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“…Whereas today, 100 years with the help of its people, the community has developed into a thriving “Town of Excellence”….” ~ Governor Freudenthal on Glenrock’s Centennial

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Sunday, June 7, 2009

IT’s ALWAYS DARKEST BEFORE THE DAWN Mike Velasquez/Jessica Smith - Staff Reporters

Life serves to teach many lessons. Sometimes it seems that when failure seems eminent, the light finally shines through that enables you to succeed. Now…..imagine that you have cancer. The 2009 Converse County Relay For Life was held at the Glenrock Town Park on Friday and Saturday, May 29-30th from 6:00 p.m. on Friday May 29th until 8:30 a.m. on Saturday May 30th. The event serves as the primary fundraiser for the American Cancer Society, and is held throughout the summer in different areas. “Relay For Life” raises money for cancer treatment and brings new awareness about the devastating illness that affects us all in one way or another. This is the second year the event for Converse County has been held in Glenrock. “Relay For Life” was designed as a look into the struggle a cancer patient undergoes while fighting the deadly disease that seems to have no have no criteria or prejudice as to who it affects. Typically, as with this weekend’s event, the start time is early evening, with an opening ceremony and a survivor’s lap. According to Event Chair Kim Becher, participants were treated to several different programs of live entertainment throughout

the 14 hour period, including a ‘Cooking With Marge’ skit and music by Bryan Ragsdale--an up and coming Country Music artist. Refreshments also abounded for the participants and a beautiful cake was donated by J & L Cakes of Douglas. Mrs. Becher had this to say of the opening of the event, “All of a sudden everyone’s just getting together--it’s neat to see it finally come together.” Many of Converse County’s Relay For Life’s participants were cancer survivors who took part in the ‘Survivors’ Lap’ which is a single lap taken to show everyone that cancer can be beaten. Among those taking the ‘Survivors’ Lap’ was Senator Jim Anderson, a survivor of prostate cancer who had these words for the public, “I would just say that, as a survivor of prostate cancer, I can’t speak strongly enough and I can’t urge men strongly enough to go get their annual PSA test as early as possible-probably from age 50 on--certainly the key…is early detection.” Last year’s Converse County Relay For Life event raised approximately $30,000 for cancer research and hosted 14 teams. Results for this years event were not yet available at press time. The event goes through the evening and Cancer Relay continued page 3

A luminaria lies quietly beneath Friday’s midnight moon while relay walkers walked some 14 hours to raise money for cancer, during Converse County’s Relay for Life, held in the Town Park of Glenrock this weekend. Photo © Amanda Smith


Former Rolling Hills Town Clerk Alyssa Stewart will have her sentencing hearing on Thursday, June 18th at 10:30 a.m. in Douglas. Stewart, who had been charged with several felonies, had entered into a plea agreement with the State earlier this year, in which she would plead guilty to two felony counts of larceny in ex-

change for the State dropping the rest of the charges against her--including forgery charges. The larceny charges stem from an audit and investigation into her accounting while employed by the Town of Rolling Hills. Stewart is accused of purchasing personal items using the Town’s credit cards and then paying for

ANTIQUE TRACTOR CLUB IN FULL GEAR Jessica Smith - Staff Reporter

The Central Wyoming Antique Power Museum and Training Center held a swap meet and lawn mower pulls on Saturday, May 30th. The swap meet was held at the museum’s facilities in Rolling Hills, while the lawn mower pulls were held at Glenrock’s Town Park. Jim Simpson, the organization’s Secretary, and Chuck Farley, the Past President and current Director of the Board, were the driving forces behind Saturday’s events. With help from their club members, the simultaneous events were carried off without a hitch. “We had a good crowd this morning,” Chuck Farley said, “We had a good time!”

Mike Velasquez contributed to article

MEMORIAL DAY STILL “MEMORIAL DAY” IN GLENROCK While Memorial Day was originally created as a day of remembrance for fallen soldiers, it has in recent years become a bit of a commercial holiday with the true meaning being lost along the way…….not so in Glenrock.

Jerry Bloem on his modified LawnMower Photo © Jessica Smith

Jim Simpson (Left) and Chuck Farley stand next to their antique John Deere Tractors. Photo © Jessica Smith

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The plea agreement was in place before Stewart was charged with an additional count of felony forgery stemming from falsified medical records which stated

she had cancer. It is believed this was an effort to receive leniency from the court during her sentencing phase. It is not known at this time if the new charges will affect her sentencing.

