigeria Bar Association T (NBA) through its Section on Business Law (SBL) has called on Nigeria Senate to decline passage of the National Arbitration Regulatory Commission Bill, pending before it.

‘Domestic Tourism To Get Priority’ By Olawunmi Ojo

Nasarawa Communities Crave Quality Healthcare From Msugh Ityokura, Lafia OMMUNITIESat the border C between Nasarawa and Benue states want the Federal Government to take steps that would urgently bring a lasting solution to constant killings and destruction of farmlands by nomads in the area. Furthermore, inhabitants of Rukubi in Doma Council of Nasarawa State and which witnessed killings of 25 people by Fulani herdsmen during the week, have also called for the establishment of a hospital in the area to attend to emergency cases especially during invasion of their land by Fulani nomads.

The Bill, which seeks to subject arbitration practice to government regulations, has been passed by the House Representatives. But in a letter sent to the Senate’ s president, David Mark, NBASBL enumerated reasons why the bill should not see the light

TRANSFORMATION of domestic tourism is to receive priority under the new leadership of the Tourism Nigerian Corporation Development (NTDC), headed by Mrs. Sally Mbanefo. Since resuming office about two weeks ago, the new Director General and Chief Executive of NTDC, in her early meetings with the management and staff of the corporation, has outlined her focus to be the development of the local content, highlighting it as the critical factor in successfully selling Nigerian tourism brand to the outside world. “We must address the domestic market potentials, secure the buy-in and confidence of Nigerians in the sector and get Nigerians to be proud of their tourism heritage and industry. “The development of the domestic tourism would also entail other core mandates,

which includes job creation, poverty alleviation and revenue generation,” she said. The critical focus of the meetingswereondevelopmentofthe Tourism Value Chain across the country to realise the objectives for which the Corporation was set up as well as meeting the core mandate of the supervising ministry of tourism. According to sources in the corporation, programmes of the new NTDC, shall be determined and executed in line with the mission of the Tourism Ministry, which is engaging with stakeholders to reinvent and reposition Nigerian Tourism sector for the emergence of an integrated, vibrant, globally competitive, skilled, professional, private sectordriven industry through strategic international corporation, investment promotion and a strong regulatory and corporative inter-governmental environment that generates employment and alleviates poverty for sustainable national economic advantage.

of the day. SBL’s chairman, Gbenga Oyebode, clarified the issue at a media briefing to herald the 7th yearly conference of the section scheduled between June 17 and 19 at Eko Hotel, Lagos. According to Oyebode, the main crux of SBL’s opposition to the bill borders on its non-conformity to constitution since it infringes on the rights of people to freely practice arbitration. The SBL’s chairman added that arbitration by its nature is self-

regulatory and, therefore, does not need to be subjected to government control in order to protect the confidentiality of clients. On the forthcoming conference, with the theme: “The legal profession in an emerging economy”, Oyebode said choice of a prominent Indian lawyer, Harold Paisner as the guest speaker underscore the importance of collaboration with lawyers from jurisdictions that have similar practice with Nigeria.

Italian Ambassador Urges FG To Focus On Development Policies From John Okeke, Abuja HE Italian Ambassador to T Nigeria, Roberto Colamine, has enjoined the Federal Government to sustain the policies that entrench economic development despite the increasing security challenges facing the country The ambassador, who spoke during his country’s national day in Abuja, said that there is need for government to strike a balance amidst hazardous security challenges with goals of long-term economic development He said “The immediate security response, to be conducted decisively and in the framework

of the rule of law, has to be balanced with the goals of long term economic development, bearing in mind that social and economic development often contribute to create a society whose members reject violence as a means of expression of their grievances. In other words, while facing the hydra of terrorism we should not forget -and indeed we all do not forget - the necessity to proceed with policies of development”. Colamine noted that many countries, including Italy, have facedindifferenttimesthethreat of terrorism, stressing that in those circumstances, they had to strike a balance between the impellent necessities of the moment and the need to maintain long term objectives and

Religious Groups, Residents Kick Against Minority Leader’s Suspension ELIGIOUS groups and resiR dents of Malumfashi Council of Katsina State have urged the state House of Assembly to reverse the suspension of its Minority Leader, Alhaji Abdullahi Mahuta. Mahuta, who represents the area in the assembly, was suspended on June 3, over alleged utterances in the media, in which he accused the house of failure to  to caution the state government over poor budget implementation. The house suspended the lawmaker, accusing him of  impinging on its integrity  and that of the state government. But Mallam Usman Umar, the Public Relations Officer of Jama’atul Izalatul Bid’a Wa ikamatul Sunnah (JIBWIS), Malumfashi branch, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that the member was steadfast in protecting the interest of his constituents. Umar told NAN in Malumfashi yesterday that whatever the magnitude of the offence, Mahuta should be respected in recognition of “the fact that he is a human being.” The spokesman, who expressed the dissatisfaction of his group on the suspension, advised the assembly to reconsider the decision.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013

AFRICA Somalis March In Cape Town Against South Africa Attacks

Somali rebels

Mali Crisis: Human Rights Watch Condemns Ethnic Abuses OTH Tuareg rebels and the army in Mali have B committed abuses against civilians because of their ethnic origins, a Human Rights Watch report says. The Malian army has been advancing towards the last Tuareg-held town. Soldiers are accused of torturing Tuaregs, while the rebels are said to have rounded up and beating members of rival, darker-skinned groups. French-led forces this year ousted Islamist militants, allied to the

Tuaregs, from most of northern Mali. The Tuaregs of northern Mali, who are mostly lightskinned, have a long history of seeking autonomy from the rest of the country, saying they have been discriminated against by the government in Bamako. BBC International D e v e l o p m e n t Correspondent Mark Doyle says the struggle, by the mainly black-African army to re-take Kidal, held by the Tuaregs in the far north,

has been key in reigniting racial tensions, along with plans to hold elections next month. BBC reported that the Human Rights Watch report said the Malian army seriously abused a number of ethnic Tuareg villagers, threatening to kill them, beating them and using racial slurs. It also said about 100 black Africans were arrested in Kidal, with many being robbed, beaten or expelled towards the south.

Members of the Somali community in South Africa have marched to parliament in Cape Town to protest against recent attacks on foreigners. Three Somalis have been killed this month and the Somali government has requested the South African authorities to do more to protect their nationals. About 200 people took part in the protest, holding a banner reading: “Everyone is a foreigner somewhere. Correspondents say xenophobic attacks have increased recently. Some of the protesters accused the authorities of not doing enough to prevent attack on foreigners, especially Somalis, or prosecute those responsible. Two Somali brothers were allegedly hacked to death with an axe in the northern Limpopo province on Thursday night. Last week, Abdi Nasr Mahmoud was stoned to death in Port Elizabeth. Mohamed Aden Osman told the BBC that criminals saw Somalis as “soft targets”. According to the Centre for Human Rights at the University of Pretoria, South Africans are becoming “increasingly desensitised” to attacks on foreigners, The Sowetan newspaper reports. The BBC reported that the vio-

lence is linked to the massive unemployment among young South Africans. In the past two decades, many thousands of Somalis

have fled conflict at home and moved to South Africa, where many have opened small shops and kiosks in townships.

Tunisian Soldiers Killed In Blast Near Algerian Border WO Tunisian soldiers have T been killed and at least another two wounded in a roadside explosion near the border with Algeria, the army has said. The incident is the latest in a series of attacks on soldiers pursuing militant Islamists along the border. “Two soldiers were killed... in the hunt for terrorists,” army spokesman Mokhtar Ben Nasr said. North African states have been battling to contain militants since secular regimes were ousted in recent years. The militants - many of them linked to al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) easily cross the region’s porous borders. In January, 48 foreign workers were killed following a siege at the In Amenas plant in Algeria. The raid was in response to French-led forces intervening to drive out militant Islamists from the main

cities in northern Mali, which borders Algeria. Since the end of April, around 20 security force members in Tunisia have been wounded by mine explosions blamed on the militants, AFP news agency reports. In the latest attack, a device exploded as an army vehicle was travelling in the remote Doghra area of Mount Chaambi, Mr Ben Nasr said. Mount Chaambi is in rugged terrain close to the Algerian border. A security source in Kasserine, the regional capital, told AFP that one of the wounded soldiers could lose his leg. Tunisia has had an Islamistled government since the overthrow of long-serving ruler Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali in January 2011. It has repeatedly accused militant Islamists of threatening Tunisia’s stability.

WORLD Russia Can Replace Austria In U.N. Golan Monitoring Force, Says Putin USSIA is ready to replace peacekeepers from Austria in the Golan Heights, President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, after Vienna said it would recall its troops from a U.N. monitoring force due to worsening fighting in Syria. Reuters reported that Austria, whose peacekeepers account for about 380 of the 1,000-strong U.N. force observing a four-decade-old ceasefire between Syria and Israel, said it would pull out after intense clashes between Syrian government forces and rebels on the border. “Given the complicated situation in the Golan Heights, we could replace the leaving Austrian contingent in this region on the border between Israeli troops and the Syrian army,” Putin said at a televised meeting with Russian military officers. “But this will happen, of course, only if the regional powers show interest, and if the U.N. secretary general asks us to do so,” he said. Russia, a long-time ally and arms supplier to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has been trying along with Western powers to bring the warring sides in Syria together into talks on a solution to the more than two-year-old conflict. The U.N. Security Council will meet on Friday to discuss the Austrian withdrawal after


anti-Assad rebels briefly seized the crossing between Israel and Syria, sending U.N. staff scurrying to bunkers before Syrian soldiers managed to push them back.

Iran Not U.N. Nuclear Watchdog’s Only Headache, Report Shows RAN may be the U.N. Iheadache nuclear watchdog’s biggest but it is not the only country stalling inspectors’ requests for atomicrelated information, a new IAEA report suggests.

Clapper Defends Prism And Phone Surveillance S spy chief James Clapper U has strongly defended government surveillance programmes after revelations of phone records being collected and internet servers being tapped.He said disclosure of a secret court document on phone record collection threatened “irreversible harm”. Revelations of an alleged programme to tap into servers of nine internet firms were “reprehensible”, he said. Internet firms deny giving government agents access to their servers. The director of US national intelligence said he wanted to reassure Americans that the intelligence community was committed to respecting their civil liberties and privacy. The Washington Post says one of the many things still unclear about the phone surveillance programme is why Americans didn’t know about it. In an editorial, the paper

says the public needs more explanation to be able to make a reasonable assessment of whether such programmes are worth the security benefits. The New York Times says President Barack Obama “is proving the truism that the executive branch will use any power it is given and very likely abuse it”. The Patriot Act should be sharply curtailed if not repealed, it says. The Los Angeles Times says this week’s disclosures underscore how US intelligence and law enforcement now “secretly glean vast amounts of information from communications technology”. The San Francisco Chronicle says the collection of phone records “conducted with only the barest legal oversight” is “another policy disappointment from a president who came to office promising to ease the worst of the panicky, ill-considered policies launched after the Sept. 11 attacks 13 years ago”.

Tasked with preventing the spread of nuclear bombs in the world, the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency inspects reactors and related sites globally to ensure that sensitive fissile material is not diverted for military purposes. Reuters reported that in 2012, several states “did not provide sufficient cooperation to clarify or resolve agency questions,” said the IAEA’s annual report on nuclear safeguards implementation, which was

discussed at a meeting of its 35-nation board this week. For 71 of 159 member states, the IAEA “was not able to get timely responses to agency requests for, or clarification of, safeguards relevant information,” it said, without naming them. Nuclear expert Mark Hibbs said he did not believe it was a question of grave violations of IAEA safeguards rules, or that any of these countries was engaging in covert nuclear activity with poten-

tial military intentions. “But states are always trying to see what they can get away with” in carrying out atomic-related activities without intrusive inspections and added bureaucracy, said Hibbs, of the Carnegie Endowment think-tank. Several countries did not provide design information about nuclear facilities or advance notification of nuclear material transfers, the IAEA report said.

Anita Charles, Head International Relations Galgotias University, Greater Noida (NCR),Uttar Pradesh, India, Anita Patankar Director, Symbiosis School for Liberal Arts (SSLA), Pune and Samiullah Khan, Head Middle East and Africa, SPM University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE) during a press briefing of the Indian Education Expo in Lagos recently. PHOTO: DEBO OLADIMEJI


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


‘Life Is Constant Struggle…’ With The Guardian quartet of YEMI OGUNSOLA, KABIR ALABI GARBA, DEBO OLADIMEJI and AJIBOLA AMZAT, Nobel Laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka shares his “deeper life”—- the greatest lesson Life has taught him, psychic experiences, life after life... Then a secret on Bola Ige’s killers and June 12 What is the greatest lesson life has taught you? T depends on what day you ask me this question.. If you ask me this question tomorrow, I may give you a different answer. We don’t mind? Today, one of the things I have come to recognize is that life is a constant struggle. The only difference is whether it’s on one front, on two fronts or on multiple fronts. Life is a constant struggle. I have said it again and again that I am retiring from public life. I am still working at it. Even retiring from public life is a struggle. It is almost a process; from undergraduate of retirement, you become a graduate of retirement, then you go into postgraduate retirement and Professor Emeritus of retirement… At which stage are you now? I am on graduate level (Laughter)...Because everything is a struggle. That is why I am not yet completely qualified. But that is the answer I can give to you today. Otherwise, I wont be talking to you. I should not be talking to you at all. I should have rejected this interview… What do you think is responsible for life? How did it happen? Even Stephen Hawking, a scientist, who is considered to be one of the most brilliant who has been trying to solve that mystery admits he has not quite solved it. And sometimes, he even veered toward the notion of creationism…I have heard some of his recent statements. But I haven’t got the full article yet ; I read the summary somewhere. That is part of the lessons of life: that you just need to understand certain seemingly unresolvable conundrums. How did life start? What’s the purpose of life? The Big Bang Theory? Do we go for evolution? Was Darwin correct? Or is it neo-Darwinism? Or has life always been? In other words, that there has never been nothing . There’s the possibility that we are all knocking our head over nothing. That at no time in the existence of the universe has there been absolutely nothing. That everything that exists … always was. That we are just wasting our time trying to solve the mystery of the beginning of life. That all these other theories, in fact, cannot be upheld scientifically… Do you believe there is life after death? Individually, no. But there is life after death, because life continues on earth. Are you saying it is not possible for you to suddenly be conscious of yourself again after you have been buried on earth? I have read a lot of literature on life after life experience, I don’t believe one word of it. Why don’t you believe one word of it? Why did you believe it? Today, we are the journalists, asking the questions. It does not matter. Why did you believe it? But do you believe in the soul? I believe … there is the flesh, there is the blood, bone etc. There is also the mind. The mind is lodged in the brain. And the mind dies when the brain dies. The soul, I don’t know what that is. I believe in the mind. Because I use it and others use it. And I correspond with you because I am exercising my mind. The moment I die, sorry o, you won’t see me to interview anymore, in any form. That is what I can say. But there will be others to interview, to carry on the same mission of the mind and –— collaborate in the survival of humanity. I want to assure you that after your earthly life, you will find yourself conscious. If you find yourself conscious and that you are still alive, I hope you will let me know… I am promising you. One thing that I have never been afraid to do is to admit that I am wrong. It will be very nice, if I find that I am wrong. Unfortunately, I cannot deceive myself that I am going to be wrong. But, I promise you, if I find myself conscious after death, you will be the first person I will contact. Because you’ve thrown me a challenge. What will you say is your most spectacular psychic experience? There is a certain dimension, the spiritual dimension to all human beings… Things have happened to me in life which I have not been able to explain. Which do not admit a rational explanation. The gift of clairvoyance for instance; some people have it more than others. But some gifts can be explained through rational observation. There are facts which the mind, for instance, takes in. The mind takes in a number of data that do not appear on the conscious level but they exist in the subconscious. And they are working always, the mind is almost like a computer. And there are certain calculations, certain analyses being made by the mind even without your knowing. After some years or even at a young age some people have Prof Wole Soyinka


those faculties better developed than others…I believe. But at the same time, it does not invalidate the fact that when you die, your mind dies with you. I am asking your personal experience. May be you are about to travel by plane and you have a feeling that that plane has some problem and you stay off and … I could even do better than that; but I won’t tell you the experience. Even before something happens I have said “Oh! This is going to happen…” Sometimes it can be a very frightening experience. I can tell you for instance I was about to travel. I was already on the queue to the counter at the airport many years ago . As I got there I said “No. I mustn’t travel”. I couldn’t explain it. I just felt I should not travel. I was teaching in Ife at that time. And I turned around to someone who came with me. I said “Tell the driver, o ya ...we are going back”. Are you referring to that incident about your mum? Yes, that’s correct. And I went back to Ife and I didn’t go back to the office. I just sat in the house waiting for whatever…..Then the news came that my mother had died. There have been incidents like that in my life. Do you still go hunting Sir? Yes I do. If you people hadn’t come and detain me here, I probably would have joined others on a hunting expedition. Do you have an idea of the time of the day you were born? I am suspecting … The time of day, no. I only know that it was on Friday, the 13th. All those people who say Friday the 13 is unlucky or something, Iam telling them it is part of this egregious superstition. Do you think the current trouble in the PDP may lead to the party’s collapse? And what is your view on the alternative party recently formed by the coalition group (APC)? First, the fortunes or misfortunes of PDP do not concern me at all. I am quite not interested. Any problem of the party, however, should be made internal. When one is compelled to speak out is when the problem within the party strikes at the very stability of the polity outside the political party. If the PDP collapses tomorrow, it’s no business mine. You seem to have a positive relationship with APC and some of the members, but there are individuals in the party that you had earlier denounced as ‘anti-democratic’, for example, Buhari. How do you reconcile your position now? There will be plenty of time to respond to that. Just say that there are certain individuals in APC, (and I am not referring to Buhari at all), within the APC who could bring the fall of the APC. Trying to create a formidable opposition to the present ruling party is a magnificent effort, but there are certain Abacha apologists in there who are trying to re-invent themselves, to launder themselves. I find it very difficult to accept those ones as good bedfellows. So, APC should watch those people. Maybe those ones are reformed, but in my view, a leopard doesn’t change its spots. You will be 80 next year, and there are concerns among those close to you about your long distance travels, are you thinking of cutting down on your long trips? I have been working on that in the last 30 years. My first date of planned retirement was when I turned 49. But it’s been difficult. The nature of my profession is the real problem, the workshops, lecturing and so on. It is the transition that is the problem; if I had the proper egbe (teleportation charm) and I can move myself from here to Addis Ababa or America tomorrow, that will be perfect. I won’t mind. I don’t know what is wrong with egbe these days, mo pe e titi (I invoked it repeatedly) it didn’t land me in America. What should we expect for your 80th buggersbirthday? Unfortunately, I won’t have what I like —- which is to see nobody; just to disappear. I have managed to maintain that tradition for the past two years. Do you now know those who killed Bola Ige? Hmm. Let me just say this: I am pretty convinced three main persons plotted his death. The truth will come out. But I hope before I die, I will be able to write those names, so that the day the truth comes out, I want you to open that envelop and see. When I say “I hope”, it means I want to be 199 percent certain, but already, I am only about 95 percent certain about those who plotted his death. Why do you think he was killed? I will use one word. He was a threat. Full stop. The choosing of June 12 by South-West governors as Democracy Day, do you think —Absolutely. I applaud those who continue to observe genuine Democracy Day. May 29 is an Ego Day; it came out of the personal ego of somebody. It is anything but a Democracy Day. And I want states to even go further and refuse celebrating May 29 as Democracy Day and some of them insisting on that day being a workday. For me, those are the real pioneers of democracy. June 12 is Democracy Day in Nigeria; the rest is an Ego Day…

THE GUARDIAN, saturday, June 8, 2013

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METRONOTEs One year after the Dana Airline’s Boeing McDonnel MD-83 flight No. 992 crashed into Iju-Ishaga area of Lagos State, killing all the 153 passengers and the crew on board, DEBO OLADIMEJI who visited the IjuIshaga Memorial Arcade Cenotaph erected in memory of the deceased, reports on the feelings of the residents concerning the first anniversary remembrance which took place on Monday. s people swarmed into the crash site (Olaniyi A street, Iju-Ishaga, Ifako Ijaiye Local Government, Lagos) of Dana Airline’s Boeing McDonnel MD-83 flight No. 992, for the first anniversary remembrance in memory of the victims on Monday, the residents of 1, shobande Close, off Olaniyi street, whose properties were destroyed by the flood penultimate Tuesday from the newly constructed drainage by the government on Olaniyi street, were counting their losses. They were unanimous in the call on the government to come to their aid so that they can live in their house without any fear. One of the victims of the flood, Mrs. Abosede Maye lamented: “We are now made to suffer from the flood coming from the neighbouring communities. The channel for the flood to pass under the railway line is too small. “The channel cannot withstand the pressure of the flood and it is pushing the water backward to our close. That is what we are going through. All our properties were soaked. since I have been living here (11 years ago), it has never been like this. We are now scattered all over the place with our children”. Another victim, Bola shobande warned that if the government does not take immediate action to provide a big channel for the flood to pass, the whole close may soon be submerged by flood. Her neighbour, Biola Adejumo, corroborated her views. The mother of Farouk, Arafat and soburat was sighted with her children displaying the left over of her property in the sun. Her husband, Wasiu was not around. “We thank the government for what they are doing. But they should complete the work by providing drainage for the flood to pass,” she said. Joseph John, another hapless resident, took this reporter to the small channel which the flood coming from Agbado Crossing, Powerline, and the neighbouring communities ought to pass under the railway line. “But the channel is too small. The contractor constructing the road said that they cannot expand the channel because it was not part of the contract given to them by the state government. Besides, the place belongs to the Federal Government,” he said. He lamented how he came back from work on that fateful Tuesday around to meet all his property soaked in the flood. “Life has not been easy since then,” he said. The staff of HFP Engineering which constructed the road on Olaniyi, Idowu, Kufeji and part of Okusanya street, also sympathised with the residents. One of them, Israel Dick who was impressed

Victims of the flo od

ment, no response. Dana Airlines officials just neglected the community which is a wrong way to go about it,” he said . Akin Aina, Assistant secretary for Akande Community Association, recalled that he was around on June 3 last year when the plane crashed. “We thought it was a train that had derailed because the tremor shook the whole community. Before the plane burst into flames, I attempted to open one of the emergency doors but it could not open,” he said. Aina averred that if the fire service had been around to douse the heat from the plane, it would not have caught fire. “I don’t pray for any of such thing to happen again. But there is still a threat in the sense that I don’t think we have learnt any lesson to prevent such an ugly situation from repeating itself. “It is true that the government has opened up this place with good roads. But what if such a thing happens in another location (God forbid)?” he wondered. He described Monday’s anniversary as a memorable event to assure the people that all is not lost. “It will help to keep the memory of the people fresh. The government has turned the place which hitherto was a den for robbers, into a tourist haven”. He said that there is the need for the Dana Airlines to pay compensation to the ground victims “Mr. Daniel Omowunmi had a furniture factory with industrial machines before the incident. six families were dislocated and three people died”. Aina urged the government to provide primary health centre, pipe borne water and reguor through Oke-Aro, the fact that the environlar electricity for the people. ment has changed is glaring. Olaniyi and the On his part, the Chairman of the CDA, Adewale adjourning streets are now tarred with new Oriowo said: “We are grateful for the governor drainage. for the development it has brought to our comThe cenotaph is situated at the centre of the munity. But it will not be okay for the governcrash site inside the memorial arcade. On top ment to leave the roads in Akande and some of the cenotaph which is a magnificent threeparts of Okusanya untarred,” he said. step tower, is a sculpture of a damaged Dana He urged the government to always rememAir plane. Engraved in the cenotaph made of ber the victims of the crash. “They ought to be marble are the words: “In loving memory of the coming here yearly to remember the victims. 156 men, women and children who lost their The people of this community will always lives following the crash of Dana Boeing remember those people that lost their lives in McDonnel MD-83 Aircraft on sunday, the 3rd the plane crash,” he said. Day of June, 2012”. Governor Babatunde Fashola at the site on The names of the victims are engraved in the Monday said to the bereaved families: “What tomb block close to the cenotaph. does one say at a time like this? What does one Femi Coker, Assistant secretary of the CDA resi- say when words will never be enough? Many of dents association, urged the government to us cannot even begin to imagine how great provide fire stations for each of the local govyour suffering must have been this last one ernment in the state to respond to emergency year.” situations. “We the officials of the CDA are now He pledged that the state government would under pressure from our members who feel continue to stand by the families to reduce that we are not doing our best to make Dana their burden and urged stakeholders in the aviAirlines to compensate the ground victims. The ation industry to learn some lessons from the CDA has been writing letters to the governaccident and use them to avert a recurrence.

One Year After Dana Air Crash, Residents

Battle Flood with the government effort to bring development to the area, explained part of the reasons for the flood. “The contract they gave us did not include the road down Okusanya street. Because of that, the rain is bringing sand from there to block the drainage,” he said. He said that the government should extend the good gesture to the other streets in the community. His colleague, Ani Ikashi also said the government should extend development to every part of the community. “The people of the community are happy for the work being done. It would be good if the government can let the good roads to go round,” he said. One of the residents in the community, Iya Ibeji prayed for the relations of the departed souls and for God to give them the fortitude to bear the loss of their loved ones. “The construction of the road and the building of the cenotaph is a good gesture from the government. The only problem we have is that of flood from the newly constructed drainage,” she said. But whether you go into the site via Iyana Ipaja

‘I Am Yet To Get Over My Brother’s Death’ It was a year on Monday whn the Dana Air plane crashed. Mr. Emmaunel Abugu, a brother to Dr. Ike Abugu, one of the victims of the crash, spoke with VICTOR OLUSHOLA on how the family has been bearing the irreparable loss. HEN you heard about the death W of your brother in the Dana Air crash, how did you feel? I felt shattered and the shock was indescribable. The shock has not gone totally because my brother was a great pillar of our family. Being the first born of the family, everybody looked up to him. But unfortunately, he boarded the plane, never to return again. It is one of the low moments of my life. We are trying to get over it, but the memory will not

fade away soon. We are Christians, so we leave everything in the hands of God. Can you remember your last moments with him? I do not really want to go into the detail of that. You know he used to travel to Abuja often. Life is a mystery… What do you miss most about him? I miss his humour and leadership role in the family. His was a highly respected gentleman who held the

family together. May God give us the strength to put what happed behind us. As for his children and wife, God knows how He would take care of them. How has the family been coping without your brother? As a family, we cannot continue to complain. We are looking up to God and doing our best to ensure that we take care of the family. It has been tough, but we thank God. Have you been compensated by the management of the Dane Airlines? My anger about Dana and the aviation industry in this country is such that I just will like to reserve my comment about them. But it is shocking to hear that the same airline has been granted license to con-

tinue in business. This kind of thing will never happen in more civilized countries. It is only in Nigeria that a tragedy of this magnitude will happen and the airline is back in the air. We should try to get things right in this country. In my opinion, what Dana did was mass murder. They flew an aircraft that was not fit to fly. To answer your question directly, Dana only paid $30,000, the balance of $70,000 is yet to be paid. But there is no amount of money that could be paid to compensate lives. I don’t want to dwell on the money because Dr. Ike Abugu’s life cannot be quantified monetarily. The fact here is that they killed people and they should not be in business in Nigeria again. It is really sad

the late Abugu

that things like this are happening in Nigeria. I do not know the kind of country we are living in.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013

OVERLAPPING WORD GAME with OLULANA KAYODE O8023183727 Starting from the square numbered ‘1’, fill in the first word, writing from left to right. Also fill in the second word, starting in the box numbered ‘2’ You will observe that the second word will overlap the first word. Also, the third word will overlap the second word and so on. Keep on filling the words in a clockwise direction until all the squares are completely filled, using the clues/ definitions below:

Solutions To Overlapping Word Game ‘22’

Overlapping Word Game ‘23’ 1. Minister for the Environment 2. Minister for Special Duties 3. The Ondo state capital city 4. Study 5. Bird home 6. Try hard 7. Destructive insects 8. Deep purplish blue colour 9. Venetian canal boat 10. Nigeria’s commercial capital city 11. Area in Lagos Mainland 12. Bury the remains of a corpse 13. Tall water plant 14. Publishing supervisor 15. Relaxed 16. Teach 17. Anxious feelings 18. Study of existence 19. Isa ___,: Bauchi State Governor 20. Allegiance song 21. Ibrahim ___, Ex. Senate Deputy President 22. Giver of shade 23. Cry out suddenly 24. Goals


By Bayo Ogunmupe\ 08034673443 http:/

On The Path Of Winners IGHLY talented people have a rough time H adapting to new circumstances. This is because in their over confidence, talented persons feel they know it all. This is why it is difficult for them to continually expand their talent. Being adaptable or teachable isn’t about competence and mental agility. It is about your attitude to life. Being adaptable is about the desire to listen, learn and apply. It is the hunger to discover and grow. Being teachable is the willingness to learn and unlearn what is stale and obsolete. It is how you adapt to your learning that counts. In leadership, if you stop learning you stop leading. That is why there is a dearth of quality leaders in our country. Our leaders don’t even read; much less unlearn their archaic methods. As a leader, if you remain adaptable and keep learning, you will be able to continue to make impact. As an entrepreneur, you will be able to expand your creativity by striving to learn. Champions with attitudes of adaptability will expand their greatness. In determining who the most talented person of all time is, historians aver that Leonardo da Vinci is a strong candidate for such an office. Leonardo has been called a “Universal Man,” for his incredible ability to master diverse disciplines. The term “Renaissance man” was coined for him because he embodied the rebirth of learning which the Renaissance symbolized. Leonardo was admired by his peers, by his protégés and historians who have studied his life. Giorgo Vasari, author of a classic biography of Leonardo, The Lives of the Arts, said and I paraphrase: The greatest gifts often rain down upon human bodies through celestial influences when a single body is lavishly supplied with such beauty, grace and ability that wherever he turns, his actions are so divine that he leaves behind others displaying such genius endowed him by God. And fame of the Leonardo name was spread so widely, that not only was he held in high esteem in his own time, but his fame increased even more after his death. What set Leonardo apart from his contemporaries, Vasari asserted, was his adaptability. Evidence of this can be found in his notebooks. They are a physical record of a mind that never stopped discovering and never stopped learning. Champions create notebooks to record their

Being Adaptable As Catalyst Of Success

Leonardo ideas. For example, Picasso produced 178 sketchbooks during his life. But Leonardo notebooks displayed a highly teachable mind. Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder bought one of them in 1994. The notebook is called Codex Leicester. It was created by Da Vinci between 1506 and 1510. Its 72 pages contain sketches motivated by his desire to discover more about art. Bill Gates says he had been fascinated by Leonardo since he was 10. He averred Leonardo to be one of the most amazing beings who ever lived. Leonardo was a genius in more fields than any scientist of any age. The good news about Leonardo’s life is that we don’t have to be like him. All we need is the right attitude about life. To do that, consider these truths about adaptability. One, nothing is interesting if you are not interested. In his book, Quality is free, management ex-

pert, Philip Crosby writes: a theory of human nature says people subconsciously retard their own intellectual growth. They come to rely on clichés and habits. Once they attain the age of personal comfort, they stop learning and their minds run idle for the rest of their days. In contrast, teachable people get excited about things. German Philosopher, Goethe advised: “Never let a day pass without hearing some great piece of music and reading some great book”. Two, champions view learning differently from mediocres. After 40 years of teaching and learning, I have come to realize that champions think differently from mediocres. After all, we think in Nigeria, but despite that we have only one Nigerian Nobel prize winner to 170million people. Whereas in Germany with 65 million people, it is one Nobel Prize winner to less than 200,000 people. A winner knows he still has much to learn, even when he is considered an expert by others. Whereas a loser wants to be considered by others before he has learned what he knows. Teachable people are always open to new ideas and are willing to learn from anybody. Three, lifelong learning is the prescription for progress. Every stage of life presents lessons to be learned. By being open-minded, you continue to learn and grow. If you close your mind, you stop growing. Four, when aspirants reach a comfort zone, they can be the toughest to teach. However, a paradox of life is that what makes you successful initially isn’t always what keeps you successful. You need to remain open to new ideas and willing to learn new skills to remain successful. If you are not teachable, having talents would not help you. If you are not flexible, having goals won’t help you. If you are not forgiving having abundance won’t help you.

Five, pride is foremost hindrance to adaptability; pride inflates your sense of selfworth and distorts your perception of reality. While envy is the deadly sin that comes from feelings of inferiority, the deadly sin of pride comes from feelings of superiority. It creates an arrogance of success, an inflated sense of self-worth accompanied by a distorted reality perspective. Such an attitude inhibits a desire to learn and feels an unwillingness to change. It makes people unteachable. Pride is a great barrier to success. It closes the mind to new ideas. King Solomon of ancient Israel observed, “Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than him.” Proverbs 26:12. Pride closes our minds to feedback. Stephen Covey in his book, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, asserts, “It takes humility to seek feedback. It takes wisdom to analyze it and appropriately act on it. You must listen to the opinion of others. You cannot succeed alone, so seek the input of others. Your willingness to listen and embrace feedback, not only improves your strategy, it also improves you. Pride prevents you from admitting your mistakes. The most important isn’t to capitalize on your gains; the most important is to profit from your mistakes. It is pride that prevents us from profiting from errors. Also, pride prevents us from making needed changes. The first step towards overcoming pride is to admit it. Admit that you are not indispensable. Be grateful to your family and neighbor. Expressing gratitude continually helps you to break the malady called pride. Moreover, cultivate the habit of laughing at yourself. “Blessed are they that laugh at themselves, for they shall never cease to be entertained.” That is a Chinese proverb. Being a good listener helps you to know others better, to learn from them, to show them that you value them as individuals. You can’t learn if you are always talking. Listen to others remain humble and you will receive help to expand your talent. The goal of all learning is action. If what you are doing doesn’t contribute to your greatness, change your vocation. Always make your learning greater than your experience, for experience is no guarantee for growth. Life is a school and experiences are lessons.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013

METRONOTES 50 Years After, Zungeru Hydro-electric Power Dam Takes Off women, who are engaged in the processing of agricultural commodities for export. Overwhelmed by the numerous benefits the FTER 50 years on the drawing board, the state stands to gain from the Dam, the people Zungeru Hydro-electricity Dam, expected could not hide their joy, as they roll out their to generate about 700MW of electricity to the drums to celebrate what Governor Muazu national grid, has finally taken off with the Babangida Aliyu described as a gift to the ground breaking ceremony by the President state. Goodluck Jonathan in a colourful ceremony in The governor said the epoch-making event Zungeru, Wushishi Council of Niger State on would not only add value to power generaTuesday. tion in the country, but also boost employThe Dam, when completed, will bring to four, ment in Zungeru and environs, as well as the number of such constructed in the state, boost tourism in the state. making the state unarguably the power state In recognition of his concern for the people in Nigeria. of state, with the ceremony project and ongoThe first was the Kainji Dam, with an initial ing dualisation of the Abuja-Minna road, installed capacity of 760MW, which was comthree members of the state Council of Chiefmissioned in 1968, followed by the Jebba Dam the Emirs of Minna, Kontagora and Kagara, in 1978, with an installed capacity of 540MW, conferred various chieftaincy titles on the and the Shiroro Dam, commissioned in 1990 President as Jagaban Minna, Maiyaki of with an installed capacity of 600MW. Kontagora and Dan’Hasken Kagara. Interestingly, while the Kainji and Jebba Aliyu assured the President of the support Dams are on River Niger, the Shiroro and proand cooperation of the people towards the posed Zungeru Dams are on River Kaduna. successful completion. However, the Zungeru project was conceived He also appealled for the quick signing into in the early 1980s and has been on the drawlaw the amended Hydro-Electric Power ing board for 30 years since the first feasibility Producing Areas Development Commission studies by Messrs Chas T. Main International (HYPPADEC), as according to him, “when you of the United States (US). talk of hydro power, you are talking about President Goodluck Jonathan performing the groundbreaking ceremony of the 700mw capacity Zungeru Hydroelectric Power Plant Successful governments had tried fruitlessly Niger State, and that is why we in the foreProject in Niger State on Tuesday. On his right are PDP National Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, and Governor Muazu Babangida to bring the project to a reality, due to the front for the HYPPADEC.” Aliyu (behind).    enormous technical complexities and high While laying the foundation for the project, financial implications involved, the project Jonathan said despite the current security funds for the resettlement, in line with interAccording to the Minister of State for Power, could not proceed as scheduled. challenges, his administration has the will to Hajiya Zainab Kuchi, while giving an overview, national best practices, had been secured. But determined to transform the power secThe host communities consist of 88 wards in take up any challenge that would transform the project would be finance by through a tor within the short and medium terms, as a the economy of this country. long-term credit from Exim Bank of China on a Shiroro, Rafi and Wushishi councils, which catalyst to the growth and transformation of He stated that the whole essence of goverwould be positively impacted. Debt-Equity ratio of 75:25. the economy, the federal government was It was heartwarming to the state that as part nance is for the government to do all within it She disclosed that the funding has been undeterred by these challenges. powers to ensure that the people live a happy of the efforts by the present administration, Consequently, the approval and the award of secured by the Federal Ministry of Finance at two per cent and has paid its equity portion of the project, during and after completion, has life and in a conducive environment and crethe contract for the real Engineering the capacity to improve on the socio-econom- ate wealth for the people. 25 per cent of the total funds.   Procurement and Construction (EPC) was “That is why am appealling for the underic lives of the people of Zungeru. granted Messrs Synohydro Corporation/China One cheering news from the minister was standing of all Nigerians to cooperate with In addition, the host communities would be that before the ground breaking ceremony, National Electrical Engineering Corporation government to enable it achieve our dream as the resettlement action plan and social impact energised, thereby paving way for increased (CNEEC) consortium at N162.9 billion, with a a nation,” he added. economic activities, especially for the rural mitigation efforts had commenced, as the completion period of four years.

From John Ogiji, Minna


Farmers loading their yams

Uzoh alighting from tricycle

Uzoh Remembers Farmers, Tricycle Operators In Anambra By Uzoma Nzeagwu

• Donates fertilizer, yam seedlings, cassava stems, others

HE philanthropic and humanitarT ian gestures of Anambra businessman, Dr. Obinna Uzoh, resonated

the beneficiaries have a means of earning a decent living and feeding their families. Chairman of the occasion, Hon Obi Okoye, in his remarks, described Uzoh as an accomplished gentleman, politician and philanthropist, who has helped hundreds of less privileged people through his scholarship and empowerment scheme. He said the people of Anambra needed people like Uzoh at the apex of leadership to better their lives. He urged Uzoh to vie for Anambra gov-

again recently, when he made donations to farmers in the state as well as promised to donate tricycles to operators. Speaking at a workshop for commercial tricycle operators, in Onitsha, Uzoh unveiled a programme in which he would donate tricycles for commercial purposes. He said he would make the donation of tricycles as his way of making

ernorship seat, so that he would have an opportunity to rule the state and change the fortunes of residents and indigenes. Highpoint of the event was when Uzoh rode one of the tricycles, with state’s Commissioner of Transport, Mr. Chike Ohamobi, Hon Okoye and other dignitaries as passengers, amid applause. As a mark of appreciation, the commercial tricycle operators gave Uzoh and his team a symbolic ride. Earlier, Chairman of the Board of

Trustees of the Union of Motorbikes and Tricycles Operators, Dr. Jimmy Okonkwo, administrative officer of the union, Mr. Linus Ufoh, the State Chairman of the union, Comrade Jude Udegbe and Chief Chukwuemezie Eugene took turns to apprise the philanthropic activities of Uzoh. They praised him for the various ways he has been helping people of the state. In a related development, Uzoh has made a donation of agricultural materials worth about N15 million to farmers in Anambra State.

In a ceremony attended by scores of farmers and other dignitaries, Uzoh handed over several lorries of highbreed cassava stems, yam seedlings, maize, fish fingerlings, rice and bags of fertilizers running into hundreds. In his speech, Uzoh described farmers as important people, not only in Nigeria but also in every nation, since, according to him, without them hunger would have taken its toll on humanity. He stated that if any group should be given any assistance in Nigeria, farmers deserve priority because “they feed the poor, the rich, the old and young.” Uzoh commended President Goodluck Jonathan for his programme in agriculture, saying that with the donation, he was aligning himself with the Federal Government’s agric policy. Speaking at the occasion, a royal father, Igwe Odimegwu thanked Uzoh for his support to farmers. He stated that such donations would make farmers know that they are being appreciated and remembered. He described Uzoh as a pacesetter and kind-hearted man, who other politicians should emulate. Describing farmers as great people, Igwe Odimegwu called for the resuscitation of the Igbariam Farm Settlement in the state, to help in promoting agriculture. Receiving the gifts, some of the farmers, including Mr. Asochukwu Chigozie, Chief Samuel Nwosu, who described himself as a farmer for 38 years, and Mrs. Chibueze Nonye who also claimed to have been in the farming profession for 16 years, thanked Uzoh most sincerely. They said his donation had shown them that there’s someone who wanted the good of farmers in the state. The formers appealed to the government to provide tractors to each of the senatorial zones in the state, to aid them in farming.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday June 8, 2013

ODDLY ENOUGH Germany Loses Its Longest Word HE German language has T one less long word to worry about. “Rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz,” a 65-letter word meaning “law delegating beef label monitoring,” has been dropped following changes to European Union law regulating the testing of cattle, the BBC reports. The so-called “tapeworm” word—common in Germany— was introduced in 1999 during the bovine spongiform encephalopathy (aka “mad cow disease”) crisis. But now that the EU has halted testing of “healthy cattle at abattoirs,” the

BBC said, “the need for the word vanished.” With “rindfleischetikettierungsueberwachungsaufgabenuebertragungsgesetz” ousted, the 49-letter “Donaudampfschifffahrtsgesellschaftskapitaenswitwe” (“widow of a Danube steamboat company captain”) appears to have inherited the longest-word mantle, though it does not appear in the German standard language dictionary. The longest word found in there is “Kraftfahrzeughaftpflichtversicherung,” or “automobile liability insurance.” The longest word in the English language is the subject of

nerdy debate, mostly over whether chemical terms should be considered words. The chemical name of the largest known protein, for instance, has 189,819 letters. “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis,” a lung disease caused by inhaling very fine ash and sand dust, was the longest word to appear in a major dictionary when it turned up in the Webster’s New International Dictionary in 1939. “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” a song from the 1964 Disney film “Mary Poppins,” appears in the Oxford English Dictionary.


South African Clown Wins Case Against FHM OUTH African clown NorSdefamation man Pudney has won a suit against men’s magazine FHM after it printed his picture with a report likening jesters to cross-dressing drug addicts. A court ruled that FHM used the image of Mr Pudney, known as Puddles the Clown, “intentionally and maliciously”. It awarded Mr Pudney, a clown for about 30 years, $6,000 (£3,900) in damages. He told the BBC he sued FHM to defend a “profession that is meant to be well-received”. Its South Africa edition used a stock image of Mr Pudney in

2007 with an article, which said clowns and car guards often resembled “grown men with long-term tik [a local word to describe crystal methamphetamine] habits, dressed like transvestites from hell.” The Western Cape High Court ruled that FHM had breached its contract with Masterfile Corporation, from whose database it took the picture, by using the photo “intentionally and maliciously”, South Africa’s Cape Times newspaper reports. Mr Pudney told the BBC he was

pleased to have won the case after a battle of about five years. “It wasn’t about the money for me but it was about protecting the industry and artists in the future,” he said “I believed in what I was fighting for. It has been an interesting and challenging experience.” Mr Pudney’s lawyer Sean Rapaport said the “photo, in isolation, is not defamatory”, Cape Times reports. “The negative impact comes from the context, when people pick up a magazine and recognise him,” Rapaport said.

