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Fancy a fizz? As well as a huge choice of gin we have prosecco and delicious prosecco cocktails with a range of unusual fruit gins and other flavours to tempt you.

Meet the experts At every festival we’ll be joined by a variety of distillers from all over the UK. These very important people will be offering you a taste of their gin and if you want to learn more they’ll be hosting masterclasses when they’ll tell their stories and maybe reveal a few secrets along the way. Pictured are Gin Society regulars, the lovely Jen and Seb from Manchester Gin.

Legendary Libation Delve deeper into the murky history of your favourite tipple with our resident expert, who’ll be offering some fiendish facts, and, just possibly, a few fibs about the less-sophisticated past of this elegant beverage. Be warned, these tales of dastardly characters and dirty deeds are not for the faint-hearted - you might even need another G & T to calm yourself!

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Menu Food at our festivals varies from venue to venue so please check for details on arrival. At many events we are pleased to team up with the fabulous Forty3 catering, bringing a delicious range of food, from tasty bites to street food.

The Gin Society is all about the best way to enjoy gin so the music we play is key to your experience. At our festivals, we’re delighted to be working with two of the best in the business. A Train Swing, headed up by the dapper Windy, playing you sophisticated sounds, and fresh from the speakeasy, Dr Sid, spicing things up with a touch of Jazz and Blues. Look out for special guests or sometimes there’s even some dancing – you might even learn a few moves from our experts.

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Fentimans have been making natural botanical drinks for over 100 years. Our artisanal drinks are brewed for seven days using the time-honoured botanical brewing process. The result is a superior drink that tastes simply delicious. PINK GRAPEFRUIT TONIC WATER


Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water has a complex combination of distinctive lemongrass, heady juniper berry and invigorating kaffir lime. The uplifting orris root, sharp and aromatic quinine awakens the palate, followed by the unmistakable sharpness of grapefruit that is so fresh, it tastes like it’s just been freshly sliced from the fruit.

The inspiration for our new Connoisseurs Tonic came from a request from a master distiller, who wanted a tonic that would complement, and not conceal, the subtle botanical flavours used in gin. Our new Connoisseurs Tonic Water is delicately infused with natural botanicals. The result is a clean and refreshing tonic that enhances the delicate flavours of the world’s best gins.



Made using beautifully sweet Valencian oranges, and infused with lemon thyme, it also combines a blend of kaffir lime leaves and juniper herbal infusions, perfectly rounded with a hint of quinine, for a refreshing and aromatic tonic water.

The world’s first botanically brewed light tonic water is made using a recipe based on Fentimans Tonic Water and maintains a refreshing and distinctive citrus flavour but with 30% fewer calories.



Made with pure Rose oil from the worldfamous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria and the juice of real lemons. Paired with Gin this delivers a beautifully refreshing drink with a unique floral aroma.

Described by The Daily Telegraph as “The adult ginger ale” it has a distinctive but light ginger taste with the addition of orange and herbal infusions of Galangal and Cinnamon giving it a fullness of flavour.


5th Fire – Red Fruits (Spain)

Boutique-y- Cherry (England)

Infused with red fruits, blackberry, blueberry, currant and strawberry, this is a sweet and silky gin that’s ideal for those seeking a pleasantly fruity taste and fragrance. Recommended with: blueberries and strawberry.

Made using a combination of sweet and sour marasca cherries subtly accented with orange, cinnamon, clove and vanilla, this is the perfect cross between a cherry brandy and a sloe gin Recommended with: mint.

Bakewell Cherry & Almond Gin (England) Infused with just six botanicals, this is an aromatic craft gin with classic notes of juniper alongside cubeb, cardamom, hibiscus flowers and, of course, cherry and almond. Recommended with: lime.

Batch – Whinberry (England) Native UK bilberries, known in Burnley and the surrounding area as ‘whinberries’, are steeped in premium gin and aged in barrels to make this 40% ABV fruit-infused gin made with over 12 Botanicals and only a tiny touch of sugar. Recommended with: lime and Ginger Ale.

Boodles - Mulberry (England) Combining delicate mulberries with notes of raspberry and currant for a sweet, subtle taste, while other botanicals such as rosemary, nutmeg and sage, help create an excellent balance and complexity of flavour. Recommended with: mint and strawberry.

Boutique-y – Pineapple (England) Imagine whole pineapples roasted with Demerara sugar until caramelised. Add this sweet, zesty and toasty mixture to some gin and the result is this fantastic tipple by That Boutique-y Gin Company. Recommended with: ice and tonic only.

Braemble Gin Liqueur (England) Made with a combination of London Dry Gin and Scottish brambles that are slowly reduced to a syrupy essence, this liqueur has a rounded dark berry richness with a peppery juniper taste. Recommended with: lime and Ginger Ale.

