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From the Editor Adding color to ones life can be done in oh-so-many ways


hile the end of a year can offer optimism, hope and endless opportunity to many, it can also bring on conflicting feelings as we review all that has gone on in the past 365 days.

As we all know, 2017 was full of surprises on all levels: personal, professional, As we alland know, 2017 was of surprises on all levels: political everything in full between. The unsettling uproarpersonal, in media frenzy that professional, political and everything in between. Thea unsettling consumed far too many channels on tv while covering plethora ofuproar variousin media frenzy that consumed far too many channels on tv while covering a topics seemed to hit the air waves harder and more frequently than ever before. plethora various of topics seemed hitisthe waves harder moreto But as theofshimmer a brand new to year justair a few days away and it is hard frequently than ever before. as the of a brand newcanvas, year is and just a find anything but comfort in But the idea of shimmer a new beginning, a blank few days away it is hard to find anything but comfort in the idea of a new the chance to keep 2017 in the past. For the last issue of 2017 I decided to focus beginning, a blank andalso theinchance to keep For the on finding the colorcanvas, in life and yourself. Each 2017 of us in hasthe thepast. gift of being last issueofofhaving 2017 Inot decided to focus on who finding the color and in to unique, one other person is exactly likein us,life and he also chance yourself. Each aofcolorful us has life thewith gift of being unique,itof having anot one other revel in living pride. Whether is adding colored extension person who is exactlynew likeand us, add and athe chance in living a colorful life just to try something little ‘pop’ to to revel your usual daily look (check with pride. Whether it is adding extension just to hair try something out my Color Me Fabulous’ articlea-colored the makeup, clothes and extensions are new and add a little ‘pop’totostray yourfrom usual lookall(check mymentality Color Meand to die for!) or if you want thedaily ‘always white out linens’ Fabulous’ article - theoptions makeup, and hair extensions for!)inor dip into the rainbow outclothes there (ummm...please check are out to thedie article issue featuring beloved Lynnens in Greenwich: Really ifthis you want to straythe from the ‘always allboutique white linens’ mentality‘Why and It dip into Is All About options The Towel.’) You may even just want to throw in some extra colored the rainbow out there (ummm...please check out the article in this piecesfeaturing to your usual black-tan-white-grey wardrobe, check out a‘Why new destination, issue the beloved Lynnens boutique in Greenwich: It Really Is addAbout a different spin to your regime make bold move of visiting All The Towel.’) Youbeauty may even justor want toathrow in some extra the NYC plastic surgeon is obsessed with - regardless of which trycolored pieces to youreveryone usual black-tan-white-grey wardrobe, check level out aof new ing something new and adding colorbeauty to your life weorhave written articles destination, add a different spinsome to your regime make a bold move that highlight for all.surgeon everyone is obsessed with - regardless of of visiting the options NYC plastic which level of trying something new and adding some color to your life we As I begin to reflect thishighlight past yearoptions I want tofor first have written articleson that all.and foremost thank all of you who have supported me and my efforts with GG for the past five years. As 2018 shines a light at the end of the tunnel manytoitthank also marks As I begin to reflect on this past yearfor I want all of the youbeginning who haveof a very exciting new announcement and endeavor that I am ecstatic shareshines with supported me and my efforts with GG for the past five years. Asto2018 you all once 2018 arrives! Wishing each and every one of you love and warmth a light at the end of the tunnel for many it also marks the continuation of GG forwell this as holiday season. of a very exciting new endeavor that I am ecstatic to as the beginning


GG’s who make GG possible Editor & Founder: Laura McKittrick Assistant Editor Summer Irving Assistants to the Editor Coco Vaccari Claudia Bonaparte Photographers: Michelle Angelsecu Editorial Interns Avery Formato, Stephanie Lee, Carolyn Jones Contributing Writers Jennifer South Annie Fleg Jessica Oshevski Maria Romez Sam Stevenson Lindsey Litch Lisa Johnson Gigi Levenston Mandy Wakefield Caroline Carr Manish Kumar Arora Leslie Smith Renee Jung Vanessa Young

share with you in 2018. Wishing each one of you love and warmth for another wonderful year.

Love, Laura McKittrick Founder & CEO The Greenwich Girl editor@thegreenwichgirlmagazine.com

Copyright © 2017 by Laura McKittrick All rights reserved. No part of this publication including but not limited to text and photographs may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher. For permission requests, write to the publisher, addressed “ Attention: Permissions Coordinator,” at the email address below.

GREENWICH GIRL editor@thegreenwichgirlmagazine.com

Photography by Michelle Angelescu Colored Hair Extensions by Salon Etre Makeup by Sarah Lyndon Beke Photo of Laura McKittrick; top from Simple SONO

final issue of 2017 Greenwich Girl

Color Me Fabulous


Let’s Get Cozy


The Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon 45 Every GG Swoons Over

You Showed Up In WHAT?! 42

Winter Beauty Essentials 60

Organachs: bringing the farm check out greenwichgirl.com to your face in style articles! for more

Why It Really Is All About The Towel

Sweater Weather



Taconic Distillery: Bourbon Whiskey Sampling around The Corner



COLOR Me Fabulous by Jessica Ryan

Color is everywhere this season and promises to have staying power. Flip through any of the popular fashion and shelter magazines, and you’ll notice bright hues and deep, bold colors throughout the pages. Shop-fronts, both boutique and chains, echo this. Pantone just revealed its color of the year, Ultra Violet. Love it or hate it, it’s a sign of things to come. Spotted on the street during New York Fashion Week

Photo Credit Michelle Angelescu Makeup by Sarah Beke

were vestments in deep oranges, bright yellows and hot pink as the subdued hues of black and grey seemed to take a backseat. It seems that color is here to stay a while. Whether you’re a trend-setter, style forecaster, march to the beat of your own drum, or favor the more conservative, there’s a way to infuse color into your wardrobe – as much or as little as you want.


started with....

