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Glass Transportation

By The Glass Racking Company focusing on the glass and window industries, we understand our customers needs. We have developed an extensive suite of industry specific products. They are supported by processes and procedures to ensure that the benefit gained from investment in our solutions is maximised.

10.3m 8 Wheel Glass Transporter Our glass transporters span from large to small

3m Glass Trailer

Our customer and industry relationships are vital to the ongoing development and improvement of our products. For this reason The Glass Racking Company is very customer focused through both our direct customer relationships and also via our network of service companies. Many of our solutions are tailored for specific customers. The Glass Racking Company owns aluminum, plastic and rubber dies which provide components designed specifically for the glass and window industries. Our solutions built using these components have features not available through off the shelf componentry.

1.8m x 2.9m Glass Van Rack

Utility Rack

4.5m Open Delivery Truck

Glass Van racks for Ford, Toyota, Mazda and other brands. Options for single side, double side and internal racks. We also offer a full height adjustable option.

Ute racks for all tray lengths and complete racks for all major brands. Options for single and double racks to suit your glass volume and weight requirements.

Lightweight cab-over trucks to maximise glass load capacity. Large items on external racks, bulk storage of smaller items on internal racks.


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Transport Trolley System

The Glass Racking Company solutions are built with features to suit the industry’s that use them, like : 1. Lightweight racks utilising T6 extruded aluminium to reduce vehicle weight, maximise payload, minimise fuel usage, and have both strength and longevity.

1.1m x 0.9m

2m x 1.2 m

2. Mild steel componentry, either pre-galvanised or hot dip galvanised, for longevity and image. 3. Safety conscious designs like safety arms on all factory trolleys, sprung pole glass securing systems on all vehicles, and purpose built load securing systems for all Transport Trolley vehicles. 4. Protection of the glass through extensive use of polymers to avoid hard surfaces touching the product. All transport systems are designed and built to avoid movement, transit rub and glass damage.

2m x 1.9m


Factory Handling Trolleys

Concertina rack systems

Tooth Storage System

Cutting Tables

Lightweight Crane System

Storage systems including concertina and swing racks to reduce floor space requirements and reduce access times.

Innovative Double glaze factory handling solutions to reduce damage and speed access to specific units.

Cutting and Transfer tables for stock sheets or to meet your needs, with air, tilt, breaker bars and freefalls.

Lightweight overhead rail crane systems for lifting between machinery, storage and trolleys.


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Glass Handling Solutions

The Glass Racking Company Transport Trolley system uses glass transport trolleys with a similar glass retention system to that used on our vehicles. This is quick to operate and very safe. Trolleys are loaded onto specially designed vehicles with container lockdowns for quick and safe securing of the trolleys. The Glass Racking Company has an extensive range of Factory Handling Trolleys to meet the varying needs of glass and window factories. All have quality castors, hot dip galvanised finish, safety securing arms, and a strong steel structure. These are quality designed and manufactured factory tools for your business.