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from the editors This guide was created to assist seniors and their families with navigating the health care system. When you are not familiar with services available or how certain benefits work, it feels as if you are learning a new language. Our goal for The Golden Guide is to provide you with the language and information you need in order to help you make a well informed, educated decision about your health care choices. We will always strive to provide the most affordable options for our seniors to utilize. There are so many wonderful products and programs for seniors. If you don’t see what you are looking for, or if you are someone that feels that you know a great resource that we have overlooked, do not hesitate to let us know. Only with education and knowledge will we all have the power to best serve our seniors with the dignity and respect they deserve. It is our hope that this guide will enable you to find the resources you need and to get the assistance you are entitled to. We look forward to many years of serving our seniors throughout Long Island.

Tracey Kuczinski

Dawn Friedland-Perez

Tracey Kuczinski, BAHA COTA/L

Tracey has been in the field of geriatrics for over 15 years, first as an Occupational Therapy Assistant working with seniors to achieve their rehabilitative goals. Tracey then went on to become a Patient Advocate assisting seniors in their time of crisis while in hospitals and rehab settings. Tracey’s passion has always been senior housing. In 2002 she started her own business, Senior Housing Advisors INC, assisting seniors and their families in finding the most affordable and appropriate assisted livings, adult homes, Alzheimer’s care and any other issues pertaining to housing they may have. Tracey received her Associates Degree in Occupational Therapy and went on to receive her Bachelors of Science in Health Administration. She is member of Gerontologist Professionals of Long Island as well as a member of Senior Umbrella Network of Suffolk and Nassau. Please feel to contact Tracey at (631) 766-6297 with any concerns or questions you may have.

Dawn Friedland-Perez, LCSW

Dawn has over a decade of experience in long term care, supportive counseling and training and development. She has worked as a Director, Social Worker and Discharge Planner in a variety of long term facilities. Dawn started her own company called Wisdom of the Aged in 2004, offering supportive counseling and advocacy to seniors and their families. She holds a Masters of Social Work and Bachelors Degree in Psychology from the NY State University of Stony Brook. She also has an additional certificate in Geriatric Care Management from Stony Brook University. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers as well as a member of Senior Umbrella Network. Dawn Friedland-Perez is always available to assist you with Supportive Counseling and questions you have about resources or entitlements. She is a Medicare Provider, enabling her to consult seniors and/or their families. Call her at (631) 331-2690.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided in this booklet is for informational and educational purposes only. The information offered herein is meant to aid in the selection of an appropriate service, program or facility. This information is not legal, tax or insurance advice and shall not be construed as same. If legal advice or other expert advice is required, the services of a professional should be sought. The publishers of this booklet do not in any way specifically endorse the programs, facilities, professionals and services included herein. This publication makes no representations or opinions as to facts as the information contained herein has been furnished by the advertisers. The publisher is not affiliated with any healthcare facility, program or service. © 2013 The Golden Guide Copyright.

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Quality Communities By The Engel Burman Group


I see myself in a whole new light, now that I live at The Bristal. Terry, Resident of The Bristal

“Ever since selling War Bonds during WWII, I’ve always been an activist. I believe in standing up for your rights. Though the story of my life has been a dream come true, when I came to The Bristal, a whole new chapter opened up before me. Especially during elections, where I help fellow residents consider candidates that value senior issues. I help get out the vote — our vote. Then, after heated political debate, we cool off with a cocktail, enjoy the pool, putt a few holes, play some cards... and do a little more debating. Cause that’s what friends do.” What keeps Terry so fired up? Tune in at East Northport | 631.858.0100 East Meadow | 516.542.0800 Lynbrook | 516.593.2424 Massapequa | 516.691.0706 North Hills | 516.869.1300 THE BRISTAL.COM

North Woodmere | 516.336.2600 Westbury | 516.333.9828 White Plains | 914.681.1800 Licensed by the NYS Dept of Health. Eligible for Most Long Term Care Policies.


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Benefits & Entitlements . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 -11 Community Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 - 13 Day Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 - 17 Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Adaptive Equipment . . . . 18 - 19 Emergency Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Employment and Volunteer Opportunities . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 21 Healthcare Professionals . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 - 25 Home Care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 26 - 35 Hospice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 36 Hospitals and Discharge Planning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 - 39 Housing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 40 - 49 Legal and Advocacy Services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50 - 51 Mental Health . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 52 - 56 Nutrition Programs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 57 - 61 Parish Outreach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 62 Support Groups . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 63 Supportive Agencies . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 64 - 66 Town Senior Citizens Divisions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 Transportation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 68 - 69 Veterans Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 70 - 71 Worthy of Note . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 72 Brant Graphics 845.765.2362 Design and Typesetting R&J Graphics Inc. 631.293.6611 Printing


f o t h m e Aged o d s i W S ing Services for eniors & Their Fa l e s n u o milies Advisory & C

I will answer your questions and guide you through

THE MAZE OF THE HEALTHCARE SYSTEM Do you feel overwhelmed with meeting the care giving needs of a loved one ? Do you need advice on choices available for you, your parent, or spouse ? Do you have questions about Medicaid and other financial assistance available ? I Advocate for You


I Educate You


I Navigate for You




I work with Individuals & Families #ALL$AWN&RIEDLAND 0EREZ ,#37

631-946-6101 (office) 631-331-2690 (cell) 3

Benefits and Entitlements A free online screening tool that searches over 2,000 federal, state, local and private programs that help seniors pay for prescription drugs, utility bills, meals, health care and other needs. Cell Phone Programs Free or discounted cellular service for income eligible consumers. Safelink Wireless Assurance Wireless 800-977-3768 800-342-3377 Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Coverage (EPIC) If you are 65 years of age or older, a resident of New York State, and you meet income guidelines, EPIC may save you money on your prescriptions. 800-332-3742 EPIC enrollees may be eligible for reimbursement of fees and a portion of their co-payments under a program funded by Suffolk County. 631-853-8200 Food Stamps Coram: 631-854-3710 Riverhead: 631-853-8730 Smithtown: 631-853-8714

South West: 631-854-6600 Nassau County: 516-227-8523

Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) and Weatherization Program (WRAP) HEAP and WRAP are energy assistance systems for people who are living on fixed incomes. Both homeowners and renters may apply. Applications are accepted yearly beginning in the Fall until funds are exhausted. WRAP: Suffolk 631-853-8327 HEAP: Suffolk 631-853-8326 Nassau 516-227-7386 Nassau 516-227-7386 IT-214 Circuit Breaker (NYS Department of Taxation and Finance) Up to $375 in tax credit to homeowners or renters who spend a high percentage of income on rent or property tax. 800-225-5829 LIPA’s Critical Care Program By filing a medical certificate, LIPA will do the following: Your LIPA account and meter will be tagged as “critical care”. When severe storm is anticipated, LIPA will call you to make advanced preparations. If an outage occurs, every effort is made to restore your electricity as soon as possible. 800-490-0025 NYP$ A free pharmacy discount card sponsored by NY State. To be eligible, you must be a resident of NY state, not receiving Medicaid, either (a) 50 up to 65, or (b) determined disabled by the Social Security Administration and have annual income under $35,000 if single and $50,000 if married. 800-788-6917 Real Estate Tax Exemption Provides for exemption from paying up to 50% of taxes on real estate occupied as legal residence. Application deadline of March 1st every year. Call your town division. Residential Energy Assistance Program (REAP) REAP can lower your electric costs if you are income eligible. They also have free offers at times for items like light bulbs. Ask to have your refrigerator tested for energy efficiency because you may be eligible for a new one! 800-263-6786 4

The care you need, when and where you need it, to live well at home.

A New York State Authorized Managed Long Term Care Plan      

More than a name, a promise.   

        


Benefits and Entitlements Verizon Telephone Programs Center for Customers with Disabilities Provides free equipment for visually or hearing impaired seniors on Medicaid, SSI, Food Stamps, or VA pension. There is a free 411 assist for visually impared seniors. 800-974-6006 Verizon Lifeline and Link Up Offers low income households a discount on their monthly phone bill if they receive Medicaid, Food Stamps, SSI, HEAP or VA pension. Link Up pays for some of the cost of initiating telephone service for home or wireless phones. 800-483-2000


Medicaid assists with long term health needs for seniors. There are 2 types of Medicaid; Community and Long Term Home Health Care, or Chronic Care Medicaid used for skilled nursing facilities (aka nursing homes). Seniors need to be both medically and financially eligible. Seniors who are on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are eligible for community Medicaid automatically. Community Medicaid For seniors who want to remain in the community. Services available: 1) Medical Model Day Care 2) Medications (now through Medicare) 3) Personal Care Aide (PCA) 4) Certain Medical expenses such as eye care, hearing aides and dental care expenses. 5) Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) (see page 32) 6) Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) (see page 32) Monthly Income Allowances Resource Allowances Individual: $14,250 Individual: $792 (+ $20 exemption) Couple: $20,850 Couple: $1,159 (+ $20 exemption) Suffolk County Riverhead Center 893 E. Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901-2542 631-852-3710 New Applications 631-852-3570 Open Cases Smithtown Center 200 Wireless Boulevard Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-853-8730 New Applications 631-853-8765 Open Cases

Nassau County Nassau County DSS 60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard Uniondale, NY 11553-3656 516-227-8000

Pooled Income Trusts for Community Medicaid Disabled persons of any age receiving community Medicaid services, including home care, adult-day care and prescription drugs, are now able to use virtually all of their income to pay for their living expenses by participating in a pooled-income trust. It is no longer necessary for consumers to contribute their “excess” income to the Medicaid system as a “spend-down.” It’s called a pooled income trust because the assets of all participants are “pooled” together for the purpose of investment and management. However, you still have your own segregated account established solely for your use. When you pass on, whatever is left over in your trust account is used for other beneficiaries of the trust, helping the charity to continue providing services to those who need them. Every month, excess income over $792, which is the Medicaid limit for a single person in New York, is transferred to the pooled income trust. You simply write a check for the amount of the excess income, and send it to the trust. You can then submit bills to be paid by the trust. So, for example, if you have Social Security income of $1,600 a month, then you keep $792 in your own bank account and spend it as you please, and you send $808 to the trust every month. The charity then pays your bills with this money. The pooled income trust functions almost like a bill paying service. Through the trust, excess income can be used to pay for food, clothing, monthly rent or mortgage, telephone, electricity, taxes, home repairs – all living expenses except medical premiums and medical bills. The trust charges a small monthly processing fee for the service. 6

Benefits and Entitlements Chronic Care Medicaid This is the type of Medicaid for nursing home placement. In a long term care setting these services will be provided: 1) Medications 2) Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 3) Skilled services: Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Registered Nurses, Social Work, Dietician 4) Room and Board Monthly Income Allowances Resource Allowances Applicant: $50 Applicant: $14,250 (+ pre-paid funeral) Well Spouse: $2,841 Well Spouse: $113,640 Nassau County Suffolk County Nassau County DSS Mary Gordon Social Services Building 60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard Meridian Plaza Uniondale, NY 11553-3656 3085 Veterans Memorial Highway 516-227-8000 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 631-854-9700 - Receptionist 631-854-5866 or 631-854-5895 between 8:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. to schedule an appointment.


For seniors 65 and over who qualify for Social Security or Railroad Retirement. Persons receiving Social Security Disability Benefits for 24 months are eligible even if under 65. You pay premiums for coverage and copayments for most services, unless you qualify for a low-income program or have other, extra insurance. To avoid permanent late penalties enroll at age 65. In order to enroll in Medicare, you must contact the social security office. Your first enrollment period lasts seven months. You have three months before the month of your 65th birthday to three months after your birthday month. There are different “Parts” to Medicare coverage. Medicare does not usually cover dental care, eyeglasses, hearing aids, or health services received outside of the U.S. or long-term care services. 800-MEDICARE (800-633-4227) Medicare Part A Services Covered: 1) Hospital Care. 2) Medicare Part A pays for the first 20 days of a skilled nursing facility or inpatient rehab after a 3 day hospital stay, as long as there is a skilled need. Skilled needs include, but are not limited to, physical or occupational therapy, wound care, diabetic teaching etc. If a patient no longer requires a skilled need, then Part A coverage ends and you have to pay privately or pay with Medicaid. 3) Home Health Care as long as there is a skilled need. 4) Hospice Care. Deductibles: 1) Out of pocket deductible before Medicare pays changes yearly. It is currently $1,132 for 2012. 2) Once the deductible is paid, hospitalization is covered 100% for the first 60 days. Co-pays apply after 60 days. The co-payment for days 61-90 is $283 for 2012. 3) Once discharged from the hospital, you need to remain out of the hospital for 60 consecutive days (including day of discharge) for a new benefit period to begin. If you return to the hospital before the 60 days, your original benefit is continued where you left off. 4) Lifetime reserve days – in hospital stays over 90 days – co-payment is $566 in 2012. 5) If admitted to a skiled nursing facility, as long as a skilled need continues after day 20, then Part A will pay 80% of the facility fees up until day 100. The additional 20% may becovered by your secondary insurance. If not, you will be required to pay privately. Skilled nursing home co-payment for days 21-100 is $141.50 per day for 2012.


Benefits and Entitlements Medicare Part B Participation is voluntary and there is a monthly expense which is usually taken out of your social security check. For 2012 the amount is $96.40 per month for recipients who currently receive social security. Individuals turning 65 in 2012 and who will begin paying Medicare Part B premiums in 2012 will pay $115.40, or more, depending on income. If yearly income is above $85,000 single or $170,000 couple, your monthly Part B premium will be higher. Enrollment in Part B, if after your initial enrollment, is only available during the general enrollment period from January 1 to March 31 each year, with coverage that doesn’t begin until the following July 1. If you miss your enrollment deadline you pay a late penalty of an extra 10% permanently added to your Part B premium for each 12-month period you delayed. For example, if you delayed five years, your premiums would cost 50% more for the same coverage as long as you are in Medicare. Medicare Part B pays 80% of Medicare-accepted charges for covered services after annual deductible has been met. Services Covered: 1) Physician Services. 2) Outpatient hospital care. 3) Laboratory tests. 4) Certain Durable Medical Equipment (DME). Services Not Covered: 1) Hearing aides or examinations for prescribing or fitting hearing aides. 2) Dental Care. Deductibles: Out of pocket deductible before Medicare pays changes yearly. It is currently $162 for 2012. Medicare Part C Medicare Advantage Managed Care Plans cover everything traditional Medicare covers and most plans cover additional services. A Medicare Health Maintenance Organization or HMO is an organized community based network of physicians, health centers, hospitals and other health care professionals that are approved by that plan. Fees may include the Part B premium or more, depending on the coverage. Part C is voluntary and does save you money when you are healthy, but does not allow you the flexibility and services you may need if you become ill. HMO’s severely restrict the care seniors are able to get outside of the network. Traditional Medicare with a supplemental plan has more services available, but is more expensive. Deductibles vary by plan. Medigap (Supplemental Insurance) This insurance is intended to help cover the deductible and co-payment “gaps” in your Medicare coverage. This option gives you more control over your medical care so you can choose your doctors, specialists, and receive treatment in any facility in the U.S. There is open enrollment for the first six month period when a beneficiary (age 65 and older) enrolls in Medicare Part B. Medigap options are offered by private companies and are labeled “A” through “L” offering different basic and extra benefits. The more benefits, the higher the premium. Medigap does not cover prescription drugs, therefore you should look into purchasing Medicare Part D for additional prescription drug coverage. An example of a medigap policy would be AARP. Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program 1) It is voluntary, but there are high late enrollment penalties. If you fail to sign up for a plan during your initial enrollment period, you will be penalized, and your premiums will be permanently increased by 1% for every month you delay. It is important to sign up for a plan once eligible to avoid these fees. Plans can start as low as $20.00 a month. If you can prove that you previously had other prescription drug coverage through a retiree plan or veterans benefits, then you will not be penalized. 2) Beneficiaries pay a deductible and a monthly premium which can be paid to the plan or deducted from monthly social security payment. 3) Prices are negotiated by plans and protect you from high out of pocket expenses for drugs. 4) There are two types of Part D plans. a) General Prescription Drug Plans (PDP’s) are free standing and only offer prescription drug benefits. b) Medicare Advantage Plans with Prescription Drug Coverage (MA-PDs) are MedicarePart C HMO’s that include drug coverage as part of their plan. or 800-633-4227 8

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At Oyster Bay Manor, we provide gracious assisted living at affordable prices within a comprehensive care program. Enjoy the life ahead of you surrounded by a caring community. Join in activities, find a friend around every corner and celebrate each day.


At Harbor House, we specialize in people with Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory impairment and realize that they require individualized care in a compassionate and therapeutic environment. Our all-inclusive assisted living programs provide residents with a variety of recreational activities, comprehensive medical care and all the love and respect they would receive at home.

Well Kosher Meals Available



Oyster Bay Manor, Harbor House • Golden Guide • 3.6875 x 4.62 5• 4C • Job# 11012 • EGC Group 516.935.4944


Benefits and Entitlements Medicare Buy-In Programs There are also Medicare programs for seniors who have an annual income at or below the poverty guidelines, but are not eligible for Medicaid. Qualified Medicare Beneficiary Program (QMB) These plans cover your medicare premiums, deductibles and co-payment costs. Specified Low Income Medicare Beneficiary Program (SLIMB) Only pays for the Medicare Part B monthly premium, therefore you will still need to purchase Medigap insurance if you can afford to. Contact the Department of Social Services for further information.

