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Issue 71 August ‘13

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Bringing Summertime to your door – features, offers, recipes plus local nostalgia from Chris Helme


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E ditor’s Letter


Welcome to the August edition…it’s always a ‘quieter’ edition due to the mass exodus for annual hols. Lots going on this month at our local pubs and eateries including the free taxi service at The Ring O’Bells, BBQ’s throughout the Summer at The Brown Horse, Early Bird Offer at The White Horse, 20% off takeaways at The Home Indian and last, but not least, The Tannery are bringing a touch of Spain to Hipperholme by introducing Paella to the menu this month. Chris Helme’s article and photo is dated pre-1904 – the days of the horse and cart. If you’re sprucing up your garden one last time for August – take advantage of Norgreen Nurseries’ Summer Sale – 3 for 2 on all Summer Bedding Plants. Enjoy August – whether you’re away or enjoying a ‘stay’cation – stay safe and hope the sun shines on you and yours

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Food & Drink


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Food & Drink

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Food & Drink

R ecipes

Sizzling Barbecues Paprika lamb skewers

Burgers with tarragon mayonnaise

(Serves 6)

(Serves 4)

Cooking time: 12-16 minutes 675g/1½;lb lean lamb mince Salt and freshly milled black pepper 1 small red onion, peeled and finely chopped 15ml/1tbsp dried mixed herbs 15ml/1tbsp paprika powder

Cooking time: 12-16 minutes 450g/1lb lean beef or lamb mince 1 small onion, peeled and grated 60ml/4tbsp prepared fruit pickle or chutney 15-30ml/1-2tbsp freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley Salt and freshly milled black pepper Oil, for brushing

In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients together. Using slightly damp hands divide the mixture into 6 portions. Roll each portion into a sausage shape and mould around 6 long wooden (previously soaked in water) or metal skewers or 12 small skewers. Cover and chill for 20 minutes. Cook the lamb skewers under a preheated moderate grill or on a prepared barbecue for 6-8 minutes on each side until cooked and any meat juices run clear. Serve the skewers on top of grilled Mediterranean flat bread, a side salad and a dollop of prepared houmous.


For the Tarragon Mayonnaise: 200ml/7floz prepared mayonnaise 15-30ml/1-2tbsp freshly chopped tarragon Salt and freshly milled black pepper Juice of 1/2 lemon In a large bowl, mix all the burger ingredients together except the oil. Using slightly damp hands shape the mixture into four 10cm/4inch burgers. Cover and chill for 20 minutes. Meanwhile prepare the tarragon mayonnaise; in a small bowl mix all the ingredients together and set aside.

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Food & Drink Brush each burger with a little oil and cook under a preheated, moderate grill or on a prepared barbecue for 6-8 minutes on both sides until cooked or until any meat juices run clear. Serve in bread rolls of your choice with the mayonnaise and cabbage and radish slaw.

Cabbage and radish slaw (To accompany burgers) (Serves 4) Cooking time: No cooking required ½ green cabbage shredded 4 radishes, thinly sliced 45ml/3tbsp cider vinegar 45ml/3tbsp rapeseed oil Salt and freshly milled black pepper Mix all the ingredients together and serve with the burgers. Fernando Trocca of the Gaucho group, an Argentinian restaurant chain which prides itself on its grill, gives these tips on what to do when the weather, and the barbie, heats up...

Barbecue tips: • If you’re using a coal barbecue, have a separate fire that will keep feeding the main one. This way you can cook the longer cooking items first and still have coals for the slower ones. • For those who have trouble controlling the heat, try using a gas barbecue which you can control. Remember, the barbecue flavour comes from the food juices hitting a hot surface. This means that a gas barbecue can give chefs as good a flavour as traditional charcoal. • Different food items require different cooking temperatures. Looking at the thickness of what you are cooking helps a chef determine cooking time. Remember: Food with bones needs longer, since bone is not a great conductor of heat. • Use as little oil as possible and avoid flames while grilling as this burns the meat. • Only turn the meat once. This will caramelise the contact points with your barbecue bars and allow the juices to flow. If you criss cross or turn the meat a lot it will become tense. Remember: One turn equals tender! • Don’t be afraid to use salt, but always salt the raw meat and not the cooked meat. The meat will draw in as much salt as it needs and the rest will drop into the fire. • Use corn oil as opposed to olive oil as it has a much higher smoke point. • If you’re using charcoal, try using a combination of wood and lump wood charcoal. Avoid using fire lighters as they taint the flavour of the meat. Try the old-fashioned method of paper and wood chips! • Do not use a fork, ever. Use tongs that are flat and won’t pierce that meat. • Finally, to test the cooking temperature, throw a bit of water on the grill bars. It should take three seconds to evaporate, any less and you will burn the meat; any more and you will boil it.

