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The Green Vale School 2019-2020 Board of Trustees President Christopher L. Garcia

Vice Presidents Catherine B. O’Neill Kearney H. Staniford

Treasurer Jeffrey L. Busconi

Secretary Todd Edgar James M. Beard Sharon Crane Christoph Cushman ‘88 Gwendolyn M. Gillies Michelle Elliott Gokey Sandeep Jauhar John Koski Duo Liu (Emma Qin) Melissa A. Meister William Morton ‘84 Valerie Ohrstrom Brendan O’Brien Emily R. Pidot Konrad P. Schwarz Julia T. Weidinger Joanna G.S. Wriedt

Ex Officio Jesse N. Dougherty Ed.D. Amy Garcia Arianne O'Kane

Green Vale Magazine is published annually for families, alumni and friends of The Green Vale School.

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A Grand Opening

& An Unexpected Closing Dear Green Vale Community, The school year began with excitement and festivities to mark the grand opening of the new Bacon & Biondi building, Qin Library, and extensively renovated Iselin Center. Newly seeded grass concealed any sign of the temporary classroom trailers used the prior year, and students and teachers seamlessly spread into their new space, almost instantly incorporating new ways to learn, both by coming together and by spreading out. It has been more than gratifying to see that years of careful strategic planning around what our spaces can and should be are yielding tangible results in an enhanced GVS experience for every child. Our donors who rose to the occasion of a capital campaign so generously cannot be thanked enough. They have ensured “a better Green Vale” for families and students who follow. The printing of this publication was delayed due to the swift and profound impact of COVID-19. Fortunately, early planning and a deep commitment by our teachers to ensuring educational quality has led to a very successful transition to a remote means of learning. While we all deeply miss our normal way of interacting, we have been extremely proud of the continuity we have been able to provide at all grade levels. Turn the page for more details about GVS online learning. Finally, we are pleased to introduce a new feature beginning in this issue: “Alumni Spotlight”. This is our opportunity to celebrate diverse accomplishments of living alumni who credit Green Vale as their foundation for life-long education. Sincerely,

Jesse Dougherty, Ed. D. Head of School

Green Vale Magazine

A Shift to Online Learning & Response to COVID-19 Green Vale began detailed contingency planning for the COVID-19 outbreak in February. Even when a move to online learning sounded extreme, training and preparations at the teacher, board, and administrative level had begun. When school resumed after spring break, almost the entire school day for each grade was replicated online. The balance of live meetings and project work has been calibrated for each grade, for the most part resulting in slightly less class time and more independent assignments or “asynchronous learning�. Teachers previously wary of technology are now creating original video lessons and demonstrations to supplement their lesson time. Classes dependent on specific materials and equipment from science to art to PE have adapted and conceived at-home assignments that replicate similar skills and curriculum. With campus closed, community building becomes more important than ever. Virtual events such as bingo, book club, recipe exchange, dance party, town hall meeting, costume days and simple lunch groups have been greatly enjoyed. Abiding by a guiding set of principles has helped ensure the quality of the online experience.

A central destination for families to access schedules, assignments, and resources



The Bacon & Biondi Building was officially opened in a ribbon-cutting ceremony with students followed by a donor reception in the new Schonfeld Art Gallery, Katz Center, and Qin Library. Extreme generosity by donors and prudent cost oversight by the Board enabled the construction to be completed with no residual debt and no reduction in the endowment.

A Vision Becomes a Reality Capital Campaign Exceeds Goal “From start to finish, this project was managed collaboratively, conservatively, and with an eye toward the best possible future for Green Vale, educationally as well as fiscally. Your unprecedented generosity demonstrates deep appreciation for the role of this school in families’ lives.” — Hartley Rogers A New Gear Campaign Chair & Former Board President



Marjorie and Fredd Isaksen

Anonymous Gabrielle and Louis Bacon Jean J. Beard Jamie Nicholls and Fran Biondi Anne and Russell Byers Michelle and Tim Gokey Iris and Saul Katz Family Foundation

Bethany and Parker Kelsey Ketchum Family Foundation Leslie and Scott Kravet Melissa and Stephen Meister Patricia and Hugh O’Kane Arianne and Hugh O’Kane ‘93 Catherine B. O’Neill Catherine and Konrad Schwarz Kearney and Dan Staniford ‘87 The Weidinger Family Joanna and Oliver Wriedt

Iris and Saul Katz Holly and David Katz Heather ‘87 and Dan Knopf Natalie and Brendan O’Brien

Jeff and Jenny Bancroft Kelter ‘79 The Ohrstrom Family Ashley and Ogden Phipps ‘93 The Qin Family Emma Liu and Karl Qin

Amy Falls and Hartley Rogers Brooke and Steven Schonfeld Lorin and Rocky Agostino The Beard Family Martha and Jeff Busconi Verena and Rod Cushman The Daher Family Dalith and Todd Edgar Amy and Christopher Garcia

Jay and Kirsten Isaksen Benjamin ‘94

Major Sheryl and Christopher Albanese Samantha and John Amante Jennifer Drukier and Matthew Birnbaum Ron-Alyse and Chip Cammerer The Chambless Family Michelle and Bradley Cuddeback ‘86 Paula and Christoph Cushman ‘88

Kelley and Chris Davis In Memory of Sandy DeMille Brian and Ashley Levien Dooley ‘00 Aimee and George Eberle Adele and James Eckel Susan and Jack Foley Kathy and David Gelfand The Gillies Family Megan and Tim Grant ‘89 The Hogan Family John and Gabrielle DeMatteis Keller ‘97 The Greenleaf Kempner Family In Memory of Alice Hartley Ambrose Monell Foundation Kimberly and John O’Kane ‘99 Ashley and Frank O’Keefe Robin and John Pickett Tami and Adam Radosti Marjorie and Aaron Slonim The Troise Family Heather and Fifield Whitman Josiane and Alfred Winkler

Event photos and donor list continued on page 8


38,000 Square Feet of New & Renovated Space

All-School Library “We’re not the keepers of information that we impart to the student. They are in charge of getting their own information and figuring out: ‘What is it that I need? How do I get it? And is it real?’ They’re going to need that for their world.” — Karenn Ressa

Art Gallery

“We designed it to have a clean, contemporary art gallery feel to it. Moving away from the traditional stationary bulletin board, this is much larger and more dynamic and flexible.” — Dee Dee Copp

Wonder Lab Bacon & Biondi Building 6

“This space is designed to put young children into circumstances where they need to work together with new, open-ended materials which challenge their creative thinking. What a parent might see is the final product. What we see is the process.” — Kelly Flink

Innovation Lab “The Innovation Lab allows students to test in different environments working with different materials. They learn that there’s more than one way to accomplish a goal. It services multiple academic disciplines, whether it’s math, science, engineering, art, and even history.” — Harvey Bass

“This is a space for teachers to come together, to collaborate, to generate new ideas together. This Center has long been part of our vision here and has allowed us to support teacher growth in a very meaningful and sustainable way.” — Pam Velastegui

Production Studio “A green screen and production equipment allow students to film, record, edit their own audio-visual content as part of technology classes as well as a supplement to other courses.” — Cathy Iannotta

Katz Center for Teaching & Learning “I have loved seeing students research, discover, and learn new things in a state-of-the-art space that was created for them.” — Aisha Daley

“The marine science aspect of our curriculum is open to all students, no longer just Upper School. Students benefit a lot more from tending to and observing these ecosystems up close rather than just learning about them in a book.” — Frank Zanone