Jessica Smith - Staff Reporter

The ‘club’ has been in existence for the past 7 years and showcases many powered antiques such as printing presses, old cars, very Continued back page

them with the Town’s money. The forgery charges came from her allegedly writing herself duplicate paychecks.

Chief Tom Sweet, of the Glenrock Police Department, was the keynote speaker for the event, and during his heartfelt

The American Legion (Post 9) of Glenrock held its Memorial Day ceremonies at the Glenrock Senior Center on Monday, May 25th. Led by Legion Commander Marvin Wohletz, the group came together to remember friends and family members who fought for our country and died with their hearts still full of patriotism for this great Graves at the Glenrock Cemetary boast decorations of our land. Country’s great colors, Red, White and Blue, in honor of those who fought for our freedom. Photo © Jessica Smith Continued back page

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Community On Saturday, May 30th, Glenrock played host to the First Annual Lil’ Pokes Rodeo at the South Rec. Complex rodeo arena--and what an event it was! The rodeo was sponsored by the Glenrock Area Chamber of Commerce with gold buckle sponsor, TIC Wyoming--The Industrial Company, this day of fun and miniature cowpokes will be remembered as a great time by everyone who attended. The rodeo was open to cowpokes age 4 through 4th grade and registration began at 8:00 a.m. for the little cowboys and cowgirls who were ready to participate.

Glenrock Lil’ Pokes Rodeo Jessica Smith - Staff Reporter

Cowboy Cody Pinkerton holds the American flag high during the Grand March prior to the beginning of the rodeo. Photo © Jessica Smith

The first order of business at the beginning of the rodeo was to make sure each cowpoke had their very own steed to ride in the day’s scheduled events which included: Stick horse barrel racin’ , boot scramble, stick horse buckin’ broncs, chicken catchin’, and pig wrestlin’, to name just a few. Once they obtained their steed (each received their very own stick horse to use for the duration of the rodeo), the kids began to name them accordingly...and with names such as Skunk, Dollar, and Alpo, how could they lose? From the proud parents, to the aspiring little cowpokes, a fantastic time was had by all who attended the rodeo. The results at the end of the day were about like people expected. There’s a little cowboy in all of us. Stick horse barrel racin’ is a tough business. Pig catchin’ and chicken wrestlin’ are not for the faint of heart…or is that chicken catchin’ and pig wrestlin’? The day’s events provided loads of fun for the kids, their parents and all who stopped in to enjoy the western play day. At the time of printing, no results were available from the events, but the winners would come away with medals (the grand prize winner gets a pair of boots!) and bragging rights about their rodeo experience!

News from the Nest

GLENROCK LIBRARY NEWS Jessica Smith - Staff Reporter

ELAINE MARIE ALPHIN KICKS OFF LIBRARY’S SUMMER READING SEASON Do you have a budding author/ artist at home? If so, be sure to set some time aside on Wednesday, June 10th at 10:30 a.m. and get them to the library, where award winning children’s book author Elaine Marie Alphin will be helping the Converse County Library’s Glenrock Branch kick off its summer reading season. Mrs. Alphin, who has won such prestigious awards as the Edgar Award, the Society of Midland Authors Children’s Fiction Award, the Young Hoosier Book Award, and the ForeWard Book of the Year gold medal, will be bringing her expertise in to share with the children involved in the program.

SENATORS TO HELP RANCHERS STAY COMPETITIVE New bill would stop manipulative markets Washington, D.C. - U.S. Senators Mike Enzi, R-Wyo., Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, and Tim Johnson, D-S.D., introduced a bill today that would stop years of unfair and manipulative meat packer practices that negatively impact ranchers and farmers. “This bill is common sense. Certain companies have been stacking the deck. This not only hurts their competitors it hurts our economy. There is a continued need to restore transparency and competitiveness in all our markets, including the sale barn. Packers who own herds shouldn’t be able to manipulate prices and now is the time for Congress to rein in anti-competitive meat packers and give ranchers an honest chance to make a living,” said Enzi. “The big meat packing companies have held far too much power over the livestock industry for far too long,” Dorgan said. “It’s time we injected some fairness into this market. Our independent ranchers are out there working hard every day, and they deserve a fair shake at the stockyard. We need to pass this bill and stand up for their interests.” “Family farmers can compete with anybody if there’s a level playing field. Unfortunately, all too often they are working with one arm tied behind their backs, because they are at the mercy of the big packers. Our bill works to create a healthy, competitive environment for small and large producers and packers by bringing transparency to the marketplace and ending manipulative behavior,” said Grassley. “The top meat-packing companies con