...end result

We tend to be creatures of habit, sticking with certain, often limiting, styles and silhouettes when it comes to our wardrobes. When we shop we gravitate to those familiar styles and colors. The best way to get people to step out of their comfort zone is to look for hues that people are comfortable wearing. Lindsay explained, “Often I’ll wear a color and get a lot of compliments because people aren’t used to seeing me wear something that shade, and sometimes I feel as though I look strange in a particular color because I’m not used to seeing myself in it. I know my customers feel the same way.” She suggests easing into color gradually, lightening or darkening a wardrobe piece by piece. I enquired about making a high-ticket item color purchase. “We have some great cashmere this season. It’s such a great fabric and you constantly want to touch and feel it. Our cashmere sweaters are both statement pieces and classic pieces.” I concur, you really can’t go wrong with cashmere! Many people love to accessorize with color but don’t

want to wear it. A colorful handbag is a great addition to any wardrobe. Simple carries a great line of hobo bags and every season they come with a new signature color. For those wanting to add color without spending as much, Lindsay suggests sweaters at a lower price-point, bralettes and camis that can be worn under blouses, jackets and sweaters, revealing just a touch of color. There are so many ways to add color to any style, at every price point. Fashion is meant to be fun and adding pops of color is just the way to make any wardrobe more exciting.

Photo Credit Michelle Angelescu Makeup by Sarah Beke


NATURAL FABRICS ONE-OF-A-KIND DESIGNS 104 Washington Street | Norwalk, CT 06854 | (203) 857-1873 | FB @SimpleNorwalk GREENWICH GIRL

Lindsay was very much in agreement. “I often encourage people to bring something into the dressing room that they might not. Grab some things and experiment – make it an experience. We love it when people aren’t afraid to get in there and try a bunch of different things. Personally, I like to bring that one thing into the fitting room that is outside of my comfort zone, because you never really know. I’ve found some

of my favorite items that way. It’s best to have fun and not be afraid to try some of those things that aren’t your typical go-to pieces.” I guess this gives me permission to get that bright red bag I’ve been eyeing… Simple SoNo is located at 104 Washington Street in South Norwalk and Salon Etrê is right next door at 108 Washington Street.

Photo Credit Michelle Angelescu GREENWICH GIRL





Handcrafted in the USA since 1946. 50+ showrooms nationwide. Ships free in 10 days or less. Greenwich: 48 West Putnam Avenue | Westport: 115 Main Street | Port Chester: 21 Abendroth Avenue custom made simple.® | theshadestore.com | 800.820.7817

1/2 off for all bottles of wine on Sunday’s... Lunch and dinner prix fix menus (Monday-Friday) Social hour (Monday- Saturday 4-7pm)

1392 East Putnam Avenue Old Greenwich, CT 06870 203.990.0955

eat @luganowinebar.com


Canfin Gallery presents: Rick STEVENS



Sky is the Limit 36x18x14 in. - Bronze 45x32 - oil on canvas

Candy Maraviliosa 48x96 - oil on canvas 36 in. - Plexiglas

Circle 10 - 40x38x13 in. - Bronze

Free Emotion 41x16x14 in. - Bronze


Shimmering Land

44x36 - oil on canvas

Prayers, Wishes, Illusions

Candy Wrapping CandyYellow Blue Wrapping Ulu Wehi 17 in. 36 in. -- Plexiglas Plexiglas

Candy American Flag 36 in. - Plexiglas

3 9 M ai n S t r ee t , Tar r y t own, N e w Yor k 10591

Tel. 91 4 332 4554



flagship WESTPORT 275 POST ROAD EAST W E S T P O R T. C T 203.349.5202

new location! GREENWICH 4 1 G R E E N W I C H AV E GREENWICH, CT 203.883.5220



TACONIC D IS TI LL E RY Burbon Whiskey Sampling Around the Corner



here’s no need to travel all the way to Kentucky to sample great Bourbon whiskey. Contrary to popular belief, bourbon can be distilled in any of the fifty states and, lucky for us Greenwich girls, an enticing bourbon experience can be found at Taconic Distillery, just across the border in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Looking to start a business suitable to the area, Paul and Carol Ann decided on the production of aged spirits made from local grains, primarily corn and rye, grown in New York. What started as a hobby became a passion shared by friends, coworkers and family members. This passion has taken off and is now a growing business, with distribution in nine states, including Connecticut.

The nearby Hudson Valley is filled with beautiful scenery, charming villages, National Historic Landmarks, and bountiful farms. It is home to the first wine-producing region in the U.S. and a world-class culinary institute. Four hundred years of history and hospitality make the region an ideal location for production of America’s own native spirit – bourbon whiskey.

Taconic Distillery’s cozy tasting room and adjoining patio overlook the scenic Dutchess County farmland. The tasting room provides visitors with a unique setting to explore its products as well more than 100 bottles of bourbon from various distillers. Says Carol Ann, “We believe you should enjoy bourbon in whatever form you choose, whether it be neat, on the rocks, or in cocktails.” Paul has long been an avid outdoorsman and bourbon aficionado. In 1964, the same year he was born, a resolution of the U.S. Congress recognized bourbon whiskey as “America’s Native Spirit.” “We got into this business so we could build a brand, work the land, create local jobs and have fun,” says Coughlin.

Taconic Distillery was founded in 2013 by Greenwich residents Paul and Carol Ann Coughlin. After spending more than twenty years in town and raising their three daughters here, the Coughlins purchased a 115-acre farm in Dutchess County, NY.


“We got into this business so we could build a brand, work the land, create local jobs and have fun.” –Paul Coughlin, Co-Founder


Carol Ann is Taconic Distillery’s chief mixologist. She enjoys creating new cocktail recipes using the tasting notes in the spirit, complemented by fresh, seasonal ingredients. Fresh fruits, flavorful syrups and tasty infusions combine with Taconic’s Bourbon, Rye and Rum to produce festive cocktails for every season.

