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Despite hard economic times, Chicago street performers find passion, love in ‘busking’

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By Mariela Paz ’13 Staff Writer

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“If anyone has any leftover food they do not want, I would be happy to have it before they throw it away!” This energetic cry from the street performer, known simply as “Tampico,” still echoes through the subway platform as he leaps into a guitar solo while tap dancing, and playing the violin. From the amateur YouTube documentary titled after the Chicago busker veteran, Tampico represents a vibrant energy that is often reflected by each street performer in their own way. An energy that suggests that for these Chicago residents, busking, a term for street performing, is more than just a way to make money; it is an opportunity to express themselves in one of the greatest cities on earth. “This is fun, this is not work,” says Kennith Stringer in Tame The Bear TV’s 2009 interview. Stringer is referring to his sevenyear long career as “Chicago’s Original Tin Man,” for which he sprays himself in chromatic paint and acts like a new-age mime for tips on Michigan Avenue. The job, which has gained him nationwide recognition, not only pays for itself (Stringer admits he can make his rent in a single day), but “is very rewarding” for the young Chicagoan.

Stringer isn’t the only one who views what he does as more than just a job. Javier Zapata, who plays the pan flutes to traditional Columbian tunes, can be found any day of the week on the Michigan avenue bridge. A busker for twenty years, Javier states this is how he makes his living, but it’s not just the money

that draws him out every day. “We are free to show our passion [on the streets],” says Daniel Martinez, a longtime friend and co-worker of Zapata’s who sells CD’s of his music alongside Z a p a t a ’s performances. Zapata and Martinez are proof of how, often times, the streets provide the perfect environment for passionate musicians and artists to showcase their talents that may be rejected elsewhere. “We are trying to show our culture here, on the streets, everywhere” comments Javier. But while the idea of passion as the driving force to becoming a busker may be romantic, the reality is that these are tough economic times, and the need for expression is often overpowered by the need for cash. “I do it to make some money,”

says fourteen year old Diangelo Smith, when questioned as to why he was drumming on the streets. “Sometimes I do it to eat, to buy clothes [and] shoes” In recent years, the mostly empty buckets and guitar cases of Chicago performers have reflected the suffering economy, and buskers have taken notice. “There ain’t no money in Chicago. Ain’t no type of money anymore,” says Smith, who has noticed that the flow of cash has significantly lessened in the two years that he has been drumming. According to a 2012 Chicago Tribune feature article, authorities have noted a large increase in the number of people busking on the streets, a sign of the hard economic times. But while times may be tough, this doesn’t stop some Chicago buskers from just doing what they love. “This is our job. This is our career. This is what we choose to do for life,” says Cordero Clark, leader of the hip-hop acrobatic group known as “KOMA Crew” in the Tribune interview. Balancing work and fun can be difficult and often the line separating passion and need becomes blurry, but nothing sums up the battle that buskers fight quite like the smile on Smith’s face when asked why he busks. “You have to love it to do it.”

get one. The money you make from performing isn’t to the point where it seems okay to actually pay for a license,” says Deangelo Smith, street performer on Michigan Ave. According to some of the street performers on Michigan Ave., a hot-spot for performing, the police actually take street performing legality seriously and have asked on numerous occasions for performers to produce a license when asked. “Once you gain enough experience and you are dedicated to this, then you realize the license is beneficial for your career. I’ve been performing for over twenty years, and multiple times I’ve been asked for my license. The police are very strict about it,” explains Javier Zaputa, street performer. Other street performers disagree, explaining that because street performance

is publicly accepted, the police are far more lenient depending on the popularity of the street performer. “I’ve seen the cops bust down on it, but at the same time people like street performances. It adds a sense of artistic culture to Chicago, so the police don’t do too much unless it gets out of hand,” says street performer Daniel Martinez. The requirement to pay to street perform is generally unaccepted by the performing community. While they agree it saves legal hassle, they believe that they have the right to play whenever and wherever they want, for free, as long as it does not disturb the local businesses and homes. “It’s an honorable profession. Paying to do your job is wrong,” says street saxophonist Kenny Filmer.

Chicago performance license needed to legally ‘busk’ on streets

By Corinne Loftus’13 Staff Reporter

According to the City of Chicago Police Department, there are over five hundred people currently registered to be street performers. In the city of Chicago, street performing is a cultural aspect that attracts audiences from all over the suburbs and raises not only revenue for the performers, but also has obscure and not well known legal proceedings that take place in order for street performing to be authorized. The rising problem, however, is that without going through the legal procedure, it makes street performing illegal, and a growing problem within the city. The license not only provides the guidelines for street performing, but there is an initial fee in order for

someone to begin. Randy Ernst, Chicago Police Department Public Relations Rep, states, “The license costs about $100, but once the patrol shifts came in with their reports, we realized that over half the performers in the city don’t own one.” However, the police department license only applies to the streets of Chicago, and there are different guidelines that occur in Chicago’s transportation areas. While the City of Chicago license outlines volume levels and street performing times, there is another set of rules for the CTA. “It’s a completely different license, and it’s difficult to enforce. We don’t have time to check every single person to see if they have a license to produce,” says Marlene Rolan, CTA Public Relations Rep. The problem with having two separate licenses for

Street Performance Statistics • Fined $300 + for playing too loudly. • Street performance has increased 10%. • Over 50% of performers do not own a certified street performance license. street performers is that it makes it difficult for them to cater to different audiences in different areas. This leads to a significant amount of performers without a license, making their profession technically illegal. “I don’t own one; it’s too much money and time to go

Did you know... forty million brackets will be completed for during March Madness?

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Bucket list: These legs were made for walkin’ By Maddie Lupori ’14 Columnist Ask anyone. They would agree that I am not the fastest person around. In fact, a few miles and you’ve got me on the brink of death. But, this next item on my bucketlist was inspired by a US journalist by the name of Paul Salopek. Over the course of the next seven years, he will be walking from Ethiopia to the tip of South America, retracing the footsteps of early homo-sapiens out of Africa and around the world. Equipped with under 44 pounds of supplies at all times, this venture will take him through a prospective 36 countries! Now wait a second. I don’t have “walk across 36 counties in a

“See all the 7 wonders of the world.” -Katie Cevaal, junior

matter o f 7 years” penciled in on my life’s bucketlist, that is for certain. Maybe something more realistic, perhaps run a quarter, half, or even full marathon? Sure, we’ll settle at that. Standing at the starting line of the Chicago marathon, with the crowd screaming and cheering around me. And 26.21875 miles later, crossing the finish line with a medal hanging around my neck. But, let’s make this clear: it will not be my intent to be the top finisher, no sir! Nor will my goal be to clock in less than 6 minutes miles. My only goal will be to finish. I would say that that is still a pretty big accomplishment, though. Rising from the ruins (aka my current running status), and achieving a goal that seems

“Hug a polor bear to see who has a better bear hug, me or the bear...” -Jack Dodillet, junior

almost impossible is absolutely worth it to me. Like my goal of one day running a marathon, or Paul Salopek’s 7-year expedition across 36 countries, they are, in some ways, one in the same; the underlying accomplishment of achieving a goal that seems very far-fetched at the time. So, I challenge all you readers to accomplish something, big or small, that seems crazy.

Flour + Wine: A welcome addition to downtown

By Meghan Loftus ’15 Staff Writer

The Glen Ellyn Brewing Company, The Gratto and many other come and go restaurants were located at 433 N Main Street in Glen Ellyn and none were able to make it. Now, Flour + Wine will give this location a try. With a key location, one would think it would be easy to thrive in the restaurant world. However, with a lot of property on the corner of Main Street and Duane the restaurants need customers! Hopefully, flour + wine will stay. Flour + Wine has a great combination of food and atmosphere. The restaurant offers fine dining and a bar area. The pizza and pasta is all freshly prepared in the

What’s on your bucket list?

kitchen and tastes delicious. Bridget Caffrey, one of many who raves of this new restaurant, says,“The margarita pizza is my favorite pizza for sure! As far as the restaurant goes, Flour + Wine is unique, tasty and has a friendly feel.-” In addition to the pizza and pasta, Flour + Wine offers a flavorful selection of desserts ranging from homemade doughnuts to calzones. Jasmine Trieu speaks of her first time at the restaurant, “I loved it! For dessert, you have to try the Nutella Calzone!” Many people have fallen in love with Flour + Wine, so it you haven’t yet, go with your friends or family for a night out. Try a new kind of pasta or pizza- and most of all, don’t forget dessert.

“Help rebuild a third world country after a natural disaster.” -Olivia Harrell, senior

“Knit a scarf!” -Grace Houghton sophomore


“Climb Mt. Everest....duh.” -Hayden Carlson, junior

“Go to art school.” - Lily Stachowiak, freshman

“See a Galapagos turtle.” -Hannah Seeman, sophomore

Valentines for Vets: Students acknowledge the dedication of our soldiers

Valentines for Vets photos courtesy of Milica Krstic.

Did you know... the first St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York was held in 1762?

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Murder, mystery, and history in Devil in the White City

By Barbara Berent ’13 Staff Writer

The Devil in the White City intertwines two vastly different tales; one of good and one of evil. The title perfectly reflects the two sides involved in one of the most prestigious events Chicago has ever seen: The World’s Fair of 1893. The White City represents the beautiful and pure city designed by architect Daniel Burnham and his partner. The Devil represents a twisted man named Holmes who stained the city with murder and tragedy.