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Food & Drink


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The Tannery

Food & Drink

New Terrace a hit with locals The Tannery in Hipperholme has been open now for 2 years and has just recently improved the drinking and dining experience by creating a new Terrace area just to the side of the Conservatory. The Terrace has proved a popular addition, particularly with the recent hot spell we’ve all enjoyed. Tannery owner Robert told us “Since we opened back in 2011, we’ve been constantly evolving and

improving plus looking at different menu options to make sure there’s something different going on each and every month. Our food is going from strength to strength and we’re delighted to now boast a 5 star rating on Tripadvisor. We’re adding new dishes weekly and in August we’re introducing a new star in the form of Paella to bring a touch of Spain to Hipperholme! Our new Cheese club has also been very popular with a free cheese board given with every bottle of wine purchased.”

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Just a Short walk on Bradford Road – pre 1904 By Chris Helme

I had a very nice visit to Summerfield House a residential home in Gibbet Street Halifax this week. This was to present a reminiscence workshop to some of the residents. What a smashing group of ladies and in the 90 minutes I was there we talked about their lives from birth, why they are called what they are through their lives to when they had their own homes and their life during the war years. One of the interesting aspects of the discussion were the days before cars and even when motor cars came on to the scene everyone seem to agree it was usually the local doctor who had one. The roads in their childhood days were ruled by the horse and cart, whether it was to make deliveries or as one of the street traders that many of the residents remembered as I am sure many readers will recall as well. From my own memories I can well remember the Corona pop man calling round, a certain Mr Sheard who was the tea man. He was seen calling to his regular customers with his familiar green Bedford van parked at the end of the street obviously hoping it would attract some new customers. Another tea delivery company who was a regular sight on the streets of Brighouse Borough was Rington’s Tea and now 100 years after the company started it is now a £25million company with over 250,000 weekly customers. Then we had in the early 60s Mr Wilson who was the fruit and veg man for years he also had a Bedford van. Did the knife sharpener visit your street? – What about the rag and bone man with his horse and cart. You would do anything to get one of his goldfish in the jam jar or in later years the plastic bag. But how was it that both these gold fish and the ones you could win at the funfair always seem to die within three or four days. I did manage just the once to get a fish from the rag and bone man – on the quite I took one of grandad’s jackets, that secured me a gold fish but it also saw me live to regret it after he found out. Some may remember Harry Haldenby who was the coupon man for many years. He would make his way


through the Lightcliffe streets delivering your dad’s coupon. ‘You might lucky this week’ he always used to say. In this photograph of pre 1904 the clue of the year is because there are no tram tracks in the road and the new tram route opened in that year both from Halifax to George Corner and from Brighouse on to Bailiff Bridge. The properties on this small section of Bradford Road – the first one, number 24, with the striped blind was W. Scargill’s grocery shop followed by number 26 William Barraclough who was a hosier and stocking knitter. William Naylor & Sons was at number 28 and he was of several painter and decorators in the town centre. During the 1960s next door was a barbers shop and that is what it is in this photograph almost 60 years earlier R.W.Ambler who was the hairdresser and a tobacconist. Then a very familiar name at number 32 Sharp and Waller who were architects, land and mining surveyors and estate agents. The last two properties before we arrive at the Hangram Street junction is Cunliffe Waller’s butchers shop and finally at number 36 and what is The Print shop today was The Royal Engineer, a beerhouse with licensee Joseph Speight. This is just a short walk along a very small section of Bradford in the town centre an image that can tell us many things. Chris Helme E-mail:

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Summer Gardens

Best of the bunch - Pansy (Viola)

Good enough to eat - Radish

Their velvety blooms in a vast range of colours brighten up spring pots and borders, while the smaller violas provide a more subtle burst of colour in late spring and throughout the summer.

