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Superfans’ crazy hype:

October 2013 Informed - Creative Free

What makes West’s student section special?

By Fiona Campo ’16 Katie Goleash ’16 Staff Writers It’s not hard to spot a Superfan; students see them at football games, pep rallies, and events. From the way they dress to being the loudest ones in the stands, it’s no secret that Superfans have the most school spirit. Since Superfans began, their goal has been to motivate the Hilltoppers at sporting events and lead Glenbard West to victory. Last year’s QB Henry Haeffner says that the Superfans “definitely helped us through tough games on our way to state.” The enthusiasm from winning state hasn’t faded for this year’s team, and Superfans hope to accompany the 2013-2014 Hitters through an equally successful season. To do this, the student section needs to be their best. Jacob Swatek, a senior Superfan, believes that to be a good fan you need to give it your all. He says, “The more you go insane the more people around you start to think it’s okay to go insane, too. “The student section has the biggest impact of all. The players really need a crazy response to their success because it drives them further and boosts morale.” Rain or shine, the Superfans have always been dedicated to cheering on their peers. In fact, they’re on their feet for all 48 minutes of the football game, whether the team is playing at home or away. From freshman to seniors, everyone at Glenbard West can be involved in the group. Senior Gabriella Bower explains her interest as a football Superfan, saying, “I love the whole camaraderie of the sport, both for the team and for

The Castle Crazies get ready for game two of the season against the Morton Grove Mustangs. Photo courtesy of Gabriella Bower ’14.

the fans. Football brings our whole school together, you see that at the games: everyone is there.” Each week, the Superfan leaders come up with new and creative ways to make game day more exciting. Their catchy cheers, games, and music continue to spread spirit throughout the crowd. Freshman Kelly Strieker says, “It’s always a ‘Party in the USA!’ The Superfans show [the] freshman how it’s done.” The Superfans don’t stop with the end of the fall sports season, the student body looks forward to attending winter and spring events for sports such as basketball, volleyball, baseball, soccer, and lacrosse. Zach Myers, senior, says, “Even though we get our biggest turnout for football, a smaller [student] section at a basketball game or tennis match can help a lot. It just makes the players feel better [...] and that they can overpower the other team and win.”

Games also provide a fun atmosphere to meet new people or hang out with your friends. So if you don’t already attend the games, make sure you come to the next event and participate in the Superfan experience. While most people may view them as wild and crazed highschoolers, there is a lot more to a Superfan than what meets the eye. “Superfans are not just about being crazy at the sporting events but about inspiring and spreading school pride. It’s both an honor and an awesome tradition that I am excited to be a part of here at West,” says Bower. Superfans have been and will continue to be a meaningful part of many students’ high school careers; don’t miss the chance to make those life-long memories with fellow students. Become a Superfan and represent the immense school pride found here at Glenbard West.

Athelete Beat: Hayden Lekacz Maddie Howard ’16 Columnist

Last year, Glenbard West football had a successful season taking home the title of State Champions. Returning from that victorious lineup is Hayden Lekacz, the full time kicker who scored a field goal during their State winning game. Next year, Hayden will be on his way to Stanford as a preferred walk on for their football team. The senior has received a number of offers from other universities; however, he wanted to be sure he chose a school which supported him athletically as well as academically. With an interest in the financial market and stock brokerage, Hayden plans on majoring in finance. “Academics are really important to me, weather is really important to me, and I just visited the campus and I liked it the most,” says Lekacz When visiting Stanford, he attended a football game and watched the team practice. The head coach, David Shaw, ran the training session in a

professional manner. The coaching style piqued Hayden’s interest. “[My dad and I] watched the game and it was great, I got to be down in the stadium next to all the players, just the way they interacted with each other I really liked,” he explains. Every collegiate athlete has to start somewhere. Hayden’s journey to becoming a kicker began by playing soccer. As a kid, he played for the Chicago Fire Juniors and Cruz Azul until his eighth grade year. Along with soccer, he played football for the Golden Eagles. His freshman year, Hayden decided to focus solely on football. Despite his decision to commit to football, kicking was not his initial plan. “Sophomore year I broke my wrist, and you can’t play wide receiver with a big cast. So my coach suggested that I just start kicking. Turns out I was pretty good at it, so then I was the kicker,” says Hayden. Although the transition from field player to kicker seems simple, Hayden’s teammates know how hard he has worked in order earn this position. Dedication to training outside of practice has been a contributing factor to his success.

“He has really worked hard every day, kicking and working out. He’s done a good job ever since freshman year improving as a kicker by practicing and going to camps,” says Colin Murphy, best friend and teammate of Hayden. Outside of practice, Hayden works with Chris Nendick, a current player for professional indoor football team, The Chicago Slaughter. He helps Hayden strengthen his technique and form. Nendick played at Northern Illinois University and attended Naperville Central High School. Along with Nendick’s guidance, Lekacz works with the Glenbard West football coaching staff. Coach Schweighardt, coach of special teams, praises Hayden on his

670 Crescent Blvd Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

accomplishment. “Going to Stanford is a huge deal. First of all, that’s not a school

that comes out this way very often, so the fact that they were looking at him is rare. He deserves everything he’s got. He’s worked so hard on every aspect of kicking. I couldn’t be more proud of him. From the time I met him as a sophomore he had goals to be a kicker at a big-time place,” Coach Schweighardt explains. Many years of hard work and dedication, on and off the field, have resulted Hayden Lekacz’s commitment to Stanford. Congratulations, Hayden, Glenbard West wishes you the best on your future collegiate endeavors.


2 - OCTOBER - 2013

Read Between the hemLines: CAbi builds relationships By Gabriella Bower ’14 Assistant Editor-in-Chief

she developed the idea of bringing her designs directly to the customer. CAbi was founded in 2001 with the help of eleven of her closet friends, her husband, and a mere $700. Today, it is the number one direct clothing sales company. Every year there are two collections that are 100% unique while at the same time work for every season. Now if there are only two collections, how can one acquire these generational garments? First step is to find a local CAbi consultant. They will help host a one of a kind

“Like mother, like daughter,” a saying derived from a proverb found in the Book of Ezekiel in the Bible. This saying is the story of my life, but I am proud of it. My mom is definitely one of my best friends. I never leave the house without her approval and or a piece of her clothing or jewelry. Likewise, my mom asks for my advice on her outfits and nothing makes me happier than to give it. Sue Winkler says the same for herself Abby Winkler’s mom, Sue Winkler (above) , also a local CAbi rep, helped me show that you really and her daughter. As a CAbi rep, Sue has can wear whatever is in a mom’s closet! a closet to die for, trust me I saw Photos courtesy of Emma Goebbert ’16. something on and just it, and if I were here daughter I feel gorgeous in it. It would definitely take advantage has the right fit, the right of it. If you don’t have this fabric, you’re just so put ability to steal from your mom’s together.” closet well then you better start As a consultant of having her shop with CAbi. these clothes, Sue gets The brilliant designers of to witness woman after CAbi know how to fit women woman experiencing this and girls, they make versatile feeling, some of them, for pieces that allow for the the first time. Not only do consumer to self express, and these clothes make you they are on trend but not trendy feel amazing but they are so not only will they transcend designer quality without seasons but generations. the designer price and At this point I hope you are convinced that CAbi clothes are Gabriella Bower and Emma Goebbet model the latest CAbi clothes. Photos courtesy of Emma Goebbert ’16. they fit every shape and awesome for both mother and daughter. shopping experience in the comfort of your age of a woman. However, Sue says it is But what is CAbi? CAbi stands for living room. So, luckily for my readers the definitely the experience that keeps Carol Anderson by Invitation and is a and their moms, they will not have a hard the women coming back. She says CAbi direct sales company that is known for its time finding our local consultant because I is founded on integrity and they are more concerned about the relationship more so personal shopping experience, customer already have: Sue Winkler. service, and philanthropy. Sue Winkler is one of the thousands than a high pressure sale. The relationships Carol was a Nordstrom designer for of amazing women who work for this are what Sue loves the most about her job. thirty years which is where I’m sure revolutionary company. When asked She thrives off the rejuvenation women go she developed her understanding and about her job, she said, “It’s not selling, through at these CAbi events and she is dedication to customer service. it’s serving. It’s not a transaction it’s a constantly learning from her peers and her When she left Nordstrom, Carol was in transformation.” She goes on to describe clients. It is something that says she sees search of more creative freedom and soon that feeling she loves “when you put herself always doing.

When I asked Sue what fashion means to her, she laughed. “Oh gosh okay so this is coming from the tomboy. Okay. Well fashion for me, number one is a vehicle to meet a lot of great women because of the business that I’m in. And it’s a vehicle for me to hopefully impact lives through building relationships. It brings people together. When you get down to the barebones, yes it is clothes, but its about having fun and feeling fabulous. And that really starts on the inside.” Beauty on the inside is something CAbi as a company definitely has. Not only does CAbi bring mothers and daughters together, but families. The Heart of CAbi Foundation is an organization within the company that gives micro-loans to women in third world countries. These loans allow women to start their own company so that they can support their family. Every year, CAbi gives away over $25 million dollars in either money or clothes. But they’re not in it alone. Customers and hosts of the events can help. At every CAbi party, they are given the option to “Make a Change” literally. For every order, the clients can round up the total of their purchase to the nearest dollar. These pennies eventually add up to anywhere from thirty-five to forty thousand dollars a year, which help fund the micro-loans for The Heart of CAbi Foundation. As one can see, this company is about so much more than just clothes. It changes lives. CAbi can turn moms into best friends and style advisors; it can turn a tomboy into an informed fashionista saleswoman; a shopaholic into a philanthropist. The transformations are endless and that can be directly traced back to their philosophy of serving, not selling. Want to have your mom host a CAbi party of her own? Or feel the need to transform your mom’s closet into something you covet? Contact Sue Winkler by cell phone: 630-212-5780 or by email winklersue@

