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Dr. Jane Thorsen, principal, welcomes West back to school Dear Students, Welcome back to our beautiful castle on the hill. For those of you who are new, I extend a warm Hilltopper welcome. I’m happy you’ve joined our school community! Glenbard West is truly a community where we come together every day to listen without judgment to each other’s hopes and dreams, promote personal growth and work diligently to bring pride and honor to ourselves and our school. GWHS enjoys a history of excellence and tradition going back over 90 years! No doubt some of you have grandparents, maybe even great-grandparents, who have walked these halls before you. I hope you had an enjoyable and productive summer and are

ready to hit the ground running. If ever there was a school year to be excited about, this is it! You’ve probably been following the progress on Memorial Field where they are putting the finishing touches on a multi-purpose field. Now, for the first time in Glenbard West’s history, physical education classes, multiple sports and cocurricular activities will have almost unlimited access to an on-campus area for classes, practices and home games! The multi-purpose field will certainly assist us in meeting our goal for every student to be involved in at least one after-school activity. Equally important, it’s now easier than ever to support all of our Hilltopper teams because a quick walk across the street will ensure you a great seat for cheering on the home team.

Though you’re still thinking of summer as you read this, it won’t be long before Homecoming week is here. Please be sure to check out your Castle Keys for the dates and times for the week-long line-up that details events in our annual celebration with fun for everyone. Remember, too, that your Castle Keys is a great tool to help you stay organized throughout the year. Knowing how to organize your time wisely is a life skill that can help you stay ahead of the game, avoid stress and minimize problems like latenight cramming that happens when a lack of organization causes us to come up short. Another tool to help ensure your success is to emulate the West Way, a way of life that captures the expectations we have for all of our students and

staff. The West Way is much more than a slogan and I urge you to look at the large rubric on page 11 of your Castle Keys to see all the ways it can assist you in being successful, involved and respectful. The other great thing about the West Way is that every time you are “caught” demonstrating its sound advice, you may be eligible for tickets that could win you some pretty cool prizes in a weekly raffle. Lastly, I know for certain that your high school experience will be much more meaningful if you make it a priority to take advantage of as many academic and extracurricular opportunities as possible. This is a world class high school with an amazing reputation over these 90 years. GWHS staff has only one main focus: you, our

the quantity of kids who are still in the halls after the final bell. Studies show that the PlascoTrac system improves the timeliness of students up to 70%. A West Chicago school has experienced a significant decrease in tardies,

not have a PlascoTrac pass. Late students will proceed to one of the following PlascoTrac stations: the attendance office, front desk, in front of 428, Biester foyer, and in front of the cafeteria, where their IDs will be scanned. The portable

warnings. Other consequences are as follows: tardies 6-10 will be a detention, tardies 11-15 are an extended-day detention (previously a SAC), and for tardies 16 and up students will be issued a tardy contract and an ISBP (in-school behavior

going from around 600 per day to about 60 per day. When the second bell rings at West, students will no longer have the luxury of strolling into class unnoticed. From now on, when the final bell rings, teachers will be shutting their doors and turning students away who do

scanning device will then print out a pass that is required for entry into the classroom. Mr. Monaghan says, “PlascoTrac accumulates tardies throughout the semester” rather than per individual class. Therefore, the first five tardies of the semester will only be

plan, previously known as ISS). “When the second bell rings, students will be in the classroom threshold,” says Mr. Monaghan. The same rule applies to driver’s ed classes; students must be in the building by the time of the bell. For all gym classes, students must

Dr. Jane Thorsen, Principal students. There is absolutely nothing more important to us than your physical, emotional and academic well-being. Don’t ever forget that you’re not alone here; we have a dedicated staff who is ready to assist you every step of the way. In fact, my door will always be open for you. Here’s to a fabulous school year!

Uncovering West’s new tardy policy, PlascoTrac By Sophia Conforti ’12 and Natalie Salo ’12 Editors

Within the last few years, the amount of tardies at West has dramatically escalated to the point of frustration by the staff. In order to reduce the number of tardies, West has a new initiative to manage and control the situation. The other three Glenbard high schools instituted the tardy system called PlascoTrac in an effort to prompt students to be on time for class. Starting this year, West will be following suit and acquiring the PlascoTrac system. Before the program, Mr. Monaghan, Assistant Principal of Student Services, noted that “the hallways of Glenbard West after the second bell were still filled with wandering kids.” The PlascoTrac system has been brought to West to reduce

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be in the locker room by the time of the final bell or will otherwise be issued a tardy. Teacher response for PlascoTrac has been overwhelmingly positive. Connie Cain, an English teacher at Glenbard East who has had experience with the system, has said that the PlascoTrac system is easier because “Teachers aren’t responsible for the kids’ tardies anymore” and that the policy “allows teachers to teach from bell to bell.” The overall response from schools with familiarity of the PlascoTrac system have showed positive results in the effort to eliminate tardies. Although this process will take some getting used to, the Glenbard West staff is hoping to have the same outcome as other schools that found success with the program.

