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Devastation, grief spreads throughout Japan By Erik Barillari ’14 Staff Writer Three massive earthquakes in the last two years have tested various parts of the world. The first was in Haiti, where a 7.0 earthquake that devastated the nation, killing countless and leveling all structures in its path. The next was in Chile, where the 8.8 earthquake caused massive damage. More recently, suffering the latest disaster is Japan. Although, in retrospect, the earthquake itself did little damage, the tsunami that followed smashed the Eastern coast with such a force as to kill roughly ten thousand inhabitants, sweep away small villages in less than ten minutes, and cripple all infrastructures on the shoreline. Consequently, there has been a plethora of devastation in Japan due to the huge wave. Whole populations of residential areas went missing, and many have still not been found. Arguably one of the worst aftermaths of the earthquake

and tsunami combination is the and the ensuing nuclear situation stock market, but financial still may plummet further. damaged Fukushima Nuclear together have proved far more recovery has begun due to The recovery of coastal cities Plant. As the Japanese make formidable than the quake itself. a massive seven trillion yen flooded by the disaster is on the desperate attempts road to recovery. to quell the reactors, Search teams are the evacuation still combing the radius around the rubble for bodies. plant is expanding. Homeless residents As a result are beginning of the natural to find more disasters, the death permanent shelter rate in Japan has until housing can reached well over be reconstructed ten thousand, a and infrastructure staggering number r e s t o r e d . for a country that Although Japan has dealt with is arguably one of earthquakes before. the healthiest and In 1925, the Great advanced countries Kanto Earthquake in the world, the rocked Tokyo, and countless photos the 1995 Kobe of cities that quake devastated have literally southern Japan. disappeared The ensuing destruction of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami has resulted in devastating problems for the According to grief-stricken country. Photo courtesy of wordpress.org/2011/03/13. and the sobbing Time Magazine, citizenry prove over one hundred thousand were Moreover, the Japanese government stimulus. Adding the severe enormity of the killed in both disasters combined. economy has also suffered the instability of the world’s situation and its impact on the Despite past experiences, the massive losses. Many losses general economic situation future Land of the Rising Sun. tsunami that was part of the have been recorded in the to the equation, economists recent earthquake’s aftermath, investment sector, or the Nikkei say that Japan’s economy

Not too late to support relief effort in Japan By John Bleed ’13 Staff Writer

The devastating 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami in Japan last month prompted corporations and organizations across the world to send donations to a now enormous relief effort. United States companies have donated to help the effort. In an official company statement on March 14, Coca-Cola announced that it would donate $7.3 million in aid to Japan, which includes 7 million bottles of water, tea and sports drinks. Many other companies have followed suit and contributed to the relief effort. PepsiCo, a corporation that owns familiar

consumer brands such as Pepsi, Gatorade, Quaker and Tropicana, has donated $1.3 million to the relief effort. According to pepsico.com, all of their donations have gone

to specific charities such as the American Red Cross and the World Food Programme. Walmart has given $5 million in donations, and

has set up and planned fundraisers at their stores across the world. Dell, a large computer and technology creator, has donated $600,000 to the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent, and $400,000 to the American Red Cross. While companies like Coca-Cola, Walmart, and Dell headline the many donations being sent to Japan, there are also lesser known projects going on, such as one coordinated by Glenbard West’s Glenbard Global Giving. The new club has made 100 reusable grocery bags with their club logo on them and plans to sell them at school and across town to raise

money for the relief effort. Junior co-president Anne Lemenager explained that their efforts are “going to an organization called ‘Save the Children,’” a group that has set up child-friendly places in many evacuation sites across Japan. If you would like to get involved with Glenbard Global Giving, the club meets at 7:10 in room 316, Thursday mornings. Besides company and group contributions, individuals across the world have also aided in the relief effort. If you wish to participate in donating, it’s as simple as a text message or just a few clicks of a computer mouse. To send a donation to the American Red Cross, simply

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text “redcross” to 90999, and a $10 donation will be sent and charged on your mobile phone bill. To send a donation to World Vision, text “4japan” to 20222, and a $10 donation will be sent. Apple has also set up a donation system on the iTunes store that lets you send donations from $5 to $200. It is not too late to send a donation and help the people of Japan in their current time of crisis. Just as many major corporations have done over the past few months, you too can help by volunteering at a club like Glenbard Global Giving, or by sending a small donation. Photo courtesy of writersfortheredcross.gov.

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What kinds of horror films make you scream? By Kate Marxkors ’14 Staff Writer

Scary movies take advantage of you. They know exactly what will frighten you and they highlight it. All scary movies use at least one of these theories to scare you. They build suspense on what you don’t know, or what they don’t tell you. They make the horrors seem real or base them off of true stories. They might even take pre-existing fears you have and use them against you. Suspense Built on the Fear of the Unknown. Don’t open the door. Don’t open the door! AHHH!! We’ve seen it all before. You know something bad is going to happen, but you don’t

know what. Spanish teacher, Ms. Krol says, “I don’t like scary movies. The Blair Witch Project and Psycho were the scariest movies I’ve ever seen. In general, they are scary because they are suspenseful. The music is building and you know something bad is going to happen.” Laprincia Grissom, freshman, agrees, “It was shocking because I didn’t know what was going to happen.” This creates fear because we want the characters to be protected, though we don’t even know from what. Sometimes it’s a complete surprise because you had no idea anything was going to happen. True, or Seemingly True,

Horrors This covers a wide variety of movies. Whether they actually happen, like a war movie, or convince you they could actually happen, these movies will give any viewer nightmares. Junior, Getsemani Valdez says, “The only movie that truly scared me was The

Ring. I saw it when I was younger and I was afraid the girl could actually come and get me.” Montana Ferguson, senior, says, “The scariest movie I’ve ever seen was Silence of the Lambs, which I saw when I was younger. I was afraid that some professors I knew would attack me after seeing the film.” A popular movie for this category is Paranormal Activity, which is said to be based on true stories. Though they tell you at the end the incidents weren’t real, the scenes were so convincing that sometimes we are forced to believe it could happen to us. Paranormal Activity 2 comes out later this month, so if this type of movie scares you then

it will be a great show. Pre-Existing Fears The devil, death, even animals like sharks and birds can seem scary when used in the right context. The way filmmakers can take what you are afraid of or even something you may like and twist it against you is terrifying. Sophomore Alexia Tillman comments, “The scariest movie I’ve ever seen was Silence Hill. I had nightmares about the grotesque people and things I saw in that movie.” Security guard Mark Schuth says, “The scariest movie to me was The Exorcist. It was scary because it plays on creatures like demons and ghosts.” So, what makes you scream?