In the early 20th century during the Prohibition era, foxhounds were notable for helping to alert moonshiners when government agents were closing in on their operations. For this reason, Taconic Distillery likes to credit Copper and his ancestors with bringing the phrase “Man’s Best Friend” to the New World.

The logo that is the signature on all of its products includes a drawing of Copper, the foxhound, which is found on any bottle from Taconic Distillery. The origin of foxhounds in the United States can be traced back to an English hunter by the name of Robert Brooke, who settled in the Hudson Valley in the 1650s. George Washington, who had a home in the Hudson Valley and was himself a whiskey producer, purchased his own foxhound from the Brooke family several generations later.

More recently, Copper and his relatives can be seen throughout the Hudson Valley at various outdoor sporting and shooting clubs. Taconic Distillery’s tasting room and expansive patio with fire pit are family- and dog-friendly. Picnic tables and Adirondack chairs provide a relaxed setting to enjoy an afternoon in the country. So go on and give Taconic Distillery a visit, and bring friends to this don’t-miss Bourbon drinker’s destination!

“Taconic Distillery’s cozy tasting room and adjoining patio overlook the scenic Dutchess County farmland. The tasting room provides visitors with a unique setting to explore its products as well more than bottles of bourbon from various distillers”


* Taconic Distillery’s spirits can be purchased at many Greenwich liquor stores and local restaurants.   For a list of retailers, see their website: taconicdistillery.com.


15 Post Rd West Westport, CT 06880 203.221.0435 www.organachsfarmtoskin.com Photo: Instagram | @organachfarmtoskin GREENWICHGIRL


Why it Truly IS all About the

Towel Drying Off Just Got so Much Cooler...




or anyone who has strolled the Avenue over the past 30 years I think I speak for all when I say that the storefront of Lynnens never fails to stop one in their tracks. Consistently displaying delectable bedding linens and accessories this window is just a peak into what I consider one of the most beautiful specialty boutiques around. Full of perfectly arranged shelves and racks that ooze luxury, owner Lynne Jenkins passion for all things linen is instantly contagious.

of linens was not entirely self-inflicted. My mom too has always been a huge fan of all linens. From sending the sheets out to be laundered and pressed each week to demanding we have a scented sachet topping each stack within the linen closet, it wasn’t until just a few years ago that I truly understood the luxury of having perfectly ironed sheets. With this observation of such care came an appreciation for thread count, an unmatched yearning for multiple duvet covers and an almost awkward affinity for decorative pillows.

As a little girl I remember admiring the exquisiteness of each weeks window display, anxiously awaiting what pattern would be revealed. Standing in front of the storefront for what felt like hours I would shamelessly marvel at the perfection of each pillows placement, gasping at the flawlessly smooth sheets and wondering how the bedroom scene was always so perfectly arranged. I must admit that my adoration

But the area of linens that I was not as familiar with was that of towels. Of course we had the variety of towels throughout childhood: there were the bath towels, the bath sheets, the bath mats and the guest towels, the embroidered hand towels for the powder room and the list goes on. And while my mom forever swore by only white linens who could blame me for not looking too deeply into this?!

“Lynnens is full of perfectly arranged shelves and racks that ooze luxury. Owner Lynne Jenkins’ passion for all things linen is instantly contagious.”


I waltzed into Lynnens with this huge Trump artwork & sat down with Lynne & her team of talented girls to observe the dynamics of the piece in hand.

” daniellerobinsonphotography.com

And I too was a ‘white linens only’ girl, up until recently. After finding a unique and fabulous piece of artwork I decided to base the entire design of my very small and windowless bathroom solely around it. With the political uproar that the Trump administration has induced on our society this piece spoke to me as it truly represented what my definition of art is: it is literally up to the individual to decide which way they perceive it. Splashed with every color imaginable this piece of art did not foster my ‘white linens only’ philosophy. I finally had my chance to break the barriers and see what my options were.

I quickly waltzed into Lynnens with this huge Trump artwork in hand and sat down with Lynne and her team of wonderfully talented girls as we all observed the dynamics of the piece in hand. Within minutes we were browsing the binders filled with patterns, textures, colors and monogram options and shortly thereafter we decided upon the perfect pattern and color combo. Our goal was to brighten up the windowless bathroom while creating something totally out of the box that was unique to me. We decided that making our own towel entirely was our only option, after all the Trump artwork was so unique how could we go in any other direction?


We decided on a pattern that allowed for two thread colors (this design can be done in up to three colors!) I wanted a bright towel that would be eye catching and one of a kind. After deciding on a bright blue color for the towels we chose the thread colors of bright pink and a metallic gold thread to highlight the gold accents in the artwork. And while the endless options of monogramming would have easily sufficed we ended up designing our own monogram, a double L, to top off the uniqueness of the towels as a finishing personal touch. As for accessories, my love for anything lucite was complimented by these beautiful lucite accessories (the style is called Solid Ice) by Mike & Ally that offer the option to have inserts of either gold or silver, such as the tissue box cover, which pulled together the towels and artwork nicely. The plush comfort of these gorgeous Super Pile towels from Habidecor with Harper embroidery by Hamburg House is nearly indescribable. While towels such as these are absolutely an investment they are well worth the time and price tag. As I embark on my journey of diving into the home decor realm I must admit that I cannot wait to get back into Lynnens and design many more magical linens!

Lynnens 278 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 www.lynnens.com




I too was a ‘white linens only’ girl, up until recently. After finding a unique and fabulous piece of artwork I decided to base the entire design of my very small and windowless bathroom solely around it.



