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Lunch period being extended to fifty minutes next year By Jessie Braselton ’13 & Caleigh Ryan ’13 Staff Writers Next year, students will have a fifty-minute lunch period with the option of utilizing half the period as a resource time. Students will have the opportunity to receive extra help from teachers who have that time off. Teachers can single out students who are required to use this time to receive aid. Those who do not use the first twenty-five minutes for resource will have a full fiftyminute lunch period. The school day will be extended by about twenty minutes to accommodate the change. Teachers view this as beneficial for students, specifically those who take the bus and cannot control when they arrive or leave school. This resource will provide time for

students to receive help when they cannot come in early or stay late. Guidance counselor, Mrs. Culloton, said that many details are still unknown, but she said, “This will be beneficial for both students and staff.” She said she is excited about the change and views it as a positive opportunity. Many staff members interviewed were unsure of the specifics of this new procedure. An educational committee is still working out the details, but the change will be put in place for next school year. Mr. Wiersum, English teacher and member of the educational committee, said, “People will want it to work right at first, but it won’t. It’s going to be chaotic, but it will still be a great change.” Child Development teacher Ms. West views the change as

Holiday Traditions

beneficial to teachers as well as the students. “Anytime there is change, people get a little anxious,” she said, “but overall this will motivate students.” There will still be at least three lunch periods. Bells will not ring in the middle of classes anymore and the periods will be numbered one, two, three, and etc. There will be eight periods in total. Zach Myers, junior, views the change positively and sees it as an opportunity to receive more help. Interviewed in a study hall, he said that he would most likely not take a study hall next year and instead do homework during the extended lunch. Allie Dahlgren, sophomore, views this change as unnecessary, due to the fact that help is available during other times of the day. As an

athlete, she said, “If the change made the day longer, practices would be pushed back, so people would get home later.” Dahlgren said she thinks the schedule is fine the way it is and there is no need for a change. Members on the educational committee are modeling this change after the schedule at Stevenson High School. There is a future possibility that a whole new period will be added to the school day to accommodate increased graduation requirements. This change would not be put in place for a couple years. Although this will significantly alter the school day, the fifty-minute lunch period is a definite change for next school year.

Photos courtesy of Wikimedia commons; design by Erik Barillari and Steven Hanna.

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Olympics in Rio

Demands for book censorship still strong By Corrine Loftus ’13 Staff Writer

According to the American Library Association, in 2011 over 326 books were challenged by parents for containing “sexually explicit content, offensive language, and graphic scenes.” Among the top ten included The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, The Color of Earth by Kim Dong Hwa, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. In public libraries and educational systems, banning books is a current issue that happens every year and is confronted mostly by parents. Tensions focus on if parents should have the authority to censor books for children. When there are concerns about offensive material in mandatory books to read, “It is almost always the parents who are voicing their unease,” states Laura Kammes, English Teacher. “If a parent wants to censor their child, then they have the

right to do so. In the English department, we have to respect what parents want for their children and are willing to accommodate for them,” continues Kammes. However, students take a different stance. “I don’t understand why parents are choosing what books their kids can read and what they can’t. Minors should have the chance to explore all types of literature, without censor from their parents,” says Anisa Hussain, senior. Censorship is seen as Twain, one of the “great” American authors frea way to shield children Mark quently challenged by book censorship. Photo courfrom profane material. tesy of Yet, in doing this it may cause the child to not fully a sign of immaturity in many understand the larger importance cases.” the novel’s content. When addressing a parent’s Kathy Cerabona, head school view, Cheryl Barriball, mother librarian, says, “Censorship of four, stated, “I just don’t want hampers one’s ability to my children to be subjected to expand their knowledge and is something that may hurt them.”

When regarding how books allow knowledge of the past, Frances Miller, former librarian, states, “A lot of censorship is in books like [The Adventures of] Huck Finn and To Kill a Mockingbird, but books like those are a key to the past and its culture. It is raw material, which is able to show a person the reality of the kind of people we used to be. Censoring books like that is hiding from the truth.” At West’s library, the librarians undergo extensive research in order to obtain new books for the student body. “While we do choose books, if one is seen as anything too explicit, we have to receive approval from the principal who deems it acceptable or not,” says Cerabona. However, even if approved by the administration, some parents may not agree with the choices. “We do receive some complaints from parents, but at the same time we believe that censorship should not affect a

whole library because one person thought it wasn’t appropriate enough,” continues Cerabona. The Chicago Public Library receives up to fifteen complaints a week about material that is seen as explicit and unsuitable for minors. The American Library Association states that over 6,000 complaints a year are made by parents, which is over 80% of all those who want censorship. “At the library, we didn’t believe in censorship of books, but since the public funds the library, we had to review much of our selection, especially teen and juvenile books which received many complaints from parents,” says Miller. While some parents still censor books from their children, the question of what is or is not appropriate for children will still strain some relationships between libraries, teachers and parents.

Did you know...The first printed reference to a Christmas tree was in 1531 in Germany?

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Entertainment Comfort, glitz and glam:

December 2012 - Page 2

How to make the best of this season’s fashion trends By Emma Goebbert ’16 Staff Writer We are deep into an alreadypacked holiday season, which gives us a fabulous excuse to dress up! Whether it be a dressy party or a laidback family gathering, let your fashionable ensemble speak volumes. Get into the glitz and glamour of a sophisticated affair or opt for cozy knits and slouchy vibe for the chilly nights ahead. Whatever it be, here are five ways to dress for success in this busy winter season! 1. Pumped-up Peplum: Pair a flattering peplum top with tailored pants for a great festive flounce at your next get-together. If it’s a solid colored peplum, then add some sparkle with a statement necklace or a printed pencil skirt. If it’s printed or (my personal fav) sequined, neutral accessories should do the trick along with dark-wash jeans and shoes that pick up a color in your pattern. 2. White-Collar Affair: Incorporate winter’s biggest accessory by wearing a detachable collar necklace! In all kinds of textures and fabrics from glittered, to fabric, to metal, collars are all the rage. Wear one with a basic tee tucked into a highwaisted printed skirt or with a fit-and-flare dress for a girly touch.

3. Winter Knits: A cold weather staple, a cozy sweater is key! To dress it up look for sweaters with unexpected details like a button-down back or colorblocked hem. I love sweaters with embroidery or an embellished shoulder! Wear with leggings and metallic flats, or for a sweater with a shorter hem, with a skirt that’s not-too full as not to overwhelm the textured knit. 4. Fashion Gets a Leg Up: Sport the season’s hottest colored denim made appropriate for winter in colors like oxblood, emerald green, or berry. Cuff the hem and wear with embellished flats or tucked into riding boots. Pair with a sequined tank and blazer combo or a printed, sheer blouse.

Sound bites: An electronic explosion By Corinne Loftus ’13 Columnist Despite the fact that I put together this list, I’m terrible with remembering names of certain electronic music. All the titles sound the same, and they are usually really long with lots of artists and other confusing aspects that make me care less about the name and more about the music. I mean I can recognize the song, but if you ask me to tell you the name there’s pretty much no chance I’ll give you the right answer. And a side note, a lot of this was inspired by the Tomorrowland 2012 aftermovie tracklist, which I suggest you take a look at because I couldn’t put down all the songs. 1. Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike & Wolfpack – “Ocarina” 2.

Muse- “Madness”


Chuckie feat. Junxter Jack – “Make Some Noise”


Keane- “Silenced by the Night” (Alesso Remix)


Swedish House Mafia – “Greyhound”


Dumbfoundead feat. Jay Park and Clara- “Clouds”

5. Loaded on Layers: 4. Passion Pit- “It’s Not My Fault, I’m And I’m not just talking Happy” layering a chambray blouse 5. Nari&Milani– “Atom” under a knit sweater! Layer your necklaces, making 6. Milesmore- “Weight” sure to vary each length, and your stacks of bracelets 7. Otto Knows– “Million Voices” too. For the bracelets make Image courtesy of sure your are sticking to a mostly neutral color scheme with metallics and basic colors mixed in for a more sophisticated look. And why not top-off your layered look with a classic layering very cold conditions from not enjoying it too much essential; an infinity scarf! By Alex Levin Staff Writer ’14 about December up until is to always give away any You will stay warm and look at least February. This is leftovers after a big meal. effortless as well.

Health hotline:

Prevent germs and poor eating habits

For more style inspiration, visit my blog

It always seems that everyone is a little more joyful in the month of December. They always seem have a little more pep in their step. Is it because the holidays magically bring about good tidings? Or is it the endless supply of baked goods, pies, and cookies galore? It cannot be denied that snow, hot cocoa, and presents are significant symbols of the holidays, however during these times, one’s health can become extremely ignored. For example, living in the Chicagoland area, we can predict

why it is so critical to dress appropriately both indoors and outdoors. For example even wearing a hat makes a large impact. According to Dr. Oz, an uncovered head loses 10% of its heat. Many can probably relate if they have ever gotten a cold during the holidays. During this time germs and bacteria have a tendency to spread rapidly. Make sure to wash your hands as often as possible and even carry hand sanitizer if need be. Probably the part everyone loves the most about the holiday season is the food. A perfect way to enjoy holiday food while

No one needs three cherry pies or mounds of mashed potatoes. Also, paws off the cookies, leave some for Santa Claus! In all seriousness the holidays should be a time filled with good company, delicious food, and great fun. Managing the stress and preparation is the tricky part. So be proactive during the holidays! Get all of your warm garments ready and make sure to go to the doctor if you become sick. A healthy you is a happy holiday!

Did you know... The US government has issued two Kwanzaa stamps: one in 1997 and another in 2004?

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Entertainment December 2012 - Page 3

Music to my ears By Frances Smith ’13 Columnist

Here are my December favorites. I’ve been listening to these nonstop lately. They work in the car, on a run, or just hanging out! They’re not all necessarily newly released songs, but they could be new to you. Listen to them and see what you think: Hopefully you’ll enjoy these

tracks as much as I do, or maybe you will be inspired to make your own monthly playlist! 1.

