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Sunday, February 20, 2011


If we never learn to let go and press forward... we’ll miss the beautiful new beginnings that lead us down a better path. -Anonymous

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Town Council Passes Five Resolutions, Two Ordinances

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Herder Sports Updates - Pg 5 Glenrock’s Special Olympiads Ready For Basketball!

A-Square’s Alphin Charged with Obtaining Grant by False Pretenses

CONVERSE & BEYOND - Pages 5 - 8 Yes to Wolves? Well, Not So Many Senator’s Want D.C. “Wyoming Way”

GLENROCK—The Glenrock Town Council approved five resolutions and passed two ordinances on first reading at its meeting last Monday, Feb. 14.

Gateway Transmission a Long Process

The Council also approved the appointments by Mayor Mike McQueary of four town officials—Clerk/Treasurer Donna Geho, Police Chief Tom Sweet, Judge Michael H. Roy, and the Peasley Law Office of Frank and Scott Peasley—who were then sworn in by McQueary.

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The Council went into executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss a settlement of the Bud Grose lawsuit against the town. They emerged with an approved settlement of the suit, the terms of which were undisclosed.

Resolution 2011-06 approved by the Council is an agreement with the Wyoming Department of Transportation paying the Town $46,000 for the year for the cleaning, sweeping and washing of, and snow removal from, the streets that are portions of the state highways running through town.

Resolution 2011-07 approves the contract documents with nCourt for the processing of credit card payments to the Town.

The Paleon Building $500,000 Community Development Block Grant application was approved for submission to the Wyoming Business Council by the Council’s passage of Resolution 2011-08.

Acceptance of the final completion of WYDOT Enhancement Project-Phase III was approved in Resolution 2011-09. And the passage of Resolution 2011-10 awards the contract for construction of the Town’s new salt storage building to LT Construction of Glenrock for $43,500. Additionally, the Council passed the first reading of Ordinance No. 646, an amendment to Town Code regarding the appointment procedures for officers of the Town, extending the time frame during which a new mayor may consider such appointments from January to the first council meeting after the beginning of the Town’s fiscal year of July 1. see photo at right

Wyoming Game and Fish Business Directory

all this... and so much more in your Sunday morning newspaper The Glenrock Bird

39 POUND SEIZURE OF MARIJUANA Left to right: Art Alphin of A-Square talks with his attorney just prior to his appearance in court on Tuesday, February 15th. Photo © Amanda Smith Arthur B. Alphin, president and founder of Glenrock, Wyo.-based A-Square Rifle Company, appeared in Circuit Court of the 8th Judicial District Converse County in Douglas, Wyo., Tuesday morning on a felony charge of obtaining state grant funds under false pretenses. Alphin is accused of submitting an application in November 2007 for training grant funds from the State of Wyoming Department of Workforce Services for an employee who stopped working for his company in September 2007 and who never returned to employment at A-Square of Wyoming, LLC. The training was to have taken place between Dec. 17, 2007, and April 25, 2008. Court documents state that Alphin had received $1,500 of the

$2,000 grant money awarded. A-Square Rifle Manufacturing, known worldwide for their big game hunting rifles and ammunition, is not immune to controversy in the rifle and ammunition industry, including claims that rifles were paid for and not delivered, as well as an ATF raid on the manufacturing facility in Bedford, Ky., along with his home in Indiana simultaneously on Dec. 19, 1996, prior to the company relocating its facility to Glenrock, Wyo. According to Alphin during previous conversations with The Glenrock Bird, no evidence was found at his facility during the raid, and that he was proven innocent in court. Alphin was served a summons on the felony charge on Jan. 7,

Inconsistencies in Quinlan’s information about his travel plans and the rental vehicle documentation made the Trooper suspicious. The Trooper requested assistance for a drug detection K-9

Quinlan, who resides in Jaffrey, New Hampshire, has been charged with felony possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver. It is believed

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The K-9 alerted once it was deployed around the outside of the vehicle. Based upon the K-9’s alert, subsequent investigation led Troopers to search the trunk where they found approximately 39 pounds of marijuana in two large green duffle bags. The marijuana was shrink wrapped in individual bundles.

he was transporting the marijuana from Lake Tahoe, California to an undisclosed location in Denver, Colorado and/or Jaffrey New Hampshire. Troopers and Special Agents from the Wyoming Division of Criminal Investigation continue to investigate this case.

The 39 pounds of high grade marijuana seized has an approximate street value of $234,000.00.

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It is unknown if the smugglers had intended for the masking agents to make the marijuana odor undetectable to humans or to drug sniffing K-9’s. Their efforts did not thwart the K-9 however.

The drug smugglers had at-

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26 year-old Samuel Quinlan was stopped for a speeding violation approximately 13 miles east of Rock Springs on eastbound Interstate 80 just before 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

According to a source affiliated with A-Square (who wished to remain anonymous) Wyoming Workforce training funds

Mayor Mike McQueary swears in town officials: (l to r) Clerk/Treasurer Donna Geho, Police Chief Tom Sweet, Judge Michael H. Roy and Town Attorney Scott Peasley. See story at left.

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Alphin appeared in court with his attorney, Ian Sandefer, an associate of Krampner, Fuller & Associates of Casper, Wyo., where he waived his right to have the felony charges read and to have his rights read. Conviction on the charge carries a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment and a fine of $10,000. No bond was set and Alphin was released on his own recognizance.

tempted to conceal the odor of the shipment by placing drier sheets and an unknown white powdery substance in with the shrink wrapping. There were also odor absorbers placed in the trunk with the duffle bags.

Officer from the Rock Springs Police Department to respond to the location of the traffic stop.

