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Sunday, August 9, 2009

DEER CREEK DAYS OH WHAT A TIME! Deer Creek Days ‘09 - 100th Birthday Celebration Brings the Town Out!

Jessica Smith Staff Reporter

It seemed as though the whole town turned out for Deer Creek Days last weekend, and you couldn’t go anywhere without running into friends and acquaintances…a weekend such as this, coupled with the fact that it’s Glenrock’s 100th year, makes a person glad to be a part of the wonderful community that is Glenrock! From the many wonderful events to the parade, there was Keith Robinette (rider) and Theresa Podio (on the hide) participate in the Hide Race during the Deer Creek Days Ranch something for evRodeo in Glenrock on Saturday August 2nd. Photo © Amanda Smith eryone and many out-of-towners Glenrock Area Chamber even considering how scurry about town to en- said with a grin. attended the celebration! of Commerce was ex- much she and the Deer sure the events came off tremely happy with how Creek Days Committee without a hitch. “It was a Continued Page 2 Mary Kay Kindt of the the weekend unfolded, members had to hurry and very busy weekend,” she


Pat Callahan - Staff Reporter

CONVERSE COUNTY FIRE BAN Jessica Smith Staff Reporter

On June 16th, 2009, the Converse County Commissioners ‘approved, passed, and adopted’ Resolution No. 11-09, which is ‘A Resolution Imposing A Partial Closure of Converse County, Wyoming Due To Extreme Fire Danger’. What does this mean for Converse County? Simply put, the County Fire Warden has recommended that the Commissioners place a partial ban on unrestricted outdoor fires and open fires due to the ‘high fuel load’-or abundance of tall, dry grasses--and the fire danger that they cause. “Because the grasses… are so high--even though we’ve had a lot of mois-

ture--[it’s] still pretty dry out,” Commissioner Mike Colling stated, “The potential for fire is pretty high and if there is a fire, it’s going to be a big one with all the tall grasses.” The fire ban prohibits ‘all outdoor and open fires and the discharge of fireworks within the unincorporated areas of Converse County, Wyoming’ with the exceptions of: gas and charcoal fires within enclosed grills; use of acetylene cutting torches and/or electric arc welders in cleared areas ten (10) feet in radius; propane or open fire branding activities in cleared areas ten (10) feet in radius; trash or refuse fires between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., where such fires are contained inside of con-

tainers, are attended, and are provided with spark arresters and located within a cleared area of ten (10) feet in radius; and controlled burns for range improvements, but only with the written permission of the County Fire Warden.

There is no specific date set to lift the ban, and according to the document itself, the fire ban ‘shall remain in force and effect’ until the Fire Warden shows the Board of Commissioners proper evidence that the extreme fire danger no longer warrants it (a.k.a. it will be lifted when the moisture level is high enough to do so safely).

To read the fire ban in its entirety, visit the website at

Crash victims work truck - Photo © Pat Callahan

On the morning of August 4th, a serious accident occurred on Interstate 25 between a Semi and white 2500 Chevrolet flatbed pickup truck. The accident took place at Mile Marker 173 on

I-25, approximately two miles from the Natrona county line. Along with emergency services, two highway troopers were dispatched. Those who witnessed the accident described it as "seri-

ous," as the driver was temporarily trapped within the vehicle. The pickup sustained serious damage, but the driver was said to be conscious and speaking. The semi only suffered minor damage.

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Community DAYS Continued from front page

The Deer Creek Days Committee was chaired by Fonda Hofstetter, and the events chairpersons were as follows: 5K Run/Walk - Paula Flynn; Parade - Chuck Farley, Jim Simpson, and Brad Mueller; Show N Shine 86’ers Car Club - Barry and Cindy Roquette; Car Show - Barry and Cindy Roquette; Tractor Pulls - Jim Simpson and Chuck Farley; Art Show - Cheryl Feeback and Sharon Davies; Truck Pulls - Barry and Cindy Roquette; Craft Fair Kaye Lynn VanAntwerp; Mud Volleyball - Carl and Ashley Federer; Kids Parade - Donna Gerstenschlager: Kid’s Games - Rick and Sandy Mezger “I truly believe that as the Chamber Director and working with Fonda, that is was a very successful weekend on our end because our goal and purpose is to bring people into our community--to showcase our community-and to enhance the economic side of the picture,” Mary Kay Kindt stated, “…our goal was to hit 5,000 attendees over the three-day period and though the numbers aren’t in yet, I truly, truly

