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5050 “…Whereas today, 100 years with the help of its people, the community has developed into a thriving “Town of Excellence”….” ~ Governor Freudenthal on Glenrock’s Centennial

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

AIN’T NOTHIN’ LIKE A GOOD OLE CREEPY... JUST IN TIME FASHIONED CONCERT IN A BARN! FOR HALLOWEEN The first of four real life stories by Glenrock’s Paranormal Ghost hutning team. MWAHAHAHA!

Glenrock event brings in folks from... well.. ALL OVER!

As the two friends walked slowly through the upper floor of the downtown business, they tried not to focus on the pitch black around them or the open doors yawning at them as they walked by. The two women were part of a paranormal group, dedicated to finding rational explanations for the reports of ghostly activity in the building. Now, as the dark closed in around them, they weren’t so sure they’d be able to find those explanations.

Haunted Glenrock GHS FB RAMS THOSE RAMS! Cross Country GHS Volleyball Great Golf Almighty! D.C. is in fact not burning Cowboy Poet and The Senior Center Rolling Hills Town Hall Gets Facelift All This & More!

Concert in the Barn Entertainers from left to right: Michael Martin Murphey, Mason Tibbs, Dave P. Fisher and Clark Crouch. Photo © Amanda Smith

2nd Annual Cowboy Poetry and Concert a HIT! If you missed the Concert in the Barn held Thursday, September 24th, you missed out on a rip-roarin’ good time! The country band, The Avengers, played their amazing music before, during, and after dinner and then the three Poet Laureates took the

stage, Dave P. Fisher, Clark Crouch, and Mason Tibbs. You’d think that would be enough entertainment for one evening, but was that all that was offered? Certainly not! For after the poets, none other than Michael Martin Murphy took the stage to entertain the crowd with his wonderful music.

Concert-goers from from Glenrock, Kemmerer, Encampent, Casper, Douglas, Nevada, Nebraska, South Dakota., and as far away as Texas came to our lovely town to see all of these wonderful people perform. Friends and family enjoyed the incredible chuck wagon-

This photo taken at the Hotel Higgins two years ago shows what appears to be a woman walking through the dining room of the Paisley Shawl in Glenroc. The photo was taken during a photo shoot at the Hotel Higgins, while trying to capture Ghosts on Film. Photo © Amanda Smith. This is not the building mentioned in this article.

At the corner of the hallway, the walkie-talkie one of the

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and a new 230 kv line is to be added in the same corridor. Another new 230 kv line will be built in a different corridor.

The BLM plans to issue the draft Environmental Impact Statement in the spring of 2010, and will be evaluating all of the reasonable route options as part of that. Once the impact statement is issued, there will be another formal period for public comment prior to the final report.





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At the Rochelle Ranch Golf Course, the 3A East Conference tournament recently took place. The Douglas girls won, and Taylor Kline took home the individual title during the two-day tournament in Rawlins after shooting a two-day total of 185 (98, 87). If you're wondering why you're reading this in the Bird it is because Kline, who is one of the state's best female golfers, is a senior at Glenrock High School. She competes on the Douglas squad because Glenrock doesn't field a team. Funny thing is, it has turned out to be a Continued page 2

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On Thursday, July 9th, 2009, a meeting was held in Douglas by the Northern Laramie Range Alliance. Richard Walje, the President of Rocky Mountain Power was invited to speak at this meeting about the Gateway West Transmission Line Project that has stirred so much controversy between the company and local land owners. Mr. Walje, who had personally driven along sections of the proposed routes during his visit to Wyoming, admitted to the landowners that some of the line options proposed by the company are not the most ideal solutions. He further went on to say that, while Rocky Mountain Power is not able to unilaterally remove existing options from







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the table, they can propose other routes and make recommendations to the BLM as to which line corridors to pursue. “We can’t take anything off the table, but we can try to accommodate the concerns of those affected by the line,” he stated in an earlier interview that day. Now the labor of that meeting is beginning to bear fruit as Rocky Mountain Power proposes alternate routes to it’s original Gateway West Transmission Line corridors. ^


Jeff Hymas, a Rocky Mountain Power representative explained the accompanying map and the routes shown therein. The red lines on the map represent the original proposed route by Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power, the green lines represent alternative routes that were added for consideration by the companies earlier this year, and

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the blue lines represent the newest conceptual alternative routes being presented to the BLM for evaluation as part of the draft Environmental Impact Statement that is being prepared. The direction of the newest alternative routes will allow new generation projects to be connected to the ‘grid’ more easily as they become available. The study corridors are laid out as 2 mile wide strips of land, though the entire width will not be used. “An exact center line has not been determined for any of these route options,” Hymas said. # 0


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The direction isn’t the only thing to have changed in the proposal. The original proposal included a new 500 kv line, 230 kv line, and an upgrade to an existing 230 kv line. Now, the new 500 kv line is no longer being proposed, the existing 230 kv line will be upgraded

Rocky Mountain Power, through its commitment to the community, has held meetings and listened to the concerns of landowners affected by the transmission lines. These new route options are in place because of this, as Mr. Hymas explains, “Route options have been brought forward as a result of the input we’ve received from land owners and other stakeholders. I think it’s clear that Rocky Mountain Power and Idaho Power have been listening to what people have been saying…we are doing our best to address the concerns…while at the same time trying to meet the goals of our project.”

