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CHASING MONSTERS is exactly what it says, the extremely dangerous world of a tight band of brothers and a few sisters known as BIG WAVE SURFERS who travel the globe in pursuit of the ULTIMATE BIG WAVE. Their lives are geared around the global forecast, fitting their behaviors and families around their passion: the pursuit of danger and ecstasy. These are BIG WAVE SURFERS.

The show chronicles the lives of these adventureseekers. BIG WAVE SURFERS have a 24-hour window from the time they track the wave to when they arrive at it, whether the wave is a two-hour drive or a ten-hour flight. The GLADIATORS of these waves must arrange and adjust their relationships in order to experience a once-in-a-lifetime wave.

The cast of CHASING MONSTERS will include the top big wave surfing champions in the world, including KEN “SKINDOG” COLLINS, MAYA GABIERA, GREG LONG, SHAWN DOLLAR, and more.

An hour long weekly show, CHASING MONSTERS, will be unscripted. Crews will follow these dynamic men and women around the world, documenting the intense surf and the strained relationships surrounding it.

We are proud to be able to offer EXCITING SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES to be a showcased partner in the FIRST ORIGINAL SERIES EVENT BROADCAST ON FACEBOOK. Featuring the exploding sport of BIG WAVE SURFING, the 13 episode series will follow some of the world’s most DYNAMIC and DARING surfers as they track the next BIGGEST WAVE and risk it all in

big wave surfing: maverick moments

Maverick Moments: a compelling web series dedicated to the big wave surfing community and the massive waves they surf. tops 500K views online. has been embedded in over 200 sites worldwide. hand-selected for prestigious international film festivals.

Maverick Moments: Danger

Maverick Moments: Swell

Maverick Moments retail line.

exposure for Maverick Moments

2012 / 2013 Mavericks Invitational Festival

& 2012 / 2013 Big Wave World Tour

featuring a live webcast of the competition

opportunity for pop-up stores at festival locations & competitions. streamed online by with over 1 million guaranteed viewers.

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