Fashion Scoop: The Supermodel Trifecta

By Oswah Assaf ’14 Columnist

We all loved the designs and designers who walked down the runway the past couple weeks in New York, London, Milan and Paris, but what most of us don’t notice are the girls who carry those designs down the runway: Models. Of course we all know the iconic supermodels, some of whom have been blown to such a famous degree we sometime forget they were ever models to begin with, like Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Lisa Taylor. But we can’t forget the iconic models of our own time, most of whom are know for more than their long legs. Karlie Kloss: The 6’1’’ soon-to-be Harvard graduate started her career at age fourteen when she was discovered in St. Louis, Missouri in a charity fashion show. The Chicago-born model came back to the big city to launch her career posing for Scene Magazine but was sent to New York to begin her career on the runway. Kloss quickly gained popularity for her mile-long legs and amazing personality and became a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Juicy Couture ambassador and partied

with every designer under the New York “The queen of cool” namesake has also Fashion Week tents. been attributed to multiple fashion items However, Karlie Kloss is not just known such as the Jill Stuart and Chloe Freja for her modeling ability, she is also the hangbags as well as the Alexander Wang’s founder of Karlie’s Kookies, which are Freja Lace up boot. dairy, egg and gluten free cookies where Daria Werbowy: Saving the best for all the profits go towards providing meals last, and my current obsession, along with for children in need. every designer and fashion editor. Erica Beha Fredriksberg: The 25 year The Polish-Ukrainian-Canadian model old Danish model was discovered in her has definitely won the genetic lottery, native country Denmark when she was just growing to a skyscraping 5’ 11’’ at the age walking down the street. The 5’ 10’’ model of fourteen. The model never seriously made her debut in 2005 when she opened considered modeling, but after being for Miu Miu, launched into Louis Vuitton the industry by and Prada then a schoolmate’s continued to walk mother, she was in Paris, Milan determined to and London in make it work. Ready to Wear and The model Haute Couture for joined Elite every brand from M o d e l Chanel to the Management GAP. and traveled Fredriksberg is from Canada the face of multiple to London campaigns to Greece, from Hermes to but failed Balenciaga to Photos courtesy of, to achieve Isabel Marant. international www.h&, and

success. After her first runway season was disrupted and canceled by the 9/11 attacks in New York City, the model returned to Canada. After several months she returned to the industry in hopes of funding her school education. Werbowy soon became known for holding the record for opening and closing the most shows in one season. The 29 year old model is most known for her Lancome and Celine campaign, but is also known for her work with Valentino, Chanel, Missoni and almost every other major fashion house. Werbowy is also known for her rare exclusivity, after taking a sudden break to enjoy her favorite past time of sailing. The campaigns that work for her are the ones that allow Daria to maintain a level of freedom since many brands can’t afford for her to walk away Each and every model has a unique and special story attributed to their success. Many models do more than what has been mentioned above. The new wave models aren’t quite as dramatic as previous generations of models, but many do attempt to make more of an impact than just walking down the runway wearing designer clothes.

Did you know the first New York Fashion Week was in 1943?


3 - OCTOBER- 2013

Instablog: Changing of the seasons By Meghan Loftus ’15 Columnist

With the transition into fall, the Instagram fashion blog account (or “Instablog”), ge_ fashionista, reports the fashion trends that begin to change with the season. Over the past few weeks, bloggers Bridget Caffrey and I have posted many street style pictures with a description of the outfit and the trend it captures. The picture shown with this article is an example of one of our first posts!

Robin Sackett wore an adorable drop waist dress with an open back. For this picture we discussed the open back, black lace bandeau and gladiator sandals. The dress’s pattern was a gentle, floral print too. The piece looked like a dress from Brandy Melville, however it was a more affordable price for a high school student from Forever 21! ge_fashionista also covered summer trends such as graphic t-shirts, high-waisted jean shorts, distressed denim, Keds or Chuck Taylor’s, hair accessories (such as a head wrap), jewelry, sundresses and printed leggings! Follow @ge_fashionista on Instagram to see more of our

upcoming posts for fall and to review the summer trends! Be sure to show it to your friends too! You can also email and send Bridget and me pictures of some of your favorite street styles! If it is you, send us the picture and your account name. If it is a friend, be sure to include their username so we can tag them! Some of the trends we plan on seeing and blogging about this fall include classic prints, such as houndstooth, in oversized coats, emerald greens, edgier looks and fur, yes fur! Keep an eye out for these trends as we transition into fall! And maybe see yourself on our Instablog, ge_fashionista!

Photo courtsey of Meghan Loftus’ 16.

Catwalk to class: Evening-wear neutrals By Emma Goebbert ’16 and Shay Kiker ’16 Columnists

Bottom Row Left to Right: Anthropologie $148, Like Mynded $88, Maggy London$128, Trixxi $78, Forever 21 $25

Fall into Fashion

Catwalk: Runway shows for years have been about pushing the boundaries of fashion and exploring fantastical prints and avante garde colors. Even the couture shows are all about being bold and vibrant. Yet, this fall season, many designers are reverting back to the simple classics in colors such as black, cream, and gray. They use the power of perfectly structured pieces and the skillful application of texture to make the looks feel unique and alive. One of the most famous couture dressmakers of our modern day is Elie Saab who started dressmaking at the young age of eight for his younger sisters. Mr. Saab is known for his expert utilization of texture to add movement and an aura of fantasy to the most basic of black dresses. Even though neutrals were the trend, other designers such as Haute Hippie, Tibi, Elie Tahari, and Blumarine have taken those classic hues and turned them into fantastic upscale dresses, each with their own unique twist. I was greatly inspired by how, even though the dresses these designers were putting on the runway were all in similar, basic color palettes, each look felt special because of the use of textures like lace and ruffles and tailoring like pleats and peplums. Class: The color of the 2013 fall season is gray. With such a neutral color, the possibilities are endless. As many look forward to school dances, dresses become the new hot topic. Being clad in neutrals may not seem appealing, but we found some awesome dresses that are characterized

by unique silhouettes, dressy detailing, and interesting textures and textiles. On the runway, a gray pleated dress appeared with a v-neck and a faint print. The eye-catching pleats and subtle print is beautiful and in a cool gray, this dress has a relaxed feel. Anthropologie has a dress on the racks that has the profound pleats and printing written all over it. With a unique crotchet detailing, this dress is playful and sophisticated all at the same time, selling at the $148 price-point. Another dress off the runway was a blush pink geometric structured wonder. A more youthful version of this dress was designed by Like Mynded and fits the perfect translation for a homecoming style. Beautifully feminine and sweet this dress is hitting the racks at Nordstrom for $88. The Little Black Dress is one of the most staple items in fashion, but designers are constantly trying to spiff-up the new style. This year, a LBD hit the runway with a black bow accenting the waistline. A spin on this dress where the bow has moved from the center of the waistline and to a vertical position on the side is being sold by Maggy London. This more formal piece is being sold for $128. An always-loved detail is the ruffle. Making every girly-girl’s outfit complete and aiding in the enhanced silhouette of a dress, the ruffle cannot be beat. A GreatGatsby 1920’s inspired ruffled dress with dozens of pearls looped around the model’s neck walked the runway this fall. Trixxi came out with a gray ruffled dress embellished by diamond look-alikes rather than pearls this time. Ruffles and bling spice up this dress to new heights and it is tagged at $78. Another LBD was featured this fall. This time honing in on the texture of the textile, the black-lace dress screams classic. Although the lace is timeless, this dress has a fresh look. We found a very similar style at Forever 21 at a steal of a price of $25. Although dances are often dotted with colors, some of the most statement dresses and well worn garments that night are the ones made unique by new silhouettes and details. We are opting for neutral-colored dresses that make a statement!

Photos courtesy of and

Did you can not buy tickets to New York Fashion week? The limited space is reserved for celebrities, editors, and their friends and families?


4 - OCTOBER - 2013

Health Hotline: marketing full of ‘big fat’ lies By Alex Levin ’14 Columnist

Nowadays, it seems that everyone is indulging in the “morenutritious” version of their favorite foods…or so they think. Companies lure in customers with their “low-fat,” “lowcal,” “diet,” etc. marked products. Often people assume it is a healthier version of the original product and that they can eat more of it with a guiltfree conscious. I am here to tell you to put down the low-fat pop tart and step away from the skinny Ben & Jerry’s, you are being tricked! Food companies absolutely

love to use this trick with states sure many of you have some their products. To uncover that low-fat chips contain at kind of in your lunch today— these schemes, turn over peanut butter. You may the product and read the be saying to yourself, I ENTIRE label. If you thought peanut butter is a do, you will notice that good fat? while the product does You would be correct, prove to be low in certain however according to, Maltodexdrin, one of where food companies many popular additives are deceiving us is by in snack foods. replacing that healthy fat with maltodextrin, a content (i.e. carbohydrate used as a fat, calorie, sodium, filler in many processed carbohydrate, sugar), foods. Thus, you’re this is compensated by substituting healthy fat jacking up other additives. from peanuts for empty Feeling cheated? carbs and twice the sugar, Among the most only saving 10 calories common products include Photo courtesy of Frito-Lay. Illustration by Erik Barillari. from the full-fat version. chips, peanut butter, and soda. least 20% more sodium and The last and most surprising Low-fat chips sound like a 15% more carbohydrates than trick that I will share with you great deal, right? You might the full-fat versions. is diet soda. feel differently after noticing If you’re not sold on this just Soda companies are quite the additional salt and carbs. yet, take a look at what I am clever and know how to give

us that refreshing taste and satisfaction of drinking a diet soda over a regular soda. According to New York City dietician, Keri Glassman, these companies utilize artificial sweeteners to make their soda up to 13,000 times sweeter than real sugar, which dulls our taste buds and gives us a craving of sweeter foods. Therefore this alternative is certainly not worth the switch from fullsugar sodas or juices. Other common foods manipulated are cheese and yogurt along with a slew of others. So, be sure to thoroughly inspect the labels of products marked “low” or “diet” anything because what you might just find may be the reason you put it back on the shelf.

Recipe Review: The Classic Caramel Brownie By Madison Chandler ’14 Columnist

The leaves are changing colors, Halloween is quickly approaching, and we can finally breathe in a fourth floor classroom. Fall is here! Along with perfect weather, this time of year brings some delicious seasonal treats; apple pie and pumpkin bread are great classics, but I have a recipe for something a little different. Everyone loves brownies. Have you ever tried caramel brownies? I found a great recipe from the Taste of Home magazine. They’re amazing and very easy to make. It’s the perfect treat to warm you up in this cool weather. Begin by preheating your oven to 350 degrees on the bake setting. Then, in a large bowl, beat the sugar, cocoa, oil, eggs and milk together. Next add the flour, salt and baking powder. Gradually mix the ingredients until they are well blended. I recommend using an electric mixer. It’s fast and it will ensure that everything is completely blended together. Finally, stir in the chocolate chips and only ½ of

the cup of walnuts. The next step differs from a traditional brownie recipe. You need to carefully spoon two-thirds of the batter into a greased 13inch x 9-inch baking pan. Make sure to fill only 2/3 of the baking pan as well. I have found that rubber or glass pans produce the best brownies. Once this step is completed, you may place the mixture in the oven for 12 minutes. Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, heat the caramels and condensed milk over a low heat setting until the caramels are melted. When the oven timer goes off, you may pour the caramel mix over the baked brownie layer. You can sprinkle the treat with the remaining walnuts. Then, carefully spoon the remaining brownie batter over the caramel layer. Finally, take a knife and swirl the mixtures together. Bake the final product for 35-40 minutes. You may periodically insert a toothpick near the center to ensure they are fully cooked. If the toothpick comes out with moist crumbs, the brownies are not ready. Finish by cooling your treat on a rack for about twenty minutes. Enjoy! < < h t t p : / / w w w. recipes/caramelbrownies>>.