For more information on the Gateway West Transmission Line Project, visit the website at .

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Community CONCERT


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Staff Reporter Jessica Smith

On Wednesday, September 23, the lovely ladies and gentlemen of the Glenrock Senior Center were given the opportunity to see cowboy poet, Clark Crouch. Mr. Crouch, who was in town to perform at the Concert in the Barn with two other Poet Laureates and Michael Martin Murphy, took time out of his busy schedule to recite some of his famed poetry at the Center.

If you did miss this great evening of food, fun, and entertainment, don’t feel too bad. Keep your eyes and ears open, for the Concert in the Barn Series just may be bringing in another big-name act sooner than you think!

Come on, you know you wanna! (She ran callin’ Wiiii-iiiii---iiiiillllddddd Fiiiiiii----iiii----iiirreeeee.) Michael Martin Murphey sings “Wildfire” (the most played song on the radio of all time) during the Concert in the Barn Cowboy Poetry Dinner Show and Concert on Thursday Sept. 24th. Photo © Amanda Smith

Proof that even the staff got to eat during The Concert in the Barn, the sit down dinner was sold out so this hardworking crew found a great place to... graze. From left to right.... ah heck, you figure it out! First person to title this photo with the most unique name gets a Glenrock Bird T-Shirt. Photo © Amanda Smith

GOLF Continued from front page

match made in heaven for both player and coach. Kline, who has been playing golf since the age of 4, said she has had no problems putting the rivalry between the two schools aside and that when it comes to playing for Douglas, she doesn't mind it a bit. "I love it," Kline said. "Of course if we had a team I would go out for it. But I love my coach. I love all my teammates. I enjoy every minute of going down there." However, Kline did admit that she is occasionally on the receiving end of a few jokes if she wears a Glenrock shirt, but other than that she is in fact treated

just like a teammate. Last weekend, the Bearcat girls won the team event with a total score of 599, and the Douglas' trio of Kline, Hali Henwood and Molly Kreycik finished 1-2-3, earning each allconference honors. Douglas' Golf Coach Coach Chase Plumb, who has been coaching Kline in both the spring and the fall for the last three seasons, described Kline's game: "She has a lot of potential. She's got a pretty solid short game. The only place she gets herself in trouble is kind of in between the ears. Sometimes Taylor is a little hard on herself, and I think that carries over from hole to hole. If she has one bad hole, she has a tough time forgetting about it and getting on with the round, but

Those in attendance truly enjoyed themselves, getting a healthy dose of Crouch’s quick wit along with the poignancy of a few of his more serious poems. Crouch signed books for the audience before leaving and took some time to visit with his grateful fans. Many thanks go out to Mr. Clark Crouch for his appearance at the Glenrock Senior Center.

Concert goers took full advantage of Authentic Wagon rides during The Concert in the Barn Show last Thursday Sept. 24th. Photo © Amanda Smith

Taylor has a lot of potential. And she's done some great things for us this fall for sure." Plumb also said he believes Kline will continue playing at the collegiate level, whether it be at a Division II or III school. "I really think that there's a lot of opportunities for female golfers to go on and compete at the next level and I definitely think she has the ability," Plumb reiterated. "I know she's looking into some schools right now. I'm excited for her and hopefully Taylor finds a place that is a good fit for her. But Taylor is definitely good enough to compete at the next level." As for her plans for next year, Kline said she has been working hard to get noticed and make a name

Above-Cowboy Poet Clark Crouch poses with Albert after the Cowboy Poetry show put on for the Seniors by Crouch. Left-Miss Kingston proudly poses with her favorite poet -Crouch Right Donna Geho, Linda Care and Barbara Crouch enjoy Clark’s witty rythm and rhymes. Photo © Jessica Smith

Donna G surprised the sold out crowd during MMM’s song about two cowboys who tie knots in the devil’s tail. Folks, if you missed this, you missed a real crowd pleaser! That Donna G Can Dance! Photo © Amanda Smith

for herself. She was, however, quick to emphasize that while golf and a scholarship are important, it will ultimately come down to where she can get the best education. "I love golf, so I want to take it further, go to the next step; my goal is to play in college," Kline said. "But education is also a huge factor in it. I'm going to take all of that into consideration and see."

came up just short of the title. At the two-day state tournament, Kline shot a 90 on Friday and a 92 on Saturday, for a combined score of 182. Her two day total was good enough for third. Lander's Shantel Wright won the individual title, shooting a two-day total of 168. Defending state champion Bri Sweeney finished second, shooting 169 over the two days.

In the meantime, Kline was trying to win a state championship in Lander September 25th and 26th. And for Kline, bringing home (sort of) the title isn't out of the question. "I sure hope it isn't," Kline said with smile, adding that her goal was to finish in the top three.

As the tournament drew to a close, Plumb said he was pleased with the way Kline played. "For Taylor, personally, I think she performed well at the state tournament. I was a successful end to her fall golf season. I was proud of the way she played against some tough competition in Lander."