Buss No.509 Elderflower (Belgium) Belgian brand Buss No. 509 created a new powerhouse with this elderflower gin, which is both fragrant and elegant with its purple hue. A sweet, fresh and floral-tasting gin. Recommended with: cardamom.

Buss No. 509 - Peach (Belgium)

Faith & Sons – Coffee (England)

A delicious combination of fresh Persian peaches along with botanicals including juniper, orange, lemon and vanilla. Guaranteed to add a fruity twist to your G&T. Recommended with: mint.

Coffee and Gin? Yes, please! Organic green coffee beans are roasted and cold-pressed to remove excess bitterness and acidity, creating a delicious chocolatey coffee with a kick of peppery juniper tipple. 100% Organic Gin Soil Association Certified. Recommended with: orange

Buss No. 509 - Raspberry (Belgium) A colourful and smooth introduction to the world of gin. From the rosy hue you might expect it to be overly sweet, but the fresh raspberries are very well balanced alongside the juniper and assortment of other herbs, spices and citrus flavours. This gin is hand made and contains no additives. Recommended with: mint and strawberry.

Faith & Sons – Mango (England) A new addition to Faith & Sons ultra premium range, this fantastically sweet a fruity Mango Gin is exquisitely more-ish. Recommended with: tonic and ice.

Gin 13 – Raspberry (Portugal) Edinburgh – Plum & Vanilla (Scotland) Juicy Scottish plums are macerated with Madagascan vanilla and then infused with award-winning Edinburgh Gin, creating this luscious, velvety liqueur with hints of almond and a creamy vanilla finish. Recommended with: Rose Lemonade for a dessert like drink!

This fruity Portuguese gin is made with a selection of 13 botanicals including almond, jasmine, black tea and a juicy core of raspberries. On the palate there’s fresh raspberry and orange, balanced with ginger and touches of green tea. Recommended with: juniper berries and strawberry.

Ish – Limed (England) Edinburgh – Pomegranate & Rose (Scotland) Inspired by the Orient, this lavish liqueur is created by blending red pomegranate seeds and damask rose petals with the classic Edinburgh Gin for a sweet floral aroma and fruity taste. Recommended with: tonic and ice.

Boldly irreverent, this gin has nine botanicals - juniper berries, coriander seed, angelica root, lemon and orange peel, lime powder, ginger, bay leaves and orris, macerated for 24 hours. The mixture is then distilled five times to release the flavour of each individual botanical. Recommended with: rosemary.

Edinburgh – Rhubarb & Ginger (Scotland)

Malfy (Italy)

Acquiring its pale pink hue from the tangy rhubarb macerated in ginger and lemon zest before being infused with the original Edinburgh Gin, this warming liqueur is deliciously sweet, zesty and spicy. Recommended with: lemon, or try with Ginger Ale.

Distilled with juniper, lemons from the Italian coast and five other botanicals including coriander, angelica and cassia bark, this gin has a strong lemon taste. Delicious and refreshing, just like limoncello without the sugar. Recommended with: lemon or grapefruit.

Marula – Pomegranate (Belgium)

Saffron Gin (France)

Made with a botanical selection that includes the fruit of the marula tree in Africa, alongside rose, lavender and orange, plus the notable addition of pomegranate. This extra botanical brings a burst of fresh fruit sweetness to the flavour profile. Recommended with: juniper berries.

A French classic gin by Gabriel Boudier. On the nose juniper and coriander are the first botanicals to stand out, leaving the saffron to emerge later. Recommended with: orange.

Masons - Lavender (England) Lavender doesn’t overpower the sweet and spicy base spirit in this gorgeously light, sweet and extremely summery Yorkshire surprise. Recommended with: lime.

Sharish – Apple (Portugal) Made with a selection of botanicals grown by the distillers themselves, including oranges, lemons and apples. Other botanicals in the mix include juniper, vanilla, cinnamon, clove, coriander and lemon verbena. Interestingly, the base spirit for Sharish is made with a mixture of molasses, rice and wheat. Recommended with: lime.

Mombasa Club – Strawberry (England) Triple-distilled for delicate smoothness before being infused with strawberries and other red fruits. The result is a sweet, juicy gin with rich aromas and a bold fruity taste. Recommended with: strawberry.

Skully – Tangerine Twist (Holland) A blast of flavour and character, this gin delights in exotic botanicals like yuzu, Szechuan pepper and bitter Chinese mandarin, with a compelling, refreshing and well balanced finish. Recommended with: juniper berries and orange.

Nelson’s – Rhubarb & Custard (England) Nelson’s original London Dry, which includes lemongrass, kaffir-lime leaves and cinnamon, is infused with vanilla and natural rhubarb essence for a new, sweet and smooth tasting gin. Recommended with: tonic and ice.