These hot-flavoured veg perk up salads and summer crudite platters and are among the easiest and quickest of veg to grow, but you’ll need to sow every few weeks into high summer for a continuous crop and harvest while the radishes are young, to stop them going tough and woody. Sow summer varieties outdoors from March, choosing a sunny or semishaded spot which has been enriched with organic matter and rake the surface to a fine tilth. Sow thinly, about one seed per 3cm in drills 1cm deep, then cover the seeds with soil. You shouldn’t need to thin the summer varieties, but keep the plot well weeded and water when the weather is dry. Harvest the radishes when they reach about 2cm across, before they start to become tough. Grown rapidly, with plenty of water, they should be ready in four two six weeks and taste mild and crunchy. If you have limited space, you can grow them in pots or window boxes. Good varieties include ‘Cherry Belle’, ‘French Breakfast’ and ‘Pink Beauty’.

Pretty varieties include V. ‘Jackanapes’, which has bicoloured flowers in deep maroon purple and bright yellow at the base, with purple streaks in the centre, and V. x Wittrockiana in the Ultima Series, which is compact, vigorous and heavy-blooming with medium-sized flowers. They begin to flower in winter and continue through spring, in an exhaustive range of beautiful colours. Pansies, or violas, prefer a sunny site in fertile, well-drained soil.

Three ways to... Make the best use of a small garden 1. Create a blend of open and enclosed spaces to blur the boundaries of your plot. 2. Strategically place a mirror or two in the garden to make an area appear larger. 3. Go for a few large features in a small space rather than a dozen assorted little ones

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4. Comfort (7)

1. Fairness (7)

8. Referee (6)

2. Assign (7)

9. Support (7)

3. Decent (6)

10. Soldiers (6)

5. Disused (8)

11. Lake (6)

6. Cadge (6)

12. Engineer (8)

7. Example (6)

18. Actor (8)

13. Conspiracy (8)

20. Mend (6)

14. In sight (7)

21. Price-list (6)

15. Regular (7)

22. Hamlet (7)

16. Highest point (6)

23. Hawker (6)

17. Hard skin (6)

24. Murmur (7)

19. Apportioned (6)

Solutions page 56 14

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Lifestyle & Leisure


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Lifestyle & Leisure

Horse Arena & Paddock care Arena and Paddocks in need of tidying up? Keep them in the best condition for this peak time of year…….. Arenas needs fluffing up - so you can get the best performance out of you and your horse Paddocks need flailing and spraying so that you have better grazing We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get your horse, land and arena looking their best NPTC Qualified Operators No job too big or small We’re locally based so we know the area well Call Lenny

on 07759 796199 or Diane on 07761 421785

Or email

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Lifestyle & Leisure


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Lifestyle & Leisure

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Lifestyle & Leisure


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Idyllic Italy

Lifestyle & Leisure

Words by Andy Waple

If you thought Lake Como had it all, you’re wrong... there’s more. It’s the destination of royals and celebrities and it is easy to see why when you take a boat trip along Lake Como. From the water you get to see everything – from the lake itself to the densely wooded mountains that drop steeply to the deeps, and best of all, close up views of the magnificent villas that dot the shoreline. Despite its once remote location in the mountainous north of Italy, Como has been a draw for visitors for centuries. The Romans stopped here, probably grateful for the cooler climate than that afforded by the heat of the capital. They started a trend and by 1800 the region was firmly placed on the map as a visitor destination of wealthy European bankers, industrialists and entrepreneurs, not to mention royalty and the aristocracy. The natural attractions of this part of Italy are magical. Steep hillsides, mostly heavily-forested, plunge straight into the the lake. As you sail across the water from the town of Como at the southern reach of the lake, you will see where millions of years ago, advancing Ice Age glaciers gouged the exposed rock face leaving distinctive markings on the granite rock faces. Properties are equally dramatic. Elegant lakeside villas built over the centuries for the wealthy dot the shoreline, each with a fascinating story to tell. These were the homes of the aristocracy and some such as the awesome Villa D’Este and the Villa Serbelloni have been turned in stunning hotels that attract the rich and famous. Others remain in private hands, home to celebrities such as George Clooney and Richard Branson who are known to spend time in their lakeside villas.

cliffs vying for the best view of the lake and maximum exposure to the sun. As the boat continues its journey you pass a string of beautiful villages with romantic names such as Menaggio, Bellagio and Bellano each featuring little churches, pretty properties, many with small allotments, tall, conical cypress trees and sweet smelling jasmines. There is plenty to do and enjoy at Lake Como, not to mention the glorious food, yet the local tourist board and its partners have now decided to promote the area as a golf destination. With seven courses within 40 minutes of Como there is variety and they differ in feel and challenge.