Kline did meet her goal of finishing in the top 3, but

Chamber & Community Events October 10th Buckles Boots & Bling! Info? Call 436-5797 or see October 31 Halloween Activities November 12 Spur & Lance Benefit Auction December 5 Christmas Parade & Festival, downtown 6 p.m.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

style meal catered in by The Paisley Shawl and created by the incomparable Matt Stottlemier which included fare such as baked chicken, barbecued spareribs, corn on the cob and Dutch Apple dessert. The delicious meal was served to the guests by the gorgeous volunteers from the Boys and Girls Club led by Andrea Barker. The authentic horse-drawn wagon by Morris Carter took concert-goers for rides around the area as others congregated around the bonfire or danced to the music inside the barn.

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Wknds in Wyoming & School LADY HERDERS FIND THEIR STRIDE AGAINST DOUGLAS X5! BUFFALO X4! Staff Reporter - Pat Callahan

After bouncing back from a tough lost to state power Wheatland, it appears the Lady Herder volleyball team has found its stride. The team took care of Douglas in five matches (2520, 25-7, 20-25, 19-25, 15-11) on September 24th. Glenrock then easily handled Buffalo in four matches (25-23, 25-12, 20-25, 25-19) on September 26th. Then in their most impressive outing so far the Lady Herders dismantled Torrington in three straight matches, 25-18, 25-1625-11. Glenrock now stands at 8-1 in conference play. "For the most part, everybody has just stepped up," Assistant Coach Meghan Ferguson said. "There hasn't been just one hard hitter or consistent digger that gets the job done. Everybody is pulling their own weight. RIght now, we basically have even stats across the board." Against Douglas on the road, Ferguson said the team played well and much of the new found

confidence came from beating their rivals. In what was a series backand-fourth matches, the Lady Herders were able to rally for the eventual victory.

Against Buffalo at home, the Bison never saw the Lady Herders coming. "Buffalo was a really good bounce back match," Ferguson said. "We played well in Douglas, but when Buffalo came in they didn't even have a chance. We were all over the net blocking and digging. We would block them and they would try to tip around our block, we were just all over it. I know Shelby Stewart had one of the best games she's ever had." Stewart finished with 13 kills and no errors. The Lady Herders winning ways continued on Thursday against Torrington, and this time it only took three matches to beat the Trailblazers. The wins, according to Ferguson came as a result of good communication, hustling and out playing and out working their opponents, all of which the Lady Herders had been emphasizing in practice. Alexis Durbin finished 16 blocks. After losing to top ranked Wheatland, Ferguson said

the coaches stressed getting back to basics. "We were just so tense, and we weren't relaxed and just playing volleyball. The girls were over thinking, and when you over think in volleyball you make mistakes. Now, we're emphasizing just play, telling them, 'You know what you're doing.' So just get out there and just play, don't think about it. Everybody is just stepping up. It's about the team. The girls are doing their job and that's why we're getting the wins right now." Glenrock vs. Douglas Lady Herders win: 25-20, 25-7, 20-25, 19-25, 15-11 Buffalo vs. Glenrock Lady Herders win: 25-23, 25-12, 20-25, 25-19 Glenrock vs. Torrington Lady Herders win: 25-18, 25-16,25-11 WYOMING STATE 3A VOLLEYBALL RANKINGS 1. Wheatland 2. Rawlins 3. Powell 4. Glenrock 5. Mountain View

From Left to Right: Homecoming King Preston Blakeley, Homecoming Queen, First Attendants Lexie Blackburn and Cory DeWald, Second Attendants Christine Dona and Kyle Farley, Junior Attendants Whisper Summers and Clint DeWald, Sophomore Attendants McKenna Hoyt and Tyler VanAntwerp, Freshman Attendants Jordan Voyzet and Dustin Horn. The Herders beat Big Horn at home on Homecoming Night.

CROSS COUNTRY IN THERMOP The cross country runners went to the Thermopolis Invitational on September 24th and continued to show improvement. Mary Nelson again led the way for the Herders (22:36) finishing second at the event. However, absent was fellow varsity competitor Marissa Widiker was out due to flu-like symptoms, which Nelson was also battling. The varsity boys also saw a strong showing from Raider Nelson (18:38), in only his second race since returning from a broken collarbone, finishing third. Following Raider Nelson across the line were Daniel Walters (20:16) in 13th, Kurry Anderson (21:39) in 22nd and Dustin Horn (21:51) in 23rd.

On junior varsity, Cody Grenseman (23:16) led the way with a 15th place finish. After Grenseman, were Brandon Pittsley (24:22) in 19th, Noah Eitel (24:44) in 24th, Lane Blakeley (25:23) in 29th and Steven Flynn (33:31) in 38th. For the girls JV squad, Jessica Grant (28:48) came home fifth, followed by Chanel Doherty (30:34) in tenth, Kylie Walters (30:46) in 11th, Shaynna Hoyt (30:48) in 12th, Taylor Berge (32:39) in 14th and Hayley Allington (32:57) in 15th. At the Invitational, especially impressive was the time put up by Raider Nelson. His previous best time was 21:18, whereas at Thermop-


Staff Reporter Pat Callahan

olis he crossed the line at 18:38, cutting close to three minutes off his season's best time posted in Douglas.

