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5050 “…Whereas today, 100 years with the help of its people, the community has developed into a thriving “Town of Excellence”….” ~ Governor Freudenthal on Glenrock’s Centennial

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

GLENROCK’S CENTENNIAL BALL... A BALL! Staff Reporter - Jessica Smith

On Saturday, August 22nd, The Glenrock 100 Years Committee hosted the Centennial Ball which was held at the Historic Hotel Higgins. Over fifty people danced the evening away in the beautiful ballroom of the hotel--normally the Paisley Shawl dining room, the space donated graciously by proprietors Judy and Mike Colling and the guests attended to by hotel manager Charlotte Zaremba (and Doug…..we can’t forget Doug! Kathy Patceg, one of the organizers of the event, was very pleased with the turnout. “It was wonderful!” she said. Jessica Smith, also of the committee (and reporter for The Bird) was also in attendance and had this to say about the gathering: “It was positively amazing! I’ve never attended anything like that before, but I sure hope to again! What a blast!”

Palmer and Sharon Aust dance at Glenrock’s Centennial Ball. Photo © Charlotte Zaremba Mickey and Joice Hammel step it up during last Saturday’s Centennial Ball. Photo © Pat Callahan.

Many of the guests dressed in period clothing and photographs were taken by Marge Irons of those peo-

ple wearing historic garb. Couples danced the ‘oldtime’ dances such as ‘The Virginia Reel’, ‘Put Your

MOMENT OF...BALLOONS Staff Reporter - Pat Callahan

Little Foot’, and the ‘Schottische’ along with a variety of Polkas and Waltzes and everyone seemed to have….well….a ball! The Centennial Ball was just one of many amazing events to be held

throughout the rest of this year, so keep your eyes and ears open for more information about the upcoming events listed right here in The Glenrock Bird.

A LOOK BACK OVER 100 YEARS The Hakalo Ranch in Glenrock

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Roughly 280 purple balloons were handed out to the children at Grant, grades kindergarden through 4th. Afterwards, each of the children also received popsicles. Walker said the event was a success. "The kids were real excited. As they were leaving that day and getting on the bus they were asked what was the best thing that happened today and they all said the balloons. They really enjoyed it."


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On Wednesday, August 26th, the kids at Grant Elementary School were given balloons to release at 2 p.m. The release was preceded by a moment of silence as the children were asked to consider their goals for the new school year. The idea was that of first-year principal Kris Walker, who had previously done a similar activity with elementary school children in Nebraska.

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Grant Elementary students release balloons into the air on Wednesday. Photo © Pat Callahan

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Pictured is a cowbarn built in the early 1900s by the Hakako family, which still stands today on the Hakalo Ranch in Mormon Canyon. Stay tuned to the Bird for more on the historical area.

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Community ROLLING NO MORE SATURDAY MAIL? H I L L S Staff Reporter - Jessica Smith


On Wednesday, August 19th at 6:30 p.m. representatives of Duke Energy held an informal meeting with residents of the Town of Rolling Hills to discuss the upcoming wind farm titled the ‘Top of the World Windpower Project’.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC., Duke Energy is one of the largest electric power companies in the United States, supplying and delivering energy to

cate turbines was basically based on the feedback we got from going through the public process and hearing peoples’ concerns and trying to respond to them in a way that…works for both Duke and works, hopefully, for the Rolling Hills community.” And what of the people of the Town of Rolling Hills? While some are not happy at all with the proceedings, most of the people in attendance seemed to

The U.S. Postal Service ended its third quarter (April 1 - June 30) with a net loss of $2.4 billion. According to the news release posted on the website, ‘Ongoing electronic diversion and the widespread economic recession continued to reduce mail volume, resulting in a $1.6 billion decrease in revenue for the quarter.’ Although several cost reduction plans have been put in place, the U.S. Postal Service is still projecting a net loss for the coming fiscal year end. What does all this ‘loss’ mean for postal patrons? A possible loss of Saturday mail. Postmaster General John

Potter is well aware of the losses incurred by the Postal Service and the fact that drastic measures might be in order to ensure its survival. “Securing the fiscal stability of the Postal Service will require continued efforts…,” Potter was quoted as saying in an August 5th press release, “… it will also require that the Postal Service gain flexibility within the law to move to five-day delivery, to adjust our network as needed, to develop new products the market demands, and to work with our unions to meet the challenges ahead.” How is the ‘fiveday delivery’ mentioned above going to affect the people of Glenrock and the surrounding areas?