Landon Maestas of Glenrock rides em cowboy on his Stick Pony during the Lil’ Pokes Rodeo in Glenrock on Saturday. Photo © Jessica Smith

practices and keep our family farmers and ranchers in the fold. Our hardworking producers simply deserve a fair price for their product,” Johnson said.

kets where buyers and sellers can witness bids as well as make their own offers. This ensures the market is open to multiple offers.

The Livestock Marketing Fairness Act, would put ranchers and farmers on equal footing with packer-owned herds by amending the Packers and Stockyards Act of 1921 to end certain anti-competitive forward marketing contracts and ensure that ranchers have full access to the marketplace.

• Require marketing agreements to have a firm base price derived from an external source. This ensures that local contract prices are not subject to manipulation by packer owned herds.

A growing number of large packing operations own their own livestock or control them through forward contracting agreements. This allows these firms to buy from themselves when prices are high and buy from others when prices are low. In recent years, the meat packing industry has become increasingly concentrated with only a handful of firms controlling a majority of the domestic cattle and hog slaughter. The bill would:

tinue to gain more power over the independent farmer and rancher. This bipartisan bill will prevent anti-competitive Sunday, June 6, 2009

• Require that forward contracts for livestock (cattle, hogs and lambs) be traded in public mar-

• Exempts producer owned cooperatives, packers with low volumes and packers who own only one processing plant. This exemption targets the source of price manipulation and ensures that the business practices of small family-owned processors are not impacted by the law. • Ensures that trading is done in quantities that provide market access for both small and large livestock producers. The legislation is aimed at improving the stability and openness of forward contracting to provide ranchers and farmers more options to sell their animals. The legislation allows ranchers and farmers to continue choosing the best methods for selling their animals.

The Glenrock Bird

This year’s library kids will be reading (of course) and keeping a journal, and they will also be working on writing their own book. This is where Elaine Marie Alphin comes in. She will be talking to them about how she writes her books, how they can get ideas, develop those ideas along with the characters in their book, and overall just trying to get them excited about reading and writing. The library has all sorts of cool projects for kids this summer and this young author’s program is just the beginning. Mrs. Alphin, who speaks to children all over the country about reading and writing is very excited to get to work with the children and the library. “Of course I’m looking forward to it,” she said, “It’s going to be a really great day! I enjoy talking to kids--I love seeing them get excited about books!” Elaine Alphin, who has a new book coming out next Spring, remembers her days doing newspaper and magazine work and wants kids to know that they can become writers like she did. “There’s always a few kids that really want to be writers and for them to be able to get pumped up by meeting someone who really does it and realizing it is someone that lives just down the road--not only people in New York City or London…it’s people who live right in town,” she declared, “If they want to be writers, they can!” For more information on the upcoming programs at the library, call 436-2573. For more information on Elaine Marie Alphin, visit her website at Page 2



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Community RELAY Continued from front page into the night, as team members walk around the track, with the candles from the luminaria lighting the way. “Relay For Life” depicts the toll and struggle that the disease takes on its victims. As the members of the teams struggle to stay awake and walk through the night, to survive so to speak, it is symbolic of the cancer patient’s struggle to survive. Finishing their walk as the sun comes up symbolizes their success in completing their journey. Upon our arrival on Saturday morning, relay participants struggled to walk the final laps before closing ceremonies. After 14 hours of walking, encouraging


words from onlookers and fellow teammates, encouraged the tired participants. At the close of the 2009 “Relay For Life,” all teams walked the final lap together, in celebration of survival. This year’s “Relay For Life” had 11 teams participating from Converse County, and nearly 200 participants. Once again, the Masons and the Lions Club provided dinner and breakfast for all those who took part in the “Relay For Life.” Although the economy slowed pledges somewhat, organizer Tessa Strickler was confident of the event’s success and was already planning ahead for next year’s Relay. The team that raised the most money with 18 members on the track at any given time, was The Assembly of God “Spirit Walkers” raising over $1600.00 for this year’s Converse County Relay for Life.

