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January 2019

TR student media is accepting new members. Register for newspaper

Caitlin Estes

Kaleigh Haworth Jordan Lear

Social Media Editor, junior

Editor, senior

Editor in Chief, junior

Writing editor, junior

“I enjoy being a part of this class because it gives me an outlet to express myself. I get to see an end result after finishing something I enjoyed doing, and I have obtained skills I can use as tools in the other subjects I am taking.”

“I like it because it builds a strong sense of community, and there is something for everyone in the class to enjoy.”

“This class is Ia great way to strengthen your writing and proofreading skills. We can do things such as broadcasting,photography, and live streaming. There is something for everyone.”

“I enjoy this class because I can write as much as I want too. We have the freedom to choose what we are interested in writing about that we believe is important for other people to know.”

Anyone can be a part of TR student media. Register for newspaper.

If you are interested in broadcasting, live streaming, writing, photography, graphic design, social media, web design, or editing, then register for NEWSPAPER. Anyone can sign up, no application and no experience are necessary — just a desire to be part of a fun team. Questions? Email Nikki Sameshima at

From the front page:

ThunderRidge High School • 1991 Wildcat Reserve Parkway, Highlands Ranch, CO, 80129 • 303-387-2000

Maddy Stadler

Photos from top, clockwise: Video equipment rests in the studio. Students use this equipment to live stream news, sporting events and Field Day. A collection of copies of The Growl are scattered on the ground. The award-winning publication is in its 23rd year. A close-up of a keyboard in the computer lab shows a creative take on the technology. Students and teachers who participated in the Field Day live streaming pose for the camera after the day is over. Students work on the magazine and broadcast in the computer lab. TR student media students pose for a group shot by the big Grizzly. Junior Maddy Stadler films Field Day commentators during the event this past September.

2019-2020 Registration Issue The Growl  

ThunderRidge High School Student Media

2019-2020 Registration Issue The Growl  

ThunderRidge High School Student Media