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Road project hearing focuses on trees


PAY UP: This is the letter from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions urging payment for water service line insurance. Residents in Klickitat County have been receiving the letter. The company has numerous citings from the Better Business Bureau.

Pushy letters showing up in county LOU MARZELES EDITOR

Some residents of Klickitat County are receiving officiallooking notices in the mail saying their water service or vehicles are uninsured and urging renewal before dire consequences befall them. While the companies sending these letters out are legitimate, many have several complaints lodged against them by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The most significant point is that they do not require action, and particularly not in the form of doing business with them. One particular creative notice comes from Home Emergency Insurance Solutions (HEIS). It begins, “Important information regarding your water service line.” It comes looking as if printed on computer paper and in duplicate, almost screaming to be of governmental origin. But HEIS is just another insurance vendor peddling its wares using the old surelooks-for-real trick And the company’s name comes up with bad reports from the BBB. According to a BBB report on the company on the BBB website, “Home Emergency Insurance Solutions has sent a mass mailing… urging homeowners to purchase ‘Water Line Insurance Protection’ policies. Although there is no government seal used on the documents, the wording makes it sound as if notification is official and that the insurance is required. It is not until the reader gets down to the fine print on a secondary page that they find the disclaimer that the company is not affiliated with the local utility company and that the insurance is optional.” BBB gives HEIS a C rating, and the company has had to answer two government actions in the past year. Those actions by the government led to HEIS adding its tiny statement that they are not a government organization and that the insurance is optional. “Even the name of the company is scary, combining the words home and emergency in the same line,” said

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FUNNIES ARRIVING SOON: Half Baked, right, is one of a multitude of comic strips featured in a supplemental publication to The Sentinel, called Funnies Extra. It launches in Goldendale and around the Gorge later this month. The 16-page section is full of all-color comics and puzzles and a Kids’ Corner, and it includes such favorite strips as B.C. and The Deep End.



BEGINNING TO FLOOD: The Klickitat River began to encroach upon Highway 142 about a mile north of Klickitat on Friday afternoon. The river rose rapidly on Friday, peaking at 14,800 cubic feet per minute at 5:45 p.m., about five times the volume from the previous morning. The highway remained open and flooding was confined to riparian areas.

Play features lots of quick changes


A GREATER TUNA CAST: The cast of A Greater Tuna takes a break while rehearsing. There are a total of 20 characters, but only 10 actors, which is how it is meant to be presented. This will be the first The set, simple, but the time that the Goldendale High School Drama club has performed two plays in one school year. character adaption will be challenging. In the play A around the small-town rich snob Vera Carp), is Vera Carp, Coach, R. R Greater Tuna, there are a radio station run by Arles known for his continual Snavely: Elena Blomquist. total of 20 characters, but Struvie (Shelby McKern) sightings of flying saucers, Elmer Watkins and the Goldendale High School and Thurston Wheelis which are called “flying Leona Childers: Shelby drama club has only enlist- (Doug Pomerinke), who lose chalupas” in Texas. Lemley. ed 10 actors to perform all far m reports and often Petey Fiske: Michael Audiences will have four the parts. make up the news they have chances to see this produc- Blomquist. One of the actors from misplaced. Bertha Bumiller: Brittion. Opening night is April the fall production of The talk show “Let it Out 13, followed up additional tany Allen. Twelfth Night that GHS pre- with Leona” (Leona is performances on April 14, Stanley, Charlene, Hank sented in the fall is Miller played by Shelby Lemley) 20, and 21. All performances Bumiller, and Reverend White, who is no stranger to hosts characters like Didi are at 7:30 p.m. at the Spikes: Miller White. changing roles in a matter Snavely (played by Anasta- Grange Hall. Jodie Bumiller and Phiof minutes. This time sia Aguon) who owns a used nas Blye: Tera Bradley. The cast is as follows: around, he plays Stanley gun store and touts the Pearl Burris, Sherriff, Arles Struvie: Shelby Bumiller, his twin sister motto, “If our guns can't McKern. and Cheryl Hartford: Hallie Charlene Bumiller, their fa- kill, it’s immortal!” Thurston Wheelis: Doug Barta. ther Hank Bumiller, and Piano Player: Matthew Her husband, R.R. Snave- Pomerinke. Reverand Spikes. Didi Snavely and Harriet Blomquist. ly (played by Elena All the action revolves Blomquist, who also plays Dean: Anastasia Aguon.

Vehicle renewals to be done only online LOU MARZELES EDITOR

Beginning the first of next year, Washingtonians will only be able to renew their vehicle registrations online before they expire. “The DOL [Department of Licensing] is going to do something this year for the public that you may or may not know about,” Klickitat County Auditor Brenda Sorensen told the Greater Goldendale Chamber of

Commerce business luncheon Monday at Ayutla’s Restaurant. “They are going to eliminate paper renewals, we’ve been told, effective Jan. 1, 2013. “You can sign up for email renewals if you like,” Sorensen continued. “Otherwise, mark it on your calendar, because you’re not getting a notice. So it’s going to be a big inconvenience to the general public. It’s part of the budget cuts, is what we’ve been told.”

Sorensen later said there may be a plan for getting the news out about the big change broadly to the public but word on details hasn’t come. “With inter net renewals,” Sorensen said, “you can go online, and if your vehicle has not expired, you can renew your vehicles online. Once you’ve passed that expiration date, you have to come into the office or mail it in.” Sorensen also pointed out

that many forms once available in DOL offices are or will be available online. She also reminded the group that the “donation” of $5 towards state parks must be proactively taken off the renewal fee because it remains on unless removed. “They have included on all the renewals the $5 for state parks,” Sorensen said. “If you do not want to pay that, you have to remember to take that off. If you don’t

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A public hearing regarding the proposed road improvement project for the west side of town was held at the City Council meeting Monday night. The only topic on the discussion of the project was the Goldendale Community Library’s trees. Librarian Naomi Fisher asked the council to consider the trees that are outside the Library building when they plan the project. “In general I think the grant is a wonderful thing,” said Fisher. However, she added she has concerns about the trees being removed if the street by the library were to be widened. Two others came before the council to speak about the same issue. “I do hope that you can arrange to save the good trees,” said Mary Jean Lord of the library. “I have heard many people say that the library is one of the reasons that they moved to Goldendale,” added Nancy Baron, current President of the Friends of the Library association. “And a number of those people have commented on that beautiful street and those wonderful trees, and the charming building.” The project that is proposed is in the planning stages, and the city has just begun to apply for money to fund the approximate $2 million it will take to complete. Also on the agenda for the Monday night meeting were two presentations. One was Klickitat County Solid Waste Director Kevin Barry presenting the slightly altered Solid Waste Interlocal Agreement with Klickitat County and the City of Goldendale. Discussion regarding the fact that the agreement was a 20-year contract was brought to the table by council member Len Crawford. Barry said that the agreement only had slight changes. “There are no big changes proposed for the solid waste system,” he said. An emphasis by the council members on recycling and encouraging it came up as well. Several members stated that if there were three bins available to residents—a garbage bin, a recycling bin, and an organic waste bin— there would be more participation in these practices. Barry said he couldn’t comment on behalf of Allied Waste, but that he would mention this idea to them. The agreement was voted on and approved by the council later in the meeting, but one council member was not sold on the idea. Crawford did not vote to approve it, but with a majority vote of “yes,” from the rest of the council members, it passed regardless. The other presentation Monday night was from Luke Dewitt, about starting an Intramural Softball League in town. His focus was to enlist help from the City in going about setting it up as a nonprofit. Several council members agreed that it was a great idea and they gave Dewitt ideas on how to get started. Dewitt says that he has approximately 50 to 60 people interested in signing up, ages 14 and up. Also on the agenda for the meeting were two public property use agreements, one for Farmers’ Market and the other for the Bluegrass Festival. Both agreements were approved by the council.

See City, Page 2

Vacant GVT to be reconfigured for clinic

2 — APRIL 4, 2012


Sentinel readers get shot at free HD radio


Some people with highly developed audiophile sensibilities feel that listening to the radio is like watching fireworks with sunglasses on. You just don’t get the full effect. High definition (HD) radio, with digital sound quality, finally fixes that problem and also provides a lot of new features. And Haystack Broadcasting in Goldendale and The Dalles has HD radio available now. “You can hear the difference between analog and digital,” says Haystack general manager Shannon Milburn. “It’s like night and day.” The popular country music station Y102 is now on Haystack’s HD radio, which allows the station to be heard in that sharp digital sound. But increased audio quality is not the only benefit of HD radio. “HD allows four different channels to be carried on one frequency,” Milburn says. “The primary one keeps the digital signal sharp and crisp. The other three remain in FM quality. But with an HD radio, you can tune in to as many as four different channels.” Haystack is carrying only two channels on its HD service, Y102 and Star FM, a pop music channel that is now listenable in Goldendale through an HD receiver. The only catch is, you have to buy a separate HD radio. “There are more coming in automobiles,” Milburn points out. Otherwise HD radios can be purchased for as little as $20. The only way to buy them presently in this area, Milburn says, is


RADIO OF THE FUTURE: Haystack Broadcasting general manager Shannon Milburn holds a small HD radio. online, since no local store carries them. Readers of The Sentinel, however, have a chance to get a new HD radio for free. Haystack Broadcasting is going to hold a drawing for a free radio to Sentinel readers who enter their names. The drawing will be held April 12. To enter the drawing, readers can email their name in or enter through The Sentinel’s Facebook page, or come in to The Sentinel office. While many in today’s economy understandably regard spending money on a new radio as completely unnecessary, nonetheless many are getting on the HD radio bandwagon, partly because, some experts say, entertainment becomes more helpful to people in down economies. HD radio seems to be catching on also because of the broad range of its features. Besides digital quality sound, these include the ability to pause live broadcasts for later playback, a bookmark function that lets users save song or advertisement information, prog ram service data, iTunes tagging, and realtime traffic broadcasts so users can avoid rush hour in downtown Goldendale.

AUDITOR from Page 1 take the $5 off, you will be remitting the full amount.” Sorensen also discussed upcoming elections. The school districts of Bickleton, Glenwood, Centerville, and Lyle have ballots out now for the election day of April 17. Candidate filing

will be done between April 30 and May 18 through mail and online between May 14 and May 18. Two county commissioner positions are open this year. The primary election is Aug. 7 and the general election will be on Nov. 6.

The lights are out at Golden View Terrace (GVT). All of the residents have been moved, and some were able to stay in Goldendale, says to John White, CEO of Klickitat Valley Health (KVH). The next step, says White, is to turn GVT into the clinic. “The next phase for GVT is to bring the architecture team in and get it reconfigured for use as the primary care clinic.” The doctors and physicians at the clinic have about 6,500 square feet. White says the move to the GVT building would equate to about 22,000 square feet. “We’ll be able to expand, give that crew much better space, and we also plan to have space for some additional physicians we would like to recruit to town,” White added. White is looking at bringing in another family practice doctor, a general surgeon, an orthopedic surgeon, and an internist who handles more complex adult medicine. “We did a lot of work to engineer what we call a ‘soft

LETTERS from Page 1 Blair Looney, CEO and president of the BBB serving Central California. “Homeowners are responsible for the maintenance of the water pipes leading from the water meter into the house, but they should check with their own local insurance agent to see if they need coverage since it may not be necessary in newer homes.” The Connecticut BBB has placed the following statement in the company’s report. “BBB has received numerous complaints, from consumers across the country, concerning this business's direct mail solicitations, specifically that the solicitations' layout may cause consumers to perceive the letters as coming from the consumers' utility companies and not an independent business selling home warranty or insurance coverage. BBB also received customer complaints concerning coverage issues, specifi-

Easter Egg Hunt And Celebration! SATURDAY, APRIL 7th at 11:00am

Resurrection Sunday—Easter Service

Free Hot D og Lunch

Pastor Greg will be answering the question: “Can the Resurrection of Jesus Stand Up in Court?” April 8th at 11:00am

Special Choir Music Program

Join Us this Sunday for Easter! Community Grace Brethren Church 1180 S. Roosevelt Ave Goldendale Call 509.773.3388 or visit for more information


Shar Pei

Chang is 3 years old. He is a purebred Shar Pei. He is great with other dogs and would do best in a home with no kids. He needs a good fenced yard. He is a little shy and will need some help with leash training. I have no idea how he is with cats. He has not been a part of a family for a while so he will need to go to a home that will work with him. His adoption fee is $250.00.

Dogs of the Gorge (541) 978-0079 dogsofthegorge@


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landing’ for the staff that were affected,” explained White, speaking of the GVT staff. “In the end, there were six folks who were not able to either be retrained or find a another job within the current time frame; they may find jobs later.” Out of the 18 staff who were affected, 12 were able to find another position within KVH. An attendee of the luncheon asked White why many of the kitchen staff were let go. White explained that because the demand for the number of meals decreased a lot after the residents of GVT left. “We served about 50,000 meals [per year], and Golden View Terrace was about 40 percent of that,” said White. Another move would be for the administration to be housed on the third floor of the GVT building and for some patient care departments to move to the front of the hospital building for easier access. With this new move, also comes the lingering question of whether the budget will be slashed. White has high hopes that everyone will turn out well for critical access

April 13 Robert Gravelle TJ Beardslee Melissa Mosbrucker April 16 Terry Nickels Kathy Berg April 19 Arley Gray April 20 Dave Brown April 21 Travis Gray April 24 Kevin Gerchak Cassie Kayser April 26 Chris Tyndall Tim O’Neill

cally that when a problem occurred, it was not covered by the policy.” In a similar ploy, a company called True Auto is sending area residents a notice that insurance on their vehicle has expired and they should return the convenient form enclosed in order to ensure they remain in compliance with the law. “They sent me notice that the insurance on my truck had expired,” said one Goldendale resident who preferred not to be identified. “But I sold that truck more than a year ago. That’s what made me suspicious.” The company’s name doesn’t even appear on its letter. The only sign of its name is at the bottom of the letter, where it gives its email address.

hospitals across the state. “The last budget that was introduced was the House suggesting to the Senate some adjustments to the Senate budget that was proposed late in the session,” said White. “That one looked the very best for critical access hospitals. There were no cuts proposed to critical access hospitals in that final budget, so I’ve got my fingers crossed.” Another change in the hospital district is the proposed interlocal agreement with Skyline Hospital to combine resources for the ambulance services. Mayor Clint Baze, who was present at the luncheon, suggested that the ambu-

lance service work together with the fire departments in the area. White said that he wants to take suggestions like that and figure out what to do that doesn’t affect patient care. An upcoming event that is sponsored by Klickitat Valley Health is the annual Family Health and Wellness Fair on Saturday, April 14. “This one is going to be one of the best,” said White. With the addition of several blood tests, like the Glycohemoglobin A1c test, and fun things for kids to do, White hopes that it will be well-attended. For more information about the health fair go to or call 773-4022.

CITY from Page 1 The Farmers’ Market, in a trade with the city, will provide the labor and materials to renovate the onsite kitchen facility in Ekone Park so that it can be used during the Farmers’ Market. The Market will also ask the city to adopt some rules about future care for the facility, so that its life is prolonged. Gina McCabe, organizer for the Bluegrass Festival, said at the meeting that the only big change to the event will be the addition of several microbreweries. All of the vendors have said they wanted to come back, as did the artisans. The only thing that may put a monkey wrench into the plan for RV parking is the performance stage that the city has been working on and is being built where RV parking had been in previous years. City Administrator Larry Bellamy says that it will not be completed by the time the festival comes. That means the parking situation will have to be reorganized. The Bluegrass Festival organizers have also worked out an agreement with Farmers’ Market to incorporate both events to work together. The next council meeting will be on April 16 at 7 p.m.

THIS WEEK’S MOST WANTED: The Goldendale Police are looking for Roy Chubb. Chubb, 40, is wanted for failure to appear on a charge of driving while license is suspended in the third degree. Chubb is 5-7 with blue eyes and brown hair.

City of Goldendale Clean-Up Day Saturday, April 14, 2012 Sponsored by: Allied Waste/Regional Disposal Co., Klickitat County Senior Services, Joe’s Towing, and City of Goldendale and Goldendale Chamber of Commerce

City of Goldendale residents ONE FREE pickup load of garbage Saturday, April 14 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. *Must present a coupon to the Goldendale Transfer Station

*Coupons are available at: Allied Waste Office, City of Goldendale (City Hall), Klickitat County Senior Services, and The Goldendale Sentinel on or after April 2, 2012.

SENIORS AND DISABLED PERSONS: You MUST contact Klickitat County Senior Services at 773-3757 by Monday, April 9th no later than 4:00 p.m. for assistance with the removal of excess garbage and brush. Excess garbage is limited to no more than 1 regular sized pickup load, per property. City of Goldendale Public Works Department will be picking up and hauling off brush for seniors and disabled persons within the city limits on Monday, April 16, 2011. Brush and limbs may be up to 4” inches in diameter, no more than 10’ ft in length, and must be stacked in a neat pile beside the sidewalk or in right-of-way. Be sure your brush pile is not obstructing the sidewalk or roadway in anyway.

JUNK VEHICLE REMOVAL: Please contact the Goldendale Police Department between 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. (Monday – Friday) at 773-3780, but no later than Monday, April 9th by 4 p.m. to schedule a FREE pickup of your junk vehicle by Joe’s Towing. You must be the legal owner of the vehicle and be in possession of the title to the vehicle. All vehicles must be cleaned out. Vehicles full of trash will not be accepted. In addition, you must be present and be ready to give the tow truck driver the title to the vehicle when he arrives. This is being offered on a first come, first serve basis. Please contact the Police Department early to secure a pick up of your junk vehicle. Take this opportunity to get acquainted with the Goldendale Transfer Station where you can drop off RECYCLING FREE OF CHARGE (This includes newspaper, cardboard, cans, bottles, and appliances). Contact Allied Waste at 773-5825 for more information.

APRIL 4, 2012 — 3




Violet Froehlich

Violet Marie Froehlich passed away on April 2, 2012, at age 83 and will be sadly missed by family and friends. She was born the first of nine children on Oct 4 1928 in Mobridge, South Dakota to Ben and Ann Schatz. They moved to Yakima, WA in 1937 and it was there where she later met and mar ried Felix Froehlich. They moved to Goldendale in 1952. An active mother and homemaker she also worked as a German speaking nursing assistant during World War II. She was also a house cleaner, an Avon Lady, and worked at the Delmonte cannery in Yakima. Violet worked as a volunteer as well, a member of the Holy Trinity Altar Society Goldendale Homemakers, and with the local Gleaners to help others. She dedicated herself to

family, cooking, canning, embroidery, knitting and making quilt squares for all her grandchildren. She loved camping, mostly in the huckleberry fields and tended to elk camp. Preceding her in death were her parents, two brothers, two sisters, her husband, a daughter, and a grandson. She is survived by her children Thomas Froehlich of Goldendale, Theresa and husband Jim Russell of Joseph, OR, Charlotte and husband Gary Burton of Salem, OR, Fred and wife Gail Froehlich of Goldendale, WA, and Martin Froehlich of Stevenson, WA, nine grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and four sisters. A Rosary will be held at at Holy Trinity Catholic Church at 10:30 a.m., Monday, April 9, followed by Mass at 11 a.m.

Lee Roy Vaughn Lee Roy Vaughn "Shorty" "Papa" died March 24, 2012. Shorty was born in Rush Springs, Okla., August 16, 1938. He attended Sunnyside High School. After graduating in 1957, he joined the Army and was stationed in California. After his military service he returned to Washington and moved to Seattle. He is preceded in death by his parents Myrtle Vaughn, his father, Roy Vaughn, and his brother, Billy Vaughn and Marylou Vaughn. He is survived by his wife,

Janice, his daughters Sheryl and Gary Jones, Lori and Michael Danforth, Kim and Rob Pottenger, Cindy and Frank Schmitt, Wayne and Renae Bowman, Lisa Bowman, Darlene and Youseff Fties, Jeanine Hausske, Cheryl Bowman, 27 grandchildren and eight greatgrandchildren, sister Jennie and Jim Wheeler, and Robin Rudy. A memorial service was held March 28, at Valley Hills Funeral Home in Terrace Heights.

OBITUARY POLICY Death notices are free and will be run one time in The Sentinel, but specific guidelines must be followed. The deceased's name, date of birth and death, arrangements and service information will be published without charge. Local obituaries are considered paid notices and are welcomed from families or funeral homes; costs run at set fees according to length/word guidelines.Your chosen funeral homes can be very helpful in determining which style and length is needed for any particular obituary. Family members are welcome to contact The Sentinel office for the same assistance. The Sentinel will not edit these submissions unless requested by the family. A single half-column photo is offered free of charge. A fee will be assessed for a second photo. Obituaries and memorials requiring bordering, special type fonts and large or multiple photographs are designated as display advertising, handled by the advertising staff of The Sentinel and not the editor. Please contact the advertising department of The Sentinel or your funeral director for further information. All obituaries, regardless of length, will be offered on-line at no additional charge shortly after publication. Please refer to our on-line edition at:


RUNNING FOR ROSES: Nineteen women from Goldendale participated in the “Race 4 the Roses,” last weekend, in Portland. Five completed a half marathon, 13.1 miles, and the other 14 completed the 10k (six miles). There were more than 4000 racers. Race for the Roses is a fundraiser for the Albertina Kerr foundation, which helps people with mental health challenges. The race started at the Oregon Convention Center and the course takes participants over the steel bridge through downtown, along the waterfront and back over the steel bridge to finish at the convention center. Pictured are Trish Bland, Michelle Watson, Cathy Dressel, Christina Stelter, Lynn Ward, Mary Huber, Kathyjo Randall, Jamie Ward, Alia Randall, Kristi Siebert, Barb Stout, Barbra Bostick, Cindy Bershire, Trina Siebert, Tiffany Best, Patty Cooper, Rachel Murray, Kristi Hanna, Patty Best.

LOOKING BACK April 4, 2012 25 Years Ago – April 2, 1987 • To the Editor: Just wanted to call attention to the big scoop your paper missed when they put the story of the birth of a 17 pound baby on page eight of your last edition. News like that should make the front page. Editor’s note: Goldendale is known for its robust, healthy folks, but last week we goofed in a big way – by 10 pounds, in this case. 50 Years Ago – March 29, 1962 • Jaycee chairman, Ron Rombalski explained the Beautification of Goldendale project with planter boxes of shrubs, newly painted business fronts and “Welcome to Goldendale” signs at the entrances. Rombalski reported the owners of two dilapidated old houses in the central area had agreed to facilitate their immediate removal. 75 Years ago - April 8, 1937 • Dr. Milton R. Davis, Goldendale dentist, was somewhat perturbed this week when friends began a barrage of “slurs” in his direction due to the appearance of a news item in The Sentinel the past week which explained his cutting of a finger on a glass. He said he has been explaining all week that the cut came while he was drying dishes at his residence here and not while he was “imbibing” either water of any other beverage. To clear up the cut finger and its cause, he explained this week, “I’m through wiping glasses, dishes, or anything else.” Compiled by Jean Allyn Smeltzer, of the Klickitat County Historical Society

THE FIREFIGHTERS AUCTION IS ALMOST HERE!!! April 28th Now accepting donations. Help us with the fire victims fund by donating items for the auction, then come and be a part of the fun!! Contact Leo Spencer at 509.773.3047 or RURAL 7 Fire & Rescue at 509.773.4246

Programs for Peaceful Living Serving victims of crime White Salmon: 509.493.1533 Goldendale: 509.773.6100

PAINT SALE Benjamin Moore

Underwater egg hunt at pool Looking for a different type of Easter egg hunt? Check out the Goldendale Swimming Pool for their second annual Easter Egg Hunt in the water, Saturday, April 7, starting at 2 p.m. Plastic Easter eggs will be placed in the wading pool and big pool and children will swim to find eggs. After hunting, the eggs will be redeemed for various prizes. Lifeguards will be in the water to assist children with their hunt. The event begins at 2 p.m., in the wading pool,with children age two and under; followed approximately 15 minutes later by the next age group; ages 3 and 4 at 2:15 p.m. and ages 5 and 6 at 2:30 p.m. Children seven and older will be divided into various age groups and will hunt for Easter eggs in the big pool. Ages seven and eight, 2:45 p.m.; ages nine and 10 at 3 p.m.; ages 11-12, 3:15 p.m. and 13 and older at 3:30 p.m. Admission to the pool will be free on Saturday, April 7 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. during the Easter egg hunt. For more information, call the swimming pool at 773-0506.