“Now Is the Start” A Fine Frenzy


“Weekend Wars” MGMT


“Ready to Start” Arcade Fire


“Radioactive” Imagine Dragons


“Little Lies” Dave Barnes


“We Take Care of Our Own” Bruce Springsteen


“Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall” Coldplay


“The Age of Worry” John Mayer


“Silenced by the Night” Keane/Alesso 10. & Kim

“Let’s Go” Matt

11. “Shake Me Down” Cage the Elephant 12. “Something Good Can Work” Two Door Cinema Club 13. “Chasing the Light” Mat Kearney 14. “Go Outside” Cults 15. “The A Team” Ed Sheeran

Ipod left from

Behind the scenes at Bridge

By Cassidy Sauers ’13 Staff Writer

Bridge Communities is raising awareness about the issue of homelessness and what can be done about it. Bridge Communities is a grassroots charity (a group of citizens working to benefit a community) that assists homeless families in DuPage County. Bridge accomplishes this by providing stability to their lives through a home, a car, and other possessions, and educating families on how to live successfully after leaving Bridge. Upon founding Bridge Communities in 1988, cofounder Mark Milligan says, “We work with families over a long term period to change their lives so that they don’t ever go back to homelessness; that’s our goal.” A success story of Bridge Communities’ is a client named Georgette. According to the Bridge Communities website, from “meeting weekly with mentors from Sts. Peter and Paul in Naperville, Georgette learned to budget and save money.” In order to raise awareness about Bridge in the Glen Ellyn community, a new sector of the charity, Bridge Builders, was created in 2003. Glen Ellyn mom and founder of Bridge Builders, Stephanie Pierce, says, “Bridge Builders is just a group of volunteers that gets together to help out Bridge Communities when they don’t have enough hands to get things done.” Bridge Communities hosts many fund-raisers as a charity, and the Bridge Builders started their own

fundraiser called the “Garage Party” to help out the clients of Bridge Communities. Stephanie Pierce says, “Bridge takes all of that money and uses it towards either purchasing used autos for the families that might not have a car or helping them to repair cars that are broken down and junky.” Part of Georgette’s success story includes Bridge’s Auto Donation

Program, which according to the Bridge Communities’ website also “provided Georgette a safe, reliable car, helping her save money by freeing her of car payments.” In terms of the different volunteer work that the Bridge Builders participate in, another Glen Ellyn mom, Barbara Arentsen says, “I have been a baby-sitter for the little kids that are a part of the families. I have volunteered at various fundraising functions; I have organized volunteers…just about anything you can imagine in planning different events as well.” Bridge Builders also started a scholarship program in 2008. Kathy Doyle says, “The thing that I have been most involved with is the Bridge

Scholarship Program. We started it because there were so many kids that were graduating from high school who were leaving the Bridge program and didn’t really have the support or resources to figure out how to go forward and go to college.” Bridge Communities looks for volunteers of all ages who can work with the children of the Bridge clients. Olivia Harrell, senior, volunteered with Bridge during high school. Her volunteer work consisted of helping tutor the kids and helping clean the house where the kids go after school to be tutored and watched. Olivia says, “I would definitely recommend [volunteering] to other high school students, because it looks really good on your college applications and it gives yourself an understanding of what goes on in the world around you, even fifteen minutes away from your home. It felt really good to know that you’ve done something for someone else who really needs it.” From the founders, to the Bridge Builders, to the teen volunteers, Bridge Communities is a growing charity that requires many members of the community in order to provide a better lifestyle for the homeless of DuPage County. If you are interested in finding more information about Bridge Communities, becoming a volunteer, or donating, visit and go to “How you can help.” Bridge Communities logo from For more on Bridge Communities see page 13.

Read Between the HemLines: Winter Trends By Gabriella Bower ’14 Columnist Well ladies, it’s that time of the year again. Winter in Chicago, as we all know, can range from chilly gusts to sub-zero winds. The classiest way to battle the breezes of winter are with the ultimate c o z y comfort: sweaters. As can be expected there are some new twists to these classics: big buttons, oversized pockets, and a new shape. This new shape is the crew-neck tunic that hits just above y o u r knee.

As we all saw in the fall, practicality wins out. These sweaters are the easiest things to throw on in the frosty early hours of the day and they can easily be mixed and matched with different outfits. When paired with the right accessories of course. Speaking of accessories, scarves make an appearance this winter again. Metallics and shiny fabrics are all one will see around a perfectly poised neck this season.

Simple and elegant, stocking up on scarves is highly

of solid grays, blacks, and browns. Finally, the last winter trend to take note of is the ever cliché metallic trend. But hey, why fight something that is so right for winter? F r o m metallic scarves to micro-minis and tanks, metallic is back and better than ever. Wear your metallics with a denim shirt for a more casual, school appropriate look or pair with a blazer to go out. Whatever the case, metallics are versatile and a must for the winter. With the changing weather, our wardrobes must change accordingly, but who says you can’t change with flair? Change is a good thing and mixing things up is good every once and awhile. So try one or try all the trends but

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” ~Rachel Zoe suggested. Be on the lookout for striking patterned denim and leggings. Faux fur is coming back this winter on everything from coats to shirt collars to the sweaters I mentioned earlier. Although it may be winter, do not be that girl who shys away from color, neons are not just a summer fad! When coordinated with a touch of a deeper color, such as a brown or black, the neons instantly become appropriate for winter. They will definitely help you make a statement amongst the endless sea

most importantly have fun with fashion! Always always always, put your own spin on the latest fads. Your style is whatever you make it, regardless of what t h e trends are. As Rachel Zoe once s a i d , “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” Stylish metallic scarf at left and Gabriella Bower herself, right. Photo courtesy of Kate Marxkors ’14.

Did you know... During Kwanzaa people say Habari Gani, which means “What’s the News?”

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Entertainment December 2012 - Page 4

Fashion scoop: The new Kate Moss The youngest Delevingne sister is the one to watch By Oswah Assaf ’14 Columnist

Bucket list: Sky high

By Maddie Lupori ’14 Columnist

A meeting over London, dinner above the Grand Canyon, even a wedding over Paris’ gleaming city lights- with this new fantasy, the sky is the limit! Although I have yet to experience this one-of-a-kind venture, Events in the Sky seems

mire, this company provides many services, dining in particular. World-class caters of your choice are busy entertaining and preparing anything from full-blown meals, to wine tastings, to appetizers. But, its services most certainly do not end there. Marriage in the Sky brings the chapel closer to the angels and is meant to transform an ordinary marriage into a magical moment that will

This month, after suffering from lack of fashion news, I revisited some of the fashion shows from this year’s Fashion Month. I looked through all the usual’s: Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Dsquared, Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni and there was one line that kept reappearing in all of them (other than the standard scowl and smile combo) and that was: Cara Delevingne. If you don’t know who Cara Delevingne is, I don’t know what rock you’ve been living under. If one thing is for sure, you’re definitely going to hear a lot more about her in the upcoming seasons and even for the rest of your life.

Packages can cost $38,000 for corporate companies to host twenty-two people. Photo courtesy of

like a phenomenon straight from a dream, and has officially been added to my Bucket list. Dinner in the Sky is a high flying sky box that soars 22 seated guests to a viewing height of up to 180 feet. The 22 guests are comfortably strapped into a leather seat that is secured to a dining table. The dining table and seats are connected to a crane which then performs the lift. In the center of the dining table there is a walking platform that can accommodate up to 5 service personnel for the purpose of serving food, beverages, picture taking, conducting a meeting or product launch presentation. With the wind at your feet, and an incredible view to ad-

leave the bride and groom, their witnesses, families and friends, with an unforgettable memory. To add to the excitement, Golf, Concerts, Meetings, Lounges and Showbiz in the Sky take soaring to a whole new level, each containing a different “stage” set-up to fit to the venue’s specific needs. However, the high-up experience comes at an even higher price. Corporate companies will pay $38,000 to entertain their group of 22 for a meal. Events in the Sky offers countless opportunities for you and your friends to see fun from a different perspectivesky high. So buckle your seat belts, because dinner is served and yet another feat can soon be checked off your bucket list.

T h e “It” model’s iconic eyebrows and mile long legs have been in hot demand all over the Fashion world. 19 years old, five foot nine and a half inches, the British model might not be the tallest model strutting down the catwalks, but she’s definitely been getting a lot more attention than any other model these days. And she’s even managed to attract more attraction than her older sister and fellow model, Poppy Delevingne. In just one year, Cara has managed to land more magazine covers and catwalks, not to mention publicity, than many other models in their prime. Cara’s virtually been everywhere you look that has fashion or a pretty face on it. Gracing the catwalks of Jason Wu, Acne, Sass & Bide, Marchesa, practically all the major fashion houses, and not to mention countless others, she’s also managed to be the face of Burberry for several seasons, Dsquared and the cover of the first issue of style.

com print. When she is not seen gracing the catwalks of highly esteemed fashion shows and magazine covers, Cara likes to play Call of Duty the video game (yea the one that boys play) and lounge around in jeans and a leather jacket. You’d think that someone with the exposure she’s gotten would be partying it up with designers and celebrities, and believe it or not she actually does…sometimes. She’s been seen to be partying it up with best of them, such as royal party-boy Prince Harry. In the career that she’s in, that isn’t very surprising, but what sets her apart is how unusually down to earth she is. Think Kate Moss (before the stereotypical model downward spiral). And I’m not the only person who thinks so; Mario Testino himself called her the “The New Kate Moss.” That’s pretty big praise due to the fact that there isn’t an “old” Kate Moss, considering that she still struts the catwalks and gets more attention than the a c t u a l clothes she is supposed to be modeling. But you catch my drift. I think by now the past 400 or so words have given the indication that I may have developed a wee bit of an obsession with Cara Delevingne and my Pinterest board has definitely been expressing it. I think one thing’s for sure: Cara Delevingne is hitting the fashion world by storm and she is definitely someone to watch because she is not dropping off the radar anytime soon. I mean, she has even managed to be the face of my lock screen for my iPhone, and if that does not give an indication of how influential she has gotten I do not know what is. And for all you One Directioners, Cara also happens to be dating Harry Styles, yes, the Harry Styles. You’re welcome.

Photo courtesy of

Did you know...U.S. department stores took in $30.5 billion from retail sales just in December 2007?

