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Mushroom Compass Product Overview Guide for the Best Selection

Chanterelle Cantharellus cibarius Available annually Light yellow. Firm. Slightly peppery flavour. Delicate scent of apricot.

Horse Mushrooms Agaricus arvensis

Enoki Mushroom Flammulina velutipes

Available annually Ivory-coloures with a yellow shimmer. Firm. Aniseed flavour.

Available annually Porcelain-white. Sweet, nutty flavour.

White Button Agaricus Bisporus

Chestnut Mushroom Agaricus Bisporus Available annually Light-brown cap. Somewaht stronger flavour than white mushrooms.

Available annually White. Compact with a short stalk. Sweet flavour.

Portabello Agaricus Bisporus Available annually Mature chestnut mushroom from ø 70mm. Ideal for stuffing or as a meat substitute.

King Oyster / Eryngii Pleurotus eryngii

Wood Blewit / Pied Bleu

Available annually Grey to brown cap. Fat, fleshy stalk. Juicy, flavoursome.

Lepista nuda Available annually Whitish-lilac to brown cap. Hairy, silvery-grey to violet stalk. Particularly flavoursome.

Shiitake Flats Agaricus Bisporus Available annually Mature mushroom. Aromatic flavour. Ideal for stuffing.

Lentinus edodes Available annually Light to dark brown. Aromatic flavour. Versatile.

Mushrooms are tasty and very healthy at the same time.

Custom-Made For the Client

There are numerous different varieties and species. The

Every day, all year round, a team of our specialists offers you

Greenery offers a full range of edible fungi. This brochure

a varied and fresh assortment of mushrooms, supplied in your

contains a selection of our main mushroom assortments.

preferred packaging.

A reliable partner Responsible production is extremely important, indeed essential, particularly with mushrooms. All our products are therefore cultivated and harvested with the greatest of care. The Greenery insists that its growers and suppliers at home and abroad are certified in accordance with GLOBALGAP or other systems.

The Greenery bv P.O. Box 79, 2990 AB Barendrecht, The Netherlands Phone: +31(0)180 65 59 11• Fax: +31(0)180 65 76 60 •


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