Factfile: Getting there: Fly to Milan Malpensa Airport for a 45 minute drive to Lake Como Stay: You can enjoy the ultimate in luxury and spot celebrities at the sumptuous Villa D’Este. On the other side of the lake is the impressive Villa Serbelloni, which again provides luxury in opulent surroundings. There is a wide range of less expensive hotels including The Palace Hotel, over looking the lake at Como itself Further Information:

Smaller yet still impressive homes, many featuring terracotta tiled roofs and orange-mustard coloured or muted grey walls, perch precariously among the

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Registration Form Event H.Q: North Bridge Leisure Centre, Halifax, West Yorkshire HX3 6TE Start Time: Midnight - Registration opens at 10.30pm Please complete this registration form and return it to: Overgate Hospice Midnight Walk Team, 30 Hullen Edge Road, Elland, HX5 0QY Note: Places are limited. Entries available on the night for a £5 supplement. Please tick the appropriate box 6 Miles

13 Miles

Entry Fee: 6 Miles: £12.00 13 Miles: £12.00

Please complete one form per person-please feel free to photocopy this form. Name: Address: Post Code: Tel: Email Address: Next of Kin / Emergency Tel: Please supply the name of the person you are walking with: Name of Team (if Applicable): Please note: A signature must be provided below from the parent/guardian for under 18’s I agree to abide by the rules set out opposite and will not hold Overgate Hospice or any of the organisation/marshals liable for any accident/injury orthird party claim during or after this event.

Signature: Date: Parent/Guardian Signature:

Registration Fees

I enclose cash / a cheque made payable to Overgate Hospice for £ Or please debit my Visa/Mastercard Switch Other Card No: Start Date: Expiry Date: Security No: Issue No: (Switch Only) Name as printed on the card: Address (where the card statement is received) Post Code: 23

Lifestyle & Leisure

Images: PA Photos/Apple Press. W


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Lifestyle & Leisure

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing


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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing


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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

Quinns Hair & Beauty

Get the sunkissed* look this August….

at Quinns Hair & Beauty…….*no real sunshine required!

August Offers Sunkissed Hair

30% off for Highlights, Cut and Blow Dry - for new clients

New to the salon

Diamond Microdermabrasion for £99 – 6 treatments

New Anti-Ageing Express Facial 3 for £35 or £15 each

Now stockists of Cloud Nine Straighteners 01422 205335 27b Halifax Road, Hipperholme, Halifax HX3 8HQ

Call the salon on

Flower Wordsearch B A F L C A R N A T E L D O R C I R I



















Blackeyed Dragon Lilac Sunflower Carnation Marigold Gerber Rose Tulip Orchid Poppy Petunia Day Lily Hyacinth Snapdragon Daisy Moss Rose Iris Lavender

Find all the names associated with flowers in the grid and the remaining letters will spell out a related phrase.


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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing

T he Wonders of Friendship By Liggy Webb -

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom”. Marcel Proust The friendships in my life are the most important thing to me, and every day I appreciate and am truly thankful for how special those relationships are. There is an expression that says, in order to really understand the soul of a person, look to their friends! My friends listen to me, try to understand me, tell me when I am doing something that may not add value, make me laugh and smile. The trust that has developed within each of these friendships gives me a security and a faith that I would not want to live without.

