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Journey 2013

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Journey 2013

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The journey begins... Just what’s so great about Klickitat County, you may ask. And my answer? How much time do you have? Growing up on the wet side of the mountains (King County), I somehow accepted the fact that life should always involve some sort of wet weather gear. Then I moved to Klickitat County and the sun emerged! There are so many wonderful attractions! When we asked our Facebook followers where they take their visitors, we had a plethora of enthusiastic responses, including these: Alex G. said, “Before they put up guard rails I always thought it was fun to take them down the

This magazine is

Klickitat grade.” Carmen K. takes visitors on a drive along Hwy 14; over Dalles Mountain Rd., then down through Klickitat Canyon and over to Trout Lake. “There’s so much to see.” Linsey W. recommends a trip to the ice caves in Trout Lake. Toni P. heard that a group of students from Seattle went to visit the Regional landfill and had a blast! “City kids!” Cheryl C. would take them on a bluebird safari! (Bickleton area) Intrigued yet? Check out our “Journey,” a scrapbook of photos and fun in and throughout our own little corner of the world. Along the Journey, we have collected photos from many


Each page has a QR code that you can scan with your mobile device to find out more information about the events or places on that page. To scan them, there are many free barcode scanning apps for each different type of phone. For a better viewing experience, download the free Issuu app here:

contributors, whom we would like to thank. Enjoy the Journey… Karen Henslee Proud resident of Klickitat County

zin e Ta k e this m a g a ex p lo re wit h y ou a s y ou we st to K lickit at C ou nty, m id dle of ea st. Stop in th e fo r a li st of th e p u blication h a ppe n in g eve nt s th at a re su m m e r! th rou g h out th e Thank you to all who contributed photos to this special publication!

Carolyn Ganus Richard Clark Danielle Munzing Catrina Dodson Melissa Davis Jennifer Boyes Lisa Harness Stephanie Irving Jeanne Morgan

This is a special publication of

The Sentinel Staff:

Lou Marzeles Karen Henslee Andrew Christiansen Heidi McCarty Rachel Olp



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Ra nger St op by t h e m a p to St at io n fo r a t h e s e a rea s!

Natural Bridges

Journey 2013

Ice Caves

•Before freezers were common appliances, barges would cross the carry chipped ice Columbia River to urdy shoes with r. rm clothes and st wa ar we back to Hood Rive , for ve ca bring flashlights plore the ice If you plan to ex d slippery, plan to an d re ve co ice e floor is tread. Because th o formed out . on tural bridges, als na e th is each pers on en them and can be the phenom e tops of both of •The other part of th ss ro ac n ru s lurking trolls! tubes. Trail k below for any of collapsed lava loo d an , op st to mber crossed , but reme

A h ot s u m m d a y is t h e e r pe t i m e t o t a rfe ct k e a t re k t h rou g h t h e i ce ca ve s!

o f th e e we st si d e th n o st Ju rout L a k e! I ce Ca ve s! uth we st o f T so e, n li y nt Cou

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Journey 2013

a ou

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Trout Lake Arts Festival

Trout found I , s m a country us Mt. Ad ase of munity with b cio e h t at ith deli om com w d ( g le n é t i f t m a e r fr •S ha oc mall, c spress oments away back s e a d n – a Lake ation horse ust m gas st ); all j ils for stores, ry smoothies g hiking, tra er rin huckleb rness – offe d more! e their an ld i , s w e the y holds e lak t n i i n t u s i m r e p m riding, rout Lake Co n to begin th Elk t la a P k 4 c •The T 2 tlu ir Aug. ommunity po a f l a u ann ac d with 5:30pm s a weeken RV Park, at ei s y, ther out Meadow 0am Saturda r Wash – Tr a :3 C At 6 , by a kfast / ’s brea owed at 7am n a m e r Fi foll run. chool; at ile fun m Lake S 1 ns; and & i g n e u b r e 5k/10k m the parad , and lots of ber tests At 11a its, con a zip line, tim and b i h x e wall noon, luding limbing onah ies inc c t i , v n i u t r c a tJ ee l, bung place a carniva re, will take o much m s. e i r t Minis

Trout Lake Fair

Fu n f

yon r e v e or


2- 4 t s u g Au La ke Trout tinyurl inyurl u com/kcjourney5

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G reat s h owc loca l a rt isa a si n g their ns w Ju ly 1 3-14 o rk! 149 L itt l R d. - e M ou nt a in Trout La ke


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Mt. Adams

Journey 2013

Gifford Pinchot National Forest

N ot hi ng bett er th an hot co ffee on a ba ck pa ckin g trip!

To do li st:

Wh at a great vie w, an d an excitin g da y!

Start th e Catch b day with coffe reakfas e! t Enjoy t he scen ery

ra n ce u d n E e Th & T i e! e d i R Rid e rs e, o h 1 , e l p 2 pe o f u n! m ile s o f M a y 18

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Journey 2013

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Water sports in the Husum Falls

on e n ce ra ft in g ri e p x e t a re G t h e fa lls!

Columbia River Gorge Pe rfe ct we at h e s o m e wat e r fo r r s po rt s! •W hit e Sa l m o n R ive r •K lickit at R iv •C o l u m b i a e r R iv •R oo s e ve lt e r , WA

xciting more e e b ld u co ? •What rafting at ewater on and Klickit it h w lm a than t S s be ite The Wh some of the ners t or s C a o Z b B rivers state. e h mplete t o in site c h c rapids n u in your s a la to beg rvices s feature m o o e se st r with re xcursion. Guid und the e o r g a in d an raft ound in s area. f e b n r ca ge ne er BZ Cor ratures, wat bia River Gor indsurfing. w e Husum/ m p r lu o m o f e C . t .S sson! •Warm mbine in the ts in the U for a le d e o p o p p c s o t d p s d win in and win ne of the to didate even et the g o n o a t c m r s to fo place ential –presid l designated a a A past ting is r e v re se w), boa ing pole a e f e r a e e h h T ar your fis il! , there grab your sa ill days (yes a day. Rig up the day. Or, t ore y d o m n j e n a •On s p e y to s , and at for r a o e b w b b t a o n ith pleasa orm and a b uddy w w nd a b water. a , s with a ii k be & s on the your tu e-filled day n li adrena

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Journey 2013

White Salmon Spring Festa l mon

it e S T h e W h st wa s s o Fe Sp ri n g ! fu n

FFamiilly, friends and new friends combin e to bring that hometow n feel to summer. Th e White Salmon Spring Fest , May 31-June 2 att Rheingarten Park offers food, fu n and games! It was a treat, and such a great lo cation! Want more Info? sp

une 2 J 1 3 May e n Pa rk t r a g n i Rhe ti l /k j 8

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“Nights in White Salmon” Art and Wine Fusion ts form, “Nigh gether to to e m d o n c a e s Art and win fun for everyone, kid almon,“ in White S ce to and a chan , rt a d n adults! a , alk sic, wine reate a ch There’s mu and even c , town ts n is w rt o a d h in connect wit vent is held July 21 he e drawing. T on. White Salm

You are he re !

u s ic in at io n o f m G reat co m b rt! win e, a n d a

n e! o y r e v e Fu n fo r t own n w o D Ju ly 27 a l m o n W hit e S

Journey 2013

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Huckleberry Festival

JJust down the hi ll from White Salmon in Bingen , I found one of th e most delicious w ays of celebratin g the summer seas on. The 52nd annual Hu ck leberry Festival, he h ld this year, Se pt. 6-8, in Dauben speck Park, offers crafts and games, vendors, en tertainment and carnival ride s. But most import antly, it features their famous huckleberr y pies, jams, jelli es and other huckleberry item s. Don’t miss this on e! http://huckleberry

H u ckle be rry Eve

rythin g!

thie s, p ie, I ce crea m, sm oo & m ore! ja m, je lly, sy ru p,

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Outlet Falls

Journey 2013

Salmon Hatchery Be ca re f u l! St e e p bl u ff to f i n d Out let Fa ll s!

y. le n wood Hw G n o 6 st o p Mile l! B -e-a- ut if u

You are

has been t Hatchery a it k c li K ce its •The eration sin p o s u o available, u in in cont Tours are . 9 4 19 in n constructio le, 509-364-3310. e du e h c s reasure. B o t call a hidden t or fences is s ll a F •Outlet guardrails . Drive ere are no h t l, fu rdy shoes re u a t c s r a e W m bluff. 5 & 6 fro along the n milepost e reens e rg w e t v e e b of tall slowly e v ro e g a e t se e eas sid Glenwood; pot on th s e id w h ug with a ro ad. ro e h t of the view! It’s worth

he re !

