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November 2012

Take a look New kid on the block: Superintendent, Dr. Larson inside... By Milica Krstic ’13 Staff Writer

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After seven remarkable years with Dr. Michael Meissen, District 87 has a new superintendent. His name is Dr. David Larson, and this is your opportunity to get to know the man behind District 87. Luckily, he was willing to take the time to answer a few questions about himself. Where did you go to college and what was your major? I went to a small liberal arts school outside Lexington, Kentucky called Asbury University. I played soccer there and majored in social studies and education. I took a lot of political science, history, sociology and economics [classes]. I really enjoyed it there. Often times students do not realize what goes on behind the scenes of the administration. What is the job of a superintendent? There are really three main dimensions as to what I deal with. One is keeping the curriculum current and updated and providing expectations for the teachers through things like course sequences and state standardized testing. The second is overseeing human resources and hiring staff while at the same time making sure those employed are qualified. And the final is fiscal management, which deals with the budget and financial aspect of deciding where [and how] money is spent. Ultimately, as superintendent, I am the key link between the school district and the community.

What are some of the changes you wish to make with your new position? Well, I do not plan on making changes just yet. First, I have to understand the district; so for now I am trying to be the number one learner. But if you ask me in a year, I

meetings where representatives from each of the four Glenbards meet, and we discuss issues that students [feel] significant. We make sure that the voices of our students are heard. What influenced you to become a superintendent?

might have some pretty good ideas. How does the administration receive feedback about how the student body responds to changes? One way is through an annual student survey given out in the spring; those emails you guys get in FirstClass actually matter. Another way is through Leadership Council

Actually, it was like a natural sequence. In high school, I played a lot of sports, and I thought I wanted to be a coach. Then I decided to pursue a teaching career in history. After being a history teacher, I got my masters degree in administration, and I had the opportunity to move up to be

assistant principal and then principal. I progressed until I got here. What is your favorite thing about your job? I really enjoy the students even though I don’t get to be around them as much as I wish I could, which is one of the things I miss most about teaching. But outside of that, I love watching and supporting teachers succeeding in their profession. That’s really gratifying for me. In high school, students struggle with a wide variety of problems. What advice would you give students? Do a few things and do them well. And make sure that you are passionate about them. Tell us something interesting about yourself. This is a little far-fetched, but I’ll say it regardless. Brad Pitt is the star of this movie called Seven Years in Tibet, and in the movie he plays this famous mountain climber named Heinrich Harrer. In real life, my father helped Heinrich Harrer during one of his expeditions in 1961 near where we used to live. That is my interesting fact; I am in fact connected to Brad Pitt. A few other interesting facts about Dr. Larson: He was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but he spent most of his childhood and adolescence growing up in Indonesia. He attended high school in Malaysia where his graduating class was composed of only 14 students. We welcome you to District 87, Dr. Larson, and we look forward to your leadership and influence. Photo courtesy of Glenbard Township District 87.

3-D printing: New technology, reinvented future

By Maddie Lupori ’14 Staff Writer

For Emma Lavelle, newly invented 3-dimensional printing eases the complexity of daily life. Born with a condition that limits upper body movement, Lavelle cannot move her arms against the force of gravity, but, in order to overcome this struggle, local doctors print the pieces of her arm brace using a 3D printer which is quick, efficient, and effective. This revolutionary printing system, according to Businessweek, is now available to the public and could very well change the face of technology. Quickly gaining popularity and relevance, 3D printing is astonishing to most because, when given a computer graphic, it produces a plastic object right at one’s finger tips. Otherwise known as additive process, Heather Buchicchio, who has a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering, states, “They build a 3D CAD [Computeraided drafting] file to send to the center. From this file, the students will run one of the 3D machines to make a physical sample.” The machine spreads a fine dusting of a nylon powder, heats it until it is almost melting, and then uses invisible lasers to melt the powder in a precise 2D shape that sets solid. When compiling the microscopic layers on top of the first 2D layer, a 3D model is formed.

Manufacturers world-wide are finding this printer more useful than ever, whether it is through art, business, or pleasure. Ceramics teacher Mrs. Doyle said, “I think that [3D printing] will allow us to see the art world differently, perhaps more creatively, but I don’t think we will see the impact for a few years.” M r . Schwartz, art teacher stated, “The direction of art is shifting off the canvas, little by little into more sculptural art. Any new materials and ways of sculpture are inspiring to today’s artists.” Both teachers agree that at some point in the future, this form of printing will be wide-spread, yet the expenses will prohibit the tool from being “household” anytime soon. Schwartz also stated, “This invention is just a tool, not the end, just a means of creating sculpture.” Doyle said, “In the future, I think it will be an option, but will not replace our current 2-dimensional printers.” Television show host, Jay Leno recounts the expense of buying a 3D printer by saying,

“The NextEngine scanner costs $2,995. The Dimension uPrint Personal 3D printer is now under $15,000. That’s not cheap. But this technology used to cost ten-times that amount. And I think the price will come down even more.” As for up-andc o m i n g

artists of today’s generation, m a n y say they already see 3D printing in use and hope to experiment with the tool in their potentially art-driven careers. Senior, Meg Viola said, “As a soon-to-be 3D character designer, I’m sure I will use the device in the future. This would be helpful in the industry because it would make the actual model a lot more

accurate than any person could do.” “The concept itself is interesting,” said graphic design student Alex Levin. “Just as a student, I see how technology is evolving and 3D printing will definitely be a prominent tool in art to come.” Reporter Brad Hart of Forbes writes, “Entrepreneurs have been using these printers in a myriad of ways, and the trend is speeding up. O rg a n o v o , a San Diego based firm headed by CEO Keith Murphy said, “We currently produce organic tissues grown from cell samples, which can be used as a human analog for pharmaceutical drug discovery and development. The printing process can take as little as 12-24 hours. This can allow for more relevant results and less animal involvement than traditional research methods.” I n his article “Will 3D Printing Change the World?”, TV personality Jay Leno uses his 3D

printer to fix up his plethora of old cars. He stated, “Any antique car part can be reproduced with these machines—pieces of trim, elaborately etched and even scrolled door handles. If you have an original, you can copy it. Or you can design a replacement on the computer, and the 3D printer makes it for you.” Already, 3D printing has had a positive effect on the world, and is sought to perhaps change the course of technology forever. Kathy Rosenwinkel, the Marketing Specialist at the Technology Center of DuPage, says that the printing is downright amazing, but “the technology is not instantaneous as in regular printing – it usually takes several hours to produce a prototype, but the finished product can even have movable parts, which is what amazes me.” In addition to this possible productivity downside, 3D printing also can be expensive and take up space. In the West community, this newly developed technological advancement has altered the way students, teachers, and the public alike view the future of art, business, and technology. As for young Emma Lavelle, her 3D printed “magic arms” have kept her moving, smiling, and playing through the thick and thin. Art created by Lily Stachowiak ’16.

Did you know...George Bush was the captain of the baseball team at Yale University?

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eBooks on the rise: Student learning improved

By Abbey Burgess ’15 Staff Writer

Today, reading printed textbooks seems almost as far gone as the chalk and slate writing tablets in little one-room schoolhouses. Those tablets didn’t have a shiny, mesmerizing exterior with the ability for us to browse hundreds of books in seconds. Technological advances such as Kindles and eBooks are not only becoming popular for reading at home, but in schools as well. According to a Kansas State University education technology expert, more

and more schools are increasing the use of technology to improve student learning. The use of eBooks in classrooms has become very common, particularly in the elementary levels of schooling, reports Lotta Larson, an assistant professor of curriculum and instruction. Recently, eBooks are more available and affordable so teachers and students have a nearly infinite number of text options. EBooks tend to be less expensive than printed copies of the same book, and do not wear out as

their paper counterpart. Students also have the advantage of possessing instant access to material, which means books can

Photo of a Kindle displaying eBook options, courtesy of WikiCommons.

be downloaded in a matter of minutes. According to Larson, the biggest draw for teachers implementing eBooks at an increasing rate is their ability to change the reading experience for each individual reader. Students can adjust font size and page layout or use features

like the built in dictionary, highlighter, or text to speech capability. Teachers are realizing the possibility of supporting students’ reading comprehension and motivation, and are integrating the devices into their classrooms with greater frequency. Students also prefer eBooks- they negate the need to carry around several heavy textbooks from class to class and allows for easier access to the texts. (Begone the freshman backpack!) The preferences of teachers and students alike are starting to show in sales numbers. According

to Simba Information, a market research firm specializing in media and publishing, the overall digital course materials market with eBooks included, is expected to reach $1.93 billion by 2013. The firm also notes that the sales of digital textbooks and course materials reached doubledigit growth in 2010 for publishers of materials for higher education. The tide has turned, and, while printed textbooks are still used and valuable, it is clear many schools are reaping the benefits of eBooks. Will West be next?

