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Sunday, November 29, 2009



WILL DAVE JOHNSTON POWER GO ON STRIKE? - Dave Johnston Lockout Possible as Rocky Mountain Power and UWUA Local 127 Unable to Reach Agreement. See story page 2


Carrying The Right News...To The Right Places Volume #3: Issue #23

Glenrock’s Sunday Morning Hometown Local News Newspaper



The University of Wyoming and the AARP National Spelling Bee will host the Wyoming State Spelling Bee March 13 on the UW campus.

See Story Page 2

See Story Page 2

Below - Last Week’s November Winds Topple a Hay Shed Just Outside Glenrock

To compete at the state level for a chance to represent Wyoming at the Scripps National Spelling Bee, students must first qualify through a series of elimination bees, which must be held on or before March 1. To register, visit the Web site at Each school must pay an entry fee to become eligible to participate and also receive materials to help students' success at the local and state spelling bees. The spelling bee is open to Wyoming students not past the eighth grade and have not turned 16 by Aug. 31. Students may take part in the state bee only if their schools are registered. The Wyoming Spelling Bee winner is eligible for an allexpenses paid trip to the 2010 Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C., next spring. Last March Sage Weber from the University of Wyoming Lab School outspelled 38 contestants to earn a spot at the national bee. The Scripps National Spelling Bee is the longest running educational promotion, starting in 1925. This is the second year UW will host the Wyoming bee. The organizers of the AARP National Spelling Bee will officiate at the local competition. Visit the Web site www. or contact the Wyoming State Spelling Bee at wyomingstatebee@

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Images from the soul greeted those fortunate enough to attend a presentation of western art created by award winning Western Photographic Artist Ken Stoecklin. - See photos and story front page.


Students wishing to participate must either attend a school that is registered with the Scripps National Spelling Bee program or if home schooled, register with Scripps directly by Dec. 18. There is no cost to students to participate in the Wyoming John Mosley discusses how State Bee. he and a little help from his "We are glad to offer our experience holding spelling bees for people age 50 and older to ensure that the students of Wyoming get a chance to compete on the local, state and national level," AARP National Spelling Bee Chairwoman Pat Johnson says. "It's wonderful that the University of Wyoming is willing to offer this opportunity to young students to challenge themselves and showcase their talents."


A large steel shed laying on its side bore mute testimony to the high winds which swept through Glenrock on the evening of Friday, November 20th. - See photos front page and story page 2


A cold autumn wind blew past the window as a call was made to Glenrock High School early on Tuesday morning. Principal Gray was pleasant and efficiently terse as an interview with two players from this years Championship Game. - See story page 3



friends will get his hay shed back up over his fencing, after November 20th’s early morning winds blew the shed over his fenceline. Photos © Amanda Smith



GLENROCK WESTERN ART SHOW PROVES THAT THE PASSION REMAINS WITHIN Images from the soul greeted those fortunate enough to attend a presentation of western art created by award winning Western Photographic Artist Ken Stoecklin.

to let it go.

than a few years now.

An artist without passion is working on borrowed time. There’s an expiration date, and the clock is ticking. Loudly.

A cold Saturday evening was warmed by guests whose temperatures rose as they carefully critiqued photographs gracing the walls of the old Glenrock Bird newspaper office, turned temporary art gallery (the Bird has relocated to the Bronco Building.) The event was hosted by western photographic artist and Glenrock Bird editor Amanda Smith, who has hosted two gallery events a year since her arrival to Glenrock in the fall of 2005.

A lifelong photographer and student of the art, the man clad in the requisite black of a serious artist realized a singular, powerful commitment to his

Stoecklin hasn’t heard any ticking for more Continued Page 8


On Monday, November 23, a crowd numbering over two dozen gathered at 1108 Birch Avenue in Douglas to celebrate the ground breaking for a new and improved facility dedicated to providing quality long term care for the elderly and disabled. See Story page 7

and so much more in your Sunday morning newspaper The Glenrock Bird.