Did you 188 decibels, the blue whale is the loudest mammal?


5 - OCTOBER - 2013

The hottest upcoming fall T.V shows By Christine Pallon ’14 Staff Reporter

Fall is an exciting but frustrating time for any television buff. It can be hard to separate the programs with staying power from those that just won’t last, but every year a handful of shows prove their worth. Among the season’s new additions are five promising series that are already gathering attention. If you haven’t tuned into any of these shows yet, be sure to catch up! 5.) The Birthday Boys (IFC): Fans of Breaking Bad will recognize The Birthday Boys’ star Bob Odenkirk from his role as corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman, but Odenkirk is making waves this fall in this new sketch comedy series. He joins the comedy troupe “The Birthday Boys” in bringing their offbeat sense of humor to the small screen. Fans of Portlandia should check this

one out. 4.) Brooklyn Nine-Nine (FOX): Former SNL cast member Andy Samberg stars in this new ensemble comedy that follows workplace conflicts in a New York City police precinct. Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which comes from the minds behind Parks and Recreation and The Office, is already standing out as one of the best new comedies of the season. 3.) The Originals (CW): This spinoff of The Vampire Diaries follows three of the world’s original vampires (Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah) in New Orleans. Although television spin-offs are notoriously hit-or-miss, fans of The Vampire Diaries should tune in to see if The Originals lives up to their expectations. 2.) Mob City (TNT): Though it won’t start until early December, TNT’S Mob City is already creating a buzz. In Mob City, 1940’s Los Angeles

acts as a battleground for the bloody conflicts between ruthless gangsters and the police who try to keep them in line. The cast alone is reason to watch, as lovable English actor Simon Pegg of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz fame joins The Walking Dead alumni Jon Bernthal and Jeffrey DeMunn. 1.) Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

corner. It’s all very alluring, but is it a fatal attraction? Like moths to a flame, the appeal of being a young star is so tempting that anyone, and I mean anyone, would pounce on the opportunity. But is it one that’ll leave you burnt afterwards? Studies have shown there are several negative factors that accompany young stardom,. Stars such as Miley Cyrus and Amanda Bynes are held legally accountable for their

irresponsible and wild decisions, and have to face the consequences of their respective “weird” social antics. But what we really should be asking is: what made the young pair so susceptible to behaving poorly in the first place? Being thrust into the limelight at a naïve, unsuspecting age babies stars though top notch treatment, but then attention may seem to lower as they grow into adulthood. It may this perceived lack of attention that drives young stars

(ABC): From The Avengers director Joss Whedon, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. brings the action and excitement of Marvel to television. Whedon is no stranger to the small screen, having created several critically acclaimed shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Firefly. His latest television endeavor

brings Avengers fan favorite Agent Coulson back to life as he assembles a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to deal with superhuman threats. This show is undoubtedly the most anticipated of the new season as it marks Marvel’s first time creating a show in the Marvel Movie Universe.

Marvel will make a mark on fall televisions everywhere. Don’t miss it. Photo courtesy of

Do you really want to be a superstar? By Emma Winans ’16 Staff Reporter

Whether you want to admit it or not, at one point in your life, you’ve wanted to be in the limelight. Imagine: life as a movie star, the world at your feet with endless possibilities stretching right before your own famous eyes. Yes, I’m talking the Hollywood, with swaying palm trees, beaches teeming with movie stars, with potential and fame around every

to find ways of gaining that attention back. Whether the crazy, scandalous, or downright weird calls for help are conscious or subconscious, we can only speculate in trying to determine the “why” of what these stars do. While some former child stars gently and respectfully transition into adulthood, the repercussions of crazy acts such as Miley’s wild “Blurred Lines” performance at the VMA’s, or Demi Lovato’s final shove over the breaking point of social scrutiny, follows some stars like a lurking shadow, and casts their previous innocence into oblivion. However, some stars use their fame to help spread good messages or become

role models, such as Miranda Cosgrove, who used the fame from her tween years to become the face of Neutrogena, spreading a healthy message of skin protection, and others used their previous “blowups” or breaking points to turn their life around. Demi Lovato has become an immense source of inspiration for both girls and boys against eating disorders, suicide, stereotypes, and bullying due to her own experience. While time can only tell about some of the wildest child stars, their innocent, good ol’ day personas can live on in our memories, until it is replaced by their next crazy act.

Demi Lovato (left) and Amanda Bynes (right) are just two examples of superstars who have faced recent scrutiny. Photos courtesy of and

Did you know...the Confederacy invaded Kentucky on October 10th?


6- OCTOBER 2013

‘Banned Book Week’ challenges censorship By Olivia Mullenax ’17 Staff Writer

While almost already November, the last week of September still holds importance for its message of freedom and awareness. From September 22-28, thousands of book stores, libraries and book lovers alike will celebrate their freedom, or rather absence of, to read. Banned Book Week, created in 1982 to promote awareness of censorship and access to information, is still recognized throughout communities and schools. A variety of different events such as virtual read outs, author panels, and book sales bring authors, librarians, journalists and many others together in their collaboration for intellectual freedom. Banned Book week not only promotes banned or challenged books in communities all across the country, but also highlights the issues such as censorship and the open access to all information. But what exactly is censorship? Defined as “The activity of the mind in regulating impulses from the unconscious so that they are modified before reaching the conscious mind” in the Merriam Webster dictionary, censorship holders deeper layers of complexity and ambiguity.

Censorship is the action authority takes when they it believes something is unsuitable material. Sometimes, this causes that material (books, magazines, etc.) to be removed from public places, which limits the public’s access to these materials. Similar to censorship, there are also “book challenges.” With the same principles in mind, book challenges are the attempt to remove materials and to essentially limit all access of the book. Challenges are heavily based off of voiced objection and the urge to take action from groups or individuals who appose the use of a book within a community or school curriculum. In short, it is the conscience effort to remove what is thought to be controversial materials. Banned Book Week features a number of bans and book challenges in towns across the country, as well as a look at the top books that are challenged on a national level, like The Absolute True Diary of a PartTime American Indian by Sherman Alexie and Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher, which are in the top three for the “10 most Challenged Titles of 2012.” Banned Book Week helps to expose and explain the issues and controversies surrounding each case. Narrowing my prospects

down to Glen Ellyn, I was curious to see how censorship and Banned Book Week was viewed at a local level. Immersed in the tranquility and learning-enriched environment of the Bruno household, I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Lynn Bruno, a literacy teacher

have significant impacts on schools’s curriculum. “Conversation is important. Books hold real world perspective and consider all points of view,” Bruno explains. “In high school, there is more independence,” Bruno

censorship is real,” Nicole affirms. “Just be aware and know. People will try and remove books under wraps and unless a voice is raised, it just happens.” Nicole continues about the importance of the week, saying, “[Censorship] is

A visual on the beauty of modern literature and the power of the written word. Photo courtesy of Maddie Giffin ’16.

at Hadley Junior High. “Banned Book Week raises awareness about the negative impact of banning books,” Dr. Bruno says when asked about Banned Book Week’s significance to our country. “There are groups that want to withhold information and limit access. It is a genuine danger when a country withdraws any information.” Apart from the affects the community, censorship and book challenges also

says concerning possible restrictions at the middleschool level. “Each family has their own values and opinions [about what their children should read].” Curled up on the small, pastel couch is also Nicole Clapp, a freshmen at Glenbard West. Her work at local Glen Ellyn Board meetings concerning The Perks of Being a Wallflower book challenge. “[Banned Book Week] provides awareness that

recognized. People who have fought and ‘won’ can share their experiences and help other who are fighting censorship.” So as thousands of authors, librarians, teachers and individuals participated in the 31st annual Banned Book Week, celebrating the freedom to read, you too can take part. Go to your local libraries and book stores to celebrate your own intellectual freedom.

Fans hope ‘Salinger’ answers questions about author By Emily Asselmeier ’16 Staff Writer Jerome David Salinger, author of The Catcher in the Rye, is known around the world for his work. He attained sudden recognition when the novel gained immense popularity and he was thrown into the spotlight. Not long after being published, Salinger withdrew from the public eye and became a recluse. There is very little known about any events that occurred during the years after The Catcher in the Rye reached its peak in popularity, but luckily the new documentary Salinger will highlight not only these mysterious years spent in isolation, but Salinger’s early life as a soldier and aspiring writer. Salinger is directed by Shane Solerno, an American screenwriter, producer, author and director who has worked with other high profile directors such as Michael Bay. His new documentary, which has been out since September 5th, will be particularly fascinating, as it digs into the mysteries surrounding J.D. Salinger’s military service and the many secretive relationships he fostered throughout his life. The enigmatic author began writing during his school years in New York, working with his high school newspaper and eventually submitting short stories for magazines such as The New Yorker. Right as Salinger’s writing career began to seem promising, he was drafted into the army following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

During Salinger’s service, he was active at “Salinger chose to become a recluse later in mysterious status. Utah Beach in France during the Normandy his life. He chose to isolate himself to guard the Mark David Chapman, the man who fatally Invasion as well as the Battle of the Bulge. He writer’s source of creativity from the outside shot John Lennon in 1980, was found with a spent much of his time in the army writing a world. I am curious to see how Salinger spent copy of The Catcher in the Rye. Chapman later story with a character named Holden Caulfield, his time out of the limelight,” says Mr. Sutton. explained that the reason for his crime could be who would ultimately turn up in The Catcher in How did Salinger spend these solitude years? found within the story. Some people speculate the Rye. The documentary will look at Salin- Some believe he experienced a mental break- whether this influenced Salinger to not publish ger’s war experience and his life returning from down following the rise in popularity of The again. World War II. Catcher in the Rye and never wrote another Hopefully, many of these mysteries will be Several years after his military service, Sa- word. His disappearance from the world of writ- answered in the documentary, Salinger. linger had his novel published. Originally, The ing is not the only reason Salinger has such a Catcher in the Rye received criticism for “endorsing immorality,” but was very much celebrated nonetheless, and over the years became a staple in educational literacy courses. Despite the sudden fame Salinger experienced after being published, he purchased a home in New Hampshire and nearly ceased writing and stayed out of the public eye. Mr. Kevin Sutton, English teacher, says, “I am wondering if they will delve into his personal life. Salinger made some choices in his personal life that were looked down on by some people, so I am interested in seeing how the filmmaker portrays these choices.” It is certain that there are countless others wondering the same thing. Salinger, who passed away in 2010, was different from most authors in that he ceased writing Edward Norton, actor, says in the documentary, “When you’re a kid and you read Catcher in the Rye, you’re just like, ‘Oh my god, somebody gets it.’” Photo from Salinger documentary. and publishing after becoming famous.

