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Summer Lovin’ t has finally arrived: time to break out the flip flops and Lilly shorts and tuck away the cashmere and Moncler. This issue we wanted to focus on Summer Lovin’ for a multitude of reasons. Not only is summer a time to slow down (hopefully) and catch your breath again but it is a time to really enjoy the outdoors, family time and ‘you’ time. Love is a complicated thing. It is always all around us yet the chance to truly explore what we love about ourselves and others rarely surfaces among the midst of our hectic daily lives. As I took a minute to reflect on what the ideal summer for me would be it occurred to me that when the cherished time to actually focus on yourself does surface

who can help you navigate where to begin? The topics of conversation are vast and broad and certainly not able to be covered in one single issue. But as I sat around the table with The GG Team we brainstormed on topics that we would find to be of interest. From finding love to being able to walk away from it with dignity, to loving our bodies and our wardrobes we got the inside scoop just for you and hopefully will help kick you off to a summer full of lovin’. Be sure to check out my


exclusive interview with Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger!

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Myself (left) with a girlfriend wearing beautiful handmade caftans and handcrafted jewels by Madeline Peyton. www.madelinepeyton.com


P I L AT E S T R A I N I N G • N U T R I T I O N A L C O U N S E L I N G

Through both strengthening and stretching Pilates: • Develops and improves postural alignment and core strength • Improves flexibility and range of motion

• Enhances muscular endurance • Targets sport specific stabilizing muscles • Improves balance while decreasing back, neck and joint pain

WELLNESS Private Pilates Studio 914.419.2804 • ec-wellness.com 168B Irving Avenue Suite 203D • Port Chester, NY 10573 • info@ec-wellness.com

2015 issue iv The Greenwich Girl Magazine

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The ultimate experience in hair

The Plaza Hotel, NYC One W. 58th St. 2nd Flr

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TABLE OF CONTENTS THE 5 Day Cleanse That Changed My Life 11 The Look Of The Greenwich Girl 19 Q&A With Patti Stanger 63 Love And Herb Healing 26 Summer Chic 41 The GG Lipstick Collection 23 The Brand That Literally Holds Everything Together For You 33 Summer Flings 45 Diary Of The GG 31 Sun Damage No More 40 He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, Psyche! 49 www.minnierose.com

4 Apps You Must Have for Summer 2015 60 Hit Europe Like A Pro This Summer 54 Mandarin Garnet Madness 62

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THE 5 Day Cleanse That Changed My Life


Many of you have been patiently awaiting my tell all on the five day cleanse I did last month. For those not on social media or following The GG on social media (which you should be!) I made dozens of posts tracking my progress on Facebook and other social media platforms. Each post unintentionally reflected my enjoyment of this cleanse as my overuse of exclamation marks radiated my enthusiasm making many eager to learn more. But before I dive into the details let me give you a little background:


ummer isn't just about

having the perfect beach body on the outside. It is also about making sure that you are cleansed and healthy on the inside as well which should be a year round commitment to yourself, but for some reason summer brings this to the surface for many.


I recently came across these lovely two young ladies who have collaborate on a joint

venture that offers to get their clients to their healthiest possible existence, and their technique is simple yet effective. The two ladies involved in this business/healthy journey with you are well suited for this collaboration, as Rebecca Meyerson of Simply Healthy Living (part one of the dynamic duo) has a Masters in Nutrition from Montclair State University along with certifications in Nutrition Counseling by the American Association of Nutrition Consultants and in Nutrition/Exercise Science from Montclair State University.    !

As for the second half of this duo, Janine, she administers colonics, because you

need to start your cleansing journey off, well, completely cleansed from the inside out. Janine Chessa operates and owns Inner BodyWorks and is certified by the Wood Hygienic Institute as a Gravity Colon Hydrotherapist. Her process is both safe and effective, which leaves you feeling not only clean, but lighter, once you are done with each session. It is important to begin any cleansing journey on as good of a footing as possible to ensure that you are successful during your journey and encourages you to make a lifestyle change not just for the week but far beyond.

The idea of a cleanse often sounds much better than it is. The past four I have tried were a nightmare and made me more sick than healthy. But this time it was different, much, MUCH different. I found a plan through a friend called the "Clean, Green & Lean" cleanse. Offering a five day cleanse with the preparation of the smoothies and raw food plus two colonics this cleanse detoxes, purifies and rejuvenates your body at lightening speed for an affordable cost of $595.