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2011, and ordered to appear before Judge I. Vincent Case, Jr., at 10:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 15, 2011.

Rock Springs – For the second time in three days after stopping a vehicle for a speeding violation Wyoming Troopers have made a sizeable seizure of marijuana as it was being transported across our State.

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Announcements NOTICE FROM THE GLENROCK FIRE DEPARTMENT The Glenrock Volunteer Fire Department is soliciting bids for monthly cleanding ot the Glenrock Fire Station. For information or to inspect the building prior to bid please contact: Hershel Wickett

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Wednesday night GRUB night at Glenrock First Southern is BACK IN ACTION!

6:30 p.m., dinner, followed by Royal Ambassadors, (boys 3rd grade thru 6th grade) Youth Group, and Prayer Meeting. Any questions, please call Kaye Lynn Van Antwerp 251-6688.

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Win A Maui Dream Vacation From The American Legion!

Kindergarten Registration!

The American Legion, Department of Wyoming during the Annual Convention in Laramie. Kindergarten Registration will be held March 30, 2010

at 6:00-7:00 p.m. at Grant. All 4 and 5 year-olds, whose A 7-night vacation stay on beautiful Maui, Hawaii birthday falls on or before September 15th are invited to attend. Registration consists of (1) an informational Luxurious two-bedroom condominium and $1500 travParent Orientation, (2) Completing and/or turning in reel included. Drawing will be held June 17, 2011 at the Commander's Banquet during The American Legion, Department of Wyoming's Annual Convention. Proceeds go towards programs and functions of the Department of Wyoming. For details and tickets see Marvin Wohletz at American Legion Post #9, call him at 462-4908 or send inquiries to: Dept. of Wyoming - Maui Vacation 1320 Hugar Avenue Cheyenne, WY 82001 (Need not be present to win.)

Alphin Cont. From Front Page New Glenrock “Totes of Hope” Program Launched

were requested and received by Alphin (the majority owner of A-Square at the time) for the training of employees he hired in 2007 at the Glenrock A-Square facility. At the time of the request there were approximately three to four employees. It is unknown at this time if there are any discrepancies in the paperwork filed for those grants.

Since ownership change in 2010 when Mike Blank of Sharp Rifle Manufacturing of St. Louis, Mo., took over as chief executive officer of ASquare in 2010, no further requests for funding have been made by the corporation. A preliminary hearing date is to be scheduled within the next 20 days, where it will be determined whether there is enough evidence to send the case to District Court. Alphin graduated from West Point Military Academy in 1970 with a degree in weapons systems engineering. He retired from the Army with the rank of Lt. Col. after a 26-year military career. He subsequently began operating A-Square Company providing firearms and ammunition to the big-game hunting market. He moved his factory to Glenrock, Wy from Bedford, Ky., after being recruited by Mark Willis of the Wyoming Business Council. More than a dozen Wyoming communities expressed interest in the factory and Alphin chose Glenrock from a short list of finalists. A $1.5 million Business Committed grant was approved by the WBC to bring the company to Glenrock. Construction of the company’s more than 8,500-sq.-ft. plant here began in 2009. Last December, Alphin called a news conference to announce the completion and sale of the very first rifle made by ASquare of Wyoming, LLC, from components wholly manufactured at the new Glenrock

Sharps Rifle Company of St. Louis, Mo., purchased a majority interest in ammunition maker A-Square of South Dakota (80 percent) and rifle maker A-Square of Wyoming (67 percent) a year ago, according to Mike Blank, CEO of Sharps. He says that the A-Square Companies are a significant contributor to the revenues of his company. Blank says that the WBC grant was one of the appealing aspects to his company in its decision to purchase a majority interest in A-Square last year and says the company is on track to meet the jobs creation requirements for that grant. “We like Glenrock and it was one of the driving forces behind our decision to make the acquisition,” Blank says. “We really like the package there and we thought it would be a great place to build operations in the future and expand.” Joan Evans, director of the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services says that the agency awards between $4 million and $6 million in training grants each biennium. She would not discuss any specifics in Alphin’s case because of pending court proceedings, but says, “We do a significant amount of internal auditing on our grant applicants and when there is a discrepancy, we have a mechanism through our Attorney General’s Office to go after remediation of that. There is a process for that if it has been identified. We do have a mechanism to track fraud on these grants.” Just prior to the hearing, The Glenrock Bird asked Alphin about the charges against him. Alphin replied, “This is not the first time that I’ve been falsely accused. I prevailed before and I’ll prevail again.”

GLENROCK—A new program providing Glenrock’s underprivileged children with backpacks full of nutritious food to ensure they eat healthy on weekends has just been launched with the help of Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies. Totes of Hope, which began Feb. 18, is designed to help kids whose healthiest meals may come only through the school lunch program. It is sponsored by WFBR in partnership with the Glenrock

Boys & Girls Club, the Glenrock Community Recreation Center and a variety of other local social services organizations, through a grant from the Ellbogen Foundation.

Families needing help through the program may contact school counselors or Tracie Bopp at 258-3276. Food donations for the program may be made to WFBR in Mills by specifying the donation is for the Glenrock Totes of Hope program.

Glenrock Tasing Incident Suit Settled by Town Council GLENROCK—The Glenrock Town Council went into executive session toward the end of its meeting Monday, Feb. 14, to discuss a settlement of the lawsuit brought against Glenrock by 77-yearold Bud Grose for the widelypublicized tasering incident at the 2009 Deer Creek Days Parade. When they emerged from executive session, it was announced that a settlement agreement put forth by the Town’s insurance carrier,

Local Government Liability Pool, had been approved by the Council.