believe that we exceeded that…” Mrs. Kindt went on to say, “Whether it was a Chamber-sponsored event or it was an event sponsored by another organization, in talking with everyone, everybody felt that this was probably the best Deer Creek Days they’ve had.” She then added with a smile, “In my 9 years of helping with Deer Creek Days, I feel this was the best attended parade we’ve had!” Mary Kay had one more thing to add about her experiences with Deer Creek Days--something she wanted to say to the good people of Glenrock, “Thank you very, very much for having

such a wonderful community to work with, because we’re never short on people to step up to the plate and help make things happen--and not every community can say that, so without the support of the…community, Deer Creek Days-or anything else--would not be a success.” Deer Creek Days 2009 was truly an event to remember, but do not worry if you missed it this year--just make sure you set aside the first weekend in August, 2010, and come join in the fun, food, and camaraderie that has become Glenrock’s yearly celebration of itself and the members of the Glenrock community!


Bessie took first, while Shunta BrintPat Callahan - Staff Reporter ley's Maghen came home On Saturday, the Human Resource Council last. Both received $500 dropped roughly 800 rubber ducks into the Deer Creek River to decide the fastest and slowest duck. While the pack was tight initially, it soon dispersed as several ducks proved their prowess on the way to the finish line. The pink, blue and yellow ducks, all named, made their way down the river as an eventual winner, and loser, was declared. Prizes were awarded to both the first place and last place duck. Brooke Ferreil's

prizes. Proceeds from the race help support the Human Resource Council's camp scholarship programs for local youth.

Brooke Ferrel - “Got Duck?” Winner! Brooke’s duck “Bessie” won first place with a $500 prize! Photo © Pat Callahan

Casper’s Bob Sutter works the grill at Saturday’s Hilltop National Bank’s client ap- Kelley Lythgoe (rear) and Heather Pauline (front) preciation day during Glenrock’s Deer Creek Days. Photo © Pat Callahan Professional Duck Catchers. Photo © Amanda Smith


Saturday the dirt was flying and the action was hot at Valentine Speedway. Once again the dwarf heats produced a different winner, while the sprints and stocks lit up Glenrock's quarter mile, eight degree banked dirt track. The action continues at the speedway August 15th.

Dwarfs 1. Josh Smith 2. Kim Glasgow 3. Joe Uhler 4. Allen Corkhill Mini Sprints 1. Keith Nachbar 2. Deb Pittsley Mini Stock 1. Travis Mayhew

Allen Corkhill in car #7 spins in turn two as Kim Glasgow passes for the lead. Photo Pat Callahan

Modified Stock 1. Roy Spielman 2. Shawn Reed 3. Randy Dalberc 4. Brian Welsh 5. Jeff Cooper


436-9095 or Pizza Hotline 43

Wild Cow Riding at South Rec during the Deer Creek Days Ranch Rodeo last Saturday - Photo © Amanda Smith

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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Weekends in Wyoming

Staff Reporter - Jessica Smith

Mark your calendars and break out your dancing shoes! On August 22nd, 2009, there will be a ball-that’s right, a ball! The Centennial Ball will be held at the Paisley Shawl and Kimball Park as just one more amazing activity to celebrate Glenrock’s 100th year. Although period costume is recommended for the event, it is certainly not necessary. Can’t dance? Don’t worry! Kathy Patceg and Rita Retig have got you covered! These two wonderful ladies will be offering two dance classes prior to the

ball so people can learn the old time dances such as: Put Your Little Foot, Shottische, Patty Cake Polka, and a simple square dance. The FREE lessons will be held at the Commerce Block next to the Knotty Pine Saloon on Wednesday, August 5th and Wednesday, August 12th, at 6:30. Bring your dancing feet and get ready for some fun--first with the lessons and then at the ball! Come celebrate Glenrock’s 100th year with music and friendship at the Centennial Ball!