Marine Science Lab

Science Labs

“The new ‘flex space’ enables so much new spontaneity since no regular classes are scheduled there. It’s big enough for multiple grade levels and different classes to meet together, continue a project, display work, spread out materials for service activities or whatever we need.” — Cathy Iannotta

Flexible Classrooms

Capital Campaign Continued from page 5

Benefactor Elizabeth and Joseph Barry Phillip and Lauren Powell Beyer ‘95 Kavita Mariwalla and Kabir Bhasin Alana and Ian Brock Lisa and Dan Bystrom Janet and Thomas Constance Brian and Trish Constance D’Anna ‘93 Kevin and JoAnne Constance Kenny ‘90

Sharon and Darrell Crane The de Haan Family The Dejoux Family Rebecca and Jesse Dougherty Suzannah and Andrew Dubuque The Graham Family Jessica and Jonathan Green Aileen and Ian Gumprecht ‘92


The Feeks Family Debbie and Vinny Caitlin and Chloe

Sonia and Sandeep Jauhar Jennifer and John Koski The Koundourakis Family Christine and Luke Lichota Chiara and James Mai Heather and Nicholas Nielsen Zoé and Mark Nyitray Emily and Philip Pidot ‘91 Preethi and Hari Rajan Jessica and Alon Rosin Tanya and Brian Sheehan Despina and Michael Yarian

Contributor Patricia and Matthew Barry Hiromi Kishimoto and Frank Cavallo Stephanie and Frederick Clark

Grace A. Cunningham Alex Daigh, Jr. ‘00 Brooke and Lynn Ely Dixon ‘87 William S. Eakins, Jr. ‘65 Chrysoula and Vasilios Hatzikiriakou Lilly H. Havens ‘07 Cania S. Infante Mary Beth and Michael Kelly Virginia M. Knott ‘02 Jennifer and Paul Latham Charles Melone, Jr. Susan and Jeff Moore Sharon and Nelson Pena Kerri Beth and David Pollack ‘96 Matthew P. Restaino ‘04 Lihui Qi and Xiuming Shi Mindy F. Weiss ‘07 Sara and Benjamin Wells Bonnie and Xiang Hua Xu


2019-2020 Season Results GV 51 GV 54 GV 51 GV 60 GV 57 GV 48 GV 59 GV 40 GV 63 GV 48

Long Island Lutheran 38 Buckley Country Day 38 Trinity Lutheran 32 East Woods 45 Trinity Lutheran 47 Holy Child 17 Buckley Country Day 54 Portledge 29 Long Island Lutheran 43 Portledge 25

For only the second time in 20 years, GVS 7th & 8th Grade boys basketball was undefeated for the regular season schedule. Coach Frank Zanone confirms that the last time was the 2010-2011 season. Leading players included 8th Graders Jacob Bock, Josh McKenzie, Myles Morris, Jackson O’Brien, and Alexander Rubin. A major highlight — and testament to the team’s prowess — was GVS prevailing over both Trinity Lutheran and Long Island Lutheran (renowned basketball powerhouses) twice. Zanone reflects back to the start of the season: “On the first day of practice, I thought we had something special. There was raw talent and athleticism. Once we beat LuHi and then Trinity, I KNEW we were onto something major.”

Boys 7th & 8th Basketball


Guard Lucas Edgar encapsulated the magic of true teamwork that few get to experience in middle school: “At the beginning of the season, we were mentally split. 7th Grade was passing to 7th Grade. Same thing with 8th Grade. Once the season was underway, we became a unit. There was teamwork because everyone was passing to each other.” Ultimately, Green Vale lost to Trinity Lutheran to place second in the LIAAIS Conference tournament. The only time Green Vale has won the LIAAIS tournament was 2010-2011. Bock, O’Brien, and Morris are each headed to Friends Academy where coaches Zanone and Hiss anticipate that they will be major contributors who already know how to play together.

The Undefeated 2010-2011 Team

GVS Basketball Single Game Scoring Records 42 Points, Jacob Bock (2020) 30 Points, Christian Daley (2017) 26 Points, Johndee Baptiste (2011) “In my 30-plus years of coaching basketball here, Jacob is definitely one of the best players I have ever coached or seen play for GVS.” — Bill Hiss


1st Graders are some of our smallest students but their brains are big enough to handle and appreciate several concepts at once: sustainability, robotics, art appreciation, and art creation. Earlier this year, New York’s Findlay Galleries presented an exhibition of works by renowned sculptor Mia Fonssagrives Solow called Robots/Femmebots, consisting of cast aluminum and bronze robots originally made from repurposed materials and found objects. Findlay Vice President Stephanie Clark, a Green Vale parent, knew that the whimsical robots would capture children’s imaginations and offered to bring actual works from the exhibit and speak to 1st Grade students about their origins. Art teacher Lauren Privitera had visited the show and realized that the presentation could become an even deeper learning experience. What if the robot works of art were presented alongside Green Vale’s actual robots? What if the students then had the opportunity to construct their own robot characters using the exact same approach as a famous artist had used?

Robots as Art

This plan was an exact fit for the intention behind the School’s brand new Innovation Lab: a hub for interdisciplinary creativity. The 1st Graders’ first visit to the Lab included a demonstration of a voice-controlled robot by technology instructor Harvey Bass, along with a discussion of artificial intelligence and how robots are becoming more commonplace in our houses and our world. Clark then presented the robot works of art, encouraging students to touch and handle the sculptures as well as guess at the underlying materials the artist employed. Finally, in subsequent art classes, the students created their own robots from found materials.

“My robots are humorous ideas of what robots could be, instead of the fearful kind of robot that’s going to take over. The femmebots also show the power and strength of women.” By repurposing discarded materials, students explore themes of sustainability.

— Mia Fonssagrives Solow 11

Biodiversity on Campus

Throughout 4th Grade science, Green Vale’s 40-acre campus is used as a natural laboratory. A curricular theme is biodiversity and students learn about species that thrive on campus, and how. Units include trees and botany, birds, insects, and mammals. Teacher Rick Geismar includes a research component, tasking the entire class to propose ideas in response to his challenge: How do we increase a particular species on campus? Initial ideas explored by the class included reforesting (planting seedlings) and installing nocturnal wildlife recording cameras. The idea that eventually captivated the entire grade was the notion of building and installing owl houses, or boxes, for Eastern screech owls to nest. It was both simple and exciting, as some students had enjoyed owl sightings during class. Their confidence that owls could thrive at GVS derived from their research showing that Eastern screech owls often nest at the edges of forest habitats like much of the Green Vale campus. Their food supply would be plentiful as they eat large insects as well as small birds and rodents. To ensure that the project would be truly studentexecuted, it became inter-disciplinary. For the past two years, crafts teacher Lizzie Wright has devoted woodworking time to designing and building the owl boxes especially for these “cavity nesters.” Several boxes are now complete and awaiting campus to re-open in order to install them.