This story is written by Erik Larson who shows his talents in other nonfiction novels such as the bestselling In the Garden of Beasts, Thunderstruck, and Isaac’s Storm. He writes nonfiction with wit and keeps you guessing as the story continues. The intended audience is for young adults with interest in murder mysteries, history and architecture. The story is written as a narrative and remains mostly in chronological order, with a couple flashbacks and flashforwards. While it has the structure of a sequence

novel, it remains mainly compare and contrast regarding the two sides of the Fair. These two conflicting sides are the main focus of the novel. Daniel Burnham and his partner John Root were honored with the task of designing buildings for the World’s Fair, a fair that would solidify Chicago as a remarkable and powerful city. Burnham faces many setbacks and obstacles when preparing the White City. He was challenged with deadlines, working with architects all over the country, and perhaps the largest struggle, competing with Paris’ Eiffel Tower. Burnham’s response was a grand Ferris

The Glass Castle: A true story of perseverance By Anna Renkert ’13 Staff Writer The Glass Castle is a short and simple title that leaves you wondering what does a glass castle have to do with anything I just read? It has to do with hope and dreams that cannot come true without hard work. The author Jeannette Walls, a former gossip columnist, knows all about working for her dreams. As a child she was constantly having to learn to take care of her and her siblings, knowing her parents would not give the attention they deserved. Also the author of the novel Half Broken Horses, Jeannette Walls is known for writing her nonfiction books from personal experiences. The book starts out in modern day, then goes back to Jeannette being only three years old and how the struggles started from there. It continues off and goes into detail about each event she faced that made her who she is today. Walls faced discrimination for

her family not having enough money and living in old worn down houses. She was sexually abused as a child from neighbors and even a family member, and she learned her parents were not willing to her make her life better. “I’ve got bills piling up, I’ve got kids to feed.” You would think that was said by her mother complaining to her children, but no-- that was said by a teenage Jeannette

having to worry about how she would take care of her three siblings and herself. Jeannette and her siblings had to learn to take care of everything around the house because their parents chose not to. The children even faced starvation while the mother stuffed herself with unnecessary treats: “Next to Mom was one of those huge family-sized Hershey chocolate bars... She’d already eaten half of it.” Jeannette Walls really knows how to get your heart racing with each chapter, describing something new that you cannot believe all happened to one child. The way the book never had a dull moment really keeps you interested. Jeannette chose to keep her past a secret; lying to people she grew close with, not wanting to scare them away. But soon she realized everyone has a past, and hers was just harder than others. The Glass Castle deserved its right to stay on the New York Times Bestseller list 100 weeks. Photo courtesy of

wheel that would outshine the far-off tower. However something was brewing behind the façade of the fair. As Larson writes, “Only Poe could have dreamed the rest.” H.H. Holmes had intricate plans of his own. H e

planned to feed his sick obsession by opening a hotel, The World’s Fair Hotel, to lure people from all over, especially young women. Young women were an easy target for him, “He broke prevailing rules of casual intimacy: He stood too close, stared too hard, touched too much and long. And women adored him for it,” writes Larson. At this hotel, the twisted serial killer would carry out his desires. Nonfiction books can be dry or lack entertainment, but this story steers clear of that. It keeps the reader guessing and shows insight to the history and mystery of Chicago.

Photos of H.H. Holmes and the World’s Fair Ferris Wheel courtesy of and

Brent Runyon’s The Burn Journals: Living through pain and defeating the odds By Casandra Valdez ’13 Staff Writer In the book The Burn Journals by Brent Runyon, the reader gets a sense of what the book is going to be about due to the title. Throughout the entire book, Brent goes through his life after a burn accident. What is interesting about the book is the cover. After looking at the title one does not realize that the cover is also a box of matches. Brent Runyon wrote this book many years after his accident had already passed, but even then the book still feels like it just happened. He came from a family of four, and after writing The Burn Journals he went on to write two more books, Same Difference and Maybe. All of his books tend to aim towards young adults so they can connect to his story and look for change with any problems they may be facing. The book is arranged in a sequence of journals, hence why it is called The Burn Journals. Throughout the book, Brent goes through a timeline of what he went

Did you know... the movie Wayne’s World was filmed in only two weeks??

through after his incident. For example he says, “I was just thinking, it’s been… one, two, three…three months since I came here.” Runyon makes sure that his readers know that the book is going to be about his recovery and how one should never seek suicide as a solution. This book is different because you feel like you are there with Brent and you want to help him get through all his pain. When he said, “They’ve got me walking everyday now,” I just wanted to go into the book and congratulate him. This book is sure to make an impact on anyone who reads this. Even if you are not the one who suffers depression, this book opens up to all kind of readers. After reading this book I would say it has been one of my favorites and most impacting. At one glance it seems like a book that will take forever to read but once you open the book you just cannot put it down. The Burn Journals is the kind of book that will have all types of readers talking about the impact this book leaves.

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‘The Hobbit’ film commands attention--pleasant surprises or annoying alterations? By Lauren Crowe ’15 Staff Writer Reading creates characters, settings, and places that are completely new for us. Being an avid reader myself, I take immense pleasure in what I read. While books make the basis and background of a story, filmmakers transform these books into motion pictures. Let’s explore books and movies that are coming out recently or those that have changed the industry completely. The Lord of the Rings hype continued for many with The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Read by the sophomore English 2H class as our summer book, personally, I enjoyed the familiar realm and faces of characters that I knew from one of my own childhood favorites. December 14, 2012 marked the day fans had been waiting for. While just recently, having seen the movie, I can express how great it was and how the 3D proved to be a special addition. Now, comparing the two was quite a challenge due to major flaws I saw in the

movie’s rendition that I, however, happened to really appreciate. The book mainly focuses on the character of Bilbo, who he was in the beginning and who he becomes. Now breaking the book into three parts of separate movies definitely creates plot holes in itself. The movie engrossed me for the whole two hours and fifty minutes. The movie explained the past of Middle Earth in a way that made complete sense and dissected what truly happened when Smaug took the dwarves’ home and set the tone for Thorin’s story. The movie had Bilbo’s nephew, Frodo, visiting, and showed Bilbo writing back from his memories of his “Unexpected

Journey.” The book started off slow and focused on a hobbit hole and a meal with dwarves and a wizard; trying to understand why the dwarves were there was confusing. The dwarves were brought to life completely in the movie and each character that Tolkien created possessed unique personalities. Bilbo transforms into a hero and the stronghold “burglar” of the journey as he saves his dwarf friends from spiders and the imprisonment by the elves (which were not a part of the first movie so will most likely take place during the majority of the second and third). Because the audience needs to

see Bilbo as a dynamic character, the movie forces some changes that are inconsistent with the book. For example, Bilbo stands up to the orcs all by himself before the eagles come to save Gandalf and the rest of the dwarves. While this created an event of heroism for Bilbo in the movie that was captivating to watch, it did not occur quite the same in the book. I thought Richard Armitage as Thorin was a wise choice. He portrayed the lead dwarf in a moving way. However, the end of the first movie ruined my perception of Thorin because he tells Bilbo how brave he has been, which should not happen until closer to the end of the storyline.

Photo courtest of

Did you know... tennis was originally played with bare hands?

While I understand the thought process of wanting a resolution between the negativity and cruelty towards Bilbo, that doesn’t leave much change for our hobbit to have throughout the other movies as a character. Bilbo’s struggles, mentally and physically, are displayed throughout the entire book and serves as the main plot. The movie doesn’t dive as deep regarding his inner thoughts, but Bilbo’s speech to Thorin at the end of the film tells us he is indeed an extraordinary hobbit. The movie itself focuses a great deal on Gandalf and his adventures, which are more unknown in the book. Overall, I loved both the movie and book but I think they should be considered separate. The movie, without reading the book, is intense and perfect, yet for those who have read the book there are moments of annoyance when major plot points stray off path.

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Fashion scoop: What to love at NY Fashion Week By Oswah Assaf Columnist ’14

It’s the most wonderful time of year, Fashion Week. With the hustle and bustle of all the different types of shows, it may be hard to figure out what to pay attention to. Although I think you should watch them all, even if it might take hours (!!!). For the practical person, here’s what and who to love this New York Fashion Week. Marc Jacobs: Obviously, anyone expecting a certain something from Marc is certainly getting something completely different. Almost like a lover that brings you a greasy bowl of cheese fries instead of the elegant chocolates for Valentine’s, which enrages you until you realize you love cheese fries. Marc Jacobs dishing out just desserts… err cheese fries? Man Repeller: I feel like a ranting nanny, pushing and pushing you to do your necessary Man Repelling. Her blog is

blowing up bigger than ever, and after her newest marital union (she got married yo) her writing is as sophisticated and full of man repelling chic as ever. Her street style is one of the only reasons to even follow NYFW and her New York Fashion Week Boot Camp video featuring designer Rebecca Minkoff and super model Hilary Rhonda is To.Die.For. Not to mention highlarious…see what I did there…. Me neither. Street Style: Every year street style seems to lean more and more toward Lady Gaga than years before. Socialite’s like Olivia Palermo and Miroslava Duma are known for the ultrachic style while fashion royalty Anna Dela Russo is known for her outrageous and custom Lady Gaga style. This is guaranteed to appear on at least a million street style blogs. But every year photographers like Tommy Ton and Scott Shuman are scavenging through Lincoln Center and area to find the perfect picture. Blogs like, Thesartorialist. com and many more are known for their iconic Fashion Week pictures, and definitely a must see to see the outrageous and gorgeous styles this year. Blogs on Blogs on Blogs: I feel I must write this whole section in CAPS to truly express the importance and amazingness that are Fashion blogs. Blogs are ESSENTIAL to truly soaking up all that NYFW has to offer, and not just during NYFW but during the entire year. Big editorial giants like Vogue, W, Elle and The Glen Bard only publish ONCE a month. Blogs like Fashion Toast, StyleSpotting, Style. com, Jak and Jil are your only ways to get immediate and current NYFW news. Live Streams: If you’re anything like me, in that your NYFW invitation got lost in the mail (rude), and you are devastated that you

Read between the HemLines: By Gabriella Bower Columnist ’14

Fashion: A word often (wrongly) associated with elitism, skinny models, shallowness, and vanity. However, what people often don’t realize is that fashion can be and is quite often used to help and change the world. The CFDA, also known as the Council of Fashion Designers of America, was established with this very mission in mind. As the CFDA evolved, they added to their list of missions. The council was founded in 1962 by Eleanor Lambert, an outstanding publicist in America of fashion, interior design, and other areas of the arts, philanthropy and contemporary taste. She had a vision for the fashion industry and over the course of 70 years, she

“created the institutions, the legends and the spectacular events that put American fashion on the map and changed the way the whole world views and experiences fashion” according to CFDA’s official website. The CFDA “is a not-for-profit trade association whose membership consists of more than 400 of America’s foremost womenswear, menswear, jewelry and accessory designers.” The mission of the Council of Fashion Designers of America is: 1. To further the position of fashion design as a recognized branch of American art and culture. 2. To advance artistic and professional standards within the fashion industry; to establish and maintain a code of ethics and practices of mutual benefit in professional, public, and trade relations. 3. To promote and improve

public understanding and appreciation of the fashion arts through leadership in quality and taste. 4. To create partnerships which lead to collaborative design opportunities for our Members. 5. And finally to support the overall growth o f

will not be able to be present at all the shows, don’t fret. and countless other websites are bringing the luxury of the runway right to your home for a measly thirty five dol… I’m kidding its totally free. It’s Free. So you can pop online at the scheduled times to watch your favorite designers d e s i g n s and models (ehm Cara Delevingne) grace the

runways. And maybe, if you’re lucky, you may get your favorite bloggers to host the show, like last year when The Man Repeller, Leandra Medine hosted Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013 show. Nail Trends: If you’re like me and you love the gooey colored liquid that goes on your nails, then you’re in luck. NYFW is the beacon of new and crazy nail polish trends for the upcoming season. Blogs like Refinery29. com and often research the exact polish used to get the innovative looks that are used for your viewing pleasure, so you can truly feel like a model when you’re strutting across your bedroom floor. Although I could go on for days about all the things to love this Fashion Week, I cant. So until then, I declare my Valentine to be: New York Fashion Week, because they truly know how to treat a lady.