Saudi Prince Sues Forbes After It Says He’s Only Worth $20 Billion AUDI billionaire Prince AlSForbes waleed bin Talal has sued magazine for libel in a British court, alleging its valuation of his wealth at $20 billion was short of the mark by $9.6 billion, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reported yesterday. The prince, a grandson of Saudi Arabia’s founder and nephew of King Abdullah, had attacked the U.S. magazine’s ranking of world billionaires as flawed and biased against Middle Eastern businesses after he was ranked number 26 in this year’s list. An official at the High Court in London confirmed that Prince Alwaleed had filed a defamation suit against Forbes, its editor Randall Lane, and two of its journalists on April 30. De-

tails of the claim were not immediately available. Reuters reported that through his Kingdom Holding Company, Prince Alwaleed owns large stakes in Citigroup,

News Corp and Apple Inc, among other companies. He is also owner or part-owner of luxury hotels including the Plaza in New York, the Savoy in London and the George V in

Brazil Pulls ‘Happy Prostitute’ Campaign After Backlash RAZIL’S health ministry on B Wednesday pulled an outreach campaign urging sex workers to use condoms after coming under fire from conservative lawmakers. “I’m happy being a prostitute” was the slogan on a web campaign for International Prostitute Day that also encouraged sex workers to not be

ashamed to seek medical treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Reuters reported that the campaign was published on the health ministry’s website and social media sites last weekend, and has since provoked a wave of criticism, especially from evangelical legislators in Brazil’s congress.


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Truth Has No Elder Brother...

Go To The Apes, You Buggers… like yesterday an account relatIandREMEMBER ed to me decades ago` by a fellow teacher friend, Boye Lawal, a science teacher with the mind of an artist. It occurred, according to him, during one of his trips, years back in Pankshin, Plateau State. A string of vehicles was making its way through the often rock-lined road when the occupant of the foremost, a truck, saw some distance off, a troop of apes bounding across the road. It was obviously a whole community: women anthropoids with babies strapped to their backs, children, the aged, the sick e.t.c. They were perhaps foraging or seeking new territory. The noise of the approaching vehicles evidently threw them into some panic and the orderly file of near-human bipeds broke into a frantic hurry amidst a billow of dust. But it did not appear the foremost truck was going to stop for the troop. Women, children, the sick, the aged were in danger... Amidst the confusion, a hulking figure, apparently the Chief, dashed out from the ranks of the fleeing anthropoids to rush at the oncoming vehicles. Skidding to a dramatic halt amidst an impressive billow of dust, it planted itself right in front of the foremost truck, feet wide apart, eyes blazing its defiance of man and machine. Then, drawing itself to its full height, the ape let out a lo-o-n-n-g, deafening roar, at the same time slamming its barrel chest with both fists. It was an angry, ugly ape. And that was probably what the other wonder-struck humans saw. But not my friend, Lawal. What he saw at that moment was a glorious leader, a true defender of the weak putting its own very life on the line for the sake of its own “people”… The noise was unnerving. It reverberated throughout the surrounding landscape. And before the shocked humans could recover their senses, the apes were gone…

By Romanus K. Adimora N interesting debate has been A raging on in the communication and advertising sub-sectors in the last couple of weeks. Stirred by the sudden and dramatic switch of camps by artiste Hafeez Oyetoro, alias Saka, from Etisalat to MTN, the controversy is similar to the occasional hullabaloo that always accompanies the decamping of a notable political figure from one Nigerian political party to another. Saka is a popular character specially created to market latecomer telecom service provider Etisalat by its ad agency, and was highly successful in that regard. But quite suddenly, on the heels of the Nigerian Communications Commission’s (NCC) Mobile Number Portability campaign recently, the MTN, the leading network service provider, cleverly got Saka to port go and thus desert Etisalat in a manner that seems to have left a sour taste in the mouths of not just some people in the advertising world but also many observers. Yet the question remains as to whether any real breach of professional ethics has been committed by either Mr. Hafeez Oyetoro or the MTN as a company, given the fact that Saka had no written or verifiable contractual accord with Etisalat. Rather in their deals, Saka was all the time treated and remunerated as a casual worker and there was no attempt to measure the character’s impact on the campaign, which would have possibly revealed his true worth and perhaps helped to raise his earning profile and thus endear the relationship to both parties. So what has happened can be attributed to a costly oversight or complaisance on the part of Etisalat, which the MTN as a competitor may have

Call that ape what you like — stupid, fool-hardy, ignorant, whatever. But, like Lawal, you must give him something: A deep sense of responsibility, commitment to the welfare of his community —- even at the risk of his own life. You’ll give him that. That is, unless you are a Nigerian politician —- perhaps. Yet, another story. This time, from the Ogundipe And Trednigo English Grammar text books of my secondary school days. A human hunter could hardly keep his jaws from dropping ajar when during an expedition, he observed a troop of monkeys attempting to cross a wide river. From the agitated manner of the members, the troop seemed to be in a hurry, probably some danger threatened. As in the previous account, there were also women, children, the aged and the sick. Then as our hunter gawked, a miracle, played out before him. A very large m o n k e y climbed a stout tree on the bank of the river and wrapped its strong tail in a tight grip round a bough. Then a second monkey, also strong-looking, climbed over the first presenting its tail which the l a t t e r

grasped. Then a third monkey climbed over the two presenting its own tail to the second monkey, which the latter in turn gripped. All these, the monkeys did with practised speed and efficiency. And soon, a long watersoaked chain of monkeys was formed across the river until very close to a tree at the other bank. Lastly, another strong monkey climbed over the chain to the last monkey of the chain, presented its own tail then took a long leap onto the tree by the other bank. The chain now complete and dangling some three feet above water, the rest of the monkey community—nursing mothers with babies strapped under them, the aged, the sick, the weak, ‘unemployed youths’, the senior citizens—-now made their way over the chain formed by their stronger community lead-

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yemi Ogunsola 08069074718 ers. Until every single member rode to safety at the other river bank. Then the very first monkey which had its tail wrapped around a tree bough let go its grip while the last monkey on the other bank climbed higher dragging the monkey chain to dry land and safety… The strong aided the weak for the survival of all. The mere monkeys, pooled their relatively lean mental and physical resources for the ultimate benefit and survival of all. The strong monkeys could simply have swum to safety leaving the weak —- the women, the jobless, the sick, the senior citizens, the pensioners, the jobless youths—- to their fates to swim or drown. But they did not. If only some humans can take lessons from these—these—- mere anthropoids But who am I to recommend the integrity of those lesser but distinguished primates to our perfumed honourables and excellencies— executive and legislative? After all, they are neither monkeys nor apes.

Porting, Saka And Logic Of History all along noticed and was only bidding for the right time to exploit with the kind of impact, which has now created eternal lessons for everyone in the advertising field to learn. Such lessons include: (a) the need for written contractual understanding or agreement to seal important business relationships between an artiste and his employer. (b) The need to remunerate artistes adequately so that they would think twice in the face of tempting offers by competitors. (c) The need to adopt impact measurement as a vital component of any major or successful campaign and finally (d) The need to avoid the temptation to underrate any artiste or treat him shabbily because in a dynamic world like advertising, the least expected model may prove the ultimate ambassador of a brand. But, above everything else, the dramatic porting of Saka from the Etisalat stable to MTN and its roaring impact so far on the latter’s portability campaign as well as the obvious shock and tremor it has left in the Etisalat camp count as a big plus for artistes generally who may henceforth no longer be taken for granted by hirers. Nevertheless, having made great waves in so short a period at Etisalat, not a few observers believe that Saka’s time was really up, because any further campaign on the side of the same brand would certainly be affected by the Law of Diminishing Returns. In other words, such people believe that Saka’s departure to another port of call where, in a new environment and working in a different costume at a better remuneration,

he would live once again up to the Saka billing, was indeed inevitable. Which is to say that Etisalat need not brood over the divorce but should hold firm to the saying that “soldier go soldier come”. All in all, one should salute the regulatory wisdom of the NCC for wittingly or otherwise affording Nigerians an opportunity to let off steam and rewind via a veritable dialogue or discourse as an unexpected result of the introduction of the long awaited mobile number portability campaign. In fact, the controversy promises an unintended consequence of boosting the portability campaign at little or no cost to the regulatory body. What’s more, it is all happening at a time when the players in the political arena certainly may be tinkering with what they know best: swapping of political platforms—a situation which in political parlance they variously term “carpet crossing” and “decamping”—two words with offensive or negative connotations compared with porting which has now crept into our political lexicon, thanks to the NCC. The point one is trying to make here is that if for any reason any of our politicians switches camp as Governor Okorocha has just done, we should be sympathetic and charitable enough to see the situation as an act of porting and no longer carpet crossing or decamping, in order to make the action appear less offensive or dirty by deemphasizing the ugly or negative content…I have digressed. But returning directly to Saka’s controversial attitude to the Etisalat, one would like to posit that there is nothing strange because examples of

players in various fields at various times porting forth and back on grounds of better opportunities or quest for self-fulfillment abound in history. Take two cases. Sir George Taubman Goldie was a professional soldier in the British Royal Artillery where he rose to be a captain. In that capacity Goldie had toured Sudan and the lower Nile River area. With his eyes on business, even as a military officer, Goldie developed a good interest in the sprawling country to the west of Sudan, and subsequently played Saka by dumping his military commission and switching to the English Niger Company—an association of English and Scottish merchants spoiling for real colonial exploits in the Niger Delta territory. The result of this earliest form of porting by Goldie was the emergence of the Royal Niger Company a few years later with the full complement of royal chatter granting the company exclusive trading rights up to and beyond the lower Niger basin. With that chatter, Goldie proceeded to set up a military outfit with whose help he stamped out pockets of resistance to the anti-slavery efforts of the British government and enforced peace apace with flourishing trade in the territory. Thus before the 1885 Berlin Conference on the partition of Africa, Goldie had on behalf of the British government secured treaties with many communities in his area of operation which eventually helped Britain to effectively lay claim to the whole territory that finally emerged as Nigeria. Almost simultaneously as Goldie was working to secure the Niger area for Britain, Major Fredrick Lugard, another Royal Artillery officer, was

also playing Saka, porting and joining the league of British merchants and colonialists —an adventure that saw him working at various times in various places including India, Hong Kong and Uganda. Lugard finally ported back to the Royal Niger Company in the last days of the Royal Charter after which he ported yet again to her Majesty’s service whereupon it became his place in history to amalgamate Nigeria. So the whole idea of the creation of a great and prosperous entity like Nigeria under the British empire is chiefly a glowing tribute to the foresight and good business sense of the British Niger Company which, like in the MTN/Etisalat/Saka scenario, had encouraged both Capt. Goldie and Major Lugard to port go from a boring and less lucrative career in the military in favor of more profitable exploits in the more rewarding spheres of business and colonial pursuits. Therefore, what the heights achieved by people like Goldie, Lugard and others tend to show today is that there is nothing strange or new in the role artiste Hafeez Oyetoro played recently on the marketing or business scene. Nor was the MTN’s role therein inappropriate. In a volatile world like ours, nothing should be expected to be static or sacrosanct and the advertising or marketing scene is part and parcel of that world—a universe whose beauty, fascination and essence partly depend on the extent to which individual players, playmakers and play masters can rule their worlds. Therefore as Saka was porting that day from Etisalat to the MTN, he must have been muttering to himself: “People go with me everywhere I go” Mr. Adimora writes from Lagos.


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How I Lost My Fiancé The Day Before Our Wedding! T Was A Fairy Tale Beginning. I was a Iwhile bridesmaid at my cousin’s wedding Richard was my matching groomsman. We were instantly attracted to each other, spending the day getting to know each other and the night in each other’s arms on the dance floor. I didn’t hesitate in giving him my number at the end of the evening, even with the knowledge that my boyfriend, Mike, was interstate at a conference. Things weren’t going well with Mike, to say the least; our highlights were all in the bedroom where passion and fireworks replaced harsh words and angry tears. We had been together for four years, on and off, and during the off times when I would start dating someone else, Mike would go to great lengths to get me back, and it didn’t take much persuading to get me back into bed with him. The guilt that followed meant an immediate end to many fledgling romances with other men. My family didn’t like Mike, and were always encouraging me to take a break

Love Adventure and give myself the opportunity of seeing what was out there. I could see the pleased looks on their faces at the wedding when they noticed the attraction Richard and I shared, and on the way home, my mother was full of praise for him and his wealthy family. Richard sent me flowers at work the following day, and picked me up from my office in the evening so that I didn’t need to walk in the rain to catch my train. He took me to a small romantic restaurant with beautiful harbour views, and then left me on my doorstep with a sweet kiss on the lips. I walked in, an hour and a half after I was due home, to find Mike snoring in front of the television, pizza box under one arm and several beer bottles scattered on the floor around him. The disgust I felt towards him and his evening ritual, especially after my dream evening with Richard, was enough for me to pack my bags and

catch a cab back to my parents’ home. My dad cried tears of joy when he opened the door and saw me with bags. My love for Richard blossomed, and I made every effort to avoid Mike. I changed my phone number and even changed my job to avoid the risk of bumping into him in the city. Mike got the hint and didn’t bother with his usual tricks. Meanwhile, Richard and I settled into a comfortable and happy life together. Because Richard had money, he showered me with gifts and weekends away. He even took me to Paris to mark our first anniversary, proposing to me on the Eiffel Tower. I was happy but hesitant. Richard was perfect in every way, except I craved for him to be more like Mike in the bedroom. Every time we talked about setting a wedding date, I had a reason to put it off. The reason for my hesitation was that, after returning from Paris, I came face to face with Mike. As much as I tried to resist him, we ended up back at his place. This time I vowed to

be strong and make it the last time. Every time I looked down at my hand, I was reminded of the love Richard and I shared. But it wasn’t enough for me to turn my back on Mike. Despite this, I still set a wedding date with Richard for our fourth anniversary, made all the preparations, had a stunning ring made to fit around the large diamond engagement ring and ordered my designer wedding gown. Richard made me book three months leave for our secret honeymoon as well. I later found out that it included a trip to Paris, a fortnight on a yacht off the coast of France, a trip through Egypt, Turkey and Greece, finishing with two weeks on a secluded island in the Maldives. The wedding was fast approaching, and the tension I was feeling was building. I wanted a life with Richard, but I realised that I would never be finished with Mike. Each time I made the decision to end it, my resolve crumbled. In the end, the decision was taken out of my hands. The day before we were due to be married, Richard came

to see me. The look on his face said it all. He told me he wanted to hear from me what the truth was, and whether I could leave the past in the past and be his wife, and only his. I told him about Mike, and that as much as I loved him, I could never be rid of Mike. Richard spent several hours, along with my parents, begging me to reconsider. In the end, I felt that Richard was better off being set free. At least one of us is free. Mike has no remorse for what he has put me through and still continues to toy with my emotions. I am seeing a counselor now, but my life is a miserable mess. I hear from my cousin that Richard sent his parents on the honeymoon and has moved interstate to be rid of me and any reminders of me. CULLED FROM: *Do you have an amazing or adventurous love experience to share? Tell us how you met. E-mail your story to: Call 07031028714, 07032944123.

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True Confession what you want. You say that you don’t love your new guy and also that you don’t feel the same way about your ex. You must realize that an adult romantic relationship is not a child’s play. therefore, if you are not psychologically ready for an affair or do not love your partner, you ought not to rush into an affair with him. Furthermore, playing

I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I’m equally sure that it’s the type of thing which would cause raised eyebrows and a lot of disapproval, which is why I haven’t told anyone. However, it’s an arrangement, which has worked very well for me for the past three years and I hope it continues. My ex husband and I get on pretty well, but I don’t want all the complications involved in getting into a relationship - I want to be able to concentrate on my children, my job and my life without introducing a man who might well walk out at some point, thus upsetting the children. ltHoUGH I know I could go out a A couple of times a month and find someone for sex, I don’t have the time or energy for a series of one night stands - I want to be wined and dined and know exactly what’s going to happen, without any worries about the next day.  my husband and I had a great sex life and I really missed that, so I decided to do some research. the Internet was the obvious place and I found a huge range of websites and adverts offering a wide range of services. Some of them were simply hilarious, but in the end I found Justin.  our first encounter was nerve wracking and my main worry was that I might not find him attractive, although I definitely went out there with sex on my mind. In the flesh, something has to click and although I knew that he was extremely good looking and very fit, I also knew I had to fancy him. I booked into a hotel and spent ages getting ready, then Justin came to collect me and we went out to din-

complete spontaneous abortion at Love Connection A about six weeks after conception, i.e. eight weeks from the last menstrual period (lmp) Noun the expulsion of a fetus from the womb before it is able to survive independently, esp. spontaneously or as the result of accident. An unsuccessful outcome of something planned: “the miscarriage of the project”. miscarriage is the spontaneous end of a pregnancy at a stage where the embryo or fetus is incapable of surviving independently. miscarriage is the most common complication of early pregnancy. terminology the medical terminology applied to women’s experiences during early pregnancy has changed over time. “miscarriage” or “early pregnancy loss” are currently used to describe the end of a pregnancy at a gestational stage before the fetus is considered viable. the age of fetal viability may be variably defined in different countries and contexts, but is often said to be around 24 weeks gestation. A fetus that dies while in the uterus after this defined “limit of viability” is referred to as a stillbirth.

with someone’s feelings will only bring you and that person pain and heartache. Since you don’t love both guys, the best thing to do is to stop dating both of them henceforth. Give yourself a break to clear your head and think of your future and what you want out of love. After that, you can then wait patiently and keep searching for that special person whom you will love and spend the rest of your life with. cheers! Your say: Do you have advice on this

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ner. thank God, despite my nerves there was an instant spark and we had a great time, especially since we both knew that the whole evening was definitely building up to sex. When we got back to the room there was no problem tearing each other’s clothes off and the sex was fantastic. I knew I’d made the right decision and we meet once or twice a month, with the occasional weekend away or short holiday, which I always pay for. He makes me feel that I’m the centre of attention; he’s very protective and caring. We have a laugh and a chat and the sex gets better and better. He always makes it special with candles, massage oils and sex toys-now how many men would still be doing that after three years in an ordinary relationship?  Sorry if this goes against the stereotype, but I want fabulous sex with a lovely man without any ties. We might well be at the stage where women are seen to enjoy sex as much as men, but not at the stage of admitting that some of us are

happy to pay for it. there’s currency of some kind in every relationship and I know that although we get on well and have a great time together, at the bottom of it all is hard cash. I’m quite vain and having a man in my life who sees me naked regularly certainly makes me focus on looking after myself, so I’m very slim and fit and feel confident sexually. What’s really interesting is the number of other men who ask me out - it does make me realise that when you’ve one man around, you seem to get the pick of the rest as well.  You wouldn’t question this relationship unless you knew I paid for it we’re both adults, seeing each other regularly and enjoying ourselves. Why does money suddenly change it? We have cover stories organised in case we bump into anyone we know but that’s never happened. Women should be able to have the sort of sex life and companionship they want, on their terms, but

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sometimes it just doesn’t work out that way. I love my children, work hard - to pay for their treats and mine - see my friends and family and enjoy my hobbies like anyone else. this way, I’m very satisfied sexually which makes me a much calmer and happier person and I do like the secrecy element of this arrangement. I keep both lives totally separate and Justin doesn’t know where I live, what I do or even my real surname - though I’m the same with him and we contact each other by mobile phone. Nothing’s forever and I hope it will be some considerable time before Justin hangs up his thong, but I’m sure there’s a replacement out there should it ever happen.  I know now how well this can work and it’s perfect for me. maybe I will change but I think it’s unlikely. every so often, I can indulge myself and then walk away completely satisfied, ready to get on with the rest of my life. Being able to have such a lovely time and be treated so well, without any worries or upset frankly, that’s priceless. As it is, he costs $400 for an hour, $540 for three hours and $1200 for overnight, and every penny is well spent!  Names have been changed. Picture posed by models. Your say: Have your say about this true confession...  Have you had a similar experience? tell us your story. call 07031028714. courtesy: NB: call mike on +2347031028714 if you have a story from abroad to share with us.

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The Long Juju Shrine Of Arochukwu: A Pre-Colonial Slave Route Shrouded In Mystery RoCHUKWU is the third largest town in A Abia State (after Aba and Umuahia) in southeastern Nigeria. It is one of the few existing kingdoms, not only in Nigeria but in Africa as a whole; it still practices the monarchical system of government. A few personalities have their roots in Arochukwu such as the late Educationalist Mazi Alvan Ikoku (19001971) and the football sensation, Nwankwo

Kanu who played for the likes of Ajax and Arsenal in the European football leagues. Apart from being the place of birth of such influential Nigerian personalities, Arochukwu also boasts several historical tourist sites, most notably the shrine or oracle known as Ibinu Ukpabi, or the Long Juju. What makes this shrine stand out among the other historical sites in the region is the role it played in

the slave trade era and thus the impact it made in Nigeria’s history. The shrine is about a kilometre long and existed from the 17th century. The shrine was administered by a group of cultists, who were led by a chief priest. They ran an economic and socio-political ring that effectively controlled the region east of the Niger River, and as such had an effect on many people even before the arrival

Love News EN are more likely to suffer M from erectile dysfunction if their wives earned more money than them, according to a new study. The research looked at the medical prescriptions of 200,000 Danish couples between 1997 and 2006 and found that erectile dysfunction was linked to the reversal of “social norms,” reports. “When women out-earn their husbands, it challenges the traditional social norms of the man as economic provider and female income as supplemental,” the study found. The level of dysfunction—and the medications used to treat it— increased as the gap between incomes widened, according to the report. Earning more money also proved problematic for the woman with those bringing home more than their husband more likely to suffer from anxiety and insomnia. The authors pointed out that income difference was only one cause of erectile dysfunction and were not suggesting the situation should reverse. They found that many men were actually attracted by the thought of their wives bringing in the big bucks. The research was published in the Personality and Psychosocial Bulletin. Courtesy: *If you want to advertize or sponsor Love & Life call 07031028714, 08023700641, 07032944123.

Men Who Earn Less Than Their Wives Are More Likely To Need


LoVE&LIFE of colonialism. Arochukwu is a famous tourist destination with the cave of the famous long juju oracle as a particular attraction. The cave is believed to hold the long metal pipe through which the gods speak to the people. A traditional religionist would find the oracle quite an attraction. It is, first and foremost, a religious centre with a well-laid down administrative structure headed by a Chief Priest. As colonial Britain began its assault on kingdoms around the River Niger, the shrine brought these communities together as it became something of an apex court for people living east of the Niger. Due to the great influence of the Long Juju, shrine stewards and lower members of the Juju cult migrated to clans south of the Niger and settled. In their new abodes, they served as emissaries and informants to the Long Juju. They relayed information on disputes to the shrine and equally arranged trips to the latter and thus a Long Juju network was established in the region. As the slave era peaked, the Long Juju deviously used its influence in the area to profit from the transatlantic slave trade. With the Long Juju network already established, trading posts and slave quarters together with satellite shrines were set up in different villages all over the region where small litigations could be handled. Those found guilty were almost always sent to the cave temple of Chukwu as sacrifices to appease the Great deity Chukwu (whom the shrine symbolised). However these people were sold to European slave merchants. Thousands met their fate in this manner. The Long Juju stronghold was however destroyed by the British as their quest for colonial power led to their decision to wage war on the Long Juju and the network it had established in the region. The mystic Long-Juju shrine, the slave routes and other relics of the slave trade era have become important tourist attractions in the area as a result of what they represent in Nigeria’s history. Courtesy: Photos:,, *Are you going to get married or wed soon? Do you want us to cover your wedding or to report on your hotel/resort next? Call 07031028714, 07032944123, 08023700641. *If you want to advertize or sponsor Love & Life call 07031028714, 07032944123.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



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Holy Water, Holy Perfume...! OLY water, Holy perfume, Anointed handH kerchief, Anointed staff...when will my people wake up from their dream? The devil is having a field day in the church and the society generally, all in the name of religion. Wolves in sheep’s clothing have bastardized the Gospel of Christ! How can someone, a fellow human being, after preaching and doing all the acrobatics, ask me, daughter of Zion, to come and touch her wet handkerchief and drop money to get blessed? I watched as people foolishly went to drop money and touch the handkerchief. She started from N10,000 to N200,000. I was the only person who did not get up. Is she Jesus? Such a dirty and unhygienic lifestyle! My people perish for lack of knowledge of the word of God, so say the scriptures. Another one somewhere in the northern part of the country uses perfumes for his own manipulations. He has grades and the amount you drop determines the very one he sprays on you. Their partner in crime somewhere around Ogba anoints computers for “yahoo boys”. Some of them now sell their pictures and ask you to simply place it in your car or home! Blind Christians! The one around Ajah washes his feet in a bowl of water and sells same to you; don’t you think something is wrong with you? Now, my people have been brainwashed into denying their father’s name and taking up the name of a man whose lineage they can’t even trace. Some now answer the name of their church. Some have even gone to the extent of telling their members that they won’t make heaven because of their surname. What a shame! You are not in talking terms with the other person because he left your church to another and you think that that will take you to heaven? You are still very far from making heaven, my dear. They have succeeded in making you wear rags along the streets; this is not the gospel of Christ. How many times have you seen

your senior pastor, his wife, or children wear those rags you have in your car? Don’t you think there is something wrong somewhere? Instead of you advertising Jesus Christ your Lord, you are more interested in advertising your church, pastor, and his wife. You do all these but you are the worst neighbour and friend; there is nothing called love in your dictionary. Stop advertising church and start bearing fruits unto repentance. We are a people blinded by religion. When it was Rev. King’s time, I remember having his followers beat people up whenever they tried to say anything negative about their “Holiness”. One of my clients even changed her name

from Ijeoma Ezeh (not real name) to Ijeoma King. The very day Rev. King flogged her husband in church, we were all against it as we worked out together in the gym. But to our surprise, she saw nothing wrong with that. Have you asked yourself why that your miracle pastor dropped his original name and decided to take up a name that cannot be traced by anyone? Are Signman and Miracleman the names given to them by their fathers? How can you follow blindly, a man whose lineage you cannot trace? Even Jesus, the Son of God came and people knew His earthly father and mother; they knew where He came from.

Image Building: Workable Options Before The Presidency By Ntia Usukuma T was George C. Edwards, a leading scholar of IStrategic the American presidency, in his book, The President: Persuasion and Opportunity in Presidential Leadership, who revealed that “successful presidents facilitate change by recognising opportunities and fashioning strategies and tactics to exploit them.” Illuminating further in the book, Edward contends that presidents cannot create opportunities for change by just persuading others to support their policies. Rather, to achieve change, these leaders exploit existing public opinion. He also explained that leaders with great public image recognise available favourable conditions for passing their agenda and effectively exploit these circumstances while they lasted. This great political scholar also took a look at presidents that governed in less auspicious circumstances, and revealed that whatever successes these presidents enjoyed also resulted from the interplay of conditions, and the presidents’ skills at understanding and exploiting them. Even periods of national disasters and crisis can provide platforms for image building and agenda setting. In recent times, some incidents in the U. S. that the American President used to warm himself into the hearts of the citizens were not exactly pleasant ones. Last December, 26 people, including 20 children, were killed after a shooting incident at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, a primary school in the U. S. state of Connecticut. A visibly moved Barack Obama, fighting tears, delivered a short address to the nation following the tragedy, expressing his

condolences to the families of the victims. Subsequently, he personally attended the memorial service at Newtown where he read out the names of the young children who were killed in the massacre. He also read the names of the six Sandy Hook staff members, including the school’s principal and teachers, who he said showed courage and did not hesitate to put themselves in the line of fire to protect the children. He was shown on television personally consoling the bereaved families. What followed was the re-introduction of stringent gun control legislation at the congress. The issues of gun control that the average American saw initially as an encroachment on their personal security took a new dimension. A similar situation was observed during the last bomb blast at the finishing line of the last Boston Marathon. Subsequently the perpetrators were promptly hunted down. Recognising opportunities to identify, and empathise with the citizens, and communicate with swift and sincere actions were strong image tools used by the American President. These are tools that the reputation management team of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan can borrow in their effort to tackle the image problems they are facing. During period of crisis, apart from routine press releases by the President’s Media Adviser, Reuben Abati, there seems to be complete absence of public officials empathising with the people, showing concern, directing and coordinating relief, getting involved in remedial measures, engaging in general crises response and crises management. Just

imagine if the Public Affairs and Media Advisors in the presidency can learn from their counterparts in other climes. During the last flood crisis in Nigeria, what a great public relations opportunity it would have been for President Jonathan to meet, greet, and hug flood victims? Imagine President Jonathan and governors of those flood affected states, in flood waters with rain boots demonstrating leadership skills, with their presences, overseeing relief operations during that national catastrophe? What manner of impact would President Jonathan have made on the minds of the ordinary Nigerian? What of President Jonathan making a surprise appearance, and delivering an emotion laden speech at the memorial service of those policemen killed by terrorists in Plateau State? During the heat of the military campaign against terrorism, President Obama made surprise visits to Afghanistan to motivate troops and reassure Americans that he was on top of the security situation. Will it not be reassuring if Jonathan makes a surprise visit to states under emergency rule like Borno and Yobe to encourage the soldiers, empathise with the people of those states and reassure all Nigerians that government is winning the war against terrorism? Popular media consultant and veteran social commentator, Jimi Disu feels these lapses occur because of the laxity and limited foresight of Jonathan’s image makers. In his words: “Is it not

You now pay as much as N5,000 to buy their picture and keep in your car and house. Why can’t you use your phone to take their picture since they are now your Jesus? You create so much chaos every Sunday and midweek because you are running from pillar to post looking for Jesus who is forever with you. Jesus Himself knew that it would come to this and He warned us ahead of time and told us in Matthew 24:23-25. Your itching ears will not let you settle down in a church all in the name of miracle seeking. The Bible that I study tells me that the truth I know shall set me free and not the miracle worker that I discover. It also says that when your way pleases The Lord, He will make your enemies to be at peace with you. Concentrate more on pleasing God and living a good life. If your enemies refuse to be at peace with you, leave them to God and be good to them whenever you can. Stop all the “let my enemy fall down and die” prayers; they are not biblical. Jesus enjoins us to feed our enemies and bless them. Why should that enemy die? What if God is going to use him tomorrow? And don’t you think that someone somewhere sees you as an enemy and if we all should be falling and dying, no one lives? Also note that the enemy you should be praying against is the devil using that individual. Mind you, you cannot kill the devil until the day when he will be judged and thrown into the bottomless pit. When are people going to stop chasing shadows and start studying their Bible? When are your eyes going to be opened to know that most of these miracles are “take one problem away from me and give me 10 in return”? Nigeria, Africa is really a fertile ground for them; business is thriving. Sadly, governments are afraid to do something about all this because they have been deceived by the wrongly-used and abused Bible verse: “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm!” People, go back to the word of God and discover God yourself! pathetic that President Goodluck Jonathan Monday unveiled a Memorial Cenotaph and Remembrance Service in honour of the victims of the Dana Air-crash at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, in Abuja, whereas most of the family of the bereaved are domiciled in Lagos where the incident took place? It is no longer news that he is being touted as the president with worst image in the social media. As far as the image of the president is concerned, there is still a gap and I wonder what those brandishing the portfolio are doing to mitigate this heightening lacuna. This definitely is not good for our president because he deserves better public reputation and his image both home and abroad is exacerbating by the day. Since he got to office, it has been one public relations mishap or the other.’’ A legal practitioner and social commentator, Monday Onyekachi Ubani, equally expressed deep concern about the poor state of Jonathan’s reputation. Ubani, in his submission said: “Our leaders do not engineer confidence from the people, in turn the people are not confident of their rulers. Sometimes ago, Americans suffered the worst devastation caused by storms. Barack Obama visited the worst hit states, cried and sympathised with the citizens. His actions and sympathy resonated across the land and the citizens appreciated him. The act itself contributed much to his re-election. Our leaders need lessons on humility, love and how to connect with the people with good governance. The greatest asset for those in government remains the people. The moment a good leader touches them where it matters most, they will respond positively towards such a leader.” As the administration marks the second anniversary of the inauguration of President Jonathan as the substantive president of Nigeria, and with a few months to the centenary anniversary of Nigeria’s amalgamation, observers believe the reputation building team of the Federal Government can use these turning points to make far-reaching changes that can rev up the reputation of the President and his team in the remaining years of his tenure.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


How Prayer Works OST people think marriage is M mechanical. Marriage is simply a miracle. It would require a supernatural effect to keep it running smoothly. It is God who joins people to become one. Only God unites the heart successfully. Marriage needs constant repairs. People change, time changes. Only God doesn’t; that is why I recommend prayer for every family challenge. I notice that people who pray for and with their families stay longer together, have more fun and get a record of honour. There is nothing prayer cannot do. I read a miracle book – The Bible. And in it I see incredible things happen; the dead raised, water made wine, dry bones becoming an army, a ninety-year- old woman becoming a mother, incurables and longstanding diseases healed. I believe it literally, as I would believe a scientific text. The problem is that we nag, complain, fight, and better than we pray. We think all those other actions will fix a problem rather than praying. I suggest you think again. Isaac’s wife Rebekah was barren for twenty years, no in-laws interfered, no beating, no quarrel. Isaac beseeched the Lord on behalf of his wife until she conceived (Gen. 25 vs 21). When she started having problems with the pregnancy, she consulted God, instead of nagging about how uncaring the husband hath become. (Gen. 25 vs 22). Am not saying anyone should act irresponsibly and then we

pray…. I am only saying nagging will do worse than that. Quarrels, and bad language will destroy more than it would build. You may secure your wife’s submission with the use of force, but it won’t be anything you really wanted. You would have destroyed something in that relationship. Rachael on the other hand was barren; when she saw that Leah her sister had children, she told the husband to give her children. Jacob was really angry. ‘Am I God?’ He retorted! (Gen. 30:1-2). Some women think they can jolt their husbands to action by their talking… you need to know the nature of man. They hate the nag! Believe me, you drive your man away if you always nag! If you make him feel you are the one in charge, deciding what happens in the home… he will never let you win. The conflicts will be high. Use the silent weapon. Pray. Some say they have prayed but there is no answer. I will tell you some things. * Prayer does its work secretly. Don’t expect a bang! God sees prayers in secret. Just believe that whenever you pray something happens (Matt. 6 vs 6) * You are praying to a ‘God of all flesh’. He is not only your God; He is the God of your spouse and loves your spouse equally. You can’t ask Him to harm and hurt another of His creature. He may

have a grander purpose. He will do what is right. He will do what is best! Many people have killed with prayers! It is unfortunate how we convert prayers to a weapon of witchcraft! Pray honesty! God is righteous: * Pray with understanding. The bible says we pray in spirit, we should pray with understanding also. Do you really understand your spouse? Do you know why he or she is acting that way? Have you asked them why? You can’t pray for someone you don’t care about. How do you pray for her? The bible says that we should deal with our wives with knowledge so that our prayers will not be hindered. If you are acting wrongly, your fervent prayers will do nothing. * Pray with another person. Have a counselor or pastor, pray with you. You need the faith of another in this spiritual journey. * This may shock you, but I must tell you; prayer changes you before it changes the circumstances or individual you are praying for. That is why some prayers take long. Receive the change; you may need to be more patient, considerate, and careful. * Understand that Jesus is both the wisdom, and power of GOD. We think of the power without reckoning with the wisdom. For women, you need more wisdom

than words to build and direct your home. Answers to prayers come in form of divine wisdom. And the bible says that the wisdom from God is pure, and peaceable, easy to be entreated! A wise man builds on a rock! Wisdom is better! * Use positive words over the situation. If you have prayed,

don’t talk carelessly, rudely, or badly. Speak good words to your spouse. Speak peace, let them know they are loved! Your words should be smooth, and endearing; full of understanding. And I tell you, a miracle is on the way! E. C Samuel 08027173447 sms only

Tips For Better Sex In Marriage By Juliana Idoko ANY marriages are suffering today M because of inadequate or unsatisfying sex. Unfortunately, many die in silence because sex is such a delicate issue that even some most extroverted folks have difficulty sharing their woes or seeking help. This is why we decided to help you with some easy-to- apply tips from renowned sex and relationship experts on how to improve your intimacy experience. They are little things Sarah Jio says you can put into practice tonight, to help transform your love life. Don’t think about the kids (not even for a second) - This one’s for you, Supermama! “If a woman wants to have a happier and

more fulfilling sex life with her husband, she’s got to set aside whatever is distracting her from him—that includes the kids,” says Les Parrott, PhD, professor of psychology at Seattle Pacific University and author of Crazy Good Sex. Here’s why this is so critical, Dr. Parrott explains: “He knows when you are genuinely with him, and when you are merely trying to check sex with him off your list.” Lube - Lubricant is the little thing that every woman should try to improve her sexual pleasure, and in some cases, even reduce sex-induced pain, says Amy Levine, sex coach, certified sexuality educator and founder of “Using a lube is sure to enhance sexual enjoyment,” says Levine. “Some women feel there is a stigma attached to using over-the-counter lubricants, as they are self-conscious that it implies something is wrong with them.” Not true! “The truth is, our natural lubrication comes and goes during a sexual encounter; it’s not necessarily an indication of our arousal. Besides, using a lube can make penetration a l o t more enjoyable for both partners,” s h e adds. Don’t strive for perfection -

Cellulite? Baby weight? If you can manage to ignore it during sex, it will only intensify your pleasure, says Scott Haltzman, MD, clinical assistant professor at Brown University and author of The Secrets of Happily Married Women. When women obsess about getting it perfect in bed, they actually increase their levels of anxiety and are less able to feel fulfilled. After all, your husband probably doesn’t notice all that anyway. “Many women think they have to compete with Sports Illustrated models or porn stars in order to turn their man on,” he says. “But your man married you because you already had the right stuff. You can let your and your husband’s natural rhythms guide you, rather than think about what move to do next. And if you’re not getting the right vibes, it’s OK to ask for what you want, or to ask what pleases him.” Silence your inner critic - Do you ever find yourself thinking about negative things in the bedroom? Whether it’s about him, you or something else, try to zap those thoughts fast. “Nothing will sabotage a woman’s sex life with her husband more than critical thoughts,” says Dr. Parrott. “The key is to relax and be in the moment as much as possible. Criticism, even if not articulated, is deeply wounding in this most tender of places. Sex is a vulnerable act, and because of that, criticism is certain to cause anxiety and defensiveness. Make your bedroom a criticism-free zone.” Remember the emotional side of sex - “Why do studies show that married people have better sex than their wild and crazy single friends, or even their cohabitating pals?” asks Dr. Haltzman. “Because when you have an emotional connection to the person you are in bed with, the quality of the sex can be richer and deeper. When you’re with your husband, focus on the commitment you have toward each other. See yourselves not just together in bed, but together in life, and it will increase your passion, and your sexual pleasure.” Schedule sex - It doesn’t sound very sexy, but putting sex on your calendar may be one of the most important things a couple can do, says Levine. “Many women are ‘doing it all’— taking care of the kids, having a job and run-

ning the household—and it’s getting in the way of ‘doing it.’ Our lives are so hectic and sometimes our sex life is moved to the back burner. But if you want to make it sizzle, make the time for intimacy and pleasure.” A quick phone call, e-mail or smile—think about “foreplay” in new ways - Do you have 30 seconds? Send your husband a steamy text message or an innocent little “I love you” email. It will go a long way in the love department, says Dr. Parrott. “Sexual intimacy rests on the foundation of emotional intimacy— especially for a woman,” he says. “The happiest couples in the bedroom are the couples who see opportunities for emotional foreplay all day long. For these couples, sex is not a few minutes of physical pleasure, it’s a process that involves engaging conversations and gentle caresses as a prelude to what happens in bed.” Put a lock on your bedroom door. Nothing quashes desire like a midnight intruder at the door saying, “Mommy, I have to go potty!” Dr. Parrott says, “If you have little ones, you’re bound to be nervous about them showing up at the most inopportune moment, so eliminate this fear with a simple lock. Untold couples suffer anxiety about this when it is such a simple problem to solve.” Try to keep anger out of the bedroom. “For many couples, when you feel bad about your relationship, you feel bad about sex too,” says Dr. Haltzman. “When conflict leads to feelings of resentment toward your mate, that can be a red flag for the health of the marriage. The best solution for letting go of the hurt is to stop and try to see your husband’s behaviour from his point of view. Remember, it’s not like he wakes up in the morning and says, ‘What can I do to make her life miserable?’ so don’t assume the worst.” Initiate sex. When’s the last time you instigated sex? “This may be the most important tip of all,” says Dr. Parrott. “Far too many women wait for their husband to make the move. And after a while, this sends an unintended message to him—that you see sex with him as a duty. Don’t let that happen! Make it your goal to initiate sex with him at least once a month. You’ll be amazed at how responsive he is!”

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Omolewa: Governor’s Wife, Citizens’ Mother… Through her Live Empowered Anchors Hope (LEAH) Charity Foundation, the first lady of Kwara State, Mrs. Omolewa Ahmed, has impacted on many lives positively. She is concerned about the wellbeing of the young and elderly as her programmes go to show.

By Fatima Abubakre

HE is passionate about the welfare of others, not just SGovernor, because she happens to be the wife of the Kwara State Abdulfatah Ahmed, no. She is an amiable person who lives her life with great humility, selflessness and her kindness to people knows no bounds. She has this reassuring smile that makes all those around her feel special and loved. Meet Omolewa Ahmed, the first lady of Kwara State who has impacted on many lives positively young and old, educated and illiterate, weak or strong through her Live Empowered Anchors Hope (LEAH) Charity Foundation. For this Ibadan, Oyo State-born lady, touching lives is paramount whether in office or out of office. Before occupying the office of the first lady of Kwara State two years ago, Omolewa had been known for compassion towards the poor and the less-privileged in the society. “I have so much in me to do for my people; I pray that I will be able to give all that I can without constraints, financially or otherwise,” she says. In a bid to give succour to the hopeless, the LEAH Charity Foundation through its Clinic-on-Wheels and Sight Restoration Scheme has successfully conducted free eye surgeries for citizens of Kwara State. About 100 patients; 48 children and 52 adults have benefited from the scheme, which is in collaboration with the Sight Savers International. Sight impairments caused by cataract were corrected through free eyeglasses, drugs and surgeries. Mrs. Omolewa declares: “Most of these sight- related problems were first diagnosed during the clinic-onwheels outings in our market places and rural areas. It is usually during diagnosis that people with serious eye problems are discovered and referrals were made for those in need of surgery to Kwara State Specialist Hospital, Sobi, in collaboration with the Sight Savers International, with specialist doctors in attendance. The surgeries involved the removal of the clouded lens and replacing it with a clear, artificial one.” Currently, Mrs. Ahmed is engrossed with tackling the scourge of breast and cervical cancer among women in the state through a collaborative effort with the Medical Women Association to screen women above 30 years of age. “What is most painful about these deaths is that quite a number of them are avoidable. At

least, we are sure that deaths from cervical and breast cancer can be avoided if detected early and the only way to catch any form of cancer or ailment is through regular voluntary screening after which medical treatment can now be sought,” she notes, adding, “let us work together to see that no woman dies a death that we can prevent by encouraging each other to go for screening.” Notwithstanding these contributions, Omolewa is quick to point out that no government can meet all the needs of its citizens and therefore, the onus is on philanthropists and public-spirited individuals and corporate bodies to contribute their quota positively to the upliftment of the living standard of citizens, particularly persons with disabilities. As a mother, she condemns

child trafficking, child labour and abuse, especially in Africa, as she submits: “We are concerned about the future of our children because we believe that grooming them today will ensure a better society that we all crave for tomorrow.” A lover of books and an advocate of reviving the reading culture among students, she quotes Jim Rohn, “The difference between where you are today and where you will be five years from now will be found in the quality of books you have read.” Born into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Adebayo Akinleye, young Omolewa had her early education at the University of Ibadan Staff School and later attended Victory Nursery and Primary School, Ibadan. She also attended Saint Teresa’s College Ibadan for her Secondary School education. She obtained an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Banking and Finance in 1992 at the Kwara State Polytechnic, Ilorin, and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in the same discipline from the Kano State Polytechnic in 1997. She underwent her National Youth Service Corps in Kano, serving with the Central Bank of Nigeria, Kano from 1997 to 1998 after which she proceeded to Bayero State University, Kano obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Banking and Finance in 1999.

What is most painful about these deaths is that quite a number of them are avoidable. At least, we are sure that deaths from cervical and breast cancer can be avoided if caught early and the only way to catch any form of cancer or ailment is through regular voluntary screening after which medical treatment can now be sought” she notes, adding that “let us work together to see that no woman dies a death that we can prevent by encouraging each other to go for screening.

