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Sunday, January 31, 2010



GLENROCK TOWN OFFICIALS PONDER SALE OF STATE LAND A group of eleven, including Glenrock Town Council members, Mayor Steve Cielinski, Glenrock Town Planner Kathy Patceg, and representatives from the Glenrock Economic Development Corporation met to discuss the potential sale of land just south of Glenrock.


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ROLLING HILLS FIRE HALL NEARLY COMPLETE The Rolling Hills Fire Hall is nearly complete and looking good! Laser Construction out of Casper has been moving right along with the project, despite one of the coldest winters in a while.

by staff reporter Susan Stoltz

HERDER SPORT & EVENTS - 4 ...Girls and Boys BB and more Herder Events

by staff reporter Mark Dosa

After months of uncertainty, the fate of former Glenrock Officer Michael Kavenius and Sgt. Paul Brown was determined during a City Council meeting held on Monday, January 25. Their termination was upheld. Shortly after the meeting was called to order, Council Members Rosalie Goff, Linda Care, and Bruce Vinnola left the Council chambers to meet in a closed executive session, where the decision was finalized and signed off. They soon returned, with Councilwoman Goff revealing that the initial firing was being upheld. Mayor Steve Cielinski and Councilman Carl Lembke did not vote on the matter, having been previously recused. The Glenrock Bird is acutely aware that this issue has caused much pain for the community, straining friendships and forever altering the lives of those closely involved in the matter. The Staff of The Glenrock Bird understands the turmoil this has caused throughout our town and among our community members. It is our hope that we can all begin healing from the wounds inflicted by this divisive event. Both sides of this unfortunate circumstance have suffered greatly and so now the moving on process can begin.

Bob Faunce bought his first Harley in 1975. In fact, his garage – or should I say shop – houses three big bore 45 degree VTwins. Bikes that would elicit whistles of admiration from most Harley aficionados.

HERDER WRESTLERS PICKING UP STEAM Coach Cory Yingling and his warriors attended a 16-team two-day meet in Thermopolis on Friday, January 22 and Saturday, January 23. Yingling was impressed with the continued improvement of his squad.

G.I.M.S. GEARS UP FOR STATE MATH It’s time once again for Glenrock Middle School to begin preparations for the State Math competition. Mr. Howard, G.I.M.S. Math and Computer instructor describes the event that will take place in Casper on Tuesday, February 23rd.

NEWS FROM THE NEST - 6 ENZI WEIGHS IN ON PRESIDENT’S STATE OF THE UNION Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., joined Congressional members to witness President Obama’s State of the Union address. Below are comments he made after the speech.


Bruce Vinnola informs the Town of his retirement. Photo copyright Jessica Smith.

Councilman Bruce Vinnola has always been a Wyoming small town kind of man. He grew up in Greybull and Thermopolis and has been a resident in Glenrock for approximately nineteen years and served on the Glenrock Town Council for eleven. During this interview it became readily apparent that public service is an important aspect of Bruce Vinnola’s philosophy of citizenship. Bruce accepted a job as the Operations manager at Naughton Power Plant in Kemmerer, stepping down from his position as Councilman for the Town of Glenrock. It was a natural step up in a career that has spanned thirtythree years. When I asked him about his move he explained: “I’ve worked my way up through the ranks from Helper to Shift Supervisor at the Dave Johnston Plant in Glenrock. The position of Operations Manager was the next step in my career and the position became available at the Kemmerer Plant.” Bruce’s public service as Town Councilman to Glenrock began

eleven years ago when an entrepreneur wanted to open a private prison across the street from the Glenrock High School. Some neighbors suggested that he should run for the Town Council so that he could help stop the prison development. “For that primary election, six other candidates ran for two seats due to the prison controversy. I campaigned quite a bit and got elected,” he said. “The prison issue quickly faded into Glenrock history but then the Town Council job became a personal obsession to make the town a better place.” When asked what he saw as a particular challenge for the town of Glenrock in the future his answer was direct and concise. “The diversified economic development of Glenrock is its single most important challenge. Before I became a Councilman, I didn’t realize where most of the town’s operating budget came from; it’s from sales tax generated within Converse County. The monthly check that property owners pay to the town only covers water, sewer,

and garbage. The town’s share of resident’s property taxes wouldn’t cover the yearly snow removal bill. Converse County sales tax pays the lion’s share of Glenrock’s operating, maintenance and provided services. Most of the non-industrial sales tax revenue that comes to Glenrock is generated in Douglas. Our economy must diversify and develop for the long term financial security of the community of Glenrock.” During his three terms as Councilman the accomplishments have been many. Bruce emphasized that it’s the team effort of the council that has provided the platform for success and the team not only consists of its elected officials but the efforts of employees and citizen volunteers. Some of the larger projects have been the old Conoco refinery and Paint Factory that have been demolished and remediated, the more attractive gateways. It is Vinnola's opinion that the most important accomplishment has been the restoration of the historic Commerce block Continued on Page 2

ROCKY MOUNTAIN POWER REQUESTS $16.3 MILLION RATE DECREASE FOR WYOMING CUSTOMERS On Jan. 28, 2010, Rocky Mountain Power requested a decrease in rates for its Wyoming customers of approximately $16.3 million.

INMATE OVERLOAD AT CONVERSE COUNTY DETENTION CENTER The Converse County Detention Center in Douglas has an average daily inmate population of 28 detainees. While the facility can house up to 34 inmates, doing so would mean using holding cells needed for inmates with disciplinary issues and new intakes.

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Converse County School District #2 plans on having a pair of wind turbines, a 5kw vertical access “barbershop” type turbine, and a more conventional looking 3 bladed 10kw turbine, installed at Grant Elementary here in Glenrock. A conversation with School District Superintendent Kirk Hughes revealed that bid forms for the project were made available on January 18, 2010, from ThinkOne Energy Services.

Photo of 10kw Turbine

ThinkOne Energy is the architectural firm hired by the District to design the specifications for the project. A mandatory pre bid meeting was held for parties interested in submitting bids on Thursday, January 28, at the District Office on Boxelder Trail. The district will receive bids until 2:00 p.m. on February 8, 2010. According to Superintendent Hughes, the determination of the

building contractor would be made soon after that date. As can be seen from the accompanying Site Plan supplied by ThinkOne, the 10kw 3 bladed turbine will supply power to the school building, while the 5kw vertical access turbine will provide power to the bus barn. While lessening the need for commercially supplied electrical power, the turbines will not provide all of Continued on Page 3

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The Glenrock Bird Issue Jan 31  

The Glenrock Bird Issue Jan 31

The Glenrock Bird Issue Jan 31  

The Glenrock Bird Issue Jan 31