GREENWICH GIRL daniellerobinsonphotography.com

fleece reimagined. www.dudley-stephens.com #dsgoods





P h o t o Cr e d i t : Fi s h e r/H a r t, A rc hi t e c t u ra l a n d I n t e r i o r s P h o t o g ra p hy


194 7 PA L M E R AV E N U E · L A R C H M O N T, N E W YO R K 914 8 3 4 8 07 7 · K B FA .C O M

Store Hours: M-Sat: 10am-8pm; Sun: 12-5pm 39 E Elm St, Greenwich, CT 06830 (203) 869-6008




You Showed Up In WHAT?! Don’t Do it to Yourself BY: MICHELLE JOHNSON

Using UBER on the day to day is one thing but showing up to a holiday event (all dolled up) crawling out of the back seat of whatever picks you up, is quite another. Let’s call a spade a spade here: personally, when I have RSVP’d to something I want to be certain that I will be fashionably late and able to not only leave at my leisure but do so safely. There is something to be said about having a driver open the door for you on such occasions and knowing that a car will be waiting for you with advance confirmation is priceless. While UBER may be more affordable we all know the saying: it is not about the quantity, it is about the quality. For your holiday events, Alliance Global will get you to and from wherever you need to go in style and safely. Choose Alliance Global: wherever you are.

Alliance Global 203-595-3900 customerservice@allianceglobalus.com GREENWICH GIRL


Coming Soon‌. Westchester Real Estate Mobile APP!

Jen Danzi Senior Vice President of Sales Real Living Five Corners 79 E. Putnam Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 | Greenwich | Scarsdale |

(646) 526-7643 jen.danzi@fivecornersproperties.com RealLiving.com/Jen.Danzi

The Park Avenue Plastic Surgeon Every GG Swoons Over Meet Dr. Lara Devgan



t isn’t everyday that I get to enter a Park Avenue brownstone with an exterior that is breathtaking to say the least and yet, somehow, is only a reflection of the immaculate beauty you walk into. But a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of doing just that. With a minimalistic and chic ambiance, the office of the one and only Dr. Lara Devgan, an internationally acclaimed plastic and reconstructive surgeon, is equally as intriguing as it is inviting. Immaculate in decor and tidiness, the state of the office reflects the approach Dr. Devgan takes with each of her patients. Top that off with an over the top friendly and beyond professional staff, and the love that develops for this office is near immediate. As I commuted into NYC for this meeting, I was far from cool and collected. In fact, I would be lying if I said that I was not just a “tad” bit intimidated, after all I was about to sit in a room one on one with THE Dr. Devgan, one of the ultimate best hospital-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeons the industry has been fortunate enough to have been blessed with. I had researched her for months, and given her 100,000 plus Instagram following alone (in addition to her countless accolades), I was in awe of her talent, success and drive. Best known for her passion, specifically for cosmetic surgery of the face and body as well as reconstructive surgery for breast cancer, skin cancer and facial injuries, Dr. Lara Devgan is truly an enigma. Not only because she is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a diplomate of the America Board of Plastic Surgery, having scored in the top 3% of all plastic surgeons NATIONWIDE (yes, the TOP 3%! NATIONWIDE!), but she is an attending plastic surgeon at various hospitals including Lenox Hill Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, and Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat Infirmary, where she teaches plastic surgery residents and

fellows. As if that weren’t enough, she is a medical expert for ABC News, an editorial consultant for The Lancet, a worldwide lecturer on surgical topics and a consultant on plastic surgical issues for a number of groups and companies. Dr. Devgan has been named the #1 female plastic surgeon in New York by RateMDs, featured as a “Super Doctors Rising Star” plastic surgeon in The New York Times Magazine, listed in “America’s Top Plastic Surgeons” by Consumers’ Research Council, and the list quite literally goes on and on and on. And, just as I am trying to force myself to stop listing off her incredible endless accomplishments, I cannot help but throw in this one last cherry to finish off the tremendous heavenly sundae that is Dr. Devgan: on top of ALL of this, this superwoman has FIVE CHILDREN. But what is most remarkable about Dr. Devgan is her humble attitude and empathetic disposition. Despite having been straight up full-body-sweat nervous in anticipation of this consultation, I was quickly put as ease by her calm, nonjudgmental attitude, her patience to explain every question I had with a thorough and non-rushed approach (despite her full waiting area) and most of all, her genuine caring in understanding exactly what my goals were. While Dr. Devgan performs all sorts of surgeries, my visit was in fact to have a consultation regarding my skincare regime. Having always been a minimalist when it came to skin maintenance, I felt it was time to step up my skin game (fine, I started to see fine lines and freaked out) – the bottom line is that the time had arrived to get going on some preventative tactics to preserve my skin as much as possible without going under the needle…at least not quite yet.


Buy skincare products NOW at laradevganmd.com

Dr. Devgan created the skincare line called Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, a luxury medical-grade skin care line. Living true to her word Dr. Devgan was inspired to formulate the perfect variety of products that would allow natural results without obvious signs of surgery all while remaining committed to restoring and rejuvenating the face and body. For each patient, Dr. Devgan personally designs a regime that will meet your specific needs and she has the utmost of sincerity in doing so. This incredible skincare line not only puts the over saturated market of beauty products to shame but Dr. Devgan has ensured time and time again that it is of the best quality and the most effective of its type. Personally testing each product herself and investing heavily in large-scale scientific research, Dr. Devgan is beyond confident that her products are not only the best but that they provide results, and from the very first use, I can personally attest that this is nothing short of the truth. With over


18 years in the laboratory science and clinical medicine arena, Dr. Devgan has had nearly two decades of experience to perfect the precise formulation of skincare products unlike any we have seen before. Personally speaking, despite my previous minimal skincare regime (do not use make-up remover face wipes and call that a regime GG’s) I am the first to admit that I have a mild obsession with skin. I admire beautiful skin and those who take the time to prioritize taking care of it. I also idolize those, such as Dr. Devgan, who are so deeply committed to helping people feel more secure and get the results they want. Within just a few weeks of using only three of Dr. Devgan’s magical products, I saw results that were not only noticeable to me but to friends and family – I even had strangers commenting on the fresh and youthful look of my naturally glowing skin… did I mention these compliments came flying when I was not wearing a stitch of makeup!?