Omolewa Ahmed


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‘Nigerians Need Practical Steps By Government To Alleviate Their Sufferings, Not Promises’ The Archbishop of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos, Alfred Adewale Martins, turned 54 last Saturday and was treated to a memorable birthday bash by members of the Order of the Knights of St. Mulumba, Lagos Metropolitan Council, at the church hall of the Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos, on that day. On the sidelines of the event, Archbishop Martins shared his thoughts on the state of the nation with journalists where he bemoaned the failure of governance in the country, among other issues. ONYEDIKA AGBEDO was there. How do you feel marking your 54th birthday in good health and sound mind? OR me as an individual, everyday offers a unique opportunity to ponder on and appreciate the goodness of the Lord in my life. It is even more so when one considers the rare privilege He has given me to share in the priesthood of Christ. And so, for me, the gift of today in which I recall the mystery of my existence and vocation is one for deeper reflection, particularly when one considers the sorry state of affairs in our country Nigeria. Incidentally, the country recently marked 14 years of uninterrupted democratic rule. How


would you assess the journey so far? Precisely on Wednesday May 29, the nation marked 14 years of uninterrupted democratic governance. On that day, we also recalled those that paid the supreme price in our collective quest for democracy. As usual, the various Dailies were buzzing with congratulatory messages from agents and political allies of those in government, singing their praises to high heaven for a job well done. Billions of tax payers’ money were expended in organising seminars, book presentations, and other forms of celebration all in the name of marking Democracy Day. In the midst of all these, we need to ask ourselves a basic question: Has our democratic experiences truly impacted positively on the lives of majority of Nigerians or merely on a select few? The answer is

obvious. Beyond the razzmatazz and media hype that characterised the Democracy Day celebration, the truth is that we are still far from the Promised Land. All we have been receiving over the years have been more of promises than action. The result can be seen in the large number of jobless youths, dwindling basic infrastructures of inadequate power supply, insecurity and general ineptitude in the system. Policy makers in the country should rise up to the challenge of nation building. At this period of our national life, what Nigerians need is to see practical steps by their leaders to alleviate the growing rate of sufferings in the land. They want to see good governance. We have gone through a lot as a nation and we have been hearing promises upon promises.

Has our democratic experiences truly impacted positively on the lives of majority of Nigerians or merely on a select few? The answer is obvious. Beyond the razzmatazz and media hype that characterised the Democracy Day celebration, the truth is that we are still far from the Promised Land. All we have been receiving over the years have been more of promises than action… At this period of our national life, what Nigerians need is to see practical steps by their leaders to alleviate the growing rate of sufferings in the land. They want to see good governance.

What is your take on the political crisis in Rivers State, which has pitched President Goodluck Jonathan and the national leadership of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) against the state governor, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi? To me, the dimension, which the imbroglio has now taken, leaves much to be desired. It is an unnecessary heating up of the polity and an ill wind that blows no one no good. It is regrettable that rather than focusing on delivering the fruits of democracy to the citizens of this country, the various gladiators have chosen to dissipate invaluable time and enormous resources in fueling selfish personal vendetta for unjustifiable personal reasons. The people of Rivers State and in deed the whole Nigeria deserve a better deal. I want to, therefore, call on all those concerned to toe the path of peace and resolve the matter amicably for the good of all. How would you react to increasing insecurity in the land, especially the Boko Haram insurgency that led to the declaration of a state of emergency in three states in the northern part of the country? Members of the Boko Haram sect have held the country hostage for sometime now. Unfortunately, the circumstances have made the state of emergency necessary in the states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. We hope the alternative peace moves would still be pursued. I wish to appreciate the immense sacrifices being made by members of the various security agencies, including the armed forces to protect the territorial integrity of our nation and secure the lives of innocent citizens. I also wish to commend President Jonathan for initiating various peace moves aimed at finding a lasting solution to the Boko Haram menace. However, I want, for the sake of emphasis, to align myself with the position of the Catholic Bishops Conference of Nigeria (CBNC) that the proposed amnesty for Boko Haram sect members should be approached with caution. In the first place, we must know the identity of these sect members and there must be genuine repentance on their part that would then pave the way for true reconciliation. Further still, as we have always re-iterated, for lasting peace to reign in this country, the President must call a conference of all the various ethnic groups and stakeholders in the country so that we may collectively fashion out the best way to live in peace and harmony. I believe that such a move has become imperative even as we begin the count-down to the 2015 general election. Since it is the duty of government to provide adequate security for lives and properties of its citizens, it would be foolhardy to disregard the perceived genuine grievances of any group of people in the country. Some northern elders recently faulted the state of emergency option in tackling the Boko Haram menace, saying it endangers other peace moves… I believe that any policy decision that is taken is bound to create acceptance and rejection. But what is important is whether this policy is capable of delivering the result that you expect. And if it is capable of doing it, then those who have taken that decision need to press on with it irrespective of whatever the oppositions may be. However, when we are talking about emergency, let us also continue to remind those who are engaged in this as soldiers that they have to do it according to their rules of engagement. They should not go there and start trampling upon the rights of people or unnecessarily endanger lives. Rather, they should restrict themselves to their rules of engagement. That is the only way the state of emergency will reach the conclusion that Nigerians want. In any case, I remember that the Boko Haram sect members were offered amnesty and the people who were offered the amnesty said that they don’t accept it. Now, if you were talking to a people who said they don’t accept what you are offering, naturally you would want to think of other ways of ensuring that the goal that you want is attained. But like I said earlier, if we pursue state of emergency as a way, we must also not disregard the peace initiatives that are there. The peace initiatives as well as bits of muscling up are both necessary in order to attain the kind of goal that we want for our nation. Members of the National Assembly have repeatedly argued that as representatives of the people, they have the capacity to address the issues confronting the nation and so there will no need for a national conference as you have suggested… When I say national conference, I am referring to a forum that will bring people of all interest


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


‘Ahead 2015 Elections, National Conference Has Become Imperative’ categories together for a discussion on issues that pertain to the nation and its people. Now, that is not the same as a forum whose recommendation becomes law. The forum I am talking about should be created for people to speak and make their points clear, which would be presented in such a way that even though it does not have the value law, it has a status that the National Assembly cannot disregard because this is the voice of the people themselves. Come to think of it: The legislators do not necessarily represent the entire population that they are supposed to be representing because the parties go through their own process of selecting those who will contest elections. Whereas if the people develop their own ways, not just of sending people to political parties but of sending people that they know and trust to this kind of forum that is not necessarily political, I think that would have a different form of influence upon the discussion that we are talking about. Therefore, whereas the National Assembly can be doing its own work, it is also possible to have this kind of forum that would do its own brainstorming on the issues of the state of the nation. Some may argue that it would amount to a waste of time because the decisions reached would not have the force of law. But the fact of the matter is that if these constitute what people from all over the nation accept as the way forward, I believe those who are in government at this particular point in time cannot afford not to listen because it will affect their return to power when it is time for election. There have been calls on government to compensate victims of the Boko Haram attacks but it appears that government is thinking otherwise even though there have been no policy statement on that. Do you think such calls are justified? I think it is only a matter of justice that government should give compensation to those who have been unduly deprived of their livelihood, those who have lost their loved ones and those who have been completely thrown out of gear by the activities of the Boko Haram sect. It is only appropriate, it is only a matter of justice that they should be supported and compensated in some way that would ensure that they are able to have their lives back. Some people are talking about amnesty in terms of giving money to those who renounce Boko Haram. I personally do not believe that amnesty should involve payment of money. If it involves payment of money, we shall be going the same route that we have gone in Niger Delta with all kinds of character coming up and claiming to be part the scheme. And in any case, the Niger Delta issue is so completely different from the Boko Haram matter. Therefore, they should not be placed on the same pedestal. If there is somebody paid out for amnesty for Boko Haram and support is not given to those who are victims of the crimes that were/are committed by the members of the sect, then it is gross injustice. Aside Boko Haram, how do you think government can generally tackle the problem of insecurity in the country? I believe that our security agencies need to be strengthened much more than they are presently. They need to be strengthened and empowered to carry out there duties. They need to be strengthened in terms of being provided with the tools that they need to carry out their work, strengthened in terms of being properly remunerated; strengthened by being covered by insurance because of the risky nature of the work that they are doing. I believe that if some or all of these are truly and properly addressed, the security agencies themselves will feel better committed to do the work they have been employed to do. You can see that sometimes some of our security agencies, like the police, are not even proud of the work that they are doing because of the fact that they are just not sometimes treated right within the environment they find themselves. Not long ago we were all regaled with the story of decay about the Police College in Ikeja here in Lagos not to talk of the Police colleges in other parts of the federation. Well, it was good that the president went and saw it and we hope that

means that would be the beginning of really making efforts to deal with providing security agencies the wherewithal that they need in dealing with the security issues that we contend with in our nation. But I believe also that apart from the security agencies, we too as citizens have a big role to play because the Police or the State Security Service (SSS) cannot manufacture solutions to security issues in the country if people are not giving them information. That means, therefore, that we as citizens need also to be very much aware of our environment; we need to pay attention to what is happening around us. It appears that religious leaders in the country now shy away from speaking out on issues concerning the nation. What do you see as responsible for this trend? Well, I don’t know about that except, of course, if you think that some of these things that I am talking about are not relevant. But I think that there are a number of religious leaders who also bare their minds on some of the issues that concern the welfare of the nation and the citizens. I believe that that characterisation does not necessarily cover everyone that can be regarded as a religious leader. What do you say about the attitude where religious leaders live in opulence, with some of them even buying private jets, while their followers are pauperised? Let me say that we as religious leaders have Jesus Christ as our model. As religious leaders, his style of life and living is what is our guide. The style of life that Jesus laid out for us is that of simplicity, charity and being found with only that which you really need not necessarily what you want. So, that is the guide, as we understand it. And so, I suppose that is interpreted in different ways by different people. However, we know what the basic principle is. I mean, the Holy Father, Pope Francis, does not have a private jet neither does the Queen of England and the Prime Minister of Great Britain. But as I said, there are different ways by which people interpret that which they consider as their needs. How do you think the country can address the problem of inordinate quest for political offices? A good number of those who are attracted inordinately to political offices are people who rarely have the service of people in their hearts. And that is why they will do anything at all to claim that their people have just dragged them from where they were to come and contest. It is something that we hear from time to time. However, we all know that to want to serve in public office ought to be for the welfare and good of the greatest number. So, I think we need to ask those who go to engage in politics what their professions are exactly. I think that if some of these men and women are successful in their different professions, if they are men and women that have attained a particular mark in their different professions, they would not want to go there and sacrifice the kind of integrity that they have built up over the years. I think those who are engaged in selecting men and women to contest for political offices should also use that as one of the criteria for determining who would represent them. I think it is only those kinds of men that would have the kind of integrity and name that they would want to protect as against what we find currently. But that is not to say that there are no men and women of integrity who are in politics; that is also not to say that there are not highly professional people in politics. There are! But I think that if each party were to ensure that these were the kind of people they chose without giving consideration to others, I think things would be better than they are. The electorate also has to consider this and other such matters in deciding whom to vote for. What roles do you think the church can play in enthroning such men and women of integrity into political offices in the country? One of the things that the Catholic church does is trying to sensitise its lay faithful to their roles as far as the nation is concerned. The lay men and women have the responsibility of renewing the face of the earth in a specific direct manner

I believe also that apart from the security agencies, we too as citizens have a big role to play because the Police or the State Security Service (SSS) cannot manufacture solutions to security issues in the country if people are not giving them information. That means, therefore, that we as citizens need also to be very much aware of our environment; we need to pay attention to what is happening around us. as in engaging in politics and other areas of life that impact on the welfare of the nation. And so what the church needs and wishes to continue to do is to equip them with the kind of principles that are necessary in order to succeed and do well when they occupy such positions. The Catholic Social Forum presents an opportunity for imparting values and principles that should ensure that men and women of the Catholic church who join politics are people who are ready for such positions. So, the church would continue in that direction and we hope that many more of our people would also take the lead of getting engaged in politics. The Catholic Diocese of Ahiara in Mbaise, Imo State has been in crisis for sometime now over the appointment of a new Bishop for the diocese. What is the church doing to restore peace? The objections over the appointment of the new Bishop of the dioceses were carried too far by some men and women of the diocese. I said some because from time to time I receive calls and even visits from people who say that they are from there and that they are ashamed of what is happening. There are many people who have said that. But unfortunately, these dissenting voices are usually not the loud ones; they are not usually very much heard. And that is why we continue to encourage people who have this opinion that is the correct one to also bring their opinions to the forefront and let

others know that there is an alternative view to that which is being projected by those who are protesting. Again, I must say that it is unfortunate that these kinds of consideration are creeping into the church in terms of the appointment of people into offices. I hope that by the grace of God, we shall not see this sort of embarrassing event any more. There is a procedure that has been followed over centuries in electing Bishops in the Catholic church. The same procedures of finding out, seeking opinions and consulting people were followed in this circumstance. But for whatever reason, there is this group of people who believe that unless their own will is accepted, it is not the right thing to do. It’s a very sorry, sad thing to have happened. Bishop Okpaleke is the one that was appointed. The Holy Father has asked him to engage in dialogue with the men and women of the diocese to help them realise that the value of what has been decided is just the appropriate thing. This is with the hope that this kind of dialogue will help to heal the wounds, which have unfortunately gone fairly deep. And they need to be healed. So, the Bishop, I’m sure will take steps towards that. I am also sure that with the support of other Catholic Bishops in Nigeria and the Holy Sea; and the grace of God working with us, this problem will be something of the past.

Conscience, Nurtured by Truth


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Enter Sani Muazu, ‘Sarkin’ Kannywood By Shaibu Husseini OST authoritative film journalists and historians regard him as one of the most popular Nigerian actors, directors M and producers of northern extraction. They say the humble motion picture practitioner is one of the reasons the movie industry up North called “Kannywood” has enjoyed a lot of visibility lately. They also regard him as the King of Kannywood or “Sarkin Kannywood” in Hausa. Others describe him as a staunch advocate of collaboration between Nollywood and Kannywood; an initiative he hopes would lead to the entrance of Kannywood movies into the mainstream movie market. Enter the merciless self-critic, Sanni Muazu, who is undoubtedly one of the most exposed and experienced filmmakers in Nigeria. Normally a very quiet person, who loves to stay indoor, Sanni’s emergence as the acclaimed ‘Sarki’ (King) of Kannywood is not difficult to explain. Sani started his career over three decades ago on television. He worked extensively on television between 1981 and 1990, producing several TV programmes on Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), particularly NTA Jos and Plateau and Borno Radio Television stations. He was among the pioneer staff of Epitome Productions from 1990 to 1992 from where he established a modern media outfit Lenscope Media based in Jos, Nigeria. A practitioner who is hungry for knowledge and admires intellectuals and progressives, Sani was doing well on television when he got the opportunity to work on two international film productions as a member of the crew. The first was Soweto, a 1986 Hollywood production directed by Mike Reburn and the second—Mister Johnson – a 1990 production directed by Bruce Beresford, featuring top stars like Edward Woodward, Pierce Brosnan, Maynard Eziachi and the late Hubert Ogunde. Sani, who holds a Diploma in Mass Communication from the University of Jos, majoring in Film Production returned to the field after a stint on those film sets ready to take on more motion picture productions. Always one to lead the Kannywood delegation to any important industry event and an alumni of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism where he was trained in News reporting and advance writing, Sani attended several courses on film both in Nigeria, Scotland and the United kingdom. He excelled in the local scene by acting in movies and television productions such as Behind The Clouds, Shadows and Webs. These programmes mainly featured on national television and were also syndicated across television stations in Nigeria. The production force behind some critically acclaimed programmes on the NTA like Eclipse and Bakandamiya, a popular drama series in Hausa on NTA Jos, Sani has also recorded some feats on radio. He, for a long time, handled A Dawo Lafiya and Garin Muna Fata, both radio drama series for the Society for Family Health. In Sani’s directing pouch are television and movie productions like Fire on the Mountain, Eg’Igwe, Agumba, Dan Gari and Mountain Blues, an adventure movie, which he produced in 2007. The movie was voted the best feature film at the 2008 edition of the annual Abuja International Film Festival. Hafsah, another Hausa feature he produced and directed on HIV/AIDS for the BBC World Service Trust also has his signature as director. The movie is reputed as the first from Kannywood to earn three AMAA nominations. Sani, who served as Production Manager on the set of Laraba, another acclaimed home video, has also scored some alpha as an actor. Productions that have benefitted from his expert portrayal as an actor include Freedom in Chains, which was produced by UNFPA and has been screened across the continent.

Sanni Muazu and popular actress Alex Lopez His most recent feature film production, Haaja, is in the wings awaiting formal local and international distribution. At a time National President of Motion Picture Practitioners’ Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN), Sani has functioned as National Information Adviser of the Nigerian Red Cross Society and he also served on the steering committee of the Motion Picture Practitioners Council of Nigeria (MOPICON). He was the executive producer for the British Council’s ‘Reel Dialogue’ project in Nigeria and he also produced two documentary films—Chronicle of Success and Flow For Life for UNICEF and DFID Sani, who is married with children and who has attended several film festivals, workshops and seminars, is optimistic about the future of the Nigerian motion picture industry. Sani says he envisages government eventual involvement in the funding of the lucrative movie industry. Muazu wants government, through the agencies responsible for regulating the industry, to

create the enabling environment for the industry to be fully exploited as a major foreign exchange earner for the country. He craves the kind of support obtainable in other climes. Also, Sani wants government to provide essential infrastructure that will attract proper investment in the sector. “Right now, we are just driving the industry on our own. There has been no deliberate policy to attract real investment. Government needs to put in place a programme of incentives to be able to attract real investment to the sector. We desire real investors in the areas of production and distribution,’’ he says. Shouldn’t a man of his acclaim be described as stupendously wealthy? Sani chuckles, and replies: “I wish so. I really wish so. But I thank Allah for everything. I am okay. At least, I can take myself from point A to B and I can provide for my family. So I thank Allah. But it can be better, especially if pirates allow us to reap the fruits of our labour.’’

Celebritygist… The rise and rise of Liz Anjorin AIR-SKINNED Yoruba actress, Lizzy Freason. Anjorin, is in the news for a good The single mother has just been awarded the most outstanding actress award in the United States by Nigerian Fashion and Beauty Awards (NFB). Liz, who just wrapped up the shoot of her second movie in America, which she titled ‘Kofo the First Lady’ told celebritygist that she was delighted at the news that she was going to be honoured in a foreign land. “I consider the award a recognition of my work as an artiste and it has made me to become so very proud of myself and more importantly I am so proud that I am a

Nigerian. I thank God for the talent he has given me and my fans and producers and colleagues for standing by me. I have enjoyed their support and I promise not to ever let them down,’’ she said.

Aki buries dad on June 22 All roads will definitely lead to Uzuakoli in Abia state on June 22 for the formal interment ceremony of Pa Ikedieze, father of one of Nigeria’s notable screen actors, Chinedu Ikedieze, MFR. Indeed the buzz in town is the interment ceremony in Uzuakoli and Chinedu Ikedieze popularly known as Nedu, has extracted a commitment from the leadership of the guilds and associations in Nollywood who have assured that June 22 will be declared ‘work free’ in honour of Pa Ikedieze. Chinedu has also constituted ‘a small’ burial committee for the ceremony. “My father deserves a befitting burial and I will

Kelvin Ikedugba’s Car Still ‘Off The Road’ So, Nollywood actor, Kelvin Ikedugba, has not fixed his car since he had that near-fatal accident that claimed a better part of his car? Someone squealed to celebrity gist that the stocky actor has been jumping taxis for months now, suggesting that he has been unable to fix the car or acquire another one. Someone who knows someone who knows him said they saw him sweating profusely in a coloured taxi along the LagosIbadan expressway returning to Lagos on Sunday. His fans say they have started praying for him to get over the accident stop at nothing to give him one.” so he can replace the ‘Jalopy’ with which he has been painting Lagos red! Chinedu declared.

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FITNESS With Oyinkan Talabi (Bodyworks)

Body Types E are never ever comW pletely happy with our bodies, are we? We either want

and a small bum.

a more voluptuous upper body or thinner thighs. I have a friend who wants more butt, while I want less! There is always something that we want to change. Unfortunately, there are some things about us that we can never change, like our body types (liposuction is also not going to help) However though, knowing your body type will help you set realistic goals, thus making you workout better and more effectively. There are three main body types namely:

Do you see yourself up there? Okay so, maybe we can’t totally change our body type. We can, however, do a lot to maximize it, and as you may have guessed, working out plays a crucial role in the way we ultimately look and feel. Ectomorphs: Think Betty Irabor and Fumi Iyanda are predomiEctomorph: Tall, boney, with smaller breasts nantly bone and need to build and longer limbs. They usually muscle mass, gain definition and shapeliness. Do weight training have trouble gaining weight (enough weight for you to just (the ones we love to hate). barely do about 12 repetitions) 3 times a week. Start with one set per exercise and increase the weight when it gets too easy. Since you don’t need to concentrate on calorie and fat burning, 20 minutes of a cardio workout like dance aerobics, a brisk walk, or gentle jogging 3-4 times a week is enough for cardiovascular fitness. Endomorphs: We tend to be predominantly tissue and so, need to burn calories and excess fat. So, more cardio activity (aerobics, Endomorph: dance, walking, jogging) every Rounder or somewhat pearshaped body and prone to hold- day, is for you. Since we tend to carry more weight in our lower ing more body fat, especially body, do sculpting workouts from the hips below. using weights with an emphasis on below the weight and defining your figure. Squats, lunges are must! Mesomorphs: Think Naomi Campbell, you are predominantly muscle and so, naturally athletic looking. You need to maximize flexibility, maintain shape and tone without getting too bulky. Do a variety of stretch exercises and moderate aerobic activities. You just look at weights and gain muscle so, train with light weights Mesomorph: for figure definition. Big boned, muscular and athLove your body and it will love you letic or voluptuous looking with a broad chest, narrow hips right back…

WELLNESS & BEAUTY By Victoria Ekanem

Treating Dark Circles Under The Eyes (1) ural emollient (it softens the skin) and its fine texture means that it doesn’t clog the pores or feel greasy. This section focuses on tried and tested natural Almond Oil is readily available from health and remedies. Medical professionals may have dis- aromatherapy stores as it’s commonly used as missed these as “Old Wives Tales,” but they are a carrier oil. Carefully rubbing a little in to the skin around your eyes each morning and night effective, easy to use and cheap (usually free). Since these are natural remedies, they are safe should leave the skin softer and more supple. Alternatively, mix a little almond powder with for almost everyone. If you are aware of an allergy to one of the ingredients, though, please milk cream and gently massage the mixture around your eyes. don’t try the remedy. If you have an unexHealthier skin with better circulation and less pected reaction to the remedy you’re trying, wrinkles will reduce the appearance of dark wash it off immediately with warm, soapy circles under the eyes. Massaging the area with water. any of the remedies will help greatly. A word of warning: be careful when you apply Almond Oil Almond Oil is wonderful for the skin. It’s a nat- natural remedies, creams or lotions to the skin HERE are a number of things you can do to T reduce or remove the appearance of dark circles under your eyes.

Chamomile is great for stress relief so, if the dark circles under your eyes are due to stress and/or fatigue, drinking a cup of chamomile Castor Oil tea before you go to bed should help you relax. Unscented Castor Oil, like Almond Oil, is great Alternatively, leave the tea bag (unused) in for the skin. Rubbing a little around your eyes cold water for a few minutes. Soak a couple of cotton wool balls in the water, squeeze out the each night will have the same effect. Chamomile excess and place them over your closed eyelids for ten minutes. around your eyes. It’s very important not to get cream, etc in to the eyes.

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Care Of Interior In Rainy Season be in or around the roof, walls, floors, windows, doors or pipe-work on any property. HE rains are here again in full force and it is There are several causes of dampness in time to pay attention to those things or the home. These include water soaking places around the home that are prone to dampness during the season. This is important up through porous materials into the because spotting any such problems will help to floors and walls of the property. It could manifest in walls feeling damp and cold remedy them quickly. Damp can cause mould on walls and furniture to the touch, or if there is distinguishing and make window frames rot. Cold housing en- mark on the inside walls. Internal decorations like carpets can become stained and courages the growth of mould and mites, as damaged, and cause mould and bacterial mites feed on moulds and can aggravate the growth. Plaster can become loose. risk of respiratory illnesses in some people. In Treating the cause of damp and mould addition, the property affected by damp feels growth conditions will check the proband looks cold and unappealing. lem. Also, ventilate the home to get rid of In many cases, damp can be unknowingly enexcess moisture and prevent musty smell. couraged due to poor maintenance. Damp can

By Ekwy P. Uzoanya


Care Of Cleaning Tools ECORATIONS and the living space are cared D for using several cleaning tools to retain their beauty keep the home looking pleasant. Many cleaning tools are still not automated, no matter the level of technological advancement human society has experienced. Some of such cleaning tools include brooms, mops and brushes. To do the work they are supposed to do, there will always be the need to take good care of them. Brooms Always hang brooms to keep the bristles in shape. If there is no hole in the handle, simply drill a quarter inch hole, thread a nylon cord through, and tie in a knot. A handy hanging loop can be provided. To clean, dip in hot sudsy water. Rinse and dry with a rubber band around the bristles so they can keep their form. Mops Sponge mops should be washed, rinsed and kept upside down to dry after each use in sudsy water. After rinsing, shake out to separate the strings and allow to air dry upside down.

If there is no intention to shake out the mop outside, put it in a plastic or paper bag and hold the closed bag around the handle to remove dust. Once in a while, remove the mop head, and launder it to remove embedded dirt. Scrub brushes After each use, wash the brush in hot sudsy water. In clear water, rinse, shake out and let air dry the bristles down.

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Recipe For The Eyes born baby.

(Spinach And Pepper Jollof Rice) By Chinelo Nwagbo HE eye is one of the most amazing of organs in the body and its function is fundamental to all beings. It helps us to see things. At the same time, it continuously sends information to the brain for interpretation of what it has seen. For the eye to carry out all these complex functions, it needs to be appropriately nourished. The eye only needs a small amount of oxygen and few other substances found in foods such as vitamin A (which is necessary for maintaining and keeping the eye in good condition), carotenoids (natural dyes found in plant-based foods, that act as antioxidants and help prevent macular degeneration of the retina) and also vitamin C and E, which are antioxidants found most exclusively in vegetables and fruits (they help to prevent vision loss and cataracts). Spinach and pepper jollof rice is specially designed to contribute to the prevention of several ophthalmological conditions such as cataracts and glaucoma. It supplies good amounts of antioxidants vitamins A, C and E as well as B vitamins and trace minerals, all of which to keep the eyes in good health; promote good sight, prevents visual acuity and improve one’s adaptation to night vision. The principal ingredients in this recipe are spinach, pepper and rice. Regular consumption of this dish helps to keep the eyes healthy, prevent eye disorders and reduces the risk of muscular degeneration of the retina, the most important cause of irreversible vision loss for those over 65 years of age. Spinach and pepper rice consumption is also helpful in the prevention of the following diseases anaemia (shortage of blood), constipation, obesity (excess fat in the body), neuritis (inflammation of nerves), nerve exhaustion, high blood pressure, cancer prevention, osteoporosis and dyspepsia (chronic indigestion) because of its high vitamins,

Ingredients              Quantities Rice                            3 cups Spinach                       1 medium bunch Chicken                       ½ (half) kilo Fresh tomatoes            6 medium size Fresh pepper               4 medium size Sweet pepper              1 medium size Onion                          1 large bulb Tin tomatoes               1 small size Curry powder              1 table spoon Thyme                         ½ (half) tablespoon Olive oil                      1 cooking spoon Seasoning cube          2 Water                          2 litres and chicken stock Salt                             To taste


fibre and minerals content. Intake of this nutritious food helps to slow aging process, support immune, and reduce inflammation like that found in arthritis and asthma. It also helps in lowering blood sugar level, cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart disease. Recommendation Spinach and pepper jollof rice is recommended for those that want to prevent eyes disorders and maintain good sight even at old age. It is also beneficial to pregnant women because of its high iron, folic acid and vitamins content which is essential for the mother-to be and for the un-

Method of preparation Season the chicken with some onions, salt, thyme, curry powder and 1 seasoning cube. Grind or blend tomatoes and fresh pepper. Heat the olive oil for few minutes. Fry the ground tomatoes and pepper. Stir and fry till the sourness is off. Add the onion and the tomato puree. Stir and add the water and the chicken stock. Wash the rice thoroughly and add to the pot. Stir; add the remaining curry powder and thyme. Cook for few minutes. Add the seasoned chicken and the remaining seasoning cube. Stir and add salt to taste; simmer till the rice is cooked and stir at intervals. Add the shredded spinach. Stir thoroughly. Remove from heat and garnish with chopped sweet. pepper, sliced onions and serve. E-mail:

Lobetia… By Ibukunoluwa Kayode NDULGING in light refreshment after Igain a day’s work is a great option to barfor. You can do so with Lobetia Tempranillo, a red wine that can deliver in terms of sedating the palate for memorable refreshment. The wine is made from naturally grown Spain’s famous Tempranillo grape and comes with moderate alcohol. It is made to add flavour to every occasion and offer its customers value for their money. This organic red wine can be sighted in any wine markets across the country from the big wine supermarkets to local wine shops at an affordable price. Tempranillo can serve both formal and informal occasion from dinners, cocktails, birthday parties, house warming and naming ceremonies to outdoor parties such as beach parties, picnics and pool parties. It represents great value with fruit expression in the mouth with chocolate tannins and a good mouth feel that sedates the palate with optimum satisfaction. This wine has a perfect weight for a variety of dishes from continental to local, such as beef, pork, sausage and meatier pastas.

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With Sereba Agiobu-Kemmer


A Hanging Garden ANGING baskets are container gardens H that are suspended overhead. They are great for giving the illusion of bringing down the height of very tall spaces and making great visual impact. Hanging baskets are a much loved method of featuring favourite plants hanging in wellselected places at home, either in-doors or outside. With the decrease in yard sizes and increase in apartment living and townhouses, more people are gardening in containers of which hanging baskets make a beautiful addition. If you are someone with little or no surface

Orange-mint combination

Planters in macramine and beads

in your living apartment, hanging planters are great because they don’t require a landing space. In a room, hanging plants draw the eye up and really showcase the plant as well as adding an interesting design element. A well planted container brings plants and flowers and their fragrances up close and adds a bit of excitement to the area. Hanging baskets overflowing with flowers and trailing vines bring life to the home and create an uplifting atmosphere. Having plants so close also allows you the opportunity to try new plants, to get to know a plant and to experiment. Hanging planters also double as room/wall art and with the sort of retro macramé and beading trend that has come back into hanging planters, you can coordinate your plant choices with anything from the trim on your house, to the cushions on the patio chairs. Hanging baskets can be used on balconies or in pergolas. Half baskets can be hung on walls to make a living wall. Want to grow your own food but have a small yard or no yard at all? Then consider starting a hanging basket garden. It is an easy way to turn porches, balconies and patios into productive garden space. What foods can you grow in hanging basket? Lots of things actually, depending on what you like. Try beans, potatoes, peppers, herbs, vegetables, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, carrots and more. Herbs are good plants for hanging baskets as they are naturally drought tolerant. You can have assorted herbs hanging basket filled with parsley, golden marjoram, oregano, lemon thyme with yellow mimulus. Try compact bush of trailing variety of tomato for an attractive and productive basket. Adding parsley or basil as a filler can make the basket even more lush. Another planting combination in an herb basket is nasturtiums with variegated pineapple mint and a silvery curry plant. Thyme, when it flowers, will attract bees and butterflies and do well in a hanging basket also. A hanging plant does not simply mean Boston ferns, Swedish ivy, and spider plants, although these are remarkably easy to grow. There are some foliage plants which offer weird and intriguing leaf shapes. There are also a great many flowering plants ideal for indoor hanging baskets, each suited to different level of light exposure, as well as temperature and humidity ranges. In fact, it is possible to find an indoor hanging plant for every conceivable situation. How To Care For Hanging Plants In the strictest sense, growing plants in hanging baskets is the same as growing them in grounded pots. But before you plan an ambitious Babylon of your own, be aware there are several things to consider that will protect your home and make the whole experience easier. Some basic concerns for hanging plants involve how you plan to hang them. Nothing is less appealing than simply dangling an inexpensive plastic pot from a hook in the ceiling. Instead, consider grouping three or five containers of various sizes together in an open, well lit area and hanging them at different levels. Your arrangement will create a sense of both height and depth. While determining the height at which you will suspend the plants, keep in mind that you will want ready access to the plants for ongoing care. Sometimes it is best to hang the pots no higher than eye level,

depending on the location. Planters Also, the container needs not be the typical plastic pot and attached saucer. The saucer overflow, creating a mess, and the pots are usually cheap in appearance. You might set a plain pot with drainage hole inside a more decorative pot or container without drainage hole. Decorative containers can offer a broad range of textures and styles which will enhance the overall appearance of your plants. There are a range of planters from super modern to earthy and rustic. From traditional galvanized wire, to earthenware herracotta and ceramics, to wicker and twigs to plastic and fiberglass, even glass and hanging garden bags. The Weight Question A hanging basket or pot full of wet soil and plant material can be heavy. Before you hang anything from your wall or ceiling, make sure the structure can hold the weight. Do not sink hooks straight into plaster or dry wall. Make sure they are firmly anchored in wall studs or ceiling joist. If you have existing hooks, test them before hanging anything. Potting Media (Soil Mix) Your choice of potting media will also make a difference. Most bagged potting soils are heaving with peat, or composted sphagnum peat, as the primary ingredient. Peat has excellent water retention qualities, but weighs more. If weight is a consideration, reduce the weight of your peat mix by adding perlite (moisture retention polymers). This will also increase drainage so you will have to water more often and be more careful not to drip from the basket. Protecting Your Floors And Furniture Hanging basket present multiple opportunities for disaster, but probably the most common is the water drainage. The coconut fiber liners that work outside are unsuited for indoor use because water runs straight through them. The two best options for indoor baskets are: A Pot Within A Pot This versatile and easy set up allows you to easily switch out your hanging plants. The outer decorative basket is completely sealed – no drainage hole at all – and it has chains or rope fastened directly to it for hanging. Place your potted plants inside, and voila!, you have a hanging garden. The Attached Tray This is how most hanging baskets are sold. A plastic basket comes with an attached drip tray. The wires or ropes attach to the basket itself. While this is lighter and more economical, the problem is usually the size of the drip tray. Very small trays allow very little room for error. Watering No doubt, watering is the hardest part. If you have very large, heavy baskets, you can attach them to simple pulley system that allows the entire basket to be lowered for watering. This however is impractical and far more ambitious for most home owners. In most case, a step ladder and a long neck watering can will take care of watering needs. If drainage is a persistent problem or you have white carpets, it might be a good idea to take the plants outside for weekly watering. Remember that the air nearer the ceiling tends to be warmer and drier than air at the floor, so take this into account. Your hang-

Fruiting tomato in edible garden ing plant may need a little more water than your more terrestrial plants. Tips For Growing A Successful Hanging Basket Garden • Choose compact, bush or dwarf plant varieties when possible; • Use light weight potting mix (not garden soil) to minimize the weight of the baskets; • Water frequently. Potted plants dry out faster than in-ground plants (they may even need to be watered twice a day); • Add a layer of mulch to help retain moisture between watering; • Do not hang food plants from/under structures made of pressure treated lumber (the chemicals used to treat the wood are not food safe) •If you only have a shady area to work with, stick with share tolerant plants.

Carrots harvested from a balcony garden

Hanging garden in glass lanterns

Hanging garden design in white ceramics

Hanging fruit basket and herb planter

Mixed flower and vegetable plants

Balcony garden for privacy and relaxation

Beautiful geraniums shades the verandah

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Fringe Benefits Bangs are still a big trend for women right now. Choose the best bangs to flatter your face shape. By Nike Sotade VERYTIME we turn E around, we see women wearing hairstyles with bangs that cover their foreheads. Everyone has fallen in love with the ultra-feminine fringed hairstyle. Like other hairstyles, however, if you want to look your best in bangs, always go for the style that suits your face shape. Whether you are styling your hair au naturelle or doing the wig or weaveon, always get your hairdresser to style you up in a fringe that flatters your face shape. Follow these hints on how to get it right: . If you have a round face, a same-width forehead and lower face, with prominent cheeks, the best bangs for you is a long, angular, sideswept bang. “If you’re trying to create an oval, then a round face just needs to be elongated, so you certainly wouldn’t want to put blunt bangs on the widest part of a round face,” says an expert hair stylist. Any kind of fringe that cuts a third of the roundness off to create that oval shape works. A long, swept across bang is, therefore, good for a round face shape.” . If you have a square face with angular jawbone and hairline, the best bangs for you is a full, blunt fringe. Square shapes can definitely wear a full fringe, but the bangs shouldn’t be cut too far towards the outer edge of the eyes- they have to be kept narrower in the center. You can also add layers that hit below your chin, which will help elongate your face. . If you have an oval face characterized with same-width forehead and lower face, with

longer sides, then any style of bangs is good for you. Oval-shapes can pretty much wear any type of fringe because it is the most balanced of the face shapes. If your face is more oblong, try a wide bang because it will give the eye area a sense of width. The biggest thing is to make sure all those little hairs around hairline are properly smoothed out. . If you have a heartshaped face characterized with wider forehead and narrow chin, the best bangs for you is a long fringe that hits below the chin. Don’t go for wide bangs, because you’re going to draw attention to the widest part of the head. Instead, opt for a long fringe, something down below the chin. If the point of interest in your haircut is below your chin, then ultimately you’re going to pull the eye line down, creating a sense of length in the face.

Ermenegildo Zegna Opens Store In Nigeria RMENEGILDO Zegna has opened its new E flagship store in Victoria Island, Lagos, a central meeting point between the most important commercial and financial areas of the city. The Lagos flagship store represents the first luxury monobrand boutique in Nigeria. Designed by architects of Studio Beretta in Milan, the store’s beautifully crafted design and utilization of carefully selected raw materials accents the timeless style and sophisticated elegance that are integral parts of the Ermenegildo Zegna heritage. The boutique uses a variety of colours, materials, textures and furniture to accentuate the collections, while maintaining the cohesive style and elegance that Zegna is known for. The flagship store represents the ultimate experience of the signature Zegna lifestyle: classic chic and ultimately refined. Developed on a single floor with a comfortable surface area spanning 155 square

meters, the store carries the different Zegna lines as well as an extensive range of leather and textile accessories: the traditional Italian tailoring sartoria in contemporary silhouettes, recognized for its use of beautiful and exclusive materials, the exclusive su misura (made-to-measure) service within the luxurious MTM room with its dedicated fitting room, and the hand-made couture collection. The store also offers the upper casual collection as well as the appealing Zegna sport collection, which is the perfect balance between fashion and functionality for performance apparel. The Ermenegildo Zegna group is a leading luxury menswear brand and one of the most renowned businesses in Italy. Founded in 1910 in Trivero, in the Biella Alps, by the young entrepreneur Ermenegildo, whose vision was to ethically create the world’s finest textiles through innovation and the

sourcing of the noblest fibres directly from their markets of origin. The company is managed today by the fourth generation of the Zegna family with Gildo Zegna as CEO. Since the late 1980s, the company has implemented a comprehensive strategy of verticalization, creating a global luxury brand which now ranges from fabric to clothing to accessories, is focused on retailing, pioneering early entry in emerging luxury markets and was the first luxury brand to open a monobrand store in China in 1991. Ermenegildo Zegna celebrated 100 years of excellence in 2010. Today there are 557 Zegna stores (311 company-owned) in over 100 countries around the world. The total group revenues in 2011 reached €1.127 bn. In March 2012 the Group launched ZegnArt, an independent commitment focused on international collaboration in the field of visual arts.

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...When Edozien Celebrated His 70th Birthday

Recently, Chief John Dikenwiwe Edozien (The Odafa of Asaba) celebrated his 70th Birthday anniversary in Lagos. Here are some faces at the occasion.

Chakie Edozien, Miss Uchenna Edozien, the celebrant, Chief John Edozien and his wife, Vikky, Lonetta Edozien, Mrs. Elaine Shobanjo, Yvonne Edozien, Master David Shobanjo and Jennifer Edozien

Celebrant and his wife Chief John Edozien and Vickky

Prof. Emma Edozien (left) Professor Chike Edozien, Asagba of Asaba, Chief John and Vickky

Obi of Onitsha, Nnameka Achebe (middle), his wife Ngozi Achebe (left) and Chief D. Akinkugbe

Prof Chike Edozie, Asagba of Asaba (left) and his wife, Agunwayi Modupe Edozien and Chief Sunny Odogwu

Prof. Emman Edozien (left), his wife, Betty, Chief John and Vickky

Metropolitan Club members

Archbishop of Bennin City, His Grace Augustine Akubueze (left), Parish Priest, St. Joseph Cathedral Asaba, Monsignor Stephen Uzoma, Prof Emman Edozien, Archbishop of the Metropolitan of Lagos, Bishop Ade Martins, Mrs. Vikky Edozien and husband Chief John Edozien

Chief Chike Nwanze (left) Martin Ikediashi and Raymond Thyembe

Chakie, Lonetta, Yvonne and Uchenna

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Day Olujimi And Ibijola Signed The Doted Lines clerics took turn to bless the couple. Olujimi, who is into real estate, was accompanied into the church expansive hall by the groom’s men while pretty Ibijola was led in by bevy of beautiful ladies – bridesmaids. in Lagos recently. After declaring the lovebirds husband and wife, signing of marDignitaries, family members, friends and well-wishers came from riage certificate followed suit. The choir lifted the gathering with far and near to share in the couple’s joy. The day began at the Cathedral Church of Christ, Marina where soul-inspiring music. He families of former Supreme Court Justice, George OgunT tade; the late Dr Jimi Okunola Aina and Victor Tokunbo Bali officially solemnized the union of their children, Olujimi and Ibijola

The Couple: Olujimi Aina and Ibijola Bali

Bride’s parents, Mr. Victor Bali and his wife, Mrs. Taiwo

The train later moved to Harbour Point Centre, Victoria Island, for a lavish reception. There, pop stars entertained the gathering. The event featured toast, cutting of the cake, couple’s dance with guests, before the couple later headed home with mouthwatering gifts. Below are some faces that graced the occasion.

Groom’s parents, Justice Adesola Oguntade and his wife, Modupe

Molade Okoya Thomas and Olu Okeowo

SCFN’s Seminar On Sickle Cell Disorder The first genetic seminar on Sickle Cell Disorder was recently held at the National Sickle Cell Centre, Lagos by Nigeria Sickle Cell Foundation. Below are some faces at the event.

Dr. T. A. Okereke and Ambassador Taye Ogunsukie of the Association of Retired Ambassadors of Nigeria

Prof Akinyanju reading his address at the occasion while Director SCFN Abiola Ogunbiyi watches

Chairman SCFN, Prof Olu Akinyanju sorting out issues with the Director/Genetic Counsellor Sickle cell Foundation of Nigeria Mrs. Ayo Otaigbe at the 15th Genetic Counseling Training Course on Sickle Cell disorder

Prof Abayomi , presenting Certificate to the best rated student/participant, Mr. Oyesola Ojewunmi, at the event

Deputy Provost Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Prof Abayomi Okanlawon, Akinyanju, Abiola Ogunbiyi and National Director SCFN, Bisola Adegbumigbe

Ambassador Taye Ogunsulie presenting certificate to a participant, Miss Vivian Mabiaku


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Conscience, Nurtured by Truth


Sony Neme 08111813096

135 Qualify For Next Stage Of Glo X Factor …As Onyeka Onwenu weeps over 12-year-old singing sensation people like you (Mensah).” Mr. Incredible also praised the boy’s performance, describing it as one of the best voices he had heard during the auditions. They, however, lamented that Mensah was below the age limit for the show but all voted “yes” for him symbolically to make him realize that a great future awaits him in the music industry. In a related development, Mr. Unknown, who came with a group, was singled out for progression because of his amazing capacity to rap and Philipa Attah, made it to the Boot Camp in Lagos. MI and Onyeka commended Philipa who rendered ‘Someone like you’ by Adele for being focused and committed. During the Home Visits, the judges will further assess the contestants to prune them down. Meanwhile a total of 135 aspiring singers have been selected from the huge number of people that participated in the auditions held in Nigeria and Ghana for the next stage of X Factor, sponsored by national operator, Globacom. The successful candidates, we reliably gathered, were selected from the auditions held in Port Harcourt, Abuja, Lagos, Kumasi and Accra between April and May this year. In all, a total of 15,000 singers participated in the auditions, with Lagos having the highest figure of over 5,000 participants. According to Globacom’s Head of Reality Shows, Sulyman Bello, “The shortlisted contestants have moved to the next stage of the competition, the Boot camp, which opened on Monday, June 3, and closes on Tuesday, June 4. Successful candidates from the Boot Camp thereafter progressed to the next stage, which is the Judge’s Home Visits scheduled for Wednesday, June 5 to Friday June 7.” Bello further explained that the top nine acts from this level of competition will then move to the next stage which is the live performances and eviction through voting by members of the public.   Unlike other singing reality shows, X Factor is designed to find new talents. It is also the only format where judges also double as mentors and compete against each other, which ultimately leads to more excitement and, most importantly, ensures that the best talent emerges winner at the end of the day.  The N24 million (USD 150,000) cash prize being offered by Globacom is the biggest prize money for similar shows in Africa. The winner will also get a recording contract with the internationally acclaimed label, Sony Music.