"He ran just a much better race," Coach Al Finch said of Raider. "He ran way smarter. He went out like we told him and just ran much smarter. He was gaining on the leader, and was in second for the second lap until just the end. His fitness level is going to keep getting better, and his results will be interesting to watch the rest of the season.

As for the upcoming Wright Invitational, Finch said the team is hoping for some fall weather, as they have been competing in unseasonably warm temperatures. "Everyone is hoping it's going to be cooler," Finch said. "Most of the meets we've competed in, it's been hot. And in workouts in cooler weather, the team has just performed a lot better. So they're looking forward to some cooler weather. Not windy or rainy mind you, but just something cooler."


Finch also noted a few other Herders who improved their times, including Daniel Walters, Kurry Anderson and Mary Nelson. In fact Nelson finished just 14 second off the lead.

SC H OOL LUNCHES Monday, Oct. 5 - Burrito, All Tuesday, Oct. 6 - BBQ rib sandwich, All Wednesday, Oct. 7 Beef and mac, All Thursday, Oct. 8 - Sub sandwich and soup, All Friday, Oct. 9 - Chicken strips, GS, MS; Sack lunch, HS

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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The Glenrock Bird


Rita Heath - Glenrock Librarian Dzien Dobry! Good day in Polish from the library! Only 30 days left to get your favorite recipe on print. Converse County Libraries are looking for your favorite recipes to go into a county cookbook which will be available for purchasing before Christmas.


FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORY A community of caring since 1893

Barbara Monfre

Family Service Associate

Story time for October 7 will feature the color yellow. Yellow reminds me of ducks! We will be reading Do Like a Duck Does by Lois Ehlert. Let’s all put our yellow tails on and do like a duck!! Story time is open to anyone 5 years old and under with an adult. Story time starts at 10:00 every Wednesday.

Fax: 307-235-6694 Phone: 307-234-0234 w w w. n e w c o m e r c a s p e r. c o m

Could it be? Another birthday for Winnie the Pooh! Yes! Come have some fun with the rest of Pooh’s fans and celebrate his birthday, Saturday, October 10 at 11:00 at the library. There will be stories, a game and

what would a birthday celebration be without a little cake. Bob Kisken is back from his travels. He had the chance to photograph some “cantilevered” and many more unique barns from the Midwest. Come in and enjoy his work from behind the camera’s eye. Read Me A Story for October 3 ~ October 10 will be, The Scarecrow’s Hat by Ken Brown. Dial 436-2353 and listen to a good story. We’re on the web at http:wyldweb.state. Our phone number is 436-2573. Fax number is 436-8525. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10:00 to 5:00. Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 to 8:00. Saturday: 10:00 to 1:00. Closed Sundays.

COWGIRL SPIRIT Nighthaw Bird Columnist Susan R. Stoltz "Cowgirl is an attitude, really. A pioneer spirit, a special American brand of courage. The cowgirl faces life head on, lives by her own lights, and makes no excuses. Cowgirls take stands. They speak up. They defend the things they hold dear. A cowgirl might be a rancher, or a barrel racer, or a bull rider, or an actress. But she's just as likely to be a checker at the local Winn Dixie, a full-time mother, a banker, an attorney, or an astronaut." - Dale Evans Rogers, Los Angeles, 1992 I grew up watching Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on TV and in the movies. I rarely missed an episode on Saturday morning and dreamed of the day I would own my own horse and ride the range. Even though our travels as a family took us all over the world, I still fantasized about living the life of a cowgirl. When we lived in Samoa the horses ran free. If you could catch one you could ride it for the day and then turn it loose. The Samoans often traded horses for bicycles. I traded mine as often as I could. Riding those island ponies was heavenly. I could pretend to my heart’s content that instead of palm trees there were cactus and willows and rather than riding through the tropical jungle I was winding my way around the high timber of the Rocky Mountains. Our family didn’t have the extra funds for a horse. When we moved back to the states there were music lessons and braces and all sorts of things that took the majority of our income. Living on two teachers salaries with three children wasn’t easy. So I read every horse novel I could get my hands on, wrote stories

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

about horses, and dreamt of the day I would have one of my very own. I finally bought my first horse at the age of thirty and it’s been a love affair with everything western since. Though I rode the sport of dressage with a fierce seriousness typical of everything I undertake, I often went on trail rides, and horse camping. Once my horse took a flying leap into a river, and we both went all the way under. I rode the rest of that day in Custer State park soaking wet in very cold weather. All I could do was laugh. What adventures I was having. When I divorced the horse trailer, truck, horses and that entire way of life had to go. I had a son in private school and bills to pay. One of the hardest things I had to do was give up the dream that had become a reality. But I’d memorized that saying by Dale Evans. “The cowgirl faces life head on, lives by her own lights, and makes no excuses.” The dream would become a reality once again because I could make it happen myself. In my travels as an editor of a women’s western magazine I’ve come across this cowgirl spirit over and over again. Women with amazing tenacity, the ability to continue under great hardship and loss, a love of their family, friends and country. Dale Evans was absolutely correct when she said “A cowgirl might be a rancher, or a barrel racer, or a bull rider, or an actress. But she's just as likely to be a checker at the local Winn Dixie, a full-time mother, a banker, an attorney, or an astronaut.” Being a cowgirl isn’t about place. It’s about attitude, spirit and courage.