Truth be told I have never researched colonics or had them done, and like most people who are not familiar with them I assumed they were gross and wondered why on earth people would ever do them. While it is definitely TMI to go into detail I was amazed at all of the factors that a colonic assists with. From removing years of toxins that never broke down properly to rebooting your internal processing system colonics are essential to getting your body to the pure place your mind, body and soul desires.  ! With this cleanse you typically get one colonic on day one and An actual picture from my smoothie and soup week. Each then a second colonic day three. There is no discomfort and any comes in a sealed container and horrible myths you heard about colonics are untrue. That is all I you can reuse them! have to say about that. Additionally, it should be noted that Janine Tip: putting smoothies into glasses with fruit garnishing helps who performs all colonic work, is so highly knowledgable in this the appeal too! area of expertise that you end up walking out of her office each time knowing more about healthy eating and human anatomy than you ever knew before. And her delivery is so convincing and genuine that all of this information she passes along actually encourages you more to follow through with the cleanse. She is an OYSTER of knowledge and checks in on you daily.

The one thing I can say without hesitation is that this cleanse was so absolutely amazing that I literally extended it for two weeks after on my own with smoothie/raw eating which I had already become accustomed to. I have never in my life had more energy than I did while doing this cleanse - I slept on average 4-5 hours a night and was extremely 'on' and productive during the day. ! The food was so incredible I never once felt hungry. This was very different from a juice cleanse and the smoothies made a huge difference as did the soups and salads. Rebecca was so on top of each days food and your preferences offering customized smoothies down to the hour. Not only that but her smoothies had such a diverse range of ingredients that each was a true delight, she even makes one ‘dessert’ smoothie that truly feels like a treat each day and gives you one to look even more forward to then the rest. Using fruits and veggies Rebecca prepares each smoothie fresh that day in its own sealed bottle for your convenience. It literally could not be any easier for the person who is doing the cleanse. ! Sounds too good to be true right? That is what I thought until I did it myself and realized it was in fact quite ideal. Based out of Nyack, NY this cleanse is a 25 minute drive and well worth every mile.  It is imperative to mention that this isn't just a five day cleanse that causes you lose weight while on it only to gain it all back once you stop. It promotes the beginning of a healthier lifestyle, and that is the best guarantee that can be offered when working with the ladies at Simply Healthy Living/Inner BodyWorks. ! From touring your local grocers in an effort to help you buy better produce, to meal planning assistance, cleaning out your current pantry, preparation of the smoothies/ raw food and even long distance assistance via phone/web, these ladies don't just give you a quick cleanse then send you on your way with encouragement and hand holding. Rebecca and Janine are in this with their clients for the long haul, recognizing that you not only want your body to be leaner, but performing at its healthiest. In the end, isn't that what we all really want?

Get The Cleanse! If your answer is yes, as it should be, then you can get in contact with Janine Chessa at: (201) 579-3462 or janine@innerbodyworks.net. Her suite is located in Downtown Nyack, NY at 99 Main St #220, so you can also pop in and see for yourself. Definitely check out her website which is loaded with info: http://www.innerbodyworks.net As for Rebecca, you can reach her at: (914) 806-5938 or head on over to www.simplyhealthyliving.net and fill out her websites’ contact form so that you can be on your way to a healthier and more beautiful you.

Added benefits from colonics: •

• • • • •

Increased Energy and Renewed Vitality Eradicate Constipation Reduce Bloating Weight Loss Boost Immune System Improved Mental Clarity and Sense of Well Being Heightened Energy and Increased Metabolism Improved Hydration to Whole Body Restores Balance and Tone to the Colon



Keep Your Spine in Line Sleep plays a vital role in the body’s cycle of healing, growing and rejuvenating. DUX High Performance Sleep Systems provide unrivaled ergonomic support, so you can experience significantly higher quality sleep.



3117 Franklin Road • Picadilly Square • Roanoke 540.904.6743 • www.punchboutique.com

The Look Of

The Greenwich Girl V

Editor’s Fav INSTAGRAM Account & Go-To Shop For Looks

ery rarely do I come across a shop that carries

a range of clothing and shoes I could literally buy one of everything. As we all know the good old fashioned days of window shopping and browsing have been converted into digital shopping. From websites to social media we are inundated with endless possibilities of whatever we want being right at our fingertips, quite literally. !