AST weekend witnessed torrents of emoLGlobacom tions as one of the judges in the ongoing reality TV show, the X Factor,

As little Mensah dazzled with his quality delivery, Onyeka sprang to her feet, applauding him. She then embraced and kissed the boy. Onyeka Onwenu, could not hold back her “You did something to me that made me cry tears. The elegant stallion had let out tears of and they were tears of gratitude to God for joy during the Kumasi audition, which aired someone like you. You will go places when on national television in Nigeria and Ghana. you come of age. God bless you,” said the diva. Onyeka‘s emotions brimmed as 12-year-old For the Ghanaian grandmaster of Hiplife and Emmanuel Mensah, ended his superlative per- another judge on the show, Reggie Rockstone, formance of Whitney Houstin’s ‘I look to you’. “My heart is still thumping. We thank God for Emmanuel Mensah

Hotter Dan Fire Gets T2 Busy FRO pop singer, Valentina Simon, popuA larly called T2 has a burning desire to rule the Nigerian music scene. “I want to be heard, I want to be seen and that is why I am working hard daily to achieve my goals,” she said after an energetic performance recently in Lagos. The Delta-born entertainer had held the crowd ‘hostage’ at the celebrity restaurant, O’jez, for about 10 minutes as she performed her hit single, Hotter Dan Fire. Clad in black leather pants with high-heel shoes, she sang and danced to the admiration of all. “I am an upcoming artiste, very passionate about my music career. I am a writer and singer and I also love to dance. Composing music is my daily bread and God never disappoints me with inspirations,” she said.

T2, who started music professionally in 2004, said, she started out as a gospel artist and switched to secular songs because “I wanted to cut across all religions and now I mainly sing Afro Pop.” For her, “It depends on what you see as challenges as I am focused and I know God will give me wisdom to handle the different situations to my best advantage. I try to perform as many live shows as I can, have DJs play my songs at clubs and radio stations to play my tracks. I am busy trying to secure sponsorship funding for a video shoot.” So far she is enjoying her game as she said, “I received plenty offers for shows, even from other countries but they want to see me performing live on video before they will book me… At the moment, that is my biggest chal-

lenge to -- get a video completed, but that hurdle would be crossed soon. I also got signed on to a media management Company like all serious artistes do; Media Image Managers, MIM, is now the official media representative of T2, this is aside my own management team.” So far, she has eight songs, but she is set to release two singles before the full album later in mid 2014. “I have eight songs but I am releasing Hotter Dan Fire and Mr Deejay simultaneously to prepare the general public for what will come in 2014.” On her collaboration with star artiste, Wizboy, she enthused, “I’ve just finished a song with Wizboy titled 50-50 Love but it all depends if I need a partner for a duet but I prefer to perform on my own.


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M Music Out With Diwari’s   Single,  Ogun Mi T last M Music is out with Diwari’s much expected A “Ogun Mi” ( literally meaning, ‘My Medicine’). The single, which will be officially released on Monday, was un-


veiled to some entertainment writers at their Opebi-Ikeja, Lagos office on Wednesday. During the interactive session, Diwari’s soul music was reviewed, just as the company seized the opportunity to introduce four other artistes on their label, as well as their management team. Born Diwari Kelvin Peterside in London, England on October 1, the delectable lady said, “I am a proud Nigerian and a daughter of the ancient kingdom of Opobo in Rivers State. Ogun Mi, which means ‘My Medicine’, is about me. In that music, I try to really bring out the best of me and my kind of music because as an artiste, you should be able to define your focus and carve a niche for yourself—- a style you can be identified with. I play and sing all kinds of music, but this is my style that I will be known for.” “Ogun Mi is a love song about how you interpret what

makes your day with someone that really means so much for you,” explained, Diwari, who said it all started while in the UK. “I served as a choir soloist at my church for over eight years. Then I moved on having realized my potentials. I have also performed at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London England.” Her craft has also taken her to Almere, Netherlands. She said, “After acquiring a Law Degree and a Masters degree from Middlesex University and University of Westminster respectively, I did not stop from chasing my music dreams that led me to contest in Season 2 of Nigerian Idol last year where I emerged as one of the finalists.” She believes that dreams should not be terminated for any reason. Her own words, “You hear people saying ‘go after your dreams’, but they rarely do so in the real sense. I passionately believe in chasing after my dreams. And I believe that with hard work and God on your side, you can achieve amazing things. Happily I have the support of my family.” M Music is now home to DIWARI who was influenced by greats like Marvin Gaye, J Moss, Whitney Houston, Adele, John Legend, Michael Jackson, Onyeka Onwenu, Beyonce and Luther Vandross.  She has since performed on the same stage with Nigerian superstar acts like Tuface Idibia and 9ice at StarTrek, a Nigerian Breweries sponsored concert. Diwari’s electrifying stage presence has gained her recognition. M Music Ltd is a leading Independent Media & Entertainment company and the home of some of the continent’s leading artistes. The Company was incorporated in March 2012 by Murewa Odunjo, who has held Executive positions at several Multinational Corporation companies in Nigeria and United Kingdom and still currently the President of a leading Scientific based company in Lagos. According to Mr. Odunjo, “M Music Ltd began as a result of my passion for growing the independent music scene and creating a brand that is associated with great music, artiste development, great entertainment, business ethics and professional service to its consumers within the Media & Entertainment Field.” Meanwhile the record label has pouched some of the hottest artistes through the artiste development programme as M Music is also home to young emerging multi-talented artistes who have taken the Nigerian music industry by storm.

Amstel 2face Campus Connect Ends As A show Stopper ECENTLY, the indoor sports hall of R the University of Lagos was a beehive of heightened performances by Nigeria’s hip hop super stars. Expectedly, it witnessed a huge turnout of students to round off the 2face and friends campus connect tour sponsored by Amstel Malta, which played host to Nigeria’s Afro hip hop singing sensation and other talented musicians.  The Campus Connect gig train had entertained fans at Benin City, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Abuja. Among budding and notable artistes then were Ranson, Money B, Hype M.C, Efa, Young Grace, 2Sec, Rocksteady, Damy Crane, Sheyi Shay, Rough Coil, Vector, Solid Star, Phyno, Sound Sultan and the winner of Amstel Malta Show time in 2012, Same . However, music lovers in Lagos got more than they bargained for as the

Yusuf expressed her appreciation for the impressive turnout and the outstanding musical performances. “Amstel Malta has always championed and advanced the cause of youths by encouraging them to be the best that they can be. Tonight’s performance is also a clear demonstration of being able to connect to the University students and the good people of Lagos.” Ageni added that “The Amstel Malta brand has a penchant for promoting good values in the youths in a bid to chart a good course for Nigeria as a namusic acts offered interactive music ren- tion. 2Face and his friends have been awesome and Amstel Malta, is indeed ditions that drew endless joyful modelighted to be associated with them.” ments from them. The mammoth crowd, comprising students from tertiShe promised that the next edition will ary institutions in Lagos State, defied the be bigger and more exciting as the team downpour to enjoy music performance will do a proper analysis to adjust and by 2face and friends. add on some ideas to create that moSpeaking on behalf of the Brand Manment of interaction with Nigerian hip ager, Amstel Malta, Miss Hannatu Ageni, hop stars and the students. 

Sammie Okposo Takes ‘Praise Party Live’ to America AMMIE Okposo and some of his colleagues from Nigeria will Sconcert be rocking United State of America with his ‘Praise Party Live’ this summer. The multiple award-winning Nigerian singer and Globacom Ambassador held a successful Lagos edition last Easter. The concert, tagged Sammie Okposo Praise Party Live, is scheduled to hold in three US cities —- New York, Atlanta and Maryland. Nigerian singers already on the bill are Nikki Laoye, Bouqui, Tim Godfrey and Frand Edwards. Talks are however still on to feature gospel super stars, Micah Stampley and William Murphy. According to Sammie, the reason we are taking the show to America, is that it’s becoming imperative to keep promoting the brand all over the world. “Firstly, it’s all about reaching out and evangelizing the world via gospel music. Secondly, it’s about promoting my music beyond the shores of Africa to reach out to my already existing fans and make new ones thereby creating a platform where they will be treated to the best of Sammie Okposo and same for other Nigerian artistes on the bill.” The trip, he added, “is about creating an environment where Nigerian gospel artistes can interact and synergize with their counterparts from America with the possibilities of duets, publishing and marketing opportunities”. The Wellu Wellu crooner also has lots of nominations up his sleeve at the moment with three nominations at Africa Gospel Music Awards, one nomination at Nigerian Entertainment Okposo Awards and four nominations at Crystal Awards, including a Special Recognition Award.

Tim Godfrey


IK Takes Acting Career To The Next Level By Tony Nwanne LTHOUGH not so many people know him as an actor, A Ikechukwu Ogbonna has continued to pave way for himself in the movie industry by taking his acting prowess to the next level. The sexy and charming actor, started his wannabe acting career way back in 2005 when he entered for the Amstel Malta Box Office (AMBO) competition. Though, he did not make any head way, he later delved into modelling, where he began to model for big and international brands within and outside the shores of the country, before taking his acting career seriously early last year 2012. So far, IK has appeared in the movies like Stolen Tomorrow, Love Long, and Playing Safe, to mention few, and he is currently gearing up for South Africa to shoot another movie, which titled is still unknown. “Presently, I delved into acting and modelling to up my career. When I delved into movie, I never thought I will go this deep, but I found out that I had flair for acting since I left AMBO as at then. Initially, I did not want to venture into it because of the work load, the altimatum being given by the directors and all that, but friends like Ini Edo, Emem Isong kept on telling me to try it and all that. So I tried it. The first movie I did, Love Long, was successful. Since then, I have been getting calls for so many movies”, he said.  Way back in the AMBO, IK was really known in the house for his gait and prowess, which gave him an edge over others, at the same time prompting him to use that as an opportunity to build a career for myself.  “Although, it has been a herculean task for me to break through in the industry, it suddenly happened last year, and since then, it has been wonderful”. As an actor and model, IK blends the two together to get his career to the top, and to also keep check of himself for the betterment of his career. “The pain right now is that I can’t do some things I did before, I have to be more focused to enable me plan for the next thing on my agenda. And most times, I make sure all these fame things do not get into me; instead, I try to work hard and focus more on going deeper into the movie industry.”

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Play House Initiative Presents Kakadu The Musical ELLING the story of the old generation to the new generation doesn’t come easy. But T this was made possible by Playhouse Initiative that presented its stage play titled ‘Kakadu the Musical’, a play that uses its namesake, Kakadu nightclub, as the stage for a fictional story about the patrons of the nightclub and how they were affected by what were very trying times in Nigeria as a young republic. Using music and dance, the play tells how the coups, civil war and events thereafter affected their lives. Kakadu was one of the few nightclubs on the Lagos social scene in the 60s and early 70s. Very early in his career, the late great Fela Anikulapo-Kuti  and his Koola Lobitos performed there on many occasions before he embarked on his famous trip to America. Other great Nigerian musicians such as Roy Chicago and Rex Lawson also made Kakadu their play spot.  According to the Partner and Head of the Media, Entertainment and IP Practice of Olajide Oyewole LLP, Sandra Oyewole, “The use of plays, films documentaries etc, to tell history is a practice proven to be effective across all age groups. What makes this musical special is that it is a Nigerian story told by a Nigerian to Nigerians, about Nigerians using Nigerian music.” Oyewole dded :  “There are many Nigerian stories waiting to be told and while financing is a challenge, there is a ready-made audience nationwide for plays, films and documentaries of this kind.” As Lagosians flocked to the MUSON Centre to catch the performances, it was apparent that this musical had captured their attention. The reveting story was written by Mr Uche Nwokedi (SAN) who doubles as the plays’ executive producer.  The cast included veterans actors like Norbert Young and Tina Mba. Other notable cast members included Bongolipso, Patrick Diabuah, Zara Udofia and Damilare Kuku. Versatile Benneth Ogbeiwi, the brilliant Adrenaline Band, choreographers, dancers and crew were also included. Bearing in mind Nigeria’s rich history and cultural heritage, there needs to be many more audio visual productions capturing these stories. The Playhouse Initiative was formally established in 2007 by Uche and Winifred Nwokedi, has a standing choral group of 30 people called The Playhouse Voices and a choir of 16 voices. It has staged a number of musical plays which include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoa and Jesus Christ Superstar to mention a few.

Tina Mba

Unilever Plc Showers Customers With Gifts/Awards dancing and praises galore during the week as he ItorTMDwas of Caniz Limited, Mrs. Florence Izagbo, a key distribuof Unilever Ogba, honoured customers with lots of mouth- watering gift items and award. The event which took place at Agege main market, was a crowd puller as items like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, gas cookers, cylinders, micro waves, among others, were given to some deserving market women.   According to Mrs. Izagbo, “The award was to express our love to faithful customers of Unilever who have been committed to the brand.” She said it is her own little way of encouraging them to keep up with their loyalty, just as she assured of her continued goodwill to them. Some of the beneficiaries of the gift items who were Iya Yomi, Mummy Susan, Iya Sule and Alhaja Simtab. Other recipients were Favour stores, Batola Stores, Aop Stores, C Boy Stores, Kizito Stores and God’s Love – Nathan.

Bright Gain Launches Album RIGHT Gain will be launching his latest album, ‘In The B Name Of Jesus’ on Wednesday June 12 at Eko Hotel and Suites at 6pm. The six-track effort was produced in South Africa. The bassist and director of the SPAN Academy of Jazz and Contemporary music in Nigeria has recorded, produced and performed with such artistes, as Teemac, Manuk, Sotiris Papadopoulos to mention a few.  Gain, an accomplished Jazz composer and arranger with hundreds of compositions to his credit, is CMA Jazz artiste of the year 2006. He already has three albums to his credit, and has taught at different Jazz workshops and the Tshwane University of Technology School of Music in Pretoria, SA. His performances have been at Jazz festivals like the Lagos international jazz festival, MUSON Jazz festival, NAIJAZZ festival and Jazz time. Presently he is preparing for a tour of various African and European countries with his music. Gain, a 1998 scholarship recipient of Berklee college of music, CEO of Gain Entertainment Services Ltd and a director in TRADE [True and Real Artiste Development] an entertainment company in Johannesburg, South Africa, is married to Queeneth Gain, and blessed with three children. The album launch is supported by SPAN, SCOA, Eko Hotel and Suites, Cool FM, NAIJAZZ music, Inspiro productions, igrooveradio and Smooth FM.

Children’s Day Gala At Hetty Field entertainment at its best as children from IsideT was seven different schools converged at Hetty Field beDominion Hall at Gowon Estate, Egbeda, Lagos to celebrate their day. The children were taken through different programmes that included dancing competition and quiz. At the end of the day, various gift items were given out to pupils who distinguished themselves.   The nursery and primary schools from Alimosho Local Government area of Lagos that came together for the unique occasion were Hetty Fields, Twinsland, Mercy Land, God’s Glosry, Holies, Bisam and Kamsel. There were plenty of music and food to complement as the children were seen swimming and participating in other fun games under the watchful eyes of the teachers. Parents and guardians were not left out as they got down to the dance floor in a dancing competition. Most outstanding was Mrs. Bamishaye, a teacher with Twinsland Nursery and Primary School, Gowon Estate.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


Head Marketing, Sterling Homes, Mr. Victor Akinpeloye; M.D Sterling Homes, Mr. Kunle Adeyemi; Anchor, Self-ActualizeChoice F.M, Mrs. Abimbola Fagade and the HR Manager, Sterling Homes, Mr. Denise Odigie during a courtesy visit by Self Actualizer Crew to Sterling Homes head office in Lagos… recently

Executive Chairman, Lagos State Public Works Corporation (LSPWC), Mr. Gbenga Akintola; Senator Gbenga Ashafa and Principal, Modupe Cole Memorial Child Care and Treatment Home, Mrs. Folake Durowoju during donation of some items to the home in commemoration of Akintola’s 50th birthday in Lagos… recently

Dr. (Mrs.) Elizabeth Osinsanya, JP, OON (fondly called ‘Mama Elegant Twins’) flanked by Dayo Laniyan - Head of Sales, Lorna Nigeria Ltd, manufacturers of Darling & Amigos hair extension (left), Marketing Manager, Adelola Chu-Osakwe and Trade Marketing Manager, P. Nageswar during the company’s 2013 edition of Stylists Fiesta held in Lagos… recently

Representative of Stanbic IBTC Bank, Mr. Austin Okoli (left), Chief Executive Officer, Jigsaw-DBS Ltd. , Mrs. Nsima OgediAlakwe and Mr. Lampe Omoyele of African Marketing Director, Nutrition, Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceutical, shortly after the unveiling of Gotcha outdoor advertising mobile truck in Ikeja, Lagos…recently

Pastor Goke Omotola (middle) with friends and family members during his 44th birthday anniversary and launch of his book, “Practical Selling Skills” in Lagos…recently

Mr. Adesesan Ogunde of the Ogun State Ministry of Justice (middle) and relatives during his 50th birthday ceremony in Abeokuta, Ogun State… recently

Mr. Samson Ezea of The Guardian Newspapers Limited (middle) flanked by Mr. Kenneth Offie and his wife, Nneka Offie during their traditional marriage in Udi, Enugu State… recently

Mr. Francis Essien and his wife, former Miss Goodnews Imaobong after their wedding in Lagos…recently

Barrister Salisu Muhammed of Zenith bank Plc. Legal department and his wife Dr. Kafayat Etuidaye –Muhammed after their Nikkai in Okenne, Kogi State… recently

Mrs. Adekunle Gomez, Special Guest of Honour, presenting a gift to Atumbi Timilehin of Laureates College, Aviation Estate in Lagos, winner of the painting category, during the painting and cooking competition organised by the National Museum for secondary schools in Lagos on Children’s Day… recently.


39 Saturday, June 8, 2013

Conscience, Nurtured by Truth


Publisher of Izon Fie and founder of Niger Delta Books Ltd, Mrs Oyintarela Umeri (nee Diffa) (left); author of Izon Fie, Mr Ogonobenitari Egberipou; MD of Heritage Bank, Mr Ifie Sekibo; Executive Secretary, National Institute for Cultural Orientation (NICO), Dr Barclays Ayakuroma; Special Adviser to Bayelsa Government on Ijaw Affairs, Chief Joshua Fumudoh (MFR); Chairman of the occasion, Mr Timi Alaibe; Rep of Bayelsa State Government and Commissioner for Culture and Ijaw National Affairs, Dr Felix Tuodolo; and Senator Emmanuel and Mrs Elizabeth Diffa who are chief hosts... at the launch on May 25, 2013 in Lagos

Izon Fie… Popularising An Indigenous Tongue On what inspired her to embark on the project, Oyintarela recalled, “I got to an age in the UK where it dawned on me it was time to HE size and quality of attendance underscored the significance of the launch of Izon learn my native tongue. I got inspired by a Professor of Linguistics, Prof Kay Williamson, fie book and audio book CD held recently at she was the only English person to speak Ijaw Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos. The role call included Bayelsa State Governor, language and she developed the language fully from University of Ibadan then before Seriake Dickson, who was represented by the she later moved to the University of Port Commissioner for Culture and Ijaw National Harcourt. She used to come to London to Affairs, Dr. Felix Tuodolo. The governor served address the elders: ‘use your language or lose as chief presenter and launcher. Former Special Adviser to the President on Niger Delta your language.’ That inspired me; her effort as an European to speak my indigenous lanAffairs and Former Managing Director of guage, I felt it was my duty to do something. NDDC, Mr. Timi Alaibe presided over the cere“I approached the elders in UK and asked mony as chairman. Around also to witness the birth of the unique them to teach me the language. A lot of them can speak but they can’t read and write it. So publication and its electronic version were it now dawned on me let’s use another forSpecial Adviser to the Bayelsa Government on mat. I learnt French and German in school; I Ijaw Affairs, Chief Joshua Fumudoh (MFR); took it up to university level but I can’t Special Adviser to President on Presidential Amnesty Programme, Kinglsey Kuku, who was understand my own native tongue. So, I said the same way I learnt the grammar of French represented by Mr Lawrence Pepple; Mr. Dismas represented DG of NIMASA, Mr Patrick and German, learning basics and foundation, the same way I can learn my language and Akpobolokemi; MD, Heritage Bank, Mr Ifie then the CD, very important especially for a Sekibo; Ambassador and Mrs Lawrence language like Izon with a lot of tone markEkpebu; Vice President of Ijaw National ing. You need to hear somebody speak it for Congress, Engineer Charles Ambaowei; you; that’s where the CD, audio book comes Executive Secretary, National Institute for in. So I approached the author of the book, Cultural Orientation, Dr Barclays Ayakoroma; Mr. Egberipou, who was a retired lecturer of Prof Benjamin Okaba of Delta State University the University of Port Harcourt. I told him to reviewed the book. write something for me so that I can teach Other guests were Chief Joseph Pinaowei; my children. And by the way, write it for peoPresident, Ijaw Professionals, Lagos, Mr ple of my generation who are in the same Amagbe Kentebe; SA on Protocol to Bayelsa boat as me, but do it in a style we can learn State Governor, Mrs Timi Okara-Schiller; from. It must be translated word for word, Bayelsa State Liaison Officer, Lagos, Ms sentence for sentence, phrase for phrase and Doutimi Siawe; GM, Global West Vessel even the speech I gave today was from the Specialists, Mr Greg Mbonu; MD, Mike-Lely Marine Ltd, Captain Letthemsay Inaibagha; Ms book; I got the sentences from the book. I heard it pronounced from the CD many Beena Youdiowei; Ms Funkazi Koroye; Mr times so I could attempt it even though I am Frank Okosi; Engineer Sir Ernest Amadi; Mr a non-speaker. That’s the inspiration and he Preye Berezi; MD, Accurist Marine & Dredging put the book together based on my specificaLtd, Mr Kunle Makinde; Mr Otrofanowei; tion. It started since 2006 and we thank God. Pastor David Okoror, RCCG Morning Star It’s been a long journey.” Parish, Abuja. The list was simply inexOyintarela is sure the book and CD will play haustible. Izon Fie Book and Audio Book CD was commis- significant role in helping Izon people in the sioned and published by Mrs Oyintarela Ebiere Diaspora, as well as within Nigeria like Lagos to master the language. “The publication and Umeri (nee Diffa). She is founder and the CD will help those who did not grow up Managing Director of Niger Delta Books Ltd, at home, and those who are interested to while the author is Mr Ogonobenitari Alfred learn. Most people want to do business in the Egberipou.

By Kabir Alabi Garba


Niger Delta, if you can say something in their language, it breaks a lot of barrier.” The rationale behind her company, Niger Delta Books Limited, is to develop so many Niger Delta languages “like Edo, Ibibio, Efik, Itsekiri, those ones are a bit more developed. But there are others like Bamunu in the north of Cross River that nobody hears about. There is Ika, there are no books to learn the language. If you don’t go to the village, you don’t hear the language.” The book and the CD, she stressed, “is just the beginning of a long journey. “We have just started. I am going to develop more books; children’s books, stories and make sure they have the audio. And hopefully, the visual as well so that people can hear. You need to hear so you can understand, not just written.” Commissioner for Culture and Ijaw National Affairs, Dr. Felix Tuodolo described Ijaw language development as one of the cardinal points of his ministry. Dr Felix Tuodolo, Commissioner “We have been doing our little best to improve the learning and teaching of Ijaw language. It is in that light that sometime this year, we offered scholarship to all those that want to learn the language and we are also encouraging other publishers to publish books. But the publishers of this book did not wait on government to support and it is lovely. “Government cannot do everything, we need the private sector to support the process and so this is a very big step in support of government policy of restoring, reviving and developing the Ijaw language. And it’s one of its types because we have not come across the CD before and we are seeing a CD attached to a book so it will go a long way.” Other area the state government is looking at, according to him, is movie industry “because many times too, the teaching and learning of language when seen in movie form encourages and improves it. Just like we have so many of our other brother tribes; the Yoruba movie, the Igbo movie and Hausa movie, even Akwa Ibom movie. So, we are working on producing Ijaw movie so that it will further enhance the development of the Ijaw language. “We are very happy with this programme, we

support it and we will take copies of the book back to schools in Bayelsa.” Dr. Tuodolo dwelled more on the recruitment of some people to learn Izon carried out by the state government recently. “These are already teachers by profession, so, the minimum qualification needed is a diploma. If you have a diploma and you are a teacher, it’s easier to teach you. So, they are mainly teachers already and they are being trained to go and teach Izon language in primary schools. The focus is on primary school because that’s the beginning. We are learning from others; Awolowo started from primary school so we are learning from history.” The commissioners reiterated government plans to focus on culture and tourism development “We see culture as next to oil. Oil is a vanishing resource and it is the mainstay of Bayelsa and Nigeria for now. We know it’s a depleting resource so you have to look at other means of surviving the economy and culture has the potentials of bringing so much revenue to the state. “The artworks you do, the plays and so forth. There are many things culture can do if well developed. We see places like Cross River State that depends so much on tourism; the Calabar Carnival and so forth have brought so much to the state. It’s a cultural activity. Our dream is to make culture one of the main incomes in Bayelsa. “So, we are looking at our different festivals that we are developing so that they can also be sources of income; we are looking at our crafts and so forth. Also, we are looking at developing our language, we don’t want it to die. We are very serious about it; even those that we send to schools to learn the Ijaw language and to teach it, we are going to offer them automatic employment when they graduate so that they have job to do. “Apart from primary schools, we are also encouraging so many other authors to publish books. We are translating books like Call of the River Nun by Gabriel Okara and some other poems into Ijaw language. We want to make these literary works accessible to our people. We are working in conjunction with the Niger Delta University on some of these projects.”

THE GUARDIAN Saturday, June 8, 2013


For African Literature, Another Voice Beckons From Within Other judges are Zaks Mda, Professor of Creative writing at the University of Ohio and winner of the Commonwealth Prize, Billy Kahora, Managing Editor of Kwani? and Sarah Ladipo Manyika, writer and academic. These judges will work together to select the long list as well as a shortlist of three novels and finally the winner who will be announced in February 2014. The prize’s patrons or board members that will assist the jury include Nigeria’s Prof. Kole Omotoso, Nigeria and Africa’s first black Pulitzer Prize winner, Dele Olojede, Britain’s youngest and first black woman publisher, Margaret Busby, and Zimbabwe’s Ellah Allfrey, Granta’s deputy editor.

By Anote Ajeluorou FRICA’S cultural validation always seem A to come from outside the continent, but usually with a mixed baggage of the good and the not so-good. This has had the sorry implication of the hunter always telling the story of the hunt usually at the expense of the hunted. It was what Africa’s literary ancestor Chinua Achebe spent most of his life’s career fighting – to retrieve the soul of Africa’s cultural historicity from the onesided narratives of the West. Indeed, Achebe pointedly told the West, represented by the Swedish Academy in 1986, when he declined to attend a conference on African literature (a probable reason why he never got the Nobel Prize for Literature), “I regret I cannot accept your generous invitation for the simple reason that I do not consider it appropriate for African writers to assemble in European capitals in 1986 to discuss the future of their literature. In my humble opinion it smacks too much of those constitutional conferences arranged in London and Paris for our pre-independence political leaders. “The fault, however is not with the organisers such as yourselves, but with us the writers of Africa who at this point in time should have outgrown the desire for the easy option of using external platforms instead of grappling with the problem of creating structures of their own at home. “Believe me, this is not an attempt to belittle the effort and concern of your organisation or indeed of the Swedish people who have repeatedly demonstrated their solidarity with African aspirations in many different ways. But I strongly believe that the time is overdue for Africans, especially

Etisalat CEO/MD, Mr. Steve Evans; prize jury head, Pumla Gqola and company another etisalat official at the Etisalat Prize for Literature launch on Wednesday… in Lagos African writers, to begin to take the initiative in deciding the things that belong to their peace”. With telecommunication giant Etisalat instituting a new literary contest to further empower African writers and boost writing on the continent, Etisalat Prize for Literature, as homegrown validation for African writing and writers could not have come at a better time. It is indeed another welcome validation. With its handsome 15,000 British pounds prize tag, the Etisalat Prize for African Literature has further opened up the literary space on the continent for young writers to

reach the top. The Etisalat Prize for African Literature comes against the background of similar prizes already making the round. In Nigeria alone, there’s The Nigerian Prize for Literature, sponsored by gas giant, Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas (NLNG) company. This prize is strictly for Nigerian authors residing anywhere in the world, and worth $100,000.00. There’s also the Wole Soyinka Prize for African Literature, a continent-wide prize that will start on a rotational format from next edition next year in all the genres of literature starting with drama. Prose fiction has dominated since inception in 2006. It’s organised by the Dr. Ogochukwu Promise-led Lumina Foundation. However, the new prize’s target is unique, as it aims to identify only first-time, new entrants in the literary block and reward saying poverty cannot shackle a person who them for their first novel, which must be from 30,000 words long. is divinely empowered. Thus, the need to be The prize entry opened last week, June 5, courageous and bold is a prerequisite for the launch date, to publishers who have accomplishment. Divine empowerment will published a minimum of five authors in produce in you the same courage in the disci- the last three years. All entries will be vetples of Jesus as well as the boldness in Dr. ted and scrutinized by a panel of four preMartin Luther King Jnr. and Rosa Parks. selected judges chaired by associate proIn the book, Odukoya also emphasises that fessor in the Department of African the world needs to learn about the empower- Literature at the University of the ment of Jesus. He insists that despite a world Witwatersrand, South Africa, Pumla Gqola, of inequality, most people have restrained their dreams and forced their visions to fit into what their backgrounds made available to them. Overwhelming evidence shows that devout Christians laid the foundation of modern sci- From Bridget Chiedu Onochie, Abuja ence. Also, God’s empowerment enables wealth creation. Everywhere Jesus went to, INISTER of Tourism, Culture and National the bible had it that people were healed, and Orientation, Chief Edem Duke, has many were set free of their physical chaldescribed the newly opened AES Luxury lenges. Apartments as hospitality redefined in the No matter how difficult your situation Federal Capital Territory. seems to be, if you have the anointing of God, Duke, who was the special guest at the unveilthere is a solution, teh author enthuses. This ing ceremony, which held last weekend, reiteris exemplified in the life of the author too. To ated the crucial role of hospitality industry in Odukoya, having faith in God, communicat- the promotion of tourism in the country. ing with God through prayers, fellowship To make Nigeria a destination of choice, Duke with others and obedience are key to accom- said hotels and apartments must not only be plishing one’s assignment on earth. readily available but must also meet global Pastor Odukoya should be commended for standards in all ramifications. writing this book. Empowered Living is only As Nigeria unveiled its tourism industry one out of his many books. A solid believer in brand identity, Duke said new windows of the potential of Nigeria, Pastor Odukoya opportunity would be opened in tourism and worked for over 12 years with the Nigeria hospitality industry and he believed that the National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) opening of AES apartments was timely. before he voluntarily retired in 1999 to jojn Addressing both owners and operators of the full time ministry. facility, the Minister urged them to ensure that the present standard is sustained considering that great human and financial resources went into bringing it to existence. The latest arrival in the hospitality industry, AES Luxury Apartment is located along Jabi/Airport Road area of FCT. The magnificent hotel structure accommodates 10 executive suites that come with living room space, dining area and a considerably large and equipped kitchen for family convenience and comfort. One of the unique features of the apartment however lies in the interior decoration. Every room in both single and executive suite is distinctively decorated with a special colour that goes with the beddings, walls, lighting and furniture.

Being Free From Poverty With Empowered Living By Victor Olushola this inspirational book Empowered Living, IoutNSenior Pastor Taiwo Odukoya notes that withempowerment mankind would be unable to make any advancement in information management, digital technology, invented vaccines and many other areas of life. Humans seek power because it enables them to determine their outcomes in life. With power, the author argues that people presume they can reorder the environment to suit their purposes and influence people. To be powerful means to be capable of conceiving a goal and achieving it. On the other hand, being powerless is to be subjected to forces beyond your control, and to be unable to live your full potential. As a result of acquiring influence in politics, business and social terrain, many have subscribed to occult and metaphysical associations. Sects like the Free Masons, Rosicrucian, and Illuminati have been in existence as far back as the 14th century. In Africa, there is Ogboni Fraternity. The book admits that seeking power is not wrong, but the way people often go about it could be alarming. However, humans’ assignments on earth cannot be complete without being empowered. But the truth is that most people are not empowered to meet up to expectations and it leads to frustration. Governments at different levels, as well as private individuals, have initiated programmes in the quest to empower the public, but the demand for empowerment is simply too much. The author stresses that humans need total empowerment, which can only be derived from the Divine. Citing Jesus as an example, Odukoya says with a band of fishermen, a tax collector, and a few other significant folks, Jesus sparked off a moment that turned around the world. And Jesus told his disciples that they needed to be empowered to spread the gospel. To generate the sort of idea that produces creativity, Empowered Living explores reason for divine intervention. The spirit of God is the source of supreme creativity. An example in history was George Washington Carver, a slave boy who turned around the fortunes of America. Others were Nicholas Copernicus, Michael Faradey, Wilbur and Orville Wright (two brothers), Gregor Mendel, Ludwig van Beethoven among others. The author identifies poverty as the sheer ignorance of divine empowerment - the anointing,

ETISALAT MD/CEO, Mr. Steven Evans said his company’s passion for excellence and empowerment was among the values that were at the core of the prize, adding, “The Etisalat Prize for Literature will empower young writers by providing a platform for first time writers of published fiction novels to be discovered. It will also reward excellence in literary writing. We are pleased to have initiated this important project that celebrates literary excellence and creativity in Nigeria and across Africa. “We believe literature has the potential to effect change and serve as a catalyst for promoting a cultural revolution. However, it is a field that has been relegated to the background, making African fiction and short story writers to look to international awards for recognition. The Etisalat Prize for Literature is our way of sharing in the passions and aspirations of young and upcoming writers as well as breathing new life into the literary society”. He also noted that the aim of Etisalat Prize for Literature was to serve as a viable platform for the discovery of new creative talent from the continent and invariably promote the growing publishing industry in Africa. Entries for the prize will be accepted in two categories, namely: Full length English fiction novels and Flash Fiction Short Stories. Chair of judges, Pumla Gqoka said quality and excellent writing would be what the judges would be looking for in the entries. Etisalat Head, High Value Events and Sponsorship, Ebi Atawode stated that launching the literary prize was a dream come true for her and her company, Etisalat. She enjoined African writers to seize the opportunity to perfect their writing craft and be duly rewarded for it. Winner of the prize will also enjoy a fellowship at University of East Anglia’s Creative Writing Programme. 1000 copies of the three shortlisted authors will be purchased by etisalat and distributed to libraries. Other details can be obtained at etisalat website.

AES Apartments: Hospitality Redefined – Duke


The need to paint and furnish each room or suit with a special colour, the owners said, was to meet customer’s demands and taste. According to a room attendant, who conducted The Guardian round the facility, the fact that most people prefer cool or dark environment necessitated the decision to make each apartment colourfully unique. While the dual rooms come with sit down showers and Jacuzzis, both fitted with playful lighting and the latest technology in digital music players, the luxury single rooms posses a warm and elegant feel with heavenly marble walls and floors that flow from passage ways which bounce light and creates illumination that is both soothing and refreshing. For the operators of the facility, the apartment was specifically built to meet the need of ever expanding hospitality market, especially as the city pursues its dream of becoming Africa’s conferencing hub. “The emergence of AES on Abuja’s hospitality landscape is particularly timely as patrons seek secure, yet opulent alternatives to the few and often overcrowded 5-star hotels in the city. “With the commissioning of AES Apartments, Nigeria has joined the league of countries with 6-star hotels standard service of the hospitality industry”, he said. Among the standard services on offer is a private bar ad coffee spot that will take care of only in-house guests. There are also bars that total about four, a night club, gym and two restaurants while the facility’s main restaurant promises the menu of Mediterranean-Nigerian fusion as well as French a-la-carte.


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Health Natural Health With G. C. Ihesie

Mobile phone no: 08033065263, E-mail:

Tomato As Healing And Cancer-Fighting Vegetable Tomato is a small hairy annual herb that grows up to 1 metre in height. The leaves have a strong characteristic pleasing fragrance. The fruit is red in colour when ripe and varies in shape and size; it is fleshy, soft and succulent, and contains many small seeds surrounded by jelly-like pulp. oMATo is a very popular vegT etable cultivated extensively in gardens and farms throughout the

level and neutralizes conditions of acidity due to its high content of vitamins and minerals. world for its fruit which is the part Some health researchers believe used. that taking four fresh and ripe The biological name of tomato is tomatoes daily can adequately meet Lycopersicon esculentum. It belongs an individual’s daily need of vitato the Nightshade family mins. But when it is overcooked, (Solanaceae). The French call it “The fried or frozen, most of the valuable Apple of Love”, while the Germans nutrients are destroyed. know it as “The Apple of Paradise”. The most important active ingrediAll over the globe, more tomato is ent in tomato that has received a consumed than any other single very wide scientific publicity is fruit or vegetable. People relish it, Lycopene, a carotenoid that gives eating it raw, in salad, as juice. It is ripe tomato its red colour and is also used fresh or canned as an believed to be the world’s most ingredient for making a variety of powerful antioxidant and has antisauces, soups, sandwiches, etc. cancer and chemopreventive propChemical constituents/ Nutritional erties. Benefits It is important to mention that Tomato is a rich source of vitamins: lycopene in tomato is not destroyed vitamin C (a potent antioxidant when heated or cooked; in fact, that mops up free radicals), vitacooking (especially with olive oil) mins A and B, folic acid, panhelps to liberate it and also help to tothenic acid, biotin, vitamin K and facilitate the absorption. inhibitols which are related to vita- Scientists now believe that cancermin E. ous growths in the body occur as a Tomato is also very rich in blood result of mutational changes occuralkaline-forming minerals like ring at the cellular level initiated by potassium, calcium, magnesium, free radicals (unstable molecules phosphorus, iron and potash salt that the body naturally produces as which help to keep the blood alka- it metabolizes amino acids and fat). line, and this maintains a high These radicals freely react with and resistance to disease. destroy or damage healthy cells, With the exception of tryptophan, and can alter the structure of DNA. unripe and ripe tomatoes contain And the liver may be too congested all the essential amino acids and or too weak to remove damaged organic acids such as citric, oxalic, cells ab initio. malic acids, p-coumaric acid and Antioxidants are naturally occurcholorogenic acid. ring substances that help to elimiThe ripe fruit contains glucose nate or mop-up free radicals and and fructose. Because of these reverse any cellular damage or limit acids, some people avoid tomato. the extent of cellular damage in the However, studies have shown that, body. The body or the liver protomato, eaten raw or cooked, has duces its own antioxidants, such as alkaline reactions at the cellular glutathione, lipoic acid and coQ10 to

neutralize free radicals. However, the production of antioxidants declines with age. Several groups of antioxidants have been identified in fruits and vegetables including, for example, Lycopene in tomatoes, watermelons, pink guava, pink grapefruits, papayas; Vitamins like vitamin A, E and C in large number of fruits, vegetables and herbs; Carotenes in tomatoes, carrots, mangoes, sweet potatoes spinach; Quercetin in onions, green teas, apple skins, grapes, etc. Tomato is a natural cancer fighter. Therefore, eating fresh or cooked tomato and other fresh vegetables and fruits regularly is one of the best ways of preventing and fighting all kinds of cancer. Studies have shown that people who eat a large amount of tomatoes and tomato products have reduced risk of developing prostate cancer and other types of cancers

like lung, stomach, liver, pancreatic, colorectal, oral and esophageal, ovarian, breast, and cervical cancers. Even when the disease has been diagnosed - especially prostate cancer, increased tomato consumption makes the disease less aggressive because the lycopene present in tomato is a natural cancer-fighting agent and also prevents cancer from spreading to the surrounding tissues and organs. Lycopene is known to be twice as powerful as beta-carotene in neutralizing and mopping up free radicals. Therapeutic Properties and Health Benefits of Tomato Tomato has the following properties: digestive, aperitif, analgesic, antibacterial, appetizer, carminative, stomachic, diuretic, rejuvenative, invigorating, tonic, anticancer, antioxidant, chemopreventive, antiprostatitic, hypocholesterolemic, hypotensive, etc. It is now known that liver insufficiency is the main cause of the establish-

ment of any form of cancerous growth centres or tumours in any part of the human body. Also, it has been proven that an efficient liver working at its full capacity will protect every cell in the body from undergoing degenerative changes that could lead to any form of abnormal growth. Researches have shown that tomato plays a key role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of the liver. It activates and stimulates torpid liver. Tomato is the most wonderful and effective blood and liver cleanser known to man. It is rich in sulphur and chlorine, which help in stimulating the detoxifying or toxic-wasteremoving actions of the liver. Sulphur is one of the trace elements, which help in protecting the liver from the effects of toxic chemical and cirrhosis A regular drinking of fresh tomato juice helps in the self-regenerate actions of the liver when it is damaged or destroyed. A daily intake if tomatoes juice helps to: Prevent the formation of stones in the kidneys and gallbladder. Prevent eye disorders, soothes eye irritation. Vitamin A in tomato nourishes the optic nerves, improves vision, prevents night blindness and helps to reduce the risk of macular degeneration of the eye. Restore vitality in those having persistent fatigue. Prevent premature aging. Reduce high blood pressure (Hypertension), and helps to regulate blood sugar and promotes good blood circulation. Prevent diarrhoea, dysentery, indigestion, heartburn, flatulence; protects the body against appendicitis, removes offensive body odour and revitalizes the skin. Tomato reduces chronic pain due to its high content of bioflavonoids and carotenoids - which are known to have strong anti-inflammatory properties.