Grose filed suit last July in Eighth Judicial District Court Converse County through his attorneys Chapman Valdez Attorneys at Law of Casper for $250,000 claiming personal injuries from the incident.

Terms of the settlement are confidential and were not disclosed.

Salt Storage Building to Cost $43,500 GLENROCK—The Town Council has approved construction of a salt storage building for a contract cost of $43,500 by local contractor Clint Lythgoe’s company LT Construction. Resolution 2011-10 was unanimously approved by the council last Monday night.

x 50’ x 16’. It will have one walk-in door and three 12’ x 14’ loading doors. It will contain vinyl-coated insulation throughout.

The structure will be an insulated pole barn constructed of 24-gauge steel and four-ply poles with the dimensions 60’

The design/build construction bids were received from four qualifying contractors.

GLENROCK—The Town of Glenrock is applying for a Community Development Block Grant on behalf of the Paleon Foundation to refurbish the exterior of the Paleon Building at 506 W. Birch St. The Town Council approved the action in Resolution 2011-08 at its meeting last Monday night.


The building is showing its age and is need of a facelift to prevent further decay, “securing the envelope” in construction parlance.

The resolution calls for the Town of Glenrock to place a lien on the building for the amount of the grant application and enter into a subagreement specifying the responsibilities of the Town and the Paleon Foundation.

In addition to road salt storage, it will be used to house the Town’s sanitation truck.

Credit/Debit Card Payments to Town Soon to be an Option Grant Application for Paleon Building Underway

GLENROCK—Municipal court fines, utility bills and other payments to the Town of Glenrock will soon be payable online through the Town’s Web site by credit card and debit card under an agreement the Town has entered into with processing firm nCourt. The Town Council approved the agreement last Monday night in Resolution 2011-07. Glenrock Clerk/Treasurer Donna Geho says she has wanted to provide that convenience for the last several years, but obstacles such as processing fees to the Town have prevented it. Under the agreement with nCourt, there is no cost to the Town for the program, but the payee will pay an additional seven percent of the transaction value for the convenience.



“The Town cannot, by law, pay processing fees,” Geho says. “That is the biggest reason we haven’t done this sooner.”

Sunday February 20, 2011

She says all other options of payment remain viable.

“They can still use all of the other means of payment: pay in cash, mail a check, do an online payment through their bank,” Geho says. “We have people, especially for court fines, who call and want to be able to pay by credit card.” When the program becomes operational within the next 30-60 days, the Town Web site will contain complete instructions on how to execute a transaction and the fees associated with it.

The grant application will be sent this week to the Wyoming Business Council for

The Paleon Foundation is in the process of purchasing the building. The grant application is for $500,000 for the purpose of paying off the mortgage of $194,843, restoration in the amount of $300,000 and $5,157 in miscellaneous expenses.

Town Council Cont. From Front Page


And the first reading of Ordinance No. 647 was passed, amending appointment procedures for Mayor pro-tempore, who shall preside over meetings of the Council in the Mayor’s absence.

Mayor Mike McQueary nominated Councilwoman Linda Care, the longest serving Town Council member, to serve as Mayor pro-tempore during his term.

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Pyatt’s Pieces


Hearts and Music Abound At Glenrock Senior Center Annual Valentines Dinner and Dance

While we marvel at our status as the great benefactors of those remarkable acts and the unflinching resolve of Presidents Washington and Lincoln, there’s a stable of Presidential hopefuls who have begun to posture and position themselves to capture our attention, and ultimately our votes, for the election of 2012. Most of them maintain a cadre of advisors and image consultants who tell them how to speak and style their hair, what to say and wear, and constantly provide feedback to them on what the latest focus groups say about their standing with the American public, who apparently has the stomach for such fare.

For the first 51 years of his life, honest Abe Lincoln was clean shaven. After his election as the 16th President of the United States that changed. His visage, as seen on the penny, shows a bearded Lincoln, in contrast to his earlier photos as a Congressman from Illinois, or his image on his Presidential campaign posters. What changed? Why did Lincoln grow a beard?

The formerly thin-faced and pock marked visage of the tall and lanky congressman and lawyer from Illinois received a letter from an 11 year old girl that would alter his appearance for his brief, but historic, remaining years. One might say that Grace Bedell of Westfield, New York, unwittingly became his “image consultant”.

In her succinct but kind October 15, 1860, letter she remarked that he “would be much improved in appearance, provided you would cultivate whiskers.” She added, “All the ladies like whiskers and they would tease their husband’s to vote for you, and then you would be President.” To bolster her argument, she noted that all her brothers had whiskers, and that they too would vote for him.

The Valentine’s Dance held Saturday, Feb. 12, at the Senior Center was a hit with local couples. More than 100 people enjoyed dinner and then danced the night away to the music of Casper band Swing Sounds. From the very first tune, the dance floor filled with swirling partners. Palmer Aust was crowned King of the dance, with Caryl Gurtler as his Queen. Prince was Leroy Moore and Princess was Barb Feighner.

Later, on February 16, 1861, after a tumultuous campaign and his ultimate victory, on a train bound for the White House, President Lincoln stopped in Westfield, New York. On the rear platform of the train, the fully bearded Lincoln called out for Grace Bedell, who was in the crowd with her two sisters. She came forth, and President Lincoln embraced her, kissed her on the cheek, and told her he took her advice and “cultivated his whiskers.”

In the early 1990’s Grace’s original letter was offered at an auction for one-million dollars. A private anonymous benefactor purchased that letter. It is on display today at the Detroit Public Library. Bronze statues of the young Grace Bedell and President Abraham Lincoln can be seen in her hometown of Westfield, New York, commemorating that auspicious occasion.