T h e K lickit at H a R ive r 7 m il tcch e ry iiss loocate e s ea st o f G t ed a lo n g th e le n wo Ca utio n: Ste e p, rou g h ro od. a d!


General Store 208 E. Main - Glenwood (509) 364-3535

• Hot Deli • Homemade Pizza • WiFi Hotspot • Lotto • Hunting/Fishing Licenses & Supplies • Camping Gear • Hardware • Groceries • Beer & Wine Hours: 5:30 am to 9 pm 7 days a week

Journey 2013

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Ketchum Kalf Rodeo You are h ere !

Glenwood Inn

79t h A n n u a l K et ch u m K a lf R od e o is in Ju n e 15 & 16 Gle n wood!

105 E. Main, Glenwood 509.364.3471

•Inn/Motel •Restaurant •Convenience Store •Smoke Shop Best prices in the county gas and smokes

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o is held Kalf Rode m u h c d. t e K •The ay weeken Father’s D ll! n u o -b r o a n e y each that’s d n a , o e d otch ro like. It’’s a top-n r adults and kids a fo s on the e o v d igfoot li Lots to B s y a s d n General Local lege Glenwood e h t y b p Sto eded for a mountain. rything ne e v e e v a h y r to find Store, the overnighte here, n a n e v e r u’re t day trip o d while yo n A . ads w o ll ad that le the big fe ystery Ro M e e h m t o s t u ask abo cording to en found) t door (ac to a secre ugh it has never be ho locals - alt


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Journey 2013

Lyle /Homesteading Fair

T his is AW E L ea rn t o s p S O ME! in w be e s, qu ilt, oo l, k e e p a ll s o rt s o f t hin g s ea r ly h o m e st e did e ve ry d a d e rs a y! You are h ere !

Catherine Creek

l 2nd Annua ding Fair a e t s Home t s e w h rt o N 013 Sept. 21, 2 er lumbia Riv o C l u if t u a e b d n e er a held in th ivity Cent e Lyle Act h t le. (The y t L a , in e , Gorg ay 14 w h ig H n o e greenspac chool S le y L ld o

At m ile po st 71 o 14, t u rn o n n Hwy to C R oa d 1230 ou nty a n d d rive a bout 1 . 4 m ile s u nt il y ou s e e t h e pa rkin g lot fo r Cat h e rin e C re e k

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Journey 2013

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Klickitat Canyon Days You are he re!


d creen an the suns t e g r o f Don’t ttles! has a a w ter bo yon Days ky n a C t a it l Duc •Klick eir annua by? Small h t d n a parade ucky der hat’s a d W . y b ed with r e D are mark s k c u d nsored) plastic old” (spo “s d sed n a s are relea y number e h T . s t ipan ross the by partic the first one ac nd inner! upriver a ed the w ated r la c e d e is was don finish lin caboose a , 11 rrival 0 2 •In m. The a u e s u m at’s to Klickit e a stir! it u q d cause

Klickitat Museum

Ju ly 26-28

s bee n at T h e ca boo se h a t si n ce 2011. h o m e in K lickita Alon g t h e “Old I c t h e K lickit at R ive r e Pla nt” is a h a ve n fo r Swift s a sig n e p la nt is th e ol d ic s’ h a bit at. Posted on to re spe ct th e bird g vi sito rs re m in din

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Journey 2013

Gorge Wine Directory Almaterra Wines - 208 West Steuben St. (Highway 14), Bingen, WA 98605 509.637.2633 May-Sept: Sun, Mon, Wed & Thurs - noon to 6 pm; Fri. & Sat. noon to 8pm or later (closed Tuesdays). For winter hours check website or call. Aniche Cellars - 71 Little Buck Creek Rd, Underwood, WA 98651 360.624.6531 Open President’s Day weekend through Dec., Wed-Sun, noon to 6pm. Canyon’s Edge Winery - 1130 Hale Road, Alderdale, WA 509.727.8975 Call for hours and events.

Klickitat Canyon Winery - 6 LyleSnowden Road, Lyle, WA 509.365.2900 March thru Dec., Sat & Sun, noon to 6pm; May thru August – Fri-Sun, or by appointment.

North Shore Wine Cellars - White Salmon, WA 509.493.3881 By appointment only.

Major Creek Cellars - 306 Bates Road, White Salmon, WA 98672 503.860.8713 By appointment only.

Oak Ridge Vineyard - 50 Postgren Road, Husum, WA 509.493.1862

Marshal’s Winery & Vineyard - 150 Oak Creek Road, Dallesport, WA 509.767.4633 Open daily 9am to 6pm.

Cascade Cliffs Vineyard & Winery 8866 Hwy 14, Wishram, WA 98673 509.767.1100 Open daily 10am to 6pm.

COR Cellars - 151 Old Highway 8 Lyle, WA 98635 509.365.2744 Open Feb-Nov: Thurs-Sun 11am-6pm. DecJan: By Appt. Only

Illusion - 31 Schilling Road, Lyle, WA 206.261.1682 Open most weekends, May thru Sept. 11am to 5pm.

Maryhill Winery - 9774 Hwy 14 Goldendale, WA 98620 509.773.1976 Open daily 10am to 6pm. McKinley Springs Winery - 1201 Alderdale Road, Prosser, WA 509.894.4528 Memorial Day thru Labor Day, Sat. & Sun. 1pm to 6pm. Memaloose - 34 State Street (HWY 14) Lyle, WA 98635 360.635.2887 Mar 1 thru Nov 30, Thurs-Sun 11am to dusk.

White Salmon Vineyard - 391 Newell Road Underwood, WA 98651 509-493-4640 Open Memorial Day Weekend, Holiday & Event Weekends and by appointment. Wind River Cellars - 196 Spring Creek Road, Husum, WA 509.493.2324 Open daily 10am to 6pm. Zefina Winery 103 Columbia Ridge Road, Prosser, WA 509.301.4450 By appointment only. Ziegler Vineyards - 31 Memory Lane, Underwood, WA 98651 541.399.6044 Open March thru Nov., noon to 6pm, Thurs-Sun.

Jacob Williams Winery - 3 Avery Rd (Avery Park off of Hwy 14), Wishram, WA. 541.645.0462 Open Daily 10am to 6pm.

Syncline Wine Cellars - 111 Balch Road Lyle, WA 98635 509.365.4361 Open Feb. 2 thru Nov: Thurs-Sun 11am to 6pm • December 1, 2, 8 & 9: 11am to 5pm • Closed January. Waving Tree Winery - 123 Maryhill Highway, Goldendale, WA 509.773.6552 Open April thru May, Fri-Sun 9am to 5pm and by appointment; Memorial Day thru Labor Day, daily 9am to 5pm; Sept, Fri-Mon 9am to 5pm; Oct. thru March by appointment.