Slingsby – Rhubarb (England) Limited edition, flavoured gin from Yorkshire made with local botanicals. Tart rhubarb, summer berries, citrus and gentle spice gently caress the palate. Recommended with: blueberries.

Puerto de Indias - Strawberry (Spain)

Steampunk – Rose Scented (England)

A naturally pink gin made with fresh strawberries at Seville’s oldest distillery. At 37.5% strength, this is a soft and delicate spirit with a light juniper taste and a subtle strawberry flavour. Recommended with: strawberry and mint.

At 20% ABV this is not technically a gin, but rather a smooth and beautifully floral drink. With a careful balance of flavours, the taste of the rose is strong yet delicate. Recommended with: mint

Sacred – Cardamom (England)

Steampunk Florence – Violet Scented (England)

Made with organic green cardamom pods from Guatemala, this gin produces an exuberant spicy taste supported by classic juniper notes. Recommended with: pink grapefruit and cardamom.

Florence was the first scented gin from the Northumberland Gin Co., named after its first still. A florally-flavoured spirit packed with sweet, fragrant notes. Recommended with: blueberries

Tarquins – Blackberry (England)

William Chase – Seville Orange (England)

Made at the Southwestern Distillery, this gin combines delicious British blackberries with Cornish wildflower honey, resulting in a fruity spirit that still has the classic juniper flavour. Recommended with: mint.

This bespoke gin recipe uses raw oranges rather than marmalade and is infused with eight botanicals, including elderflower and bitter almond. Recommended with: Mediterranean Orange Tonic.

Zymurgorium – Extra Gooseberry (England) Warner Edwards – Honeybee (England) Created with an infusion of locally-sourced honey, including honey from their very own hives on their farm, this is a floral and zesty gin with a long, lingering and gently sweet finish. Other botanicals include a trio of citrus peel (grapefruit, orange and lemon), elderflower, hibiscus, cinnamon and cardamom. Recommended with: lemon.

Whitley Neill – Quince (England) Inspired by the travels of the Neill family through Persia in the 1900s, this is a smooth and sweet gin made with real quince juice. It has distinctive pear, sour apple and quince notes, along with hints of juniper. Recommended with: orange and mint.

A unique zingy liqueur made in Manchester. The “Extra” stands for the increased amount of fresh Cheshire Gooseberries releasing a refined and refreshing tartness. Recommended with: tonic and ice only.

Zymurgorium – Marmalade (England) An adult update on a breakfast classic, this gin is an amazing sensory experience. Uniquely made from a honey wine base and using over twenty botanicals in its recipe, it includes marmalade from traditional Manchester producer Duerr’s. The result is a sweet and tangy citrus feast with a vanilla finish. Recommended with: orange.

Zymurgorium – Sweet Violet (England)

A handcrafted gin inspired by the glory of the English country garden. The essence of rhubarb adds a tart crisp edge, whilst the ginger extract warms the palate for a fullbodied finish. Recommended with: rosemary.

Think Parma Violets! With a deliciously sweet taste and strong aromas, this liqueur is refined with over 20 other botanicals. Great in a G&T or even drizzled over dessert. Fun fact, in Greek mythology Zeus turned his mortal lover into a cow to save her from his wife Hera’s wrath. As a love token he placed violets in the meadows wherever she walked. Recommended with: tonic and ice only.

William Chase – Pink Grapefruit (England)

Zymurgorium – Turkish Delight (England)

A floral and zesty hymn to pink grapefruit. On the palate, a tartness hits your tongue first, followed by a juicy kick of grapefruit peel. Subtle hints of juniper round out the flavour. Recommended with: rosemary and grapefruit or try with Pink Grapefruit Tonic.

This gin-based liqueur features the aromatic, fragrant flavours of Turkish Delight with floral notes of rose petals, light juniper and a touch of mint. With a clean and crisp aftertaste, this is a must for those looking for something different. Recommended with: Ginger Ale.

Whitley Neill - Rhubarb & and Ginger (England)


It’s always “Cocktail Hour” for the Gin Society, especially when we find ourselves mixing with sophisticated folk like you. Our fabulous fizzing prosecco cocktails are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. They’re just perfect if you’re celebrating - or even if you’re not. The Gin Society never stands still and this Autumn we will be introducing some exciting new prosecco-based cocktails, making their appearance alongside our line-up of Gin Society classics. Designed and created for you by our resident mixologist, we’re sure you’ll love what we’ve added to our menu. Need advice? Our designated professionals will be on hand to ensure you get the perfect serve.

THE COCKTAIL In the 20th century, the cocktail was embraced by the rich and famous. Many filmstars, writers, artists, tycoons and poets were aficionados and prided themselves on their inventions. Perhaps the most potent concoction was El Definitivo, a lethal brew served up by writer, adventurer and legendary drinker Ernest Hemingway, specially designed to outwit his gambling opponents. One part vodka, one part gin, one part tequila, one part rum, one part whisky, two parts tomato juice and one part fresh lime. Add ice, stir and serve… Not recommended or ever served by The Gin Society! At home we prefer to sip one of his other favourites, the iconic Italian Negroni, and it couldn’t be easier. Mix one part gin with one part Vermouth Rosso, and one part Campari. Add ice, stir and garnish with orange peel.