Fortunately, not very much according to Sue Dills, Glenrock’s Postmaster who had this to say about the proposition: “What’s being talked about is continuing Saturday window service, continuing Saturday post office box delivery, and just eliminating the carriers out on the street,” Dills explained, “So that way… if somebody absolutely has to have Saturday mail, they can rent a P.O. box.” For those of you who might be a bit concerned about the possibility of no more rural and city deliveries on Saturday, Postmaster Dills added this, “Just remember, we’re still in the planning stages of what’s going to happen--nothing’s been decided…”

The quality service provided by your local Post Office will not suffer due to any changes that have been or will be made, however as Postmaster General Potter explained in the release, “Our commitment to customer service is paramount. We will continue to provide the dependable service our customers need. We also will keep a balance with our critical focus on reducing costs so that service is not diminished.” Will Saturday rural and city deliveries be eliminated? Keep watching The Bird for updates on the decision as they become available.

Glenrock Chamber of Commerce Events & Community Calendar

approximately 4 million customers in the U.S. The company already has other wind power projects under way in Wyoming, among them the Campbell Hill project located on the edge of Converse County, just northeast of Casper, and the Happy Jack project located outside of Cheyenne. Sean McCabe from Duke Energy addressed the crowd of more than fifty people in the Rolling Hills Town Park, discussing the company’s future plans for the wind farm and trying to alleviate some of the concerns which were expressed at the earlier meeting held in Glenrock in the weeks prior. One of the main concerns seemed to be the proximity of the proposed wind farm to the town and its residents--original plans had some of the turbines within a mile of the nearest residence. Duke Energy listened to these concerns and responded by doing something that not all large corporations will do… they changed their plans. The new plan will have the nearest turbines at least 2 miles from the closest residence. The powers that be at Duke Energy, according to Greg Efthimiou another of Duke‘s representatives, have “decided to relocate a series of turbines that were originally planned for the western side of the project to a new parcel of leased private land on the east side of the project,” he stated, “We went to these lengths to alleviate the concern that…our turbines were going to be too close to the nearest private residence.” Sean McCabe explained during the meeting, “The decision to reloSunday, August 30, 2009

truly want all the information they could get before they decide what to think, and even a few seemed to have no problem at all with the proposed wind farm. Councilman Don Kuhn stated wisely, “It’s going to happen…as far as I’m concerned, it’s going to happen. It’s got to go in somebody’s back yard-and is it going to disturb anybody? They’re too new to tell around here.” He then continued with, “… it’s something that’s going to happen--can we stop it? Should we stop it? Personally, I don’t think so.” One resident, Pete Amirault of South Coyote street will have his view from the front of his house directly ‘affected’ by the turbines. His thoughts? “For the most part, I guess I’m generally in favor of going ahead and doing it,” he said calmly, “It’s not going to block that much of the view and we’ve got to do something for the new technology to get us off the oil dependency.” When complete, the Top of the World Windpower Project will be capable of generating 200MW, which is enough output to power between 50 and 60 thousand homes each year. With a project start date of Summer, 2010 and a construction completion date of Summer 2011, Duke Energy plans on having between 16 and 18 permanent employees when the facility begins regular operation. For more information on Duke Energy and their power projects, visit their website at .

Sean McCabe from Duke Energy speaks to Rolling Hills Residents on the Top of the World Wind Farm Project. Photo © Jessica Smith

September 10 National Bow Hunt BBQ, Rock in the Glen, 5 p.m. September 24 Meet & Greet the Candidates, Senior Center, 6 p.m. September 24 - Open Range Cowboy Dinner Show sand Michael Martin Murphey Concert 7pm call 436-5447 or 436-5652 for ticket September 26 Tractor Pulls, Glenrock Town Park, noon September 27 Truck Pulls, Glenrock Town Park, noon October 31 Halloween Activities November 12 Spur & Lance Benefit Auction December 5 Christmas Parade & Festival, downtown 6 p.m.