Jessica Smith - Staff Reporter

On Thursday, May 28th, the ladies of the Garden Club were out in force to plant more beautiful flowers along Glenrock’s sidewalks. Kathy Patceg, Anna Huffman, Crissie Wobig, Marty Lantis, and Carolyn Johnson went about Birch Street, in the heat of the day, to bring us all the gorgeous flora we’ve come to love along the main thoroughfare. Carolyn’s husband, Jimmy Joe Johnson, was kind enough to build new planters and risers for the flowers and Crissie Wobig painted them for the club. These new ad-

ditions will enable easier access to the flowers and also make it possible to better see them from the street. The ladies of the Garden Club have been beautifying our streets for many years--27 years for some of them--and should be much appreciated for their efforts. The next time you are out and about, take notice of the new planters and their occupants and say a ‘Thank you’ to the Garden Club for making Glenrock just that much prettier!

100 YEAR GLENROCK FAMILY STORIES ULYSSES S. GRANT Lester Grant writes: When my grandfather, Ulysses S. Grant reached the age of 21 in the spring of 1886 he left State Center, Iowa for Virginia Dale, Colorado. There he met his two older brothers Frederick Daniel and William Edison. On his arrival they bought some horses and a wagon and together with the Kennedy brothers explored the Laramie Plains region, Bates Hole south of Casper and Boxelder looking for suitable places to homestead. Uly, as he was known, and his brothers chose Boxelder as it was reportedly a wood and hay reserve for Fort Fetterman. The homesteads were located north of Buck’s Peak all side by side. After they proved upon their homesteads Uly bought out Will who went to work in the rock quarry near Glenrock. Fred married in April of 1888 continuing to homestead but in 1891 he died of a ruptured appendix. His widow sold the homestead to Uly that fall.

he returned to the mountain ranch about 1919. He leased out the dairy until the early 1950’s when he sold it to the Tex Conner family. In 1920 Grandpa Uly bought the place we now call Turtle Rock Ranch from his brother Charlie who was Fred Grant’s father. The place had been homesteaded by Mart Smith. (The time between when my father John and mother Lydia moved here in 1936 it was taken care of by hired men.) In the summer after Bessie and her twins’ birth in 1923 Gertrude, Grandma, died of complications of the pregnancy. This left Uly with his older daughters to take care of the younger children. After the third oldest daughter married, grandpa hired Lydia Matayas as a cook and laundress. In October 15, 1933 she married my dad John Mason Grant. For close to three years mom and dad remained at the home place.

Kathy Patceg, member of Glenrock’s Garden Club, and Town Plnner for the Town, helps plant flowers up and down the sidewalks of Glenrock. Its going to be another beautiful summer, Glenrock! Photo © Jessica Smith

In 1936 Grandpa gave mom the choice of staying where she was, moving to Buck’s or the lower place. (Turtle Rock) The old log house built by Mart Smith in the side of the In June, 1900 Uly hill was rotting away traveled back to so a new log house was “...Therefore they sold State Center, Iowa cream which was taken to built by dad and his to marry Gertrude brothers. In this new Chamberlain. To- the depot in Glenrock, then home John and Lydia on to Douglas.” gether they had nine raised Esther, (Mrs. Euliving children, Emogene Wollen), Shirley gene, Helen, Jess, Zelma, John, Elmer, (Mrs. Jack Lythgoe), myself, Lois (Mrs. Allen, Amy, Bessie and her twin who Keith Pitt) and Frankie, a second son who died at less than a week of age. drowned in the horse trough at 23 months. Another son, Frankie, died about age 4 of what was thought to be leukemia. To pay for the groceries Uly and family milked the range cows he had acquired, made butter and sold it to Fort Fetterman. I can remember Grandpa telling me they didn’t have saddle horses at the time, so when it came time for milking, they sometimes had to go to Doc Robbins about 3 miles to bring the cows home. As surrounding homesteaders proved up on their homesteads with the main idea of selling them, Uly acquired more land. Jess, John and Zelma were all able prove up on a homestead. Having assembled enough land to continue ranching Uly still found it difficult to feed the family as the income from the sale of cattle was mostly used to payoff the land. Therefore they sold cream which was taken to the depot in Glenrock, then on to Douglas. The dairy in Glenrock owned by Noah Young was purchased and operated by Uly so his children could attend the Glenrock schools. The management of the dairy became such a headache