On March 2nd, Apple revealed their next iPad, the iPad 2. The new A5 chip inside boasts dual-core processors with up to two times faster CPU and up to nine times faster graphics, all while keeping the 10-hour battery-life from the original iPad. The iPad 2 also has two video cameras, one on the back of the device, and one on the front. The front camera allows you to have FaceTime calls with anyone who owns an iPhone 4, fourth generation iPod Touch, or iSight equipped Mac. Even with all the features added to the new iPad, Apple has actually made it significantly thinner. In cutting out 33% of bulk of the first iPad, Apple has come out with a tablet even thinner than the iPhone 4. The 10-hour battery life is not the only astonishing aspect kept from last year’s model,

the prices are also the same as the previous models. The new iPad 2 starts at just $500, but with the inclusion of a $39 dollar accessory, you can mirror your iPad screen onto any HDMI-equipped TV. Apple’s most ground-breaking iPad accessory thus far comes in the form of the Smart Cover. Coming in leather and polyurethane, the cover magnetically attaches to the iPad’s screen to protect from scratches. When the Smart Cover is placed on, the screen sleeps, and when the smart cover is lifted, the screen comes on. The cover can also fold up to make two different types of stands for the iPad. Apple is also looking to correct their blunder with the iPhone 4 by releasing the new iPad 2 in both black and white. With 65,000 apps on the App Store made specifically for the iPad, the iPad 2 is looking to blow away the Android competition. 2010 was called, “The Year of the iPad,” but with all the amazing new features added to the next generation tablet, 2011 could very well be “The Year of the iPad 2.”

Ways to stay safe Apple transforms new iPad on the internet By Rollin Burket Staff Writer

By Rachel Warren ’14 Staff Writer

1. Manage who can see your profile page and who cannot. 2. Post information about a vacation after the event. 3. Do not post your real birthday, or birth year, or your current address because those can be the key to your social security information. 4. It is wise not to post things like you hate your boss or lied on your taxes. Not good. 5. Do not friend anybody you do not know or do not know really well. 6. Do not post anything you might later regret. 7. Check the privacy settings often for, not just Facebook, but other social networking sites, even sites such as Webkinz or Club Penguin. 8. Don’t use a weak, easy to figure out password. 9. Don’t put your password clues anywhere on your account that’s visible. 10. If you’re trying to be more professional, don’t goof around “poking” others. Not cool. And it is rather annoying.

Last year, Apple revolutionized the way most people think about tablet devices with the release of their first-generation iPad. Over 15 million units were sold, earning Apple $9.5 billion in revenue. Nine months later, Apple has improved their iPad, while keeping most of the features that made the first revolutionary.

Did you know... Americans buy more than 700 million Peeps - making Peeps the most popular non-chocolate Easter candy?

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Ramblings for Readers By Casey Nighbor ’11 Columnist

Staff Playlist: “Rosyln” Bon Iver and St. Vincent “You’re a Wolf” Seawolf “Publish My Love” Rogue Wave “Guns for a Show, Knives for A Pro” Parkway Drive “Hot Bed” The Whigs Weird Word: Ninnyhamer- A fool or simpleton

Learn a Word in…. Creole! Rain- lapli

Meanwhile, position a rack in the upper third of the oven and preheat to 425 degrees F. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil; add the pasta and cook until al dente, about 8 minutes. Drain and add to the sauce. Melt the remaining 4 tablespoons butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add the shallots and cook until translucent, 2 to 3 minutes. Add the zucchini and cook, stirring, until almost tender, about 4 minutes. Add the zucchini mixture to the pasta along with the egg yolks and all but 3 tablespoons of both cheeses; stir to combine, then add the spinach. Transfer the mixture to a 9-by-13inch baking dish and sprinkle with the reserved cheeses. Bake until browned on top and heated through, 25 to 30 minutes. Let rest 10 minutes before serving

Recipe of the Month: Spring Mac & Cheese Ingredients 2 pounds medium zucchini Kosher salt 1 stick unsalted butter 1/4 cup all-purpose flour 1/2 teaspoon freshly grated nutmeg Pinch of cayenne pepper Freshly ground black pepper Veggie Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Photo courtesy of fda.gov 6 cups whole milk 4 sprigs fresh thyme 3 bay leaves Grated zest of 1/2 lemon Random List of the Month: 1 pound medium pasta shells Top Fifteen Things You Didn’t Know 4 shallots, minced 2 large egg yolks, lightly beaten Were German: 4 ounces Parmesan cheese, grated (about 1 cup) 4 ounces Gruyère cheese, grated Chicken Fried Steak (about 1 1/4 cups) Ring Binder 4 ounces baby spinach

Directions Grate the zucchini into a colander using the large holes of a box grater. Toss with 1 tablespoon salt, then place in the sink to drain, about 15 minutes. Squeeze out the excess liquid. Meanwhile, melt 4 tablespoons butter in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add the flour, nutmeg, cayenne, 2 teaspoons salt, and black pepper to taste and mix with a wooden spoon to make a paste. Cook, stirring, until the paste puffs slightly, about 3 minutes. Slowly whisk in the milk, then add the thyme, bay leaves and lemon zest and bring to a boil, stirring. Reduce the heat and simmer until thickened slightly, about 25 minutes. Strain into a bowl; discard the herbs.

Read it and Weep: I like goldfish By Chris Baron ’11 Columnist

I didn’t finish any book from my spring break list. I started one, read a portion of another I had already started, and looked at a third, but god forbid I actually read one of the books. I did, however, read two different books, both technically children’s books, one of which a picture. Where the Mountain Meets the Moon by Grace Lin is a Rebecca Caudill nominee for this year, and is just a fantastic read. The Rebecca Caudill award, for those of you who are unaware, is an award voted upon by children. Yes, it is a children’s book, but for the sole reason, in my opinion, that it uses simple language and has a few illustrations in it. This 300some page book was one I read in just a night, it was just that entrancing. Lin’s prose is expressive and lyrical without being overtly floral or pedantic. Her plotline, which I will get to summarizing shortly, brilliantly interweaves traditional Chinese fables with her own plotline, creating a continuous story that seemingly spans across all of Chinese history. Her characters are realistic and understandable, and her use of symbolism throughout the book is magnificent. But this is still a novel for third to sixth graders, and is simple and charming. Lin’s natural writing could easily bring her awards for adult novels, and while I hope she continues to write children’s books, I really hope she writes an

adult book. Now for the plot summary, which probably could have been at the beginning of this review, except for the fact that I wanted it after. The novel stars Minli, a young girl who lives with her parents in the dark, poor village beneath Fruitless Mountain. Saddened by her mother’s despair at their poor fortune, and inspired by her father’s stories, Minli sets out to change her family’s fortune by meeting the Old Man of the Moon, who holds the destinies and fortunes of everyone in the world. Along her journey she meets a talking goldfish, a dragon she names Dragon, and an orphan, all of whom help her on her path to the Old Man of the Moon. Lin’s story of a courageous young girl is spellbinding and charming, for the children for whom it was written, as well as those of us much older. I can see Grace Lin among such famous children’s authors as Dr. Seuss and Madeleine L’Engle. A+ I also read a picture book. Memoirs of a Goldfish by Devin Scillian is a cute story about a goldfish whose bowl slowly becomes filled with other residents. He quickly becomes fed up with taking care of the other residents, and wishes to be alone again. But when he is put in a bowl alone once more, he is worried about the others, whom he cannot take care of any longer. Finally, he is plopped into a large tank with all of the others once again, and is happy and content. That’s the whole story. I said it was a picture book. But it was really cute and clever. Read it! It takes five minutes, and the illustrations are really well done. I’m also not going to rate it. Yeah.