Smiles were prevalent. Signed orignals on display were enjoyed, discussed… appreciated. Stoecklin’s art, discretionary items even in the best of times, seemed to have a hypnotic affect on pocketbooks. Optometrist Dr. Brattis from Casper quickly committed to the purchase of six large pieces - a substantial investment at over $250.00 per. An admirer with a less expansive budget chose some smaller, unframed prints yet beamed with similar satisfaction. So why the excitement in Glenrock? Why the buzz? The answer is simple: This Casper artist has found his passion. An unremitting, omnipresent, sometimes painful passion. And he refuses

Western Photographic Art Shown in the Glenrock show by Ken Stoecklin

Today - Sunday Nov 29 Christmas Festival Craft Fair @ GMS Dec 5th / Partial Sunshine and Breezy - High 33 - Low 12 5pm-8pm / $15 a booth

Weather Vane - 7

Call Andrea 267-6515 Benefits the Glenrock Boys & Girls Club

There’s More on the Net Check out our The Bird Public Broadcast for weekly broadcasts from Garrison Keillor.



as Rocky Mountain Power and UWUA Local 127 Unable to Reach Agreement

Dave Johnston Lockout Possible as Rocky Mountain Power and UWUA Local 127 Unable to Reach Agreement

News from the Glenrock Library Rita Heath - Librarian Halla! Hello in Swedish from the library! Ronnie from the Converse County Conservation District will be here December 8. Her program is called Learning at the Library and she is sure to be in the holiday spirit. All kids are welcomed. It starts at 2:30. Start your holiday season with the Conservation District. The Foundation Board is still aiming for pre-Christmas cookbooks. Jessica Grant has volunteered her time to compile and get them ready to go. Keep your fingers crossed and keep your eye out for the date they get released. We are going to have our annual Christmas read on December 12 at 11:00. Lorie Hinton will read to the kids the first half. We will have a special guest join us for our closing! Refreshments will be served. Read Me A Story for December 5~ December 12: McDuff’s New Friend by Rosemary Wells. Dial 436-2353 and listen to a good story. We’re on the web at Our phone number is 436-2573. Fax number is 436-8525. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10:00 to 5:00. Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 to 8:00. Saturday: 10:00 to 1:00. Closed Sundays. Thought for the day: Library, Endowment, and Donation.

Letter from the Editor The “Bird” finds a new nest!

The Glenrock Bird has a new location! We are now located at 506 Birch, in the same building as Glenrock’s Paleon Museum, Jerry’s Leather, The Brahma Bull Boutique, High Plains Performance, Utilatech, The Glenrock Area Chamber of Commerce and The Anglican Church. Along with our new “nest”, readers will have noticed the new format of the newspaper. With the new size, readers will see larger ads and great prices! “We have a price that every business can afford, large or small” says Wendy Beck, the new rep for the Bird. We are also offering FREE classifieds for items $100 or less. Wendy comes to us with 9 years experience in the newspaper business. “I believe in the small community newspaper, I respect what Amanda Smith, Publisher has done with the Glenrock Bird and look forward to working with her”.

Jeff recently moved to Converse County. With the move she brings several animals including “Sugar” her faithful dog & sidekick. Wendy & Sugar will be a familiar sight in Glenrock, so stop and say hello to them if you see them! And be sure and stop in and see our new offices, and congratulate the staff of The Glenrock Bird in their new home. The Glenrock Bird continues to expand its wings! Wendy can be reached at; 307-2569162 or wendy@ The office hours will remain the same; Tuesday-Friday 9-5. Our phone number is; 436-5447 and general emails can be sent to: info@theglenrockbird. com .

Despite negotiations that have been ongoing since August of this year, Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) and the Utility Workers Union of America (UWUA) Local 127 have yet to reach an agreement on key employment issues related to pension, health benefits, and wages. The result of this inability to find common ground resulted in RMP giving UWUA Local 127 representatives a formal 60-day notice of termination of the bargaining agreement on November 20. If a resolution cannot be achieved prior to the expiration of this 60-day notice, RMP employees represented by Local 127 would find themselves in a “lock out” situation. Fortunately, both RMP and UWUA Local 127 understand the gravity of the situation. It was mutually agreed on November 20 that the parties would engage in mediation, the goal being to resolve issues that remain outstanding and enable a new agreement to be ham-

mered out. A mediator has been engaged to aid in the process of finding a resolution amenable to both parties. The mediator will inform RMP and UWUA Local 127 of available meeting dates. Jeff Hymas of Rocky Mountain Power explains his company’s position. “Rocky Mountain Power and PacifiCorp Energy employ some 1,500 Wyoming residents in well-paying, stable, skilled jobs. The company’s focus is on longterm stability—including its approach to employee compensation and working conditions. As a result, our electricity prices are among the lowest in Wyoming and in the nation. We are committed to running our business responsibly and in the best interest of our customers, with competitive pay and benefits for employees. That objective governs our good-faith negotiations with our unions. We have also expressed willingness to participate in mediation, if necessary, with the representatives of UWUA Local 127 in an effort to resolve the outstanding issues regarding the negotiations. Hymas further states that he believes specific issues per-