I was born in Glenrock and have been on the ranch all of my 69 years except for serving with Uncle Sam in the United States Army for 2 years. On June 14, 1970 I married Norma Jean Haygood of Bates Hole. We are blessed with two sons, Craig and Mark. Mark married Angela Rhoads. Fifth generation Kayla was born Oct 30,2007. Craig married Mary Zinda last summer. Both sons graduated from the University of Wyoming but have chosen to return to the ranch to continue the ranching legacy. As I write this history I know they are earning their keep trying to feed the cattle and calve in what has been 5 feet of snow in the last 2 weeks and headed for a sixth. We purchased the place from mom after dad died in 1975. There’s no place I’d rather be. We’ve seen six feet of snow on the level in 1979 that Fred who was 75 at the time said he had never “seen the likes of.” That followed was by a drought. Now I’m able to pursue one of my dreams of driving draft horses when the weather is nice and not just on blowing, blizzard like days to get the hay to cattle.

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To honor Glenrock’s 100 Year Birthday Celebration, The Glenrock Bird will be printing “100 Year Family Stories” throughout the yearlong celebration of our town. Stay tuned to The Glenrock Bird for more articles on the familes of Glenrock who have been here for 100 years.

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Whoever turns in a copy of the solved puzzle first, will receive a FREE Glenrock Bird t-shirt Sponsored by Reliant Federal Credit Union. Turn in solved puzzles to 214 S. Fifth Tues - Thurs after 9am. WHOEVER NOTICES THE CHANGE IN THE GLENROCK BIRD BY TUESDAY AT 9AM (FIRST!) GETS A GLENROCK BIRD T-SHIRT!!!!!! STAY TUNED NEXT ISSUE FOR MORE INFO ON THE BIRD’S RECENT WINGSPAN CHANGE! (Sound of Eagle screeching in background) A white pelican drifts along the North Platte River along Tank Farm Road in Glenrock on Saturday May 31st. A rare site for the Cowboy State, there are several white pelicans in the area that call Glenrock home. Photograph Staff Wildlife Photographer Fish Kio ©

Fun for kids and adults!






On the boys’ side of the track, Glenrock finished in 7th place with 36 points, and were paced by sprinter Drew Nielsen, who collected All-State honors as he finished with two gold medals (100 meter and 200 meter) and a silver (400 meter). The 400meter race wasa photo finish with Lander’s Kyle Noisyhawk, who grabbed the gold. The Herders individual times and statistics are as follows: 100 meter Girls-Jaclyn Hunt (13.41 pre) 13.78, 7th Boys-Drew Nielsen (11.32 pre) 11.38, 1st, All-State!, Ryan Lee (11.71 pre) 12.0, 7th, Derek Sibrel 11.88 200 meter Girls-Jordann Stewart 28.29, Boys-Drew Nielsen (22.86 pre) 22.62, 1st, All-State!, Ryan Lee (23.90 pre) 23.96, 8th 400 meter Girls-Shelby Stewart 67.39, Boys-Drew Nielsen (51.97 pre), 49.96, 2nd, All-State! NEW SCHOOL RECORD! 800 meter Girls-Brooke Hughes 2:28.79, 3rd, Shelby Stewart 2:32.02, 6th 1600 meter Girls-Brooke Hughes 5:27.03, 1st, AllState!, Mary Nelson 6:04.39, 8th, Marissa Widiker 6:08.70 3200 meter Girls-Brooke Hughes 11:54.59, 1st, AllState!, Mary Nelson 12:48.39, 3rd 100/110 meter hurdlesGirls-Nikki Tresch (16.19 pre) 16.50, 2nd, All-State! Kara Lutz 19.39 300 meter hurdles Girls-Nikki Tresch (48.63 pre) 48.75, 2nd, All-State!, Kara Lutz 53.07 Boys-Dalton Downs 49.54

Pole vault Girls-Shayla Wickett 8’, 8th, Kara Lutz 7’ Boys-Dalton Downs 11’6”, 8th