Nutcracker Gingerbread Houses Advent Calendars Christmas Trees Easter Bunny Easter Egg Hunt Gummy Bears Trailer homes “Here Comes the Bride” Disney Castle American picnic items i.e. hot dogs, potato salad Light Bulb Hair Perm

Did you know... 90 million chocolate Easter bunies are made for Easter each year?

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‘The genius of the mixtape lives up to expectations’ By Cole Kinna ’11 Staff Writer The Weeknd – House of Balloons Missing vowels and pristine production: the debut from the Toronto based group has it all. Their distinctive flavor of hipster RnB has made a big buzz in the music scene, garnering attention from the likes of rapper Drake. The genius of the mixtape lives up to expectations, refusing to be eclipsed by the cool kid stamp of approval they’ve been bestowed. Tracks with musings of lost love and self-worth compose the majority of this confident first effort. This impressive debut is one of the best releases of 2011, so hop on board the Weeknd wagon and watch as singer Abel Tesfay and company blow up this year. Key Tracks: “What You Need,” “Loft Music.”

Show Goes On.” Overall, the album seems to undermine the strong foundations upon which Lupe has created his following, leaving nothing more than a generic collection of songs. Key Tracks: “Words I Never Said,” “Never Forget You.”

Lupe Fiasco – Lasers Lupe Fiasco has been regarded as one of the rap game’s most intelligent players. Lupe attempts to tackle a plethora of social issues within Lasers; unfortunately, this compromises the cohesiveness of the album and at times causes it to appear disjointed. Furthermore, the production of the album sounds like any other top 40, cookie-cutter rap record. Having identified these issues, the album does contain some promising cuts like “Words I Never Said” and the pleasant enough single “The

Secrets and Suspense:

Kurt Vile – Smoke Ring for My Halo Philadelphia native, Kurt Vile, returns with his fourth album Smoke Ring for My Halo, a collection of lush compositions teeming with intimacy and melancholy. This time around, the modern-day crooner expands his sonic palette on this latest disc by incorporating his long time touring band, the Violators, giving his songs more punch and finesse. Smoke Ring for My Halo proves to be an exquisitely crafted compilation of songs which complement each other thematically and musically, culminating in

an over-arching emotion of yearning and heartache. Key Tracks: “In My Time,” “Ghost Town.”

The Strokes – Angles Although a far cry from the lauded genius of past works like Is This It and Room on Fire, Angles is a return to form for the New York Quintet. The album builds upon the classic Strokes formula of utilizing 70’s Classic Rock while incorporating elements of New Wave. When the album flows, it sounds like vintage Strokes, making audiences wonder if they were even gone at all.

By the album’s close, the listener is left content, but not craving more. As far as a cohesive work, Angles leaves much to be desired, but does showcase some enjoyable highlights. Key Tracks: “Under the Cover of Darkness,” “Taken for a Fool.” Spring Music Preview Foo Fighters – Wasting Light (4/12) TV On The Radio – Nine Types of Light (4/12) Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues (5/3) Tyler The Creator – Goblin (5/10) Lady Gaga – Born This Way (5/23) Death Cab for Cutie – Codes and Keys (5/31) Kanye West & Jay-Z – Behold the Throne (Whenever they feel like it) Photos courtesy of amoscontentgroup.gov.

The Mystery at Valley Academy Part 3 By Emma Wilgenbusch ’14 Staff Writer The rumors about the budget cuts at Valley High School were more frequent every day. Peter heard his father complaining about the “sloppy bookkeeping” and “money wasters” over the dinner table. Peter’s father was the president of the school board, so Peter had more information about the current situation than most of the students and staff at Valley High. He knew the administrators had to cut back on a lot of things. They already withdrew student scholarships, and Peter knew for a fact that they were going to cut back on the sports teams next. Since Peter was very athletic, he was determined to find out who was stealing from the school’s account before sports’ budgets were cut. Peter and Morgan were in the same English class. Peter heard from his father that Morgan lost her scholarship in the budget cuts, and Peter began to suspect Morgan knew about the budget problems, too. When Morgan came into class, Peter noticed she was clutching something in her hand. As Morgan sat in front of Peter, he craned his neck to get a look at what Morgan was holding. He could just make out the letter “M” at the bottom of the paper before Morgan caught him looking and shoved the paper into her bag. “Who could ‘M’ be?” he wondered. Peter was determined to find out. As the President of the school board, Peter knew his father had a list of all the staff and administration in the building… all the people who had access to the budget. He had to

get his hands on that list and find out who had the initial “M.” That night, long after his parents were both in bed, Peter snuck into his father’s study. The study was a handsome room. The big mahogany desk behind which Peter’s father often sat was shiny in the dim light. After going through all the drawers in his father’s desk and sifting through the piles of papers on the top, Peter was beginning to think he was never going to find the list. Suddenly he remembered his father had a school board meeting the next day and had already put the folder in his briefcase. Peter hurried over to the leather briefcase, which was sitting on the floor by the door. Peter found the paper immediately, and scribbled down the names on a piece of paper. After returning the folder and turning off the lights, Peter hurried off to bed. Peter tried to talk Morgan the next day at school, but he couldn’t seem to corner her. He finally saw her by her locker and called her name. “Morgan! Can I talk to you?” he screamed. Morgan turned at the sound of her name. She made a face that said clearly that she didn’t want to talk. “What?” she snapped. “I think we should team up to figure out what is going on with the budget,” said Peter. “I don’t need your help,” Morgan retorted “You don’t care if I get kicked out. Just leave me alone and go back to your rich friends.” Morgan turned and ran down the hall, almost ready to cry. Peter called, “Wait! I know who ‘M’ is!” Morgan froze. To be continued…

Did you know... pretzels used to be associated with Easter? The twists of the pretzel were thought to resemble arms crossing in prayer.

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Don’t let 4th quarter get the best of you, finish strong By Frances Smith ’13 Staff Writer Every year, the final quarter of school is a hard one with the anticipation of summer and an inevitable lack of motivation for some. However, it is always important to remember that how you respond to the last few months of school can determine several things, including the final grade in a class, a college’s reconsideration of acceptance, preparedness for next year’s classes, and how enjoyable the summer might be. For seniors with senioritis, fourth quarter may not the center of their attention, especially because many seniors have decided on or committed to colleges by this time of year. This assuredness makes some seniors feel complete relief and, thus, they stop paying attention to anything school related. However, colleges understand that this happens and often respond by checking on students’ grades at the end of the year to make sure they are still succeeding academically and have the work ethic the college expects of them. Other students need to remember that the final part of the year is just as significant as the preceding three grading terms. Failure to study for tests and complete homework can affect how well students do in classes, and when school resumes in the fall they may not be ready to

succeed in the challenging classes they thought they were capable of fourth quarter of the previous school year. Once the stress of finals and school is over and summer has begun, most students want to relax and enjoy themselves, but that may not be an option if they failed their final quarter. If this is the case, parents may grant consequences to their children, or force them to study during summer. Also, this situation may mean that a student will have to retake the class they failed, and they might regret not having worked harder at the end of the year. Finishing the year on a good note by working hard on assignments and studies may seem difficult and it may not be what most students want to do, but it has benefits that are worth the effort. It is easier to stay strong educationally at the end of the year by taking the same measures that are needed throughout every part of the year to be successful. These measures can include prioritizing, finding fun ways to get work done, and spreading work out over a period of time. It is great to make getting homework done a priority in the day by doing it as soon as there is free time: after a sports practice, a rehearsal, a club meeting, or school. It also is best not to engage in distracting and unnecessary activities like watching television or surfing the Internet before all schoolwork is done. This ensures that there is enough time to complete the work and also fit in whatever

