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Thursday 8th January 2009 Private and Confidential


Dramatically cut the cost of your insurance... Wasteinsure is specialist division of Direct Insurance Group Plc the UK’s leading environmental insurance broker and we provide bespoke insurance solutions exclusively to the waste and recycling industry. Over the years we have saved thousands of pounds for companies just like yours and this year we would welcome the opportunity to do the same for you. Just take a look below at some examples of the savings we have achieved for our customers:

Skip Hire Contractor, Middlesex Motor Fleet , Liability Recycling Centre, Norfolk Buildings, Plant and Vehicles Materials Haulage and Muckaway, Middlesex - Motor Fleet and Liability Waste Haulage, Colchester Motor Fleet, Liability and Plant

Previous Premium

Our Premium

Money Saved













We act for hundreds of waste and recycling companies throughout the UK, from Skip Hire Contractors to Landfill Operators and can provide fast, competitive cover with our panel of exclusive ‘A’ rated insurers in the following areas:    

Public, Pollution and Employers Liability Motor Fleet Plant / Buildings / Equipment Cover Bonds and Surety’s

In the current economic climate it would be prudent to ensure that your existing insurance costs are competitive as the clients above did. Give us a call today on 01277 844 360 to discuss your requirements and obtain a bespoke, competitive quote from the UK’s specialist environmental broker or go online at Yours sincerely,

David Bearman


Cumberland House 129 High Street Billericay CM12 9AH T: 01277 844 360 F: 01277 844 399 E: W: Wasteinsure is a trading style of Direct Insurance Group Plc and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority, Firm Ref. No: 306080 Registered in England and Wales, Company No: 3149879 Registered Office: Star House, 95 High Road, Benfleet SS7 5LN



How can Website development and SEO directly drive Sales through your business? - See Page 4 Products & Services Mobiles / Landlines Website Development & Online Marketing Containers Energy Consumption Refuse Bags AdBlue Fuel Fuel Cards Tyres Bulk Materials Trading Fuel Efficiency

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Introduction March 2010 marks the first ever edition of Waste Operator. The publication bought to you by Supply & Save exclusively for our members. We intend to develop this publication over time and for that I would really appreciate your feedback. We are here to help. Market indicators are still suggesting that businesses will still face tough trading conditions throughout 2010, so there really is no better time to start identifying where savings can be made. As you are aware, your free membership gains you access to the deals setup centrally by Supply & Save and are all designed to drive costs down in your business through, either, innovation or buying power. I hope you enjoy reading the first edition of Waste Operator, and if we can be of any assistance to you or your business, please let us know.

Ross Simons – Commercial Director



Communications Drive down the costs on your mobiles... This service starts will a full Bill Analysis. Once this data is gathered, it is then compared against every Tariff available in the UK Market, resulting in cost reduction by using a tariff that matches your usage. »» % of calls between company mobiles »» Top 10 dialled numbers »» % of Peak/Off peak calls »» % of calls to UK Landline numbers »» % of calls to same network


Development Website Development: In an ever growing competitive market, it is crucial that your business stands out from the rest. Most Businesses and Homeowners will search the internet when they require a product or service. Your Website is where that potential client concludes a perception of you in the first minute! Good Functional websites can also be used to increase customer experience and promote sales. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation): An incredibly cost effective practice to increase traffic to your website. By identifying keywords and phrases used in your geographical area, we can ensure that when a customer is searching for a waste contractor, you come back as top of the list. PPC Marketing (Pay Per Click): PPC works by placing ads with Search Engines, then paying a fee when an individual clicks on to the ad and is directed to your site.

Do you want to be the first Waste Contractor that appears in search results?

Tel: 01604 289 377



Premium Quality – Supply & Save Prices 8 Yard FEL - £689.47 + vat 10 Yard REL - £884.21 + vat

»» 4mm Ends »» 4mm Sides »» 3mm Bases »» Either Steel or Plastic lids available »» Your Company Colours »» Your Company Name For full range see

35 Yard RORO Standard - £2,528.42 + vat 35 Yard RORO Heavy Duty - £2,789.47 + vat

»» 5mm End »» 3mm Sides »» 3mm Door »» 4mm H/Board »» 80 x 80 RHS Top Rail »» Your Company Colours »» 4 Hinges »» 4 Locking Points »» Your Company Name 7.5 Yard Skip - £473.68 + vat 12 Yard Skip - £884.21 + vat

»» 4mm Ends »» 4mm Sides »» 3mm Bases »» 75 x 36 RSC on Sides/End + Floor Angles »» Your Company Colours »» Your Company Name For full range see

Tel: 01604 289 377


Refuse Sacks

How many bags do you use a year? »» Green, Yellow, Black, Clear, Red, Grey and Bespoke »» 28 Micron, 35 Micron or 40 Micron »» Personalised with Company Logo / Details »» 200 Bags per case »» 460mm x 740mm x 950mm

From £0.036 per bag Euro 4 emission regulations introduced from October 2006 further limited the amounts of Nitrous Oxides (NOx) and particulates that commercial diesel vehicles could emit. These limits will reduce again with the introduction of Euro 5 in October 2009 and again in the future. To reach these standards, the majority of truck manufacturers have chosen the Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) system as a common solution. The fuel for the SCR system is called AdBlue®. By using the SCR system the engine can be tuned for maximum fuel economy, extracting every last drop of energy from the a fuel saving that should be more than enough to cover the cost of the AdBlue.