Social Security

800-772-1213 Retirement Benefits can be claimed as early as age 62, but the earlier they are claimed, the lower the benefit will be. For persons born after 1937, the full retirement age will gradually go up from 65 to 67. You can delay retirement up to age 70, but after that there will be no increase in benefits. Applications can be made 4 months in advance of expected retirement or at age 62, if already retired. Survivors Benefits are available to a surviving spouse over the age of 60; a divorced surviving spouse over the age of 60 if the marriage lasted longer than 10 years; or a surviving spouse or divorced spouse under the age of 60, who is caring for the worker’s child who is under 16 or disabled. Benefits are also available to a surviving spouse, 50 years of age or over, who becomes disabled within seven years of the workers death; children of any age who were severely disabled before age 22 and are still disabled; dependents parents who are at least 62 and were dependent on the worker for at least one-half their financial support. Disability Benefits are paid to workers and their family when the worker has difficulty working because of a physical or emotional condition which is expected to last, or has lasted over a year or is expected to result in death. This condition must prevent the worker from doing any substantial work. The worker must meet the criteria set forth by Social Security including work credits, medical conditions, and length of disability. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a cash benefit intended to guarantee a minimum level of income for certain people. There are four requirements for eligibility. The person must be 65 or over, blind or disabled; be a citizen of the United States; income must be less than a certain minimum amount; and assets must be less than $2000 for an individual and $3000 for a couple (home, car and other assets are exempt). Suffolk Locations: 75 Oak Street 510 Park Avenue Patchogue, NY 11772 West Babylon, NY 11704 95 E Hoffman Avenue Lindenhurst, NY 11757 Nassau Locations: 25-27 East Park Avenue, Suite 206 211 Station Road, 5th floor Long Beach, NY 11561 Mineola, NY 11501 1121 Old Walt Whitman Road 84 North Main Street Melville, NY 11747 Freeport, NY 11520 Go Direct You can have your Social Security and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments made direct deposit. It eliminates the risk of lost or stolen checks, reduces fraud, helps protect against identity theft and gives people more control over their money. 800-333-1795 or visit


Benefits and Entitlements Tax Laws for Caregivers Dependency-Special Rule for Parent: You may be eligible to file as head of household if your qualifying person is your father or mother even if they do not live with you. You must be able to claim an exemption for them, and pay more than half the cost of their main home up keep for the entire year. You are keeping up a main home for your father or mother if you pay more than half the cost of keeping your parent in a facility. Standard Mileage Rate 2011: 51 cents per mile for business miles, 19 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes, 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations. Credit for the Elderly or the Disabled: You can take the credit for the elderly or the disabled if you are a qualified individual and your income is not more than certain limits. You are a qualified individual for this credit if you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien and either of the following applies; 1) You were age 65 or older at the end of 2008, 2) You were under age 65 at the end of 2008 and all three of the following statements are true. A) You retired on permanent and total disability, B) You received taxable disability income for 2008, and C) On January 1, 2008, you had not reached mandatory retirement age. Long Term Care Insurance: Increase in Limit on Long-Term Care and Accelerated Death Benefits Exclusion for 2011 is $240 a day. Long Term Care Premium Deductible increased for 2011: • Age 40 or under – $350. • Age 61 to 70 – $3,500. • Age 41 to 50 – $660. • Age 71 or over – $4370. • Age 51 to 60 – $1,310. Whose Medical Expenses Are Deductible: Deductible expenses include those incurred by the taxpayer, spouse, or dependant. Note: The taxpayer must have been married to the spouse either at the time the spouse received the medical services, or at the time the taxpayer paid the medical expenses. A person must be a dependant of the taxpayer either at the time the medical services were provided, or at the time the taxpayer paid the medical expenses. Nursing Home: The cost of living in a nursing home, including meals and lodging, is deductible if a principal reason for being there is to get medical care. If the taxpayer is in a nursing home for personal reasons, only the part of the cost that is for medical nursing care is deductible. Nursing Services-Non-professional: Deductions for medical expenses include amounts paid for nursing services. The services do not have to be performed by a nurse as long as the services are of a kind performed by a nurse. Nursing services include giving medication, changing dressings, bathing, and grooming. The services can be provided in the taxpayer’s home or another care facility. Estate Tax Exemption: For 2011, there is no federal estate tax. However the executors of estates where the taxpayer died in 2011 can elect to apply the 2012 exemption of $5,000,000, with a maximum estate tax of 35%. Different rules for the step up in cost basis apply in these two years, meaning some estates may find the 2012 rules more beneficial. The estate tax was reinstated in the 2010 Tax Relief Act. Annual Exclusion for Gifts: The annual exclusion for gifts of present interests made to a donee during the calendar year remains at $13,000. The annual exclusion for gifts to spouses who are not U.S. citizens will increase to $134,000.


Community Services Emergency Response Systems In the event of a fall or emergency, with a push of a button, medical alert emergency response systems connect you to a trained associate who can send you help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ADT Home Health Security Services Phillips Lifeline United Lifeline 866-746-7238 800-865-4398 800-345-4571

Home Repairs and Modifications Residential Repair Program Towns that offer senior citizen repairs. Labor is free, but materials need to be provided. Suffolk County Nassau County Babylon: 631-422-7680 Hempstead: 516-538-7100 ext 355 Brookhaven: 631-451-9092 Glen Cove: 516-759-9610 East Hampton: 631-324-6466 Long Beach: 516-897-0534 Huntington: 631-351-3253 For Spanish 516-897-5099 Islip: 631-224-5340 North Hempstead: 516-869-6311 or 311 Riverhead: 631-727-3200 ext 205 Woodbury: 800-345-4571 Smithtown: 631-360-7616 Southampton: 631-727-0325 Southold: 631-298-9744 Shelter Island: 631-749-0276 Home Improvement Aid The Town of Hempstead’s Senior Citizen Home Improvement Program provides interest-free loans of up to $10,000 to qualified senior citizen homeowners to assist with weatherization, exterior improvements, windows, door and/or roof replacement and emergency repairs to their home. Department of Planning & Economic Development 200 North Franklin Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-538-7100 ext 355 Community Development Corporation of Long Island Provides home improvements such as Grab bars, ramps, handrails, stair glides, roll in showers, etc. to moderate and low income disabled homeowners or those living with a disabled family member. 631-471-1215 ext. 131 HomeFreeHome An all-volunteer organization of volunteer architects who design barrier-free homes. 516-883-0403 Rebuilding Together Long Island Inc. Volunteer home repair organization. 516-541-7322 or 516-741-5291 The Safeway Step A cut out in your tub wall allows you to walk-in. 877-882-7837

Veterinarian Services Paumanok Veterinary Hospital Mobile Service 639 Route 112, Patchogue, NY 11772 631-475-1312 Veterinarian Dr. Cohen 631-920-2785 (House calls)

Veterinary Housecalls of Massapaqua 516-399-0450


Community Services Food Delivery Have food delivered right to your door. Shoprite Stop and Shop 800-573-2763

Waldbaums 866-443-7374

Pharmacy’s That Deliver Suffolk County Centereach Pharmacy 2155 Middle Country Road Centereach, NY 11720 631-588-8911 CVS 970 Montauk Highway Bayport, NY 11705 631-363-8460 CVS 270 West Main Street Sayville, NY 11782 631-244-5752Pet

Jones Drug Store 100 Main Street Northport, NY 11768 631-261-7070 Shore Pharmacy 25 Southdown Road Huntington, NY 11743 631-427-6262 RX Express Pharmacy 1163 Jericho Turnpike Commack, NY 11725 631-543-3331

RX Express Pharmacy 1963 Jericho Turnpike East Northport, NY 11731 631-462-2233 Selden Pharmacy Selden, NY 11784 631-732-1223 Village Pharmacy and Surgical 124 East Main Street Suite 103 Babylon, NY 11702 631-482-1160

Nassau County Garden City Family Pharmacy 10 Nassau Boulevard Garden City, NY 11530 516-505-7979 Cove Pharmacy 95 School Street Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-676-9111 Jason Pharmacy 197 Franklin Avenue Franklin Square, NY 11010 516-354-5641 Lakeview Pharmacy 133 Lakeview Avenue Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-599-4646 Levin’s Pharmacy 364 Long Beach Road Oceanside, NY 11572 516-766-2288

Locust Valley Chemist 60 Forest Avenue Locust Valley, NY 11560 516-565-9090 Plainview Family Pharmacy 142-A Manetto Hill Road Plainview, NY 11803 516-932-7077 Port Chemist Pharmacy 4 Manorhaven Boulevard Port Washington, NY 11050 516-883-3837 Prescription Headquarters 1850 Front Street East Meadow, NY 11554 516-222-0778 Raindew Pharmacy 465 Plandome Road Manhasset, NY 11030 516-869-6034

Twin Harbor Drugs 72 Bayville Avenue Bayville, NY 11709 516-628-2323 Uniondale Chemist 546 Uniondale Avenue Uniondale, NY 11553 516-486-4333 Village Pharmacy of Syosset 38 Cold Spring Road Syosset, NY 11791 516-921-0880

• Areas of Service: The North Shore, Western Suffolk and Eastern Nassau • Medical program for clients who are hospitalized or in rehab • Pet care in Assisted Living or private home • Pet Visit Program


Day Care Social Model Day Care provides care for frail, isolated, and physically or cognitively impaired seniors. Its structured and protected environment offers access to socialization, mentally and physically stimulating activities as well as hot lunches. It also provides much needed relief to caregivers. Most will have roundtrip transportation. Social day care is paid with private funds, some long term care insurance policies, and certain programs under Medicaid including The Long Term Home Health Care Program (Lombardi program), The Nursing Home Transition and Diversion Waiver Program, and some Medicaid managed long term care plans. Suffolk County Centereach Town of Brookhaven New Village Center Wireless Road Centereach, NY 11720 631-451-9142 Central Islip Town of Islip 555 Clayton Street Central Islip, NY 11722 631-893-8932 East Hampton Town of East Hampton Intergenerational Day Care 328 Accabonac Highway East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-0467 Hampton Bays Town of Southampton 25 Ponquogue Avenue Hampton Bays, NY 11946 631-728-1235 Huntington Town Of Huntington 423 Park Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 631-351-3293

Nassau County East Hills Sid Jacobson Center 300 Forest Drive East Hills, NY 11548 516-484-1545 Farmingdale Adult Day Care Center United Methodist Church 407 Main Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 516-293-8928 Glen Cove Glen Cove Day Care 130 Glen Street Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-759-2345

Kings Park St. Johnland 395 Sunken Meadow Road Kings Park, NY 11754 631-663-2421 Mastic Mastic Recreation Center 369 Neighborhood Drive Mastic, NY 11950 631-451-9141 Mattituck Town Of Southold 750 Pacific Street Mattituck, NY 11952 631-298-4470 Montauk Town of East Hampton/Montauk Madison Hill Drive (Located in Camp Hero) Montauk, NY 11954 631-668-3778 Mt Sinai Rose Caracappa Senior Center 739 Route 25A Mt Sinai, NY 11766 631-451-9141 Port Jefferson Day Haven 400 Sheep Pasture Road Port Jefferson, NY 11777 631-476-9698

Riverhead Town Of Riverhead 60 Shadetree Lane Riverhead, NY 11901 631-722-4444 Ronkonkoma Day Haven 2210 Smithtown Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 631-585-2020 Shelter Island Town of Shelter Island 46 South Ferry Road Shelter Island, NY 11964 631-749-4111 Shoreham Shoream Center Route 25A Shoream, NY 11786 631-451-9141 Wyandanch 28 Wyandanch Drive Wyandanch, NY 11798 631-491-4889 Yaphank Swezey-Avey House Mill Road Yaphank, NY 11980 631-451-9142

Long Beach Temple Emanu-El 455 Neptune Boulevard Long Beach, NY 11561 516-432-0570 New Hyde Park Herricks Community Center Herricks Road New Hyde Park, NY 11040 516-742-0851 Oyster Bay Doubleday Babcock Center 45 East Main Street Oyster Bay, NY 11771 516-922-1770

Port Washington Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation Inc. (LIAF) Memory Lane Club 5 Channel Drive Port Washington, NY 11050 516-767-6856 Parker Jewish Alzheimer’s & Dementia Social Day Care 271-11 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 516-247-6500 x2105 718-289-2105 Serves: Nassau County and Queens


$3200 – $3500

516 9 2 2 6 040

369 Split Rock Road Syosset, New York

• ADULT DAY HEALTH SERVICES • When you are unable to provide care for your loved one at home, Broadlawn Manor is here for you. The Adult Day Health program offers a broad range of health and social services to individuals requiring supervision or medical care. Our program provides individual medical services, personal care, socialization, case management and therapeutic recreational activities. • Board Certified and Licensed Medical Professionals • Help with Activities of Daily Living and Medication Management • Therapeutic and Ancillary Healthcare Services • Ideal for Daytime Caregiver Respite • Door-through-Door Transportation Available A Member of the North Shore-LIJ Health System We Care F or People 631-608-5650 • • 399 County Line Road • Amityville, NY 11701


Day Care Medical Model Day Care has a team of health care professionals that deliver health care and social services to medically impaired older adults and the disabled. They are provided assistance with activities of daily living, medication, nursing care, lab work, x-rays, social services and ancillary services such as dentist, psychiatrist, podiatrist, optometrist, and/or audiologist. They are provided with hot lunches and receive roundtrip transportation. Medical Model is paid for by private funds or community Medicaid. Suffolk County Amityville Broadlawn 399 County Line Road Amityville, NY 11701 631-264-0222 ext 4080 Brentwood Maria Regina Residence 1725 Brentwood Road Brentwood, NY 11717 631-299-3069 Brookhaven Bellhaven Nursing Center 110 Beaver Dam Road Brookhaven, NY 11719 631-286-8100 ext 133 Commack Gurwin 68 Hauppauge Road Commack, NY 11725 631-715-2520 Nassau County Hempstead Nassau Extended Care Center 1 Greenwich Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-565-4800 Lake Success Parker Jewish 1 Delaware Drive Lake Success, NY 11042 516-586-1623 Serves: Nassau and Queens

Greenport San Simeon by the Sound 61700 Rt 48 Greenport, NY 11944 631-477-2110 Huntington Carillon 830 Park Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 631-271-5800 ext 351 Kings Park St. Johnland 395 Sunken Meadow Road Kings Park, NY 11754 631-663-2474 Melville Huntington Hills 400 South Service Road Melville, NY 11747 631-439-3121

Middle Island Middle Island Program 45 Rocky Point Road Middle Island, NY 11953 631-924-0700 Stony Brook L. I. State Veterans Home 100 Patriots Road Stony Brook, NY 11790 631-444-8530 Smithtown Avalon Gardens Route 25A Smithtown, NY 11787 631-724-1228 Yaphank John J. Foley 14 Glover Drive Yaphank, NY 11980 631-852-4677

Long Beach Park Avenue Extended Care 425 National Boulevard Long Beach, NY 11561 516-431-2600 Uniondale Mercy Day Program 2220 Front Street Uniondale, NY 11553 516-565-5540

Valley Stream Franklin Hospital 900 Franklin Avenue Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-265-6630 Woodbury Cold Spring Hills 328 Syosset-Woodbury Road Woodbury, NY 11797 516-622-7770

Experts Agree: Adult Day Services are a vital part in keeping elders home for as long as possible.

Day Haven Adult Day Services provides day time care, supervision and therapeutic recreation for frail older adults and individuals with Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. Call today to find out how Day Haven can meet your family’s needs!

Port Jefferson (631) 476-9698 Ronkonkoma (631) 585-2020

Nutritious meals  transportation  fun and engaging activities  full and part time schedules  free visit day  individualized care plans  opportunities for socialization  free caregiver support groups and educational events

 16

Call 631-766-6297

Tracey Kuczinski Senior Housing Advocate

More Than A Referral...A True Advocate for Seniors, The Elderly and Their Families With many years of experience in the adult home and assisted living field, Senior Housing Advocate has the experience, knowledge, and education to help you find the right assisted living home, and will not stop working until you are satisfied with your eldercare facility selection. First and foremost an advocate for the elderly and their families, trust Senior Housing Advocate to find the most appropriate and affordable assisted living in the community of your choice. Feel free to call even if assisted living is not an option at this time. Senior Housing Advocate will always be there to help. Call Senior Housing Advocate first! Servicing the Entire Metro New York Area

Tracey Kuczinski, Senior Housing Advocate Call Toll-Free 877-872-2395 or locally 631-766-6297 (Long Island)

Finally... a service so needed for a price you deserve: FREE!


Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Adaptive Equipment Medicare will pay for Durable Medical Equipment (DME) if you have Medicare Part B, if you require the assistance or use of equipment to function at your best AND your physician orders it. The equipment itself must meet certain requirements for Medicare Coverage. Medicare requires a physician’s order or prescription for DME. A certificate of medical necessity (CMN) is also required at times as well. If you are on a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO) instead of Medicare, your insurance plan must cover the same items and services as Original Medicare. The costs will depend on which plan you are on. Durable/Medical Purpose Medicare pays for equipment that is durable, meaning that can withstand repeated use. Expendable items such as incontinence pads, bandages and surgical stockings are not covered. However, certain items such as lancets and test strips used by people with diabetes to check their blood sugar levels, while used once and are then discarded, are covered. Medicare pays for equipment that is used for a medical purpose and only useful when you have an illness or an injury. Common examples would be canes, walkers, wheel chairs, crutches, hospital beds, respirators, oxygen equipment and supplies, blood glucose monitors, commode chair, infusion pumps and some medicines used in them, patient lifts, suction pumps, traction equipment, and Transcutaneous electronic nerve stimulators (TENS). Medicare does not cover devices you may need to recover from an illness such as air conditioning if you have cardiac or respiratory illnesses. For Use in Home Medicare pays for equipment that is mainly used for use inside your home. Home meaning your own home, apartment, relatives home, or assisted living facility. Medicare, for example, will cover a power-operated vehicle or scooter, when you require it to get around inside of your home. Medicare will not cover it if you primarily need it to get around outside the home, such as going to the grocery store. Medicare does not pay for DME in a skilled nursing facility. The facility is responsible for the equipment. Upon discharge from a sub-acute rehabilitative facility, your discharge planner can help you obtain necessary DME. Prosthetics and Orthotics Medicare covers prosthetic devices that replace all or part of an internal body organ or its function and orthotic devices that support weak or deformed body parts. Prosthetics include artificial limbs, eyes, lenses and cardiac pacemakers. Only standard frames for eyeglasses are covered. Eyeglasses and cataract lenses are covered even if you had the surgery before you had Medicare. Orthotics consists of leg, arm, back and neck braces. Therapeutic shoes or inserts for people with diabetes who have severe diabetic foot disease is also covered. Medicare also covers enteral and parenteral nutrition therapy supplies such as food pumps and intravenous poles. Medicare generally does not cover dental device such as dentures. Supplies Certain supplies, even though they may be disposable in nature, are covered by Medicare, such as testing items for diabetes, as well as catheters and ostomy supplies. What do People with Medicare Pay Medicare covers 80 percent of its approved amount for DME prescribed by a physician and purchased or rented from a Medicare-certified supplier. If you go to a supplier that is NOT Medicare-certified then Medicare will not pay at all. Also make sure your supplier takes “assignment.” This means that the supplier can not charge you more than Medicare approves. This type of supplier is called a “participating provider.” You or your supplemental insurance then pays the 20 percent co-insurance.