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Entertainment September 2010- Page 2

Read it and weep: I’m back By Chris Baron ’11 Columnist

The year begins, classes start, procrastinating on summer homework causes panic; this is the great feeling of being back to school. As summer draws to a close and you scramble to finish your summer reading, I’ll share with you some of mine. This summer I read, among other things, Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and Dear American Airlines by Jonathan Miles. Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson is a feel-good story, and, although I intensely dislike the phrase and things involving the phrase “feel-good,” I truly enjoyed this book. Now, it’s a departure from my normal reviews; it is a nonfiction piece about the author’s work building schools, especially for girls, in rural northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. After failing to climb K2, the world’s second tallest peak and most difficult

to climb (take that Everest), Mortenson landed in Korphe, a small village of the Shi’a

Mortenson’s amazing story and mission. Photo courtesy of sandiego.gov

Muslim Balti people. The book is his quest to bring the people of this village a school, and, as his story progresses, his quest to combat terrorism and poverty by bringing education to Pakistan

and Afghanistan. Now, if you didn’t know what the words Shi’a or Balti meant, you’re not alone. I was ignorant, too. This book educated me on the vast cultural differences that exist in this area and throughout the Islamic world and the effects of the war in Afghanistan on the nation. I felt more intelligent after finishing it. Now, I can’t be sure whether or not I am more intelligent, but we’ll just pretend I am. Three Cups of Tea is a must read. B+. Dear American Airlines by Jonathan Miles is one of my new favorites. It is the story of Bennie Ford, a fifty-three year old alcoholic. Ford is sitting in O’Hare Airport waiting for the flight to his daughter’s wedding. Here’s the kicker: he hasn’t seen his daughter or her mother for thirty years, and finds out his daughter is gay via a very awkward telephone call, in which he replies to his daughter, “Groovy.”

What begins as a stronglyworded request for a refund on his flight ends as a confessional

Miles’ funny and tragic story of Bennie Ford. Courtesy of sandiego.gov

on his life. His relationship with the Stellas, his ex and child, his schizophrenic genius painter mother, whom he calls Miss Willa, and his failing career as a translator for Polish language

novels are the central parts of his confessional. I would dub this book diet-Post-Modernism with a quasi-happy ending, if that makes any sense. So basically it’s not post-modernist, but I felt it needed a label, so mine will have to do. Miles tackles the issues of alcoholism and how it affects relationships as well as family dynamics and the effects of suicide. He weaves a tragically funny tale of one man’s failures and his attempts to understand them. Miles, who is a columnist for the New York Times, really needs to write another one. A-. P.S. I’m thinking about reading Summertime by J.M. Coetzee, Life of Pi by Yann Martel and The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga at some point this year. I appreciate recommendations, too, so FirstClass or Facebook me. If y’all have any desires to read a book and review it, do it! The Glen Bard staff and I would all appreciate it. Just join newspaper in general, alright?

Ramblings for readers: school is in session By Casey Nighbor ’11 and Chris Baron ’11 Columnists Staff Playlist: - “VCR” The xx - “White Feather” Wolfmother - “Koita ti ekanes” Nikos Ganos - “Gasoline” Airborne Toxic Event - “The Suburbs” Arcade Fire Weird Word: Oxter - an outdated word for the armpit! Five upcoming movies: The American- September 1st Alpha and Omega- September 17th Howl- September 24th Freakonomics- October 1st (limited release) It’s Kind of a Funny StoryOctober 8th (limited release) Learn a word Maltese! Cheese -- ġobon


Recipe of the Month Zucchini Flowers Recipe will serve four people as an entrée. Ingredients -Vegetable oil, for frying -2 large egg yolks -1 cup all-purpose flour

-1 container of ricotta cheese (skim is a healthier option) -salt and pepper -12 zucchini flowers with stems (check your local farmer’s market or gourmet supermarket) -1 can of store-bought or homemade tomato sauce