Music to my ears: Consider alternative albums By Frances Smith ’13 Columnist W h e n s c h o o l becomes stressful and lives get busier, many students have one habit that helps them cope- listening to their favorite music. Recently, there have been some new and noteworthy albums released that I found interesting. 1. Babel by Mumford and Sons The most authentic characteristic of the English band, Mumford and Sons, is their use of the mandolin and banjo combined with powerful vocals to create a unique, upbeat sound. The genre of their tunes could easily be described as a combination of indie, folk, and rock, but listen to just one of their incredible songs and you will have your own interpretation. The songs included on their new album have a wide range

new stories. 2. The 2nd Law by Muse I first became a fan of Muse when I heard their track “Starlight,” a song from their fourth album, Black Holes and Revelations. I was a little surprised by their new album because every song is so different from “Starlight,” and for this reason I was slightly disappointed. However, Muse is diversely talented with the wide Muse performing in Toronto in 2007, photo courtesy of WikiCommons. variety of musical styles they have exhibited in their are more melancholy and slow. However, one interesting thing six albums. I would describe their style about Mumford and Sons’ music is that many songs begin slow or exemplified in The 2nd Law as jazz, have slow passages but eventually rock, and with a futuristic vibe. become quick-tempo and lively. Many of their new songs feature If you liked their preceding unexpected instrumentals and album, chances are you will love sound like they belong in a science Babel as well as it delivers the fiction movie. While the new same modern, loud, folk sound album isn’t quite what I expected, they used to make a name for I recommend that you listen to it themselves, but it also introduces and experience for yourself the of style. “Lover of the Light” and “Babel,” the hit that named the album, are boisterous and cheerful, while “Below My Feet” and “Not With Haste,” as the name implies,

interesting compositions. 3. Away from the World by Dave Matthews Band This classic band has been around for over two decades,

is the empowering lyrics of every song. The song, “Gaucho,” states, “We gotta do much more than believe if we want to see the world change,” and “Sweet” advises, “Try to swim, keep your head up, kick your legs, never give up.” T h e s e inspiring lyrics are a mere snapshot of the messages in their new Dave Matthews of “Dave Matthews Band,” photo courtesy of WikiCommons. and preceding albums. The new and chances are you have been Dave Matthews Band album lives exposed to their music at some up to their classic sound and will point in time. likely appeal to anyone who likes Their most famous hits include their old music or hasn’t listened “Funny the Way it Is” and “Crash to them before. Into Me,” and my all time favorite I encourage you to listen to of theirs is “Grey Street.” Their these new albums and explore music incorporates hints of jazz others as well because we can and country with their rock roots, always appreciate something and their new album lives up to different. Hopefully you will come this classic style. Another highly across something that inspires valued characteristic of their music you!

Sweet as honey: Captivating, intriguing, ‘The Knife of Never Letting Go’ By Lauren Estes ’13 Columnist

What if we could hear all men’s thoughts, but not women’s? What if there were no secrets? What if you could not hide from the truth? I’ve often pondered what a world without the privacy of thoughts would be like. The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness examines this concept.

The story explores a different planet where humans resettle in the future after Earth becomes too polluted. Men’s minds are an open book, but women’s minds are silent, filled with secrets. This tears society apart and people cope with it in different ways. The worst outcome is a place called Prentistown where the men kill all the women in resentment for

their unintentional secrecy. If you were the only boy in the whole town who was innocent and not part of this mass slaughter of females, what would you do? What would you do if they wanted you to become a killer too? This was one of the most intriguing books I’ve read in a long time. The author paints a vivid picture of an alternate world. What amazed me the most was the talent with which he depicts

the ever-flowing stream of thoughts that can be heard from the men. In my opinion, “funny,” “adventurous,” “charming,” and “horrifying” all excellently describe this book. Readers who enjoyed Delirium by Lauren Oliver or Divergent by Veronica Roth will consider this book a cannot-put-down read. If you’re in the mood for thinking outside the box and

reading something beyond anyone’s norm, then this book is for you! Get reading, my friends! ***Other books I’ve read lately that deserve 5 golden stars: I am the Messenger by Mark Zusak, A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, and The Alchemist by Paolo Coehlo.

Did you know... John Quincy Adams used to get up two hours before sunrise to go skinny dipping in the Potomac River?

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‘Something’s Coming’: West Side Story makes a ‘Rumble’ By Erik Barillari ’14 Staff Writer Glenbard West Theatre is getting ready to put on one of their biggest shows yet: West Side Story. This classic musical, first performed on Broadway in 1957, is the most popular adaptation of Shakespeare’s

Romeo and Juliet. It features a large, colorful ensemble cast, elaborate sets and loads of brassy music, bursting with energy and character. Playing off the success from last fall’s musical, 13, the troupe hopes to draw in an even greater audience of every age. The play’s plot is simple: two star-crossed lovers, separated

not by Italian nobility but by two warring American street gangs, the Jets and the Sharks. Playing on racial tensions, social pressures, true love and a bit of humor, the play is a departure from the completely comedic 13. It’s a fast-paced drama that anyone can enjoy and makes for a night of great entertainment. As far as adaptation goes, GWT is sticking mostly to the traditional script, changing or interpreting it differently when they need to adapt movements/ positioning (known as blocking) to the auditorium stage. Bent on delivering a solid performance, student directors Jack Dentinger and Michelle An, along with faculty director Mike Fox, aren’t taking too many liberties with the appearance or feel of the show. I quietly stepped into a lively audition and asked Dentinger explicitly over a blaring stereo if the show was being altered to which he replied, “No, we’re keeping the show very traditional.” One of the main features of the show will of course be the music. It’s packed with large, choreographed dancing set to sweepingly wild band pieces and subtle, emotional duets,

arguably one of the most classic and high quality scores in theatrical history. This comes at a price. Usually, the theatre uses Glenbard West High School musicians to perform any live accompaniment that the play needs, and West Side Story will be no different; however some of the songs are extremely difficult and far beyond even the award-winning talent of the local students. To overcome this, the theatre is bringing in a trumpet specialist Paul Semanic and having West’s very own William Ortega (playing the flute) in the pit orchestra alongside the students. The show will run for three days, November 8 – 10 at 7:30 in the auditorium with tickets selling for nine dollars. The theatre club has decided not to run a matinee on the Saturday

performance to avoid conflict with the scheduled football game, so if you’d like a ticket, keep in mind there will only be

three shows, one on each day. It promises to be an explosive event, fun for the whole family, a date or just by yourself. Photo Left: Sarina Grande as Anita, Becca Lairde as Velma, Zach Palmisano as Riff, Chris Dolphin as Action and Connor Hernandez as Bernardo star in Glenbard West’s production of West Side Story. Photo taken by Mr. Medic, physics teacher.

3D: D-lightful or D-istracting Poetry Corner By Joshua Leone ’15 Staff Writer

Movies have come a long way since the days of soundless, black and white serials. Nowadays they are full of amazing surround sound and IMAX picture quality. While these things have been accepted as the future of cinema, where does that leave 3D? In a 3D movie, certain objects “jump” from the 2D screen, seen by wearing special 3D glasses. While 3D movies are seen as being new and exciting by some, they are actually quite old. 1915 was the first time 3D was used, but in the 1950s is when it became popular. The 3D glasses back then were anaglyph, which were made from cardboard and had one red lens and one bluish-green lens. The film would be in those same colors, and viewing through the colors tricked your eyes into seeing 3D. The concept later died and became known as a gimmick

and tossed aside. Then in 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar came out with spectacular 3D effects, and since then seemingly any and every movie has added 3D. There are many opinions about 3D movies, ranging from can’t-live-without-it to makes-me-sick but the fact of the matter is that 3D movies are here to stay due to the money they bring in, and how easy it is to convert a film made with 2D in mind to a 3D

one. One of the people who claims 3D is a useless addition, is Austin Krages, freshman, who described 3D as “Not very special,” and “annoying to wear” referring to having to wear the 3D glasses over his own. In regard to changing 3D movies in any way, he said he would like to remove glasses, like the Nintendo 3DS without glasses, albeit on a much smaller screen.

There are some cases Krages thinks 3D is useful to film, mostly when it is applied to non-fiction movies, like Disney’s Planet Earth, and makes them more “realistic in certain movies,” says Krages. Krages closed with saying he would “rather see movies in 2D” over 3D. While Krages clearly wasn’t a huge fan of 3D movies, some people do enjoy them such as Peter Ambutas, sophomore, who says “I like them,” and “the 3D effect makes the movie more immersive.” Ambutas said Marvel’s The Avengers was better in 3D. “The time when I saw it in 3D it had more detail,” said Ambutas. Ambutas ended by saying, “The 3D effect makes the watcher more immersed in a movie, and can enhance the quality of that movie.” Glasses drawn by Claire Deasey ’15.