5th Earth – Citric (Spain)

Aviation (USA)

Infused with orange, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit peel. No citric acid is present so the tonic maintains its fizz. Powerfully acidic on the palate, with a sweet tangerine aftertaste. Recommended with: orange.

The perfect example of the new category of dry gins that shift away from an overabundance of juniper. Exploring the rich, floral and savoury notes of lavender, cardamom, and sarsaparilla, this gin captures the lushness, spice, creativity, and freshness of the Pacific North West. Recommended with: rosemary and cardamom.

5th Water – Floral (Spain) The floral and mildly spicy aroma is created by an infusion of rose and violet petals with a mixture of spices. Soft floral notes of juniper and coriander linger on the palate. Recommended with: juniper berries or try with Rose Lemonade.

Akori (Spain) A Japanese-inspired gin made with rice-based spirit, juniper and botanicals, such as kumquat, dragon fruit, citrus and ginger. The final product is an exotic distillate with fruity and citrus notes. Recommended with: orange.

Alkkemist (Spain) Distilled only 12 times a year by the light of the full moon, this triple-distilled grain spirit has 21 botanicals including Muscat grape, citrus peel, rose petals, samphire and fennel. Recommended with: lemon or try with Rose Lemonade.

Berliner (Germany) Inspired by a vision of creating a gin to embody the spirit of Berlin, each sip is like a walk through the city’s sunniest days. With botanicals like juniper, elderflower, woodruff and sweet blossom, it’s light on the nose, sweet with honey on the palate, with a warm spicy finish. Recommended with: mint.

Bertha’s Revenge Milk Gin (Ireland) Named after Bertha, a Guinness World Record-holding Droimeann cow, this gin uses whey alcohol as its base, giving it a creamy quality. A particularly spicy gin, with cardamom and citrus notes on the nose and palate. Recommended with: orange.

Blind Tiger Imperial Secrets (Belgium)

Dictador Ortodoxy (Colombia)

An aromatic and smooth gin containing three different types of black tea. Citrus, coriander and lemongrass are backed on the palate by warming tea and bitter almonds. Recommended with: Tonic and ice only or try with Ginger Ale instead of Tonic.

Dictador Rum’s former president, Dario Parra, visited the UK, where he decided that Gin was God’s drink and immediately set about creating his own. The recipe is glorious, rich with juniper, Colombian berries, spices, angelica and mint notes. True to its roots, this gin is aged in used rum barrels after distillation. Recommended with: lime.

Bluecoat (USA) A revolutionary spirit from Philadelphia Distilling that leads with sweet aromatics giving way to earthy juniper notes. Smooth and complex, the bright finish is exceptionally long. Recommended with: juniper berries and lemon.

Dingle (Ireland) Distilled in pot stills with a range of botanicals including rowanberry, fuchsia, bog myrtle, heather, chervil and hawthorn, giving it a spiced floral flavour with a peppery finish. Recommended with: lemon and lime.

Botanic Kiss (Spain) An aromatic and slightly fruity gin, thanks to the infusion of red berries. Buddha’s Hand (a funky Asian citrus fruit) is a key ingredient, alongside juniper, coriander, citrus peel and almond. Recommended with: strawberry.

Brooklyn (USA) A craft spirit made in New York with fresh citrus and handcracked juniper. Fresh, complex, flavourful and good enough to drink on its own, Brooklyn Gin does everything by hand and you can taste the love and care. Recommended with: lime and orange.

Citadelle Réserve Aged (France) A unique aged French gin produced in very small quantities in Château de Bonbonnet by Cognac Ferrand’s cellar master. The fresh and spicy aroma of juniper, citrus and star anise are present both in the scent and taste, with subtle flavours of vanilla, flowers, cinnamon and wood following. A beautiful pale gold - extremely delicate until the last sip. Recommended with: Tonic and ice only.

Copperhead Black (Belgium) A variation on the original recipe, featuring the sweetness of elderberry, paired with black Ceylon tea, plus juniper, coriander, cardamom, orange zest and angelica. Spicy with a citrus kick, this is the dark side of gin! Recommended with: orange.

Dorothy Parker (USA) Named after the legendary writer, this American gin is effortlessly cool. Made with traditional and contemporary botanicals such as juniper, elderberries, cinnamon and hibiscus petals, this is an elegant, original gin worthy of its namesake. Recommended with: rosemary or try with Mediterranean Orange Tonic.