Did you know unless food is mixed with saliva, you can’t taste it?


7- OCTOBER 2013

Great bands visit Chicago, perform at fun venues By Mary Nevins ’15 Staff Member

After a long summer of killer music festivals, exciting concerts, and sweet new jams, fall seems deadbeat without any cool music vibes. But guess what? Concerts of all genres still takeover the Chicago area even when the weather is cooler. Keep an eye open on Facebook or online band pages for bands posting tour dates, and look out for a venue in Chicago on the list. Most bands will stop in our lovely city, so odds are you’ll have a chance to see your favorite

band on tour. Although, many shows are 18+, and if you are unfortunately not of age, I’ve found over the years that if you contact the venue ahead of time they will allow you to come with a parent or guardian. Don’t worry; parents are not that embarrassing at concerts. The Metro, an intimate venue that has hosted fantastic bands such as the Foo Fighters and Grouplove, is showing the energetic, noise pop group, Sleigh Bells on November 10th. The band has been known for songs such as “Rill Rill, Riot Rhythm,” and “Comeback Kid.” After releasing a new song off their upcoming album,

Bitter Rivals, tickets went on sale for their stop in Chicago. A n o t h e r legendary venue known for it’s incredibly Arabian décor is the Aragon Ballroom, which will be showing Fitz & the Tantrum with Capital Cities opening on November 22nd. The two bands will create a fusion of fun dance music throughout the night with their upbeat songs and unique melodies. Fitz’s most popular song, “Moneygrabber,” is completed with a jazzy brass

beat and an outstanding vocal duo. Also, Capital Cities’ hit song, “Safe and Sound” is undeniably a fantastic jam to dance to. On November 4th, Macklemore & Ryan Lewis will be playing at the UIC Pavilion. Be quick to buy a ticket! Their music has become contagious among the Chicago population, making

tickets go fast. Big-name bands are constantly rolling through Chicago, however if you don’t have the money or time to arrange to them, there are always local bands playing at venues nearby. You might be surprised at how entertaining and talented local bands can be. Remember to watch out for tour dates and ticket sale dates; you never know how fast tickets might sell out! Happy concert hunting! Photo courtesy of,

Haphazard, imperfect elements create original music album By Ricky Mannion ’15 Staff Member Many people have this preconceived notion, spurred on by today’s ‘perfectly’ recorded radio hits, that an album happens when band mates looks at each other and say “Hey! Let’s make a record!” Then they enthusiastically stroll into a sterile sound room and the music starts flowing, right? Not quite. Making an album is haphazard, imperfect, and random. It’s time consuming, tedious, frustrating, and the process (if you can call it that) often doesn’t make much sense. An album thrives on all of the little moments. Those moments when Roger Waters, on impulse, ripped up some paper and threw a handful of coins into a potter’s clay mixing bowl to make the rhythm track for Money. The many moments when George Clooney heard a noise from someone, somewhere in the studio and dropped everything else to sprint over with a microphone, lest the beauty be forgotten by its unknowing creator and lost forever, only to haunt the mind of the listener with the knowledge of never being able to reproduce it. Records are truly brought to life by the special, unanticipated bursts of creativity. Whether it’s suddenly attaining a musical revelation and immediately dropping everything else to record that one bit -wherever you are, whatever you’re doing- before it disappears, or stumbling upon a truly

beautiful sound by complete accident, the best most magical moments on an album are the ones that weren’t supposed to be there. The clips that were never designed or thought through, but just happened to sound so incredible that they elevated the music to a new level. As far as sterile sound rooms go, I believe we can chalk their necessity up to myth. For this, I turn to good old Deep Purple. Recording their massively successful Machine Head in the hallway of a hotel, with their monitoring equipment set up in a van in the parking lot, it’s clear that they had slightly departed from demanding sterile studio caverns to construct their masterpiece. One last legend I’d like to dispel, is the fantastical concept that in every band, on every record, each musician picks up their live performance instrument, and touches nothing else Brain Eclipse’s soon-to-be-realeased album entitled Superpar. Photo courtesy of Ricky Mannion ’16. throughout the entire process. themselves, and more often than collection of singles. When people I implore you to read through the not, the ‘process’ of making a record ask me, ‘What does it sound like?’ I liner notes from the Rolling Stones’ lends itself to band member mobility. like to tell them that it’s blend of Pink Exile on Main Street. You’ll see Having said all of this, and Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and exactly what I mean. Whether there’s hopefully cleared up some common Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin IV. an occasional instrument swap, misconceptions about the antiA little over confident? Perhaps. or a constant Stones-style blur of process of record-making, I’m You be the judge. musicians playing musical chairs, or, extremely excited for the release of I hope that, if you hear Brain Eclipse as with the Clash’s hit Combat Rock, my band Superpar’s new album Brain however, you will be able to connect one musician allegedly recording Eclipse this November. Featuring to this article, and truly realize the nearly every instrument, there is no appearances by John McCormack, haphazard, imperfect, random, timerecording code that restrains each Paul Christian, and David Sean consuming, tedious, frustrating, and member to a single role. Each and Hernandez, as well as others, Brain rewarding magic behind the music. every band makes this decision Eclipse is an album album, not a

Did you know... 750,000-1,227,890 soldier demographics for the Confederate Army aren’t available due to destroyed enlistment records?

The Gle Octobe


Apple oak cookies will spice up your cold days Ingredients • • • • • • • • • • • • •

2 cups old-fashioned or quick-cooking oats 1 medium apple, peeled and shredded (about 1 cup shredded) 1 3/4 cups Gold Medal® all-purpose flour 2 to 3 tablespoons apple juice or milk 3/4 cup butter or margarine, softened 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 1 cup granulated sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 eggs 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 cup powdered sugar

By Maha Qureshi ’16and Jennifer Haiden ’16 Directions: 1. Heat oven to 375°F. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray. In large bowl, beat butter, granulated sugar and brown sugar with electric mixer* on medium speed until creamy. Beat in vanilla and eggs, scraping sides occasionally, until blended. 2. In medium bowl, mix flour, baking soda, cinnamon and salt. Gradually beat flour mixture into sugar mixture. Stir in oats and apple. Onto cookie sheet, drop dough by rounded tablespoonfuls 2 inches apart. 3. Bake about 10 minutes or until edges are light golden brown. Cool 1 minute; remove from cookie sheet to cooling rack. Cool completely, about 15 minutes. 4. In medium bowl, beat powdered sugar and apple juice* until smooth, using wire whisk or fork. Drizzle over cooled cookies on cooling rack. Let stand about 1 hour or until glaze is set. *Tips* A whisk or fork works as well as an electric mixer. We found that adding a dash of vanilla essence into the sugar and juice mixture adds a better taste.

Photo courtesy of

Find fun, local activities to celebrate autumn season By Kelsey Lentz ’16 Staff Writer

time of the year. to attend this fall, but there are many local events Students at Glenbard West might think corn mazes, celebrating the fall that are worth giving a chance. apple picking, and festivals are a little too childish Chicagoland suburbs all over enjoy this seasonal The leaves are changing, the weather is getting change with their annual fall fests, appropriate for chillier, and excitement for fall, football games, all ages. and homecoming is in the air of the Glenbard West Wheaton has a fall festival at Cantigny on halls. October 12th, this includes booths, crafts, artisans Pulling out the sweaters, pumpkin pies, and fall and more. traditions are some of the most exciting parts about The Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, has crafts, this cozy and wonderful season. music, activities and a pumpkin patch free of There is plenty to do in the fall; ranging from charge during their harvest days! Stay tuned for supporting the school’s Hitters at a home game or towns like Lombard and Glendale Heights’ fall having a simple bonfire with friends and family. festivals throughout the season too. Everybody loves the kitchen fall favorites: apple You do not have to do anything fancy to spin a pie, pumpkin bread, and cinnamon muffins. But twist on your fall experience, though. Something this autumn, spice up your appetite by trying unique as effortless as picking up the new pumpkin and different German foods. Treat your taste buds spice latte at your neighborhood Starbucks, or to brats, sausages, warm Bavarian pretzels and venturing to a haunted house like Joliet’s famous other German classics. “Statesville” can add some oomph to kick off The Schnitzel Platz restaurant, located on North your school year. Avenue in Glendale Heights, hosts an Oktoberfest Make this fall can count as being every year during the months of September and a great one with some of these October. With live music, entertainment, and Check out Glendale Heights’ Oktoberfest for live music, entertainment, exciting activities and many authentic food, this Oktoberfest is a must do for this and authentic German food. Image from more!

Nothing says fall like college football, Heisman hopefuls, tense team rivalries

By Luke Domask ’14

One of the best combinations you could ask for would be college football and fall.The fall breeze, the tradition, the tailgating and of course, the football. Year after year College Football delivers with breath-taking plays, electrifying players and rollercoaster games. Expect more of the same this season as we enter into the conference schedules and intense rivalries. Here are a few things to look forward to… Heisman Watch: Texas A&M Quarterback Johnny Manziel is by far the most talked about collegiate athlete and he isn’t even 21. The NCAA allegations of him reportedly selling autographs for his own benefit have spiced up the pot certainly, but, as usual, it’s his play on the field that make the headlines. Most widely known for his alter ego Johnny “Football” on the field, there is nothing he can’t do. At only 6’ 1” 210 lbs.

he isn’t built like superman but there is no doubt there’s an “S” under that uniform and week in and week out he continues to light up SEC defenses. With already one Heisman won under his belt, why can’t College Football’s most polarizing figure do it again? Don’t forget about other superstar QB’s in Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater and Ohio State’s Braxton Miller, both have put up stellar numbers to compete with Manziel. The last, but certainly not least, Heisman hopeful comes from the Great Northwest, Oregon Running Back De ’Anthony Thomas. No one is faster in the nation than Thomas and in Oregon’s high-octane offense he averages ten to twelve yards a carry giving himself as good of a chance as anyone on the list to win Heisman. We’ve already seen great matchups thus far this season in Michigan vs. Notre Dame and Alabama vs. Texas A&M, so here are a few to keep your eye on in the near future:

Nov. 7th Oregon @ Stanford: This matchup has become a bitter rivalry in the past few years, the biggest question is whether Stanford can stop Oregon’s offense to snatch anther victory from the Ducks. Nov. 9th LSU @ Alabama: This game almost certainly will have Championship implications written all over it, will the Tide roll over the Tigers once again in anther last minute miracle? Nov 30th Ohio State @ Michigan: This type of rivalry ends friendships and breaks up families, Michigan and Ohio State will battle it out in the Big House with possible Championship and/ or Rose Bowl hopes riding on this game. It is the most wonderful time of the year in college football, so breathe the autumn air and watch your favorite college pursue championship glory this fall.

en Bard er 2013


Auditioning for:

play Urinetown, Mr. Jeffrey said, “I help select the music for auditioning and also evaluate and give feedback on individuals’ singing. Auditioning for a Glenbard West “I am looking for [actors] musical is stressful, for actors and who have the ability to directors alike; the process, over a carry a tune, as certain four-day period, challenges characters have to be students by integrating choreography, singing, and acting into each audition. Students perform on stage in front of the able to sing directors who very well,” in addition then decide as t o those who “bring energy to a collective group who will make the the audition.” production. From a director’s point of Daunting to some, a walk in the view, it is difficult to choose between park to others, each potential actor audition performances, as there are must endure four rigorous days of multiple actors who could potentially auditioning in order to make the land a lead role. production. Junior Molly Hernandez “This was one of the strongest said of the auditioning process, rounds of auditions while I’ve been at “I always want to be comfortable West,” said Mr. Fox, Acting Director beforehand, so I always memorize my at West for twelve years. lines and lyrics before the audition. It Although many of this year’s usually takes me roughly an hour to audition performances were practice the night before my audition.” noteworthy, Mr. Fox says he looks Hernandez’s advice to future actors for certain distinguishing qualities auditioning for the play: “Either go and “actors who are dynamic and big or go home. Make big choices showcase themselves.” that will stand out to the directors, For a musical, however, much more but never be overdramatic. There is is associated with the audition than a thin line between being confident just the acting aspect. Mr. Jeffrey, and being cocky, and you never want choir teacher, is in charge of the to cross that line when it comes to singing component of the production. auditions.” When asked what his specific role Senior Anthony Corrado said, “The was for the auditions of the upcoming most intimidating part of auditioning By Jack Hennessy ’14 and Daniel Rustemeyer ’14 Staff Writers

for a musical is the actual singing and dancing. I mainly like to focus on acting since that is what comes easiest to me, but I would probably say that singing makes me the m o s t

nervous when auditioning for a musical.” Student Director of Urinetown, Lauren Crowe, junior, acknowledges the challenges of the auditioning process and said, “My hope was to get everyone excited and not nervous, so I was asking people questions and being as kind as possible, understanding how nerve-racking it is to audition.” The audition process has wrapped up, with Molly Hernandez, Sean Hasso, Zach Palmisano, Anne Marie Owens, Jonah Sirvatka, and Anna Stephan landing lead roles. It is now time to put the entire cast of Urinetown into action. The cast has practice Monday through Friday and four Saturday rehearsals before the final product is ready. The days in between auditions and opening night, often get a bit hectic. “The most stressful part is the scheduling, and making sure that everything gets done on time,” said Mr. Fox. Pertaining to the show itself,

Urinetown is a satirical musical and will provide the audience with a unique experience. “The music is very eclectic,” said Mr. Jeffrey. “It has a huge variety of music and styles. Urinetown’s music is influenced f r o m composers such as Kurt Weill. It also uses traditional Jewish Klezmer in a couple o f the songs, and even some hints of Gospel Music in the song ‘Run Freedom Run.’” When asked about the comedic aspect of the music, Mr. Jeffrey responded, “Certain styles of songs are poking fun at the play itself; at times it doesn’t take itself seriously.” Part of the intrigue of Urinetown is that it differentiates itself from past musicals, due in part to the satirical element of the play. Mr. Fox said about this production, “I have grown to love musicals; every show has its own style. This show is entirely different from West Side Story.” Before the lights shine bright, the standing ovations, and the final bow, preparations and rehearsals are underway. The hard work, effort, and amount of time these actors and directors put into these productions often go unnoticed. All the dedication will pay off in the end, though, when the theater team culminates their achievement with Urinetown, playing November 14-16 in the Glenbard West auditorium.

Students, teachers put fun, creative spin on Halloween costumes Rachel Warren Staff Writer ’14 Well, it’s that time of year when horror films ransack the movie theaters, every coffee and doughnut is pumpkin-flavored, and Party City sends out an advertisement that people actually read. Yes, my fellow readers, it is time for Halloween. This hallmark holiday with roots in Celtic traditions has become a time for practical jokes, parties, creative costumes, and the sweetness of loads of candy! I was curious to find out

Drawing by Spencer Refer ’14.

what West’s neat Halloween traditions or memories and was left with reative and laugh-out-loud hilarious stories. I was particularly excited by the various costume ideas and experiences others told me. From a homemade Hershey’s Kiss to John Lennon to senior Arlyn Manning’s werebunny (part werewolf, part bunny), the costumes were so creative as well as the stories behind them. Freshman Chyenne Papach remembers going as Winnie the Pooh one year. She was even included in the newspaper because of the rising trend of Disney characters coming into the costume world. She smiled as she

said, “My grandma cut out the [newspaper] picture and saved it.” Creative Writing teacher and pep rally extraordinaire Mr. Wiersum, unfortunately, didn’t have such a happy ending to a costume experience from his childhood. He recalls that as a child, he was so excited to dress up as a pirate. “I had the tattered shirt, the plastic sword, the hook, and the eye patch,” said Mr. Wiersum. Unfortunately, it snowed on that Halloween. “My mom made me bundle up,” Mr. Wi e r s u m sighed. “I

was a pirate in a jacket.” Things cleared up, though, as he went on to describe a costume party that he attended where the theme wasn’t superheroes or famous people, but concepts. He went as the Pantheon with quiz questions attached to his costume and his friend went as Traffic Congestion complete with painted street lines and matchbox cars. Junior Kirstin Palatinus probably wins first place for the most creative and intensive costume as, one year, she dressed up as a Chinese Take-Out Box. “We got a box company to actually make the box. It had the handle in the middle and all the Chinese takeout box folds,” said Palatinus. She filled the box with paper noodles and her mom sewed pea pods to put in the box as well fortune cookies made out of felt that had messages in them that said “Happy Halloween!” Senior Alexandria Bassett recalls a year when the costumes weren’t that great but that didn’t stop her from Trick-or-Treating like a pro. “[My friends and I] went trick or treating to the few houses that gave out the massive-sized candy bars.” That’s a lot better than the year I

received cough drops in my candy bag. As we all know, Halloween is a time for scaring and being scared. Unfortunately for Junior Adam White, he fit in with the latter category. He recalled the first time he ever went to a haunted house. White went with a group of his best friends, and since haunted houses become a lot scarier when friends try to come up behind you, White plainly said, “You can only imagine how excited and terrified everyone was when we went inside.” Nathaniel Holman, junior, was on the other end of the Scare-or-BeScared spectrum. He had gotten a terrifying mask when he was twelve. “My dad thought it would be funny to put it on and hand candy to children,” Holman said. Apparently, a five-yearold girl saw it and ran away. So, no matter the circumstances, good or bad, Glenbard West is packed with entertaining Halloween stories. Go ahead. If you want amusement, ask around. Also, be sure to make fun Halloween stories of your own. Just make sure you dress up if you’re going out for candy. You’re never too old.


10 - OCTOBER - 2013

Android promotes By Joshua Leone ’15 Staff Writer Google first entered the competitive mobile scene with the creation of the Android operating system, or OS, in 2008, and ever since then, their ideas and future plans for the Android platform have been increasing in scope. The Android OS has been thrown back into the spotlight by the next update available and its possible features. On, September 3rd, Google announced the name of their next operating system: KitKat. While this isn’t the first time a silly name has been used for their OS this is the first time that they used an official license brand name. They partnered with the folks at Hershey and

apparently did not e v e n plan the juncture. While t h e original name was intended to be Key Lime Pie, the director of Android partnerships, John Lagerling, thought that not enough people actually knew what a key lime pie tasted like. Lagerling claimed that they simply “decided to reach out to the Nestle folks.” and made a deal within 24 hours. While the OS might have an interesting name, what is also

tasty operating system

eyebrow raising i s that the OS will not be the long-talked about version 5.0, but version 4.4. The current version is 4.3, Jellybean, and is speculated to be somewhat similar considering the version number. The only thing that

Google had to say about the new OS was that it will be “it’s our goal with Android KitKat to make an amazing Android experience available for everybody.” While that doesn’t give much insight as to what the OS will be like, Google does give some hints on their plans for it. While it was suspected the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would debut with the new OS, it was confirmed to be debuting September 25th on the Jellybean. This leads to new speculation that the Nexus 5 will be the phone to debut with new OS. It is thought to be too similar to the 4.3 update, which is to say add and fix only a couple things. One of the additions

will probably have to do with making a better security system. This is speculated as 79% of known malware can be on Android and the leading manufacturer of Android phones, Samsung, has been making steps to create a safer, more secure phone that can compete with Apple’s less than 1% malware affected iPhone. While it is disappointing that the next update for Android will not be the much waitedfor 5.0, the major expansion everyone was expecting, the KitKat will hopefully expand the OS’s features and security measures. Photo courtesy of Android. com. Andriod and Hershey’s team up to promote the Andriod KitKat OS.