• Anything you appreciate them doing, tell them and thank them and explain how it made you feel. • Make mental notes about what you appreciate about each friendship; whether it is phone calls, help, invitations to dinner, etc., then do the same for them. • Tell your friends how much you appreciate them. People want praise, they want to know they are appreciated, and they want to know you notice what they do for you. • Every now and then, post a funny or sentimental card telling a friend how much you appreciate them. What is a friend? A single soul in two bodies. Aristotle

The popular definition of a friendship is that of a form of interpersonal relationship generally considered to be closer than association, although there is a range of degrees of intimacy in both friendships and associations. True friends, in my perspective, are there for the good times and the bad and love you for all your idiosyncrasies. I sent a fridge magnet to one of my friends a few weeks ago saying, “You will always be my friend; you know too much!” When you want to show appreciation to your friends for their friendship, there are a 5 key things you can do. • Show gratitude for a great friendship by reciprocating acts of kindness and generosity.

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Business, Finance & Technology

Business Owner – Finance Q & A’s By Debbie Story, Sleigh & Story, Brighouse

Q. My company provides website hosting for businesses based in the UK and in other countries. For VAT purposes is this treated as a sale of goods or services? A. There is an easy rule of thumb to decide whether something is goods or services for VAT purposes: can you pick it up and hold it? Yes: goods, No: services. Website hosting can’t be physically picked-up therefore it’s a service. There are some complex VAT rules for selling services across international borders. You need to know whether your customer is in business or not. Broadly if the customer in another country is a business you do not charge VAT. We need to talk through the detail of what you declare on your invoice and what evidence to collect from your customer. Q. I run my own consulting company in the UK, which pays my Brazilian wife a small wage for answering the phone and preparing marketing materials. Can the company pay for her to complete an advanced English course at the local college? A. Training for any employee can be charged through the company if it is relevant to the employee’s duties or future duties. An ability to speak and write correct English is necessary for your business so the proposed English course is work-related training for your employee. Your company can pay for the course, and receive a tax deduction for that cost. There will be no benefit in kind charge for your wife. The company can also pay for travel to the course. You should list the duties your wife performs for the company, and both sign the document as part of her employment terms with the company. This description of her duties will justify the training cost, should the Taxman ever ask.

Q. I bought a 200 acre farm last year, where I will be raising rare-breed animals for the high-end restaurant market. I’ve incurred a lot of costs on fencing and equipment. Can I claim back the VAT on those costs? I’ve not registered for VAT yet, as my sales have been low so far. I understand there is a simple flat rate scheme I could use. A. You can’t claim back VAT on your costs until your business is VAT registered. However, at VAT registration you can reclaim VAT paid on goods purchased in the four years before registration which are still held at registration date. VAT on pre-registration services can be reclaimed but only for services purchased in the 6 months before registration. As your main product will be meat, which is zero rated for VAT purposes, you are likely to reclaim VAT every quarter, rather than paying VAT to HMRC. The flat rate scheme for small businesses is not suitable for businesses that regularly reclaim VAT. There is a flat rate scheme just for farmers, but it is very rarely used. We need to discuss the details of your proposed sales to see which VAT scheme may be suitable.

Kind regards Debbie For all the latest tax tips and news – follow us on our website 01484 723783 Sleigh & Story Technology House 46b Bradford Road Brighouse HD6 1RY You can follow Debbie on Twitter @speaktodebbie The information contained in this article is of a general nature and you are advised to obtain specific professional advice before you take any action.


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Business, Finance & Technology

We’ll help you to grow your business Sleigh& Story CHARTERED CERTIFIED


‘Providing support for local businesses’ Accountants Tax Experts Business Advisors

Tel: 01484 723783 For more details visit Technology House, 46B Bradford Road, Brighouse, HD6 1RY Please tell advertisers you heard of them through ‘The Grapevine’


Business, Finance & Technology

Credit Cards

By Martin Lewis - Money Saving Expert They are the marmite of finance. Credit cards are both the best and worst way to borrow- do it right and it’s a way to get a loan at no cost at all. However, get it wrong and it can put you in debt hell. One of the key weapons in the savvy customer’s arsenal is a balance transfer, which allows you to cut existing debt costs. So, I want to show you the best current deals and clear up some common myths. For daily updated options, including longer term deals, go to Three golden rules to remember It isn’t just about getting the right card; it’s about doing it the right way. There are three simple rules you always need to follow: 1) With a 0% card, either clear the debt or shift it again before the 0% ends—or you will pay the full APR, meaning interest costs soon mount up. 2) Always pay at least the specified minimum repayment on time each month (preferably more) or you risk losing the special rate. 3) Don’t spend or withdraw cash on these, it isn’t usually at the cheap rate. So those are the basics, but what is a rather simple concept that tends to throw up a huge number of questions? Here are the most common I receive: Q: How do they decide if they’ll accept me? Cards score your application based on how closely you meet their wish list of what a profitable customer is. So if you’ve had past credit problems, it’s tough. Frustratingly, the only way to find out for sure is to apply. But that puts a mark on your credit file (whether you’re accepted or not). To find your likely odds of acceptance for different cards, use my Eligibility Checker tool at