To protect vehicle operators from expensive catalyst replacement costs which can be caused by contamination, the vehicle manufacturers specify that only Urea solution produced to DIN70070 should be used in the vehicle.

AdBlue Description


10L non-returnable cans


18L non-returnable cans


205L non-returnable drums


1000L IBC* (Stainless Micromatic Greenox system)


1000L IBC* (plastic CDS system)




Manual 205L barrel pump


Manual IBC pump (AD950 type IBC only)


Economy electric IBC dispensing kit (use with AD950)


Automatic electric IBC dispensing kit (use with AD950)


Supply & Save has secured an exclusive service provided by a partner that guarantees savings on your commercial Electricity consumption. We offer a complete end-to-end managed service for Electricity purchasing and can help implement Flexible buying if this is a preferred method. Our partner is totally independent of any supplier with expert industry knowledge combined with our substantial buying power enable us to obtain highly competitive prices. To request an audit, please send an email to Tel: 01604 289 377



So, why should good Procurement Practice be considered as important as robust Financial Controls, Effective and Measured Customer Service and a clear Sales Strategy? Well not only will an effective Procurement Strategy control costs, it will also establish ‘Best Practice’ relating to the Procurement of any Product, Service or Commodity.

As you know, Supply & Save has been created to provide you, our members, with a portfolio of the very best quality products at the very best prices, by combing the buying power of our members. Supply & Save can also help you creating Procurement Policies and structuring processes to help your businesses to become more efficient and perform better.

The consistent occurrence in an SME (Small or Medium Enterprise) business is that many of the employees take on many roles, perhaps, not always focussing on what they do best. This is one of the huge benefits of Supply & Save. Not only are all of the central Procurement deals negotiated by qualified Procurement Professionals, but other aspects of effective purchasing deals such as due diligence on a suppliers financial status and KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) introduced to insure performance is aligned with our members expectations.

Just as running efficient Waste Management Companies is your Passion, Good effective Procurement to drive the costs down in your business is ours. We are so confident of our ability to drive down your costs that we have launched our CHALLENGE US initiative.


The way it works is simple! CHALLENGE US to drive the costs down in your business by either using the deals that are exclusively available to all Supply & Save members, or alternatively, we will operate on your behalf and following an audit of your costbase, present a plan to reduce your costs. Go on, CHALLENGE US!!!

According to Freight Transport Association (FTA), Diesel has increased in price since February 2009 to date by 12%. We are all aware that an RCV doesn’t do much more than 5 miles to the gallon! As such, keeping your fuel costs under control are crucial. Supply & Save can help assist in this with a number of schemes for members with Fuel Storage Facilities onsite. 1. Live ICE Spot Sales (Spot Rack) - Live Spot Pricing that tracks ICE Gasoil plus a variable FX value 2. Live ICE Pre Sale - Live Spot Pricing that tracks ICE Gasoil plus a variable FX value 3. Fixed Price - A fixed Pence Per Litre price that can be agreed and held for fixed future period of time 4. Trigger Deals - Lock in / Fix the Product differentials and premiums (over variable ICE Gasoil and FX) and Trigger the Pricing at time when you believe it is right for you 5. Platts Deals - We can offer a VARIETY of ‘Platts’ related Deals based on a range of mechanisms to suit your purchasing requirements. »» Daily »» Weekly Average (current / Lagged) »» Monthly Average (current / Lagged) Interested in other GURANTEED methods of reducing fuel costs by up to 18%? See page 10. Don’t have Fuel Storage Facilities? – See our comprehensive


Tyres Tyres are another significant spend category for any Waste Management Company. Our members purchasing trends cover the procurement of premium leading UK brands to economical tyres on a budget. We have partnered a company with nationwide coverage to provide tyres at ‘Group Level Rates’ for Supply & Save members. Members that have already taken advantage of this service have benefitted from savings up to 25%. Example Pricing: 21575175 Firestone 2657019.5 Bridgestone 11225 Enviromaster Bandvulc 29580225 Firestone 29580225 Retread 31580225 Economy

£90-94.50 £165-173.50 £138-144.90 £190-199.50 £135-141.75 £140-147

Contact Supply & Save to find out how you can save £££’s on your tyres.

Fuel Cards

For further information visit

For our members that do not have Fuel Storage facilities onsite, we have a number of schemes to match your individual needs.

Either Pump Pricing or Fixed Pricing available for any sized fleet

Fixed Weekly Pricing – Diesel ONLY

Either Pump Pricing or Fixed Pricing available for any sized fleet

Discounted Fixed Weekly Pricing – Gas Oil and Diesel

Tel: 01604 289 377


Featured Article GOOD PR - JUST AN ACCIDENT?