8. After the flowers are all drained, cover with tomato sauce and serve. List of the Month: Oddest Shoes 10. Okobo- Japan, 18th century to present

To Prepare 1. Pour 1 inch of vegetable oil in a large frying pan on the stove, set at a medium-high temperature. In one bowl lightly beat the eggs and put the flour in another bowl. 2. Pour the ricotta cheese into a Ziploc bag, preferably into one corner so it is easy to squeeze out. Then add salt and pepper to taste. Cut the Ziploc bag at the corner. 3. Fill the zucchini flowers with Ricotta cheese until about half an inch before the petals end. 4. To close the ends of flowers, add a little egg to the tips, pinch, and twist. 5. Dip them into the egg and then the flour to coat evenly. 6. Fry each flower for two minutes on each side or until crisp and golden brown. 7. Drain the oil from the flowers on a platter lined with paper towels. Season with salt and pepper while they are still hot.

Did you know... Starfish and jellyfish have no brains?

9. Men’s high heels- Europe, 1700’s 8. Kakkabs- Lebanon 14th17th centuries 7. Plaited birch bark shoesFinland, mid 20th century 6. Chopines- Italy, 15801620

5. Heelless Shoes- 2007 4. Padukas- India, 1700’s 3. Wooden bridal shoesFrance, late 19th century 2. The Ballet Boot- 1980’s today 1. Lotus Shoes- China, 10th century - 2009

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Three year college: A change for the better? By John Bleed ’13 Staff Writer When one thinks of college, it’s likely he or she thinks of going away from home and living in a dorm at a school for four long years. With the poor economy, many families are having trouble affording a four year college. According to The Washington Post, colleges across America are starting to create opportunities for students to graduate with a degree in just three years. A three-year degree could save time as well as money, benefiting students who want to move towards a specific career, says The Washington Post. Students would also be able to graduate school or get a job sooner than before. In fact, Britain’s Oxford University and the University of Cambridge both use the three-year degree model as a main option for their students. Senator Lamar Alexander of Tennessee says, “It will not be easy to produce a low-cost, high-quality three-year curriculum for a college degree, but now is the time to try.” He also states, “Today’s economic crisis and tight budgets are the best time to innovate and change.”

As college becomes less and less affordable, this plan could be extremely helpful for families who are struggling financially. A threeyear degree would save the costs of a full year of tuition and room and board – that adds up to almost $44,000 at Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois, which offers a three-year degree for some majors. However, even though possible gains and benefits may be part of a three year degree, it still has not been used very much. The Washington Post says only five students used the three-year program at Upper Iowa

could become more relevant and important. However, The New York Times College Board says that AP course credits are something that won’t help you graduate more quickly, but instead graduate on time. Talk to your guidance counselor or the college you are applying to for more detailed information. Some colleges that are using the three-year degree plan include Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois; Lake Forest College in Lake Forest, Illinois; Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana; Waldorf College in Forest City, Iowa; as well as Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. The University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, Illinois is considering the possibility of a three-year degree program being implemented by fall of 2011, says The Huffington Post. While it might not be the most conventional way to attend college, a three-year degree may be just the thing you and your family need to save money, time, and, oh yeah, get a college education.

“A three year degree could save time as well as money.” University, but all of them stayed four years anyway. Other critics claim it would turn college into a training camp for jobs, instead of the classic all-around education. A Howard University student says to The Washington Post, “We have four years to set up our future outside of college. Why give up one?” Now, it seems as though highschoolers have a decision to make. Graduate in four years or go to school in three years and save money? All of a sudden, the choice to take or not take that AP class

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Gain knowledge about current events and issues! Returning members meeting September 7th New members meeting September 8th Meetings will be held in room 431 directly after school. We will be discussing article ideas for the October issue.

Students speak their minds

We ask new and returning students to share their thoughts What was the best thing you What was the best thing you did over summer vacation? did over summer vacation?

Besides friends, what are You just inherited one million You just inherited one million

“At one point I played FIFA all day in my underwear while wearing a cowboy hat while singing ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ by Lynryd Skynyrd.” –David Hahne ’12

“To be enriched with the knowledge of my peers and wonderful teachers, and to be open to new experiences that will lead me through life.” –Maria Lee ’13

“I went to Point ’O Woods near New York with my family and we went to the beach.” –Abby Weeks ’14

you most looking forward dollars. What would you do? to this school year?