Chateau Champoux Tours & Tasting 524 Alderdale Road, Prosser, WA 509.894.4528

Domaine Pouillon - 170 Lyle Snowden Road, Lyle, WA 98635 509.365.2795 Open Wed-Sun 11am to 6pm or by appointment.

Pour Moore Wines - 8226 Hwy 14, Dallesport, WA 98617 541.993.1559 Open Friday - Sunday, noon to 6pm. All other times call for appointment.

Journey 2013

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•These a re two parking very dif area, Ca ferent therine trails. Creek o trails. From the ffers tw Descen o differ ent wide, pa ding from the parking ved loop area, th , which is relativ ere is a is whee ely easy lchair a . For the ccessible m ore e and followin g the w nergetic hiker, ell-worn head up and tak hil path, pa e one of st the f l, several are not amous A “rabbit” clearly rc trails. T marked, you’re g he trail h, so pay oing. s a t t e n t ion to w •Startin g at th here Trail is an old r e Lyle Trailhea d, the K ailroad Trails p bed. Par li rogram, t of the ckitat an Klickita Rails to t Trail C d kept in grea t condit onserva the Klic ion b ncy, kit the tow at River. Or, yo the trail meand y the n of Kli u ers alon c a n st ckitat, j ust pas art your hike in g t the gr ocery st ore. e

ws t h o l l o f l t Tra i o f a n o l d a t i k c s K li 1 m i l e o r li n k i n g 3 t s r fi ri d d co r f L y l e a n d a o r l i ra o own s d a le. t e h n t Go l d e


klickitat trail

You are h er e!

Alo n g t h e K lic v ie w o f t h e kit at Tra il, a K lickit at R ive r

Welcome to

Pat’s Place & Golden Photo

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105 W. Main Goldendale 509-772-2717

* Studio Crafted Jewelry * Etched Glass * Area Photography * Postcards * Regional Photo Cards * Paintings * Photo Restoration * Passport Photos * Photoshoots


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Journey 2013

Horsethief Lake State Park Horsethief Butte te thie f L a k e Sta se or H t a g in F is h Pa rk!

Ent e r Ho rs et h L a k e St at ie f eP f ro m Hwy a rk 14, a n d fo llow t h e s ig n s t o t Pet rog ly p h s h e !

Ca m p i n g, F is hi m o re a va il a n g a n d ble at t h e pa rk.!

day at any a relaxing We’ve spent m os . Th e who ke State Park Horsethief La n chair and so, but a law ected like to fish, do e lake is prot Th . ng xi n’t la re as st veerryy warm. Do a book are ju so it can get t d, en in ci w an e th ar s leading ne th somewhat from Pa t. ha d t wes nscreen an found heading forget the su oglyphs can be tr pe an ic er Native Am ve made . from the park the highway ha g on al ts en em e entrance is Recent improv much safer. Th te ut B ef hi et to Horsethief access to Hors main entrance e d th of st ea and well-marke just 1.2 miles e pitt-toilets ar e er Th . rk Lake State Pa trails.


are here You Horsethief Lake


clim bi ng A great hi ki ng a nd rkin g lot d esti nation. N ew pa nce! fo r a sa fe r ex pe rie st of th e A bout 1 . 2 m ile s ea entra nce to at e Pa rk! Horsethie f L ak e St


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Journey 2013

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columbia hills state ills St at e C o lu m bia H pa ss e s t h e park Pa rk e n co m e a rea k

Dalles Mountain Road Da lles M ou nta in Road con ne cts Ce nte rville, WA to Hwy 14 in a beautifu l sce nic drive. Be st see n drivin g southwest!

a Ho rs et hie f L h e Butt e a s we ll a s t n o f Da lle s a n d a po rt io oa d. M ou nt a in R

Dalles Mountain from Hwy. 14, is ible ess Road, acc begin a rutted gravel road. If you end, your drive from the Hwy. 14 Columbia past Marshal’s Winery and are Hills State Park, the views the y, tel una ort unf g; kin breath-ta your views will most likely be in rear view mirror. And, as the no road is narrow and there are ements, guard rails or road improv from I suggest starting the drive terville. the other end, through Cen a hurry (Don’t try this if you’re in or driving a luxury car!) car It’s well-worth the time and wash.

You are he r



Columbia Hills


FREE with every passenger car or light truck tire purchase

606 E. Broadway, Goldendale 509.773.5000

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Journey 2013

Wishram Historic Railroad Ta k e t h e W is h ra m ex it o f f o f Hig h wa y 1 4 a n d fo llow t h e roa d d own t h e h ill t his a m a z t o s e e in g hist o r loco m ot ive ic !

Wishram , Washin historic gton is railroad town, w a just ups hic tr of Celilo eam of the for h lies mer site Falls. Wishram was one stopping of the points f or Lewis 1806. & Clark in

Texas Hold ‘Em Every Wednesday ~ 6:30 pm 1st & 3rd Sundays ~ 1 pm $25 buy-in with option of $2 high-hand

You are he re!

5th Sunday ~ Omaha High-Low

Call us us for for all all your your Call real estate estate needs needs real •Relocation •Relocation Recreational •• Recreational Farm/Ranch •• Farm/Ranch Hunting Property Property •• Hunting Home Second Home •• Second

Pool Table Winter league ~ If you want to join the fun, just come talk to Sue.

Beer on Ice Kitchen is open Monday - Friday @ 4:45 pm Full menu available Daily Specials & finger foods

Simcoe Cafe 650 Llama Lane, Goldendale (509) 773-4687

Coldest in town

123 W Main • Goldendale (509) 773-9970

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Journey 2013

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Fisherman’s Paradise It ’s Tru e! f is hi n g y a d t s r o w The be st e h t n a h t r is bett e ... but d a y wo rki n g n g? y f is hi t h e be st d a t s t h at! a e b g n i h t o N


County •Klickitat r fo their is famous sh, ing size fi prize-winn ia b m lu the Co caught in n o r oat, o River by b by driftor ; k n the ba e of the n o n o boat and s; Salmon tributarie top e are on th sturgeon ! of the list WDFW t k Chec he r fishing website fo and limits. tes season da .w fw d w

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Journey 2013

Rock Crawling!

622 E. Broadway Goldendale 773-3072 Open 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 Days a Week

• Fresh Produce • Service Deli • Choice Meats • Specialty Wines • Western Union • Gift Cards • Money Orders

• Washington Lottery • Video Rental • Specialty Bakery and Deli Items • Weekly Specials • Western Family Products

Stop in before heading out to explore beautiful Klickitat County

People who know Go ldendale know there is no shor tage of rock in the area. It is a natural place to go if yo u are looking for boulders and Broken Boulder Farm ha s become famous for hosting ro ck crawling competition . The Western Pro Series of the World Extreme Rock Crawling will be in town again on July 20-21. Last year inclu ded a parade of vehicles th rough downtown Goldendale before heading north out of town to the Broken Boulder Fa rm. Expect drivers from th roughout the western United St ates to compete in this year ’s event. Check out Goldendale events. com for directions an d information on the event. Broken Boulder Farm is abou t two miles north of Golden dale at 290 Pipeline Road.