Glenrock Chamber of Commerce Events Calendar September 10 National Bow Hunt BBQ, Rock in the Glen, 5 p.m. September 24 Meet & Greet the Candidates, Senior Center, 6 p.m. September 26 Tractor Pulls, Glenrock Town Park, noon September 27 Truck Pulls, Glenrock Town Park, noon October 31 Halloween Activities November 12 Spur & Lance Benefit Auction December 5 Christmas Parade & Festival, downtown 6 p.m.



Please enjoy our Wyoming summers, but remember, your safety starts with you. With the cool, relatively speaking, mornings and evenings people of all ages love to ride bicycles and walk. The scenery is beautiful and the wildlife is abundant for your enjoyment. However, it is incumbent on the walker or cycler to: 1. Be observant of their surroundings, including people

and vehicles. 2. Carry some sort of personal protection, especially if you are by yourself. 3. Carry a cell phone where it is readily accessible and be able to give a clear and fairly concise description of where you are and what the problem may be, should you have to call for assistance. 4. If possible, tell others where you are going and when you plan to return. If

you are delayed, call someone other than the police and let them know so that they do not become concerned. 5. If possible, walk or bike with a friend. So, enjoy the cool evenings and mornings, but don't forget to stay safe. Submitted by local law enforcement and a concerned citizen for the safety of all.

A birds eye view of the Deer Creek Days Parade. Fabulous photo by “photographiddler on the roof” Jessica Smith

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

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The Glenrock Bird



To the Community of Glenrock,


As the Director of Operations for The Glenrock Bird I would like to thank you for your continued support of your community newspaper. I have received numerous phone calls and messages from members of the community concerned about the future of the newspaper. In an effort to keep the advertising rates reasonable and the subscription rates affordable we have decided to sell the building that we are currently in, I imagine that this has raised those concerns.

FUNERAL HOME & CREMATORY A community of caring since 1893

Barbara Monfre

Family Service Associate Fax: 307-235-6694 Phone: 307-234-0234 w w w. n e w c o m e r c a s p e r. c o m

The community of Glenrock has been great to the “Bird” and has helped us become the strong and thriving newspaper that we are. Recently we have made some business choices that we feel will help us to be of better service to the community. You

probably have seen several of these changes in your weekly paper. The changes that we have implemented have drawn the attention of some larger publishing companies interested in purchasing the Glenrock Bird. Amanda, the Staff and I both agree that this community is best served by a newspaper that is based in Glenrock, published by Glenrock residents, and owned by members of this community. We feel that selling this newspaper to an out of town company would betray the very community that has supported us through the years. Amanda, myself and the entire staff of The Glenrock Bird will continue to serve you, the community of Glenrock. Sincerely, Chris Aspinall

GLENROCK LIBRARY NEWS Rita Heath - Librarian

Zdravo! Hello in Macedonian from the library! The winner of our drawing for a $50.00 gift certificate from the Paisley Shawl is Pat Callahan. Congratulations, Pat!! We want to thank Mike and Judy Colling for their generous donation. I know they had a big hand in us having 100 people plus for the first two days of our book sale. We will continue with the book sale until August 31. There are still plenty of fiction, nonfiction and paperbacks to choose from. We are still putting out new fiction titles. Don’t forget that we do have 3 monitors, a t.v., a display case and 3 book racks that are also for sale. All of our proceeds from the book sale go into the Foundation Board fund to help the library with what we need. This is our only major fund raiser for this purpose.

J & T Backhoe Service Septics • Sewers • Water Landscaping • Sprinklers

Custom Dirt Work

We Can Dig It!

Read Me A Story for August 8 ~ August15 will be Those Summers by Aliki. Dial 436-2353 and listen to a good story.


Jerrad Hall - Owner/Operator Licensed and Insured

We’re on the web at http:wyldweb.state. Our phone number is 4362573. Fax number is 436-8525.

307-267-9097 • 307-436-7182

Hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: 10:00 to 5:00. Tuesday and Thursday: 10:00 to 8:00. Saturday: 10:00 to 1:00. Closed Sundays. Thought for the day: Library, Endowment, and Donation.