April 20, 2 1, 22

ion miss d A e Fre rking & Pa


4th Annual

Home & Garden Show Presented by

Greater Goldendale Area Chamber of Commerce At the

Klickitat County Fairgrounds Friday & Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. BOOTH SPACE STILL AVAILABLE F ty of t & Liv ood Cou Varie ovemen r e rt p Ente oths e Im rtain Hom rden Bo men a t & G Master Gardener Workshops ~ Square Foot Gardening ~ Improving Soil Quality ~ Local Plant Varieties


Super-Spec FLAT $17.99



Limited to supply on hand Sale ends April 30th

K.C. Solid Waste

The McCredy Co. 126 W. Main • Goldendale

24 Hour Hotline: 866.523.6468

903 E. Broadway • 509.773.3400

4 — APRIL 4, 2012



April Fool’s apparently is a state of mind as well as a day Some stories you just have to run because they’re just too strange. We’re not talking about the three April Fool’s stories in this week’s newspaper. Those are funny. We’re talking here about strange. This year, as last, we’re having a contest to identify the three April Fool’s stories; the first person to call in naming all three gets a free oneLou Marzeles year subscription to The Sentinel. The task should be easier this year, since our stories aren’t as easy to take seriously. We think. But Editor & Publisher who knows, with some of the stories running around out there. We’re pretty sure someone will call in and incorrectly identify one story in this week’s paper as an April Fool’s joke. Yet that story is absolutely true. Some things you just can’t make up. Last year our phony stories were about reporter Rebecca Gourley being hired by National Geographic (which Rebecca herself wrote), The Sentinel buying National Geographic (turns out they wouldn’t take our check for $47.98), and a Japanese megacorporation called Okidoki Enterprises buying the old aluminum plant. Had our thoughts run in the direction of one of the stories in this paper, we might’ve created it as a joke. Yet it’s for real. It ran in Time magazine, and reports show it was not a hoax. Find it for yourselves and laugh or shake your head, or both. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

Java Talk focuses on triathlon event At the last Java Talk on March my primary concern and how they 16, most of the conversation cen- get so many people in in such a certain window of time.” Still, it was tered on an upcoming event. “I’m one of the organizers for a decided the pool here would work. “We’re not only looking for partriathlon event in Goldendale this coming Sept. 15,” said one of the ticipants but volunteers because Java Talk participants. “We started they’re needed to make this hapvery early in the year because it’s pen,” the participant added. “We alnew, and we wanted to raise the ready have a proposed route. A awareness of this type of even triathlon is a swim, a bike and a going on in Goldendale. It’s a run. We’re of fering a sprint triathlon. This has been fundraiser. If you’re favery popular for over 10 miliar with the Back years. For the pool part, Packs for Kids, it’s anothJava Talk you swim 20 lengths (or er attempt at raising Community 10 laps). A reasonable funds for that. Right now discussion time to complete this for that program puts tomeeting someone who’s fit is 12 to gether 375 back packs 20 minutes. After this is a that go home on the 14-mile bike ride. A 5K, weekend. Most of them or three mile, run is last. are distributed on Fri“And then the funeral parlor days. This last year we spent $44,000, and it’s on track to do the comes in,” another participant same this year. We have about 200 quipped. “Is this sponsored by Memorial private and business donators just in our area alone. It’s all non-per- Chapel?” someone asked. After some laughter, the organizishable foods. We’re always looking er continued: “The bike route starts for better stuff.” The participant said the money at the pool, goes to Pipeline, makes raised would come from the fees a left on High, a right on Pine Forest people would pay to take part in the to Knight Road to 142, and then triathlon, and that money would go back to the pool. The 3.25-mile run directly to the Back Packs program. is the classic one for Goldendale. It “We’re establishing that fee scale also starts at the pool and again now,” the organizer said. “We’re goes over to Pipeline, to High, left going off of other triathlons on Columbus to Simcoe, to Rooaround the area to make that hap- sevelt and then back. Anyone 12 or older, to any age, can take part. pen.” The impetus for a triathlon came We’re also offering a team opportufrom the fact that Goldendale has nity, where one person could do the the right mix of conditions for such first leg in the pool, another person an event. “Typically a triathlon the bike, and a third person the run. takes place near a lake or in a That’s becoming a popular way to river,” the meeting participant said. go. It’s inspiring some competitive “They usually don’t use a pool be- spirit in our community—folks cause most competitors like the from City Hall and PUD are considopen swim. It was the pool that was ering participating.”


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Where’s credit for the event? To the Editor: The Greater Goldendale Chamber of Commerce recently ran an ad in the “Let’s Get Acquainted” publication produced by The Goldendale Sentinel. I couldn’t help but notice the section in the ad for 2012 events. Included in what would appear to be Chamber events was the Festival of Wheels. This is interesting, considering the Chamber dropped their portion of the event after 2010. The reason the Goldendale Motorsports Association (GMA) was given for this action was that the Chamber didn’t make a profit from the event. GMA took over organization of the entire event because we felt it was good for the community. It helped out with economic development and tourism and is a great spectator event. Prior to writing this letter, I looked at the Chamber’s website. The Festival of Wheels was listed in the events section, and I clicked on the link to see what was there. Not one mention of GMA as the organizer. While we don’t mind the Chamber posting our event, we do find it unfair not to acknowledge that GMA is the organization putting the event on. If their intent was to list all events going on in the area, then they should at least acknowledge who puts on the event—especially when those organizations and businesses are members of the


Chamber. Furthermore, if this is their intent, they should include other obvious events such as the Klickitat County Fair. Under the organization of GMA, the Festival of Wheels has become a very popular event with a lot of hard work put in by members of our group. It does not seem like too much to ask for the Chamber to fulfill its purpose of promoting its members rather than taking credit away from them.

Dennis Schroder GMA President Goldendale

Firefighters’ Auction a helpful event To the Editor: With the seemingly constant wet weather we’ve had lately, it’s hard to remind yourself that just a few short months ago we were facing one of the most devastating wildfires our area has ever seen. The scars and consequences of that fire are still with us today. The community came together in ways that amazed people that aren’t familiar with our tight knit little town. One of the most outstanding events during the fire was the amount of money that became available for the victims of the fire. A few years ago, a group of farsighted local people decided to start a “Fire Victims Fund” that would

provide a few dollars to people whose lives were turned upside down due to fire. Little did they know that having that structure in place would be a Godsend in the summer of 2011. Donations came from people literally all around the world. The largest amount was donated by Western Pacific Timber. With the money in the fire victims fund, the donations by Western Pacific, and the cash that came in from everywhere, we turned what could have been a major blow to the community into an example of a how people can come together in trying times and be better because of it. The fire victim fund’s main source of income is the annual firefighter’s auction. It is a fun event held every year at the Rural 7 Fire Hall in Goldendale. The auction depends on the donations of items from the people of the community. Anything you have lying around and are tired of stumbling over, donate it to the auction and come be a part of the fun on auction day. Remember that your donations and purchases go towards the best thing you can do, and that is helping your community.

Leo Spencer Goldendale (Editor’s note: This year’s Firefighters’ Auction is Saturday, April 28, at 10 a.m. at the Rural 7 fire hall in Goldendale. A “yardsale” begins there are 9 a.m.)

Lee surrenders, designated hitter rule, Eastwood elected April 4: 1818—Congress decides (a novel concept) where it begins by ordering the attorney general to that our flag will have 13 red and white strip to repre- prosecute those kids who carve their initials on school sent the 13 colonies and 20 stars, one for each state. desks. Born: St Francis Xavier (1506). Died: Kurt 1865—A day after the Union captures the CSA capital of Cobain (1994). No Housework Day. April 8: 1971—Carnegie Hall has its first rock music Richmond, Va., President Lincoln decides to rub it in and visits the city. 1968—In Memphis, the Rev. Martin concert, which is headlined by Chicago. 1974—Hank Luther King, Jr. is shot and killed. 2012—After drop- Aaron homers for the 715th time, breaking Babe Ruth’s ping a flaming baton during his Hawaiian fire dance, all-time home run record. 1986—Clint Eastwood is Newt Gingrich loses the talent portion of the national elected by a landslide for mayor of Carmel, Calif., presidential debate. Born: Bea Benaderet (owner and using only bumper stickers and buttons for his camoperator of the Shady Rest Hotel in Petticoat Junction). paign. 2012—Obama continues to pursue the women’s’ (1929). Died: Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe in Petticoat vote by declaring his favorite film as a toss-up between Junction). (1979). Grilled Cheese Month, International An Affair to Remember and Titanic. Born: Sheldon Greenfield, known to one and all as Shecky Green Pooper-Scooper Week, World Rat Day. April 5: 1614—Tobacco planter John Rolfe marries (1926). Died: Olympic horseman, Oscar winner and cowboy actor Ben Johnson (1996). InternaPocahontas in Virginia. She changed her tional Bird Day. name to Rebecca Rolfe. 1621—The Mayflower April 9: 1682—Robert de LaSalle finds gets off Plymouth Rock and makes a return This Week the mouth of the Mississippi River, names it voyage to England. 2012—Mitt Romney Louisiana, and claims it as French territory. claims the recent tornadoes in the Midwest in History 1865—At Appomattox, Ulysses S. Grant reare due to the Obama policy on weather and ceives Robert E. Lee’s sword after Lee surannounces he will fire everyone at the NaTim O’Neill renders the Army of Northern Virginia. tional Weather Service. Bor n: Fred 1963—Honorary citizenship is awarded to Williamson (1938). Died: John Belushi (1982). Winston Churchill. 2003—In Bagdad, SadNational Read a Road Map Day. April 6: 1860—Joseph Smith III organizes the Reor- dam Hussein’ statue gets knocked over by a US tank. ganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at Born: Hugh Hefner (1926). So Long: Frank Lloyd Amboy, Ill. 1973—The American League begins using Wright (1959). Mikael Agricola Day or Finnish Lanthe designated hitter. The Neighborhood Kids Sand Lot guage Day. April 10: 1633—Britain sells bananas to the public Game League formally adopts the use of the “invisible man.” 2012—Obama causes an international incident for the first time. 1790—The U.S. adopts its patent syswhen at a state dinner he introduces Michele as “the tem, and 59 years later to the day the patent for the safeold ball and chain.” Born: Roy The Invaders Thinnes ty pin is granted to Walter Hunt, who later gives it (1938). Died: Tammy Wynette, Wendy O. Williams away for lack of profit. 1925—Scribner’s publishes Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby over protests from high (1998). New Beer’s Eve. April 7: 1827—Necessity is not the mother of inven- school literature students. 1978—Volkswagen becomes tion when English chemist John Walker invents wood- the first foreign automobile company to manufacture en matches. Originally they were to be used as torches cars in the US. 2012—The Democrat and Republican for crickets. 1994—The Vatican finally and formally ac- parties begin fund raising for the 2016 election. Born: knowledges the Holocaust did take place during WWII. John Madden (1936). Died: Louis the Stammerer, King 2012— Rick Santorum declares he will stop crime of West Francia (879). National Soft Pretzel Month.

LETTERS POLICY: The Goldendale Sentinel attempts to publish as many letters to the editor as possible. Letters to the editor should be original and comment on an issue. There is a suggested length limit of about 300 words. Unsigned letters, letters with fictitious signatures, or copies of letters to public officials are generally not accepted. The Sentinel also limits letters on a particular subject when we feel it has been thoroughly aired, to the point of becoming repetitive. Check your facts; offhand “statistics” or “information” of questionable nature will not be printed. The Sentinel also reserves the right to edit or omit a letter if it contains potentially libelous material, an attack on an individual, or is generally in bad taste. Writers must include name, city of residence, and phone number for verification purposes.

APRIL 4, 2012 — 5



Avila, Class of 2014 top chili chefs Towne Hall meeting reset

Forrest Putnam played a nice verGlenwood School students organized a Chili-Cook-Off competition on March sion of “Smokey Mountain Waterfall” 28. Locals and school classes entered on the piano; and Becca Hallenbeck the friendly competition that resulted showed her skill on the oboe as she in bragging rights for community played “A Whole New World.” One of the sweetest performances member, Lori Avila, and the class of 2014. Following the cook-off judging, was by the father/daughter duo Jay community members were invited to and Willa McLaughlin. Willa played the sample the entries via a free chili din- violin while Jay accompanied her on his guitar to “Oh Susanna.” Very cool! ner! Before the final band perThe annual Glenwood’s formances, Bailey Gimlin Got Talent Show featured 15 acts in the gym on March 28. Glenwood and Kinley Troh did a couple of cheerleading routines to Mrs. Allaway’s band stuNews get the audience involved. dents (Madi Couch, Brittany Dr. Shane Couch served as McCoy, Forest Putnam, Glenwood the Master of Ceremonies – Vicky Valdez, Becca HallenHomemakers and shared some funny exbeck, Bethany Putnam, amples of students’ test anTiffany McCoy and Spencer swers with the crowd. Olivia Hallenbeck) performed several pieces; and were accompanied by and Alise taught him how to do a few adults (Debbie Allaway, Jennifer Hal- tricky dance moves to “Party Rock Anlenbeck and Betsy Putnam) on two them” for a few more laughs! Glenwood’s Easter traditions will numbers. Mrs. Allaway does a wonderful job with her students – and they all continue this year. The annual Easter Egg Hunt, sponsored by the Glenwood played well! Emily Hastings, Allison McFall, Women’s Club, will begin at 10 a.m. SatKaitlyn Masden, Bethany Putnam, Bai- urday, April 7, at Conboy Park for ages ley Gimlin, Olivia Jacobsen, Alise Gim- preschool through fourth grade. Egg lin and Kinley Troh sang a wide variety hunters will be searching for real and of songs from rock to gospel to country prize-filled eggs in areas separated for various ages. Word is the Easter Bunny for the crowd’s entertainment. Andrew McFall performed a card will make an appearance for pictures magic trick that worked out just as he with the children. The Pioneer Memorial Community had planned! Foreign-exchange student, Marie Church (PMCC) will begin their Easter Weber, did an acrobatic performance traditions with a Good Friday Service while her roommate, Seowon Boo, ac- at 7 p.m. on April 6. Sunday morning companied her on the piano with a Ko- bright and early a Sunrise Service will rean song. I had never seen anyone be performed at Jorgensen’s on Kreps Lane at 6:30 a.m. Wear your warm walk on their hands that long!

clothes for this beautiful service. An Easter brunch will be shared at the church at 9:45 a.m. followed by the regular Easter Service at 11 a.m. May each of you enjoy a wonderful Easter with your families! Mt. Adams Resource Stewards (MARS) will be hosting their first work party on the Mt. Adams Community Forest Mill Pond Property on Saturday, April 14. Anyone interested in a fun day of learning about the project and bringing a forest back to health by cutting brush, thinning and planting trees is welcome to join us. Firewood resulting from the day’s work will be delivered to local seniors for heating assistance or available to volunteers that participated in the effort. We will meet in front of the Glenwood Grange at 9 a.m. and coordinate travel to the site. Lunch will be provided. Contact Jay McLaughlin, 364-4110, or if you have questions. PMCC is looking for donations of empty printer cartridges for recycling; and clean, reusable items for the Youth Yard Sale. Yard sale donations will be accepted beginning in May. This is a good chance to declutter your house; and to help the Youth Group earn money for camp. Coming Events: April 12: Junior High track meet 4:30 p.m. Concessions available on the school grounds. April 17: Last day to mail ballots for the 2013 and 2014 Glenwood School levies.

Egg hunt Saturday at Lyle Park Place

OLESS monthly meeting The Lion’s Club is presenting their Annual Easter at the Activity Center will be Egg Hunt at the Lyle Park on Monday, April 9, at 7 p.m. Place on Saturday, April 7, at Isn’t it time to join a positive 9 a.m., with the OLESS on group that has only the betboard to help sponsor it. It terment of Lyle and its residents at heart? Sit will be a grand in and decide for time to come out yourself. and enjoy the chilClean Up Day dren’s delight of Lyle News will only be for finding each tiny one day this year. treasure tucked Mildred Lykens It is scheduled for behind a clump of only Saturday, grass while the April 14, from 8 adults watch and a.m. to 5 p.m. Your photograph their favorite “hunter.” It’s fun to undesirables can be brought watch both the kids and the to the school bus parking lot (the corner of 5th and SR-14) parents. Following the Easter Egg with the same rules, so take Hunt on April 7, Wilson advantage of free dumping, Wewa, Jr. will be the guest of (although the Lyle Commuthe River People’s Culture nity Council appreciates any Exchange at 10:30 a.m. in the and all donations). Any Lyle Activity Center. He will questions can be answered give a contemporary per- by Joy Collins, 365-5102. The Lyle Community spective of attitudes and programs at the reservation. Council is seeking help in The Study Circle programs will continue next winter, but to stay informed as the future programs evolve, contact Portia, (509) 281-0631, .

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The McCredy Co. 126 W. Main, Goldendale

pursuing ways in the beautification of Lyle to the eyes of the tourist or traveler passing through and hoping to find ways of attracting them to stop and stay awhile. This would be advantageous to our business owners and show pride in our community. Jot down your ideas and bring them to be discussed at the next meeting of Monday, April 23, at 7 p.m. They would appreciate your input. The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development is offering a grant to qualified low income households for the purpose of repairing their dwelling. The application can be obtained by writing to “USDA Rural Development, 1606 Perry Street Suite D, Yakima, WA 98902-5798. This could mean a new roof for your home and upgrading its safety compliances.

Submit your news to: Mildred Lykens: 365-0060 –

to accomodate legislators extended session

With the Fourth Annual Goldendale Home and Garden Show less than three weeks away, I thought I would give you a heads-up on a few of the Master Gardener Workshops to be held on Friday, April 20, and Saturday April 21, on the back stage. On Friday, you can choose to attend one or all of these classes: 11 a.m. - Gardening in Small Places; 12:30 p.m. National Conservation Resource Service and How it May Help You; 2 p.m. - Making the Best of Your Soil; 3:30 p.m. When is an Ornamental Not an Ornamental; and at 4:30 p.m., the John Denver Tribute Artist, Ted Vigil will be performing until 6 p.m. Saturday workshops will be different; 11 a.m. - Composting with Dirt-huggers; 2 p.m. - Plant Selection for Klickitat County; 3:30 p.m. - Integrated Pest Management; and again at 4:30 p.m., Hear’s Ted Vigil will be singing his John Denver Goldendale tunes until 6 p.m. On Sunday, Ted Vigil will do his Tribute to John Denver from 12:30 p.m. until 2 Diana p.m. Notestine Also on Friday will be some crooning out near the food court by Tom Beck in the late morning and early afternoon. And on Saturday our local D.J. from K.L.C.K., Kevin Malcolm, will ‘spin the vinyl.’ Look for this information and more in The Goldendale Sentinel’s insert which will come out in the April 18 paper. Special announcement! Since the legislative session was extended for 30 days, and there was no way of knowing whether the senators and representatives of the 14th and 15th Districts would have been available for the original meeting that was originally set for March 29, the next Town Hall meeting was moved to April 18. This meeting is open to the public at the Goldendale Grange at 6:30 p.m. You will be able to meet and greet Senators Jim Honeyford and Curtis King as well as Representatives, Bruce Chandler, David Taylor, Norm Johnson and Charlie Ross. Because of the redistricting that is to take place at the end of this year, we will be included in the 14th District instead of the 15th District. If you would like to meet the new Legislators and hear what they are all about, and say farewell to the 15th District Legislators, come on by. There will be a question and answer period. For more information, call the Chamber at 7733400. Send your article to

Bickleton Church holds Easter dinner Sophomores in Bickleton High School cake and have a great visit. You do not have to ranked number one among 33 schools have a birthday to come share with us. We have had a lot of high water in this end statewide in their statewide high school profiof the county as some folks found ciency tests. They earned 100 perout who tried to drive across Brancent scores in math and reading don Road. They called for help exams. Three years ago they East End when their vehicle started floating ranked eighth. Most class sizes in News down the creek. They were from Bickleton are too small to qualify. out of town. We only use that road There must be more than 10 stuAda Ruth in summer months. dents to earn a state ranking. Supt. Whitmore This week is spring break for Ric Palmer said the district began Roosevelt and Bickleton schools. implementing a reading program Janet Mains of Cleveland has to increase students’ reading ability six years ago. Then they followed with been traveling a lot lately. There is to be an Easter dinner at the math and science. Congratulations kids! Happy birthday to Ethel Read and Audrey church on April 8, following worship service. Haynes this month. We have a monthly If you plan to attend let Selena know at 2011 birthday lunch at the Main Street Market. before 8 p.m. this week. Mr. and Mrs. Quinby of Ellensburg visited Everyone signs a card and it is presented to the birthday girls, we all share a birthday Dave and Debbie.

6 — APRIL 4, 2012


CELEBRATE EASTER Peggy Packer, Sales 1-866-565-9159 902 Wasco Street Hood River, Oregon 97301


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Easter Services Good Friday, April 6 Concert of Sacred Music, Noon to 1 p.m. Goldendale United Methodist Church 109 E. Broadway

Sunday, April 8 “Can the Resurrection of Jesus Stand up in Court?” Special Drama & Music Program Resurrection Sunday Service @ 11 a.m. Community Grace Brethren Church 1180 S. Columbus

903 E. Broadway Goldendale, WA 98620 509-773-3400




125 E. Simcoe Drive Goldendale, Washington 98620 (509) 773-4945 • Fax (509) 773-5888

The Perfect Fit Bank®.

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We Support Our Community Events! Goldendale • 912 Simcoe Dr.

Kiwanis Club of Goldendale P.O. Box 993 Goldendale, Washington

Meets at 6:30 a.m. Wednesdays at The Sodbusters Restaurant

517 N. Mill St. Goldendale



Klickitat P.U.D. 773-5891

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Owned by those it serves! Selling or Buying • We will work with you!

773-HOUS 773-7134 1-800-799-4687

Dan Byers, Broker Ready to Sell? Stop by our office today

EGG H UNTS Saturday, April 7 11 a.m. Community Grace Brethren Church

MIKE COLE State Farm Agent 509-773-5529

1180 S. Roosevelt

Underwater Easter Egg Hunt Goldendale Swimming Pool 2 p.m. Free admission to pool from 1-5 p.m.