FREE KIDS’ RIDES sponsored by Rio Tinto RTEA at Locomotive Park

Long jump Girls-Janessa Clark 14’3.25”, Jordann Stewart 14’ Boys-Kyle Farley 20’3.5”, 5th

Wyoming Highway Patrol w/the Seat Belt Convincer & more

Triple jump Girls-Rebecca Downs 30’2.5”, Whisper Summers 29’11.75” Boys-Kyle Farley 37’


Discus Girls-Rebecca Downs 106’, 5th Boys-Jesse Bishop 117’7” Shot put Girls-Shaynna Hoyt 36’.75”, 3rd Boys-Ryan Lee 44’5.75”, Jesse Bishop 42’9.5” Congratulations to the Glenrock Herder track and field team and Coach Al Finch on the completion of another successful season. We would like to thank you for your representation of our school and our community. The Glenrock Bird staff looks forward to the opportunity to cover you again next year.



The Glenrock Lady Herders led the way last weekend with a second place finish at the 2009 Class 3-A Track and Field Championships. Coach Al Finch’s squad was led by seniors Brooke Hughes and Nikki Tresch, and competed hard, but didn’t have quite enough depth to make a serious run at Cody, who had a top three finisher in almost every girls’ event, including the relays, and piled up a whopping 164 points to capture the team title. Glenrock’s 86 points grabbed the second place trophy and Rawlins grabbed the last spot on the podium with 72 points.

High jump Girls-Rebecca Downs 4’8”, 8th,


Mike Velasquez - Reporter

400 meter relay Girls-(Jordann Stewart, Janessa Clark, Nikki Tresch, Jaclyn Hunt, 52.27, 3rd) 1600 meter relay Girls-(Shelby Stewart 64.2, Jordann Stewart 64.5, Nikki Tresch 65.9, Marissa Widiker, 66.3, 4:21.03, 3rd) 3200 meter relay Girls-(Shelby Stewart 2:32.5, Mary Nelson 2:49.2, Brooke Hughes 2:32.7, Marissa Widiker 2:39.3, 10:34.06, 2nd)

Mutton Bustin’ -3PM at WSF

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The PPA has two “Help is Here Express” buses traveling across the country educating the public and helping those in need of prescription assistance. The buses are equipped with computer terminals and mobile phones so people can find out if they qualify for prescription help. There are also specialists on board to help the process go quickly and easily. To help in the process, be sure to know the medicines you take when you visit the bus. The Wyoming tour schedule includes Cody, Powell, Sheridan, Gillette, Worland, Riverton, and Casper. The program in Casper will be on Thursday, June 18th, from 10:00 to 11:00 a.m. at the Salvation Army, 441 S. Center. For more information, including a complete “Help is Here Express” schedule, visit the Partnership for Prescription Assistance website at www. or call 1-888-477-2669.

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Sunday, June 6, 2009

What: Open House for the Town of Glenrock’s Safe Routes to School Travel Plan. When: June 9th, 2009 Time:6:30 p.m. Where: Glenrock Middle School 645 S. 3rd St. Glenrock, WY 82637

Senior Shenanigans Happy Birthday this week to Holly Shoemaker, Kathy Lesher, June Lythgoe, Maxine Honadel, and Myrtle Fulton. Be sure to stop in anytime this month for a free lunch courtesy of Deer Creek Drug. Please contact the Center if you would like your birthday or anniversary added to our list. Applications for the Elderly and Disabled Tax Refund are available at the Center. Please call Nancie Fink at 436-9442 to schedule an appointment to apply, or to see if you qualify. The Commodities are in. This month’s items are Chicken, Diced Tomatoes and Grapefruit Juice. You may pick your commodities up at the Glenrock Senior Center.

For more information please contact: Kathy Patceg - (307) 436-9294 ext. 314 and Kasey Beck ext. 315 (Town of Glenrock) or Mayana Anderson – (307) 266-2524 (WLC Engineering, Surveying and Planning, Inc.)

SENIOR LUNCH MENU Monday, June 1st - Beef stroganoff over pasta noodles, broccoli, roll, salad, fluffy fruit cup Tuesday, June 2nd - Lasagna, Italian vegetables, salad, French bread, melon cup Wednesday, June 3rd Baked chicken, Au Gratin potatoes, green beans, sal-

ad, roll, berry tart Thursday, June 4th Stuffed pepper, whipped potatoes, salad, bread, apricot crisp Friday, June 5th - Fish nuggets, oven browned potatoes, asparagus, salad, bread, cherry dessert

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96, E-

Come out and discover how to make your child’s route to school SAFER!