Susan is owner/editor of Women Out West Magazine, featured speaker at writers conferences nationwide including Women Writing the West, Ozark Creative Writers and Writing the Rockies. As a freelance writer Susan has been featured in Open Range Magazine, Cactus Creek Daily and on the website of the National Association of Baby Boomers. Photo © Amanda Smith

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COMMUNITY CONTINUED GLENROCK POLICE OFFICERS RELIEVED FROM DUTY On September 22nd, the Glenrock Police Department issued a press release that stated Officers Mike Kavenius and Paul Brown have been relieved from duty following a series of investigations into the tasing of 76-yearold tractor driver Bud Grose. The release reads: "After considering all aspects of the unfortunate event, which occurred after the parade during Deer Creek Days this year,

GHOST women held spontaneously erupted in a flurry of noise and voice, startling them out of their search. “Jim, is that

the decision has appropriately been made that the two Glenrock Police Officers involved are relieved from duty. The decision was made after careful consideration of all facts revealed through the investigation conducted by the Wyoming DCI, the internal investigation conducted by S.J. Miller Associates, and consultation with the Town of Glenrock legal counsel. The officers can appeal this decision if they choose to do so." Mike



you?” she asked into the receiver, speaking to one of the other two members of the team…..there was no answer--at least not from Jim…… As the two ladies stood there trying to raise Jim

Grose's son, said he felt the correct decision had been made. "I think it's a good move. I think we can all move forward now and it should make it easier for the rest of the police force to do their job."

Additionally, many community members felt neutral about the firing, and some felt the

Moreover, Converse County prosecutors announced in early September that they would not be filing charges against anyone involved in the incident, largely in part because they found no wrong doing on either either party involved. The decision was made after reviewing a Wyoming Division of Criminal Investiga-

on the receiver or figure out a reason for the noise on their set, something very strange happened….. everything went silent….. everything just stopped. Their ears alone felt the change as all sound disappeared from around them.

Kay and Jane began to call out to Jim and Mike, knowing they were merely rooms away, but it was as if all sound they made was swallowed up by the air around them and each of their three shouts vanished in the darkness.

Glenrock Police Chief Tom Sweet echoed a similar statement. "I think it's time everyone moves forward and we put this behind us."

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME BLING? On October 10th, the Glenrock Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming will be hosting its annual fundraiser. However, in contrast to previous years, the organization will not be hosting a breakfast this year. Instead, this year, the event. which is known as "Buckles, Boots & Bling," will take place at the Paisley Shawl Restaurant from 6-10 p.m. "We used to have a breakfast annually, Glenrock Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming President Andrea Barker said. "But we changed it to an evening event so couples could attend and enjoy a night out on the town." The nights festivities include several speakers, Followed by live music entertainment provided by

Roscoe Lee Snider. Auctioneer Joe Vodicka and the live and silent auctions will get underway. The silent action starts 6 and runs up until 8:30 p.m. The live auction starts at 8 p.m. Barker said among the items that would be auctioned include a 270 Remington short -mag gun, a queensize log bed and a log gun cabinet, just to name a few. Additionally, Barker said there would be a Bling of the Night, thanks to Casper's Western Boutique The Cadillac Cowgirl, sponsoring a beautifully blinged assortment of jeweled diamond belt buckles, purses, and more! To date, the club as raised roughly $10,000 through the

firing shouldn't have happened at all, however none of those community members were willing to comment publicly.

procurement of sponsorship money, thanks to Uranium One, Short Power Line, WANZEK, The Glenrock Bird and Cadillac Cowgirl. The hope is to raise more money in an effort to keep the club going, according to Barker. And the way to get that done is to attend the First Annual Buckles Boots and Bling Live Auction on Saturday October 10th at the Hotel Higgins/Paisley Shawl in Glenrock. Tickets can be purchased by calling Andrea Barker at 307-4365447 or by emailing her: Come on out for a great evening on the town! It's going to be a "Blingin' Good Time!"

Real Estate HOUSE FOR SALE - 440 Gold Pan Drive Sun Up Ridge in Glenrock - Price $198,000.00 Beautiful ranch style home in quiet residential subdivision. Three bedroom, two bathrooms and a two car garage (with gas heater!) makes this 1376 square foot home the ideal place for any family looking to buy. Built in 2006 - features include Tankless Water Heater / In Floor Hot Water Heat Dishwaser, Refrigerator, Overhead Microwave, Stove. Vaulted ceilings in main house. Master bedroom sports a wonderful walk in closet, double sink, double headed tile shower Floor coverings include wood, tile and carpet Foundation - Crawlspace

tion report pertaining to the incident. Attorneys for the two officers released a press release that stated although both officers are dissapointed in the decision, they are planning to appeal. The officers also wanted to thank everyone in their community, the state of Wyoming and their country for standing behind them in support during this very unfortunate situation. During their tenure in Glenrock, both officers After what seemed like an eternity, Jim finally rounded the other corner wondering why the two women were so agitated….when Kay asked Jim why he had called them on the walkie talkie, he explained that he hadn’t--

Staff Reporter Pat Callahan

were active in the community. Brown coached youth football for several years, and Kavenius was very much involved in the Special Olympics. "I know both gave a lot back to the community here," Sweet said.