“Making these owl houses helped me learn more about their habitat and environment.” — Lucy Woodhouse


“In the beginning, it is important to figure out who your target demographic will be. It will become a key point in how you will make your money." — Joy Biondi ‘21

7th Grade Math Meets

“Shark Tank” One of the tenets of Green Vale’s roadmap for educational excellence, the Portrait of Learning, is “Quest for Connections”, referring to the need to show how topics are interrelated and relevant to the world beyond school. As Alyson Falasco completed 7th Grade algebra’s unit on systems of equations, she introduced a new project with this in mind. Emulating the television game show “Shark Tank”, students paired to conceive a product/business idea to address a real-world need, as well as a business plan with numerical projections using a system of equations. Students devised equations to simulate various assumptions, from initial investment to operating overhead to cost of goods to break-even units sold to profitability over time. Students began with the most basic business equation: profit equals revenue minus costs. Contestants pitched their products and business assumptions to teacher judges who decided whether to “invest.” They based decisions on product originality, feasibility, and pricing dynamics. Countless quantitative lessons arose, such as the comparative cost of renting production space in Manhattan vs. Montana. Winning ideas included Joy Biondi’s all-natural lip gloss ($50,000 for a 40% investment from Mrs. Nastos) and Clarke Beard and Teddy Kenny’s high-heeled shoe that converts to a flat ($15,000 plus free rent for a 12% stake from Mr. Kane, operator of numerous other factories.)

“Think about EVERY aspect; where you will make the product, how much will it cost, what will be your price point. It matters." — Busola Babatunde ‘21


Student Accomplishments Ethan Ko, Kindergarten, Chess

In March, Ethan Ko participated in an Inter-School Exchange chess tournament hosted by GVS and open to all students of neighboring private schools. Sixty students participated in three divisions: 1st & 2nd Grade, 3rd & 4th Grade, and 5th-8th Grades, using the Swiss pairing system. (Often there is a Kindergarten division but this event only had one K participant: Ethan Ko.) In the words of the seasoned event chair announcing the results: “We have a very unusual situation — the only time I think this has ever happened — where a kindergarten player won all five games for a perfect score of the 1st and 2nd Grade division! Ethan Ko.”

Ashani Ahuja, 5th, Golf Ashani started playing golf at five years old, and started competing at eight. She now practices and trains year-round. She represented New York State in the World Championships last summer in Pinehurst, North Carolina and secured a spot in the top 75. Ashani says chipping is the best part of her game; accordingly, her favorite club is the 56º wedge. She was one of 12 girls from nine neighboring states to qualify for the 2019 Regional Drive Chip & Putt Championship at Winged Foot Golf Club. Her lowest tournament score is 78 for 18 holes, and 35 for 9 holes. Her favorite tour pro? Brooks Koepka. Best advice ever? “Nothing worth having comes easily.”

Evan Kim, 4th | Maya Serrano, 5th, 1st Place, Battle of the Bands Two of the four members of local rock band “Blue Tomorrow” are Green Vale students. Through Bach2Rock in Port Washington, Evan Kim, electric guitar, and Maya Serrano, lead vocals, spent most of a year rehearsing under Grammy-winning drummer Rich Kulsar. At a “Battle of the Bands” event held at renowned music venue City Winery in New York City last spring, Blue Tomorrow won first place in the elementary school division. Evan practices guitar every day; his favorite band is Green Day. Maya is now writing her own songs.


Samantha Jurim, 5th, Rock Climbing From an early age, Samantha has been fascinated with the sport of rock climbing and couldn’t wait to be old enough to begin lessons. For the past three years she has honed her skills with weekly lessons at an indoor climbing facility, Island Rock. With the help of her instructor, she has mastered the skills needed for top roping and bouldering. Nothing gets her more excited than reaching the top of a challenging wall, touching the bar, and seeing the world from a different view. Her next challenge will be lead climbing. She explains, “It’s where you climb with your rope, and as you climb you clip the rope to the wall. It’s definitely more challenging but it’s another part of this sport I love and can’t wait to learn!”

Isabella & Camila Cushman, 8th Pancake Entrepreneurs Isa’s Mochi Mix began as a quest for tastier gluten-free pancakes and quickly grew into a business. Complete with original packaging and branding, the product enjoys robust sales in seven stores, including Locust Valley Market, Rising Tide, and seasonally in Maine, as well as selling via their website ( After experimenting with recipes made from almond and coconut flour, Isa discovered the key to superior taste: sweet rice flour, or mochi flour. “These pancakes are moist and have the perfect balance of fluffiness and sweetness,” she explains. The business is a 50/50 team effort between the sisters, with Isa tending toward the creative (recipes, Instagram, design) and Camila managing the sales and distribution side. For those wishing to place an order, the website contains some important wisdom: “Please note: All orders are shipped on Saturdays. This business is run by children and school comes first. Thank you for understanding!”

Anna Sophia Bloch, 8th, Spelling Anna Sophia Bloch, winner of the GVS Spelling Bee with the word ‘prestigious’, qualified for participation in the TFCU Regional Spelling Bee at Long Island University on March 12 (pictured here with Daniel Wang, second place).


Faculty News Linda Gardiner “Best in Show” Director of Lower School and Assistant Head Linda Gardiner was awarded the “1st Place, Best in Show” award along with partner Christey Robinson at the Garden Club of America flower show, “There is a Season, Turn, Turn, Turn!” in September. Their arrangement was part of Division I/Class 2, and won Best In Show: Floral Design as well as the North Shore Garden Club Jane Greenleaf Award. “Arranging flowers is like painting/sculpting/designing with natural materials,” says Gardiner. “The textures, the shapes, the colors, and the fragrance are your tools and the canvas is wide open for you to create...Creating a tablescape to complement the arrangement was great fun. I’d never done anything like this before, so it was a surprise and honor to win.”

Lizzie Wright, Solo Sculpture Exhibition “Water Bowl,” made from rulers bent out of shape by GVS students.

Crafts teacher Lizzie Wright mounted a solo exhibition of her original sculpture at top New Orleans gallery Good Children last fall. The show, entitled “Pet Turtle,” explores the form and symbolism of a 60-million-year-old species. Whether by literal depiction or through references to the world of pet turtles (water bowls, heat lamps, habitats), Wright employs both recycled and at-hand materials. Some works also feature glazed ceramic turtle shells cast from the shell of her own childhood pet. Wright received an MFA in Sculpture from Yale University. She has exhibited at a variety of spaces in New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Her work has been reviewed by various publications including The New Yorker and New Art City.

Faculty Professional Development Day Once a year, Green Vale devotes a day to a full-faculty professional development schedule. This year, divisions rotated among themed workshops led by outside experts. Some topics included:

Recycling Meets Play, Early Childhood Lisa Zaretsky is the founder of playAGAIN, an early childhood program based on the importance of unstructured play for a child’s development and social/emotional wellbeing. She led a workshop on the use of repurposed materials in the classroom. “Anything children can manipulate — move, change shape, etc — you will always have success with it.” She showed how this can foster decision-making, problem-solving, conversations, deep exploration, creativity, and creative thinking.


Elizabeth Blatz Brings Professional Development to Her Classroom 3rd Grade teacher Elizabeth Blatz has taken advantage of several faculty enrichment opportunities this year, in addition to working toward a second master’s degree in literacy. Greg Tang’s Enrichment Math Institute addressed such questions as: When and how can whole-class instruction be modified and when is small-group instruction most beneficial? How can we help kids who struggle become proficient, kids who are proficient become advanced, and kids who are advanced become more advanced? Another seminar addressed “guided reading,” an instructional approach that involves a teacher working with small groups of readers. In groups that are fluid (due to ongoing assessment), students are grouped by level and given a text that is slightly harder than what they can read without support. The teacher coaches students with problem-solving strategies as they read. Finally, she attended “Diversity & Inclusion in Picture Books” at the Nassau County Museum of Art. Blatz reports: “The seminar showed us how to ensure we are giving ample opportunity to express different voices and opinions.”