“I would buy a Jeep Wrangler because it’s my dream car. Next thing I would do is donate the rest to a lacrosse league I would create for children who do not have the money to play and afford their gear.” –Clare Byrne ’12

Did you know... the world’s termites outweigh the world’s humans 10 to 1?

dollars. What would you do?

“Buy a big house.” –Kyle Vondrak ’14

The Gle Septemb

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West Welc

Liliana Hahn World Languages

AnneMarie Giampa Social Studies

John Schweighardt PE and Health

Cassie Soderstrom PE and Health

Karen Buffington ELL and Aide

Erin Henry English

Welc Ne Teac

en Bard ber 2010

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comes You!

George Kang World Languages

come ew chers!

Jen Czolgosz English

Kyle Nugent Science

Jenny Wallace ELL

Joe Tita English

Mariana Proske Psych Intern.

Photos courtesy of Matt Stacy.

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Features What is Student Council?

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Get involved in your community, help others By Paul Luczak ’11 President of Student Council

will strive to find why it was events throughout the year. created and work on any The main event organized potential conflict resolu- by Student Council is Home What is Glenbard tions. However, we do not Coming. We pick the theme West Student Council? have distinct political views for the dance, the decoraThis question seems or will be taking a stand on tions, and choose who will simplistic at first glance, health care anytime soon. participate in the parade, yet possesses numerPromoting a better com- just to name a couple duties. ous possible responses. munity is always a goal The theme for this year’s Does Student Council ex- of Glenbard West Student homecoming is “Under the ist as a political and com- Council. The Turkey Trot Sea,” and we have already munity service orbegun to “Student Council consists of stu- buy decganization for the school? Is Student dents who love West and try to orations, Council an opp l a n share this passion with others.’’ portunity for stutheme dents to create school spirit in November raises money days, and organize by organizing phenomenal and collects can goods that other surprising new events and spreading West are donated to the Glen homecoming events. pride in every way possible? Ellyn Food Pantry. Other Additionally, we also As these possible respons- events, such as fundraising hold Friday morning rafes illustrate, Student Coun- to address various glob- fles, ice cream socials, and cil, at its heart, is a club ded- al needs, holiday toiletry free breakfasts to help share icated to serving the needs drives, and acts of service our school pride with every of the student body through make our goal a reality. student and staff member. a variety of methods. Student Council consists of Glenbard West Student We are a political organi- students who love West and Council welcomes everyzation in the sense that we try to share this passion with one back to the hill, and will fight to protect the rights others. Members are able to wishes all a memorable of students. If a new rule or make this possible through and exciting school year! policy is implemented, we numerous activities and

FirstClass, PowerSchool made easy By Kamil Radziszewski ’11 password would be 5181993 Editor (don’t try it, though, I’ve already changed it). When If there are two sites you successfully logged that you absolutely need in, you’ll see a bunch of to bookmark during the icons. The more imporschool year, it’s PowerSchool and FirstClass. If you don’t know what these sites are, PowerSchool is the site where you check your grades, assignments, tardies, and absences. It’s the go-to-place to check up on your current status in high school. To get your password, however, you need to log in to your FirstClass account. How do you get into your FirstClass account? On every computer in the school there is a green and blue icon on the taskbar/desktop. When you click on it, you’ll see a login. Your username is your ID, and your password is your birthday. So, my Photo by Kamil Radziszewski ’11.

tant of those are your Mailbox and File Storage. In your mailbox, you’ll see a red highlighted email. In it, you’ll find your PowerSchool login. Also, don’t

be afraid about forgetting about it and deleting it, because it’s the one email that you can’t delete, no matter how hard you try. Now, for more experi-

enced users, this all might be common knowledge. There are, however, things that you might have not figured out, like the fact that you can upgrade your FirstClass for more space. To do this, you need to go you the West Student Conference Icon. At the bottom, you’ll see West Surveys & Upgrades. The biggest size you can get is 100mb, which is enough for PowerPoints and other documents. Another thing you might have not known about it is that there is an iPhone application that allows you to log into your account. In it you’ll see that you can do many of the same things that you can do on the computer, except download files.

Did you know... mosquitos are attracted to the color blue twice as much as to any other color?