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Journey 2013

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Maryhill Museum of Art M a ry hill M u su is locat ed a e m lo Hwy 14, s o n g ut h we o f Go ld e n d st a le yhill Th e entry roo m of M ar M us ue m

a live in eat to rain-child n e b b uld as the t it wo though Museum. It w e. However, s y w, I am a wif I alw h it no ilding? yhill g r is u a h o M r r o h e ill, f e bu ing t n lik mansio reneur Sam H e in it. Walk st to heat th p o id e c s r e t r ess er ld it of en e of ch ould ev w much wou ding? d u w it r e lt u h buil neit he m l‌ ho a large , and t ractica the more p ld clean such rican exhibit e d down n m ou a A w p e o u iv h w W he Nat ted vie I love t lower level. protec a s r e off the sets in ew expansion n e h T cation! icent lo if n Gorge. g a m What a

u Yo

are her


N e w ex hibit s & e ve nt s! m a ry hill m u s e u m. o rg


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iety o f t h e Soc i a st s is N E thu s SOV R ci n g En ! a R e g Vi nt a o rt h we st i n t h e N a ry hill L oop s ce u p M 97 T h e y ra st o f f o f Hwy u j a le! R oa d, Go l d e n d f o h t u so are here! You L HIL Y R mA PS lOO

Journey 2013

Car is King Car Show

Fa bu lou s ca b rou g ht r s h ow Go l d e n d t o u s by al A ss oci a e M ot o rs po rt s t io n o n t h e g a n d locat ed rou M a ry hil n d s o f t h e l M u su e m!

7 Oct o be r 6 & u n d s m u s u e g ro M a ry hill M


773-3741 765 E. BROADWAY • GOLDENDALE Find out more

Journey 2013

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C ra zy, fa st s pe

T his is fo r Wo t h e fa vo rit e l oca rl d Down h C h a m p io n R t io n ill s k at i d e rs! eb l u g e ra oa rd e rs & ci n g Ju n e M a ry h 26-30 ill L 5. 5 m il e s s out oop s R d h of G old e n d a le You ar

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e he r



Wow, th ese guy move! I s (and g wonder, is crash als) really downhil ing l lu than bla ge run on ice m during a cktop? ore pain I’m not find out going to ful ! try it t Maryhil o the favo l Loops have b ecome o rite loca ne of tions fo champio r the w ns orld they br hip riders. Whe ing yo n they h it town I am rat uth and vibranc , h y with e r partial Road, a them. to the L fter all, oops m Jack Se llers, w y great-grandf ather a s the pro the lead ject. engineer , on

ed s!

ST. JOHN’S Greek Bakery, Coffee & Gifts

Visitors are Welcome! Meet our friendly alpacas See our excellent alpaca products for sale

Golden Pine Alpacas 509-773-6184

Traditional, authentic greek pastries and food, baklava and greek cookies, gyros, mousaka, spanakopita, dolmas, greek olives and much more. Christian religious gifts, soaps & creams. 2378 Hwy 97. 773-6650 or 773-7141. 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Mon. thru Sat.



What’s happening this

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MAY May 11: Goldendale Farmers’ Market opening day, Ekone Park, 9am-2pm. May 18-19: 14th Annual High Prairie Firehouse Sale. Huge rummage sale, food booth, plant sale, quilt raffle, and fun activities for the kids. May 18: Mt. Adams Endurance Ride/Ride and Tie - Two people, one horse, miles of fun. Headquartered at the Mt. Adams Horse Camp in the Gifford-Pinchot National Forest. 12 and 35 mile divisions. Man/ Man, Woman/Woman, Man/Woman, and Juniors. For more information contact Stephanie Irving at or 509-395-2065. May 25-26: 9th Annual Goldendale Guys and Gals Truck & Tractor Pull. Contact Brad Payne 509-261-1150.

email: June 29: 11th Annual Mt. Adams Country Bicycle Tour. For more information, see June 29: Trout Lake Saturday Market opening day, 9am to 3pm at the Trout Lake Grange.

JULY July 4: Jaycees’ 39th Annual Fourth of July Demolition Derby & Motocross Race, Klickitat County Fair Grounds ~ Mark Hilton, (509) 261-2335; Fred Steinbaugh, (425) 387-6767. July 4: The Bickleton Pig Roast at Cleveland Park.

July 5-7: Goldendale Community Days - Parade Saturday at 11am; May 25-27: Maryhill Winery 12th GMA Open Show n’ Shine Car Show Anniversary Celebration, from 10am to 6pm. July 5-6: Gorge Days at North Bonneville - Community wide garage JUNE sales, “Best Cruise-In By A Dam May 31-June 2: White Salmon’s annual Spring Festival, Rheingarten Site” with over 500 cars expected, Park. For more information, email: June 8: McKinley Springs Barbeque Showdown Benefit, 10 am to 5pm, Prosser. June 7-9: 103rd Annual Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo, Cleveland Rodeo Grounds, Cleveland. June 11-12: Open Farm Days at Golden Pine Alpacas. June 15-16: 79th Annual Ketchum Kalf Rodeo, Glenwood, 509-3643363. Father’s Day Weekend. June 21-22: Fiddlin’ Under the Stars, Bluegrass, Wine & Art Festival 2013, Ekone Park, Goldendale. Greater Goldendale Chamber of Commerce, 509-773-3400. June 21-22: Gorge Blues & Brews Festival, beginning at noon, in Stevenson. June 26-30: Festival of Speed, Maryhill Loops, free to the public.

BBQ dinner and sock hop street dance, children’s inflatables and rides, food and craft vendors, beer garden and more, 800-989-9178. July 13-14: 15th Annual Trout Lake Festival of the Arts at 490 Sunnyside Rd., Trout Lake, 509-3952617. This is a weekend full of fun; a 55-artist juried show displaying their fine art. The festival features live music and children’s programs. July 14: Maryhill Winery Summer Concert Series – Counting Crows & The Wallflowers - Maryhill Winery, Goldendale. July 19-21: Goldendale Flea Market. July 20: Horse Heaven Hills Trail Drive, Prosser. Round up your favorite “pardners,” jump in your horse-less buggy and head to the hills for a root-tootin’ good time.

Journey 2013

July 20: Wild Woman Trail Marathon. Trout Lake. For more information, www. July 27: “Nights in White Salmon” art and wine fusion. This free event has family-friendly activities, great local food, & entertainment, top-notch local artists displaying their art throughout the town, award-winning winemakers offering tastings of their incredible local wines, and all the warmth and beauty of an early summer evening in the Gorge. It runs from 3pm to 10pm in downtown White Salmon. July 26-28: Klickitat Canyon Days, Klickitat. For more information, call 509-369-4782.

AUGUST August 2-4: 48th Annual Trout Lake Fair. Kicks off Friday, Aug. 2, with community potluck social at Elk Meadows. Saturday morning begins with 5k/10k runs at Jonah Ministries, and the annual Trout Lake Fair parade begins midmorning. Activities include games, bounce houses, cow-milking, timber carnival, zip line and climbing wall,

s summer in the area? Journey 2013

food and beverage booths.

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August 22-25: Klickitat County Fair and Rodeo “Let’s Stirrup Some August 1-3: Fourth Annual Memories”. Kick-off barbecue, Backyard Blues Bash at Pine Springs 5-7pm Thursday, Aug. 22; NPRA Resort. Len Schulmeister, 509-773- Rodeo, 12:30pm Saturday, and 4434. 1pm Sunday. Klickitat County Fairgrounds, August 17: Maryhill Winery Summer Concert Series – Daryl Hall August 24: Maryhill Winery & John Oates - Maryhill Winery, Summer concert Series – Willie Goldendale. Nelson & Family - Maryhill Winery, Goldendale. August 17: Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social, Goldendale August 30-Sept. 2: Trout Lake Community Library, Goldendale, Annual Rummage Sale, http:// 6:30pm-8pm. events-2/ August 14-18: Skamania County Fair, Skamania County Fair Grounds, August 31: Bigfoot Bash and 710 Rock Creek Drive, Stevenson. Bounty. 6th Annual event at Free fair with live entertainment, Home Valley Park in Home Valley, animals, carnival rides, parade, WA. Activities include a Bigfoot timber carnival and more. Bash, live music, softball, golf tournament, food vendors, Bigfoot experts and lectures August 17-18: Maryhill Arts and much more. 800-989-9178. Festival - features more than 50 artists displaying and selling art as well as live music performances, August 31: Bickleton’s 6th Annual food, beer & wine vendors. Free Car Show, downtown Bickleton, Admission. Maryhill Museum of Arts, 9am-4pm. $10/car entry fee. 509-773-3733.