Q: Will my payments remain the same if I shift to a new card? You can repay what you like on a credit card as long as its meets the set monthly minimum. So the only time your repayments may change is if a card has a different minimum. While they’re all roughly similar, there can be a difference so shifting cards can mean higher monthly payments. If that’s an issue, check before applying (it’ll be in the summary box). Though remember only paying the minimum means it’ll take an age to repay, so try to repay more if you can. Q: Can I shift debt to a new card with the same issuer? A card issuer may accept your application for another card, but most won’t allow you to switch debts between their cards. This applies to brands managed by the same firm such as MBNA and Virgin. Q: My new balance transfer card’s credit limit is too low, what can I do? You can ask for an increase, but that’s rarely allowed. Yet shift the maximum debt you can anyway—the application hits your file, so you may as well use it. See if you can get another cheap card for the rest. Q: If I spend on a 0% balance transfer but pay it off, do I pay interest? Spending is usually at the standard interest rate of 15-20%, even on a 0% balance transfer card. The only way to avoid this is to clear the entire debt off the card in full at the end of the month. If you repay all of your spending but leave transfer debt, you still pay interest. Get a different card to spend on— preferably one with either 0% on spending if you need to borrow or cashback if you don’t. @MoneySavingExpert

Q: How many can I apply for? There’s no set limit on the number of cards you can apply for, but lots of applications in a short space of time can cause problems. If you are credit card tarting (shifting from 0% to 0% when it ends) then this shouldn’t be too big of an issue, as these applications should be spread out.


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Business, Finance & Technology

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Business, Finance & Technology

CUSTOMER NOTICE Pls note we are closed from 1st -21st August for annual leave

We can help with: • • • • • • • • • • • •

Small Business Consultancy Contract-free on-site support Server & network set-up E-mail issues Fixed Price Virus & Malware removal Internet connection & security Secure Wi-Fi network set-up Printing issues Recovery of lost data Hard & Software repairs Windows re-loads

• Memory & Disk upgrades

Home Visits Available

T: 01484 721204

All electronics repairs now carried out on site by our own dedicated experienced Engineer Laptops: Screens, touch-pads, power jacks & motherboard circuitry PC: Hard Disk Drives, Graphics cards, motherboard circuitry and Power Supply Units Custom-made PC’s built to order and your specification from £349 – with a choice of Windows 7 or Windows 8 All work carries a guarantee

Unit 7a, Kershaws Shopping Village, 221 Halifax Road, Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 2QD.


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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors




Quality carpets to choose from in many colours and styles

• Free Fitting • Furniture Moved • Old Carpets Lifted Other floor coverings available including Karndean


01422 206770 or 07752 333372


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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors


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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors


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Gas Safety

Homes & Interiors

Do’s & Don’ts


1. Use A Qualified Installer Always employ a competent and registered gas installer when looking for someone to work on gas. For Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and the Isles of Man contact Gas Safe Register (opens in a new window) on 0800 408 5500. For Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands contact CORGI (opens in a new window) on 0800 915 0485. 2. Get Appliances Serviced For your own safety, always ensure your gas appliances are serviced at regular intervals. Typically, servicing will be an annual activity, but the manufacturer’s instructions for the appliance concerned will give specific guidance. 3. Stick To The Instructions Use your gas appliances as intended by the appliance manufacturer - their instructions will provide guidance on operation and use. 4. Get A Carbon Monoxide Alarm For added peace of mind for you and your family, purchase approved carbon monoxide alarms which comply with BS EN 50291 and have a BSi Kitemark, and install them in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed in every room where a gas appliance is installed. Regularly test your carbon monoxide alarm as the manufacturer guides you - a test button is provided for this purpose. Replace out-of-date alarms for new ones (typical life span of five years); batteries used on carbon monoxide alarms are normally integral to the alarm and cannot be replaced.