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December 2012- Page 5

On the run to success, headed to nationals By Maddie Howard ’16 Staff Writer

Over the years, Glenbard West has been the home of many exceptional athletes in each and every sport. This year, as our girls’ Cross Country team placed third in state, junior Madeline Perez beat the girls three-mile record by a whopping twenty seconds. I sat down with Perez after school one afternoon, and asked her what it felt like to be the new state champion and record setter. “It was really exciting,” says Perez. “I always knew winning was a possibility, but my main focus was to run as well as I could.” This is Madeline’s second year as an all-state competitor. Perez placed 15th last year as a sophomore and 29th place as a freshman. Perez’s achievements are admirable, although the burning question on everyone’s mind is how does she do it? Surely the ability to run a sixteen-minute three mile race does not come without effort. The Cross Country teams at Glenbard West practice two hours each day, six days a week, with Sunday committed to resting for the upcoming week. This demanding training

schedule can be exhausting, not though. I am trying to keep my Although decisions about to mention the extensive amounts options open,” says Perez, a Perez’s college career are soon of homework to become the students receive. But main focus, many of course, Madeline forget that this Perez appears to now remarkable have it all under athlete had to start control. somewhere. “I take advantage Before living in of the syllabus Glen Ellyn, the home my teachers give of the Perez family me,” states Perez. was Wisconsin. It “I do a majority was here where of my homework Madeline competed on Saturday and in her first race, a Sunday so I can ‘Fun Run’ at her focus on sleep and elementary school. training during the “I was always week.” athletic, but I can Speaking to many recall running that student-athletes, particular race and they too attempted just remembering this homework how much I loved approach and it,” says Perez. failed from lack of She then discipline. continued her love Unlike many for running by juniors in high competing in 5K’s school, plans for as well as Hadley college do not seem Jr. High Track and to be a concern for Cross Country. Perez. From 5K’s to State After annihilating Championships, a state record, Maddie wins first place victory at states. Photo courtesy of Kathryn Staron. Madeline’s family colleges will soon be asking smile spreading across her face. has been her number one Perez to become a member of Where ever Madeline decides fan. They attend every race, their team. “I know I want to to continue her cross country providing Perez with the support run in college, I haven’t thought experience, Glenbard West system she needs in order to do much about where I want to go wishes her the best. her best at every meet.

“My family, friends, and coaches provide me with a lot of positive influences,” explains Perez. “They are like the backbone of my running.” As the Cross Country season comes to an end, Madeline will continue her training with a few post season races along with indoor track. She encourages others with the same athletic aspirations to “remain positive no matter what happens and have a good mentality.” Although Perez moves on to the indoor track season, Glenbard West encourages their students to remember the outstanding event that occurred this year. “What she has done is one of the most remarkable achievements in the history of Illinois girls athletics,” explains Glenbard West Varsity Basketball coach Tim Hoder. “People don’t really understand what an amazing achievement that this is. She is really unique in the sense that she is only a junior, and she is not going to rest on the fact that she has already accomplished a state record.” Glenbard West would like to congratulate Madeline Perez on her phenomenal performance this season and wish her the best of luck in the many years to come.

The fly’s infection of the bee is a strange, invasive way of reproduction, as maggots are baby flies. The name zombie bee comes from the discombobulated nature the bee exhibits because of the fly. It may be more appropriate to call the fly parasite a zombie in this parasitic relationship since it eats at the flesh of the bee. As I reflect on this fly brutality against the bees, I begin to empathize with the stingers even though I have personally fell victim to them more than once. Although the bee faces a worse fate than us humans,

repercussions. After learning more about zombie bees, my fear of killer bees hunting me down, looking for my flesh, and inflicting pain has almost vanished. I say almost, because I unfortunately still cannot appreciate the work bees carry out for humans in regard to food and many other aspects of life. My fear, too, of actual zombies still exists as I hope I will never have to face such a mindless, bloodthirsty creature as is depicted by Hollywood. Just as the zombie phenomenon is growing within the media, so is the prevalence of zombees and their dangerous effect. Like many, I will continue to tune in to zombie movies such as Zombieland and I Am Legend, as well as shows like The Walking Dead, although they scare me. The difference though, is that these works will remind me of the zombies who exist in our world today: the honey bees called zombees.

Zom‘bees’: Fiction becomes reality

By Claire Deasy ’15 Staff Writer

While flipping through the channels on my TV, I see movies and shows about life after the zombie apocalypse occurs. From the comedy Zombieland to the popular TV drama The Walking Dead, I cannot help but take notice of the fascination Hollywood has with zombies. As the obsession with these cannibalistic undead creatures continues to grow within our society, whenever I hear a word that is even remotely similar to the word zombie, my mind jumps to the beings I see in these movies and television shows. Zombies are portrayed as mindless, ravenous creatures who will risk their lives, although their lives are uncharacteristic of any life we living humans would know, to devour any living thing. Then I heard about zombie bees. Yes, the bees everyone has seen and hopefully been fortunate enough not

to encounter. Bees on their own are frightening enough to some, but with the name zombie attached; their reputation becomes even more daunting. Yet as I read the various news articles about zombie bees I began to realize they do not uphold the chilling stigma of being a zombie. So what are zombie bees? Otherwise known as zombees, zombie bees are honey bees that have been inhabited by fly parasites, causing them to abandon their hives at night. While out of their hives, the infected honey bees stagger as they fly, almost looking as if they will fall onto the ground as a disorientated person would. This happens before they die and it is all caused by the fly parasites. After the fly infects the bee, the bee dies within a day or two. Now, brace yourself for the gross part.Following five days after the initial infection of the bee, a maggot will emerge from the bee’s head.

this “zombee” apocalypse is affecting our society as well. The first zombie bee was discovered in Washington State, and more have been found in other areas. Their prevalence is more so in the west with the San Francisco Bay area having seventy eight percent of bee hives infected with zombie bees. U n f o r t u n a t e l y, zombees have also been known to be in many other places i n the west coast, with some found in the east coast. Zombees are beginning to cause crop failure in these areas because instead of pollinating the crops, they are dying. The lack of pollination is horrid for food production, so you yourself may experience the zombee apocalypse’s

Photo courtesy of

Did you know...there are seven candles of Kwanza? There are eight candles of Hannukah.

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December 2012 Page 6

Down sizing: Apple iPad goes ‘Mini’

By Andrew Roberts ’14 Staff Writer

In 2010, Apple revolutionized consumer electronics with the introduction of the iPad. Since then, numerous companies have created copycat Tablet computer products in various sizes, including a popular 7 inch display, in an attempt to break Apple’s virtual monopoly on the tablet industry. Despite the iPad’s dominance in this industry, the absence of a smaller Apple tablet had prevented Apple from competing with other smaller-sized tablets. This completely changed, however, with the iPad Mini’s release on November 2nd. Apple is calling their new miniature product “Every inch an iPad.” This

statement is undoubtedly valid in the technological sense, but evidently not in the physical sense. The most striking change to the new tablet is its reduced size. The new diagonal length of the screen measures 7.9 inches, as opposed to the 9.7 inch diagonal on the full sized iPad. Amazingly, the iPad Mini weighs only .68 pounds, about half the weight of the original. As a result, customers are now able to hold the device in one hand, a luxury that previous iPad purchasers did not have. Although the most apparent change is the size, the new tablet is not just a sized-down version of its predecessor. Apple designers created the new product from scratch, resulting in a sleek new design and excellent craftsmanship.

The exterior beauty of Apple’s new product is indisputable, but did the technological aspect follow through? Despite its decreased size, the iPad Mini impressively boasts the same number of pixels (1024 x 768) as its larger predecessor. This feature allows it to run all of the same software, without modifications, as the regular iPad. Therefore, the Mini not only supports 500,000 iPhone applications, but

an additional 275,000 built especially for Apple tablets. This is where the iPad Mini sets itself apart from competitors. It is common for other tablets to solely support modified phone apps, a flaw that makes Apple’s tablet technologically unparalleled in the field. The result is a seamless integration between application and tablet software. Apple software designers were not content with making the apps run well. They made them look incredible as well. The resolution of the newest Apple product easily surpasses that of competing models. However, the Mini has received some criticism for lacking the jaw-dropping Retina Display used in the previous iPads. Probably a wise financial decision withholding this feature,

improved screen clarity should be expected in future models. A quality pixel display and resolution are not the only notable features of the Mini. The tablet also includes two cameras, ultrafast wireless connection, improved WiFi from earlier models, a wide viewing window, and an impressive tenhour battery life. With this arsenal of features, the iPad Mini certainly meets expectations. At $329 the iPad Mini is the cheapest iPad on the market. Its cost, however, still exceeds that of many competitors. Despite the lofty price tag, there is little doubt that the Mini’s quality exceeds that of rival devices. When it comes down to it, in the tablet industry, Apple is in a class of its own. Photo courtesy of

The rising price of being ‘Mobile’

Why do we ‘Shell’ out so much cash at the pump? oil out of the Gulf States. Not only do transportation costs impact prices at the pump, but the

By Daryl Drake ’14 Staff Writer Gasoline is the lifeblood of our modern industrial economy. Its use, along with its availability and price, has been a paramount issue politicians and environmentalists across the country have debated for years. This modern necessity has undoubtedly the most dynamic price range in the country. But what is behind the cost fluctuations of this black gold? In reality, there is no one culprit that causes oil prices to rise and fall. According to CNN, gallon of gas on average in California costs $4.04, in South Carolina the average is $3.18, but in Hawaii and Alaska the state average is $4.30 Why is there a $1.12 difference

between t h e highest and lowest prices in the country? First, and foremost, a great influence on gas prices is the cost associated with transportation from the refinery to the pump; the further away you are from the site of production, the more the product is going to cost. Additionally, transportation costs are affected by the ease of transportation. For example, during Hurricane Katrina, gas prices sharply rose across the country due to the difficulty in transporting

supply and demand of oil does to some degree as well. Although there is a great supply of oil from the Middle East, political tensions between the US and the oil producing countries of Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. result in artificial price inflation. For example, when Iran threatened to close the Straights of Hormuz last year due to a conflict regarding regulation of their nuclear program, gas prices spiked resulting from speculation that our

oil supply would be cut in half if Iran followed through with their threats. Additionally one of the greatest causes of gas price fluctuation is due to foreign and domestic speculation on oil futures. When an investment firm buys several f u t u r e contracts on oil at a higher than market cost, oil companies will hoard their oil hoping they can sell it at that speculated price at that date. This hoarding of oil, in turn, causes a decrease in the supply and an increase in price. Over-speculation on oil is believed to have raised the price of gasoline by almost 60%. Lastly, prices at the pump are largely affected by the time of year during

which one is buying gas, since oil companies provide different seasonal blends, some of which are more expensive than others. Furthermore, during the summer months and over national holidays, when vacation travel is at its peak, gas prices usually rise to take advantage of the increased demand. Although rising gas prices may give off an illusion of a decreased supply, the true reason behind their heightened prices are often artificial factors. Photos courtesy of and

Did you know...Since the Hebrew calendar is lunar rather than solar, Hanukkah falls on a different day each year?