New York City and the Tri-State area. They also hosted a luxury online auction where 100% o f the proceeds also went to the same relief charity. By December, the CFDA had raised $1.7 million for Hurricane Sandy Relief. A more recent initiative was the CFDA Health Initiative that urges designers and fashion show producers to not hire models under the age of 16 as well as be on the lookout for eating disorders. It asks for everyone to “stand together as an industry for diversity and

Big Picture By Maddie Howard Staff Writer ’16 As I look outside my window, I can see the winds are forever Changing. The sky dims to a soft gray and patches of yellowed grass reveal themselves within a sea of what was once Green. Nothing as it was. Nothing as it seems. Yet all remains the same. My heart continues to beat, lungs breathe in the chilling winter air. We are still Alive.

American fashion as a global industry. Now what do all these statements mean and how are they literally applied today in society? Well to speak about ALL the amazing things the CFDA has produced and sponsored, would take years. To name a few just in this year alone, in September, the CFDA hosted the fourth annual Fashion Night Out. FNO was created to stimulate the economy and aid one of New York’s largest industries.

Did you know... Isaac Newton invented the cat door?

When disaster struck the East Coast in late October of last year, also known as Hurricane Sandy, the CFDA was quick to help. On November 16th the Tory Burch Foundation joined forces with the CFDA and Vogue for FASHION FOR SANDY RELIEF. In an effort to raise relief money, Tory Burch and over fifty other designers marked all their merchandise 50% off so that 100% of the proceeds could then go to the Mayor’s Fund to Advance

health [because] this is a true measure of beauty” according the official statement regarding the initiative stated by Diane von Furstenberg and Steven Kolb. As one could see, the fashion industry is not so much about an elitist attitude, skinny models, shallowness, or vanity. More so, it is an industry used to help the world, one dress at a time. Photo courtesy of

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Don’t pass up GE’s Bundles of Books & Gifts By Madison Chandler ’14 Staff Writer

One of the perks of going to Glenbard West is the proximity to downtown Glen Ellyn. Many students take advantage of the conveniently located Subway during their lunch hour. But what most students don’t realize is if they walk a few feet beyond the Subway, they will find a place that can help them save money and give them free refreshments. Who would pass that up? I’m talking about Bundles of Books & Gifts. This is not your average bookstore. All of the books in the store are gently used so you can buy them at amazingly low prices. Find a soft cover book in the store that you just can’t leave without? It’s half of the published price! And the hardcover books are only $5 unless they are first editions or out of print. If you still can’t find a book in your budget, don’t worry. Clear out that small library of yours and bring in the books

for store credit! Just make the troops and convalescent sure they are still in good homes if you don’t want condition. You will receive them back. 1/4 of the published price for Some of you may be like soft cover and $1 for each me, and not have many books hard cover book. This book to give. There’s another way credit can be used to pay for half of soft cover books only, not the hardcover ones. If you bring in children’s books, you must use that credit towards purchasing children’s t h r o u g h Photo courtesy of young adult books in the store. You will to earn that great credit. not receive credit for fiction If you’re a junior in high hardcover books or romance school or older, you can look novels with copyright dates into becoming an intern for 10 years prior to the current the store! I have been one for year. over a year now and I love Bundles of Books & Gifts it. I help organize and shelve will also give your books to the books and for each hour

Middle of Nowhere: Part one, more to come Emma Wilgenbusch ’14 Columnist

Every year my family takes a “vacation” to an inconspicuous town somewhere in the US. But here’s the kicker: it’s a different town every year. I put “vacation” in quotations because it is more like a parent-imposed exile. Invariably, the town has terrible cell phone service, the slowest internet speeds known to man, and a complete lack of anything exciting occurring. So basically, we go to some remote settlement where there is nothing to do and no one to see. My parents say they want me to “experience the entirety of America.” I just go because they let me do whatever I want for the rest of the summer. That kind of freedom is well worth one week of banishment, in my opinion. Anyway, this year the destination of choice was some little drive-by town in the middle of nowhere. My parents decided it was necessary to drive six hours to get to this “dream destination” insisting that “the scenery was beautiful in this part of the country.” After the first hour of nothing but solid green trees lining the highway, I sort of lost interest in the “beautiful scenery” and asserted my rights as a rebellious teenager by sleeping the rest of the way there. When we finally got there, I needed to get away from my parents after six solid hours of being cooped up in a car with them, so I went to go

find lunch somewhere. The sun was shining as I walked along the sidewalk of the main street in the town. Most of the buildings were old and needed a new coat of paint, but generally the shops were well-kept. I finally found a little diner right next to a second hand bookstore. As I pushed open the door, a bell jingled and the two other people in the diner abruptly stopped their conversation. A sign by the door told me I should seat myself, so I sat at the table by the front window, hoping to see something exciting that could possibly happen in this obscure little town. I opened the menu, looking down the list of choices, and when I glanced up, I saw a group of teenagers run past the window and burst into the diner. One of the boys called out, “Hey Maggie, got anything to eat?” A middle-aged woman appeared from the back and said, “Sit down and give me a sec.” The boy looked around and said, “Over here guys” and promptly sat down at my table. There were three of them: two boys and a girl. The boy who led them over sat across from me, the girl sat next to me, and the other boy sat across from her. “So what’s your name?” the first boy asked. Before I could respond, the girl said, “Her name’s Sarah.” I was completely freaked out… How did this girl, a complete and total stranger, know my name?

Did you know... March 14 is ‘save a spider day’?

I work I receive a certain amount in store credit. The money really adds up and I haven’t had to reach into my wallet to pay for books since! The best part of this job is you get to choose your hours. It’s also a great way to discover books that you would never have thought a b o u t reading before. Another thing that makes this store so unique is they sell hand crafted gifts created by local artists. They currently have a wide variety of themed items that can be the perfect gift for a special someone. Just like the books, these gifts are very affordable. You can also purchase a gift certificate in

any amount. Bundles of Books & Gifts offers more than low-priced books and gifts. Next time you’re walking home from school, stop in and check out the Reading Room. It’s a relaxing environment where you can read, study, or meet with your friends to chat. The store also has free cider, tea, coffee, water, and cookies for you to enjoy while you’re there. Go to www. to find the hours and more information about the store. You can also email request@ if you would like to purchase a book that the store does not have. Bundles of Books & Gifts has so much to offer, especially for high school students. Come on in and browse for that classic you need for English and see what the store is all about!

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Entertainment Music to my ears: Throwback March By Frances Smith ’13 Columnist

I feel like every time I turn on the radio or open the iTunes store, I hear the exact same set of pop songs: Locked Out of Heaven, Die Young, and Some Nights, just to name a few. I didn’t have that big of a deal with these tracks at first, but after I heard them each six times in a row I did began to have a problem with them. I know the importance of trying new things, including music, but when my favorite radio stations play the same few mediocre tunes over and over, I feel less eager to listen to them. Sometimes I have a battle between two radio stations and I have to decide which one is playing a song I dislike less. Usually I get so frustrated that I shut off the music completely. T o combat my problem, this month I’ve been restoring my classic m u s i c roots by listening to my favorite u n d y i n g artists. A few of the classic artists I can’t live without are Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith, and Bruce Springsteen. I grew up listening to their records and find that the lyrics in their songs speak to me more than any modern music does. If you’re skeptical of folk or country music, give these musicians a chance anyway- they might not be what you expect. I struggle to determine my single favorite song from each of these artists, but I’ve listed a few that I never get tired of. If you relate to my

frustration with some of the mainstream new music that’s always on repeat, I suggest making your own throwback playlist that you won’t get tired of. There are countless amazing older bands and singers that I love, but this is a snapshot of what I’ve been playing this month: 1. “Mr. Tambourine Man” (Bob Dylan) 2. “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” (Bob Dylan) 3. “Blowin’ in the Wind” (Bob Dylan) 4. “Crystal” (Fleetwood Mac) 5. “Monday Morning” (Fleetwood Mac) 6. “Landslide” (Fleetwood Mac) 7. “One of these Days” (Emmylou Harris) 8. “Comin’ Down In The Rain” (Nanci Griffith) 9. “Don’t Forget About Me” (Nanci Griffith) 10. “Turn Around” (Nanci Griffith) 11. “For You” (Bruce Springsteen) 12. “Born to Run” (Bruce Springsteen)

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Flu prevention: Tips on combating the flu By Alex Levin ’14 Columnist

flu-like symptoms include fever, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, body aches, headache, chills, and fatigue. Some people also may have vomiting and diarrhea. Others may be infected with the flu, and

Yes, it’s that time of year…the flu season. If you find yourself flinching every time someone near you sneezes, stepping back when someone coughs, or obsessively dousing your hands with antibacterial sanitizer, then you are probably suffering from flu prevention paranoia. It is widely known that the flu is contagious; however Don’t spread the flu! Courtesy of most do not know that have respiratory symptoms it can be transferred to without a fever. someone else one day Despite how annoying it before symptoms occur may be to hear your mother and up to five days after tell you every day how getting sick. important it is to wash your The flu virus is spread hands and how you should mainly through respiratory never touch anyone who droplets of coughs and may be sick, following a sneezes. According to the few simple preventative Center for Disease Control measures can help you

avoid the flu this season. First and foremost, the single most important precaution is to get a yearly flu vaccine which will protect you against flu viruses. Remember that it is also important to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth because this is how germs spread. Others preventions include maintaining a healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and getting adequate sleep. If you do, however, experience a flu-like illness, the CDC strongly encourages you to stay home and for at least 24 hours after your fever is completely gone. The flu is no fun for anyone so being prepared with a plethora of precautions will help you to fight the flu!