But Instagram specifically delivers an instantaneous satisfaction unlike any

other platform. And while The GG has over 10,000 followers I very carefully cherry pick who I follow in an effort to keep my news feed relevant. That being said when I stumbled upon Punch Boutique aka @punch_boutique on Instagram I was Insta-ntly OBSESSED. !

Located in Roanoke,

VA this amazing boutique offers all of the brands we GG’s love. From Lilly to Mara Hoffman the possibilities are infinite when it comes to ensembles at Punch. Check out The GG picks from this adorable boutique and be sure to follow them asap on Instagram for chic, sophisticated and tasteful ensembles on the go.

Although I love many shops I really enjoy sharing my top finds with my readers to showcase exactly what they offer. !

In case you missed the cover I am

rocking the Lilly Pulitzer Elsa top from Punch Boutique. Of course I have always loved Lilly but as time goes on their patterns can get very pink and green and seem even childish at times. !

But Punch somehow got me back

on the Lilly pad with their clever ways of highlighting certain pieces and pairing them with more modern day styles to offset the Lilly affect but still show it off with a bit more subtly. !

All I can say is that this blouse has

come in handy. I have already over worn it and it is not even June yet.

As I mentioned earlier, the reason I fell in love with Punch Boutique is because of their immaculate taste. Offering brands such as Lilly, Nanette Lepore, Alice + Trixie, AG, Shoshanna and much more Punch presents all of the top brands in a way that actually makes you realize they are actually wearable. When I see these brands in other shops I automatically assume they are meant for only the size 2’s and I lose interest in even trying them on. But the best thing about Punch Boutique is that their Instagram alone feels as if you have your very own stylist! Don’t believe me? Check out some of these adorable looks that I for one am certain I would not put together if I hadn’t seen their vision. www.punchboutique.com

The GG’s Top Picks From Punch Boutique Finding a good pair of casual shorts is much more difficult than one would think especially as we get older and often times when we do find a pair they are too short, too tight, too loose, too long, too something. But when I spotted these precious shorts I reconsidered my affection for the oh-so-difficult wardrobe piece of shorts. ! With a waist line that hits closer to the bellybutton than the hip bone and a feminine scalloped trim these shorts are not only fashionable but comfortable, girly, flirty and come in enough patterns to make your head spin. Starting at $65 a pair these darling shorts Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup Short,$68

are also uber affordable.

Talk about summer shoe shopping made easy! With a whole variety of footwear from everyday casual to night time elegance Punch Boutique has you covered in style! Check out these awesome ElaineTurner sandals- especially the brand new Maribeth style on the lower left corner!

Once again over-wearing

These to die for Aerin Lauder laser cut heels were love at first sight. Elegant, sophisticated and unique tin style these beautiful sandals make any outfit complete.

is an understatement when it comes to these magical pants. Carrying the skinny jean trend into the summer AG has perfected fit and style with immaculate percision when it comes to these fantastic ankle length white jeans. With the possibility to dress them up or run around town doing errands these are a must have for spring and summer. AG Adriano Goldshmied Legging Ankle Jean, $178

THE GREENWICH GIRL COLLECTION Introducing our newest Collection created and inspired by Laura

This month has been extremely exciting for us! Having been honored by Lynn Tassinari Wegiel, CEO of LTW Custom Cosmetics, we are proud to announce the launch of The GG Collection of custom lipsticks! Get yours today - they are AMAZING! Get your very own at: www.ltwcustomcosmetics.com

McKittrick the founder and editor of Greenwich Girl Magazine. The Greenwich Girl is the go-to luxury lifestyle digital magazine. The GG brand focuses on the fashion and beauty industries while highlighting all aspects of luxury living - check it out on www.thegreenwhichgirl.com This collection of lipsticks offers the ultimate in luxury with all of our specialty anti-aging additives already included in the formula along with an SPF 15. Each is scented with one of our natural essences. We've also added an extra boost of moisture! These are not only beautifully unique shades, but actual treatment lipsticks for an incredibly smooth pout! We named each lipstick after Laura's favorite places ~ each location carries a special place in her heart and sentiment that can be shared thru these vibrant colors. Paraben Free!. You also have the option of choosing your base! Retail $34

THE GREENWICH GIRL HAS A NEW LOOK! We have completely revamped our website. Not only is it much more user friendly but it is much more organized! We are awaiting the sponsor and about page but take a peek at www.thegreenwichgirl.com