Glenrock Wrestling Club Competes in Casper Tourney GLENROCK—The Glenrock Wrestling Club brought home the third-place trophy for team points at the Casper tournament last weekend. More than 280 wrestlers competed at the tournament and all of the Glenrock Wrestling Club kids wrestled extremely hard. Wrestlers that took honors: 1st place Cody Pinkerton, 9/10 age division weight class 112 lbs 2nd place Garrett Schwindt, 13/14 age division, weight class 84 lbs 2nd place Cassandra Wickett, 13/14 age division, weight class 120 lbs 3rd place Charles Kidd, 9/10 age division, weight class 80 lbs 3rd place Ethan Kraft, 13/14 age division, weight class 77 lbs 4th place Trenton Kraft, 11/12 age division, weight class 90 lbs 4th place Christopher Raines, 13/14 age division, weight class 98 lbs

class 70 lbs 5th place Casey Sebesta, 9/10 age division, weight class 65 lbs The following wrestlers did not place but all competed well:

Dakohta Reynolds wrestles his opponent during Glenrock Wrestling Club’s competition in Casper. Photo courtesy Terri Arnold.

307-436-5391 - Glenrock’s Sale Barn on Hwy 20/26 - Glenrock

Jarrett Guerrera, 6& under, weight class 40 lbs

WINTER/SPRING SALE SCHEDULE FOR 2011 March 3rd Thursday, Regular Sale & Horse Sale

Ayden Moulten, 6 & under, weight class 40 lbs

March 17th Thursday, "Back to Grass" & Regular Sale

Logan Jones, 6 & under, weight class 50 lbs

March 31st Thursday, Regular Sale

Dakohta Reynolds, 9/10 age division, weight class 65 lbs Isak Elisson, 11/12 age division, weight class 75 lbs Glenrock Wrestling Club will be hosting a Folkstyle tournament today starting at 10:00 a.m. Come out to the high school and cheer the kids on.

5th place Weston Knight, 9/10 age division, weight

Sunday February 20 , 2011

March 25th Friday, Lisco/M Diamond Bull Sale

April 14th Thursday, "Back to Grass", Regular Sale & Horse Sale April 28th Thursday, Regular Sale May 12th Thursday, Regular Sale & Horse Sale May 26th Thursday, Regular Sale


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County Officials Available in Glenrock Every Thursday “The building has been a tremendous plus for the community,” he says. “It has brought people in.” Richardson pays his own rent for his office there and does not charge the county any portion of it, even though he uses it for official county business, too. He sees it as a great convenience for local residents to have the county treasurer’s office and the sheriff’s office just down the hall. “People come usually for the treasurer, but they wander in and out and talk to all of us,” Richardson says. “It’s been very good for the county government.” The Converse County Thursday crew: (l to r) Sheriff Clint Becker, County Attorney Quentin Richardson and County Treasurer Joel Schell in front of the Treasurer’s office on the second floor of the Commerce Block building in downtown Glenrock.

GLENROCK—County officials have found a good way to maintain contact with Glenrock area residents on a weekly basis by working out of offices here every Thursday.

Twelve-year County Attorney Quentin Richardson, who happens to have his private law offices on the second floor of the Commerce Block building, has made himself available to citizens here at least one day a week for 11 of the past 12 years. The Glenrock office of County Treasurer Joel Schell is right next door, and next to that is the Glenrock office of Sheriff Clint Becker.

Richardson says he answers questions from residents relating to both civil and criminal cases and helps people with concerns to understand the process. Other times, folks just stop by to visit, which he says helps to put a face on county government. It also saves many people the time and expense of a drive to Douglas. Schell says former Converse County Treasurer Ernie Orrell started the practice of weekly availability in Glenrock, establishing an office in the basement of the Glenrock Senior Center in 1995. Not only does it provide a level of convenience to area residents wanting to do everything from registering their vehicles to paying sales and property taxes, it ensures that those funds stay in the county.

“We asked the Natrona County

Treasurer how much money came in there for vehicle registrations from people with Glenrock area zip codes and it was $60,000 to $80,000 a year,” Schell says. “Except for the $15 state fee, all of that money stays in the county where the vehicle is registered, so Converse County was losing a lot of revenue, but that has changed.”

three deputies who work out of Glenrock; a place to file reports and interview people.

While Schell himself is in the Commerce Block building office every Thursday, it is also open on Tuesdays, staffed by employees of his office. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to Noon, 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. both days.

All dispatch is done out of the Douglas office and the Glenrock phone number for the Sheriff’s Office rings into there, too.

“I don’t eat caffeine,” she said with definitive confidence.

“I want everybody to know that I am available for any issues that are in Glenrock,” Becker says. “Glenrock is a big part of Converse County and just as important as any community in the county.”

The doctor looked at my Aunt and asked if this was true.

He says both he and his people that come to Glenrock on Tuesdays enjoy interacting with area residents and helping them with their needs. “It’s good for my staff, too, to come in and see people here. It’s a lot different environment here than in Douglas, where we’re always busy and just trying to get people through so they don’t have to wait too long,” he says. “We’re usually busy here, too, but it’s a little less hectic.” Schell says the Glenrock office averages $10,000 in payments each day it is open, so it pays for itself. Sheriff Becker says he enjoys coming to Glenrock on Thursdays, as well. The office here serves as home base for the

“I try to be here personally,” Becker says. “There are occasions when I can’t be, but if I’m not here, then an officer is here on Thursdays. Other than that, it’s hit and miss, when Glenrock officers need to come in and do paperwork or not.”

