Wheel of Consent

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We are Legien and Stijn, and we fell in love with

THE WHEEL OF CONSENT by School of Consent

It has increased our connection in life and love, inside and outside of the bedroom. Through playing the 20 minute Wheel of Consent game we found new way’s to open up about our desires and dreams.

WHAT ABOUT YOU? What are you longing to recieve? What are you willing to give?

The game is all about communication. It’s about listening to yourself and expressing all that comes up.

ROUND 1 & 2 Ask the other to do something that you would love to see happen. Ask: ‘Will you...?’ If the other answers YES; He or she will Serve and give the gift. And you may Accept and fully recieve the gift. Then after 5 minutes you switch roles. ROUND 3 & 4 Now ask the other for permission for something you would love to do to him or her. Ask: ‘May I...?’ If the other answers YES; you may Take and receive the gift. and the other Allows and gives the gift. Then After 5 minutes you switch roles again.

For who ACCEPTS: If the other gives a Yes to serve, you are fully allowed to enjoy. For who SERVES: Feel if the request feels right for you. Don’t give more than you feel comfortable with. For who ALLOWS: Allowing is very different from tolerating. You should only allow if you feel a big Yes. For who TAKES: After a big Yes from the other you are allowed to Take and fully enjoy this.

The amazing thing is that wherever you are in the circle: Serving, Taking, Accepting or Allowing.. all can be extremely pleasurable.

Enjoy and be loving, StÄłn & Legien

The Wheel of Consent is a concept of Betty Martin


-Also thanks to MariĂŤlle Spronck, Wilrieke Sophia, Art of Loving and Puja Love for inspiring us in our explorations.-