The incident occurred August 1st, after Grose’s tractor collided with a police vehicle following the town’s annual Deer Creek Days Parade. No charges were filed or citations issued against anyone involved.

he’d had his turned off the whole time…..when she then asked him why he hadn’t come the first time they called out, he said that he had…… Deadline for Advertisers & Submissions: 4pm every Thursday.

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EDUCATION (Coaching): Glenrock School District has an opening for an Assistant Middle School Wrestling Coach & an Assistant Middle School Girls Basketball Coach. Applicant must be fully certified as an assistant or head coach. Please send a letter of interest and resume to Kyle Dahlke, GMS Activity Director, Box 1300, Glenrock, WY 82637. Deadline for applying is October 6, 2009. EOE



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NEWS FROM THE NEST NOPE, WASHINGTON ISN’T BURNING fornia, who was equally miffed that emergency forest fire abatement money was diverted to places where there are no forests.

Official © photo of Sen. Barrasso

California has been burning up as result of raging forest fires, but Congress doesn't seem to know that. The Senate was all set last week to award $2.8 million of stimulus money for forest fire management to . . . the District of Columbia. Hold on! Washington, D.C. doesn't have any forests, let alone forest fires. So Senator John Barrasso of Wyoming brought an amendment to the Senate floor to wipe out the funds and reassign the money to the U.S. Forest Service to spend where fires actually are a risk. The amendment passed unanimously so if any senators favored the original funding plan, they apparently didn't feel like speaking up. In an interview, Mr. Barrasso said he was "amazed" when he saw where the funding was going. "The last time Washington, D.C. faced a catastrophic fire," he quips, "is when the British burned down the White House in 1814."

The original plan called for giving the money to a local D.C. non-profit called Washington Parks

SHENANIGANS Happy Birthday this week to Alison Magee, Doris Howard, Jim McDonald, Beverly Bates, Swede Christensen, & Phyllis Jaeger. Be sure to stop in anytime this month for a free lunch courtesy of Deer Creek Drug. Please contact the Center if you would like your birthday or anniversary added to our list. Flu Shot Clinic Friday Oct.9, from 7am-2pm. This shot is for “seasonal flu” please call or stop by the Senior Center to make an appointment. Retirement Party for Shirley Moffett on Oct 11, from 2pm-4pm. to thank her for all her years of service at the

Glenrock Senior Center. Safeway Pharmacy will be here on Oct 14, to give Shingles Vaccinations. If you are interested, contact the Senior Center to make an appointment. The cost for the shot is ranges from $3.00-$60.00 depending on your insurance. You will be notified of the actual cost prior to October 14, 2009. The Commodities are in. This months items are dried pinto beans, mixed fruit, and frozen turkey breasts/roasts. You may pick your commodities up at the Glenrock Senior Center.

SENIOR LUNCH MENU Monday, Oct. 5: Chicken and dumplings, green beans, roll, coleslaw, apricot crisp Tuesday, Oct. 6: Sweet and sour pork, steamed rice, peas and carrots, egg roll, spinach/mushroom salad, sliced bananas Wednesday, Oct. 7: Liver & onions, whipped potatoes,

Italian vegetables, roll, salad, pear dessert Thursday, Oct. 8: Swiss steak with tomato sauce, rice pilaf, carrot coins, french bread, pineapple cream whip

Pair of brand new black lucchese womens cowboy boots. Size 7.5/8 - GORGEOUS! Call 436-5447. $60.00

WANTS TO BUY Wanted: Fine Coins & Antiques Call Bruce Smith - 307-234-6663


CALL NOW! 436-5447

ROLLING HILLS TOWN HALL GETS FACE LIFT The Rolling Hills Town Hall is sporting a new look these days, and the renovations that have been done were a definite necessity. Among those renovations was the complete revamping of the southern portion of the upstairs. The space once housed an out-of-date kitchen and storage area and now is the new home to the Clerk’s office. Also added were a reception window at the top of the stairs and a brand new handicapped accessible entrance on the back of the building which will be opened for use once the ramp is in place. The entire exterior was redone as well, including new siding and a steel roof. Plans for the ramp are currently on the drawing board with an engineer to ensure ADA compliance and once his report

is complete, the Town will decide when to open the bidding process for the construction. The bid will be advertised so as to include all of the con-

Staff Reporter Jessica Smith

Estimates for the new ramp have not been completed as of yet, but approximately 50% of the construction for the ramp will be paid

New office space for Rolling Hills Town Clerk Theresa Montgomery Photo © Jessica Smith

tractors in the area and, according to Town Clerk Theresa Montgomery, “…give everybody a fair shot.”

for through County Consensus money.

UPCOMING WINTERFEST Vendors get ready….because coming in December is the 1st annual Winterfest brought to you by the Glenrock Downtown Development Committee. Scheduled for Saturday, December 5th and held in the Glenrock Rec Center gym, the event promises to be a great day of food, crafting, and fun! For more information or to reserve your booth space, call Lana Richardson at 4362639.