The second product that Dr. Devgan added to my regime was the Platinum Glow Serum to be applied every morning to a clean face. This serum is extremely light in weight and gives a very ‘fresh’ appearance. Formulated to stimulate cellular regeneration, this serum reduces fine lines, wrinkles and deep creases all while brightening the skin.

Using the Platinum Microdermabrasion scrub 2-3 times a week, this powerful combination of various ingredients such as green tea leaf, apple, lemon extract and sugar exfoliants shed the dull skin from the surface and thus unveiling a new layer of skin that was close to that of a baby. As your skin adjusts to this scrub your skin tone, texture and elasticity improves as the non-abrasive exfoliation diminishes the once dull skin to a healthy, radiant finish. I actually loved this product so much that I had to keep notes of how often I used it so that I didn’t overdo it! Lastly, Dr. Devgan advised that I use the Platinum Vitamin C and Luminous Night Serum each night before bed. Applying a very small amount to a clean face the combination of antioxidants preserves healthy, dewy skin. Regular use of this product not only assists with collagen production, but its proven formula contains Ferulic Acid to enhance photo-protection of the skin against UV damage by 8 times and reduce sunburned cells by 96%. (laradevganmd. com)


After mere weeks of using just a few of Dr. Devgan’s incredible products I could not only see the difference in my skin, but I could feel it. As each day passes, it seems as if the fine lines are fading more and more and, in all seriousness, it looks as if I have been drinking from the fountain of youth! For more information: visit laradevganmd. com or call Dr. Devgan’s NYC office for an appointment at 212-452-2400. GREENWICH GIRL

Exclusive Q&A



GG: Tell us about yourself and your practice. LD: I am a board-certified plastic surgeon, specializing in metric-based “finesse” results. That means that my focus is on natural results, without obvious signs of surgery, and I use a variety of measurement techniques to be as precise as possible. My expertise is in the full spectrum of beauty, from skin care to injectables to lasers to surgery. I am best known for my breast augmentations, eye lifts, and facelifts, as well as my signature non-surgical injectable procedures. GG: What has your journey been to get into plastic and reconstructive surgery? LD: I am inspired by art and science, and to me, plastic surgery is the perfect marriage of those two fields. I have been fortunate to train at some of the world’s best institutions with some of the forefathers of plastic surgery-- Yale, Johns Hopkins Medical School, and Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital-- and my focus is on bringing the most modern technologies to those traditional underpinnings. GG: Tell us more about your practice’s offerings. LD: I perform the full spectrum of plastic surgery of the face, breasts, and body. I also perform an extremely high volume of non-surgical injectable enhancements, such as Botox, lip augmentation, cheekbone augmentation, under-eye correction, and non-surgical rhinoplasty. In addition, my practice offers the best in skin care, from my medical grade skin care line, Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty, to microneedling “vampire facials,” to chemical peels, to lasers. GG: Are there some treatments or surgeries that are the most common?

LD: My most common surgeries are facelift, eyelift, breast augmentation, labiaplasty, and body contouring. In terms of non-surgical offerings, microneedling and all types of injectables are extremely popular. People are very attracted to the idea of making a significant improvement in facial beauty without having any downtime, and injectables offer this in a way that is really unprecedented at this point in medicine. GG: What are your specialties? LD: My specialties are rejuvenation of the face and eyes, breast augmentation, labiaplasty, and body contouring. I am best known for my signature metric-based facelifts, eyelifts, and breast augmentations. GG: How often do your clients seek reconstructive surgical procedures as opposed to more aesthetic plastic surgery operations? LD: At this point my practice is almost exclusively cosmetic. I do perform pro-bono reconstructive surgery cases for breast cancer, facial injuries, burns, and congenital anomalies, as a medical expert for The Doctors TV show on CBS. GG: Can you tell us about your skincare line? LD: I formulated Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty to be the best luxury medical-grade skin care line for the discerning consumer. While the market is flooded with skin care products containing glamorous sounding ingredients like caviar, truffles, sea salt, and orchids, it lacks a set of skin care products containing FDA-approved, scientifically-proven ingredients that have been empirically demonstrated in large clinical trials. Dr. Devgan Scientific Beauty changes all of that. Each product in my line has demonstrated scientific efficacy. Each product is the most effective of its type. And each product has not only been personally


tested by me, but has also been tested in large-scale, scientific research. I have over 19 years of experience in both laboratory science and clinical medicine, and this line has been in the works for quite some time. I created the line that I’ve always wanted-a luxury line of science-based products that actually work. GG: What is the timeline like for some of these procedures? LD: The timeline for each procedure varies significantly. For some things like Botox or fillers, the procedure takes a few minutes and has virtually no downtime. For other things, like tummy tuck, the procedure takes 2 hours and requires 2 weeks off of work. GG: What is the most significant part of the work you do for you? LD: I love seeing the happiness and confidence in my patients after procedures. I am extremely committed to my work, so the most significant part in terms of my time is planning and studying for everything. Even after all of these years, I still do meticulous measurements, digital imaging, mapping, and detailed surgical planning for every single patient. GG: What is your ideal client like?


LD: My ideal patient is someone who is in good general health, who has a specific concern or concerns, and who also has a realistic understanding of the process. GG: Any beauty advice for us? LD: Prevention is better than cure when it comes to maintaining your beauty. Sleep on your back to prevent positional wrinkles. Animate by talking with your hands and your voice, rather than scrunching up your face and creating deeply etched lines. Wear SPF every day, rain or shine. Use medical-grade skin care products starting in your teens or twenties. A high potency Vitamin C serum is a great place to start. GG: Is there anything outside of the office that you have going on? LD: I love art and am involved with charitable aspects of the Guggenheim, the Frick, and the Met. GG: Is there any last information or upcoming events of your practice that you would like to tell us about? LD: We are always hosting interesting events-- such as our recent skin care launch parties at Bergdorf Goodman, John Barrett Salon, and Blushington -- so follow my instagram @nyplasticsurgeon to stay up to date on future events.