Agencies that Loan or Assist with Finding Equipment Arthritis Foundation 501 Walt Whitman Road, Melville, NY 11747 631-427-8272 Sayville Cabinet for the Sick Loans equipment for residents of Bayport, Bohemia, Oakdale, Holbrook, Sayville and West Sayville. 631-589-1070 The Society for Lending Comforts to the Sick Lends rehabilitative and convalescent equipment to local residents that need them. 71 Blydenburgh Avenue, Smithtown, NY 11787 631-265-1674 18

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Emergency Services Elder Abuse Elder abuse is a national problem affecting over one million older people. This abuse can be physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial exploitation, sexual abuse, or neglect by another individual. There are services available to help elder abuse victims. For non-emergency situations, the Suffolk County Office for the Aging can provide information and assistance to the victim. Adult Protective Services, which is a state-mandated program designed to assist adults 18 or older who are in danger. Adult Protective Services (APS) When you feel a senior or yourself is in harm or a danger to themselves or others, or if there is an elderly person in your neighborhood that seems isolated and without family, this is the agency to call. Suffolk County 631-854-3195 Nassau County 516-227-8472 Emergency Assistance for Adults (EAA) Program for hardship, helps with food, clothing, housing etc. Call your Department of Social Services. Coram 631-854-2300 South West 631-854-6600 Riverhead 631-853-8730 Nassau County 516-227-8523 Smithtown 631-853-8714 Mobile Crisis Team Team of professionals that will come to your home in the community if there is a psychiatric emergency or if somebody is in danger of harming themselves or others. Suffolk County 631-952-3333 Nassau County 516-572-6419 Victims Information Bureau of Suffolk (VIBS) Elder Abuse Counseling Program PO Box 428 Holbrook, NY 11741 631-360-3606


Employment and Volunteer Opportunities Federation of Organizations Working to improve services for seniors, people with disabilities and their families through education, information and referral services, legislative action, and program development. 631-321-8229 ext 1212 Foster Grandparent Program Matches low income seniors with special-needs children. Foster Grandparents work 20 hours a week with children. Activities range from reading, story-telling, tutoring, to playing games and listening. Volunteers receive a small stipend, a meal and transportation assistance. Suffolk County 631-669-5355 Nassau County 516-227-8915 Literacy Suffolk, Inc. Recruits and trains volunteers to provide instruction on a one-to-one basis or small groups. 631-286-1649 Ombudservice Trained and certified community volunteers advocate on behalf of nursing home, adult home, and assisted living residents and their families. These advocates are the link between the community and the residents who are isolated from the mainstream of society. The certified ombudspersons have legal access to the facilities at all times. They investigate residents’ complaints and help resolve problems to assure quality of care for long term care residents. Suffolk County 631-427-3700 ext 273 Nassau County 516-466-9718 Project Independence Matches volunteers with homebound, frail and/or disabled older residents for phone and home visits. Town of North Hempstead Department of Services for the Aging (DOSA) 310 Locust Lane, Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 516-869-6311 Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) Programs that seniors can benefit from by volunteering in numerous ways, from allowing caregivers to get a much-needed break, to checking in with homebound seniors, as well as many other programs. Suffolk County 631-979-9490 Nassau County 516-227-8901 Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) You can provide others with business advice and mentoring. 35 Pinelawn Road, Melville, NY 11747 631-454-0771 The Senior Community Services Employment Program (SCSEP) An employment training program that is designed to assist unemployed, low-income individuals 55 years of age or older interested in re-entering the workforce. Suffolk & Nassau Counties 516-307-1422 The Suffolk County One-Stop Employment Center The center provides comprehensive employment services including access to services such as job listings, assessment of skill levels, employment search and placement assistance. 631-853-6666 Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) Full range of services that may be needed by persons with disabilities throughout their lives through its administration of both the special education and vocational rehabilitation programs. 800-222-5627 Willing Hearts and Helpful Hands Provides enhanced respite care for the caregivers. 271-11 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 718-289-2100 x 4296 Serves: Nassau & Queens 21

Healthcare Professionals Geriatric Medicine Suffolk County Dr. Barry H. Balot 150 East Sunrise Highway Suite 101 Lindenhurst, NY 11757 631-225-6200 Dr. Arary Canavarros 400-H Horseblock Road Farmingville, NY 11738 631-451-2211 (House Calls) Ronald M. Dunphy, D.O. 150 Islip Avenue, Suite 6 Islip, NY 11751 631-581-2433 (House calls)

Nassau County Dr. Mohammad Akhtar 90 Rockaway Parkway Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-312-6456 Dr. Fred Arrendondo 33 Nancy Boulevard Merrick, NY 11566 516-378-4818 (House calls) Dr. Jeffrey Berger Division of Geriatrics Winthrop University Hospital Mineola, NY 11501 516-663-2588 Dr. Capobianco 1 School Street Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-671-9800 Dr. Adam Cohen 2800 Marcus Avenue, Suite 203 New Hyde Park, NY 11042 516-775-9090

Dr. Brijesh Goyal Dr. Vinod Gulati 333 Broadway Avenue Amityville, NY 11701 631-789-2020 Island House Doctor 88 Arkay Drive Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-514-7578 (House Calls) Director of Geriatric Services Good Samaritan Medical Center West Islip, NY 11795 631-376-3671

Dr. Jay P. Slotkin East End Geriatric & Adult Medicine PO Box 1437 Southold, NY 11971 631-765-1414 Dr. Suzanne Fields 205 N. Belle Mead Road E. Setauket, NY 11733 631-444-4630 Dr. Young Lee Limb VA Medical Center 79 Middleville Road Northport, NY 11768 631-261-4400

Dr. Ramsey Fakhuri 4103 Queens Boulevard Sunnyside, NY 11104 718-472-3870 Dr. Mauro Gasparini 119 New York Avenue Massapequa, NY 11758 516-799-2555 North Shore LIJ House Calls Program Nassau and Suffolk County 516-876-4100 Queens 718-830-4327 Dr. Reinaldo Guitierrez 380 South Oyster Bay Rd. Hicksville, NY 11801 516-942-3330 Dr. Gisele Wolf-Klein Parker Jewish Geriatric Institute New Hyde Park, NY 11042 516-586-1700 or 516-378-4818

Dr. Peter Kurzweil Dr John Ferraro 235 Forest Avenue Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-671-7776 Dr. Geraldine Lanman 1 Delaware Drive, Suite 48 Lake Success, NY 11042 516-326-5320 Dr. Lucy Macina Dr. Irving H. Gomolin Division of Geriatrics Winthrop Hospital Mineola, NY 11501 516-663-2588 Dr. Christian Nahas 3 California Place South Island Park, NY 11558 516-431-0698


Tel: 631-874-3032 Fax: 631-874-4105 OUTPATIENT SERVICES ALSO AVAILABLE OUTPATIENT SERVICES AVAILABLE AT THESE AT THESE LOCATIONS: Plainview, Brandywine’s Huntington LOCATIONS: Somerset Gardens – Plainview, Brandywine’s Huntington Terrace and – Melville andSenior SunriseLiving Senior of Living Terrace – Melville Sunrise Eastof East Setauket, Holbrook, and Brooklyn Setauket, HolbrookEast andMeadow Brooklyn 22

Healthcare Professionals Neurologists Suffolk County Dr. Norman Pflaster South Shore Neurological Associates 280 Montauk Highway Bay Shore, NY 11706 631-666-3939 Patchogue: 631-758-1910 Southampton: 631-287-2500

Dr. Max Rudansky Does driving assessments. 755 New York, Suite 309 Huntington, NY 11742 631-351-1250 Dr. Michael Sauter St Charles Diagnostic & Tx Clinic 200 Belle Terre Road Port Jefferson, NY 11777 631-474-6300

Neuro Health of Huntington 755 New York Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 631-351-1250

Nassau County Dr. Padmajor Aradya 4230 Hempstead Turnpike Suite 106 Bethpage, NY 11714 516-520-5507

Dr. Marc L. Gordon 26901 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 718-470-7366

Dr. Alan Mazurek 71 Merrick Road, Suite 401 Rockville Centre, NY 11570 516-536-8300

Psychiatrists East End Neuropsychiatric Associates P.C. Dr. Alan Steinberg 2539 Middle Country Road Suite 4 Centereach, NY 11720 631-737-6434

Dr. Mark Sedler Dr. Lory Bright-Long Alzheimer’s Assistance Center 100 Nicholls Road Stony Brook, NY 11790 631-444-2399 Email:

Clinical Neuropsychologists Suffolk County Neuropsychological Associates, PLLC Dr. Robert Villanella 500 West Main St., Suite 208 Babylon, NY 11702 631-482-1200

Dentists Catholic Charities Dental Services Medicaid and Sliding Scale 333 N. Main Street Freeport, NY 11520 516-623-4420 Visident Dental Services (House calls) Dr. Frank Andriani, DDS Dr. William Stone, DDS 718-423-8797

Dr. Kristen Demertzis Southside Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic Neuropsychology Division 301 East Main Street Bay Shore, NY 11706 631-968-3714 Dr. Russell Karmel, DDS 41 Tain Drive Great Neck, NY 11021 516-829-8314 (House calls ) Stony Brook School of Dental Medicine 631-632-8989

Eye Care Services for the Homebound Visiting Eye Care Services 307 Collins Lane W. Hempstead, NY 11552 Nassau, Queens and Suffolk County 516-565-2616

Wheel of Vision Nassau and Suffolk County 888-303-4687


Nassau County Dr. Susan Farella-Bush, PhD 1800 Rockaway Avenue Suite 206 A Hewlett, NY 11557 516-792-5683

Dr. Steven Kalt, DDS 400 South Oyster Bay Road Suite 105 Hicksville, NY 11801 516-931-7722 (House calls)

Healthcare Professionals At Home Audioloist Services Home Audiology Services 250 Montauk Highway East Moriches, NY 11940 631-878-1992

Podiatric Services for the Homebound Dr. Andrew Bier 41 Market Drive Syosset, NY 11791 516-681-3668 Dr. Ester Hansen 1745 Union Boulevard Bayshore, NY 11706 631-665-5200

Wound Care Centers

Mather Memorial Hospital 5225-53 Route 347 Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 631-474-4590 1895 Walt Whitman Road Melville, NY 11747 631-249-2347

Research/Clinical Services Good Samaritan Senior Assessment Program 100 Montauk Highway West Islip, NY 11795 631-376-3671

Dr. Jeff Schneller 4555 43rd Street Sunnyside, NY 11104 718-729-1952

Dr. Peter Shapiro Medicare Accepted 516-637-2671

South Nassau Wound Care Center 440 Merrick Road Oceanside, NY 11572 516-764-4325 Wound Healing and

Hyperbaric Medicine at St. Joseph’s Hospital 4295 Hempstead Turnpike Bethpage, NY 11714 516-520-2788

The Litman-Zucker Center Memory Disorders and Alzheimer’s Disease 350 Community Drive Great Neck, NY 11020 516-487-3492

House Calls Referral Inc.

Visits to you in the comfort of your home. They provide physicians, x-rays, lab work, ultrasound testing, ekg, halter monitors, oxygen, prescriptions etc. 866-268-0257 seven days a week, 24 hours a day.



more than just a place to live... A BETTER WAY OF LIFE 286 North Ocean Avenue • Patchogue, New York Phone: 631-475-0445 Web:

• Transportation Services Programs to Increase • Assisted Living with • • Special Diets Observed Awareness for those with Supervision 24 Hours per • Medication Management Cognitive Impairments Day, 365 Days per Year • Post-Hospital/Rehab Care 25

Home Care Home care is a broad range of health care and supportive services provided in people’s homes. Services provided by home care agencies are skilled or custodial. Skilled services are provided by health care professionals such as Registered Nurses (RN), Physical Therapists (PT), Speech Therapists (ST), Occupational Therapists (OT) and Medical Social Workers (LCSW). Custodial Care includes activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, meal preparation, feeding, toileting, dressing, supervision or any other care that does not require a health care professional. These services are provided by a Home Health Aide (HHA) or a Personal Care Aide (PCA).

Certified Home Health Care Agency (CHHA) These agencies provide Short Term Services that usually occur after a 3 day stay or more, in hospital or short term-rehabilitation stay. If services are needed while in the community a referral must be made by your physician. In general, the goal of home health care is to provide treatment for an illness or injury. It helps you get better, regain your independence, and become as self-sufficient as possible. If you have long-term health problems, the goal of home health care is to maintain your highest level of ability or health, and help you learn to live with your illness or disability. This is for patients who need intermittent skilled professional care 2-3 times a week for several weeks. The visit ranges from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the care required. The patient may receive daily or twice daily visits for wound care or medication management such as insulin or intravenous antibiotics. The patient needs to be self-directing or a family is taught to perform the care by the visiting nurse. The visiting nurse evaluates the patients custodial care needs in the home and then determines the amount of Home Health Aide hours to be provided. A Home Health Aide is provided only if the patient is receiving skilled services. A prescription is required from your doctor. You must be homebound or normally unable to leave home unassisted. To be homebound means that leaving home takes considerable and taxing effort. A person may leave home for medical treatment or short, infrequent absences for non-medical reasons, such as a trip to attend religious services. You can still get home health care if you attend adult day care. Medicare and most insurance cover services provided by a certified agency.

CaringPeople Home Healthcare Agency

Setting the Standard in Private Duty Home Healthcare UPrivate Duty Bedside in Hospital or Rehab UMedication Prepour Program U"ffices in New York, New Jersey & Florida UÓ{ÊœÕÀÊÊ`>y, 7 Days A Week availability U œ“«ˆ“i˜Ì>ÀÞÊ"˜‡-ˆÌiÊ œ˜ÃՏÌ>̈œ˜s

UHome Health Aide Services URN/LPN Visits and Hourly UNurse Case Management UVent Care/Wound Care/Trach Care U ˆi˜Ìʈ>ˆÃœn

718 U 425 U 4600 or 631U 870 U 6900 WWW.CARINGPEOPLEINC.COM


631-383-4341/ 516-750-0035


Home Care Suffolk County Brookhaven Hospital 631-758-3600 Catholic Home Care 631-696-1002

Dominican Sisters 631-728-0181 Gentiva Health Services 631-232-6030

Nassau County Able Health Care Service Inc 516-933-7000 Extraordinary Home Care 516-471-9300 Family Care 516-932-7799 Gentiva Health Services 516-746-8013

Good Samaritan Hospital 631-969-8200 Peconic Bay Homehealth 631-548-6432 Visiting Nurse Service 631-261-7200

Long Beach Medical Center 516-897-1300 LIJ Medical Center 516-326-6500 North Shore Home Care 516-876-5200 South Nassau Hospital 516-377-5000

Staff Builders 516-935-3737 VIP 516-292-9300 VNA of Long Island 516-739-1270 Winthrop Hospital 516-633-8000

Licensed Home Care Agency

These agencies are licensed by New York State and provide long term medical and non-medical services such as assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL); Nursing Care, Personal Care Aide (PCA), Home Health Aides (HHA), housekeeping, social work, occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, high tech services such as feeding tubes and IV’s, supplies and equipment, and case management. Community Medicaid will cover nursing and PCA services if approved by the Department of Social Services. There does not need to be a skilled need in order to receive PCA assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing dressing toileting and feeding. Hours of care through the Department of Social Services varies depending on need. The patient can also pay privately or use some Long term care insurance policies for continuous care. Suffolk County Able Health Care Services Inc 631-952-0500 Access Home Care 631-476-3600 Advanced Care 631-391-9670 Aides at Home 631-666-9226 All County Health Care 631-328-1117 All Metro 631-422-2300 Attentive Care 631-587-3366 Bayada Home Care 631-863-3700 Best Care 631-666-2888 Caring Hands Home Care 631-736-3073

Caring People Inc 631- 870-6900 Castle Staff Service 631-421-2857 Community Care Companions 888-886-2433 Critical Health Care 631-473-4036 Dignity Home Care 631-271-2211 Gurwin Home Care Agency 631-493-1282 Helping Hands 631-261-0403 Interim 631-689-8920 Island Home Care 631-289-6223 28

Jzanus Home Care 631-207-9242 Maxim of NY 631-382-5004 MEA Health Care 631-654-5626 People Care 631-207-2179 Personal Touch 631-234-1121 Premier Home Health Care 631-979-8009 Recco Home Care 631-653-5500 South Shore Home Health 631-567-6555 Star Multi Care 631-423-6689 Utopia 631-544-0462

Putting The Care In Home Care Services are provided in-home, in a hospital setting or an assisted living community. Our entire staff has been carefully selected and our intense screening process ensures the quality of our services. All services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us today for a free in-home assessment. Home Health Aides • Personal Care Aides • Housekeepers/Homemakers Registered Nurses • Licensed Practical Nurses


“Dedicated To Promoting Independence With Quality Care”


Toll Free 866-310-ACCESS (2223) | Most Insurance Plans Accepted

My Dad needs a little bit of support. Not a new address.