AMERICAN LEGION ANNUAL EASTER EGG HUNT Sunday, April 8 Klickitat County Fairgrounds

412 S. Columbus Goldendale • 773-5719

Allied Waste Services P.O. Box 338 Roosevelt, Wa 99356 1-800-275-5641 or (509) 384-5641

GOLDENDALE PREGNANCY RESOURCE CENTER HOURS: Tues. & Fri.: 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., 1:30 - 4:30 Thurs.: 1 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. 101 W. Main • 773-5501

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3,000 eggs to find! Mor e than 300 Prize Eggs!


117 W. MAIN GOLDENDALE, WA 98620 (509) 773-3777 (888) 287-3777

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Arlington Jackpot Rodeo moved to second weekend in May GOLDENDALE, WASHINGTON

The Arlington Jackpot Rodeo has been moved to May 12-13. The rodeo traditionally ran during the first weekend in May, but made a change to the second weekend, for the first time in more than 60 years. A parade through downtown Arlington, starting at 10 a.m. on May 12, will kick off the 65th anniversary of the rodeo. The Queen’s luncheon at the United Methodist Church hall at 150 Hemlock St., will be held immediately after the parade.

Rodeo action begins at 12:30 p.m. both Saturday and Sunday. A cowboy breakfast will be served on Sunday at the Masonic Hall from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. Arena action will feature the traditional rodeo events, including bull riding and ranch bronc riding. There will be specialty events including mutton bustin’, junior and pee wee barrel racing, and a calf scramble. There will be added money each day, except for specialty events.

The 10th annual Kevin Johnson Memorial buckle will be awarded to the AllAround cowboy or cowgirl. The cook shack will be serving food both days. Ticket prices are $6 for adults and $4 for children 12 and under. A two-day pass is available for $9 for adults and $6 for children 12 and under. For additional information on the Arlington Jackpot Rodeo call (541) 980-1593 or (541) 980-7108. For Royalty related information, call (541) 384-6251.

Goldendale lands new call center GUY BALDERDASH FOR THE SENTINEL

Goldendale city officials, or people who seemed a lot like them, announced Wednesday that the city has landed a major new business that will go into the industrial park. “It’s very exciting,” said this guy standing outside city hall. “We’ve got a new customer service call center coming in. It will handle customer service calls for many different businesses, from people with complaints about 3D newspapers to people wanting help reading their cell phone contracts. The center will employ about nine million people, so that’s pretty good for our local economy.” The guy was asked about how callers would deal with the shock of hearing customer service representatives with perfect American accents. “They won’t have to,” the guy told us. “The call center will have a comprehensive training program that will train workers to speak in obscure foreign accents, so callers will feel right at home. It’ll be as if the calls were really being outsourced to Upper Slambovia or some such place. “I’ll give you an example,” the guy said. “Now my English is good, but go ahead and ask me a theoretical customer service question.” “How about this,” we responded. “Hi, I’m calling to say the cup holder See Yoo Hoo, Right Here, Page 7

YOO HOO... from Page 7 Where were we? Oh, yes... “on my desktop computer seems to be broken.” “Good,” the guy said. “Then I say, ‘Ib theb flodar ith bombled, tharp fur cincher froth furder.’” We were impressed that the response was entirely indecipherable. Turns out his response was, that’s not a cup holder, it’s a CD tray.


FUNDING THE KITCHEN: Baked goods were offered for free will donations to the “Feed the People” program. Above, Jessie Cone, left and Jo Chapman collected donations for cookies and cupcakes outside Sentry Market early this week. Proceeds support the soup kitchen which is open to the public at the Goldendale United Methodist Church, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5:15 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Couple’s refusal to leave motel leads to drug, trespass arrest

Two people were arrested on drug charges at the Ponderosa Motel after drawing attention of the Goldendale Police with their refusal to leave. Police were called to the motel on April 1, around 1 p.m. by motel staff complaining that a couple had refused to leave a room after check-out time. Upon arrival, police found the door open and a woman told police they were about to leave, although she was not fully dressed. The woman, Danita Thew, 50, of Goldendale was arrested for misdemeanor criminal trespass. She cooperated with the arrest and told the police that she had a small amount of marijuana and some oxycontin in her bag. The other occupant, Sanford Silvernail, 37, of The Dalles, was also arrested. Police found a bag in his pants pocket which contained multiple baggies of methamphetamine plus syringes, a spoon, straws, cotton balls and marijuana. Silvernail said it was not his and that he found it in the room. While being

All of us at Morrow County Grain Growers wish all of you a very HAPPY EASTER

searched during booking at the jail, Silvernail was also found to be in possession of more marijuana and pills for which he had no prescription. Silvernail was charged with criminal trespass as well as felony possession of meth, stimulant pills and use of drug paraphernalia. Thew was also charged with felony possession of a controlled substance.

Previously rejected school levy back in the hands of Lyle voters

APRIL 4, 2012 — 7

geted income is $3,486,790 and expected expenses are $3,596,107. In order to make ends meet, the school had to borrow from their cell Lyle school is giving it one more try to pass tower income, which is earmarked for capital a continuation of their maintenance and op- projects. So, the math works out like this: in addieration (M&O) budget for 2013 and 2014. Ballots were put in the mail last Thursday, ac- tion to the $378,500 they have received in each cording to the Klickitat County auditor’s of- of the last four years for M&O, the school fice. Voters have until April 17 to cast their must pay back the “loan” of $182,000 and they need to balance the budget at approximately votes. The first time around, voters turned down another $110,000. They also want to restore the necessary items that the measure that would have raised $738,000 from “We don’t need to sacrifice the were pared from the budget, local assessment. After dis- budget, the school and the kids such as deferred maintenance, delayed software cussing the options, the in the process.” user fees, and a myriad of school board decided to ask the voters again, following Martin Huffman small items such as cuts in more public discussion Superintendent Lyle School District the nutrition program and reductions in teacher trainabout the need for the ing. Even with the $738,000, funds. One of the sticking points for some of the voters was the increase the problems won’t be totally fixed, says Huffin terms of total dollars and dollars per thou- man. One thing that has hurt the school’s fundsand of valuation. The previous levy was for $378,500, which calculates to $1.28/thousand ing is a drop in attendance. The school had for the current year, an exceptionally low rate 336.7 students for the 2008-09 year and 311 for compared to other area schools. The $738,000 the current year. There are 78 school age chilis expected to cost land owners less than dren in the Lyle school district that have opted to attend another school or do their ed$2.75/thousand. The reason for the large increase in M&O ucation online. It is estimated that three stuasking is the economy and the impact it has dents have opted into the Lyle school district had on state and federal funding for schools. from other districts. With state aid tied to enBack when the current levy was passed, the rollment, the net loss of 75 students has had school was in the habit of running their levy an impact. In transportation alone, the disfor four years at a time, a frugal thing to do, trict is expected to receive $25,357 less from considering there is a charge for running an the state compared to 2008-09. Huffman says this is decision time for the election. That was in the winter of 2008 and the economy was still looking rosy and land voters. The choice is to pass the M&O levy at values were still high. The voters said “yes,” $738,000 or cut another $378,500 from the unknowingly locking themselves into four school’s income by voting it down. The law years of flat local funding while state and fed- prevents the school from running the same eral dollars were about to drop nearly 18 per- levy a third time in one year. Should it fail this time, they could change the levy request cent. For the first year of the current levy (2008- and, with approval from the Klickitat County 09 school year), the school took in $4,098,210 prosecutor, run it again in conjunction with and spent $4,054,975. The following year, total the primary or general election. “We need to revenue dropped to $3,790,946 and the school pass this and make it good for two years and started cutting things they could manage work on fixing the problems,” says Huffman. without and spent $3,846,361. The shortfall of “We don’t need to sacrifice the budget, the $55,415 was covered by using their reserve school and the kids in the process.” fund. The cuts continued and the current budANDREW CHRISTIANSEN REPORTER

Sentinel to launch 3D edition Radio and TV have HD, and now The Goldendale Sentinel is launching a groundbreaking new 3D edition. Special reading glasses will be delivered to subscribers next week to allow them to read the new 3D version of the newspaper. “Articles will now jump off the page,” said Sentinel fan Leo Marzipan, speaking with absolutely no authority whatsoever. “They’re crisp, clean, and black and white and read all over.”

Thank you Helen Blair and family would like to extend a big thank you to everyone for their contributions, sympathy and warm wishes following the loss of Lester Blair. We appreciate your thoughtfulness very much.

A special thank you to Gardner Funeral Home for the beautiful servce.

Also a special thank you to the Glenwood Women’s Club for hosting a delicious dinner following the services.

Helen Blair & Family

“Wow,” said some other person we just stopped in the street who got a chance to preview the new 3D edition. “This is amazing! It’s like reading a relief map with words.” “You can just reach out and touch the stories,” said someone whose name we

didn’t feel like writing down. “It’s like articles are coming up at you right off the paper. I had to duck, and it’s like I could feel the text go by me.” The Sentinel 3D uses the same technology that allows paychecks to seem real when touched.

Come meet artist & teacher

Kit Garoutte Hear him play and you can sign-up for his lessons he will be teaching in our store!

Saturday, April 7 • 11 a.m-1p.m. You’ll appreciate the versatility of Kit Garoutte. It's jazz, pop, classical, blues, r & b, folk, funk, rock, new acoustic and more. His talent appeals to a broad listening audience.

541-298-4326 410 E. 2nd Street 25 years of helping people make their own music!

8 — APRIL 4, 2012


Smith’s journey leads to long lost relative Lin Smith of Goldendale recently discovered she has a sibling she never knew. In this conclusion of her story, Smith shares how this extraordinary life event occurred. My journey does have a happy ending. For the last seven or eight years, I have spent many hours, days, weeks, months and a little money trying to find my birth family. Resources have so much improved through the years and the internet has been like liquid gold when you are looking for answers. There are ancestry sites, genealogy groups and public records at your fingertips. Occasionally you need human assistance and there is an abundance of that also. I eventually got my adoption records unsealed because of a woman in the county clerk’s office who interceded for me with the court system. Those records held a wealth of information and filled me with an excitement I can’t even explain. I am now 63 years old and most everyone from my childhood is dead—except one person! I have a living blood relative and she is my sister! There was a handwritten note in the records which merely mentioned the last name of the family who had taken care of her. Finally, about six months ago I was contacted by another researcher who knew someone who had a very similar story. Her name was not Jacqueline, but the timeline, geographical location and some family names were all a match. It was worth checking out and I wasted no time in contacting that person. It turned out to be my sister’s step brother and we talked for about an hour and a half. I spent most of that time answering questions from him designed to prove I wasn’t a fruitcake and I ended the call with a promise from him to contact me again if my sister wanted to talk with me. At the time of the phone call, she didn’t even know I existed! Three days later her step brother called me back to say she was astonished that she had a blood sister and yes, she wanted to talk with me. What an incredible rush of emotions: joy, ex-

GAS Appliances Electrical Repair Call today. State Fire Marshal Certification # 001242-08

Service & Repair. I come to you! BRUCE HENDERSON

541-993-5982 L &C ICENSED


Rabbit and cavy agility training part of upcoming 4-H clinic

citement, anticipation, and fear! I had been looking for my sister Jacqueline for years but her name had been changed to Cheryl when she was adopted and they had actually changed her birth date also. I called her and we talked and talked and talked. Now we talk every week. We have not met in person yet because neither of us has the money to make the trip. But, I am saving for air fare and Cheryl and her husband are planning a trip to Goldendale as soon as the snow melts in northern Wisconsin and they get their motor home fit to travel. Who knows, maybe when she gets here she will stay. We’ve been apart too many years and we have a lot of catching up to do. The main thing I’m really writing for is to encourage the reader who is on a “journey”: never give up! It may take some time (mine took 60 years) but you will feel such satisfaction, fulfillment and excitement. Any journey has twists and turns as well as mountains and valleys. There isn’t always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow—sometimes we just find a smug little leprechaun. But the journey itself helps us grow and learn more about others as well as ourselves.

Company advertises coffin “for those who love bacon to death”


BACON COFFIN™ : Sideline product from J&D Foods.

J&D’s Foods is putting the “fun” back in funerals. The company, headquartered in Seattle, is offering it’s Bacon Coffin™ starting at just under $3,000. The company says its caskets are “J&D’s Bacon Coffins are top of the line and come equipped standard with all the features the discerning bacon enthusiast would want…in the afterlife.” J&D’s Bacon Coffins are finished with a painted Bacon and Pork shading and accented with gold stationary handles. The interior has an adjustable bed and mattress, a bacon memorial tube and is completed in ivory crepe coffin linens. In addition to coffins, J&D’s Foods manufactures Bacon Salt®, Bacon Rub, Baconnaise®, BaconPOP®, Bacon Ranch™, Bacon Gravy™, Bacon Croutons™, baconlube™, Bacon Lip Balm™, Bacon Soda™, Malt Salt™ and Ketchup Salt™. For more company and product information, visit J&D’s Foods at: or

Spring Creek Cemetery clean-up date set Spring Creek Cemetery, a non-profit cemetery, has scheduled a clean-up day for May 18 and 19. Some of the projects around the cemetery that will be started during those two days include road improvements, tree removal, headstone repair, and improved drainage for rainwater runoff. Help is needed. Spring Creek Cemetery plots are free and rely on donations which can be made through Sterling Bank in Goldendale. Contact Robert Ihrig for more information at 773-4507.



Carola Stepper, LAc, RN retired & Associates

•General Acupuncture Practice with a focus on pain management •Chinese herbal pharmacy •Accept and bill most insurances, Worker's Comp, PIP claims •Sliding fee scale, monthly payment plans, VISA/MC •No physician referral needed New Patients welcome (541) 298-2378


Lorri Carr, Licensed Midwife

Jeremy Beddingfield 541-399-3933 Norm Byars 541-490-2940

Mill: 509-427-8413 2022 Wind River Hwy • P.O. Box 8 Carson, WA 98610




Specializing in Obstetrics and Family Practice Care

• Comprehensive eye care for the entire family. Eyewear, sunglasses (with or without prescription,) and contact lenses. Laser Surgery (Treatment for eye disease and clouded posterior capsule.) Medical and Surgical treatment of eye disease. Visiting Retina Specialists.

Robert H. Brewer, DDS

818 W 6th Street, Ste 3 The Dalles, OR 97058 541-296-9134 Cosmetic, Restorative & Family Dentistry

* New Patients Welcome * Most Insurances Accepted * Finance Plans Available * Senior Discounts Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday 8 am to 5 pm

Your teeth are our specialty


Now accepting New Obstetrics Patients: Liette Witherrite, M.D. Troy Witherrite, M.D. Alicia Gimenez, M.D. R. Allen LaBerge, M.D. Ray J. FitzSimmons, M.D. Cindy Horton, M.D. Joseph Rinella, D.O. Christopher Samuels, M.D.

211 Skyline Drive White Salmon, WA 98672 509-493-1101 509-493-2133 Clinic


Columbia River Women’s Clinic, LLC

in your own home

•Low-risk and high-risk obstetrical care Annual exams Minimally invasive surgery for uterine disorders and pelvic reconstruction

Birth safely your own way


White Fir Douglas Fir

Goldendale police are not particularly looking for nor particularly care whether or not they apprehend one Mortimer Snerd. Snerd was a puppet used by Edgar Bergen and was a second fiddle to Charlie McCarthy. No one really knows what he’d be doing in Goldendale, since Bergen died in 1978 and experts agree his puppets aren’t M. SNERD likely to be living little wooden lives of their own. Police aren’t even aware of any offense for which Snerd could be wanted, unless there are dental police concerned about his overbite.

Complete maternity care from conception to lactation.


Buying Logs & Timber

Goldendale’s least wanted


Details at

WKO-High Cascade Mills

Entries are due Friday, April 7 for the Klickitat County 4H April Showers Rabbit and Cavy Clinic. The clinic will be held at the Klickitat County fairgrounds on April 14. The clinic is planned to be a fun day where exhibitors can learn about various breeds as well as fitting and showmanship and training for agility. Participants are encouraged to bring their rabbits or cavies in leak-proof cages. A small number of extra animals will be present for those who are unable to bring an animal for practice. The show room in the small animal building at the southeast edge of the fairgrounds will open at 8:30 a.m. with classes starting at 10 a.m. Entries should indicate exhibitor age and breed identification as well as interest in showmanship, judging and agility. Send entries to Cathy Johnson at 575 Easy St., Goldendale, 98620. Contact for more information or call 773-

Goldendale Chiropractic & Natural Medicine • Dennis L. Carver, D.C. Nicole Daddona, ND • Office Hours Mon. - Thurs. 8:00 - 5:30 Fri. 8:00 - Noon 216 W. Main St. Goldendale, WA (509) 773-5633

Fully certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology

James Faherty, MD., FACOG David Mack (retired), DO., FACOG Analene Pentopoulos, MD., FACOG Brian MacArthur, MD Jennifer Wilde, F.N.P.

1810 E. 19th Suite 209 The Dalles, OR 97058 541-296-5657 Fax: 541-298-5199


Gorge Occupational Health, LLC 706 S. Columbus Goldendale Drug Screen Collections Employer & Private Blood Drawing Breath Alcohol Testing Appt. needed

Phlebotomy Classes Ancestry & Paternity DNA

Call to set up an account (509) 773-2103 Hours Mon. - Fri. 7 to 5 Sat. 7 to noon

Cascade Eye Center


John D. Willer, D.O.

(Board Certified Ophthalmologist)

Mitch Martin, O.D.

Chris Barbour, O.D., Ph.D. 301 Cherry Heights Rd. The Dalles, OR 97058

(541) 296-1101

2025 Cascade Ave. St. 101

Hood River, OR 97031

(541) 386-2402

1-800-548-5487 or


Cascade Orthopedics & Sports Medicine Center, PC 1715 E. 12th St. The Dalles, OR 97058 (541) 296-2294

Gregory M. Stanley, MD Charles Petit, MD Robert A. Staver, MD Clara Deleon, PA-C Erin Haines, PA-C

•Arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow, hip •Shoulder Surgery •Carpal tunnel release (traditional and endoscopic) •Foot & ankle surgery •Fracture Care

Serving the Gorge for 35+ years

Physical Therapists

Rebecca Street Physical Therapy A Private TherapistOwned Practice Specializing in Manual Therapy

Rebecca Street, PT Gema Sanchez, PT Jason Sallee, DPT Amanda Payne, PTA Mon-Fri 8am-5pm 115 W. 4th Street The Dalles, OR 97058 (541) 296-3368

Would you like to be listed here? Please call Heidi at The Goldendale Sentinel (509) 773-3777 Ads start at just $150 for 6 months

APRIL 4, 2012— 9




On-going Events

Every Monday and Wednesday •Goldendale Wrestling Club from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the Goldendale High School gym. All ages welcome. Every Third Monday •Learn and Play at the Goldendale Primary School cafeteria from 3:15 p.m. to 4 p.m. Learn and play is a time to discover fun and learning before kindergarten. 773-3091. Every First Tuesday •Goldendale Photo Club meets at 6 p.m. in the Goldendale Middle School faculty room. Anyone with a passion for photography welcome. 772-2717. •Goldendale Aglow meets at 7 p.m. at Father’s House Fellowship, located at 207 S. Klickitat. 773-5870. Every Tuesday •Take Off Pounds Sensibly (T.O.P.S.) meets in the Riverview Bank meeting room at 9 a.m. For more infomation, contact Debbie at 7735301. Every Tuesday and Thursday •KLCK Klickitat AM talk show at 8:35 a.m. on 1400am or Every Second Tuesday •Klickitat Republicans meet at 6 p.m. at the Dallesport Community Center. Every Second and Fourth Tuesday •Simcoe Chapter of Toastmasters bi-monthly meeting from noon to 1 p.m. at Christ the King Lutheran Church, located at the corner of Simcoe and Columbus. Every Third Tuesday •Klickitat County Fair Board meeting from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the WSU building at the fair grounds. Open to the public. Every Tues., Wed., & Thurs. •Family History Center, located at the corner of N. Columbus and McKinley is open Tues. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Wed. 1 p.m. to 4 p.m., Thurs. 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. is back, plus more. Appointments available outside these hours. 773-3129. Every Wednesday •Kiwanis meets at 7 a.m. at Golden Coyote Coffee, located on Main Street. •”Hotline” on KLCK radio from 8:35 a.m. to 9 a.m. on 1400am or online at •Open Studio for Kids (ages eight to 14) at Golden Art Gallery from 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. $10 per session. Student artists can explore a wide variety of techniques and art materials. Call in advance, 773-5100. Every First Wednesday •Kids’ Club at the Goldendale Community Library from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Enjoy games, reader theater and snacks. Games provided or bring your own to share. Fun for kids ages eight to 12. Every First and Third Wednesday •Goldendale Little League meeting at Goldendale City Firehall at 6 p.m. Every Second Wednesday •Columbia Basin Goat Guild meeting at 2 p.m. at Golden Coyote Coffee. Open to anyone interested in any kind of goat. (509) 225-0371. Every Thursday •Oil painting from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. with Charlotte Van Zant-King at the Golden Art Guild. Cost is $10. 250-2655. •Bingo at the Goldendale American Legion Post 116 for members and their guests at 6:30 p.m. Every Thursday & Saturday Through April 15 •Goldendale AARP free tax help at Goldendale Grange Hall, 228 E. Darland. For appointment, call Senior Services at 773-3757. Every Second Thursday •Artist reception beginning at 4 p.m. at the Golden Art Gallery. Featuring a new art show, wine tasting, live music and snacks. 773-5100. •Klickitat County Meth Action Team meeting at City Council Chambers from noon to 1 p.m. •Goldendale Motorsports Association meeting at the Ayutla’s Mexican Restaurant at 6 p.m. for dinner, meeting starts at 7 p.m.