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2010-2011 Editorial Staff Casey Nighbor ’11 Editor-in-Chief

Kelly Molloy ’11

Assistant Editor -in -Chief

Chris Baron ’11

Entertainment Editor Kamil Radziszewski ’11

Design Editor

Natalie Salo ’12 Features Editor

Sophia Conforti ’12 Centerspread Editor

Emily Molloy ’13 Design Editor

Samantha Moriarty ‘13 Staff Editor

Abby Quaid ’13 Staff Editor

How to start school on the right foot Coming back to school after a long and lazy summer can be difficult for everyone. Whether you’re returning as a senior or starting as a freshman, we all need some sort of guidance to start the school year on the right foot. To make this 20102011 school year worth your while, try to stay organized, make new friends and to get involved with all the new and upcoming events at West. In order to survive high school, and prepare for future tasks one must be very organized. We’re not just talking about cleaning out your locker or overflowing backpack (although it is very important). It’s also recommended that one tackles assignments promptly before those pesky due dates sneak up on you. You’ll thank yourself later when you can just relax the night before a paper is due. Using your Castle Keys is also a great way to stay organized


have to do that day. This will give you a better idea of how long you need to finish your homework that night. Another essential part to making this school year great

different groups of friends? By joining various clubs or sports at West you automatically surround yourself with people who share the same interests as you, which is quite convenient. Try to

socialize as much as you can, in class or in the extracurricular activities, and don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t know as well, you might be surprised as to how well you get along! In order to make those new friends you have to get involved in something. Choosing what you want to do really depends on your schedule and availability. At the beginning of the year try to sort out your interests and go to as many club meetings and school events as possible just to get a feel for what it’s like. You don’t necessarily have to join but getting information will help you sort out what you want. Don’t feel pressured to do everything, or follow your friends into every club. Do what makes you feel comfortable, and have a great time!

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Returning Members: Tuesday, September 7th at 2:40 in Room 431 New Members: Wednesday, September 8th at 2:40 in Room 431

Thursday, September 16th at 9 PM

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Tuesday, October 5th at 2:40 PM in Room 431

Thursday, October 14th at 9 PM

Tuseday, October 19th in Room 431

Staff Editor

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is trying to branch out and meet new people. Of course you don’t have to abandon your friends completely, but who’s to say you can’t spend time with two

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Jacklyn Tyburk ’13

Ms. Mohr Mrs. Slowinski

during the school year, so make sure you write everything down! Not only can you write homework assignments down, but other things you might

Arizona immigration laws open door for racism

The Glen Bard is published eight times a year by the students, for the students. The mission of The Glen Bard is to provide a public forum to inform, fairly convey issues and to entertain. All members of the Glenbard West community are invited to submit articles, cartoons or opinions. Letters to the editor, signed and less than 300 words, are subject to editing without changing the content . Each month, The Glen Bard takes on a topic in its unsigned editorial. This editorial represents the majority opinion of The Glen Bard’s editorial board

By Casey Nighbor ’11 Editor-in-Chief

Arizona recently enacted the country’s harshest bill on illegal immigration in generations. Its aim is to identity, prosecute and deport illegal aliens from the state. This law makes the failure of carrying immigration documents or proof of citizenship a misdemeanor in the state of Arizona. The bill has unleashed protests across the nation and reignited immigrations arguments on all sides. Not only does this law promote racial discrimination but its vague wording gives authorities plenty of room to abuse their power. The bill creates an open invitation for the police to use racial and ethnic profiling. It requires police officers “when practicable” to detain people they suspect to be illegal immigrants and

check their citizenship status. against immigrants. The law also states that And the fear is not unfounded. police officers can hold anyone Senators from South Carolina, arrested for a crime until their Kentucky and Arizona seem to immigration status is checked be giving serious consideration or allow police to conduct to repealing the 14th amendment. arrests without a warrant if This amendment gives they believed it would result in citizenship to people born or deportation naturalized of the in the United arrestees. States. It also The law guarantees leaves too everyone in much room the United for the abuse S t a t e s of power and protection of increases the due process. likelihood If this Immigration law encourages racial profiling. of wrongful Photo courtesy of http://hoekstra.house.gov amendment arrests. were to be The Mexican government repealed, immigrants wouldn’t has compared this law to be protected by any United beginnings of Nazism. States laws or guarantees. This bill creates a fear of Politicians seem to be people based on ethnicity. flirting with the line between It is also the first step down immigration policies and racism. a very slippery slope of The Obama administration racism and discrimination has condemned this law and

Did you know... The life of a housefly is only 14 days?

has even filed legal action claiming that immigration policies fall under federal legislation not state. President Obama has warned that the law threatens to “undermine the basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans, as well as the trust between police and our communities that is so crucial to keeping us safe.” The need for change in United States immigration policy is understandable and necessary, but this law cannot be the best way to accomplish this. The law opens up a door for racism and fear rather than justice and creates too much room for wrongful arrests and profiling. If the United States wants to change immigration and deportation policies, we’re going to need to find a new approach.