At Home Companion Services we help the people you care about continue to live active and full lives in the comforts of their own home. > Companionship & Non-Medical Support Services for the Elderly and the Physically Challenged > Escorting to Doctor and Other Appointments > Meal Preparation/Light Housekeeping > Shopping/Errands > Social Interaction and Recreation > Hourly/Overnight/Live-In

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> All Companions are Screened, Bonded, Insured and Background Checked > Companions Trained in the Special Needs of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patients > 365 Days/24-Hour Message Service > Respite for Caregivers

Home Care Nassau County A & B Health Care 516-938-5225 Able Health Care 516-933-7000 Aides at Home 516-538-2176 All Metro 516-887-1200 Ambassador Home Care 516-432-3211 Attentive Care 516-822-2080 Bayada Nurses 516-222-0092 Best Care 516-731-3535 Better Home Health Care 516-763-3260

Comfort Keepers 516-328-7100 Dignity Home Care 516- 222-6001 Extended Care 516-932-0900 Guiding Light Home Care 516-445-9373 Gurwin Home Care Agency 516-539-2300 Helping Hands 516-489-6810 Home Care Therapies 516-719-3888 Infusion Healthcare 516-292-2961 Jzanus Home Care 516-437-4747

MEA Health Care 516-797-1606 People Care 516-433-2600 Personal Touch 516-227-3400 Premier Home Health Care 516-292-1500 Recco Home Care 516-798-6688 South Shore Home Health 516-741-0400 Star Multi Care 631-423-6689 Utopia 516-334-4807

Non Medical/Companion Agency

This is a professional service providing seniors in need of non-medical practical care and companionship at home. They will give you or your loved one the necessary assistance needed to maintain a safe and independent lifestyle. Medication reminders, meal preparation, laundry, light housekeeping, and socialization are just some of the non-medical services that these agencies provide. These services are on a private pay basis. Aging at Home 516-746-6451 Assistance for Daily Living 631-724-6157 Care Connection Inc. 516-409-0006 Community Care Companions 888-886-2433 Europa Employment Agency 516-431-4302

Family First 631-439-6829 Friends at Home 631-968-1300 Home Companion Svcs. 631-473-0700 Home Instead Senior Care 866-996-1087

Senior Companion Inc. 631-581-9000 Senior Helpers 516-408-3165 There’s No Place Like Home 516-396-4740

Health Care Services for you or someone you love * Bathing/Grooming * Meal Preparation * Medication Reminders

* Light Housekeeping * Companionship

* Errands

Personal Care Aides * Home Health Aides * Live-In Aides

Free Assessment by a Registered Nurse NYS Licensed * Insured and Bonded * 24 hours/7 days a week Nassau—(516) 822-2080 ~ Suffolk—(631) 587-3366 76 North Broadway, Hicksville, NY 11801 375 Deer Park Avenue, Suite 1, Babylon, NY 11702 30

Home Care Long Term Home Health Care Program (LTHHCP )

The “The Lombardi Program� or “Nursing Home without Walls� is a way for the chronically ill and disabled persons over the age of 18 who have ongoing health care needs to receive care in their homes. The hallmark of this program is case management by a Registered Nurse. An interdisciplinary team of health care professionals provides assessments, visits, and delivery of ongoing care in the home. The patient must require 3 kinds of services to qualify for this program. The services may include Nursing Care, Home Health Aide, Medical Supplies/ Equipment, Physical, Occupational or Speech Therapies, Audiology Services, Social Work, Nutrition, Personal Care Services and Homemaker/Housekeeper Services. If you qualify for Medicaid you may be eligible for this program. You may also pay privately. Suffolk County Brookhaven Hospital 101 Hospital Road East Patchogue, NY 11772 631-654-7100 Dominican Sisters 103-6 West Montauk Highway Hampton Bays, NY 11946 631-728-0181 175 North Ocean Avenue Suite B Medford, NY 11763 631-207-1170 Good Samaritan 15 Park Avenue, Suite 200 Bay Shore, NY 11706 631-224-8696 Nassau County Cold Spring Hills 378 Syosset-Woodbury Road Woodbury, NY 11797 516-622-7820 Family Care 120 West John Street Hicksville, NY 11801 516-932-7799 Franklin Hospital Home Care 900 Franklin Avenue Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-881-7100

Y Your home, y your health, your y choice.


Gurwin Jewish 5036 Jericho Turnpike Suite 202 Commack, NY 11725 631-387-2160 Lutheran Home Care 33 Walt Whitman Road, Suite 220 Huntington Station, NY 11746 631-423-3502 Lutheran Health Care 390 RabroDrive, 2nd Floor Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-761-5444

Our Lady of Consolation 111 Beach Drive West Islip, NY 11795 631-224-8518 St Johnland Home Care 395 Sunken Meadow Road Kings Park, NY 11754 631-269-5800 St Mary’s Healthcare System 6 Ohio Drive New Hyde Park, NY 11040 718-281-8600

Long Beach Medical Center Home Care 249 East Park Avenue Long Beach, NY 11561 516-897-1300 Parker Jewish Home Care 1 Delaware Drive Lake Success, NY 11042 516-586-1500 St Mary’s Healthcare System 6 Ohio Drive New Hyde Park, NY 11040 718-281-8600

South Nassau Home Care 1 Healthy Way Oceanside, NY 11572 516-377-5000 VNA of LI 100 Garden City Plaza Garden City, NY 11530 516-739-1270 Winthrop Home Care 290 Old Country Road Mineola, NY 11501 516-663-8000







Home Care Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP)

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program is a program for Community Medicaid recipients in need of home care services. You, the consumer, directs your own care by choosing who you work with. You hire, train and supervise your personal assistant. This assistant can be anyone you want; a friend, neighbor, former aide, or family member. It cannot be a spouse, parent or designated representative. To be eligible for CDPAP, an individual must be Medicaid eligible, be eligible for home care services, personal care services, or private duty nursing, require some or total assistance with one or more home care, personal care, or skilled nursing service, have a stable medical condition; and be self-directing or have a designated representative who is willing and competent to assume the roles and responsibilities that go with the program. You, the consumer works with a “fiscal intermediary” who on your behalf administers payroll and tax withholdings required by State and Federal law. They do not manage anything that is related to direct care. Please see below for a list of agencies that act as “fiscal intermediaries.” Also you can go to for more information about the program. Suffolk County South Shore Home Health Services, Inc. Recco Home Care Service, Inc. 631-567-6555 ext. 16 Smithtown 631-360-0066 East Quogue 631-653-5500 Nassau County Recco Home Care Service, Inc. Concepts of Independent Choices, Inc. 516-798-6688 516-248-4040 Long Island Center for Independent Living, Inc. South Shore Home Health Services, Inc. Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program 631-567-6555 ext. 16 516-796-0144

Managed Long-Term Care (MLTC)

Managed long-term care (MLTC) helps people who are chronically ill or have disabilities and who need health and long-term care services, such as home care or adult day care, and ancillary and ambulatory services (inlcuding dentistry, and medical equipment), stay in their homes and communities as long as possible. The MLTC plan arranges and pays for a large selection of health and social services, and provides choice and flexibility in obtaining needed services from one place. In order to be on an MLTC program, you need to be on Medicaid. Members get services from their primary care physicians and inpatient hospital services using their Medicaid and/or Medicare cards. Agewell Senior Health Partners Elder Serve 866-586-8044 800-633-9717 800-370-3600 Center Light VNS HIP 877-226-8500 800-675-0391 877-411-3625 Elder Plan Guildnet 866-360-1934 800-932-4703

Consumer-Directed Home Care at an affordable cost For more info call us toll free 855-322-2746 Serving Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester & the 5 boroughs of NYC 32

Whatever your need, Community Care is there. From the completion of basic tasks and household chores, enabling safe, secure living for the elderly, ill, those recovering from injury or surgery, or performing skilled medical services, Community Care will provide an individualized plan to meet your needs, schedule and budget.


Personal Assistants Companion Care Home-Maker Services (Light Housekeeping, Meal Prep) Transportation Assistants

Skilled Care / Licensed Home Care Personal Care Aides Home Health Aides Licensed Practical Nurses Registered Nurses

Nursing Assessments and Patient Review Instrument (PRI) Screens

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Home Care Respite

Respite care is short term care that helps a family take a break from the daily routine and stress of caregiving. It can be provided in the client’s home or in settings such as an assisted living or skilled nursing facility. Respite care is an essential part of the overall support that families may need to keep their loved ones at home. Contact your town office for the aging for further respite options. Alzheimer’s Association 3281 Veterans Memorial Highway, Suite E-13, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Suffolk County 631-580-5100 Nassau County 516-935-1033 Parker Jewish Alzheimer’s & Dementia Social Day Care Open 6 days a week 7am-7pm and Sat 9am-11pm. We are able to provide short term respite, bathing and transportation. 271-11 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 516-247-6500 x2105 718-289-2105 Serves: Nassau County and Queens EAC Senior Respite Program The Senior Respite Program offers in-home supervision for older adults with chronic disease or dementia. There is a sliding scale fee. Free nurse assessment and affordable companion once a week are available. 516-539-0150 ext 217 Federation of Organizations Respite program enabling caregivers to take a well deserved break from the emotional and physical stress often experienced in meeting the demands of daily caregiving. 631-321-8229 Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation (LIAF) The Alzheimer’s Companion Program offers short term respite care every other week to families of persons suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. 516-767-6856 Professional Health Trends (PHT) PHT is a network of licensed home care agencies with funding to provide low cost or free respite care to give caregivers a chance for a little well deserved time off. 516-741-0475 Willing Hearts Helpful Hands Volunteers provide family caregivers of older adults with respite. Offered by Parker Jewish Institute for Healthcare and Rehabilitation. 271-11 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 718-289-2100 x4296

    



1(877) 847-5934


. Our 21 bed licensed adult home is family owned and operated since 1956. We have a reputation for excellent care with a dedicated staff of 12 that gives all inclusive loving care to all of our residents 24 hours a day. Our residents are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities to keep them mentally and physically stimulated throughout the day. We are small enough to give attention to each and every one of our residents no matter what their needs may be. Call Mary Alfano RN/Owner today to come in and see what we have to offer, you will be pleasantly surprised!


Hospice Hospice is a special concept designed to provide care and comfort measures, such as pain management, to the terminally ill. A patient has to be diagnosed as having 6 months or less to live. Hospice agencies can come to your home, an assisted living or nursing home. There are also some free standing hospice homes. The team is made up of clinical staff as well as volunteers. It is covered by Medicare. Brookhaven Memorial Hospital 105 West Main Street Patchogue, NY 11772 631-687-2960 Serves: Suffolk Calvary Home Health Agency & Hospice Care 1740 Eastchester Road Bronx, NY 10461-2300 718-518-2465 Serves: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Nassau, Rockland, and Westchester Comprehensive Community Hospice at Parker Jewish Institute 1 Delaware Drive Lake Success, NY 11042 516-586-1575 718-289-2800 x1575 Serves: Nassau and Queens– Inpatient & Community patients

East End Hospice 481 Westhampton-Riverhead Rd. West Hampton, NY 11978 631-288-8400 Serves: Suffolk Good Shepard Hospice 245 Old Country Road Melville, NY 11747 631-465-6300 Serves: Nassau and Suffolk Hospice Care Network 99 Sunnyside Boulevard Woodbury, NY 11797 516-832-7100 Serves: Nassau, Queens and Suffolk Hospice of NY 45-18 Court Square, Suite 500 Long Island City, NY 11101 516-222-1211 Serves: Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, and Nassau

Jewish Hospice of Greater NY 6323 Seventh Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11220-4742 718-921-7900 Serves: Queens, Nassau, Bronx, Kings and New York The Landsberg Community Hospice Parker Jewish Institute 271-11 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 110401433 Visiting Nurse Service & Hospice of Suffolk 101 Laurel Road East Northport, NY 11731 631-930-9399 Serves: Suffolk

• Caregiver Support Groups • In-Home Respite Services • Social Adult Day Programs • Cognitive Stimulation & Socialization Programs for Early-Stage Individuals • Counseling, Information and Referral Services • On-site Physical Therapy • Door-to-door Transportation Available • Proactive Brain Fitness Classes


Hospitals and Discharge Planning Discharge planning is a service provided to assist patients with arranging the care needed following their hospital or rehab stay. Discharge planners help to arrange for services including home care visits, nursing home placement, rehabilitative care, out-patient medical treatment and other services required after leaving the hospital or rehab setting. Discharge planning is usually handled by the facilities Social Services Department or Care Management Department. Although discharge planners work for the facility, they are also advocates for patients. Sometimes those interests conflict. Discharge planners and Social Workers are like health care traffic cops, patrolling a maze of medical, economic and social challenges. Families may not realize that while the discharge planners have the patients best interest at heart, they are also responsible for abiding by the regulations of the insurance companies and administrative policies of the facility. The discharge planning process begins on the day of admission. It is important for families to forge a relationship with the discharge planners so the process goes smoothly. Discharge planning involves the patient, family, medical and rehabilitation staff. The purpose of discharge planning is to help the patient continue their improvement outside of a hospital or rehab setting and transition safely back into a home environment. Some of the things discharge planning can include are ensuring that the patient has a safe place to live after discharge from a hospital or rehab setting, determining what types of care, assistance, or special equipment will be needed, arranging for more healthcare services in the home, and identifying community support systems. Typically after discharge from the hospital you may be entitled to home care services provided by Medicare or your insurance carrier. These services can include a visiting nurse, physical and occupational therapy, or personal care at home with an aide. It is important to realize that these services are time limited and are not available to all individuals. Additional options are available on a private pay basis. Remember that the discharge planners and Social Workers are there to help you through what is likely to be a very stressful time and they do their best everyday working within the constraints of the hospital, rehab facilities and insurance procedures to assist in arranging for an appropriate plan upon discharge. • SKILLED NURSING & REHABILITATION CENTER • Nobody shares more in your desire for the best care of your loved one than the experienced medical and rehabilitative team at Broadlawn Manor. Providing the highest level of medical care and therapeutic treatments, our Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center will keep them healthy, happy and socially active. • Board Certified and Licensed Medical Professionals • 24-Hour Skilled Nursing Care • Leading Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Program • Dedicated Alzheimer’s Unit and Family Support Groups • Innovative Technology and Proven Treatments • Certified Vital StimulationTM Therapy Provider

Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

631-608-5600 •

399 County Line Road

Amityville, NY 11701

A Member of the North Shore-LIJ Health System

The Choice. The Provider Provider of Choice. Caring For People Dignity and Compassion. We With Care For People. 37

Hospitals and Discharge Planning Suffolk County Brookhaven Memorial Hospital 101 Hospital Road East Patchogue, NY 11772 General Information: 631-654-7100 Social Work Dept.: 631-654-7352 Eastern Long Island Hospital 201 Manor Place Greenport, NY 11944 General Information: 631-477-1000 Social Work Dept.: 631-477-1000 ext 179 Good Samaritan Hospital 1000 Montauk Highway West Islip, NY 11795 General Information: 631-376-3000 Social Work Dept.: 631-376-4111 Care Management Dept.: 631-376-3320 Huntington Hospital 270 Park Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 General Information: 631-351-2000 Social Work Dept.: 631-351-2227 John T Mather Hospital 75 North Country Road Port Jefferson, NY 11777 General Information: 631-473-1320 Social Work Dept.: 631-473-2746

Peconic Bay Medical Center 1300 Roanoke Avenue Riverhead, NY 11901 General Information: 631-548-6000 Social Work Dept.: 631-548-6430 Care Management Dept.: 631-548-6881 Southampton Hospital 240 Meeting House Lane Southampton, NY 11968 General Information: 631-726-8200 Social Work Dept.: 631-726-8356 Care Management Dept.: 631-726-8334 South Oaks Hospital Geriatric Inpatient Psychiatric Care 400 Sunrise Highway Amityville, NY 11701 General Information: 631-264-4000 Social Work Dept.: 631-608-5305 Southside Hospital 301 E. Main Street Bayshore, NY 11706 General Information: 631-968-3000 Social Work Dept.: 631-968-3424 Care Management Dept.: 631-968-3114

St Charles Hospital 200 Belle Terre Road Port Jefferson, NY 11777 General Information: 631-474-6000 Social Work Dept.: 631-474-6357 St Catherine’s Hospital Route 25 A Smithtown, NY 11787 General Information: 631-862-3000 Social Work Dept.: 631-862-3515 Stony Brook University Hospital Stony Brook, NY 11790 General Information: 631-689-8333 Social Work Dept.: 631-444-2552 Veterans Medical Center 75 Middleville Road Northport, NY 11768 General Information: 631-261-4400 Social Work Dept.: 631-266-6078

No one should have to move alone. Helping you plan, sort, pack & move your cherished belongings. CRTIFSIED T




0HONE 516 357-9820 &AX516 794-2440 'ARDINERS!VENUEs,EVITTOWN .EW9ORK

Diane Landau Certified Relocation Transition Specialist


Hospitals and Discharge Planning Nassau County Franklin Hospital Medical Center 900 Franklin Avenue Valley Stream, NY 11580 General Information: 516-256-6000 Social Work Dept.: 516-256-6440 Care Management Dept.: 516-256-6005 Long Beach Medical Center 455 E. Bay Drive Long Beach, NY 11561 General Information: 516-897-1000 Social Work Dept.: 516-897-1085 Long Island Jewish Medical Center 270-05 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 General Information: 718-470-7000 Social Work Dept.: 718-470-7540 Care Management Dept.: 718-470-8740 Mercy Medical Center 1000 N. Village Avenue Rockville Center, NY 11570 General Information: 516-594-2720 Social Work Dept.: 516-705-1612 Nassau University Medical Center 2201 Hempstead Turnpike East Meadow, NY 11554 General Information: 516-572-0123 Social Work Dept.: 516-572-4912

St. Josephs Hospital 4295 Hempstead Turnpike Bethpage, NY 11714 General Information: 516-579-6000 Social Work Dept.: 516-520-2462 Northshore University Hospital at Glen Cove St Andrews Lane Glen Cove, NY 11542 General Information: 516-674-7300 Social Work Dept.: 516-674-7407 Case Management Dept.: 516-674-7435 Northshore University Hospital at Manhasset 300 Community Drive Manhasset, NY 11030 General Information: 516-562-0100 Social Work Dept.: 516-562-8415 Care Management Dept.: 516-562-8418 Northshore University Hospital at Plainview 888 Old Country Road Plainview, NY 11803 General Information: 516-719-3000 Social Work Dept.: 516-719-2570

Northshore University Hospital at Syosset 221 Jericho Turnpike Syosset, NY 11791 General Information: 516-496-6400 Social Work Dept.: 516-496-6537 South Nassau Communities Hospital 2445 Oceanside Road Oceanside, NY 11572 General Information: 516-632-3000 Social Work Dept.: 516-632-3925 Care Management Dept.: 516-632-3927 St Francis Hospital 100 Port Washington Road Roslyn, NY 11576 General Information: 516-562-6000 Social Work Dept.: 516-562-6040 Winthrop Hospital 259 First Street Mineola, NY 11501 General Information: 516-663-0333 Social Work Dept.: 516-663-2341

Skilled Nursing Center Head Injury Rehabilitation Unit Skilled Nursing Center • NYS Certified Head Injury Rehabilitation Unit Alzheimer’s/Dementia Subacute Care Alzheimer’s DementiaUnit Unit • Subacute Care Home Health Care Care • Social Social Day Care Home Health Care • Adult Adult Day Day Health Health Care Day Care


395 Sunken Meadow Road, Kings Park, NY 631-269-5800 39

Housing There are several reasons seniors look to make a change in their living arrangements. Many seniors are often house rich and cash poor and unable to maintain their home financially anymore. In addition, many find they lack the physical stamina needed to run their home the way they used to. Seniors may feel the need to move due to a feeling of social isolation, and many more must move due to medical reasons that inhibit them from being able to take care of themselves and the daily activities they once took for granted. The good news is that seniors today have many more options than ever before.