•Goldendale Community Support Group for School Food. Parents, teachers, school staff members and regular citizens interested in the quality of food our public school students get. Meet at the Goldendale United Methodist Church at 6:30 p.m. Every Third Thursday •Oil pastels taught at the Golden Art Gallery, from 10 a.m. to noon. 773-5100. •A.B.A.T.E. meets at Roadhouse 97. Social hour at 6 p.m., meeting at 7 p.m. Every Friday •Yarn Benders, a knit, crochet and sewing group meets from 10 a.m. to noon at Golden Coyote Coffee, located on West Main in Goldendale. Everyone is invited to bring any type of needlework they would like. 773-3163. Every First and Third Friday •Java Talk at 8 a.m. at Golden Coyote Coffee, located at 120 W. Main Street. Every Saturday •Pinochle at 7 p.m. promptly, at the Odd Fellows Temple, 301 NW 2nd St., Goldendale. Every Second Saturday •Pencil with Joan at the Golden Art Gallery at 10 a.m. 773-5100

Upcoming Events Every day through Saturday, April 21 •Goldendale Cub Scouts Pack 551 food drive for the local food bank. Blue barrels are at Goldendale IGA and Holcomb’s Sentry Market. Accepting any unopened, non-perishable food. Saturday, April 7 •Easter egg hunt and celebration at Community Grace Brethren Church, located at 1180 S. Roosevelt Ave., at 11 a.m. For more infomation, call 773-3388. •Easter egg hunt in the water at the Goldendale Swimming Pool at 2 p.m. Free admission from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. For more information, call 773-0506 •Gorge geology field trip led by retired geologist Lloyd DeKay. Load the bus at the Columbia Gorge Discovery Center at 7:30 a.m. and return by 6 p.m. $40 for members, $50 for non-members includes transporation, guidebook, boxed lunch, snacks, and beverages. For registration call Terry Hurd at (509) 493-4288 or email Sunday, April 8 •American Legion Easter egg hunt at the Klickitat County Fairgrounds at 8 a.m. sharp. Three thousand eggs! Monday, April 9 •Goldendale Chamber of Commerce forum luncheon at noon at Ayutla’s Restaurant. Speakers are Tom Ireland, Linda Williams and Julian Notestine from the Goldendale Home & Garden Show committee. Monday, April 9 - Tuesday, April 17 •The Washington Dental Service Foundation SmileMobile will be at the Goldendale Primary School, located at 820 S. Schuster. To schedule an appointment or for more information, call 7734565. Friday, April 13 through April 15 •Sixth Annual Gorge Artists Open Studios Tour. 25 gorge area artists open their studios to show their work. A map to all the studios is available for $15 at Golden Art Gallery, Maryhill Museum of Art, Columbia Center for Arts, Waucoma Books in Hood River, Ten Speed Coffee in Mosier, The Dalles Inn, The Dalles Art Center, Klindts Booksellers, Westwind Gallery in The Dalles, Skamania Lodge, Frame Central Stores and Powell Books. Saturday, April 14 •2012 Family Health and Wellness Fair from 7:30 a.m. to noon at the Goldendale High School gym. There will be interactive exhibits, workshops, free screenings (skin,vascular, eye, breast and lung) and more. 773-1008. •Klickitat County 4-H April Showers Rabbit and Cavy Clinic at 10 a.m. at the Klickitat County Fair Grounds, small animal building. Learn tips for showmanship, breed identification, judging and agility. Pre-registration is appreciated, (509) 773-4375 or email

N OTICES NOTICE OF TRUSTEES SALE File No.: 7023.19166 Grantors: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA, fka The Bank of New York Trust Company NA as Trustee for CWMBS 2005-R2 Grantee: Slade D. Kitchens, as his separate estate Ref to DOT Auditor File No.: 229514 VOL:285 PAGE 621-628 Original NTS Auditor File No. 1091024 Tax Parcel ID No.: 02-13-28550203/00 Abbreviated Legal: Lot 3 Less N. 10'; Lot Blk B Dasso Sub. Amended Notice of Trustee's Sale Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington 61.24, et seq. I. On April 13, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. inside the main lobby of the Klickitat County Courthouse, 205 South Columbus Ave in the City of Goldendale, State of Washington, the Trustee (subject to any conditions imposed by the Trustee) will sell at public auction to the highest and best bidder, payable at time of sale, the following described real property "Property", situated in the County(ies) of Klickitat, State of Washington: LOT 4 AND THE SOUTH 40 FEET OF LOT 3, BLOCK B, DASSO SUBDIVISION OF TRACT 28, NORTH DALLES FRUIT

AND GARDEN TRACTS, ACCORDING TO THE RECORDED PLAT THEREOF, RECORDED IN BOOK 3 OF PLATS, PAGE 13. Commonly known as: 1118 PROSPECT ROAD DALLESPORT, WA 98617 which is subject to that certain Deed of Trust dated 07/10/92 and recorded on 07/17/92, under Auditor's File No. 229514 VOL:285 PAGE 621-628, records of Klickitat County, Washington, from SLADE D. KITCHENS and JACQUELINE E. KITCHENS, husband and wife, as Grantor, to Columbia Title Company, as Trustee, to secure an obligation "Obligation" in favor of Norwest Mortgage, Inc, as Beneficiary, the beneficial interest in which was assigned by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, Inc. to The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company NA, fka The Bank of New York Trust Company NA as Trustee for CWMBS 2005-R2, under an A s s i g n m e n t / S u c c e s s i ve Assignments recorded under Auditor's File No. 1081100. *The Tax Parcel ID number and Abbreviated Legal Description are provided solely to comply with the recording statutes and are not intended to supplement, amend or supersede the Property's full legal description provided herein. II. No action commenced by the

Beneficiary of the Deed of Trust is now pending to seek satisfaction of the Obligation in any Court by reason of the Grantor's or Borrower's default on the Obligation. III. The Beneficiary alleges default of the Deed of Trust for failure to pay the following amounts now in arrears and/or other defaults: Amount due to reinstate by 02/08/2012 Monthly Payments $29,287.97 Late Charges $1,144.48 Lender's Fees & Costs $11,038.39 Total Arrearage $41,470.84 Trustee's Expenses (Itemization) Trustee's Fee $250.00 Postings $170.80 Total Costs $420.80 Total Amount Due: $41,891.64 Other known defaults are as follows: IV. The sum owing on the Obligation is: Principal Balance of $42,806.29, together with interest as provided in the note or other instrument evidencing the Obligation from 03/01/08, and such other costs and fees as are due under the Obligation, and as are provided by statute. V. The Property will be sold to satisfy the expense of sale and the Obligation as provided by statute. The sale will be made without representation or warranty, express or implied regarding title, possession, encumbrances or

See Notices, Page 10


Wednesday, April 4 Showers, High 51, Low 29 Sunrise: 6:37 a.m. Sunset: 7:36 p.m. Thursday, April 5 Showers, High 49, Low 30 Sunrise: 6:35 a.m. Sunset: 7:38 p.m.

Friday, April 6 P Cloudy, High 51, Low 27 Sunrise: 6:33 a.m. Sunset: 7:39 p.m.

Saturday, April 7 P Cloudy, High 57, Low 33 Sunrise: 6:31 a.m. Sunset: 7:40 p.m.

Sunday, April 8 P Cloudy, High 62, Low 35 Sunrise: 6:29 a.m. Sunset: 7:42 p.m.

Monday, April 9 P. CLoudy, High 64, Low 37 Sunrise: 6:27 a.m. Sunset: 7:43 p.m. Tuesday, April 10 Showers, High 63, Low 36 Sunrise: 6:25 a.m. Sunset: 7:44 p.m.


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Senior Meals • April 5 @ noon Goldendale Senior Center Ham

$113. •Manuel Ochoaconcilion: Failed to Use Chains When Required (1/18/12); Dismissed, discovery rule. •Franz Ortiz: Negligent Driving 2 (10/10/11); Committed, fine $550. •Jerry D. Barnhill: Speeding 5 MPH Over Limit (1/8/12), No Valid Oper. License With Valid ID (1/8/12); Committed, fine $93. •Lila May Jack: Fl. Renew Expired Reg. Less Than Two Months (1/2/12); Committed, fine $90. •William Earl McCord: Spd. Sch/Pldg Zn/Xwlk 6-10 MPH Over (1/30/12), Op. Mot. Veh. Without Ins. (1/30/12); Committed, fine $175. •Jennifer Leigh Mitchell: Speeding 12 MPH Over Limit (2/14/12); Committed, fine $113. •Laurie Elizabeth Stanton: Spd Sch/Pldg Zn/Xwlk 6-10 MPH Over Limit (2/2/12); Committed, fine $125. •Tamarra Re’Nita Strasburg: Failure to Keep Dog Under Restaint (2/13/12); Committed, fine $50. March 13 •Elana Louise Maryetta Barham: DWLS 3 (3/26/10); Guilty plea, 90 days/90 susp., fines/feees $557.50, 24 months bench probation. •Dacia Lynn McGill: DUI (8/16/10); Guilty plea, 364 days/363 susp., fines/fees $996, 24 months active probation. •Marcilene M. Stahi: Minor Poss. and/or Consumption (8/20/11); Guilty plea, 364 days/334 susp., fines/fees $1,055.50, 24 month bench probation.

March 6 •Bret P. Maddox: Use/Possession Loaded Firearm (12/7/11); Stipulated order of continuance, fines/fees $325.50, continued for 12 months. •Aaron James Niva: Minor Poss. and/or Consumption (10/18/11), Marijuana Poss. Less/Equal 40 Grams (10/19/11); Count one guilty plea with deferred sentence, fees $651, deferred for 12 months, count two dismissed. •Katrina Rose Phillips: DUI (4/2/11); Guilty plea, 364 days.363 susp., fines/fees $1,275, 60 months probation. •Michael David Shinnick, Jr.: Disorderly Conduct (1/14/12), Criminal Trespass 1 (1/14/12); Count one dismissed per plea agreement, count two guilty plea, 90 days/41 susp., fines/fees $1,073, 12 months bench probation. •Lacey Elizabeth Stitt: Assault 4 (12/13/11); Stipulated order of continuance, fines/fees $206, continued for 12 months. •Tisha Robbie Williamson: Assault 4 (12/24/11); Amended to Disorderly Conduct, stipulated order of continuance to amended charge, fines/fees $330, continued for 12 months. March 8 •Trent A. Becker: Speeding Too Fast for Conditions (1/29/12); Committed, fine $90. •Donald Wayne Fritts: Cell Phone Use While Driving (1/18/12); Committed, fine $124. •Singh Z. Harwinder: Speeding 8 MPH Over Limit (11/23/11); Committed, fine


• April 10 @ noon Goldendale Senior Center & Lyle Lions Community Center Cooks Choice Meals include milk, coffee, or tea.

Call Mt. Adams Transportation Service for transportation to meal sites: Goldendale, 773-3060 White Salmon, 493-4662

Monday, April 9 Primary School Breakfast - Pancakes, fruit, milk Lunch - Chili cheese nachos, salad, breadsticks, applesauce, milk Middle School Breakfast - Pancakes, fruit, milk Lunch - Soup, sandwich, potato salad, pudding fruit, milk High School Breakfast - Breakfast sandwich, hashbrown, fruit, orange juice, milk Lunch - Cheeseburger or beef dippers Tuesday, April 10 Primary School Breakfast - Cold cereal, toast, fruit, milk Lunch - French toast, ham, hashbrown, fruit, milk Middle School Breakfast - Cold cereal, toast, fruit, milk

Lunch - Turkey gravy on mashed potatoes, corn, hot roll, fruit, milk High School Breakfast - Breakfast burrito, hashbrown, fruit, orange juice, milk Lunch - Chef salad, taco casserole Wednesday, April 11 Primary School Breakfast - Cold cereal, toast, fruit, milk Lunch - Tacos, corn, bread, veggies, fruit, milk Middle School Breakfast - Oatmeal, toast, fruit, milk Lunch - Beef dippers, fries, veggies, bread, fruit, milk High School Breakfast - Low fat muffin, hashbrown, fruit, orange juice, milk Lunch - Pizza or beef noodle casserole

Church Directory ASSEMBLY OF GOD

New Life Assembly of God 1602 S. Columbus, Goldendale. Pastor Kevin Gerchak. 773-4650. Sunday School 9:30 a.m., Morning Worship Service 10:30 a.m., Evening Service at 6 p.m., Family Night on Wed. night, 7 p.m. includes Youth, God’s Flower Garden, Royal Rangers and Bible Study.


Columbus Avenue Baptist, S.B.C. 815 N. Columbus, Goldendale. 773-4471. Pastor Michael Block, Sunday School 9:45 a.m., Morning Worship 11 a.m., Sunday Evening Study and Worship, 6 p.m., Wednesday Evening Bible Study and Prayer, 7 p.m.

Bible Baptist Church of Goldendale 340 East Collins St. Goldendale, WA. 773-4929. T.J. Wilder, Pastor. Sunday: Sunday School 10 a.m., Morning Worship Service 11 a.m., Sunday Evening Service 6 p.m., Wednesday Service 7 p.m. Nursery Service Provided. “Families Walking In The Old Paths.” Jer. 6:16


Goldendale Church of Christ 230 E. Court, Goldendale, 773-4689. Sunday classes 10:00 a.m., Service 11:00 a.m., Wednesday classes 6:00 p.m.


Holy Trinity Catholic 307 Schuster, Goldendale. Father William Byron, 773-4516. Sat. Eve. Mass 5:30 p.m.; Sunday Mass 9 a.m.; Spanish Mass Sat. evening 6:30 p.m. Eve of Holy Days 7:00 p.m.; Holy Days 7:30 a.m. and Daily Mass Mon. - Fri. 7:30 a.m. CCD Classes, Wednesday afternoons 2:15 to 3:30 p.m. Kindergarten through 6th grade. Wed. Evenings 7:30 to 8:30, 7th through 12th grade. Confessions before Mass Saturdays at noon - 1 p.m.


Community Grace Brethren 1180 S. Roosevelt. Gregory M. Howell, pastor. 773-3388. Sunday School 9:30 a.m.; Morning Worship 11 a.m.; Saturday Night Connection 6:00 p.m., Wednesday AWANA at 2:30 p.m. for children four years to sixth grade. Wednesday night youth at 6:30 p.m. for grades seven through 12 “The Bible, the Whole Bible, and Nothing but the Bible.”


Christ the King Lutheran S. Columbus and Simcoe Dr., Goldendale, 7735750. Sunday school, 9 a.m., worship services 10 a.m. Everyone welcome.


United Methodist Columbus and Broadway, Pastor Ben Moore, 7734461 or 773-4462. Worship 8 a.m. & 10:30 a.m., Sunday School 9:15 a.m., Nursery Available 10:30 a.m. Call the church for regularly scheduled events.


Church of the Nazarene 124 W. Allyn, Goldendale. 773-4216. Sunday School at 9:30 a.m., Worship at 10:45 a.m. Please call the church office for weekly bible studies being offered. “Come Just As You Are”.


1/2 mile East on Bickleton Hwy. Sabbath School, Saturday, 9:30 a.m.; Worship Service 11 a.m. Tim Gray, Pastor. 773-4381

UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST Room for different beliefs -- Yours First and third Sundays in Goldendale 773-7815 •



207 S. Klickitat Ave., 773-4719. Basic Bible Fellowship, 9:30 a.m., Worship at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday Prayer at 7 p.m. “Following the Father’s Heart”.


Maryhill, Washington. Opening Palm Sunday, April 1. Coffee & donuts from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. Services at 11 a.m. (509) 261-1155


627 Woodland Road, Goldendale. Woody Lovelace, Pastor. Worship services; Sunday 10:30 a.m., Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. 773-9119.



Member of the International Association of Healing Rooms 125 W. Main St., Goldendale. 250-3905. Open Thursday nights, 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. A healing prayer ministry

10 — APRIL 4, 2012


N OTICES From Page 9 condition of the Property on April 13, 2012. The default(s) referred to in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances costs and fees thereafter due, must be cured by 04/02/12 (11 days before the sale date), to cause a discontinuance of the sale. The sale will be discontinued and terminated if at any time before the close of the Trustee's business on 04/02/12 (11 days before the sale date), the default(s) as set forth in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances, costs and fees thereafter due, is/are cured and the Trustee's fees and costs are paid. The sale may be terminated any time after 04/02/12 (11 days before the sale date), and before the sale by the Borrower, Grantor, any Guarantor or the holder of any recorded junior lien or encumbrance paying the entire balance of principal and interest secured by the Deed of Trust, plus costs, fees, and advances, if any made pursuant to the terms of the obligation and/or Deed of Trust. VI. A written notice of default was transmitted by the Beneficiary or Trustee to the Borrower and Grantor at the following address(es): NAME AND ADDRESS SLADE D.KITCHENS 1118 PROSPECT ROAD DALLESPORT, WA 98617 SLADE D. KITCHENS PO BOX 104 DALLESPORT, WA 98617 JACQUELINE E. KITCHENS aka Shawna J. Kitchens 1118 PROSPECT ROAD DALLESPORT, WA 98617 JACQUELINE E. KITCHENS aka Shawna J. Kitchens PO BOX 104 DALLESPORT, WA 98617 by both first class and either certified mail, return receipt requested on 11/26/08, proof of which is in the possession of the Trustee; and on 12/01/08 Grantor and Borrower were personally served with said written notice of default or the written notice of default was posted on a conspicuous place on the real property described in paragraph I above, and the Trustee has possession of proof of such service or posting. VII. The Trustee whose name and address are set forth below will provide in writing to anyone requesting it a statement of all foreclosure costs and trustee's fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor, and all those who hold by, through or under the Grantor, of all their right, title and interest in the Property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustee's sale. X. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS The purchaser at the Trustee's Sale is entitled to possession of the property on the 20th day following the sale, as against the Grantor under the Deed of Trust (the owner) and anyone having an interest junior to the deed of trust, including occupants who are not tenants. After the 20th day following the sale the purchaser has the right to evict occupants who are not tenants by summary proceedings under Chapter 59.12 RCW. For tenantoccupied property, the purchaser shall provide a tenant with written notice in accordance with RCW 61.24.060. The trustee's rules of auction may be accessed at and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale status at and EFFECTIVE: 02/08/2012 Northwest Trustee Services, Inc., Trustee Authorized Signature P.O. BOX 997 Bellevue, WA 98009-0997 Contact: Heather L. Smith (425) 586-1900. (TS# 7023.19166) 1002.103792File (1106, 1401) PUBLIC NOTICE Klickitat County Board of Health will hold a public hearing April 12, 2012 1:45 p.m. at the Klickitat County Board of Commissioners’ chambers. (1303, 1402)

SUPERIOR COURT OF WASHINGTON FOR KLICKITAT COUNTY IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE Of BARBARA JEAN MOORE, Deceased. Case No. 12-4-00007-0 PROBATE NOTICE TO CREDITORS RCW 11.40.030 The Personal Representative named below has been appointed as Personal Representative of this estate. Any person having a claim against the decedent must, before the time the claim would be barred by any otherwise applicable statute of limitations, present the claim in the manner as provided in RCW 11.40.070 by serving on or mailing to the Personal Representative or the Personal Representative's attorney at the address stated below a copy of the claim and filing the original of the claim with the court. The claim must be presented within the later of: (1) Thirty days after the Personal Representative served or mailed the notice to the creditor as provided under RCW 11.40.020(1)(c); or (2) four months after the date of first publication of the notice. If the claim is not presented within this time frame, the claim is forever barred, except as otherwise provided in RCW 11.40.051 and 1 1 . 4 0 . 0 6 0 . This bar is effective as to claims against both the decedent's probate and nonprobate assets. DATE OF FIRST PUBLICATION: March 21, 2012 PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Samuel M. Cone ATTORNEY FOR PERSONAL REPRESENTATIVE: Mark John Holady, WSBA #19662 ADDRESS FOR MAILING OR SERVICE: 4800 SW Griffith Drive, Suite 320 Beaverton, Oregon 970058716 probate notice to creditors (1212, 1307, 1403) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING Notice is hereby given that the Board of Klickitat County Commissioners will hold a public hearing at 1:30 PM on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 in the Commissioner’s Meeting Room, 205 S. Columbus, Room 101, Goldendale, WA 98620 to consider a petition to establish a stock restricted area more particularly described as follows:: Those portions of Sections 31 and 32, T 4 N, R 12 E, W.M. and Section 4 and 5, T 3 N, R 12 E W.M. described as follows: Beginning at the southeast corner of said Section 31; thence S89°01’48”W 2644.57’ to the south quarter corner thereof; thence N01°38’43”E 2600.00’ to the northwest corner of the SE 1/4 of said Section 31; thence N88°04’37”E 745.25’ along the north line of said SE 1/4 to the northerly line of the BPA transmission line right-of-way; thence N75°12’06”E 200’ along said northerly right-of-way line; thence N04°34’04”E 356.99’; thence N60°33’01”E 406.50’ to the west line of the SE 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of said Section 31; thence N01°10’47”E 817.03’ to the northwest corner of said SE 1/4 NE 1/4; thence N89°40’05”E 1296.04’ along the north line of said SE 1/4 NE 1/4 to the east line of said Section 31; thence N00°41’21”E 1368.99’ to the northeast corner of said Section 31; thence N89°43’13”E 1318.34’ along the north line of said Section 32 to the northeast corner of the W1/2 of the NW 1/4 of said Section 32; thence S00°43’59”W 2721.80’ along the east line of said W1/2 NW 1/4 to the southeast corner of said W1/2 NW 1/4, said corner being the northwest corner of lot 1 of Short Plat SPL 2009-11; thence S00°53’37”W 760.84’ along the west line of said lot 1 to the southwest corner of said lot 1; thence N89°03’12”E 1318.39’ to the southeast corner of said lot 1; thence S00°45’23”W 1888.28’ along the east line of lot 2 of said short plat SPL 2009-11 to the south 1/4 corner of said Section 32; thence N89°19’51”E 2645.13’ along the south line of said Section 32 to the southeast corner of said Section 32; thence N89°40’32”E 466.61’ to the westerly line of lot 1 of short plat SPL 2006-24; thence S02°37’33”E 653.36’ along said westerly line; thence S78°02’46”W 472.56’ along said westerly line to the east line of said Section 5; thence S02°37’11”E 653.31’ to the southeast corner of

THIS JUST IN: • Public Hearing-Community Development & Housing Needs - City of Goldendale • Budget Revision Hearing - Lyle School District • Public Notice - Comm. towerRoosevelt - Adapt Engineering • Public Hearing-Reclassification of Open Space - Klickitat County Commissioners • Trustees Sale - Fields, Tammy - Northwest Trustee Services • Trustees Sale - Matula, Floyd - Northwest Trustee Services • Public Notice/FEMA 4056 • Monthly Meeting N otice - SWDC

Government lot 1 of said Section 5; thence S89°38’30”W 2623.07’ along the south lines of government lots 1 and 2 to the southwest corner of said government lot 2; thence S03°33’51”E 1374.61’ to the southeast corner of the NW 1/4 of said Section 5; thence S89°53’51”W 2667.92’ to the southwest corner of said NW 1/4; thence N03°07’31”W 2729.84’ to the northwest corner of said Section 5 and the true point of beginning. (Lyle-Snowden vicinity). Except that that tract of land in the NE 1/4 of said Section 5 as described under Auditor’s file No. 216048, deeds, Klickitat County. Also Except that portion lying within the BPA Transmission lines right-ofway. At said hearing, any interest individual may appear to provide oral or written testimony in favor or opposition to said petition. Dated this 20th day of March, 2012. By Order of the Board of County Commissioners Klickitat County, Washington Ray Thayer, Chairman Crystal D. McEwen, Clerk of the Board (1312, 1404) NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING CITY OF GOLDENDALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a public hearing will be held by the Goldendale City Council in the Council Chambers, 1103 S. Columbus Avenue, Goldendale, Washington 98620 on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 7:00 PM. The purpose of the public hearing is to review community development and housing needs, inform citizens of the availability of funds and eligible uses of the state Community Development Block Grant (CDBG), and receive comments on proposed activities, particularly for low and moderate income persons and persons residing in the City of Goldendale area. Up to $35,000 for a single jurisdiction of $40,000 for a multiple jurisdiction project may be available to the City of Goldendale to fund a planning project that principally benefits low-and moderate- income persons. An outline for a community center planning project will be available for review at the City Hall, 1103 S. Columbus Avenue, Goldendale, WA 98620, by April 10, 2012. Comments on the application may also be submitted in writing to City of Goldendale, 1103 S. Columbus, Goldendale, WA 98620 by April 16, 2012. The council chamber at City Hall is handicap accessible. Arrangements to reasonably accommodate the needs of special classes of citizens, including handicap accessibility or needing an interpreter, will be made upon receiving twenty-four (24) hour advance notice. Contact Connie Byers at 1103 S. Columbus Avenue, Goldendale, Washington 98620 or calling (509) 7733771. Larry Bellamy City Administrator (1405, 1504) PUBLIC NOTICE Klickitat County, 228 West Main, MS CH 19, Goldendale, WA 98620 is seeking coverage under the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Construction Stormwater NPDES and State Waste Discharge General Permit. The proposed project, Oak Ridge Road CRP 277, is located on Oak Ridge Road between Mile Post 0.96 and Mile Post 2.79 near Husum, Washington in Klickitat County. This project involves 11.3 acres of soil disturbance for road construction activities. Stormwater will be discharged to an unnamed tributary to White Salmon River. Any persons desiring to present their views to the Washington State