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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

JERRY’S LEATHER 307-751-1856 Leather Work to your satisfaction! • •

Dying - Cut Outs Repair Great Prices GUARANTEED! 506 W. Birch in the Bronco Bldg GLENROCK! C’mon in! The Leather’s Fine! Page 4



Pat Callahan - Staff Reporter

On Saturday August 1st, Deer Creek Days 13th annual Ranch Rodeo kicked off as area ranch hands showed of their skills in a variety of events. At a ranch rodeo, in comparison to a traditional rodeo, contestants compete as teams from ranches, instead of individuals. The number of team members can vary, but four to five team members is typ-

ical. Events at a ranch rodeo are different and this year included wild cow milking, team tying, a hide race, a wild cow ride, ribbon roping, team doctoring and a mystery event. Competing this year were the Bates Hole Bandits, the 9 Mile Ranch, Hiser Ranch, Outlaw Drilling, the Robinette Ranch, Rough Country Wranglers, T & H Ranches, TC Livestock, Tillard Ranch and the Werner Ranch.

This year's overall ranch rodeo winners were the Bates Hole Bandits, followed by the Tillard Ranch with the Robinette Ranch taking home third. A team record also fell as the Rough Country Wranglers took first place in the hide race, setting an all time arena record in just a hair over nine seconds.

When we consider the other side of North Koreas “humanitarianism”, we wonder how many other captives are able to maintain, in the face of never having a voice.

By Pam Drew

I am certain that the entire world is aware of Bill Clinton’s heroic endeavor to have North Korea release the Journalist prisoners, Euna Lee, and Laura Ling. They were not just any prisoners, they were in fact, rather well known in the “news” community. Jordan Pinkerton - hide rider, after the Deer Creek Days Hide Race, following in her daddy’s footstep. This Hide Race Team truly was just that! A team as Dad Troy Pinkerton, Wild Horse Racer extraordinaire dragged this rugged cowgirl to an outstanding finish. Photo © Amanda Smith

It was very courageous for Bill Clinton to pursue that, and quite commendable that he was able to accomplish it. North Korea is stating that they are showing signs of “humanitarianism and peace loving”, I absolutely must attribute this to our Heavenly Fathers hand of mercy.

The Dictatorship rule keeps the citizens of NK on a very systematic torture routine. Even family members of a “religious” prisoner, are tortured.

The world rejoices for Ling and Lee. They now have complete freedom in the US.

Let us not take one minute of one day for granted. Thanking God for his mercy and for all he has blessed America with.

Real Estate Ranch Rodeo Line Up During the Opening Ceremonies on Aug 2. Photo © Pat Callahan

HOUSE FOR SALE - 440 Gold Pan Drive Sun Up Ridge in Glenrock - Price $198,000.00

Beautiful ranch style home in quiet residential subdivision. Three bedroom, two bathrooms and a two car garage (with gas heater!) makes this 1376 square foot home the ideal place for any family looking to buy. Built in 2006 - features include Tankless Water Heater / In Floor Hot Water Heat Dishwaser, Refrigerator, Overhead Microwave, Stove. Vaulted ceilings in main house. Master bedroom sports a wonderful walk in closet, double sink, double headed tile shower Floor coverings include wood, tile and carpet Foundation - Crawlspace AND THATS NOT ALL! Outside Features include an 8x12 shed that matches the house, front and back automatic sprinkler system, wood fenced backyard complete with a dog run, backyard porch and patio with hot tub hook up and plenty of space niceley graveled on side of house perfect for your RV, boat or other recreational vehicles. Please call 436-5797 or 267-6515 to book your appointment to view this beautiful home.

Deadline for Advertisers & Submissions: 4pm every Thursday.

PO Box 1207 (307) 436-5447 Glenrock, WY e-mail: 214 South 5th - Glenrock, WY 82637

A weekly newspaper published every Sunday in Glenrock, Wyoming Copyright: The Glenrock Bird

Nothing may be reprinted or reproduced without the written permission of the publisher.

Periodical Postage Pending at Glenrock, WY

Amanda Smith Publisher/Editor

Jessica Smith - Senior Staff Reporter/Photographer Pat Callahan - Staff Reporter/Photographer - All the way from FC! Pam Drew - Administrative Assistant to the Editor Roger Glenn Moore - Graphic Designer J.C. - The Amazing SS Rebecca Thomas and Carl Codner - Exemplary Folders Chris Aspinall - Director of Operations - All the way from SC! Wally and Nancie Porter - Fabulous Delivery Drivers Fox (a.k.a Wolf) and Simon - Bird Mascots Brenda Beaugareau - Girl Friday Shrek

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The Glenrock Bird

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Glenrock Bird Classifieds REAL ESTATE FOR SALE


Very nice and very quiet new neighborhood. Ready to build. Asking $18K OBO. Call Joy Sorenson at First Realty 436-2753




Multi Family Garage Sale located at 721 S. 3rd St. July 24 & 25 @ 8am to 3pm.