Swing Sound Band entertains ball dancers during Glenrock’s Centennial Ball on Saturday August 22, 2009. Photo © Charlotte Zaremba

The Glenrock Bird

Wick and June Lythgoe (above) along with Malene Wegemner and Ken McIntyre enjoy a swing around the ballroom floor of the Paisley Shalw dining room during the Centennial Ball last Saturday nigh. Photo © Pat Callahan.

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Wknds in Wyoming & School

Staff Reporter - Pat Callahan

On August 28th, the 2009 Herders’ cross country team was off and running, starting their season Friday at the Casper Invitational. The meet marked the first of nine for the Herders. This year’s team returns 16 runners, nine boys and seven girls. The girls squad includes four senior girls, two juniors and one sophomore. The boys team is made up of two juniors, four sophomores and three freshmen. Last year, in 3A, the girls team placed third in 3A state competition and boasted the individual state champion, Brooke Hughes, who now competes at the University of Wyoming. Despite the key loss, Coach Allen Finch’s outlook for both teams is positive, pointing out that returning four senior girls is a significant asset. He also said to keep an eye on the boys team. “Our boys team is young, but there’s some pretty good kids there.” Overall, thus far the team has looked good” stated Finch. “Like I said, we have some really good kids. I’m optimistic, very much so.” For those who may not necessarily be familiar with the guidelines of cross country, the distance at all meets, including the state meet, is 5K (3.1 miles) for both boys and girls. Teams consist of a maximum of seven runners and a minimum of five to score in 3A and 4A classifications. The first five finishers of each team score points according to their final position. In addition, only one boy’s team and one girl’s team per school is allowed at the state meet. A school may enter fewer than five participants to compete for individual awards. Coach Finch best explained the nature of the individual aspect of the sport in comparison to team competition. “You know cross country is very much an individual thing, but it’s also so very much of a team thing because you can’t do anything without five.” Cross country scores the first five finishers at meets. “I mean if you don’t have five, you have nothing,” Finch said. “So it’s very much a team concept, but the individuals can do well too.” Finch added that the Herder team members always want to see the team place well as

a whole because it is what determines your team score. Last year, the Herders had seven girls qualify for the state meet, however two, Hughes and Molly Anderson have since graduated. Still, the girls return junior Marissa Widiker, who finished fifth at state, and senior Mary Nelson, who placed sixth. Other returning runners who also placed in the top 65 in the state include senior Kylie Walters, sophomore Jessica Grant and senior Hayley Allington. Additionally, based on last year’s state results, Nelson is the second fastest returning senior, while Widiker is the second fastest returning junior. As for the boys, how well the young group improves will tell the story. In 2008, the Herders had three place within the top 82 at the state meet, led by departed senior Casey Reeves, who finished 21st. Back to lead the boys are sophomores Brandon Pittsley and Steven Flynn. Pittsley is ranked as the state’s 10th fastest returning underclassman. Finch stated that the returning state qualifiers have self-imposed expectations. “They expect of themselves to always get better,” he said. “Bettering their time. To always score higher. And that’s nothing I even have to talk about. It’s something they want to do.” Finch added that team leadership has been good due the quality of kids. “It’s just a good group of kids.. They don’t miss practice. They’re very knowledgeable and they’re very dedicated to what they’re doing right now, and that’s really been a plus.” As to who to look out for this year, Finch said all teams, noting that coaches never know who’s coming back and that there are always new freshmen that are good that come on the scene. “It’s a toss up from the beginning of the year.” The teams that competed at Friday’s Casper Invitational include Buffalo High School, Campbell County, Casper Westside, Kelly Walsh High School, Lander Valley High School, Laramie High School, Natrona County High School, Normative Services, Riverton, Sheridan High School, Torrington and Wyoming Indian. 2009 Cross Country Roster BOYS Daniel Walters, jr. Kurry Anderson, jr. Brandon Pittsley, so. Raider Nelson, so. Cody Grenseman, so. Steven Flynn, so. Dustin Horn, fr. Noah Eitel, fr. Lane Blakeley, fr.