other plans one has made for the day. Studying for tests is not typically “fun,” but it can be less of a drag if fun aspects are involved. Studying with friends at a café or taking advantage of the warm weather by studying outside can really make the task less dreadful and stressful. Also, making studying with friends a regular activity helps studying for finals at the very end of the year be less demanding. Using games like Jeopardy as study methods makes reviewing less boring. The end of the year often demands projects and papers that take a long time to complete. It is really important to spread out the work and not procrastinate and end up with a load of work needing to be completed at the deadline. Scheduling small parts of larger assignments each day or every few days makes completing the full task much more attainable and less intimidating. Essentially, despite the excitement for the end of the year and the many distractions that come with fourth quarter, it’s work that shouldn’t be overlooked. There are benefits for those who pay continual attention to their academics, and consequences for those who neglect academics. Although it can be rough, it is best to remain attentive toward school because of this. Additionally, maintaining a strong work ethic at the end of the year does not necessarily have to be as unpleasant as it can seem, so it is a good idea to take advantage of the opportunities that make it more enjoyable.

Royal update, wedding

Easter’s origin, tradition

By Abi Murphy and Maddie Lupori ’14 Staff Writers

By Louise Simpson ’13 Staff Writer

Among those who have been wed at the historic alter are Prince William’s grandmother and great grandmother. Some celebrities to be seen at the The anticipation is beginning to wedding include Victoria and David surface for the royal wedding. Prince Beckham, Elton John, and of course William and Kate Middleton will be the Queen herself. married at Westminster Abbey Friday, The dress is always a major concern April 29. in wedding preparations. According The media has centered their to reports in British newspapers, Kate attention on this long awaited has chosen wedding dress designer Alexander McQueen’s ceremony since the day creative director, Sarah that the engagement Burton. Being thirtywas announced. Kate six years old, Sarah was and William have appointed to this position been critiqued about after McQueen died last everything from year. clothing, to etiquette, Middleton has made it to the make-up Kate clear to her designer that will be wearing. The the dress and its design famous couple’s big must be guarded from the day plans have been public until her wedding featured in magazines, day. She says that she talk shows and tabloids would like to surprise her around the world. fiancé as she walks down Royal connections said Prince William William and Kate marry on April 29, 2011. the aisle on her special and Kate Middleton were moved day. The ring was also a hot topic to choose the wedding venue, among the public. As Diana picked Westminster Abby, because of its out her engagement ring when Prince “staggering beauty, its 1,000 years of Charles popped the question, Diana royal history and its relative intimacy went straight to the infamous Garrard, the crown jewelers, and picked out her despite its size.” Westminster Abbey is the final fabulous, yet unique, stone. This ring resting place of 17 kings and queens, is now on the hand of Kate, which and has become a burial site for many embodies not only beauty but also prominent figures, but has been a symbolic meaning. It is made from 14 wedding site for more than Kate and diamonds encircling a sapphire. As Kate and William prepare for William. Along with the historical their big day, so are people across the significance, painful memories of the world. Anticipation grows as the hours Prince William’s mother’s funeral may click down closer and closer to the be at the forefront of some. Funerals gathering. People have their opinions are not uncommon at Westminster and visions of this historic day but Abby; The Queen’s mother’s funeral we’ll just have to wait and see for ourselves. was held there in 2002.

The holiday of Easter most likely provokes memories of one’s childhood filled with brightly colored eggs and enough chocolate to last for one for a year. These traditions, a l t h o u g h entertaining, have no commonalities with the religous aspect of Easter, the initial reason for its celebration. A l t h o u g h Christians believe Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ ascension from the dead, almost all Americans add the kid-friendly element of egg hunting and whimsical stories of the Easter bunny. The University of Florida’s Center for Children’s Literature and Culture acknowledges that the origin of Easter festivals, as well as the Easter bunny is traced to pre-Christian Germany in the

1200s, where the Pagan Teutonic goddess Eostra, goddess of spring and fertility, inspired feasts in her honor on the Vernal Equinox. Her allegory was the rabbit due to its quick rate of reproduction; eggs were another symbol of fertility. The Easter bunny fable was officially documented in the sixteenth century Germany, where a story was written about a bunny laying eggs and hiding them in a garden. The well-known tradition of creating nests for the bunny to lay eggs shortly followed and grew to incorporate basket and egg decorating as well as hiding candy and other treats. Easter’s religious and commercial popularity asserts its appeal to all generations, whether one finds amusement from chocolate or wishes to celebrate a miracle in religious history.

The Glen Bard article clarification Last month’s Glen Bard ran the article “New program for a new year” that stated textbook rental fees would be $125. To clarify, this does not replace or cancel the $350 students will pay if they take Driver’s Education.

Did you know... 86% of people would prefer having chocolate bunnies instead of a live rabbit?

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May 2

Libya lacks sufficient international support ‘Friends For Rebel forces in Libya may not have the means to defeat Gadhafi