Cynthia Mote ’13 Staff Writer

I am who I may be Not what you want, but what I need You can’t force me to be what you want I feel how I will feel Not how you want, but what I need You can’t force me to be what you want   It’s my life Not yours to control But mine to live   I will not live for you I will not be for you Because my life in meant for me   I struggle I fight I keep going   I fall I slip I stumble   But it’s all on me Never on you The Glen Bard is trying a new section called the Poet’s Corner. We would love to hear from the student body on this. Please send any poems you would like to submit to Cynthia Mote on FirstClass. Design created by Tim Kitslarr ‘13.

Did you know... John F. Kennedy’s father gave him $1,000,000 when he turned 21? (Each of his nine brothers and sisters got a million dollars too!)

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Are you bored of board games? Try playing one of the classics By Lauren Crowe ’15 Staff Writer This summer I went up to Fountain Point resort in Michigan. Our cabin did not have computer or TV access, and we decided to spend the day outside. When we came in at night, instead of curling up to watch a movie, we decided to play Scrabble. Being among close friends, the group had a blast and enjoyed everything about that night. Board games throw me back into my childhood.

My mom didn’t like us watching a lot of TV, so we spent a lot of time entertaining ourselves with board games. Thinking about them now fills me with happiness and makes me want to compete in

a challenging game of Monopoly. When playing a board game, the whole family can get together and enjoy each other’s company, while showing off a competitive side. A game of Chutes and Ladders fills

everyone with frustration when they are suddenly sent back to the beginning. A personal favorite of mine is Hi-Ho-Cheerio. I would play it with two close friends, Lisa and Colleen Luczak, and it’s funny to think that even at very young ages, we could play one little board game for hours just for the fun of it. Battleship proves to be a family favorite with its intense style. The two games I have to say are my own personal favorites are Clue and Life. Both are different yet interactive.

Clue involves mystery and can be intense with a big group of friends. On the other hand, Life involves real world situations where you travel around the board in order to live out your fake “Life,” with the winners residing into a fabulous retirement home. While board games may seem outdated and oldfashioned, they allow people to grow closer through a fun competition. Plus, in a technological world, board games force individuals to interact and communicate in person. Photo courtesy of

Read between the hemLines: Changing the world one blog at a time

By Gabriella Bower ’14 featured writer for prominent Columnist fashion magazines such as Teen The Style Rookie Vogue and French Vogue, interviewis a blog written ing countless fashion designers. by a newly discovShe also has been interviewed on ered idol of mine, shows like Late Night with Jimmy Tavi Gevinson. Fallon. She started an online fashion This blog, which magazine of her own titled the Rookwas started four ie Mag, oh and did I mention she years ago in our very recently published a book? Ladies own city of Chicago, was created and gentleman, THIS GIRL IS 16! by a twelve year old girl with a pasShe is everything I hope to be sion for fashion. For obvious reasons, Tavi has quickly climbed to the top of my list of fashion icons. Tavi never expected her blog to become so popular, but soon after her initial post titled “The New Girl In Town,” she became a sensation with an average of 50,000 views a day. After spending a whole night, I kid you not, reading practically all of her blog posts since 2008, I can understand why she has caught the attention of so many Gevinson has even published her own book, Rookie Yearbook One. Image courtesy of readers. Her sarcastic, adolescent wit as well as her one day. And in that respect, she unique style hooks you from the has inspired me to start a blog of first word and you cannot help my own. Although I can’t even but smile while reading her posts. fathom an average of 50,000 Four years later, at the views of my blog, I hope you will mere age of 16, Tavi has not check out my blog: http://readbeonly made her blog world renowned, but she has been a

From foundation to Fashion Week By Alex Slapinski ’16 Staff Writer

Week. However, she didn’t go straight from her dorm room full of make-up to the runway. Once she had figured out what make-up to use, she wanted to become a model.

at the comments for months because she was so scared of being bullied. She hoped Cassandra Bankson was that it would help at least an average teenage girl. She one person feel beautiful played piano and loved to again. She ended up helping sing, but in third grade she more than just one. got her first pimple. As she Bankson’s videos have got older her acne a total of 35 million got worse, to the views. Within a point that she was month of it going bullied very badly. viral, and she was She was made fun asked to appear on of constantly and shows like: The Today once even had pizza Show, Good Morning thrown in her face. America, and Fox The bullying got News. She was offered so bad that she left This is Cassandra Bankson’s main photo on her website, Diamond- deals with many high school and sandheels14. Photo courtesy of make-up companies went to a private school, Bankson auditioned, to do commercials, and where it was one-on-one and got some small jobs finally became the model with teachers so no one but nothing too major. She that she always dreamed of would ever have to see her. wanted to make a video being. Soon she drifted away on how to put on make up She walked beautifully from her friends and like all the videos she saw down the run-way and focused completely on her when she was figuring out reached millions of people school work. She finished her make-up. She made the by encouraging them to be high school two years YouTube video, Foundation and feel beautiful. In her early and went to study at Routine for Flawless Skin videos she takes you stepStanford University were Acne Coverage. Starting by-step of what products to she is currently, but she still with all her make-up off, she use and which to avoid. She didn’t feel beautiful. She worked her way through her also makes videos for guys started experimenting with extensive make-up routine. with acne, and continues m a k e - u p This was the hardest thing upload more helpful videos until she for her because she didn’t to help people recognize found the want to show anyone her their true beauty. p e r f e c t face because she was too If you want to check out her mix, and afraid that she would still be out, her YouTube channel is amazingly made fun of. Diamondsandheels14. She enough Ultimately, the reason is also on Facebook, Twitter, she was Bankson posted it was Pinterest, and Blogger. Even f e a t u r e d because she thought it was today, Cassandra continues on the her duty to help girls, who to help people overcome New York were just like her, finally their struggle with acne and 2 0 1 2 feel beautiful. Even after feel beautiful. F a s h i o n she posted it, she didn’t look

Did you know...Benjamin Harrison was so afraid of electric lights that he used to have the White House staff turn them on and off?

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Apple stumbles with iPhone 5 supply, app problems

By Andrew Roberts ’14 Staff Writer

Since Apple’s comeback in 2001, there has been little doubt that Steve Jobs’ legacy has been anything short of miraculous. Success has touched every corner of the corporation, and Apple shows little sign of slowing down. Despite these appraisals, however, Apple has recently experienced some setbacks that have tested its versatility and prominence. Although Apple has few problems with regard to consumer demand, the recent release of the iPhone 5 has raised questions concerning supply efficientcy. Customers are unable to simply reserve an iPhone 5 for next-day pickup at a local Apple store as they

have been able to in the past. Apple stock has experienced drastic drops in a matter of weeks, falling a staggering 10%. This drop, although most likely the result of a multitude of problems, has been largely attributed to the scarcity of the iPhone 5. To make matters worse, this supply issue is not just confined to domestic markets. Apple has only been able to reach thirtyone out of the one hundred countries it hopes to reach by the year’s end. Many overseas stores continue to have difficulties keeping iPhones on the shelves. Although a supply problem is easily preferable to a demand one, Apple’s sluggish attempts to make the new iPhone freely available to a large, global community

US Center for Disease Control offers advice for ‘zombie apocalypse’ prep By Nora James ’15 Staff Writer

the importance of having an emergency kit in the house, with water food, a medical kit, and other necessities. They also Every good nerd knows that you have suggested having an emergency plan, into be prepared for the imminent zombie cluding a meeting place for your family. apocalypse, preferably with some nonBoth of these suggestions would be helpperishables, an aluminum baseball bat for ful on the occasion of any kind of disaster, knocking off heads, and a zombie fall-out including an oncoming horde of undead. shelter. However, most people who do not These suggestions also appealed to consider thema broader selves nerds or mass of geeks, will find people than such preparathe usual tions unnecesbulletins. sary, and even According just silly. to Dave R e c e n t l y, Daigle, the governan offiment has been cial CDC fighting back! spokesperIn the past son, this is year, the gova “tongue ernment has isin cheek sued two statecampaign. ments on the People are importance of so tuned being prepared into zomfor the posbies. We’re sible case of a reaching an zombie apoca- If you go to the CDC’s website,, you can download zombie prep posters, a u d i e n c e lypse. The first survival manuals, and even classroom lessons. Photo courtesy of we’d never announcement appeared on the official reach with typical messages.” blog of the Center for Disease Control’s It turns out that the CDC was on to website, a governmental office. This Sepsomething. After just two days, their blog tember, the Department of Homeland Sepost became the most popular entry on the curity warned citizens with a similar mesentire CDC website. Fans of the undead sage. Although this may seem completely delighted with the scientific analysis of unbelievable, there is a theory behind the the condition, which the CDC described announcements. The government reasons as “Ataxic Neurodegenerative Satiety that if you’re ready for a zombie apocaDeficiency Syndrome,” and many people lypse, then you’ll be ready for another checked the site just to see if it was true. type of natural disaster, such as a hurriSo if you’re preparing for the zombie cane or flood. Both statements stressed apocalypse, you’ll be ready for anything.

are beginning to take their toll. As of October 9th, the Apple online store displays a shipping delay for the iPhone 5 of three to four weeks. This large delay in shipping has the

Apples’ new iPhone 5. By CarlosHDD, Wikimedia

potential of inducing sale setbacks and profit losses. Although not an immediate threat, this problem, if not promptly dealt with, could be damaging to the Apple Corporation. A second stumbling block has been the criticism of the iPhone 5. Although the many see the new iPhone as innovative, there are some who are dissatisfied with a few select features of the phone. Numerous iPhone purchasers have reported that the new iPhone is either scratched or chipped right out of the box. Although Apple responded by calling this “normal,” they immediately stiffened quality standards at their manufacturing facilities. Other than phone

durability, there has been one other specific complaint pertaining to the iPhone 5. Customers are unhappy with the iOS Maps quality. Apple, having previously used Google’s software to power its Maps app, designed its own app for the iPhone 5, completely powered by Apple technology. Unfortunately, this technology did not meet the usual Apple standards. The developers of the navigation system have faced an onslaught of complaints, including claims that the app has various bugs, faulty satellite connection, and poor street-level directions. Apple is by no means anywhere near serious financial danger, however, the iPhone 5 has had a rough start.