The Glenrock Boys and Girls Club First Annual Live Auction at the Paisley Shawl. Saturday Oct., 10th beginning at 6pm! Call 436-5797 for ticket information!

Friday, Oct. 9: Bratwurst, herbed potato bake, creole green beans, bread, salad, apple dessert


Mr. Barrasso's aggravation is understandable. Wyoming, with its huge acreage of national forest land, was allotted zero dollars of stimulus money, even as its forests have been ravaged by the pine beetle. What's more, Mr. Barrasso won an ally in Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein of Cali-

According to the National Interagency Fire Center, more than 5.5 million acres of U.S. wildlands have burned already this year. Not one acre in DC, however.

& People. What was the group planning to spend the money on? Answer: planting trees and vegetables and "green education projects." Mr. Barrasso adds: "I've only been in Washington for a short time, but I'm continually shocked at how this town wastes money." At least he won a victory for taxpayers and the environment last week. Meanwhile, the only smell of burning in Washington is evidently tax dollars going through the pockets of our legislators. - Scott Moore.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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REPORTED INFLUENZA ACTIVITY JUMPS SHARPLY ACROSS WYOMING Wyoming influenza activity jumped sharply due to swine (novel H1N1) flu and has become widespread across the state over the last week or so, according to the Wyoming Department of Health. Since late May, 592 cases of influenza have been reported to the department. Of those, 123 cases were reported just in the last week. The department expects the number of actual flu infections around the state to be much higher because most ill persons do not seek medical care or are not tested. “This current level of activity is near what we have seen some winters during a typical peak of seasonal influenza,” said Dr. Tracy Murphy, state epidemiologist with the Wyoming Department of Health. “What is not typical, however, is the timing or the situation. We don’t usually see so much flu this early in the fall, but because we are dealing with a new strain of influenza this year the increase is not unexpected.” Murphy said the department’s surveillance activities show Wyoming’s flu activity is almost solely due to the novel H1N1 flu strain. “Over the last month all of the

Sunday, October 4, 2009

samples confirmed by the Wyoming Public Health lab for influenza have been the new H1N1 strain. If you have the flu in Wyoming right now, you probably have the H1N1 flu.” Influenza symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headaches and fatigue. Some patients have also reported diarrhea and vomiting. “The good news is that we are not seeing a shift in severity of the illnesses. Most people who become ill with novel H1N1 flu are able to recover fully within a few days,” Murphy said. Since the end of May, the department has received reports of 11 hospitalizations and one death among Wyoming residents in connection with the swine flu virus. “Influenza can be serious in some people and that’s why we should all do our best to avoid spreading illness,” Murphy continued. “Vaccines are the single most effective weapon we have in fighting influenza,” Murphy said. “This year, people will need a special novel H1N1 flu vaccine in addition to a seasonal vaccine for the best possible protection.” Murphy noted that seasonal vaccines are now available around Wyoming and swine flu vaccine supplies are expected to arrive over the

next month or so. Other measures the department recommends to slow the spread of illness include: · In general, people who develop influenzalike illness should stay home from work, school or travel until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever. Those who are severely ill (such as having trouble breathing) should seek medical care. · Avoid contact with ill persons. · Frequent hand washing with soap and water or the use of an alcohol-based hand gel. · Covering noses and mouths with a tissue or sleeve when coughing or sneezing, and throwing used tissues in a trash can. Of the total 592 reported flu cases in Wyoming since late May, 225 have been confirmed as swine flu cases. Specific swine (novel H1N1) flu counts provided by the department only reflect cases confirmed by specialized lab testing as the swine flu strain as part of the department’s ongoing surveillance activities. More information about swine flu in Wyoming is available online at www. .


Converse County & Beyond

LOOK WHO’S IN THE NEWS! It's a girl! Sakari Hatayne Burd 32 pounds, 33 inches tall Proud parents are Shane and Tanna Burd Welcomed home by her brothers, Dakota, 17, and Tage 11. It's FINAL!

The Burd Family invites you to come and celebrate this very special occasion, the finalization of the new addition to their family! October 10, 2009 2 pm 214 S. 5th Street Glenrock, WY (The Glenrock Bird Building) Hope to see you there!


On October 1st, 2009, Duke Energy issued a press release announcing that the Silver Sage Windpower Project in Cheyenne is now on line and generating clean, renewable electricity. The company also announced that Siemens Energy will join General Electric as a wind turbine supplier for a wind farm Duke Energy is planning to build near Casper. Silver Sage is the company’s second wind farm in the area; the nearby Happy Jack Windpower Project entered commercial operation in September 2008. Duke Energy has also finalized its plans for the

The Glenrock Bird

200-MW Top of the World Windpower Project, which is scheduled for construction near Rolling Hills in 2010. In addition to the already announced 66 General Electric 1.5-MW turbines to be installed at the site, Duke Energy has entered into a supply agreement with Siemens Energy for 44 turbines, each capable of generating 2.3 MW. Construction work at the Top of the World site is expected to begin in early 2010 upon receipt of all necessary permits from the state. PacifiCorp signed a long-term PPA with Duke Energy in late August to buy all of the

renewable power that will be generated by the Top of the World project.

