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Paul Sprouse Project 2 Move In Week Poster I chose to create a poster for my project two assignment. I thought that the poster would send a stronger message to support this event. The even I chose is Move in Week. This is the week before school starts in the fall. During this week all of the campus residents move in to their dorms. The Zip Support Center has tents set up in different parts of campus to assist new students with computer issues. The most common issues these new students face are wireless setups and password resets. The Zip Support Center will also come to a student’s dorm room and help them set up a desktop computer or connect a printer if requested. This is a great opportunity for new students to get all of their technical needs handled before classes begin. I chose to keep a blue and yellow theme again to represent the school colors and to keep my logo congruent. This also has to do with my target publics. For this event the target publics are the students moving on campus during this event. Because these people are the most affected by this event, I chose to keep the colors in the same University of Akron color scheme to make it more school spirited and show pride in the school and school colors. I feel that this helps welcome the students. I thought the background added good contrast to the foreground and still kept the overall color scheme. I felt like this background was a strong piece to pull the whole poster together. I chose to make my headline the focal point so all students moving in would recognize that this applies to them during this event. The posters would be hung up behind the check-in desk for the move in services, located in Rob’s Dining Hall as well as at the doors to the dormitories. This would allow the poster to affect the most people at once. These are places on campus where all new students would have to go and therefore will have to see this information.



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