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New turf installation benefits students By Abby Quaid ’13, Samantha Moriarty ’13, and Jacklyn Tyburk ’13 After much work by the West Boosters and local residents, the turf project is finally underway. Poor field conditions due to rainfall have caused games and practices to be cancelled. This was below the standards the school would like to see for the field. With the new turf, though, rain is not an issue. Ms. Oberg, Athletic Director says, “Now we can have a torrential downpour on Tuesday and be on [Memorial Field] on Wednesday morning. There would no more rain outs for P.E. or for sports.” The turf will allow students to get much more use out of the field; it will be used by sports teams and gym classes daily. Mr. Mike Skowronski, P.E. teacher, states in an e-mail that the biggest benefit of turf is “Safety!!!! We no longer have holes, divots, water sprinklers that stick out of the ground, rocks, boulders, etc. EVERYBODY associated with West will be able to use [it]. And the 2,500+ students that take P.E. every day will be no exception!” Mr. Skowronski was one of the initial

supporters of advocating [in] a turf area but they because now we are up for turf at Glenbard West. should keep the traditional to the standards of other Though there are many field [Duchon] also.” competitive sports teams. benefits of getting turf The tradition of day games Hopefully the new facility on Memorial Field, some at Duchon Field is important will attract many more fans.” wanted to see turf on D u c h o n F i e l d . Ms. Oberg backs the decision concerning Memorial saying, “It was the right decision. Duchon is the designated overflow area for Lake Ellyn. In order to turf Duchon we would have to build a retention pond between Workers spread gravel across Memorial in preparation for the new turf. Picture by Samantha Moriarty ‘13 Duchon and Lake Ellyn and raise the to some long-time residents Some athletes are hoping field three feet.” Ms. Oberg of Glen Ellyn. Keeping the better field will attract also said that the decision Duchon Field as it is but more fans to their games. came from the amount of adding turf and lights to Teams are also excited that money and allotted time. Memorial allows West to many will get the chance Many residents enjoy have both a traditional area to practice on the field. watching the day games and a modernized field. Junior, Kelly Borneman, on Duchon Field and argue Many athletes are varsity softball player, says, turf would break tradition. enthusiastic about the “I like it better than them Mr. Bower, teacher new field. Maddie Cater, doing [turf on] Duchon at Abraham Lincoln sophomore varsity field because more sports will Elementary and West parent hockey player says, “[I’m] benefit on Memorial.” says, “It’s good if they put really excited to get turf Ms. Oberg and many

Upcoming fall sports events Girls’ volleyball 9/17/2010 Fri

* Sat 9/18/2010

vs. INVITATIONAL - 12 school invite vs. INVITATIONAL - 12 school invite


5:00 PM


8:30 AM

9/17/2010 Fri


3:00 PM

LAKE STreet Stadium

9/10/2010 Fri 9/18/2010 Sat

vs. Hinsdale Central vs. Oak Park River Forest


7:30 PM 1:30 PM

Hinsdale Central DUCHON FIELD





8:30 AM

Hinsdale Central

9/23/2010 9/21/2010

Thu Tue

vs. Lyons Township vs. York


4:30 PM 4:30 PM


Girls’ field hockey Boys’ football

Girls’ tennis Boys’ soccer

Beister Gym and Field House Beister Gym and Field House

coaches have been working this summer to develop a practice schedule for the teams that will use Memorial. According to Ms. Oberg, in the fall, girl’s field hockey and boys’ soccer will be using Memorial. Varsity teams have first priority and then lower levels will use the open space. When asked whether football would be practicing on the turf, Ms. Oberg explain’s, “If both soccer and field hockey have away games, football could practice [on Memorial].” She also thinks that A and B football games will probably be played on the turf. In the spring, boy’s lacrosse, girls’ soccer, and girls’ softball will be practicing on Memorial. The superintendent is planning to submit a proposal asking to have the lights put in by the end of this school year, which would allow for night games on Memorial. The turf on Memorial Field is scheduled to be completed on September 17th if everything goes as planned. It has been a long a process to raise the funds and gain the support of residents, but many feel the turf will be beneficial to the students at West for years to come.

Attention: Sports Lovers! Newspaper needs your help sports fans! Anyone interested in writing sports articles for the school newspaper please stop by Miss Mohr’s room 431. The newcomers meeting will be on September 8th after school. Hope to see you there.

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