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Hunting/Ranching/G&F WG&F ADVISES TIME TO REGISTER YOUR BOATS With the recent warmer weather, many waters throughout the state have opened up and Wyoming boaters are busy getting their boats ready for the coming season. To ensure registrations are received in a timely manner, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department urges boaters to register boats as soon as possible to prepare for the upcoming season. The following are the most often asked boat registration questions. * Where can I register my boat? You can register your boat, if it is a renewal, at any Game and Fish regional office or the Cheyenne headquarters. If it is a new boat or a transfer of ownership is involved, it must be registered at the Cheyenne office. * What do I do if I lost my registration renewal card? Simply go to or call any Game and Fish office. Registrations are computer-

ized and they can look up your information and provide you with renewal information at that time. Can I keep my boat number if I sell my boat? The boat number stays with your old boat. If you get a new boat, you will be issued a new number. * Do I need to register my canoe or rubber raft? You do if it has a motor. Any watercraft with a motor, electric or internal combustion, must be registered. No registration is required of craft without motors. * How long does it take for registration through the mail? Generally, you should receive your new registration within a week to 10 days after it is received in the office. Currently, registration of boats is in full swing. The Game and Fish processes around 25,000 boat registrations annually. -WGFD-

SPORTSMEN BE ADVISED OF WATER FLOW INCREASE ON NORTH PLATTE The Wyoming Game and Fish Department cautions sportsmen to be aware of sizeable increases in water flows in the North Platte River beginning March 30 as part of a flushing flow project. The Department has requested the flushing flow in order to clean fine sediments from fish spawning habitats and to increase production of invertebrates that fish depend on for food. The Bureau of Reclamation will begin releasing additional water from Gray Reef Reservoir in the early morning hours beginning Monday, March 30. Flows, currently at 500 cubic feet per second, will increase to 4,000 cfs and will then gradually decrease back to 500 cfs each day, with the maximum flow occurring between 3-7 a.m. The schedule will be repeated on March 31, and April 1, 2 and 3. The flows below Gray Reef Dam will then be stabilized at approximately 2,000 cfs. The Game and Fish Department advises sportsmen to be aware of the potential dangers related to flushing flows. Sportsmen wading or floating the river during this time should consider the fluctuating water levels. Areas that can be waded effectively at 500 cfs may not be accessible at 4,000 cfs. This year’s flushing flow is about two weeks later than usual to allow for bridge construction at Tank Farm Road and in Douglas. The fall flushing flow on the North Platte River was canceled due to bridge construction. Flushing flows have been a regular occurrence on the river since the ‘90s and have shown remarkable success. The number of fish per mile continues to be very good and has remained relatively constant during these drought conditions. Sunday, March 29, 2009

Flushing flows are especially important to fish populations during years of drought when the lower flows increase sediment accumulation. Flushing flows are normally scheduled for completion by March to avoid impacting spawning rainbows. -WGFD-

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