Senior Communities

Realizing that their homes are too big and overwhelming many seniors are wisely opting to scale back by moving into a condo/co-op or a senior apartment community. A key benefit to moving into such a community is that you free yourself from the burden of maintaining a house while at the same time providing a platform to socialize with your peers, which is of paramount importance to our well being and quality of life. There is truly an abundance of senior communities throughout Long Island. The key is finding one in the community of your choice while also finding one that fits you financially.

Subsidized Senior Housing

An affordable housing option is to move to a subsidized senior housing complex. These are complexes for seniors over 62 and the disabled with limited income. In a subsidized complex seniors are required to pay 30 percent of their monthly income toward rent with the other 70 percent being subsidized. There are many wonderful subsidized complexes for seniors throughout Long Island but sadly these complexes can and more than likely will have very lengthy waiting lists, sometimes keeping you waiting for years. While many seniors may not be planning a move in the foreseeable future, as a rule I recommend that if you are 62 or over it is always a good idea to think about putting your name on the waiting list. Make sure to check with your local senior agency to inquire about Section 8. Section 8 will also allow you to pay 30 percent of your income while opening up your options to more apartments then just senior complexes. Again these lists are very long so plan ahead. Catholic charities subsidized housing complexes. Call for application: 516-486-1000 Call for information: 516-733-7076 Nassau County Suffolk County Floral Park Amityville St. Hedwig’s Gardens Thea Bowman Residence Freeport Brentwood Peternana Terrace Paul’s Garden St. Anne’s Gardens Inwood Mary’s Manor Coram George Link Jr. Oceanside Bishop Kellenberg Gardens Central Islip Bishop Mc Gann Village Uniondale Bishop Daly Gardens Hampton Bays St. Agnes Village Bishop Ryan Village Medford Monsignor Henry J Reel Village Selden St. Josephs Village 40

Housing Subsidized housing complexes you can call directly to get on the waiting list. Suffolk County Amityville Andpress Plaza 631-789-3780 Bayshore Bay Towne Village 631-665-4885 Penataquit Village 631-589-7100 Brentwood Broadway West 631-434-9540 Village at Brentwood 631-231-5858 Central Islip Allyn Robinson Village 631-589-7100 Hamilton Village 631-231-5858 Coram Homestead Village 631-732-5600 Deer Park Brookview Commons 631-242-6667

East Hampton Windmill Village I & II 631-324-7195 East Patchogue Avery Village 631-475-7625 Pinehurst at Conifer Village 631-286-2600 Northwood Village 631-475-1800 Greenlawn Paumanack Village I & II 631-261-1121 Paumanack Village III & IV 631-266-5765 Hampton Bays Hampton Bays Apartments 631-728-2242 Woodbridge at Hampton 631-728-5671 Huntington Station Gateway Gardens 631-427-6220

Nassau County Call individual towns for information and applications. Glen Cove North Hempstead 516-671-3161 516-627-6433 Great Neck Oyster Bay 516-482-2727 516-349-1000 Hempstead Village Freeport 516-489-8500 516-623-2508

Whitman Village 631-549-0330 Islip Hemlock Green 631-666-1122 kings Park Kings Park Manor 631-544-5003 Martin Luther Terrace 631-544-7062 Lake Ronkonkoma Brookwood on the Lake 631-981-5212 Oakdale Ockers Gardens 631-589-7100 Riverhead John Wesley Village I Smithtown SienaVillage 631-360-6000

Island Park Village 516-889-7570 Long Beach 516-431-2444 Rockville Center Village 516-536-4343

Services include: Companionship Incidental Transportation Light Housekeeping Meal Preparation Medication Reminders Shopping & Errands Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care

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Housing Independent Housing

Independent housing is like renting an apartment but with many more amenities attached to it. In independent housing complexes you rent an apartment and included in the monthly rate are amenities such as daily or weekly housekeeping and 2 or 3 meals a day depending on the facility, though your apartment will have a full kitchen. You will typically have all of your utilities included except telephone and cable so there are fewer bills to worry about monthly. The biggest asset they offer is all the amenities that come from living in a community within a community. Inside the building within walking distance of your apartment will be things such as a beauty parlor, a library, computer rooms, a gym, a movie theatre, a cocktail lounge, an art room and so much more. Many times there is an area for local doctors to come in and see residents or if you want to see your local doctor they will have transportation for that as well as for social outings and the mundane tasks of shopping, banking and the post office. Think about those rainy snowy days when you cannot get out and you see the advantage of this type of housing; everything you need is right in your building. Of course this option is more expensive than just renting an apartment in a senior complex but you get much more for your money. Atria Cuttermill 96 Cutter Mill Road Great Neck, NY 11021 516-773-8730 Atria Senior Living 4089 Nesconset Highway South Setauket, NY 11720 631-473-8000 Atria on Rosyln Harbor 100 Landing Road Rosyln Harbor, NY 11545 516-626-6900

Brandywine Senior Living at Huntington Terrace 70 Pinelawn Road Melville, NY 11747 631-531-0000 Dominican Village 565 Albany Avenue Amityville, NY 11701-1115 631-842-6286

Hertlin House 675 Portion Road Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 631-981-1880 Plattduetsche Home Society 1150 Hempstead Tpke. Franklin Square, NY 11010-1591 516-352-4252

Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC)

A Continuing Care Retirement Community is a residential community for the remainder of one's life, with a choice of services and living situations. Seniors can move between Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Nursing Home Care based on changing needs at each point in time. In a CCRC you will typically pay an entrance fee and then a monthly rental rate for your apartment. The advantage of a CCRC is that you are guaranteed care at the same rate and in the same facility no matter how your health needs may change. Jeffersons Ferry 1 Jefferson’s Ferry Drive South Setauket, NY 11720 888-233-1330

Peconic Landing 1500 Brecknock Rd. Greenport, NY 11944 888-273-2664

Amsterdam at Harborside 300 East Overlook Port Washington, NY 10050 800-365-0665

“Long Island’s Leader in In-Patient Rehabilitation” 825 Old Country Road

Telephone: Plainview, New516-433-0600 York 11803 Telephone: 516-433-0600


A Liberating Lifestyle Backed By First-Class Health Care The Amsterdam at Harborside offers an independent senior lifestyle unlike anything else available in Nassau County, including: » A wide selection of apartment and penthouse styles » First-class services and amenities for maintenance-free living » Chef-prepared menus served in three dining venues » Social, cultural and educational opportunities » A full continuum of on-site care services at The Tuttle Center The Tuttle Center accepts direct admission for enriched housing, memory support, rehab and nursing services at affordable rates with no entrance fee. We are Medicare-certified and accept many insurance plans.

To schedule a tour or request more information, call toll-free 1-866-954-6564 today. 300 E. Overlook Port Washington, NY 11050 Affiliated with Amsterdam Nursing Home and North Shore-Long Island Jewish Health System. Sponsored by Amsterdam House Continuing Care Retirement Community, Inc., furthering a more than 140-year tradition of quality and excellence.


Housing Assisted Living

If you are or a loved one is thinking of moving due to medical reasons as well as looking for socialization you may want to or need to look in to assisted living. In assisted living you are going to get assistance with what is termed activities of daily living (ADL’s). Not only will they do your laundry, housekeeping and meals they are also able to assist you with bathing dressing, grooming and medication management. In some assisted livings the monthly fee will be all-inclusive while at others they will charge you an additional fee for the personal care you receive. Along with the care and support you receive there will be a tremendous array of recreation programs available to keep the mind and body strong. Many seniors and their families feel assisted living is out of their reach financially but the options are greater than you think. Most Assisted Livings are paid for with private funds, but New York State developed the Assisted Living Program (ALP) in order to provide an affordable care environment for seniors who are income-eligible. Rent and residential services may be funded through the federal and state Supplemental Security Program, and personal care and health-related services may be funded through the Medicaid Program. Some adult homes and enriched housing will accept for base-rate Supplemental Security Income (SSI), based on income and assets. Not all adult homes and enriched housing programs will accept SSI as payment in full, as the monthly rate is insufficient to meet the costs of providing state-required housing and services. As of January 1, 2011, the monthly SSI reimbursement for individuals in Adult Homes or Enriched Housing Programs is $1,368. Suffolk County Arbors Bohemia 1065 Smithtown Ave Bohemia, NY 11716 631-567-3113

Bayview accepts SSI 143 E Main Street Babylon, NY 11702 631-661-3292

Jefferson Ferry 1 Jefferson Ferry Drive South Setauket, NY 11720 631-650-2600

Arbors Hauppauge 1740 Expressway Drive South Hauppauge, NY 11749 631-582-3334

Birchwood Suites 423 Clay Pitts Road East Northport, NY 11731 631-368-5252

Lakeshore 211 Lakeshore Road Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 631-585-8800

Arbors Islandia 1515 Veterans Highway Islandia, NY 11749 631-582-3600

Brandywine 70 Pinelawn Road Melville, NY 11747 631-531-0000

Atria Bayshore 53 Ocean Ave Bayshore, NY 11706 631-206-1200

Bristal East Northport 760 Larkfield Road East Northport, NY 11731 631-858-0100

Atria East Northport 10 Cheshire Place East Northport, NY 11731 631-757-8000

Dawn Hill Adult Home 65 Lisa Drive Northport, NY 11768 631-261-8088

Echo Arms accepts SSI Atria Huntington 204 Patchogue Road 165 Beverly Road Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 Huntington Station, NY 11746 631-473-0166 631-549-3533 Fairlawn Adult Home 301 8th Ave Atria South Setauket East Northport, NY 11731 4089 Nesconset Highway 631-757-7666 South Setauket, NY 11720 631-473-8000 Gables accepts SSI 127 Rider Ave Babylon Beach House Patchogue, NY 11772 23 Yacht Club Road 631-475-3875 Babylon, NY 11702 631-669-3323 Gurwin Jewish Fay J Lindner Residences 50 Hauppauge Road Commack, NY 11725 631-715-8537


Manorhaven accepts SSI 222 Columbia Street Huntington Station, NY 11746 631-549-0226 Maple Rest accepts SSI 61 Rollstone Ave West Sayville, NY 11796 631-589-4840 Maryville Adult Home 70 Greenlawn Road Huntington, NY 11743 631-427-7685 McPeaks Adult Home 286 N Ocean Ave Patchogue, NY 11772 631-475-0445 Medford Hamlet (Assisted Living Program) 1529 North Ocean Avenue Medford, NY 11763 631-576-4264 Missionary Sisters of St Benedict 350 Cuba Hill Road Huntington, NY 11743 631-368-9528 New Brookhaven Townhouse accepts SSI 111 Beaverdam Road Brookhaven, NY 11719 631-286-2500


M ore

70 Pinelawn Road | Melville, NY 11747 | 631.531.0000 Brandywine Senior Living has locations throughout NJ, PA, DE, CT & NY • 1-877-4BRANDY • Relax...We’re here. 45

Housing Pearl Gardens accepts SSI 36 Locust Avenue Islip, NY 11751631-859-3228

Rodden accepts SSI 15 Wittridge Street Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 631-585-1906

Sunrise Holbrook 320 Patchogue Holbrook Road Holbrook, NY 11741 631-289-8400

Pleasant Gardens accepts SSI 396 Middle Road Bayport, NY 11705 631-472-1047

Sachem Adult Home accepts SSI 1298 Coates Ave Holbrook, NY 11741 631-588-4554

Sunrise Smithtown 30 Route 111 Smithtown, NY 11787 631-724-2299

Peconic Landing 1500 Brecknock Road Greenport, NY 11944 631-477-3800

South Bay accepts SSI 33 Cottontail Run Center Moriches, NY 11934 631-878-0758

Sunrise West Babylon 580 Montauk Hwy West Babylon, NY 11704 631-422-8500

Olsens Rest Home PO Box 256 366 Gibbs Pond Nesconset, NY 11767 631-588-5676

Sunrise East Setauket 1 Sunrise Drive East Setauket, NY 11733 631-941-4455

Wittridge 11 Wittridge Road Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779-4117 631-588-4755

Sunrise Dix Hills 337 Deer Park Avenue Dix Hills, NY 11746 631-385-1733

Woodhaven (Assisted Living Program) 1360 Route 112 Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 631-473-3304

Nassau County Amsterdam at Harborside 300 East Overlook Port Washington, NY 11050 800-594-3859

Bristal Lynbrook 8 Freer Street Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-593-2424

Oyster Bay Manor/Harbor House 150 South Street Oyster Bay, NY 11771 516-624-8400

Arbors Westbury 45 Jericho Turnpike Jericho, NY 11753 516-333-6400

Bristal Massapequa 400 County Line Road Massapequa, NY 11758 516-691-0706

Amber Court (Assisted Living Program) 3400 Brush Hollow Road Westbury, NY 11590 516-334-3838

Bristal North Hills 99 South Service Road North Hills, NY 11040 516-869-1300

Plattdeutsche Home 1150 Hempstead Turnpike Franklin Square, NY 11010 516-352-4252

Ridge accepts SSI Whiskey Road PO Box 460 Ridge, NY 11961 631-744-9781

Atria Glen Cove 146 Glen Street Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-671-7008 Atria Great Neck 51 Great Neck Road Great Neck, NY 11020 516-829-4100

Bristal North Woodmere 477 Hungry Harbor Road North Woodmere, NY 11581 516-336-2600 Bristal Westbury 117 Post Ave Westbury, NY 11590 516-333-9828

Atria Lynbrook 100 Penninsula Blvd Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-596-2700

Christian Fellowship House 369 Split Rock Road Syosset, NY 11791 516-922-6040

Atria Plainview 12 Washington Ave Plainview, NY 11803 516-933-0002

Jones Manor on the Bay accepts SSI 59 Bayville Ave Bayville, NY 11709 516-628-1350

Atria Tanglewood 125 Ocean Ave Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-256-0088 Bristal East Meadow 40 Merrick Road East Meadow, NY 11554 516-542-0800

Maple Point (Assisted Living Program) 260 Maple Ave Rockville Center, NY 11570 516-764-4848


The Regency at Glen Cove 94 School Street Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-674-3007 Somerset Gardens 150 Sunnyside Bvld Plainview, NY 11803 516-576-0003 Sunrise East Meadow 1555 Glenn Curtiss Blvd. East Meadow, NY 11554 516-542-0990 Sunrise Glen Cove 39 Forest Avenue Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-656-0575 Sunrise North Lynbrook 53 Franklin Avenue North Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-596-2377 Sunrise Plainview 1231 Old Country Road Plainview, NY 11803 516-932-5151

Housing Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

If you have a complex medical condition you may need to choose a nursing home. To get in to a skilled nursing home in New York State you must first do what is called a PRI (Patient Review Instrument). This is typically done either in a hospital setting or in the community by a nurse certified to do them. A PRI helps to determine if someone is truly in need of a nursing home environment. There is often a lot of negative press about nursing homes, but they have come a long way from what you might think. The senior’s needs are all met in an atmosphere where there is little isolation due to continuous care and many recreational activities. Suffolk County Affinity Skilled Living and Rehabilitation Center 305 Locust Avenue Oakdale, NY 11769 631-218-5900 Apex Rehabilitation Care Center 78 Birchwood Drive Huntington Station, NY 11746 631-423-3200 Avalon Gardens 7 Route 25A Smithtown, NY 11787 631-724-2200 Bellhaven Center For Nursing & Rehabilitation 110 Beaver Dam Road Brookhaven, NY 11719 631-286-8100 Berkshire Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 10 Berkshire Road West Babylon, NY 11704 631-587-0600 Bove Health Center At Jefferson’s Ferry 500 Mather Drive South Setauket, NY 11720 631-650-2600 Broadlawn Manor Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 399 County Line Road Amityville, NY 11701 631-264-0222 Brookhaven Health Care 801 Gazzola Blvd Patchogue, NY 11719 631-447-8800 Carillon Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 830 Park Avenue Huntington Station, NY 11743 631-271-5800 Cedar Lodge Nursing Home 6 Frowein Road Center Moriches, NY 11934 631-878-4400 East Neck Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 134 East Neck Road West Babylon, NY 11704 631-422-4800

Good Samaritan 101 Elm Street Sayville, Y 11782 631-244-2400 Gurwin Jewish Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 68 Hauppauge Road Commack, NY 11725 631-715-2000 Hamptons Center For Rehabilitation & Nursing 64 Country Road 39 Southampton, NY 11968 631-702-1000 Hilaire Rehabilitaion & Nursing 9 Hilaire Drive Huntington, NY 11743 631-427-0254 Huntington Hills Center For Health & Rehabilitation 400 South Service Road Melville, NY 11747 631-439-3010 Island Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 5537 Expressway Drive North Holtsville, NY 11742 631-758-3336 John J. Foley Skilled Nursing Facility 14 Glover Drive Yaphank, NY 11980 631-852-4400 Lakeview Rehab & Care Center 63 Oakcrest Avenue Middle Island, NY 11953 631-924-8830 Long Island State Veterans Home 100 Patriots Road Stony Brook, NY 11790 631-444-8548 Maria Regina Residence 1725 Brentwood Road Brentwood, NY 11717 631-273-4500 Medford Multicare Center 3115 Horseblock Road Medford, NY 11756 631-730-3000


Mills Pond Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 273 Moriches Road St. James, NY 11780 631-862-8990 Momentum at South Bay 340 East Montauk Highway East Islip, NY 11730 631-581-6400 Nesconset Center For Nursing & Rehabilitation 100 Southern Boulevard Nesconset, NY 11767 631-361-8800 Oak Hollow Nursing Center 49 Oakcrest Avenue Middle Island, NY 11953 631-924-8820 Our Lady Of Consolation 111 Beach Drive West Islip, NY 11795 631-587-1600 Peconic Bay Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 1300 Roanoke Avenue Riverhead, NY 11901 631-548-6260 Peconic Landing 1500 Brecknock Road Greenport, NY 11944 631-477-3800 Petite Fleur Nursing Home 330 Broadway Avenue Sayville, NY 11782 631-567-9300 Port Jefferson Health Care Center 150 Dark Hollow Road Port Jefferson, NY 11777 631-473-4500 Riverhead Care Center For Nursing & Rehabilitation 1146 Woodcrest Avenue Riverhead, NY 11901 631-727-4400 Ross Health Care Center 839 Suffolk Avenue Brentwood, NY 11717 631-273-4700