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December 2012 - Page 7

Glen Ellyn: The community within a community By Erin Delany ’16 Staff Writer

What separates our school from other high schools in our area is how communityoriented we are. If you have ever walked down Main Street on the day of a home football game, you will notice that practically the entire town goes out for it. The Tap House decks it’s exterior in Glenbard Green, various local businesses harbor signs wishing us the best of luck, and even the baristas at Starbucks are more cheerful, knowing they will sell more lattes to fans coming in from the cold. Think about it: it isn’t very often that you find a high school that is off of a Main Street, not a highway. It connects us to the town in which we are located, one in which some of us have lived for our entire lives.

Glen Ellyn loves us, and we love Glen Ellyn. What makes this town so special, though? Could it be Barone’s, the neighborhood pizzeria that endlessly supports our extracurricular activities? Or the local bookstore that isn’t very large, but carries a home-like atmosphere? Maybe it’s the memory of late elementary school and middle school, when “going downtown” with our friends made us feel so cool and grown up. When asked what their favorite things about downtown Glen Ellyn were, responses varied. Most of the replies received were food related. Tristan Ramirez, freshman, admitted that while he has not been to downtown Glen Ellyn in a while, likes to visit the Glen Ellyn Sweet Shoppe when he goes. The cheery red and white building located on Crescent is

small, but is packed wall to wall with sweets varying by season and popularity; a definite favorite among those who like to indulge every once in a while.

A local favorite, Einstein’s makes bagels that have people lined up in a pack to buy them on Saturday morning. Starbucks is also a definite asset to downtown Glen El-

This year’s Homecoming parade starring on Main Street in Glen Ellyn. Photo courtesy of Glenbard West.

When asking Britta Frenzel, junior, what her favorite thing about downtown Glen Ellyn was, she took a short pause to decide, and then blurted, “Einstein Bagels!” Einstein’s, which is close to the tracks on Main Street, is a nice stop for a quick lunch or leisurely breakfast.

lyn. Isabelle Warren, sophomore, states that she likes Starbucks because of its cozy atmosphere and that it’s warm when it’s so cold outside. “It’s like home,” she stated. Starbucks seems to be a favorite among our student body, who are often seen

travelling in and out of the store before and after school, and carrying thermal Starbucks cups through the halls. Being involved high school students, we all need caffeine every once in a while. It’s interesting to see how many businesses have ties to Glenbard West. The Hot Dog Man parks outside Duchon on home game Saturdays and makes good business off of hungry Hitters fans. Many downtown shop owners have children who attend West, or are alumni. Glenbard West inspired gear, and even home décor, is sold in many of the small boutiques on Main Street, and Glen Ellyn’s florists benefit from corsage sales around Homecoming and Prom. From the vintage Glenbard posters sold in downtown boutiques to the loyal fans at every home football game, Glenbard West is truly Glen Ellyn’s pride and joy.

Activism: When good becomes ‘fad’ SFS -2012 Calendar By Genevieve Kristofek ’16 Staff Writer - Editorial I don’t even remember logging on to Facebook that first day of the Kony outbreak. All of the sudden there he was, everywhere: the pictures, the videos, the outraged statuses. I could spend hours online reading about him and continue to be engrossed. Everyone thought he was an EVIL man who needed to be stopped and the few who didn’t had their opinions shunned and were labeled heartless.

Kony was the common enemy. The date, 04-20-12, was etched into our hearts that first week but slowly, like most fads, it faded into a whisper while life went on, with or without Joseph Kony. Unfortunately, the Kony “activism” reflects activism within our society in this day and age. Our country, once so strongwilled with our beliefs, has become the very definition of slacktivism. Slacktivism is advocating for a cause with no real emotional investment, something like shar-

ing a video of the devil on earth without even bothering to check if he was still active. Communication scholars believe that slacktivism places emphasis on the entertainment value of an issue rather than the real issue at hand. We’re too busy being seen to actually see what’s going on in the world today. People are supporting causes not because they truly care about them or consider them important issues, rather, they grow to crave the feeling of fulfillment it gives them as well as the bragging rights and leverage it gives them over their friends, with this newfound humanitarian persona. We are getting the social perks of advocating for a cause without actually doing anything or investing any time helping said cause. Our solutions lie in selective activism and truly investing yourself in a cause and educating yourself on it. The word “activism” has the word “active” in it, passiveness has no place here. Clearly we can see, despite the seemingly silly name, slacktivism has a truly detrimental effect on our society. Truly investing your time and educating yourself on a cause you consider worthwhile is more fulfilling than any false, superficial praise can ever be.


Operation Teen Safe Driving

Date December 1February 25

Live Life Well Week

February 19-21

The Glenbard Parent Series

See West’s website

The KONY 2012 movement could be considered slacktivism; some people nicknamed it “PHONY.”

Did you know...Oklahoma was the last U.S. State to declare Christmas a legal holiday, in 1907?

The Gle Decemb


Holiday traditions around the world By David Tews ’14 Staff Writer

many different cultures around the world. In spirit of all the upcoming holidays, I Winter holidays that take investigated some holiday place every year around the traditions from across the world are some of the more globe. interesting ways to show cultural pride and gain a better understanding of the

Some Italians prepare a traditional “Feast of the Seven Fish” meal in which they eat seven kinds of fish for their Christmas Eve meal. These fish range from tuna, to rare and hard-to-prepare fish like octopus and eels. Personally, I’ll take the tuna.

In Austria, Santa is not the only one who visits homes in the middle of the night. Krampus, a scary devil-like creature, also visits homes, but his job is to abduct naughty children in their sleep to prevent them from causing problems. As freaky as that sounds, people in Austria actually celebrate Krampus very light-heartedly by dressing as him during parades. In Wales, people celebrate Christmas by bringing a friend dressed as a horse to their neighbor’s house to bring some holiday cheer. This is sort of like American caroling, only with a guy dressed like a horse. Forget Pine trees! In New Zealand, the traditional Christmas tree is the Pohutukawa tree, which is native to the area. These trees sport beautiful pink flowers every Christmas season, which is what led them to become the symbol of the holiday in the country.

Instead of using what most people would consider the ‘normal’ decorations like tinsel and balls, families in Ukraine decorate their trees with fake spider webs. This ancient tradition has been modified to include more modern decorations now, but the symbol of a spider web is impossible to miss on Ukrainian trees. Modern-day Guatemalans have an interesting tradition of their own. After cleaning their entire houses and piling the garbage in a small pile outside their houses, neighbors will put a figurine of the devil on top of the pile and burn the mess to bring good luck for the next year. What’s my seventh idea? I don’t know, that’s for you to decide! Email me the best tradition or fact you can find, not mentioned in this article, on Firstclass at, I’m looking forward to hearing some new ideas! And Happy Holidays!

Recipe Review: Holiday fudge wreath By Madison Chandler ’14 Columnist

The best part about the seasons changing is definitely the traditional foods that accompany them. Now that winter is finally here, we get to enjoy endless amounts of gingerbread, peppermint, and fudge. Fannie May does an excellent job, but why not make your own fudge this season? Surprisingly, it is one of the easiest recipes to follow, baking in only 5 minutes! Even better, Rachel Ray puts a fun holiday twist on this classic treat. 5 Minute Fudge Wreath •

1 (12-ounce) bag semisweet chocolate morsels

9 ounces (3/4 of a 12-ounce bag) butterscotch morsels

1 (14-ounce) can sweetened condensed milk

1 teaspoon vanilla extract

1 (8-ounce) can walnut halves

8-inch cake pan, lightly greased with softened butter

Candied cherries, red and green, for garnish, optional

To begin, place a large pot on a stove. AFTER you place the pot on the stove, set the burner to a low heat setting. As the pot is heating up, add the chocolate chips and milk. Stir the ingredients with a spatula until the mixture is completely melted. Make sure you save the empty condensed milk can! Next, stir in the vanilla. It’s important to gradually add in the ingredients to ensure that everything is mixed. Once the vanilla is mixed, turn off the burner and remove the pan from the stove. Stir in the walnuts immediately so they don’t just lie on top! I substituted the walnuts with almonds when I made the recipe, and it still turned out great. The nuts are not a necessary part of the recipe, so feel free to add as many kinds of nuts as you would like, or not include any at all.

Now it’s time to use that empty milk can! Cover the can with plastic food wrap. After you grease your large circular cake pan, place the covered can in the center of it. Then, spoon the fudge into the pan around the can. The can may move, so make sure to hold it in place or have someone else hold it for you while you spoon in the fudge. The fudge will set up almost immediately. The garnish can only be added in the first minute or two the fudge is in the pan, so make sure you work quickly! Decorate your wreath with “holly” made from cut candied red and green cherries. Once you finish decorating, place the pan in the refrigerator for at least an hour. You have now created a delicious treat to enjoy this winter, that also serves as a festive decoration!

en Bard ber 2012


The history behind happy holidays By Abby Quaid ’14 Staff Writer

December is a month packed with celebrations and holidays that we have all heard of, but may not know too much about. In America, December means Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa, and New Years Eve. Most people recognize these names but aren’t always sure what they are or where they come from. Christmas is a Christian holiday that celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated on December 25th, a day chosen in the fourth century by Pope Julius I since the exact date of Jesus’ birth is unknown. Christmas is celebrated in different ways around the world with traditions such as hanging stockings by the fire place, decorating trees with glass ornaments, setting up nativity scenes and enjoying Yule logs.

Children anticipate the arrival of St. Nick or Santa Claus all year long hoping that on Christmas Eve he will leave them gifts, rewarding them for good behavior. Today Christmas has become highly commercialized as companies push the season earlier and earlier with huge blowout sales and create marketing schemes centering on “the season of giving.” However, traditionally the Christmas season does not start until December 1st, beginning the season of Advent in the Christian church and a time focused on helping others and rejoicing the birth of Jesus Christ. Celebrated on the twenty fifth day of the Hebrew month Kislev, the middle of December, Hanukkah is another popularly recognized holiday. Hanukkah is a Hebrew word that means dedication and is a festival

of lights which celebrates the miracle of the oil lamps and people’s rights to worship without interference. It originated when a Jewish man Mattathis and his five sons refused to comply with the Greek Syrian king, Antiochus, who was attempting to convert the people of Israel to worship the Greek gods. Judah, one of the sons, became the leader of the Jewish army which eventually defeated the Greek Syrian army. When they reentered the city which had been defiled by the intruders, they had to cleanse and purify their old temples. Legend has it that they needed to keep a light lit for eight days and nights to rededicate the temple but there was only enough oil to last one night. While it shouldn’t have worked, the light shone bright for eight days and nights and the people took it as a sign that God had returned to His proper place of Worship.