$25.00 a year gets it delivered right to your doorstep every Sunday morning!

62, re)

The Partnership for Prescription Assistance also offers more than 40 programs which focus on the medication and health care needs of children. In fact, they have a website (kids.pparx. org) dedicated to only those programs which are aimed toward the health of children. The Partnership also assists patients with chronic disease in learning about the types of new medicines in development that may help them. The services offered by the PPA are free and confidential, but the website warns not to be taken in by other places that claim to be a part of the PPA. It states that other companies my offer the same service for a fee--even using PPA’s name without permission, but PPA’s services are free of charge and you will never be asked for payment of any kind.

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h 38, .0,

According to the website, www., Since its beginning in April of 2005, the PPA has helped connect nearly 5 million people to patient assistance programs that may meet their needs. Its mission is “to increase awareness of patient assistance programs and boost enrollment of those who are eligible. We offer a single point of access to more than 475 public and private programs, including 200 offered by pharmaceutical companies, and have already helped millions of Americans get free or reduced-cost prescription medicines.”

Email:__________________________________ Form of payment check - credit card - cash


The Partnership for Prescription Assistance (PPA) “Help is Here Express” bus tour will be coming to Wyoming the week of June 15th through the 19th to offer prescription assistance to those who are uninsured or who may be experiencing financial difficulties. Sponsored by America’s pharmaceutical research companies, the PPA has launched state ‘chapters’ in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, as well as Puerto Rico.

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You don’t need to travel far or own a boat to introduce your kids to the joy of fishing and make memories that last a lifetime. Over the next few weeks the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and sponsoring organizations will provide youngsters and their families a chance to learn to fish and enjoy the sport at Kids’ Fishing Day events near Lander, Riverton, and Dubois. The Riverton Kids’ Fishing Day will be held on Saturday, June 6th, beginning at 8:00 am at Big Bend Ponds and will include free lunch and prizes. Riverton Kiwanis, Rendezvous Association, Riverton Wal-Mart and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department sponsor this event.

CONVERSE COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE is accepting applications for a full time night Communications Officer position (Dispatcher). We work a 3 on 3 off schedule. Starting salary is $2,373 monthly plus benefits. Applications are available at the Converse County Sheriff?s Office at 107 N 5th Street, Suite 239 or on the for an application. Accepting applications until positions filled. CCSO is an EOE/ ADA

Glenrock Historical Commission 2nd Tuesday of each month 7:00PM at the Deer Creek Museum - 935 W Birch


The Dubois event will be held on Saturday, June 13th, beginning at 9:00 am at Scouts Pond, located along Horse Creek north of Dubois, and will also include lots of educational activities, free lunch and prizes. The main sponsors for the event are Shoshone National Forest, Crowheart Conservation District, Wyoming Game and Fish Department, Dubois Anglers and Wildlife Group, Dubois Kiwanis, Dubois Lions Club, Never Sweat Recreation Board, Dubois Branch of the Bank of Jackson Hole, Wells Fargo Bank and Riverton Wal-Mart. Fishing licenses are required for all participants 14 years or older, except on Free Fishing Day, June 6th. Nonresident youth under the age of 14 do not need a license if accompanied by an adult possessing a valid Wyoming fishing license, except on June 6th. More information about these events can be obtained by contacting the Lander Game and Fish office at (307) 332-2688. ~WGFD~

The Glenrock Bird

JUNE 6th and 7th !! Rolling Hills Multiple Sales in Close Proximity! For more info call Teresa 307-436-5348 Page 5


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Celebrating 11 BIG Years in Casper

speech a challenge was issued to the public. Chief Sweet, with tears in his eyes, remembering his friends from his tour in Iraq, challenged us all to make sure that we “bring back the patriotism” that made this country so great in the first place--to make sure that our young people know and understand what Memorial Day is truly about.

American Legion Post 9 Commander Marvin Wohletz gives a beautiful Memorial Day speech at the Glenrock Senior Center on Memorial Day. Photo © Jessica Smith

Glenrock is fortunate to have so many Veterans living in its midst, men and women who have given all for their country and who would, no doubt, do it again in a heartbeat if it were possible. Their experienc-

Put your brand on Casper in 2009! More than 400 cowboys and cowgirls from the United States and Canada will participate in both individual and team competitions.