Housing Smithtown Center For Rehabilitation & Nursing Care 391 North Country Road Smithtown, NY 11787 631-361-2020 San Simeon 61700 Route 48 Greenport, NY 11944 631-477-2110 St. Catherine Of Siena 52 Route 25A Smithtown, NY 11787 631-862-3900

St. James Healthcare Center 275 Moriches Road St. James, NY 11780 631-862-8000 St. Johnland Nursing Center 395 Sunken Meadow Road Kings Park, NY 11754 631-269-5800 Suffolk Center For Rehabilitation & Nursing 25 Schoenfeld Boulevard Patchogue, NY 11772 631-289-7700

Sunrise Manor Center For Nursing & Rehabilitation 1325 Brentwood Road Bay Shore, NY 11706 631-665-4960 Westhampton Care Center 78 Old Country Road Westhampton, NY 11977 631-288-0101 Woodhaven Center Of Care 1360 Route 112 Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776 631-473-7100

Nassau County A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility 875 Jerusalem Avenue Uniondale, NY 11553 516-572-1400 Bayview Nursing & Rehab 1 Long Beach Road Island Park, NY 11558 516-432-0300 Beach Terrace Care Center 640 West Broadway Long Beach, NY 11561 516-431-4400 Belair Care Center 2478 Jerusalem Avenue North Bellmore, NY 11710 516-826-1160

Central Island Healthcare 825 Old Country Road Plainview, NY 11803 516-433-0600 Cold Spring Hills Center For Nursing & Rehab 378 Syosset-Woodbury Road Woodbury, NY 11797 516-622-7700 Daleview Care Center 574 Fulton Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 516-694-9800 Fulton Commons 60 Merrick Road East Meadow, NY 11554 516-222-9300

Garden Care Center 135 Franklin Avenue Franklin Square, NY 11010 516-775-2100 Glen Cove Center For Nursing & Rehabilitation 6 Medical Plaza Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-671-9010 Glengariff Care Center 141 Dosoris Lane Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-676-1100


Housing Grace Plaza Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 15 St. Paul’s Place Great Neck, NY 11021 516-466-3001 Grandell Rehab & Nursing 645 W Broadway Long Beach, NY 11561 516-889-1100 Hempstead Park Nursing Home 800 Front Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-705-9700 Highfield Gardens 199 Community Drive Great Neck, NY 11021 516-365-9229 Lynbrook Restorative Therapy & Nursing 243 Atlantic Avenue Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-562-8054 Marquis Care Center 2 Medical Plaza Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-671-0858 Meadowbrook Care Center 320 W Merrick Road Freeport, NY 11520 516-377-8200 Nassau Extended Care Facility 1 Greenwich Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-565-4800 North Shore Extended Care 300 Community Drive Manhasset, NY 11030 516-562-8054

Oceanside Care Center 2914 Lincoln Avenue Oceanside, NY 11572 516-536-2300 Orzac Center For Extended Care & Rehabilitation 900 Franklin Avenue Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-256-6700 Park Avenue Extended Care Facility 425 National Boulevard Long Beach, NY 11561 516-431-2600 Parker Jewish Institute for Health Care and Rehabilitation 271-11 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 516-247-6500 x2105 718-289-2100 Parkview Care & Rehabilitation Center 5353 Merrick Road Massapequa, NY 11758 516-798-1800 Rockville Nursing Center 41 Maine Avenue Rockville Centre, NY 11570 516-536-7730 Rockville Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 50 Maine Avenue Rockville Centre, NY 11570 516-536-8000 Sands Point Center For Health & Rehabilitation 1440 Port Washington Blvd. Port Washington, NY 11050 516-719-9400

South Shore Healthcare 275 West Merick Road Freeport, NY 11520 516-623-4000 Sunharbor Manor Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation Center 255 Warner Avenue Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 516-621-5400 Townhouse Extended Care Facility 755 Hempstead Turnpike Uniondale, NY 11553 516-565-1900 White Oaks Nursing Home 8565 Jericho Turnpike Woodbury, NY 11797 516-367-3400 Woodbury Center For Health Care 8533 Jericho Turnpike Woodbury, NY 11797 516-692-4100 Woodmere Rehabilitation & Health Care Center 121 Franklin Place Woodmere, NY 11598 516-347-9300

HomeShare Long Island HomeShare Long Island matches older people (60+) living in single family homes with younger working people needing affordable housing. With the rising cost of living, the benefits of two unrelated people pooling their resources and sharing a home are endless. 631-647-3100 Long Island Housing Services, Inc. Their mission is the elimination of unlawful housing discrimination and promotion of decent and affordable housing through advocacy and education. 640 Johnson Avenue, Suite 8, Bohemia, NY 11716 Suffolk County 631-467-5111 Nassau County 516-292-0400 Seniors Right to Break a Lease A person age 62 or older may break a lease on thirty days notice to enter a nursing home, subsidized housing, assisted living or the home of a relative, if a doctor certifies that the move is medically necessary. When writing your landlord refer to Real Prop Section 227-A. 49

Legal and Advocacy Services Nassau/Suffolk Law Services Committee Inc.

Provides free legal assistance to seniors. They also help with debt collector letters. Suffolk County Touro Law Center Senior Citizens’ Law Program Provides legal services without charge to Suffolk County residents 60 years or older. 225 Eastview Drive Central Islip, NY 11722 631-761-7470 Islandia Office (Serves Suffolk West of Route 112) 1757 Veterans Highway, Suite 50 Islandia, NY 11749 631-232-2400

Riverhead Office (Serves Suffolk East of Route 112) 313 West Main Street Riverhead, NY 11901-2480 631-369-1112 Nassau County Nassau Law Services Senior Citizens Project 1 Hellen Keller Way Hempstead, NY 11550 516-292-8088

Debt Collector Issues

Debt collectors can’t take Social Security benefits to satisfy their claims; elders are protected by federal and state exemptions. Seniors often get worried when they receive notices in the mail from debt collectors. If you fall behind on your bills, collectors will use stress, fear and shame to get you to pay them. If you look at what you own and your sources of income, it may be that everything you have is exempt. In that case, even if an unpaid creditor sued you, got a judgment and tried to use the law to collect its money, that creditor will get nothing.

National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys

This website will explain the importance of documents you may need as a senior, and will provide you with a directory that can help you to find an elder-care attorney in your area.

Protecting Assets in a Crisis By Jennifer B. Cona, Esq.

Genser Dubow Genser & Cona LLP A loved one needs immediate nursing home care and has not planned ahead. Will the family have to spend-down all assets? Luckily, no. It is still possible to protect one-half of an individual’s assets, even if s/he is already in a nursing home, by using a promissory note. It works as follows: the nursing home resident transfers all of his/her funds (less the permissible resource allowance, currently $14,250) to an individual/ family member. The person receiving the funds signs a note promising to pay back approximately one-half of the monies transferred (the loaned assets), plus interest, to the resident on a monthly basis. The monthly amount to be paid back to the resident is calculated using the nursing home daily rate less the resident’s income. Upon payment of the monthly amount to the resident, the resident writes a check for the same amount to the nursing home. The note repayment amount covers payment to the nursing home during the penalty period (number of months) incurred by the transfer of the other one-half of the assets (the gifted assets). The loan payments are calculated to end at the same time that the penalty period on the gifted assets ends, thereby making the nursing home resident Medicaid eligible on that date. The family member will keep one-half of the assets (the gifted assets) free and clear. Planning in advance is always recommended but clients can take comfort in the fact that not all will be lost. For more information or to see an illustration of how promissory note planning works, please contact us at: or 631-390-5000. 50

ELDER LAW Plan Now! Save Later! Planning is key! Call now for a free copy of “Your Guide to Elder Law & Estate Planning”


Genser Dubow Genser & Cona LLP

225 Broad Hollow Road, Melville, New York 11747

“Preserving Your Assets. Protecting Your Family.”


The guide includes: ♦ Medicaid Planning ♦ Asset Protection Trusts ♦ Medicaid Applications ♦ Estate Planning ♦ Special Needs

Mental Health Empowering Caregivers

by Dawn Friedland-Perez, LCSW How many times as a caregiver have you received advice from a professional about how to care for a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer’s and wonder to yourself what could they possibly know about caregiver stress. Do they understand the feelings of hope that rise up when your loved one is having a good day when you think to yourself that they must have been misdiagnosed. Do they understand the crushing pain in your heart when your loved one has a bad day and you wonder to yourself is this manipulation or laziness? As I write this article, I not only write it as a social worker but also as a caregiver. My husband was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. He is now 50 years old and I am 39. We have two boys ages 5 and 2. I run my own business; I care for the house, the finances, and the children. I make any and all decisions that need to be made. I care for my husband. I make doctor’s appointments. I advocate for his needs both medical and financial. I am also one of you. So as I offer my advice just know that I am somebody that walks the walk and that is why I am able to talk the talk. Caregiving is a double edged sword. Some days you take pride in knowing you are doing the right thing by your loved one. You are able to look in the mirror at the end of the day and say I am doing this because it is the right thing to do. Other days you feel trapped, helpless and hopeless. You get in the car and think…hmmmm if I just keep driving and don’t ever come back will anybody notice. Sometimes you feel so burnt out that it becomes increasingly difficult for you to handle making just one more decision, you feel tired, a sense of impending doom, you can’t sleep because all the what ifs go through your mind, you feel restless, isolated and emotionally exhausted. You have fits of crying. You also become impatient, cynical, frustrated, irritable and resentful of the person you are caring for. As caregivers we have to cope with guilt. I feel like I should take care of my loved one. I worry about what others think of me, I worry about what my loved one thinks of me, I worry that my loved ones needs won’t be met, I worry that my loved one feels scared or alone or unhappy. You have all of these feelings because you are devoting yourself to caregiving. Often times it is unpaid and at your own expense. You are wondering how you are going to keep the roof over your head. It changes the family dynamics and the household is disrupted. The demands that come along with caring for someone else are endless. You can damage both your physical and mental health. You wonder if there really is a light at the end of that tunnel. I am here to tell you that yes there is a light at the end of the tunnel and even though it may seem dim sometimes, it is still there. Often times as caregivers we lose focus on our own needs by putting someone else’s ahead of ours. So we are going to talk about some ways in which to find time for ourselves, care for ourselves and cope with the feelings related to caregiving. An analogy that I often use when talking to fellow care givers is the one about the oxygen mask. How many times have you been on an airplane and you hear the stewardess say “If you need to put on the oxygen mask make sure you put it on yourself first before you help someone else.” Well as caregivers, that is how we have to start to live our lives. If we do not have enough oxygen to breathe, if we do not have enough life force within ourselves to go on then how on earth should we expect ourselves to be able to care for somebody else? I don’t 52

Mental Health want to bore you with all the cliché ideas on how to care for yourself. I decided to share with you some things that I know work because they help me. The first thing we need to do is accept the reality of the situation. That doesn’t mean jump up and down with joy saying I am so happy that this is happening. This means finding acceptance so you can let go of the outcome. Coping is defining what we can and cannot change and learning to accept those things that we cannot change. I found for myself that once I began to accept the reality of the situation, then it became easier for me to cope. I am not saying that I don’t still get angry and call my friends crying or yell at my husband for having a disease; I am saying I was able to put things into place that would help me breathe. When I was still hoping that my husband’s diagnosis wasn’t real, I used valuable energy needed to care for my family by fighting the help I needed, the support I needed and the truth. Ask for help. Don’t try to do it all alone. Taking on all of the responsibilities of caregiving without regular breaks or assistance is a surefire recipe for burnout. Ask for help when you need it. Enlist friends and family who live near you to run errands, bring a hot meal, or “baby-sit” the care receiver so you can take a well-deserved break. There are services to help caregivers in most communities, and the cost is often based on ability to pay or covered by the care receiver’s insurance. Services that may be available in your community include adult day care centers, home health aides, home-delivered meals, respite care, transportation services, and skilled nursing. Seek emotional support. Remember that old adage, “trouble shared is trouble halved”? Share what you’re going through with at least one other person. Turn to a trusted friend or family member, or make an appointment with a counselor or therapist. You can also draw strength from your faith. A caregiver support group is one way to also share your troubles. Seek out people who are going through the same experiences that you are living each day. If you can’t leave the house, many Internet services are available. In most support groups, you’ll talk about your problems and listen to others talk; you’ll not only get help, but you’ll be able to help others, too. Most important, you’ll find out that you’re not alone. You’ll feel better knowing that other people are in the same situation, and their knowledge can be invaluable, especially if they’re dealing with the same illness you are. What I often do is put my friends on alert when I know I am going to have a particularly rough day so they know to call and check on me to give me a pep talk. Take care of yourself. Finding time for ourselves is challenging when we are caregivers and I usually get annoyed when other people tell me this. But it isn’t always the big things like getting out of the house to go shopping or getting your nails done or seeing a movie that help you to take care of yourself. Sometimes it is the small things. I am not saying ignore the big things, but you will have to plan ahead and schedule some me time. I want you to look in the mirror and realize all of the multitasking you do and all the planning that you do. Do the same thing for yourself and schedule that girl’s night out…..and call me when you go! But in the meantime I want you to think about 3 things that give you comfort and make sure you incorporate them into your day. For me music, meditation, and talking to my friends give me comfort. No matter how much time I do not have in a day I always have time for those 3 things. What about reading a book, laughing, breathing, taking a bath with candles, writing your feelings in a journal or blog, or see how long you 53

Mental Health can go without blinking. Anything that will take your mind off your troubles and gives you a few minutes of a reprieve. Even exercise helps to reduce your stress. If I can’t do that I put on the Just DanceWii game and just dance with my kids. Now that is a great cardio work out and it takes the edge off. And last but not least remember that we can control some things, but we cannot control everything. Stress may be beyond our control, but how we handle it is not. How we react to stress is an important factor in how we manage stress. Life is 10% what we make it and 90% how we take it. When people find out about my husband and realize all that I do they are amazed that I still get out of bed every day with a smile on my face. I am a firm believer in creating your own destiny. I don’t mean I created the disease in my husband, but this is what I have been given and now what am I going to do with it. Am I going to allow caregiving to take over my life and define who I am or am I going to find a way to make the best out of it and learn and grow from it. Will I teach others about what I know so they too can learn and grow or will I wither away and remain in the anger and bitterness of it? Every day I make a conscious decision to look towards the positive. To make lemonade out of the lemons. To be a comfort and support to other caregivers. To be grateful for the things in life that I do have. To surround myself with like minded people that do not spiral me down into negativity. To believe that the world is still my oyster. I focus on today and only today. If you look into the past you get depressed about what was. If you look towards the future you get anxious about what will be. All I have is today. There will never be another today. So I make the most of what I was given today. Here is a story that speaks to this. The Window (author unknown) Two men, both seriously ill, occupied the same hospital room. One man was allowed to sit up in his bed for an hour a day to drain the fluids from his lungs. His bed was next to the room’s only window. The other man had to spend all his time flat on his back. The men talked for hours on end. They spoke of their wives and families, their homes, their jobs, their involvement in the military service, where they had been on vacation. And every afternoon when the man in the bed next to the window could sit up, he would pass the time by describing to his roommate all the things he could see outside the window. The man in the other bed would live for those one hour periods where his world would be broadened and enlivened by all the activity and color of the outside world. The window overlooked a park with a lovely lake, the man had said. Ducks and swans played on the water while children sailed their model boats. Lovers walked arm in arm amid flowers of every color of the rainbow. Grand old trees graced the landscape, and a fine view of the city skyline could be seen in the distance. As the man by the window described all this in exquisite detail, the man on the other side of the room would close his eyes and imagine the picturesque scene. One warm afternoon the man by the window described a parade passing by. Although the other man could not hear the band, he could see it in his mind’s eye as the gentleman by the window portrayed it with descriptive words. Unexpectedly, an alien thought entered his head: Why should he have all the pleasure of seeing everything while I never get to see anything? 54

Mental Health It didn’t seem fair. As the thought fermented, the man felt ashamed at first. But as the days passed and he missed seeing more sights, his envy eroded into resentment and soon turned him sour. He began to brood and found himself unable to sleep. He should be by that window – and that thought now controlled his life. Late one night, as he lay staring at the ceiling, the man by the window began to cough. He was choking on the fluid in his lungs. The other man watched in the dimly lit room as the struggling man by the window groped for the button to call for help. Listening from across the room, he never moved, never pushed his own button which would have brought the nurse running. In less than five minutes, the coughing and choking stopped, along with the sound of breathing. Now, there was only silence – deathly silence. The following morning the day nurse arrived to bring water for their baths. When she found the lifeless body of the man by the window, she was saddened and called the hospital attendant to take it away – no works, no fuss. As soon as it seemed appropriate, the man asked if he could be moved next to the window. The nurse was happy to make the switch and after making sure he was comfortable, she left him alone. Slowly, painfully, he propped himself up on one elbow to take his first look. Finally he would have the joy of seeing it all himself. He strained to slowly turn to look out the window beside the bed. It faced a blank wall. Moral of the story: The pursuit of happiness is a matter of choice, it is a positive attitude we consciously choose to express. It is not a gift that gets delivered to our doorstep each morning, nor does it come through the window. The pursuit of happiness is an inward journey. Our minds are like programs awaiting the code that will determine behaviors; like bank vaults awaiting our deposits. If we regularly deposit positive, encouraging, and uplifting thoughts, if we continue to bite our lips just before we begin to grumble and complain, if we shoot down that seemingly harmless negative thought as it germinated, we will find that there is much to rejoice about. I would like to extend a special thank you to Diane Zimmer from Genworth Financial (516-236-3524). I bought Long-term care insurance from her a few years back. Because of her compassion, knowledge and love for what she does, I am able to breathe. Thank you Diane!!

Long Term Care Insurance Long term care insurance helps pay for long term care services needed due to a chronic disease, serious accident, sudden illness, or severe cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s disease, that limits a person’s ability to think or reason. Services may be provided by a health care professional such as a nurse, a home health aide, or other personal care providers such as family members and personal care attendants. Long term care insurance can pay for varying levels of care in a variety of locations, ranging from a few hours of care per week at home to round-the-clock care in a nursing home. These policies are fairly new, so investigate them carefully. Policies can be expensive and in order to have a policy that is more cost effective, you may be offered a policy with a higher deductible period. Even though this sounds cost effective, please be aware that the 100 day waiting period can be very costly in the long run, so plan accordingly.


