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To schedule an appointment with the G.I. Go Veterans Transition Center of Newark, please call (973) 802-1479 or visit us at: Newark City Hall, Room B28 920 Broad Street, Newark, NJ 07102

Support the Mission The G.I. Go FUND PO Box 1777 New Brunswick NJ, 08903 Or Donate Online at:

Volunteer If you support the troops and want to make a difference, please volunteer and Join the Mission! Visit and sign up with G.I. Go. It’s people like you that make G.I. Go a reality.

Soldier Sign-up We thank all soldiers for their service and invite them to sign up with G.I. Go to benefit from all the great programs we offer.

Visit and become a member. It is our turn to serve you!

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Transition Assistance

Mission The G.I. GO Fund is a nonprofit, charitable organization that provides transition assistance to veterans of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. G.I. GO also provides support, recognition, and gratitude to all of our servicemen and women.

Objectives To support ALL of our veterans during the difficult transition back to civilian life.

The G.I. Go Veterans Transition Center of Newark The Veterans Transition Center located in Newark City Hall is a one-stop shop for all postdeployment transition (PDT) needs for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, as well as for veterans of previous generations and conflicts.

To provide our veterans with unique and fun outreach events while providing them with information about the services and benefits available to them so that they may be better prepared to navigate through the VA Health care system. To assist veterans in their recovery from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) by referring them to the VA or other health care professionals. To provide our veterans with critical job placement assistance in order to ensure all our heroes can continue to support their families. To educate the public on the challenges our soldiers face during their transition back to civilian life. 21511_SuccessfulTransition.indd 2

Carepackages G.I. GO has provided our deployed G.I.s with carepackages in an effort to assist them through their deployment. Our carepackages contain items ranging from ready to eat meals to common everyday toiletries. For an added touch of home all of our packages are stuffed with ‘good ole American’ movies and junk food.

G.I. GO understands finding employment is a key step in the transition process. That is why we help veterans find new careers through job placement assistance and resume writing workshops. High stress, anxiety, and PTSD are challenges that many of our veterans face upon their return from service. G.I. GO has amassed valuable resources to help our veterans cope with and overcome mental and social wounds. Navigating through the maze that is often found with the VA Health care system is the most frustrating aspects of transitioning home for our veterans. G.I. Go puts a priority on conducting outreach events so that our veterans and their families are aware of the benefits they have available to them. 5/22/09 3:44:40 PM

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Services offered by the G.I. Go Fund

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