Teachers Star in Remake of “Casablanca” In a show of humor, school spirit, and support for the annual Gala, several teachers surprised the crowd at the event with an original video remake of the famous farewell scene from “Casablanca”, the theme of the event. The cast starred Joanne Pappas as Ingrid Bergman and Richard Quinlan as Humphrey Bogart and featured Bill Hiss, Melissa Noga and Frank Zanone in supporting roles. The School’s new production studio and green screen enabled the authentic backdrop. View the video at greenvaleschool .org/gala

Social Emotional Learning, Early Childhood Lindsay Weiner, founder of The EQ Child consultancy, has been conducting monthly workshops on various SEL topics with GVS parents all year. A focus of Early Childhood classes has been to build children’s social-emotional toolbox over time. Together, teachers brainstormed how the five components of SEL (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making) are implemented in each classroom.

Innovation Lab, Lower School Harvey Bass presented an overview of how various grades and teachers have been making use of Green Vale’s new innovation lab and the available 3D printers, robots, electric circuitry, glue guns, and massive table space. In addition to technology class applications, science and history and even art teachers have taken advantage of the facility. For example, 3rd Grade science used the lab and materials to create simple machines (tiny catapults for distance and accuracy). Bass wants teachers and students to get used to the notion that “technology is not a separate subject. Rather, it’s integrated throughout all subjects."

Facilitating Critical Conversations, Lower & Upper School This workshop was led by Kim Burkhalter, PhD. of Teaching Tolerance, the organization that spent a day with the full faculty last year. While last year focused on curriculum design, this year’s conversation centered around ensuring successful outcomes when critical conversations arise. Participants examined common beliefs and biases that can affect the ability to engage in productive conversations. The intent was to equip teachers with the confidence to lean into conversations about race and other critical topics.


Spirit Knight & Family BBQ

Parents Day


Alumni Spotlight Making the Fortune 40 Under 40 list at age 36 means you’re doing something right...and in Mei Mei Hu’s case, something potentially very, very good for humanity: a vaccine to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Her clinical-stage company, United Neuroscience, is pioneering a new class of medicine to treat and prevent brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s. Her driving theory is that vaccines can be just as effective for chronic diseases as they are for infectious ones. Since Alzheimer’s starts decades before symptoms appear, a vaccine approach has the most power.

Mei Mei Hu ‘97, CEO of United Neuroscience

“We’re really good at developing vaccines for things that are on the outside — to train our body to fight those things. The problem now is that most of us are dying from chronic diseases,” says Hu, “which account for more than 80% of healthcare costs.” United Neuroscience’s synthetic vaccine technology overcomes a body’s natural resistance to fighting itself and teaches it to produce antibodies against the neurotoxic proteins or plaques that accumulate in our brains and cause neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

“I’m a woman under 40 without a PhD trying to solve Alzheimer’s and democratize brain health.” — Mei Mei Hu

If you guessed that Mei Mei’s prior resume includes extensive science study, you would be incorrect. After Green Vale, she attended Phillips Academy Andover, University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard Law School, going on to work as a McKinsey Consultant prior to joining the biopharmaceutical company originally founded by her mother, a renowned scientist and biotech entrepreneur in her own right.

The company is based in Dublin and her mother, Dr. Chang Yi Wang, is Chief Scientific Officer. Her husband, Lou Reese, is also an executive. The two met in college and have always inspired one another toward meaningful endeavors like starting a voter registration organization and launching a sustainable farm.

While studying literature at Dartmouth College, Eyre became interested in Sufi poetry, so he proceeded to teach himself Persian. After college, while living in Los Angeles, he continued to build language skills and a love for Iranian culture through the city’s large Iranian expatriate community. Eyre claims his Persian was still far from fluent when he joined the State Department in 1998. Later, Eyre was named the first-ever Persian language spokesperson of the United States Department of State. The post reflected U.S. efforts to communicate better with the Iranian people. Eyre won their respect by quoting Persian proverbs and expressions and building a local following with “Ask Alan,” a YouTube video Q&A. He expanded onto other social media platforms, fielding questions on the nuclear talks, sanctions, visas, and American pop culture. Eyre was even interviewed by Iranian state television, signaling a profound reversal of official attitudes toward America.

Alan Eyre ‘73, Persian Language Expert, US Department of State

As a core member of the negotiating team responsible for the JCPOA nuclear accord with Iran from 2009-2015, Eyre helped craft and deliver U.S. Government messaging to Iranian audiences. Later, Eyre became director of Middle East/Asia within the Bureau of Energy Affairs. Eyre on GVS: “I do remember fondly my French from Fran Sachs and Sheffield Bunker, who were kind enough to put up with my constant fidgeting and talking. I have many memories of my good friend Russell Smith, who was the Ferris Bueller of GVS. And also many memories of some really excellent teachers, like John “Mattie” Matthews, who knew how to reach kids like me having a hard time, and like Peter Zaloom, who pretty much made whatever he was teaching sound cool. And of course the headmaster Mr. Clifton, who even when he was chewing me out for poor academic performance exuded warmth and kindness.”


Alumni Spotlight (continued) Marlene Rose Stimmel ‘83 is considered the foremost female sandcast glass artist. Sandcasting is based on the thousandsyear old tradition of bronze casting. Liquid molten glass is poured into artfully shaped sand molds at a temperature of thousands of degrees, then cooled for six days or more in a specially controlled oven. It is what Stimmel likes to call “a dangerous dance of heat and light”.

Marlene Rose Stimmel ‘83, Glass Artist

Glass is traditionally a male-dominated art form, and Stimmel is one of the few women working in this very physical and dangerous field. Her works are featured in museums and galleries across the US and internationally, as well as art fairs and private collections of glass connoisseurs and fine art collectors. In September, she was featured on CBS Sunday Morning in a segment revealing both the technique and the artistry involved in glass sandcasting.

After Green Vale, Stimmel attended Pomfret School and Tulane University where she first studied glassmaking. She pursued graduate studies at Pilchuck Glass School in Seattle and earned an M.F.A from WACCAC in Oakland. “Green Vale was challenging for me, but challenging in a way that allowed me to pick myself up and thrive,” writes Stimmel. I still keep in touch with my friends and teachers from that time. Recently, I was featured at a major art show in Palm Beach where I was surprised by a visit from my Green Vale art teacher, Ann Copple! I was able to thank her for how she had nurtured my skills and purpose as an artist… and show her the results of the seeds she had planted all those years ago! Truly, Green Vale was a transformative experience for me, and truly, I can say I would not be the woman and artist that I am without having lived that Green Vale experience.” An exhibition of her work will be displayed July 2-5 at the Bridgehampton Museum.

While many alumni store their GVS memories in their hearts and brains, there are those who store them physically in drawers and shoeboxes. The Alumni, Development, and Communications offices love when old memories of either type are shared with the School. At a recent reunion, Mimi Colgate Kirk ‘54 shared her own hand-written copy of the speech she delivered as Blue captain following a field day win on June 4, 1954.

Mimi Colgate Kirk ‘54, Blue Captain & Creator of GVS Shield

In addition, she recalls a contest to create a logo for Green Vale featuring a knight mascot. Her winning design became the basis for the seal that the School has used ever since! Colgate Kirk pictured on prize day with Ellen Holmes and Emmy Whiton


65th Reunion Members of the classes of 1953 and 1954 celebrated their 65th reunion this past September with a luncheon in Greenwich, CT and an impressive archival display of photos.