With North Allegheny (in Pennsylvania) and Silver Sage now on line, Duke Energy has 634 MW of wind power in commercial operation. That total will increase to 733 MW by the end of the year, when Duke Energy’s recently constructed 99-MW Campbell Hill Windpower Project is complete and online.

For more information on Duke Energy and it’s current wind power projects, visit the website at www. .

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The “Bird Word” Search GLENROCK


Brrrrrrrr WORDS Word Search

Thursday. 09.24.09

Wind Cold Chill NotWarm MoreThanABreeze

Jacket Hunker Heater TooEarlyForThis Snow Rain ReallyWindy Weather Frost Frosty Congrats toBrandy Robinson for winning the Neil Diamond Word Search Two Wekks Ago! Brandy won a Glenrock Bird T-Shirt !

Whoever turns in a copy of the solved puzzle first, will receive a FREE Glenrock Bird t-shirt Sponsored by Reliant Federal Credit Union. Turn in solved puzzles to 214 S. Fifth Tues - Thurs after 9am.


-Rolling Hills Patrol Completed x2 -Citizen Assist. Officer Responded -Dogs at Large Reported. UTL -Abandoned Vehicle Towed x2 -Extra Patrol Requested for a Residence x2 -Dogs at Large Reported -Range Key Issued -Vacation House Watch Added -Found Property. Entered into Lost and Found -E-911 Gun Shots. Officer was UTL -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning Issued for Expired Registration and Head Light Usage -Officers Responded to a Dispute at a Local Establishment. Unable to Locate Subjects Friday. 09.25.09 -Officer Completed a Citizen Assist -Juvenile Problem. Mediated -Range Key Issued x4 -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed x2 -Traffic Stop. No Registration. Unfounded -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning Issued for no Front Plate -E-Mail Fraud Reported -VIN Inspection Completed x2 -Comm Tech Performed Notary x3 -Loose Calves. ACO Informed Owner -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning Issued for Speed -House Watch Added -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning Issued for Improper Display of Registration and Driver Side Mirror -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning Issued for Passenger Side Brake Lamp -REDDI Report. Officer was UTL -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning Issued for Headlight Usage Saturday. 09.26.09

Concert in the Barn crowd and Michael Martin Murphey give the Cowboy Poets a well deserved Standing Ovation. Photo © Amanda Smith

-Rolling Hills Patrol Completed x3 -Citizen Assist. Officer Complied -OAA. Officer was UTL -Range Key Issued x3 -Trespassing. Officer Spoke with Subject -Comm Tech Performed a Notary -Report Taken Reference Harassment -Assault Reported. Officer Responded -Citation for MIP Issued Sunday. 09.27.09 -E-911 Assault. Parties Separated -Citizen Assist Requested -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning x2 -Range Key Issued -Information on Suspicious Circumstances was Taken -Driving Complaint. Officer Responded -Extra Patrol Requested at a Residence

Monday. 09.28.09 -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed x3 -Traffic Stop. Written Warning for Stop Sign and no Proof of Insurance -Driving Complaint. Officer UTL -Range Key Issued x2 -Noise Complaint. Officer Spoke With All Parties -Officer Unlocked Vehicle for Subject -Extra Patrol Requested -OAA. Officer Completed PBT for Probation and Parole -Emergency Message. Message Delivered -Noise Complaint. Music was Turned Off Tuesday. 09.29.09 -Alarm. Responsible Party Notified -Deer vs. Vehicle. Verbal Warning for DL in Possession -Citizen Assist. Officer Complied -Vehicle Lights One. Message Left for Responsible Party -Traffic Stop. Citation Issued for no Insurance x2 -Dog at Large. Returned to its Residence -Antelope Trapped Between the Post Office and the Retaining Wall -Officer Performed a Welfare Check -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed x2 -Traffic Stop. Warning Issued for Exp. Registration -Citizen Complaint. Officer Spoke with Subject -Comm Tech Performed a Notary x2 -Range Key Issued x4 -Stalking Reported. Extra Patrol Requested -VIN Inspection Coomplete -Fingerprints Taken for Employment Purposes -Trespassing. Officer Spoke to Subjects Wednesday. 09.30.09 -Injured Deer. Salecs notified -Traffic Stop. Written Warning for Brake Light -Officer Performed a Welfare Check -Range Key Issued x4 -Suspicious Person Reported in Rolling Hills -Officer Performed a VIN Inspection -Barking Dog. Officer UTL -Shoplifting. Officer Spoke to Subject -Traffic Accident. Citation Issued for Failure to Yield Right of Way -Comm Tech Performed a Notary x2 -Loose Cow. Salecs Notified -OAA. Officer Served Paper -Noise Complaint. Officer Spoke with Subjects -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed

ing l Wyom ock a r t n e r ts the C f Glen Benefi Girls Club o Boys &

$25 et Per Tick

Sunday, October 4, 2009

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The Glenrock Bird Issue 10-04-09  

The Glenrock Bird Issue 10-04-09