of these solutions. So far, Gadhafi forces have already signed, and then promptly ignored a cease-fire with the rebel troops and rejected Those of you with cars the rebel’s proposal of a second must have noticed that gas cease-fire. Whether it is even prices have been climbing possible for the two sides to reach rapidly in the past few months. an agreement is still in question, as Just back in February, gas was 54 Gadhafi will likely refuse to make cents higher than it was only a year any concessions which would limit ago, and reached the highest price or weaken his power in Libya. for that month since 1990. So why Perhaps is gas becoming so the most much more expensive promising now? The answer is chance to in the turmoil that end the has ravaged North conflict lies Africa and the Middle with the East in past months, removal putting American oil of Gadhafi supplies from that from power. region in jeopardy. T h o u g h Specifically, the the United crisis in Libya has States has made economists attempted uncertain as to to deal with whether or not oil Gadhafi, will continue to flow offering from that region, him safe and this uncertainty passage and has resulted in the immunity for rising gas prices. his crimes in The price of oil will exchange only continue to rise On March 17, the United Nations Security Council approved the enforcement of a “no-fly zone” over for his exile as long as the region to another remains unstable. Libya. Picture courtesy of CNN.com African In December of last year, protests erupted in Tunisia rebels to not only recover, but also will be more difficult, putting the nation, Gadhafi has not responded against its dictator of twenty-three resume the offensive, and they responsibility on the rebel forces. positively to these notions. The final possibility to remove years, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, in have since moved back into several The problem with this is that an attempt to overthrow him and cities which they had been forced defeating Gadhafi’s forces, a him lies with an internal coup, establish a more democratic system. to abandon earlier in the campaign. professional army of trained, and the chance that high-ranking But while the results so far in this well-equipped, and battle-ready officials currently loyal to Gadhafi After Ben Ali was forced out of office in January, the protests operation are promising, the end soldiers, are beyond the rebel’s will turn on him and force his then spread to other states in result does not look to be so. Within capability. The rebel forces are removal may be slim. Though the region, such as Yemen, a week, the international coalition disorganized, with no central this is a possibility, as several Bahrain, Iran, Egypt, and Libya. had already begun to fall apart, command structure, and no such officials have already turned In Libya, President Moammar with many nations renouncing coordination of their attacks. Their against Gadhafi and fled the Gadhafi, who has maintained a their membership and condemning men are untrained and most lack nation, there is no guarantee that dictatorial and often violent rule in the actions taken against Gadhafi. even a basic knowledge of how the coup would meet with success, the nation for forty-one years, was Most importantly, of the twenty- to use military equipment. The and, if it did, that whoever suddenly faced with an aggressive two member states of the Arab weapons they have are outdated, took power would be more populace. The protestors, who League, whose contribution to this and many are in need wanted civil rights previously operation was vital so that it did of repairs which denied to them and a real not simply appear to be Western cannot be supplied. A l t h o u g h , democratic government, began a aggression, only two, Qatar peaceful, but forceful, series of and the United Arab Emirates, the British have protests in February. A few days actually contributed aircraft, considered sending in, Gadhafi ordered military troops and these did not see combat. in Special Forces The US military is unwilling to units to train and to fire into the protestors, and with this action the protests escalated get as involved as is necessary if the organize the rebels, into full riots, and what now can operation is to succeed. The United there is little hope only be considered a civil war. States contributed nearly all of the that this would do Since the opening of the conflict, aircraft and cruise missiles used in any good. Many rebel forces, hostile to Gadhafi’s the attacks on Gadhafi, however experts speculate regime, have been fighting a President Obama has stated that that the international losing battle against loyal military the United States will not take coalition will last troops, and were steadily beaten the lead in this operation. US only another month back out of those cities of which participation is already dwindling. at most, and this is But even at its strongest, the not enough time to they had managed to take control. Gadhafi’s forces continue to fight coalition is weak. Its purpose turn the rebels into those citizens who opposed him, was never clearly defined. It a real fighting force. both violently and peaceably. was stated that the coalition Without assistance Everything changed on March was meant to protect the Libyan from coalition Gadhafi has been in control for 41 years. Picture 17, when the United Nations people from Gadhafi’s forces, but forces, the rebels courtesy of CNN.com Security Council approved the this is more of a vague mission have little chance enforcement of a “no-fly zone” than an attainable end goal. of surviving, let alone winning. willing to deal with the rebels. The future is unclear for the Gadhafi has claimed over Libya, and authorized What is the future of Libya? This an international coalition to responsibility for several terrorist question is open to pure speculation. Libyan struggle for democracy, considering the take any actions necessary attacks against the West during Their future is entirely uncertain. especially For the moment, the primary United States’ reluctance to take to stop the “crimes against his term as President, including humanity” being perpetrated by the bombing of a Berlin nightclub concern is in ending the fighting so any further action. Without an those forces loyal to Gadhafi. in 1986 which killed three that real negotiations can begin. In incredible increase in US military Shortly after this decision, a people, and the bombing of Pan early April, Turkey began to work action, a complete restructuring military force composed primarily Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie on forming another coalition, this of the rebel forces, and more of United States ships and aircraft, in 1988, which killed 270 one dedicated to mediating the international support, particularly but supported by those of France, people. Removing Gadhafi from conflict between Gadhafi and the from the Arab League, there is Britain, and several other European power would not only open the rebel forces peacefully, but it is no end in sight to Moammar reign of terror. and Middle Eastern nations, began opportunity for a more democratic unclear if Gadhafi will accept any Gadhafi’s By George Sanders ’13 Staff Writer

to attack military targets in Libya in an effort to weaken Gadhafi’s forces. This operation, code-named “Odyssey Dawn,” very quickly knocked out key command-andcontrol centers in Libya, as well as radar installations, anti-aircraft batteries, and tank columns which were being employed against rebel forces in the city of Benghazi. These attacks have allowed the

regime, but could also create a government friendlier to the West. The problem with these changes lies in removing Gadhafi. When the United Nations supported the no-fly zone, it was on the stipulation that ground troops would not enter Libya. President Obama has reinforced this multiple times. Without ground troops, defeating Gadhafi’s forces

By Elisabeth Filmer and Kate Mar Staff Writers

Yes, Friends for Change is a D Change promotes a great message Friends for Change is all about This group offers great ideas for environment and also eco-friendly The website also provides ways going green is for you, please log o

Photos courtesy of Friends for change- www com, Peace--www.peace.edu, Heart-www.Am

Down on th

Growing your w

By Elisabeth Filmer and Kate Mar Staff Writers

Growing your own food is an be eco-friendly. All you need is s shovel, and seeds! This green tip family, your community, and your

Growing your own produce can be rewa

en Bard


Page 7


Change’ gives back to community

rxkors ’14 ’

Disney-run organization, however Friends for to young people. learning how to give back to your environment. r teens to take action in giving back to their tips. s to take action by signing a pledge. If you think onto http://disney.go.com/projectgreen/

w.disney.go.com, Earth-www.NASA. mericanHeart.org


Be green today 1. Recycle!!! 2. Buy recycled products. 3. Wash and reuse plastic utensils from carry-out 4. Reuse plastic grocery bags 5. Use old T-shirts as rags 6. Turn off the lights when not at home 7. Only run the washing machine and dishwasher when full 8. Open the windows when the wind is

blowing and the weather is warm 9. Add a few layers to your outfit instead of a few degrees to the thermostat 10. Start a compost pile. By composting you can create nutrient rich soil that can then be used to plant a garden or tree creating a greener world for you and me.

he farm, in your own backyard

way to a healthier you and a greener earth

rxkors ’14

easy and fun way to sunlight, soil, water, a p can benefit you, your r world!

Here are the basics: -Growing food benefits you and your family: When you eat food that is home or locally grown, you are typically consuming food that is healthier because it is not treated with chemicals or grown using artificial growth hormones. It also can help you save money and provide the you with the peace of mind of knowing where the food you eat comes from.

arding for you and the environment.

-Growing food benefits your community and the world: When you grow your own food, you have the chance of giving back to your community. Not only can give back to your community, but you are growing plants the create more oxygen and decreasing the amount of damaging pesticides that go in the air.