Don’ts 1. Don’t DIY Never DIY with gas. No matter how simple a job looks - there can be consequences to your actions, which may put you, your family and your neighbours at risk. 2. Don’t Block Ventilation Never modify or otherwise block-off any ventilation provisions for your gas appliances; if you are renovating your home and you need to alter the existing ventilation provisions, consult your local gas safe registered installer for advice and guidance. 3. Don’t Touch The Flue Never modify or otherwise alter your gas appliance’s flue system; equally, don’t place objects or structures close to, or around, the flue system’s point of termination. 4 Don’t Ignore It If. your carbon monoxide alarm activates, DO NOT ignore it, or silence it by taking it outside. Failure to act to on carbon monoxide alarm activation puts the lives of you and your family in jeopardy. 5. Don’t Box It In Never box-in or otherwise enclose your gas appliance as this can affect the safe and efficient operation of the appliance concerned - the manufacturer’s instructions will provide additional guidance, or contact your local gas safe registered installer for further advice.

5 Keep An Eye On It Where faults such as noisy operation, smells or odd coloured gas flames are noticed, contact your local registered installer for advice and guidance - if in doubt, turn off the gas and contact the emergency service provider listed above.

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Homes & Interiors


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Homes & Interiors

She should have gone to Chic.

Professional bathroom design, installation and fitting

01484 716147

Birds Royd Lane, Brighouse HD6 1LQ (By the train station)

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Homes & Interiors


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Homes & Interiors

Choose from hundreds of indoor and outdoor fittings on display. •Chandeliers •Outdoor Lighting •Fans & Air Coolers •Security Lighting •CCTV •Heaters & Patio Heaters •Childrens Lighting •Striplighting •Switches & Sockets

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Homes & Interiors


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Homes & Interiors

Please tell advertisers you heard of them through ‘The Grapevine’


Homes & Interiors


To feature contact 077918 91623 or

Homes & Interiors

Does your roof have a cold? We’ve got it covered with our money-saving warm roof remedy. Got an un-insulated, cold leaky roof? You need an ECORoof™ Save up to 40% on your heating bills when you insulate your old attic conversions with us. • • • • •

Re-roofing and insulation specialists Minor roof works Guttering Loft conversions & Extensions Green deal Assessments

Call today for your free quotation Tel: 01484 723 344 Follow us on twitter @ploughcroft, Like us on facebook

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Homes & Interiors


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Homes & Interiors

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Homes & Interiors

Community News & What’s On




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Notices, Charities C ommunity and Organisations Your contributions are welcome and FREE for the Community Pages. Just email details to The deadline for submitting events for the September issue is 15th August - notices are placed on a first come, first served basis

Brighouse Arts Festival The Brighouse Arts Festival takes place between 14th - 21st September in venues all over Brighouse. More info at Crossword Solutions Across: 4 Console; 8 Umpire; 9 Espouse; 10 Troops; 11 Lagoon; 12 Contrive; 18 Thespian; 20 Repair; 21 Tariff; 22 Village; 23 Pedlar; 24 Whisper. Down: 1 Justice; 2 Appoint; 3 Proper; 5 Obsolete; 6 Sponge; 7 Lesson; 13 Intrigue; 14 Visible; 15 Uniform; 16 Zenith; 17 Callus; 19 Shared.


Southowram Horticultural and Allotments Society It’s show time! Our 78th Annual Show takes place at Withinfields Primary School on Saturday, 17 August and is open to the public (free admission) from 3.30 pm with prize presentations taking place at 4.15 pm. There are classes for flowers, vegetables, floral art, cookery and handicraft, with a section specially for the under 14s. Everyone is welcome to exhibit – you don’t need to be a member of the society. The show schedule and entry form can be found on our website, together will full details of our programme of events.