NOTICE OF TRUSTEES SALE File No.: 7042.23820 Grantors: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. Green Tree Servicing LLC Grantee: Tammy L. Fields, an unmarried woman Ref to DOT Auditor File No.: 1072153 Tax Parcel ID No.: 05162207220100/05-16Department of Ecology 2207-2201/00 Abbreviated regarding this application, or Legal: Lot 1 SP NO. SPL interested in Ecology’s 2007-22 SESE 22-5-16 action on this application, Notice of Trustee's Sale may notify Ecology in writing Pursuant to the Revised no later than 30 days of the Code of Washington 61.24, last date of publication of et seq. I. On May 4, 2012, at this notice. Ecology reviews 10:00 a.m. inside the main public comments and con- lobby of the Klickitat County siders whether discharges Courthouse, 205 South from this project would Columbus Ave in the City of State of cause a measurable change Goldendale, Washington, the underin receiving water quality, and, if so, whether the pro- signed Trustee (subject to ject is necessary and in the any conditions imposed by overriding public interest the Trustee) will sell at public according to Tier II anti- auction to the highest and degradation requirements best bidder, payable at time of sale, the following under WAC 173-201A-320. Comments can be submitted described real property "Property", situated in the to: County(ies) of Klickitat, Department of Ecology Attn: Water Quality Program, State of Washington: Lot 1 of Short Plat No. SPL-2007-22, Construction Stormwater Recorded June 18, 2007, P.O. Box 47696 Auditor's no. 1070785, being Olympia, WA 98504-7696 (1308, 1406) a portion of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 22, BUDGET REVISION Township 5 North, Range 16 HEARING East, W.M. ALSO EXCEPT 2011-2012 Notice is hereby given that a any portion of said lying with Road #27950 Budget Revision Hearing for County the 2011-2012 school year Commonly known as: 511 of Lyle School District No. Tyler Road Goldendale, WA 406, Klickitat County, Lyle, 98620 which is subject to WA, will be held in the Board that certain Deed of Trust Room of the Lyle Middle dated 08/02/07, recorded on School Building on 08/09/07, under Auditor's Thursday, April 19, 2012 at File No. 1072153, records of Klickitat County, 6:45 PM. Any person may appear at Washington, from Tammy said hearing and be heard Fields, as Grantor, to County Title for or against any part of the Klickitat revised budget. The Board Company, as Trustee, to an obligation of Directors will meet follow- secure ing the hearing at a regular "Obligation" in favor of Electronic meeting to consider Mortgage approval of the revised bud- Registration Systems, Inc. solely as nominee for get. Countrywide Home Loans, Martin Huffman, Secretary Inc., as Beneficiary, the benBoard of Directors Lyle School District No. 406 eficial interest in which was (1407, 1505) assigned by Mortgage Electronic Registration PUBLIC NOTICE Systems, Inc. to Green Tree The Oregon State Radio Servicing LLC, under an Project plans to construct a A s s i g n m e n t / S u c c e s s i ve new 140’ self-support lattice Assignments recorded communications tower, and under Auditor's File No. associated ground equip- 1096374. *The Tax Parcel ID ment within an existing number and Abbreviated telecommunications facility Legal Description are providlocated 2.5miles WNW of ed solely to comply with the Roosevelt, Klickitat County, recording statutes and are Washington. The FCC is not intended to supplement, seeking public comment on amend or supersede the the proposed project as part Property's full legal descripof the review process by the tion provided herein. II. No Washington DAHP. Please action commenced by the respond within 30 days of Beneficiary of the Deed of this publication to: Adapt Trust is now pending to seek Engineering Inc., 10725 SW satisfaction of the Obligation Barbur Blvd., Suite 200, in any Court by reason of the Portland, OR 97219 Attn: Grantor's or Borrower's EA-F71105. default on the Obligation. III. (1408) The Beneficiary alleges default of the Deed of Trust NOTICE OF PUBLIC for failure to pay the following HEARING NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN amounts now in arrears other defaults: that the Klickitat County and/or Board of County Amount due to reinstate by Monthly Commissioners will hold a 1/25/2012 public hearing on Tuesday, Payments $8,363.16 Late April 17, 2012 beginning at Charges $0.00 Lender's the hour of 1:30 PM. in the Fees & Costs $15.00 Total $8,378.16 Klickitat County Arrearage Expenses Commissioner's meeting Trustee's room, 205 S. Columbus, (Itemization) Trustee's Fee Title Report Room 101, Goldendale, WA $675.00 $575.16 Statutory Mailings 98620. THE PURPOSE of said $19.52 Recording Costs hearing is to hear all inter- $30.00 Postings $70.00 Total $1,369.68 Total ested taxpayers that wish to Costs testify for or against applica- Amount Due: $9,747.84 IV. tions for classification or The sum owing on the reclassification as open Obligation is: Principal space land for current use Balance of $132,369.22, tax assessment under the together with interest as proOpen Space Taxation Act as vided in the note or other instrument evidencing the follows: 1:30 PM David Simon, June Obligation from 05/01/11, Reznikoff, Jim Ruppa, and such other costs and fees as are due under the Barbara Simon Application # OS-OS-2012- Obligation, and as are provided by statute. V. The 01 Reclassification from Farm Property will be sold to satisand Agriculture Current Use fy the expense of sale and the Obligation as provided to by statute. The sale will be Open Space Open Space Current Use made without representation or warranty, express or Classification Parcel #03-13-0500-0015/00 implied regarding title, possession, encumbrances or 80 Acres 2:00 PM Mark Enloe/Susan condition of the Property on May 4, 2012. The default(s) Walsh-Enloe Application # OS-OS-2012- referred to in paragraph III, together with any subse02 payments, late Reclassification from Farm quent and Agriculture Current Use charges, advances costs and fees thereafter due, to must be cured by 04/23/12 Open Space Open Space Current Use (11 days before the sale date), to cause a discontinuClassification Parcel #03-13-0500-0017/00 ance of the sale. The sale will be discontinued and ter139.59 Acres THE BOARD OF COUNTY minated if at any time before COMMISSIONERS may the close of the Trustee's take action to approve, business on 04/23/12 (11 approve in part, deny or con- days before the sale date), tinue this matter to a set time the default(s) as set forth in

paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances, costs and fees thereafter due, is/are cured and the Trustee's fees and costs are paid. The sale may be terminated any time after 04/23/12 (11 days before the sale date), and before the sale by the Borrower, Grantor, any Guarantor or the holder of any recorded junior lien or encumbrance paying the entire balance of principal and interest secured by the Deed of Trust, plus costs, fees, and advances, if any made pursuant to the terms of the obligation and/or Deed of Trust. VI. A written notice of default was transmitted by the Beneficiary or Trustee to the Borrower and Grantor at the following address(es): NAME AND ADDRESS Tammy Fields 511 Tyler Road Goldendale, WA 98620 Tammy Fields PO Box 197 Wasco, OR 97065 Unknown Spouse and/or Domestic Partner of Tammy Fields 511 Tyler Road Goldendale, WA 98620 Unknown Spouse and/or Domestic Partner of Tammy Fields PO Box 197 Wasco, OR 97065 by both first class and either certified mail, return receipt requested on 12/23/11, proof of which is in the possession of the Trustee; and on 12/23/11 Grantor and Borrower were personally served with said written notice of default or the written notice of default was posted on a conspicuous place on the real property described in paragraph I above, and the Trustee has possession of proof of such service or posting. VII. The Trustee, whose name and address are set forth below, will provide in writing to anyone requesting it a statement of all foreclosure costs and trustee's fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor and all those who hold by, through or under the Grantor of all their right, title and interest in the Property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustee's sale. X. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS - The purchaser at the Trustee's Sale is entitled to possession of the property on the 20th day following the sale, as against the Grantor under the Deed of Trust (the owner) and anyone having an interest junior to the deed of trust, including occupants who are not tenants. After the 20th day following the sale the purchaser has the right to evict occupants who are not tenants by summary proceedings under Chapter 59.12 RCW. For tenantoccupied property, the purchaser shall provide a tenant with written notice in accordance with RCW 61.24.060. The trustee's rules of auction may be accessed at and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale status at and EFFECTIVE: 1/25/2012 Northwest Trustee Services, Inc., Trustee Authorized Signature P.O. BOX 997 Bellevue, WA 98009-0997 Contact: Nanci Lambert (425) 586-1900. (TS# 7042.23820) 1002.206449File (1410, 1703) NOTICE OF TRUSTEES SALE File No.: 9405.20001 Grantors: Northwest Trustee Services, Inc. Nina Hinton, as to a 50% interest, and Kelly Baker, as to a 50% interest Grantee: Floyd H Matula and Meredith E Matula, Trustees of the Matula Family Revocable Living Trust, dated August 25, 2000 Ref to DOT Auditor File No.: 1022453 Tax Parcel ID No.: 05152859000100 / 05152859000200 Abbreviated Legal: SE 1/4 S28-T5N, R15E & Lot1 SP90-13 Notice of Trustee's Sale Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington 61.24, et seq. I. On May 4, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. inside the main lobby of the Klickitat County Courthouse, 205 South Columbus Ave in the City of Goldendale, State of Washington, the undersigned Trustee (subject to

See Notices, Page 11

APRIL 4, 2012 — 11


N OTICES From Page 10 described real property "Property", situated in the County(ies) of Klickitat, State of Washington: Parcel 1: The South Half of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 28, Township 5 North, Range 15 East, W.M. EXCEPT THEREFROM That portion of the North 37.05 feet of Lot 1, Short Plat No. 90.13, lying West of the Centerline of Mill Creek, in the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of Section 28, Township 5 North, Range 15 East, W.M. ALSO EXCEPT, right of way for County Road No. 26310. ALSO EXCEPT, that portion conveyed to Klickitat County by deed recorded October 11, 1999 as Auditor's No. 1014255. Said land also being Lots 1 and 2 of Short Plat No. SP-90-13 and amended by Boundary Line Adjustment No. BLA-99-07 recorded October 11, 1999 as Auditor's No. 1014254. Commonly known as: 409 Hunter Road Goldendale, WA 98620 which is subject to that certain Deed of Trust dated 03/10/01, recorded on 03/23/01, under Auditor's File No. 1022453, records of Klickitat County, Washington, from Floyd H. Matula and Meredith E. Matula, individually and as Trustees of the Matula Family Revocable Living Trust, as Grantor, to Peter J. Duffy, attorney at law, as Trustee, to secure an obligation "Obligation" in favor of Margaret Petti, as Beneficiary, the beneficial interest in which was assigned by Margaret Petti to Nina Hinton, as to a 50% interest, and Kelly Baker, as to a 50% interest. *The Tax Parcel ID number and Abbreviated Legal Description are provided solely to comply with the recording statutes and are not intended to supplement, amend or supersede the Property's full legal description provided herein. II. No action commenced by the Beneficiary of the Deed of Trust is now pending to seek satisfaction of the Obligation in any Court by reason of the Grantor's or Borrower's default on the Obligation. III. The Beneficiary alleges default of the Deed of Trust for failure to pay the following amounts now in arrears and/or other defaults: Amount due to reinstate by 01/30/2012 Monthly Payments $135,000.00 Total Arrearage $135,000.00 Trustee's Expenses (Itemization)

Trustee's Fee $1,000.00 Title Report $962.13 Statutory Mailings $9.76 Recording Costs $14.00 Postings $70.00 Total Costs $2,055.89 Total Amount Due: $137,055.89 Other known defaults as follows: IV. The sum owing on the Obligation is: Principal Balance of $180,574.84, together with interest as provided in the note or other instrument evidencing the Obligation from 10/26/00, and such other costs and fees as are due under the Obligation, and as are provided by statute. V. The Property will be sold to satisfy the expense of sale and the Obligation as provided by statute. The sale will be made without representation or warranty, express or implied regarding title, possession, encumbrances or condition of the Property on May 4, 2012. The default(s) referred to in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances costs and fees thereafter due, must be cured by 04/23/12 (11 days before the sale date), to cause a discontinuance of the sale. The sale will be discontinued and terminated if at any time before the close of the Trustee's business on 04/23/12 (11 days before the sale date), the default(s) as set forth in paragraph III, together with any subsequent payments, late charges, advances, costs and fees thereafter due, is/are cured and the Trustee's fees and costs are paid. The sale may be terminated any time after 04/23/12 (11 days before the sale date), and before the sale by the Borrower, Grantor, any Guarantor or the holder of any recorded junior lien or encumbrance paying the entire balance of principal and interest secured by the Deed of Trust, plus costs, fees, and advances, if any made pursuant to the terms of the obligation and/or Deed of Trust. VI. A written notice of default was transmitted by the Beneficiary or Trustee to the Borrower and Grantor at the following address(es): NAME AND ADDRESS Floyd H. Matula 409 Hunter Road Goldendale, WA 98620 Meredith E. Matula 409 Hunter Road Goldendale, WA 98620 by both first class and either certified mail, return receipt requested on 12/23/11, proof of which is in the possession of the Trustee; and on 12/23/11 Grantor and Borrower were personally served with said written notice of default or the writ-

ten notice of default was posted on a conspicuous place on the real property described in paragraph I above, and the Trustee has possession of proof of such service or posting. VII. The Trustee, whose name and address are set forth below, will provide in writing to anyone requesting it a statement of all foreclosure costs and trustee's fees due at any time prior to the sale. VIII. The effect of the sale will be to deprive the Grantor and all those who hold by, through or under the Grantor of all their right, title and interest in the Property. IX. Anyone having any objection to the sale on any grounds whatsoever will be afforded an opportunity to be heard as to those objections if they bring a lawsuit to restrain the sale pursuant to RCW 61.24.130. Failure to bring such a lawsuit may result in a waiver of any proper grounds for invalidating the Trustee's sale. X. NOTICE TO OCCUPANTS OR TENANTS - The purchaser at the Trustee's Sale is entitled to possession of the property on the 20th day following the sale, as against the Grantor under the Deed of Trust (the owner) and anyone having an interest junior to the deed of trust, including occupants who are not tenants. After the 20th day following the sale the purchaser has the right to evict occupants who are not tenants by summary proceedings under Chapter 59.12 RCW. For tenant-occupied property, the purchaser shall provide a tenant with written notice in accordance with RCW 61.24.060. The trustee's rules of auction may be accessed at and are incorporated by this reference. You may also access sale status at and EFFECTIVE: 01/30/2012 Northwest Trustee Services, Inc., Trustee Authorized Signature P.O. BOX 997 Bellevue, WA 98009-0997 Contact: Becky Baker (425) 586-1900. (TS# 9405.20001) 1002.206433File (1411, 1704) PUBLIC NOTICE FEMA- 4056 –DR-WA The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hereby gives notice to the public of its intent to reimburse eligible applicants for eligible costs to repair and/or replace facilities damaged by the severe

winter storm, flooding, landslides and mudslides during the period of January 14-23, 2012. This notice applies to the Public Assistance (PA) and Hazard Mitigation Grant (HMGP) programs implemented under the authority of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 5121-5206. Under a major disaster declaration (FEMA– 4056-DRWA) signed by the President on March 5, 2012, Federal funding is available to state and eligible local governments, tribes and certain private nonprofit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency work and the repair or replacement of facilities damaged by the severe winter storm, flooding, landslides and mudslides in Clallam, Grays Harbor, King, Klickitat, Lewis, Mason, Pierce, Skamania, Snohomish, Thurston and Wahkiakum Counties. This public notice concerns activities that may affect historic properties, activities that are located in or affect wetland areas or the 100year floodplain, and critical actions within the 500-year floodplain. Such activities may adversely affect the historic property, floodplain or wetland, or may result in continuing vulnerability to flood damage. Presidential Executive Orders 11988 and 11990 require that all federal actions in or affecting the floodplain or wetlands be reviewed for opportunities to relocate, and evaluated for social, economic, historical, environmental, legal and safety considerations. Where there is no opportunity to relocate, FEMA is required to undertake a detailed review to determine what measures can be taken to minimize future damages. The public is invited to participate in the process of identifying alternatives and analyzing their impacts. FEMA has determined that for certain types of facilities there are normally no alternatives to restoration in the floodplain/wetland. These are facilities that meet all of the following criteria: 1) FEMA’s estimate of the cost of repairs is less than 50% of the cost to replace the entire facility, and is less than $100,000; 2) the facility is not located in a floodway; 3) the facility has not sustained major structural damage in a previous Presidentially declared flooding disaster or emergency; and 4) the facility is

not critical (e.g., the facility is not a hospital, generating plant, emergency operations center, or a facility that contains dangerous materials). FEMA intends to provide assistance for the restoration of these facilities to their pre-disaster condition, except that certain measures to mitigate the effects of future flooding or other hazards may be included in the work. For example, a bridge or culvert restoration may include a larger waterway opening to decrease the risk of future washouts. For routine activities, this will be the only public notice provided. Other activities and those involving facilities that do not meet the four criteria are required to undergo more detailed review, including study of alternate locations. Subsequent public notices regarding such projects will be published if necessary, as more specific information becomes available. In many cases, an applicant may have started facility restoration before federal involvement. Even if the facility must undergo detailed review and analysis of alternate locations, FEMA will fund eligible restoration at the original location if the facility is functionally dependent on its floodplain location (e.g., bridges and flood control facilities), or the project facilitates an open space use, or the facility is an integral part of a larger network that is impractical or uneconomical to relocate, such as a road. In such cases, FEMA must also examine the possible effects of not restoring the facility, minimize floodplain/wetland impacts, and determine both that an overriding public need for the facility clearly outweighs the Executive Order requirements to avoid the floodplain/wetland, and that the site is the only practicable alternative. State of Washington and local officials will confirm to FEMA that proposed actions comply with all applicable State and local floodplain management and wetland protection requirements. FEMA also intends to provide HMGP funding on a cost-sharing basis for hazard mitigation measures for counties and Tribes within the State of Washington to mitigate future disaster damages. These projects may include construction of new facilities, modification of existing, undamaged facilities, relocation of facilities out of floodplains, dem-

olition of structures, or other types of projects to mitigate future disaster damages. In the course of developing project proposals, subsequent public notices will be published if necessary, as more specific information becomes available. The National Historic Preservation Act requires federal agencies to take into account the effects of their undertakings on historic properties. Those actions or activities affecting buildings, structures, districts or objects 50 years or older or that affect archeological sites or undisturbed ground will require further review to determine if the property is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places (Register). If the property is determined to be eligible for the Register, and FEMA’s undertaking will adversely affect it, FEMA will provide additional public notices. For historic properties not adversely affected by FEMA’s undertaking, this will be the only public notice. As noted, this may be the only public notice regarding the above-described actions under the PA and HMGP programs. Interested persons may obtain information about these actions or a specific project by writing to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Joint Field Office, 676 Woodland Square Loop, Lacey, WA 98503, or by calling (360) 413-4500. Comments should be sent in writing to Mr. Michael Karl, Federal Coordinating Officer, at the above address within 15 days of the date of this notice. (1412) PUBLIC NOTICE The South Central Workforce Development Council Board of Directors Executive Committee meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. at South Central WDC, 120 S. 3rd Street, Yakima, WA. (1413)

DEADLINE for legal notices is Monday at noon. Notices may be sent via email to: khenslee@goldendalesenti, or fax, 509-773-4737. Please call for more information,

CLASSIFIEDS Annoucements Happy Ads .......................2 Welcome To The World....4 Card of Thanks ................5 Notices...........................10 Events............................15 Personals .......................20 Support Groups .............25 Lost & Found .................30 Professional Services ....31

10 Notices BRIDES Register at Cannon Packer, 1006 E 2nd St, The Dalles. 541-296-3038.

Classified Deadline is Monday at noon

10 Notices

20 Personals

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SEEKING FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF MAUREEN HOLBERT (HULBERT). Born approx. 1920. Any info is appreciated. Please email Leslie Williamson,



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OPEN Wednesday - Sunday 10 to 4 --ALSO-By Appointment Just Call or Email 80 Mout Adams Road Trout Lake, WA


SINGLES GROUP WHITE SALMON, HOOD RIVER and THE DALLES For more information, call and leave inquires


25 Support Groups

25 Support Groups

25 Support Groups

Family Alzheimer's/Dementia Support Group Family members and friends caring for individuals with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia are invited to participate in our Dementia Support Group. Come and gain support and insight from others who are going thru or have gone thru this journey. Join us monthly in a caring environment to discuss your challenges and questions. Meeting held the third Wednesday, every month, at 3:00 pm at FlagStone Senior Living at 3325 Columbia View Drive. For more information about our group, contact Karen Deswert at 541-298-5656. All Welcome!

T.O.P.S. (Take off Pounds Sensibly), Thursdays, 6 p.m. at Riverview Comm. Bank, 773-5411.

30 Lost & Found LOST: Bracelet. Either at Sodbusters or Brownings. 3/28/12. About 1.5in wide, made out of smokey-brown beads and imitation crystals. Has sentimental value. 509-773-6960. LOST: March 8th in the Brown's Creek area. Fawn colored Pug, answers to Gracie, REWARD offered. Cathy 541-296-4221.


GOLDENDALE Pregnancy Resource Center AA Woman's meeting, 7 509-773-5501 pm every Tuesday at Solid Pregnancy Counseling and Rock Church, 2308 E 12th, services, free pregnancy self-tests. The Dalles. AL-ANON Meeting 6:30 pm, Thursdays Goldendale Methodist Church Questions? Call Rosie, 773-6420 or Greta, 773-3343.


1-800-999-9210 Mid Columbia Mtg. Info www.:// ALCOHOLICS Anon. Goldendale meetings at the United Methodist Church; Mon., 8 p.m.; Wed., 8 p.m.; Fri., 8 p.m., 109 E. Broadway. 1-800-344-2666.

DO YOU HAVE HURTS, habits, hang-ups? Attend Celebrate Recovery a faithbased 12 step program, every Tuesday night at Hood River Alliance Church at 2650 W. Montello (off Rand Rd). Dinner provided at 6:15 pm and large group meeting at 7:00 pm. Childcare is provided. For more info. call 541-308-5339

Preschool/Daycare Facilities .........................35 Child Care Providers .....37 Schools Training ............40 Tutoring ..........................45 Instruction ......................50 GRIEF and Loss Group Training & Opportunity...51 meets monthly at Klickitat Health & Fitness ............55 Valley Hospital. Come and learn ways to heal and help 37 Child Care others heal from loss. Sponsored by Klickitat ValProviders ley Hospice. Call 773-0380 for further information. BI-LINGUAL CHILD CARE, NA Meetings every OPENINGS AVAILABLE Wednesday, 6:30-7:30 at located East side of The the Casa Guadalupe Dalles, First aid and CPR House, 1603 Belmont, certified, affordable prices, enrolled in nutritional food Hood River, OR. program, flexible hours and NA MEETINGS provide lots of activities for Goldendale your children. call maria Father's House Fellowship 541-399-2296 207 S. Klickitat Monday: 12-1 p.m. I AM A LICENSED Wednesday: 12-1 p.m. child care and Friday: 12-1 p.m. preschool provider, Open to non-addicts. planning to move to For more info, Goldendale. call Kathy S.@ 360-850I have training, 8832 or experience, and Matt S. @ 360-850-8840. PARKINSON'S SUPPORT GROUP: First Wednesday of every month at 2 p.m. Water's Edge, 551 Lone Pine Blvd, 2nd floor For information, please contact Chad at 541.478.9338. T.O.P.S. (Take Off Pounds Sensibly). Tuesdays 9 a.m. at Riverview Comm. Bank. 773-4766.

references. Please call Miranda for more information. 509-760-7494.