Let’s Get



veryone says that gift certificates are sooo impersonal, but let’s be real: in a world full of endless options online and in stores (basically everywhere we turn), not to mention the relentless temptation of in-your-face ads via various social media in all its glory, it is absolutely fair to say that it is more than challenging nowadays to find the perfect gift for everyone who makes your list. And frankly, I have yet to meet one person on the receiving end who does not appreciate the sentiment of a gift certificate; it says “I thought of you enough to get the card, but love you enough to allow you to pick what you love and not pretend you love what I picked out for you.” Done and done. So, give your Santa list of lucky ones a special treat: an experience. Let them enjoy divine food, heavenly spa treatments, and lush rooms for a stay at JHouse in Greenwich. We all know how much I adore the place, and anyone who gets to experience their amazingness will, too!



Photo: Christopher Anderson

Sweater Weather


Sweater weather has officially kicked off, and while the temperatures plummet, we’re keeping warm with a winter guide for the seasons’ most wearable sweater trends.


Fancy Collars One thing to remember this season- Collared detailing is a must. It transforms the entire look of a sweater to a seamless focal point, while dressing up a casual look with an eye-catching pop. Whether its lace, leather or embellished, it will give you a perfect polished look.

Top: Care of weheart it.com Bottom: Outfit by Mango


Jeweled Accents Sometimes we just need a little sparkle, and with the holidays around the corner, it’s the perfect time to dress the part. A jeweled accent is the ideal statement for a holiday party, a night out or fancy brunch. By minimizing additional jewelry you can keep your bedazzled look elegant without overdoing it. Remember, a little shimmer goes a long way.

Top: Kate Spade Bottom: Gianfranco Ferre


Cozy Casual Nothing beats a super soft, comfortably casual sweater. Roomy, warm, and always perfectly familiar. Try longer, flowing sweaters to pair with leggings or jeans, and top it off with your favorite tall winter boot for a classy finish.

Top: Sweater by Vince Bottom: Sweater Banana Republic


ART Cavalier Galleries announces the opening of a special exhibition in our Greenwich gallery for the Holiday season, offering an unparelleled selection of American realism, post-war abstraction, contemporary sculpture & photography, & historic maritime paintings. This exhibition will include such renowned artists as Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, James E. Buttersworth, Larry Poons, George McNeil, Wolf Kahn, Joseph McGurl, Federico Uribe, Jim Rennert, Joel Perlman, Harry Benson, and Steve McCurry. A companion exhibition will also be on view in New York at 3 West 57th Street on the Ground and 4thFloors with additional works by Maurice Prendergast, Mary Cassatt, Cleve Gray, Dan Christensen, Stephen Pace, and more. Cavalier Galleries, the longest-running gallery on Greenwich Avenue, was originally established in 1986 in Stamford, Connecticut. In 1994, the galleries were moved to Greenwich Avenue, where we have remained for more than 20 years. In addition to Greenwich, Cavalier has expanded to two additional galleries located at 3 West 57th Street in New York City, (next to Bergdorf Goodman) and at 10 Federal Street in Nantucket, Massachusetts.


ART Cavalier Galleries has recently placed several works by important artists including Henri Matisse, Childe Hassam, and Pierre Bonnard into distinguished private collections. As a result of this, the galleries have gained unique access to major collections of Modern Master works, allowing us to offer pieces by prominent artists such as Marc Chagall, Salvador Dali, David Hockney, Claude Monet, Henry Moore, Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Auguste Rodin, Edouard Vuillard, and Andy Warhol.

Cavalier Galleries presents rotating exhibitions year-round in its three locations, as well as outdoor sculpture installations in Greenwich and Nantucket, and monumental public sculpture placements in New York City. Cavalier Galleries other services include corporate art consultation, fine art appraisals and collection management, as well as sculpture conservation, restoration, and installation.


Winter Beauty Essentials Highlight your cheeks with Allure’s Best of Beauy 7 Award Winner: Rituel De Fille Rare Light Luminizers (available in three shades).


NEW Kajer Weis Artist Kit! (in store only). Contains eye liners and 4 lip pencils.



P R I VAT E E V E N T S C AT E R I N G P R I VAT E C H E F SERVICES ............................. For inquiries contact: 203-920-4994 info@elmrestaurant.com

............................. 73 Elm Street, New Canaan, CT.



shade store where throwing shade is sexy WRITTEN BY LAURA MCKITTRICK



am unsure of exactly when I officially began “adulting.” But I am quite certain that the moment I realized that I would rather spend money on making my home beautiful than buying the latest fashions was likely around when this epiphany settled in. To be honest, replacing self-justifications of a handbag splurge with a cashmere throw blanket was something I would never dream of once upon a time ago. But as I have carried on into adulthood I have embraced this new reality and have grown to love it. That being said: don’t get me wrong, the addiction to home decor is just as bad as that to fashion (of not worse!) But nothing in my newfound love of home design has come close to comparing to what I now consider my most prized home indulgence: window treatments. plementation of window treatments not While many people would shake their only changes a room but, when done propheads at dropping big bucks on what may erly, creates an ambiance in any house that seem like an afterthought purchase the imtruly transforms it into a home. The Shade Store opened a showroom in Greenwich not too long ago. Clearly they assist with any and all window necessities, the name is pretty self-explanatory, however having lived in small spaces that already had adequate window treatments (cough cough aka wooden blinds). I didn’t have much of a reason to stop in. But when a sudden move threw me into a tailspin I found myself in an apartment with pre-installed plastic blinds that refused to allow me to sleep as I slowly I became a sleep deprived zombie. It was then that I came to realize that perhaps a visit to The Shade Store was in order. Let me be clear: I have never “designed” a window treatment before. In fact, I barely even knew what that meant. Of course I have seen shades and drapes, I knew the broad stroked difference between blinds