Recipe: Red velvet for any holiday By Madison Chandler ’14 Columnist I LOVE to find recipes that correspond with the seasons or holiday of the month. Valentine’s Day is no exception. The traditional chocolate heart boxes are great, but wouldn’t you rather receive or give a homemade gift from the heart? You can’t go wrong with red velvet- it’s everyone’s favorite, but it doesn’t have to be just for Valentine’s Day. It may seem like an intimidating recipe to take on, but it’s easier than you think. When you take your first bite you’ll know it’s worth it. A friend of my aunt created her own version of the classic dessert and the recipe is treated like gold in my house. Red Velvet Chip Bundt Cake • 1 red velvet cake mix

Did you know... grasshoppers have white blood ?

• • • • • •

(no pudding, Duncan Hines) 2 small instant chocolate pudding mixes (3.9oz each) ¾ cup vegetable oil 1 cup water 4 eggs 1 tsp. vanilla 12 oz. chocolate chips (semi sweet) Powdered sugar

bag first. Then, cut about an inch or two off one of the corners. Now you can easily squeeze the mix into the tins without a mess!

For both the bundt and cupcakes, preheat your oven to 325 degrees. If you’re making the bundt, bake for 1 hour and let it • cool for half an hour. If you chose the cupcakes, bake Begin by placing the for 25 minutes. first 6 ingredients into a large bowl. Mix them After your dessert has using an electric mixture cooled, top it off with a to ensure the best results. sprinkle of powdered sugar. Then gradually stir in the You now have the perfect chocolate chips. Valentine’s treat to give to a special someone (or to save Next, coat a bundt pan in for yourself). cooking spray. If you don’t have a bundt pan, you can easily turn this recipe into cupcakes! Simply pour the mixture into a cupcake pan that’s sprayed as well. You will only have to alter the cooking time slightly. I found that the easiest way to get the mixture into the cupcake tins is to pour A delicious red velvet cake, courtesy of the mixture into a plastic


Time for helicopter parents to land

By Abbey Burgess ’15 Staff Writer

Look at that helicopter above the school bus! No… wait… sorry, it’s just another helicopter mom. So what exactly is helicopter parenting? According to Merriam Webster, a helicopter parent is a parent who is overly involved in the life of his or her child. This rapidly growing movement stands in opposition to the more relaxed style of parenting, freerange parenting. W h i l e instances of helicopter parenting can be amusingVermont dad Paul Wallich built a literal helicopter to follow his son to school- it is also rather alarming. The distance to the bus stop was a mere 400 yards, but Mr. Wallich did not feel comfortable with his son making the trek in the middle of winter, and built a drone helicopter with a smartphone on it that would send the footage back to the house. Another family takes pictures of their kids every morning before school, so that if they get kidnapped, the parents can give the police a photo with what they were wearing that day. When the children arrive home safely,

they throw out the photos, only to take new ones the next morning. We can laugh at the mother bear instincts of some when it comes to their children, but helicopter parenting applies to families with much older children in areas beyond their safety. Helicopter parenting can also be applied to families

that you must surpass the “competition” in order to have success fuels parental anxiety, and the urge to hover. And when these kids move to college, guess who’s not far behind? Parents often play a huge role in what should be independent decisions, like picking a course schedule. It has gotten so out of hand

will shatter at the slightest… anything. If you think that this marathon parenting style stops at college, just wait, there’s more! By the time these kids get out of college, they are so dependent on their parents that parents are now attending job interviews, applying to jobs, and writing

with high-school age children, where the parents control every aspect of the child’s life so they are not given any opportunities to fail. This stems from the newest technology making it increasingly easier to keep in touch with children, as well as peer pressure among parents to create perfect kids. Parents only want their children to be successful, and the popularized idea

that student and parent orientations are now separated at many colleges, leaving the parents to resort to hiding out in the bushes looking through the window with binoculars. And you think I’m kidding. Freshmen who come in after having a helicopter parent are often called “teacups” or “crispies” by the deans because they are either so burned out or so fragile when it comes to criticism that they

resumes for their children. This in turn leads to more dependent young adults, where, according to MSN Money, 59% of mothers are still paying their adult child’s cell phone bills. Helicopter parenting also has contributed to the childman phenomenon, where there are more young adult men living at home for a longer period of time, as well as reaching the milestones of

The Gle March

adulthood later. So next time a story like Mr. Wallich’s comes up and gives you a laugh, know there are serious consequences behind this style of parenting. To prevent this, instead of letting parents do everything for us, we can take a more active role in our lives. Parents can stick to the overuse of technology like cell phones, PowerSchool, and Facebook to constantly track their kids. A l s o , according to parenting expert Dr. Madeline Levine, parents need to let their kids do what they are capable or almost capable of doing, which creates the happiest and most successful children. So the next time you argue with your parents about why they shouldn’t be so overprotective, you may, actually, have a point. You might want to gently pass on this advice from Chip Timmons, associate director of admissions at Wabash College: “If you wish to hover over your child while he or she is in the water, that’s fine. Let them learn how to sink or swim. Allow them to float or drift. You only need to lower the lifeline if your son or daughter is drowning.” Illustration by Lizzy Stewart of The New York Times.

Extra, extra! …curriculars: Be a master Baily Bystry ’14 Staff Writer

My sister’s boyfriend’s cousin knew this guy’s brother, who knew the friend of some girl’s exstep-aunt whose third cousin twice removed had a 4.0 un-weighted GPA, got a 37 on the ACT, received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with underprivileged children in Uzbekistan, and didn’t get into his top choice college. I’ve decided to pitch this as the next season of American Horror Story, because there is nothing more terrifying to

me than (gulp) settling. My fellow American high school students of Glenbard West, GET INVOLVED! When I heard that story I realized that academic achievement can only get you so far when applying to college. When it’s between me and some other person from the Midwest with the exact same grades, classes, and test scores, colleges will chose the girl who they feel has the most potential to make the biggest impact on their school, community, and ultimately the world. Selective colleges want the best and the brightest,

so if you show any potential for being the next Supreme Court justice, Silicon Valley sensation, or a future thriving business owner— congratulations, you’ve been accepted to Whatever University! The best way I can show that I’m the better choice is by getting involved in my school and community— ASAP. We’re talking about extracurriculars here! Once I figured this out, I immediately joined every single club and sport this hill has to offer, because all I ever heard was GET INVOLVED!

Sure, I never actually went to any meetings or showed any interest past turning in my Activity Codes, but that’s okay, because colleges will see that I’m super involved and will be so impressed by my twentypage-long résumé. Who can say no to all those Activity Codes?? So when I spoke with some of the real decision makers, I was horrified to learn that I might actually be doing myself a disservice. Christopher Watson, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions at Northwestern University, told me that a

student who was a loyal, involved member of a club throughout his or her high school career shows way more potential to him than a student who was a member of Ultimate Frisbee sophomore year, Political Science Club and Chinese Club junior year, and joined Prism, FCCLA, Target Success, Math Team, and Science Olympiad senior year. According to US Today: College, “College admissions boards want to see passion, dedication and involvement over the long haul. It’s much more

en Bard h 2013


Pride, tradition, excellence: ‘West Way’ of athletics By Caleigh Ryan ’13 Staff Writer

According to West Suburban Conference folklore, after the teams were realigned into two divisions in 1986, the names of each division were decided based on the hair c o l o r of the athletic directors. Glenbard West has continued its tradition of athletic excellence in the Silver Division from then on. “Glenbard West athletic teams have been around since the 1920’s,” said Mr. Kain, athletic director. “Sports teams today embrace the generations of tradition that have been established by former athletes.” In 1988, Glenbard West boasted of 19 varsity sports and some intramurals. One of the most popular intramural sports was floor hockey. These teams would compete for seven months of the year before school in Biester gym. There are fourteen girls’ and thirteen boys’ athletic programs offered at Glenbard West today. Traditions in sports have evolved from the coaches and athletes who have shaped Glenbard West athletics. “I am intrigued by the way former members of Glenbard West are so involved as fans of the current teams,” says Mr. Mastandrea, assistant athletic director and head girls’ volleyball coach. Mastandrea refers to former coaches like Bill Duchon, former head football coach and athletic director, who

now gives out a scholarship each year in his name to a graduating senior and Bernie Botheroyd, former wrestling coach for thirty-three years,

Senior Max Bruere realizes the importance of community support in the weekly football games. “There’s nothing like knowing that there are so many

who attends many wrestling matches and never misses the Chris Chappell invite. Mr. Skowronski, former athletic director and girls’ freshman basketball coach, has seen Glenbard West in its evolution of athletics. About ten years ago, when many physical education teachers were retiring, the athletic department made a conservative effort with the school to hire coaches who were not only knowledgeable in sports, but who also cared about the student athletes. Skowronski hired Mr. Hetlet, head football coach, Mr. Fuentes, head girls’ gymnastics coach, and Mr. Hofland, head girls’ basketball coach, in addition to many others. All of these coaches have had great success over the past five years. “Success came when the bond developed between the coaching staff and players,” says Skowronski. “Players and coaches can now work together cooperatively.” He also credits community support as a major contributor to recent athletic success.