GIRLS Kylie Walters, sr. Mary Nelson, sr. Shaynna Hoyt, sr. Hayley Allington, sr. Marissa Widiker, jr. Chanel Doherty, jr. Jessica Grant, so. 2008 BOYS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 21. Reeves, Casey, sr., Glenrock High School 18:39.39 67. Irvine, Sean, so., Glenrock High School 21:28.21 78.Pittsley, Brandon, fr., Glenrock High School 25:00.88 82.Flynn, Steven, fr., Glenrock High School 31:59.04 WYOMING STATE BOYS TOP RETURNING 3A SENIORS 1. Andy Phillips - Jackson Hole High School (Defending State Champion) 2. Garret Wilson - Douglas High School 3. Bryan Clark - Douglas High School 4. Drew Stafford - Buffalo High School 5. Matt Hawley - Newcastle High School 6. Phillip Tabb - Buffalo High School 7. Kasey Watson- Douglas High School 8. Luke May - Jackson Hole High School 9. Chris Smith - Torrington High School 10. Brent Carpenter - Rawlins High School TOP RETURNING 3A JUNIORS 1. Zach Lentsch - Worland High School 2. Ethan Ryan - Worland High School 3. Joseph Kelly - Buffalo High School 4. Garret Scarince - Lander Valley High School 5. Benson Checketts - Lovell High School 6. Kenneth Moncur - Lovell High School 7. Stephen Powers - Lyman High School 8. Patrick Voss - Powell High School 9. Danny McKearney - Powell High School 10. Eric Rothleutner - Worland High School TOP RETURNING 3A SOPHOMORES 1. Justin Wermers - Newcastle High School 2. Lars Schou - Jackson Hole High School 3. Chase Constantine - Cody High School 4. Carlos Amaro - Torrington High School 5. Jonathan Vierra - Lander Valley High School 6. Dan Arnold - Torrington High School 7. Chris Thurmon - Rawlins High School 8. Reagon Robbins - Torrington High School 9. J.T. Terry - Lyman High School 10. Brandon Pittsley - Glenrock High School WYOMNG STATE GIRLS TOP RETURNING 3A SE-

2009 Herder Cross Country Team Back Row, from Left to Right: Coach Al Finch, Steven Flynn, Kurry Anderson, Danny Walters, Dustin Horn, Brandon Pittsley, Cody Grenseman, Lane Blakeley, Noah Eitel. Front Row, from Left to Right: Volunteer Coach Chelsy Anderson, Marissa Widiker, Kylie Walters, Shaynna Hoyt, Mary Nelson, Hayley Allington, Chanel Doherty. Photo © Pat Callahan NOT PICTURED: Coaches Mark Allington and Jessica Grant, Raider Nelson