He says that at 4,255 square miles, Converse County is a lot of ground to cover, but there is always a deputy assigned to cover the Glenrock area on any given day. “I enjoy coming up here-getting up here and meeting people,” Becker says, “and it’s something I think is important.” Richardson, who was the first tenant to locate an office in the renovated Commerce Block building, says the Town Council is to be congratulated for finding a way to make the building useable again.

Letter To The Editor To the Editor:

by Smokey Topaz Aunt Alice recently had her heart medication increased by 75%. The doctor was concerned about what might be making her heart race and asked her how much caffeine she consumed.

“Aunt Alice,” I said. “You eat chocolate all day long.”

“I eat it once in awhile,” she replied. “Aunt Alice,” I said even though the look on her face was murderous. “You have an entire drawer of the refrigerator filled with chocolate bars.” “Well, I do, but I only eat it once in awhile,” she said with a sly glance my way. “You also have a drawer of it in your bathroom, your desk drawer, and underneath your sewing table,” I said in the most casual voice I could. “I hide them there so you won’t eat them,” she said. The look on her face was that of the cat that got the mouse. “You also have a dish of Hershey Kisses on the shelf in the kitchen, a cache of chocolate bars hidden in your shoe rack, and I’ll bet if you open your purse right now you’d have at least three bars there.” Aunt Alice looked at the doctor with her most serious face.

On Feb. 16, 2011 Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana says “the state will defy federal protections for grey wolves and kill packs that have been hurting elk herds” and “encouraging livestock owners north of Interstate 90 to shoot wolves that harass their animals”. [Livestock owners south of 90 already have that right.]

“The doctor before you told me that because I didn’t take my hormone pills with food I now have a disease that doesn’t allow my body to absorb sugar, so I have to eat it all the time.” She glanced at me out of the corner of her eye. She was certain she had me this time.

We urge all sportsmen and conservationists to urge WY Governor Matt Meade to follow suit in defying the federal protections for wolves to allow for the hunting of wolves that are destroying our states wildlife. It is, after all, the states wildlife, not the feds. This invasive “non-essential, experimental” species is decimating our wildlife in the NW corner of WY. Left unchecked they will eventually decimate the herds in the rest of WY. The businesses that support hunting, as well as livestock producers are going to become the next endangered species. [Oh, excuse me, that is the environmentalists hope; I let their cat out of the bag!] Let’s go even further and declare the Endangered Species Act null and void in Wyoming, thus returning Wyoming’s 10th Amendment right to self-government.

A new montly column from The Converse County Conservation District by Michelle Huntingon

Conservation districts originated as a result of the Dust Bowl of the early 1930’s. The Soil Erosion Service (later changed to the Soil Conservation Service—now the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS)) was established in 1933. The following spring a great duststorm blew out of the Great Plains with such force that sand particles passed over Washington D.C. and blew 300 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. It has been estimated that more than 300 million tons of soil were blown off the Great Plains during this era. Congress, realizing that only active, voluntary support from the landowners would guarantee the success of conservation work on private land, unanimously passed legislation declaring soil & water conservation a national policy & priority in 1935. In the fall of 1935, the first SCS employee was appointed to Wyoming. The legislation authorizing the Wyoming Soil Conservation Act was signed by Governor Smith on March 5, 1941. This act was copied by several other states because of its many “far-sighted features for the saving of land & water resources.” The Glenrock Soil Conservation District was chartered on April 22, 1947 and the LaPrele Soil Conservation District was chartered on June 3, 1947. The Converse County Conservation District (CCCD) formed from a combination of the Upper Cheyenne River Soil Conservation District (June 5, 1951) & the LaPrele-Glenrock Soil and Water Conservation Districts (February 19, 1963) and was granted a state charter on October 23, 1979. Conservation Districts develop and implement programs to protect and conserve soil, water, prime and unique farmland, rangeland, woodland, wildlife, energy and other renewable resources on non-federal lands. The mission of the Converse County Conservation District is to provide leadership for the conservation of Wyoming’s soil and water, protect the agricultural resource base, promote the control of soil erosion, promote and protect the quality and quantity of Wyoming’s water, promote

wise use of Wyoming’s natural resources, preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, protect the tax base and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of this state through “a responsible conservation ethic.”

The first appropriation for the use of conservation districts in Wyoming was from the Wyoming State Legislature in 1967. This $250 per district helped the district board accomplish things they had not been able to do in the past. Today, Converse County Conservation District operations & projects are funded by a county mill levy with additional funds coming from grants as well as state and federal funding. When the three Soil and Water Conservation Districts joined to form CCCD in 1979, the board met in the homes of the members, there was no district manager, & they had very little if any budget to work with. Today CCCD is housed with NRCS in Douglas and the staff consists of a district manager and a district clerk who, along with the 5 members of the board of supervisors, oversee the district budget and activities.

Conservation Districts develop and implement programs to protect and conserve soil, water, prime and unique farmland, rangeland, woodland, wildlife, energy and other renewable resources on non-federal lands. The mission of the Converse County Conservation District is to provide leadership for the conservation of Wyoming’s soil and water, protect the agricultural resource base, promote the control of soil erosion, promote and protect the quality and quantity of Wyoming’s water, promote wise use of Wyoming’s natural resources, preserve and enhance wildlife habitat, protect the tax base and promote the health, safety and general welfare of the citizens of this state through “a responsible conservation ethic.”

Converse County Conservation District can be reached at (307)358-3050 x4 or by email at You can also visit our website at:

I looked at her and literally said it out loud! “OH MYLANTA!” The doctor wrote silently in her file for quite some time until Aunt Alice asked her what she was writing.