Apple’s iOS7 layered with exciting features By Steven Hanna ’15 Columnist W h e n A p p l e began to cook up their latest software for their iDevices, t h e y decided to do something completely different. Although the operating system was not saturated in useful features like all the other mobile operating systems on the planet, it was certainly revamped and brought back to life. When I downloaded iOS 7 back in July, I was giddy with excitement as I experienced the butterysmooth animations, and bright colors of the display. To start, the entire color palette has changed. Bright, cheerful colors replace the dull grays and whites of the previous generations. In addition, there is a new layer of transparency that Apple incorporated into their homescreen and lockscreen. This layer of transparency gives the device a new distinguishing feel from other manufactures. Since I was running iOS 7 on an iPhone 5, the colors and layers seemed to pop on the five-inch retina display. The most notable new features to iOS 7 begin with the long-sought-after Control

Center. As you slide your finger the software that still amazes autocorrect seems to have stylish, with added support along the bottom of the screen, me. gotten worse, providing for new applications. The a bar swoops up covering the Amidst all of these fancy frantic corrections to many of next generations of iDevices bottom three quarters of the displays, the iPhone still my text entries. The camera will certainly live up to the display. This transparent bar functions like the previous app draws its inspiration from software and vice versa. While houses quick settings and models. The only new app Instagram. You can now apply it may take some getting used controls including: airplane that Apple created was the various filters to your images to, iOS 7 is the next best thing mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Do FaceTime application, much in real time. regarding iPhone’s, iPad’s, Not Disturb, brightness, as like the one on the iPad. All in all, the new iPhone and iPods. well as many other nifty In addition to FaceTime, software is a joy to use. controls. This was one of Apple has bundled WiFi and It is definitely sleek and the structural changes that Bluetooth to create Airdrop. that sets iOS 7 apart from This is an attempt to mirror other systems, while device NFC on Android devices. You operation remains the same. can beam pictures, contacts, When you activate the and music to another iPhone device, your lockscreen user that has Airdrop enabled. image fades into the screen. This function proved to be It gracefully displays itself, unreliable and buggy during prompting you to flick your my testing period. Call quality finger over the glass. As seems to remain the same, the newly designed icons while WiFi connectivity has fall towards the screen, you increased ever so slightly. experience a quick response In my opinion, Apple’s time and an active display. This active display refers to the layering that Apple engineers employed. There are three basic layers to the display that make the new software extremely different from the old software First, there is a base layer which holds the wall paper. After that, the dock is set on top of it. Finally, the home screen icons are floating on top of the wall paper. This illusion of the icons “floating” create a certain wonderment about the phone and New iOS 7 has an all new layout design, creating hype among all apple users. Photo courtesy

Did you know...samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween?


11 - OCTOBER - 2013

Press Start: ‘NFL Madden 25’ review

By Ben Buchnat ’15 Columnist

T h e Madden series is a series that I have a love/hate relationship with. On one hand, the gameplay is usually fantastic and many of the modes are super fun year to year. On the other side however, the lack of meaningful changes some years make some editions feel like sixty dollar roster updates. Luckily this year’s Madden falls under the former category. Opting to go with the title Madden 25 instead of Madden 14, this year’s anniversary edition is the best Madden to date. The presentation in this game is fantastic when it works, but is extremely noticeable when it messes up. The menus are clear and concise, which makes them very easy to navigate. The ridiculous amount of corporate sponsorship in the game actually makes it feel more like the real NFL, which has way too much of it.

The loading screens with their nostalgic recaps of past Maddens are enjoyable, even if they are a bit too long. The graphics in the game are the best Madden has ever seen, the players look better than ever! The presentation is generally really great but when the presentation falls, it falls hard. The mock twitter feeds in the game modes are great until the say that my team barely snuck by in a game we won 56-3. The other big issue with presentation is the commenting. Madden

25 has some of the worst commenting that I have ever seen in a sports game. The producers just did not keep Phil Simms and Jim Nantz in the booth long enough. The comments are interesting the first time around but they begin to repeat way too early and it gets painful to hear it the 100th time. Despite its few flaws, the presentation in Madden 25 is overall pretty good. Now on to the most important part of any game, which is the gameplay. Madden 25 has the best

gameplay the series has ever seen. The running game got an overhaul this year, and it is the best running Madden has seen. Running over defenders with Maurice Jones-Drew and fooling them with Colin Kapernick’s option plays have never been more satisfying. The spin moves and jukes are great and are easier to execute than ever. The passing game has not changed much, and that’s a good thing. The defense retains all of its great additions from last year, and

New Madden 2014 earns an 8.5 out of 10 according to columnist Ben Buchnat. Photo courtesy

playing as them is just as fun as last year. Connected Careers gets a fun addition in Owner Mode this year. This mode returns from a couple year hiatus and being able to control everything about your team is fantastic. Upgrading stadiums, changing merchandise, and even moving your team to a different city is very rewarding. It’s a great addition to a solid Connected Career mode. The Ultimate Team mode gets a boost in giving players more decent cards to start out their team with. It levels the playing field enough for new players to have at least decent games. The Madden All-25 Team is fun to play with in Play Now mode, but is a little too overpowered for actual competitive play. Every other game mode has minor additions that help keep the game fresh, but are still the same at the core. Gameplay is Madden’s best component. Final Consensus: Madden 25 has the best gameplay the series has ever seen and pretty good presentation, but it could use some more tune-ups to make the game perfect. 8.5 out of 10.

My Two Cents: Use student ID for museum discounts By Katie Karp ’16 Columist Chicago has many amazing museums and student discounts to boot. Beach days are behind us, but there are still many amazing opportunities in the city during jacket-wearing weather season. Plan a Saturday or Sunday with friends to immerse in the exhibits. A Chicago classic is the Art Institute. This museum is open from 10:30am-5:00pm, so don’t miss it by coming too late. Bring your student I.D. and it will only cost fourteen dollars. But the best deal of all is coming Thursday from 5:00pm-8:00pm. With your student I.D. Thursday evenings are free. When I asked Jacob Ryba and Modesta Conklin which museum they want to visit most they debated and decided, “The Art Institute because there are so many unique types of artwork from different eras and

genres.” Be sure to follow their advice and make use of the student discount opportunities. When Emma Wallace was asked about her favorite museum she said, “It is the Shedd Aquarium, hands down. I especially love the dolphin show.” The Shedd Aquarium is truly a Chicago favorite. Lucky for students, it is only five dollars for general admission with Student I.D. instead of the usual eight dollars. Another popular choice is the Museum of Modern Art. With a student I. D. it only costs fourteen dollars. Entering the museum costs twenty-five dollars if older than sixteen. Setting up a group reservation of ten or more people brings the cost down to only nine dollars for a student, a discount worth the planning. But, best of all they’re UNIQLO Free Fridays from 4pm-8pm where everyone gets in free. I hope you soon realize what great deals are waiting for you in the city this fall!

Did you know...the first battle of the month during the Civil War occurred on October 4th?


PAGE 12 - OCTOBER - 2013

The Creative Realm: The Willow Part II By Emma Wilgenbusch ’14 Columnist

J e n n a blinked a few times and her eyes slowly began to focus. She noticed she was lying on the ground on top of a blanket. As she gazed up at the green canopy of leaves above her, she lazily wondered how she ended up there. Then the memories flooded back to her: leaving the library early because of the storm, taking the shortcut through the woods, the wind and the rain, the branch crashing down on her, the flash of white. She jerked herself to a sitting

position and her breath caught dark brown, but his most “Sure,” Jenna said slowly. in her throat. A young man was “Do you like hot chocolate?” shocking feature was his whitesitting a few feet away from Ezra asked as he opened a blond hair that fell in floppy her, looking at her with dark thermos and poured the warm layers on his head. It suddenly eyes. beverage into the lid. “I know dawned on her that the flash Jenna had never seen him it’s a little early in the season of white Jenna saw just before before and she couldn’t for it, but it’s nice and warm!” she lost consciousness was his shake her feeling of hair! foreboding when she “ W h a t “What happened?!” Jenna looked at him. She happened?!” Jenna jumped to her feet, asked. “The last thing I remem- asked. “The last but the ground started ber was seeing the branch fall...” thing I remember spinning and she lost was seeing the her balance. Quick as the wind, Still a little shell-shocked, branch fall…” her voice trailed the strange man caught her and Jenna nodded as Ezra handed off. set her back on the blanket. “I came to wait under here her a cup. As she sipped her “Be careful,” he said, “I drink, she finally got a chance until the rain let up a little,” don’t think the branch hit you, to get a good look at him. He Ezra said, indicating the willow but you still took quite a fall.” was tall and skinny, with long tree they were sitting under. “I “Who are you?” Jenna limbs and narrow shoulders. saw the branch break and I tried demanded. Despite his slight frame, to pull you out of the way.” “My name is Ezra,” the man Jenna noticed the hard muscle “Oh… Thank you. I’m Jenna, said. “Are you alright? Would that made up his arms and by the way,” she said. you like something to drink?” “It’s nice to meet you Jenna,” chest. His eyes were a warm,

Ezra said with a smile in his voice. They spent a few more minutes in a comfortable silence as Jenna finished her hot chocolate. It was remarkably dry and warm under the willow, and Jenna stretched her legs out in front of her as she leaned against the large trunk. When the rain had turned into a drizzle, Ezra said, “We’d better get you home before the next downpour starts.” “That’s probably a good idea,” Jenna replied as she got to her feet. She and Ezra walked to the edge of the woods in the light rain. She darted across the street and onto her front porch but when she turned back to wave goodbye, Ezra had vanished.

College Correspondent: Early Decision, Early Action

What are they? How do they work? What’s the difference? And how do you benefit? By Bailey Bystry ’14 Columnist Early Decision, Early Action: they’re phrases you might have heard tossed around by your counselor or seen in fine print on a college admissions calendar. So, what are these cryptic, acronymic admissions secrets? Both are application options in which you apply early to your top choice school with the benefit of hearing back early in the admission cycle. The difference is Early Decision (ED) is binding. If the ED student is accepted, they are committed there and must withdraw all other applications to other schools. If not accepted ED, their application is “deferred,” to Regular Decision (RD), essentially earning a second review. ED is usually due in early November with notification made by mid-December— about two weeks before RD is due. Early Action (EA), on the other hand, is simply applying early and hearing back early (usually in January or February). EA students do not have to commit until the normal reply date of May 1st and may apply to other schools under RD. Approximately 450 colleges have ED or EA plans. What’s the big deal, though? Well, according to the College Board website, the benefits of applying early include “reduced stress by cutting the

time spent waiting to hear back, time and money saved from not having to submit multiple applications, time gained to look for housing and otherwise prepare for college, and finally, for some schools, an increased chance of getting in.” Caution: the latter is often times over-exaggerated by ED-enthusiasts, and is not even the case half the time! Some colleges (especially selective ones) purposefully maintain a rigid acceptance rating; others increase their rates up to 30%. While colleges that do accept a larger portion of applications that come from ED plans see you’re committed, love their school, and are driven to succeed there; higher admission rates for ED applicants may also correlate to stronger profiles among candidates choosing ED. So you should just apply to every college through ED plans, right? WRONG. The College Board website (as well as myself and most likely your counselor) stresses that committing to multiple colleges through EDs is lying and “unethical.” Potentially, if you commit to a plurality of schools and they find out, the schools—including the one you want the most—could rescind your acceptance! Early Decision is only right for a limited demographic of applicants. You should only apply ED if you’ve researched colleges extensively (includ-

ing visits); the school is a strong, near-perfect match academically, socially, and geographically to what you dream about at night; you meet or exceed the admission profile for the college’s ACT scores, GPA, and class rank; and you are absolutely, positively certain that this school is the school for you! If you were accepted at every school that you’ve ever been interested in, would you still choose you’re ED school? To apply ED, your answer should be a big YES. There are some drawbacks to applying ED. In many cases, colleges won’t be able to see your senior fall semester grades, so if you need a strong semester, consider waiting.