BUSINESS/ FINANCIAL Business Opportunities .60 Investments & Loans .....65 Insurance .......................70 Mortgages & Contracts..72

EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted General ....75 Help Wanted Domestic/ In Home .........................76 Help Wanted Medical/ Health 77 Help Wanted Office/ Clerical...........................78 Help Wanted Sales/Customer Service 79 Positions Wanted ...........80 Volunteers......................82 Work from Home Employment...................83 Job Opportunities ..........85

75 Help Wanted General ALT. ED TEACHERS (Science or Social Studies or Lang. Arts) $35,000$37,000 w/benefits. View at:

75 Help Wanted General

75 Help Wanted General


Expanding Rock Crushing Company, seeking career minded persons for all positions. Demanding physical labor w/ long hours. Willing to travel throughout the Northwest. Competitive slry & benefits pkg including: medical/dental/vision, 401K/retirement plan, pd holidays/vacation. Applications available at Send resumes to PO Box 759 Lewiston, ID 83501 or fax to (208) 743-6474. EOE

Now hiring for the following positions: Sous Chef, Lead Chef, Captain, non-licensed Engineers, Customer Service reps. & Service staff. Send resumes to or go to for more info. COLUMBIA RIVERKEEPER PROGRAM ADMINISTRATOR Conduct outreach on clean water, manage office.

COOK F/T, with management experience. Weekends a AUDIO VIDEO INTEGRATION must. Apply in person at SPECIALIST Bette's, 416 Oak St, Hood Install, configure, and pro- River. No phone calls gram, A/V, network, surplease. veillance, security, control, and voice/data systems. COOK/DIETARY AIDE See careers at gorgeaudio Hood River Care Center Send resume to has an opening for a cook/ dietary aide. Successful Bartender needed who can applicant must pass drug also waitress, part time. screen and criminal history Apply in person, ask for check. Apply at Kelly at 310 E 2nd St. 541-296-6500. AA/EEO C'S MARKET & BISTRO DIRECTOR OF is seeking reliable, high energy individuals for our INSTRUCTION AND convenience store and bi- SPECIAL PROGRAMS stro. Positions include Hood River County School cashiers, line cook, waitDistrict ress, & barista. F/T or P/T available. Apply at 105 W. Application Deadline: 4/6/ 12 @ 4:00 p.m. Steuben, Bingen, WA or To apply: call 971-241-3456. EOE CHARBURGER COUNTRY, Hood River DRIVER WANTED Help wanted all positions. Hattenhauer TransportaApply in person; bring retion is seeking qualified apsume. Looking for experiplicants for full-time or partence. Day/night shifts. time driver. Must have two years verifiable driving exCMV DRIVERS perience, clean driving needed NOW. record, Class A license Local Work. Home with Hazmat and tanker enevery night, 5-6 days a dorsements. Must be availwk, yr. round! Min. 2 yrs. exper., endorseable all shifts and weekments for doubles & ends. Apply in person at tankers, willing to work 201 W. 1st St., The Dalles, nights & weekends. OR. Hattenhauer TransCall 541-386-3003 portation is an Equal Opask for Joe or Ken. portunity Employer.

FED EX ROUTE Rural route for sale. Must have clean driving record. Some driving experience necessary. 541-993-1423

FOOTWISE in downtown Hood River is hiring, seeking a full time permanent salesperson. Retail, computer experience preferred. Must be available all open hours. We offer competitive hourly rate plus benefits. Apply at 413 Oak St. No phone calls please.

GUEST SERVICES AGENT Will train. Computer literate. Must be available all days of the week, day & evening shifts. Apply in person at 2625 Cascade Ave., Hood River.

HIGH SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELOR-HRVHS Hood River County School District Application Deadline: 4/20/ 12 @ 4:00 p.m. To apply: EOE JANITORIAL POSITION Approx. 17 evening hours per week, must pass background check, be reliable, and have transportation. 541-386-5773.

JANITORS Bingen/Stevenson Area 1 year experience, prefer disabled candidates, must speak/understand English, must pass drug/criminal background check, must be US citizen, $11-$12/hour. Email

12 — APRIL 4, 2012


CLASSIFIEDS 75 Help Wanted General

75 Help Wanted General

75 Help Wanted General

77 Help Wanted Medical

79 Help Wanted Sales/Service


Northern Wasco County Parks and Recreation District




The Port of Hood River is a public agency whose mission is to maintain a strong quality of life and a healthy economy throughout the Gorge. The Port promotes job creation and light industrial development, operates key transportation facilities, maintains popular recreation facilities and manages the Ken Jernstadt Airfield among other duties. Operations are carried with a six-person office staff and approximately 16 other employees responsible for facilities maintenance and tolling. The Port Commission seeks to achieve the highest standards of integrity, transparency, creativity and stewardship. We are seeking applicants for the following position:

Is seeking the following positions: Kayak Shack Recreation Aide24 hours per week. June through September, $10/ hr. Part Time Park Aide- April- 20 hours weekly. April-September, $12/hr. Pool Manager- June through September. Applicants must have current certifications, $12-15/hr. Lifeguards and Swim Instructors- June through September. Must be certified prior to employment. Call office for more information. Wage DOE

APPLICATION PROCEDURE: Applications and full job descriptions available at District office at 414 Washington Street Suite 1D, The Dalles or online at Development Manager-This Applicafull-time, exempt position tions must be received no provides leadership in later than 5:00pm, April 6th, property management, 2012. leasing, construction adOFFICE ministration, marketing, ADMINISTRATOR land planning and ecoRural 7 nomic development tasks. Klickitat County Rural 7 The selected individual Fire and Rescue is acmust be experienced, en- cepting applications for a thusiastic, responsible, full-time position. The folwork independently, be lowing duties are Accounts able to interface positively Payables; Accounts Rewith community leaders, ceivables; Payroll; Budget tenants, consultants, Port Preparation, and Reconcilstakeholders and demon- iation; Financial Statestrate a willingness to take ments; Customer Service; Attend monthly Commison a variety of assignments sion Meetings; Prepare in a fast paced project enMeeting Agendas and Minvironment. The position will utes; Various Report Prepwork under the supervision arations for Fire and Resof the Executive Director. cue; Various Clerical duApplicants should have sig- ties. Qualified applicants nificant experience in land will possess HS/GED or planning, law, design, en- equivalent and at least 3 gineering, real estate de- years accounting or bookvelopment or related field. keeping experience and/or Salary Range: $50,000- training or equivalent com$65,000 depending on ex- bination of education and perience. A solid benefit experience. Position is package is offered includ- Mon-Fri. Wages are based on experience and qualifiing a comprehensive medcations. Application packical insurance. ets are available at Klickitat County Rural 7 Fire and Interested persons should Rescue, 327 W. Brooks, complete an application Goldendale, WA 98620. form and return to the Port Application closing date is offices by April 6, 2012. April 10, 2012 at 5:00 PM. The application is available Postmarks not accepted. on the Port's website We are an Equal Opportu( nity Employer. or at the Port office, 1000 PART TIME CLERICAL, Need E. Port Marina Drive. phone skills, computer exKLICKITAT County Treat- perience, detailed. Local ment Foster Homes need- Science/Chemistry enterprise. ed: make a difference in a PERSONAL ASSISTANT child's life! The FACES Treatment Program is in Seeking a personal assistneed of adults interested in ant, i.e. misc. errands, becoming part of a treat- phone calls, resolving miment team as licensed nor issues, mailings, bill therapeutic foster parents payment & general organizing. You will be paid committed to caring for $650/wk. Send resume to: abused/neglected and, 971-258haviorally challenging chil- 0611 dren 5-17 years of age. RELIABLE CAREGIVERS Well established program. Short and long term place- to assist adults w/developments available as well as mental disabilities. Training foster-to-adopt options. provided. Growth opportunity. 503-594-1250 x13 Strong need for families RENEW CONSULTING INC. with at least one stay-athome parent and/or without Renew is hiring caring peoother young children. ple to work with individuals disabilities.$9.50hr Training, treatment direc- with tion, 24/7 support and a Free training offered. substantial monetary reimbursement provided. If you RESERVE OFFICER are interested in learning HOOD RIVER, OR -. Pop. 7320. more and are compas- The City of Hood River Posionate, confident, flexible lice Department is now acand have a sense of hu- cepting applications for Remor, call Jeanne at 509- serve Officers; bi-lingual Spanish preferred. Candi901-7420. dates for position must KLICKITAT School District pass written, physical agil#402 announces a full time ity, and psychological tests, one-year leave replace- as well as a background inment teacher employment vestigation and pre-emopportunity for the 2012-13 ployment drug screening. school year. This small Applications and a reserve school teaching position is position description may be obtained at the City of primarily but not exclusiveHood River Police Departly for grades 4-8. Interest- ment. (Mailing: P.O. Box ed persons should go to 27; Physical: 207 2nd h t t p : / / Street, Hood River OR 97031), or by calling (541) jobs.html or call 509-369- 387-5256 or at cityofhoo4145 for further information Applications and application directions. may be hand-delivered or mailed to City of Hood RivKNOW A YOUNG MAN er Police Department. Ap18-23, who needs work, plications must be received training, place to live, life by 5 PM April 13, 2012. skills & support? SALES PERSON We are WINGS Reliable sales person with outdoor plant knowledge and experience. Fluent in LANDSCAPE COMPANY seeking laborers. Pay de- English, bilingual helpful. pendent on experience. Must be willing to work Call Patricia, 541-386- weekends and able to lift 40 lbs. Contact Julie at 1300. Rasmussen Farms, 541386-4622. MARKETING AND DEVELOPMENT CCORDINATOR Summer Jobs Help sustain clean water in Early Childhood and healthy communities. Education to apply Oregon Child Development Coalition is one of MEMBER SERVICES the largest early childREPRESENTATIVE hood care and educaCascade Central Credit Union tion networks in Oregon has an immediate opening helping to prepare chilfor a Member Service Repdren for school. Now resentative with strong hiring for our summer customer service skills and Head Start programs in the ability to work well in a The Dalles, Odell & team environment. PreParkdale. Jobs are from vious teller experience or 1 to 5 months. cash handling required. BiEducation Coordinatorslingual in English & The Dalles and Parkdale S p a n i s h Site Coordinators-Odell/ required. Excellent work Parkdale,The Dalles environment and 100% Support Secretary-Span/ employer paid benefits. Eng The Dalles Please send your resume to or mail to 1206 12th Street, Hood River, Or 97031.

MUSICIAN for Parkdale Community Church Sunday worship. Salaried position. Call 541352-7747 or 541-3527317.

Please visit our website at for job specifics. Apply online or mail resume/apply in person: OCDC, Human Resources, 1300 West 9th St, The Dalles, OR 97058 Equal Opportunity Employer

The Port of Hood River is a public agency whose mission is to maintain a strong quality of life and a healthy economy throughout the Gorge. The Port promotes job creation and light industrial development, operates key transportation facilities, maintains popular recreation facilities and manages the Ken Jernstadt Airfield among other duties. Operations are carried with a six-person office staff and approximately 16 other employees responsible for facilities maintenance and tolling. The Port Commission seeks to achieve the highest standards of integrity, transparency, creativity and stewardship. We are seeking applicants for the following position: Waterfront Coordinator- This part-time, non-exempt position will coordinate a variety of projects and tasks related to the Port's recreational facilities and some industrial properties. The position will help manage and implement programs policies, and planning projects, staff the Recreation Committee, serve as liaison to schools and concessionaires, communicate with consultants, agencies and the public on waterfront recreation matters, and monitor the condition of recreation sites. The selected individual should be enthusiastic, work independently, have excellent communication and public interface skills and demonstrate a willingness to take on a variety of assignments. The position will work under the supervision of the Executive Director. Applicants should have an academic background and practical experience in communication, land planning, property and project management or related field and an interest or aptitude in water sports. Salary Range: $19.50-$28.50 depending on experience. Interested persons should complete an application form and return it to the Port offices by April 6, 2012. The application is available on the Port's website ( or at the Port office, 1000 E. Port Marina Drive. Wildland Firefighting, Become a wildland firefighter free training contact csr_enterprises@hotmail. com or 503 623 8861.

Oregon Veterans' Home Has FULL and PART TIME CNA positions available, Evening Shift, 2 pm - 10 pm. Must be certified in Oregon. Previous long term care experience preferred. You may obtain an application at the Oregon Veterans Home, 700 Veterans Drive, The Dalles, OR 97058, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm, fax your resume' to 541-296-7862, or call Debbie at 541-2967190 ext 241 for more information. HOUSEKEEPER Hood River Care Center has an opening for a housekeeper. Successful applicant must pass a drug screen and a criminial history check. Apply at AA/EEO

Child Care Wanted ........95 Diaper Services ...........100 Adult & Elderly Care ....105

• Physicians

Our Mission is to Improve the Lives of Those We Serve Community-owned Not-for-Profit, Skilled Nursing Facility. Position available:

BUS DRIVER No CDL required; exp. preferred but we will train; great people skills and safety focus; valid drivers license with clean record. Application at 1015 Webber St., The Dalles, RO 97058 EOE

105 Adult & Elderly Care


Fri. 4/6, 8-4; Sat. 4/7, 8-4. 1314 E. 10th St., The Dalles. Old store full of wonderful antiques of all kinds. Inventory has been in storage for 20+ years. Don't miss it!!! Ruth Beecher Estate Sales 541-296-6893 or 541-980-3200 TD Library Book Sale Sat. 4/7 10a-Noon The Book Barn behind the library at 722 Court St. YA, Contemporary & Christian Fiction. Old Fashioned Kids Books Audio Books on tape Some items are even FREE! HELP SUPPORT LITERACY! The Dalles Garage Sale 4/ 13 - 9 to 5. 4/14 - 10 to 3 2529 E. 10th Street Sale of the season! Salesman's samples, Office furnishings & supplies, showroom shelving, pre-estate sale - Some furniture, lots of glass, and usual cleanout-the-closets, cupboards, & garage "Junque"!

Other Washington Cities

• Clinical Staff • Support Staff To view all current career opportunities and to apply online go to Ophthalmic Tech, Assist w/ eye exams, testing & treatment. Accurate medical charting. Excellent customer service, communication. Healthcare experience, bilingual preferred. HR & TD. Benefits & health insurance pkg. Email

RN or LPN Oregon Veterans' Home Has part time Charge Nurse Positions available. Days and Nights, 12 hour shifts. Must be currently licensed in Oregon. Previous long term care experience preferred. You may obtain an application at the Oregon Veterans Home, 700 Veterans Drive, The Dalles, OR 97058, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm, fax your resume' to 541296-7862, or call Debbie at 541-296-7190 ext 241 for more information.

78 Help Wanted Office AP/RECEPTIONIST Hood River Distillers, Inc

Position requires BA or BS in Finance, Accounting or related field and ability to be bondable. CPA certification preferred. 5 years experience including GAAP, audits, cost allocation, OMB circulars, grants management, auditing of non-profits, managing daily financial operations and 2 year supervisory experience. Wage starts at $4651/ month plus benefits. For more information view job posting and description at To apply mail/fax application, resume, transcripts and cover letter by April 6th, 2012 to Mid-Columbia Children's Council, Inc., 1100 E. Marina Way, Suite 215, Hood River, OR. 97031 or (541) 386-4597. EOE.

Has an opening for one resident at The Dalles location. Half off first month rate! Call today for a tour and ask for Ron! 541-993-2910 HAVE CAR WILL TRAVEL - NEED A CAREGIVER? I am an experienced caregiver, helping with meds, bathing, meals, dressing, cleaning or what ever your needs. My rates are reasonable: by the hour, day, week or month. Please call 509-365-0048 or 503-7298781

Travel & Transportation Car Pools .....................110 Tickets .........................115 Travel ...........................120 Free-To-All ...................122

MARKETPLACE Auctions .......................125 Hood River...................126 The Dalles ...................127 White Salmon/Bingen ..128 Odell ............................129 Garage/Yard Sales.......130 Other Oregon Cities ....131 Parkdale/Mt. Hood .......132 Cook/Underwood .........133 Other Washington Cities 134 Estate Sales ................135 Camas .........................136 Washougal...................137 Vancouver....................138 Bazaars/Flea Markets..139 Antiques & Collectibles140 Antiques/Collectibles Wanted 142 Apparel/Jewelry ...........150 Furniture ......................155 Appliances ...................160 Home Electronics ........165 Carpeting .....................166 Wireless Communication 167 Computers ...................170 Satellites ......................175 Cameras & Photo Supplies 180 Cleaning ......................182 Firewood & Stoves.......185 Hot Tubs, Spas, Swimming Pool 190 Sporting Goods ...........195 Exercise Equipment.....200 Sailboard & Accessories 205 Arts & Leisure..............210 Musical Instruments.....215 Lawn, Garden, Equipment 220 Building Materials ........225 Timber Buy/Sell ...........226 Hand & Power Tools ....230 Misc. Equipment ..........235 Health Care Equipment 236 Arts, Crafts, & Hobbies240 Baby Items...................250 Hair Care & Beauty Aids 255 Books...........................260 Office Equipment .........265 Restaurant Equipment.270 Misc. for Sale ...............275 Misc. Wanted ...............280 Free/Give Away............282 Swaps & Trades...........285

Hood River HRVCC THRIFT SHOP Every Wed, 9:00-3:00 Every Sat, 9:00-1:00 Come see us! Bags of Clothes, $5. New books, $3 a bag. Hardbacks, $.50. Paperbacks, $.25 DONATIONS WELCOME! 975 Indian Creek Rd., HR

150 Apparel/ Jewelry

& Liquidation of Old Store (Fort Dalles Antiques)

• Nursing

Seeking an experienced AP/Receptionist for our WINERY TASTING ROOM downtown corporate office. HELP Hood River winery needs Bachelors Degree prepart-time wine sales per- ferred or 4 years experience required. Great benson. Must be friendly and efits and competitive wage. outgoing with basic wine Email resumes or quesknowledge. Weekends a tions to must. Send resume/coverFISCAL DIRECTOR letter to crw@cathedralridgewinery Mid-Columbia Children's .com. Compensation is Council hourly plus commission Builds better communities, one person at a time. Serv77 Help Wanted ing over 500 children in Oregon/Washington Medical MCCC is recruiting for a Fiscal Director to join our team.


We're a community-based full-service bank seeking a professional, enthusiastic individual to provide quality customer service, process teller transactions, and cross-sell products in our White Salmon Branch. Requires minimum 1-year customer service, cash handling and math skills. Banking background with strong balancing record preferred. F/T position with competitive pay and generous benefits package, including medical/dental, 401(k) and Employee Stock Ownership Program. You can apply for the position via the web at https:// RIV1004/JobBoard or go to > About Riverview > Careers > Job Opportunities. EOE

The Dalles


insert alpaca artwork left facing



is THE place to shop for ALPACA! Did you know? Alpacas are: "GREEN" Eat 3# a day Tread lightly on padded feet Quietly HUM Farm Friendly and Family Friendly LIVESTOCK

We invite YOU to Come Experience ALPACA


SOME THING FOR EVERYONE! 525 Washington Street Lyle, Washington

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140 Antiques & Collectibles

OPEN Wednesday - Sunday 10 to 4 --ALSO-By Appointment Just Call or Email 80 Mout Adams Road Trout Lake, WA

FOR SALE: Very large WWII 15mm Wargame miniatures collection. Western front American, British, & German figures based for battlefront Wargame rules. 550 nicely painted figures + over 100 vehicles and guns. Rulebook + some battlefield accessories also included. Prefer to sale entire collection as one large set, but may sell in parts. SERIOUS OFFERS ONLY. For prices & more info call Ken at 541-296-3479

WE WILL BUY, SELL, OR TRADE your collectibles. Single items to whole estates. Call Christina @ 541-386-5649.

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195 Sporting Goods CASCADE SPORTSMAN'S CLUB GUN SHOW & SALE. American Legion building Carson Wa. Saturday APRIL 7th. Info call 509-427-5906.

ELAN Phase Snowboard, 161, w/ bindings & carrying bag, $150 FIRM. Call or text 541490-6947, TD. MARTIN Leopard compound bow and case, All new. Bow is 45-60# draw w/ 80% letoff. There are extras. $400 FIRM. 541-5060016, after 6pm.

MOUNTAIN SHADOWS GUNS & MORE We Buy Guns, Militaria, Tools, Gold & Silver. Pawn Store Coming Soon! Top Dollar Paid, call 541-4904483. Store on the Heights, Hood River. Opening Soon.

215 Musical Instruments Modulus Flea Bass, 2003 model, 5 String bass guitar. Light blue specked flake body, Pearl pick guard. Rarely used, Graphite Neck, Active pickups, never gigged, used for light casual play. Bought NEW $2500. Asking $1500 OBO. Included Modulus Hardshell case. This is a must have for the serious bass player; amazing tone and excellent sound. Call or text for any further questions or photos. 541-4906947

220 Lawn, Garden, & Equipment FOR SALE: Lawn Mowers & Rototillers. Push and riding. I also repair them. Call 541-980-7760 for info.

225 Building Materials CLAWFOOT TUB 5-foot, with brass shower assembly, includes faucet hardware, good condition, $1200.

509-493-3044 eves

155 Furniture

270 Restaurant Equipment

EXECUTIVE DESK with custom glass top, maple finish, good presentation. $150. Hexagonal end table, opens for storage, maple finish, $60, Wooden book case, adjustable shelves, 4'w x 4'h x 1'd, like new, $100. 541-354-1645

DELI / RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT and FURNITURE FOR SALE Soup pots Sandwich bar Reach in cooler Electric grill Booths, tables and chairs Commercial toaster Call 541-386-1337

Now at New Location! 1800 W. 10th St. Come see us! Like-New Twin Mattresses starting at $40!!! Gorge Bedquarters The Dalles, OR 541-296-4341 **A Percentage of our Monthly profit goes to St. Vincent de Paul's HOPE emergency shelter in The Dalles.

275 Misc. for Sale

160 Appliances WASHERS & DRYERS, Refrigerators & Ranges, For sale, All brands, Prices vary from $125 & up. Will do service calls. Call for more information. 541-296-8970

185 Firewood & Stoves GET READY for winter cold. Firewood for sale. Call for prices. Senior discounts available. 509-637-3931. PINE firewood, Cut into rounds, You haul, $75/ cord. 541-544-2233 or 541-409-1953

190 Hot Tubs, Spas & Pools CLAWFOOT TUB 5-foot, with brass shower assembly, includes faucet hardware, good condition, $1200.

509-493-3044 eves

BARRELS, burn and storage, 55-gallon, with lids, $20. Call 503-303-5159 (home) or 503-453-7109 (cell); ask for Ray.

CLAWFOOT TUB 5-foot, with brass shower assembly, includes faucet hardware, good condition, $1200.