Hollywood lacks creativity in sequels

By Jack Crowe ’14

listen to Batman grunting? The last

really appreciate the art of film. Re-

Staff Writer

original movie that was memorable is

boots or recuts will not cut it in the

Christopher Nolan’s Inception which

long run for moviegoers. Hopefully,

was written by Nolan and his brother.

a new wave of creative writers will

on the silver screen have lacked in

The lack of originality in Holly-

reshape the way movies are made

originality. When’s the last time you

wood is a big concern for those who

and contribute to the hunt for original

In the past few years, the movies

saw a commercial for something that


didn’t include “Part 2” or “adapted from”? The biggest blockbusters these days are mostly sequels or adaptations from earlier pieces of literature or movies themselves. It seems like Hollywood is dead. In 2011 alone, all top 10 box office

The Dark Knight Rises is one of many sequels, rather than original films, that have earned top spots at the box office during 2012.

movies were either franchise sequels or reboots. Why might you ask? Past issues such as writers’ strikes and economic problems have really taken a hit on the material directors and studios are given to work with. Also, producers are worried too much about their profit to take a gamble on original screenplays so they stick to brands or series that are well-known and infamous for raking in the bank. It’s cheap, it doesn’t cost as much, and producers have more leeway to tweak it in order to fit their budget. The biggest surge of adaptations now are that of the comic book industry, With heavy hitters such as Marvel’s The Avengers and DC’s The Dark Knight Rises taking the top spots of the summer box office. This doesn’t necessarily make them bad movies, but how many times can you watch Iron Man fly in the sky or

Did you know... Gerald Ford was the only person to serve as both President and Vice President without being elected to either office?

The Gle Novemb


How to be memorable, become inform By Bailey Bystry ’14 Staff Writer College. Some of you might have heard of it. Recently, I visited the D.C. area in search of my perfect match. And let me tell you something you’ve probably never heard before… college is important. When it all comes down to it, college is not only the starting point for our careers, but also the rest of our lives. For those of us

(all of us) still figuring out who we are as individuals and what we want to bring to the global community, college really rounds us as both personalities and contributors to society. Choosing a college that is going to help you become who you want to be and help you get to where you want to go is, well, important. College visits are a vital step in the college choice process. Here’s what I learned in the District:

Step 1: The college visit: many will tell you it was the deciding factor for them. They stepped onto the campus and just “knew.” But not all have a “wedding dress moment.” Regardless, whether you were born a Fighting Irish or you’ve never even heard of this “college” thing, compare and contrast is key. Even if you’re in the area, but you have little interest in the college, VISIT ANYWAY! What do you have to lose? It will only maximize your knowledge when it comes down to decision time (and it’s free!). It’s never too early to start. So, visit a variety of colleges: liberal arts, big 10, you name it! The more you narrow down what you do and don’t like, the easier it will become to match a college to what you’re looking for.

Step 3: Look the part! A good college-visit look is typically something along the lines of “casual Friday.” Ladies, this means saying no to yogas and Uggs, and yes to scarves and blazers. Gents- something with a collar, and please wear a belt. And nothing says “merit scholar” like a pair of boat shoes! A rule of thumb for denim is something streamlined; nothing hit with a Bedazzler or mauled by a bear. All in all, you’ll probably stand out a little from the typical group and show that you’re serious about this opportunity. When you look confident, you feel confident!

Step 2: You can’t just stroll on to campus and ask the nearest student to show you around, you have to register. My advice is to plan out a whole weekend with your parents to visit colleges, or fit a couple into your next holiday break! Since I was looking in a very specific area, an extended long weekend provided the perfect opportunity for me to see all I wanted to see. Take advantage of Open House weekends, where you can meet the faculty, see performances, and get information on specific areas of study. In general, register about two weeks in advance, as I found out, colleges love to send you your parking pass in the mail. Try not to schedule more than two visits in a day and leave time to explore the area! You’re not just picking a college, you are also picking where you’re most likely to start your career as well.

Step 5: Do you most important information they in a colorful Pow of statistics gives any questions yo help you feel pre ing the informati acceptance rate is Ohio, you might a little.

Writing on the walls: Is teaching cursive worth it? By David Tews ’14 Staff Writer

read cursive writing, sadly, I have reduced my expectations.” A subject taught in Then why spend so modern-day elementary much time schools is how to write in cursive. But how important is this skill considering the majority of high school students do not use this writing technique on formal assignments anymore? To examine all sides of the story, I interviewed two teachers, Mrs. Wiersum, an AP and freshman English teacher at West, and Ms Timperley, a 6th grade Literacy instructor at Hadley. Both teachers put an emphasis on handwriting and neatness in their classrooms and think that improved penmanship from their students would Art Work by Claire Deasy ’15. be a big plus. When asked specifically cramming the subject into about cursive, Timperley the cluttered brains of said, “I tried for several seven-year-old Elementary years to make students students if they don’t retain write in cursive, but the material they spent so since so many can’t even much time trying to learn?

The answer for that lies in impressions. If a student were to walk into an English class with plainly illegible handwriting, then an assumption might be that the student is as disorganized as his or her penmanship, and what better way to learn penmanship than hours practicing the elegant art form of cursive? Wiersum pointed this out when she said that having sloppy handwriting might “open [students] up to criticisms.” Both teachers pointed out the increase in technology use for young students as a cause in the decline of cursive as Wiersum mentioned the new “keyboard age,” and Timperley admitted that the decline in cursive use “may have something to do with technology.” So while elementary

students ten years ago came home to practice their cursive after a long day of practice at school, students today come home and type reports with iPads and laptops. This represents an interesting trend, one that cannot be overlooked as schools look to reform curriculum in the coming years.

With the recent increase in technology, in twenty years maybe no one will have to learn how to write their names in cursive at all. Special thanks to Mrs. Wiersum and Ms Timperley for their time and cooperation with this article.

Do you remember how to write in cursive? Only 7% of Glenbard West students surveyed write in cursive on a regular basis.

Photo courtesy of

en Bard ber 2012


med while visiting colleges this fall Step 4: Be early! Map out directions to the information center the night before. Also please, please plan for rush hour.

ur research! Probably the point, knowing the basic y are about to throw at you werPoint and a whirlwind s you more time to develop ou will have. Also, it will epared. If you find out durion section that Harvard’s s not the same as Miami of get thrown off your game

Step 7: Finally, the tour! Keep towards the front of the pack and ask questions. Your student guide won’t get annoyed; it’s their job! You’ll find it helpful to befriend your tour guide. I lucked out. My George Washington tour guide was actually from Oak Park, and my Georgetown tour guide did Model U.N. in high school. Ask them about their major, how they adjusted freshman year, their past internships, etc. Stay after the tour to ask specific questions and to listen to other people’s questions. Try to be one of the last to leave, giving you an opportunity to snag an email address or strike up a conversation. Don’t forget that handshake! It’s all about networking.

Step 6: Ask questions and express interest! Take notes during the information session and write down any questions you might have. Make your questions meaningful and know what questions to ask. Save questions about student life (Greeklife, good restaurants, dorms, etc.) for your student tour guide. Don’t ask the officer of undergraduate admissions if the food in the café is any good. Ask him or her about internship opportunities, early decision application requirements, the study abroad program, the alumni network, etc. Save a good specific question for after the session as an excuse to talk and shake hands. Don’t think you’re just another face! Admissions Officers love first impressions! To my bewilderment, the main officer at Goucher College asked me if I had ever gone to the 50 Colleges that Change Lives seminar in Chicago. I had… 5 months ago. If an officer offers their email, take it. Send a quick little Thank-for-your-time email with any other questions to keep the lines of communication open.