ED also may also result in early-onset Senioritis. But the biggest drawback of all is the reduced financial aid opportunities. According to the College Board website, “Students who apply under ED plans receive offers of admission and financial aid simultaneously and so will not be able to compare financial aid offers from other colleges.” Meaning that an ED student’s financial aid is based simply on their FAFSA, not on colleges trying to be competitive to win you over and one-upping each other’s aid offers. Many schools like Harvard and University of Virginia have dropped their ED programs, believing that they give

unfair advantages to students with more financial resources. However, if you wholeheartedly plan on going to that school, an offer of an extra couple thousand dollars aid from somewhere else probably wouldn’t sway you from your choice anyways. Specifics of ED and EA plans largely vary between schools. Talk with your counselor ASAP, if either sounds like a good option for you. Do your research; talk to reps, peers that already plan on applying ED/EA—such as myself—and know your options as well as your opportunities. And, as always Glenbard West, choose wisely.

Top 5 ‘social,’ most selective schools By Sufiyan Mohammed ’14 Staff Writer Hi, seniors--it’s that time of year. The wait is over; it’s time for the college applications. Many of you probably visited colleges over the summer and are narrowing your list to begin the application process. Whether you want a school with more social opportunities, a highly selective college, or an in-state option, there is always a school to fit you and your needs. When asked where most of the Hilltoppers apply when it comes to in-state options, Mr. Neberz, guidance counselor, replied, “Students that apply

in-state usually apply to universities like U of I, Illinois State, and NIU. When it comes to private schools, they tend to apply to DePaul, Bradley, and Illinois Wesleyan.” Just named one of the top five “social” schools in the nation, U of I welcomes a large class of former Hilltoppers each fall. Here are the top five social schools and highly selective universities as ranked by the Princeton Review and US News and World Report.

Top “Social” Schools: 1. University of Iowa 2. U of C, Santa Barbara 3. U of I at UrbanaChampaign 4. West Virginia University 5. Syracuse University

Most Selective Schools: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Princeton University Harvard University Yale University Columbia University Stanford University

Did you know...October is the National Month of Cookie, Chili, Pizza, Dessert, and Seafood?


13 - OCTOBER - 2013

How posture can boost performance:

New studies reveal unknown effects of this habit By Abbey Burgess ’15 Columnist

We’ve all been there: it’s about a million degrees in the classroom, you’ve just fallen into your daily afterlunch coma, and you got about 4 hours of sleep the night before. So, naturally, you sit slumped in your seat, until your teacher shouts “Double 90’s!” and you sit so straight your body forms two 90-degree angles. At the time, you probably thought that sitting up straighter was absolutely pointless and wondered why on earth your teacher, or mother, would bother nagging you about it. Well, they may have actually been doing you a favor. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that new research shows posture has a larger impact on you mentally and physically than once was thought. According to recent studies, striking a “power pose” can radically change a person’s hormones or behavior. Now by power pose, I don’t mean hogging the bathroom for a half an hour every morning shouting positive

encouragements to yourself in the mirror. This isn’t Harry Potter, and the mirror will unfortunately not return the favor by giving you a fantastically better reflection. But seriously, a power pose is simply a physical position that asks for authority and respect, such as standing tall and leaning slightly forward with your hands planted on a firm surface. Practicing this for a few minutes in private both increased testosterone and reduced stress in study participants, which then helped the participants perform better and produced m o r e confident behavior. D a n a

participants were first guided into either high or low power poses, and then were asked to deliver a videotaped speech in front of critical evaluators. The participants who had practiced a power pose had less hormonal stress, as well as anxious behaviors such as biting a lip. Power posing has been shown to increase performance as well. In a study done by an associate professor at the Harvard Business School, participants who struck a power pose for several minutes before a mock job interview received better reviews than those who didn’t and were more likely to be hired. While job interviews may seem far in the future, this could make you appear that more poised and confident during those impending college interviews. Other research has also linked power posing to improved scores on college entrance exams. While the jury is still out on whether it can significantly raise test scores, it sure can’t hurt. And don’t forget the “shock and awe” factor to your parents and teachers that being a teenager with good posture will create! While habits can Carney, an take years to break, this may assistant professor a t be worth paying attention to. the Haas School of Business at the University Drawings (above of California, Berkeley, and below) by Lily reports in a recent study that Stachowiak’16.

Elect to be part of student voice, join Student Council By Lauren Crowe ’15 Columnist

Elections! Voting! Presidents! All of this may sound intimidating, but there is so much more to Student Council than this. For any new students to Glenbard West or returning members, Student Council is a club that functions as the students’ “voice”, and lets us express how we want to change or better the school. Led by sponsor Mrs. Bertane, Student Council has been successful in much of Glenbard West’s history. This club is not exclusive; we have meetings once a month, each during a different period (so missing class is not as difficult because it will be during different subjects). These meetings range in location, one example is Room 428 on the fourth floor, which has a long, majestic table with comfy seats, an American flag, and a whole lot of Glenbard West pride. Want to know how to get involved? Since the Castle Keys no longer has the dates of when each specific meeting is, current members are making it a priority to publicize our meetings, and by approaching anyone that is involved, you can easily find out the dates. You may ask, what does Student Council even do? Well, this organization takes charge of many key events at school. Homecoming, yeah we plan that. Prom, from yours truly. Freshman leadership conference, we take charge. Food pantry drive, we compete. And best for last, the ice-cream socials after school every so often. Our president this year, senior Meg Maloney, is ready to take charge and make this the best school year yet. 2013-2014 Hilltopper Student Council is ready!

Come to the next Student Council meeting on November 6th- period 3 in room 428. Everyone is welcome!

If you love flexibility, helping others, GIVS wants you! By Sara Heath ’14 Staff Writer

papers or click through a power point as the teacher presents it. It really is as easy as it sounds, and if you can’t make it some days, that’s ok! Once you have your assigned teacher, you can just talk it out with him or her. Personally, around AP testing time I couldn’t always help; so I talked with the teacher I was assisting, and it wasn’t a problem for me to take a few days in order to focus on my class prep instead. When it comes to GIVS, your school work always comes first. College is just around the corner

and if you’re undecided, or already know you want to do any sort of teaching, GIVS is an awesome way to gauge your true interest in the profession. In my GIVS is a program that lets you shadow in a case, teaching isn’t for me, but after grading some classroom and help a teacher. It is a perfect way to get quizzes, I give teachers a ton of credit for deciphering involved with the community and earn community names alone. With GIVS, the teachers have the extra service hours. It is flexible and gives you a hands-on help and the students get experience and community opportunity to see if you have career interests related service hours. to teaching. Personally, I joined GIVS because I recently moved You have the option to work with a teacher here and wanted to get involved with the community, you have had for class before or one you but couldn’t any other way because of my crazy have not. GIVS is during your study schedule. I am involved with clubs both after and hall, so it is a great benefit because you before school, while also playing softball year round don’t have to find a time to make it fit at night. This is in addition to all my homework for in a full schedule. Also, the community my AP classes, so GIVS was the perfect way for service hours you gain looks impressive me to gain the community services hours, and more on a college or job application. With such importantly, it fit in my schedule. a wide variety of classes you can help in, From a teacher’s point of view, GIVS provides you get to meet new people, and this often a positive role model for the younger leads to many new friendships. students through your help, and provides GIVS is something anyone can do and is teachers with help for everyday tasks. It really simple. The teachers you assist don’t is a great way to meet new people and demand your help in teaching lessons, but you make a respectable image for you, too. get to do more of the “odd” jobs of a classroom. Get involved with GIVS and interact For instance, you could be asked to pass out GIVS offers a great opportunity to learn about teaching. with your school! Drawing by Lily Stachowiak’16.

Did you know Abraham Lincoln was shot and almost killed two years before he was assassinated?


14 - OCTOBER - 2013

Baseball must implement replay challenge America’s game is one of challenging, hot-tempered scoring plays will be under been successful before the idea the purest sports without the coaches would be thrown out of review. Baseball can learn from of replay and it is one of the interference of technology. Ever games less and and there would how football has used replay and few pure parts of our culture not since Abner Doubleday created be fewer “game-ruining” missed discover how to implement it in affected by baseball in the Civil War era, calls. a way that is useful to the it has stayed apart from any An example would be when game. thoughts of replay. That is until Armando Galarraga missed out Another sport the major debate began this year on throwing a perfect game due that has about using a challenge system to to an awful call by the umpire. incorporated create a more accurate game. In this instance, it was two outs replay is The world of baseball has and the top of the ninth and a t e n n i s . already encountered a minor slow roller was hit to first base In the controversy in their idea of using where Miguel Cabrera fielded s y s t e m replay to judge whether home it and tossed it to Galarraga, t e n n i s runs are home runs or base hits. who stepped on the base a half u s e s , As far as the league has seen, it a second before the runner, Jim players has worked well. Besides the Joyce, stepped on first. c a n fact that the game is a little longer and slower than it already is, it gives a clear decision on what could be a game changing moment of a home run versus a double. Implementing a challenge system would be a difficult process to adopt and there would be an obvious learning curve along with it, In 2009, many argue replay should have been used for the Yankees/Angels American League Championship Series game. Photo from but it would add a whole new level of strategy. In Blowing the call right away, challenge if a ball was hit in or technology. It is similar to how this system, coaches would be the umpire called the runner safe. out right way. Once they call Wrigley Field had kept its manual able to challenge once in the first Missing out on making history a challenge, the monitor then scoreboard or the tradition of six innings, and two challenges in in baseball comes down to mere displays a graphic that shows having Saturday mid-day football the seventh inning onward. These seconds. where the ball landed compared game without lights. It all comes challenges would not intrude on Replay has been accepted to the line on the court. This down to tradition. the umpire’s perspective of balls in many sports, most notably, is a quick and easy image that Replay can be a saving grace and strikes. football. In football the challenge everyone can see if they are to baseball and really help In our opinion strictly on how system is also used, in which watching on television. improve the accuracy of the it would affect the game, it is a coaches are only allowed to use Although it seems that replay game. The only problem is that great benefit on how more precise two challenges throughout the is an obvious implement into it could affect the tradition of calls would be and remove game and the referee will analyze the world of baseball, the only the game and how every call that much of the controversy behind the controversial play and decide bump in the road would be how is made comes down to human “questionable” calls. the outcome. Also football has it affects the integrity of the perspective. With replay, the By installing a system of established a new rule that all game. The game of baseball has magic of having human error

will be gone. This could take out some of the intrigue and surprise each play has. Besides the fact that it could hurt the tradition and accuracy of the game, replay will not only add strategy to the game, but will create a game with more accurate calls and less controversy. As the world has evolved with numerous technologies, baseball is behind the times and needs to implement this system to stay competitive in the world of sports.