Earth By Lindsey Coleman ’12 Staff Writer Beginning in 1970, Earth Day became a major part of the environmental movement. Every April 22nd since the founding, we have celebrated Earth Day and continue to practice green environmental changes. During a time of peaceful protest in the 70s, the American culture began to not only recognize the problems of war, but also the problems with the planet. Earth Day was founded through the ideas and actions of Gaylord Nelson. Nelson was inspired after witnessing the Santa Barbara oil spill in 1969 and its devastating effects on the environment. He began to work to channel the energy of war protesters to protesting and raising awareness for the environment and the limited resources it offers. Much like the BP oil spill of last spring, the 1969 Santa Barbara oil spill of a Unocal (Union Oil Company of California) oil rig destroyed much of the aquatic habits surrounding it. After spilling 3 million gallons of oil into the Pacific, the US stopped the search for oil drilling locations off the coast of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. This catastrophe served as a spark for major environmental conservation movements at the expense of many birds and beaches. Although it has been fortyone years since the Santa

Barbara oil spill, we are still encountering the same environmental problems today, and they have helped to create change. In 1969, society realized that our resources are not reusable, and the Earth is too valuable a resource to waste. So, people began to protest and fight against oil spills, pollution, littering, and endangered animals. Nelson founded Earth Day in an effort to open the eyes of the world to the environmental problems surrounding them and also to their own strength to make a difference. The BP oil spill demonstrated the need to create new energy sources, and to take advantage of other forms of transportation. The media today continues to bombard us with popular greener lifestyle choices such as recycling and using hybrid cars, but the key to creating a greener world lies in your hands. While recycling and hybrid cars are both imperative to change, there are many other less popular strategies and greener lifestyle choices that can create a better Earth. Even though Earth Day has passed, you can always try a new method of helping the planet like riding a bike to school, turning off the lights, and opening a window. Continue to make these efforts of going green and turn it in to a habit. Encourage family and friends to follow your footsteps, and change the world.

The Glen Bard


May 2011- Page 8

America’s infatuated with calories By Elisabeth Filmer `15 Staff Writer

Obesity is an extreme problem in America. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, over a third of the country is obese and 18% of teenagers are obese. The FDA has added a guideline for smaller portions in relation to what’s listed on the food pyramid. Obesity is expected to continue to grow. Obesity is measured by BMI, or Body Mass Index. BMI is a measurement of a person’s height to weight ratio, and that ratio is used to rank a person as either underweight, healthy weight, overweight, or obese. BMI is easy to find, just contact your doctor, use one of the online BMI calculators, or formulate it by multiplying your weight (in pounds) by 703, and divide that number by your height (in inches) squared. Some speculate that BMI is not the most effective way to rate one’s overall health, because it does not take into account muscle weight, but it

is considered the most reliable indicator of obesity to date. A BMI over thirty indicates

bad cholesterol, asthma, and even cancer, as some studies suggest. Obese people can also experience abnormalities when it comes to puberty.. There is a

Millions of Americans eat triple the amount of calories they need. You can also decrease your intake of sugar, salts, fat, and chemicals. Scan

that a person is obese. People living with unhealthy weights are at risk of developing diseases such as diabetes,

lot you can do to help combat obesity. Be aware of how to live a healthy lifestyle. Portion control is key to a healthy diet.

the ingredient list on the foods you eat, and if there is any ingredient you can’t pronounce, think about not eating it.

By Haleema Mansoor Staff Writer ’12

hydrated, energized, and focused throughout the day. Carrying a water bottle with you is a healthy idea.

Stay away from saturated and trans fats, and be sure to read food labels carefully. Although grass-fed meat is often considered healthier than grain-fed, an animal only has to be grass-fed for 51% of its life (in prime conditions) to be considered grass-fed. The FDA also allows food companies to say a product is fat free as long as it has less than .51 grams of fat per serving, and allows companies to claim their product is “whole grain” as long as it is made with 51% whole grains. Master your metabolism, or your body’s fat burning furnace, by exercising and eating small amounts of healthy foods every three to four hours, and you’ll burn calories by doing things that are typically considered sedentary. Some great books for people trying to live healthier lives include the Eat This, Not That series by David Zinczenko. Also look into websites such as EatBetterAmerica. com and mypyramid.gov.

Put a halt to AIDS Food for thought: eating healthy By Lauren Howard ’13 Staff Writer We’ve all seen the shirts: INSPI(RED), DESI(RED), and the list goes on. We buy the products, we flaunt them around, but how many of us are

really aware of the disease behind the merchandise? According to a survey posted on aidsupport.aarogya. com, over 80% of young women who participated in the study had little to no information about HIV/AIDS, how it’s transmitted, or how to prevent contracting it.

AIDS is a virus that, in simplest terms, wreaks havoc on the immune system. You become weak, pale, get lesions, and even the slightest cold can become deadly. It’s developed when HIV makes direct contact with the blood, whether through dirty needles, b r e a s t milk, or intercourse. There are many people unaware of the destructive nature of AIDS or HIV. As a community, we need to be educated and understand the severity of this disease. Read up and ask questions. It only takes a few minutes to get the facts, so don’t hesitate. Get informed now to give the world a happier future. Photo courtesy of nih.gov.

Most of us shudder at the thought of eating apples for breakfast, salad for lunch, and broccoli for dinner. We would rather have something more… tasteful, right? We l l , for those of you who just happened to have eaten those foods yesterday, I salute you. You greatly decreased your chance of getting lung cancer and increased the amount of fiber and vitamin C in your body. Every day we consume unhealthy foods that continue to damage our bodies. It is important to consume foods with rich vitamins and minerals. For example, drinking at least eight glasses of water every day can improve your health. It keeps you

Another food that helps your body is strawberries. They are an excellent source of dietary fiber and Vitamin C and K. Strawberries also contain high levels of antioxidants which help prevent cancer. A banana is another food that is extremely beneficial to one’s health. Bananas contain high amounts of iron and potassium. They also consist mainly of sugars and fiber, which makes them ideal for an instantaneous and slightly

prolonged source of energy. Why should you make healthy food choices? Eating a healthy, balanced diet provides many nutrients to your body. Nutrients give you energy and keep your heart and brain healthy. Good nutrition can lower your risk of developing numerous chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, and many more. Now, this does not mean that you can’t h a v e that delicious German chocolate cake you crave almost every day. After all, chocolate contains a large amount of antioxidants. However, it also contains a lot of fat. Therefore, have it in moderation. Try to achieve a balance with the foods you eat and include lots of variety.

Photo courtesy of mypyramid.gov.

Did you know...besides Halloween, Easter is the biggest candy-consuming holiday?

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Features May 2011 - Page 9

Protests break out in the Middle East, North Africa The people have spoken--some turn to violence, others try to keep the peace

By Eric Peterman ’11 Staff Writer

for the end of Mubarak’s corrupt and brutal regime and for the dawn of electoral democracy in Egypt. After several “days of rage” and the violent reaction by Mubarak’s police, Mubarak was finally forced to step down on February 11. Many Egyptians were ecstatic at their victory, but the country currently remains in disarray and the

has recently cracked down on an uprising conflict in Syria in which 150 people had died. Iran has also seen bold protesters call the Khamenei government illegitimate, despite the bloody crackdown seen in the 2009 uprising. Even the Chinese Communist Party is fearful that an uprising will occur in China at levels perhaps not

the condemned regime. At this point, the no-fly zone has emboldened the rebels, but any regime change still appears to be in the distant future. Throughout all of region, at least 4,000 people have died through conflicts. The end result of these protests is currently unknown. Many claim that the protests are prodemocracy and will result