FOR SALE Lucchese Western Boots - Black worn once for 6 minutes - ladies size 8 but fits like a 7.5. Call 251-1655

HELP WANTED Glenrock School District has an opening for a full time Library Clerk at GIMS (base salary $9.85/hr.),and openings for full time Special Education Aides (base salary $8.60/hr.) If you have questions, please call 307436-5331. Applications are due at Noon on July, 30, 2009. EOE.



Lost White Male Toy CLASSIFIEDS IN Poodle THE BIRD! REWARD!!! Answers to WE CAN SELL YOUR Teddy STUFF! PLEASE CALL 436-5759 LOOKING FOR EMWANTS TO BUY Wanted: Fine Coins & Antiques Call Bruce Smith - 307-234-6663


CALL NOW! 436-5447


buy cars that they wouldn’t have bought previously. I voted against this flawed program the first time and I voted against it again today. I believe the auto industry needs to stand on its own. I’ve consistently voted against bailouts and this is another bailout. This is a perfect example of Congress rushing through legislation without thinking about the unintended consequences. It is absolute nonsense.

Washington, D.C. – The U.S. Senate today approved an additional $2 billion for the Cash for Clunkers program. U.S. Senator Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., voted against the measure. “We don’t know exactly how much has been spent. We’re not sure how long this additional money will last. We don’t even know if this program is getting people to

“People need to ask themselves if it is wise to trade in a fully paid-for ‘clunker’ that still runs and strap them-

selves with new car payments just because the federal government told them to go out and buy a new car. Look at what we’re doing, we’re scrapping perfectly good cars that could be going to charities that could use them or help start up businesses be mobile. Is it worth it? What should be scrapped is this entire program,” said Enzi. The Senate passed a $2 billion extension for the Cash for Clunkers program by a vote of 60-37.

Lummis Calls on Administration, Congress to Restrain Spending WASHINGTON – U.S Representative Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo., issued the following statement regarding information from the U.S. Treasury Department that since January 20, 2009, the federal debt has increased by more than $1 trillion: “After seven months of continued taxpayer funded bailouts, so-called economic stimulus plans, and bloated spending bills, the American people have every right to feel like their government is hanging them out to dry. Every month, families across this nation balance their checkbooks and live within their means. Unfortunately, Washington has chosen not to follow their good example.

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“Under this President’s watch, the American people have seen the federal debt rise more than $1 trillion. The debt held by the public now stands at more than $11.6 trillion. That means every man, woman and child in America is now saddled with over

Official ©photo of Representative Cynthia Lummis

$38,000 in debt.

“Washington must make sacrifices to get our debt burden under control. But our current leadership in Congress and the White House are simply not making the tough decisions necessary to maintain fiscal discipline. “We cannot borrow our

Happy Birthday this week to Loretta Barker, Bob Walters, & Keith Lesher. Be sure to stop in anytime this month for a free lunch courtesy of Deer Creek Drug. Please contact the Center if you would like your birthday or anniversary added to our list.


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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

way out of this massive debt. The American people are making sacrifices and so must the government if we are to have a chance of righting our fiscal ship and bolstering America’s natural role as a driver of economic prosperity.”

We will be having a Dinner Dance on August 28, 2009 starting at 5pm. For dinner, we will be having Oven Fried Chicken, Oven Roasted Potatoes, Veggies, Tossed Salad & Cake for dessert. Music will be provided by “Swing Sounds”. Tickets will be on sale Au-

gust 14, 2009. The cost is $5.00 for Seniors, and $10.00 for Non-Seniors. Applications for the Elderly and Disabled Tax Refund are available at the Center. Please call Nancie Fink at 436-9442 to schedule an appointment to apply, or to see if you qualify. The Commodities are in. This month’s items are Tomato Soup, Orange Juice, Canned Pork & Tuna. You may pick your commodities up at the Glenrock Senior Center.