Sincerely, Cathy Selby PO Box 221 Wapiti, WY 82450 307-587-6152

Oh Mylanta! Tales of Aunt Alice

Conservation District Corner


Sunday February 20, 2011

“I’m giving you an “A” for creativity because that was the most creative excuse to eat crap that I’ve ever heard.” Aunt Alice grumbled all the way home about the doctors qualifications, education etc. I decided she was a keeper.

The Glenrock Bird

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GLENROCK ROCKS! #39 - The Glenrock Bird thinks you make a great logo for the 2010/11 school season! Keep up the good work! And that goes for all sports and events participants!


Herder Boys BB Continue Slide; Turnovers Hurt Team

GLENROCK—The Glenrock boys basketball team is in the midst of another skid after breaking a six-game losing streak two weeks ago. Four straight losses since winning Feb. 5 at Thermopolis 57-50 leaves the Herders at 4-18 on the year and 2-11 in the conference prior to yesterday’s game at Douglas.

half court offense, especially against Wheatland. This resulted in some great plays and shot opportunities, which led to our shooting almost 40 percent.”

In the past three games, the Herders have lost to Wheatland 45-70 at home Feb. 11, 37-85 at Rawlins the next day, and 40-67 at home against Torrington last Thursday.

“Both Wheatland and Rawlins scored most of their points in transition rather than their half court sets,” he says. “The key to playing teams like them is to be very careful with the ball and to not commit turnovers for easy layups.”

Coach Justin Kidneigh says that both the speed of the game and high numbers of turnovers have played a factor in the losses. “We had 30 turnovers against Wheatland and 29 against Rawlins,” Kidneigh says. “A lot of these turnovers were unforced due to the players trying to make decisions faster while playing at a faster speed. They took risks they normally would not take.” Both opponents converted most of those turnovers into easy points. “They each shot 50 percent or better against us for the game,” he says. “On the positive side, I witnessed a lot better team play in the

Kidneigh says the Herders also played hard on defense in the half court and did not give up many open shots.

Kidneigh says the team is learning and attempting to control the tempo of games more. “But we have a ways to go yet,” he admits. “We hope to make some more progress this week.” The Herders play at Buffalo this Friday and then are at home against Newcastle Saturday to finish the regular season.

-The Bird

Lady Herders Suffer Big Loss, Bounce Back the Next Day GLENROCK—The Glenrock girls basketball team had a poor outing at Wheatland Feb. 11, losing 34-60 in a game marred by sloppy second-half play. But at home the next day, the Lady Herders proved their mettle, bouncing back for a 45-38 win over Rawlins. The team still sits at .500, with a 10-10 overall record and a 6-6 conference record. They played at Torrington Friday and at Douglas yesterday. On Tuesday, they will travel to Newcastle and then face Buffalo at home Friday to finish out the regular season. Coach Tony Lehner says he was not at all pleased with the outing against Wheatland “We let them get to us pretty bad and didn’t play very well,” he says. “We really struggled in that one, but came back and played a little better against Rawlins.” Lehner says it still looks like they will finish the season with the fourth or fifth seeding for the 3A East Regional Tournament in Wheatland, with the possibility for a higher seeding if they can win out to finish the regular season. He says the Wheatland game, the second of the season between the schools, played out

Sunday February 20 , 2011

similarly to the first matchup of the year between them. “We played pretty well right off the bat and were ahead by a point or two after the first quarter, and we were down by six at the half,” he says. “We came out in the third quarter and had another bad spell. We turned the ball over and they scored three quick baskets in about 20 seconds and we got down by 12 right away. We called a timeout and then they got another three quick baskets. It went from us being in the game to pretty much being out of it. We started well and finished ugly.” He says they didn’t do much to improve their deficit in the fourth quarter, with continuing trouble with turnovers, about 25 for the game with 17 of those in the second half. “We’ve got to get over that spell where we turn the ball over and give up some cheap ones,” Lehner says. “It seems like we lose our focus and don’t execute in the second half. I haven’t found the answer.” He says he knows they can play with anybody if they can just put together a decent second half. “We just need to not create problems for ourselves. The darn turnover rate is still way

too high, and any time you turn it over like that, you just give up too many cheap ones,” he says. “We just need to make better decisions with the ball.”

ty,” he says. “If we can solve a few problems, I think we can be fine and get to the state tournament. That’s always your goal when you begin the season.” Douglas Dual Results Feb. 11, 2011

Against Rawlins the next day, Lehner says, “We did a good job, played good defense and took care of business. We had a good defensive effort. It was a physical game, but we kept our composure and got a big win.”

VARSITY 103 Pingrey (Dou) FOR Open (Glen) 112 Bradshaw (Dou) FOR Open (Glen)

He credits Becky Downs, Shayla Wickett and Shannon Van Antwerp in the game for holding Rawlins’ Maddie Forney to a third of her offensive average.

119 R Geho (Dou) PIN 2.45 Wyatt Summers (Glen) 125 C Estes (Dou) DEC 5-12 Lane Blakeley (Glen)

“They did a good job against her and really made a diff there,” he says.

130 S Harris (Dou) PIN 1.05 Whisper Summers (Glen)

Lehner says Shelby Stewart scored about half the team’s points in both games.

135 B Sanderson (Dou) PIN 3.36 Brandon Pittsley (Glen)

“Shelby’s always playing well and she continues to carry a big load offensively,” he says.

140 G Boner (Dou) DEC 1-8 Raider Nelson (Glen)

With just seven practices and a handful of regular season games left, Lehner says they still have work to do.