Dutch Courage (Holland) Citrusy on both the nose and palate, with a spicy taste and notes of violet, anise and juniper. A crisp, full-bodied gin with a bittersweet and intense finish. Recommended with: lime and mint.

Elephant (Germany) Distilled in Germany using 14 botanicals, including unusual ones like baobab and devil’s claw, this gin was created to capture the essence of Africa. Elephant takes an active part in supporting African wildlife by contributing 15% of its profits to Big Life Foundation and Space For Elephants. Recommended with: juniper berries.

Exiles (Ireland)

G’vine - Floraison (France)

An artisan product from an eighth-generation gin maker, infused with shamrock, red clover flowers, honeysuckle flowers, rowanberries and bog myrtle. The essence of Ireland in a bottle. Recommended with: orange or try with Mediterranean Orange Tonic.

Once a year, for a few days only the vine flower blossoms – this is known as “Floraison”. This luxury French gin made from grapes and nine other botanicals is full-bodied, yet soft. Recommended with: strawberry.

Hedgehog (Holland) Four Pillars Rare Dry (Australia) Everything these distillers make is from a range based around the distillers’ “four pillars” - the still, water, botanicals and love. Local botanicals like pepperberry and lemon myrtle give it a fruity and spicy taste. Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

Named after America’s iconic star of adult cinema Ron Jeremy, nicknamed ‘The Hedgehog’. According to its label, this gin boasts “mojo botanicals & hot love herbs” and is made with botanicals like damiana, ginseng and guarana. Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

Herno Swedish Excellence (Sweden) Gin 13 (Portugal) Its name comes from its 13 botanicals, including tangerine, almond, liquorice, jasmine flower and black tea, as well as hops, which are more typically associated with brewing beer. One for the superstitious, the bottle design references the unlucky number, as well as black cats, clover and skulls with the slogan ‘Luck is made’. Recommended with: cardamom and lime.

Griffo (USA) A light, crisp and fresh gin from Petaluma, California. Made with a perfect balance of botanicals including Meyer lemon, grains of paradise, coriander and juniper, distilled in a single run and boasting an abundance of spicy notes. Recommended with: rosemary.

Gunpowder (Ireland) A fresh citrus taste with spicy notes, distilled with juniper, angelica, orris, caraway, coriander, meadowsweet, cardamom and anise, together with vapour-infused lemon, lime, grapefruit and gunpowder tea. Recommended with: grapefruit.

A full-on explosion of flavours including juniper, citrus peel and anise, with just a hint of sweetness. The aftertaste is long, with coriander kicking in together with pine. Recommended with: lemon.

Jindea Single Estate Tea (France) Made from single estate First Flush Darjeeling Tea, whose springtime harvest produces a delicate and floral Himalayan black tea, known to tea-lovers as the “Champagne of Tea”. This is a citrus-forward gin with aromatic spices, peaches and apricots, distilled in a single pot still. Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

MOM – God Save The Gin (Spain) Released by the Gonzales Byass family to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday. After four distillations, exotic botanicals infused with red fruits such as red berries give this gin a soft, velvety and vibrant taste. Recommended with: strawberry.

NAUD (France) From the Noble And Unusual Distillery (NAUD for short) comes a soft and delicate gin with a sweet flavour profile. With heady fragrances of lime, grapefruit and freshly picked flowers, it has a dominant juniper start that is tailed by bergamot. Recommended with: juniper berries.

Nordes (Spain)

Uncle Vals Botanical (USA)

This Atlantic Galician Gin is made with an Albariño-grape base spirit rather than grain, along with 12 botanicals including lemon peels, hibiscus, liquorice and eucalyptus. The result is a bold, floral flavour profile with a clean refreshing finish. Recommended with: mint and lime.

A small batch botanical gin inspired by Zio Valerio’s love of gardening and native Tuscan cuisine. Botanicals including juniper, cucumber, lemon, sage and lavender are merged to create this unique style of gin. The first sip will bring out a lemon taste, followed by a warm spicy lavender finish, softened by the coolness of cucumber. Recommended with: lime and mint.

Poppies Gin (Belgium) The family-owned Rubbens distillery has been producing jenever since the early 1800s. Legend says that an English soldier who fought in the First World War created the recipe for this juniper-forward and richly herbaceous gin. Recommended with: lime or try with Rose Lemonade.

Scapegrace (New Zealand) “Scapegrace” is another name for rascal, but there is nothing wayward about this gin. Smooth and well rounded, it features a selection of 12 botanicals (juniper, coriander, nutmeg, cardamom, lemon peel, orange peel, orris, cinnamon, cassia, angelica, clove and liquorice). Recommended with: orange.

Sharish Blue Magic (Portugal) Produced in the Alentejo region from 100% Portuguese fresh fruit, no artificial colouring is used – its colour comes from the blue pea flower. Other botanicals include juniper, strawberry, cinnamon, lemon peel, ginger, liquorice and coriander seed. Recommended with: strawberry.