people that we don’t even know who support us and will watch the product of our hard work,” says this two-year varsity football player. This year’s senior class of football players has gone 36-0 since freshmen year in regular season games. Glenbard West has won conference every year since 2008 and was state runner-up in 2009. Traditions that exist in football include walking down the hill before home games, ringing the bell after winning at Duchon, and playing on a Saturday afternoon. These have been around for as long as anyone can remember. The West Suburban Conference, established in 1924, is the fourth oldest Illinois League that is in existence today. The conference divided into the silver and gold divisions in 1986 when a realignment of teams occurred. “Gold” was also considered a hair color. Boys’ basketball has been around since 1924 and Coach Hoder recognizes the importance of carrying on old traditions. “Tradition is built out of necessity,” this eleven-

Undergraduate Admissions at DePaul University, told me, “I’m more incline to accept a so-called master of their craft, rather than a jack of all trades… and I can spot one from a mile away.” Also, I heard during my college visit trip to D.C. that students should list their activities on their application in order of importance to them and should try to limit themselves to around a dozen accomplishments. These admissions boards read thousands of applications per week! Don’t list that you did This Run’s For Jack in sixth grade, worked at

Portillo’s for a like week two summers ago, and– Oh yeah!– you’ve been tutoring children 4 hours a week after school for the past five years. Don’t save the best for last! They might accidentally skim right over it. So, GET INVOLVED, Glenbard! The more things that you show dedication and passion to, from your school work to the 100 meter dash to writing a college advice column in your school newspaper, the more likely you’re not going to have to (gulp) settle.

year coach said. Hoder continued his tradition of starting strong last year with the best start in school history. The boys’ basketball team won its first two tournaments, including a sweep on all four levels in the District 87 tournament. Traditions in most Glenbard West sports involve rituals before games or special events during the season. Boys’ basketball takes a different approach. “Whenever alumni come back, they always want to know if we are still running the hill.” The team works all season sprinting up the giant hill by the football field and gradually makes it to thirty sprints toward the end of the

year. This tradition is one that most players would like to get rid of. Emma Reifel, senior crosscountry runner, recognizes that traditions established in the past are important in shaping the success of the team today. “Every year during survivor week [the first official week of the season] we go to Coach Hass’s house for pasta and watch The Long Green Line, a documentary about the York boys’ cross-country team,” says Reifel. “We also have pasta parties before every meet.” Reifel says that the documentary is inspiring to the team. The cross-country team finished third overall at the state meet. Junior Madeline Perez finished first overall and set a new state record with a time of 16:02 for three miles. Traditions have shaped the athletics of Glenbard West since its establishment. Those who return to West see their influence on sports today. “It is important to us to win in honor of those who were a part of the Hitter tradition long before us,” says Bruere. “It’s an honor to carry on the tradition today.” “ Wa l k i n g into Biester gym every day motivates me to be a part of the past success,” says Mastandrea. “Integrity Directly above, Glenbard West’s Victory Bell. Photo courtesy of newspaper staff. Left above, and valor are Glenbard West’s Wrestling Team logo, a tradition expected in every of Glenbard West Athletics. moment.”

r of your craft, not a ‘Jack of all trades’ desirable to have two or three extracurriculars to which you are truly devoted, than to load up on superficial activities that you don’t care much about.” Not to mention that an overly busy schedule can result lower grades. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not telling future juniors and seniors it’s too late to join Chess Club. If you enjoy Chess (millions do), join! But join because you love Chess, not because you only have 27 extracurriculars on your Common App and want an even number. As Carlene Klaas, Dean of

Get involved today! Join a spring sport Baseball Boys Softball Girls Track Boys Track Girls Lacrosse Boys Lacrosse Girls Soccer Girls Tennis Boys Volleyball Boys

Some Clubs are still accepting more members check them out! Eco Club Interact JKB SFS Spirit Club Newspaper Key Club Additional Clubs are also accepting members check your castle keys for more information.

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Feature March 2013- Page 10

How to be a teenager in the working world By Sufiyan Mohammed ’14 Staff Reporter

Are you tired of asking your parents for money? Then a part-time job is the best option for you. A part-time job is a form of employment that carries fewer hours per week than a full-time job. As a high school student, it is impossible to be employed as a full time worker and be good at both your work and school. Thus, it is important to balance your workload so you do not overwhelm yourself. While you might do a part time job because of money, others do it for experience that affects your college application and possibly your future career. When asked , “What affect will a part time job have on a college application?” Mrs. Culloton, a guidance counselor, replied, “Colleges like to see that students are busy and engaged outside of school, and a part-time job can

show that. It also shows responsibility, including if the student is saving money for college.” “Where should students work?” is more or less the most common question that arises when talking about students doing a part-time job. Mrs. Culloton thinks that, “It is best to start near home by approaching businesses and asking to fill out applications. Students should also let others know they’re looking for a parttime work. You never know who might be hiring.” The best advice that anyone young or old could get when looking for a job is to attempt to work at a place you are passionate for. For example if you’re passionate about food, consider applying to fast food restaurant, or maybe if you want to be a rockstar, first work at a local guitar shop. The joy of getting your first paycheck is indescribable; experience this happiness for yourself!

Job Interview Check List

Before your interview, make certain you have: Recent haircut or hairstyle. Clean, manicured fingernails. Starched shirt or blouse. Pressed suit or professional outfit appropriate for the business in question. Questions to think about carefully beforehand: Do you have a clear understanding of what you are applying for? What distinguishes you from other candidates for the position? What five qualities make you a good candidate? What to bring to the interview: Extra copies of your résumé. Written performance appraisals. Folder or small briefcase. Appointment book. Notepad and pen. Memos or letters confirming past achievements. Things to do shortly before the interview: Conduct a mock interview with a trusted friend or colleague for practice. Also you can practice with yourself in a mirror, especially if you want to see if you will make awkward inflections. Prepare a list of names and telephone numbers of at least three individuals who have agreed to be your personal references. By Sufiyan Mohammed ’14

How to stay classy at the dance SFS, West celebrates Operation Teen Safe Driving By Jack Crowe ’12 Staff Reporter Heart Hop may have passed, but there are still future dances around the corner. Once you’ve made your reservations, secured your transportation, and spent all of your parents’ money on several dresses to play Barbie with (or in my case borrow your friend’s old suit), then you are ready to go. There’s a lot to go into creating that ideal dance experience and it’s all for nothing if you don’t have a certain etiquette to it all. Without it, you are going to stick out like a sore thumb. Follow these few guidelines to avoid amateur hour and have a great night during any school dance. Dancing: Dance around others who are equally or more terrible at dancing as yourself. If you breakout then you are like a solo Zebra in the African safari and everyone else is a Lion. If you don’t join the mosh pit during “Every Time We Touch” or

“Sandstorm,” you’re just not having fun. Grinding does not count as any form of real dancing and is just middle school all over again, grow up. Your Date: Boys, act like a gentleman. Hold the door and offer a compliment. It’s all about class and a really good style. Ladies, don’t freak out about every little mistake. The night is not “ruined” if one girl has the same dress or if the food isn’t that great or not everything goes exactly to plan. That’s life, and you should just try to enjoy the night. Pictures: Whether at the picture party or at the dance itself, limit the amount of photographs you take. You don’t need 10,834,023,785,845 pictures with one person. Take one, move on, and get to the fun of the night. School dances can be a fun and exciting night and should be enjoyed by all. Follow these guidelines and your experience should be just as enjoyable as the rest of us.

Information provided by Ms. Ross, SFS Sponsor

Glenbard West concludes its Operation Teen Safe Driving campaign with the placement of a damaged car, involved in a traffic collision, and impactful safe driving posters on the school’s Circle Drive last week. Members of the Students for Students club are shown thanking their sponsors Ford, Allstate and IDOT for their generous support and donation. This years theme was, “Don’t Let Poor Decisions Steer Your Life.” This statewide safety initiative is designed for teens to educate their peers about driving responsibly to decrease the number of fatalities and injuries involving teen drivers. The school received a $2,000 grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation’s Division of Traffic Safety, the Allstate Foundation and the Ford Motor Company Fund. The selection process for the Operation Teen Safe Driving program required students to identify issues relating to traffic safety in their community (i.e., underage drinking, driving unbuckled, impaired and/or distracted). Students provided information explaining how they would combat the traffic safety problem and implement a teen awareness program in their school

and community. The students will now present a report to receive additional prize money to benefit the schools’s safe-celebration post-prom event. The top five schools from each region across Illinois will be invited to send students to a “Driving Skills for Life, Ride and Drive” event sponsored by the Ford Motor Company Fund in the spring.

Did you know... Albert Einstein never knew how to drive a car?

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Entertainment March 2013 - Page 11

‘As Soon As It Rains,’ ‘Low Orbit’ excite crowds

By Nicole Rogus ’16 Staff Writer

While the students involved in the Black Box Theater Festival prepared for As Soon As It Rains and Low Orbit, I got a backstage pass behind the scenes to look at what it really takes for a talented group of students to turn two scripts into two amazing shows. As the publicity and program assistant, it was hard to miss the amount work and hours that each person put into As Soon As It Rains and Low Orbit. From a dedicated stage

manager, cast members and directors to an astonishing tech crew, it was obvious that each person was devoted to the outcome of the two performances.

With friendly cast members in both As Soon As It Rains and Low Orbit, time flew by between the first week of rehearsals and last week of rehearsals. Starting off as strangers or just friends each person involved in the Black Box Theater Festival quickly felt welcomed and at home. From the excitement on opening night to the emotions on the final day of performances, all those incorporated in the Black Box Theater Festival will recall on these memories with not disappointment, but with

joy. As the Black Box Theater Festival’s publicity and program assistant of 2013 I learned one very important thing. I learned that without the talents of the tech crew, the theater would be lacking both excitement and imagination. All those who want to be involved in theater, but don’t want to be on stage, should try crew. Become part of the excitement and show off your talents. On behalf of all the students involved in the Black Box Theater Festival, we hope

that those who witnessed As Soon As It Rains and Low Orbit enjoyed the shows! Photos by Mr. Medic.