Alumni Events 50th Reunion Members of the classes of 1968 through 1971 celebrated their 50th reunion last June with cocktails, dinner, and a special viewing of their graduation tiles.

Palm Beach Event This spring, 50 friends of Green Vale attended a reception in Palm Beach hosted by Carolyn and Oliver Grace. Alumni from the classes of 1963 through 2004, parents of alumni, grandparents and former trustees all came together to reconnect and raise a glass to the School with Jesse Dougherty.

New Alumni Dinner During Thanksgiving vacation, classes of 2016-2019 donned shirts from their new high schools for dinner with former teachers.


In Memoriam Gloria Vanderbilt ‘39 Gloria Vanderbilt, prominent society figure, fashion executive, and author died on June 17, 2019 at 95. She attended Green Vale along with her cousins Barklie Henry, Jr. ‘36 and Gertrude Whitney Conner ‘39, while living at her aunt’s Old Westbury estate. The great-greatgranddaughter of the 19th-century railroad and steamship magnate Commodore Cornelius Vanderbilt, she was America’s most famous non-Hollywood child in the Roaring Twenties and Depression years. Raised in New York City 1933 GVS school photo by and Long Island during a fraught though affluent Beidler-Viken Photography childhood, Ms. Vanderbilt later expanded her reputation as a painter, a fashion model, a poet, a playwright and an demonstrators of the ‘60s actress. She was romantically involved with Errol Flynn, Frank Sinatra, Gene and developed into the fashion Kelly, Howard Hughes and Marlon Brando. phenomenon of the ‘70s.” In the mid-1970s, when denim jeans were cut mostly for men, the clothing Following the closing of her manufacturer Mohan Murjani signed Ms. Vanderbilt to market jeans for fashion business and the death women with her signature on the back pocket. Gloria Vanderbilt jeans soon of her fourth husband, Wyatt became a $100 million-a-year business, with other apparel and perfume Cooper, Ms. Vanderbilt devoted added later. According to The New York Times in 1979, “The marketing of herself to writing, publishing Gloria Vanderbilt jeans is one of the most dramatic American business multiple novels, articles, and success stories of the decade. The key to its success was the marriage of extensive memoirs. a great name, Vanderbilt, to jeans, which began as the uniform of student

With Frank Sinatra in 1954

Thomas Moore Bancroft, Jr. ‘44 Thomas “Tom” Moore Bancroft, Jr. died peacefully at his home in Muttontown, NY, on October 7, 2019 at the age of 89. He attended Green Vale through 7th Grade and later became a GVS parent and trustee from 1972-1996. During his lengthy time on the Board, he served on numerous committees, notably overseeing the rebuilding of the middle school building following the 1982 fire. After Green Vale, Tom attended The Slade School, Middlesex School, and Princeton University. He served as a naval intelligence officer in the Korean War. He later became CEO of Mount Vernon Mills, a textile company based in Baltimore.


For over 20 years, Tom and his late brother Bill successfully bred and raced thoroughbreds under the racing partnership Pen-Y-Bryn Farm. The cornerstone of their breeding efforts was Hall of Fame thoroughbred Damascus, who was Horse of the Year in 1967. Tom served as a director of Victaulic Corporation, a producer of mechanical pipe joining solutions, for over 50 years. He was also a trustee of Middlesex School for nearly 50 years, starting in 1972, and was president of the board from 1980 until 1985. His many Green Vale relatives include his children, Muffie Bancroft Murray ‘67, Jennifer Bancroft Kelter ‘79, Thomas Moore Bancroft III ‘81, John Spain Bancroft ‘85, Townsend Woodward Bancroft ‘93 and James Cryder Bancroft ‘03 and step-children Christopher Boal Wiedemann ‘85 and Annie Wiedemann Churchill ‘86, and 4 grandchildren. Jesse Dougherty recalls Tom’s words to him upon assuming the role of Head of School: “Jesse, generations have gone through this school and done incredibly well. There is something magical about Green Vale. Just don’t mess it up.” In the years that followed, Jesse and Tom continued to meet every few months for lunch where Tom would insist on each having ice cream for dessert.

Isabel Bryan Leib ‘43 Green Vale lost one of its oldest living alumni with the death of Issie Leib in September. She served the School as a trustee and a member of the Alumni Council. Sister of Nancy Bryan Taylor ‘44, she was also mother to three GVS graduates, Theodore “Ted” N. Danforth, Jr. ‘66, Alexandra S. Danforth ‘69 and Bryan N. Danforth ‘75. A star athlete at GVS, Issie was also an excellent figure skater and champion golfer. She was most proud, however, of her many years of service at Glen Cove Hospital, where she worked in the emergency room as a volunteer for over 33 years. During a recorded interview for Green Vale’s 95th anniversary, Issie poignantly encapsulated the lessons at the heart of a GVS education.

“Be a good guy. Be a leader. Be a team player. And have school spirit. And be grateful for the education that your parents gave you.” — Issie Leib on the lessons of Green Vale

Milestones Marriages


Fifi Knott ‘02 Scott Leachman May 4, 2019

Gloria Vanderbilt ‘39 June 17, 2019

Births Laurence Jollon ‘91 Juliet Hayes Jollon April 4, 2019 Lindsey W. Spink ‘94 Quincy Aviv Barnea Spink April 28, 2019 Vanessa Paolillo Confessore ‘01 Theodore Louis Confessore April 17, 2019 Diana Grace Beard ‘02 Vivienne August Beard October 29, 2019 Alison A. Fornell ‘05 Hewitt Elizabeth Hammatt December 16, 2019

George “Kim” Sargent ‘58 1923 Legacy Society Inductee Following Kim Sargent’s death in June 2019, Green Vale was notified of a generous bequest to the School from his estate as part of Green Vale’s 1923 Legacy Society. The 1923 Legacy Society was established in Green Vale’s 95th year to distinguish individuals and families who choose to provide for the future of the School in their estate plans. The Society recognizes both intended and received bequests. After Green Vale, Sargent went on to Brooks School, Hamilton College, and the United States Navy’s Officer Candidate School. While deployed to South Vietnam, LTJG Sargent served as the commanding officer of a swift boat on the Mekong River where he distinguished himself valorously, earning the Bronze Star Medal. Kim continued to serve his country until 1996, retiring as a captain with the United States Naval Reserve. Another lasting passion was his involvement with various cultural and arts organizations in Chicago, notably Porchlight Musical Theater which has dedicated their current season in honor of his service. For more information on how to designate a planned gift to Green Vale, please contact Alexandra Shaheen, Associate Director of Development at (516) 628.5197.

George D. O’Neill ‘41 June 27, 2019 Isabel Bryan Leib ‘43 September 30, 2019 Thomas M. Bancroft, Jr. ‘44 October 7, 2019 Grace Dyer Aarons ‘45 December 23, 2019 Cecily Delafield ‘46 January 28, 2019 Robert D. Craigmyle ‘47 March 28, 2019 John B. Brock ‘57 April 28, 2020 George K. Sargent III ‘58 June 6, 2019 Michael T. Johnson ‘60 September 8, 2019 Frances Tower Thacher ‘69 March 25, 2019 Tyler M. Benham ‘87 August 14, 2019

Hector Rosario The GVS community lost a beloved fixture to COVID-19 on April 20. Hector Rosario spent over 20 years as a custodian and maintenance worker in the Facilities & Security Department. He will be remembered by students, parents, and faculty/ staff for his perpetually outgoing, friendly disposition and willingness to help wherever needed.