509-493-3044 eves

280 Misc. Wanted


10K to 18K Dental Gold-Platinum

Artisan's Jewelry and Gallery 137 East Jewett White Salmon

509-493-1333 286 $500 or Less "The Hardy Boys" collector books 1959-1992 110bk appox. 62 Hardbacks, rest Pbs. Most first eds. $200 set. 541-300-9015 eves. 20" Redline BMX bicycle, Midnight blue, 3 years used. Really good condition. Call Tanner at 541769-0333,lv msg $250. TD 27" ZENITH TV, w/ Remote, Only 6 yrs old, $25. 541-300-6269, possibly deliver.

The Dalles, OR

• Medical Records Supervisor

Auction - April 15th

• Med Tech/Med Lab Tech

Annual Spring Equipment

County & City Surplus - Open Consignment

• Speech Language Pathologist

Equipment - Vehicles - Tools - Other Estate of Bill Makelim Complete Carpenter/Woodworking Shop Consignments accepted until April 6th

As consignments come in they will be posted to our web site.

Crossword Solution 4/4/12 541-296-1012

APRIL 4, 2012 — 13


CLASSIFIEDS 286 $500 or Less

286 $500 or Less

286 $500 or Less

4 all-season tires. 185-70 R14. 95% tread. 5-lug, balanced w/ lugnuts. On aluminum wheels. $250. 509-314-0946. AREA rugs, two, both 6x9, both wool, (1) Asian print (greens) and (1) floral print (burgandy and blue), $100 each. 509-493-3044, eves.

COMPUTER, Desktop PC, ENTERTAINMENT center. Dell 1GB Ram, 80GB HD, 64 x 53.5 in. Glass doors. XP-Pro $100. runs perfect, Holds up to 50" flat screen. w/ tv mounts. Asking $150. 541-296-3440 509-250-6236. CROSSBAR roof racks, ENTERTAINMENT CENoff 2011 Subaru Impreza, TER, Sauder brand, corner made to fit, but may work style. Opening for TV: 32"w for other models, $150 obo. x30"h, Storage space & 541-806-3422 room for your equipment,

DARK maroon couch & Artley Flute Great Condiloveseat set. tion, used very little, $225. 90Lx30Dx32H; 60in love(541)980-9273 seat. $400 OBO. BASEBALL BAT, 2012 De- 509-281-0509. marini CF5 32"-10, top o the line, brand new, only 8 Dog pen 14'x14' 6' tall $ hits on it. $215. 541-386- 275 OBO call 541-3401792 2370 BEAUTIFUL scrolled mirror, 4x3. Paid $500, asking $250. Must see! 509-2501005 BLACK Samsung Messanger Touch, US Cellular, Barely used, w/ Box, manual, charger & case, $35. 541-993-1168

$50. 509-493-1678 FUGI Film Fine Pix 6900 Zoom digital camera. Includes everything $375. 541-300-0683. FULL Size bed w/ box springs and firm mattress, bookcase style headboard, $250. 541-993-8511

DRYER, Whirlpool, new, white, works great, delivery GRACO Pak-N-Play w/ available, $140. 509-493- bassinet. Great condition, barely used. $50. 4266 or 509-281-0276. 541-980-6432. ELAN Phase Snowboard, GRACO Travel Lite Cabo 161, w/ bindings & carrying crib/small play yard, Light bag, $150 FIRM. Call or blue & tan, Like new, $75 text 541-490-6947, TD. OBO. Call or text 541-490ENTERTAINMENT center/ 6947.

BOSE Woofer and 3 Bose bookcase. Fair condition, GREEN HOUSE 10 X 7 X satellite surround speak- 54 high by 49 wide by 15 7, $40. 541-965-1394. ers, $50. 541-386-6697 deep, $30. 541-387-4996 HELMET, One Industries Child's cute little Wooden MX helmet "Monster KomRocking Horse. Great for bat" design. Mens small or an Easter present or for youth XL. Excellent cond. LL ORGE $75. 509-281-0715 your Easter Decor $25. 541-993-8699 LASSIFIEDS Ipod 4th generation for sale CLARINET, Jupiter, new, its in great shape but its placed through The Sentinel been used charger includ$500 obo. 541-806-3750 will appear on ed for $60 OBO call 541COFFEE TABLE, 3.5' The Sentinel’s 980-7037 ask for jon glass with black metal acwebsite JOHN Deere riding mower, cent. Excellent condition, w/ Bags, $500. 541-980$30. 541-386-6697 7760



286 $500 or Less

286 $500 or Less

LARGE men's watch, new. RIFLE, Remington 342, Swiss movement, $50/ 280 caliber, semi-automatOBO. 541-980-4741. ic, scope, $400, 541-3992859. LARGER sized Levis for men, 54 & 56, One pair of ROCKER/RECLINER, LaWomens 'The Avenue', Z-Boy, chase lounge style, $150 for all. 541-340-0116 brown, great cond. $55. Tracie. 541-298-2971 LIBRARY table, oak, twist- ROLLER SKATES, Riedell ed legs, $495, 541-354- Skeate Model R3, size 5 9963. med., black, few scuffs on LIFT chair, fair condition. toes, really good shape, asking $100. 541-490$100 obo. 509-773-3895. 8269. MEDELA double breast pump, Older model, Exc. ROOF RACK, Yakima, with working condition, Needs two bike trays. Fits newer new tubing and shields, model cars. Excellent condition, $235. 541-490-2132. $100 OBO. 541-490-6947 MOTOR for 1996 Acura In- SAMSUNG slider phone tegra, 4 cyl. not V-Tech, from Verizon, $40. 139K miles, AT, $450. 541- 541-705-5388. 380-1166 SCHOOL DESK, antique, MOTOR. Horse and a half refinished, front seat, back electric. 3450 RPMs, single writing surface and inkphase, 143T frame. $100. well, $75. 541-386-6755. 541-921-3230 SHOPSMITH with extras, MOTORCYCLE BOOTS, good condition-everything Fly brand, mens size 8, works, $400 OBO. 541paid over $100 new, $30. 806-2060 or 509-493-2118. 541-399-2107 Small wood vanity in good NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC condition. Cream color w/ magazine collection, Jan. pink flowers,6 drawers, '83 through Dec. '90. In mirror and 4 places for protective cases. $10 obo. photos. $75 541-980-0369 541-386-3314 STIHL weed & leaf blow-

TERRA COTTA WARRIOR, 1/2 life-size replica of Chinese kneeling archer, bought in Xian. Perfect cond. $400. 509-281-0842

TIRES and wheels, four, 205-65R-15, off 2001 Camry, 70% tread, $150/ TAKES ALL. 509-4931023. TIRES, (four), mounted on rims, two M&S and two studded, all in good to fair condition, P195/75R14 M+S, off of 1994 Toyota pick-up, $100 for all. 509493-8202 or 541-806-3256. TIRES, Remington Wide Brute, 9.50R16.5-SLT, four, 90% tread, $200. 509364-9466. TODDLER BED with mattress, light wood color, great condition, $35. Call/ text 541-380-1627

TV STAND, IKEA, fits up to erm BR340, Near new, Excellant condition. $225. 52" TV, excellent cond, $200 value, sell for $100. 503-267-1063 541-490-9437 SWIMMING pool sand filter PATIO SET, children's, pump, Dynamo High Per- WATERBED, king size with new condition, still in box, 2 formance, only used 2 sea- headboard, frame and matfolding chairs, table & um- sons. Paid $495, sell for tress; everything you need. $125. 541-400-0179 brella. $30. 541-387-4752 $250 obo. 541-386-4847.

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• Private Party Only • No Food or Produce • No Fuel or Firewood • No Hay or Straw • No Livestock or Poultry or Horses • No Garage or Yard Sales • No Automobiles

TICKETS (2) for "Wicked" play April 6. 5th row, $200 for both. Call Wendy 541490-6828

NEW full size mattress & box springs, w/ Metal antique bed, $250. 541980-5790

(509) 773-3777


286 $500 or Less TABLE, antique, round, 3 leaves, $125. 541-3868789

For as low as $10 per month!

Goldendale Exhaust Automotive

A/C and Heating

IT’S TAX TIME! Tina Krause, EA Enrolled Agent 00100209-EA


Mid-Columbia Heating & Refrigeration

It’s Hard To Stop A Trane

Males, Bred & Open Females, Fiber

** TAXES ** Individual Business Estate


Accoyo, Hemingway & Snowmass Lines

Call today for appt. 509.951.2159 Reasonable Rates

CUSTOMER SUPPORT: Before & after the sale

Exhaust, Mufflers, Motor, Repair, Restoration, Diagnostics, Tune-ups, Brakes, Electrical, Oil Changes, Full Service shop

Floyd Weiss, Owner Goldendale, Wa. (509) 773-5164 Email:



509.773.3164 • 525 E. Broadway, Goldendale


Engine Repair


Alexander’s Repair


Site Preparation Driveways & Roads Septic Systems Excavation & Dump Trucking Foundations & Flatwork Concrete Sawing & Breaking

Lawnmower, small engine, generator sales and service and outboard motor repair

509-773-3076 122 E. Main Street - Suite B Goldendale, WA 98620

Call now for spring tune-ups (509) 773-7010 (509) 261-1431 PO Box 1252 • Goldendale

“Complete Construction Services”

J &J B U I L D I N G & R E M O D E L I N G

3122 S. Columbus, Goldendale Open M-F, 9 am to 6 pm/Sat 10 am to 2 pm pm


Jimmy Giese (509) 250-0184 Jennifer Giese (509) 250-2718



Certified Manufactured Home Installers




Carpet Cleaning



All your development needs - Garages • Pole Buildings Concrete Remodeling Road Gr ading Road Building Driveways Base Rock Pit Run Cr ushed Rock Red Sand Site Prep Septic Systems Utility Ditches Land Clear ing Ponds and MORE! Road Grader Dozer Track Hoe Lowboy Heavy Haul Back Hoe Dump Trucks Belly Dumps Loaders Randy & Penny Dyche •Goldendale, Washington WA LIC.PACIFEL 942JD We take Visa, Mastercard & Discover


All Phases of Interior & Exterior Professional Remodeling & Home Repairs

Small Buildings, Additions, Remodeling, Repairs, Finish Work, Shingling, Decks, etc.

Framing • Counter Tops • Drywall • Vinyl & Laminated Flooring Cabinets • Additions • Painting • Kitchens • Siding & Decks Bathrooms • Windows • Tile Work • Doors

34 Years Of Experience 33 Building Custom Homes, Additions & Remodeling

No Job Too Little David A. Fremo, Owner

(509) 250-1861

Randy L. Hoskinson 509-250-2267 • 509-773-5708 WA LIC# RANDYHS936K3


Lic # littldc000mc

Columbia Homes Manufactured Homes

Serving Goldendale & Klickitat County with quality homes since 1995 Competitive Pricing • Great Service Land/Home Packages 2 SALES CENTERS TO SERVE YOU The Dalles, Oregon 1-877-856-4663 1361 W. Second Featuring:

(across from Jean’s Cottage Inn)

Golden West


Union Gap, Washington 1-877-446-0917 8 E. Columbus


New Construction Remodeling Roofing




Quality Work

Pet Services Gail’s Pooch Parlor

Jim L. McClellan

Fair Prices

Cell: 509-250-1906 Guaranteed

downtown Goldendale Store Hours: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturdays 104 W. Main, Goldendale 773-4344



Andrew Kerns Licensed/Bonded/Insured

All Breeds

*New Construction • Service R emodel*

Call Gail for an Appointment 773-4494 or 261-1537 806 N. Glover Ave.



509.250.1949 509.773.5850

Available 24 hours a day WA. Lic. KERNSAJ902RC

ountaindale aintenance

Carpet Cleaning (509) 773-4113 Jim Cronin Cell: (509) 261-1504

Home Improvement

Health Care

Professional Dog Groomer

Love your pet but hate the shedding? We now offer FURminator shed-less treatment!

Decks Garages Pole Barns


Pharmacy & K-C Corral

Custom Kitchens & Baths Custom Homes & Designs Garages & Pole Buildings Steel Buildings Demolition Framing & Roofing

Rain Gutter Systems D A V I D

Gutter installation, repair & cleaning Free estimates • Leaf Guard Over 26 colors available


839 Hanna Rd. • Goldendale, WA 98620


(509) 773-3597 Licensed, Bonded & Insured



WA License #RAINGGS968PD

Water Services


Call or email to order your annual test 1-877-278-5999 or ccb#175290

14 — APRIL 4, 2012


CLASSIFIEDS 286 $500 or Less

325 Farm &

WHEEL COVERS, set of 4 Orchard Equip. for 14" wheels, five spoke mag wheel style with chrome lug nuts. Excellent BRUSH HOG rotary mower, 80" deck, $1500. Brush cond. $10. 541-354-1680 Hog auger, 12" bit, $600. WHEELS, (2) 14", 5 hole with mounted snow tires, Scott 541-806-0049. $10. 541-386-1587

DIESEL 7000 Generator, WHIRLPOOL washer & Brand new, Used once, dryer. Full size, stacked, $3500/OBO. 541-467-2737 great shape, with many cycle options. $400. RENTALS 540-980-4148. M1 GRAND Rifle 30-06, Business Rentals.........330 nice, with ammo and Apartment Rentals/OR 335 accessories $350. Apartment Rentals/WA 340 541-769-0065 Condo Rentals/OR ......350 Condo Rentals/WA ......352 ANIMALS & Duplexes, Four-Plexes/OR AGRICULTURE 355 Duplexes, Four-Plexes/WA Livestock & Supplies ...290 360 Pets & Supplies ...........295 Pasture Rentals ...........300 House Rentals/OR.......365 Stables & Kennels .......305 House Rentals/WA ......370 Hay, Feed, & Produce..310 Senior Housing ............372 Lawn & Garden Equip. 311 Mobile Homes/Oregon.375 Food, Meat, & Produce315 Mobile Homes/Washington Plants & Nursery Stock 380 320 Mobile Home Spaces ..382 Farm & Orchard RV Space.....................384 Equipment ...................325 Rentals Wanted ...........385 Rentals to Share..........390 290 Livestock Room Rentals..............395 RV Site Rentals ...........397 & Supplies Vacation Rentals..........400 Bed & Breakfast...........405 JUSTIN HILL Storage Space.............410 HORSESHOEING Misc. Rentals ...............415 509-261-1508. NEED help loading your horse in a trailer? Want help with ground work? Call Heidi 509-261-2730. TOP QUALITY LIMOUSIN BULLS Available now. Black or Red. Wilde Ranches 541-454-2995 leave message. TROUT FOR PONDS Rainbow trout fingerlings for your pond, available the end of April. U-Haul. $25/100. Miller Ranch, Inc. Yacolt, Wash. 360-686-3066

295 Pets & Supplies

MAYLA Little tabby, 2 years old, female, spay, shots, Luk check, indoor/adults only. lCall Bonnie


"JASMIN" Sweet and lovely, grey and white cat, young adult, female, loving, spayed, vaccinated, indoors only, quiet adult home. FREE MICROCHIP!

Call Elizabeth


310 Hay, Feed, Straw 7 TON of Timothy Hay, First cut, Stored under cover, $220/Ton. 503-5029409, Wamic.

315 Food, Meat, & Produce

330 Business Rentals

HAVE A HOME FOR SALE? Get results fast by placing your ad in the Gorge Classifieds, your ad will appear in every paper in the gorge area, reaching over 115,000 readers each week. Call us at the Goldendale Sentinel, 773-3777 or toll-free at 1-888-2873777.

HOOD RIVER 200 sq. ft. office, $210 300 sq. ft. office, $210. 300 sq. ft. office, rr, $350 400 sq. ft. office, $375. 500 sq. ft. office, $450. 550 sq. ft. office(hgts), $550. 715 sq. ft. office, $550. 1068 sq. ft. office, $885. 1800 sq. ft. retail, $1300. Various dry storage units Chuck Beardsley, 541-3865555, Hershner & Bell Realty PUBLISHER'S NOTICE All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination." Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800927-9275. The Dalles 850 sq ft, $750/mo. Col Ct Mall, 107 E 2nd St Inc. utils, 541-298-8903 7 Office complex, $950/mo.

FARM Fresh, cage-free, large, brown chicken eggs. THE DALLES downtown $2.50/dozen. Goldendale. office space. All utilities pd. 509-261-0636. by owner 3300 +/- sq.ft., can divide, Sandoz Farm Natural raised Beef and ground level, 3 baths, kitchPork - ground beef, steaks, en area. roasts, sweet italian, hot Possible retail. $2995 mo. italian and breakfast sau- 840 +/- sq. ft. corner space sage, bacon chops, hams, with great visibility, good hocks, and ribs. We also light, $825 mo. have fresh eggs available. 385 +/- sq.ft. $395 mo. Give us a call at 541-2966291 and we will meet you 295 +/- sq.ft. $295 mo. 541-387-3913 at our farm stand.

This newspaper participates in a statewide classified ad program sponsored by the Washington Newspaper Publishers Association, a statewide association of weekly newspapers. The program allows classified advertisers to submit ads for publication in participating weeklies throughout the state in compliance with the following rules.You may submit an ad for the statewide program through this newspaper or in person to the WNPA office. The rate is $255 for up to 25 words, plus $10 per word over 25 words. WNPA reserves the right to edit all ad copy submitted and to refuse to accept any ad submitted for the statewide program. WNPA, therefore, does not guarantee that every ad will

The Commodore II Apartments in The Dalles, 312 Court Street is now accepting applications for federally funded housing. Studio & 1 bdrm Apartments may be available. On-site management and laundry facility in a beautifully restored historic building in downtown The Dalles. 541298-7600 or TDD 800-7352900. Professionally managed by The Neel Management Team Inc.

THE DALLES. Studio apartment for rent, 605 E. 4th St., $500/ mo., $400 security. Call 541-490-8713 THE DALLES, 1 & 2 Bdrm apartments available starting at $475/Mo w/ $500 dep. W/S/G pd., No pets allowed, 541-298-7015

340 Apartment Rentals/WA. BINGEN. Studio, 1 bdrm, 2 bdrm, monthly, $400-$600, utils includ. 1st+dep. 509493-1803 9 am-7 pm.

GOLDENDALE-Crestview Apartments: 2 bdrm. apts. available now. New reFOR LEASE: 900 Sq. Ft. (4 model. RD Subsidies - You divided rooms). Ideal office pay only up to 30% of your space or rental. 2718 E. adjusted income. 509-7732nd St. Call 541-298-1936 5436.

Storage:400 sq ft.$150/Mo


335 Apartment Rentals/OR.

be run in every newspaper. WNPA will, on request, for a fee of $40, provide information on which newspapers run a particular ad within a 30 day period. Substantive typographical error (wrong address, telephone number, name or price) will result in a "make good", in which a corrected ad will be run the following week. WNPA incurs no other liability for errors in publication. ADOPTION WE’RE LOOKING To Adopt: Happily married loving couple desires to give your newborn Warm Happy Home, Love & Security. Expenses paid. Kristine/David 888-869-2227 CAREERTRAINING ATTEND COLLEGE online from home. *Medical *Business

GOLDENDALE: 123 NW High Street. Unfurnished 2bedroom apartments. Water and garbage paid. 509773-3816, 503-201-7833, 509-773-4840.

365 House Rentals/OR

SIMCOE MANOR Apartments, a complex for senior, handicapped, or disabled persons, has 1 & 2 bdrm. apts. Rent based on income. W/S/G pd. Laundry & rec room on site. ApTHE DALLES, Small 2 plications available at 305 Bdrm, $750/mo., Utilities Simcoe Drive, Goldendale, paid, 1st + Last + Dep. WA 98620. Or call 509773-4255. Equal Housing Refs. req. 541-296-5817. Opportunity. THE DALLES, Charming 2 Bdrm, 1 Ba, Hardwood floors, Single garage, $800/ Mo. + $900 Dep. W/S Paid. Exc. credit/references required. No pets/smoking. 380 Mobile Homes/ Ketchum Real Estate 541-298-8874 Washington The Dalles, 3 bed, 1 bath. Dead-end street. 738 Pleasant Ct. $850/month. Call afternoons, 541-3868747

THE DALLES, 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba, Avail Mid April, $850/ Mo. + $400 Dep. 509-7733230

DALLESPORT, 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba, Kitchen appl. & laundry appl. incl., $850/Mo. + First/last & cleaning dep. THE DALLES, Charming, 541-993-0543 colorful, and welcoming GOLDENDALE: For rent, historic 2bd/1ba home! single-wide with 2 tip-outs. 1010 sq. ft. Office/spare Three bedroom/1 bath. room, gas fireplace, en- $475/mo. Requires 1st and closed sun porch. Dish- last month & $300 security washer, dryer and new deposit. 541-980-7971. washer included. New flooring and windows in 382 Mobile Home much of the house. Large Spaces fenced in backyard, covered patio, underground sprinklers, raised garden THE DALLES: Large beds. 12mo lease. Poten- Mobile home space for tial lease-to-own opportu- rent. Foley Lakes Mobile nity? $900/month (garbage Home Park. 541-296-9292 & recycling included, tenant or 541-980-4995. responsible for other utilities), $1100 security de385 Rentals posit. Great location on a Wanted quiet street w/ friendly neighbors. Walking distance to CGCC, TDWHS RV spot wanted for 26' and Colonel Wright Ele- motor home, short-term water, sewer, mentary. Will consider rental, electric & garbage prepets! Available 4/15. 541ferred. 541-447-4148 or 579-0540 541-241-0214 THE DALLES, 1414 E. 12th St., Brand new 2 395 Room Rentals Bdrm, 1000 Sq. Ft. DW, AC, New windows, Storage THE DALLES-Room for shed, Off st. parking, Red rent in clean tidy home. house in back of lot, $800/ $325/mo utilities Mo. Avail 4/1. $1000 clean- included. First and Last ing deposit, $900 rfndble required. Close to downafter first year. 541-298- town. 541-220-0422, text 8891 or 541-965-0532 or leave message.

GOLDENDALE: 400 W Broadway. 2-bedroom unfurnished only. Water and garbage paid. 509-773-3816. WASCO, 4 BR/1 BA 503-201-7833, 509-773- House, $850/mo. + $900 4840. dep, no pets or smoking, THREE Mountain Village recently renovated and Located at 613 W. Collins painted, partially finished in Goldendale, now ac- basement. Avail May 1 cepting applications for 1, 2 541-980-8028 & 3 bdrm. apartments. HUD Section 8 Restrictions 370 House apply. Call 509-773-3344 or TTY dial 711 for appliRentals/WA cations.

3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, house; Spacious, Beautiful River View, Wishram, WA. WalkWHITE SALMON. 3 bdrm in closet in master bedtownhouse, 1« bath. W/S/G room & walk-in pantry in paid. No pets/smoking. kitchen, laundry room, front covered patio, large yard, 541-308-6773. $875/Mo +utilities, first/last +deposit. 206-824-5231

355 Duplexes, Four-Plexes/OR

THE DALLES, 2 Bdrm duplex, Basement storage area, W/S/G paid, $575/ Mo.+ $300 Dep. $35 Credit/Background check, 541397-0088

GOLDENDALE: Villa cottages, 1&2 bdrm. avail. W/ D hookups, Sec 8 friendly. Pick up applications for rental at 317 S. Golden or call Dale, 503-473-4956 for details.