STEEL SHED NO MATCH FOR THE WINDS OF NOVEMBER Story from front page Mark Dosa - General News

A large steel shed laying on its side bore mute testimony to the high winds which swept through Glenrock on the evening of Friday, November 20th. The brisk Saturday morning following the incident saw the out-of-place edifice sitting morosely just off of Yellowstone Avenue, across from the Lazy 8 Saloon. A singular individual was spotted working close to the recently uprooted structure. This would be John Mosley, owner of the recently wind swept shed. A gentle smile covered Mosley’s face as he explained what happened. “Last night, about 1 a.m. I’d say, I woke up to the sound of a fire engine. The

red lights were flashing and I figured something must have caught on fire. I looked outside and saw my shed laying on its side. It’d been blown across the barbed wire fence. Someone must have called it in.” Mosley was asked if he needed any help and politely declined , choosing instead to give further explanation.

tinent and sensitive to the negotiation of the contract are best handled at the bargaining table.

Harold Giberson, president of UWUA Local 127, is vocal in his disappointment with RMP, feeling that the company has shown a lack of commitment to Local 127 members. Giberson submitted a media release revealing his feelings to the Glenrock Bird.

Giberson takes Rocky Mountain Power to task, stating “This is not the same company it was before Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffet took over.” According to Giberson’s media release, proposed changes to the existing contract include the modification of existing pension plans, reducing vacation time, modifying health care plans and more. Employees have been working under the existing contract since its inception in 2004, and although the contract expired in September of this year, employees can continue to work under it while negotiations continue. Rocky Mountain Power’s Jeff Hymas says RMP’s current proposal is reflective of changes incorporated in the

A lone bale of hay marked the location where the shed had provided a haven from the elements before mother nature decided a different spot might be more appropriate. While the shed bore the scars of its unscheduled late Friday move, it appeared structurally sound, ready to once again do its duty after a proper relocation. After bidding him farewell, John Mosley receded into the distance, working patiently and diligently.

newly negotiated agreements with other represented employees. “The company has given the membership of UWUA Local 127 offers we believe appropriately balance the interests of our employees, the market value of the work being performed and the need to continue to provide service to our customers at the lowest reasonable price.” Hymas went on to emphasize that RMP and UWUA Local 127 have historically had a good working relationship and have renegotiated their contract every few years, for decades.


Mark Dosa - General News

“Now that shed was anchored at the corners, but not enough for those high winds. Right now I’m taking this fence down so I can slide it back on over (to its original location). I plan on taking two tractors to tie onto it and then pull it over when the wind dies down.”

Owner/Editor/ Publisher Amanda Smith


Wendy and her husband

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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GLENROCK ROCKS! The Glenrock Bird is proud of Glenrock’s Midget Football Team! In fact, so much, that we chose #40 as our new Herder Sports & Events Logo for the 09/10 Herder School Year.


M o s t players would have opted to write the year off, get surgery, and commence rehabilitation.

Mark Dosa - Staff Writer

Johnston didn’t quit - he adjusted, he adapted. The young man responded to the injury by simply switching from running back to tight end. He explained. “The injury affected my mobility and I couldn’t cut, so I switched on over to tight end,” Johnston related. I asked him what his doctor suggested when the ACL injury was discovered. A sly smile slowly crept across Johnston’s face.

and efficiently terse as an interview with two players

The interview over, Johnston and Worthington rise to their feet and politely excuse themselves. School’s still in session. There’s work to be done.

I leave the campus shortly after 2:40 p.m.


A cold autumn wind blew past the window as a call

of attending the University of Wyoming. Engineering and Sports Medicine appeal to his keen mind.

Murphy Johnston would be available to discuss the season at 2 p.m. Arriving on campus at 1:45 afforded the opportunity not only to leisurely prepare for the interview but also to observe the look and feel of Glenrock High on a typical Tuesday.

“Well, he really didn’t know. I didn’t see him until November 23.” November 23. That would be Monday. This Monday. Johnston chose to keep his doctor in the dark about his injury. His reason was simple. “I just wanted to play football.”

pretty high when we beat them in the third week. After that, we took things week by week.” This was a team that operated in the present, focused on the now. That mind set, that focus, helped propel the Herders to a second straight State Championship Game. Of course there was more. 7 a.m. film meetings. Practices until 5:30 p.m., every day, regardless of the weather. Sacrifices, so many sacrifices. But it was worth it. The strength of character and selfless nature of the team allowed the Herder juggernaut to once again collectively move forward until the ultimate prize was once more in sight. Johnston and Worthington discussed their feelings after the recent Championship Game.