Brought to you by:

In Support of:

Sunday, July 12th 1PM - 4PM VIP TENT

Greenwich Polo Club Conyers Farm 1 Hurlingham Drive Greenwich, CT​


VIP Party [$75]


(Includes a gift, cigars, cocktails & lite fare)

​General Admission [$25]

(Access to the Party at Polo General Admission area, includes car show, pet parade, best dressed awards, fashion show & children’s play area)

Children Under 21 [$10] To Purchase Tickets or For More Information Please Visit


Summer Garden of

by Dina Lockridge Vetri



ne of the most beautiful aspects of summer is the ability to grow your own vegetation. Amongst my lemon, pear, peach, apple, fig, pomegranate and orange trees I have an expansive herb garden. And not to just add delectable flavors to home cooked meals but as an expansion of my own natural medicine cabinet. There are five herbs that have potent healing properties for the whole family. Don’t grow your garden without them. And don’t worry about not having a green thumb, these hearty herbs are easy to grow with little maintenance and the outcome will be well worth it.

Lavender Used in promoting relaxation, sleep and tranquility. You can cut the stems, (which also promotes more growth for the plant itself) and take the full stems and buds and put them directly into a bath with a few extra lavender essential oil drops. I also make a dead sea salt scrub using the crushed stems and buds added to the sea salts with about five tablespoons of avocado oil that’s created for the body. You can use this as a scrub or place directly into a warm bath. C’est magnifique! Rosemary One of my favorite scents. This powerful herb has been used for centuries in warding off negative energy, improving memory and eliciting clarity. I take the cut sprigs, tie them together and put them directly into the bath. I also make a dead sea salt scrub bath mix as I do with the lavender. You can use a body made grade coconut oil as the carrier oil and mix with the dead seas salts. Simply divine! Mint One of the best homemade teas you can make. Mint aids in digestion, everything from nausea to acid reflux. You can cut the leaves and place them into a strainer, pour hot water, let steep for ten minutes and you’ll have one of the most naturally deliciously healing teas that’s also safe enough for little ones with upset bellies. Sage My favorite herb, even named my daughter after it. It is a sacred herb used in many cultures but specifically Native American culture for its potency with cleansing energy, recharging the chakras and eliciting calm. You can add this directly to any delicious dish. My favorite way to get the most out of this magical herb is by burning the leaves. I use an abalone shell, place the cut leaves, light them and there you have the most natural homemade incense.

To learn more please visit www.feminasaga.com

Thyme This beautiful herb grows very easily and helps combat those summer colds we can all get at times. The best way is to make a tea, cutting the stems, and letting it steep for ten minutes. You can add honey or agave, as it can be earthy tasting. It eases congestion and sore throats and enables a better night’s sleep. Sweet dreams!

Modern AMericAn cuisine Seasonal Menus

Local Inspirations

2 S o u t h W at e r S t r e e t G r e e n W i c h , c t / 2 0 3 . 9 0 0 . 1 1 0 0 / c h a r c t. c o m




C O U T U R E J E W E L E RY designed by Suzy McCabe. now available at




612• 804 •9452 Studio/Showroom 53 Williams St. Greeenwich CT

Welcome Summer!

Thanks to the adorable accessory & clothing shop aka Pinky’s we can now wear Barbara Gerwit dresses all Summer long



If you have not watched the TODAY show then you would not be aware that the fabulous brand of Barbara Gerwit is an all time favorite - and they featured the #1 summer brand which is sold EXCLUSIVELY at Pinky's of Greenwich! Located at 58 William Street Pinky’s is a hidden gem that offers everything from clothing to accessories - preppy to chic and affordable pricing. Get in there asap to get your inventory of summer clothing! In the meantime keep up with The GG on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to see more of what Pinky’s has to offer! PS: I am wearing the brand new GG lipstick collection by Lynn Tassinari Wegiel - find the Exciting News page in this issue to read all about it!