Class Notes ‘33


Mary Knowlton Sulzer

Patricia Barry Baker

The Alumni Office recently learned of Mary’s death on March 6, 2017; she was 98 years old. Mary is survived by her brothers Hugh Knowlton, Jr. ‘35, Winthrop Knowlton ‘40 and Stanley Knowlton, as well as her daughter, son, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

The Alumni Office recently learned of Patricia’s death on May 19, 2018.

George D. O’Neill It is with regret that we share the news of George’s death on June 27, 2019. After Green Vale, he graduated from St. Mark’s School in 1945 and Harvard College in 1950. George was a Midshipman in the Merchant Marine Cadet Corps from 1945-1946. He began his career working at Chase Manhattan Bank and spent 13 years at Train & Cabot. Later, George founded and was chairman of Meriwether Capital in 1977, a private investment firm in New York, as well as chairman of Capewell Components Company, Segrest Holdings, Tonka Water Company and Wood Pro, Inc. Finally, he served as a Commissioner of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey from 1991-1999. George was involved in numerous educational, arts and community organizations in Oyster Bay. He was predeceased by his wife, brother Grover O’Neill, Jr. ‘36 and sister Catharine O’Neill Heyes ‘38, and is survived by six children and a large extended family.


The Alumni Office recently learned of Cecily’s death on January 28, 2019.

Robert D. Craigmyle

Jessie Pennoyer Snyder


Cecily Delafield

‘53 Henry “Dusty” S. Reeder, Jr.:

Nancy Olmsted Kaehr The Alumni Office recently learned of Nancy’s death on October 4, 2018. She is survived by her husband and brother Robert M. Olmsted ‘54.


‘37 The Alumni Office recently learned of Jessie’s death on May 1, 2018; she was 91 years old. Jessie is survived by her brother, Robert M. Pennoyer ‘39, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.


‘45 Grace Dyer Aarons It is with regret that we share the news of Grace’s death on December 23, 2019; she was 90 years old. After Green Vale, Grace attended Chapin School in New York City, Miss Porter’s School in Connecticut and Brillantmont International School in Switzerland. She graduated from Barmore College in New York City. Grace received formal training as a lyric soprano and was a member of the Baltimore Choral Society, Baltimore Civic Opera, and a charter member of the Connecticut Choral Society. She was also an ardent supporter of the performing arts and animal rights. Grace is survived by her son, daughter, granddaughter and longtime companion, and was predeceased by her elder son and brother Elisha Dyer, Jr. ‘46.

Rosalie Coe Weir The Alumni Office recently learned of Rosalie’s death on June 30, 2018. She was a generous and anonymous benefactor with a particular interest in The Arts.

The Alumni Office recently learned of Robert’s death on March 28, 2019. After Green Vale, he graduated from St. Paul’s School in 1951, Yale University with a Bachelor of Science in Geology in 1955 and Columbia Law School with a Bachelor of Laws in 1961. Robert was a Lieutenant and jet-fighter-bomber pilot with a Global Mission in the United States Air Force from 1955-1961. Later, he practiced as an attorney, businessman and consultant in the technology field. Robert is survived by his wife and children.

‘49 Mary “Pat” Doubleday Irons The Alumni Office recently learned of Pat’s death on December 10, 2017; she was 83 years old. After Green Vale, Pat attended Ethel Walker School and Vassar College. During her college years, Pat met and later married Henry Clay Irons. They raised their family on Long Island while she continued to work. Pat was the Editor of Baby Talk, a magazine for expectant mothers based in New York City. In the late 1980’s, she and Harry moved to Vero Beach, Florida where they lived together until her death. Pat is survived by her sisters Marguerite Doubleday Buck ‘52 and Dorothy Doubleday Massey ‘53, sons Henry Clay Irons ‘69 and George Chester Irons ‘73, daughter Carol Louise Irons Ross ‘74 and extended family.

‘52 Anthony S. Hoyt “I am living happily in Palm Springs and enjoying good health.”

Henry “Dusty” S. Reeder, Jr. “After a successful 60th reunion in May of 2014, our classes decided that it was not prudent to wait until our 70th to gather once more. Thus in September 2019, a loyal and able group of alumni from the Classes of 1953 and 1954 gathered again in Greenwich, CT for a wonderful luncheon and a chance to have fun remembrances. We were joined by Head of School Jesse Dougherty and Associate Director of Development Alexandra Shaheen, both of whom helped us catch up on what is happening at the School. We all agreed we would test the water in another five years and try for a 70th. I suspect we might set a record for “senior” reunions, but perhaps I am wrong. My sincere thanks to Mimi Colgate Kirk ‘54 and Bill Nickerson ‘53 who helped to make the event possible.”

For the twelfth consecutive year, Dusty and Philip Iglehart ‘53 gathered this winter with other friends to hunt in Maryland. GVS alumni who have joined them in past years include Fred Underwood ‘53, Bunny Terry ‘53, Timmy Weld ‘53 and John Righter ‘52.

Francis M. Weld (“Timmy”) “What should we do about the COVID19 scare? The Class of 1953 is out hunting and fishing as always. We are absolutely protecting our populations at risk, but not going overboard.”

‘56 Thomas S. Snedeker “I retired back in 2006 after starting out at Citibank and ending up at JP Morgan Chase with investment banking and management of a Detroit Diesel Distributorship in between. During my working years, I chaired a number of civic organizations and was a Founding Director and Treasurer of the National World War II Museum in New Orleans. In 1983, I went back to school and have an Executive MBA from Tulane. I am very proud of my three daughters with an Emmy, four yoga studios in Seattle, five grandchildren, teaching and two books between them. I was divorced sometime ago and am dating a wonderful woman who is an artist. In 2016, I moved to Christwood Retirement Community across Lake Pontchartrain from New Orleans. I am thoroughly enjoying life here.”

‘60 Michael T. Johnson It is with regret that we share the news of Michael’s death on September 8, 2019. After attending Green Vale, he graduated from St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire and Syracuse University. In 1968, Michael served with the U.S. Navy at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and then pursued a banking career with JP Morgan in New York City. Finally, he moved to Eastern Long Island where he joined The Bank of New York in East Hampton and retired in 1995. Michael is survived by his brother Tracy Johnson ‘55 and sister, nieces Jennifer Embree Lannan ‘81 and Leslie Embree Kelly ‘85, and extended family.

‘61 Cynthia Higgins Roby “I am writing this as we are sheltered in place during the Coronavirus drama in March 2020. Otherwise, life is good! My wonderful sons, Jay and Nick, have busy lives. Jay lives in Atlanta

with his wife, Ali, and three of my terrific grandchildren. My eldest granddaughter, Madison, goes to Episcopal High School in Virginia. As I recall, Archibald Hoxton, who was once the headmaster of Green Vale, went on to lead Episcopal. And my dear Green Vale friend, Margie Harrison Webb, has also been much involved in the school. My younger son, Nick, lives in Sausalito and works nearby. As a “Johnny on the spot”, he does so much for me. I am amply blessed by both of them! I retired from my job at the Marin County Board of Supervisors more than a decade ago. I continue to serve on the boards of several non-profits and was honored to be named as a “Magnificent Woman of Marin” several years ago.”