The site remains clean, very clean. There are no signs of graffiti or vandalism. Not one scrap of paper, nor debris of any kind, is visible on the floor. This high school has the look of a well kept office building.

This is an environment that speaks of order. Discipline. Pride.


As a result of this years season a number of Herder Football Players earned recognition for individual excellence on the gridiron. Austin Smith and Dustin Worthington received Top 25 honors.

Worthington reflected on outcome. “I felt as a team we put it all on the field. We left everything on the field. We had our chances but we just didn’t execute on some two point conversions. It was rough, but we have a 21 game win streak to be proud of.” Worthington then pondered momentarily. “But winning state two times in a row would have been a lot better.”

All Conference recognition was bestowed upon Dustin Worthington, Kyle Farley, Austin Smith, Cory Dewald, Colter Macormic, Troy Pinkerton, Tyler VanAntwerp and Jon Likes.

Johnston expressed similar feelings. “The championship game came down to 2 point conversions. They made theirs and we didn’t. On that last play they just executed a little better.”

Sophomore Troy Pinkerton was a key member of this years Herder Football team. Pinkerton earned both All Conference and All State honors while playing weak side linebacker on defense and tackle on offense.

All State members include Dustin Worthington, Kyle Farley, Austin Smith, Cory Dewald, Colter Macormic, and Troy Pinkerton.

The site is clean, very clean. There are no signs of graffiti or vandalism. Not one scrap of paper, nor debris of any kind, is visible on the floor. This high school has the look of a well kept office building. This is an environment that speaks of order. Discipline. Pride. Settling down into a comfortable chair, the quiet steps of an athlete are heard from behind. Murphy Johnston has arrived and cordially introduces himself.

was made to Glenrock High School early on Tuesday morning. Principal Gray was pleasant

Suspected by some but unknown to most, Johnston WIND_CITY_2 copy.tifsuffered a potentially catafrom this years Champion- strophic injury to his anterior ship Game playing Herder cruciate ligament early in the football team was arranged. season. Dustin Worthington and

Prior to the beginning of the 2009 football season, many folks seemed to think the Glenrock Herders didn’t have much of a chance of repeating last season’s success. Some folks didn’t expect much success at all. Dustin Worthington entered the room as the notion that the 2009 Herders were not nearly as capable as the 2008 version was thrown out for discussion. He answered without hesitation. “We like it when we can prove people wrong. Our first game was against Kemmerer and I believe they were ranked number 2 at the time. We won the game. That kind of determined our season.”

Sunday, November 29, 2009

It was suggested to these young men that perhaps the field wasn’t ideal for Herder Football. They both politely smiled. These two Herders do not appear to be in the habit of making excuses, no matter how valid they might be. High school football doesn’t last forever. The young men were asked about their post high school plans.

Johnston concurred. “A lot of people didn’t think we’d do well. But I knew we had it when we beat Kemmerer. We beat them IN Kemmerer. I know that’s the first time we’ve done that since I’ve been on the team, maybe the first time ever.”

While Johnston doesn’t currently anticipate playing college football, he does look forward to attending college. Where he’ll ultimately end up has yet to be decided, but the “toughness and dedication” he feels was instilled in him by Herder football will serve him well in his future academic pursuits.

It would seem this was a milestone for the 2009 squad. A momentum builder. A subsequent win over Thermopolis during the regular season only amplified their resolve. Worthington remembers. “Thermopolis was ranked

Worthington has been contacted by a number of colleges interested in his athletic prowess, but is unsure whether he’ll pursue football or basketball after high school. He becomes more animatedwhen discussing the prospect

The Glenrock Bird

Troy, like his comrades on the gridiron, worked hard during the season. Getting up early to lift weights during the summer and watch film during the season helped Pinkerton perform at peak efficiency on Friday nights.

When asked what his most memorable moment of the year was, Pinkerton was quick to respond. “Winning the semi against Greybull and keeping their quarterback below 100 yards of offense. We shut down what people were saying was the toughest offense out there”.

Pinkerton admires the determination that Coach Kumpula not only displayed but inspired in his players.