Spanish civil war 2.0 By Daryl Drake ’14 Staff Writer

In 1714, Catalonia, a region the size of Belgium, was conquered by the Spanish crown and integrated into their empire. Since then, Catalonia has been steadfast in their pursuit of independence, however, compared to the influence and power of the Spanish crown, it has been a difficult pursuit. In 1936 when the Iberian Peninsula was rocked with by the Spanish civil war and Franco’s ascension to power, Catalan nationalism was further stinted. Catalonia, a harbor of republicanism for decades, met with the full force of the Flange (Fascist political party ruling Spain from 1936-1975), They were oppressed, their language was outlawed, and their autonomy reduced.

Since the deposition of the Fascists, Catalonia was provided with some degree of autonomy once again, and grew to be Spain’s fourth wealthiest province, accounting for 25% of Spain’s total exports- but over-taxation of the area and redistribution of wealth has greatly hindered the region’s

growth. In Catalonia, September 11 has been a long-held cultural holiday since 1714, when Phillip V of Spain defeated the Catalan troops. On the National Day of Catalonia (9/11) people took to the streets of Barcelona this fall and once again rekindled the flame of rebellion

calling for their homeland to be free. In response to the demonstrations and failed negotiations with Spain’s prime minister (Mariano Rajoy) for a more favorable fiscal relationship, Artur Mas, the Catalonian prime minister, returned home, dissolved the provincial parliament, and called for new elections in order to firmly bolster his cause- if this majority is won by the nationalists, a long-pursued referendum on independence will surely be issued. If the referendum were to pass, it would stand in direct defiance of Spain’s constitutional clause banning succession. Will Madrid actually hold up the principles uniting the multinational state and put down the Catalonian crisis, or will the rebels provoke a civil war and finally, after three centuries, gain independence?

To close, according to a letter from American University, colleges are “looking for students who will not only succeed academically, but who embody [their] values and are excited to make an impact on [their] community… [students are encouraged to stay] in regular contact to show their interest.” So, look at the college visit as a golden opportunity. You’ll never know what kind of an impact you’ll make.

Don’t have time to visit colleges? They might visit you! Check for a full list of colleges visiting Glenbardwest under the college tab on Naviance. Photo courtesy of

MES DE LA HERENCIA HISPANA Del 9 de septiembre al 15 de octubre Emma Rossi ’14 Staff Writer ¿Qué es el Mes de la Herencia Hispana? El origen del Mes de la Herencia Hispana se remonta al año 1968, cuando el Presidente Lyndon B Johnson, proclamó la Semana Nacional de la Herencia Hispana. Para ello conto con la autorización del Congreso de los Estados Unidos. Sin embargo, veinte años después debido a la aceptación que tuvo esta celebración se extendió al Mes de la Herencia Hispana. Esto ocasionó un motivo de algarabía, orgullo y festividad entre la comunidad hispana por honrar y celebrar las culturas y tradiciones de España y el resto de países hispanos de América Central, Sudamérica y el Caribe. Esta celebración se aprovecha para exaltar los grandes aportes de los hispanos en el mundo del deporte, el cine, la política, la música y otras ramas del arte, en donde las aportaciones contribuyen a cimentar las bases de las raíces hispanas.

Asimismo durante este Mes se aprovecha para celebrar las independencias de algunos países como Costa Rica, el Salvador, México, Chile y Nicaragua. Esta celebración va orientada a un grupo étnico que está en crecimiento. Según el último censo del mes de junio del 2011, la Oficina del Censo en los Estados Unidos indicó que hay cincuenta y dos millones de hispanos, en donde los grupos más numerosos son los mexicanos, puertorriqueños, cubanos y salvadoreños, entre otros., y que la población más numerosa de hispanos está localizada en California. (Origin of Hispanic month dates back to 1968, when President Lyndon B. Johnson proclaimed a National Hispanic heritage week, for those who lived in the United States. This month takes time to honor Latinos Culture and to contribute to the celebrations of the independence of many countries.) photo courtesy


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November 2012- Page 8

Address stress: take time to relax, exercise, enjoy life By Caleigh Ryan ’13 Staff Writer

“You couldn’t pay me enough money to be a student again,” said Ms. Walters, social worker. While Walters doesn’t have to deal with the stress of being a student anymore, about 2,000 other people have to at West. Teen stress levels have increased due to the pressures of challenging classes, clubs and sports, and “be cool,” all at the same time. Students can suffer from the anxiety and aggression that comes with extreme stress. This happens because stress causes a person to feel unprepared for a situation, thus causing anxiety and irrational fear. Simple methods, such as yoga, exercise, and talking can help people deal with the stress of day-to-day life. According to the American Psychological Association, a majority of Americans suffer from high levels of stress that “seems inescapable and neverending.” 44% of people report

that their stress levels have increased over the past five years. Students for Students sponsor Ms. Ross credits negative thoughts and school demands as two of the major causes of stress. “[Needing] perfection has never been a good thing,” she said. “It’s really [one’s] effort that we want to focus on.” SFS is focusing on student effort to reduce stress levels by offering relief in the form of yoga, massages, and reminders that “being okay” is good enough. While most students know that they are stressed, many do not know healthy ways to deal with this problem. “Exercise is the single most important physiological response to stress,” said Mr. Zander, health teacher. He also recommends sleep, proper nutrition, and time

management as ways for students to better handle stress. Students should t a k e time i n

for students to aim for,” said Mr. Staron, history teacher and Model UN sponsor. Mr. Staron got involved in Model United Nations when the sponsor spot opened up nine years ago. “I had heard good things about it, so I tried it. It has worked great for [me and] my family,” said Mr. Staron. Officially, Harvard has the longest-standing Model United Nations club; their club began in 1955. Students gather from schools around the country and meet to discuss world issues and problems. Students are assigned a nation and pretend to be delegates from that nation. The students study their nation prior to the trip and prepare for debates and other activities. Krishna Patel, senior, noted that, “[Model United Nations] is a great way to gain cultural awareness, which is especially important when we live in such a globalized world”. “In Model UN, the outcomes

“Model UN is probably change. There one of the best clubs are surprises in terms of real world and unknowns preparation. You learn you have to be a lot about how the ready for. It world functions, which teaches kids to is important in today’s be flexible,” said world,” said Meaulnes Mr. Staron. Kenwood, junior. M o d e l According to Mr. United Nations Staron, several skills are has various not only introduced but committees Some of the Glenbard West Model UN delegates at the 2011 William and Mary also refined in Model students take United Nations, including part in. For Conference last November. Photo courtesy of Emily Molloy. example, some committees are into pairs, and then assigned to research, speaking, persuasion, social skills, and time management. formatted as a Crisis Staff. Students different committees. “I enjoyed working with the are surprised about the situation and Mr. Kotrba, history teacher, has best of the best Glenbard West had taken into an “emergency session.” chaperoned a few conferences with to offer and going up against and Other committees include the the Glenbard West team. Economic Council, the Security “I wasn’t really sure what to debating with other delegates,” Council, and the General Assembly. expect first time around. But it said Andrew Tran, senior. “Overall, The General Assembly includes all absolutely met my expectations,” I found being in Model UN fun delegates. said Mr. Kotrba. He got involved and an experience I will always Glenbard West usually has in the club through Mr. Staron and remember.” Not only is Model United Nations approximately 18 kids at each said, “I spoke with Mr. Staron about good for students, but also for the conference. These students are split it and I wanted to get involved.” chaperones. “It’s really rewarding to see a student gain authority and confidence,” said Mr. Kotrba. “I’ve learned that kids can surprise you. It’s interesting to see some kids outside of the classroom setting,” said Mr. Staron. Mr. Kotrba said that, “I was surprised at the high level of commitment from kids.” Prior to the trip, students are required to write position papers, which are essays that outline a nation’s stance on an issue. This is in addition to the requirements for making the team and studying the history of the nation. “Model UN is so useful because kids really bond as a team and grow together. Various skills are developed, and kids really learn to work well with others. It provides kids with amazing opportunities that are rarely available. I’ve learned that kids learn complex ideas really quick,” said Mr. Kotrba. Mr. Staron noted that, “I’ve learned that hard work is validated. And also [learned] a lot about teenagers.”

the day to relax. Zander addresses the stress levels of his students using the idea of a “stress balloon.” This technique involves talking with peers about problems and coming up with simple solutions to let air out of “the balloon,” or stress out of life. The Stress Management Health Center identifies a fast heartbeat,

headache, back pain, and sweating as common reactions to stress. The Health Center recommends trying to relax the mind and body to work to relieve stress. Although stress cannot be avoided, it can be coped with. Time management and positive thinking can help to deal with problems. Simple activities, such as talking to a friend or participating in a hobby, can help to relieve the body from the pressure of life. Walters understands the pressures put on students from the school and society. “Students need to understand limits,” she said. “If you’re feeling overwhelmed, do something.” Students are encouraged to take a vigorous course load, join clubs, participate in sports, sleep, make friends, and stay in touch with the family. The West Way is all about being “Involved, Respectful, and Successful.” Success comes at a price, being involved takes time, and stressed students are less likely to be respectful. Katie Ball, junior, feels the

pressure from ACT demands and taking AP Calculus BC, a rigorous senior math class. She says that yoga, eating frozen yogurt, and spending time with her friends helps her to cope with stress. “Stress is tough to deal with,” she said, “but it can be handled.” Senior Joe Williamson-Link manages the stress from his five AP classes and eight clubs in many ways. Taking a walk around Lake Ellyn, sleeping, and watching his favorite shows help him to relax about life. “Everything can be handled if taken one step at a time,” said Link. He also commented that, as a member of choir, singing is also very stress-relieving. “Students need to get some balance in life. Let’s be realistic in what we are willing to take on,” said Ms. Ross. While stress cannot be eliminated, it can be successfully dealt with through relaxation.