Now, this miracle is honored on Hanukkah with the lighting of the Menorah over eight days, one candle being lit each night. Kwanzaa, a non-religious holiday, is celebrated on December 26th through January 1st and is a time to focus on the traditional African values of family. Ron Karenga created this holiday in 1966 as a way to celebrate the African-American heritage and the seven principles of Nguzo Saba. Each of the seven days focus on one of the principles of Nguzo Saba: unity, selfdetermination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative economics, purpose, creativity, and faith. During Kwanzaa, it is not unusual for people to dress in traditional African clothing as they celebrate with friends and family. While not a religious holiday, it was created to reaffirm a sense of community and

reinforce the bonds between African-Americans and their African culture. New Year’s Eve is the oldest of all the December holidays! It was first observed in ancient Babylon about four thousand years on March 23rd. They did not have written calendars back then and it was not until 153 BC that the Roman senate, with their written calendar, declared January 1st the start of the New Year. Since then, there have been many different ways to celebrate the New Year around the world, but in the USA, we take to spending time with family, making resolutions, attending elaborate parties, and counting down the last ten seconds as one year ends and the next begins. scrapbook/scrapbook_exhibits/ catw2004/traditions/index.html

Students at Glenbard west celebrate a variety of unique traditions each year. “Every other Christmas we have a traditional seven course Vietnamese dinner”- Justine Hryhorysak ’13 “We put on a play with our cousins every Christmas Eve!” -Kate ’16 and Megan Wagner ’13 “After midnight mass on Christmas Eve, we drive past this house in Lombard with a lot of inflatable Santa’s in the yard.” – Polly Cooper ’15 “We have to share a talent of our own each Christmas Eve; I usually compose a poem or story or dance with my Grandma.” - Niels Kuhlmann ’15 “On St. Nicholas’ Day, we put a shoe on our mantel and then St. Nicholas gives you a present.”- Zach Myers ’14 “We have Tofurkey on Christmas.” - Nora James ’15 “Every Christmas we sing happy birthday to Jesus and blow out candles on an angel food birthday cake” - Bridget ’15 and Kathleen Caffrey ’13

Shop till you drop! Or follow these tips By Patricia Stirb ’15 and Michelle Yun ’15 Staff Writers 1) Set a budget, don’t go crazy… just because it’s the holidays, doesn’t mean you have to empty your wallet, deplete your savings account, break your piggy bank, or pull out your emergency credit card. Instead, have a clear idea of what you are looking to spend. Do not give yourself a surprise when January’s credit card bill comes. Stay within the ballpark that you are comfortable with.

2) Prioritize… the worst thing is to arrive at the store and not have a clue about what you are looking for. Think beforehand and create a checklist of the items you want to purchase. 3) Don’t skip the wrapping paper or the cards… Details, details, details. Do not skimp on the details. While the present may initially bring a smile to someone’s face, a card will prevail in keeping the memories of the jolly holiday season.

4) Don’t get stressed, have fun…. This is the most important rule. Holiday shopping should be enjoyable. Don’t break a sweat if things don’t go exactly, the way you planned them. This is not the time to pass out. Grab a candy cane to keep your blood sugar and your energy levels up, and most importantly, just have fun during this year’s holiday season. photo courtesy of

The Glen Bard


December 2012 - Page 10

Zoned In: ‘Journey’ away from politics this month By John Bleed ’13 Assitant Editor-in-Chief Enough with politics, already. I’m taking a personal vacation this month and indulging in my other obsession. Tolkien. Yep, I’m completely fascinated and captivated by the works of JRR Tolkien, author of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. I watch Peter Jackson’s Oscarwinning film adaptations of the Lord of the Rings approximately 26 times per month, read maps and appendices in my spare time, and am convinced that I will one day be reincarnated as a Rivendell elf in my next life. Okay, I’m kidding about that last part (but only slightly). But for many fans – casual or cultish – this is an exciting time of year. Middle Earth is back on the big screen and in a big way. December 14 is the worldwide premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, the exciting and enchanting prequel to The Lord of the Rings. Set about 60 years before the events of LOTR, The Hobbit deals mainly with the character of Bilbo Baggins, the older uncle

of Frodo Baggins (who we know from LOTR). A much younger, more clueless Bilbo (played by BBC Sherlock star Martin Freeman) finds himself swept off his feet when the wizard Gandalf the Gray pushes him out of his comfortable home and into the exciting world ahead. Gandalf sends Bilbo to tag along with thirteen exiled dwarves – led by the great Thorin Oakenshield - desperate to reclaim their homeland laid waste by the dragon Smaug. The journey takes them into familiar ground for us – as we will once again be able to see the majestic and mythical Elven realm of Rivendell, as well as some unfamiliar territory - such as the goblin realms underneath the Misty Mountains and the mysterious forests


Mirkwood. Bilbo will have to learn to fend for

Try these weird battery-saving tips to preserve your battery life

Cell phones that seem to die every two hours can get ridiculously annoying. They’re “SMART” phones, yet they can’t even seem able to perform the simple task of holding a charge. Of course if you’re constantly texting, on your phone’s internet, or calling people, one mere charge Fortunately, there are a few tips on saving battery life. According to, “The most obvious thing to do is make sure your screen is set to switch off after a certain time unused.” Also, if you are not using your 3G or 4G, disable it. This will greatly help your phone battery last longer. Another option is to turn your phone screen brightness down as far as possible. Every app store seems to have “battery-saving apps” as well. These tricks will not magically make your battery last ten times longer, but there might be a noticeable difference

in time between charges, depending on what you purchase. If you’re on the hunt for a new phone, has recently published a list, the phones with best battery life of all smart phones on the market. They tested battery life by continuously surfing the web over 3G/4G at 40% brightness. The

the list. Maybe it’s time to give some other Android products their due. Even so, there is one more interesting option for those of you who want optimum phone battery survival…a hand crank that you crank to charge your phone. This would definitely be great to have for emergency situations such as a power

“Another option is to turn down your phone brightness as far as possible.” Samsung Galaxy Note II was the triumphant victor, lasting an incredible nine hours and twenty-seven minutes! Following the Galaxy Note were the Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD, Lg Optimus L9, Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G, and Samsung Galaxy S III. Surprisingly, the extremely popular iPhone 5, or any other Apple product, didn’t make its way onto

be shot in 48 frames per second (fps). Might not seem like much, but the traditional “warm” tone that movies give off is at 24 frames per second, so it’s a bit of a risk by director Peter Jackson. It might seem so realistic that we’ll be able to practically feel the green grass of the Shire, or it might just seem like a soap opera with a lot of beards. And wait, there’s definitely more. Late this summer, Jackson confirmed that The Hobbit will be made into a trilogy - just like The Lord of the Rings. Film two, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will arrive next December, and film three, The Hobbit: There and Back Again, will end the saga in the summer of 2014. I haven’t been this excited for a movie, ever. For all of the anticipation that The Hobbit has been getting, many are worried if Peter Jackson can deliver like he has in the past. But with everything shaping up so far, I can’t imagine anything other than a stunning spectacle.

Richard Armitage stars as Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. Photo courtesy LOTR Wikia.

No cell phone battery life? By Hillary Dale ’15 Staff Writer

himself quickly, while Gandalf simultaneously investigates an unknown dark power arising in the East. We’ll get to see some familiar faces – as Cate Blanchett, Hugo Weaving, Christopher Lee, and Orlando Bloom from The Lord of the Rings will all return to the screen as Galadriel, Elrond, Saruman, and Legolas respectively. Andy Serkis will lend his voice a n d motions for the notorious creature Gollum that he made famous in the LOTR trilogy as well. Plotline aside, I’m just looking forward to the full-scale “ e p i c ness” that so many people loved about The Lord of the Rings. I can’t wait to hear the crazy awesome soundtrack that composer Howard Shore comes up with, and besides all of the new characters, costumes, and battles, the movie is going to

outage. One minute of cranking is enough power for several text messages or a short phone conversation (designtaxi. com). In cases besides emergencies, a hand crank charger seems a little odd, but it would, no doubt, be useful in a tight situation. No matter what, there are multiple options available to get the best out of your phone battery.

Work ahead for Rio ’16 By Lauren Crowe ’13 Staff Writer

While people continue to reminisce on this past summer’s accomplishments in the London Olympics, Rio de Janeiro prepares for their chance to awe the world in their own games in 2016. Rio’s task of hosting not only the Olympics but also the 2014 FIFA World Cup puts an enormous amount of pressure on the Olympic planners and the city’s cooperation. A f t e r disappointing news of Chicago’s loss to host the games, all eyes will be on Rio’s progress and plans for their turn in the spotlight. These summer Olympic games will be the first ones that occur during the host country’s own winter, pretty ironic for the city! Rio struggles with a serious problem due to their extreme lack of transportation. The mountains will cut off

the athletes in the Olympic village from many of the major events. Not only does it affect the athletes, but viewers for different events will be challenged to navigate their way through the city. However, the city plans on creating a new metro line and three bus rapid-transit links, which they believe will allow easier accessibility. The city is creating b e t t e r managed airports and is currently building more hotels and rooms for visitors to stay. Another area of interest for Brazil is to be a part of the top ten medalists for an event which requires extreme work on the athletes’ part. Much work is in store for the city, but with some help and advice from the London Olympics, Rio will create a truly memorable event which will be here sooner than we know! Photo courtesy of Rio 2016.

Did you know...Candle sales for Kwaanza and Hanukkah contributed to the $1.3 billion worth of candle sales in the US last year?