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The Night Hawk

The Glenrock Bird

Night Hawk Bird Columnist Susan R. Stoltz


Susan is owner/editor of Women Out West Magazine, featured speaker at writers conferences nationwide including Women Writing the West, Ozark Creative Writers and Writing the Rockies. As a freelance writer Susan has been featured in Open Range Magazine, Cactus Creek Daily and on the website of the National Association of Baby Boomers. Photo © Amanda Smith

Pumpkins, Indian Corn, ornamental gourds, and Mums; all remaining shrubs and trees are 50% off


A Thankful Heart is a Continual Feast At a time of the season when we are all busy it seems that we spend much of our time in preparation for the Holidays without taking a moment to reflect upon their true meaning. What a unique holiday Thanksgiving is and how wonderful we have a day set aside to reflect upon those things for which we are grateful. But is it a time to tally our good fortune or to be appreciative of the blessings of a more inanimate nature? Many of us have had a year of struggle, with the economy, our jobs, and our nation. We have each wrestled with personal conflict and loss, and equally joy and abundance. Personally I am facing the first major holiday without my father, essentially the first holiday without either parent. Yet, as I reflect upon the wonderful Thanksgiving memories I have I’m grateful for the recollections upon which my entire holiday attitude is based. Without the loving family who genuinely cared about one another my holiday experiences would have been something of a more superficial nature. The more I long for those days in my past the more appreciative I am that my parents cared so much for us. They molded us into the loving human beings my brother, sister and I became and thus, we have passed on to our own children. In my opinion Thanksgiving is not about things we have acquired, belongings and good jobs, although certainly those are gratifying. Thanksgiving is about the love we have for each other, forgiveness, and gratitude for those we care about. Thanksgiving is a word of action, something that we give to God and to others. Those who are truly grateful are thankful every day, not just once a year. This is the finest measure of thanksgiving: a thankfulness that springs from love. -- William C. Skeath

Cowboy Column Cowboy Poet Columnist TJ Casey

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TJ Casey is a singer/songwriter, storyteller, composer and entertainer. He was raised up on ranches in Wyoming and Montana and now teaches the "Code of the West" and poetry to students all across America. Check him out at

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This is what I saw after going to a community that had been hard hit by winter storms and many losses of livestock and they still waved at strangers.

It never ceases to amaze the things a feller sees. In little town America; it’ll drop you to your knees. How folks are always friendly, don’t hesitate to wave; at friends and often strangers in the land of the free and brave. They always seem to welcome; with a bright and smiling face. A friendly nod and handshake; whatever may be the case. It’s just the way they are; they will never turn away. They’ll be the first to help you; if your having a troubled day. These folks ain’t forgotten how America used to be; and they all still know the reason that we live in the land of free. So take the frown from off your face and put on there a smile. Wave at every single soul; even if you go just one mile. Help your neighbor when you can it won’t take long to see; that folks are hungry for the American Way. The way that it used to be.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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The Wyoming Division of the National Pony Express Association wil be carrying Christmas cards for the holidays. The cards wil be carried via Pony Express from Glenrock to the Douglas Post Office-and from Douglas to the Glenrock Post Office. These lovely cards are not only special edition, but wil also carry a Pony Express stamp on them. Cards may be purchased at the Glenrock Chamber or the Douglas Chamber or by calling Rick Bretton 436-8536 or Kim Cain 436-7127. Although there have been Christmas card rides in other areas for several years, as Les Bennington--President of the National Pony Express Association-points out, “It wil be the first Christmas card ride in this area (Converse).” Bennington is proud of the volunteer organization that is the Pony Express. 2009 marks the 30th year that the group has carried mail by horseback and kept to the 10-day schedule. “That’s pretty amazing!” he said.


Public Notices Notice of Publication: STATE OF WYOMING IN THE DISTRICT COURT COUNTY OF NIOBRARA 8TH JUDICIAL DISTRICT JODIE DAWN BURNS CIVIL ACTION NO. CV-2009 -252-DC Plaintiff Vs. ARNON ELIEL BURNS Defendant NOTICE OF PUBLICATION NOTICE TO: Arnon Eliel Burns, DEFENDANT CURRENT ADDRESS: Unknown You are notified that a Complaint for Divorce, Civil Action NO. 2009-252-DC has been filed in the Wyoming District Court for the 8th Judicial District, whose address is P.O. Box 1318, Lusk, WY 82225. Seeking dissolution of your marriage to Jodie Dawn Burns and a Decree of Divorce in her favor. Unless you file an Answer or otherwise respond to this Complaint for Divorce within 30 days following the last date of publication of this notice, a Default Judgement will be taken against you and a Decree of Divorce will be granted. Dated this 20th day of October, 2009 BY CLERK OF COURT: Linda Fosher Clerk of District Court, Deputy Public Notice #0003. Published in The Glenrock Bird in the year 2009 on November 15, 22, 29 and December 6.