Claudia Mengel Victor’s Garden, 2014

mixed media on canvas, 48 x 60”

The Lionheart Gallery

27 Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge, NY 10576 914 764 8689 www.thelionheartgallery.com


Wardrobe MUST-HAVE’s For Summer & Beyond By The Brand That Holds Everything Together For You Depending on how long you have been an avid GG reader you may or may not be aware of my love affair with a brand called Lysse. Introduced to market under five years ago this brand literally holds everything together for you. Starting out with leggings and now expanding into the realm of shirts, dresses, skirts and beyond the possibilities with Lysse are infinite. As they perfectly explain they invented “fabrics that hold you close, accentuating curves while minimizing distractions. We sewed them with tailoring that’s as smart as it is flattering. Flatlocked seams that lie flat and stay comfortable all day.” Basically Lysse made it possible for women all over the world to flaunt leggings with confidence by adding a little built in assistance with their ever so life changing fabric. When it comes to your summer wardrobe the saying ‘less is better’ does apply. And up until now their impressive selection expands beyond leggings offering various pieces of clothing that all perform their duty while remaining season friendly. On a splurge of shirts, skirts, dresses and cropped leggings I naturally had to share what I found with you guys. No one wants to wear layers of undergarments on a daily basis just to feel good. Here are The Greenwich Girl Picks For Lysse for summer 2015. And for those of you who need undergarment help for an event or in general be sure to check out our article “Love Yourself Underneath” which covers all you need to know on how to suit up underneath!

WHERE TO BUY: If you are local you can go to the adorable shop of Pinky’s at 58 William Street in Greenwich or go to Lysse.com

DRESSES From long to short and somewhere in between Lysse offers a spread of dresses for all body types. My personal favorite for this summer is the coral maxi dress (far left). At $168 this dress can serve for both formal and casual affairs without breaking the bank and it comes in multiple patterns/colors for your choosing.

SKIRTS Whether you prefer to keep it feminine and light or you like to match your style to your mood Lysse has you covered. From elegant lace to drape and maxi these skirts are guaranteed to keep you cool while you flaunt your style. My personal choice this season was the lace macrame skirt (far left) which sells for $108. With the ability to dress this skirt up or down I feel confident doing whatever I need to do in my macrame!

LEGGINGS Basic to ankle length, capri, crop, full length and denim picking just one is near impossible. But for the summer months The Skinny (far left orange) are my pick for the season. For only $68 these dream leggings are fabulous at

SHIRTS Short sleeve, long sleeve, blouses, tanks & camis, wraps and jackets you can literally have an entire new wardrobe of slimming Lysse. I chose the short sleeve versions because a.) who wants to wear long sleeve in the summer and b.) Lysse has perfected the sleeve length going a bit further down the upper arm to avoid any overexposure. The Jacqueline top starting at $108 is my favorite (far left). In case you have not noticed I LOVE LACE! And this top shows just enough to remain tasteful yet sexy.

The Inn at Mystic is a magnificent resort featuring 14 landscaped acres nestled in historic downtown Mystic. Experience breathtaking water views overlooking Fishers Island Sound.

The Harbour House offers fresh seafood, sizzling steaks, raw bar and 24 beers on tap! Open daily for lunch and dinner with weekend brunch. Live entertainment on Thurs, Fri and Sat nights.

3 Williams Avenue (RT 1)

I PO Box 536 I Mystic, CT I InnatMystic.com I 860-536-9604

Only 20 minutes from Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods Resort Casino

GET YOUR SKIN IN SHAPE FOR SUMMER! It feels like the long, cold days of winter lasted forever. But now it is time to get your skin ready for summer—the beach and fun outdoors! At Spa Chiara, Dr. Sharon DeChiara and her team of medical aestheticians invite you to indulge in our full service skin care treatments.

Facials Botox and Fillers Chemical Peels

Laser Treatments Waxing Body Sculpting

Spa Chiara Wellness Center 333 N. Bedford Road at Saw MIll Club East Mount Kisco, New York 10549 (914)752-6850 www.SpaChiara.com

117 greenwich avenue, greenwich, connecticut 203.869.0124 www.betteridge.com

Girls, It’s time for a Vacay!