PetLife With Dr.Tunji Nasir ENSoN was a good dog by some standard. B He meant so much to my wife to the extent that he had a negative influence on the affection I had for her in the opening days of our marital life. You would have not believed it, I was a second rate, or so I thought, when it came to dishing out the food of love by my wife as far as this dog was concerned. He was a courageous pet who feared nobody and was not given into inanities. If you heard Benson bark, be certain that there was trouble. If he hated you, forget ever courting his friendship. You could never win. His rejection of you was final. To him, affection was determined on first impression. There was no second chance. As he grew, he became a local terror and he alone indented my residence. Anywhere within a shouting distance to my house became a no-walk zone. I earned a deserved respect; at least for being the owner of self-appointed canine policeman of the neighborhood. He was a mixed bag of fortune for those in my compound. While they applauded and cherished his guarding prowess, he was a torn in the flesh of the early birds who had to leave the compound for work at dawn. My wife usually lost her sleep any time from 5:30am because a knock on our window always ensured that each time he did not allow peo-

A Friendly


ple to leave the compound, she was always called to leash her dog. The children in my neighborhood had not quite seen a well pampered dog before and he became a subject of local gossip. Moreso that my wife usually enjoyed her evening strolls with the dog. Although these soon stopped as my wife paid a few compensation to owners of local chickens who became victims of Benson’s truancy each time they strolled together. Even the goats were not exempted. I recall one or two incidences when we had to hire community leaders to help appeal to the owners of such animals. But despite his excesses, nobody wanted Benson out of the area as his good deeds in terms of provision of adequate security was considered a premium contribution to community’s development. However, the indefatigable Benson had his

season with us, that loud noises like the one from fireworks scared the breath out of him. This period of social madness became a time of torment for him. He was always inconsolable as long as the fireworks persisted. Unfortunately, yours truly was also a source of fear. I could not understand this, but, each time he saw me, he was always rooted like an Iroko tree, tail tucked between his hind legs and urinating. He would maintain this posture until I passed. If he did not do that, he would run away or seek any place of refuge. occasionally, I had missed being attacked by hair’s breath. This was indeed very funny. But not at all strange as I knew I was not in the good books of this friendly enemy. Right from day weaknesses, which demonstrated that no mat- one, we had shared our separate paths, we had drawn our lines and we couldn’t cross ter how tough any individual could be, his the drawn borders. white linen would still have dark spots. Benson was my wife’s friend and she loved Firstly, the wake up call by the Muslim muazin early in the morning proved a source him dearly. I was an unfortunate number in between them. It is nonetheless instructive of fear for our warrior who would whine and howl to no end until the call to prayer ceased. to note that pets, like all creatures of God, Another thing I found out was that thunder- have their strengths and weaknesses. We can storm usually turned Benson into a quivering only exploit these attributes to our advantages in a manner that will not be abusive mass that would do anything to enter my flat on the rights of the pets and to the comfort any time this element struck. As if it was not of man. enough, we discovered on his first Christmas

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



10 Deaths An Hour Inspire Aggressive Campaign Against Cancer THE situation is so pathetic! People (including the rich and the poor) die in droves on a daily basis, succumbing to the brutality of this endemic and one of the world’s deadliest diseases, cancer virus. And as no substantial response aimed at tackling the scourge, is not yet recorded, many Nigerian cancer sufferers, especially the downtrodden ones appear to be literarily condemned to deaths! But at an event commemorating World Cancer Survivors Day this week, stakeholders, under the aegis of Committee Encouraging Coprate Philanthropy, unveiled their of aggressive but comprehensive plans to tame the ravaging disease that sends 80,000 Nigerians to their early graves annually. BANKOLE SHAKIRUDEEN ADESHINA writes.




Clara Oshiomhole

Marriam Babangida

Fumilayo Olayinka

HE tolls keep soaring everyday, as the counT try losses a sizeable portion of its finest brains to one of the world’s deadliest diseases, cancer virus. From the former President of the country, Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’Adua (lung cancer); to former Vice President, General Augustus Aikhomu (prostrate cancer); former Chairman of National Democratic Coalition (NADECO), Pa Anthony Enahoro; human right lawyer, Chief Ganiyu Faweyinmi (lung cancer); former Chairman of Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Dr Abel Guobadia; Kwara State elder statesman, Dr. Olusola Saraki (prostrate); Baba Adinni of Nigeria, Alhaji Iyanda Folawiyo; and the former Minister of Commerce and Chairman, Guardian Newspaper Limited, Dr Alex Ibru among others, cancer keeps falling the best of Nigerian people. The quoted names are even exclusive of prominent women and adults who have suffered the same brutal faiths in the hands of this disease. Popular among Nigerian women who have succumbed death due to protracted cancer illness are: former first lady of Nigeria, Hajia Mariam Babangida (breast cancer); wife of the Delta State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomole, Mrs. Clara Oshiomole (breast cancer); Akwa Ibom former first lady, Allinson Attah (breast cancer); with the latest victim being the former deputy governor of Ekiti State, late Mrs. Olufunmilayo Olayinka (breast cancer). The figures are alarming and a clear justification of the aggression of the new volunteers, described as selected cancer ambassadors in Nigeria to drive the campaign to all nooks and crannies of the country, sensitizing the people on the imperativeness of constant health checks, absolute abandonment of unhealthy lifestyle and early reportage of cancer to the nearest medical center. For instance, statistics show that in Nigeria, 10,000 Nigerians people are diagnosed of the disease annually among whom 80,000 will die eventually due to the nation’s low survivorship chances, which is pegged at 20 per cent. By implication, Nigeria’s 20 per cent survivorship chances against cancer further means that more than 240 Nigerians are lost to the endemic disease on a daily basis, at the rate of 10 people per hour! Because of late detection, due to persistent refusal to go for medical checks in other to avoid public stigmatization on discovery and most especially, absence of comprehensive cancer treatment centers, medical experts explain that in every five diagnosed cancer cases in Nigeria, four among the sufferers will die. This development contradicts what is obtainable in other countries, where serious actions are being taken to tackle a scourge as

deadly as cancer. For instance, in the United States of America, figure show that Cancer Survivorship Chances are above 90 per cent, meaning in every five diagnosed cases, four people have better tendencies to be adequately treated and live to the fullest of their live span. The same is said of India. The remarkable feats recorded by the two countries in combating cancer are the consequence of relentless investments in highlevel research and the procurement of sophisticated and specialized medical equipments and establishment of treatment centers. While Nigeria has no single dedicated cancer treatment center, America has about 1000, with over 2000 mobile treatment centers to compliment. The same is said of India, a country, which, for instance, has more than 125 comprehensive cancer treatment centers with five concentrating in one city, Mumbai. According to expert, the cost of establishing a comprehensive cancer center is approximately put at over $30million. To address the unfortunate situation and prevent the spillover of the preventable deaths, concerned Nigerians, under the aegis of Committee for Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) gathered last Sunday, June 2nd, to unveil their comprehensive plans to address the challenge to the press. Being the first non-working day of the week, a Sunday, many people would have loved to spend the day in their private closet for either religious activities, family bonding, resting, outing and or to perfect all plans preparatory to another tasking week

ahead. But at exactly 2pm this Sunday afternoon, June 2, these concerns groups, including some highly referred Nigerians, were gathered at the banquet hall of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM), Victoria Island Lagos to discuss one topic: Cancer virus and its survivorship tendencies! This obligation will see CECP and all its partners to solicit for funds up to the tune of, for a state, the sum of N95million for the acquisition of a mobile cancer treatment center that would be exclusively dedicated for grassroot people. The mobile center would be a highly technical all-inclusive medical truck, equipped with sophisticated medical technologies to cater for cancer sufferers. The medical infrastructure would be operated by world-class oncologists and medical laboratory scientists. The need to begin the campaign, from the grassroot, was born out of the conviction that there are outrageous unrecorded cancer deaths at the rural areas because of ignorance and inability to access sound medical treatment on discovery. Specifically, the stakeholders, in a popular social solidarity slogan, echoed that ENOUGHISENOUGH, pushing for a resolution for all well-meaning Nigerians to ‘Act Now’ by supporting the crusade against the disease. They insisted that it would amount to a conclusion that Nigerians are condemned to deaths, if a disease, breast cancer, for instance, that has survivorship chances of above 95 per cent in countries like America and India, can be killing as Nigerian women in droves.

“ Among these women could be our mother, wife, sister and loved ones,” the technical adviser to CECP on the Cancer Project, Mrs. Clare Omatseye said at the occasion. Record show that while 30 women die of breast cancer everyday n Nigeria, there is 99 per cent survivor chances for the same disease in the United States of America, with frantic efforts by oncologists and medical laboratory scientists and researchers in forging a new path to achieving a 100 per cent stamp-out. Interestingly, even without a 100 per cent feat against breast cancer in India and America, the 90 per cent survivorship chances could still mean that that in every five cases, four can be efficaciously treated and live a normal healthy live for as long as possible. But India and America’s success stories in cancer combat were not achieved by strings of lucks. They are actually the reward of relentless medical researches, backed by substantial funding from both government, corporate organisations and other stakeholders in devising sophisticated medical infrastructures to eradicate or maximally manage the disease. Although Nigeria’s government may not have a serious plan for this investment, concerned stakeholders, including survivors of the disease, victims’ relatives and many volunteers have taken up an aggressive campaign against the scourge. Under the initiative, about 150 names of prominent Nigerians, caught across all sectors, have been shortlisted at the special anticancer ambassadors who will be spreading the campaign across the nooks and crannies of the federation.


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Stakeholders Chart Way Towards Reviving Textile Sector This is a follow-up to the story on the Nigerian textile sector published in The Guardian on May 11,2013. DEBO OLADIMEJI who wrote the story covered the 6th Advisory Board Meeting of Fashion and Textile Stakeholders’ Forum in Lagos —- under the auspices of the Best of The World (B.O.W.) —- to reclaim the markets for authentic home brands. the collapse of the Textile industry in StheINCE the nineties, there has been a clamour for industry that used to be a source of employment to many people to be revamped. It has been said in many fora that Nigerians must not wait for people from other economies to clothe them. Instead, stakeholders should begin to act on how they can export local brands to other countries. The possibility of getting Presidential support for Nigerians to always wear made-in-Nigeria fabrics on May Day and Independence Day cel- Jonathan ebration and to create a made-in-Nigeria market in Balogun Market among others were discussed at the 6th Advisory Board Meeting of Fashion Textile Stakeholders’ Forum in Lagos. It was acknowledged that imitations of madein -Nigerian goods are coming in shiploads of containers from China. They are branded with the Nigerian local brand name. While the truly made-in-Nigeria is selling for N570, the China imitations sell for N350. So people prefer to buy the one from China. Joseph Ikemefuna Odumodu, the Director General/Chief Executive of Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON), argued that if Nigerian products were not good, the Chinese will not be copying them. “People only copy successful products. There is a challenge. Technology also changes our consumption habits. How can we ensure that our agricultural products are competitive?” he said. Kenya, he noted, makes money from exporting flowers to Europe everyday. “If Nigeria exports yarn to UK, they will destroy it. But if it is from Ghana, they will not even test it. Multinational companies now have farms in Malawi and some other countries in East Africa Joy Chinwokwu where they are training the farmers on extension services and all that. One day, Nigeria’s oil will finish and the poor are going to be angry with the rich people in Nigeria,” he warned. He declared that if people are gainfully employed they will not have time for Boko Haram activities. “Why should we allow people from our small neighbours like Togo to come and take up the jobs that our people can do,” he wondered. Odumodu canvassed a holistic look at the value chain of the industry. “We can partner with the schools to ensure they patronise made-in-Nigeria fabrics. We cannot force people, we need to build an enduring relationship. May be May Day and Independence Day should be declared a day people should put on madein-Nigeria fabrics,” he said. He regretted that when the textile industry collapsed, about one million people lost their jobs. “The textile industry is something that can change the economy if we get them going. We need the equipment to detect fake products. We have to go to the market, and destroy Odumodu

them. If you do that consistently for three months, sellers will think twice before they stock fake products.” he added. Farmers in the North, he noted, now prefer to grow maize instead of cotton because they believe that they can make more money in maize. “We need to provide incentives for the farmers. We need to give the textile industry a new energy to bounce back.” Ghanaians, he said, have found good market for their products in Nigeria. “How were they able to do that? We need to do introspection. Look at where we are and where we want to be,” he said. Joy Chinwokwu, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Best of the World (B.O.W.), Lagos, the convener of the event, regretted that there is no market for Nigerian brands. “The Chinese have bombarded our market with fake products. People go to China to manufacture substandard products to come and sell in Nigeria,” she said. She expressed regret that people are not patronizing made-in-Nigeria fabrics. “Another challenge is that our products are not available in the market. We have to create market for made-in-Nigeria brands. We must pull out of those orthodox markets and create our own market.” She also promised to start organising regular exhibitions to encourage people to patronize made-in-Nigeria fabrics. “There is going to be Textile and Fashion International Expo to expand the local market for home-made brands by providing shopping avenues for local and international lovers of Nigerian brands, creating export opportunities for homemade brands, attracting foreign direct investment to the country, attracting commercial tourism to Nigeria and generally promoting promising fashion and textile (and other complementary) businesses,” she said. The B.O.W CEO said that by the Year 2014 when Nigeria marks its centenary, the Textile and Fashion Industry in Nigeria, would have been fully transformed into a multi-million dollar global business, significantly impacting on several other key sectors. According to her, participants are going to wear Made- in-Nigeria products during the international expo. “We need to partner with the banks and the telecom sector. We are working with United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO).” Chinwokwu added that Nigerians are good tailors, but textile-wise the country is not doing very well. She stressed that there is the need to build capacity. If the textile sector is resurrected, she said, it is going to promote employment and reduce youth restiveness. “We want state legislation to promote patronage of made-in-Nigeria fabrics. Graduate trainees don’t have where to work. The fashion designers now go to Republic of Benin or Togo to recruit tailors,” she added. Joseph Modey, National Directorate of Employment (NDE), Lagos State coordinator, explained why there has not been market for Nigerian products and why it is difficult to access made-in-Nigeria products. “The issue actually is that of quality and competition. Competition has now become a part of life and we have to face it. There is the need to increase the quality of the Nigerian yarn. We must improve on the quality of cotton planted by the farmers.” The vast cotton farms in Turkey, he said, are

supported by researches. “They do not export cotton. What they export is textile. They create jobs through the textile industry across the nation.” He regretted that China has taken over the Nigerian market with its products because it has been able to address the issue of production cost. “We cannot solve this problem by legislation. You cannot force people to buy what they don’t want to wear. Let us face the issue: We need to make products that are competitive. NDE has been training a lot of the youths. They are there ready to upgrade their skills so that Nigerian fashion designers will not go and hire Togolese tailors again,” he said. Yinka Fisher, Centre Manager, Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN), Lagos, on his part said that the three important things in the industry are market, price and quality. “We need to do something in the area of sensitization. We need to create awareness to change Nigerians’ taste for foreign products,” he said. Umego Adaora Joy, scientific officer of Consumer Protection Council (CPC), Lagos, said that the major problems of the Nigerian fabric are that of quality and awareness. “An average Nigerian is not patriotic when it comes to buy made-in Nigeria products. Awareness needs to go to the people. But how do we appreciate what we have? If it is not of good quality? Or if the products are not accessible?” she queried. CPC, she noted, is going to create awareness but other stakeholders need to work hand-inhand with it. “When we go to the market we need to see what we are talking about. Can’t we create a made-in-Nigeria market in Balogun Market, Lagos? She drew a line in the sand to show how the imitation of DaViva Fabrics and Wax Prints, made- in- Nigeria by United Nigeria Textile is now coming from China. Mr. Philip Biodun Kayode, Dept of Polymers Textile Technology, Yaba College of Technology admitted that the problem of textile industry in Nigeria spanned over 20 years. “About 180 textile companies were alive in Lagos then, now only about 25 textile companies in the whole of Nigeria are functioning. How far can that go in meeting the demand for textile with our population,” he queried. He expressed regret that in the North where cotton thrives, farmers would rather plant maize (instead of cotton) because there is high demand for it by the breweries. Again, the farmers can grow maize twice a year. “If we cannot produce textile, people can make money by bringing imported fabrics. How many of our fashion industries can afford computerized machines,” he said. Kayode urged people who have money to invest in the textile industry. “Electricity has been stable in Ghana, here, it is not so. Most of the industries are relying on generators. We complain about quality. We wear made-in-Holland fabrics once in a year. But made-in-Nigeria we wash and wear it three times in a week. It is our mindset that is the problem. The rich people want to invest in buy and sell and not production,” he said. Tunde Thani, CEO Explicit Communications was interested in how advertizing can be used to create market for made- in-Nigeria goods? “Even some of the foreign fabrics are made here and branded here.

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‘Nigeria’s Paint Manufacturing Industry Beckons On Investors’ Ten years ago, the Managing Director of Raphgate Chemicals Nigeria Limited, Mr. Atere Raphael resigned from his teaching job to venture into paint manufacturing with just N28, 000 in his hand. Today, he is the proud owner of the Horse Paints brand, which effectively competes with major players in the paint manufacturing industry in the country. Atere, a Mathematics graduate from Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, shares his story in this interview with ONYEDIKA AGBEDO. Briefly tell us about Raphgate Chemicals Nigeria Limited and the Horse Paints brand? We started this business in 2003 as an enterprise. I studied Mathematics in the university; I am a trained teacher. But to the glory of God, in 1996, I worked briefly in a paint manufacturing company, Penguin Paints, after graduation. I worked with the company for about three years but unfortunately, it closed down. Meanwhile, I was a pioneer staff of the company and saw a lot of opportunities in the paint manufacturing industry. So, I started thinking about how to continue to play in the sector. While I was still ruminating the idea, I took up a teaching job but I was not comfortable. In 2002, I told myself that I could do more than I was doing then. So, in June 2002, I went to Fate Foundation to undertake a six months study on how to run a business. Immediately after my graduation, a chartered accountant who was my course mate and whom I had told that I have an experience in painting gave me a job to paint his office. Although I was still teaching, I accepted to do the job. I went there with him that very day and we did the estimation and the cost came to about N80, 000 or thereabout. Immediately, he gave me an advance payment of N28, 000. When I got home, I told my wife that I had graduated from Fate Foundation and that I was thinking of establishing a business but that I would need some money to take off. I also told her of the painting job that I got and the N28, 000 advance payment. She then told me that I already had money to take off if I were ready. So, the second day after that discussion, I resigned from the teaching job. I started off on January 1, 2003, with the N28, 000. I went to the market to buy the paints; I hired the labour that I needed and before you knew it, we were on the job. The man was paying me in installments and we executed the job as the money was coming. Immediately we completed the job, we got another one and on and on we were getting busier by the day. However, we didn’t do much in 2003 but we were able to buy a small machine in preparation for establishing a paint manufacturing company. We continued buying paints from the market to execute the jobs we were getting until 2004 when we started production. The terrain was very rough when we started but we were so determined. There were mistakes here and there but I kept learning on the job. Fate Foundation really tried for me. I attended their monthly training workshops; I also attended other training seminars that I knew of and read a lot of books on business management and entrepreneurship just develop myself further. In 2009, we registered the company as a Limited Liability Company. But our breakthrough came in 2011. A friend informed me about the You Win programme of the Federal Government that is meant to support small and medium enterprises that are not more than 40 years old. I applied

and the company was among the over 1000 businesses that got a N10 million grant from the Federal Government. That gave us the breakthrough and we have been able to establish firmly in the Nigerian paint making industry. Presently, we have 15 people on our payroll unlike before when we had only three staff and were struggling to pay them. We also have about 25 professional painters working with us but their payment depends on how we get painting jobs. Ten years on, how would you value the business monetarily? I have said that the Federal Government gave me N10 million although it is coming in tranches and we are yet to get the entire sum. But they have paid about 75 per cent of the amount. When we take stock of our own efforts, the business is worth over N20 million. And we keep expanding every day. What initial challenges did you experience in the business? Inexperience was a big challenge. We did not really understand the nitty-gritty of the business and we made mistakes. There were times that we produced a particular paint and got it wrong completely. We didn’t have a laboratory to test the chemicals that we were buying. So, we were just mixing those chemicals expecting that we would get a good result. If the thing turned bad, we went back to it again. So, we lost money, reputation, customers, and valuable time, among others. Generally, in the industry, there is the challenge of adulteration. People adulterate chemicals so you don’t get 100 per cent of what you want unless you understand the industry and have reliable sources that you buy from. What really helped me were the trainings and workshops that I attended. I was able to define what I wanted; I was able to draw my vision very clearly which is to become one of the top players in the industry in Nigeria. So, when the challenges were coming, they were not too difficult to contain because I could see the end from the beginning. I believed that I can do it and that I can do attitude helped me a lot. But above all, I am a Christian; I believe that the God factor has been there for me. What are your product variants currently? We currently produce about 10 paint variants. We produce bright aluminum, dull aluminum, gloss (all colours), emulsion, gold, road marks, marine, floor paint, lawn and tennis paint. But some of these products are manufactured on request. We are very specialised in gloss, emulsion, texture and satin. What about quality; have you been able to get it right? We compete with top players. That has been the vision and mission from day one. We have told ourselves that in the next five years, we want to be among the four top players in the industry. For you to be there, definitely you must compete with those who are occupying the slot currently. And you compete with them by ensuring that your product is not sub-standard. Have your products got the certification of the necessary regulatory agencies like the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON)? That is the area we are working on now. You know, in manufacturing, certification is just like someone is in the university; you need to graduate before you get the certificate. So, you have to start and then they have to see that you are in the market and the consistency in quality before receiving certification. But we are seriously working towards that. How have you been coping with the antics of competitors? One good thing about business is that if you don’t have competitors, you are not likely to grow. We know our competitors; they are the top players but we are competing with them. But one good thing about this industry is that it is a very wide industry. There is no price war in the industry. Our competitors charge very high on their products and we

take advantage of that to endear our products to the consumers. However, we don’t compromise on quality and that has got for us a strong customer base. How satisfying is the return on your investment? I believe that if started with N28, 000 and have been able to build the business up to this level, it is expanding. But this is not a Baba Ijebu business; it is not a business you invest in today and expect to reap returns tomorrow. It is a long-term investment that needs to be monitored to maturity and we are still doing that. How would you assess the paint manufacturing industry in Nigeria? The paint manufacturing industry in Nigeria is a very vibrant one. It keeps growing everyday because house building and other construction works keep coming up. When

The paint manufacturing industry in Nigeria is a very vibrant one. It keeps growing everyday because house building and other construction works keep coming up…The industry is very open for investments. If 100 paint companies establish in Nigeria today, I can assure you that they will get good returns on their investments.


you talk about decorative paints, painting is one of the components of a standard house. Industrial paints, which we manufacture, also serve as raw materials to some companies without which they would not deliver their jobs. So, paint is one product that people would continue to need. You paint your car, house, ship, offices, church, etc. If you are not in the industry, you are most likely to think it is not vibrant but I can tell you that people buy paint like they buy sachet water in this country. The volume of cash that moves in the paint industry within a month is over N1 billion. Do you see the industry as still open for future investors? The industry is very open for investments. If 100 paint companies establish in Nigeria today, I can assure you that they will get good returns on their investments. But you must understand the industry. You must have the technical know-how, the capital outlay and knowledge about the market. I will even advise potential entrants into the industry to merge with existing ones and get good knowledge of the entire industry before going solo. What are your plans for expansion? With the grant we got from the Federal Government, we already have a permanent plant so we are settled on that issue. At the moment, our products sell in five states in the country—Lagos, Oyo, Ogun, Abia and Rivers. Our next plan is to have depots in all states of the federation and also create more job openings for Nigerians.

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Tablet Devices And Empowerment Of Students In Osun State By Gbenro Adegbola

is a not so quiet revolution playing out TTheHErE in the education sector in Osun State, Nigeria. Opon Imo initiative is a unique and groundbreaking attempt at re-engineering how students learn at the senior secondary level, by making available to each one of them hand held digital tablets. In each of the tablets are preloaded e-books on all subjects that are offered at secondary school level, video/audio lectures and tutoring notes, as well as a test platform for students’ self assessment to monitor their own comprehension and mastery of the subject. Opon Imo thus creates a virtual learning environment in which each student can immerse him or herself, preview topics ahead of class, revise after the class and assess his or her learning. It literally places in the hands of each student a vast world of knowledge. It is up to each student to take full advantage of this learning opportunity for his or her success. One has had the privilege of being involved with the project from inception by supplying the e-books pre-loaded on the tablets, in my previous job as Managing Director of Evans Publishers. I had gone to meet the governor shortly after assumption of office, accompanied by some members of my management team, to make a corporate presentation to him on how we could be involved with education in the state. Some of the ideas we canvassed in our presentation, tallied with his own ideas thus opening up what has now become a golden opportunity of being involved with one of the most exciting interventions in learning in Nigeria. I have maintained an interest in the project since then, even after moving on to another company, till date. Officials of the State of Osun have made statements about how much of a saving the project has meant for the state. I would like to dwell on a number of other advantages of e-learning, far more important than the financial savings to the state government, which the beneficiaries of this project in Osun will no doubt reap. As it is structured, Opon Imo ensures that each student has an e-textbook not only in all the subjects he is taking, but also on every subject offered at secondary level. This in itself is revolutionary. Thus a Science student, who has interest in literature and does not offer it, can still dip into literature texts at his leisure. In the same way, an arts student can learn about scientific concepts that intrigue him, purely for knowledge’s sake. The implications of this for knowledge availability, acquisition and spread are self-evident. There are also materials loaded on the tablets for character development, civic and religious education. As Osun schools migrate from traditional learning environments to a more modern technology-rich learning space, what will be seen in no time is not merely a change in student enthusiasm for learning but a significant shift in the enhancement of the learning experience for each student. This shift will be manifested in a move from teacher-centered instruction to studentcentered learning; a shift from single-sense stimulation to multi-sensory stimulation, single-path progression to multi-path progression, single media instruction to multimedia instruction, isolated work to collaborative work, information delivery to Information exchange, passive learning to active/exploratory/inquiry-based learning, mere cramming of facts and knowledge to critical thinking and informed decision-making, reactive responses to proactive/planned action. As a result, the total learning experience will be significantly improved, with positive implications for school attendance and ultimate learning outcomes. Students will increasingly become independent, self-directed learners who are able to master higher-level critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaborative skills. The Opon Imo project is also unconsciously breeding a new generation of digitally literate young persons. One of the observations made during one of the several project trial/testing sessions in Osogbo in 2012, was the ease with which students who had never before seen or handled a computer tablet took to them like fish to water. Within a few hours they discovered capabilities the tablets had that were not even known to the technical people and had

Children with Opon-Imo. (inset Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola) started performing operations they were only just being introduced to. This resulting digital competence will no doubt encourage in many, a closer affinity for computing and what computers can do. It may even lead to some of the students developing interest that will take them along the direction of creating simple computer applications and solutions. After all, this was how Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and many of the computer greats, started their careers. The digital affinity and skills they acquire now, will remain with them all their lives and careers. Consider also the ripple effects on the larger society when these tablets are taken home. In a similar pilot carried out in Ghana, there was significant impact on the parents who were mostly illiterate. A new interest in literacy was noticed in many more parents. The consensus everywhere in the developing world where communal access to information technology has been facilitated for whatever purpose is that it does seem to produce some positive effects in the larger community beyond the immediate reasons for the deployment. In fact, government can go a few steps further and preload information targeted at rural parents on the student’s tablets; thereby turning the students to change agents and purveyors of vital information and knowledge within their immediate and larger families. Although parental involvement and other such home effects are often secondary, if not peripheral to the immediate goals of eLearning deployment, the effect of a more informed and aware citizenry cannot be totally discounted. After all, what is the ultimate aim of government than to produce an enlightened and exposed citizenry? The idea of logging around heavy volumes of physical books is eliminated with the use of Opon Imo. Students can now study anywhere, at any time. With the tablet, he carry’s his entire library, plus other multi media material, which accommodate the different learning styles: auditory, visual and kinesthetic styles, with him always. With each lesson in the student’s hands in the form of videos and tutoring notes, a student has an opportunity to preview a class before the teacher presents it. He is therefore are able to check the material ahead and gather some background to the topic. This no doubt will aid learning. It also gives the teacher an opportunity to flip the class. The Flipped classroom is a new method in 21st century learning, popularized in the US. It is basically inverting the traditional teaching model by moving what is normally done in class to be done at home independently at the student’s own pace via video lessons. The issue of the teacher going too fast for slow learners or

too slow for fast learners, becomes a thing of the past. The time in classroom is then devoted to an overview, collaborative discussions, clarifications, concept management and reinforcement activities under the guidance of the teacher. The flipped classroom in essence, is really about changing the instructional model, so that teachers can devote more time to giving their students deeper instructional support in the classroom. The flipped classroom has been used in many countries of the developed world with some amazing results. A particular school district in Ohio, which was recording 50% and 44% failure in English and Math respectively, was able to ‘flip’ the fail rate at the end of one year, down to 19% and 13% respectively. In addition, it was found that students engaged more positively, had lower levels of frustration because the task of doing homework alone, which was the major source of student frustration had been removed and a lot of what would have been done as home work was being done collaboratively in class as exercises.  Students learnt at their own pace, repeating material to reinforce learning, or delving into additional material to enrich what they have learnt. Students and teachers are not the only people who can potentially benefit from eLearning. Principals and school leaders will find that they are better equipped to provide more effective instructional leadership and management as a result of better visibility into students’ progress and work products. Assessments and test results are obtained faster, which enables the principals to recommend and implement remedial measures for students who are weak in certain subjects before it becomes too late However, a digital learning environment should never be mistaken for a silver bullet or magic wand that solves all educational delivery problems. Like every other type of intervention, it requires a high level of management and administrative coordination for it to yield the desired results. Scheduled and trouble shooting maintenance of the hardware for example must be managed so well, as to eliminate the amount of time a student has to do without his tablet or at least reduce this to the barest minimum. A replacement policy will also be needed for malfunction and total breakdown. These are complex logistical operations that may need to be contracted to an independent organization or at least a management unit be created for it. The government of the State of Osun has taken the position that Internet access will constitute a distraction to students and so the tablets are not Internet enabled. While there is some wis-

dom in this thinking, it seems to me a bit of a disadvantage that the students will not be able to experience the vast world of knowledge that is found on the Internet. I do hope in the future this restriction can be reversed. It is quite possible these days with classroom management software, to curate and limit the sites that a student can visit to predetermined sites. This allows them to have access to a greater store of useful study material while avoiding the distracting and downright negative ones. Allowing students access to the Internet can also facilitate collaborative learning across borders, within moderated student forums and discussion groups. Thus a student in a remote rural community for example, can join a curated study forum with other students from different parts of the world and share the benefits of each other’s expertise online. To facilitate a deeper positive impact of the project, government must also invest quickly in massive teacher re-training. E-learning has a specific and distinct pedagogy of its own. This is a special method of enquiry and discovery, very different from the ‘sage on a stage’ traditional teaching method. An effective and sustainable method of disseminating these skills to teachers must be deployed in fairly intensive training sessions, so that teachers become skilled and comfortable using digital resources to enhance teaching and learning. To achieve this, government and must invest not only in professional teacher retraining and reorientation, but also in development of more curriculum resources for teachers’ use as well. Investment in digital hardware must always go hand in hand with teacher training and orientation. These two areas of investment reinforce each other and increase the chances and rate of return on either type of investment: teacher and curriculum resources development help teachers to more effectively use technology to transform teaching and learning, while adequate provision of technology hardware enables the retrained teachers to apply what they have learnt. It will certainly be interesting in the near future to observe the anticipated positive impact outlined earlier that this project would have on learning outcomes in the state of Osun. Our young people deserve an education that prepares them to thrive in a world of rapid change and increasing globalization. They need to be exposed to skills that will enable them to learn, work and live happily and effectively in the 21st Century. The government of the state of Osun has taken a giant step towards this. Other states and private schools are certain to follow suit. * Adegbola is the Managing Director of First Veritas Educational Content Delivery Limited. He was formerly the Managing Director of Evans Publish-

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Image Building: Workable Options Before The Presidency By Ntia Usukuma T was George C. Edwards, a leading scholar of IStrategic the American presidency, in his book, The President: Persuasion and Opportunity in Presidential Leadership, who revealed that “successful presidents facilitate change by recognising opportunities and fashioning strategies and tactics to exploit them.” Illuminating further in the book, Edward contends that presidents cannot create opportunities for change by just persuading others to support their policies. Rather, to achieve change, these leaders exploit existing public opinion. He also explained that leaders with great public image recognise available favourable conditions for passing their agenda and effectively exploit these circumstances while they lasted. This great political scholar also took a look at presidents that governed in less auspicious circumstances, and revealed that whatever successes these presidents enjoyed also resulted from the interplay of conditions, and the presidents’ skills at understanding and exploiting them. Even periods of national disasters and crisis can provide platforms for image building and agenda setting. In recent times, some incidents in the U. S. that the American President used to warm himself into the hearts of the citizens were not exactly pleasant ones. Last December, 26 people, including 20 children, were killed after a shooting incident at Sandy Hook School in Newtown, a primary school in the U. S. state of Connecticut. A visibly moved  Barack Obama, fighting tears,  delivered a short address to the nation  following the tragedy, expressing his condolences to the families of the victims. Subsequently, he personally attended the memorial service at Newtown where he read out the names of the young children who were killed in the massacre. He also read the names of the six Sandy Hook staff members, including the school’s principal and teachers, who he said showed courage and did not hesitate to put themselves in the line of fire to protect the children. He was shown on television personally consoling the bereaved families. What followed was the re-introduction of stringent gun control legislation at the congress. The issues of gun

control that the average American saw initially as an encroachment on their personal security took a new dimension. A similar situation was observed during the last bomb blast at the finishing line of the last Boston Marathon. Subsequently the perpetrators were promptly hunted down. Recognising opportunities to identify, and empathise with the citizens, and communicate with swift and sincere actions were strong image tools used by the American President. These are tools that the reputation management team of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan can borrow in their effort to tackle the image problems they are facing. During period of crisis, apart from routine press releases by the President’s Media Adviser, Reuben Abati, there seems to be complete absence of public officials empathising with the people, showing concern, directing and coordinating relief, getting involved in remedial measures, engaging in general crises response and crises management. Just imagine if the Public Affairs and Media Advisors in the presidency can learn from their counterparts in other climes. During the last flood crisis in Nigeria, what a great public relations opportunity it would have been for President Jonathan to meet, greet, and hug flood victims? Imagine President Jonathan and governors of those flood affected states, in flood waters with rain boots demonstrating leadership skills, with their presences, overseeing relief operations during that national catastrophe? What manner of impact would President Jonathan have made on the minds of the ordinary Nigerian? What of President Jonathan making a surprise appearance, and delivering an emotion laden speech at the memorial service of those policemen killed by terrorists in Plateau State? During the heat of the military campaign against terrorism, President Obama made surprise visits to Afghanistan to motivate troops and reassure Americans that he was on top of the security situation. Will it not be reassuring if Jonathan makes a surprise visit to states under emergency rule like Borno

JODACY M&M Celebrates Nigerian Children N a bid to connect and Itheir excite Nigerian kids on special day, JODACY M&M, a nascent but fast growing media and marketing company marked this year’s Children’s Day with over 1000 school children in grand style. The event, which took place at Kidszone Garden, was supported by Milo, Ribena, Peak Milk and Beloxxi Biscuit. Activities at the fun-filled event included a march past competition amongst the schools, dancing, bouncing castle, swimming and others. The children were given exciting gift packs to make the day special for them. Over 20 private and public schools as well as individuals were in attendance. Speaking at the event, special guest and Editor of BrandiQ magazine, Ntia Usukuma said that Children’s Day is a time where families and communities come together to celebrate the children in their lives. He added: “It’s a day of fun, sharing and bonding. Children are our treasure, and Children’s Day is the per-

fect time for every one of us to stop and think about what we can do for the small people in our lives.” The General Manager/Lead Consultant, JODACY M&M, Mr. Kingsley Ogbonna, revealed that the party was packaged to promote affection between the brand and the children, and ultimately advocate love which is the focus the event. “We strongly believe in the uniqueness of the Nigerian children as they represent the future of our country. We therefore consider this event as a gift to the children on this special day to appreciate

and give back in the spirit of the celebration”. In his own comments, Head of Matrix Learning Field School, Isaiah Olarewanju, applauded JODACY M&M and the sponsors for the love and care and most especially creating a bonding time for the various schools. Acting Head Teacher, St. Bernadett Schools, Julius Oluyege, said that “this is a welcome idea and a very good way to share values and friendship with Nigerian children.” He called for good educational policies and regulations for the interest of Nigeria child.

and Yobe to encourage the soldiers, empathise with the people of those states and reassure all Nigerians that government is winning the war against terrorism? Popular media consultant and veteran social commentator, Jimi Disu feels these lapses occur because of the laxity and limited foresight of Jonathan’s image makers. In his words: “Is it not pathetic that President Goodluck Jonathan Monday unveiled a Memorial Cenotaph and Remembrance

Service in honour of the victims of the Dana Air-crash at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, in Abuja, whereas most of the family of the bereaved are domiciled in Lagos where the incident took place? It is no longer news that he is being touted as the president with worst image in the social media. As far as the image of the president is concerned, there is still a gap and I wonder what those brandishing the portfolio are doing to mitigate this heightening lacuna. This definitely is not good for our president because he deserves better public reputation and his image both home and abroad is exacerbating by the day. Since he got to office, it has been one public relations mishap or the other.’’ A legal practitioner and social commentator, Monday Onyekachi Ubani, equally expressed deep concern about the poor state of Jonathan’s reputation. Ubani, in his submission said: “Our leaders do not engineer confidence from the people, in turn the people are

Jigsaw Launches High-Tech Mobile Billboard S part of strategies to A maximally utilise the evolving technological advancement in the nation’s outdoor advertising industry, Jigsaw-DBC Limited, a Lagos-based advertising agency, has launched a high-tech mobile advertising platform called Gotcha! Speaking at the launching ceremony recently, the Managing Director of the company, Mrs. Nsima Ogedi-Alakwe, said Gotcha advertising initiative, an acronym coined from ‘got you’, is a mobile truck platform primarily designed to provide uninterrupted and quality digital advertising display, with additional functions like musical

sounds and system and ability to penetrate any market. The initiative, which is already in operation in Lagos State, is started with three trucks, whose squareshaped bodies are electrically dignitalised for advertising display with in-built inverters to power them. The three trucks provide 12 digital platforms, each with ability to display different adverts simultaneously with four speakers for premium sound system to deliver the messages in audible voice. According to OgediAlakwe, Gotcha is a breakaway concept from the conventional outdoor advertising especially one con-

trolled by the consumers and can compliment those rigid television and radio advertorial campaigns. Her words: “Gotcha is a nationally recognised and award-winning mobile advertising and experiential marketing service, offering unique alternatives to traditional print, radio, television and outdoor advertising. In a world of iPods and iPads, hand-held gaming machines, satellite radio, slipping newspaper ratings and tightening ad budgets, out of home advertising will stand the test of time because it is not controlled by consumers. It is one of the oldest, most prominent and fastest growing.”

Panabiz Introduces New Document Management Solutions ANABIZ International P limited, a leading provider of office automation solutions in Nigeria, recently launched its new document management solution to assist organisations in digitising and managing paper document while empowering compa-

nies to assess their documents from anywhere, and at any time. Speaking on the development, General Manager of the company, Mr. Diwakar Yadavali, revealed that paper documents, generated at the pace it is growing presently in most organsa-

tions would soon become a serious cause for concern as regards storage. Yadavali explained that although some of the documents can be discarded because of diminishing relevance and the office space they consume, he noted that with document manage-

ment solutions, companies can digitise, index, securely stock and grant access for the retrieval of all documents filed, based on individual needs of staff. He also stressed that these solutions were sure to eliminate the hassles of storage, access and information secu-

rity currently faced by many organisations in Nigeria. According him, introducing this new document management solutions further demonstrate his company’s vision as the ultimate provider of office automation products in Nigeria.

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BRANDNEWS Simon Page Holds Digital Marketing Conference In Lagos


ARKETING professionals and digital enthusiasts put aside all other businesses to focus on seizing the most exciting opportunities in digital marketing at the just concluded Digital Marketing and Exhibition Conference held recently in Lagos. It was a passionate, intellectually creative conference where delegates’ knowledge of strategic and tactical approaches to the practice of digital marketing was broadened. Organised by Simon Page Business School, a leading provider of professional business education in Nigeria, the digital marketing conference and exhibition, an interactive two-day event, saw in attendance marketing leaders, key decision makers and astute business professionals across corporate Nigeria’s blue chip firms. According to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Simon Page School, Princewill Omorogiuwa, “the reason why we put together this conference is to give marketers an edge that helps them remain at the very fore-front of their industries.” He added: “Digital marketing and its terms were alien to many people seven years ago but not anymore. The game for digital has changed forever and we are certain that in the course of the next five years digital marketing will alter the modus operandi of many businesses around the world, creating new opportunities for enhanced customer engagement.”

BRANDINTELLIGENCE Sambo Commends Etisalat On CSR Mouka Launches New Range TISALAT Nigeria’s corporate E social responsibility efforts in Nigeria recently received an endorsement from the nation’s number two citizen, Vice President Namadi Sambo. The Vice President, who was speaking at the launch of Etisalat Telecommunications Engineering Programme (ETEP), West Africa’s first Masters Course in Telecommunications Engineering at the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU), commended the network provider for its corporate social responsibility efforts across Nigeria, especially in the education sector. Sambo, who was represented at the event by the Kaduna State governor, Alhaji Mukhtar Ramalan Yero, commended Etisalat and its partners for the CSR initiative. According to him, the devel-

opment has further enhanced Etisalat Nigeria’s reputation as a socially responsible company with a vision of sustainably empowering the society in education. He described the ETEP as a pride not only to Kaduna State but Nigeria at large. The benefits of the programme, he said, were far-reaching and would place Nigeria in history as a pathfinder in Africa. He noted that Etisalat has always been a partner in initiatives that have added value across Nigeria through various CSR initiatives, especially in the areas of health, environment and education. Chief Executive Officer of Etisalat Nigeria, Mr. Steven Evans disclosed that the pool of telecoms technology experts from the ETEP would serve as possible manpower for Etisalat, Huawei and other such companies.

Of Baby Products LEADING foam and bedding manufacturing company in A Nigeria, Mouka Foam Nigeria Limited, has launched its new range of baby products. The new range of baby products includes the baby bliss, Abbie and Dyno. Unveiling the new products, Managing Director of the company, Mrs. Peju Adebajo said: “I am particularly pleased that Mouka as part of its commitment to giving back to the society and ensuring the well-being of Nigerians is seen as partner to government and the society at large in providing good health for the citizenry. “This occasion gives us a unique opportunity to acknowledge the Nigerian child and promote their well-being. As you are aware, proper nutrition and adequate sleep are key factors to the developmental growth of children in their formative years. Hence, we realised the need to add comfort to the lives of our children.”

MTN Link Forum Excites Kaduna Entrepreneurs FTER an impressive and successful outing in Lagos and A Calabar, telecommunications giant, MTN, has once again raised the bar in quality networking engagement at the

Headline Speaker, Mike Berry, and CEO of Simon Page Business School at the conference recently.

Yookos Launches New API O give developers in Africa the opportunity to create applicaT tions that suite the trending and emerging social media landscape, Yookos, a social network site that focuses on providing users the best platform to connect, share and interact has launched their Application Programming Interface (API) at the World Mobile Web West Africa 2013 Conference in Lagos. The announcement was made during the company’s presentation to key industry leaders as well as various sponsors from every part of the continent. The release of the APIs will now enable developers, including techprenuers, to create applications for the cross-section of social media channels that can be used on both desktop and mobile platforms. Speaking at the event, Group CEO for Yookos, Mr. Tomisin Fashina, said: “We are particularly pleased that as a company we have reached yet another momentous milestone in the development of our platform. What makes this remarkable is that it facilitates the crowdsourcing of innovative ideas and solutions that will not only expand the functionality of the platform but also make its usage an exhilarating experience. “Our focus is not just about getting something from developers but we also plan to give back through our multifaceted approach that will see the launch of the programmes focused on university students, community engagement sessions, aimed at attracting young people to the profession, as well as educational peer engagement sessions.”

2013 AWLO Conference Holds June 11-14 LL is set for the Fifth African Women in Leadership A Conference in Nigeria, to be declared opened by Dame Patience Goodluck. The conference is billed to hold from June 11 to 14 at the prestigious Le Meridian Hotel, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. It being is organised by the African Women in Leadership Organisation (AWLO), a non-profit/non-governmental organisation. AWLO’s membership is open to all women leaders across Africa. According to the conference coordinator, Mr. Elisha Attai, this year’s edition promises to offer a superlative value to all participants. He noted that amongst personalities expected at the conference are the wife of the President of Equatorial Guinea, the Vice President of Zimbabwe who will be accompanied by the wife of President Mugabe; and Ghana’s First Lady, Mrs. John Dramani Mahama who also will be accompanied by her country’s Minister of Women Affairs, amongst others. The conference is a three-day leadership and empowerment programme open to all African women across the continent and in the Diaspora. The conference will include a welcome cocktail, networking sessions, the main conference sessions and a day of beauty, style and wellness. The main conference session includes speech presentations, group discussions, open floor discussions and panel sessions. The conference will close with an Awards Gala Dinner where women who have made significant contributions towards women empowerment and development within their communities will be honoured.