GOLDENDALE: Cute, THE DALLES, 2 Bdrm, clean 2 bdrm., 1 ba. house, $550/Mo. W/S/G paid, 541- 231 W. Darland. Stove/ref., 296-6047 W/D, inside util. rm., fenced yard, storage bldg. $695/ 365 House mo. Linda, 509-250-0260. Coldwell Banker United Rentals/OR Brokers. HOOD RIVER 3 bdrm, 2 ba., carport, fenced back yard. W/D hook-up, close to schools. Small pets ok. $950/mo 1st/last/dep. Available May 1. Pick up application at Celia's Cut & Curl in Odell or call 541354-2221.

GOLDENDALE: 417 W. Sentinel, 3 bdrm., 2 full ba., W/D hookup, elec. heat/ central air, new carpet. $750/mo., $200 dep. 509773-3816. 503-201-7833, 509-7734840.

HOOD RIVER, 2 bdrm/1ba remodeled house with marble full bath, tile and granite countertops, walk to town, hot tub on deck with river view, bright, garage, W/D. Available end of May/June 1st. 1st/last/sec. 1 year lease. $1000/mo. 303-8853332

GOLDENDALE: 417 W. Brooks - 2 bd., 1 ba. mobile home, on its own lot. Storage shed, lg. fenced yard. Sec 8 OK! 1/2 off First Month! Call Dale, 503-4734956.

John L. Scott Prpty Mgmt 541-298-4736 2 Bd Twnhouse TD $1150 4 Bd House TD $1,000 3 Bd House Wamic $825 PINE Hollow Lake, Wamic, OR: 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba, Garage, Appliances incl., Close to golf, boat ramp & lake. Southside, $700/Mo. 541489-3389 or 503-320-8569

Senior Housing

John L. Scott Prpty Mgmt 541-298-4736 2 Bd Apt Bingen $795 3 Bd House Carson $1250 5 Bd House Stvnson $1200

437 Real Estate/WA 509-493-1333 Mt. Hood Pic

WHITE SALMON 1 Acre View Lot Excellent private neighborhood, 2 miles from town, water meter in, utilities available, paved road.


PUBLISHER'S NOTICE All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the Fair Housing Act which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation or discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status or national origin, or an intention, to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination." Familial status includes children under the age of 18 living with parents or legal custodians, pregnant women and people securing custody of children under 18. This newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are hereby informed that all dwellings advertised in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. To complain of discrimination call HUD toll-free at 1800-669-9777. The toll-free telephone number for the hearing impaired is 1-800927-9275.

425 Commercial Investment Prop.

ZONED B & B/multi-family. Remodeled 5 bdrm, 3 ba, office, living rm, dining rm, Comm Prop Bingen $750 family rm, utility rm, oak floors, 2 patios, hot tub, Ofc space Bingen $800 fenced yard. Close to WISHRAM: 2 bedroom, 1 schools, parks & downbath $300/mo. 3 bedroom, town. $279,000. 121 W 10th St. 541-300-0853. 2 bath $700/mo. 509-773-4500.


GOLDENDALE: 20 acres 800-345-1363 w/old barn, well. Oak Flat Rd. area. $94,900. BY APPT. ONLY. Hank's Auto Sales 360-903-1767. Buy-Sell-Consign RV's/Utility Vehicles 440 Real Estate 541-296-5854 or Wanted 541-993-0109 HOUSE WANTED: Investor looking for 4 bedroom, 2 Bath in need of rehab in The Dalles. Will pay cash, less than $100k. 440-7083724

Lakes Mobile Home Park. Financing available. 541980-4995

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460 RVs & Travel Trailers 1983 ROAD RANGER trailer, Great for hunting, Decent shape, $1000 OBO. 541-467-2737 1985 CHEVY Van, G20 Heavy 1/2 Ton, 70K, One owner, 4 Seats, Raised top. Runs well. Checked by mechanic, New muffler, New battery, Newer heavy tires. Benches, table & bed in rear. Large storage area. $2500 OBO. 541-296-1881 1986 FORD Coachman RV. Good condition, no leaks, $1500 obo. 541-3862188





P E LV I C / T R A N S VA G I N A L Mesh? Did you undergo transvaginal placement of mesh for pelvic organ prolapse or stress urinary incontinence between 2005 and present time? If the patch required removal due to complications, you may be entitled to compensation. Call Johnson Law and speak with female staff members. 1-800535-5727

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MITSUBISHI Montero SR, '94. 4x4, great vehicle for all your outdoor activities & fantastic in snow. Includes CD/Stereo, BFG AT tires & Yakima roof rack. Original owner, 270K, well maintained & reliable. $3350. Located in Hood River. Call Sport Utility Cargo Trailer 503-720-6570. by Letsgoaero. Great for camping and/or carrying 530 Pickups gear. Dry weight is less & Trucks than 500 lbs. Easy to pull. Includes spare tire. Excellent condition. $2500. 541- 2003 TOYOTA Tacoma 4x4, Red, Ex. cab, Canopy, 296-3107. SR5, V6, 5 Spd., AC, CD, CC, EL, EW, 68K, $11,500, CURTIS TRAILERS Wholesale price. Motivated Since 1948 seller. New tires. 541-9802721 WE BUY

KEYSTONE SPRINTER 2004, 28' 5th wheel camping trailer in great condition. Two slide-outs. Low miles. New batteries. Too many features to list here, call for more information: (509) WANTED: Single wide or 250-1213. $16,000. double wide, already set on MONACO Cavalier, '85. a lot in Goldendale. No mo31', under 40,000 miles, bile home parks. Looking starts and runs great, for owner contract. Email $4500, 509-365-0013. or call PALOMINO Thoroughbred 509-349-9828. '08. 30', lightweight, 4,586 12' tipout, big bath, 445 Manufactured lbs., lots of storage, great shape, Paid $16,400 last Homes/OR May. Must sell, $11,800. REAL ESTATE DUFUR house for sale. Or 541-490-2771. possible lease option. 3 Acreage & Lots ............420 bdrm, 2 Ba, Manufactured 475 RV Parts Commercial/Investment home, Nice location. Heat Property 425 pump, Large decks, Pellet & Supplies Orchards, Farms, Ranches stove, Owner contract pos430 sible. 541-298-8873 or B&W Fifth-wheel hitch, Real Estate/OR............435 541-980-0511. Model 3000. New condition. $600. 503-858-3806, Real Estate/WA ...........437 Real Estate Wanted.....440 IT'S A STEAL! $59,500, 503-801-1982. Manufactured Homes/OR Lovely 3 Bdrm, 2 Ba, Fam445 ily room in safe/quiet Mosi490 Motorcycles, Manufactured Homes/WA er park. Deck, carport, finATCs & ATVs 447 ished shop, 4 car parking, Condos/OR ..................450 Nice yard, some furniture. 1981 Yamaha Motorcycle, Condos/WA..................452 3 Blocks to Windsurfing! 541-478-3604 650 Max, King seat, One THE DALLES, Beautiful 3 sissy bar, Saddle bags, 420 Acreage bdrm, 2 Ba located in Foley $500. 541-993-9916

& Lots

DRIVERS -- New Freight lanes in your area. Annual Salary $45K to $60K. Flexible hometime. Modern Fleet of Trucks. CDL-A, 3 months current OTR experience. 800-414-9569 DRIVER -- New to Trucking? Your new career starts now! * 0$ Tuition cost * No Credit Check * Great Pay & Benefits. Short

525 Sport Utility Vehicles

FORD F250, '97. 4WD, tow package, custom cab, low mileage, asking $7500 NORTHWEST'S OBO. 541-490-4731. LARGEST SELECTION Choose from: Big Sky, Bighorn, Cougar, Fuzion, 538 Antique & Komfort, Lance, Montana, Classic Autos GOLDENDALE: 3 bd., 2 Mountaineer, North Trail, ba., garage, RV parking, Outback, Residence, Refenced yard, covered deck, sort, Sandstorm, Denali, new carpet, paint, win- MPG, Onyx, Passport, SilCreek, Rubicon, dows. Close to hospital, ver schools, grocery. 310 Springdale, Stealth, Super insert alpaca artwork Sanders Way. $172,000. Sport, Trail Cruiser, Trail left facing Call for appt. 509-261- Sport and Trailblazer. 2730. Call Annette

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2003 100th Year Anniversary

HARLEY DAVIDSON Road King Very low mileage, never left outside, $12,000.


510 Auto Parts & Supplies



is THE place to shop for ALPACA! Did you know? Alpacas are: "GREEN" Eat 3# a day Tread lightly on padded feet Quietly HUM Farm Friendly and Family Friendly LIVESTOCK

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ALPACAANNEX OPEN Wednesday - Sunday 10 to 4 --ALSO-By Appointment Just Call or Email 80 Mout Adams Road Trout Lake, WA


TIRES, for 4x4 truck, 245/ 75R-16. 80% tread, great shape, $150. Swedish 540 Automobiles studded tires for Honda Civic, 185/70R-14, bought 1993 Lincoln, Mark 8, in Nov. 2011, $150. 125k Mi., Loaded, 4 mounted snow tires, 525 Sport Utility w/ $2,500. 541-298-8903


2006 DODGE DURANGO Limited, 4WD/AWD, 5.7L V8 Hemi, automatic transmission, 98K, cruise control, tilt wheel, power windows, power locks, power mirrors, power heated front seats, seats 8, 2nd and 3rd row fold down seats, overhead DVD video system, upgraded stereo, sunroof, tow package, running boards, luggage rack, metallic red with gray leather interior. This vehicle is loaded. It's a dream to drive. Luxury car ride, yet winter driving is no obstacle for this rig. $16,500. 360-600-7635.

2006 PT Cruiser, silver, sunroof, 4 door, 58K miles, $7950. OBO. 541-298-5394 ABANDONED Vehicle Sale. Bishop Towing Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 8-11 a.m. 815 S. Columbus, Goldendale, WA 98620 '75 Datsun pickup, OR Lic. FLB916 ABANDONED Vehicle Sale. Bishop Towing Tuesday, Apr. 10, 2012, 8-10 a.m. 91495 Biggs-Rufus Hwy., Biggs Junction, OR Dorsey Semi Trailer.

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APRIL 4, 2012 — 15


CLASSIFIEDS 540 Automobiles

540 Automobiles

1954 GMC 1.5 ton, 5 window cab, hydromatic 4 speed, 2 speed Brownie, single speed rear axel. Steel frame FB with good deck. Needs some glass. Original engine. Great project truck. $2500 OBO, 541-399-3561

Toyota Solara 99, SE V6 5speed manual, Sports Pkg, Good tires & Snows on Rims, 27MPG, One owner, 230k miles $3450 Call (509)493-4801


Classic Cars Wanted! Wanted: Your classic or muscle car or truck, please no junk or restorations! We are a licensed, bonded brokerage in the greater Portland, Oregon area with 30+ years experience, who purchases, consigns and sells primarily classic & muscle cars & trucks all over the world. Our satisfied customer base is our best advertisement. We also handle estate sale vehicles. Please call us at 503-8554345, 24 hours; 888-5976719 10am-5pm Tues Sat., or email or visit us on the web at and see videos of our inventory on YouTube at http:// w w w. y o u t u b e . c o m / r e sults?search_query=fabul ous50scars&aq=f


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Herman's Cleaning LLC 509-281-0241



1997, automatic, pearl green, 4 door, FWD, 112K, runs and drives well, $3800 OBO.

Landscape Maintenance

509-364-9466 HONDA Civic LX, 2008. AT, 4 door sedan, excellent condition, silver with gray interior, cruise control, electric doors & windows, CD player/stereo with MP3/ Ipod connection. 50K miles. $10,500. 541-8062784 SUBARU Loyale, '93. Will run with a little work or can part out, $1000. 541-4907952.

BUFFALO LAWN CARE Turf and Lawn Care Mowing, edging, trimming, pruning, bark dust, thatching aerating, clean up, and much more. FREE ESTIMATES 541-490-4656


Across 1. One who pretends to be something he is not 6. Cruise or Hanks, e.g. 9. A tropical South American monkey 13. Far beyond norm 14. Bleat 15. Floor covering 16. Slanted or listed 17. Bow shape 18. Tripod 19. *Pinching crustacean 21. *Underwater flower 23. Make lacework 24. Go cold turkey 25. International Monetary Fund 28. Holier than who? 30. A hand tool for drawing angles, pl. 35. “Yes, ____!” 37. “Layla” singer-songwriter 39. Roman king’s abode 40. A fit of shivering 41. On fishing pole, pl. 43. “Coal Miner’s Daughter” 44. Whatchamacallit 46. Relating to the ear 47. Caricatured 48. *Octopuses 50. On top of 52. Put to the test 53. Duds or threads 55. Wound fluid 57. Ancient wind instrument 61. *Daryl Hannah in “Splash”

Landscape Maintenance

Painting & Papering


Dennis' Lawn Maintenance Lawn mowing, Hedge Trimming, Pruning, Rototilling, Hauling, Bark Dust, Brick Walls, River Rock & snow removal. Call today! 541-993-0090 541-296-1850 Bonded & Insured (Hudson Insurance)

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YARD CARE Rototilling, thatching, mowing, pruning, fertilizing, trimming & edging, spraying, bark chips, debris hauling, compost and clean-up.


Painting & Papering CHRIS BURZIO PAINTING Interior/Exterior Over 30 years Experience Licensed & Bonded Call for Free Estimate 541-380-3800

LOG CEDAR HOME REFINISHING Complete interior/exterior painting and STAINING service. Most homes look better than new when completed!

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Lazy-Y-Salvage Hulk Hauling Will pick up Junk cars, Pickups with titles or Sheriff papers. Scrap metal of all kinds. Appliances - Alum. Copper - Brass. 541980-2235.

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Come See Us! “Buy land, they ain’t making any more of it” - Will Rogers 207 E. MAIN ST: PRICE REDUCED, WHEEL CHAIR ACCESSIBLE. 3bd, 2 bth, vaulted ceilings, 2x6 walls, 1528 sq ft., central air, Alaska Pak insulation, low heating costs. Attached single car garage w/opener. Landscaped yard w/automatic sprinklers. 75' X 100' lot. NOW $135,000 MCLS # 26412 344 OLD MOUNTAIN RD: 2003 60' x 28', 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1620 sq. ft. Skyline Manufactured Home on 19.98 acres, 13.5 miles NE of Goldenedale on a paved road. Numerous outbuidings, plenty of trees, 3 decks on the house. $175,000 MCLS # 26461 16 PRINCEHOUSE LN: Less than 3 miles from Goldendale, 4 bd, 2 bth, 1400 sq ft on 5 acres. Landscaped lawn and yard. 4 + acres fenced. 12'x16' storage building, 12' x 30' loafing shed/pole building. Great well. Sold “As Is”. REDUCED $95,000 MCLS #26430 419 DOUGLAS FIR: 3 bd/2 ba. post & beam home on 5 wooded acres. 4 heat sources (pas. solar, wood, elec. and propane) & heat pump. Updated kitchen, front yard has sprinkler system. Motivated sellers. REDUCED $199,950 539 OLSON RD: 20 acres, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 1690 sq ft Manufactured Home. Just 1.5 miles NW of Centerville. New Roof last year. Excellent well. $125,000 OWC-TAS MCLS # 20261 NEW RESIDENTIAL LISTINGS •230 E Broadway, 3 bed, 2ba, 1,900 Sq Ft ~ $250,000.00 •129 E Darland ~ $45,000.00 •125 W Brooks ~ $58,000.00 •127 W Brooks ~ $70,000.00 •224 W Court St. ~ $75,000.00 •417 W Sentinel ~ $125,000.00 •623 NE High St. ~ $140,000.00 •603 & 605 E Court St. ~ $150,000.00 •218 S Chatfield ~ $75,000.00 COMMERICAL LISTINGS •123 NW High St. (16 unit apt complex) ~ $640,000.00 •400 E Broadway (7 unit apt bldg) ~ $280,000.00

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1014 Roe Dr.

Executive home with magnificent views of the mountains and the valley. Custom home, 5 bd/5.5 baths, 5600 sq ft , with imported marble entryway, pond and music room. Anderson windows, Tamarack shake roof, complete exercise room with 8-person hot tub and adjoining sauna with exercise equipment: beautiful hardwood floors, lots of natural wood including cathedral ceiling in the family room , the main floor fireplace has a gas insert: all this and a 1295 sq. ft. mother-in-law's apartment! Low maintenance, drought resistant plantings in the attractive yard. MCLS 26125 $450,000

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16 — APRIL 4, 2012



Kaseberg sets record in barrels, Palme shows consistency for Goldendale riders Katharina Palme was among the top riders last weekend and Jessica Kaseberg set a new record in the bar rels as Goldendale’s equestrian team competed in their second district meet of the year at Moses Lake. Palme, an exchange student from Ger many, won the working rancher event and teamed with Heather Ault for first place in working pairs. Palme also placed second in reining and trail events, was sixth in dressage and 11th in individual flags. Kaseberg set a new District record of 14.95 in barrel racing and was third in jumping and fifth in dressage. Kaseberg set the breakaway roping record last year, but rain canceled the event at this meet.

Others who had top five individual performances were Amelia Tyndall, third in figure eight, Makiah Steen, fifth in stock seat, and Ault who was fifth in showmanship. Tyndall was in the top 10 in all five of her individual events, going seventh in keyhole, eighth in poles and working rancher and 10th in showmanship. Steen was sixth in working rancher, ninth in trail and 11th in barrels. Ault was seventh in dressage, ninth in reining and 11th in trail. Heather McElravy scored ninth place finishes in keyhole and individual flags and was 10th in poles. The four-member team events produced a fourth place finish for in-hand obstacle relay and fifth place


EQUESTRIANS: Goldendale’s High School equestrian team are from left, Heather Ault, Jessica Kaseberg, Katharina Palme, Amelia Tyndall, Heather McElravy and Makiah Steen. for Canadian flags for Palme, Kaseberg, Tyndall and McElravy. Kaseberg and Tyndall were second in sorting, fourth in working pairs and

10th in birangle. Palme and Ault were fourth in sorting and the team of McElravy and Steen were eighth in working pairs.

Early registration for American Legion shooting competition


EASY OUT: Haley Hoffman (7) was quick off the rubber to field a bunt and throw out a Mabton runner. First baseman, Taylor Swift took the throw.

Wolves out-slug Vikings for fifth win ANDREW CHRISTIANSEN REPORTER

Goldendale and Mabton managed to squeeze in a softball game in Goldendale last week, thanks to the use of tarps on the infield. In spite of the cold and rainy weather, it was a good hitting day at the ball field with the wind blowing out, a rarity for Mike Hood field. The Lady Wolves didn’t need the wind, however, as they hit the ball hard into the gaps and over the heads of Viking outfielders for a 14-1 win. Haley Hoffman gave up just one run off a single hit as she struck out 10 batters for the win. Hoffman also shined at the plate with a 3-3 day, including a round-tripper on a triple and error. Hoffman drove in three runs and scored three times. Also hitting the ball well was Johna Kartes who tripled twice and walked, scoring three runs. Triples were popular with Crysta Counts driving in one of her four RBI with a triple in the third inning and Brooke Graff knocking two in with a fourth inning triple. Karissa Ihrig doubled to make it six extra-base hits for

the Wolves. Taylor Swift also drove in three runs. Goldendale plays a double-header in Cle Elum on Saturday, starting at 11 a.m.

Mabton 100 00 1-1-4 Goldendale 025 7x 14-10-3 Mabton – Sustaita and Chavez. Goldendale – Hoffman and Kartes. 2B – Karissa Ihrig (Go). 3B – Johna Kartes 2 (Go), Crysta Counts (Go), Haley Hoffman (Go), Brooke Graff (Go).

Acting on a positive response from the public, the American Legion Post 116 shooting competition is on the calendar. The rifle shoot will be May 26 and the black powder and archery competition will be May 27. There will be an early registration meeting on April 13 at the American Le gion hall on west Broadway in Goldendale. All interested shooters are asked to attend. Entry for ms will be available. Early re gistration rates will run from April 13 through April 30. Contact Rick Waddell for more information at 2500984.

Brown and Powers jump for Bickleton points ANDREW CHRISTIANSEN REPORTER

While there were few personal records set by Bickleton competitors, the Pirates stayed sharp ahead of a long spring break layoff, participating in a track and field meet at Cashmere last Friday. Lindsay Brown and Mitchell Powers had the best finishes for Bickleton, both placing second in the high jump. Powers matched the winning jump at 5-6, but was second based on misses. Brown, a freshman, matched her high school best at 4-8, two inches ahead of teammate and third place finisher Jamie Venema.

Brown was in the top five in all four of her events. She was third in the 300 hurdles in 56.22, fifth in the 100 hurdles in 18.82, and fourth in the triple jump at 29-10. Venema was third in pole vault at 8-feet and sixth in the 200 meters in 29.4. Other girls competing for Bickleton were Sydnie O’Banion, and Yee Zhu. The girls’ team placed sixth out of nine teams in the meet. The boys also placed sixth as a team. Nic Venema posted the best pair of finishes with thirds in the 110 hurdles (17.51) and pole vault (11-feet). Other top five finishes for the boys came from Taylor Brown who was third in the 300 hurdles

(46.79), fifth in the 110 hurdles (19.58) and sixth in high jump at 5-2; Clint Strader, fifth in pole vault at 7-6; and fifth place for both relay teams, Brown, Powers, Venema and Konrad Grabner in the 4x100 (55.03) and Grabner, Michael Underwood, Joey Cardenas and Strader in the 4x400 (4:32.6). The Pirates are back in action this Saturday at the Condon invitational. Klickitat and Lyle-Wishram are also entered in the Condon meet, which starts at 10 a.m.

Cascade Senior Care has a place for you!

Klickitat PUD Holds Annual Customer Meetings

During the next couple of months, Klickitat PUD staff and PUD Commissioners will be visiting several community and city councils and other Community action groups throughout Klickitat County.

SCHEDULE: April 7 – Ponderosa Park Owners Assoc., 9 a.m. at Klickitat PUD Meeting Room, Goldendale April 10 – Roosevelt Community Council, 7 p.m. at the Roosevelt School April 24 – Klickitat Community Council, 6:30 p.m. at the Klickitat High School library

Owners Ron & Becky Kaufman invite you to come see the Cascade Senior Care difference.

White Salmon 110 NE Estes 509-493-2255 1-800-548-8358

For Such a Time as This

New Life’s 5th Annual Women’s Mini-Retreat

WHERE: New Life Assembly of God 1602 S. Columbus Ave., Goldendale (509) 773-4650 WHEN: May 4th (No registration needed) 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. - Open house of Prayer & Worship May 5th (Registration required) 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. - Speakers, workshops, worship & lunch COST: $25 Open to women ages 14 yrs. and up. Childcare available if registered by April 29th. Registrations are available at: • New Life Assembly of God Adonai’s Christian Bookstore

Welcome Spring * Easter Cards * Easter Bunnies * Spring Plush * Easter Decor * Baskets * Candy

Where family matters.

541-993-2910 Goldendale 1313 S. Columbus 509-773-5891 1-800-548-8357


DECKED OUT: Katharina Palme, left and Heather Ault chose circus horses as their theme in the working pair competition, which features decorated performances accompanied by music.

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KC Pharmacy 104 W. Main 773.4344

April 4, 2012 Issue of The Goldendale Sentinel  

The Goldendale Sentinel's April 4, 2012 issue.

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