Danielle Robinson Photography

and curtains but that was the extent of it. That being said I obviously didn’t know where to begin when it came to putting thought into picking an option that would “add” something to a room. Then I walked into The Shade Store and all of that changed. Greeted by a friendly staff and a drop-dead gorgeous showroom I was catapulted into a dream world of window options. From Roller Shades to plush Drapes, fabrics and textures of all patterns and a plethora of free swatch options The Shade Store is truly state of the art in every sense of the term. After being introduced to Amory Armstrong, the uber talented Design Consultant at The Shade Store Greenwich showroom, I began to learn more than I knew existed about everything window related: from the difference between Roller and Roman Shades to the importance of considering the purpose of the window treatments for each room individually. Amory’s patience with my lack of knowledge and my abundance of questions was beyond gracious (thank you so very much Amory, you are the best!). The Shade Store, which has over 50 locations nationwide, hires only the most experienced design industry professionals, all of whom know more than you could fathom even exist-

Danielle Robinson Photography

ed about window treatments and who go above and beyond any customer expectation from start to finish: Amory being the perfect example of this. During my visit, I soon began to realize the omplexities of things to consider when choosing the proper window treatments: do you need to protect the fabric of furniture in the room and/or perhaps even protect your skin if you are sitting in front of said window for prolonged periods of time? If so, you may want to consider Solar Shades. Are you more of a minimalist or do you prefer lush patterns and a more dramatic look? This will assist with deciding between a Roller Shade (minimal look) versus patterned Drapes and a Valence (more dramatic.) Do you want Blackout Shades or do you prefer a little light to creep in? You can choose the tint of a Roller Shade or go with a full black out lining of a Roman Shade. While I could go on for literally days about how impressed I am with The Shade Store, I decided that a Q & A with the oh-so-talented Amory Armstrong, who helped me design the perfect treatments from start to finish, would be the best way to convey how awesome this company and their design team truly is.






Q&A with Armory Armstrong from The Shade Store

LDM: If you don’t know where to begin with what type of window treatments to choose how do you advise one to start the process? AA: It truly depends on what your needs are. First, I discuss what is going on in the room design wise: what the style of your furniture is, what the color scheme is. Pictures of the rooms always help big time. Then we assess whether the window treatments are to be functional or decorative. If you are looking for something you will be using daily such as for a bedroom and you want total black out shades then it would be considered functional. Lastly, we discuss the price points.

LDM: What is the range of price points at TSS? AA: Pricing is dependent on the size of treatments and the material you choose. Based on needs and budget, there’s an option for everyone. The easiest way to get an idea of price is to take some rough dimensions and visit our website or any of our showrooms.

LDM: For someone who is unfamiliar with the options, what is the difference in style for the different options of treatments? AA: Roller Shades are a more sleek, modern and simple minimalist option. A valence is used to cover the roll, which can be either modern or traditional depending on the fabric you pick. Roman Shades are a more traditional look; they are a little more upscale and they dress up the room more. Drapes are usually


the most decorative, but a style like Ripple Fold can be modern too! Moving on we come to fabric: you first want to choose the shade and then the fabric to compliment it. Again, with the simplicity of your (Laura’s) bedroom and to add pop we did the suede and two toned design of the curtain. The actual suede shade was snow and we did an inside and bottom border in espresso. To give a complete look we topped it off with a valence in Suede Espresso with snow piping. The home office space window approach was different from the bedroom. You (Laura) do your work in front of the window and it is the most used space of your home. Based on the decor we wanted to keep in sync with the blue and white color palette but step up the formality. With the shade, we went solar because due to the placement of the desk we wanted UV protection for the furniture. We went with 5% solar shade so that you can see out at the view yet have the privacy of people not seeing in from the outside. We also added Ripple Fold Drapery, which comes with a cost effective standard track. We decided to finish it off with cornice to conceal the track.

LDM: Thank you so much for such an insightful and helpful perspective Amory! This was by far my most enjoyable home decor experience to date! AA: Absolutely Laura, anytime!


fter spending over two hours in The Shade Store’s Greenwich showroom I became obsessed with window treatments (and with Amory!) I could not (and still cannot) get over the incredibly vast knowledge and talent that she shared and truly admire the effort that goes into the task. Before I continue with just how amazing The Shade Store was in their process of delivery and installation, it is important to note here in further detail what my personal goals were in regards to my experience at The Shade Store. I wanted a black out option for my bedroom that would add some pop to my once stark bedroom and a more plushy patterned option for the home office space (which also needed a furniture fabric protection from the sun aka a UV option for the window dressings.) Both rooms have one huge window, which made the process equally as easy as it did a challenge.

Danielle Robinson Photography

For my bedroom, we were trying to get the effect of the dark, four post brown bed, and the white linens and walls so we went with a natural grass weave Waterfall Roman product and the pattern we chose was Cherokee. The Roman Shades were lined to ensure blackout and we added drapes so that not even the tiniest spec of light could sneak in on either side of the window. The combination of choosing a suede fabric coupled with a two toned color pattern for the drapes created a pop that the room was lacking prior. Additionally, the woven repeating pattern of white, brown and beige on the Roman Shades added an element of sophistication that brought the entire room together beautifully. For the home office space, privacy was also of the utmost importance yet I did not want black out and needed UV protection for the furniture. I also wanted to be able to see out the window when the shade was drawn seeing that my desk is right in front of this window! And obviously I wanted the light GREENWICHGIRL

to still filter in during the day coupled with something added an “adulting” vibe to the area. That being said, we went with a 5% light filtered Roller Shade that had UV protection.