Photo courtesy of

Pound the gavel with West’s Model United Nations team By Brendan Byrne ’13 Staff Writer

Laos, Georgia, Chad, Lesotho, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Kazakhstan. Stop me when you’ve heard a country you’re familiar with. There’s one group of students who not only are familiar with these countries, but study them and even portray them in debates and various other sessions. This group can only be Glenbard West’s chapter of Model United Nations. Dozens of kids attempt to join the club each year, but only so many are actually admitted. Once you’re in the club, that doesn’t mean your work is over. Students have to write various essays and ultimately attend conferences, where they can display their skills. “Model UN is a good activity because it’s a competition with high level kids from all around the nation. It creates a reference point

Did you know...Warren Harding once lost all the White House china gambling, on one hand of cards?

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November 2012 - Page 9

ZONED IN: What’s happening in the Middle East? By John Bleed ’13 Assistant Editor-in-Chief Admit it. You know there’s crazy stuff going on in the world right now. The US has its hands full dealing with seemingly endless controversy in every corner of the Earth. The last few months have been pretty hectic for the US government as they’ve been dealing with radical protests and attacks in multiple countries all over the world. Why? To start things off, much of the commotion was a result of a hateful, bitter, third-party and anti-Muslim independent film made in Los Angeles that insulted and depicted the prophet Muhammad in a severely derogatory manner. The film itself is sketchy. The California Film Commission didn’t even issue a permit for such a film title to be made. IMDB has no profile on the film.

Nobody seems to know anything about the director. Get the idea? It’s got “wack-job” written all over it. Nothing to be taken too

anniversary of the World Trade Center Attacks), protestors surrounded the walls of the US Embassy in Cairo, Egypt – starting off a

The United States government severely condemned the attack in Libya, yet is still gathering information in what is likely a planned attack. Photo courtesy wikimedia commons.

seriously, it seems. Wrong. The short film was pretty much shoved to the side when it was put on YouTube this summer in the United States. But, when copies of the video in Arabic swept over the Middle East this September, chaos broke loose. On September 11 (the 11th

massive domino effect that would take place in over 80 US and western bases and embassies all over the world. While Cairo police were able to disperse the crowd without force, other locations would not be as lucky. At the same time as the Cairo protest, a large scale

attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya erupted. Unlike other protests that would cloud the next few days, this one resulted in mobs storming the consulate with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars according to the Huffington Post. And it resulted in the death of the United States Ambassador to Libya – Christopher Stevens, who died of smoke asphyxiation. It doesn’t seem to make much sense. How could such a well-organized attack just spring up out of nowhere? Originally, the Libya attack was considered just another part of the major backlash to this weird film – and the media and government thought so too. But was it? According to the Huffington Post, major Libyan officials are considering this a planned assault. And the director of the National Counterterrorism Center Matthew Olsen has come

out and called it a “terrorist attack.” The White House has taken some serious criticism about the attack. According to Yahoo! News, it originally thought the video was a reason for the attack. Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice also quickly claimed in a national interview that the attack was completely spontaneous and in response to the video ( a brash and incorrect assertion). Secretary of State Hillary Clinton admitted that she was responsible for the Benghazi attack and how it was handled. More information has been circling these last few months, and while the Libyan government has arrested many involved in the attack, there are still many unanswered questions. It goes to show how quickly situations change once more information surfaces.

for being bullied, the bully is looking to bring others down in some way or another. Most have been bullied themselves and feel insecure, which is why they bully. You may believe that your life is not touched by bullying, but most victims don’t tell anyone what they’re going through before it is too late. Students at Glenbard West, have been victims of bullying, and their stories have ended in tragedy. Many clubs incorporate bullying prevention into their meetings, and SFS is a main club united against bullying. The club sponsor, Mrs. Ross, said, “My mom was a holocaust survivor, and so I’ve lived with the history [of bullying]. Watching the TV, I see the sarcasm and the bullying that just goes on without

thought, and it bothers me.” She, like many others, is affected through family the pain of a family member. SFS is working on a kindness campaign year-round, working to encourage and empower students to stand up for others who are bullied. They want to make sure that everyone in our school is aware of the role we play as a bystander to bullying, because nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something. Preventing bullying is an important cause because too many young people feel hopeless and lonely because of bullying. It all starts with one person trying to make a difference, and that person can be you.

SFS takes stance against bullying, wants your help By Caitlyn Reick ’16 and Madisson MacIsaac ’16

intimidate another in any way. Bullying makes the bully feel powerful. Suicide rates have grown Bullies don’t realize over 50% in the past 30 years, becoming one of the leading causes of death among children under the age of 14. Many of these suicides are traced to bullying, which comes in multiple forms like cyber bullying, verbal bullying, and physical bullying. Cyber bullying is the use of an electronic device in bullying, verbal bullying is using words to bring people

family as they watch the person undergo torment day after day. Many families struggle with

“[On T.V.] I see the sarcasm and the bullying that goes on without thought, and it bothers me”. ~ Mrs. Ross

“SFS is a main club united against bullying.” down, like gossip, and physical bullying where people use themselves as a violent weapon to hurt or

that what they do say not only affects person being bullied, that person’s friends

and the but and

ways to help their children who are being bullied. Some students don’t even tell their families. Steps in preventing bullying are standing up for others being intimidated, don’t give an audience to a bully, and report bullying or threats as soon as you hear about them. Never blame yourself

Did you know... Lincoln was the tallest U.S president at 6’4”? He also patented a system to alter buoyancy of steamboats.

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November 2012 Page 10

Health Hotline: Thanksgiving dinner Take it easy on your tummy this November 22nd By Alex Levin ’14 Columnist It is safe to say that Thanksgiving dinner is one of the best meals of the year. It is nearly impossible to resist that juicy turkey, mouth-watering stuffing, and fruity pies. So saving your appetite for such a meal seems only normal, however this can result in overeating, therefore weight gain. According to, the average person consumes 3,000 calories on Thanksgiving, which is 1,000 calories more than most people are recommended to consume. Thanksgiving food should be about the quality of the food not the quantity. Here are a few simple tips that will lead you to

a healthier Thanksgiving. Don’t start on an empty stomach: Throughout the day, leading up to your Thanksgiving meal, snack on healthy foods like carrots, celery, and fruits. You will be less tempted to reach for the high-calorie options and you will be less likely to overeat because your stomach is not growling. Watch portion-sizes: Controlling your portionsizes is the key. Try using a small appetizer or dessertsize plate so that you will not be able to pile on as much food as you can fit. Start with small portions of your favorite items because you can always go up for seconds. If you begin with huge portionsizes on your plate you are more likely to eat it all. Eat your veggies first: Fill your plate with low-calorie, nutrient-rich vegetables,

avoiding veggies with cheese or sauces on them. Eating the veggies first will start to fill up your stomach so that you will less likely to over-indulge on the highcalorie and fatty foods. Get some exercise: There’s nothing like having to loosen your belt a notch after Thanksgiving dinner, so take a walk outside in the fall weather. It is a great way to get exercise and to spend time with your family and friends. Enjoy good food and company on Thanksgiving remembering that the holiday is more than just turkey and pie. Take it easy on your tummy this Thanksgiving and besides, the less you eat on Thanksgiving, the more leftovers there will be! Photo courtesy of <>.