The West Winds Gin - The Sabre (Australia) Unashamedly classic, this gin incorporates a strong undercurrent of citrus weaving through twelve spices and botanicals including juniper, lemon myrtle, lime peel and toasted wattle seed, bringing a unique creaminess to the palate. Recommended with: lemon.

Tinto (Portugal) From Portugal comes the world’s first red gin! With 14 botanicals, Tinto is a complex gin that comes together incredibly well and is soft yet gripping on the palate. Recommended with: cardamom and rosemary.

Uncle Vals Peppered (USA) As gin goes, this is a racy, spicy, and peppery spirit made using juniper and three types of pepper: red bell, black and pimento. The flavour starts with crisp, salty pepper, morphing into sour on the middle tongue with notes of soft sweet juniper and charred red peppers. Recommended with: lemon and juniper berries.

Uncle Vals Restorative (USA) A crisp and floral gin harking back to the classic American Gin. Awakening your senses with a refreshingly bright taste, the gin lives up to its name “Restorative”. Botanicals include juniper, coriander, cucumber and rose petals. Recommended with: cardamom and lime.

Ungava (Canada) A distinctly yellow Canadian spirit with unusual botanicals including cloudberries, crowberries and Labrador tea. This is a fantastic gin, sharper and with more pine flavour than most, giving way to layers of tart berries and semi-sweet floral flavours. Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

Zuidam Jonge (Holland) Genever is the juniper-flavoured national and traditional spirit of Holland and Belgium from which gin as we now know it evolved. The mash, made from rye, corn and malted barley, is distilled three times after fermentation and once more with botanicals such as juniper, liquorice and aromatic herbs. With a characteristically mild flavour, it’s perfect as an aperitif, but still works in a G&T. Recommended with: try with Ginger ale instead of Tonic.

Fentimans Flavours Quinine from Indonesia: Famously used by British colonists to protect them from contracting malaria, quinine harvested from the bark of the Chinchona Tree is the vital ingredient in the creation of tonic water. Extracting the purest quinine from the bark of is essential in giving a premium tonic its distinctive dry and slightly bitter taste. Lemon from Spain: With its distinctive sharp taste, lemon is a key ingredient in drinks such as our Victorian Lemonade and Bitter Lemonade. We specially select our lemons to ensure we get the perfect flavour profile; this ensures we hit the right citrus notes and balanced flavour in every sip. Pink Grapefruit from the United States: The sharp yet sweet notes create a delicious melody of flavours in our Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water. Juniper Berries from Croatia: Juniper is a coniferous, evergreen tree that has a slight flavour of pine, with a touch of both fruitiness and pepperiness.

At Fentimans we are truly passionate about the natural ingredients and flavours we use to make our drinks. To achieve an unrivalled depth of flavour we only use the highest quality ingredients sourced from specialist suppliers. Kaffir Lime leaves & Lemongrass from Thailand: Kaffir lime leaves come from an evergreen tropical thorny shrub. The leaves have a distinctive lemony-lime flavour and aroma. Lemongrass is a tall, aromatic, tender perennial grass with many stems. Rose Oil from the Kazanlak Valley, Bulgaria: We source our rose oil from Kazanlak in Bulgaria, known locally as the Valley of the Roses . The rose petals must be picked by hand at sunrise when they are at their most fragrant, with the oil extracted within hours of picking. The result is a delicate and distinctive rose flavour that gives our Rose Lemonade its distinct and delectable floral flavour. Orange from the Mediterranean: Our specially sourced oranges are grown in the region of Valencia and are renowned for possessing a tangy and intense citrus character. They pack a flavoursome punch in our Mediterranean Orange Tonic Water.


3 Pugs (England)

Batch (England)

A smooth and refreshing gin made at a small batch craft distillery based in Warrington, Cheshire, and named after the distiller’s dogs. Made with eight exquisite botanicals, including juniper, basil and orange. Recommended with: orange.

Produced and bottled by hand in Burnley, it contains botanicals such as cinnamon, lemongrass, nutmeg, frankincense and myrrh, giving it an intriguing, mysterious and Christmassy flavour. Recommended with: lime and strawberry or try with Rose Lemonade.

6 O’Clock (England) A premium gin made with a unique ‘double sphere’ condenser for extra smoothness with a clean juniper-led flavour. Electrically heated, their solar panels generate enough power to keep the distillation carbon neutral. Recommended with: lemon.

Arbikie AK’s (Scotland) Made with wheat and honey farmed at Arbikie, together with black pepper, mace and cardamom, AK’s honours the father of the distillery’s owners - Alexander Kirkwood Stirling. Recommended with: cardamom and lemon or try with Ginger Ale.