Sunday, August 30, 2009

NIORS 1. Ellie Rice - Jackson Hole High School 2. Mary Nelson - Glenrock High School 3. Ashley Apland - Worland High School 4. Skye Albert - Powell High School 5. Elise D’Alessandro Cody High School 6. Kenzee Scheussler - Newcastle High School 7. Shelby Sweeney - Worland High School 8. Emily Schwahn - Powell High School 9. Molly Varney - Worland High School 10. Rhiann Dameron Douglas High School TOP RETURNING 3A JUNIORS 1. Della Lyle - Buffalo High School 2. Marissa Widiker - Glenrock High School 3. Annie Milburn - Jackson Hole High School 4. Abbey Armijo - Jackson Hole High School 5. Michelle Conner - Cody High School 6. Kendra Siebigteroth Lander Valley High School 7. Sarah Hostetler - Buffalo High School 8. Savannah Troxel - Lander Valley High School 9. Kara Colovich - Lander Valley High School 10. Mindy Sermon - Lander Valley High School TOP RETURNING 3A SOPHOMORES 1. Desiree Murray - Powell High School 2. Alyssa Rodriguez - Powell High School 3. Beryl Coulter - Lander Valley High School 4. Mikayla Brower - Torrington High School 5. Amanda Kornegay Douglas High School 6. Shaya Wolf - Buffalo High School 7. Andee Schueler - Buffalo High School 8. Catherine Cloetta - Jackson Hole High School 9. Suzie Shumway - Lovell High School 10. Sarah Townsend- Douglas High School 2008 TEAM RESULTS GIRLS 2008 WHSAA 3A State Cross Country - 10/25/2008 1. Powell High School Total Time: 1:47:12.11 Average: 21:26.43 2. Jackson Hole High School Total Time: 1:48:20.38 Average: 21:40.08 3. Glenrock High School Total Time: 1:47:30.61 Average: 21:30.13 2008 GIRLS INDIVIDUAL RESULTS 1.Hughes, Brooke, sr., Glenrock High School 18:58.15 1 5.Widiker, Marissa, so., Glenrock High School 20:41.63 5 6.Nelson, Mary, jr., Glenrock High School 21:01.44 6 33. Anderson, Molly, sr., Glenrock High School 22:58.25 32 45. Walters, Kylie, jr., Glenrock High School 23:51.14 44 57.Grant, Jessica, fr., Glenrock High School 25:37.20 56 65.Allington, Hayley, jr., Glenrock High School 26:46.06 64 2008 TEAM RESULTS BOYS 2008 WHSAA 3A State Cross Country - 10/25/2008 2008 INDIVIDUAL RE-

The Glenrock Bird

SULTS BOYS 1. Douglas High School Total Time: 1:29:54.28 Average: 17:58.86 2. Lander Valley High School Total Time: 1:31:03.72 Average: 18:12.75 3. Newcastle High School Total Time: 1:31:22.76

rock High School 18:39.39 67. Irvine, Sean, so., Glenrock High School 21:28.21 78.Pittsley, Brandon, fr., Glenrock High School 25:00.88 82.Flynn, Steven, fr., Glenrock High School 31:59.04

The Glenrock boys did not qualify in the top 12

2008 INDIVIDUAL RESULTS BOYS 21. Reeves, Casey, sr., Glen-

GLENROCK FOOTBALL COACHES Ray Kumpula Donnie Stewart Carl Federer Justin Kidneigh 3 Austin Smith (sr.) - RB/ DB 4 Derrick Rowe (jr.) - RB/ DB 7 Tanner Kelley (fr.) - RB/ DB 8 Dustin Worthington (sr.) - E/E 10 Kyle Farley (sr.) - QB/ DB 11Luiz Caballero (fr.) - RB/ DB 12 Chance Faunce (fr.) QB/DB 13 Tyler Kelley (jr.) - QB/ DB 14 Gunner Kron (so.) - RB/ DB 15 Tyler Van Antwerp (so.) - QB/E 20/60 Murphy Johnston (sr.) - RB/LB 25 Larry Loyd (so.) - RB/ LB 27/52 Colter Macormic (sr.) - G/E 30 Cory DeWald (sr.) - FB/ LB 36 Landon Eason (fr.) - RB/ DB 39/65 Clint Dewald (jr.) FB/LB 40 Jon Likes (sr.) - E/E 47 Glenn Lewis (so.) - RB/ DB 50 Cole Nelson (so.) - C/T 53 Seth Gore (so.) - G/E 54 JD Pittsley (fr.) - G/T 55 Matt Widicker (jr.) - G/ LB 56 Alvaro Hermosillo (fr.) T/T 58 Troy Pinkerton (so.) G/T 61 Tyler Berge (so.) - G/T 65/71 DC Hall (fr.) - G/T 66 Matt Morgan (so.)- E/LB 68 Taylor Tresch (fr.) - T/T 70 Lincoln Butler (so.) - G/ DB 72 Taylor Yingling (fr.) T/T 73 Josh Williams (jr.) - T/T 74 Houston Pfander (fr.) C/T 77 Lucas Hill (jr.) - T/T 78 Clint Zimmerle (sr.) C/T 79 Cheyne Keasler (so.) -T/T 80 Kale Smith (fr.) - RB/DB 85 Tate Johnston (fr.) - E/ LB 88 Ryan Boner (so.) - E/DB MANAGERS Alexis Kidneigh Cassidy Warren Carye Keasler Elijah Stewart