After decades of rule by dictators and absolute monarchs, the people of the Arab world are finally trying to get their voices heard through mass protests. On December 18th, 2010 a street vendor in Tunisia immolated himself, set himself on fire, to protest President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s authoritarian government. In response to his actions, thousands of Tunisians took to the streets in favor of free and fair elections. A f t e r confrontations with police, the protesters were victorious and ousted Ben Ali and his government. A new regime is currently being established in the nation. While the exact reasons for the Tunisian protests Protesters in Egypt face reporters. Photo courtesy of geneva.usmission.gov. are unknown, they are likely the result of high new regime is struggling to seen since the Tiananmen in greater freedom in unemployment, inflation, take shape. Square incident of 1989. the region. For example, and the actions of the In addition to the The seemingly most William Hague, the Foreign authoritarian government. revolutions in Egypt controversial conflict in all Secretary of the UK, urged Over the following and Tunisia, less well- of the Middle East and North the Egyptian government months, opposition groups known, but still significant, Africa has been that in Libya. to “listen to the concerns of throughout the region spoke uprisings have taken place The brutal government of the demonstrators.” out against their respective in countries like Algeria, Muammar Gaddafi has, The Obama governments and called Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Iraq, essentially, started a conflict administration, however, for regime changes. The Iran, and Saudi Arabia. actions of the Tunisian The threat of a revolution rebels soon emboldened similar to the one in Egypt millions of others around has forced the leaders of North Africa and the Middle nearly all of these countries East to engage in the most to loosen certain aspects significant uprisings in of control. For example, recent history. Algeria lifted a 19-year state The most dramatic of all of emergency in response to the uprisings has taken place its own protests. in Egypt. Starting on January The leaders of Sudan, 25, hundreds of thousands Yemen, and Iraq have of people all across Egypt announced that they will Map of North Africa and the Middle East. Photo courtesy of state.gov. held demonstrations against resign at the end of their the autocratic regime that current term in office. with protesters that has cost was more wary because of President Hosni Mubarak Nearly all countries have the lives of several thousand the American alliance with had commanded for thirty changed the orientation people. Egypt. However, President years. of their government to an The United States and its Obama did deliver a speech The protesters, many extent; King Abdullah II allies are enforcing a no-fly in which he praised the organized by social of Jordan fired his Prime zone through NATO support courage of the demonstrators networking sites, advocated Minister. The government to aid the rebels in ousting and promised to stand up for

human rights in Egypt. Even though many Arab regimes are supportive of the United States, some of the regimes are authoritarian and corrupt. Therefore, many hope that a change in regime will bring a change in liberty. In the case of Libya, the West made a strong stance to support the opposition and the government that they will establish if victorious. However, despite some support, there are concerns about these uprisings. First, oil prices have increased, especially since the violence escalated in Libya. Second, the fragile stability in the Middle East is threatened by the unrest. Significant changes in government will likely result in new diplomatic approaches. Finally, there are numerous concerns over exactly who the rebels are and what kind of government they will establish. James Stavridis, a senior military commander for NATO, fears that Al Qaeda may run deep in the opposition movement. This may also be the case in Yemen, which has become an Al Qaeda stronghold in recent years. There are also concerns in Egypt over the Muslim Brotherhood, which is believed to be involved in the protest movement. The Muslim Brotherhood is an anti-Israel organization which supports the formation of a theocratic empire called a Caliphate. If the Muslim Brotherhood gained power in Egypt, peace with Israel would likely be threatened. Whatever the result of these demonstrations will be, they will certainly become the most notable in recent years.

Did you know....when biting into a chocolate bunny, 76% of Americans prefer to bite off the ears first, 5% eat the feet first, and 4% eat the tail first?

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Editorial May 2011 - Page 10

The invisible treasure of time, invest in it wisely By Rafeeq Feroze West Staff Member

AP Exam Schedule

What is your most valuable possession? We all have countless valuable possessions, but time is the only possession in a person’s life which warns you to be careful of what you do during its stay. When the day has passed, it is folded up and sealed. It is easy to get carried away. Track your time so that you can have the best of both worlds. Man wasn’t created randomly, but for some greater end. Don’t let time run out. We spend hours in front of the TV, killing our precious time. More than 60% of the television

commercials, shows, movies, and inappropriate programs contain violence and sexuality. TV is one of the most powerful weapons of mass distraction. It has corrupted the morals of families. It is a hidden addiction. We should be honest with ourselves and admit our guilt for wasting our time. According to a poll conducted by Harris Interactive, adults in America spent close to 13 hours a week online in 2009. New survey results show that adults 13 and older spend 31 hours per week online. Teens spend 3.5 hours a week instant messaging their friends, Two hours on YouTube, and three


hours a week on homework. We need to eliminate time traps like television, aimless web searching and video games. They leave no time for higher things in life. We delight in things of no value. The pleasures derived from them are momentary. There is so much unhappiness in the world because of failure of self control. Most of us procrastinate at one time or another. Putting things off may cause stress, anxiety, and problems with our family and friends. When we are stressed or anxious, it’s hard to work productively. When we feel lazy, simple tasks seem insurmountable. It is important to disrupt this pattern as soon as you

Morning Exam 8 a.m.

Monday, May 2 Chemistry Environmental Science Tuesday, May 3 Computer Science A Spanish Language Wednesday, May 4 Calculus AB Calculus BC Thursday, May 5 English Language and Composition Friday, May 6 German Language United States History Monday, May 9 Biology Music Theory Tuesday, May 10 United States Government and Politics Wednesday, May 11 English Language and Composition Thursday, May 12 Macroeconomics World History Friday, May 13 Human Geography Spanish Literature

become aware of it. If you lack motivation and if your self-discipline is weak, it is very difficult to resist procrastination. You must take initiation so you will become more disciplined and focused. It may be hard in the beginning, but with constant practice we learn to break that habit. Practice good study habits by getting yourself to a place free from distractions. Postpone unnecessary tasks until your work is done. Like many things in life, we take time for granted and give little thought to it until we no longer have enough of it. We all have the same amount of time each day, but it is how effectively we use it that is important.

Noon Exam

Take a few minutes to think. Is there something you’d like to change? Something you feel you should do? Think of today as the first day of the rest of your life. It is the time to reflect and make changes we need to. Our goal should be something we really desire to change. If we don’t have a strong motivation with ourselves, we won’t be successful. Avoid all time wasters. There is a saying, “Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.” We need to use our gift by managing our invisible treasure as effectively as possible.

2 p.m. Exam

Psychology Art History Chinese Language and Culture Japanese Language and Culture Latin European History Physics B Physics C: Electricity and Physics C: Mechanics Magnetism Comparative Gov. and Politics French Language Statistics Microeconomics

Illinois, Quinn should uphold elimination of death penalty By Urooba Nizami ’12 Staff Writer

An innocent man is released from jail after serving a 30 year sentence. A woman escapes death row seconds after new DNA results prove her innocent. These headlines have become far too common in today’s society and have empowered individuals to criticize the government for falsely issuing a death penalty on innocent people. Many critics call the death penalty inhumane and un-American.

