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INTERVIEW and ALBUM REVIEW + Matt Cardle Interview + The Marlowe Theatre re-opens + Gallows, Rebecca Riots, We Cry Hero and more...

Issue 20 | October - November

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mer we have all had! The sum I hat a busy few months ere wh n um aut o ont and has gone (apparently) nt to stay indoors but I beg wa know some of you will and darker nights to take weather you to keep braving the inment. erta on some fantastic ent aited grand rbury sees the long aw A huge month for Cante e Theatre and what an incredible reopening of The Marlow ard to a real flurry of talent forw sight it is. We can look t few years. nex coming to Kent in the last year’s nk stars You Me At 6 and Interviews with Pop/Pu rdle make this a celebrity issue Ca tt X-Factor winner, Ma in an interview al talent We Cry Hero that is back up by loc back at the at k loo A es! pag 40 d that could have covere all our writers reminiscing about had ughout July summer festivals has nt that came to Kent thro the epic amount of tale r. yea t nex y get better and August, it can onl


Bradley McManus

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WE CRY Interview by Bradley McManus Chris and Duncan met up with me in The Port Arms to discuss their band, writing, Facebook and shoes! So it has always been you two? Duncan and Chris from the very start... D: We’ve known each other since we were 16 and that was at college. We have been in a few bands and things in our time and this was a progression from a band called The Hideout. I had heard that Chris wanted to do something a bit more mainstream so we got together and although I came in at a late 6

stage, once I was in that was it. And this was when... C: Probably this time (August) last year... My computer at home is full of ideas and I wrote two scratch tracks one of which is on the EP. I was at a gig and asked a couple more mates in other bands to get involved and the small idea just kind of ran away with itself. Then I found out that Tom had just got back from China and he was the only one of us who has done music for a living and that’s pretty much how we formed. I know you guys have had quite a few line-up changes, what’s the current situation?


HERO D: Aaron has left now, we always knew this was the case and he has gone onto his other band and we wish him well. There’s a few other things going on but nothing set in stone yet but we’ll be sure to let you know when things move forward! What’s your writing process? C: I write the songs without lyrics or melody. Obviously as a band we got through a tuning process and we throw stuff in and polish it. Tom will go off with a rough version and write some lyrics and melody and 9 times out of 10 he’ll come back and we’ll change even more stuff Where do you guys see this

going then? C: Well now we’re in a position where people are sniffing around and asking us to do things. Don’t get me wrong we aren’t going on a world tour or playing Wembley but things are starting to happen. What with the image, iTunes, the music, Facebook and so on, We Cry Hero ‘the brand’ is starting to turn heads. D: We’re in a bit of a dilemma at the moment as well. We have a group of close fans who have heard our tunes so much they keep saying, “when’s the new track out,” but you can’t just keep smashing new songs, you need to build a reputation with some core pieces of music which is where 7


So Tell Me and New You came from. We were (probably still are) obsessed with Facebook and fan numbers so we try and spread our music through there quite a bit but we do realise that someone who clicks ‘like’ doesn’t necessarily mean as much as it does when you pack out a venue. So you’re quite into your promotion? C: You have to be! We love it when someone comes to one of our gigs and says it’s the first time they have heard us and they buy a CD, that feeling is incredible. You have to be realistic though and understand it does matter how good you are, if you do not market yourself then you won’t fill your potential. We do our own promo, our own music, our own videos and our own various web outlets so as a band we are very self sufficient also very self reliant. Duncan, why do you always take your shoes off at a gig and wear sunglasses on top of your head? D: I have been waiting for someone to notice this! I don’t think I have ever played a gig with shoes on because when you play it’s a bit stressful, you get a bit nervous so, take the


shoes off and you can feel the floor and I’m a bit more chilled out and I can feel my effects pedals much better. Make sure the socks stay on though, you don’t want splinters! The glasses thing is practical, it gets bright on stage and if I need them they’re there, it’s like a comfort blanket! Some people have cool haircuts or tattoos, I have glasses on my head. Fair enough... D: Oh and another thing. I must make a point that there is another guy in another band, no names, who has just started not wearing shoes and putting glasses on and I want it in writing that I did it first! After this the interview lost its way a little a whilst the pair discussed who would win in a fight between Puff Daddy and Iron Maiden I thought it best to slip out the side door! We Cry Hero’s debut EP is out now available on iTunes and from the guys at any gigs they play. The review is later on in the magazine so check out what our reviewer Ben thought of the guys effort.

Killamanjiro Live presents

You Me At Six Friday 14th October 7:30pm Tickets ÂŁ17:50 The Margate Winter Gardens welcomes the Surrey rockers on part of their fully scheduled UK tour. The band will be supported by Deaf Havana and Lower Than Atlantis.