SENIORS (8) 3 Austin Smith - RB/DB 8 Dustin Worthington E/E 10 Kyle Farley - QB/DB 20/60 Murphy Johnston RB/LB 27/52 Colter Macormic G/E 30 Cory DeWald - FB/LB 40 Jon Likes - E/E 78 Clint Zimmerle - C/T JUNIORS (6) 4 Derrick Rowe - RB/DB 13 Tyler Kelley - QB/DB 39/65 Clint Dewald - FB/ LB 55 Matt Widicker - G/LB 73 Josh Williams - T/T 77 Lucas Hill - T/T SOPHOMORES (12) 14 Gunner Kron - RB/DB 15 Tyler Van Antwerp QB/E 25 Larry Loyd - RB/LB 47 Glenn Lewis - RB/DB 50 Cole Nelson - C/T 53 Seth Gore - G/E 58 Troy Pinkerton - G/T 61 Tyler Berge - G/T 66 Matt Morgan - E/LB 70 Lincoln Butler - G/DB 79 Cheyne Keasler -T/T 88 Ryan Boner - E/DB FRESHMEN (12) 7 Tanner Kelley - RB/DB 11Luiz Caballero - RB/DB 12 Chance Faunce - QB/DB 36 Landon Eason - RB/DB 54 JD Pittsley - G/T 56 Alvaro Hermosillo - T/T 65/71 DC Hall - G/T 68 Taylor Tresch - T/T 72 Taylor Yingling - T/T 74 Houston Pfander - C/T 80 Kale Smith - RB/DB 85 Tate Johnston - E/LB

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The library will be closed for the Labor Day week end. In case you’re as surprised as me, it’s September 5 through the 7. We will reopen on Tuesday, after honoring the working people of our nation. According to the book entitled Labor Day by Geoffrey Scott, Labor Day had its roots in New York City. The first labor union was formed in 1882 known as the C.L.U., Central Labor Union. Find out more by checking out the book, and do have a great week end!

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we are starting off this school year with a bang. We have weekly visits planned with the Glenrock Early Childhood and Carol Sturdevant’s daycare. Story Time will start September 9 at 10:00. The juvenile and teen book discussions will start the end of September. Yes, we’re going to have an excellent year! Read Me A Story for August 29 ~ September 5 will be First Day Jitters by Julie Danneberg. In honor of school starting back up again. Dial 436-2353 and listen to a good story. We’re on the web at http:wyldweb. Our phone number is 436-2573. Fax number is 4368525. Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10:00 to 5:00. Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 to 8:00. Saturday: 10:00 to 1:00. Closed Sundays. Thought for the day: Library, Endowment, and Donation.

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

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On Tuesday, August 18th, a fatal car crash claimed the life of Rolling Hills resident, 37 year-old Sara Peralez when she was partially ejected from the vehicle she was traveling in. According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol, Peralez was the passenger in a 2002 Ford Explorer, which rolled and came to rest on its right side near mile marker 171 on Highway 20/26. Both the driver and Peralez were wearing seatbelts, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol. According to their report, a deer ran out from the left ditch causing the driver to swerve in order to miss it. The vehicle then left the highway, striking two delineator posts before coming sharply back

onto the road, where it is believed the driver overcorrected sending the vehicle into a roll. The SUV did a complete side roll and then the front end tripped sending the Explorer up on its front end and then down on its right side. It is believed that the force of this impact caused the partial ejection which fatally injured Peralez. The Highway Patrol’s investigation confirmed the driver’s statements, and there were determined to be no other factors in the crash. Thank you to Wyoming Highway Patrol Trooper Olsen for the information for this article.