Mental Health The Assessment and Counseling Center of Long Island Dr. Avraham Calev 1 Edgewood Avenue, Suite 2 Smithtown, NY 11787 631-361-7389 Case Management Evaluation Referral and Assessment (CAMERA) CAMERA coordinates all referrals for case management. It is the responsibility of the case manager to assist the mental health consumer in accessing services that are needed to improve their quality of life, such as housing, outpatient treatment vocational services, day programming and disability benefits. For more information on how to apply for case management services, call 631-853-2995. Mental Health Association of Suffolk County 199 North Wellwood Ave, Suite 2 Lindenhurst, NY 11757 631-226-3900 Mental Health Association of Nassau County 16 Main Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-489-2322 Penninsula Counseling Center 50 W. Hawthorne Avenue Valley Stream, NY 11580 516-374-9253 Project Independence Provides assessments, support groups, counseling and referrals to those town residents age 60 and older. 516-869-6311 Single Point of Entry (SPOE) for Adults All applications for Case Management, Assertive Community Treatment and Assisted Outpatient Treatment are processed through the Nassau County Department of Mental Health where eligibility is determined and assignments are made to the appropriate level of care. 60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard Suite 200 Uniondale, NY 11533-3687 516-227-7057 South Oaks Treatments are provided to senior adults who suffer from acute mood, memory and or behavioral disorders, such as depression, psychosis, anxiety disorder, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, or post traumatic stress. 400 Sunrise Highway Amityville, New York 11701 631-608-5610 Yaphank Adult and Geriatric Center Offering specialized geriatric services which includes a social model day care program free of charge to Brookhaven residents. 31 Industrial Boulevard Medford, NY 11763 631-924-4411 The Zucker Hillside Geriatric Center at North Shore LIJ’s Hillside Hospital A Mental Health Program for Older Adults. They have inpatient, outpatient, general counseling services, day programs as well as services for older adults with memory problems. 76th Avenue and 267th Street Glen Oaks, NY 11004 516 / 718-470-8140 56

Nutrition Programs Suffolk County

The congregate programs* provide seniors with a nutritious mid-day meal and the opportunity to socialize. Home-delivered meals** are brought to your home. Some programs have both congregate and home delivered meals***. Limited transportation is available. A suggested voluntary contribution or food stamps are accepted. Nutrition education and nutrition counseling are available to all who are 60 and over by calling 631-853-8232. Babylon Amityville Meals-on-Wheels** 143 Schleigel Boulevard Amityville, NY 11701 631-842-4123 North Amityville Senior Nutrition* 48-C Cedar Road North Amityville, NY 11701 631-789-3524 Spangle Drive Senior Nutrition* 438 Spangle Drive North Babylon, NY 11703 631-422-7610

Tanner Park Senior Nutrition* Baylawn Avenue & Merrick Road Copiague, NY 11726 631-842-7773 Wyandanch Senior Nutrition* 28 Wyandanch Avenue Wyandanch, NY 11798 631-491-4889

Brookhaven Moriches Home Meal Program** PO Box 135 Center Moriches, NY 11934 631-874-3856 Prime Time Home Delivered Meals** 146 S Country Road, Suite 3 Bellport, NY 11713 631-286-7624 in Selden, Centereach, and Farmingville Bay Area Senior Nutrition*** 369 Neighborhood Road Mastic Beach, NY 11951 631-281-7679 Coram Senior Nutrition*** 1 Homestead Drive, Suite 1 Coram, NY 11727 631-698-9830 Congregate 631-698-0222 Home Delivered

Gordon Heights Senior Nutrition*** 10 Teller Avenue Coram, NY 11727 631-696-1671 ext 13 North Shore Senior Nutrition*** Defense Hill Road/25A Shoreham, NY 11786 631-744-1756 Rose Caracappa Senior Citizen*** 739 Route 25A Mount Sinai, NY 11766 631-476-6446 Patchogue/Bellport Senior Nutrition*** 330 N Dunton Avenue E. Patchogue, NY 11772 631-758-5500

East Hampton East Hampton Senior Nutrition* 128 Springs Fireplace Road East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-6711

Montauk Community Church* Montauk Highway (east of village on south side) Montauk, NY 11954 631-668-1023

HUNTINGTON Huntington Senior Nutrition*** 423 Park Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 631-351-3253 Congregate 631-421-1273 Home Delivered

Huntington Senior Nutrition* St. Hugh of Lincoln 1450 New York Avenue Huntington Station, NY 11746 631-385-1906 57

Nutrition Programs ISLIP Brentwood Nutrition Center*** 16 Second Avenue Brentwood, NY 11717 631-436-6072 631-436-6071 East Islip Joyce Fitzpatrick Senior Nutrition*** 50 Irish Lane East Islip, NY 11730 631-224-5396 Congregate Ronkonkoma Senior Nutrition*** 299 Rosevale Avenue Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 631-467-3324 St. Ann’s Garden Senior Nutrition*** 80100 2nd Avenue Brentwood, NY 11717 631-952-5411

West Islip Senior Nutrition*** 90 Higbie Lane W. Islip, NY 11795 631-893-8934/8932 Congregate Adelante Senior Nutrition* River of Life Church 45 Pineaire Drive Bay Shore, NY 11706 631-231-2049 Oakdale Senior Nutrition* Ockers Gardens Housing 963 Montauk Highway Oakdale, NY 11769 631-472-7023 Town of Islip Nutrition 631-224-5340

RIVERHEAD Riverhead Senior Nutrition*** 60 Shadetree Lane Aquebogue, NY 11931 631-722-4444 ext 736

SHELTER ISLAND Shelter Island Senior Nutrition*** Presbyterian Church Hall, Route 114 Shelter Island, NY 11964 631-749-0642

SMITHTOWN JASA Senior Nutrition Kosher*** Suffolk Y Jewish Community Center 74 Hauppauge Road Commack, NY 11725 631-462-9800 ext 220 Smithtown Senior Nutrition*** 420 Middle Country Road Smithtown, NY 11787 631-360-7616

Supper Club 60* Zan’s Kosher Deli & Restaurant 135 Alexander Avenue Lake Grove, NY 11755 631-979-8770

SOUTHAMPTON Bridgehampton Senior Nutrition*** Southampton Community Center 585 Sag Harbor Turnpike Bridgehampton, NY 11932 631-537-3027 Southampton Community Center*** 25 Ponquoque Avenue Hampton Bays, NY 11946 631-728-1235

Shinnecock Family Preservation Center*** Shinnecock Hills Southampton, NY 11969 631-283-0106

SOUTHOLD Southold Senior Nutrition*** 750 Pacific Street Mattituck, NY 11952 631-298-4460


Nutrition Programs Nassau County

Many of the Multi Service Senior Centers also have congregate or home delivered meals. Call 516-227-8968 for a center near you. Bethel AME Church Senior Lunch Program 420 North Main Street Freeport, NY 11520 516-377-4469 Magnolia Garden Senior Housing 899 Broadway Westbury, NY 11590 516-334-6557 Marys Manor Housing 60 Doughty Boulevard Inwood, NY 11096 516-764-9792 Plainview-Old Bethpage Senior Citizen Club Jamaica Avenue School Plainview, NY 11803 516-937-6424 Port Washington Senior Center 80 Manorhaven Boulevard Port Washington, NY 11050 516-883-6656

Senior Citizens of Westbury Center 360 Post Avenue Westbury, NY 11590 516-334-5886 Senior Mitsva Group, Temple Israel (Kosher Meals) 108 Old Mill Road Great Neck, NY 11023 516-482-2727 Village of Great Neck Housing 700 Middle Neck Road Great Neck, NY 11023 516-482-2727 Visually Impaired Persons (VIP) St James United Methodist Church Lynbrook, NY 11563 516-887-0768

Voluntary/Non-Profit Program Meals-on-Wheels

The voluntary meals-on-wheels program provides two nutritious meals a day, one hot, one cold, five days a week. Meals are delivered by volunteers. There is a small fee for the service. East Hampton Meals-on-Wheels, Inc. 33 Newtown Lane East Hampton, NY 11937 631-329-1669 Huntington Meals on Wheels, Inc. 423 Park Avenue Huntington, NY 11743 631-271-5150/5154 Lake Nutrition Services, Inc. PO Box 374 Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 (Lake Ronkonkoma, Ronkonkoma, Holbrook) 631-467-8948 Lunch on Wheels Those who are recently recuperating and need lunch on a short-term basis, can call their local senior center for availability or call Senior Enrichment. 516-485-8100


Meals-on-Wheels - South Shore, Inc. Blue Point Cottage 39 Montauk Highway Blue Point, NY 11715 (Patchogue, Blue Point, Bellport, Hamlet of Brookhaven) 631-363-5906 Three Village Meals-on-Wheels, Inc. PO Box 853 Stony Brook, NY 11790 (E. Setauket, Setauket, Stony Brook, Terryville, Port Jefferson, Miller Place, Mt. Sinai, North Selden, North Coram and North Centereach) 631-689-7070

Nutrition Programs Other Nutrition Programs Breakfast Program A breakfast program is available five days per week at the Department-funded Freeport Senior Community Service Center, sponsored by the Salvation Army. 516-623-2008 Commodity Supplemental Food Program(CSFP) Low income senior citizens age 60 and over who meet income guidelines are eligible for supplementary food each month. Once certified, seniors may select food from the Catholic Charities’ Mobile Van. Call or visit the CSFP Food Center site. 38 St. John’s Place, Freeport, NY 11520 516-623-4568 or 516-623-4387 For information on the CSFP mobile locations, call 631-491-4166 Discounted Meals for Seniors 4:30-6:30 p.m. seven days a week at Our Lady of Consolation Nursing and Rehabilitation Care Center, 111 Beach Drive, West Islip, NY. For more information call 631-587-1600 ext 8357 Economic Opportunity Commission of Nassau County, Inc. Each Community Action Program has an emergency food pantry. Glen Cove 516-676-4793/4942 Hempstead 516-486-2800 Port Washington 516-883-3201 Roosevelt/Freeport 516-546-6121 Farmers Market Eligible older persons can receive coupons (generally during August and September) to purchase fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers markets. 516-227-8900 Food Pantry There are many community-based food pantries in Nassau County where eligible individuals can obtain basic food items. Call Nassau County Citizen Affairs. 516-227-8900 Homebound Meal Delivery Program Two meals a day are available up to five days per week to eligible homebound persons. Participants are encouraged to make voluntary contributions. 516-227-8900 Interfaith Nutrition Network (INN) This nutrition network provides hot meals without cost at four locations in the County. 211 Fulton Avenue, Hempstead, NY 11550 516-486-8506 Kosher Meal Programs South Shore: The Jewish Association for Services for the Aged sponsors a program at the Long Beach Senior Community Service Center. 516-432-5555 North Shore: The Great Neck Senior Center, Inc., in cooperation with the Senior Mitzva Group, sponsors a program at Temple Israel of Great Neck. 516-482-7800 60

Nutrition Programs Long Island Cares, Inc. This program provides emergency food assistance where and when it is needed and sponsors programs that help families achieve self-sufficiency. 10 Davids Drive Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-582-3663 Lutheran Family and Community Services, Inc. Individuals must be referred by a social worker or member of the clergy. 311 Uniondale Avenue Uniondale, NY 11553 516-483-3240 Nutrition Education A Registered Dietitian provides nutrition counseling to homebound elderly referred through the Department-funded nutrition and case management programs. Counseling is provided in the home by appointment only, and includes the development of an individually written care plan, based on a physician’s diet order, in addition to general nutrition education. 516-227-8974 Nutrition Education Planned programs that promote better nutrition, physical fitness, and health are scheduled at the Department’s Senior Community Service Centers. Nutrition education material is also provided to all home delivered meal recipients. 516-227-8934 Project Independence Offers free taxi transportation for food shopping across the Town of North Hempstead during designated hours to specific destinations. 516-869-6311

Food Shopping Assistance Some supermarkets and local food stores deliver. Some food shopping services will shop for a fee. In addition, some senior centers and community agencies provide shopping assistance at little or no cost. 516-227-8900


Parish Outreach Local parishes and their volunteers are the lifeblood of parish social ministry on Long Island. Across Long Island, the combined parish ministries comprise thousands of volunteers and serve as many as 75,000 people in need each year. Because our local parishes are all volunteers they are often times able to provide seniors with many services that may not be available through our local agencies due to budget constraints. Not only do we recommend you call on them if you need them, but also to volunteer your time if you have the chance, it will enrich your life and the lives of those you help. Suffolk County Catholic Charities Parish Outreach 143 Schleigel Boulevard Amityville, NY 11710 631-789-5210 St John RC Church Parish Outreach 1140 Locust Avenue Bohemia, NY 11716 631-567-1995 St Anne’s RC Church 88 Second Avenue Brentwood, NY 11717 631-336-6427 St Ann’s Church PO Box 961 Bridgehampton, NY 11932 631-537-1527 Our Lady Queen of Martyr RC Church Parish Outreach 53 Prospect Road Centerport, NY 11721 631-754-9045 Christ the King 2 Indian Head Road Commack, NY 11725 631-864-2007 St Anthony of Padua Parish Outreach 1025 5th Avenue East Northport, NY 11731 631-261-1695 St Thomas More Parish Outreach 119 Kings Highway Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-234-3149 Good Shepard Outreach 1370 Grundy Avenue Holbrook, NY 11741 631-585-4544

St Patrick’s Church 400 West Main Street Huntington, NY 11743 631-385-3311 St Hugh of Lincoln 1450 New York Avenue Huntington Station, NY 11746 631-271-8986 St Peter’s Parish Outreach 94 Valley Stream Street Islip Terrace, NY 11752 631-277-8488 Our Lady of Mt Carmel Parish Outreach 495 N Ocean Avenue Patchogue, NY 11772 631-475-9580 Church of the Assumption 430 Sheep Pasture Road Port Jefferson, NY 11779 631-473-0894 St Joseph’s Church Parish Outreach 2855 Pond Road Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 631-981-6888 North Fork Parish Outreach 54895 Main Road Southold, NY 11971 631-765-1778 Lady of Lourdes Parish Outreach 44 Toomey Road West Islip, NY 11795 631-661-9262 St. Patrick Church Parish Outreach 280 East Main Street Smithtown, NY 11787 631-265-2668

Nassau County St Joachim Parish Outreach 614 Central Avenue Cedarhurst, NY 11516 516-569-7446

Holy Trinity Church 98 Cherry Lane Hicksville, NY 11801 516-433-2900 Our Holy Redeemer Church 80 Hicksville Road Seaford, NY 11783 516-735-8690 St William-Abbot Church 2000 Jackson Avenue Seaford, NY 11783 516-679-8523 St Brigid Parish Outreach 50 Post Avenue Westbury, NY 11590 516-997-5507

St Kilian Roman Parish Outreach 485 Conklin Street Farmingdale, NY 11735 516-756-9656 Our Lady of Loretto Parish Outreach 104 Greenwich Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-483-0976 St Georges Chruch 319 Front Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-483-2771


Support Groups Many hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and senior centers in your area also provide an array of support groups. They do change frequently so contact facilities in your area for an up to date list. Alzheimer’s Association Gampro 631-580-5100 Gamblers treatment center. Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation 55 Horizon Drive 516-767-6856 Huntington, NY 11743 631-920-8000 Alzheimer’s & Dementia Family Support Groups Park Jewish Institute Hospice Care Network 271-11 76th Avene Queens 718-939-CARE New Hyde Park, NY 11040 Nassau 516-832-7100 516-247-6500 x2105 Suffolk 631-666-6863 718-289-2105 Cancer Care Huntington Hospital Bereavement 20 Crossways Park Drive N, Suite 110 Support Group Woodbury, NY 11797 270 Park Avenue 516-364-8130 Huntington, NY 11743 631-351-2013 Caregivers Group Presbyterian Church Lewy Body Dementia Association Monthly support groups in Nassau and 91 Chestnut Avenue NYC. Garden City, NY 516-244-6197 646-248-9292 Caring for the Caregiver 220 Berry Hill Road Long Island Head Injury Association 65 Austin Boulevard Syosset, NY 11791 516-921-0755 Commack, NY 11725 631-543-2245 Look Good – Feel Better Compassionate Friends Support organization that offers friendship, Licensed cosmetologist helps women with understanding and hope to parents, grand- self-image. parents and siblings after the loss of a child. Greenlawn, NY 877-969-0010 631-427-6060 Huntington Station, NY Day Haven Adult Day Services 631-425-2285 Caregiver support groups for family members caring for a frail older adult or loved one with Partners in Community Care Alzheimer’s or a related dementia. Supportive counseling and groups 631-585-2020 ext 260 516-484-1545 x196 Diabetes Club Project Independence Dolan Family Health Center Offers support for care givers, coping with 284 Pulaski Road bereavement, and other issues. Greenlawn, NY 11740 516-869-6311 631-425-5250 St. Charles Stroke Support Group Don Monti Cancer Center at 200 Belle Terre Road Huntington Hospital Port Jefferson, NY 11777 270 Park Avenue 631-474-6445 Huntington, NY 11743 631-351-2568 Suffolk County Intergroup Association of Alcoholics Anonymous 631-654-1150 Forget Me-Not Program Comprehensive Community Hospice of VNS Support Group Parker Jewish Institute Hospice Bereavement 1 Delaware Drive 631-261-7200 Lake Success, NY 11042 516-586-1575 718-289-2800 63

Supportive Agencies Alliance for Aging Research Provides literature for helping yourself help a loved one with Alzheimer’s. 202-293-2856 Alzheimer’s Association Provides support, education, and resources about Alzheimer’s and dementia for seniors and their loved ones. 3281 Veterans Memorial Highway , Suite E-13, Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Suffolk County Nassau County 631-580-5100 516-935-1033 Alzheimer’s Disease Assistance Center of Long Island (ADAC) Provides help to people with memory disorders. 631-444-4393 Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science Stony Brook University Medical Center 631-444-1365 American Parkinson Disease Association St Catherine’s Hospital 50 Route 25A, Smithtown, NY 11787 631-862-3560 Catholic Charities, Diocese of Rockville Centre Catholic Charities offers numerous programs and resources for seniors, operating more than 60 sites spanning from Elmont to Montauk. 90 Cherry Lane, Hicksville, New York 11801 516-733-7000 C Tech A Company of Technology Products for the blind and visually impaired. 2 N. William Street, Pearl River, NY 10965 800-228-7798 Customer Service Bureau Call this number if you would like to issue a complaint about any type of insurance company in New York State. 516-248-5886 Department of Social Services Suffolk County 3085 Veterans Memorial Highway, Ronkonkoma, NY 11788-8900, Hauppauge 631-853-8730 Riverhead 631-852-3710 Ronkonkoma 631-854-9700 Nassau County 60 Charles Lindbergh Boulevard, Uniondale, NY 11553-3656, 516-227-7474 Disabled and Alone Life Services helps parents of a son or daughter with a disability answer the question which triggers their greatest nightmares: “Who will look after our child when we’re gone?” 212-532-6740 Suffolk County Police Special Needs/Silver Alert Identification Kit. Enables Caregivers to register information regarding persons with special needs in the police data system. The person is issued an ID bracelet AT NO COST and if that person is ever lost or in need of assistance the police are able to access their information and get them the care that they need while also contacting their loved ones immediately. Contact Bernadette Zimmermann – Community Outreach Bureau 631-852-6983 64

