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Lawns To Meadows Grant Conversion Sites Campus Lawns

Campus Map with Designated Recent Lawn Conversion Projects

About the Lawns to Meadows Grant

The goal of this project is to convert selected grass lawns across campus to regionally appropriate plants. They would include plants native to California, but also other Mediterranean climate locations around the world. In doing so, the grant promotes more efficient use of resources such as water and fossil fuels. Simultaneously, the sites will still maintain their open space features and acts as a communal and peaceful setting for students to use. The grant will be utilized to promote the efficient use of potable water resources, and improve energy efficiency through the reduction of fossil fuel consumption. The reknown neoclassical and picturesque features of the core landscape will be retained as these sustainable improvements are made.

Process: -Inventory of campus turf areas -Select demonstration sites via workshop -Select plants and grass substitutes -Record baseline water use -Design Sites -Apply principles campuswide as opportunities present themselves Innovations and Qualities of the Campus’s Site Conversions: -Worn turf replaced with new plant types to reduce the use of scarce resources -Reduces labor needed for site maintenance -Increases plant diversity with native and Mediterranean plants -Promotes wildlife diversity by providing a varied environment -Balances lawns and play fields with a drought tolerant mixture of plants and more efficient irrigation water application -Open space/courtyards in ideal locations for student congregation and use -Porous pavement, decomposed granite, and stone pavers set in sand reduces and redirects storm water

The Green Initiative Fund 400 Eshleman Hall #4500 University of California, Berkeley

TGIF Team Members

Berkeley, CA 94720-4500

Kathy Tong, Student Intern


Jim Horner, Capital Projects


Theron Klos, Physical Plant Grounds Services

Lutsko Associates, Landscape Architects

Next Steps: -Convert demonstration sites -Record water savings and publicize results

Lawns to Meadows- 2009 TGIF Project  

Project Poster

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