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AIM FOR CHANGE – Reaching Out (Charity reg. no: 1107924)

Supporting – education, health care and self sufficiency in rural areas of Uganda & Pakistan

UGANDA - shopping list 2016-17 Fully grown pig Goat in kid Chicken 2 chicken & a cockerel Seeds (to cultivate 1 acre)

£45 £45 £5 £18 £22

Cultivation (clear and plant 1 acre of land) Large fruit trees Strong pre-treated mosquito net Sewing machine Bicycle School desks & benches (large) (small)

£100 £25 £15 £85 £100 £45 £20

Animals purchased are interbred as they are more productive and resilient.

Education Pack (school materials/equipment for 1 term) for children in our care in Uganda and Pakistan


Donations towards teachers’ salaries at Hope of Life Orphanage School and the refugee colony house school, Pakistan and at Musaba School, Uganda. Fresh water borehole (survey, drilling & installation) Northern cultivation project - 2 oxen, plough and chain

£8,000 £600

Individual child sponsorship begins at £150.00 per year in both Uganda and Pakistan. Collective sponsorship is also needed to feed the 50 orphans at Amazing Grace School & Orphanage and the children in the charity’s home for vulnerable children, Hope of Life Foundation, Pakistan.

PAKISTAN - shopping list 2016-17 Iron support beams and wood for roofing – Christian refugee colony Piping and low level toilet Water borehole – depending on location Sewing machine Goat in kid Chicken

£150 £100 £500/£1,500 £65 £55 £5

Donations towards school equipment for house school in refugee colony. Donations towards concreting walkways over open sewerage channels. Donations welcomed for Bibles and Christian Literature. Also available: New design wide based shopping bags £4; teddy bear with A4C T shirt £2.50; notebooks/pens £1.00 each; Christmas Cards 10p each; Wristbands 50p. Locally-made jewellery and other items are available from both countries. Neshama - The Joy of Living by Ruth James – Free [£5 p+p] Collecting tins available for loose change – this greatly benefits children without sponsors. Gift Certificates are available for items purchased as presents.

Thank you for your continued support as we reach out to the suffering nations around our world Ruth James – Founder/Aim for Change – 31 York Close, Market Bosworth, Leicestershire, CV13 0ND. Tel:01455 291190 Mob: 07747 803200 Website: Email:

Shopping List 2016  
Shopping List 2016