The Glenrock Health Center benefit walk took place at noon on Thursday, August 27. The walk, which raised money to help offset Hoyer's medical costs, raised approximately $600. Forty-seven people took part in the event, including three babies, three men and one dog. The route took the participants from the Health Center to the Burns Building and back. Melanie Cielinski, Directory of the GHC who organized the event with help from her staff said the benefit was an absolute success saying, "It was a showing of great community support." Cielinski said initially the Glenrock Health Center had decided to begin raising money internally to donate to breast cancer research, but after hearing of Hoyer's battle, the benefit walk seemed more fitting. "After hearing of Gail's fight with breast cancer we decided to donate the proceeds locally, to help Gail," Cielinski said. Hoyer is a former employee of the Glenrock Health Center.

The staff of The Glenrock Bird sends its deepest condolences to the family and friends of Sara.

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LOSS OF THE LION OF THE SENATE "I was terribly saddened to hear of the death of Ted Kennedy tonight. Given our political differences, people are sometimes surprised by how close Ronnie and I have been to the Kennedy family. But Ronnie and Ted could always find common ground, and they had great respect for one another. In recent years, Ted and I found our common ground in stem cell research, and I considered him an ally and a dear friend. I will miss him." - Nancy Reagan

Edward Moore "Ted" Kennedy (February 22, 1932 – August 25, 2009) was a United States Senator from Massachusetts and a member of the Democratic Party. In office from November 1962 until his death, Kennedy served nine terms in the Senate. At the time of his death, he was the second most senior member of the Senate, and the thirdlongest-serving senator in U.S. history. He was best known as one of the most outspoken and effective Senate proponents of liberal causes and bills. For many years the most prominent living member of the Kennedy family, he was the son of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr., the youngest brother of President John F. Kennedy and Senator

Robert F. Kennedy, both victims of assassinations, and the father of Congressman Patrick J. Kennedy. Kennedy entered the Senate in a 1962 special election to fill the seat once held by his brother John. He was elected to a full six-year term in 1964 and was reelected

seven more times. The [citation needed] His 1969 Chappaquiddick one attempt, in the incident resulted in the 1980 U.S. presidendeath of automobile tial election, resulted passenger Mary Jo Ko- in a primary campechne; Kennedy plead- paign loss to incumed guilty to leaving the bent Democrat Jimmy scene of an accident, Carter. and the incident sig- Known for his oratornificantly damaged his ical skills, Kennedy's chances of ever becom- 1968 eulogy for his ing President of the United States. Kennedy continued back page

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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The Converse County Tourism Board has a new member, filling the vacancy of former board member Mike Velasquez of Glenrock. Jessica Smith, also of Glenrock was appointed to the board after an August vote and attended her first meeting on August 20th.

responsibility is supervising the distribution tax dollars it collects through a local lodging tax. The goal of the organization is to promote Converse County using money collected from that tax. Current board member Kathy Patceg said that includes promoting local events aimed at tourists who come to town.

The board currently has nine members and is still looking to fill two open positions. Board Chairman Sue McBride said essentially the Converse County Tourism Board’s main

Smith, who is originally from Quapaw, Oklahoma, has been a Glenrock resident for four years. Smith’s family includes husband Sean, daughters

Kayla, Ellen, Vivian and son Christopher.

Smith’s interest in becoming part of the board was largely based on recommendation of Patceg. “It wasn’t the first time that someone suggested that I try for a position on the board,” Smith said. “When Kathy Patceg approached me as one of the people she thought might enjoy it, I spoke with Sean and decided to try it. I trust Kathy and if she thinks I can do it, then I am willing to try.”

“It is very interesting, the people on the board have to cover so many things, and be aware of so many things. It’s impressive to a ‘newbie’ such as myself, who is trying to learn the ropes, to sit back and take in what all is involved in a board position. At this point, I just want to learn everything I can about what they do and how they do it, and to do my best to give them good participation and input.”

Smith said so far she has enjoyed her time working with the organization.