Bathtub (England) Winner of the “World’s Best Compound Gin” at the 2014 World Gin Awards. Produced using the traditional cold compounding method, in which no distillation takes place after the initial grain is produced, with botanicals like juniper, coriander and orange slice left to infuse the grain spirit. Recommended with: lime and cardamom.

Bloom (England) A floral gin with a unique sweet taste, created by a blend of three botanicals - honeysuckle, camomile and pomelo. Recommended with: strawberries or try with Rose Lemonade.

Boodles (England)

Daffy’s (Scotland)

Repackaged and rejuvenated under new ownership in 2013, this gin takes its name from Boodles gentleman’s club in St. James’s, London, whose famous members have included former Prime Minister Winston Churchill and James Bond author Ian Fleming. Recommended with: lime and rosemary.

Made with eight botanicals - juniper, coriander, angelica, lemon and orange peel, cassia bark, orris root and Lebanese mint - it contains a balance of citrus and juniper with sweet fruits on the palate. Recommended with: mint and lime.

Darnley’s View - Spiced (Scotland) Brilliant (England) With botanicals such as juniper, coriander, lemon peel, orange peel, orris root, cinnamon, cassia bark and nutmeg, this is a delicately balanced, yet robust and clean gin Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

Made with botanicals including juniper, cinnamon and nutmeg, this gin is bottled at 42.7%, the point at which its combination of warming spices makes the gin taste its very best. Recommended with: orange and juniper berries.

Eden Mill - Love (Scotland) Brockmans (England) Made using traditional botanicals with the addition of blueberries and blackberries. The result is deliciously sumptuous with a daring allure. Recommended with: blueberries and pink grapefruit or try with Ginger Ale.

This is a fragrant light blush Pink Gin from Eden Mill that brings together an outstanding blend of local botanicals and exotic fruits. Sweet vanilla and floral notes which are released when it is mixed with tonic. Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

Edgerton Blue Spice (England) Cuckoo (England) A juniper-forward gin from Brindle Distillery produced with a big focus on sustainability. All the raw materials come from the farm or are locally sourced with any by- products are put to good use on the farm as cattle food, chicken bedding or compost! Recommended with: orange.

D1 (England) A contemporary gin with botanicals including angelica root, cassia bark, coriander, orange and lemon peel, liquorice, almond and nettle. The floral skull design on the bottle was made by contemporary artist Jacky Tsai. Recommended with: mint.

The world’s first blue spice gin boasts a classic style with hints of lavender, citrus peel and spices. Botanicals of fenugreek and cardamom leave a warm spicy finish. Recommended with: blueberries.

Edgerton Original Pink (England) Its rosy blush derives from the pomegranate added after distillation. The 14 botanicals are steeped together for 24 hours before they are distilled. Rich and complex, with a balance of sweet citrus and dry spice. Recommended with: strawberry.

Firkin Islay Cask Rested (Scotland) This limited edition has been rested in former whisky casks, giving it a unique flavour and colour. Look out for a spicy and fruity kick from the black pepper, lime peel, ash, vanilla, sea salt and coriander. Recommended with: lime or try with Ginger Ale.

Firkin Port Cask Rested (Scotland)

Infirmarian Black Hopped (England)

A splendid new gin, aged gently for a few months in casks originally used for Port, bringing some wonderfully complex rich and sweet notes of wine into the spirit. Recommended with: Tonic and ice only.

Based on black IPA, featuring Simcoe, Citra and Mosaic hops, delicately intertwined with grapefruit, liquorice, coriander and wild juniper. This gin is a true original, born from the collaboration between Manchester’s Zymurgorium and Leeds- based Northern Monk Brew Co. Recommended with: mint and lime.

Geranium (England) An exquisite London Dry Gin made with actual geranium - a fantastically aromatic plant. Very unusual, distinctive and utterly delicious. Recommended with: rosemary or try with Rose Lemonade.

Grins (Cheshire - England) A smooth gin named after the grinning Cheshire Cat and distilled using Peckforton water, Cheshire blueberries, cucumber and other locally sourced botanicals. A perfect blend of citrus and spice with a fruity kick of sweetness. Recommended with: orange and blueberries.

Ish (England) A quintuple-distilled gin made in the centre of London with 12 botanicals and an extra shot of juniper, it has a distinctive taste profile without any additional infusions or flavours. Recommended with: juniper berries and lime.

Jensen Old Tom (England) Recreated from an original recipe from the 1840s and made with a large selection of botanicals, this naturally sweet gin has a hint of aniseed and is an excellent after-dinner digestif. Recommended with: rosemary.

Half Hitch (England) Produced in the former warehouse vaults of Camden Lock, this gin is blended with tinctures of Malawian black tea, pepper, hay, English wood and bergamot. Its name is inspired by the knots used to tie barges to the locks. Recommended with: orange or Mediterranean Orange Tonic.