McCain, others question Zero Dark Thirty’s authenticity By Caroline Makauskas’16 Staff Writer “Well, I have to say that it’s a movie. And what we tried to do is capture the essence of this 10 year long manhunt.” That is what Oscar-award winning director Kathryn Bigelow had to say about the controversial torture scenes depicted in her latest release Zero Dark Thirty when talking to David Letterman in early January. Like her last film, The Hurt Locker, Bigelow takes real world events and creates a story more appealing than reading news snippets in Zero Dark Thirty. The film follows the search and capture of Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, and has attracted much attention. Zero Dark Thirty has been placed in the ‘Best Movies of 2012’ lists of Rolling Stone, CNN, Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times and

Manohla Dargis of The New York Times. It has been nominated for five Oscar awards this year, including Best Picture. Zero Dark Thirty was not, however nominated for Best Director, which surprised many people. Bigelow suspects that her “snub,” as many are calling it, may be due to the controversy surrounding some of the big topics in the movie. Released for a limited time beginning December 19th, 2012, it immediately was criticized by several politicians including Senator John McCain. McCain said that Zero Dark Thirty is, “Grossly inaccurate and misleading in its suggestion that torture resulted in information that led to the capture [and death of bin Laden]” In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Bigelow countered this remark by saying, “Its accurate

in a way that a movie can be accurate. It’s ten years compressed into two and a half hours. And there are many, many tactics utilized [...] It’s many, many, many different facets that contributed to finding

[bin Laden’s] compound.” Ultimately, Kathryn Bigelow stands by her film, saying, “[Zero Dark Thirty] was also a part of the history and we wanted to tell the story respectfully and honestly.”

From rescuing to sniffing out bombs, no question over dogs’ superiority By Caleigh Ryan ’13 Staff Writer - Editorial A dog may be a man’s best friend, but a cat is only its own best friend. Dogs have been the loyal companions of humans for over 14,000 years, whereas cats have only been domesticated for 7,000 years. Cats were domesticated to chase around rats, thus becoming selfsufficient. These haughty animals are concerned with their own well being, while dogs have been bred to care for and attend to their masters. Dogs are superior to cats as house pets because of the roles they serve, loyal behavior, and innate caring nature. Descended from gray wolves, dogs have performed many roles in history, including hunting, herding, and modern-day supporting. Cats have descended from their cult ancestors in ancient Egypt and have performed minimal services to the human population. Dogs can be trained to do almost anything. Whether they are needed to herd sheep or aid the disabled, dogs always rise to the occasion. The Worldwide Canine Inc., for example, trains dogs to detect ex-

plosives using a system that rewards positive behavior. These bomb dogs are trained in obedience, focus under distraction, and explosive detection. This corporation also trains dogs to detect narcotics and to aid in police patrol. Furthermore, search and rescue dogs are an integral part of rescuing many trapped humans or lost children. T h e Search and Rescue Dogs of the United States is a nonprofit association supporting search and rescue dog teams. According to this group, a dog’s nose can find a lost child, follow a patient with Alzheimer’s missing from a nursing home, and locate a skier buried in an avalanche. Cats, on the other hand, do not do much. Monique Udell, animal behaviorist, has conducted many studies with dogs and cats to discover unique

characteristics about each. Her research shows that dogs were domesticated to interact with people, whereas cats were domesticated to chase rats. Cats have become independent because of their hunting and living patterns. They often do not need hu-

man support, thus they do not bother to support humans. Moti, the 2007 Dog of the Year, would do anything to help his owners. When an armed robber entered his family’s household, Moti leapt to his feet and started barking to attract the gunman. The intruder shot him and then ran away without harming any members of the family. Find me a cat that does that. Cat owners would disagree. According to the 2009/2010 American

Pet Products Association National Pet Owners Survey, cat owners reported companionship, love, and company as the major benefits of owning a cat. Additional support for the cat cause comes from a study from the University of Minnesota that found that those without cats were between 30-40% m o r e likely to die of cardiovascular disease than cat owners. Cats have been proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve health. Dog lovers, fear not. Studies with dogs have shown that they are just as likely to reduce stress and increase happiness. Research from the University of California suggests that owning a dog improves the health of children in a household. A study published in The American Journal of Cardiology found

that dog owners were more likely to recover faster from an illness. They also have a higher survival rate after a heart attack than those who did not own a dog. Studies from The American Journal of Public Health have shown that dog owners spend more time in activity than cat owners. This increased activity leads to a better, healthier, lifestyle. Need I say more? After coming home from a long, tiring day, dogs will bound energetically to their masters, willing to give love and companionship. Cats, on the other hand, wait for you to give them love, as if they have had the hardest day in the world, a day full of lying around and eating. As any broken-hearted girl can agree, a dog is the best source of happiness after a bad breakup. Sitting, waiting, begging, for you to throw your arms around their fluffy fur and bury your head into their waiting arms. My dog has always done this for me. I have yet to have the same experience with my cat. Photo courtesy of

Did you know... M&M’s chocolate stands for the initials for its inventors, Mars and Murrie?

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March 2013 - Page 12

Our age: What independence means today By Erik Barillari ’14 Columnist

Staring at a map can be pretty enlightening and also a bit confusing or overwhelming. There are around 196 countries in the world depending on who you ask, all with their own borders and text on a map or globe. Many wonder if there will ever be just a handful of countries or just one massive world-unifying nation… no, probably not. I wrote an article on globalism a few months ago that examined the real effects of its unstoppable force and how the individual nation is just now starting to become pointless in a geopolitical sense. This does not mean, however, that nations will just merge when the governments see little benefit in remaining sovereign. There are already a lot of union leagues in the world: The EU, the Arab League, NATO, the UN, the African Union, etc., but these are just convening bodies of individual nations that agree, to certain extents, to act as one. They’re still independent and frequently go against or modify the wishes of their respective league to better suit their needs. In fact, as the power and influence of these union leagues grow, so does the amount of new nations. New nations, such as South

Sudan, have been coming into that many Québec residents feel unification, harshly criticizing New Nations since 1991 steady being, 34 since 1990 are threatened. In fact, Québec globalism and peace, such as LOOK AT THEM ALL! alone, with Québec looking --------------------------------------- would still use the Canadian North Korea and Iran. Armenia - 1991 seriously at Canadian secession dollar and rely completely on the These nations will probably Azerbaijan - 1991 in the next year. Canadian military, just as a new not be able to survive in the new Belarus - 1991 Why? country in Europe Estonia - 1991 Well… why not? would probably use Georgia - 1991 To many new nations, the Euro, join NATO, Kazakhstan - 1991 becoming independent from obey the laws of the Kyrgyzstan - 1991 another nation is not as radical as UN, etc. Latvia - 1991 it used to be. Before this Lithuania - 1991 Socioeconomic and cultural modern global age, Moldova - 1991 Russia - 1991 environments stay, for the most new nations would Tajikistan - 1991 part, untouched, with the real have to create their Turkmenistan - 1991 changes coming in governance image and civics Ukraine - 1991 and diplomacy. With the new from almost nothing, Uzbekistan - 1991 power of union leagues, these whereas today it’s Croatia - 1991 qualities are quickly losing their much easier and Macedonia -1991/4 (rec) ability to change as well. with Serbia and Montenegro - 1992 streamlined Don’t get me wrong, newlyunion leagues, global Slovenia - 1991 created nations can make Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1992 culture and friendlier The proposed nation of Québec. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons. Nambia - 1990 sweeping changes to their relations. United Yemen -1990 population and environment, Back to Québec, its digital, connected Earth. United Germany -1990 but independence has become independence movement is Sanctions, changes of heart Marshall Islands - 1991 more about the celebration not some life-or-death struggle and even revolutions will force Micronesia - 1991 and preservation of minorities, for freedom; it’s an attempt to them back onto the global stage Czech Republic -1993 culture and post-Cold War spoils preserve and celebrate a minority and into more cooperative, Slovakia -1993 than completely reworking trade demographic. unionist movements. Eritrea - 1993 or personal liberties. South Sudan is the same As the march of globalism Palau -1994 New nations will obviously be way; its independence is based continues, the world will East Timor - 2002 Montenegro - 2006 different than their hosts, but to on consolidating secular law, become more unified: politically, Serbia - 2006 lesser and lesser degrees. This is culture and economics and economically and socially. Kosovo - 2008 not to say that independence is does not cause some tidal shift, Yet sovereign nations will live South Sudan - 2011 not as important today as it used nor change the power balance on, even proliferate, likely in to be, but simply that it has come significantly of the region due to peaceful images of their former to have different implications. Québec would likely follow the growing power of the African differences, investing real power For example, if Québec were its past paths of province-hood Union. in regional union leagues. to secede from Canada, would and maintain healthy diplomatic Of course, then there’s the No matter how many countries North America suddenly be relations with the world. Their other extreme: reactionary there are, they will likely become shaken up by massive political independence would be a nations becoming fiercely progressively similar and unified and economic reverberations? celebration of their French independent and isolationist as time goes on. No, I seriously doubt it. language and cultural customs in the face of rising political

Larger universe, 4 billion light years in length, may be scientifically plausible By Claire Deasy ’15 Staff Writer

this astronomical clump The structure is a large In order to put that into of active galactic cores did perspective in regards to quasar group which is astronomers realize that size, the Milky Way galaxy, essentially a collection of Albert Einstein, a structure spanning four home to Earth’s solar exceptionally luminous theoretical physicist and billion light-years was even system, is approximately galactic nuclei, which is a man who boasted one of plausible. powered by the mystical 100,000 light-years wide. the most paramount minds in his field, once expressed, “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe.” Although what Einstein states about the human race may actually be factual, his statement regarding the universe similarly holds validity. Experts have recently discovered that the universe is larger than what has ever been imagined or what has been previously calculated in theories. Prior to this find, scientists held the belief that structures within the universe larger than 1.2 billion light-years should not exist. The collision of the Antennae galaxies is over 50 light years in distance, or nearly 500 trillion kilometers. Photos courNot until they unearthed tesy of Wikimedia Commons. Photo illustration by Erik Barillari ’14.

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marvels, super-massive black holes. When contemplating the magnitude of this structure, it may be difficult to fathom its existence. Nevertheless, whether you are fascinated by astronomy, the overall sphere of science, or even the

prospect of other life forms within our universe, this new structure in space proposes that there is still so much we do not know about the existence of new cosmological phenomena. While everyone is forced to agree with Einstein and his uncertainty of an infinite universe, the possibility of a considerably extensive space is mesmerizing.