he fabric that I chose for the valence and drapes for the office space was based off the small square sample, which made it difficult to imagine how it would look on the huge amount of fabric that was required. Luckily, The Shade Store has computers in the showroom for exactly this purpose. The Shade Store’s website is completely interactive and you can live chat with a professional design consultant to answer any questions, order free swatches to plan for your custom window treatments and even place your order. The site also allows you to select the exact pattern you want for the drapes and valence and once selected, instantly creates the look in its entirety on the screen

thus giving you an idea of how it will look in real life. You can even add a paint color to the walls via the website to more accurately see the complete look of your choice. Once I saw the full repeat of the Jeffrey Allan Marks fabric pattern titled Netscape (color cloud) with blue and grey tones it was clear that it brought uniform to the room and I loved it! After we placed the order, the rest of the experience was as simple as possible. While the turnaround was a few weeks (it is custom after all!) the wait was well worth it. The Shade Store handles everything seamlessly from delivery to installation. In case you couldn’t tell I am a huge fan of the brand and am certain anyone who uses them will be too!


Danielle Robinson Photography

Photos: The Shade Store



SHADES, BLINDS & DRAPERY Handcrafted in the USA since 1946. 50+ showrooms nationwide. Ships free in 10 days or less. Greenwich: 48 West Putnam Avenue | Port Chester: 21 Abendroth Avenue | Westport: 115 Main Street custom made simple.® | theshadestore.com | 800.820.7817

Understated Elegance: The Little Navy Dress By Kristen Fanarakis Founder of Senza Tempo Fashion

When it comes to wardrobe staples, the little black dress is always at the top of the list. Often overlooked as the preppy neutral, the navy dress is just as versatile and every bit as essential. It is the softer, more cerebral version of the LBD. With the right accessories, a navy dress looks polished and sophisticated — and not the least bit preppy. Leopard print shoes or a cheetah coat paired with black is a bold, urban and slightly edgy look. The same prints paired with navy, creates a more understated and slightly retrolook. Green accessories, especially in Kelly Green, look far more vibrant paired with navy. A navy also looks on-trend, and not remotely out of place, in the middle of July or January. It’s the wardrobe staple everyone never knew they needed. www.senzatempofashion.com



PLAN YOUR FALL GETAWAY TO THE POINT Where the foliage lingers a little longer

Whether you need a roman c getaway for two or a girls getaway to the spa, the Saybrook Point Inn has you covered. Enjoy the colors of the season and dine along beau ful water views of the Connec cut River. Warm up by our wood buring ďŹ res and watch the sun fade away. Unwind at The Point.

2 Bridge Street, Old Saybrook, CT 06475 | SAYBROOK.COM,|860-395-2000



This summer I discovered the holy grail to avoiding one of the most time consuming tasks of the week: grocery shopping. While I personally would love to stroll the aisles, blissfully taking in any new product on the shelf with a childlike curiosity and no regard of the time (blonde on the left) the reality of e ciently checking o the grocery list looks more like the chick on a competitive mission with her shopping cart (cart gremlin on the right.) But thanks to Mark’s Quality Meats & Gourmet Seafood making stops at specialty stores for specific cuts of meats or waiting in line at the butcher counter in Whole Foods are a thing of the past. Flash frozen fresh and delivered to your front door, Mark’s product is the best of all quality meats you could ask for. Professional, excellent customer service and impeccable pricing are only a few of the many amazing qualities that make Mark’s Quality Meats & Seafood stand apart from the rest. Servicing all surrounding areas Mark’s loyal, and huge, customer base, from the Hamptons to Westchester County,

airfield ounty Y ong Island and even shipping boxes to clients when they are out of town, is proof of just how good the product is. O ering a range of vacuum sealed red meats poultry, seafood, appetizers and more, Mark’s thorough menu caters to all. The meat is prime and aged, grass fed, antibiotic and hormone free he fish is wild and the chicken is organic ven better O O hat’s right You can actually place one order and if you like it, place another, and if not, no problem. The added benefit ark’s pricing is a fraction of what any meat would cost in any store, hands down (specific pricing available upon re uest as all pricing varies based on the quantity ordered.) As I said earlier, now you can get the one thing money can’t buy: more time. Forget the commute to the store forget finding a parking space, forget lugging bags, forget even having to be creative with meal ideas ith a five page menu and endless options Mark’s makes your life, and your dinner prep, easier than you ever imagined.



'"#"11 *ƍɚȥϰƍ̕Є͚͞Ȕ̕ňΆǨȔňΆ͚͞Båȥ̕ǒƍɚŶ͚"ňΆʄ͞Є

Yoga Retreat with Ashleigh Abramovich Sept 23–30, 2017

This September we also have Ashleigh’s yoga retreat, with focus on meditation and workshops on Grounding and Balancing the Chakras Through Meditation and Essential Oils. Ashleigh will guide you into classes that create a flow state designed to tap you into your creative intuition. This leaves you energized, elevated and at ease. It is a way of being and a way of moving that connects you to how you feel, move how you feel, and handle challenges with ease. Treat yourself to a week of creativity, peace and self-discovery.





Our special ty: inspired learning. ........................................................................................................................................................

Soundview Preparatory School 370 Underhill Avenue, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598 (914) 962-2780 • soundviewprep.org Independent, co-ed day school for grades 6 -12 • Picturesque campus 4-to-1 student-faculty ratio • Excellent college placement • Rolling admissions



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092 -0 9




C O U T U R E J E W E L E RY designed by Suzy McCabe. now available at



612• 804 •9452 Studio/Showroom 53 Williams St. Greeenwich CT

Profile for The Greenwich Girl

Last edition of 2017  

As we all know, 2017 was full of surprises on all levels: personal, professional, political and everything in between. The unsettling uproar...

Last edition of 2017  

As we all know, 2017 was full of surprises on all levels: personal, professional, political and everything in between. The unsettling uproar...