Even though some argue that death row is a necessity in this growing age of crime, the death penalty was eliminated by Governor Pat Quinn in Illinois on March 9, 2011. Illinois became the th 16 state to eliminate the penalty and replaced it with a life sentence. According to NPR, Quinn said, “We all know that our state has had serious problems with respect to the system of the death penalty for many years.” Funding for the Capital Litigation Trust Fund, which provides resources

to pay for litigating death penalty cases, will now be transferred to a fund for murder victims’ services and law enforcement. “Illinois is the first state to do something positive for victims’ families on public safety with the funds that were previously wasted on the death penalty,” said Shari Silberstein, executive director of Equal Justice, a group that advocates for the abolishment of the death penalty. According to the Death Penalty Information Center, Illinois followed through on twelve executions, however

nearly 167 inmates were issued the penalty under Governor Ryan. Texas, one of the states to implement the death penalty, showed no improvement in crime and murder rates over the past years, according to statistics. Other states like New Jersey, Maryland, New York, and New Mexico have also eliminated the penalty. For many innocent and acquitted people like Delbert Tibbs, (who was sentenced and served a few years in Florida’s prison system) the death penalty is

problematic. Tibbs believes people should not be executed, but instead serve other severe punishments correlating with their crimes. Tibbs says that, “It is literally less expensive, both morally and in the material realm, to mete out another kind of punishment rather than that of killing people.” Luckily Illinois has taken this step and hopefully many other states will find the ultimate benefit of eliminating the death penalty.

Did you know...the first chocolate eggs were made in Germany in the 19th Cth?

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Editorial May 2011- Page 11

2010-2011 Editorial Staff Casey Nighbor ’11 Editor-in-Chief

Kelly Molloy ’11

Assistant Editor -in -Chief

Chris Baron ’11

Entertainment Editor

Kamil Radziszewski ’11

Design Editor

Natalie Salo ’12 Features Editor

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Design Editor Samantha Moriarty ‘13 Staff Editor

Abby Quaid ’13 Staff Editor

Jacklyn Tyburk ’13 Staff Editor

Scott Moore ’13 Staff Editor

Kate Marxkors ’14 Staff Editor

Brendan Byrne ’13

The social revolution: Facebook changing the world Pointless poke wars, never ending notifications and tediously tagged pictures is all just a part of the biggest social extravaganza ever to hit the globe, and one that keeps growing. The social network superpower known as Facebook has taken socializing in America to a whole new level, almost to a point where common interaction has become a thing of the past. Teenagers, adults, the occasional little kid, and grandparents have adopted this method of communication as it is the most convenient and most common, compared

to simply talking on the phone or emailing. Facebook has made talking to just about anyone, only a click away. Since Facebook emerged from Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard dorm room in 2004, many people have latched on to the idea of making their whole life available to their “friends.” That’s all well and good, but whatever happened to sharing that same information face to face or in a heart felt letter? Not only have Facebookers abandoned other forms of communication but they are now apathetically releasing information to peers

Staff Editor

Kathleen Caffrey’13 Staff Editor

Ms. Mohr Mrs. Slowinski Faculty Advisers

The Glen Bard is published eight times a year by the students, for the students. The mission of The Glen Bard is to provide a public forum to inform, fairly convey issues and to entertain. All members of the Glenbard West community are invited to submit articles, cartoons or opinions. Letters to the editor, signed and less than 300 words, are subject to editing without changing the content . Each month, The Glen Bard takes on a topic in its unsigned editorial. This editorial represents the majority opinion of The Glen Bard’s editorial board.

statuses, or wall posts from your friends. Even though Facebook can be shady and sneaky, it also has it’s upsides. Being in touch with old friends or making the necessary prom group page can be useful tools. It is recommended, though, that people, every once in a while, make a Facebook purge. Delete anyone you don’t know that well, and delete any information that could ruin your prestige. As the Facebook homepage says, “Facebook helps you connect and share with the people in your life.” Let’s try and keep it that way.

The Glen Bard: Upcoming schedule June Articles Due: May 5 at 9 p.m.

Staff Editor

Annie O’Brien’13

they may not even know. Let’s face it, no one wants to hear about how you and your boyfriend are having a huge fight or other social woes. Sometimes it’s best to just keep it to yourself. Having access to almost anyone’s Facebook can also be a serious hazard to your reputation instead of just an annoyance. If there’s anything questionable on your Facebook, not only will your peers see it, but possibly your relatives, colleges, or employers. It only makes sense to clean up your Facebook profile every once in a while, nixing any controversial pictures,

June Layout: May 9th-11th Room 431

Breakfast of champions: The news and its profound impact By Casey Nighbor ’11 Editor-in-Chief The world is exploding with important events. The protests in Yemen and Egypt, the UN attack in Libya and the crisis in Japan are leaving the world in a state of disarray. But most students, who are not enrolled in a class where a daily discussion takes place or who don’t care to take a small amount of time each day to update themselves on the world, know nothing of the news. Not to sound cliche, but we are in fact the leaders of the future and what leaders are we if we cannot even keep up with current events? Ignorance is born from misinformation

and there is no excuse to take no interest in news that affects everyone’s daily lives. It’s a sad day when more people can quote Charlie Sheen’s

many people, current events are undeniably more important. Not only can current events enrich your life but you can intelligently converse with adults

interview word for word but did not even bother to tune into Obama’s Mission Speech on Libya. Although celebrity news is considerably more entertaining to

as well as future employers. Small talk becomes increasing less awkward if you can resort to current events. Overall, teens should value the knowledge

that news gives them because it not only helps you understand things in school but make you sound intelligent in a variety of situations. Plus there is a chance you can outshine an adult with your information about the world and that always feel good. Teens everywhere should learn how to incorporate some kind of news update in their everyday lives. Checking CNN.com, even just for 10 minutes, or reading the front page of the newspaper while you eat breakfast will greatly inform you of current news. Current events will make the world seem more real and personal if teens make an effort to update themselves.

Did you know... 16 billion jelly beans are made specifically for Easter which is enough to fill a plastic egg the size of a 9-story building?

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Editorial May 2011 - Page 12

‘Winning’ is everything, according to Charlie Sheen By Brendan Byrne ’13 Staff Writer

Despite losing his reputation, some of his friends, several wives, and his job, Charlie Sheen still believes he is “winning.” Although Sheen has had trouble with drugs throughout his life, he recently had a major breakdown. Sheen was rushed to the hospital on January

27, 2011 after one his parties; the next day he began his own rehab process. By the beginning of March 2011, Sheen’s life had changed from the months prior. He was living with several actresses and was giving interview after interview. In an interview conducted by ABC News on February 28, 2011, when asked if he was worried about his drug use, Sheen said that he has a “dif-

What to ‘expect’ at a high school dance

ferent brain” and a “different heart.” Charlie Sheen honestly believes he is immortal. He remembers the last time he used drugs, and he used “much more than anyone could have survived.” Charlie Sheen has starting touring performing a show titled “My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not An Option” on April 2. This tour seems to be Sheen’s attempt to “bounce” back. The tour sold out in 18 minutes. The public seems to be entranced with Sheen’s insanity and bad lifestyle. However, Sheen has done little else to bounce back after his “breakdown.” The public, despite supporting him at his tour, still does not have a favorable image of him. CBS fired him from their show “Two and a Half Men” after paying Sheen nearly $2 million per episode. Sheen’s former wife, Brooke Mueller, recently filed a restraining order against Sheen. Sheen’s life is going down in flames, and there are no signs of a comeback. If Sheen can get away from drugs and pick up a good lifestyle, we may see him on the big screen again. Hopefully, with the support of family and friends and coming to terms with his negative actions, Sheen will be able to make a recovery.

SUDOKU Cartoon by Kyle Rang ’11

Did you know... 57% of children wake early on Easter?

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