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What’s Kraken? Documented live-sighting of giant squid By Scottie Moore ’13 Staff Writer The Kraken: A monster of myth and legend from Norse mythology depicted as an octopus or squid of immense proportions that would attack and destroy ships; it haunted Norwegian sailors until the point that they would refuse to go on voyages. But that’s all legend right? Even though dead squids that are monster-sized have been washing up on beaches all over the world, maybe they were right. The giant squid is one of the world’s most mysterious creatures. They have never been seen in their natural habitat or even alive for that matter, the only specimens have been found washed up on the beach. The dead specimens were massive though, the largest being over 30 feet in legend, and it was still considered young. One amazing thing is that they have the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, the biggest being the size of a beach ball. Scientists estimate that they can grow up to almost 60 feet. How do they speculate that? They have found sucker marks, battle scars, and even giant squid beaks inside the stomachs of sperm whales, which grow up to 50 feet long. They are the deepest

diving whales in the ocean and squid is their favorite food. And you need to be a pretty big and nasty creature to take on a whale. Just imagine the battles that take place between the two in darkness. But alas, no live giant squid has been seen, until recently. In 2004 a group of researchers in Japan took the first photos of a live giant squid. In late 2006, a group of scientists with Japan’s National Science Museum actually caught and surfaced a live 24 foot female giant squid, took pictures, and video, but the creature escaped. Little was found since then, but there have been many expeditions to find them. Finally after years of searching almost 3,000 feet down, using ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicle) equipped with red coated beams and blinking lights to act as lures, on January The giant squid has only been discovered washed ashore, dead, except for now; January 16, 2013, scientists came across the first living giant squid 16, 2013, scientists came in its natural habitat. It has the largest eyeballs in the animal kingdom, the size of beach balls. Drawing by Claire Deasy ’15. across a living giant squid in its’ life monster of myth will never be for the expedition, Dr. Edith So the next time you’re eating natural habitat. quenched. It’s speculated that there Widder, said on CBS, “We know calamari just think, there’s An amazing feat for scientists are millions of giant squid living in more about the moons behind than something at the bottom of the around the world looking, but the depths, so why is it that it’s so the oceans’ bottom” meaning that ocean that could eat you just as they continue to search, for their hard to find anything in the ocean? we only know about 5% of our easily. thirst for knowledge of this real Like the Chief Marine Biologist own ocean, the rest is a mystery.

Android-powered gaming system anticipates March 13 release date By Joshua Leone ’15 Staff Writer

development and were nearly complete, and used Kickstater to promote the systems but also to have extra money for creating the device. In 2012,, a crowd-funded While the systems have about 700,000 website, exploded into popularity. They had games they could add to their console from the many projects turn up, ones about video games, Android market and are in dealings with major books, movies, publishers and and more. developers, some What didn’t have argued if become too the games for the popular was consoles will not the idea of be good or will be funding devices limited. Some fear like consoles. this possibility This changed because of the when the video 800,000 Android game console market games, Ouya, and most would not then later the Photo courtesy of work well with Gamestick, the consoles, which far exceeded their funding goals. with the Gamestick creators saying The Ouya and the Gamestick are both that have “Identified 200 games that based on the latest Android O/S Jellybean will be great to play on Gamestick.”. and lay claims of wanting to revolutionize Skeptics also wonder if the Android the game world. The Ouya plans on having developers will embrace the consoles, due every game free to play on their console, to the fact that both consoles are played by and allow the modding/hacking of consoles. controller and most, if not all, are developed The Gamestick’s big hooks include for the Android touch phones. This would mean it’s ridiculously small size, which is they would still focus on making games for the about the size of a flash drive, and also Android phones, where most of the profit is.. claims to be a completely open system. Despite these worries, the Ouya and Both consoles will be very cheap as Gamestick remain mostly in positive light well, with the Ouya priced at $99 and and is lauded by the indie and AAA game the Gamestick slightly cheaper at $79. developers as a great thing. Ultimately the The Gamestick, sticking with the costonly way for the consoles to succeed and effective style they’ve chosen, also says that the survive is if the developers back it, and the games will cost about the same as any game in people decide to buy new hardware this late the App Store. The consoles both have reached in console generations. The backers still their funding goal, with Gamestick making appear more ready then ever for their releases, about $500,000, and the Ouya overshadowing which is on March 13 for Gamestick and it by making about $5,000 from an $8.5 million. the Ouya is also slated for a March release. Both consoles were already in late stages of

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ZONED IN: Is terrorism still a threat for U.S.? By: John Bleed ’13 Assistant Editor-in-Chief

I’ve never quite seen anything like the reaction to when Osama bin Laden was pronounced dead in May, 2011. We all remember it well, and it was the talk of the hallways and classrooms for weeks. Up until then, I had convinced myself that we were never going to find him, and he would simply disappear from history. But, the Navy SEALS, doing what they do best, proved me wrong. Probably all of us felt confident that large-scale terrorism was now vanquished and done for. After all, the leader of the most dangerous terrorist network in the world - al Qaeda – was gone. What could possibly be in the way of global safety? The Obama campaign assured the public that the

leadership of al Qaeda was decimated, and it looks as if for now it has been. So what’s the problem? Global terrorism has taken a new shape over the last few years. Groups like al Qaeda – large, prominent, noteworthy, have taken a back stage to small wannabe groups that seem to pop up every single day. In short, it’s now getting harder and harder to define terrorism because these al Qaeda-connected splinter groups are more numerous, and difficult to track. So therein lays the question. How big is the threat? Smaller, yet disastrous and terrible attacks have found their way onto the scene. Last fall, on September 11, 2012 a small group of al Qaeda linked terrorists attacked the US Embassy in Benghazi, Libya – killing three Americans – including

the US Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens. It caused a massive uproar in the US. Who are these people? Where did they come from? How much information did we know? Just this January, another al Qaeda connected group from Mali (that’s northern Africa for the geographically challenged) attacked an Algerian oil port and held many workers hostage (including some Americans) and killed others. Militants have taken control of much of northern Mali, and in Somalia (western Africa) – an al Qaeda supporting terrorist group controls a majority of the country’s territory. So what does this brash instability mean for the US? It may mean a new focus on Northern Africa. How can we stop something

No vacation this year? Have a blast at home! By William Rosenstein ’15 Staff Writer As you all know, spring break is right around the corner. Many of you are probably d r e a m i n g about going to Florida, Hawaii, California, and a variety of similar tropical places. In reality, a lot of us may not be able to go somewhere due to many different reasons. Either way, you can still have fun over spring break. A “Staycation” will be the solution to all of your problems. So you may be thinking, “What is a staycation?”. A staycation is the alternative to going on vacation, rather staying at home, relaxing, and enjoying what the local area has to offer. This may sound extremely boring and worthless, but staycations can be a great time! The Chicagoland area is known for the great dining and shopping it has to offer. There are many awesome places to visit and explore

like the Shedd Aquarium, the Art Institute, the Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower), and much, much more. If you don’t want to leave your house due to the cold weather, you can incorporate tropical themes into your everyday life. Wear apparel as if you were on a beach, such as sunglasses, lei’s, and bathing suits. Use beach chairs, play tropical, beachy music and you can even put an image of a beach and ocean up on your tv screen! Make drinks like pina coladas as well as eating and trying different tropical foods. If you want to go to the extreme, you can fool people into thinking you went on vacation by going to a tanning salon. It’s things like these that can keep you from being depressed about not being on vacation. It will be sure to give you an awesome spring break, you won’t even be able to tell whether you’re on a secluded tropical island or in your own living room!

that seems unpredictable? And how hard should we respond to such events? According to The Reno Gazette-Journal, J Peter Phaum, director of the Africa Center at the Atlantic Council, said, “The key is to keep improving our analysis and intelligence capability. Things are shifting, and we need to be agile, able to shift personnel, expertise and resources to where the hot spots are.” My point for you is this: You probably thought that terrorism

was just a bygone thing from when you were a kid and that the US has complete control over everything. Maybe not. Things aren’t always like they seem on the outside and it’s like that with a lot of things in current events. Take another look at things. Read The Washington Post online headlines once in a while. It goes a long way to be informed. You feel (and look) a lot smarter, and it just might even be interesting. Imagine that.

Good solid news source. Provides relatively balanced and bias-free updates to what’s going on.


Everything from politics to pop culture to random cool stories. Also a great magazine. Online newspaper that covers all the noteworthy stories of the day – politics and beyond.

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The Morton Arboretum. - Will Geiselhart ‘13

Lake Ellyn in the middle of the day. It’s such a glorious sight how the trees blow in the wind and reflect on the water. Sitting there is very tranquil. – Joe Williamson-Link ’13

Outside. So you’re not cooped up in your house 24/7 - Krishna Patel ’13


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Anywhere with friends, because you don’t get to see them on normal vacations! - Genevieve Kristofek’15


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Editorial March 2013 - Page 15

The ‘skinny’: Sending the wrong message to today’s youth By Samantha Moriarty ’13 Co-Editor-in-Chief In 2011, uproar emerged after the book Maggie Goes on a Diet, was published. This children’s book is about a 14 year old girl who is picked on by her classmates for being overweight. After much torment the young girl decides to change her habits and begins to eat healthier and exercise regularly. She soon befriends the kids who used to make fun of her, becomes the star athlete, and very popular. Though this book is meant to encourage healthy lifestyles, its target audience is children from ages 4-8, which is a large part of the reason why this book is considered extremely controversial. Many people believe that kids of such an age should not be focusing on dieting but rather on just being a kid. But others disagree with this notion, explaining that this book is not trying to tell kids that you need to

be thin to be attractive, but should try to be healthy, its “this book is not age rather, being healthy will target audience of children appropriate; children should make you happier. from ages 4 to 8, may not be learning that eating is for George Stephanopoulos understand that message. A nourishment and growth from Good Morning huge concern is that young and not for social reasons.” America comments Rather than Maggie on the book when trying to lose weight he says, “Maggie to fit in with her Goes on a Diet is classmates, the book not really about a should have centralized diet. It’s just about this change on the fact a girl eating healthy. that she was doing this She has oatmeal for her health. Though for breakfast and most parents want a turkey sandwich their kids to be healthy, for lunch. It’s have strong morals, about changing her get a good education, habits.” and, overall, be a good This point is person, that should be valid; never once the main focus in their does Maggie starve child’s developmental herself or work out stage. constantly, she eats Lynn Dugan adds, normal portion sizes “Unless there is a and exercises like a medical need for some Maggie Goes On A Diet, by Paul M. Kramer, has created a lot typical active kid. dietary intervention for of discussion on what should or should not be in a “kid’s” book. Photo credit: But the question a young person I don’t still holds whether or not children might take from believe a kid should have to parents should feed their this book that you need to be on a diet. If [a parent’s] kids this kind of information be a certain size to have child is overweight, they through their books. Though friends, look good, and be are encouraged to go [meet many adults realize that cool. a healthy] weight and the message the author is Lynn Dugan a local maintain it, but never to lose trying to convey is that kids Nutritionist believes that, weight.

