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“Our obsession - MOGO.”

“MOGO is the next big thing.”

“MOGO is Charming Girls.”

“Simply charming: Beautifully versatile bands link together to make all kinds of accessories. “I want to be charmed.”

MOGO®, the Magnet Charm™, is a trendsetting accessory line that combines linkable charmbands with instant charms.”

“The Perfect Gift for Tween Girls.”

“My 8 year old daughter is totally in love with these cute multi purpose bracelets that can easily turn into a necklace, headband, belt and more.”

“Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers rock the hot new accessory, MOGO Charmbands.”

“New Jersey Housewife Theresa loves MOGO. For her cute daughter Gia, she picked out a purple charmband which she decorated with charms from the “Groovy Love” collection.”


It's an obsession!


It's an obsession!