Notice of Position Opening Persons interested in serving on the Glenrock Community Recreation Board should submit a letter of interest including your qualifications to the School District Central Office, 120 Boxelder Trail, Box 1200, Glenrock, WY 82637. Deadline for application is December 2, 2009. This is a full term, ending on January 1, 2015, and will be appointed by the School District Board of Trustees.

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Beautiful ranch style home in quiet residential subdivision. Three bedroom, two bathrooms and a two car garage (with gas heater!) makes this 1376 square foot home the ideal place for any family looking to buy. Built in 2006 - features include Tankless Water Heater / In Floor Hot Water Heat Dishwaser, Refrigerator, Overhead Microwave, Stove. Vaulted ceilings in main house. Master bedroom sports a wonderful walk in closet, double sink, double headed tile shower Floor coverings include wood, tile and carpet


Foundation - Crawlspace

Outside Features include an 8x12 shed that matches the house, front and back automatic sprinkler system, wood fenced backyard complete with a dog run, backyard porch and patio with hot tub hook up and plenty of space niceley graveled on side of house perfect for your RV, boat or other recreational vehicles. Please call 436-5797 or 267-6515 to book your appointment to view this beautiful home.

Call Wendy Beck at: 307-436-5447 office 307-256-9162 cell or email

For more details.

The Town of Rolling Hills is now accepting sealed bids for the construction of an ADA access ramp. For more information and to obtain a copy of the engineer’s plans, please contact the Town Hall at 307-436-5348. All bids must be received by December 18, 2009.

Once fil ed out and addressed, the cards can be dropped off at the Chambers’ collection box and should have a postage stamp in place for mailing. Drop off needs to take place by December 11th, when the cards wil be picked up, given their Pony Express stamp, and packed to be taken to the Post Offices via horseback. These special Pony Express cards are sel ing for $1 each and al proceeds wil go to help the Wyoming Division of the Pony Express. Supplies are limited, so order yours soon!


HOUSE FOR SALE - 440 Gold Pan Drive Sun Up Ridge in Glenrock - Price $189,000.00



Sunday, November 29, 2009

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News From The Nest RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS IN DEBATE WYOMING DELEGATION STANDS STRONG Washington, D.C. – This spring the U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether the right to bear arms, as written in the Second Amendment, applies to every resident of the United States or just residents of the District of Columbia. U.S. Senators Mike Enzi, John Barrasso and Representative Cynthia Lummis, all R-Wyo., aren’t taking any chances. They signed their names to an amicus curiae brief related to a case involving Chicago’s gun ban. The delegation sided with Second Amendment rights. “The Supreme Court has already ruled that the right to bear arms is a constitutional and individual right. Residents of Chicago should be able to defend

themselves just like our founding fathers intended of all our law-abiding citizens,” Enzi said. “It is absurd to think the Bill of Rights was only written with District of Columbia residents in mind. Second Amendment rights apply to Americans in every part of the country.” “The second amendment is a way life in Wyoming. It is a value we hold dear. The Supreme Court already confirmed what the people of Wyoming have known all along – the Constitution guarantees our fundamental right to keep and bear arms,” said Barrasso, a life member of the National Rifle Association. “For those of us in Wyoming, the right to keep and bear arms is a way of life,”


U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, RWyo., spoke multiple times on the Senate floor over the last few days outlining the pitfalls of the bill. He said the 2,074 page bill will: increase taxes for nearly every American, cut Medicare for seniors, mandate every American to buy health insurance regardless of their age or health, mandate small

businesses purchase health insurance for their employees, and add trillions of dollars of government spending. “The Majority Leader has jammed ten pounds of enti-

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sition, some jurisdictions, like the City of Chicago, have attempted to circumvent Second Amendment rights by passing outright hand gun bans and excessively strict gun laws that make it nearly impossible to own or carry a firearm.

Amendment guarantees an individual’s right to keep and bear arms and that the District of Columbia could not enforce an outright ban on hand guns. In the case of McDonald v. City of Chicago, the Supreme Court will have the opportunity to clarify if the ruling in the Heller case applied only to federal enclaves, like the District of Columbia, or if it applies to all state and local governments. Historically, the Court has recognized that the Bill of Rights does apply to state and local governments according to the Fourteenth Amendment.