You’ll love our Wine Blending Experience on MSC Divina 7-Night Caribbean Cruises from $499

PRIVATE LABEL your wine & bring it home

RELAX by the pool

BE SERVED HIGH TEA in the MSC Yacht Club

DANCE the night away

CRUISE a state-of-the-art ship

BE CATERED TO by your personal butler

BE PAMPERED at the MSC Aurea Spa

INDULGE: 7 COURSE food & wine pairing

Call 877-287-5824

Visit msccruisesusa.com *Rates are USD, per person, double occupancy, cruise-only valid for new retail bookings only on select sailings and stateroom types for residents of U.S. and Canada. Rate listed is for inside stateroom I1 Bella category on Nov. 28, Dec. 5 and Dec. 12, 2015 sailings. Government taxes and fees for all guests from $115.60 – $138.98 per person additional. A discount of up to 10% (not combinable with MSC Club discount) is also applicable to active and retired U.S. and Canadian military, civil service and interline personnel and their spouses, dependent children, parents, and parents-in-law. Qualifying guests must present an I.D. badge from their respective organization at time of booking. MSC Cruises reserves the right to pass on any fuel surcharge without notice to all guests. MSC Cruises reserves the right to refuse to honor any prices/sailings that are erroneously printed or quoted. Other restrictions may apply. Ships’ registry: Panama.

Let me show you just how good your house can look at night





$30 Blowouts and 20% off all other services Men, join us for 20% off a hair cut and hot shave at The Style Bar. Please present your coupon at time of service. Valid through February 28, 2015.

Mon: Closed • Tues: 10am - 6pm • Wed: 10am - 6pm • Thur: 10am - 8pm Fri: 10am - 7pm • Sat: 9am - 6pm • Sun: 10am - 4pm

121 Towne Street • Stamford, CT 06902 • 203.914.1180 • www.thestylebar.com

Hit Europe Like A Pro This Summer By Annie Horn



TORTILLA ESPANOLA Traditionally served room temperature, cut into rectangles, and served at a Spanish tapas bar Serves 10 to 12 ½ c. olive oil 3 potatoes, sliced into ½ inch rounds 1 onion, sliced 6 eggs salt pepper 1. Heat olive oil in a sauce pan over low heat, add potatoes and onion (they should lay comfortably in the pan and be covered completely by the oil.) Cover over low heat for approximately 20 minutes until potatoes are cooked through by not brown 2. Remove from heat and remove potatoes and onion from the oil to drain 3. Preheat oven to 325F 4. Break eggs into a bowl and season with salt and pepper. Add the potatoes and onion to coat 5. Heat a heavy bottomed sauté pan over medium heat. Once hot, add the egg mixture and cook for 7 minutes. Turn and place in oven for 5 minutes. 6. Remove from oven and let cool. 7. Slide out of the pan and cool thoroughly. Cut into rectangles and serve with your favorite drink. Can be made 1 day before and refrigerated. Remove 1 hour before serving.


ARANCINI Originally from Sicily, these afternoon snacks have proven to be popular as an easy tapas alternative. Serves 10 to 12 photo courtesy of Andy French

2 c. Arborio rice 2 ½ c. vegetable or chicken stock 1 tsp. salt 3 eggs ½ c. parmesan 1 c. sautéed mushrooms (optional) 1 piece fresh mozzarella, cut into 14 pieces 1 small bunch basil leaves, cut 2 eggs, whisked ½ c. flour 1 c. unseasoned bread crumbs 1 c. vegetable oil

1. Place rice, water and salt into a heavy bottomed saucepan, bring to a boil, lower heat and cook until water absorbed. Immediately transfer onto a cookie sheet to cool. 2. Crack 3 eggs and Parmesan onto rick and mix together thoroughly with your hands. Divide into 24 pieces and roll into balls by placing some rice in the palm of your hand, adding a piece of mozzarella and basil the squishing together to cover. 3. Mix eggs in a bowl, place flour in another and the breadcrumbs in a third. Place these starting with the flour, then the egg and finally the bread crumbs in a row with the balls on one side and an empty tray on the other 4. Place a rice ball into the flour, then the egg, then the breadcrumbs to cover. Place breaded balls on the tray until you have breaded all of them. 5. Head oil in a heavy bottomed saucepan. When hot, add a few balls at a time to brown (3-5min) then remove and place on a tray with a paper towel to drain. 6. Serve as is or warm in a 300F oven. Can be made the day before and heated in an over for about 7 minutes to warm)

Sunday, June 7th 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Rain or Shine!

Town Hall Parking Lot & Havemeyer Field 101 Field Point Road, Greenwich

Climb aboard a fire truck, operate a construction vehicle & ride the rails!

Fun activities for children of all ages! The Bossy Frog Band Soccer with Filipo Roaming Railroad Miller Motorcars

Advance Tickets Available at www.jlgreenwich.org $30 per Family ($40 at the Door) $100 VIP Firetruck Family All proceeds benefit the Junior League of Greenwich and its community projects.

iGG How App-y Are You?