Obesity epidemic spreads: Keeping man’s best friend healthy By Lisa Luczak ’15 Staff Writer Every morning my beloved dog, Shea, wags her tail and smiles up at me. I am always so tired in the morning, but recently something about my dog really caught my eye. Shea’s torso droops down, halfway to her paws. When she tries to hop onto my couch, she needs help. I always considered Shea to be pleasantly plump, but these signs signaled to me that she needed help. Luckily for me. the Internet came to my rescue, and I read that many other dogs also have the same problem. All types of animals from various parts of the world are overweight. Shea is one of the dogs that make up the

54% of cats and dogs that are overweight. The number of obese pets continues to grow, as humans also get more obese. The problem is that people think that heavier animals are sometimes cuter than normal weight animals. Overweight animals are prone to diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, and arthritis. Animal hospitals are treating obese pets more than ever before, concerning veterinarians. Vets have started to take a stand against pet obesity by incorporating weight assessments into each visit and stressing to pet owners the importance of a healthy pet weight. Exercise plans for animals such as treadmill walking, frisbee, and fetch

are being used to help get over weight animals whipped back in shape. Animals that are overweight have no control over what they eat and how much. Pet food brands are not all created equal, and portion sizes need to be measured out when given to a pet. Owners control their animal’s health, and it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their pet is enduring in a healthy, active lifestyle. Next time I see Shea, I know that as cute as she looks, it is only harming her health. Getting the word out about pet obesity gives overweight animals the chance to become healthier and happier. Fat pets might look cute, but it’s what is on the inside that counts.

Recipe review:

The sweet side of Thanksgiving By Madison Chandler ’14 Columnist The best holiday, in terms of food, is definitely Thanksgiving. Oven-roasted turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy, homemade stuffing, and apple pies are just a few of the traditional foods you find yourself enjoying year after year. Why not mix things up a bit, and add something new to your table this November? I found an amazing recipe for homemade sweet potato fries, a great addition to any Thanksgiving meal. If you’ve never heard of the scrumptious side, you have to try this r e c i p e ! S w e e t potato fries have become very popular over the last few years. Most restaurants list them as a healthier alternative to the classic french fry. Don’t let the bright orange color scare you off! This recipe is easy to follow, and delicious to enjoy.

Sweet Potato Fries: •

2 large sweet potatoes, peeled or unpeeled

2 tablespoons olive oil, or more as needed

1 teaspoon paprika

1/2 teaspoon chili powder

1/2 teaspoon ground coriander

Begin with preheating your oven to 450 degrees. Line a large baking sheet with aluminum foil and set aside. The aluminum liner is more important than you would think! The first time I tried this recipe, I did not use aluminum. Instead, I sprayed the baking sheet with Pam. The fries turned black halfway through the cooking time, proving that you ALWAYS have to follow the recipe closely. Next, I recommend that you do peel the potatoes. A potato peeler gets the job done quickly. Then, cut the potatoes 4-inch long and 1/2-inch thick fries. This is just a suggestion, if you like your fries thicker or thinner, feel free to cut them in any shape that you desire! Once cut, place the sweet potatoes in a large bowl and toss them with olive oil until the sweet potatoes are coated. Then, add the paprika, chili powder, coriander, salt, and pepper. Toss the fries to make sure the spices are distributed evenly. Finally, arrange the coated fries in a single layer on the prepared pan. Bake for 35 minutes, or until the fries are crispy. Impress your relatives this Thanksgiving by offering to bake a side for the meal. You may need to double or triple the recipe, the fries will go fast! Have a great holiday! <>. Photo courtesy of <>.

Coarse ground rock salt and freshly ground black pepper, to taste

Your local vet should have more information to provide you on how to help your pet reach a healthy weight. Photo courtesy of

Did you know... Eisenhower liked to play golf so much, he had a putting green built on the White House lawn?

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Know extremes on both ends of political, social spectrum By Samantha Moriarty ’13 Editor-in-Chief

Most teenagers choose to skip the news when it comes on or change the subject when politics are discussed. No one blames you; politics can be pretty dry and confusing. So when you do see that snippet of CNN or MSNBC, or briefly listen in on a political rant, that is typically where you decide where you stand: a conservative or a liberal, extreme or mild. The political “spectrum” ranges from the far left point of view to far right point of view. To be “extreme” or “far” means that you hold beliefs of that party to the highest degree. Unfortunately, because kids do not usually hear both points of view, they do not realize until later in life which side of the political spectrum best reflects their beliefs or even the extreme beliefs of the side they align with. Though we live in a world full of easy-access information, many of us tend to ignore our resources of worldly knowledge and instead log onto Facebook. This article is intended to motivate you to get out of being an ignorant follower of the media and to

both sides of the fence. This past summer, Piers Morgan from CNN, interviewed a rape victim, Gloria Allred, who chose to have an abortion. Allred said, “I personally don’t think a fertilized egg should have more rights than an adult woman. And that’s what I believe. “I don’t want anyone to go back to the days when abortion was illegal. And when women like me almost died because we couldn’t get safe and legal abortions,” continued Allred. While Allred’s opinion is her own, pro-life advocates still criticize a woman’s right to choose. The media may not always present both sides in a balanced manner, perhaps confusing

The Political Spectrum in brief: • • • • •

Term used to distinguish different ideologies. Democratic, or liberal, views are considered “left.” Republican, or conservative, views are considered “right.” Most people have beliefs on both sides of the spectrum, but hold a majority on one side or the other. Drexel University in Pennsylvania argues that a simple line spectrum is too simplistic of a representation. They have created a graphic depicting the spectrum as a political “circle.”

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become an informed individual. Like I said, previously, the majority of kids have heard one side of a political topic; this holds true, for example, on the topic of abortion. The majority of the media tends to limit their stories to the vague definitions of pro-life and pro-choice beliefs. Because of this, audiences tend to be uninformed on the entire issue, and extreme view points. One side of this topic is the extreme pro-life activists, they hold the belief that a woman should never get an abortion, no matter what the case; whether it involves rape or incest. This extreme pro-life attribute is an emotional topic for individuals on

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citizens on what it means to be prochoice or pro-life. While most people may recognize what it means to be pro-choice and some extreme pro-life beliefs, many don’t know the beliefs of some extreme pro-choice supporters, belief anti-abortionits argue are gruesome and inhumane. Partial-birth abortions, sex selective abortions and denying medical attention to a baby that survives a partial birth abortion are extremely controversial. The point of this article, as stated earlier, is that each issue has two sides and that spectrum ends with two extreme positions. Where ever you fall, pro-choice or pro-life, you should know the full spectrum of the entire issue. If you don’t, you should learn how to access reliable information about each side. The media will most likely always have a bias, and there will always be negative connotations attached to political parties and points of view. It’s important to hear from both sides of every topic; if you are able to do this, you can stop questioning your values and define yourself as an individual.

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Lincoln gives a lesson in history and inspiration By Emily Molloy ’13 Editor-in-Chief We see his likeness every day on the front side of a penny, often clouded and discolored. But seeing the same profile of the same man on a poster 27X40 inches in the sharpest clarity can leave you staring. The sunken eyes are surrounded by layers of wrinkles and hooded by furrowed brows. His head is bowed, weighed down by the burden of a torn nation and the responsibility to mend it. And with names such as Daniel Day-Lewis and Steven Spielberg printed next to the image of the Abraham Lincoln, the entire movie poster has immediate appeal. Based on the book Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin, the new movie, Lincoln, documents the last months of the life of the 16th President of the United States that proved crucial to the future of the nation. Focusing on the struggle to pass the 13th Amendment that would illegalize slavery, Daniel Day-Lewis delivers a captivating performance that provides a new perspective on Abraham Lincoln as a man rather than an icon in history books. In truth, to successfully capture the mannerisms of President Lincoln required extensive reading and studying of his life from several historical accounts on the part of director Steven Spielberg, Daniel Day-Lewis, and the many writers on the job. With the idea for the movie dating back as early as 1999, the team had plenty of time to complete their research, replicate the mannerisms, and perfect the performance of the cast to provide the audience with a believable reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln and several other major players involved in the President’s life. A year before production began,

Day-Lewis and Spielberg spent one- somber man was able to procure on-one time together to fine tune the several laughs from the audience. In President’s gait and small motions a press-conference with an audience so that by time filming had started, at a New York pre-screening of the very little direction was needed for film, Day-Lewis recalls, “[Lincoln] Day-Lewis to give his stunning was a jokester and a story teller, performance. With such a great capable of moments of levity while relationship between the director simultaneously dealing with immense and the leading actor, much time loads of responsibility.” was devoted to the performances In the same press conference, of Tommy Lee Jones as Thaddeus Steven Spielberg explains, “We didn’t Stevens and need to make a Joseph Gordon movie about a Levitt as Robert monument; we Lincoln, the needed to make P r e s i d e n t ’s a movie about a oldest son. man.” The goal The various of the film was sides of the to show the split P r e s i d e n t ’s life of the man character and anguish were revealed caused by trying throughout to balance the movie. As between family commander-inand politics. chief, a father, A monument and a husband to in his own a near hysterical way, Spielberg wife, he exuded admired the the feeling of President as loneliness and a boy and exhaustion. was given the T h o u g h The movie poster that will hang in the- o p p o r t u n i t y perceived as aters across America with Daniel Day- to understand i n d i f f e r e n c e , Lewis as Abraham Lincoln. Photo cour- the man better his caution and tesy of than ever patience had before. By the the knack of frustrating the most time production was ending, both zealous politicians. This patience Spielberg and Day-Lewis expressed was complemented, however, by an difficulty with coming to terms with unyielding resolve and confidence saying goodbye to the man they had in himself and his decisions. Despite essentially spent years with. “I still the task of repairing the Union refuse to part with Lincoln,” says and the weight of expectations, the Spielberg, “I was not ready to lose the President was portrayed as man President.” with a sly sense of humor. With the A legend in his own way, Steven proficiency of recalling a long, often Spielberg has the reputation and the metaphorical, story in the middle unchallenged talent of creating a of a cabinet meeting, the seemingly film that reflects the time period with