Kaduna leg of the MTN Link Forum. Like in the other cities where the Forum took place, the Kaduna venue, Asa Pyramid Hotel in the metropolis, witnessed tens of hundreds of MTN subscribers, who thronged the venue, as early as 3.00pm to come and get inspired, mentored and empowered by the success stories of accomplished entrepreneurs and mentors. Speaking at the event, Hon Abdulmumin Jibrin, the Chairman, Finance Committee, House of Representatives and a former State Coordinator, NAPEP, Alhaji Musa Zubairu, who were guest speakers for the day, both agreed that for one to succeed in life and business, vision, passion and dedication must be the watchwords. Jibrin told the participants, that in kick-starting a business, there was the need to create a vision on “what you intend to do; be it long-term or short-term,” adding that for any business to thrive, “you must picture what you really want.” According to him, passion and a good knowledge of the business one wants to veer into is key to the success of the individual and the business. He reiterated the importance of networking, stating: “I came into politics with the help of the contacts I had made over time. Networking is key to success in business. You need people, just like they need you.”

Managing Director, Mouka Limited, Peju Adebajo (right), presenting a mattress to a teacher at Local Government Primary School, Oworonshoki, Philomena Modupe (middle), while Chief Commercial Officer, Mouka Limited, Jude Abonu looks on at Mouka baby range product launch in Lagos recently.

Justrite Superstores To Add Online Offerings ASKING in the euphoria of Superstores, Mrs. Tosin B its recently successful Aderinwale explained that the ChopLife consumer promo- management is excited at the tion, the management of Justrite Superstores has revealed that it will unveil its online store variant before the end of the year. Disclosing this to the media at the presentation of the star prize of a brand new Honda Hyma Series 3 car to the winner, Mrs. Oladipupo Adeyemi in Ota, Ogun State, the Managing Director, Justrite

outcome of the promo, pointing to the massive crowd that attended the draws. “The impressive turnout is testimony of our consistency over the years and that the customers have come to believe in us. It is also indicative of our large customer base, which is a pointer, that we have loyal followers,” she said.

Samsung Rounds Off ‘Dream The Blues Campaign’ CFAO Electro-Hall Hits Nigeria AMSUNG Electronics West motivating youths to discovSAfrica, a subsidiary of er and expand possibilities With Sharp Products Samsung Electronics for themselves. We hope this Company Limited, a global leader in consumer electronics and digital convergence technologies, has held the grand finale of the Dream the Blues Campaign, a corporate social responsibility initiative of the company aimed at supporting and motivating youths to discover and expand their potentials through football. The finale, involving 14 football-loving kids from seven countries, was held in London. Nigeria was represented by two boy-players — Jeb Mallam (9) from the SOS Village, Abuja and Moses Magnut (13) from Compassionate Home Orphanages, Lagos. Twelve others were drawn from Brazil, China, Ghana, Mexico, South Africa, and Thailand. According to Managing Director, Samsung Electronics West Africa, Bravo Kim, “we are proud to continue our support for the dreams of the youths through football experience. Samsung believes in supporting and

camp in London is a meaningful step and a great opportunity for the participants to come closer to their dreams”. The meeting with Torres, Moses, Oscar, and Mata inspired Dream the Blues team to beat Chelsea FC Foundation youth team to the delight of their parents and chaperons, their biggest fans. The kids got pitch-side seats at Stamford Bridge as they watched Chelsea spank Everton 2:1 scored by their heroes Mata and Torres.

Dream the Blues player, Jeb Mallam from the SOS Village, Abuja dribbles past a pole as Dream the Blue Ambassador, Fernando Torres of Chelsea FC watches during a training/mentoring session at the Chelsea FC Training facility in London recently.

FAO Electro-Hall, the sole distributors of Sharp copiers and C air conditioners is set to launch and exhibit its newest range of products. The event holds on June 11, this year, at the Civil Centre, Lagos. A household name in Nigeria, CFAO Electro-Hall will through the products launch and exhibition re-confirm its leadership position in the Nigerian Multifunction Product (MFP) market. Speaking ahead the official launch of the products, the Commercial Manager (Sales), Kazeem Soyinka, said what prompted the unveiling of the products is the need to bring about up to date standard of equipments that will indeed help in efficiency in organisations, adding that in Nigeria, the diverse business activities of the group gave birth to the new ranges of equipment. According to him, “this is a major leap forward; we know that people are changing rapidly, particularly on the African continent. This new iteration of CFAO Electro-Hall allows them to adopt technology that changes with them, meeting their everyday requirements.”

Idee’s Stew Mix Debuts S part of efforts to proffer solution to cooking delicious meals A on time, Vowels AA Limited has launched Idee’s Stew mix, a food breakthrough that can also replace buying raw ingredients in the market. Chief Executive Officer, Vowels AA, Dr. Omoniyi Akinleye, spoke on the product. “Idees is made with natural ingredients. It is simple to prepare; it is natural with no chemicals like monosodium glutamate or preservatives, and it’s a mixture of fresh tomatoes, peppers, seasoning, salt, spices and all ingredients in a dry format to make meal preparation effortless. You can use the contents inside the sachet to cook meals like jollof rice, egusi soup, Efo riro, stews, moin moin, among others.” She added that the idea to develop a dry powder mix that makes cooking easier was conceived from working long hours and the need to still cook for the family no matter how tired one was or how late one gets home.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


NEWSMAKER Nigerians Free To Do Business With Turkey, Says Ambassador The new Turkish ambassador to Nigeria, Mustafa Pulat, who recently presented his letters of credence to President Goodluck Jonathan in Abuja was in Lagos recently. He attended the Lagos Motor fair and Spare Parts Exhibition at the Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos. He spoke with BAYO OGUNMUPE on Turkish business interests in Nigeria and many other issues. Excerpts: IR, Didn’t you have some apprehension in Sentbeing posted to Nigeria, In view of the pressecurity challenges in the country? Every country has its own problems. Nigeria is not an exception. Turkey has problems. I am not new to Africa. I have served in Sudan and Germany, but this is my first time in Nigeria as an ambassador and it is amazing. Nigeria is an interesting country, I have made a lot friends. I have met many Nigerians who are ready to partner with Turkey in businesses, manufacturing and other issues of trade. It is very interesting because Nigeria has enormous human and material resources. There is a lot of Turkish presence in Nigeria. We have 16 Turkish companies in this auto parts exhibition for example. What advice do you have for Nigeria on her security challenges? Terrorism is a global phenomenon. Each country has to tackle it as best as it could. They all come down to one thing: providing adequate amenities for our citizens. The government must accede to the yearnings of the people and provide justice for all.


What is the extent of Turkish business interest in Nigeria? We have many business interests in Nigeria. We have established the Turkish international university in Abuja. We are working on the establishment of a hospital in Abuja. Turkish businessmen are also building factories in

the two countries It has been observed that there are consular constraints for Nigerian businessmen to obtain visas to enter Turkey. How will you address this problem? We are going to establish E-visa regime soonest so that Nigerians can apply for visa online. We have already started the programme with few countries but Nigeria is not included yet, Now we will include Nigeria. We are not restricting Nigerians’ entry into Turkey. What is responsible for the delay in Turkey’s entry into the European Union? We have almost fulfilled all the requirements. The delay seemed to be a blessing in disguise. If Turkey had been admitted during the present economic crisis rocking Europe, Turkey would have been affected. We have no political issues with any European nation. The suspicion about our economic status has been removed by the delay. We are now poised to enter the EU since we have no problems with any European country. With Turkey as a pride of Islam, is not limiting for Turkey to join EU? One would think that Turkey will stand out and lead the developing countries? The two scenarios are working together. Turkey will serve in both roles. We will join the European Union and we will also support the developing nations to fulfill their destinies. We are also a developing nation. What has become of the legacy of Bulent Ecevit? He was a great Turkish Leader and reformer. His legacy is continuing. His party is now in power. His economic policies are still been Nigeria. I have a mandate to set up a consulate pursued in Turkey. He gave Turkey rapid ecoin Lagos that will take care of Turkish business nomic development. His policies attracted forinterests in the southwest. The only challenge eign companies into Turkey. Turkey has no car we face is the dearth of property in Lagos and brand and we manufacture Toyota and many that has been limiting us. We are going to other brands. The people of Turkey are very establish a joint Nigeria-Turkish Commission demanding. If the politicians do not satisfy to promote economic cooperation between them, they will change the government.

R Kem Thompson, a General D Practitioner based in North London, has just been awarded the ‘Motivational Speaker of The Year Award’ at the 2013 Women4Africa Awards which took place at the Kensington Town Hall, London, England. The Women 4 Africa Awards recognises and celebrates Outstanding UK-Based African women whose efforts have positively impacted the community, in various categories. Dr Thompson was recognized for her various Health-based motivational talks that she delivered during the previous year in various communities, which each received rave reviews. According to the 2013 Award’s Committee, “Audiences love Dr Thompson’s fresh, no-nonsense yet non-judgemental approach to the topics she covers, and they leave empowered with practical tools they can use to improve their health. She is becoming widely known as the doctor to talk to in respect of coming off medication for such chronic illnesses such as Diabetes (type 2) and Hypertension, and also for people cultivating healthy lifestyle habits and managing weight safely. Her nobull, down-to-earth approach gets her invited back for more presentations. Dr Thompson’s passion is obvious when she speaks, and this is what keeps her audiences rivetted”. The doctor disclosed that she had fought and triumphed over breast cancer in 2011,using the principles she is now so passionate about sharing with her audiences. After accepting the award, Dr Thompson expressed appreciation to God and the organizers of the award ceremony. “I wish to give all thanks and praise to God for giving me the gifts I possess. I thank everyone whose input has contributed to my winning this award. Special mention to Dayo


Nigerian Doctor Wins ‘Motivational Speaker Of The Year 2013’ Award In London First Ever Medical Professional To Win The Award Olomu for his unique role in the process. I’d like everyone to know this: if you have a desire or dream in your heart, know that it’s been put in there by your Maker, and with it, He will give you the ability to make it come true. So

feed your dream, nurture it, go for it with all you have got -- and at the right time, you will see the fruits of your efforts manifesting. You’ve got what it takes to make it and you will succeed if you don’t give up! .. I am

thrilled to have won this award. I hope it opens doors for me to reach a wider audience with my message of Positive Personal Proactive HealthCare, because from my day job, I see that it’s a message that is vitally needed today.”

Dr Thompson is not a run-of the-mill medical doctor. She is also a prolific writer, having published widely in both online and offline media. According to her, she has published a book on inspirational principles for women, and she is working on a healthrelated inspirational book at the moment.


Saturday, June 8, 2013 49

Conscience, Nurtured by Truth



As 2015 general election is two years away politicians and thier allies across the divide are already overheating the polity over who occupies the Aso Rock seat of power. So whose Interest is served by the festering crises in the polity now? SAMSON EZEA REPORTS: EMOCRACY, according to one-time United D States President, Abraham Lincoln, is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. A government that is to be upheld by all freedom loving people and not just the select few who hold a seat in the state. It is also a government to be free of injustice that would violate the country’s laws. It is by far the most challenging form of government – both for politicians and the people. With 14 years of uninterrupted democratic governance in Nigeria, majority of Nigerians are yet to see the proof that democracy is the government of the people, by the people and for the people. It has obviously become more of the government of the few, for the select few at the expense of the suffering majority. It has been more of bogus promises during electioneering campaigns, but less delivery while in office. Majority of wealthy people in Nigeria today are those appointed or elected into government office before and now, or those who are doing businesses with government and at the same time serve as fronts or conduit pipes to loot public funds for selfish use. Majority of the political gladiators struggling to grab political power don’t have the interest of the majority of the people at heart. Experiences in the last 14 years of democracy in the country have shown clearly that the political class have not faired well with power and the country’s resources. That is why almost two years to the 2015 general elections, politicians and their foot soldiers are already overheating the political atmosphere through their unguarded utterances, actions and inactions over who will emerge the president of the country in 2015. This is when some of them are not sure of being alive by then to witness the election. This is also at a time that the country is under security siege, considering the level of insecurity across the country with Boko Haram insurgency as the greatest threat. From the North to the South, elected leaders, politicians, religious leaders and elder states-


Tinubu camps at the expense of the people of the state. In all these crises and hullabaloo ahead of 2015 general elections, those at the receiving end of it all are the impoverished Nigerians. Have Nigerians forgotten that today, just six months to end of the year, this year’s budget has not been finally passed into law? This is due to the lingering differences between the executive and legislature on the amendment of some sections of the bill. Most state governments have not implemented half of this year’s budget. Some have refused to pay workers in their states the minimum wage of N18,000 despite the huge public funds the governors corner every month as security vote in the midst of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the ruling par- overwhelming insecurity that is reigning ty is also leaving no stone unturned to ensure nationwide. that it retains power at the centre without minding whose ox is gored. For members of Northern Elders Forum led by Alhaji Maitama Sule, it is either the Presidency returns to the North in 2015 or nothing. But the people of the South zone, especially the South-South zone, are also insisting that President Jonathan must complete two terms in office whether the North likes it or not. The crisis in the PDP between the governors and the party’s leadership initially, has degenerated into a crisis between the Presidency and some PDP governors. It has also led to the suspension of the Rivers State governor, Mr Chibuike Amaechi. It has also trailed the outcome of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) which has polarised the governors into antiJonathan and pro-Jonathan camps. Indeed, it is already affecting governance in most states across the country, as most governors spend much time now in Abuja for meetings after meetings on how to either grab power in 2015 or retain it. In Anambra State, ahead of next year’s governorship election, the state governor, Mr Peter Obi and his estranged kinsman and embattled national chairman of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Chief Victor Umeh, are at each other’s throats over who controls the party’s machinery ahead of the governorship election and 2015 general election. The battle is now thriving on the pages of newspapers with name-calling, propaganda and blackmail from both camps, and in courts, where different judgments have been delivered. No one knows how the battle will end before the Anambra governorship election and 2015 general election and billions of public funds have been thrown into the crisis by both Tukur

Much Ado About 2015 men have been threatening fire and brimstone over who occupies Aso Rock Villa in 2015. Their threats depend on where their personal interests lie and not that of majority of Nigerians who cannot afford three square meals a day or have shelters to lay their heads. The threats, which are already overheating the polity, are assuming ethnic and religious dimensions which majority of Nigerians believe is very dangerous for the unity of the country and upholding of good governance which the leaders were elected into office for. While the major opposition parties, Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) and others are closing ranks to form a major opposition party with the sole aim of grabbing power from the ruling

The crisis in the PDP between the governors and the party’s leadership initially, has degenerated into a crisis between the Presidency and some PDP governors. It has also led to the suspension of the Rivers State governor, Mr Chibuike Amaechi. It has also trailed the outcome of the Nigerian Governors Forum (NGF) which has polarised the governors into anti-Jonathan and proJonathan camps.

The threats, which are already overheating the polity, are assuming ethnic and religious dimensions which majority of Nigerians believe is very dangerous for the unity of the country and upholding of good governance which the leaders were elected into office for.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



As Northern Elders And Southern


By Samson Ezea HE Northern Elders’ Forum is a group of T prominent Northern elders led by Alhaji Miatama Sule. It has made itself an important fac-


is a disaster to the country.” Abdullahi also condemned the 13 years of PDP administration, describing it as total failure. He said that the PDP administration is a failure and “has nothing to offer apart from the bloodbath Nigerians have experienced as a result of bad leadership. There is nothing to celebrate on May 29. There should be commiseration rather than celebration”. He added: “The only solution to these years of misrule and bloodbath is to ensure that President Jonathan and his PDP are not re-elected in 2015”. According to him, Jonathan will not win reelection based on his poor record of performance. He stressed: “We in the North are not going to support Jonathan in 2015 because he has done nothing for this country since he became president. Things have gone worse than they have ever been during the Jonathan administration. “I don’t see how he can stand and win an election if you judge him in terms of the social, economic and political indices in the Nigerian environment where we are now. Things have gone from bad to worse since his coming,” he argued He said it is too early to talk about 2015 now, but argued that President Jonathan and his kinsmen have not helped matters in that direction.

tor in several political decisions in the country since 1999. It was the first to suggest the idea of amnesty for the Boko Haram sect, and the Federal government concurred after foot-dragging for months. Ahead of the 2015 general election, the group has consistently maintained that power must return to the North. Speaking to The Guardian, its spokesman, Prof Ango Abdullahi said Northern governors who are not ready to key into the 2015 Northern Presidency should prepare for the worst. He said the bottomline is that power must return to the North in 2015. When reminded that some northern governors such as Isa Yuguda of Bauchi State have pulled out of the Northern Governors’ Forum in protest at the outcome of the Nigerian Governors’ Forum election, he said Yuguda can only stop attending the meeting but cannot pull out of the region because Bauchi is part of the North and he cannot take it away. “We cannot continue like this, but as far as Nigerians allowed themselves to be manipulated along ethnic, tribal and religious lines, there is a price for them to pay and there is a limit of such price. “As long as we continue to choose charlatans PDP Crises And The Gale Of and incompetent leaders, the country will continue to suffer for it. If you listen to people like Suspension Tony Anenih, you will understand that what they want is to retain power and abuse it, but we canINCE the ruling Peoples Democratic Party not sit down and watch him,” Abdullahi said. (PDP) took over power in 1999 with the He said Nigerians haven seen at least 12 years of emergence of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo as Southern presidency since 1999, with little or nothing to show for it. “I was deeply involved in the negotiation and gentleman agreement of zoning between the Northern and Southern political leaders in PDP in 1999 that brought Chief Olusegun Obasanjo into power. Unfortunately, the same Obasanjo came out openly to deny zoning when it is convenient for him and President Jonathan. Where is Obasanjo today and where is Jonathan? Treachery and evil cannot triumph for so long,” he said. On the performance of President Jonathan and 14 years of democracy, Abdullahi described Jonathan’s administration as the worst regime in Nigeria’s history.The Northern Elders’ Forum emphatically declared that the “administration



President on the party’s platform, the party has always been engulfed in a myriad of deep-rooted crises, mainly because of the selfish interest of members. It has been the struggle for the soul of the party between the governors of the party and the President. It has never been about how to provide the teeming Nigerians with good governance and basic infrastructure as promised during campaign. Almost two years to the 2015 general election, the party is at it again. At the centre of the present crisis in the party is President Jonathans’ 2015 ambition. Initially, the President denied any plan of seeking second term in office but recently, he said he would make his position known next year. Even before making his position known, hiss foot soldiers within and outside the Presidency are already campaigning for his second term in office. The president’s body language and tactical support to the group which appears to be loyal to him in ongoing crisis in the party, leaves no one in doubt that he has already made up his mind to seek second term in office. A source in the Presidency told The Guardian that the President made up his mind to contest second term immediately he was elected in 2011 general election. “Since his election in 2011, he has been working with some forces in the party and some governors to perfect his second term bid. So, Nigerians should not be surprised with what is happening now. Besides, the President has the constitutional right to seek for second term in office,” the source said. Now, it is a battle between governors and other party chieftains mainly from the North who are against the President’s second term ambi-

Two years before the 2015 general election, the Board of Trustees (BoT) Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih who has bestrode the corridors of power like a colossus since the Second Republic, has proposed the party’s automatic ticket for President Jonathan, Governors and the National Assembly members. Many have described the proposal as anti-democratic, but those who know Anenih’s antecedents politically know that he meant his proposal

tion, and those who are in support of it and are seriously working for it. Many believe that it is a major reason why the President is fighting Governor Amaechi through his proxies. No one knows when and how the battle will end before 2015. As the crisis persists with the takeover of Obio/Akpor Council Area by security agents, the wheel of government is gradually being grounded in the state. With the alleged impeachment threat against Amaechi, the die is cast, as the state House of Assembly might not sit again as long as the crisis last. Nigerians saw it in Ogun State during the administration of Gbenga Daniel. Besides, it has been suspension galore in the party. Less than two weeks after the party suspended, Amaechi, the Burutu Local Government Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Delta State has suspended the Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Elder Godsday Orubebe, and nine others over allegations of misconduct capable of breeding hatred and anti-party activities. A statement signed by the Chairman of the PDP, Burutu LGA, Delta State, Pastor Ogeibiri, the Secretary of the PDP, and three others, after a meeting at the council headquarters of the party on Tuesday, said the decision to suspend Orubebe and his cohorts followed a petition received from concerned party men over their activities. “After a hearing, preliminary to Section 21.4 of the constitution as amended, and by the virtue of the powers conferred on us, the working committee of the party via Section 21.4 of the same constitution, hereby place Elder Godsday Orubebe and nine cohorts on suspension. “The suspension was triggered by series of allegations of misconduct likely to cause disrepute, hatred, contempt, anti-party activities. Orubebe and the affected nine others are hereby referred to the PDP disciplinary committee in Burutu Local Government for further investigations,” the statement said in part. It would be recall that Chief Edwin Clark recently criticized Orubebe for nursing governorship ambition in 2015 in the state. On Wednesday this week, the party leadership suspended Governor Aliyu Wamakko of Sokoto State. The Guardian learnt that more governors, mainly from the North, will be suspended from the party in the days ahead as security report before the Presidency and the party leadership revealed that the affected governors have been hob-nobbing with the yet to be registered All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of 2015 to the detriment of the PDP.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



Leaders Battle For 2015 Presidency... A member of the NWC of the party leadership told The Guardian that President Jonathan has been advised by the party leadership to ensure that all the governors being identified as moles in the party should be shown the way out of the party in time so that the party will not be caught unawares in the 2015 general election. According to the member, Wamakko has made an open comment condemning the formation of PDP Governors’ Forum and governor Godswill Akpabio’s leadership of Forum; insisting that there was only one Governors Forum which has Amaechi as its chairman. “This was immediately after the formation of the PDP Governors’ Forum. When the party leadership queried Wamakko over the uncomplimentary remarks about the party, he refused to address the query. Since then the party has been watching his activities and stand, the outcome of the recent election of the Chairman of Nigerian Governors’ Forum was a pointer that he has been involved in anti-party.

which might likely overheat the polity. It would be recalled that in 2002, Anenih said that there was no vacancy in Aso Rock in 2003, and that all the PDP governors will get automatic tickets for second term in office. This was even before the then President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo declared for second term in office. True to his to declaration, and against all odds posed by some PDP governors and then Vice President, Ahaji Atiku Abubakar, Obasanjo got the party’s ticket and won the 2003 general election with Anenih as his pointsman. All the 20 PDP governors were given automatic second term tickets except Chinwoke Mbadinuju on Anambra State who was denied ticket to appease the new godfather of Anambra politics, Chief Chris Uba. So, Nigerians should brace up for Anenih’s exploits again in 2015.

2015: Anenih At It Again

S the pro-Jang and pro-Amaechi governors continue to hold A unto their positions on the outcome of the recent Nigerian Governors’ Forum election, the wheel of governance and devel-

Two years before the 2015 general election, the Board of Trustees (BoT) Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih who has bestrode the corridors of power like a colossus since the Second Republic, has proposed the party’s automatic ticket for President Jonathan, Governors and the National Assembly members. Many have described the proposal as antidemocratic, but those who know Anenih’s antecedents politically know that he meant his proposal. Of all the 23 PDP governors, only three are on first terms, namely the governors of Gombe, Bayelsa and Kwara. The rest are on second term which means they cannot seek re-election. So, which automatic tickets are they going to get? Is it that of Senatorial seat? What happens to those occupying the seats on the party’s platform? Will they be pushed out without any ticket? Expectedly, there might be crisis in the party in the days ahead

Tinubu, Alhaji Lai Mohammed and others, are already boasting that they will grab power from PDP, but they have not informed Nigerians what they will do with the power if they grab it. They have been lashing at PDP and PDP has been responding. Even ex-militant, Asari Dokubo, Presidential Adviser on Amnesty Programme, Mr Kingsly Kuku, Chief Edwin Clark and others from South, have maintained that President Jonathan will run for eight years unless heavens will fall.

Nigerian Governors’ Forum Crisis And Its Attendant Consequences

opment across the states might grind to a halt before 2015. This is because the governors are now really neck-deep in the intrigues and scheming of 2015 general election. There will be consistent nocturnal meetings in Abuja and political sycophancy and loyalty will be the order of the day. Pro-Jonathan and anti-Jonathan governors will jostle for relevance. The Northern governors and their Southern counterparts will slug it out to see who will have the upper hand at last. Billions of public fund will go down the drain.

APC Merger And Its Threat

CHIEFTAINS of the yet-to-be-registered All Progressive Congress (APC) such Gen. Mohammed Buhari (rtd), Senator Bola Ahmed


Udengs Eradiri is a former Secretary General of Ijaw Youth Council (IYC). He also flew the flag of Labour Party (LP) for the Yenagoa-KolokumaOpokuma Federal Constituency in the 2011 elections. In this interview, he speaks on the rising tension in the country over the 2015 general election, among other national issues. By Onyedika Agbedo Many Nigerians believe that the controversy surrounding the chairmanship election of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum portends danger for the 2015 elections. What is your take on the issue? HAT is the usefulness of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum? How many times have these governors sat down to fashion out ways of creating jobs for millions of unemployed youths across the country? They are only interested in dragging power with the President. They have only been interested in the Sovereign Wealth Fund. But I ask: What about the one that they are creating? I blame the unfortunate development on the style of President Goodluck Jonathan. Why didn’t they dictate to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo when he was the president? Do we have Local Government Chairmen that dictate to the governors how to govern their states? Will the governors accept it if the council chairmen say no to deduction of their funds? I admire Governor Rotimi Amaechi because of his achievements in Rivers State. So, I will advise him to face governance in his state. I don’t think that the President is involved in the crisis rocking the Governors’ Forum, so he and his colleagues should resolve their differences and leave Jonathan out of it. I wouldn’t want to see a breakdown of law and order in Rivers State because my rating of Amaechi is based on his performance in Rivers State, which is his primary responsibility to his people and not on political intrigues. Don’t forget that we must build bridges if we are to win the 2015 presidential election. So impeaching Amaechi as being proposed by some elements will only create bad blood between the people of the South-South; it will be too costly an error to commit. Having said this, I will equally advise Amaechi to reconcile with the President, which doesn’t mean that he should not assume leadership.

‘The Crises About 2015 Are Indicators Of A Failed System’


Udengs Remember that at times one has to stoop in order to conquer if need be. As a leader, he has proved to be a good manager of resources and even though he has the right to any political alignment, it is only normal for him to support the wishes and aspiration of his people – the South-South zone. He should not allow himself to be used by the North to create crisis in the

South-South. When you talk about building political bridges as regards President Jonathan’s second tenure ambition, many people believe that Jonathan’s strategists are not doing enough, especially with the way they are ignoring the South-West. Do you agree? The people of the South-West are intelligent and politically enlightened people, so when the chips are down, you will see their true dance steps. We will be making a mistake by thinking that they will align with the North in 2015. Former president of the Ijaw Youth Council (IYC), Mujaheed Asari-Dokubo recently threatened that there would be no Nigeria if President Jonathan fails to win the 2015 presidential election. Did he speak the minds of Ijaw youths? Yes, he spoke the minds of Ijaw youths because we believe that the President must be given the opportunity, just like past presidents from other ethnic groups, to rule for eight years. It is unfortunate that Nigerians don’t see anything good coming from President Jonathan. The man has diligently ensured that the railways are working. Look at our roads; we know what they used to be before Jonathan became president. The recent Good Governance Tour exposed a lot of what the President has done that we were not aware of in the power, education, transport and other sectors of the economy. Is it because the man is a southerner that nobody wants to see the good things he is doing? The Boko Haram insurgency, which some people are relying on to rate him low, is a well-orchestrated plan to deter him, but he has refused to be distracted. For me, Jonathan has been able to steer the ship of the Nigerian state efficiently. So, we believe that there would be crisis if the President is intimidated and pushed away. Gone are the days when we allowed people to take our resources and still spit on our faces. However, I must say that we want to win the 2015 presidential election by building bridges, making

We must ensure that our system is a competitive one because what we are witnessing now are indicators of a failed a system. Why should people be talking about 2015 when they have not completed their respective first tenures? That’s why I still praise the President for not allowing himself to be distracted. He just presented the scorecard of his first two years and asked for more support for the last lap of his first tenure.

friends, reaching out to the South-East, SouthSouth and even the North because we cannot do it alone. Nobody wants to spill blood because of 2015. I am assuring you that the President’s work will speak for him when the time comes. But should Jonathan fail to win in a free and fair contest, will you people accept the result? I doubt if there would free and fair elections; but I will tell you that Jonathan will win the presidential election if the poll is free and fair. I doubt the possibility of free and fair elections because we have seen the drumbeat of Boko Haram. It is has succeeded in putting fear into the people of the North. What does this translate to? They have already started the process of rigging the election ahead of time. There is a breakdown of law and order in the North, so who will come out to take part in the electoral process? What is your take on the recent declaration of state of emergency in three North-Eastern states, which some people have described as a ploy by the President to derail the 2015 elections? The question is: What are the conditions that warrant the declaration of a state of emergency because there are constitutional provisions for such action? These conditions, if we tell ourselves the truth, have been created long ago. Law and order have completely broken down in those states. For once, Nigerians should give kudos to the President at least for upholding the democratic structures in those states. If I were to be President, they would have given way, but I must say that Nigerians are lucky that they have a president that respects the feelings of the people, which some mischievous people have misconstrued to be a sign of weakness. I think the man is achieving results with his style, which is a nonviolent and democratic one. Are you worried that strategising for 2015 has taken over the polity to the detriment of good governance at the various levels of government? It still boils down to our system, which is almost dead. I still maintain that until we have a Sovereign National Conference to chart the way forward, we will continue to window-dress issues of national importance. A situation where we continue to sing praises of a governor for constructing a kilometre road is very appalling. Why was he elected in the first place? We must ensure that our system is a competitive one because what we are witnessing now are indicators of a failed a system. Why should people be talking about 2015 when they have not completed their respective first tenures? That’s why I still praise the President for not allowing himself to be distracted. He just presented the scorecard of his first two years and asked for more support for the last lap of his first tenure. That’s how it should be.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


COVER Commendations, Knocks Trail Anenih’s Automatic Ticket Proposal From Alemma-Ozioruva Aliu, Benin City XPECTEDLY, the suggestion by the Chairman, E Board of Trustees (BoT) of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih that the party should give automatic tickets to performing presidents and governors to reduce the rancour and bickering usually associated with party primaries, have generated mixed reactions from party members, activists and even voices from the opposition parties. Anenih had made suggested during a meeting of selected leaders of the party to mark Nigeria’s 14 years of democratic rule last week.   While some of his party members believe that the suggestion was being misconstrued to mean that the party had decided on that, others believe that it was timely and that the party should look into the suggestion to reduce the heat associated with primary elections.    But the opposition and civil society believe that such a suggestion coming from the ruling party at the centre, is not good enough to deepen the country’s democracy and should therefore be discarded.   Oladele Bankole-Balogun is the Edo State Commissioner in the Public Complaints Commission (PCC) and an House of Representative aspirant in Akoko-Edo Federal Constituency under the PDP. He told The Guardian that it is good the party gives the suggestion a thought, saying:  “In any political setting, there is time for everything. Now, I think that a lot of movement and a lot of issues in our politics dictate when to take some decisions in support of politics. If you take the United States for example, you hardly find that a sitting president is seriously challenged in the face of coming elections such that it would break the party and cause consternation among the populace. It’s not done. “The reason why you have that is to solidify democracy and governance.  We need to take a decision in Nigeria, the country is bigger than all of us. We need to decide what do we do at this time in our body politics. What do we do at this stage? Is it right for us to follow a model

ies. It is an advice. “You know in the party, first and foremost, everyone wants to avoid rancour so we want to also avoid unnecessary waste of resources because what is happening is an intra-party contest and since we still have inter-party contest at the elections, I think a party like the PDP must know that we have to avoid anything that can precipitate unnecessary hiccups,” he said. Uroghide added: “First and foremost, it is an advice; I don’t think it is the position of the party yet. That must not be misconstrued. Secondly, the National Working Committee of where we don’t rock the boat and we allow a the party has not decided on anything yet. sitting president to continue. We should seriAgain, the National Executive of the party which ously think of following models all around is equally bigger than the National Working the world or should we leave it open and we Committee, has equally not taken a decision.”   beat ourselves to death and before election But a chieftain of the opposition Action day, the country is disarray? Congress of Nigeria (ACN) and Secretary to the “I actually think that we are getting to a Edo State government, Prof Julius Ihonvbere stage in our polity where we have to take thinks otherwise. He described the call for autosome decisions such as protecting the sanctimatic tickets for PDP governors and President ty of the office and ensuring that our democGoodluck Jonathan as undemocratic. racy is enduring.”    Ihonvbere, a former Special Adviser to former On his part, the Edo State Publicity President Olusegun Obasanjo, and former Secretary of the PDP, Matthew Uroghide member of the PDP said: “The credibility I have thinks that Anenih’s suggestion is deliberateto make my comment is that I was in the frontly being skewed by a section of the media to line of those who fought for this democracy, create crisis when there is none.    He said it whether at the level of the UDFF or the level of is a good suggestion that the leadership of JACON, with people like the late Chief Anthony the party should consider when the time Enahoro, Alani Akinrinade, Bolaji Akinyemi, comes for nomination. Kayode Fayemi, Bola Tinubu, Bola Ige and oth“I do not see why a section of the press is ers. This is not the democracy we all fought misconstruing this and want to cause disaffor.    fection within the party. He has said most “That is his (Anenih’s) usual style, contaminatresponsibly, it is an advice to the party, it is ing the political process. When they are afraid his opinion as the chairman of the BoT that of competition, they look for short cuts. It is one those who have performed should be given a Anenih way of telling people not to even bother. But second chance. He is just being fair so that that is not in the PDP constitution or in the conwe can avoid unnecessary rancor. stitution of Nigeria. It does not help democratic “You must know that a person of Chief Tony what he felt that the party should do when it Anenih’s standing and of course the office comes to nominations of governors, those in development, it does not help democratic conthat he occupies, must be able to make state- the National Assembly and even the president, testation, it does not help the strengthening of ments on behalf of the party because the when it comes to the time of nomination and political institutions. If they have performed Board of Trustees is the soul of the party. If he they have performed well, he feels that the par- well, their records will stand for them and they has said anything at the banquet to express ty shouldn’t go through the rigours of primar- will win.   “In Edo State, Governor Adams Oshiomhole performed to the point that across the three senatorial zones, religious divide, ethnic divide, You must know that a person of Chief Tony Anenih’s standing and of the support was overwhelming.”    course the office that he occupies, must be able to make statements on Similarly, the National President, Coalition to Nigeria (CSN), Dr Philip Ugbodaga said the behalf of the party because the Board of Trustees is the soul of the par- Save suggestion, if applied, may have negative effect both on elected officials and the electorate. ty. If he has said anything at the banquet to express what he felt that “Democracy has always been a game of numthe party should do when it comes to nominations of governors, those in bers and popular participation and any attempt to redefine it to make it that of excluthe National Assembly and even the president, when it comes to the sion and subterfuge, will spell doom for our time of nomination and they have performed well, he feels that the party country,” he averred.

shouldn’t go through the rigours of primaries. It is an advice.

NGF Furore Is All About 2015 Election, Says Oshomah “Aside from enriching few pockets, Jonathan’s presidency has not brought development to the region. The people of the region should be careful because it-is-our-turn politics is meant to manipulate the people for the advantage of the elites. Tony Anenih was Minister of Works under ex-President Obasanjo, Chris Ogiemwonyi was former State Minister for Works just as Mike Onolememe (all from Edo State) is now Minister for Works. How have their positions improved the roads in Edo State for instance?” Oshomah regretted that the Federal Government, under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan, instead of focusing on delivering democratic dividends to the people, is focusing on campaigns for an election that is still two years ahead. He posited that no meaningful development would take place in the next two years with the way the administration is going. “Mark you, for the next two years, no meaningful development will take place. The first two years is usually for bojuboju development. And the next two years is usually for politicking and campaigning. The man who did not promise anything, has provided next to nothing, only to celebrate himself,” he said. Oshomah, who said the 2015 election should be on the basis of performance, urged Nigerians to seize power at the grassroots to determine what happens in the polity. He further said hope does not exist in All Progressives Congress (APC) in rescuing power from the PDP, to offer democratic dividends to the people. “2015 elections should be based on performance rather than Oshomah automatic ticket for anybody. Government is talking about transparent election in 2015 when the process of attaining that By Joseph Okoghenun election is in a sham; there is no internal democracy. All these are not healthy for our democracy. How old is President Barack OR Barrister Liborous Oshomah, a Lagos-based legal practitioner and public affairs analyst, scheming for the 2015 gener- Obama of the United States of America and David Cameron of the United Kingdom? al elections is responsible for the on-going Nigerian Governor “In Nigeria, we have Chairman of (PDP) Board of Trustees (BOT) Forum (NGF) crisis. He said Nigerians who are promoting ethnic politics should rather be interested about the capacity of the who is almost 80 years and a president with godfather and leaders. It is not healthy for our democracy. Democracy all over the individuals Nigerians are going to vote into power in 2015. world is practised on the basis of performance and participation “All the cry in the Nigeria Governor’s Forum is all about 2015. of the people. When government discusses issues, there is no Some South-South states and a few other individuals feel that ‘this is our turn to rule the country’ and would not accept a sit- mention of the people. What it means is that the people do not uation where Amaechi is used to scuttle their chances to power, matter in the polity. As far as election is concerned, we the people don’t count. That is why they talk about automatic ticket and irrespective of whether the presidency has brought developwe must win the election irrespective of performance. We ment to the region.


should measure 2015 with performance indices. This is the only country where politicians campaign without manifestoes and politicians bond together not because of any ideology, but on the basis of self-interest. “Furthermore, Nigerians should throw away their lackadaisical attitude towards governance. Until we take back the power that belongs to us to determine our fate, we would continue to go round in a circle and complain, and politicians would continue to recycle the same retire hands. And we will never get there. “We should note that it is not about the political parties but the people we are voting into power. We have hardly seen internal democracy playing out in the parties that constitute APC. They are the same. How well have the states under ACN fared under the dispensation, aside Lagos State? If you take the record of states under the PDP, you would see some states that have performed to some extent: Enugu, Akwa-Ibom and Cross River states. “What is the ideology binding the APC together aside the fact that its members want to be in power? Ideologically, I do not see APC binding together and if it comes into power, the problem PDP is having now –PDP is its own enemy – are still going to face APC. South-West and ACN is controlled by Bola Ahmed Tinubu today. If ACN extends its tentacles to the North for instance, are you sure that one man would be able to control it the way it is now? I do not see them able to wrestle power from the PDP from the way they are going. “To ensure that votes counts, we need to organise at the local level and ask questions about the performance of our elected leaders. That is only when our leaders would begin to work,” he said.

Mark you, for the next two years, no meaningful development will take place. The first two years is usually for bojuboju development. And the next two years is usually for politicking and campaigning. The man who did not promise anything, has provided next to nothing, only to celebrate himself


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Conscience, Nurtured by Truth

Politics Last two weeks, we started a series on raging controversies over power rotation in the states as the nation prepares for another general election in 2015. This is the concluding part….

In Anambra, The North Zone Laments Marginalisation By Samson Ezea HE new Anambra State, created in 1991, is T made Anambra North, South and Central senatorial zones. The first civilian governor of the state was Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife from Anambra South, whose tenure was truncated by the November 17, 1993 military intervention of the late Gen. Sani Abacha. With the return of democracy in 1999, several political and other factors threw up Dr. Chinwoke Mbadinuju, also from Anambra South, as the governor. After his first term, his party denied him a second term ticket in 2003 and picked Dr. Chris Ngige from Anambra Central, who was declared the winner by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Ngige’s tenure was cut short following the victory of Governor Mr. Peter Obi, also from the Central, at the Supreme Court, who won a second term in 2010, which elapses early next years. Obi has promised that his successor would emerge from Anambra North, amidst protest and opposition from the Central and South. The argument of those against Obi’s stand is that the people should be allowed to choose their governor, instead of imposing a candidate on them. Those in favour of the North producing the next governor believe it is in the interest of fairness and equity, having not occupied the position in old and new Anambra State. Less than a year to the governorship election, the political atmosphere is already charged, with majority of aspirants mostly moneybags and political heavyweights mainly from the South and Central, and the North parading only a few known perpetual contestants for the seat since 1999. Presently, all eyes are on the state to see how the game plays out in the days ahead. But many believe that if the North loses out again this time, despite promises and assurances by


the incumbent governor, it might be difficult for the people to produce a governor in the nearest future.

PLATEAU: Rotation Reigns

From Isa Abdulsalami Ahovi, Jos

HE case of Plateau State is a different ball T game altogether. Since the return of democratic governance in 1999, the people struck a mutual understanding to rotate the governorship among the three senatorial districts. Plateau can unarguably go for a state where equity, fairness and justice reign when it comes to rotation of the governorship, despite its numerous crises over the years. From the inception of current political dispensation, Plateau has enjoyed that rare privilege of understanding and all the three senatorial districts have had a taste of governorship. Chief Solomon Lar from the South was the first civilian governor of the state between 1979 and 1984 when the military struck at the point he was starting a second term. Ambassador Fidelis Tapgun, also from the South, was elected governor under the late Abacha’s regime and spent about two years in office before administration was terminated. When democracy returned in 1999, the elders

of the state unanimously agreed that Plateau Central should produce the governor, which saw the emergence of Chief Joshua Dariye in 1999 and 2007 for a two terms of eight years. Then came Governor Jonah Jang from the North in 2007 and 2011, who would complete his second term in 2015. It is glaring that no zone could cry of marginalization, as all of them have taken turns to produce a governor. The only problem the state is facing now is the choice of where to start another again, but some political observers see this as no problem. It is on this note that the Special Adviser on Political Matters to Jang, Mr. Alexander Molwus, said: “Like we always say, Plateau people have a tradition and they understand the rhythm of the tradition. “They also relate that rhythm to the democratic tenets of the Nigerian constitution, which is that any Plateau man is qualified to aspire to leadership. “From 1999 to date, it has been open to any Plateau man to contest. Yet, the people, in fairness to the various segments of the state, do have an internalised system of arriving at whom to pick. “Though candidates in the elections from 1999 to date have been coming out from the three zones, but each time, the Plateau people, in sieving out who emerges, will automatically fall within the zone that is seen to have not benefited from the exercise.” Whichever zone takes the first shot from 2015, the two others are rest assured, from antecedents, that their turns shall surely come subsequently.

As talk of who succeeds Governor Gabriel Suswam in 2015 come gathers momentum, the issue of power rotation is already generating controversy in Benue State among the three senatorial districts. The battle, BENUE: Numerical Strength, which is primarily between the two major tribes in the state- Idoma and Not Zoning Holds The Ace From Joseph Wantu, Makurdi Tiv- is witnessing the building of S talk of who succeeds Governor Gabriel political structures that would enable ASuswam in 2015 come gathers momentum, the issue of power rotation is already them clinch the position



generating controversy in Benue State among the three senatorial districts. The battle, which is primarily between the two major tribes in the state- Idoma and Tiv- is witnessing the building of political structures that would enable them clinch the position. The Guardian investigation revealed that aspirants are going the whole hog to recruit political bigwigs in their zones to outwit opponents. From all indications, the influence of godfatherism in 2015 cannot be rule out in deciding who gets what positions and which part of the state produces the next governor. Incidentally, since politics is a gain of number, the Tiv, spread across the Northeast and Northwest districts, would slug it out with the Idoma, who occupy the South. Though every individual is legible to vote and be voted for, but influence of numerical strength cannot be wished away; hence the majority Tiv has unilaterally held political powers and continues to dominate political landscape in Benue State since its creation in 1976. The Tiv, with five ruling blocs scattered across the two senatorial districts, have produced Aper Aku (Kwande); Moses Adasu (Jerchira); George Akume (Jemngbagh); and Gabriel Suswam (Sankera), remaining only Minda, which like their Idoma counterpart, are yet to have a shot. Already, the Tiv have resolved that it is only when Minda completes the cycle that they would consider conceding the position to the Idoma. This is why Minda politicians now insist that it is their turn to produce the governor in 2015 and advance arguments that going by the principle of ya na angbian (chop give your brother) sharing formula, since Kwande, Jerchira, Jemngbagh and Sankera have each produced a governor. At the moment, over 15 aspirants from Minda


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



KANO: Politicians Differ On Zoning nothing order than political cowardice.”