Jinzu (Scotland) The perfect marriage of British gin with the delicate flavour of cherry blossom and yuzu citrus fruit, finished with smooth Japanese sake. Recommended with: cardamom

Hepple (England)

Kuro (England)

A fascinating crafted gin with an intricate production method using a pot still to distill the base spirit with the botanicals. More botanicals, such as juniper, lemon and lovage, are vacuum-distilled, after which a super-critical CO2 extraction process is used to make the spirit which is then flavoured with Macedonian juniper. Recommended with: lemon.

A Japanese-inspired London dry gin using botanicals including silver birch bark, spruce needles and bamboo-activated charcoal. “Kuro” translates from Japanese as “black”, and it is the charcoal element which gives the gin its name. Recommended with: mint and juniper berries.

Hoxton (England) A fresh and fruity gin made with ethically-sourced ingredients including tarragon, iris, ginger, grapefruit and coconut. Recommended with: juniper berries or try with Ginger Ale.

Manchester Gin (England) Always a favourite at our festivals, this award-winning, handcrafted gin is a beautiful fusion of the classic and the contemporary. With refreshing citrus notes, its roots are firmly in the North, incorporating botanicals like dandelion and burdock root. Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

Martin Miller’s (England)

Sibling (England)

With botanicals sourced worldwide, and distilled in a 100-year-old copper pot still with Icelandic water, this gin is smooth and delicate, with citrus aromas. Recommended with: strawberry or try with Rose Lemonade.

Made in Cheltenham by a team of four siblings, using water from the nearby hills which is purified with Fuller’s Earth to add softness and enhance the taste of the botanicals. The underlying sugar base ensures that it delivers notes of fresh citrus, creamy vanilla and fruity blueberry. Recommended with: orange and blueberries.

Mombasa Club (England) Named after a private social club founded in 1885 that imported gin to Zanzibar, this gin uses herbs and aromatic plants such as clove, cumin and cassia bark to faithfully reproduce the flavour of its original recipe. Recommended with: lemon.

Opihr (England) Pronounced O-Peer. A unique gin that bursts with earthy aromatics and warm spices, epitomising the exotic intensity of the Orient. Recommended with: cardamom or try it with Ginger Ale.

Peaky Blinder Spiced (England) Named after the iconic Birmingham street gang from the Victorian era, this is a bold and punchy gin made with a blend of nine botanicals and exotic spices including ginger and grains of paradise. Recommended with: lemon.

Silent Pool (England) A classic at heart, this juniper-driven gin features 24 botanicals. The result is a clean, sweet, intricately balanced tipple with a dry finish. Recommended with: orange or try with Mediterranean Orange Tonic.

Sir Robin of Locksley (England) Hailing from Sheffield, this gin boasts a radiant flavour profile thanks to the botanical selection, which includes elderflower, dandelion and pink grapefruit. Recommended with: pink grapefruit.

Thomas Dakin (England) A bitter-sweet, savoury gin made in Manchester with eleven botanicals including juniper, orange peel, cubeb pepper and liquorice, plus a touch of horseradish. Recommended with: orange.

Portobello Road (England) From the award-winning Portobello Star bar, home of the Ginstitute, comes this old-style London Dry Gin with just nine botanicals. On the palate there is a healthy dose of juniper and citrus with a sweet peppery finish. Recommended with: grapefruit and mint.

Rock Rose (Scotland) A handcrafted gin which changes every year depending on the botanicals available and harvested in Caithness. The mix includes rhodiola rosea, rowanberries, sea buckthorn and verbena. Floral and zesty. Recommended with: orange and rosemary.

Williams Chase - Elegant Crisp (England) Unlike most gins, this is created by first pressing cider apples, fermenting the juice and distilling it into Apple Vodka. It is then distilled with 11 botanicals, including juniper, citrus peel, hops and elderflower, resulting in a full bodied, sharp yet fruity gin. Recommended with: juniper berries.

Zymurgorium – The Original Manchester Gin (England) Made with a distilled honey-vodka base and 20 luscious botanicals, this gin starts with sweet floral notes, moving to light spice, and has a lingering herbal finish. Recommended with: lemon.

The Gin Society on tour Our 2018 gin-fuelled road trip has been a blast – and it’s not over yet – see below for our last few 2018 dates. So far we’ve been paddling in Scarborough, boating in Whitby, learning history in Canterbury, eating plum bread in Lincoln and savouring parmos in Middlesbrough. The festivals we’re lining up for next year will take The Gin Society even further afield and we’ll be taking gin to many brand new towns and cities as well as revisiting many old favourites. Make sure you keep up with the latest news by visiting our Facebook page Uttoxeter Racecourse 22 September 2018 Lancaster Town Hall 28 & 29 September 2018 Middlesbrough Teesside University Students’ Union 12 & 13 October Hereford Shire Hall 26 & 27 October




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