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The following pages, showcases some of the work that I’ve done through the years; Within the next 10 pages everything that you see here, will allow you to take a sneak peak on how I do my work and some of the thoughts that went into it. This is my personal gallery, my archive, my....

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Category B2B - Direct Marketing - 3-D

Client Microsoft Gulf

MICROSOFT GULF - WINDOWS 8 VVIP INVITE & KEEPSAKE An invite that me and my team at that time, designed for Microsoft’s Windows 8 launch in Dubai, The key uses elements from the ‘Windows 8 logo’ as seen from it’s bow and bit.

MICROSOFT KSA /OEM RESELLER EMAILERS A few examples of some emailers I used to make for the folks at microsoft saudi arabia, they usually go for the typical 'Fill it with whatever elements you want' approach for the design.



Category Other Outdoor

Client Microsoft Gulf

MICROSOFT GULF - OFFICE 2013 BENCH BRANDING Benches near Microsoft Gulf’s office in Dubai that were fitted with the Office 2013 branding. The image itself is from Microsoft ’s own database of images. 2 versions of it were made and i’ve added the eariler concepts drafts of it at the bottom of the actual images.

BLACKBERRY APP WORLD MAGAZINE (UAE FIRST ISSUE) A magazine layout I design for BlackBerry, using previous elements that were provided to us, I manage to convince both my creative director and the client to keep the look and feel of BlackBerry's app world application for OS7 devices instead of going for the prefered processed black that they use for all their generic communication at that time.





One of the many campaigns I made for BlackBerry. This was for the the 2013 Dubai Shopping Festival. After my creative director proposed to used a card as the main element in the visual, I quickly went to work on this design that was totally different from the typical BlackBerry style of placing a phone or their range of phones in almost every and any creative.

BLACKBERRY INDEPENDENT RETAILER CAMPAIGN A campaign that was aimed at providing independent stores and outlets, a set of collateralls meant to advertise BlackBerry, they were given a kit that had a bunch of materials, from posters, to phone holders and other relevant POS materials. The box itself, if needed, can also be used a form of display.

LOREAL AND MAYBELLINE PRODUCT HOLDERS A couple of product holders /counter designs for Loreal and Maybelline for some of their products that are being placed in various retail outlets

MINIMALIST POSTER DESIGNS Our copywriter from that time and I, decided to work on some minimal poster designs for our company’s facebook group for a contest which involved guessing the right movie title for each poster. I decided to place the one’s that was part of the intial draft because they were more cryptic and fun to work on. The poster on the left was for “Lord of The Rings” while the one on the right is for “The Matrix”.

MINIMALIST POSTER DESIGNS Same as the previous page, these were for “Pulp Fiction”and “Star Wars” respectively.

TYPOGRAPHY: MICROSOFT GULF DPE CALENDARS I wanted to try out something different for Microsoft’s Developer Platform Evangalism program and so i decided to work on this 2 quotes for the calendar that we were suppose to give them; the idea was to provide a calendar that was not only colorful but also to provide fun, relatable and entertaining quotes that can bring a good smile to one’s face in those times when coding gets to hectic and/or dull.

TYPOGRAPHY: COMPANY FACEBOOK POST Just like the mininal poster designs that I did for my company’s facebook page, we often create visuals for quotes that we find on the web; and these 2 are by far the one’s I like.



Category Self-Promotion Collateral

Client Nebula FZ LLC

THE POWER OF PERCEPTION (CALENDAR 2013) When we were asked to worked on our company’s calendar at that time, I pitched this concept after seeing an image of a young Stalin. Alot of the images that we used required some intense retoucing from my side. No one in my company knew that the design for this was based on my old portfolio.

PUMA CREATIVE FACTORY 2011 POSTERS Some posters that my brother told me to work on for the Puma Creative Factory here in UAE, the one on the left uses the 1st issue of action comics where superman was first shown. The top right design was meant for a dj so had to create the turntables and mixers in 3d while the one on the bottom right was based on the 80's tv series 'knight rider'.

MICROSOFT GULF - EXPERIENCE STAND (CONCEPT) A concept stand that I made for Microsoft, one wherein I was asked to make a design that will include some of Microsoft's latest hardware at that time, which include their ergonomic keyboard, their mouse, and their HD webcam, and headphones; and last a space for the stacking other products. the one’s on the left are part of the 1st draft while the right one has the 2nd draft.

BLACKBERRY PORSCHE DESIGN P 9982 STAND (CONCEPT) A design i made for the P9982 Porsche Design Blackberry phone, I wanted to emulate the way the logos were on the actual phone and as well as capture the premium look and feel that it has.

GSK: PARODONTAX POSM AND RETAIL ELEMENTS This was part of a pitch that we did for Parodontax, the 2 main images on the right is a 3m x3m stand that was meant to replicate a toilet/bathroom setting. the top most image on the right was the 2m x 2m version of the stand while the remaing images shows countertop and a shelf frame, both elements have been fitted with a sink that has the primary message and visual of the campaign.

BLACKBERRY PILLAR BRANDING CARREFOUR MOE When BlackBerry /RIM managed to get hold of this pillar in Carrefour at MOE, I decided to make best use of the cutouts that we had made for a different campaign. Sadly budget constraints only allowed us to use one cutout. The image on the top right was the initial design, while the rest of the images were from the time the installation was just finished.

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