Senior Lunch Menu

•Monday August 10th Beef Stroganoff over pasta noodles, herbed broccoli, rolls, fluffy fruit cup. •Tuesday August 11th Chicken and herbed fettucini, mixed vegetables, roll, coleslaw, berry pie. •Wednesday August 12th Baked liver and onions, whipped potatoes, italian

vegetables, roll, salad, pear betty. •Thursday August 13th Meatloaf and parsley potatoes, carrot coins, roll, salad, fruity gelatin salad. •Friday August 14th BBQ chicken, baked potatoe, scandinavian vegetables, roll, salad, fruit salad.

Page 6

Converse County & Beyond DOUGLAS CITY COUNCIL SHAKE UP Pat Callahan - Staff Reporter

After the recent shake up within Douglas’ city council, it was announced, following the city council’s vote on Monday, August 3rd, that interim Mayor Marilyn Werner will act in that position until next year’s general election. Previously, Werner had been president of the city council. Werner became the acting interim mayor on July 27th after then Mayor Jim Schneider’s resignation following a city council vote to terminate the contract of City Administrator Bobbe Fitzhugh by a vote of 3-2. As a result of Fitzugh’s termination, Schneider and City Attorney James Hardee immediately resigned. After a special session and closed meeting Tony Reynolds made the motion that Werner assume the responsibilities of mayor. Mon-

day, the council’s vote was unanimous in favor of Werner taking over as mayor during a special meeting. Shortly thereafter Werner was sworn in.

gal counsel before seeking a replacements,” she said. “Finding a lawyer to help guide us through this transition period was a priority.”

Though the council gave Fitzhugh no reason for her termination, it was not required to. Fitzhugh was an at-will employee and consequently was subject to termination at any time without cause.The dispute arouse between Fitzhugh and several council members regarding city employees’ salary structure. She had been the town’s city administrator for the last 30 years. “After the executive meetings two weeks ago, personal was discussed and the vote was to let Bobbe go,” Werner said. Werner along with Schneider voted against Fitzhugh’s termination. Councilman Bob Chiapuzio originally made the motion to terminate Fitzhugh.

The council recently unanimously approved Douglas lawyer Scott Peasley as acting legal counsel, replacing city attorney Jim Hardee, who had resigned on July 28th.

Werner’s first step was finding new legal counsel. “Obviously we needed le-

“It’s a transition,” Werner said. “We needed to first find a lawyer, went a week without one and I didn’t feel comfortable moving forward unless it was proper.” Werner indicated she knew of no other department officials planning to resign as the council continues its restructuring. Werner’s move leaves her council seat vacant. Werner said she expects the seat to be filled shortly. Council members haven’t spoken officially about potential candidates but will be looking to fill the

seat quickly Werner said. The individual who is elected to Werner’s seat in the 2010 election will serve a two-year term, which represents the remainder of Werner’s original post. Werner said so far the city has handled the situation as well as can be expected. “We’re doing pretty well,” she said. “It has been difficult under these circumstances and difficult to work through. However, we have a marvelous group of people to work with who are very dedicated. We’re going to do the best we can. It just takes time.” The City Council, however, still faces a dilemma. It allegedly entered into an illegally closed executive session and discussed the open city administrator position during its Aug. 3 meeting, according to the Wyoming Press Association, and the item was not on the official agenda. Werner said no decision has been made for whom would fill the interim post of city administrator.


Wyoming introduces ignition interlock. Beginning July 1st, a new state law is making what are called “ignition interlock devices” mandatory for many Wyoming drivers convicted of drunken driving.

blood alcohol level of .08 is considered intoxicated under state law.

If convicted on a second DUI offense, regardless of blood alcohol level, the device would be mandatory for a year. Three time offenders would be required

retest, tampers with the device or fails to come in for a scheduled service visit,” Kingham said. If a driver is found to have tampered with the device or is convicted of driving a vehicle not equipped with a device, their restricted driver license that allows them to drive

LOOK WHO’S IN THE NEWS! Vern Velasquez marches in the Color Guard for the American LegionGlenrock Post during the Deer Creek Days Parade. He served in the Navy for four years between 1955-59.