CONTINUED FROM PAGE 53 residing within and outside the state have indicated interest to succeed Suswam and they can only clinch the position by presenting a common front or aspirant. However, even within the Tiv tribe, some political leaders are opposed to the Minda aspiration on the ground that the current Tor-Tiv Orchivirigh Akawe Torkula, hails from Guma and it is traditionally wrong for them to contemplate the governorship. Perhaps all these inform why the Idoma are clamouring for the creation of Apa State, with their son, Senate President David Mark, in the forefront. But the Igede, another tribe in the zone, fearing continuous marginalisation, does not support the quest.

BAUCHI: North And Central Seek Turns

From Ali Garba, Bauchi

FORMER Deputy Comptroller of the Nigerian A Custom Service (NCS) and politician in Bauchi State, Alhaji Ali Wakili, has stated that

KANO: Politicians Differ On Zoning

From Abba Anwar, Kano

ONING of elective and non-elective positions Z has been described as detrimental to the survival of democracy and democratic culture in the Kano State in particular and the country in general. But those who see it as complementing the strength of democracy and fair play amongst politicians disagree. A chieftain of All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), Alhaji Yahuza Alkassim Kunchi, said that zoning of positions is undemocratic, mischievous and a threat to the survival of democracy in Nigeria. “I do not believe in zoning and I do not believe in tailored internal arrangement within a particular party to pressed party members on whom to elect at their primary elections within the party,” he stated. Kunchi said he believes in true democracy and democratic arrangement, not “civilian dictatorship,” citing the emergence of House of Representatives Speaker Aminu Tambuwal against the PDP zoning arrangement. “It was all the palaver about zoning that caused


the frosty relationship between Tambuwal and President Goodluck Jonathan. “The President believes in zoning, while Tambuwal is opposed to it,” he noted. Alhaji AbdulMajid Danbilki Kwamanda, a chieftain of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), noted that zoning, based on credibility and capacity to handle the affairs of the state, was good for the survival of democracy and good governance. “You see, in Kano State, it is only Kano Central and Kano South senatorial districts that have been producing governors for the state. “Kano North never for once produced a governor in the state,” Kwamanda lamented. He further argued that if democracy really meant fairness, then Kano North should zone to produce the next governor of the state in 2015.


“The late Abubakar Rimi and Kabiru Gaya are from Kano South, while Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau and Governor Rabiu Kwankwaso are Kano Central. “So, if democracy is really the main target, Kano North should also produce the next governor. “We should also encourage that all appointed positions be shared among the zones in the state, as failure to do so could mean a tragic end for the democratic culture,” he said. But another PDP stakeholder, Alhaji Uba Dan Zainab, said: “There should be a real political contest devoid of acrimony and enmity. That is the best way for one to know his or her political capacity and potentiality. “I comfortably believe in what Kwankwasiyya political ideology teaches us, which is keen political contest among aspirants. “Zoning is a negation of true democracy and

corruption and lack of good governance bring about zoning in all tiers of government. According to him, elite selfishness, exacerbated by corruption, resulting to issues of mis-governance, poverty, lack of infrastructure and unequal development and distribution of resources inform the decision of federal character, which gave birth to zoning of leadership in the country. On the 2015 general election, especially governorship election in Bauchi State, he said without prejudice to his others’ ambitions, the governorship should be zoned either to the North or Central senatorial districts, as the South district has produced the governors since 1999. He said if this were taken into cognizance, it would foster greater understanding between the various people and communities and allow peace and harmony to thrive, as well as even development of the state. Wakili explained that agitation for resource management and control brought about mutual suspicion between various ethnic nationalities making up the Nigerian state, to which states and local government belongs. He said even though democracy has been defined as the government of the people, by the people and for the people, it is relative, as what obtains in the United States of America may not be obtainable in a foisted democracy, such as a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-religious country like Nigeria. The former NCS boss further stated that the quest for zoning would not have arisen had there not been disillusionment and discontent, which made people to agitate for their own people to be at the helm of affairs. He stressed: “I am standing for equity, fairness, justice, competitive, collectivism, good governances and above all better society.”

‘Government Needs To Adequately Fund The Police Force’ Adewole Ajakaye, a former Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), served in many capacities in the force before retiring in 2008. He was a member of the team at the Special Fraud Unit (SFU), which laid the foundation for the emergence of what is now known as Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). In this interview, he speaks about the problem of the force. By Laolu Adeyemi What is your view on the recent killing of scores of policemen in Nasarawa State? can understand the type of pains the families of the deceased policemen will be going through at the moment. They died while serving the country. Meanwhile, there is an urgent need for government to establish a panel to investigate this evil act by some group. Government should as a matter of fact, set up a panel to critically investigate the killing process before deciding on how to check the insurgence. After all, reports had it that they were ambushed and the opposition had no casualty. Secondly, I understand that there were some policemen who leaked the operational secret to group. This is the reason why government must look into the matter critically. Don’t you think this persistent killing of policemen can kill their morale? Certainly it’s killing the morale of the policemen and it is reducing the image of the police. And it is high time government rose up to the challenges facing the police force. Government needs to fund the police force properly and even provide more sophisticated equipment to help in their operations. Nigerian Police force has been neglected for



a very long time and the result is what we are seeing now. The reason for this neglect I don’t know. The spate of insecurity in the country is something that should make the federal government empower the police force, but they resolved to use the military. Government has been paying lip service to upgrading the standard of police in Nigeria. And there is no way we can be claiming to be giant of Africa when the nation’s police force is the weakest in Africa. We are just deceiving ourselves and we are shameless. What is your view on the compensation given to the families of the deceased?

I am one of the advocates for the decentralization of police in Nigeria. There should be state and local council police if we are truly a running a federal system as articulated. Doing this would enable effective policing of country without recording any casualty. I just believe that the instrument to protect the country must be well funded.

The kind of compensation given to the families of the policemen that were killed is an indicator that government pays lip service to the overhauling of the whole service. It shows government has little or no interest in the force again. I don’t know why their compensation should be smaller to that of other security agents. After all, they also died in the process of fighting for peace. Giving their families such meager amount as compensation will certainly discourage other policemen. What is your advice to government on this? The federal government needs to empower the police to face any situation the law asks them to face. Government should do what is right to the police so that they can in turn meet the obligations expected of them. The army should be left to fight war and the police should be made to take full responsibility of ensuring peace and orderliness in the country. There is no reason why a police command should not have at least a minimum of 25 Armour Personnel Carrier s (APCs) and even 50 patrol cars. The federal government has the capacity to fund the police to ensure security of lives and properties. And if government thinks they don’t have money to fund the police, they should abolish it and create another security organization. Police is a vital organ of the society and they have to be funded. What can be done to check this insurgence and killing of police officers in the country? I am one of the advocates for the decentralization of police in Nigeria. There should be state and local council police if we are truly a running a federal system as articulated. Doing this would enable effective policing of country without recording any casualty. I just believe that the instrument to protect the country must be well funded.


THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013


‘If We Don’t Challenge Government, Nigeria Won’t Be Better’ Hafsat Abiola-Costello, one of the daughters of Moshood Kasimawo Abiola (MKO) the winner of June 12, 1993 election that was annulled by the military junta of President Badamasi Babangida is the founder of Kudirat Initiative For Democracy (KIND) and the Special Adviser to Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun on Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). She spoke to DEBO OLADIMEJI on June 12 anniversary and the lessons from her parents’ death. HAT kind of person was your father Chief W Moshood Kasimawo Abiola (MKO)? My father was a peoples’ person. He loved people and he liked to spend his time with people. He was brilliant. He had a photographic memory. He stored stories and songs of his childhood in his memory. He used to entertain his siblings and children. He loved being Yoruba. He loved Yoruba proverbs. But he also loved to celebrate Nigerians. So he was open to all Nigerians. He loved to go to different parts of the country to celebrate festivals with the people. He loved to watch football matches, attend functions having to do with the development of the community—-whether it is the desire of the community to build a mosque or a church or a school. When he became wealthy through his businesses, he became a philanthropist, looking for how to give back to the society. It was actually this concern for lifting people up that primarily led him into politics. I believe, he had seen that with the political dysfunction in Nigeria, unless he took care of the politics, all the charity in the world would not be enough. He wanted to go in to fix the political dysfunction, and have a democracy that will actually work for all Nigerians. What legacy did he leave behind? I think he left behind a legacy of sacrifice. That was very clear. I think that it was a very challenging example because Nigerians just celebrate winners. For them, they see it as a sacrifice but before he died, they don’t think that the sacrifice is really of value. Had he lived, they would be celebrating him. Because he died, they just think o…I think they almost think that he did the wrong thing by fighting for democracy. I think because he died, it causes some confusion for them. I think that is unfortunate, because the truth is that you can never get anything without struggle. Nigerians need to be inspired to struggle and to sustain the struggle until we get the kind of outcome we want. Without struggle, without sacrifice, we would not have a better Nigeria. How do you think your father would have performed if he had been allowed to claim his mandate? He would have put in place the framework that would have allowed us to fight poverty in Nigeria to the barest minimum. Since we had the transition to civilian rule in 1999, there has been a steady increase in poverty in Nigeria. I think it is unfortunate that we have a democracy now that seems unable to really address the needs of the common man. Something is wrong and it has to be addressed. Look at the data. The IMF report that was just released said that poverty is increasing in Nigeria and it has been increasing over the last 12 years of their study. My father would have made Nigeria work for the Nigerian people instead of working for a small elite. He had clear programmes of action within his own manifesto. He would have begun to implement the plan and make sure that a small cabal didn’t hijack it. What is June 12 to you?


I think it is an ongoing struggle. We need to imbibe the movement to really look to enthrone the people as the repository of power in Nigeria. We don’t have that system yet. If we have that system we wouldn’t have rising poverty, rising inequity under democracy. I think that June 12 is a struggle that must continue. Do you think that June 12 should be declared Democracy Day? May be it is appropriate for it not to be named Democracy Day under the current political dispensation. This current dispensation doesn’t really want to serve the Nigerian people. June 12 is about serving the Nigerian people. The flagbearer for June 12 had to pay the ultimate price because the Nigerian State and its collaborators were trying to get him to sell out the people. So, if now we have a democratic government that doesn’t want to be a servant of the people, June 12 cannot be a Democracy Day. We have to have a democratic government that understands what it is to serve the people. Then it will seem logical to them to recognize and honour June 12. We can only say that June 12 is a true

Democracy Day if the government actually wants democracy. What about the renaming of University of Lagos (UNILAG) after MKO? That was also part of the problems. You can rename all the universities in Nigeria after MKO if you had consulted with the universities. In a democracy you have to consult. You cannot act by fiat. Democracy is power with the people. You have to engage in dialogue with the people. It will be nice to honour MKO surely, yes. But as a member of MK0’s family, I don’t want him to be honoured in a way that is not consistent with what he was fighting for—- which is that we should recognize the people. If the decision to rename UNILAG was taken without any consultations with the stakeholders connected with the university, then, it is not in keeping with democracy, which my father died for. How do you plan to celebrate this year June 12? I think it is an opportunity for leaders across Nigeria to connect with people. In Ogun State, we used to do like four hours walk. Because our governor likes to walk. We used to do a democracy walk across many key parts of Abeokuta that were important in the life of Chief MKO

Abiola. From the family house, where he was born, to many key parts of the capital city. We used to end up at the June 12 cultural centre or at the stadium. I am sure that is what we will be doing again this year. I know many people will be hoping for a route that is not too long. Sometimes it took may be four hours even longer to make the walk. But it is really nice because while we are walking thousand of people in Ogun State usually joined us. And we walk together. Sometimes we sing songs. Sometimes we chant slogans. It is really an opportunity for people in government and people in Ogun State to be together to remember that historic journey. To also appreciate that today we can walk in Ogun State without fear of being shot. Whereas between 1993 and 1995 in all the demonstrations that we had, the military were shooting at the civilians. Some lost their lives. Some were maimed. Some were just intimidated from speaking up and expressing their views to Nigerians. We are in a different time today. But we are still not where we want to be. But it is nice for us in Ogun State to pause and see where we are. And to recommit ourselves to the journey ahead. Every state should do something that connects their state and their people. In Lagos State, I know that there is a coalition of organisations working on a programme of activities that my non-governmental organization (NGO) is involved in. How do you also want your mother to be remembered? My mother died in the course of the struggle as you know. She was assassinated on the instruction of the military ruler at the time, the late General Sani Abacha. At a time I remember many people were saying if only she has not been involved in politics, she would not have been hunted. It is true that there are many of her contemporaries who are still alive today. But if you look at the data of Nigerian women, you can see that Nigerian women face a lot of dangers which is not just because they are in government or fighting the government or being political. Even when women are giving birth, they face danger. The average number of deaths per hundred thousand births in Nigeria is about 350. And in some parts of Nigeria, 500 women die per hundred thousand births. In Ogun State it is about 250 who die per hundred thousand births. These women may not be in a political rally. They may not be challenging government officials. They are dying because government as a whole has not been able to put in place the services for safe delivery. Our roads are death traps and Nigerians are dying on the roads everyday. Many of them will never go to a rally. Many of them will never criticize the government, but they are still at risk because our government is not doing what it should. We should understand that the lesson of her life should not be that: ‘so therefore let us not challenge the government.’ Because if we take that approach we will all be dying from one dysfunction of the government or the other. The lesson of her life is that more of us should be challenging and holding government accountable. So that the 170 million people that are in Nigeria today will not be dying unnecessarily from the failure of government. That should be the lesson. That is the reason why I created the Kudirat Initiative For Democracy (KIND). So that we could continue to encourage Nigerians to be active in building a strong and virile democracy that will work on behalf of all Nigerians. Sitting at home will not build that democracy. We have to be active. We have to lobby. We have to push and just apply consistent and sustained pressure for change. What do you think that can be done to check the insecurity in the country ? One thing we can do is to try to curb the action of the violent elements, but the truth is that there is something also fueling the violenc: that is injustice. Economic social and political injustice. There are too many poor Nigerians…

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June, 8, 2013


Change of Name ABAYOMI-BANJO: Formerly Miss Oluwakunmi AbayomiBanjo now Mrs. Oluwakunmi Otinwa. Former documents remain valid. Public note. ADEDIJI: Formerly Miss Adediji Dorcas Odunola, now Mrs Oladokun Dorcas Odunola. Former documents valid. Public note. ADEDOYIN: Formerly Miss Adedoyin Muyinat Solaja now Miss Cynthia Ebunoluwa Olayemi. All documents remain valid. Please take note.

Ebunoladele. All former documents remain valid. Public note. ADEYEYE: Formerly Miss Omolade Adepeju Adeyeye now Mrs. Omolade Adepeju Awolu. Former documents remain valid. NEMA and public note. ADISA: Formerly Miss Adisa Obedat Asani now Mrs. Mobolaji Ubaidah Asani. Former documents valid. Public note.

ADIMOHA: Formerly Miss Uchenna Jane Ademoha now Mrs. Uchenna Jane Chukwu. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

AFENI: Formerly Miss Afeni Comfort Oluwatola now wish to be known as Mrs. Odetayo Comfort Oluwatola. Former documents remain valid. AB Microfinance Bank & public note.

ADEMOKOYA: I formerly known as Miss Abisoye Omolara Ademokoya  now wish to be known as Mrs Abisoye Omolara Falasinnu. Former documents remain valid.

AFFIRMATION OF NAME: I, Mr. Momodu Abraham Steven now known and addressed as Momodu Wonderiful Abraham Steven. All documents valid. General public note.

ADENIJI: Formerly Miss Adebola Adeniji now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Adebola Shareef Momodu. Former documents remain valid. General public note.

AGATEME: Formerly Agateme Sarah Omotieworie now wish to be known as Mrs. Ekundayo Sarah Omotieworie. Former documents remain valid. General public take note.

ADENIYI: Formerly known as Miss Adeniyi Adejoke now wish to be known as Mrs. Ogunleye dejoke. All former documents remain valid. EKSU & general public note. ADEYEMI: Formerly Miss Adeyemi Ramotulai Adeola now Mrs. Oluwadare Esther Adeola. Former documents remain valid. Republic of South Africa Department of Home Affairs and public note.

AGATEME: Formerly Agateme Sarah Omotieworie now wish to be known as Mrs. Ekundayo Sarah Omotieworie. Former documents remain valid. General public take note.

ments remain valid. Public note. AJIMOH: Formerly Miss Odu Ajimoh Olajumoke Grace now Mrs. Orokotan Ajimoh Amope. All former documents remain valid. Public note. AJINOMISANGHAN: Former Miss Ajinomisanghan Victoria now Mrs. Ede Oroghoye Victoria. All former documents remain valid. Public note.

AKINDELE: Formerly Miss Abimbola Akindele now Mrs. Abimbola Oyesanya. All former documents remain valid. Public note.

ALIEGIE: Formerly Aliegie Sylvernus Oshioke now Igezunia Sylvernus. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

AKINLOTAN: Formerly Miss Akinlotan Omolayo Elizabeth now Mrs. Aloba Omolayo Elizabeth. Documents valid. Public note.

AMAIKE: Formerly Miss Nkiruka Prisca Amaike now Mrs. Nkiruka Prisca Kalu Oleh. Former documents remain valid. Fidelity Bank, Plc, public note.

AKINSIKU: Formerly Miss Omolola Alice Akinsiku, now Mrs Omolola Alice Akinsete. Former documents valid. Public note. AKINWANDE: Formerly Miss Akinwande Oluwabusola Esther now Mrs. Atekoja Oluwabusolami Esther. Documents remain valid. OGSG, Ministry Of Health, public note.

AMUSAN: Formerly Amusan Oluyinka Olujimi now Mrs. Oladimeji Oluyinka Olujimi. Former documents remain valid. WAEC, UNILAG, O.O.U, ICAN and public note.

ARONU: Formerly Miss Ifeyinwa Chizoba now Mrs. Benuolisa Ifeyinwa Chizoba. Former documents remain valid. Public note. AROWOLO: Formerly Miss Arowolo Omowumi Olapeju now Mrs. Oluwashina Omowumi Olapeju. Documents valid. Public note. ASHIRU: I, formerly known as Miss Ashiru Olufunmilola Beatrice now wish to be known as Mrs. Adebayo Olufunmilola Beatrice. All former documents remain valid. General public take note. ASOGWA: Formerly Miss Asogwa Bibian Uche now Mrs. Mbah Bibian Uche. Former documents remain valid. Public note. ATABIAKIN: Former Miss Folashade Abosede Atabiakin now Mrs. Folashade Abosede Shofoluwe. Former documents remain valid. Public take note. AYOADE: Formerly Abimbola Modupe Ayoade now Mrs. Christopher Abimbola Modupe. Former documents remain valid. Public note. AYODELE: I, formerly Ayodele Sikiru Onafowora now wish to be known & addressed as Frednand Michael. General public note.

Oluwemimo Edwards. All documents remain valid. Public please take note. CHANGE OF FAMILY SUR-NAME: OFFIAH: This is to notify the public that the family of Offiah Ikechukwu Romanus wished to be known as Charles Ikechukwu, Charles Uchechukwu MaryRose (Nee Okoye) C h a r l e s Nzubechukwu Godswill, Charles Ifeanyichukwu. Former documents remain valid. Public note. CHARLES: Formerly Charles Martins Chinasa now Eze Martins Chinasa. Former documents remain valid. General public take note. CHIKWUROTE: Formerly Eke Christian Chikwurote now addressed as Eke Christian Osita. Former documents remain valid. Public note. CHIMA: Formerly Miss Sylvia Ebere Chima now Mrs. Sylvia Ebere Jones Omlenyi. Former documents remain valid. Public note. CONFIRMATION OF NAME: Mrs. Christian Ijeoma Irene and Nwankpa Christian Ijeoma refer to one and the same person. Former documents valid. Public note.

ANENE: Formerly Miss Agartha Ifeyinwa Anene now Mrs. Agartha Ifeyinwa Oguguofor. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

BABALOLA: Formerly Babalola Mayowa John now Oluwashina Mayowa John. Documents valid. Public note.

AKPARANTA: Formerly Miss Ihuoma Onyedinachi Akparanta now Mrs. Ihuoma Onyedinachi Moemeke. Documents valid, public note.

ANIGBOGU: Formerly Miss Anigbogu Nkechi Maryann now Mrs. Dike Nkechi Maryann. All former documents remain valid. Public note.

BABATOLA: Former Miss Babatola Love Adebola now Mrs. Lamidi Adebola Love. Former documents remain valid. General public note.

DADAGBON: Formerly Miss Dadagbon Elizabeth Unu now Mrs. Benson Unu Elizabeth. Documents valid. Public note.

AKPEJI: Formerly Miss Akpeji Flora Omonrigho now Mrs. Ighalo Flora Omonrigho. Documents valid Public note.

ANIMASHAUN: Formerly Miss Omotanwa Olamide Sekinat Animashaun, now Mrs Omotanwa Olamide Sekinat Lemboye. Former documents valid. Public note. ANYANWU: Formerly Miss Anyanwu Ebere Glory now Mrs. Ekejiuba Ebere Glory. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

BAKARE: Formerly Miss Adeola Oluwatosin Bakare now Mrs. Adeola Oluwatosin Olubajo. Former documents remain valid. General public note.

DEMEHIN: Formerly Miss Demehin Felicia Ikeola now Mrs. Babalola Felicia Ikeola. Former documents remain valid. LASG, public note.

AGBOOLA: Formerly Miss Agboola Rebecca Precious Abosede now Mrs. Bankole Precious Abosede Rebecca. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

ADESANYA: Formerly Miss Adesanya Rukayat O l u w a k e m i Oluwabunmi, now Mrs Solanke Oluwakemi Rukayat. Former documents valid. Public note.

AGBOWU: Formerly Miss Maureen Chiesonu Agbowu now known as Mrs Maureen Chiesonu Okafor. Former documents valid. Public take note.

ADEYEMI: Former Adeyemi Ebunola Dele now Sanusi Tolani

AMISU: Formerly Miss Kudirat Olasunboh Amisu now Mrs. Kudirat Olasunboh Bankole. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

documents remain valid. General public note.

CONFIRMATION OF NAME: ROLAND: I, Roland Evborokhai is the same person as Roland Friday Evborokhai. All documents remain valid. Embassies and public note.

ADARAMOLA: Former Miss Adaramola Damilola Mary now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Ademola Damilola Ayodele.

AHAOTU: Formerly Miss Chinyere Ahaotu now Mrs Chinyere Okwudiri. former docu-

ALAUSA: Formerly Miss Alausa Jumoke Yetunde now Miss Olawunmi Jumoke Yetunde. Former documents valid. Public note. ALELE: I, formerly Miss Alele Adesuwa Precious Fatima Patience now Mrs. Oseni Adesuwa Precious Fatima Patience. All documents remain valid. Public note.

AKINYEMI: Formerly Miss Omotola Adeola Akinyemi now Mrs. Omotola Adeola Ugenyi. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

ADEWUSI: Formerly Miss Omowunmy Yetunde Adewusi, now Mrs Omowunde Yetunde Aziegbe. Former documents valid. Public note.

ALAGBE: Formerly Miss Alagbe Funmilayo Aderonke, now addressed as Mrs Adegoke Ifetoluwanikase Funmilayo. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

AKEYO: Former Miss Akeyo Ayodeji Olufunmilayo now Mrs. Shokunbi Ayodeji Olufunmilayo. Former documents remain valid. Public take note.

AGATHA: Formerly Onwurah Agatha Chinyere now Onwurah Chrysantus Chinyere. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

AGWU: Formerly Dr. Agwu Eberechukwu now Dr. (Mrs.) Chukwu Eberechukwu. Former documents remain valid. MDCN, public note.

and public note.

AKUNNA: Formerly Mrs. Okafor Akunna Rebecca now Mrs. Okafor Akuabata Rebecca. Former documents remain valid. Public note. ALAGBAOSO: I, Mr. Alagbaoso Stanley Obinna is the same person as Mr. Alagbaoso Stanley Obinna Ohazurume. Former documents remain valid. Embassies

ANYASORO: Formerly Anyasoro Ethelbert now wish to be known and addressed as Aligo Patrick Ethelbert Okechukwu. Former

BODUNDE: Formerly Miss Bodunde Omolara Olushola now Mrs. Oyerinde Omolara Olushola. Former documents remain valid. NAMA, public note. BOLUMOLE: I, formerly known as Miss Eniola Oluwemimo Bolumole now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Eniola

EDIDI: Edidi Mutiat Omolara now Mrs. Fashola Mutiat Omolara. All documents remain valid. Public note. EGBE: Formerly Miss Mfon Obeten Egbe now Mrs. Grace Mfon Egwuchukwu. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June, 8, 2013


Change of Name EGWUEKWE: Formerly Mr. Egwuekwe Ekene now Mr. Egwuchukwu Ekene. Former documents remain valid. Public note. EJIMUDA: Formerly Miss Ejimuda Ifeyinwa Eulatia now Mrs. Onubogu Ifeyinwa Eulatia. Former documents valid. Lagos State Ministry of Education, Lagos StateGovernment, public note. EKWEMERENYE: Formerly Miss Ekwemerenye Glory, now Mrs Oghogho Glory. Former documents valid. Public note. ELIOKWU: Formerly Miss Victoria Obiajulu Eliokwu now Mrs. Victoria Obiajulu Igwe. Former documents remain valid. Public note. ELUE: I Formally known as Miss Elue Christiana Nkechi now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Christiana Nkechi Edozie  Oraedu Uzodinma. All former documents remain valid. PPPRA and the general public should please take note. EMEZARO: Formerly A u g u s t i n e Ogorchukwu Emezaro now Austine Ovie Joseph. All former documents remain valid. Public note. EMEZARO: Formerly Maureen Ifeoma Emezaro now Maureen Ifeoma Joseph. All former documents remain valid. Public note. EMEZARO: Formerly Ogheneyoma Favour Emezaro now Ogheneyoma Favour Joseph. All former documents remain valid. Public note. EMEZARO: Formerly Ogheneruno David Emezaro now Ogheneruno David Joseph. All former documents remain valid. Public note. ENEH: Formerly miss Eneh Scholastica Ukamaka now Mrs CliffUjah Scholastica Ukamaka. Former documents valid. first bank Nig. ltd and public note. ENYIOKO: Formerly Miss Chidinma Susan Enyioko now Mrs Chidinma Susan Chidebelu. Former documents valid. NYSC, public note. EROKHOSE: Formerly Erokhose Matilda Utejuru now Okuwjei

Matilda Utejuru. Former documents remain valid. First Bank, public note. ESAN: Formerly Miss Esan Oyedokun Oluwaseun now Mrs. Nochirionye Oyedokun Oluwaseun. Former documents valid. Public note. ESHO: Formerly Miss Funmilola Ometere Esho now Mrs. Funmilola Ometere Fayokun. All former documents remain valid. Public note.

istry of Women Affairs and Social Development, public note.

& addressed as Paris Pius. General public note.

MADUKA: Formerly Miss Maduka Jennifer Chizoba now Mrs. Onyechi Jennifer Chizoba. Former documents remain valid. NYSC, public note.

NGENE: Formerly Miss Ngene Ogochukwu Sandra now Mrs. Madueke Ogochukwu Juliet. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

MATTHEW: I, Formerly Ibrahim Oluwafemi Matthew now Ibrahim Monsuru Oluwafemi. Former documents remain valid. Public take note.

NGWU: Formerly known as Miss Ngwu Jeannie Obianuju now wish to be known as Mrs. Awusaku Jeannie Obianuju. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

MBADUGHA: Formerly Miss Mbadugha Lynda Chinwendu now Mrs. Abazuonu Lynda Chinwendu. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

NWAIWU: Formerly Mr. Nwaiwu Fedinand Ndubuisi now Mr. Daniel Ndubuisi Fedinand. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

MBIDOM: Formerly Miss Mbidom Nelly Ogochukwu now Mrs. Chinwuba Nelly Ogochukwu. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

NWAKONOBI: Formerly Miss Nwakonobi Adaobi Helen now Mrs. Ekpelinwa Adaobi Helen. Former documents valid. NYSC, public note.

MMONU: Formerly Miss Mmonu Festa Udoka now Mrs Anumiri Festa Udoka. Former documents valid. Public take note.

NWALIOBA: Formerly Miss Chilotem Nwadi Nwalioba now Mrs. Chilotem Nwadi Achusi. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

IWEHO: Formerly Miss Iweho Precious Nkiruka now Mrs. Precious Nwagbo. Documents remain valid. Public note.

MORTUNE: Formerly Miss Mortune Clara Chibuogwu now Mrs. Edeogu Clara Chibuogwu. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

JAMES: Formerly Miss James Miracle Chinyere now Cpiriye James Miracle. Former documents valid. Public note.

MOUBUIKE: Formerly Moubuike Chinwendu Peace now Ezenwosu Chinwendu Peace. MTN and public take note.

NWANONYIRI: Formerly Miss Mariana A. Nwakaego Nwanonyiri now known as Mrs. Mbakpuo Mariana Azuka. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

JAYEOBA: Formerly Ms. Oluwaseun Bukola Jayeoba now Mrs. Oluwaseun Bukola Ayannuga. All former documents remain valid. Public note.

MUKOLO: I, formerly known as Miss Mukolo Stella Nwamaka Rebecca now Miss Abraham Stella Nwamaka Rebecca. All former documents remain valid. Public note.

KALIO: Formerly Miss Aribiton David Abbey Kalio now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Aribiton Felix Olatuga. Former documents remain valid. General public note.

MURITALA: Formerly Miss Olamide Muritala now Mrs. Ilesanmi Olamide. Former documents valid. Public note.

Ifionu Maureen Nwakaego now Mrs. Uju Maureen Nwakaego. Former documents remain valid. Public note. IHERUE: Formerly Miss Iherue Olivia Nwamaka now Mrs. Chinedu Olivia Nwamaka. Former documents remain valid. General Public note. IKEKA: Formerly Miss Ikeka Gloria Chinasa now Mrs. Miriukwv Gloria Chinasa. Documents valid. NYSC, public note.

EZEOKONKWO: Formerly Miss Theresa Chieziem Ezeokonkwo now Mrs Theresa Chieziem Iloh. Former documents valid. FEBPOLY, OKO, NYSC, public note.

IMAGA: Formerly Miss Grace Chigozie Imaga now Mrs. Onwubuemeli Grace Chigozie. Former documents remain valid. Public note,

EZIAKA: Formerly Miss Eziaka Chinwe Patience, now Mrs Akpofa Chinwe Patience. Former documents valid. Public note. FOLARIN: Formerly Miss Folarin Temitope Fikayo now Mrs. Ogunseye Temitope Fikayo. Former documents valid. Public note.

IREWOLE: Formerly Miss Oluwatosin Adepeju Irewole, now Mrs Oluwatosin Adepeju Dina. Former documents valid. Public note. ISRAEL: Formerly Israel Bankole Solomon now addressed as Adelaja Bankole Solomon. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

HAZZAN: I, formerly known as Abayomi Hazzan Sonubi now wish to be known and addressed as Abayomi Hassan Sonubi. All former documents remain valid. The general public should note. IBE: Formerly Ibe Princewill Chimaeze now Michael Chimaezem Junipero. Former documents valid. Public note. IBIRONKE: Formerly Miss Ibironke Mojoyinola Toyin now Mrs. Oyenitun Mojoyinola Toyin. Former documents remain valid. Public note. IBRAHIM: I, formerly Miss Yetunde Rukayat Ibrahim now Mrs. Sanyaolu Yetunde Racheal. All documents remain valid. Public note. IDOWU: Former Miss Idowu Adejoke Victoria now Adewumi Adejoke Victoria. NYSC & general public note. IFENAIKE: Formerly Miss Ifenaike Victoria Olasumbo now Mrs. Adelekun Victoria Olasumbo. Documents valid. Neuro-Psychatric Hospital, Aro, Nursing & Midwifery Council of Nigeria, public note. IFIONU: Formerly Miss

KUNNUHO: Former Kunnuho Jonathan Nupo now Tosi Jonathan Nupo. Former documents remain valid. Public note. KUTI: Formerly Miss Kuti Olubanke now Mrs. Olajide-Olaitan Olubanke. Former documents valid. Public note. LAWAL: Formerly Miss Lawal Oluwatoyin Olanireti now Mrs. Igbin Oluwatoyin Olanireti. Former documents valid. Ogun Min-

MUSA: Formerly Latifat Musa-Abubakar now Mrs. Ikpea Latifat Musa. Former documents remain valid. Dormanlong Engineering Ltd and public note. NADI: Formerly Miss. Adeoti Cecilia Nadi now Mrs. Adeoti Cecilia Ogunjumo. Former documents remain valid. Kakawa Discount House, RCCG, UNAAB and general public take note. NDIDI: I, formerly Ndidi Immaculate Onafowora now wish to be known

NWODO: Formerly Miss Agatha Oluchi Nwodo now Mrs. Odoh Agatha Oluchi. Former documents remain valid. Public note. NWAOGBO: Formerly Miss Nwaogbo Chidinma Uzoma now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Ofoma Chidinma Uzoma. Former documents remain valid. General public note. NWAOSU: Formerly Miss Doris Uloma Nwaosu now Mrs. Martins Favour Uloma. Former documents remain valid. Public note. NWOSU: Formerly Miss Nwosu Felicia Ijeoma now Mrs. Ejiogu Felicia Ijeoma. Former documents remain valid. Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri and public note. OBASA: I formerly Miss Obasa Martina Oluwafunmilayo now Mrs. Omogbehin Martina Oluwafunmilayo. All former documents remain valid. General public take note. OBASI: Formerly Miss

Obasi Ifeoma Catherine now Mrs. Chukwu Ifeoma Catherine. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OBIJIAKU: Formerly Miss Obijiaku Chidinma Stella, now addressed as Mrs Okwe Peter Chidinma Stella. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OBINEGBO: Formerly Obinegbo Anulika Onyinyechukwu now Mrs. Oghi Obinegbo Onyinyechukwu. Former documents remain valid. OBUNA: Formerly Obuna Maranatha Chinenyenwa now Mrs. Marantha Chinenyenwa Nnamuchi. Former documents valid. Public note. ODELEYE: Formerly Odeleye Bose Esther now Mrs. Gafar Bose Esther. Documents valid. Ogun State Hospital, public note. ODILI: Formerly Miss Odili Amaka Vivian now Miss Agboli Amaka Vivian. All former documents remain valid, general public note. ODUNMBAKU: Former Miss Odunmbaku Modinat Ayinke now Mrs. Abiona Modinat Ayinke. All former documents remain valid. General public take note. OFFOR: Formerly Miss Offor Doris Nnedinso now Onwumelu Doris Sopuluchukwu. Former documents remain valid. IMT Enugu, NYSC and public note. OGAMBA: Formerly Miss Ogamba Regina Chika now Mrs. Atupulazi Regina Chika. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OGBUAGU: Formerly Miss Chioma Nkiruka Ogbuagu is now Mrs. Chioma Nkiruka Obodoefunah. Former document sremain valid. Public note. OGBU: Formerly Miss Ogbu Getrude Nnenna now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Odoh Getrude Nnenna. All former documents remain valid. General public take note. OGBUMUO: Formerly Miss Ogbumuo Chioma Immaculata now Mrs. Ogbumuo-Nnaemeka Chioma Immaculata. Former documents remain valid. Public take

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June, 8, 2013


Change of Name note. OGBUNUGA: Formerly Miss Chinelo Christiana Caroline Ogbunuga, Now Mrs Chinelo Christiana Caroline Onwujei. Former documents valid. Public note. OGUGUUA: Formerly Miss Oguguua Lillian Ugochukwu now Mrs. Ezekoli Lillian Ugochukwu. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OGUNBEKUN: Ogunbekun Emmanuel Adeoye now Oladipupo Emmauel Adeoye. All documents remain valid. Public note. OGUNBO: Formerly known as Miss Ogunbo Anuoluwapo Janet now wish to be known as Mrs. Akintola Anuoluwapo Janet. Former documents remain valid. YABATECH, public note. OGUNDIMU: Formerly Mrs. Ogundimu Omoseeke Modinat Nee Oshinaike or Osinaike now Mrs. Peters Omoseeke Modinat. All former documents remain valid. Public note. OGUNGBE: Formerly Miss Ogungbe Bosede Rachael now Mrs. Solomon Bosede Racheal. Former documents remain valid. General public note. OGUNJUMO: Formerly Mrs. Adeoti Cecilia Ogunjumo now Mrs. Adeoti Cecilia Akinyemi. Former documents remain valid. Kakawa Discount House, RCCG, UNAAB and general public take note OGUNJUMO: Formerly Akintunde Olaide Ogunjumo now Mr. Akintunde Olaide Akinyemi. Former documents remain valid. Total Nigeria Plc, ICAN, RCCG and general public take note. OGUNMODEDE: Formerly Ogunmodede Oluwatoyin Abimbola now Mrs. Ladega Oluwatoyin Abimbola. Documents remain valid. Public note. OGUNTUSI: Formerly Miss Oguntusi Opeyemi Mary, now Mrs Akinwale Opeyemi Mary. Former documents valid. Public note. OJIMAGA: Formerly Ojimaga Nnenna Chinenye now to be known as Olafimihan Nnenna Chinenye. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

OJO: Former Ojo Modupeola Victoria now to be addressed as Mrs. Adebis Victoria Modupeola. Public note. OJO: Formerly Miss Ifeoluwa Olubukola Ojo now Mrs. Ifeoluwa Olubukola Odedere. All former documents remain valid. Public take note. OKEMEZI: Former Miss Okemezi Mavis Erhovwo now Mrs. Onojuvwevwo Mavis Erhovwo. All former documents remain valid. General public note. OKORIE: Formerly Okorie Aloysius Chimaobim now Paul Aloysius Chimaobim. Former documents remain valid. General public take note. OKOROAFOR: Formerly Miss Chinyere Matilda Okoroafor now Mrs. Ugwu Chinyere Matilda. Former documents valid. Public note. OKORO: Formerly Miss Uchenna Okoro now Uchenna Jane Ademoha. All former documents remain valid. OKORONKWO: Formerly Mrs. Damaris Nkechinyerem Okoronkwo now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Damaris Nkechinyerem Emmanuel. All former documents remain valid. General public note. OKPARA: Formerly Ifeoma Okpara now Mrs. Ifeoma Onyenyeonwu. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OKWO: Formerly Miss Okwo Ekwutosi Miriam now Mrs. Eze Ekwutosi Miriam. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OKWUORAH: Formerly Miss Chioma Miriam Okwuorah now Mrs. Chioma Miriam Onuora Okeke. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OLADELE: Formerly known as Oladele Precious Toyosi now to be addressed as Akinoluwa Precious Omotoyosi. All academic bodies and other organizations, be notified. OLADELE: Formerly Miss Abiola Rebecca Oladele now Mrs. Abiola Rebecca Tanimola. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

OLAYONU: Formerly Miss Olayonu Opeyemi Motunrayo now Mrs. Aje Opeyemi Motunrayo. All former documents remain valid. Public note. OLODUDE: Formerly Miss Funke Temitope Olodude now Mrs. Olufunke Temitope Osifo. All former documents remain valid. Public note. OLUSANYA: Formerly Miss Feyi Bose Olusanya now Mrs. Feyi Bose Ajiboye. Previous documents remain valid. Public note. OLUWADARE: Formerly Miss Adeyemi Ramotulai Adeola now Mrs. Oluwadare Esther Adeola. Former documents remain valid. Public of South Africa Department of Home Affairs and public note. OLUWASUYI: Former Miss Oluwasuyi Adeola now Mrs. Orekunrin Adeola. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OLUYINKA: Formerly Oluyinka Yetunde Temilade now Mrs. Bankole Yetunde Temilade. Former documents valid. Public note. OMENKEUKWU: Formerly Miss Omenkeukwu Grace Akunna now Mrs. Amadi Grace Akunna. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OMODIA: Formerly Miss Judith NkeonyeAsua Omodia now Mrs. Judith Nkeonye-Asua Adewoye. Former documents valid. Public note. ONIWINDE: Formerly Miss Oluwatoyin Adefunke Abolanle Oniwinde, now Mrs Oluwatoyin Adefunke Abolanle Ademulegun. Former documents valid. Public note. ONUBA: Formerly Miss Onuba Nonyem Chinenye now Mrs. Edokpayi Nonyem Chinenye. Former documents remain valid. Public note. ONYEJOSE: Formerly Miss Ifeyinwa Anita Onyejose now Mrs. Odogwu Ifeyinwa Anita. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OROPO: Formerly Oropo Adebisi Aminat now Mrs. lshola Adebisi Aminat. Documents valid. Public note. ORUNO:


known as Oghoghorie Anthonia Oruno now wish to be known and addressed as Mrs. Anthonia Ogheneruno Oghoghorie-Ugono. All former documents remain valid. Bristow Helicopters Nigeria Limited and public take note. OSAEMEDIKE: Formerly Miss Ndidi Patience Osaemedike now Mrs. Ndidi Patience Osaemedike-Okeke. Former documents valid. Public note.

former documents remain valid. Public note. SAHANI: I, formerly Miss Puneet Sahani now known and addressed as Mrs. Sanjna Rohit. Former documents remain valid. General public take note. SALAUDEEN: Formerly Miss Salaudeen Hanifat Motunrayo now Mrs. Yusuf Hanifat Motunrayo. Documents valid. Public note.

OSHIAFI: Formerly Omoarelegbe Blessing Oshiafi now Mrs. Omoarelegbe Blessing Ogunbamowo. Former documents valid. Public note.

SALIU: I, formerly known as Ms. Joseph Esikpemi Saliu now wish to be addressed as Mr. Joseph Esikpemi Edwards. All documents remain valid. Public take note.

OSIOBE: Former Miss Omotejeohwo Osiobe now Mrs. Veronica Omotejeohwo Oweh. All former documents remain valid. University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT), NYSC and public note.

SAMUEL: Formerly Miss Samuel Onyekachi Charity now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Nwanyanwu Onyekachi Charity. Former documents remain valid. General public take note.

OWOSENI: Formerly Miss Owoseni Olufunmilola Kehinde now Mrs. Adebola Olufunmilola Kehinde. Former documents remain valid. Public note.

SANNI: I, formerly known as Ladi Sherifatu Sanni now wish to be known as Mrs. Gladys Tayo Oliomogbe. All former documents remain valid. The following Institution take note, Crowther Memorial College Lokoja, Former School of Nursing, Murtala Muhammed Hospital Jos, Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria and Ministry of Defence Abuja.

OYEBANJI: Formerly Miss Temitope Ayotomiwa Oyebanji now Mrs. Temitope Ayotomiwa Akapo. Former documents valid. Public note. OYEGOKE: I formerly Miss Oyegoke Yetunde Olaitan now Mrs. Aworinde Yetunde Olaitan. All former documents remain valid. General public take note. OYEKAN: Formerly Miss Abisoye Olufunke Oyekan now Mrs. Abisoye Olufunke Oruye. Former documents remain valid. Public note. OYEWOLE: Formerly Miss Oyewole Adefunke Olushola now Mrs. Atakiti Adefunke Olushola. Former documents remain valid. Public note. POPOOLA: Formerly Miss Popoola Mary Omowumi Ayoola now Mrs. Fakolade Mary Omowumi Ayoola. Documents valid. Bank of North Plc, Abuja, public note. RIAGBAYIRE: Formerly Riagbayire Helen Meret now Mrs. Oyibo Helen Mereti. Documents valid. Public note. RUNSEWE: Formerly Miss Funke Bridget Runsewe now Mrs. Funke Bridget R. Afolayan. All

SOLANKE: Formerly Solanke Kafayat Abimbola now to be known as Adebiyi Kafayat Abimbola. Former documents remain valid. Public note. SOPADE: Formerly Miss Sopade Rasheedat Omoyeni now Mrs. Adewunmi Rasheedat Omoyeni. Documents valid. Public note. SOWEMIMO: Formerly Miss Abiola Racheal Sowemimo now Mrs. Abiola Racheal Babington. Former documents remain valid. Public note. SULEIMAN: I, formerly Miss Suleiman Nachanuya Esly now Mrs. Ishola Nachanuya Esly Omotayo. Former documents remain valid. Public note. TABAI: Former Dr. Miss Bramiegha Tabai now Dr. (Mrs.) Bramiegha Tabai-Iyamu. All former documents remain valid. Delta State Teaching Hospital Oghara, Delta State University Abraka, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria and public note.