The Glen Bard


December 2012 - Page 11

Essays made easy: Entertaining ways to crank out the perfect paper By Meg Maloney Staff Writer ’14

to write your essay, “I’m usually more of a dog person, but Written? Kitten! helps me get it done.” The creators of this website were in a bind while creating the title, Written dog? Written Squirrels?.... Written Kitten! is easy to remember when typing it in to the search engine, and be honest, after two hours of

embarrassed of getting caught writing on Written Kitten, there is a solution for you. Each time you exit the website (when you are afraid someone will catch you), it saves automatically what you wrote. The next time you log onto the website, your work is saved. Brilliant. Whether you are a kitten, puppy or

situation, you would find yourself writing more. created a website and an app for iPhones to eliminate procrastination. On writeordie. com, you can chose the amount of words you need written, in a certain amount of time. Once your time runs out, a notification box will

Essays. Symptoms: extensive amount of stress, tired fingers, no sleep, sweating (gross), and pulling of the hair. This dangerous virus spreads like wildfire throughout the Glenbard West community. I don’t mean to insult English teachers, you are lucky to have the immunity. The average student does not truly look forward to typing an English paper, and often times find themselves either procrastinating or taking an extensive amount of time to type the essay. Luckily, America has come up with a solution (and no it’s not the Bedazzler): Written? Kitten!. Written? Kitten! is a crafty and innovated way to type the horrid English essay. On this site, after you finish typing 100, 200, 500, or 1000 words (the fate rests in your hands) a new picture of a kitten pops up. This witty way helps students power through their paper Written? Kitten! counts your words and rewards you with a cute picture of a kitten. Picture from in order to come to the fantastic prize, aka the adorable kitten typing an essay, sometimes you ferret person, you can’t deny that a pop up telling you that your time picture. can’t always think straight. website like this inspires some sort has expired. But, of course, that is Basically, for you kitten lovers The crafty rhyme and cute of motivation. not all. You have to pick between out there it is the best invention of incentive truly makes any student, Maybe you are not into writing three modes, Gentle mode- if you time. And for an average student create an exceptional piece of for cats…maybe if you were to stop typing, a small notification like Daisy Jones, it is motivation writing. For the people who are be forced into a life and death will remind you to keep typing.

Apps for apes

Photo courtesy of

By Shabia Mohammed ’15 Staff Writer Orangutans across the world may soon join the ranks of millions of humans as proud owners of new iPads. As part of a program called Apps for Apes, twelve zoos across the two countries have been incorporating iPads into the enrichment time allotted for orangutans, the giant furry red primates native to Indonesia and Malaysia. Twice weekly,

orangutans are provided with access to the tablets. The animals spend anywhere from 15 minutes to a half hour using different apps depending on their attention span. RichardZimmerman, founding director of Orangutan Outreach, said that orangutans in zoos and other primate facilities usually receive all the food and love they need. However, during winter months they are forced to spend long periods of time indoors, which

is counter to their natural habitat. Living indoors for extended periods of time can result in boredom and stunt social growth among other primates. Apps geared towards children that stimulate activities such as painting, music and memory games are among the most popular apps with the apes.The biggest obstacle for now is coming up with the funding to purchase more iPads. Orangutan Outreach refuses to use its funds on the tablets, saying its priorities must be toward conservation and helping to rescue orangutans that are victims of violence in the wild. The three goals of Apps for Apes are: firstly, to provide stimulating enrichment & immediate gratification for the Orangutans using iPads; secondly, to raise awareness among zoo visitors of the critical need to protect Orangutans in the wild, and finally, to promote the conservation efforts of Orangutan Outreach. The program hopes to   soon   expand to zoos

Normal mode- when you’re typing ceases, an unpleasant and very irritating sound begins to ring. And lastly known as the “death mode,”if you stop typing your words begin to delete, and your essay begins to dies (metaphorically of course). Creator of states he created the website around the soul idea that “A tangible consequence is more effective than an intangible reward.” Which means, he would rather have a scaring tactic pursue him into doing his work, then not doing it at all. The reverse psychology that this website focuses on actually works. It recently became an iPhone app for Apple products and PC products alike. For those who hate cute and fluffy, this website is for you. Take your pick, cute fuzzy kittens, or a scary situation, which may cause some personal irritation. Whichever one you chose, both websites aim to rid procrastinations and help students get their work done. Next time that English essay rolls around, and the Essay virus runs ramped around the school. You have a cure. Just simply type in Written Kitten or Writeordie to Google, and you can avoid the stress of procrastination. Trust me, by the cute orange cat staring at me while I type this sentence, I can tell you that it works.

The Shedd welcomes a baby By Meghan Loftus ’15 Staff Writer On August 27th, 2012 the Shedd Aquarium experienced the successful birth of a baby beluga, or a white whale. Mother-oftwo, Mauyak, had her third calf. The baby beluga,

Animal Trainer’s Association, Ramirez, says, “Shedd’s long history of research and care of these animals tells us that these initial behaviors indicate a strong calf; but we will continue to monitor for signs of development, including steady nursing a n d

growth.” The security of the animal is the Shedd’s top priority. The staff works hard every day to ensure the animals receive the necessary treatment. The baby beluga was put on display Friday, October 26th. Go enjoy a day in Chicago and visit the Shedd to see the newest addition to their family!

Photo courtesy of

yet to be named, was a very healthy calf that achieved the first few crucial steps to survival. Measuring 4 ½ feet and weighing a whopping 150 pounds at birth, the baby beluga is on it’s way to a healthy life. However, the past president of the International Marine

Did you know... Americans imported nearly $600 million worth of Christmas ornaments and $66 million worth of fake trees from China between January and August 2008?

The Glen Bard


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Holograms: The future of communication? By Tim Kitslaar ’13 Staff Writer

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi… you’re my only hope!” This line from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope is probably one of the most famous lines from the entire series. It is also one of the first times holograms have been portrayed in film. Since then, many science fiction movies have also adopted the futuristic method of communication. So why is it that we still do not have the technology from 1970s Sci-Fi classics in real life? Well, right now, the main reason is that current technology does not allow for such holograms to exist (at least the way the public knows them). What a hologram essentially is, by design, is light projected from a base into space, forming a 3D image of some sort. The problem with this design is that light does not conveniently stop at certain points in space to form the 3D image. Even if light did obey such twisted laws of physics, the hologram would still be invisible unless the projected light had something to

George Lucas used the idea of working holograms in Star Wars Episode IV when Leia sends a distress call.

reflect off of. Although fully three dimensional projected holograms are currently impossible, we are already incorporating the lesser known types of holograms into today’s products and technologies. Such examples are reflection and transmission holograms, which use incoming light to display an image already embedded in a surface differently when viewed from different angles. If you start to look for them, they are actually

quite common. Just take a look at any driver’s license, credit card, sports ticket, or even an Xbox 360 disc, and you will see that all of them have holograms embedded in them in an effort to prevent the production of counterfeits, as they are very hard to reproduce correctly. Although holograms, as we’ve always thought of them, are currently beyond our reach, is the idea of a world where hologram projectors are as

common as cell phones (if they were not built into them) not enticing to think about? I interviewed Mrs. Brandt, the Social Studies Department Chair, who also teaches AP Human Geography, on what life would be like if holograms were a common technology today, and what she would use them for. “I know this might sound bad, but the first thing I thought of is using one to watch my kids. That, or to sit in meetings

for me,” Brandt said, laughing. These are interesting ideas, assuming the hologram had a sufficient A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to go with it. “How do you think holograms would change communications on a global scale?” I asked. “Well, I think businesses would definitely feel better connected, in meetings and between staff members,” she replied. “Students definitely couldn’t get away with using them in class!” she added. Senior David Gomez also chimed in as well. “I would use them, if possible, as an information center that would be constantly updated, for things like sports scores, or the stock market, etc.,” he said. So how long until holograms will be a common sight in society? It’s really impossible to tell, it could be 10 to 20 years, or maybe even never, if we cannot find a way around the laws of physics. In the meantime, though, we can enjoy holograms in Science Fiction, and appreciate their value in all of their commercial applications.

Unlocking safety precautions for locker room thefts

By Will Stephan ’13 Staff Writer Throughout the day, students flow in and out of the locker room within a matter of five minutes. Go in, get dressed, put your stuff in your locker and head out to gym class. But, unfortunately, this quick exchange leaves more than enough time for people to steal. This has been a big issue over the past few years. Stealing is most prevalent during gym classes that are between the periods 7 through 11. This is because while one gym class is out exercising, another class comes in to change mid-way through the period. Although most students locks their lockers, this still does not prevent people from stealing. Sometimes, if you are not careful, your lock may not lock all the way and will come undone very easily. Another way kids have stolen from lockers is if a piece of clothing or back pack is sticking out of

What should students to break into them. So, for the locker, it gives the thief just enough leverage to do in order to lower their all you inventors out there, pull hard enough to expose chances of something if you can invent something one’s personal belongings. stolen from their gym better, do it. Patent it. And I interviewed Ms. V, Peter lockers? make millions. There needs Mastandrea, and Officer to be a way to keep Mike Campbell to them locked securely. get more information Before you leave the regarding stealing and locker room, make ways to prevent it. sure your lock is What should students locked safely and that do in order to lower there are no clothes their chances of getting sticking out the sides something stolen from of the locker. their gym lockers? How should Ms. V: I do not think the locker room that any student should situation be changed bring anything of value in order to prevent to the locker room. The stealing? probability of getting Officer Campbell: something stolen is high Even when students use locks, thefts are prevalent in the Glen- First off, do not bring and there is no need to bard West locker room. Photo courtesy of Annie O’Brien. anything of value to Mr. Mastandrea: Students the locker room. Most things risk getting your personal should not bring anything that get stolen are when they belongings robbed. What should the that has value into the gym are not locked up properly consequences of being locker room. If people or left unattended. If you have valuable things, why have gym during the periods caught stealing be? Ms. V: Consequences wouldn’t they make sure 7-11, make sure your stuff is should be severe. For a they are all locked up? especially secure because of What should be changed the classes shuffling through Glenbard West student who has been taught respect in order to minimize mid-way through the period. throughout all their years stealing? Make sure everything is Mr. Mastandrea: Regular locked up securely. The in high school, they should think twice on what they are padlocks have been used for gym teachers patrol and ages, yet people are still able monitor the room as much doing.

as they can in order to make it a safe environment for the students. To conclude, the main thing to do in order to decrease your chances of being stolen from is to NOT bring valuables into the locker. I cannot stress that more! Also, make sure that your lock is securely locked because on occasion, it may seem like it is locked but it is just stuck before it enters the slot where securely fastened. Finally, make sure your backpack and clothes are not sticking out of the locker. If a piece is sticking out, put it back in the locker to minimize the chances of someone being able to pull your belongings out of the locker. Glenbard West has implemented many programs regarding respect, such as the West Way, and it is your duty as a student to do your best to follow these guidelines. Keep your valuables away, lock your stuff to keep your belongings safe.