Supportive Agencies Family and Children’s Association They help and support families in crisis; treat and rehabilitate people of all ages with mental health and substance abuse problems; and safeguard seniors, helping them to live the lives they wish for themselves. 100 East Old Country Road, Mineola, NY 11501 516-746-0350 Family Service League Assists seniors with many issues including the home share program. Numerous support groups are available. 790 Park Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743 631-427-3700 ext 301 The Health Insurance Information, Counseling and Assistance Program (HIICAP) The HIICAP Program has been established to assist seniors through the maze of health insurance paperwork. Assistance is available with the whole range of health insurance programs, including Medicare, Medicaid, Supplemental and Long Term Care Insurance. Trained volunteers provide elderly persons with the information, counseling and assistance necessary to purchase, claim and appeal decisions about health insurance coverage. Suffolk County 631-853-6651 Nassau County 516-292-1300 ext 2272 Helen Keller Services for the Blind Helps people of all ages who are visually impaired to develop independence. Suffolk County Nassau County 40 New York Avenue 1 Hellen Keller Way Huntington, NY 11743 Hempstead, NY 11550 631-424-0022 516-485-1231 Jewish Association for the Services for the Aged (JASA) JASA’s mission is to sustain and enrich the lives of the aging in the New York metropolitan area so that they can remain in the community with dignity and autonomy. JASA Service Center Nassau County Service Center 74 Hauppauge Road, Room 43 158 Third Street Commack, NY 11725 Mineola, NY 11501 631-724-6300 516-742-2050 Long Island Alzheimer’s Foundation (LIAF) Provides support, education, and resources about Alzheimer’s and dementia. 5 Channel Drive, Port Washington, NY 11050 516-767-6856 LI Center for Independent Living Services and information for people living with disabilities. 3601 Hempstead Turnpike, Suite 208 & 500, Levittown, NY 11756 516-796-0144 Lighthouse Helping people overcome the challenges of vision loss. 111 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022-1202 800-829-0500 The Medicare Rights Center They offer a program that offers “extra help” in paying for prescription drug costs. and National MS Society 40 Marcus Drive, Suite 100, Melville, NY 11747 631-864-8337


Supportive Agencies New York State Department of Health Oversees and handles complaints dealing with hospitals, nursing homes, adult homes and assisted livings. This number is for both Nassau and Suffolk Counties. 631-851-3080 New York State Insurance Department General insurance information and Resource Center for Seniors in NY. 800-342-3736 NY Connects Choices for long term care. 516-227-8900 Office of Aging The portal to get you started in finding the answers and services you need. Suffolk County Nassau County 631-853-8200 516-227-8900 Office of Handicapped Services (OHS) Operates a Handicapped Hotline to answer questions on jobs, housing, education, transportation, health services, social services, rehabilitation, etc. 631-853-8333 Project Independence Services range from social work and community nursing to transportation and information and referral. 516-869-6311 Pronto Provides food and other services to those in need who live in or around Brentwood, Bay Shore and Central Islip. 128 Pine Aire Drive, Bay Shore, NY 11706 631-231-8290 SelfHelp Selfhelp offers aging, frail and “at-risk� New Yorkers a comprehensive network of social service, senior housing and home care services. It is also the oldest and largest provider of Nazi victim services in North America. Selfhelp Central Office 520 Eighth Avenue, New York, NY 10018 212-971-7600 SelfHelp E-Z MED Pre-Pour Medication Management Program 50 Clinton Street, Suite 514, Hempstead, NY 11550 516-505-2571 The Senior Navigator Helpline Free information and referral assistance center from North Shore LIJ. 888-243-6272 Shinnecock Senior Citizens Senior Services, hospice care etc. Church Street, Southampton, NY 631-283-0106 United Way of Long Island United Way of Long Island, together with community partners, is committed to changing lives on Long Island by investing in healthcare, reducing hunger and assisting neighbors in need. 819 Grand Boulevard, Deer Park, NY 11729 631-940-3700


Town Senior Citizens Divisions Each town is able to provide you with the information that is provided by the county and your particular town. They can provide you with information and location of Senior Centers, programs and services such as Day Care, Benefits, Caregiving, Case Management, In-Home Services (EISEP), Pharmacy Benefits (EPIC), Energy Assistance (HEAP, REAP and WRAP), Insurance Counseling, Legal Assistance, Nutrition, Advocacy, Residential Repairs, Respite, Friendly Visitor Calls, Transportation and Tax Discounts. Suffolk County Babylon 200 East Sunrise Highway Lindenhurst, NY 11757 631-422-7642 Brookhaven One Independence Hill Farmingville, NY 11738 631-451-9191 East Hampton 128 Springs Fireplace Road East Hampton, NY 11937 631-324-4947 Huntington 423 Park Avenue Huntington NY 11743 631-351-3253 Islip 401 Main Street Islip, NY 11751 631-224-5340

Riverhead 60 Shadetree Lane Riverhead, NY 11901 631-722-4444 Smithtown 420 Middle Country Road Smithtown, NY 11787 631-360-7616 Southampton 25 Ponquogue Avenue Hampton Bays, NY 11946 631-728-1235 Southold 750 Pacific Street Mattituck, NY 11952 631-298-4460

Nassau County Glen Cove Office of Senior Services 130 Glen Street Glen Cove, NY 11542 516-759-9610 Hempstead Department of Senior Enrichment 200 North Franklin Street Hempstead, NY 11550 516-485-8100 Long Beach City Hall 1 West Chester Street Long Beach, NY 11561 516-431-1000

North Hempstead Department of Services for the Aging 470 Old Westbury Road Roslyn Heights, NY 11577 516-869-6311 Oyster Bay Department of Community Services 977 Hicksville Road Massapequa, NY 11758 516-797-7900


Transportation Essential Transportation for Seniors Services are provided through the town to assist seniors with door to door transportation for essential services such as medical appointments and shopping. In general the vehicles do not cross town boundaries and medical appointments have priority. Since they are used so often, it is advisable to make a reservation two weeks in advance. Suffolk Town of Southampton Town of Islip Town of Babylon 631-728-1110 631-224-5686 631-422-7618 Town of Southold Town of Riverhead Town of Brookhaven 631-298-4460 631-722-4444 ext 290 631-451-6126 Town of Shelter Island Town of East Hampton 631-749-1059 631-324-4443 Town of Smithtown Town of Huntington 631-265-8811 631-427-8287 Nassau City of Glen Cove 516-676-6182 Town of Hempstead 516-485-8100

City of Long Beach 516-431-1000 ext 326 Town of North Hempstead 516-869-7715

Town of Oyster Bay 516-797-7900

Air Ambulance Companies that will either provide you with your own plane or set you up in a commercial carrier for medical transportation. Air Ambulance America American Jets, Inc. 800-827-0745 888-633-5381 Air Ambulance Specialists, Inc. Federal Air Ambulance 800-421-7060 800-821-0541 Able-Ride/Paratransit Program Curb to Curb transportation for anyone who is physically or mentally unable to use public transportation. Seniors must complete application. The fee is $3.50 each way. Personal care attendants may ride at no charge. 947 Stewart Avenue, Garden City, NY 11530 516-228-4000 Friends in Service to Humanity (FISH) FISH of Wantagh utilizes volunteers to provide transportation to seniors. Wantagh, North Wantagh, Bellmore and North Bellmore. 516-861-6032 New Hyde Park and Garden City 516-692-2123 Jewish Association for Services for the Aged (JASA) Medical transportation for the Long Beach area. Appointments must be made in advance. 162 West Park Avenue, Long Beach, NY 11561 516-897-1895 Lakeville Ambulette Transportation, LLC They offer the patients and residents of Parker Jewish Institute and Queens Long Island Renal Institute, as well as adults in the communities, nursing homes and health care facilities, of New York City and Long Island, efficient, sensitive and professional transportation to medical appointments, nursing homes and related destinations. 271-11 76th Avenue New Hyde Park, NY 11040 516-247-6500 x2235 718-289-2235 68

Transportation Long Island Rail Road Seniors age 65 and over may use their Medicare cards, driver’s license or birth certificate to receive half fare as long as it is not for trains arriving in NYC between 6am and 10am. 516-822-5477 Medicaid Transportation for Suffolk Persons with an active case of Medicaid and medical need may get help with transportation to and from health care providers (doctor, clinic, hospital, etc.). All trips require prior approval. The change to Servisair LLC has been challenging with long hold times. Suffolk County Nassau County 866-952-1564 516-433-1660 Oyster Bay Senior Community Service Center Provides medical transportation for seniors in Oyster Bay area. Appointments must be made at least one week in advance. 45 East Main Street, Oyster Bay, NY 11771 516-922-6422 Patient Airlift Services, Inc. (PAL’s) Arrange FREE air transportation for patients (children and seniors) in need of medical diagnosis or treatment. Pilots donate their time and planes for Medical Missions, Compassion Missions, and Humanitarian Missions. 120 Adams Boulevard Farmingdale, NY 11735 516-300-1660 Project Independence/Town of North Hempstead Free taxi transportation for residents age 60 and older for food shopping on designated days between 11am and 2pm. Discounted taxi rides for non-emergency medical, dental and treatment appointments within the Town and to certain locations outside the Town. Some bus service to senior centers and special events. 516-869-6311 Road to Recovery A volunteer transportation program available to cancer patients undergoing radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Five days notice required and transport is based on availability of volunteers. Taxi service also available. Available to residents in Suffolk County. Patient must be ambulatory. 5 Davids Drive, Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-436-7071 800-227-2345 (Information line available 24/7) Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) Curb to curb transportation for anyone who is physically or mentally unable to use public transportation. Seniors must complete an application. In addition to the curb-to-curb service they always provide their riders, Suffolk County Accessible Transportation (SCAT) will also offer Origin to Destination service. This service will allow SCAT drivers to provide basic additional assistance to paratransit riders between curbside and building entrances. To receive such assistance, passengers must request it at the time they reserve their trip. Certain restrictions apply. For an application call 631-853-8333. To schedule an appointment call 631-738-1150. Taxi Services Some taxi companies in Nassau and Suffolk County, offer a 10% discount off regular fares to senior citizens in some communities. Seniors must identify themselves when ordering and have identification.


Veterans Benefits NY State Division of Veterans Affairs Aide and Attendance Program Eligibility Requirements: 1) The veteran must have at least 90 days of service; of which one day must be within recognized wartime to be eligible. The qualifying periods of war for this benefit are the World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and the Persian Gulf War. 2) For a spouse to receive benefits she/he needs to have been married to the veteran for a year and still be married to the veteran. Once you divorce the veteran, you are no longer able to receive benefits. 3) You can have a maximum of $80,000 in assets not including your house to be eligible for aide and attendance in an assisted living. There is no penalty for transfers. 4) Pension amount is determined by the amount of medical expenses that are paid out yearly. Contact a representative at the VA to determine your rate. Criteria for Determining Need: 1) Inability of claimant to care for their Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) such as eating, dressing, toileting, or bathing due to loss of coordination of upper extremities or through extreme weakness. 2) Inability of claimant to care for their needs due to being physically or mentally incapacitated therefore requiring care or assistance on a regular basis to protect self from dangers in their daily environment. Tips to Getting Your Application Processed: 1) Send in a complete packet. There are different applications and forms used. Call the VA office and they will send out the forms necessary depending on your needs. 2) If you are the spouse and are looking for benefits, you need a copy of your marriage certificate, death certificate of spouse and Veterans discharge papers. Veteran just needs discharge papers. 3) When your doctor fills out the medical form, have them stamp it so it is easy to read. 4) Do not leave anything blank. Provide a zero or the word “none” when necessary. 5) Make sure you ask the VA what letters you need from the nursing home, assisted living facility, home care agency or about a family care contract. 6) Get your military records. You need to have the Veterans Social Security number and date of birth. If you are a military veteran, or next of kin to the deceased former member of the military, you may request information for the discharge papers online at: Put form DD-214 in the “search” box on the website. You can complete it online or print it out to mail. If you are not a relative or next of kin you need to put form SF-180 in the “search” box on the website. It can then be faxed or mailed to the address on the form. 7) Remember to fill out interest and dividends to expedite completion. 8) If you fill out your own packet, still submit it through your VA office because they are able to track its progress for you. Applications usually take 6-12 months to be completed, but do pay retroactively from date of application receipt to the NY office. 9) If there is an increase in your rent you can write a letter stating the new amount and mail it to your VA office to get an increase as long as you are not already at the limit. Mailing address for Hauppauge: Suffolk County Suffolk County Veterans Service Agency H Lee Dennison Building PO Box 6100 100 Veterans Highway Hauppauge, NY 11788 Hauppauge, NY 11788 631-853-VETS (8387) Riverhead VA Center 300 Center Drive Riverhead, NY 11901 631-852-1410 Nassau County 2201 Hempstead Turnpike Building Q Uniondale, NY 11554 70

Veterans Benefits There are many benefits for veterans and their spouses through the VA. Some include Pensions that assist with payment for assisted living, home care, and $90.00 a month once eligible for Medicaid when in a nursing home. Receiving a VA pension also makes you eligible to receive a discount on your Verizon phone bill through the Lifeline program. Blind Annuity New York State offers a Blind Annuity benefit paid monthly to visually impaired wartime veterans who reside in the state. This benefit is extended to the unremarried surviving spouse who remains a resident of the state. Burial Financial assistance for burial and plot expenses is available for certain eligible veterans. Headstones and grave markers also are provided for veterans with unmarked grave sites. Burial in National Cemeteries is available for eligible veterans and spouses. Property Tax Exemption Veterans may be eligible for a reduction in their real property tax. Your local assessor can assist in determining if you are eligible for such an exemption. High School Diploma for WW II Veterans Under legislation passed by New York State, World War II veterans who were not able to complete high school are eligible to receive a high school diploma from their local high school.

*Please use numbers on previous page to inquire about other resources and benefits.


Worthy of Note This section is filled with unique services. They are practical and useful and may enrich the lives of seniors and their families. We are always looking for new and exciting products for seniors. Let us know about any unique services that you have used, and it too can be worthy of note.

Clothing Catalog Companies Specialize in clothing, like jumpsuits, for seniors who have dementia and may disrobe and have inappropriate behaviors. Buck & Buck Designs Resident Shoppers Service Care Apparel Industries 800-458-0600 800-537-3811 800-326-6262 Consumer Fraud Consumer fraud is often targeted at seniors. Scams include telemarketing, home repair, sweepstakes, investment and charities fraud. If you believe you or someone you love is a target of fraud you should call the New York State Attorney General’s consumer hotline. 800-771-7755 Generations on Line Dedicated to enhancing communication among generations by promoting Internet access and literacy to elders. Lets Rock and Roll for a Cure, Inc. For chemotherapy and radiation patients, we provide many of the healing arts; Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, Acupuncture and Meditation to help cope with discomfort and anxiety. 516-398-5321 Long Island Senior Games “You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.” 631-361-6663 The Long Island Talking Book Library A collection of over 100,000 recorded books provided to those who have difficulty reading or holding a book. They are mailed directly to your home via free mail. They also have over 30 recorded magazines. 866-833-1122 North Shore Animal League Program that matches small dogs and cats over 5 years of age with seniors. Free pet care offered. 516-544-6161 The Rip Off Report Allows you a central place to enter complaints about companies and individuals who are ripping people off. Safe Haven Surviving Pet Care Program Once pets are enrolled in the program, they will be cared for when you are no longer able to. There is a fee involved. 16 Lewyt Street, Port Washington, NY 11050 516-883-7900 ext 354 www.animal Senior Net Provides computer and internet education for older adults. Vial of Life Order a free Vial of Life form and decal. Place the decal on front of a plastic baggie and fill out medical information on form and put into baggie. Place the baggie on your refrigerator door. Place the second decal on your front door. The Vial of Life is designed to speak for you when you can't speak for yourself. The vial contains important medical information that can assist emergency personnel in administering the proper medical treatment. 888-473-2800 72


P&P Medicaid


Consulting, Inc.

WE HANDLE: MEDICAID / NYSARC POOLED INCOME TRUSTS ELDER-CARE PLANNING AND SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY Elder Care Complete WE PROVIDE Advice at a Geriatric Care SERVING: “ALL� SERVICES, Reasonable Price Management NASSAU WITH A “COMPLETE & SUFFOLK AnyoneKNOWLEDGE over 65 Years of Age “or� THOROUGH� Disabled will qualify forN.Y.C. OF MEDICAID’S FIVE Medicaid! So why (ALL pay for a BOROS) WESTCHESTER RULES/QUALIFICATIONS, “very expensive� Medicare AND N.J. AND AT A REASONABLE Supplement and/or a Secondary Medical PRICE! Insurance Policy?

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STSUR4EMOCN)DELOO0#2!39.s Serving Nassau, Suffolk & N.Y.C.

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The Arbors, Long Island’s premier assisted living communities, introduces the Discovery Series. An extraordinary curriculum designed to nourish the mind, body and soul. Did you ever want to experience yoga? Play an instrument? Take college courses? Learn to paint? Now you can. Learn from accredited professors, recognized artists and fitness experts. All are welcome and it’s all FREE! One of the most amazing things you get to discover is yourself. Call any one of our convenient communities to the schedule a tour or for our full program of classes. And, don’t forget to ask us about special programs that help pay for assisted living.

Islandia East 631-232-3131 | Islandia West 631-582-3600 | Bohemia 631-567-3113 Hauppauge 631-582-3334 | Westbury 516-333-6400 | Licensed and operated by Arcadia Management, Inc.

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