Why is it that some businesses get great publicity whilst others struggle to get noticed by the press? The answer is that they make the effort to tell their story to the press and as a result have a great image, heightened awareness with customers and increased sales. The good news is that if you’re prepared to put the effort in, you can generate some excellent results for your business – at very little cost. Here are Six Top Tips about the types of things you can do to generate PR. 1. Know the media Good PR is about reaching the right audience with a message that is appropriate and meaningful to them. So if you want to reach businesses in your area get to know your local newspapers and business magazines. Find out when they go to press and talk to the journalists to find out what kind of stories they’re interested in. Give them a call and introduce yourself. Journalists are constantly looking for news and this is a great way to start a relationship with them. When your business gets a significant new customer, wins a community award or takes on a new employee, don’t hesitate to call an appropriate journalist. You may not always get coverage, but you have nothing to lose by cultivating these relationships. 2. Your message should be clear and concise At the centre of your PR campaign is your message. Make sure it’s clear, concise and brief. If your message can’t be summed up in a few sentences, it’s too complicated and editors won’t read it. You also need to focus the articles you send to journalists, concentrate on news not opinion. This means anticipating and answering their questions, labeling photographs with the names of the people in the picture and making sure you provide a name and contact number in case they have further questions.

3. Trade shows Trade shows are a great opportunity to meet journalists, generate coverage and get potential customers talking about you. If you have booked an exhibition stand then use the opportunity to invite journalists along, especially of you’re launching a new product or service. Also write a press release about your launch and get the show organisers’ to put it in the show press office where journalists are likely to see it. 4. Public Speaking Trade shows and conferences are also a great opportunity to give talks or deliver master classes about your profession or business. Organisers are constantly looking for new speakers but you need a to have something interesting to say and be prepared to plan ahead as they are often looking to book speakers six months in advance of their event. But it’s worth it as being a speaker positions you as an expert in your field. 5. Write a feature article If you fancy yourself as a wordsmith then offer to write an article for your local newspaper or trade publication on a subject that relates to you or your business. If the article is well written and is specifically targeted to the readers of that publication, it could bring you the publicity you seek. 6. Persistence is key to success Persistence is the single most important factor when it comes to making your PR campaign a success. If you have a good plan, and devote enough time and energy to carrying out that plan, you will obtain a great deal of positive publicity for your business - at very little cost. Michael Bennett is managing director of Pelican Public Relations, a communications company with a strong track record advising businesses in the waste and recycling category including WRAP, Corus, Novelis, PaperChain and Recoup. Tel: 01604 289 377



Material Trading Supply & Save has an exclusive partner to ensure that every week, as a Supply & Save member, you will receive the very best price in the market place. We understand how important it is to maximise the revenue on collected recyclables. We are able to offer collections from any location in Mainland UK and in a position to offer this material to either the domestic or export markets. We are interested in:

»» All Waste Paper Grades including Mixed Papers, OCC, White Office Papers, Mixed Office Pa pers, News & Pams »» All Plastic Grades including LDPE, mixed or natural HDPE, Polymer, coloured or clear PET »» All Can Grades including Aluminium, Steel, Mixed Cans »» All Textiles Grades »» All Wood Grades »» All Glass Grades including Clear, Amber, Green, Mixed

If you would like to discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact Supply & Save via Email at


Tel: 01604 289 377




Guaranteed to save a minimum of 5% on your annual fuel costs or YOUR MONEY BACK! How does Economy Tuning work? Simple, revs equal fuel consumption therefore we adjust the torque and power characteristics of the engine to result in earlier gear changes, therefore it means less down shifting for hills and overtaking. This results in less fuel consumption. To improve results further we offer a number of other products to reduce consumption further, such as: fleet CO2 reduction consultancy, oil and fuel, telemetry, tracking and driver training. How much will I save? Economy tuning will typically save you 15% on your fuel costs depending on your vehicle and its usage. To put this into monetary terms a turbo diesel vehicle doing around 30mpg and 15,000 miles per annum would save £1,335 over 3 years at fuel prices of £1.32 per Litre. In the long run the trend towards higher prices and continuing pressure from OPEC, the £1.50 litre of diesel cannot be far away.

Special Offer – Exclusive to Supply & Save members, our partner is offering the guaranteed cost reduction of 5% as well as a special Supply & Save price. Please logon to for further details.

Coming Soon »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »»

How Benchmarking can help your business Supply & Save Member Profile Future Technologies – Where is the Industry heading? Challenge Supply & Save – Go on; Challenge us to save you money! Workwear First Aid Safety Wear Vehicle Rental Legal Services Report on Supply & Save Regional Meetings

Tel: 01604 289 377

A clean vehicle saves fuel

As the UK’s largest commercial fuel card provider, we can save you money on fuel. To find out how, go to or call 0845 270 1615

Fuel for thought 

Waste Operator  

Issue 1 February 2010

Waste Operator  

Issue 1 February 2010