SEPTEMBER September 7-8: 52nd Annual Huckleberry Festival in Daubenspeck Park, Bingen. Crafts and games, vendors, entertainment and carnival rides. Featuring the famous huckleberry pies, jams, jellies and other huckleberry items. For more information, call 509-4933607.





October 5-6: - Car is King Weekend - Maryhill Museum. Open car show, races for kids and the vintage race cars competing in a hill climb race on Sunday. Saturday, Oct. 6 - Public Drive of the Maryhill Loops Rd.; car show featuring classic, sport and customized cars (organized September 14: 14th Annual Carson by Goldendale Motorsports National Fish Hatchery Kids Fishing Association). Veggie Car Races (just Day, 8am - 1pm. 509-427-5905. for kids). Sunday, Oct. 7, Maryhill Loops Hill Climb - Vintage sports September 21: Goldendale Festival cars from the 1930s-1960s race of Wheels, featuring Goldendale one-at-a-time up the historic Maryhill Motorsports Association’s Show ‘n Loops Road. Shine car show. Dennis Schroder, 509-539-2557. October 12-13: Open Farm Days at Golden Pine Alpacas, Goldendale.

September 21: Golden Man Triathlon, starts at Goldendale Pool. Fundraiser for Back Packs for Kids and Central Klickitat County Parks and Recreation District. September 21: Northwest Homesteading Fair - Lyle Community Center, Lyle, WA.

Do you have something to add to the Events Calendar for next year’s Visitor’s Guide? Email your information to: or send to: The Goldendale Sentinel 117 W. Main Goldendale, WA 98260


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Harvesting the Wind A

25 miles of breathtaking scenery

Wind Towers in Klickitat Co unty Total in Coun ty: 602 turb ines Combined ou tput: 1,255 Mega Watts Height (varie s depending on manufacture r): from the foundation to tip of the bl the ade, height ra nges from 39 490 ft. (mor 1e than the le ngth of a fo field) otball Blade length : ranges from 126 to 164 ft .

t. Hood M f o d R oa Hoct o r bi a R ive r! m ro f w Vi e Col u m B a n d the B

To s e e t h e w

Fro m Go ld e

Goldendale Auto Supply

in d m ills:

n d a le, d riv

6 m ile s s ou e 2. t h o n H wy 9 7 a nd t u rn le ft o n t o Hoct o r R d. Fro m Big g sB m ile s n o rt h ri dg e, d rive 9 o n Hwy 97 an t u rn rig ht o nt o Hoct o r d R d.


Goldendale Auto Supply 227 W. Main • Goldendale • 773-4717 Mon. - Fri. 7:30 a.m. - 6 p.m. • Sat. 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. • Sun. 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Specializing in personal auto, home, business insurance, farms & ranches

400 S. Columbus, Goldendale • 773-4525 OLDEST INDEPENDENT AGENCY IN THE STATE

Find out more

Chocolates Caramel Corn Gifts Full Service Florist CLARK’S FLORAL & GIFTS 1040 E. Broadway, Ste. D Goldendale 773-4353

Journey 2013

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Tractor pull Ca ll

Bra d Pa y n e a t 509m o re 261-1150 i nfo a fo r b o Tra ct u o r Pu t t h e ll!

idg e St a rvat io n R e ra c 6- h ou r t ea m 15 S e p t e m be r



pe n p la y d a y Ed die v ille o 23 & 24 S e p t e m be r

Starvation Ridge

-26 Tra ct or Pu ll - M ay 25 ld Go en da le H an gi ng R ock R oa d,

From Hwy 97, take Centerville Hwy west, and follow signs for Eddieville!

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LOOK FOR BIG CHANGES AT HOLCOMB’S SENTRY MARKET IN 2013! Expanded Deli: Ribs • Rotisserie Chicken • Paninis Bruce Holcomb Owner

Fried Chicken • Fresh Salads • Fresh Bakery Sandwiches made to order

Dottie Asst.. Mngr./Grocery

Also extensive building remodel STOCK UP YOUR BACKPACK OR COOOLER AT Dawn Deli Manager


Dave Grocery Manager

A FULL LINE SUPERMARKET Groceries • Cold Beverages • Baby Items • Film • Sundries Scratch Lottery Tickets • Washington Lotto • Credit/Debit Cards

Locally owned & operated since 1977 Mike Meat Manager

320 S. Columbus • Goldendale • 773-4958

Rick Produce Manager


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Bluegrass Entertainment

F id dli n ’ U n d e r t h e St a rs Blu e g ra ss F e st iv al Ek o n e Pa r k, Go ld e n d Ju n e 21-22 a le $5 a d m iss io n at t h e g at e

s your grass i be sure e lu B If • ou can then y t with wine taste, i g s durin pliment to com nd microbrew er the a nd tasting le’s Fiddlin’ U e a val Jun d i n t e s Gold s Fe s a r g ll e i lu w Stars B he Art Guild ir T e . h 6 t 1 f o 15 & g some n re are i e r e h f t f be o , and le a Ba ck y a rd s r fo o taste Blu e wares oung t ather y P o in o e t Sp ri n g s R e s Ba s h at e we hose h t t r o s o rt! A u g u If f a s.” st 1-2-3 events verage et it will be e b lt u the “ad es, you can b at a cooper Bash is ine s ime! t e lu t a B e r d g at P ginning ackYar st 1-3, oldendale. Be u g u •The B A eld fG il event h just north o will jam unt all 2-day , s t d do it r d n o n a s a e b y R a x i d s s Spring ening at 7, e next ev t up th e y g a n d i e r h F t ht. And midnig again.

You are here!

Ex p L e n d eerri e n ced s o n s it e

Find out more

Able to handle all your banking needs Ag, Business, Personal

Colu mbia State Bank

ed, Ex pe rie n cm i n d ed yco m m u n nitki n g! ba

Two Locations

Goldendale 202 W Main St 509.773.5716

White Salmon 390 NE Tohomish St 509.493.2500

Journey 2013

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Festival of



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Go ld e n d a le M ot o rs po rt A ss oci at io n s p re s e n t h e ir a n n u t s al n e nt Downt ow m e it c c x a e r e h s h ow! Se e t Go ld e n d a le S e p t e m be r 21

Located in Downtown Goldendale

(This is his fun job!)

Dr. James R. Ogden President and CEO of Ogden’s Mopar Limo Service


Doctor of Optometry (This is his day-job) • Cataract Pre-Op & Post-Op Care • Contact Lenses • Eye Examinations • Emergency Eye Care • Fashion Eye Wear • Glaucoma • Foreign Body Removal • Safety/Sport Wear

103 W. Main Street Goldendale, WA 98620 Phone: (509) 773-4114 Fax:(509) 773-4293

We feature merchandise made right here in Klickitat County including Klickitat Pottery 104 W. Main Street 773-4344 Mon - Fri 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sat. 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.


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Goldendale Farmers’ Market

k e Pa r n o k . E d at a y St re et , e t a c L o Broa d w n f re s h o o f f o f r h a n d s w e ll a s ou s Get y p rod u ce a s f ro m m loca l raft ed it e s! n c h a n d ca l a rt isa lo

Eve ry Sat u rrd 9a m - 2p m a y st M a y 12 t h a rt i n g rou g e n d of th e h th e s e a s o n.