Weather Vane Text THEBIRD to 21321 to sign up for Breaking Weather & News Alerts & when the need arises... we’ll alert you.

Wyoming vehicles.

The ignition interlock is currently installed in Casper, Cheyenne, Cody, Gillette, Jackson, Lander, Laramie, Powell, Rawlins, Riverton, Rock Springs, Sheridan, Torrington.

Essentially, an ignition interlock device, or breath alcohol device, is a mechanism, similar to a breathalyzer, which is installed to a motor vehicle’s dashboard near the ignition. Before the vehicle’s motor can be started, the driver first must exhale into the device. If the breathalcohol concentration result is greater than the programed blood alcohol concentration, the motor will not turn over. In addition, at random times after the engine has been started, the device will require another breath sample. The purpose of this is to prevent someone else from breathing into the device, and thus allowing the intoxicated person to get back behind the wheel. If the breath sample isn’t provided, or the sample exceeds the ignition interlock’s preset blood alcohol level, the device will detect the level, warn the driver and then set off an alarm until the ignition is turned off or a clean breath sample has been provided. However, the interlock devices will not simply turn off the engine if alcohol is detected. In fact, it It is impossible for an interlock device to turn off a running vehicle. What the device is designed to do is interrupt the starter circuit and prevent the engine from starting. In Wyoming, the 2009 Legislature made the interlock devices mandatory for six months for any person convicted of a first time DUI offense if their blood alcohol level was found to be .15 percent or greater. In Wyoming, a

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Ignition lock photo courtesy WYDOT

to have the device installed for two years. A fourth offense results in the installation of a lifetime interlock device.

only in a vehicle equipped with the ignition interlock will be revoked.

Kingham said the ignition interlock is calibrated to .025, and if a driver’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) is at the level or higher, the vehicle won’t start.

If the device registers six of those violations in a 30-day period, the driver will be alerted to bring the vehicle to a service center within 48 hours. “If the driver does not report, the device will lock the ignition system preventing the vehicle from starting even after a successful breath test,” Kingham said. “The driver can call for a code allowing them to start the vehicle after a successful test and bring it to a service center. Getting the code requires a $50 fee, and the ignition system is enabled only temporarily, so if they still don’t bring the vehicle in, the ignition system will lock permanently requiring that the vehicle be towed into a service center.”

Kingham also said the device downloads and records how many times someone has attempted to start a vehicle as well as how many times the ignition interlock prevented it from starting. “The device considers it a violation if the driver fails a test, shuts down the engine without passing a

According to WYDOT, the state began a voluntary ignition interlock program in 2006 that has resulted in about 520 drivers having the monitoring devices installed on their vehicles. WYDOT predicts the new mandatory ignition interlock law could result in a 10-fold increase in the number of devices on

“The driver has to blow into the device for six seconds and make a humming noise at the end of the six seconds to ensure something like compressed air isn’t being used,” said Dave Kingham, WYDOT’s assistant public affairs manager. “It works in random intervals as far as the ability to take another test, and there’s a period of minutes to pass it.”