‘62 Judith Tabler Cook:

Judith Tabler Cook “We split our time between Jackson Hole and McLean, Virginia. Since we drive between the two locations, we have had the opportunity to see the country and visit with friends, such as Junius Morgan ‘61 in Tucson, Arizona. Our three grandchildren attend Green Vale so I get to walk around the campus now and then.”

R. Breck Denny “My wife, Ninna, and I live in Manhattan. I am not working for pay anymore, but seem to be quite busy with my work for two nonprofits. We spend time in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan in the warmer months. Two of four children (daughters, both married) live nearby in Manhattan in addition to our three grandchildren. One more daughter (engaged to be married in April) lives in Washington, DC. Our lone son (single so far) lives in Los Angeles.”

Cynthia Renchard French “My West Highland White Terrier, Jackson, and I are volunteering at the Denver Airport with the Canine Airport Therapy Squad (CATS) program. There are 120 of us with our dogs who volunteer. Of course, we trained to be certified by Alliance Therapy. I believe the program is now five years old

and was first started at Los Angeles International Airport after September 11th. Denver is now the largest program in the country with the most volunteers. They have many special events with which we are called to assist. The program is fun and, once you get into working the terminals, it is amazing how many people flock to you. The distraction for nervous travelers is amazing. Jackson is the only Westie in the program, so he is a bit of a rock star. We have done walks and parades in Denver as well.”

Peter E. Guernsey, Jr. (“Tony”) “Retired after 47 years in wealth management at JP Morgan, UBS, and Wilmington Trust. Presently an independent family trustee to nine different families. Have three children and four grandchildren. Live in New York City, Bedford and on Martha’s Vineyard at the family’s ancestral home in the summer. Married to Evelyn Exley, a retired JP Morgan executive, for 30 years.”

David R. Holmes “Living with my wife, Brenda, in Spanish Fort, Alabama off the Gulf of Mexico (near Mobile). Working part time at Sherwood-Williams just to be helpful and keep a hand in – so to speak. Also, president of a 501(c)(3) think tank called Plan for America. Pet project is to rework social security into a self-sustaining system that politicians can’t tamper with. My daughter, Christina Holmes McKeon ‘94, is living in Watertown, CT and my son, DR Holmes ‘99, is working in New York City and living in Old Westbury. Any travelers to this area are welcome to visit. Best to all.”

Robin Martin Weiss “We left New York in 1976 to move to Cody, Wyoming as our family became very involved with the new museum, Buffalo Bill Center of the West. Twelve years later we found ourselves and two children in Jackson Hole, where we still live today enjoying the mountains and all they have to offer.”

‘64 Bhajira Radsch Townsend “Living in the Seattle area consulting with families on family business succession challenges and performing music with my husband in our acoustic guitar duo. Had a wonderful recent visit with Barbara Baldwin Dowd ‘64 in Georgia and my brother, Peter Radsch ‘65, who is living in Santa Barbara. Email me if you are in the Seattle area and want to visit.”

‘65 Innis O’Rourke III:

Jennifer Pennoyer Emerson Pictured: Sheldon Pennoyer ‘74 and Jennifer Pennoyer Emerson ‘65 on a backcountry ski trip in British Columbia

‘69 Marian E. Lindberg: Michael v. S. Ward:

Suzanne Dean

“Artists for Wildlife Conservation held two fundraisers in the last year. One benefited LEWA Wildlife Conservancy in Kenya and the other benefited The Black Mambas, an all female antipoaching unit in South Africa. We had some wonderful African musical artists for both. We look forward to expanding our influence and creating more awareness, as well as inspiring others to become more active with regards to saving endangered species.”


Katherine P. Marshall

“I missed the Florida Reception at the home of Carolyn and Oliver Grace. Reason: my sons and I have just relocated (again) to Boston. Yes, it is still nippy up here. But the medical attention for my sons, Charles and Payson (13 years old), is the best! We are temporarily living close to Boston Children’s Hospital in a “starter” apartment. Reminds me of my days at architecture school here a long time ago. Anyone coming our way, please reach out. We are starting over and would always love to see familiar faces! Is there a GVS alumni group in the Boston area?”

Deirdre Pennoyer Nadai (“Dinny”)

Pictured: Dinny and William Pennoyer ‘77 on Crane Beach in Ipswich, Massachusetts

Paul T. Pennoyer (“Tad”) Tad driving launch in Salem, Massachusetts

health and childbirth practices. She earned an M.S. degree in Nursing and Midwifery from Columbia University in 1982. Frances went on to become Director of Midwifery at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital and later at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Throughout her life, she remained steadfast in her commitment to women’s health. Frances was predeceased by her husband, and is survived by her mother, grandchildren, children and siblings.

‘73 Nancy Toher Hawkins:

Georgina Laidlaw Berger (“Gina”) “We celebrated the wedding of my daughter, Arianne Elizabeth, to Chance Tileston Heath on June 29, 2019 under the big sky in Montana. We look forward to the wedding of my younger daughter, Shannon Alexandra, to Oscar Loynaz next. My son, Chad, is in New York City working as an investment banker. I moved from Princeton, New Jersey to Fairfield, Connecticut in May 2019. I continue with all kinds of charity work and plan to do overseas missions again in the near future.”

‘79 Jennifer Bancroft Kelter “Friends Forever: Class of 1979 at the 4th of July fireworks! Bobby Strandberg ‘79 lives in San Francisco now.”

‘82 Claudia DeBrun Boldyga:

Claudia DeBrun Boldyga Pictured: Daryle, Matt and Sebastian

‘87 Tyler M. Benham

Claudia has been busy volunteering and raising millions of dollars for her community. She was awarded the Volunteer of the Year from Chesapeake Charities on November 14, 2019 after her local hospital, Anne Arundel Medical Center, nominated her. Alongside her husband Randy, Claudia is Founding Chair of Anne Arundel Medical Center’s Denim & Diamonds event, which is the largest event in the state. Denim & Diamonds started to shine a light on mental illness and drug addiction five years ago, and now has 1300 guests in attendance. She is also the Board Chair for Bosom Buddies Charities, Inc., which is another organization near and dear to her heart after losing her mother to cancer 13 years ago. It supports the fight to eradicate this devastating disease and has raised over two million dollars. Every penny raised goes directly to their mission: to promote breast cancer awareness, encourage early detection, and to support treatment and celebrate healing. “I do have some very sad news to report, and that is the passing of my beloved father Arden H. deBrun this past June. I was just heartbroken, but was by his side until the end with my loving stepmother Connie. Our entire family will miss everything about him.”

‘86 Daryle Bost:

Frances Tower Thacher It is with regret that we share the news of Frances’ death on March 25, 2019; she was 65 years old. In 1971, Frances traveled to the Congo to live with the Mbuti Pygmies where she developed a fascination with women’s


Daryle L. Bost Pictured: Jennifer Bancroft Kelter ‘79, Caitlin Nammack Weissman ‘79, Bobby Strandberg ‘79, Phoebe Doubleday Timpson ‘79, Diana Auchincloss Cunningham ‘79

Sebastian Arcelus ‘92 sang in an alumni concert at Williams College honoring Stephen Sondheim. Daryle and Matt Catapano ‘88 attended the show and caught up with Seb afterwards.

It is with regret that we share the news of Tyler’s death on August 14, 2019; he was 48 years old. Tyler was the beloved son of Margaret “Penny” W. Benham and David B. Benham, and is survived by his brother, Clifton E. Benham ‘89, and his family.