Lummis said. “Our founding fathers guaranteed that right by incorporating it into our Bill of Rights. The Supreme Court has an historic opportunity to say once and for all that the right to keep and bear arms is for every American, no matter where they live -- whether they are in Chicago or Cheyenne.”

The amicus curiae brief was a bipartisan effort signed by 58 senators and 251 representatives, which is more members of Congress than any amicus brief in U.S. history. The brief expresses support for Second Amendment rights and urges the court to rule against the City of Chicago.

McDonald v. City of Chicago will determine if the Second Amendment applies to state and local governments through the Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution which protects a person’s civil and political rights from being denied by any state. Despite clear congressional support for the individual’s right to keep and bear arms and a Supreme Court decision affirming this po-

The current case before the Supreme Court involves Otis McDonald, a community activist in Chicago, and whether or not the City of Chicago has the right to enact gun laws that restrict him from owning a gun and contradicting his constitutional rights.

tlement spending into a five pound sack. But he is not fooling the American people. The voices of August are still echoing and coming from a vast majority,” Enzi said.

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In 2008, in the case of District of Columbia v. Heller, the Supreme Court confirmed that the Second

REID BILL MOVES FORWARD DESPITE COSTS Washington, D.C. – Late Saturday night, November 21st, the majority party was able to get the 60 votes necessary to ensure that Majority Leader Reid’s health care reform bill will be considered by the full U.S. Senate.


Enzi said this is not the end, however. The bill will be subject to change when the Senate resumes debate, which is scheduled to begin the week of Nov. 30. The amended version


An amicus curiae brief allows members of Congress to inform the Court of their views. Amicus curiae briefs can be filed by individuals or groups who are not directly involved with a specific court case but have a position that they hope will influence its outcome.




Official © photo of Sen. Enzi

in spring 2010.

Official © photo of Rep. Lummis

The brief will be considered by the Supreme Court when it hears the McDonald v. City of Chicago case Official © photo of Sen. Barrasso

seniors. In the end, I hope at least some of my colleagues on the other side of “We will take the opportuni- the aisle will not settle for ties available to us and offer this health care bill, which amendments to bring down is really a prescription for health HeartofEurope_Bird_Nov29.tif care costs, reduce the future pain, as they did toburdens on small business, night,” said Enzi. curb the deficit and protect will also likely require 60 votes to pass the Senate.


LUNCH MENUS Senior Shenanigans and The Senior Lunch Menu Will Return Next Sunday December 6th. Due to the long awaited and wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday The Glenrock Bird opted to print one day earlier than usual to give the staff a much needed day off on Turkey Day. We hope you and yours had a beautiful and very Blessed Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you all again on December 6th!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Mark Dosa - General News On Monday, November nursing home insured. We 23, a crowd numbering also will provide care for over two dozen gathered Medicaid patients, recent at 1108 Birch Avenue hospital discharges who in Douglas to celebrate typically require a shorter the ground breaking for stay for rehabilitation.” a new and improved fa- Stated Rude. cility dedicated to providing quality long term Rude then spoke about care for the elderly and the renovations to be acdisabled. complished. “ The Center is currently a 60 bed faMayor Marilyn Werner cility. We are going to be was in attendance.

remodeling and expanding 4 additions, which will allow for 40 private rooms, an Alzheimer unit, a new kitchen, and an expanded physical therapy suite.” Rude was also pleased to note that the Center’s laundry department would be relocated to an upstairs portion of the facility. “In this type of facility, a laundry room really doesn’t work very well if it’s not upstairs,” Rude noted. Also included in the reno-

vation plans is a new office suite to be located in front of the building. With a completion date anticipated to occur in December of 2010, the finished facility will grow from 17,000 to 30,000 square feet.

Weather Vane

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After the remodeling and expansion has been completed, The Douglas Care Center will be able to continue to provide a valuable and much needed service to the elderly portion of the local population in need.

The Douglas Care Center was purchased by Health Management Services in Billings, Montana on July 1, 2006. According to HMS owner Joe Rude, the intent from the beginning was to remodel and expand the facility. “We bought the facility with the intention of doing a remodel and expansion. If it wasn’t for the banking meltdown, we would have begun over a year ago,” Rude mentioned during a telephone conversation on Tuesday.