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Community News & What’s On

Lightcliffe Primary School

Car Boot &

Table Top Sale 10am – 12noon

Saturday 28th Sept Sellers can set up from 9am £10 for indoor (table top provided) or outdoor pitch Free admission for buyers Refreshments available

To book a table/space:

07014 212215 / Monthly coffee morning for charity Come along and support our popular coffee mornings for charity on the first Tuesday of each month from 10 am to 12 noon at the community centre, off Law Lane, Southowram. There isn’t a set charge, but donations on 6 August are welcome for the Calder Valley Search and Rescue Team. These events are organised by members and friends of Boothtown & Southowram Methodist Church. Children’s Art Competition at The Piece Hall The Visitor Centre is an Art Gallery within The Piece Hall and they are holding a children’s competition from 13th July -1st Sept to design a new post card for The Piece Hall. 2 age groups – 4-7 years and 8-11 years Proceeds from the sale of the chosen postcard will be going to Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice. Children can collect entry forms from The Visitor Centre. Prizes are on offer from Eureka, Vue Cinema, Panto and Bowling tickets.

Southowram Over Fifties’ Activities (SOFA) Mondays at the community centre, off Law Lane Art Group - 1.15 pm to 2.45 pm. All abilities are welcome, and materials are provided. Tai Chi - 3.00 pm to 4.00 pm. A gentle form of exercise that’s very good for balance and flexibility. Flower Arranging - 3.00 pm to 4.30 pm. Bring your own flowers and containers, other materials are provided. Beginners are welcome. Tuesdays at St Anne’s community rooms, Church Lane Singing for Fun - 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm. A singing group for all abilities. New Age Kurling - 2.00 pm to 3.00 pm. If you haven’t already tried this popular activity, come along and give it a go. You can play Kurling from a standing or seated position with a pusher so that you don’t have to bend. Thursdays at St Anne’s community rooms, Church Lane New Age Kurling - 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm. Like curling but without the ice! Table Tennis - 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm AND 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm. Equipment is provided but if you have your own table tennis bat why not bring it along with you. Ballroom Dancing - 2.30 pm to 3.30 pm. Beginners are welcome. You can try any activity for two weeks for FREE – or just come along and watch; after that they cost £3 a session which includes a cuppa and biscuit. Worried about coming on your own? Call Peter on 01422 346204 to arrange to meet someone when you come, or just to find out more. You can also find full information on our webpage We’re all about keeping active, having fun and making friends! Funded by the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund

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Lifestyle and Leisure Amanda Dalby Cedar Court Hotel Clock Cars Taxi DDiesels Garage Grahams Motors Happy Hounds Hipperholme & Lightcliffe Childcare Horse Arena and Paddock Care International Pets Langlea House Home Lightcliffe Golf Club Maggie Home Care MoveAll Removals Overgate Hospice Walk Pennine Wills Direct The Dance Mill The Fabric Box The Model Shop

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Health, Beauty & Wellbeing BBeauty Lounge Bailiff Bridge Podiatry Beau Beauty Etre Belle Fitness Solutions Gemma Peers Hair Quinns Hair and Beauty Shelf Pharmacy The Therapy Rooms 30-31

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Business, Finance & Technology Calderdale Computer Clinic David Meakin Offices to Let Ross McFadzean Sleigh and Story

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Aerials/TV’s Premier Aerials SJ Dickinson Builders, Handymen & Landscapers Alpine Roofing Handy Knight Rakes & Ladders Plumbers/Domestic Appliances A&N Plumbing A1 Dar Amore Habitat CA Plumbing First Call On Plumbing Stoneleigh TDickinson Home Security Calder Valley Security Halifax Security Locksmiths In House Securities Home & External Cleaning Services A1 Carpet Wipping Belle Casa Home Cleaning Clean Image Carpet Cleaners JetWash External Cleaners M&N Carpet Cleaners Smart Style Exterior Cleaning White Rose Home Cleaning Interiors A1 Carpet Whipping Harrison Lighting Terry the Carpet Fitter The Design Mill Varleys Driveways/Roofing Alpine Electrical Amore Habitat Naldeera TDM Joinery EPS Joinery JEB Joinery & Construction Doors & Windows Brighouse UPVC Crystal Clear Oakdale Energy Efficiency Ploughcroft Fires/Heating Maude Heating Kitchens & Bedrooms CA Plumbing Palmer and Palmer Town Kitchens Bathrooms/Tiling Chic Tiles & Bathrooms Terrys Tiling & Plastering Waxman Skip Hire Lord Muck Painting & Decorating Andrew Stocks BH Painting & Decorating Calder Painting Decorating Services J Dufton SWolk Painter Removals/Storage MoveAll


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