‘91 Laurence Jollon: Heather Upton:

Kelly M. MacKinnon Kelly was once again selected to represent the country as a member of the U.S. Over 40 Field Hockey Team competing in the Masters World Cup tournament being held in Nottingham this August. She was also named to the team in 2018.

‘95 Jonathan Connors: Andrew Korson:

F. Page McClean “I am riding out Coronavirus in Chile until further notice.”

‘99 David Knott: Elizabeth Robinson Duryea:

Michael J. Weiss “I am still living in the Flatiron District in Manhattan with my wife, Brett, and two boys, Hunter and Matthew. I was recently promoted to Partner at the international law firm Mayer Brown LLP.”

‘01 Rylan Soref: Victoria Pool Holm:

Andrew D. Abbott “I joined as their Vice President of Sales. We are a machine learning and big data analytics company with NVIDIA as our largest investor. It is a new industry for me and there is a lot to learn, but I am really enjoying it.”

Vanessa Paolillo Confessore Vanessa and her husband Joseph welcomed their first baby, Theodore Louis, on April 17, 2019. “Teddy is the happiest baby, and we just adore him!”

Graham B. Gardiner Graham moved back to Locust Valley with his family, and The Alumni Office received a special visitor: baby Catherine in her Green Vale onesie! Pictured: Graham Gardiner ‘01, Catherine Smith Gardiner and Alex Gardiner

‘02 Meagan Lesko Smiles:

James N. Gardiner Jamie, co-founder & Chief Operating Officer of TPW Investment Management, talked with Bloomberg’s Scarlet Fu, Eric Balchunas and Sarah Ponczek about the ETFS to watch in 2020, the surge in equity ETF inflows, international funds and reviewing some of the best ETF performers from the past decade.

Gregory J. McWhir “I currently live in New York City with my wife and practice Emergency Medicine in a busy urban emergency room. This summer, I will begin a new position at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center in North Carolina to continue an academic career within a new Emergency Medicine residency program. Until then, I will be in the trenches fighting the pandemic and hopefully have some time to play some blues guitar!”


Constance “Lily” Haydock Sanders ‘04 Club with many Green Vale alumni in the wedding party including her brother Walter Haydock ‘01, sister Nina Haydock ‘06, Emilia Rinaldini ‘04, Brittany Brock ‘04, Hilary Copp ‘04, Crystal Lynch ‘04, Laura Van Ingen ‘04, and Joanie Choremi ‘04.

‘05 Nicholas A. Newburger: Morgan M. Smith: Camilla J. Burchfield:

Gina Gutierrez Gina was named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” in the media category.

‘06 Alison G. Browne: Ripley D. Hartmeyer: Lauren E. Russo:

Logan M. Hoover “Hey, Green Vale! Yes, I still live in Arlington and work for Congressman Tom Reed. My humble beginnings in the student council have served me well as I was promoted to Legislative Director this past fall. To this day, I still remain bitter about losing the student council president race to Ripley Hartmeyer ‘06 by 16 votes. Who knows where I could have been if I had won?”

Zachary P. Remsen:

Oliver graduated from Colgate University in May 2019 and is currently living in New York City.

Lily married Frank Sanders in September 2018 at the Piping Rock

Caitlin D. Anderson Caitlin Anderson plays lacrosse at Washington and Lee University. She made the All American First Team.

Grace Eberle Grace has a recurring role on the television series Veronica Mars.

‘13+ Christian C. Barakat

Jacob A. Murphy

Jade L. Bajic “Green Vale has given me the foundation for my education, providing me with the tools that helped me get into the school of my dreams: Brown University! With hard work and determination, anything is possible, even attending an Ivy League.”

‘15 Marshall C. Warren Minnesota Wild selected Marshall with the 166th overall pick. He is currently attending Boston College.

‘18 Daniella L. Burke: Eric S. D. Suh: Isabella Zhang: John K. Jervis: Tomas H. Cushman:

Brandon Tong “It was great to see my friends and former teachers again at the New Alumni Dinner. Green Vale is a great school, and you should cherish your time here.”

Oliver Green

Jacob graduated from Texas A&M University on May 9, 2019 with a


Christian has spent the past two summers interning at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory conducting research on pancreatic cancer with Dr. David Tuveson.

Grant A. Newburger: Caroline P. Zerilli:

Portledge Graduation: Marshall Warren ‘15 and George Eberle ‘15



Constance Haydock Sanders:

Constance “Lily” Haydock Sanders

Bachelor of Science in Management, Pre-Law and Business Honors. He was commissioned to 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps, reporting to The Basic School in Quantico with naval aviation training in Pensacola.

Charles W. Whitman Portledge Prom: Charlotte Matthews ‘16, Spencer Evans, George Eberle ‘15, Max Scalamandre ‘15, Luke Kellan ‘15, Marshall Warren ‘15, Michael Napoli ‘16, Lili Silverstein ‘15

“It is so amazing to be able to come back to Green Vale, and see all my friends and former teachers at the New Alumni Dinner.”


Congratulations to the

GVS Class of 2020! Our 8th Graders were accepted into the following secondary schools: Berkshire School Blair Academy Brooks School Chaminade High School Choate Rosemary Hall

l a u t VirV

Upcoming Events May 5 May 13-15 May 15 May 27 May 29 June 9

Green Vale Mets Night Spring Book Fair Grandparents Day GVS Giving Day, Blue vs. Gold Field Day Celebration Graduation

Deerfield Academy Episcopal High School Friends Academy Groton School Horace Mann The Hotchkiss School Kent School The Lawrenceville School The Loomis Chaffee School Millbrook School Miss Porter's School Portledge School Phillips Academy Andover

at Green Vale

Phillips Exeter Academy

A school-like experience for young children (ages 9-23 months) with a caregiver

Rye Country Day

Choose one to five days a week | 8:30-10:00

Sacred Heart Academy St. George's School Taft School Westminster School

GVS Beginnings offers a foundational opportunity for exploratory, interactive, and parallel play alongside peers. The grown-ups enjoy connecting with other adults over coffee as the children start to experience what school is all about. Beginnings is based on the importance of both unstructured and structured play for a child’s social and emotional development. Playground time, movement, music, and art are incorporated. Routines such as a greeting song, clean-up time, snack and story form the perfect preparatory experience for any preschool.


Then and Now William M. Benson ‘64 If Bill Benson ‘64’s graduation tile strikes you as especially impressive, you have a keen eye for talent. At Green Vale, he was the first male to win the Brock Art Award at graduation; it had previously been awarded only to girls. He later attended St. Paul’s School and Cornell University, where he earned a BA in Fine Arts. He has been a professional painter in Ithaca ever since ( While the natural beauty of the Finger Lakes region has inspired expressive landscape interpretations, a large portion of his commercial success derives from portraiture. About 15 years ago, Benson was commissioned to paint the portrait of a former Ithaca College president after the original was stolen. Years later he learned that the late subject, Ellis L. Phillips, was a fellow Green Vale graduate, class of 1932, whose wife had given Benson’s own mother maternity clothes when they both lived in Long Island. The GVS tile becomes more prescient when considering that sailing remains a passion for Benson. In recent years he has restored a 36-foot wooden sloop by hand and enjoys sailing it with his wife and two sons.

Benson’s portrait of Ellis Phillips, ‘32

Benson’s four siblings also attended Green Vale: Elena (Lanie) Benson Ganzenmuller ‘57, Christine Benson Pell ‘60, Robert Benson ‘64, and David Benson ‘76, in addition to six nieces and nephews

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