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Blossoming Bridge Builders, annual garage party By Maddie Lupori ’14 Columnist

Much like a minuscule mustard seed, Bridge Communities started with only two passionate people looking to make a difference. But the organization grew larger, with time, receiving more volunteers, launching new fund-raisers, and forming a group entitled Bridge Builders. This behind the scenes group plans one of the organization’s biggest winter fund-raisers in town, entitled the Garage Party, which is Saturday, January 26 this year. The journey for Bridge Builders founder Stephanie Pierce all began upon receiving a donation form in the mail. Curious about the organization, she checked a box in order to receive more information. Days later, Pierce was called by a Bridge Communities representative and asked about possible involvement in the organization. She said, “I learned more about [Bridge Communities] and they decided that they would really like if I could help them raise more awareness about the organization within Glen Ellyn from my peer group. So that’s what we did.” Eager to lend a helping hand, Pierce gathered five or six of

her closest girlfriends, where they embarked upon a path of fun-filled and meaningful aid, touching local families in need. Their first event was small, but mighty. Held at the Glen Ellyn boat house, event co-chair Deb Ritter said, “This little gettogether consisted of around 75 people who brought wine and raised awareness for the cause.” The group invited friends, and a short presentation was given while munching on appetizers and socializing. Yet, today Bridge Builders has flourished into so much more. Bridge Builders member Carrie Morris explained, “Bridge really needed an auxiliary founded to get the word out to the community to people of our age and our generation that there is a need for money and support for homeless families right here in DuPage County.” From this modest start, Bridge Builders now hosts an annual Garage Party which had over 300 people in attendance last year. This one-of-a-kind event makes a positive impact on those in the Bridge Communities program. “It’s held at Gearhead Garage in town, and it’s a big party,” explains Pierce. “Low pressure and a lot of fun”

Generous donors provide food, drinks, and music, making for an enjoyable night amidst Chicago’s arctic winter. “Bridge then takes all of the money [earned] and uses it toward either purchasing used autos for the families that might not have a car, or helping them to repair cars that are broken down,” said Pierce. “One of the biggest hurdles the families face, once provided with stable housing,” Pierce explained, “is getting to work and school without a functioning vehicle.” While raising funds was not the primary mission of Bridge Builders, the Garage Party brought the community together and rose over $15,000 dollars. Bridge Builders member Barbara Arentsen said, “The most rewarding thing is just seeing the families from when they first enter the program to how they succeed in the program. Seeing them even maybe buying a house at the end of their few years at Bridge, it’s pretty cool to see the way the whole family changes.” Bridge Builders also works to provide the families with supportive services. Carrie Morris, member stated, “We go and baby-sit the children and feed them meals so the mothers

have 30 minutes to take a class on parenting or household finances. Throughout the years we have watched the children grow, develop, and blossom.” While Bridge Communities works to give them a stable home, Bridge Builders assists in providing the necessary skills to sustain their families in the struggles of everyday life. Patricia Lekacz and Kathy Doyle started a Bridge Builders Scholarship program in 2008, hoping to reach a helping hand to even more individuals. Kathy stated, “We started it because there were so many kids that were graduating from high school who were leaving the Bridge program and didn’t really have the support or resources to figure out how to go forward and go to college.” The duo began by aiding students with their college applications, when they came to the realization that Bridge Builders could be offering money to make college dreams a reality. Bridge Builders provides $4,500 in scholarships to five students of active Bridge client families. “We’ve got a very dedicated group of volunteers in Bridge Builders, and they want to see these kids succeed in life,”

scholarship co-chair Patricia Lekacz added. “We believe that offering these scholarships is just one more way we can support them on their journeys.” For those involved in Bridge Builders, the process of growing the program has been rewarding in immeasurable ways. Carrie Morris described how directly effecting the families was enjoyable because “They are people like you and I. They are very much look like us. The face of homelessness looks like us. It’s been really rewarding seeing them get on their feet and be independent.” Bridge Builders was initially a just a small mustard seed. Planted with intentions to grow awareness, the dedicated group has blossomed into much more. With the development of fundraisers, events, and scholarships, the impact of this plant can now be seen from all across the community. Starting with just a small amount of hope, the outcome has been remarkable. The community has seen how impactful Bridge Builders has been on local people in need. As Bridge Builder Kathy Doyle said, “It’s such a great program and we have the chance to do so much good.”

fully experienced what it was like to be homeless for a night.” The event has inspired many, and according to Bridge Communities, is a safe and incredible experience. “The entertainment and music was amazing last year and should be even better this November,” Jackie Hermez, choir and former participant says. The School of Performing Arts gives an unforgettable performance each year,

and the parking lot was filled with music provided by Sounds Abound Entertainment, and 101.9 The Mix radio station. Giving off a fun and energetic atmosphere for newcomers and returners. Mrs. Page, long time volunteer, says, “So much of bridge comes from donations. Sleep Out Saturday gives people a chance to sponsor you so that they can raise money. They will sleep in a cardboard box, a car, or maybe even a tent. All that

matters is that they are sleeping where the homeless would, meaning not under a roof.” According to the Bridge Communities website, guests will participate in ‘team-building’ games. As well as have one-on-one time to converse with families who were once homeless or who are still going through the process. Sleep Out Saturday is a very emotional non-profit fund-raising event that gives participants a chance to have empathy for those struggling with homelessness. An anonymous 13 year old participant expresses their opinion on how the event affected them on “People can b e c o m e homeless in a matter of days, so we need to give thanks for what we have a n d

not ask for things we don’t need.” Another guest, 8 years old, says, “The homeless have to do this every day, starve for food, begging for coins. I will do this next year and my goal is to raise enough money for 8 families.” According to the same website. No matter what the age, the event has proven to be a great success that is continuing to grow. Matthew Hirsh talked about his experience online as well, saying how he has gone to four years of Sleep Out Saturday and each year they change a little something. But one thing that stays consistent is starting off with an activity, and leading into a speaker. Another way to find out more information is through The Sleep Out Saturday Newsroom. This allows readers to explore deeper into the event and explain more about how it has made a great impact on the transitional housing services. Last years event raised more than $130,000 for families in the program by only making a $35 donation for one night of housing. T h i s fund-raiser has affected thousands and continues to bring our community together each year.

Sleep Out Saturday: wake-up call about homeless By Chandler Moritz ’13 Staff writer

The smell of burnt Autumn leaves is a sign to the Glen Ellyn Bridge Communities that their annual Sleep Out Saturday is around the corner. “We are in our ninth year,” Mark Milligan, founder says. “Someone told me about a sleep out in Minnesota and we later adopted it as our signature program.” On November

3rd, the residents in Dupage County, which according to Bridge Communities, includes 1,500 people, will come together and ask Chicago residents to help in supporting the homeless. The rally takes place on 505 Crescent Blvd. in Glen Ellyn. “People in the area go around and get sponsorships from others to help support the cause,” Mark says. “It’s a great way to get involved and benefit the community.” Participants who fund raise for the Sleep Out have collected anywhere from $25 to $200, just depending on the generosity of their sponsor. Grace Walker, former Sleep Out Saturday participant, explains, “I never really realized how lucky I was until I

Photos courtesy of First Pres. Church, Glen Ellyn

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Technology is evil: The end to playing outside By Brendan Byrne ’13 Staff Writer

In the old days, children would play outside from the time they woke up until the time their mothers hollered their names to let them know it was time for dinner. In this era, mothers still call their children for dinner; however, instead of walking away from a game of kick-the-can or hopscotch, kids walk away from a computer or an XBOX. Gone are the days of pickup baseball games, red rover, marbles, and even jump rope. The invention of the computer has ushered in the technology age, and, unfortunately, has ultimately killed outside games. Streets, parks, and backyards have gone silent. The technology age has been a detriment to children. New generations are becoming less independent and more introverted, as they focus on technology more than anything. Playing outside is a much better alternative to playing with technology, as it has numerous benefits. According to the Chesapeake Bay

Foundation, children technology more often. going outside. Predators do spend more than six hours “Unstructured playtime, exist and are out there, but a day in front of either a especially outdoors, is one are unlikely to prey on a computer or a television, of the most valuable gifts group of children playing. while spending less than we can give our children. There’s safety in numbers, four minutes outside in Not only does it give them and if children are playing unstructured play. the physical activity they games outside, then it Unfortunately, children need, but they learn social would almost always be aren’t learning social skills. skills and life lessons that in a group. Parents could It’s an age of texting and email, rather than face-to-face communication. This makes children shy and timid when faced with the task of speaking to others, and thus, the new generations are becoming more and more introverted. H o w e v e r , b e c o m i n g introverted isn’t Get off the couch and look around you! Spend time outside. Picture drawn by Erin Delany ’16. the only drawback to may later serve them well also go with their kids and the technology age. Not in a board room,” said supervise play areas. spending time outside Koop. There are fewer parks, but greatly increases risk of Many parents would children do not have to play symptoms of ADHD and argue that times are in parks. Outside games depression, according different, that there are are designed to be simple to the Natural Wildlife more predators these days games that need very little. Foundation. Also, and that there are simply Dr. Koop recalled, “We childhood obesity has fewer places to play. Public played [tag] by climbing doubled in the past two funding for parks has gone up fire escapes and that decades. down drastically since the way we could have one Dr. C. Everett Koop, 1980s. game going on, but with former Surgeon General, Times are different. kids on all different levels believes that children However, that shouldn’t of a building. We played should be away from prevent children from on rooftops constantly,

utilizing every space we were able to find.” According to the National Wildlife Foundation, spending time outside can raise Vitamin D levels, which can help prevent heart disease, bone problems, and diabetes later in life. Playing outside can also decrease anxiety and stress. Children should be outside more; not only can they escape the problems associated with spending so much time using technology, but they can also experience the benefits of being outside so much. The technology age can’t be reversed. It’s up to the children to decide to play outside more. They should be made aware of the issues that come with technology. Dr. Koop notices that, “Culturally and morally, street games are so important for our children -- they put kids in situations where they have to put up with others and settle their differences. The lessons you learn playing street games stick with you your entire life and develop character traits that are essential to becoming an adult.