LOOK WHO’S IN THE NEWS! Whitney Grant and Christopher Lamb announce the birth of their son, Ayden Christopher Lamb, on July 1, 2009. Ayden weighed 7lbs. 6.7oz. and was 20.5 inches long. Maternal Grandparents are Rick and Mary Grant of Glenrock. Paternal Grandparents are Charlene Hassler of Glenrock and Mike Lamb of Glenrock. Maternal Great-Grandparents are Lorraine Steinmetz of Cheyenne and Don Liv-

ingston of Cody. Paternal Great-Grandparents are Maxine and Maurice Haynes of Glenrock and Lisa Lamb of Porterville, CA.

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A recent mountain goat sighting in the Wind River Range has piqued the interest of Game and Fish officials. To the knowledge of biologists responsible for the area, this is the first confirmed sighting of a mountain goat in the Wind River Mountains. Photo Courtesy Erin Smith WG&F

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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The “Bird Word” Search Herder Football Words Word Search


HERDERS KUMPULA QUARTERBACK KICKOFF OFFENSE DEFENSE FULLBACK RECEIVER SAFETY SPECIAL TEAMS SACK TURNOVER TOUCHDOWN PUNT INTERCEPTION Congrats to Neil Martzolf! Neil won a Glenrock Bird T-Shirt for the words that begin with the letter “i” Word Search! We almost forgot about you Neil!

Whoever turns in a copy of the solved puzzle first, will receive a FREE Glenrock Bird t-shirt Sponsored by Reliant Federal Credit Union. Turn in solved puzzles to 214 S. Fifth Tues - Thurs after 9am.


John and Theda Russel - “Hand in Hand” © A. Smith

Theda M. Russell (Oden) passed away suddenly on Saturday, August 22, 2009. She was born on March 8, 1920 to Brent D. and Olive Oden. Theda, known by all who loved her as Mickey, grew up in the small, friendly north-central Oklahoma town of Perry where she participated in a number of activities and was very active in the Eastern Star. Late in the summer of 1938, she met the love of her life, John M. Russell, and after a whirlwind courtship, they married in Laredo, TX on September 6, 1938. From that moment, until the moment of her death, she and John were always together, often holding hands like teenagers, except during his service in World War II and a short period when John’s work took him to Venezuela. Together, they lived in some exotic (Alexandria, Egypt) and not-so-exotic places (Ely, NV). The most important thing to her was that she and John were together. Along the way, she bore and raised two sons, John M. Russell, Jr (wife, Janice R. Hall)

currently residing in Fayetteville, NY and Brent D. Russell (deceased). She also had two grandsons, Joshua C. (Austin, TX) and Gregory M.G. (San Diego, CA) Russell). She and John moved to Casper in 1959 and then to Glenrock in 1986. She always said after all those years she considered herself to be a Wyoming native. While in Casper, she worked for 18 years as a drapery specialist, retiring from that in 1982. Besides her son and two grandsons, she is survived by the love of her life of nearly 71 years, her brothers Dee (Nadine) and Corky (Cathy) Oden (both of Perry, OK) and her sister, Jean Long (Enid, OK). Funeral services will be held Friday August 28, at 11:00 AM in the Glenrock Fundamental Baptist Church 125 S. Seventh, Glenrock, WY with burial to follow in Glenrock Cemetery. Newcomer Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.


research, health insurance, apartheid, disability discrimination, AIDS care, civil rights, mental health benefits, children's health insurance, education and volunteering. In the 2000s, he led several unsuccessful immigration reform efforts. At the time of his death, he was continuing to work on universal health care legislation, which is often described as his "life's work".[3] [4]

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brother Robert and his 1980 Democratic National Convention rallying cry for American liberalism were among his best-known speeches. He became known as "The Lion of the Senate" through his long tenure and influence. More than 300 bills that Kennedy and his staff wrote were enacted into law. He was known for working with Republicans and finding compromises among senators with disparate views. Kennedy played a major role in passing many laws, including laws addressing immigration, cancer

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

In May 2008, Kennedy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor which limited his appearances in the Senate. He died on August 25, 2009, at his home in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.[1]

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The Glenrock Bird August 30 2009 Issue  

The Glenrock Bird August 30 2009 Issue

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