Did you know...Andrew Jackson was the only president to kill someone in a duel?

extreme accuracy and depth. The director utilizes aspects of the culture of the time period and incorporates it into the film to produce a historically accurate masterpiece. But his passion for understanding the past and honoring those that have shaped our era is the most admirable quality in this director and other filmmakers recreating history on the big screen. Even only with a basic understanding of historical events, it is inspiring to see the world shaped before your eyes in an accurate reflection of the past. We can learn from the real life heroes of the world who are cherished by millions. Recorded history has always influenced people to act in honor of what they believe is right as others have before them. While I firmly believe that there is no substitute for a well written book, the movies have provided us with a visual window that can prove more motivation and emotion than simply facts on a page. Being able to visualize history rather than simply memorizing it offers an illuminating perspective that enhances the facts and figures that we have learned but do not yet understand. Watching the film, I was not contemplating its possibilities of securing an Academy Award or questioning the believability of the performance. From the first moments, it was clear that I was not watching Hollywood actors but the real Thaddeus Stevens and Mary Lincoln and the President himself make history. With or without extensive knowledge of the era, the movie was enough to illuminate the life and death of possibly the most influential man in American history. It was as clear with the rolling of the credits as it was when President Lincoln gave his final breath the he belongs to the ages.

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From Hilltopper to Wildcat: Caleigh Ryan and Kaitlin Moore

By Maddie Howard ’16 Staff Writer

Over the years, the college admissions process has become even more stressful for high school students all over the United States. This stress is primarily weighed on the shoulders of student athletes, as they struggle to earn spots on college teams. For two Glenbard West students, Caleigh Ryan and Kaitlin Moore, making decisions about college will not be a concern as they walk into senior year already committed to Northwestern University. Caleigh Ryan is an accomplished volleyball competitor, playing for an elite club team, First Alliance. Although her club has brought her far, she owes a lot to the Glenbard West Varsity team for helping her get to this point. “When I was on Varsity as a freshman, a lot of the juniors and seniors on the team helped me transition faster not only into the higher level of play, but also high school itself,” says Ryan.

Ryan has been playing since fifth grade. Ryan trains many hours a day during club season and time management can be difficult. Ryan has taken on all honors classes almost all four years. “I always try not to procrastinate,” says Ryan. “I do as much homework as I can when the chance is there.” The recruiting process started as she began sending letters out to schools, one of them being Northwestern. “My high school coach was friends with t h e coach from Northweste r n , ” explains Ry a n .

“So he helped me get in touch with the coach and had him come to our games.” As she met the coaches from Northwestern, she grew to like them and it wasn’t long until they offered her a spot on their

team. “When they called and gave me an offer I was on spring break, I was shocked! Northwestern is one of those schools that a lot of people say are looking at them, but they never actually end up with a spot. It was a great feeling and let me relax the rest of my spring break,” she says. Ryan will be attending Northwestern Medill School of Journalism, one of the top ten journalism schools in the country. She is looking forward to beginning school there and is currently preparing herself for the hard work ahead next fall. Ryan encourages other ambitious student athletes with the same goals as her to keep doing what they love, and wishes them all the best of luck. Joining Ryan at Northwestern next year is senior soccer player Kaitilin Moore. As a freshman she began playing for the NSA Premiere Fireballs, coached by Bonnie Young. The recruiting process began when Moore was a sophomore, as she sent emails out to coaches and participated in several college showcases. “Because the coaches can’t reply to your emails until junior year, one of the moms on my club team made player profiles and handed them out to coaches that showed up at our games,” says Moore, “That way we would know

which coaches received our emails and were interested enough to come out and watch us play.” Moore was first noticed at Northwestern when she attended their o v e r n i g h t soccer camp in the summer,

By Alec Lukins ’14 Sports Columnist

foursomes and four-ball. The U.S. took a strong lead 5-3 after the first day of golf. The second day featured the same events and the U.S. took a commanding lead of 10-6. They only needed four and a half more points to win the Cup. Through the first two days, Tiger Woods, the U.S.’s best player, had lost every match he played in. The last day was singles, or individual match play. The key to winning on Sunday is to get off to good start. The U.S. started with Bubba Watson, Webb Simpson, Keegan Bradley, and Phil Mickelson. Three of these four golfers are m a j o r champions. The Europeans started with Luke Donald, Ian Poulter, world number one Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose. The Europeans won the first five matches making the score 11-10 in favor of

where s h e w a s named player of the week. S h e then continued to go to their indoor training sessions that they offered for high school students looking to get noticed. When she was offered a spot on the team, the Northwestern coach asked to meet with her in person. “I was so nervous!” said Moore. “There was this huge buildup, and then they finally told me that if I wanted a spot on the team it was mine and that they were looking for-

ward to my answer,” Moore was ranked second in her class and enrolled in all honors classes every year at West. For this reason Moore emphasizes the importance of school work freshman and sophomore year. “Getting good grades makes you more attractive to colleges as a player,” Moore explains. “That way they don’t have to make any academic exceptions in order for you to play on their team.” Glenbard West is very proud of the two student athletes and wishes them the best as they venture to bigger and greater things at Northwestern University next fall. Although they will become Wildcats, they will forever be a Hilltopper in our hearts. Good luck Kaitlin and Caleigh!

Photos Courtesy: Maddie Howard ’16.

A crazy four weeks in the NFL U.S. golf collapse leads to European triumph By Ben Buchnat ’15 Staff Writer It has been a crazy first month in the NFL, with many ups and downs this season. The first four weeks have been some of the craziest in a while. Here have been the highlights and lowlights of this year so far. Biggest Surprises: Arizona Cardinals are 4-0: Who would have thought? One of the most mediocre teams last year is on to a fast start. With wins over good teams like New England and Philadelphia, the Cardinals look like they can be a contender. Their next real test will be against San Francisco on October 29. Minnesota Vikings’ fast start: A team with three wins last year already has matched that total this year. With great play from quarterback Christian Ponder and running back Adrian Peterson, the Vikings have zoomed to a tie in first place with the Chicago Bears. The

Vikings’ next test will be against Arizona on October 21. Biggest Disappointments: New Orleans Saints are 0-4: After Bountygate, most people thought the Saints would be worse, but not this bad. As one of two teams without a win after a month, the Saints have been terrible this year. With losses against mediocre teams like Kansas City and Carolina, not much is looking good for the Saints. Replacement Ref Failure: I know the replacement refs would be worse than the regular ones, but who would have predicted that they would be this bad! Even as a hardcore Bears fan, I still thought that call was bad. It was an interception! These refs are blind! We will all be happy to see the regulars back.

Drawing courtesy of Claire Deasy ’15

The Ryder Cup is a golf tournament that happens every two years between a team of American golfers and a team of European golfers. The competition is three days long and occurs in the U.S. every four years. When it is not in the U.S., it is in Europe, typically in the United Kingdom. On the first two days, there are two events where the golfers compete in pairs against the other team in matches. On the final day, the twelve golfers face off headto-head in individual match play. There are 28 total points; the team in control of the Cup needs 14 points to win and the team not in control of the Cup needs 14 1/2 points to win the cup. Points are won by winning a match. If a match ends in a tie, each team gets half a point. This year, the Ryder Cup was at the U.S. at Medinah Country Club here in Chicagoland. The U.S. needed 14 1/2 points to win the Cup. The first day featured

the Europeans. After the next five matches the score was tied at thirteen. It all came down to the last two groups Martin Kaymer (Europe) vs. Steve Stricker (U.S.) and Francisco Molinari (Europe) vs. Tiger Woods (U.S.). The U.S. needed a point and half to win the Cup. Going into the eighteenth hole Stricker was down one to Kaymer. The U.S. needed Stricker to win the eighteenth and for Tiger Woods to win his match. Stricker was on the green with an eight foot putt for birdie to win the hole, Tiger was waiting on the tee tied with Moinnari. Stricker took his stroke and missed his putt, meaning the U.S. lost the Ryder Cup by a final score of 14 1/2- 13 1/2. The European comeback represented the largest comeback in Ryder Cup history. Photo Courtesy of: connect/programs_events/golf/images/medinah_2.jpg

Did you know... Every U.S. President since 1852 has been either a Democrat or a Republican?

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