Sudoku: where do you stand? Beginner



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2012-2013 Editorial Staff Emily Molloy ’13 Samantha Moriarty ’13 Editors-in-Chief John Bleed ’13 Assistant Editor-in-Chief Annie O’Brien ’13 Features Editor Maddie Lupori ’14 Entertainment Editor Kathleen Caffrey ’13 Centerspread Editor

Prescription drugs the key to success? Think again. By Samantha Moriarty’13 Editor-in-chief The ACT, SAT, and finals: tests that can alter the course of your future. Sitting in a desk, staring at those bubbled letters for hours on end is intimidating and boring, causing you to search for any distraction you can possibly find. In today’s multitasking, techsavvy world, it h a s

Elliott Murphy ’14 Sports Editor Steven Hanna ’15 Staff Photographer Design Editor

become extremely easy for teens to stray away from their assignment or test and day dream. But just because you have a difficult time staying attentive during these impacting standardized tests, does not necessarily mean that you have ADHD (AttentionDeficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), and it certainly doesn’t mean you have to take medication. Recently, in some schools, students who are not diagnosed with ADHD, nor have a prescription, have b e e n

Kate Marxkors ’14 Design Editor Louise Simpson ’13 Frances Smith ’13 Abby Quaid ’13 Oswah Assaf ’14 Erik Barillari ’14 Gabriella Bower ’14 Madison Chandler ’14 Alex Levin ’14 Alec Lukins ’14 Zach Myers’14 Lauren Crowe ’15 Genevieve Kristofek ’15 Corinne Loftus ’13 Emily Asselmeier ’16 Michaela Hrbacek ’14 Erin Delany ’16 Claire Deasy ’15 Milca Krstic ’13 Page Editors

Ms. Mohr Mrs. Slowinski Faculty Advisers The Glen Bard is published eight times a year by the students, for the students. The mission of The Glen Bard is to provide a public forum to inform, fairly convey issues and to entertain. All members of the Glenbard West community are invited to submit articles, cartoons or opinions. Letters to the editor, signed and less than 300 words, are subject to editing without changing the content. Each month, The Glen Bard takes on a topic in its unsigned editorial. This editorial represents the majority opinion of The Glen Bard’s editorial board.

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taking Adderall in hopes of an “edge” on standardized tests. Students ignorantly conclude that if this drug helps kids diagnosed with being excessively distracted focus, than those without ADHD could be extremely focused. While Adderall helps kids with ADHD reach a normal stimulation of amphetamine and extroamphetamine, normal levels in people who shouldn’t take Adderal become over stimulated . This over-stimulation “can be habit-forming” and “fatal” According to the Livestrong Foundation, some of the side effects of using Adderall if you don’t have ADHD include seizures, irregular heartbeat, cardiovascular failure,

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dangerously high body temperatures, and high blood pressure. There is also a possibility of drug dependence with the usage of Aderall. Dopamine levels can increase. Some drugs block the dopamine reuptake process and replace it with amphetamine. This could lead to increased drug usage to reach the previous levels od dopamine. Eventually there is none left for the body to use and the drug abuser develops a reliance on it. Adderall is just like any other drug, if your body does not need it to function normally, than it can physically and mentally harm you, and there is the risk of becoming dependent on it.

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Education stimulates the empowerment of women By Emily Molloy ’13 Editor-in-chief The summer going into sophomore year, I picked up the book Three Cups of Tea. While the author, Greg Mortensen, was later caught for lying about details concerning his account, the issue at hand was completely real. Children living in villages deep within the Karakoram Mountains in Pakistan had no standing school structure or supplies for learning; they drew lessons in the dirt with sticks. While this reality was harrowing enough, I was even more disturbed by the complete denial of an education to many young girls living in the villages. Any attempt to provide the young women with basic schooling was sometimes met with violence from a fundamentalist group of local villagers, fighting to prevent girls from going to a school that was insufficient to support even its male students. Without an education, the girls would soon be married off at appallingly young ages and

begin to have children, often during their teenage years. Worst of all, the same people who succeeded in denying these girls basic schooling would become their new families, husbands who would teach their wives to be completely subordinate. Photos of girls with missing noses and burnt faces haunted my vision. Without an education, women are unaware of their bodies and how to protect them against s e x u a l violence that is prevalent both in households as well as in brothels all over the world. Forced prostitution and sex trafficking have trapped women and girls as young as three years old, scarring them with mental trauma as well as physical ailments. Women hold the scars of violent clients and brothel owners lives and within their bodies are viruses

from unprotected sex. Women who have entered arranged marriages have just as little control. Unable to choose who they wish to marry, they are also forced to bear as many children as the husband wishes. Women who begin to have children early and quite often are at the highest risk of severe infection or bleeding that leads to death. Education allows women to try to escape this fate. Knowledge p r o v i d e s disheartened and abused women with opportunities outside of the struggles they have been living with for most of their lives. Organizations that have acknowledged these hardships have helped enfranchise women by rewarding them with money for perfect school attendance or the means to start their own small businesses to support their families. Women will be able to choose who they marry, when to start a family, and whether or

“Forced sex trafficking and prostitution have trapped women and girls as young as three years old.”

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not they wish to pursue a career. Education inequality was my eye-opener to the global and all-encompassing struggles of women. World-wide, one in five girls eligible to go to primary school is not enrolled. Without the necessary means of traveling to a school possibly miles away, or restricted by family members hoping to save meager amounts of money, young girls are unable to harness their true potential. Restrictions based on religious extremism and sexism cripple our world by depriving our future generations of powerful leaders and thinkers. Women who are trapped in violent homes or brothels or have been subjected to despicable forms of abuse can be saved. Rather than abusing and minimizing half of the world’s population, we must do everything in our power to uplift the amazing women who have been forced down. Empowering women with the knowledge to improve their lives, will enrich the world with potential.

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Living too strong: Lance Armstrong

By Zach Myers ’14 Sports Columnist

Lance faced his final blow: he is banned from cycling for life and stripped of his seven After Lance Armstrong Tour de France titles. battled and defeated Armstrong began his testicular cancer and beat journey to become an idolized hundreds of cyclists en route figure by his battle with to seven Tour De France testicular cancer. He victories, he now faces a new began chemotherapy challenge to live through: his with doctors predicting downfall from the doping he only had a forty scandal. percent chance to On October 10, a survive. He was brave report from the USADA and fought the cancer, stated that Armstrong but it left him without was involved in one of health insurance and the “most sophisticated, unemployed after his professionalized and cycling team dropped successful doping his contract. programmed sport has ever After the therapy, seen.” Armstrong had little His collapse soon muscle mass and progressed as he lost struggled even to get sponsorships such as Nike up the smallest hills. and Radioshack and stepped But in just a few years he down as chairman of his own was able to recover from company, the Livestrong the cancer and exhibit his Foundation. complete dominance over Then on October 22, the sport of cycling. Since

his recovery, he won seven Tour de France races. After his victories he founded the Livestrong Foundation. This foundation raises money and supports anyone who

By Alec Luckins ’14 Columnist

the Heat are the two favorites to make it to the NBA Finals. The West could turn out very surprising, despite what people may think. Obviously, at the top, the Thunder and the Lakers. The Thunder is the

is fighting cancer. Now all of his positive work could possibly be overshadowed by the doping case. On August 11th 2005,

Armstrong testified under oath that he had not taken any drugs to boost his performance in races. At the time of his testimony, he was at the height of his career, and Armstrong was considered one of the greatest cyclists of all time. Seven years since, Armstrong has found himself in a predicament. He once said that if anyone found that he had taken any drugs that enhanced his ability, he would lose many of his sponsors and the people who cared for him would lose all their trust for him, even cancer survivors. After passing drug tests and being criticized for doping by his teammates and other cyclists

in earlier years, Armstrong was caught red-handed as soon as the various scientific data and tests were released. His legacy was crushed Now after the initial shock of Lance Armstrong’s doping issue passes, what is next for the hall of fame cyclist? Lance Armstrong has rode along the highest peaks in France and then cycled through the lowest valleys of the world. This reflects on his life as he reached the ultimate goal of a cyclist, winning the Tour de France. Armstrong has also been through very rough times in his life in his battle with cancer, but has overcome these challenges. Now, will his legacy be preserved as one of history’s greatest athletes and a hero to numerous cancer patients? Or will he be remembered as a cheater?

huge egos combined on one team in L.A. and if they can’t play together, the Lakers have a problem. The Lakers also have no bench players, which means the starters must carry the team. After an 82 game season, their starters will be exhausted come playoff time. For the Lakers to compete, they must get huge production from Dwight Howard and their bench must step up. After those two teams, rests a whole heap of good teams including the Spurs, Clippers, Nuggets, and Timberwolves (that’s right I said Timberwolves). The Spurs are getting old, but have excellent bench and role players, and probably the best coach in the NBA. If Popovich can manage his starters’ minutes, look for the Spurs to compete in the West. The Clippers are loaded. Their starting lineup was great last year and with the addition of Jamal Crawford off the

bench, the Clippers have the makings of championship team. The Nuggets are a very young team, with possibly one of the most underrated players in the league in Andre Igoudala. With Ty Lawson at point and Igoudala at forward the Nuggets will easily make the playoffs. Finally, the Timberwolves. Yes, the Timberwolves. Not many people are talking about them, but they have quietly put together a very talented team. The Timberwolves have some very talented stars in Kevin Love and Derrick Williams. They also have some great guards including Ricky Rubio, Alexey Shved, JJ Barea, and Luke Ridnour. Minnesota signed veterans Andrei Kirlenko and Brandon Roy who could make a huge difference in the playoffs. The Timberwolves have a good starting lineup and plenty of talented players to come off the bench. Don’t be surprised if you see the Minnesota Timberwolves in the NBA Finals. It will definitely make for an exciting NBA season.

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2012 NBA season preview

Basketball season is underway, and it’s time to look at the teams that could be competing for the coveted Larry O’Brien Trophy. There was a lot of shake-up over the offseason. The two year Dwight Howard saga finally ended with him being traded to the Lakers, who also signed Steve Nash. The Nets moved to Brooklyn and trade for Joe Johnson of the Hawks. Ray Allen signed with Miami Heat adding another star to an already stellar roster. And just before the season started the Oklahoma City Thunder traded James Harden to the Rockets for Kevin Martin. The question is, however, will these moves pay off? In the Eastern Conference, the definite favorite is the Miami Heat. As the defending champions, they have a stacked roster with the additions of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis. Allen gives them a big scorer from the perimeter. After the Heat, the East is a very close contest. The Bulls will be very good this year. They brought in Nate

Robinson and Kirk Hinrich to help fill the void left by injured Derrick Rose. Once Rose returns, look for the Bulls to become very competitive, and possibly make it to the Finals. The Boston Celtics are always a safe bet to make the playoffs, but they could barely get in this year with the loss of Allen combined with their age. The Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers are two very young teams that played well in the playoffs last year. Look for both of these teams to make the playoffs and improve upon last season’s end. Finally, the teams of New York are both primed to make a go at the Finals. The Knicks will have their first full season with Melo and Stoudemire. They also signed Jason Kidd to be their point guard after trading Jeremy Lin to the Rockets. The Nets have a new look and a new arena. The backcourt of Johnson and Williams is one of the best in the league, and look for the Nets to compete in the East. However, the Bulls and

defending Western Conference Champions, but could get some serious competition from the Lakers. With the additions of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, many are saying the Lakers are no doubt going to win the championship. However, there are a lot of

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