Have you ever looked at a friends phone and found yourself overwhelmed (maybe even slightly intimidated) by the amount of apps they have? Whether you are uber organized with your app 'categories' or have them scrambled sporadically amongst the multiple home screens on your mobile device, iGG is here to navigate your monthly app updates. iGG is for the techy and non-techy alike. Highlighting the most popular apps that every GG must download to stay on the up and up iGG weeds out the annoyance of app searching and breaks it down for you. From travel tips to deals and steals, a foodies dreamworld to photo touch ups and keeping yourself in check (whether you are a list maker or on a budget) iGG keeps you in the loop to make sure you are always super app-y.

4 Must Have Apps for Summer 2015 By Elizabeth Sabia

Rise App This brand new Nutrition Coach App will help you get (and keep!) that summer beach body! The Rise App pairs you with a nutrition professional to be your personal coach. Track meals, get diet plans, and even chat with your coach to help come up with the best plan for you. Track your weight loss, send pictures of your healthy choices, and stay on track all in one convenient place! There are options to pay monthly or quarterly—great for every budget! Now there’s no excuses to not make the best choices! Daily Burn Eating right will only get you so far. Daily Burn is the perfect mobile workout companioion. Doing the same workout every day gets incredibly monotonous. And let’s face it, using the same machines day after day is not motivating. Enter: Daily Burn. The app offers a free month trial, after which there is a small monthly fee. Watch videos instructed by professionals for all fitness levels.

Only have 15 minutes? There’s a quick workout available! If you’re feeling more ambitious, watch a one hour workout. It’s priced and timed to fit every life style and will help keep you on track all summer long. Trip Advisor Summer is vacation season! Not sure where to go, where to stay or where to eat? Bored of your local haunts? If you don’t have the Trip Advisor app by now, you should! There are millions of reviews for nearly every restaurant and hotel both domestically and internationally. Read other traveler’s reviews, talk to management that comments back, and be sure that you’re sure to have the best experience wherever your summer travels may take you! Glympse Summer is also music festival season! Many of these outdoor festivals are attended by tens of thousands of people. It’s incredibly easy to get lost or separated from the group you came with. With the free app from Glympse, you can share your GPS location with whomever you choose. Location sharing is available between anyone with an android, windows phone, or iPhone! It’ s a fast, easy way to ensure you can all stay together, even when lost in a loud sea of people! Plus, your location is always safe, and shared only with those who you select.

Mandarin Garnet Madness

The height of stunning, timeless color. Only recently discovered near the Kunene River between Namibia and Angola, the Mandarin Garnet boasts the richest hues of red and orange. In this one-of-a-kind piece, we found an impeccable, deep red 20-carat Mandarin Garnet and surrounded it with the finest white diamonds in an 18kt yellow gold setting. A million-year old stone in a setting to last forever. Designer Isabel Dunay as child was always interested in gemology and gemstones. After graduating from Muhlenberg College, she pursued graduate studies at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), where she earned a graduate degree in Gemology and was chosen to work certifying diamonds and colored stones in their prestigious GIA Laboratory, considered the world’s authority in gemology. While working at the GIA, she was hired by Tiffany & Co to start their new, in-house gemological department. In her time there, she certified every item the Tiffany buyers purchased and created a new standard of quality for their vendors. The lifelong friends and associates she made through the designers and vendors at Tiffany’s continue to be some of her best customers and suppliers. As a gemologist at Tiffany’s, she was anxious to explore her own design ideas, which is why she started Dunay Joaillier after the French inspired “private jewelers” of yesteryear. Dunay Joaillier features designs that are distinctively global and fashion inspired, sourcing from New York and around the world. Be sure to visit her website at http://www.dunay.com or call 203.552.5229 for a private consultation.