Journey 2013

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Swimming Pool

Community Grace Brethren Church To Know Christ And To Make Him Known Gregory M. Howell, Pastor David Quilici, Youth & Worship

A Church With A Bible Teaching Ministry That Cares About YOU!

WORSHIP SERVICES Saturday Night Connection @ 6:30 p.m. Sunday Adult Bible Studies & Children’s Sunday School @ 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship @ 11 a.m. WEDNESDAYS Youth Group @ 6:30 p.m. DURING SCHOOL YEAR AWANA - Wednesdays @ 2:15 p.m.: through 6th grade

at ra l K lickit t n e C f o Pa rt ec ks a n d R r a P y t n u Co a le e Go ld e n d h t t ic r t is D w ope n! Poo l is n o


golden ti l /k j 30

1180 S. Roosevelt Street, Goldendale, WA 98620 (Near McDonald’s - across from the High School)

Phone: (509) 773-3388 • E-mail: Web Page:

Find out more

Journey 2013

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Goldendale Observatory REQUIRED

You are here!

What’s so great about the stars? Are you kidding? Take a look through this amazing telescope and you won’t have to ask that question again! The Goldendale Observatory is a Washington State Park, and now requires a Discover Pass. But the sight is well worth it! This is definitely one site you won’t want to miss on your journey through Goldendale.

Fro m Hwy 97, t a k e t h e Broa d wa y St re et ex it in to Go ld e n d a le . Tu rn rig ht o nt o C o Ave n u e a n lu m bu s d fo llow t h at st ra ig ht u p t o t h e o b s e rvat o ry !

• Weights • Treadmills • Circuit • Classes • Personal Trainers • Cliff Bar Dealer • Reliv • Europa Sports Products • Brooks Sports Apparel & Shoes

Su m m e r s c

h ed u le:

3:00 to re h e ld fro m a s n io ss se n so la r T h e a ft e rn oo 6: 00 to 8:00 P M wit h nd h th e la rg e 5:00 P M a e n u s th rou g V g in rv se b st ro n o m y v ie win g, o y ea r a n d a e th f o h c u rm te le scope fo p la y s. th e m ed dis Su m m e r

ry’s a le Ob s e rvato be r 30t h d n e ld o G e Th pt e m p ril 1st to Se g h ou rs fro m A h rou g h Su n d a y. Eve n in t y . a to 11:30 P M a re Wed n e sd 0 :0 8 m o fr h e ld a n ce s e ss io n s a re v is it o rs a ch s e iv g n io ss e s ie ce gh the eyep T h e e ve n in g u ro h t s ct je e s, st ia l o b ry’s t e le s cop to v ie w ce le to a rv e s b o e h o f so m e o f t 24.5 in ch Ca ss e g ra in. e g in clu din t h

Find out more

The Golden Art Gallery 103 E. Main, Goldendale 509-773-5100

“Where every dream begins with one step”

Mention this ad for a $5 discount on a purchase of $20 or more 614 S. Columbus, Goldendale • 509.773.4618 Monday - Sunday • 24/7 cardlock system



Offer valid in 2013 only


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Demolition Derby

Journey 2013

Motocross G reat

fa m ily

d a y!

al h Annu t 9 3 ’ s e io n Ja y ce De m o lit . ly u J f o Fou rt h ss R a ce ro c o t o M De rby & rby 1 a m, d e 1 t a n e p Ga t e s o s a t 1 p m . st a rt rg rou n d s i a F y t n Cou K lickit at

You are here!

Welcome to Ayutla’s Family Mexican Restaurant and Little Grace Espresso 630 E. Simcoe Dr./628 E. Simcoe Dr 509-773-7188/509-773-1987 Goldendale • Full Bar Available • Serving homecooked Mexican food since 1996 using only the freshest ingredients and served by the friendliest staff in the gorge, always with a smile. Open for Lunch & Dinner Summer Hours: Sun. - Thurs. 11 - 9:30/Fri. & Sat. 11 - 10:30

Banquet Hall Available

Little Grace Espresso

Cookies • Ice Cream • Muffins Breakfast Burritos s Plus a full range of coffee enido Bienb os!! drinks Amig Summer Hours Mon. - Fri. 6 - 6 Sat. & Sun. 7 - 4

Journey 2013

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dale’s Golden e k hs line li , 4, boot gs, eeling f ly u y J it n g hot do a commu end followin onade, k e g says •Nothin ays. The wee , offering lem ecue, to nam e! b D n d r a a w y r b a la it p n d e u e hous and a shion Comm t , a r f s u o id c ld k ld o ho he he s, up on t s, hamburger houses for t ndale alumni two in e r e ie c o ld h n o t t u G o a o o t b lo sm s e tha eaf ’s big e im e s r t tle les e o t e h ls li h T few. ften t d you may a , sporting a a o ’s is It t en an le! ts The ev unions, r GHS studen in their midd , a GMA o e lass re c le m ls r d A ir o ! f e id y h to t with ore m famil m e d d n a rtunity le a r t o a t p s li p d o n a ie n the p r d a f top, an usiasts p with hair on e to meet u es auto enth im stival iv t. great t d car show g g Main Stree Sept., the “Fe er ow in re ods lin show in luded lawn m and sponso t hot r nizes a car c u ; o in p u s k o c a r a g che ment h rcycle lso org ight •GMA a ast entertain stunt moto o or what m a P h – ww els.” ks of Whe , the Cossac ou never kno s Y r . e t t u s o g dra burn g-tire smokin p! show u


Community Ju ly 5 -7 ra d e o n Days a p s e r u t Fea 11 a m, a t a y a rd Sat u ter a n d f a w o h s ca r m o re! l d e n d a le o G n w o t Down e ba n d v li & e c n Da ig ht s! n . t a S & Fri You are here !

CARQUEST AUTO PARTS Welcome to Goldendale • • • •

RV & Marine Parts and Supplies Heavy Duty Truck & Tractor Parts ATV, Motorcycle & Jet Ski Parts and Supplies High Performance, Custom & Offroad Parts and Accessories • CB’s, Scanners & Stereos • Cell Phones & Pre-Paid Phone Cards • Free Alternator, Starter & Battery Testing

You’ll always find it at CARQUEST Find out more

(509) 773-3793 614 S. Columbus Ave., Goldendale

Open 7 days a week Mon. - Fri. 8 - 6 Sat. 8 - 5 Sun. 10 - 4


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Journey 2013

Welcome to Goldendale 1103 S. Columbus • 509.773.3771

2013 EVENTS April 19-2 ~ Home & Garden Show May 4-5 ~ Broken Spur Horse Clinic June 7-8 ~ 13 Mile Yard Sale June 19-20 ~ Bluegrass Musician Jam June 21-22 ~ Bluegrass Festival June 26-30 ~ Maryhill Festival of Speed July 4-6 ~ Community Days July 4 ~ Demolition Derby July 6 ~ Show ‘n Shine July 19-21 ~ Goldendale Flea Market July 20-21 ~ W.E. Rock Crawl August 22-25 ~ Klickitat County Fair September 7 ~ Relay for Life September 8 ~ Broken Spur Jr. Rodeo September 21 ~ Golden Man Triathlon October 5 ~ Concours de Maryhill Car Show October 6 ~ Maryhill Loops Car Race October 26 ~ Trunk or Treat December TBA ~ Candy Cane Parade

Journey 2013

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13-Plus Mile Yard Sale


Ju n e 7-8 rd Sa le a Y e il M 13, ma ke s e l a s rd a y If y ou li k e e re! eh e p l a n s t o b Y a rd Sa le will t a k ile T h e 13-M K lickit at C ou nty. ro ss m y ou a ll a c l d e n d a leEve nt s. co Go C h e ck out tinyu nyu

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Goldendale Public Library

We lco m e t o t

T h e Go ld e n d a le Pu b lic Lib ra ry h a s b e e n s e rv icin g t h e co m m u n ity fo r m o re t h a n 100 y ea rs!

h e lib ra ry!