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Glenrock Bird

POLICE BEAT Thursday. 07.30.09 -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed. X4 -Suspicious circumstance. All OK x1 -Vacation House watch added -Lost Load. WHP notified -Fraud. Report taken -Animal. SALECS notified -Range Key Issued -E-911 Medical. Transport one to Casper -Comm Tech performed Notary -Traffic Stop. Verbal warning for Improper Driving -Maintenance. Public Works notified -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning for Speed, Citation for Stop Sign -VIN Inspection completed -Found Property. Entered into Lost and Found -Traffic Stop. Two Citations issued for Possession of a Controlled Substance. Written Warning for Improper Lane Change -Barking Dog. Officer UTL -Disturbance. Officers responded -Barking Dog Complaint. Dog No longer Barking. Msg left for ACO Friday. 07.31.09 -Parking Citation Issued for Parked Facing Traffic -Citizen Assist-German Tourists with vehicle problems -Traffic Stop. VW for Driving Habit issued, Plus three Citations for curfew -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed -Theft Reported. Officer investigated -Noise Complaint. Party agreed to turn the noise down -Civil matter reported -Parking Complaint Reported x1 -Controlled Burn Reported -Medical. Negative transport -Officer placed tags on vehicles for camping over the allotted time -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning for Front Plate -Officer Provided an escort for the Kids Parade -Officer placed tow tag on two vehicles for parking in restricted parking -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning for Stop Sign -Four Subjects were warned for taking a banner from a bar -Driving Complaint. Officer UTL -One arrested For Public Intoxication -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning for Stop Sign Saturday. 08.01.09 -Battery. One arrested and transported to CCSO -Two Arrested for Disorderly Conduct -Assault -One arrested for assault -Sexual assault. Under investigation -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning issued or Speed -Ambulance requested for Juvenile who fell out of a truck. Negative transport -Traffic Accident involving GPD unit. CCSO Investigated -Barking Dog Complaint. Hanger left on door -Citizen Complaint of an unsupervised child in the Park -REDDI report. UTL -Medical. Negative transport -Concerned Citizen. Situation resolved -Found Property. Entered into Lost and Found -Dog at Large reported -Property Damage. Report taken -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning for Brake Light -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning for NO Front Plate -Driving Complaint. Officer UTL -Gas Leak reported. Fire Units Dispatched -One arrested for Public Intoxication an Disorderly Conduct -Officer Performed a PBT -One arrested for Disorderly Conduct -Noise Complaint Reported Sunday. 08.02.09 -Noise Complaint. Was determined to be the music at the Four Aces -Two Citations issued for Open Container. One citation issued for MIP -Traffic Stop. One transported to CCSO for DUI -Warrant arrest. One transported to CCSO -E-911 Assault. Report taken -Parking complaint. Vehicle was moved

-Traffic Stop. Citation issued for Speed -Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning issued for Speed -Loose cow reported on the road. Owner contacted -Officer unlocked a vehicle door -Comm Tech performed Notary -Range Key Issued -Stolen Property. Report taken -Traffic Stop. Written Warning for Brake Light and Expired Registration. Citation for NO Insurance -Traffic Stop. Citation for NO DL -Barking Dog. Officer UTL -Noise Complaint. Music was turned down -Suicidal subject. One transported to WMC Monday. 08.03.09 -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed x1 -Citizen Complaint Filed -Suspicious vehicle reported. Officer responded -Report of Horses Kept in a Yard inside City Limits -Lost memory card reported. Entered into Lost and Found -Found Knife Reported. Entered into Lost and Found -Case referred to another agency -Animal Problem. Officer responded -Suspicious subject reported. Officer UTL -Range Key Issued -Vandalism reported to a business sign -Stop Sign Down. Message left for Public Works -Water leak reported. Public Works Notified -Solicitors reported. Subjects headed out of Town -Phone Harassment. Report taken Tuesday. 08.04.09 -Suspicious Circumstance. Everything was ok -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed -Barking Dog Report. Officer Notified -A Horse was reported on the road near Deer Creek Bridge. The Owner was notified -Lost Dog Reported. Information taken -Report of Stolen Checkbook. Officer took report -Two vehicle accident I-25 MM 174. Emergency units responded along with WHP -Dog Problem. Officer spoke with Victim -Theft reported. Officer took report -Dogs at Large report. Officer notified -Thanksgiving aid provided for subject -Officer advised subject about getting a Protection Order renewed -Animal Complaint -Probation Violation arrest -Information on Subject on Parole passed onto Probation and Parole -Possible Drug Use reported. UTL

-Traffic Stop. Verbal Warning issued for being in Town Park after hours Wednesday. 08.05.09 -Rolling Hills Patrol Completed x3 -Barking Dog. Officer spoke with the Caretaker -Traffic Stop. Written Warning for Speed x2 -Barking Dog. Information taken -Notary Completed -Report of Dog chasing bicyclist. Report taken -Ambulance requested. One transported to WMC -Comm Tech performed Notary -Driving Complaint. Officer UTL -Fingerprints taken for Employment Purposes -Suspicious circumstance -Grass Fire. Fire Units Dispatched -Disturbance. Officer UTL -Extra Patrol requested -Suspicious vehicle. Officer UTL

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The Glenrock Bird Issue 08-09-09  
The Glenrock Bird Issue 08-09-09  

The Glenrock Bird Issue 08-09-09