New era of students: busier, better By Maddie Lupori ’14 Editor-in-Chief Dear students, What have you been eating these days? Have you been sprinkling extra sugar on your cereal? Or is it the desert before meals deal? Is it protein powder, or sleep deprivation? Is it your thirst for knowledge or is it a craving for perfection? Whatever it is, how do you do it? You are competitive by nature and smart as can be. You are knee deep- wading in the pool of involvement. With activities, extra-curriculars, sports, and service galore, how do you stay

afloat? Juggling decent grades and a social life to add to the mix, just how do you really do it? Perhaps it is the late nights studying in the dark? For some reason the lack of light is your indicator of determination. Or is it the group study sessions that really should be productive yet turn into social gatherings? Hey, every once in a while you need a little math humor to make your week a little more interesting. Is it that moment when you stare at your Castle Keys and think, there is just not enough time in a day. Let me just close m y eyes for one minute

and maybe it will all just disappear. It hasn’t worked quite yet, but if we keep trying, one day it will work. Or, I know, it’s when your alarm blares in the morning and you rack your brain for all the reasons school might be cancelled today. We’ve had snow days, cold days, half days, fire days, power-outage days and even the unthinkable- rain days. So what will tomorrow bring? But there is something special about our castle on the hill that keeps us coming back for more- day after day. You see, we represent a different type of student. We are the hard workers and

the perfect-score achievers. We are setting a new standard for class rank and GPA. For me, Glenbard West not only signifies the education I receive but also the friendships I treasure, the teachers who keep me laughing, and the activities that keep me busy each and every day. There is a reason why we, as high-school students, keep trekking up the stairs to the tower: determination. We have the need to succeed. So on those days where you feel like you just can’t climb the hill, remember the new level of excellence you are laying down for the future generations. Photos courtesy of libguides.

2013-2014 Editorial Staff Maddie Lupori ’14 Editor-in-Chief Gabriella Bower ’14 Zach Myers Assistant Editors-in-Chief Erik Barillari ’14 Advertisement Manager Alex Levin ’14 Graphic Designer Steven Hanna ’15 Front Page Editor Madison Chandler ’14 Centerspread Editor Baily Bystry ’14 Entertainment Editor Lauren Crowe ’15 Features Editor Andrew Roberts ’14 Sports Editor Lily Stachowiak ’16 Staff Artist/Photographer Oswah Assaf ’14 Alec Lukins ’14 Sufiyan Mohammed ’14 Claire Deasy ’15 Ben Buchnat ’15 Abbey Burgess ’15 Genevieve Kristofek ’15 Josh Leone ’15 Meghan Loftus ’15 Maddie Howard ’16 Emma Goebbert ’16 Katie Karp ’16 Shay Kiker ’16 Emma Winans ’16 Page Editors

caltech. edu

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Ms. Mohr Mrs. Slowinski Faculty Advisers


15- OCTOBER- 2013

Rio De Janeiro prepares for 2014 World Cup By Kellen Hinchey Staff Writer ’16 Two hundred and four countries, thirty two qualifying teams, and only one champion; at the end of this enduring tournament, which country will reign supreme and be named a World Cup Champion? Many expect the normal contenders, like Brazil, who has a clear home advantage. Other powerhouses like defending-champions, Spain, the always dangerous Germany, and perhaps even the Argentinian team led by the notorious Lionel Messi to win. Before any of the tournament games can be played, though, the stage has to be set in the host country

of Brazil. Twelve stadiums are being constructed and renovated throughout the jungle ridden country. Many of these stadiums are still under construction, and some are even projected to not be finished in time for play. The government and soccer associations have been struggling to make space and complete restorations for the stadiums. Overcrowded cities are making the areas the country was planning to use for stadiums unsuccessful. The tourist cities include the capitol Brasilia and the

true host city, Rio de Janeiro. Soccer fans will start flocking towards the country starting June 12th, 2014. This first game is going to be the start of the largest tournament in four years. By the end of the tournament, on July 13th, the two top international teams will have faced off and proven who can face the

With similar core team last two years Stanley Cup champions, Hawks look to continue winning By David Tews Staff Writer ‘14

forwards Michael Frolik and Dave Bolland and the resigning of Cup-heroes Bryan Bickell, Corey Crawford, and Niklas Hjalmarsson to long-term contracts. However, this off-season will likely be remembered for another reason. That reason is the development of several key prospects in the Blackhawks’ system who could see significant playing time this year. These young players include Center prospects Drew LeBlanc and Brandon Pirri, as well as former first-round draft pick Mark McNeill. These three aspiring starters along with rising star Bran-

don Saad will compete for the coveted role of secondline Center with All-Stars The Chicago Blackhawks Patrick Sharp and Patrick finished the 2013 lock-out Kane. These prospects create shortened NHL season as an exciting potential for anthe best hockey team in the other dominating offensive world and arguably one of lineup this season. the most dominant teams in Another encouraging deNHL history. Following their velopment this summer was 2010 Stanley Cup Champithe signing of former Finnonship, the Hawks did not ish League star Antti Raanta return nearly as successful in to compete for goaltending the 2011 season. spot behind Corey CrawThis is not looking to be ford. Raanta comes in with the case for the returning high expectations, as he was Stanley Cup Champions in SM-liiga’s regular and postthe upcoming 2014 season. season MVP last year. His The headlining moves this potential is nearly unlimited off- season included the and he could complement trades of key penalty-killing Crawford the way Ray Emery did last season for the team as they attempt to keep their new franchise goaltender fresh for the postseason. Jeremy Morin, Ben Smith, Jimmy Hayes, Adam Clendening, and Ryan Stanton round out the rest of the top prospects to watch for this season as they hope to help the Hawks repeat as Cup Champions in the competitive new Central Division. The reigning champs open the season on October 1st vs. Washington; hopefully these rising young stars will be The Chicago Blackhawks hope to repeat their success in the 2014 seathere to make an impact.

will be monumental due to the past record of wins. Brazil has one of the best chances of receiving the golden trophy due to their home advantage and their previous five World Cup wins, more than any other international team. Another top contender for the title is Spain, who won the 2010 World Cup, facing the Netherlands in the final match. At the top of most fantasy Futbol lists though, is Argentina with the best striker in the world according to many, Lionel Messi. Only time will tell who this prestigious award will go to. For more information on the upcoming pressure World Cup, go to the Fifa World better. The Cup website at concluding match Photo couresy

Overload of quarterbacks flood list of Heisman hopefuls for 2013-14 college football season Jamies Winston- Freshman- QB-Florida State This stud freshman is looking like the front runner in the Heisman race Marcus Mariota- Sophomore-QB-Oregon With accurate passing and explosive running ,Mariota is always a threat in the Heisman race Johnny Manziel- Sophomore- QB-Texas A&M Trying to repeat from winning last year, Maziel needs a little magic to help him win this year Tajh Boyd-Senior-QB-Clemson Consistently great play can lead Boyd to Heisman title Teddy Bridgewater-Junior-QB-Louisville A deadly passing attack puts Teddy into the Heisman mix Lache Seastrunk-Junior-RB-Baylor Breakout year for speedy running back will help his cause to win Heisman

Key games for Blackhawks 2014 regular season Fri Dec 6, 2013: Ducks at Blackhawks 7:00 PM Two great teams in the regualr season last year will face off again Sun Dec 15, 2013: Kings at Blackhawks Kings want revenge after losing to Hawks in the playoffs Sun Jan 19, 2014: Bruins at Blackhawks 2:00 PM Stanley Cup finals rematch. Enough said. Sat Mar 1, 2014: Penguins at Blackhawks 7:00 PM Crosby will be hard to stop in big game for Hawks

son with a core of similar players. Photo Courtesy of

Did you know elephants are unable to jump?

16 - OCTOBER - 2013

MLB Rookies By Alec Lukins ’14 and Zach Myers’14 Staff Writer

At the beginning of the season, there wasn’t a clear picture on which rookie would be a key contributor to their team. In 2012 it was obvious that Mike Trout was the young gun that led the Angles. He was even in the debate to win the Most Valuable Player for the American League. Mike Trout could have been the first rookie MVP, if not for Miguel Cabrera. The MLB saw the emergence of Matt Harvey right away. Contending to be the ace of the New York Mets rotation, Harvey was a shoe-in for rookie of the year. This was until he tore his UCL. Seemingly, only Tommy John Surgery, which has a twelve month recovery time, seems to be the option. Except the right-hander Harvey had decided to do rehab over the surgery. This is similar to the ace of the Washington Nationals, Stephen Strasburg, who chose to do Tommy John surgery after tearing a ligament in his right elbow. Even though Harvey was lost from the rookie of the year conversation, rookies began to emerge left and right. Yasiel Puig, José Fernandez, Wil Myers, and Zach Wheeler are names of a few who played a huge role for their teams. Yasiel Puig has garnered the most attention, leading the Dodgers on a charge from last place to first place and one of the best records in the MLB. Puig mania has taken the league by storm and he has

instantly become one of the fan favorites in Los Angeles and across the nation. José Fernandez has been by far the best rookie pitcher in the MLB but hasn’t received the attention he deserves playing for the last place Miami Marlins. Fernandez has been their ace the entire season throwing a fastball in the upper nineties and a nasty slider with sharp bite to it. Fernandez is only 19 and definitely a name to watch in the future. Wil Myers has shown flashes of brilliance since being called up by the Rays earlier in the season. Myers has provided a much needed spark and helped to carry the Rays through their pennant race. With a mix of on base hits and consistent power, Myers could play a key role in October for the Rays. Due to his bursts of greatness with clutch home runs and timely hits, he is one of the leading candidates for AL Rookie of the Year. Zach Wheeler joins a cast of other good rookies that don’t quite live up to the stardom of the other three. He is joined by Gerrit Cole, Oswaldo Arcia, and Nolan Arenado. This year had a good class of rookies, are have played more key roles for their teams rather than leading their teams like last year’s rookies: Mike Trout, Manny Machado, and Bryce Harper. Photo courtesy of http://images2.


Snapshot of fall sports

Elizabeth Ficarella serves in a tournament with her partner Maggie Hughes, both seniors.

Quarterback Drew Vogg, senior, hands the ball off in a home game against Morton.

Cross country runner Lisa Luczak, junior, leaves other runners in the dust while racing in Peoria.

The varsity volleyball team watches as junior Alison Burelbach bumps the ball, at a recent home game match. Photos courtesy of Glenbard West High School, Cece Casolino, Claudia Leland, Morgan McEnroe, and Meg DeMaar.

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