Th e lib ra ry is on e of th e fe w Ca rn eg ie lib ra rie s le ft in th e state!

Journey 2013

Goldendale Public Librar y celebrated its 100th bir thday last year. Our library is one of the integral parts of our community. They off er programs year round, and during the summer hold special afternoon programs for kids, even one where they can hold a really, really long sna ke (ugh!). Their old-fashion ed ice cream social is sponso red by Friends of the Library, as a “thank you” to the com munity. Root beer floats, cake and ice cream are on the menu. Yum! Don’t miss it! It’s on Au g. 17

are here! You


ng aki le B a ly ud end Pro Gold for

Bake My Day Bakery Espresso, deli sandwiches, custom cakes, cupcakes and pies

Come on in and relax on your journey through Goldendale Sit, Chat, Laugh Open 6 days a week: M - F 6 to 3, Sat. 8 to 2 119 W. Main, Goldendale • 509.773.0403

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Journey 2013

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Here is Only this another museu mo one actu Shepard ally had riginally built as a ho in 1962 o use. to the K ccupants! Don Society, ated by lickitat the Pres P C e by feat anywher ures ite ounty Historica arl e ms that l held dur else. It is also you won the loca ing Gold ’t see tio en a newsp aper pre dale’s Communit n of the Quilt Sh s y originall s displa y used y, featu Days. There’s e ow t r v o in en bygone publish g old st days. It The Gold yle pres ’s one o s e es ndale Se f my fa ntine vorite d isplays! l in

T h e Pre s b y M u s u e m Ope n d a ily 10 a m is ce le b rat i ng 5 to 4 p m y ea rs o f be 1 rou g h ing h t 1 y a M d e s ig n at ed as a Oct o be r 15 hist o rica l s it e! W Broa d wa y


Presby Mansion &M Museum

You are her e!


Find out more

Klickitat County Historical Society

THE PRESBY HOUSE MUSEUM 51 Years 1962 - 2013

Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas speaking at August 21, 1962 dedication.

The Presby House around 1912

Open Daily ~ 10 am to 4 pm May 1 thru October 15 127 W. Broadway, Goldendale ~ 509.773.4303


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Klickitat County Fair & Rodeo

T his y e a r’ s the me is

“L et’ s St So m e M i rru p e m o ri e s !.” T h e K lickit at C ou nty Fa ir & R od e o is A u g u st 22-25

Y e e H a w!

Journey 2013

You are here!



and Rodeo unty Fair o C t a it k c n, and a the Kli competitio r fo •Each year r e h t e ashioned idents tog h an old-f it w raised ff o brings res g grown and . Kickin e e c u im t d ro ld p o grand food and featuring ounty! barbecue, Klickitat C in re e h right

Original Art & Clothing Designs

Find out more

Eclectic & Whimsical Art Fine Crafts *Dolls *Clothing *Handwovens *Local Fiber Products

*Jewelry *Mosaics *Sculpture *Vintage Collectibles

509.250.3835 514 S. Columbus, Goldendale

Journey 2013

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Golden Man Triathlon

uge n was a h lo h t a ri T n Ma und ral Golden s from aro articipant The inaugu p d h n it a w s 2012 omen, boy success in men and w , the race n io g re e th kicking off enic ld o d n a g a sc girls, youn ool before p le a d n e ld at the Go oldendale. . n around G ru d n on Sept n a e rid will be ru t n o e t v e e d 13 relu The 20 a youth p re will be e e 1. h t n u d J n n a 21, thlon o a ri T n a M is run in the Golden Triathlon n a M n e of Wheels The Gold e Festival h t h it w n dale, conjunctio wn Golden o t n w o d n in awhile celebratio and stay e c ra e h t ndale. r s of Golde so come fo ie it iv t s fe the and enjoy endalepoo ld o .g w w ://w tion Go to http athlon/ for registra ri -t ’t n n a m re golden se who a also a n. For tho , there is t n e v e ll informatio 012. fu a hit in 2 y for the quite read d team entries were an dualathlon

New & Improved Aimee’s Attic Consignment Store

980 E. Broadway, Goldendale • 773-4699

100 E. Main St., Goldendale • 773-4979

Store hours: Mon. - Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Offers 32 booths, vendors’ wares range from and crafted linens and bead work to leather and wood works. Full floor of gently loved items. Mary Engelbreit, old cameras and equipment, home furnishings, dishes and lots of home decor.

Opened March of 1994 and is always working to improve our service to the Goldendale Community.

Large space filled wall to wall with general consignment items including books, clothing, camping equipment, children’s toys and so much more.

Aimee’s Attic on Broadway

Our orginal store offers a large selection of new and previously owned furniture, clothing, jewlery, linens, kitchen wares, books and a good selection of NEW Sealy mattresses. Our home decor is always changing to keep up with todays interior designs, focusing on lodge, country and a bit of traditional. We believe in keeping our prices reasonable and recycling these items so they can become your treasures.

It’s Your Store!

Journey 2013

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Maryhill State Park REQUIRED

in g, L ot s o f ca m p p icn ickin g s wim m in g, & at M a ry hill oppo rt u n it ie s St at e Pa rk!

John Day Dam t h e Jo h n Fo r t ou rs o f t h e e nt ra n ce , m a D y a D g o n s id e is o n t h e O re C lif f’s Pa rk o f t h e rive r. t o n g ive s a in Wa s hin g f t h e lock s! g reat v ie w o

r tion fo ul loca a if t e r u a a e f ab d-of ark is est a rope P w e is e t h a e t t r he lS se Maryhil picnicking. T ind-surfers u er. Not far ny w he riv d g and campin ming too! Ma d out onto t l, you can fin a il e im ou h h Y y w r o s . for ch t here f Ma he bea town o rown right t tle t e f h o t d en lit ,g k, in save a etables he Par from t fruit and veg yourself and s l sciou pick the fruit lu State o ls a aryhill M can m o r f ide of , visible the Oregon s ridge m cash! a D y B a John D s a detour to g the Biggs der sin ire ish lad . f s u o q a r e c r ( is r e e on r iv e Park lm h R a lumbia I-84). T migrating s the Co ing east on f o s view ad and he under-water g in r offe

Ju st o n t h e Wa s hin gt o n s id e o f t h e Big g ’s Bri dg e


Espresso drinks, Iced drinks Bagels, Muffins, Breakfast, Sandwiches, and more

Come in, sit down, and use our free Wi-Fi

Find out more

Mon. – Fri. 8 ~ 4 120 W. Main St. • Goldendale 509-773-3030

Check us out on Facebook!

Journey 2013

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Stonehenge Viewed unty? o C t a Klickit t often enge in uestion mos rief stop h e n o t q •S eab , the ?” Tak wy. 97 , built from H “what’s that a monument rial c is, memo e repli asked neheng lly built as a soldiers, o t S e h at t igina War I Hill. Or World War by Sam tat County’s ts for World e of i ck It is on onumen for Kli now m m Veterans. e r y by a e r a the rial Da Leidl o Vietn m e d n M a a on Louis II, Kore ions visited Legion, oldiers. n t a a c c i r lo e .s m the ndale A the fallen U.S e ld o G the onor 6, to h Post 11

L ocat ed ju st a fe w m ile s we st o f t h e Hw y 97 & Hwy 14 ju n ct io n , St o n e h e n g e is a pop u la r t ou rist d e st in at io n!