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“The mission of the Douglas Care Center is to provide long term care for the elderly and disabled. Our client base will include a group characterized as private pay

Artists depiction of Care Center provided by HGF Associates

CA N D O AP P O IN T S INT E R IM EXEC U T IVE DIR EC TO R Following the resignation of former executive director Joe Coyne to pursue personal and family interests, CANDO announces the appointment of Cindy Porter as its interim executive director.



Douglas Officials Celebrate the Groundbreaking of the Douglas Care Center in Douglas. Photo © Wendy Beck

Vendors and Community members alike, get ready…. because coming on December 5th is the 2nd Annual Christmas Festival. This fun filled festival will be held in the Glenrock Middle School. The event promises to be a great day of food, crafting, and fun! Winter Fest Craft Fair is 8am to 2pm, for more information or to reserve your booth space, call Lana Richardson at 436-2639. Then get ready for the Chamber Christmas Parade beginning at 5pm, for more information on the parade, or to enter your float in the parade, contact Mary Kay @ 436-5652. The fun doesn’t stop there folks! Next up...The Christmas Festival Craft Fair! From 5pm to 8pm, for more information call Andrea Barker - 436-5797.

Porter has worked for CANDO for six and a half years as its Operations and Business Development Director. She has more than thirty years of experience working for and with non-profit entities; city, county and state governments; and private sector small businesses. She has managed, performed and assisted with accounting and budget; business development; strategic planning; marketing, communications and creative design; training; human resources; legislative liaison; information fulfillment; information technology and purchasing. Porter relocated to Wyoming from Kansas in 1999 when she accepted the position of Chief Officer for Support Services with the Wyoming Business Council. She was Vice President of Operations for the Kansas Technology Enterprise Corporation. Coyne will continue to assist CANDO until January as a private contractor. The CANDO board of directors will conduct a search for a permanent executive director. CANDO was created in 1995, and is the local economic development agency for the City of Douglas and Converse County. Sunday, November 29, 2009

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Glenrock Art Showing continued craft in 2006. His passion became clear, his desire pure. After this epiphany, all other professional endeavors became - irrelevant. The product of this fevered dedication is evident in his work. There is what acknowledged artists call a “signature” that renders his creations unique.

His images are substantially intense and detailed. Stifling a desire to rip them apart to get a glimpse of what’s inside is difficult. There seems to be something beneath the surface…whispering, beckoning. One of the many elements included in the Stoecklin recipe is a twenty-first century alchemy known as HDR(I). The artist explains.

“HDR(I) is an acronym for High Dynamic Range (Imaging). It’s a process that involves taking and merging multiple exposures, then tone mapping the results.” But this hi-tech process means nothing if absent from that intangible, elusive “p” word; the hallmark of a Stoecklin. The reason folks are still looking, discussing, browsing, and looking again well past the midnight hour in this Glenrock Western Art Gallery?

Passion. Ken Stoecklin has “p” word in spades.


And for those art aficionados and collectors in search of a striking piece formed in the flame true passion, you need Ken Stoecklin. Ken Stoecklin's Western Photographic originals are available for viewing in the Gallery by appointment until December 23rd. Please call 307436-5447.

RMP DESIGNS NEW SITE - BETTER ACCESS FOR CUSTOMERS Beginning this month, Rocky Mountain Power’s Web site is doing more to turn the answers on for customers in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho. The Web site has been redesigned with a new look and navigation and improved content. The changes took effect Nov. 20. "These changes to our Web site will make it easier for people to quickly find the information about Rocky Mountain Power they’re looking for," said Karen Gilmore, vice president of customer service. "We’ve also made it more convenient for customers to manage their accounts online. Customers can access their account balance and usage history, select payment options and utilize other new online services." Although the Web site looks different, the Web address remains www. Rocky Mountain Power customers have already experienced Web site im-

provements during the past year, with the introduction of secure log-in and account features. The more modern look and feel of the Web site and additional features now available will further enhance its usability. The new site provides more flexibility to grow in the future as customers’ online needs continue to evolve.

Improvements to the Web site incorporate results from customer feedback and reviews of the best practices of other utility Web sites. Rocky Mountain Power’s Web redesign is an example of the utility’s continued commitment to improving customer service and increasing customer satisfaction.

Similar changes also have been made to the PacifiCorp Web site, www. Rocky Mountain Power is a division of PacifiCorp.


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The Glenrock Bird Issue November 29, 2009  

The Glenrock Bird Issue November 29, 2009

The Glenrock Bird Issue November 29, 2009  

The Glenrock Bird Issue November 29, 2009