“There are some medical needs like diabetes or Celiac disease that require special diets for young people; but in general, healthy eating is encouraged for everyone. It’s not a diet it’s just a way of living, and the right way to do that is to model your meals based on the My Plate guidelines by the USDA. This is a healthy way to portion, where half your plate is fruits and vegetables and the other half is divided between lean protein and whole grains and along with this, having dairy at every meal. That is the way to eat for everybody, it’s not a diet, it’s just an eating plan.” If you want your children to live a healthy life, provide them with the tools needed. Instead of giving them a book that hints at a hidden message, show them how to eat by feeding them balanced meals. For more information on healthy eating you can visit http://www.choosemyplate. gov/.

Ban lifted, allows women to serve in US combat roles Staff Editorial In a public announcement on Thursday, January 24th, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta informed the public that the ban on women to enter combat roles in the military would be lifted. Women have been members of our nation’s military since World War I, taking on secretary and nursing jobs when the paradigm of the era confined them to “gender appropriate” roles. But despite this, females have transcended societal and political boundaries and now, in the 21st century, have achieved high officer statuses and are afforded a significant amount of responsibility for the management of the military. But even the nation’s long history of loyal military women and the prospect for equality has not weakened the opposition by many to

the new policy. Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin, a former member of Delta Force and former commander of the elite Green Berets, expressed his opinion to CNN, his message filled with ominous sentiments about the future quality of the United States armed forces. B o y k i n s said, “We are now testing a hypothesis that may impair the military effectiveness of our ground forces,” in his editorial published two days after the national announcement. His argument against women in combat roles centers around the supposed burden on combat commanders to have to maintain their focus while dealing with “underlying sexual tensions” in addition to the

dangerous environment. Boykin’s his moist poignant opposition to the integration that has placed him at the center of media ridicule is his belief that women should not be placed in military role due

the special forces. Critics, including Boykin, fear that the standards for physical fitness will be lowered to better incorporate females, a fear that is highly misguided. In his statement, Panetta ensured the standards that make the United States military one of the finest in the world will not be lowered, understanding that women are indeed capable of meeting the physical requirements, even those for special forces where the bar is set extremely high for all potential members. If a woman or a man is capable of meeting the physical tests they are expected to meet, there is no excuse to ban them from opportunities that will allow them to continue to serve their

With the ban lifted, over 230,000 military jobs will open to women, mostly for infantry roles in the Army and Marines. to the lack of privacy and access to hygienic facilities. Needless to say, General Boykin’s arguments have not helped to prevent the ban from being lifted. Others disturbed by this necessary change believe that females cannot meet the physical expectations that are set for male service members, particularly in

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country. In reality, women have been fighting, and dying, alongside men for nearly a decade of war without the official title of a combat role, a minor fact that has prevented them from receiving elite jobs within the military or volunteering for offensive missions. With the ban lifted, over 230,000 military jobs will be opened to women mostly for infantry roles in the Army and Marines, providing opportunities for promotions. The ban, which was first place in 1994, was lifted by a unanimous consensus of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, with the Chairman, General Martin E. Dempsey sitting beside Panetta on the day of the announcement to show the support of the Joint Chiefs. They, like many members of the military and of Congress, believe it is the right move for the military.

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2013 Glenbard spring sports preview By Elliot Murphy’14 Sports Editor

Spring sports will be starting soon, if they haven’t already met for practices or tryouts. Let’s preview what promises to be a successful upcoming season for all teams. Boys and Girls Lacrosse will both look to build on last year’s strong seasons. Captain Kathleen Caffrey of Girl’s Lacrosse affirms, “The team is ready to represent West this spring.” Don’t be surprised to see both Girl’s and Boys Lacrosse to reign in victories this year as they keep building their strong programs. Girls Badminton, after resounding success in the past years at the state level, hopes to continue winning this season and again return

State. Girls and Boys Track will continue to showcase some of Glenbard’s top athletes in many fascinating track and field events. They will work toward continuing to win meets and hope to challenge for a team and individual conference titles. Boys Track Head Coach, John Schweighardt talks about the team saying, “The boys track team is working hard to build on the success that we had last season. Led by 25 seniors we expect to be a factor in the West Suburban Silver and at the state level.” The Boy’s Baseball team will

works to replicate recent success and hopefully bring home trophies in the West Suburban Silver Conference. They will also try to continue

However, the East looks like it belongs to the Blue Jays. The AL Central will be very interesting this year. The Tigers look like they will be run away with this division. They will get Victor Martinez back and signed outfielder Torii Hunter. The Royals and White Sox are interesting story lines in the Central. The White Sox were so close last year, but haven’t really

The Twins are simply not going to be good this year. Look for a possible trade of either Joe Mauer or Justin Morneau The AL West will welcome the Houston Astros this year. The West looks to be dominated by the Angels. They made a huge splash with the signing of Josh Hamilton. The A’s had a great season, but the question is, “Can they duplicate it?” The A’s could

done anything this offseason to improve their team. The Royals added James Shields and Wade Davis to their rotation. If their rotation can pitch well and their hitters can step up, the Royals have an outside shot at a Wild Card spot. The Indians hired former Red Sox manager Terry Francona and signed Nick Swisher. However, the Indians look like they could be a few years away from being a contender.

compete for a Wild Card. The Rangers lost Josh Hamilton, Michael Young, and Mike Napoli and haven’t really replaced them. The Rangers will be a decent team this year, but might not make the playoffs. The Mariners added Michael Morse for some power in their lineup; however, they are not ready to contend. The Astros changed divisions and uniforms. Despite all the change, the Astros will be lucky

the momentum from recent years and go far into the regional and sectional. Girl’s Softball, led by their strong

seniors, will also attempt to win many games in their second year on the new Memorial field turf. After ending the season sixth in the state, boy’s Volleyball will be very competitive. Junior Outside hitter, Zach Myers, is pumped for the regular season expressing, “the group looks really solid this year and ready to play for the home crowd.” Boy’s Tennis will try to win a conference title behind many skilled and experienced players. After a spectacular season last year, the Boy’s

Gymnastics team will try to keep the momentum going. The boys look to place even higher in state than last year. Girl’s Soccer is looking this year to be one of the top teams in conference this year. Junior Midfielder Alex Levin says, “Our team is very excited to play under the lights this year for the home crowd.” Girl’s soccer is ready for to bring home the wins this year. Whether or not you participate on teams or cheer our athletes on, take advantage of all that West’s spring sports programs have to offer in what looks to be an amazing and riveting 2013 spring sports season for the Hilltoppers.

to have less than a hundred losses this year. The NL East is a very top heavy division with the Atlanta Braves and Washington Nationals. The Nationals added Rafael Soriano and Dan Haren. They also managed to retain Adam LaRoche and will have Stephen Strasburg for the entire season. They are the odds on favorite to win the whole thing this year. The Braves have added B.J. Upton and Justin Upton to their outfield. They have put themselves in line for an almost sure Wild Card spot. The Phillies have added a few minor pieces, but probably won’t contend this year. As for the Mets and Marlins, they will be cellar dwellers this year. The NL Central is probably one of the most intriguing divisions. The Reds seem to be the favorite in the Central. They added Shin Soo-Choo to play centerfield and bat leadoff. With Todd Frazier and Joey Votto batting in the heart of their lineup, they will surely be contending this year. The Cardinals lost Lance Berkman, but managed to retain many of their players from last year. The Brewers have a solid lineup this year and could quite possibly compete in the Central.

With Aramis Ramirez and Ryan Braun, they could be a dark horse. The Pirates traded away their closer Joel Hanrahan to the Red Sox which could be a big loss. The Pirates seem to start the season of great the past two years, but always fall off the in the second half of the season. The Cubs, well, as they like to say, there’s always next year. The NL West looks to be controlled by the reigning champs the Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Giants are the reigning champs and have kept everyone from last year. The Dodgers pulled off the monster blockbuster last year with the Red Sox at the trade deadline. They will have their superstars for a full year and Carl Crawford will be healthy this year. The Dodgers look like one of the best teams in baseball on paper. The Rockies, Padres, and Diamondbacks stand no chance against these powerhouses in the West. So, who will be playing in November? The Dodgers, Nationals, Tigers, and Angels seem like the favorites to make it to the World Series. I like the Nationals and Tigers to play for the World Series with the Nationals winning it all. However, any of these teams could win it, or possibly somebody else. There’s no telling what the season holds.

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Washington Nationals, with Soriano, Haren, have good odds to win national title in 2013 By Alec Lukins ’14 Sports Editor The smell of fresh cut grass and hotdogs. The sun shining down on you. The feel of the ballpark. Baseball season is almost here and it’s time to look at who could be still playing in November. Starting with the AL East. The Orioles had a magical season last year; however, with the influx of new players to the division, the Orioles’ chances could be dwindling. The Blue Jays made a big splash this offseason by adding Jose Reyes, Josh Johnson, Mark Buerhle, Emilio Bonifacio, Josh Thole, and R.A. Dickey in megadeals. The Blue Jays look to be much improved and will probably win the East. The Yankees must deal with the losses of Russell Martin, Nick Swisher, and Rafael Soriano. The Yankees have many holes still to fill and health issues with multiple players. It’s very possible that the Yankees might not make the playoffs. The Red Sox have shaken up their roster signing a few decent players. They will be improved from last year, but probably won’t contend this year. The Rays traded James Shields and Wade Davis to the Royals for Wil Myers who is the number one prospect in all of baseball. The Rays could win a wild card spot.

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