Affordable fun for the whole family…for one night or the whole week! Bulls & Broncs -- Sunday, June 14, 1:00 pm Slack Rounds -- Mon & Tues, June 15 & 16, 7 am Full Rodeo Performances Tues thru Sat., June 17 thru 21, 7:00 pm Doors open nightly at 5:30 pm for Trade show Individual Tickets: Box Seats $20.00 Reserved $15.00 General Admission $8.00

es should be listened to, remembered, and appreciated--for without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today…… without them, we wouldn’t be free.


Glenrock Motorsports celebrates the coming of summer with flair Jessica Smith - Staff Reporter

Saturday, May 30th, was a busy day in the town of Glenrock for many local businesses and Glenrock Motorsports was no exception. Yamaha’s annual Spring Open House was held at the facility owned by Jim Moulton and was kicked off with a parade of vintage cars and ATVs through town followed by a free pancake breakfast. At 1:00, Brian Scott from 1030 AM radio came on the scene to do a live remote broadcast for the event and free sub sandwiches and drinks were given away during this time. Glenrock Motorsports has had open

houses before, but none of this magnitude. Along with all of the free food, there was also a drawing for a go-kart to be given away in the afternoon. The event happens twice a year--once in the Spring and once in the Fall--when Yamahas are put in the limelight and sold at downright bargains. Plans are already in the works for the fall version of this fun-filled event, and there is even talk of live entertainment and a street dance being added. Specializing in Yamahas and Suzukis, Mr. Moulton has been in business since 1993 and has watched his company grow

Season Tickets: Included Slack Rounds and Bulls & Broncs Box Seats $110.00 Reserved $ 90.00 General Admission $48.00 10% Group Discount off 20 or more seats for same performance. Tickets on sale at the Casper Events Center (800) 442-2256 or (307) 577-3030 or online at

It’s more than a power line. It’s a lifeline to more renewable energy.

in size--both literally and figuratively. When Glenrock Motorsports began, the building was 80 feet long……now it is 144 feet long and filled to the brim with motorcycles, ATVs, and just about anything else you could want in vehicles for the great outdoors. Jim Moulton, when asked for his thoughts on the open house, smiled and stated, “It [was] very good--a lot better than I was hoping [for].” The next time you are out and about in the wonderful burg of Glenrock, stop in to Glenrock Motorsports because--even without an open house going on--you are likely to find great deals on great equipment.

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old motors, old stoves, and of course, tractors. These busy gentlemen also sponsor many events in the area including: tractor pulls, lawn mower pulls, tractor shows, and tractor rides. “We have something for everyone,” Jim Simpson stated. The next tractor ride will be held the weekend of June 7th and will begin in Douglas and end at Natural Bridge where a picnic will take place. Another swap meet is also slated for the same weekend (June 7th) during the Town of Rolling Hills’ city-wide garage sale.

“ THE GATEWAY WEST PROJECT IS AN INVESTMENT IN OUR FUTURE.” To reach out to new, renewable-energy resources and connect to growing communities, new transmission lines are essential. The Gateway West project will help us meet current demand and is critical for the future of our region. It will © 2009 09 Rocky Mountain Power

provide the energy that powers our lives and fuels the growth of business and communities. It will bring much-

Sunday, June 6, 2009

needed jobs and provide greater reliability. So it’s much more than a power line, it’s a lifeline for today and to the future. To learn more about the Gateway West project, visit us at

Let’s turn the answers on.

The museum portion of the group is a registered 501(c)3 and is currently looking into opening a tractor museum in Glenrock. If you are interested in awesome antique tractors or would just like to donate to the group, please call: Dwayne Larsen, President 265-7245; Scott Smith, Vice President 472-6973; Chuck Farley, Past President and Director of the Board 797-1424; or Jim Simpson, Secretary 436Congrats to Logan Peasley of Glenrock! 8701.

Logan won a Glenrock Bird T-Shirt for last weeks song and word search!

The Glenrock Bird

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The Glenrock Bird Issue 06-07-09  
The Glenrock Bird Issue 06-07-09  

The Glenrock Bird Issue 06-07-09