152 T Miller (Dou) FOR Open (Glen)

145 R Burgener (Dou) PIN .21 Matt Widiker (Glen)

160 Z Owens (Dou) PIN 1.23 Clint Dewald (Glen)

“If we can put ourselves in a good position and just have a good tournament, I think it can be anybody’s opportuni-

171 PIN

P Foy (Dou) 1.4 Garrett Reid

(Glen) 189 T Boner (Dou) (Glen)



Tyler Van Antwerp

215 Joe Lake (Dou) (Glen)



Troy Pinkerton

HWT Lisco (Dou)


Open (Glen)

FINAL SCORE Douglas 76.00 Glenrock 0.00 JV 130 A Matthews (Dou) (Glen)



Shannon Mares

135 Austin Hall (Glen)



A Maul (Dou)

140 Jeremiah Pittsley (Glen) PIN 145 Wayne Wolcott (Glen) PIN 152 K Hinckley (Dou) (Glen)


189 Taylor Yingling (Glen) PIN

1.54 2.39 3.32

J Lopez (Dou) H Valentine (Dou) Ryan Powell


T Nauta (Dou)

FINAL SCORE Glenrock 24.00 Douglas 12.00 EXHIBITION 112 W Bradshaw (Dou) (Glen)



Cody Grenseman

112 P Ingrey (Dou) (Glen)



Cody Grenseman

112 C Miller (Dou)


3.20 Austin Hall (Glen)

119 Lane Blakeley (Glen)



B McGuire (Dou)

171 T Harris (Dou) (Glen)



Garrett Reid

189 Joe Lake (Dou) (Glen)



Taylor Yingling

Hwt Troy Pinkerton (Glen) PIN

The Glenrock Bird


CJ Allen (Dou)

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COWBOY CORNER Cowboy Poet Columnist TJ Casey

TJ Casey is a singer/songwriter, storyteller, composer and entertainer. He was raised up on ranches in Wyoming and Montana and now teaches the "Code of the West" and poetry to students all across America. Check him out at:

Stampede On The Trail

chest; like an animal caught in a cage.

Picture yerself in the great unknown surrounded by darkness, you alone. The only light is yer campfire bright and the stars in the sky that shone. The sounds are the wind and cattle; an owl or a lone coyote’s cry. Then suddenly, clouds and thunder as lightning bolts, blanket the sky. To hide, at most is feudal; there’s nothing but grass and sage. Yer heart is thumping in yer

You saddle yer own salvation; a horse that’s fast to run. You throw yer slicker over the horn; then reach to check yer gun. The cattle burst in to action; like a covey of wild quail. The rain like buckets, fell from the sky and then it started to hail. No place to go for cover; yer breakneck to catch the lead. Then sudden engulfed by a sea of horns; in the breech of the main stampede. Yer soaked to the bone and freezin’; as a lightning bolt lights the

up straight; COME AND GET IT BOYS!!!.

And then the whole thing’s over; it ends like a terrible dream. Yer standing alone with yer cayuse; in the middle of a flash flood stream. Suddenly, dawn is breakin’; a light from the eastern sky. You look across, the great expanse at the scatter of cattle and sigh. As soon as you get yer composure; you ride to find the crew. Everyone’s gathered by the wagon; except for the loss of two. You bury the dead at sunrise; then go to gather the cattle. You lost twelve head to lightning; all day yer in the saddle. You bed the herd for the evening; take turns ridin’ night guard. Just before you turn her head; you see the sky is bright starred. You close yer eyes in restless sleep to the sound of the campfire noise. Next thing ya know yer bolt

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Sunday February 20, 2011

THE NIGHT HAWK I’m Just Sayin.... Columnist - Susan R. Stoltz

We’ve Moved! 204 s 4th in The Commerce Block

sky. You know in yer heart yer gonna be next; the next young cowboy to die.

Susan is owner/editor of Women Out West Magazine, featured speaker at writers conferences nationwide including Women Writing the West, Ozark Creative Writers and Writing the Rockies. As a freelance writer Susan has been featured in Open Range Magazine, Cactus Creek Daily and on the website of the National Association of Baby Boomers. Photo © Amanda Smith

I’m Just Sayin... The Power Of Intention

I’m often asked, when I talk about the ‘power of intention’ what, exactly that is. The power of intention, according to Dr. Wayne Dyer, is much like the law of attraction. His interpretation of that, however, is different than most. “You don’t attract what you want you attract what you are."

Last year I made a decision that I was going to turn a very negative situation into something positive. Sharkey – my little Jack Russell had been overdosed by a careless pharmacist. After months of arguing with the insurance companies for the pharmacist, the grocery store chain that owned the pharmacy and attorneys, etc I’d had enough of the negative energy. How could I turn this experience into something of a positive nature?

I made the decision to help other animals in need through Sharkey, and began writing a series of books for children, featuring this little Jack Russell, and donating a percentage of the net income to well selected animal welfare groups. BEWARE the power of intention. Soon little Marshall came into our lives, a Jack Russell who had spent ten years in a puppy mill, a prisoner in a 2 x 2 wire cage his entire life. It was clear by his rescuers that he needed someone who had the time, patience and knew what a Jack Russell should be. I was at a point in my life where I didn’t need another responsibility. But yet, here he is, sleeping next to my desk as I type this article. He’s made great strides in four months time, but has miles to go before you could consider him normal. Then came the dogs at Kayenta, a pack of abandoned, starving and homeless animals in Arizona. I began to raise money to help feed them, re-home them and care for them.

The phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ comes to mind occasionally. But I tell you this story to illustrate what the power of intention can do. I intended to make a difference to companion animals in need, and it all started rolling this direction. I’m not just attracting animals that need my help (although sometimes I think I’m on the telepathic Jack Russell rescue line) I’m attracting the energy to make a positive difference in the lives of many, animal and human. The notion of seeking what you want is not the power of intention. “How can I get more” is not part of the equation. Without action the power of intention is lacking, but when you become intent on the positive and act within those parameters, with no thought of self, that is when you begin to make a difference….