Our Exclusive Q&A With Patti Stanger, The Millionaire Matchmaker Most of us recognize Patti Stanger from the uber popular TV show on Bravo, Millionaire Matchmaker. Check out the exclusive interview we had with her below where she gives us the scoop on love! 1) Does matchmaking come easy from someone like you who was raised a 3rd generation shidduch? Yes, matchmaking is a sixth sense internal mechanism I was born with. 2) What was it like growing up in that environment?  It was a fun environment, but you never who is going to show up at your door as my parents had an open door policy.  And, they were always a little nosey when finding out people’s business.

www.girlpocalypse.com photo cred

3) Coming out of working for Great Expectations, and starting The Millionaires Club, did you experience any setbacks early in your career? Yes, i went back to Great Expectations twice as they wouldn’t listen to me by taking their company online before match.com or Jdate. I knew the future was the internet and they didn’t see it that way, which hurt their business dramatically. They also refused to get personal matchmakers in their offices. However, after much up and down with them I realized it was time to do my own business “The Millionaires Club." 4) To date, is there any pairing that you regret (since you follow up with clients)? Actually no, I’ve had no divorces (that i know of) and it seems to me that people get together for various reasons and last, as long as they allow each other to. My job is to introduce, I don’t guarantee results as that is up to the individuals who date each other. 5) Why specifically work with millionaires? Why not just corporate execs in general?  I did work with regular joes and corporate execs, but I have a special talent for the wealthy, as they are very demanding and often times rude. My temperament worked well with keeping them in check and other matchmakers didn’t want to take them on, so I found a niche in the market. 6) Any fun plans for the future?  We are in the middle of taking PattiKnows.com to the next level and allowing advertisers to advertise on the relationship site. Plus, I now do branding consulting of people who want to start their own businesses, be it matchmaking or something else. 7) What advice would u give to single women to find the RIGHT guy Join a personal matchmaking company all the way to going online; don’t rule out anything! Tell all your friends and family and coworkers you are looking for love, sooner or later someone will introduce you. 8) For recently single women how do u advise for them to get back out there and to put themselves in the right situations to meet people I think the secret sauce to lasting relationships is a common interest. I would advise women to start doing hobbies they are interested in that men will participate and be interested in too.

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Sophisticated 5,900+ square foot, five bedroom, five and one half bath Colonial on nearly 2.5 acres with pool and pool house. Front to back entry; formal rooms with fireplaces, magnificent glass walled family room. Offered at $5,495,000 Greenwich Brokerage | 203.869.0700 LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP. WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS.


Signature Riverside property enjoyed by only a few families in the last century. Set back from road behind fieldstone walls; designer appointments, walk to schools and train.

Offered at $3,695,000 Greenwich Brokerage | 203.869.0700 LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP. WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS.


Elegant, chic five bedroom, four bath mid-country home on 2+ breathtaking acres bordering conservation. Gorgeous gardens; pool with spa/waterfall; entensive recent renovation.

Offered at $4,150,000 Greenwich Brokerage | 203.869.0700 LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP. WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS.


Dramatic 7,500+ square foot “architectural sculpture” designed by renowned Norman Jaffe. Nearly three private association acres; indoor/outdoor pools; tennis court. Seven en suite bedrooms.

Offered at $4,849,000 Greenwich Brokerage | 203.869.0700 LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP. WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS.


“Southampton” living in a private waterfront community. Wonderful views of the garden with 114’ of shoreline and a private dock. Deck overlooking the water, private beach.

Offered at $5,995,000 Riverside Brokerage | 203.698.1234 LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP. WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS.


Superior quality of construction & timeless design. Elegant entry foyer and formal rooms, kitchen with top notch appliances. Double en suite bedroom on 1st floor, four en suite bedrooms and master on 2nd floor. Stone terrace and outdoor fireplace. Offered at $4,350,000 Greenwich Brokerage | 203.869.0700 LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP. WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS.


Magnificent 20,000+ SF seven bedroom manor on two plus private acres with gorgeous gardens and pool. Stunning veranda’s, Christopher Peacock kitchen, home theater, wine cellar and elevator. Offered at $9,995,000 Greenwich Brokerage | 203.869.0700 LOCAL MARKET LEADERSHIP. WORLD CLASS CONNECTIONS.




While your kids didn’t come with an owner’s manual, we all know you possess the fashion savvy to dress them sharp and chic. Visit us at Jeune Arbre’s flagship store right here in Greenwich, and discover a one-of-a-kind collection of handcrafted children’s clothing.

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- sapling; a young tree

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The Greenwich Girl Magazine - issue iv - Summer Lovin'  

Summer Lovin’ It has finally arrived: time to break out the flip flops and Lilly shorts and tuck away the cashmere and Moncler. This issue w...

The Greenwich Girl Magazine - issue iv - Summer Lovin'  

Summer Lovin’ It has finally arrived: time to break out the flip flops and Lilly shorts and tuck away the cashmere and Moncler. This issue w...