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As a lawyer, I basically began my Christian life focused on the Old Testament law, like so many other Christians.

But in 1990, our loving heavenly Father took me aside and began showing me I was really missing something, like so many countless others.

He was able to use my legal mind, and legal thinking, to see the realities of his covenants, and other legal realities in his word of truth.

Look at words like adoption, redemption, propitiation, judgment, sanctification, righteousness, justification, etc., etc.

Life Coaching is all about helping people get from where they are in their life to where they want to get to.

If everyone is being honest with themselves, we could all do with improving an area or two of our lives.

It is a Life Coach’s job to help people get what they want in life in by breaking down the barriers that people impose on themselves.

Christian life coaches serve their clients through the love of God, Believe in God, Trust in God.

Confidence and Self Esteem.

Career and Vocational.

Marriage and Relationships.

Health and Fitness.

Dreams and Goals.

Money and Finances.

Optimize and Organize.

Remove the self doubt fostered by listening to the wrong voices.

Meet new people and feel confident in various social situations.

Gain the confidence and esteem to speak in front of groups.

Know what career is for you through inventories and assessments.

Get a better job or promotion through understanding your assets.

Do your existing job better by flowing as a good team player.

Discover if you are meant to start your own business and go it alone.

Develop listening skills and improve your couple communication.

Work through problems with your spouse before they grow larger.

How to get through tough times and restore intimacy and trust.

Build stronger bonds by learning to value each other’s strengths.

Improve your health and feel better by implementing a workable plan.

Reduce stress with a smarter lifestyle and relaxation techniques.

Enjoy the personal benefits of having a coaching accountability partner.

Experience sustainable weight loss by learning how to think healthy.

Accomplish significant life goals through strategizing and catalyzing.

Work out what you want from life and what God wants from your life.

Become driven towards a unique life purpose with intentional direction.

Get permission to dream faith-sized dreams that are life changing.

Challenge your beliefs towards money and finances before it’s too late.

Learn how to grow your assets in a program of saving and investing.

Study Biblical principles and become a good steward of your resources.

Work out and stick to family budgets effectively and consistently.

Become more organized with patient assistance and planning.

Manage your time effectively by discovering where it’s being wasted.

Rediscover your values and motivators that fuel your inner passion.

Remove the clutter and people that bog you down and hold you back.

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Christian Life Coaching  

Life coaching and spiritual counseling from a Christian gospel Bible study philosophy.