I’m just sayin…..

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POLICE BEAT Friday 2-11-11 Fire alarm, emergency units dispatched. Rolling Hills patrol completed. X3 Controlled burn reported. Suspicious person, officer spoke with suspect. Alarm at Wells, Public Works notified. VIN inspection completed. X 3 Saturday 2-12-11 Officer provided a citizen assist. Officer performed a civil standby. Rolling Hills patrol completed. Damaged property reported. Traffic accident, no transport by MS unit, officer took a report. Medical, negative transport. X 2 Smoke smell reported, Fire Department responded. Sunday 2-13-11 Rolling Hills patrol completed. X3 Suspicious circumstance, officer responded. X 2 Comm Tech notarized a paper. Citizen assist, officer unlocked a vehicle. Monday 2-14-11 Rolling Hills patrol completed. X3 Officer performed a welfare check. Background check. Comm Tech performed notary.

Tuesday 2-15 11 Officer performed a welfare check. E-911 Hang up, officer responded. Comm Tech performed notary. Rolling Hills patrol completed. Extra patrol. Traffic stop, verbal warning for brake light. Dog at large reported, UTL. Traffic stop, verbal warning issued for speed. Traffic stop, verbal warning for registration. Public Works notified of a water leak. Wednesday 2-16-11 Rolling Hills patrol complete. X3 Missing property. Barking dog, door hanger left. Warrant arrest, transported to Detention Center. Ambulance request, negative transport. Thursday 2-17-11 Officer unlocked a vehicle door. Harassment, report taken. Rolling Hills patrol completed. X2 Comm Tech performed notary. Child abuse reported. Range key issued. Driving complaint, citation issued. Officer assisted Probation and Parole. Burglary report taken. Officer provided a citizen assist.

GLENROCK LIBRARY NEWS Konnichiwa! Hello in Japanese from the library! Visit our Mango Foreign Language database on line. Find out how to get connected. The library will be closed to observe President’s Day, Monday, February 21. We have been bombarded with change from the beginning of time; it’s become a way of life. Some of us manage to grasp what we can. Change is a good thing in our country. Debate started in 1968 to celebrate federal holidays on a Monday, which was not heard of till then. Thus, Washington’s Birthday was moved to the third Monday in February. Contrary to popular belief the holiday celebrates only Washington’s Birthday. So, happy birthday George Washington, father of our country!! We have several books in the library that feature George Washington. Information was also acquired at We will be announcing the winners of the Love My Library poetry/prose contest February 19. Thanks to all of our poets who entered our contest. It was a bright spot in what has been a cold and snowy winter. The lucky winners will receive a gift certificate from Ralph’s Bookstore in Casper. Members of the teen advisory board also known as T.A.B, will be judging the entries. February 22 is a big day at the library! Bill Rossiter will be here to entertain us with his tall tales and his proficiency on the banjo, Autoharp, harmonica, and the guitar. Learn about our western heritage through stories and songs. It’s a great way to enrich your life. The whole family is invited, February 22 at 6:00 p.m. For Read Me A Story: February 19– February 26: Dirt On My Shirt by Jeff Foxworthy. Take a few minutes to brighten your day by picking up the phone and dialing 436-2353 to listen to a great story!

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We’re on the web glen. Our phone number is 4362573. Fax number is 436-8525. We’re on Facebook. Be sure to check us out, just search for Glenrock Library. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10:00 to 5:00. Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 to 8:00. Saturday: 10:00 to 1:00. Closed Sundays.

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Happy Birthday this week to Heather Currier and Marvin Wohletz! Be sure to stop in anytime this month for a free lunch courtesy of Deer Creek Drug. Please contact the Center if you would like your birthday added to our list.

Free Tax Assistance will be available at the center on February 22, 2011 please call 436-9442 for more information. Fun Night will be Thursday February 24, 2011 starting at 4pm. Dinner will start at 5pm. This month for dinner, we will be having a Taco Bar. There is no fee to attend Fun Night, but donations are always appreciated.

Dollar lunch at the Center during February is MONDAYS…. every Monday durning February persons 60 years of age and older who eat lunch at the Glenrock Senior Center can enjoy it for $1.00! Purchase a 10 punch meal ticket & save!!! 10 meals for $23.00… that is only $2.30 a meal!

February Commodities are available for pick up. This month’s items will be Cherry Apple Juice, Corn, & 1% Milk. Commodities can be picked up at the Glenrock Senior Center Monday thru Friday from 8am-4pm. The Commodity Program is not limited to senior citizens. If you would like more information about the Commodity program, or to see if you qualify, please call 436-9442.

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Compassionate Care In Home Services

General Cleaning - Cooking - Companionship - Dr’s Appts Shopping - Personal care and Grooming Cell: 307-267-0418 VM: 307-472-9228 E:

Diane Way 7+ years experience assisting the elderly

P.O. Box 1474 Casper, Wyoming 82602


Sunday February 20 , 2011

The Glenrock Bird

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They wrestled hard and all five placed! The results are as follows: Dayton Matthews 1st Wyatt Patzke 2nd Aftin Matthews 3rd. Kayla Likes 3rd. Jackson Taylor 3rd.

Sunday February 20, 2011

We’ve Moved! 204 s 4th in The Commerce Block

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Glenrock, Wy The Glenrock Bird Newspaper  

Glenrock Wyoming Sunday Morning Newspaper delivering news to Glenrock, Wyoming and beyond

Glenrock, Wy The Glenrock Bird Newspaper  

Glenrock Wyoming Sunday Morning Newspaper delivering news to Glenrock, Wyoming and beyond