THOMPSON: Formerly Miss Olayinka Raliat Thompson now wish to be addressed as Mrs. Olayinka Raliat Aminu. Former documents remain valid. General public note. UDENZE: Formerly Miss Udenze Chioma Chinenyem now Mrs. Nwakile Chioma Goodness. Former documents remain valid. Public take note. UDU: Formerly Miss Udu Stella Ngozi now Mrs. Ituma Stella Ngozi. Former documents remain valid. MRTB, UNN, public note. UGBOMEH: Formerly Miss Ugbomeh Clair Adaolise now wish to be known and addressed as Ofili Clair Adaolise. Former documents remain valid. General public, note. UGWA: Formerly Miss Grace Onyebuchi Ugwa now Mrs. Grace Onyebuchi Kene. Former documents remain valid. NYSC, public note. UKAEBI: Formerly Miss Ukaebi Chioma Vivian now Mrs. Chioma Vivian Nnanna. All former documents remain valid. Public note. UMA-KALU: Formerly Miss Nnenna Uma-Kalu now Mrs. Onuka Nnenna Nnochin. Former documents remain valid. Public note. UZOKWE: Formerly Miss Uzokwe Ogochukwu Gloria now Mrs. Okonkwo Ogochukwu Gloria. Former documents remain valid. Public note. WILLIAM: Former Bawo Obukohwo William now Bawo Obukohwo Akperi. All former documents remain valid. Public note. IF FOR THE PURPOSE OF THIS CHANGE Of NAME YOU WANT TO BUY A COPY PLEASE CALL 0802 306 4437

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Oba Oladele Olashore Lives, One Year After By Bukola Apata IS Royal Majesty, Oba Oladele Olashore H CON, the Ajagbusi Ekun, Owaloko of IlokoIjesa on Friday June 1, 2012, left this world to join his ancestors. His demise was shocking. He was an inspiration to many people. He was known across the country for many things. To some people, he was a banker, to some others, an administrator, some saw him as a philantropist and others as a dedicated traditional ruler. To the students and staff of Olashore International School (OIS), Iloko-Ijesa, he was our Founder and Proprietor. He founded OIS almost 20 years ago to compete with its counterparts around the world and offer quality boarding education of international standard to Nigerians living at home and abroad, and expatriate residents in Nigeria, who prefer to have their children educated locally. Such was the vision of Oba Olashore. His love for his people led him to establish the school in Iloko, his hometown. Since commencing operation in January 1994, the school has acquired a reputation as a centre of excellence, and now runs a foundation programme in collaboration with Lancaster University, United Kingdom (UK), for students seeking admission to some UK Universities. Oba Olashore’s life can be described as one filled with various defining moments. Born on February 18, 1935, he was a Chartered Accountant by profession and was nationally recognised as one of the most outstanding bankers and economic analysts in Nigeria. He was also a successful businessman and founded Lead Group of Companies comprising Lead Consult Limited, a financial and management consulting firm, Lead Investment Limited, Community Development Investment Limited (CDIL), as a vehicle for community economic transformation, engaging in Banking, Tailoring and Agriculture, and Royal Park International Hotel Limited, an international hotel and conference centre in Iloko-Ijesa.

Oba Olashore held several positions in his professional career spanning over five decades. He was at various times the Chief Bank Examiner and Director of Banking Supervision and Regulation at the Central Bank of Nigeria, where he initiated the massive training of banking personnel to ensure the exposure of Nigerians to banking knowledge and practices, to meet the growing needs of the banking system. This initiative subsequently translated to the Financial Institution Training Centre (FITC). He also initiated the Rural Banking Programme under which the commercial bank branches expanded rapidly to the rural centres in Nigeria and he initiated the introduction of Merchant Banks into Nigeria banking system in 1983, which later revolutionised banking in Nigeria. He later became the Managing Director of International Bank for West Africa, which metamorphosed to Afribank PLC, now known as Mainstreet Bank PLC. In recognition of his outstanding achievements in the banking sector, Oba Olashore was nominated by his peers as the first recipient of the ‘Banker of the Year’ award in 1987. The visionary Oba served in numerous advisory capacities to government and private sectors and institutions. He was once a member of the Committee of Assessors of National Merit Award from 1983 to 1986. He was the Honourable Minister of Finance and Member of the Transitional Government between January and August 1993. Also, as an academic, Oba Olashore wrote numerous essays and published some books: Perspectives on Finance, Banking and Economic Reforms (1991); Joy of Service: An Autobiography (1998) and Challenge of Leadership: A Biography (2005). Oba Olashore whose positive impacts will continually be remembered by humanity, remained committed to the upliftment of the less privileged in the society, providing social


services and awarding scholarship to many indigent students at different levels of education through the Oladele Olashore Foundation. The late Olashore was a distinguished Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants (FCCA); a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria of Nigeria (FCA); a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators (FCIS); a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Bankers (FCIB); a fellow of the Nigerian Institute of Management (FNIM); and a Fellow of the Institute of Directors (FIOD). He was the Chairman, Board of Directors, Lead Group of Companies; Chairman, Board of Directors, Olashore International School; Chairman, Community Investment Limited; Chairman, Royal Park International Hotel Limited; Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank of Nigeria Limited (1999-2008) and Life Chancel-

lor, Joseph Ayo Babalola University, Ikeji Arakeji, Osun State. Some of the honour Olashore was conferred with included Doctor of Business Management (DBM) (Honoris Causa) of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife; Doctor of Science Degree in Entrepreneurship (Honoris Causa) of the Joseph Ayo Babalola University, IkejiArakeji, Osun State; Fellowship of the Osun State College of Technology, Esa-Oke; Fellowship of the Federal Polytechnic, Ede; and Fellowship of the Osun State College of Education, Ilesa. In recognition of his service and commitment to the service of God and humanity, the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion, Diocese of Sabongida-Ora conferred on Olashore The Knighthood of St. Lumumba (KSL). He was also conferred with the Diocesan Award of Honour by the Osun North-East Diocese (Anglican Communion). Oba Olashore was the Grand Patron, Ijesa North Missionary Diocese, Ijebu-Ijesa. The late Olashore was installed the 19thOba of Iloko-Ijesa on February 28, 1997. He was the Rotational President of the Ijesa North Traditional Council and a Vice Chairman of the Osun State Council of Traditional Rulers. He was the Southwest Coordinator of the National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria. Apart from the Merit Awards of Oyo and Ogun States, Oba Olashore was awarded the prestigious National Honour as Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON) in 2002 by the President in recognition of his valuable contributions to the socio-economic, community and human development of the country. Today, the late Olashore is still being celebrated. And even though he is no longer physically with his admirers, he continues to live on through the legacies he left behind, prime among which is the Olashore International School.

Justice Batimawus Popo Lawi (1950-2013) Adindu Ohamara: Painful Exit Of A Gentleman From Emmanuel Ande, Yola HE masses of Adamawa State, members of the Bar and Bench, friends, and relatives of the late Justice Batimawus Popo Lawi are still finding it difficult to believe that the man who was popularly called the judge of the poor has taken a final bow, not just out of the court room, but to his Lord’s Chambers. Some people still attribute his untimely death to what they believe was injustice by the Adamawa State government to have denied him office of the Chief Judge of the State. The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mariam Muktar had directed the state government to confirm the late Justice Lawi as the Chief Judge of the State as the most senior Judge in the state and having acted in that capacity twice but the directive ended up in a waste basket. However, some of his family members blamed his death on a protracted sickness, which he battled for a long period of time without getting a medical solution. The late Justice Lawi was born on September 10, 1950, at Guyuk town, the present headquarter of Guyuk Local Council Area of Adamawa State. He started his formal education at Junior Primary School, Cham, from 1959 to 1961. He later proceeded to a boarding Senior Primary School, Kaltungo where he completed his primary school education between 1962 and 1964. He later gained admission to Government Secondary School, Bauchi, where he had his secondary school education between 1965 and 1969. The late Lawi worked briefly with the defunct North-Eastern government as Statistical As-

By Immaculate Igbeka


HE remains of the late Mr. T Adindu Casmir Ohamara, who was until his death re-

Lawi sistant from 1970 to 1973 before proceeding to Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, in 1974 to study Law. After graduating with LLB (Hons), he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, Lagos, in October 1977 for the one-year Law School programme. He was called to bar in July 1978. The late Lawi served as a State Counsel in the Ministry of Justice, Gongola State, between 1979 and 1983. In 1983, he ventured into private legal practice until Gongola State Judiciary appointed him as a Magistrate in 1984. He rose through ranks to become the Assistant Inspector of Area Court while serving as a Chief Magistrate at Jalingo in 1989. Due to his diligence and hard work, Justice Lawi was in 1991

promoted to the rank of Director Personnel Management in charge of High Court of Justice, Yola, a position he held until his appointment as a High Court Judge in 1993. He served as the chairman of Local Government Election Petition Tribunal, Bali, in the present Taraba State from 1989 to 1991. He also served as a member of the Governorship and State House of Assembly Election Petition Tribunal in 1992 and Governorship and National Assembly Election Petition Tribunal in 1999. Justice Lawi was the first judge in Adamawa State to serve as Acting Chief Judge twice but denied the position of substantive Chief Judge of the state. He was married to Mrs. Glory Lawi and they were blessed with nine children, four boys and five girls.

cently a staff of United Bank for Africa (UBA), were laid to rest on Friday May 17, this year, in his hometown, Ogbaku, Imo State, after a funeral mass at St. Kevin’s Catholic Church, Ogbaku, Owerri Archdiocese. Ohamara was born 34 years ago to the late Brendan and Mrs. Antonia Ohamara of Ogbuke Ogbaku in Mbaitolu Local Council Area of Imo State. He attended Community Primary School, Ogbuke, and Presentation Secondary School, Ogbaku. He studied at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, where he graduated in 2002 with a Bachelors Degree in Sociology. During his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme in 2003, he served with First City Monument Bank (FCMB) and thereafter was retained as a core staff of the bank. He later moved over to the defunct Oceanic Bank in 2007 and served till 2009. He rejoined FCMB in 2010 where he worked till December 2012. In January 2013, he joined UBA where he served until his death on April 20, 2013. The late Ohamara was a committed and dedicated member of Saint Dominic’s Catholic Church, Yaba, Lagos. He faithfully served the Lord under the Lazarus Food Ministry (LAZFOM) where he visited inmates of Psychiatric Hospital, Yaba, Prisons, and humbly served them food every Sunday.

He was honourable, hospitable, generous, and dedicated to the service of God and mankind. His integrity was never in doubt as his track records spoke volume everywhere he worked and to everyone who ever had a dealing with him. He lived and died serving people and touching lives. He was a philanthropist, and believed in human development; hence he gave life a meaning to many, both young and old. To him life is all about peace, love and kindness to all men. His testimonies abound. His sweet memories live in the hearts of those whose lives he touched and in those who loved him with passion. Adi, as he was fondly called,


did not die an ordinary man; he left legacies and footprints for which he is being remembered. He had dreams and aspirations to make the world a happy and better place for his generation. Our prayer is that God will raise a generation that will fulfill his dreams. He is survived by his wife, Ijeoma Doris Ohamara (nee Ukah, whom he married on December 8, 2012; an aged mother, brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces, among many relatives. Adi, we love you, but God loves you more. May your gentle and sincere soul continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Adieu, our beloved.


60 Saturday, June 8, 2013

Conscience, Nurtured by Truth


Chairman, Senate Committee on Sports, Adamu Gumba (standing left in front); NASCOM Chairman, Yemi Idowu; President Jonathan; Sports Minister, Bolaji Abdullahi and Director General, NSC, Gbenga Elegbeleye with members of the Rhythm N’ Play club at its launch in Abuja on Thursday.

At Last, A Presidential Initiative To Save Grassroots Sports In his remarks, the President said: “Today marks a great day in our renewed sports development drive, which has already started yieldT the Presidential Retreat for Sports organ- ing positive results and national glory. You all ized by the Federal Government last recall that late last year, we convened a retreat November, virtually everybody at the forum on sports, which not only analysed the chaladmitted that the neglect of grassroots sports lenges in the sector but also came up with a development had taken its toll on Nigerian clear roadmap for sports development in the Sports. The occasion afforded President short, medium and long term. Already, 2013 is Goodluck Jonathan the opportunity to get first turning out to be a success for the country in hand information on the problems bedeviling sports. sports in the country and so he challenged the “Sport is an important vehicle for posting Sports Ministry and other stakeholders to cohesion and nation building. This has been arrest the decay in that sector. amply demonstrated in great attempt by govRising from the retreat, the Minister of ernment in sports development. In national Sports/Chairman, National Sports Commission competitions, it mirrors our pride, emotion (NSC), Bolaji Abdullahi, decided to reconstitute and unity and discipline. Aside from the obvithe Nigeria Academicals Sports Committee ous benefits that sporting glory brings, it is (NASCOM), which he believes has a pivot role also a major tool for youth mobilization and to play in repositioning sports at the grassdevelopment. roots level. “Encouraging people to take to sports also With a clear mandate to drive the grassroots helps to build a generation that is healthier in development, NASCOM under the leadership spirit and mind and therefore able to conof industrialist and sports enthusiast, Yemi tribute very well to national development. Idowu, commenced action with the intention Government remains strongly committed to to put together a robust programme that the development of our young people to would encourage sports in schools. ensure that grow up as healthy, responsible Six months after its inauguration in Abuja, and productive citizens with available opporNASCOM initiated the Rhythm ‘N’ Play, a cam- tunities to make easier life choices. This is the paign aimed at providing young Nigerians spirit of our government of transformation. under the age of 17 with structured pro“We must collectively build a worthy nation grammes that use sports and play as critical for our younger people. Considering its longtools for learning. term social economic benefit, this administraTo reaffirm his total commitment to the ren- tion is irrevocably committed to grassroots aissance of sports, President Jonathan on sports development. We believe that our Thursday at the Velodrome of the Abuja young people must be encouraged to have an National Stadium launched Rhythm ‘N’ Play, early start in sporting activities. The proamidst pomp and pageantry. gramme that we are launching today, Rhythm

By Olalekan Okusan


Abdullahi (right) pre Jonathan as the gra sents jersey to President nd patron of Rhyth m N’ Play

‘N’ Play is aimed at providing young Nigerians within the ages of 17 with the structured programme of combining sports with play as critical learning and development tool. As the biggest campaign in sports ever launched in our country, the programme will revolutionize grassroots sports in the Nigerian nation.’’ With Rhythm ‘N’ Play, the President endorsed the initiators’ aim of introducing two million additional children to sports over the next two years. He said, “In this regard, I have directed the National Sports Commission (NSC) and the Ministry of Education to work in consult toward achieving this target. Through this targeted efforts, our administration intend to see physical education returned to our schools and make participation in sports compulsory for all pupils in primary and secondary schools.” HE president acknowledged the major chalT lenges facing this initiative, which was highlighted by the sports minister, adding, however, “nevertheless, we are determined to reverse this situation, we will overcome all the existing constraints by articulating cost effective solutions to empower children and facilitate greater interest in participation in sports. “As I launch this campaign today, I call on all state governments and all other stakeholders including the private sector to give full support to the realization of its objectives by partnering with Rhythm ‘N’ Play in developing sports facilities in the rural and urban areas to encourage the growth and development of grassroots sports.” Buoyed by the President’s support for the programme, an elated Minister of Sports/Chairman, National Sports Commission (NSC), Bolaji Abdullahi, said the project intends to reposition sports at grassroots level, adding that efforts would be geared towards encouraging schools by providing sports equipment

and helping to train games masters. “We will rely on existing platform and leverage on existing competitions to nurture future global champions with the intention of getting two million kids to take to sports across the country. We will take the initiative across the country through the zones by ensuring that we have Rhythm ‘N’ Play clubs in schools,” the minister said. Mindful of the challenges facing his body, NASCOM boss, Yemi Idowu, said they would work with the Nigeria School Sports Federation (NSSF), Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON) and other stakeholders to achieve the two million target, while calling on corporate bodies to support the project. “As you may all be aware, one of the resolutions of the Presidential Retreat on Sports was the need to reposition sports in order to facilitate the mass participation and early discovery of budding young sporting talents at the grassroots level and within our school system. “At the retreat, the Nigeria Academicals Sports Committee (NASCOM) was identified as a key component of government’s efforts at developing sports at the grassroots. The newly constituted Board of NASCOM is comprised of the Nigeria School Sports Federation (NSSF), Youth Sports Federation of Nigeria (YSFON), the Federal Ministry of Education, NSC and the private sector,” Idowu explained. For this initiative, Idowu acknowledged the commitment and dedication of the Minister of Sports, whom he said has displayed exemplary leadership in actualizing President’s Transformation Agenda for Sports through his playground to podium vision for sports development. He added, “Our strategy is simple. If we have one per cent chance of finding talented children in a normal distribution of children playing sports, then it makes good sense to actively seek to increase the number of children playing sports if you want to increase your talent pool. “To increase the number of children we will need something attractive and exciting to make them want to participate in sports. When we have a bigger talent pool, we should have enough exciting activities to keep them interested in sports for a longer period so that they can graduate to elite sports through a discovery program with the national sporting federations.” Re-emphasising the role of NASCOM in building a strong pool of talents for the country, Idowu said: “For avoidance of doubt, NASCOM will not be organizing any event at grassroots level rather we will initiate brands, ideas and uniform products which will be recognizable for all stakeholders to support and identify. Idowu said funding held the key to success in the venture, adding, “Grassroots sports development requires significant funding and government alone cannot shoulder this burden. As an active player in the private sector, I wish to use this medium to appeal to my constituency – the private sector and corporate organizations – to support NASCOM’s Rhythm N’ Play and to leverage on it for the promotion of their goods and services.” He revealed that the campaign would be integrated into junior and secondary school sporting activities nationwide with Rhythm N’ Play Clubs set up in schools nationwide. Idowu added that it would rely heavily on the use of music, celebrities, volunteers, new media and other elements of pop culture to amplify and realize its objectives, adding that six sports, including football, athletics, ball games, calisthenics, martial arts and racket sports would be focused on by that Rhythm N’ Play, while the best sporting talents discovered through the platform will converge, fraternize and participate at the National Youth U-17 Games recently instituted by the National Sports Commission (NSC).

THE GUARDIAN Saturday, June 8, 2013



Harambee Stars Versus Super Eagles – The Jinx Lives On! O Nigerian expected a different result. No Nigerian enterN tained even the faintest possibility of an upset in Nairobi. Many warned but very few expected anything but the defeat that the Super Eagles handed their Kenyan opponents last Wednesday in the rarified atmosphere of Kenya. Anything else would have been contrary to the records, the history and the established tradition of the confrontations between the Harambee Stars and the Super Eagles. Add to that the fact that the Super Eagles are the current undisputed champions of African football following their emphatic and well-deserved victory at the African Cup of Nations in South Africa only five months ago. Not much could have changed in the five months since then to alter the historical antecedents, as well as the future course of the records between Kenya and Nigeria in football. The difference between them is clear! I did not watch the match between the Harambee Stars and the Super Eagles of last Wednesday.   The match was not shown to Nigerians on television, a disturbing current trend that defies logic and understanding for the ordinary man. As has been discoursed in passing in certain for a, there is a disagreement about the cost of marketing the television rights of the World Cup matches to Nigerian media practitioners. So, the people continue

Super Eagles’ Uwa Echiejile (right) vies for the ball with Kenya’s David Ochieng during their Brazil 2014 World Cup qualifier at the Kasarani Stadium, Nairobi…on Wednesday. PHOTO: AFP.

Cowbell Football Academy Celebrates First Year Anniversary OWBELL Football Academy, a brainchild of Multisport Services & Entertainment Limited, sponsored by Promasidor Nigeria, recently celebrated its first year anniversary at the National Stadium, Lagos. Speaking at the commemorative event, Managing Director of Promasidor Nigeria, Keith Richards, said the company is glad to see the Cowbell Football Academy grow from having only rookies to a team with young boys who can compete anywhere. According to Richards, “Our dedication was to find a unique sports initiative that would create a lasting value and focus on nation building and strategic partnerships is what formed Cowbell Football Academy. I am glad to see that our humble decision to partner with Multisports Services & Entertainment Limited in supporting grass root football has continued to grow in leaps and bounds. We are glad to be shaping the lives of young talents and developing one of the most popular games in Nigeria.” He added, “Cowbell Football Academy is set to become one of the formidable football academies in Nigeria. We have ear-


marked plans to implement a well-rounded football development program for the teeming Nigeria youths that love football and have joined the academy since inception; we have clear cut goals for the young footballers to help them meet their future aspirations. The academy is committed to developing young footballers with the right mindset and skill sets for the popular game with the world class training on and off the field.” Rector of the academy, Godwin Dudu-Orumen, revealed that “the academy in this first year has grown from the 160 children it started with to 600 children from ages five to 16 years. Amongst which some are already making impact they are, Toyeeb Gidado, Idris Ibrahim and Emmanuel Abraham were handpicked by foreign scouts for trials in football clubs abroad and Tony Amolo is at the United States on full scholarship at the university. “The academy has grown from one team that meets weekly at the National Stadium to four centres in Lagos. From three coaches to 15 experienced coaches who have undergone refresher courses such as ‘Training the Trainer’ in December 2012.”

to suffer from not watching their beloved team play in the most important football events in the world. Something needs be done.  Forgive me for the digression! So, Nigerians were almost arrogant in their expectations of the result of that match. True to expectations, as reports on radio and on the Internet revealed, the Nigerian team, for the duration of the match, was never under any threat of losing the match. Indeed, many now say that the one-goal victory of the Super Eagles was flattering to the Kenyans. The score line could have been a lot higher - anything from four goals upwards in favour of the Eagles if all the chances that came to them had been converted. Without breaking a sweat, without even playing brilliantly, but simply just doing enough to keep the Kenyans in check and at bay, the Eagles maintained their unbroken record of never having lost to Kenya in any competitive football match in football annals.   With a team missing several of the key players that won the African championship early this year, Stephen Keshi still assembled a squad that made the Harambee Stars look very ordinary and secured an almost certain passage for Nigeria to Rio 2014, baring any catastrophe in the remaining easy matches. The pedestrian performance and poor result (1-1) recorded in Calabar, Nigeria, when both teams met in their first encounter had no bearing. Stephen Keshi’s confidence and calmness in the face of a perceived threat astounded everyone and infected his players. This was justified with a relatively easy win in Nairobi with the Eagles rising magnificently to the challenge and leaving the Kenyans in a daze, wondering what had hit them.  The match was sealed with a deserved late goal scored by Ahmed Musa.   Keshi’s simple strategies for the match worked superbly. The first was a gamble that paid off – a friendly international match against a very strong opposition a few days to a crucial match. A loss could have dampened the morale and confidence of the young Eagles squad, and possibly precipitated a backlash in Kenya a few days later. Instead, the team’s spirit and confidence were bolstered by a great result achieved in that difficult match. The Eagles were forced to a 2-2 draw by highly rated Mexico in the international match played in the United States of America. The Nigerian players, thereafter, proceeded to Kenya on a high, and boasted that no records or myths would be broken, and that history would only repeat itself! They were proved right! The second strategy involved how to combat the effect of high altitude. The Nigerian team arrived Nairobi only one day before the match. Getting fully acclimatized to an environment such as this required a continuous stay of several days. The Nigerian team did not have such luxury of time. It was, therefore, a test of the long-held theory that ‘no-acclimatization’ is the antidote to the debilitating, asphyxiating effect of high altitude! Before any damage could be done by the thin air to their bodies the Nigerian players zoomed in, played their match and zoomed out of Nairobi! It worked! Finally, Keshi assembled a team of athletes - runners and fighters - reflective of football of the next generation, as was demonstrated by the two German clubs that played the finals of the European

Segun Odegbami Club championships a few weeks ago. Time was when football was played by 11 individual artists. With some advancement came the passing game and some organizational play. Then came the era of systems and patterns of play – diamond shape, space marking, man-to-man marking, 4-4-2, 4-33, 3-5-2, etc, followed by the concept of Total Football with emphasis on the versatility of players and quick interchange of positions on the field. The last decade has been dominated by the evolution of FC Barcelona and Tiki Taka – a blend of exquisite skills, short passing, endless running, mass defending and seamless movements. Recently, we had a sneak preview of the probable next advancement in football play. The football of the future belongs to the athlete-footballer. The level of fitness and skills that will be required to play successfully at the highest level would demand that players are not only highly skillful and disciplined, but must, particularly, be extremely fit, endowed with the strength, stamina, speed and versatility to play in more than one position, to run endlessly for at 1000 kilometres per hour for 90 minutes defending and attacking, and to cover every inch of grass!  Bayern Munich FC used it effectively to alter the equilibrium of world football. The new emerging Super Eagles are made of that stuff. What we saw in Nairobi provides an indication of that. Now look closely at the present Nigerian team. As individual players they do not match the depth in flair, skills and ability of the players that ended with Jay Jay Okocha, Kanu Nwankwo, Taribo West, and co. But put together as a team, as a unit, I see the outlines of a team that would be stronger and even more successful. I do not know if Stephen Keshi himself is aware of what his methods are producing, but Nigeria presents the perfect environment for the emergence of players with the high levels I talked about. Endowed with power, strength, speed, ‘hunger’, and skills hewn on the difficult grounds around the country, the new Eagles are blending into a team of super-fit players.   Meanwhile, there is ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’ in Kenya as their agony continues. The Harambee Stars are still looking for what would help them break the jinx that continues to haunt them – the jinx that has become a myth, a record, a tradition that has sustained for decades and still stands today. No Kenyan national team has ever defeated the Super Eagles in any competitive match anywhere, in history!  That jinx lives on…unfortunately!

Skye Bank, Barcelona Fans’ Club Partner On Sports Development N what looks like a departure Iated from the usual fanfare associwith fans club, Skye Bank and FC Barcelona Fans Club has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on sports development and community-based programmes. At the singing of the agreement yesterday in Lagos, President, Board of Trustees of Penya Barca De Lagos Club, Leslie Oghomienor, lauded the

bank for collaborating with the club, which is an official licensed fans club in Nigeria, adding that a lot of programmes have been lined up to affect people lives positively. “We want to thank Skye Bank for accepting to partner with us and we believe this collaboration will touch lives positively. We want to pay attention to youth development as well as

lift grassroots sports in the country. Barcelona being a community-based team has been supporting community programmes and we will also be doing this by touching the lives of the less privileged in the country. We are more than just a fans club, but a club that will impact lives,” he said. With the inauguration of the club on Saturday June 8, Oghomienor added the club

Commercial Director, Promasidor Nigeria, Kachi Onubogu, Rector, Cowbell Football Academy, Godwin Dudu-Orume and Managing Director, Promasidor Nigeria, Keith Richards, with the cup at the one year anniversary of Cowbell Football Academy at the Main Bowl, National Stadium Lagos.

plans to organize clinics with coaches coming from Spain. For the Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Skye Bank, Kehinde Durosimi-Etti, the relationship is a pathway to the achievement of the twin objective of fostering national unity and promoting business goals. His words: “In recent years, FC Barcelona has emerged as a dominant football team in club football and the architect of the beautiful possession style of play known as the ‘Tikitaka’. Its successes on the field in the past five years have led to a global surge in its fan base just as its trajectory continues on the upward plane. Skye Bank Plc has a rich and an enviable pedigree as a soccer force in the Nigerian banking industry where our football team has been dubbed ‘perennial champions’ by winning the gold trophy in the annual “Bankers Games” tournament for a record four times. We are here to start a collaborative effort aimed at advancing our respective interests through mutual co-operation and understanding, including but not limited to the areas of provision of support as may be required.”

THE GUaRdIaN saturday, June 8, 2013


sPoRTs European Round-Off

Wenger Would Waste Cash, Robson Warns arsenal Chelsea Keen To sign Cavani, Napoli admits

aNaGER arsene Wenger should not be trusted to spend arsenal’s summer transfer budget, according to former Gunners midfielder, stewart Robson. arsenal are determined to improve the side ahead of next season to mount a longoverdue assault on the Barclays Premier League title, and chief executive Ivan Gazidis has talked about “an escalation in (the club’s) financial firepower” that would allow them to move for a stellar signing. However, Robson, who came through the arsenal youth system but left Highbury in 1986,


long before Wenger’s arrival, feels some of the manager’s recent transfer dealings should not inspire much hope for the calibre of player who will arrive at the Emirates stadium ahead of next season. speaking to talkSPORT, Robson said: “I am not expecting any marquee signings at arsenal. There is a lot of talk about it, but I don’t know if I would trust arsene Wenger with that money. “over the last few years some of the players that he has said were going to be world class haven’t ended up like that people like Philippe senderos, denilson, Marouane

Chamakh, armand Traore, sebastien squillaci, Nicklas Bendtner, Carlos Vela, Emmanuel Eboue, Park Chuyoung, Lukasz Fabianski, Gervinho and andre santos. “over the last two seasons they have spent some money on olivier Giroud, Lukas Podolski, Mikel arteta, Nacho Monreal, Per Mertesacker and andre santos. They haven’t been top-class players. “arsene Wenger doesn’t appear to want to sign the topclass players, or what other people would describe as topclass players. “He goes out and says: ‘I can buy you cheaper players for a better price who are going to be world-class players in the future’, but that hasn’t been the case in the last few years. “some of the players who he

has bought have regressed under him like andrey arshavin and Thomas Vermaelen. Nacho Monreal hasn’t been a good signing and andre santos has been hopeless for them. “Per Mertesacker and Lukas Podolski are past their best and Gervinho is another player who they spent a lot of money on and hasn’t really come to the fore.” arsenal’s wage bill of some £143millon was around 61 per cent of their overall revenue but is set to be reduced this summer by the confirmed expected departures of arshavin, denilson and squillaci, while several other surplus fringe players should also be offloaded - such as Chamakh, Bendtner and Korean forward Park.

Falcao Eager To Take Monaco To European Elite adaMEL Falcao is full of R ambition following his move from atletico Madrid to Monaco and intends to storm the best in Europe with his new team. The Ligue 2 champions have already secured the services of a number of high-profile names with Falcao, James Rodriguez, Joao Moutinho and Ricardo Carvaldo, and the Colombia international is keen to challenge for major trophies.


“I am very pleased with the confidence Monaco have shown in me by signing me. Monaco have a very interesting sporting project going on. We all want to help Monaco to the top of Europe,” the striker, 27, was quoted as saying by AFP. “The conditions here are Monaco are very well, not just football wise, but also when it comes to other personnel. Rodriguez is a great player. That’s why Monaco paid a lot of money for him.”

aPoLI president, aurelio de N Laurentiis expects to hold talks with Chelsea about a possible deal for Edinson Cavani. Cavani’s future has been the subject of intense speculation for some time with the Uruguay international one of the most sought-after strikers in Europe. The likes of Chelsea, Manchester City, Real Madrid and Paris saint Germain have all been credited with an interest in the 26-year-old. de Laurentiis hopes to keep Cavani at Napoli, but insists if

he does leave the money they get for him will be reinvested into the team. “The budget for the transfer market will be based in relation to the Financial Fair Play rules,” de Laurentiis told Radio Marte. “If Cavani is sold then I’ll reinvest all of the €63million (£53.5m) of his release clause. “There is interest from Chelsea in Cavani, they’ll call me in the next few hours. “I’ll be delighted if he stays, but if he leaves then he will be adequately replaced.”

Klinsmann Wanted Me out of Bayern, Mueller Reveals HoMas Muller has revealed T that United states national team manager, Jurgen Klinsmann was ready to sell him to Hoffenheim during his time in charge of Bayern Munich. The sinsheim side were keen to lure the Germany international away from Bayern ahead of the 2008-09 campaign, and Klinsmann was happy to let go of the versatile attacker; however, assistant coach Hermann Gerland advised against selling Muller and the transfer eventually fell through. “Then coach Jurgen Klinsmann had made up his mind and told me that there was no room for me in the first team,” Muller told Kicker.

“Tiger Gerland did not want to sell me, though. Plus Hoffenheim’s offer wasn’t sufficient. The transfer window then closed, and I stayed put. I now know that was the best outcome possible.” Muller, 23, broke into the first team in 2009-10 under Louis van Gaal and has since become a key player at the Bavarian giants.


Warri Wolves accuses akwa United of Foul Tiwa Warriors Hold Turkey’s Kaharamanspor, as MIsToN 2013 Begins Play, Wants LMC’s Intervention MId great expectations by the thousands of youths who thronged the akure Township stadium hoping to attract attention to their skills, Tiwa Warriors of akokoland on Thursday held Kaharamanspor Youth Club from Turkey top a 1-1 draw in the opening game of the Mimiko U-18 International soccer Tournament. The competition, featuring youth teams from across the country and overseas, kicked off with a colourful ceremony, which showcased the culture of the people, match past by participating teams, callisthenic display and ball juggling, as well as music. shortly after the opening game, Magate academy of Ibadan and El-Quanat of Uyo took to the pitch for the second game that also ended in a 1-1 draw. But Young stars of akure opened the victory gate with a 3-2 defeat of International of Ghana. odsFa academy of akure emulated their brothers by defeating Virgin Kids of Jos 1-0, just as Fountain Youth Club of ado Ekiti recorded a 1-0 win over Kwankwasia of Kano. The biggest win of the day was recorded by Riverlane of Enugu, who walloped Great scholars of sagamu 4-0, with Beach settlers of Igbokoda beating Cote d’lvoire’s Yerima FC by a lone goal.


By Gowon akpodonor among dignitaries on the opening day of the competition were former ogun state Governor, Gbenga daniel, who was the special Guest of Honour, top government functionaries from within and outside the state, traditional rulers, NGos, foreign scouts and other sports lovers, among others. speaking at the event, daniel commended the organisers for instituting the competition, saying the tournament

would help in promoting sports development in africa. He charged the teams to compete in the spirit of sportsmanship, just as he commended ondo state Governor, olusegun Mimiko, for his effort at sports development. Chairman of the Caring Heart sports Foundation, dr. abass Mimiko, organisers of the tournament, said the need to create a good future for talented footballers necessitated the institution of the competition.

HE Vice Chairman of Warri T Wolves FC, Kenneth Nwomucha, has called on the League Management Company (LMC) to invoke the relevant rules governing the Nigeria Professional Football League (NPFL) on akwa United following an alleged attack on the centre referee by fans suspected to be supporters of the Uyo team in a league match on Wednesday. The Warri side was trailing 0-2

Vice President Club Affairs, Penya Barca de Lagos Club, Akpobome Atunyota-Ali Baba (left); Vice President, Board of Trustees of the Club, Kayode Adeleke; President, Leslie Ogbomenor; Group Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Skye Bank Plc, Kehinde Durosinmi-Etti and Executive Director, South-South Directorate/ Retail Banking, Skye Bank, Ibiye Ekong at the signing of memorandum of understanding (MOU) between Skye Bank and Penya Barca de Lagos on Tuesday. PHOTO: FEMI ADEBESIN-KUTI

in the first half, but the match was abandoned after supporters of akwa United allegedly attacked the centre referee, Henry ogunyanmodi from ondo state, in the dressing room during the break for what they termed as ‘questionable calls.’ Nwomucha, who spoke with The Guardian yesterday through the club Media officer, Etu Moses, on their way from the match venue, described as barbaric the behaviour of supporters of akwa United. He urged the LMC to invoke article 3.7, sub section 1,3, and 3, which says that if fans of any team attacked the officiating officials leading to abandonment of any match, the club should be made to pay a fine of N5 million and forfeit the three points at stake. “I have never seen this type of thing in my life. a goal was scored with a player of akwa United using his hand to push the ball into our net and the referee accepted it. at half time, you said you were not satisfied and went on to beat him. This is very bad and will not augur well for our league,” Nwomucha stated. The Warri Wolves official also condemned the security arrangement at the stadium. “I started praying when I noticed that two third of the Police officers present at the stadium were women. They

were without weapons and were helpless when trouble started,” he said. Meanwhile, the General Manager of dolphins of Port Harcourt, dumbor awanen, says the refereeing he saw in Katsina ala, where his team met Lobi stars on Wednesday, is the worst since he joined the club more than two seasons ago. dolphins lost that game 1-0 to Lobi stars, after a 94th minute penalty was awarded to the host. “It was just too bad and the LMC must come out and tell us what plans they have for the league because if this continues then we are heading for disaster,” awanen said. according to awanen, a Lobi stars’ striker ran into a dolphins defender, Festus austin in the 70th minute and rather than call a foul against the Lobi player, a penalty was awarded against his team. “our goalkeeper, austin Brown saved that but the referee still had other plans in his sinister mind and he soon awarded another one in more bizarre circumstances. “The referee added seven minutes at the end and in the 4th minute of added time, another Lobi striker ran into our defensive midfielder, seidu abuu, injuring him in the process, but the referee, Mammada aminu from Zamfara state, called a penalty against my team rather than penalize the Lobi player.

THE GUARDIAN, Saturday, June 8, 2013



Saturday, June 8, 2013

Conscience, Nurtured by Truth

Arsenal Ready To Spend Big Money On Players, Says Gazidis RSENAl chief executive Ivan A Gazidis says the club are ready to “escalate” their spending next season. Asked whether Arsenal could afford to spend a £20m transfer fee on a single player, and offer salaries of £200,000 per week, he said: “Of course we could do that. We could do more than that.” But he warned that boss Arsene Wenger, who Gazidis says will stay “long term”, will not necessarily spend such money. “It is going to be the players that Arsene believes in,” Gazidis said. “He is pretty blind to price tags, he looks at what he sees with his eyes and makes judgements based on that, not on reputations and prices.” The Gunners have been linked with summer moves for Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and Real Madrid forward Gonzalo Higuain. In England, only Manchester United and Chelsea brought in more revenue than the north london club during the 2011-12 season, according to the Deloitte Annual Review of Football Finance 2013. Arsenal signed a new £150m shirt-sponsorship deal with Emirates airline in November, while they have also brought in almost £75m from the recent sales of Samir Nasri, Cesc Fabregas and Robin van Persie. “We have a certain amount of money which we have held in reserve,” Gazidis said. “We also have new revenue streams coming on board and all of these things mean we can do some things which would excite you, but what excites Arsene isn’t necessarily what excites you. “This year we are beginning to see something we have been planning for some time - the escalation in our financial firepower. “That is going to happen partly into next season, it is part way available now in the summer, but the following season as well. “It is a progression over the next two seasons and is quite significant for the club.” Wenger, 63, is starting the final season of his current contract but Arsenal expect him to sign a new deal. Gazidis said: “We have got a fantastic manager. We hope that he wants to do what he is doing for the long term. I believe he does.

Spain’s Rafael Nadal returns to Serbia’s Novak Djokovic during their French tennis Open semi-final match at the Roland Garros Stadium in Paris…yesterday.

Countdown To Brazil 2013 Confederations Cup

Keshi Picks Nine New Players, Seven Home-Based Stars, Brazil Unveils Squad By Christian Okpara OACH Stephen Keshi yesterday released the names of players he will use for the forthcoming Brazil 2013 Confederations Cup, with nine of the boys, who played at the last African Nations Cup missing from the team. There are also seven homebased stars in the squad billed to travel to Brazil for the com-


petition next week. As expected, there is no room for Nations Cup skipper, Joseph Yobo, and Ikechukwu Uche, who have been out of contention since the competition in South Africa in February. Also missing from the team are Israel-based Juwon Oshinawa, Nosa Igiebor (Real Betis, Spain), Obiora Nwankwo (Padova, Italy), Scotland-based

Gabriel Reuben and Ejike Yzoenyi, who moved from Enugu Rangers to France shortly after the Nations Cup. Emmanuel Emenike and Victor Moses are out of the team due to injuries they sustained during the last season. In place of the dropped players, Keshi has chosen Sunshine Stars’ Solomon Kwambe and Francis Benjamin of Heartland of

Owerri. Also new in the team are John Ogu (Academica de Coimbra), Babatunde Michael (Kryvbas), Joseph Akpala (SV Werder Bremen), Anthony Ujah (FC Cologne), Nnamdi Oduamadi (Varese), and Gambo Mohammed (Kano Pillars). The players from the local league include five who made the final squad to the 2013 Africa Cup of Nations in South

Unstoppable Nadal Edges Djokovic To Berth In Final T was a great tennis battle Iplayer between the current best in the world and the

• Serena, Sharapova In Epic Final Today

greatest claycourt player of all time. At the end, Spaniard Rafa Nadal outclassed Serbia’s Novak Djokovic to reach the French Open final. It was their 35th meeting. With his victory 6-4 3-6 6-1 67(3) 9-7 in a pulsating 4-1/2 hour, Nadal has equalled the record for most number of wins at Roland Garros. He now has 58 wins (and just one loss to his name) joining Roger Federer, who has 58 wins and 13 losses in Paris to his name. Nadal displayed the athleti-

cism and self-belief that earned him seven French Open titles to tame the world number one Djokovic. In a match of high-drama featuring a point penalty, a near tumble over the net and trickshot mishaps, it was the sinewstretching rallies that made the difference as Nadal withstood Djokovic’s baseline onslaught to extend his run at the claycourt major to a jawdropping 58-1. Nadal had stood two points from the final in the fourth set

when he inexplicably let Djokovic off the hook by dropping serve at 6-5 up. Djokovic blitzed through the fourth set tiebreak 7-3 and then streaked into a 4-2 lead in the decider when Nadal’s fighting instincts kicked in to leave the Serb floundering. A forehand long on match point secured Nadal an unprecedented eighth appearance in the Paris final and a meeting against either home hope, Jo-Wilfried Tsonga or fellow Spaniard David Ferrer.

Meanwhile, Maria Sharapova says she will have to “try something different” when she faces world number one Serena Williams in today’s French Open final. Williams is on a 30-match winning streak and thrashed Sara Errani in 46 minutes in the semi-finals. Defending champion Sharapova, who battled past Victoria Azarenka in three sets, last beat Williams in 2004 and has lost their past 12 matches. “I’d be lying if I said it doesn’t

Published by Guardian Newspapers limited, Rutam House, Isolo, lagos Tel: 4489600, 2798269, 2798270, 07098147948, 07098147951 Fax: 4489712; Advert Hotline lagos: 7736351, Abuja: 07098513445 (ISSN NO 0189-5125) Acting Editor: All correspondence to Guardian Newspapers limited, P.M.B. 1217, Oshodi, lagos, Nigeria.





bother me,” said the Russian. “I don’t think that it would be a pretty competitive statement if I said it didn’t. I would love to change that around. “Obviously whatever I did in the past hasn’t worked, so I’ll have to try to do something different and hopefully it will.” Sharapova, 26, has won just one set in their past 11 matches and lost in straight sets on the Madrid clay only last month. “I don’t feel like I have taken my chances and opportunities [against Williams],” said the second seed. “When she is up all the time, whether it’s a break or if she feels like she’s constantly getting second serves or is able to rip every ball because there’s nothing on your ball - she does extremely well when she’s in that position.

Africa, where Nigeria won a third continental trophy. Enugu Rangers supply three of these players, including Sunday Mba, Chigozie Agbim and Emeka Eze, while Sunshine Stars have two players, Godfrey Oboabona and Solomon Kwambe. The other players are Gambo Mohammed (Kano Pillars), Benjamin Francis (Heartland) and Azubuike Egwuekwe (Warri Wolves). Heartland left winger Obinna Nwachukwu and Sunshine defender Odunlami Kunle were dropped from the team. The Super Eagles begin their Confederations Cup campaign on June 17 against Tahiti. The other teams in their group are Spain and Uruguay. Meanwhile, all the other seven participating nations have also confirmed their squad lists for the Confederations Cup. Every confederation is represented at the ‘Festival of Champions’ with the respective continental champions joined by FIFA World Cup winners Spain, together with host nation Brazil, while UEFA EURO 2012 runners-up Italy will also represent Europe. Among the 184 players selected are some of the world’s finest footballers, many of whom have already demonstrated their quality on the game’s greatest stages. Now, after much anticipation and excitement, the moment of truth is finally upon us.

Sat 08 June 2013  

The Guardian Nigeria

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