Welcome to beautiful KLICKITAT COUNTY

Staying for a while? Allyn’s Building Center is the only full service building materials dealer in Klickitat County.

Hardware • Lumber • Roofing Material - metal & asphalt • Flooring • Cabinets Doors & Windows • Paint • Electrical • Plumbing • Heating & Cooling Accessories & Insulation Hand & Power Tools • Lawn & Garden • Mowers • Weedeaters CAMPING GEAR - Sleeping Bags, Stoves, Lanterns, Canteens, Tents, Tent Stakes, Pots/Pans, Silverware, Water Repelent, Air Pumps, Life Jackets, Pocket Chainsaws, Hatchets, Machete, First Aid Kits & Tarps 517 N Mill St, Goldendale (509) 773-4796 • (509) 773-6880 fax

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Bluebirds in Bickleton

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We we re a b le t o s e e Blu e bird s n ea rly a ll s u m m e r in Bicklet o n! ca ls a s g n ated by lo d! si e d is n to le wo rl Bick p it a l o f th e ca d ir b e lu th e B

Journey 2013

ton residents e World, Bickle th of l ta pi Ca r the next Bluebird an and ready fo •Known as the cle es the us ho tle ing the lit the posts along work hard keep be seen dotting n ca . ty ey un Th Co s! t rd uebi Klickita generation of Bl the east end of ust-see. ays throughout ‘n Holler is a m ew iv op dr ho d W an e s th at road op you st If a ! , w car buff rchased ne •For the classic e cars, some pu qu ti an of n io g collect iss this one. It is an amazin , operated by can’t possibly m u yo r, fa is Carousel Museum th n’s to en le venture ck Bi is ns, such as wov t-see list resting collectio te •Also on the mus In e n. th io at e’s ci er so th , course Pioneer As h boxes, and of the Alder Creek rn in ire; antique lunc w the oldest tave ed is rb n In ba d rd an bi ue Bl e wheat, wn Th to l. el eoffers hom el horses as w et Street Café rk restored carous Ma e th d an ashington, hospitable, too! the state of W they’re mighty good food and

Whoop-N-Holler MusEUm

u re s m feat a nt i qu e e u s u T h e m t h e l a rg e st e ct io n s l o n e o f s ic a ut o co l e l-T od la s a n d c t at e wit h M e ve n a n s i n t h e u e p ick u p s, rs e o n h ea a nt i q Fo rd s, h o rs e-d ra wn ! t rs a n ci e n s led ru n n e r i nfo Ca ll fo 2344 96509-8

WHOOP-N-HOLLER MUSEUM Open May 1 - Sept. 30 Friday, Saturday & Sunday or by appointment Admission $3


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OLD CARS Halfway between Bickleton and Roosevelt on East Rd.

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Carousel Museum


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T h e Ca rou s e l Mu is a g reat p la s e u m ce t o wit h t h e fa m g o ily! 4 E. M a rk e t St re et, Bicklet o n

Alder Creek Pioneer Association Carousel Museum 4 E. Market Street, Bickleton, WA 99322

509.896.2007 Jennifer Mitchell Owner/Broker Cell: 509.250.2122 #1 Broker in SOLD Klickitat County Properties 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009 Jodi Bellamy Broker Cell: 509.881.0185

e lcom We he to t ide” y S “Dr

Fri. & Sat. 10-3 • Sunday 12-4 Closed Holidays Groups anytime by appointment Adults-$4, Under 12-$1, Family-$10 Closing Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013 for the season

Welcome to Klickitat County

915 S. Columbus, Goldendale LINDHE I N S U R A N C E

Health • Dental • Vision • Disability • Life 106 E. Main, Goldendale • 773-3339


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Pioneer Picnic & Rodeo

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ual n n A 103 rd icn ic & rP Pio n e e e o! R od s e l! u o r a C he R i d e t e 7- 9 Ju n

4th of July Picnic

• As lon directio g as you’re thin n, king abo u Bickleto why not plan y our trip t heading this n’s main around events? and Rod on T eo is se t for Ju he 102nd Pione e of antique n e e 7-9, a r Picnic carou nd feat • A who sel, and a rode ures the le o a hog sw 4th of July pig roast is featur ell. ed roast at luck, so Clevelan at Bickleton’s don’t fo d Park. r g e t • Bickle to brin It’s a po t downtow ton holds their g a side-dish. a n Bickle ton on A nnual car show meet ot her mot u or vehic gust 31. A grea in le enthu t place siasts! to ttiny ny

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y Energy Efficient y Fire Resistant y Extremely Quiet y Maintenance Free

L’abri Architectural Products

“Build it once—Build it for life”

Bicklet o n P ig R oa st at C le ve la n d Pa rk o n Ju ly 4

ICF home and commercial building systems combines the strength and endurance of concrete and steel with superior insulating properties, resulting in structures that are more energy efficient, durable, and far safer than conventional construction. L’abri Architectural Products Goldendale 509-773-7689

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5t h a n n u a s h ow i n d l ca r ownt own Bicklet o n A u g u st 3 1

Bickleton Car Show


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Bickleton Bluebird Inn



od e rn ca rs la ss ic a n d m

“Oldest Tavern in the State of Washington!” Open 7 days a week. Call for Hours

(509) 896-2273

MARKET STREET CAFE & GROCERY j En oy n Easter tat Klicki y Count 106 East Market Street Bickleton, Washington 509-896-2671

Mon. & Tue. 7- 4, Thurs - Sat. 7-4 Closed Wed. & Sun.

• Septic Tanks - Pumping & Cleaning • Health & Safety Certified • Back-up & Maintenance Specialists • Portable Toilets & Rentals • Largest Fleet of Trucks for Routing • On-Board GPS • Energy Efficient

ANSWERING CALLS THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE GORGE 800.443.3473 Call now to schedule your next service Licensed & Bonded Visa/Mastercard Accepted Member of Portable Sanitation Assoc. Intl.


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ion a l g e R lt oo s e ve in T h e R ll i s locat ed . i L a n df , o f f Hwy 14 e lt R oo s e v a t ou r! e l u d e s ch Ca ll t o 384 - 5641 509-

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Landfill Tours

Too k a t ou r o

f t h e R e g io n al L a n df ill!

Roosevelt Park

at R oo Picn ic a rea

s e ve lt Pa rk

Fre e ca m p in g in R oo s e ve lt Pa r k! G reat f is hin g, s wim m in g, a n d ot h e r wat e r s po rt s! A n d a boat la u n ch!

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That’s a lo t of garba Republic S ge! ervices, on e of the largest em ployers in Klickitat County, tu rns garba ge into po at their la wer ndfill gas powerplan Tours can t. be arrang ed and th folks love ese to talk ab out their work! Roosevelt camping, g Park offers free reat fishin g and swimming . There’s a public boa launch as t well, so if you’re nee a low-cos ding t vacation spot, brin your pean g ut butter a nd jelly, y tent, and our stay by t he river’s at Roosev edge elt Park.

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Local Knowledge and National Recognition Here at CBUB, our brokers strive hard to fulfill your real estate needs whether that is buying, selling or investing. By being able to sell any home or land in Klickitat County, these three brokers will facilitate your transaction with honesty and integrity. Call our office today to cover any aspect of real estate you may question including pricing, staging, marketing and negotiating. We take great pride in our many years of experience and skill with a desire to answer all your questions. Your comfort and confidence is what we want satisfied completely. Professional property management services are available in the immediate Goldendale area. Office: 509-773-7799 110 E. Main in Goldendale Each Office Independently Owned & Operated

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Klickitat County Visitors' Guide 2013 - My Journey  

The Goldendale Sentinel's annual guide to Klickitat County, done as a personal scrapbook of photos, yellow stickies, and memorabilia.