01843 296111/292795

The new Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury will be bringing you the best of everything, from comedy to classics. Unforgettable performances will be presented in two new spaces. The main auditorium is a great place to enjoy the biggest and best touring productions. You’ll be seeing shows in the best possible setting, with luxurious seats, outstanding interior design and superb acoustics. The Marlowe Studio offers experiences that will entertain and inspire. Join us for comedy nights, music gigs and appearances by some of the

world’s most innovative theatre companies. You can also develop your creative talents, with a wide range of workshops to take part in. The first one-nighter in the main auditorium of the £25.6 million venue (which opens on 4 October) is multi-awardwinning Stephen Merchant. The co-creator of The Office and Extras is embarking on his firstever stand-up comedy tour, Hello Ladies. “Most people don’t realise that I was a stand-up comedian before I met Ricky Gervais and his coat-tails,” he said. “Life can be lonely as a TV writer so this tour is a great opportunity for me to get out there and meet my fans. And make at least one of them my wife.” Stephen will be at The Marlowe on Saturday 8 October as part of the My Marlowe opening weekend. Featuring live music, street theatre, children’s events,



dance and comedy there is something for everyone to enjoy. Many events are free and there will also be the opportunity to explore the building and meet the theatre’s staff. My Marlowe organiser Nicki Setterfield said: “The new Marlowe is very much about providing something for everyone - for local residents, for the people of Kent, for tourists nationally and internationally - for you and me, whatever your age. Our aim is to encourage visitors old and new to participate and to celebrate with us in launching this astonishing new cultural landmark for the city.” Other comedians at the theatre include Al Murray (27 October) Stewart Lee (24 February), and Sarah Millican (23 April).

energetic and multi-skilled performers, their show iD is a thrilling blend of circus arts and explosive dance.

The first week-long production is a major show by one of the world’s leading circus arts companies.

Propeller return to The Marlowe (main auditorium) in March with two, full-length productions, Henry V and The Winter’s Tale.

Canada-based Cirque Éloize have gained a global reputation for their highly original performances and have won many awards. Featuring an international cast of 16

A perfect way for audiences of all ages to experience the new Marlowe Theatre for the first time, Cirque Éloize appears for only five performances, between Wednesday 12 and Saturday 15 October. The Marlowe Studio launches with a dynamic introduction to Shakespeare’s funniest and smartest comedy under the direction of Edward Hall. Pocket Comedy is an hourlong version of Propeller’s internationally-acclaimed production of The Comedy of Errors. It runs from Tuesday 18 to Saturday 22 October.

Music comes in many guises at The Marlowe. Kate Rusby, one of the freshest voices in English folk music, performs her winning mix of traditional 11

SouThern Segway preSenTS

Segway TourS at LeedS CaSTLe Take a guided tour of the grounds of Leeds Castle on the world’s only self balancing personal transporter. Learn in minutes and quickly mastered.

Tours start from just £18.00

Visit to book* or ring our booking office on 0845 619 0007

* “The Gig Guide” when booking.

Please let us know you have seen this advert in


songs and new compositions on Wednesday 26 October. Acclaimed singer, writer and concertina player Emily Portman, who is inspired by the darker underbelly of folklore and balladry, is appearing on Friday 4 November. The Magic of Motown comes to The Marlowe direct from the USA on 27 January to recreate the legendary Detroit sound.

whilst top entertainment personality Stephen Mulhern (entertainer and presenter of Magic Numbers and Britain’s Got More Talent) plays Buttons. They will be joined by top comedy actress Sue Devaney (Dinnerladies, Coronation Street and Casualty) as the Fairy Godmother and Marlowe Theatre pantomime legend Dave Lee. Running between Friday 2 December and Sunday 22 January.

Music legend Nick Lowe makes a rare live appearance to perform songs both from his new album, The Old Magic, and from his whole career. A pivotal figure in the early punk rock and pub rock scenes, Nick is at The Marlowe on 22 February. Cinderella will be the first pantomime in the new Marlowe Theatre and three of television’s biggest, brightest and most talented stars have joined the cast. John Partridge (best known for playing Christian in EastEnders) will play Prince Charming, 13



East Kent’s Premier Venue

For Music, FilM, TheaTre, class & clubs, arT exhibiTions lisTings The Original Rod Stuart Band - Apart From Rod Saturday 1st October 7.30pm Victorian Murder Mystery Evening Sunday 2nd October 7.30pm Astor Comedy Club Thursday 6th October 7.30pm Cameo Opera Friday 7th october 8pm

The Haunted Bride Friday 4th November 8pm Kaisai Masai Saturday 5th November 7.30pm Little Toby Walker Sunday 6th November 7pm John Otway Saturday 12th November 7.30pm

Snake Davis SnakeStrings Saturday 8th October 7.30pm

Keith James: The Songs of Leonard Cohen Friday 18th November 7.30pm

Raw Deal Friday 21st October 7pm

The Blockheads Saturday 19th November 7.30pm

The Magnets Sunday 23rd October 7.30pm

Raw Deal Friday 25th November 7pm

Letz Zep Friday 28th October 7.30pm

Astor Community Theatre, Stanhope Road, Deal, Kent, CT14 6AB Telephone: 01304 370220 Email:





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NewYou Halloween Fireworks RebeccaRiots MattCardle Letters PredictingTheFall PullOutAndRun SinnersNeverSleep 15


x i S t a e M You WORDS BY Ben Tipple Boasting a top 5 album in the UK and various chart singles in the last year, You Me at Six are one of Britain’s alternative music success stories of recent times. As they prepare to embark on a tour that sees the Margate Winter Gardens as one of the destinations, The Gig Guide catches up with lead singer Josh Franceschi to discuss the tour, upcoming album and the state of the current music industry. How did you come up with the relatively unique name for You Me at Six? We were all around 15/16 and needed to have a flyer with a name for the first show we were about to be doing. I’m not even sure how, but it was an abbreviation for the time we were going to meet. It just 16

stuck so we kept it; You Me at Six it was. Originally it was a comma (You, Me at Six) but that wasn’t going to work. Most recent single “Rescue Me” (featuring Chiddy Bang) has a very different sound to previous albums Hold Me Down and Take Off Your Colours. Is it a good representation of what’s to come? That was a joke song which we recorded before the new album. We had some time off after the European Tour and had written this song that we think we should have a laugh on and play around to give us some time for us. We thought the [record] label would laugh it out, but they made it into a single. That single made it into the top 20. We’re not sure how it happened but it was a cool way to prove a point, that at the particular

time, especially when we did it, that the only thing that was getting into the charts were rap and singing collaborations. It was interesting to see that no matter who wrote the song, just add a rapper and some singing and it will get into the charts. The song really has no relevance to the band in any shape or form; it was just something we did for fun. Was Chiddy Bang aware that the song was inadvertently making a statement about the music industry? Dan (Flint, Drums) and Matt (Barnes, Bass) met Chiddy Bang. We said that if we were going to do it at all we wanted somebody was into the same type of stuff as us, like skating, the type of music we’re into, and the type of clothes and fashion. It made sense for us to be associated with him, and the same for him as he likes more alternative music. It was good as we wrote our little bit of the song and went back on the road afterwards; it was just a little bit of fun. So what can we expect from the new album? The new album is us finally finding out what kind of band we

are. Some bands find it straight away, but with this band we have really figured out what kind of sound we want to have. We are all really happy with album number three [recently confirmed as Sinners Never Sleep] as the progression in sound is the same from Hold Me Down to the new album as it is from Take Off Your Colours. We’re really excited for people to hear it. It’s not always very easy for alternative British bands to reach the same levels as you have. What do you think separates You Me At Six from other British bands? Our band came out at the time when the UK was looking for a new rock band. We’d had lostprophets and Funeral for a Friend, which had both reached their high level of success. A lot of the rock magazines were looking for new English bands to champion and we managed to come out just as bands such as Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco and Paramore were really starting to come into their own which helped us really jump on board. I don’t really think there’s necessary another English band



out there doing what we are doing. Just in the same way that I don’t think there’s any UK band out there doing what Frank Turner or Gallows are doing. We fit in as our own, a band that has a rock-pop crossover. Based on that, what do you think about the state of the current music scene? The UK rock scene and the UK music scene are thriving at the moment. There are so many incredible bands in the undercurrent that I’m sure in the next six to twelve months they are going to break into mainstream culture. I think it’s a good time to do that as a band. The success of Biffy Clyro, and Foo Fighters coming back with a new record, and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers; it shows that some of the big guitar driven bands are coming back. It shows a lot about guitar music, as twelve months ago I was reading an article that rock music didn’t sell at all, period, be it on a live level or a chart level. I don’t know many


R&B or pop acts that could do two nights at the Milton Keynes Bowl. I guess when that happens I can eat my words. Talking of up-and-coming bands; you are taking Lower than Atlantis and Deaf Havana with you on tour. What’s the reason behind that decision? Is it a conscious decision to take British bands? Max (Helyer, vocals) is the kind of guy that will tell you listen to new bands every day. Most of the time I’m too busy to listen to the bands but sometimes I’m like “F**k it, I’ll listen to the band”. We were doing some recording in our apartment and he said he really needed to play me a band. I’d heard a lot about [Lower Than Atlantis], some good things and some bad things, but he played me their album and I thought the band were awesome. This band needed a platform and I thought there’s no reason why if this happens the band couldn’t do very, very well. I’ve known Deaf Havana for a few years and we’ve done some stuff

in the past, but Matt Grady who engineers some of our records also engineered some of theirs. It was the same thing, he played me their record and I liked it. The list of US bands which we truly get along with is pretty short. There are few bands that are nice to you because they like you. When we go on tour in America bands know that we are big in England and are trying to be friends with us so they can jump on the UK circuit. They think we haven’t figured it out yet, but we figured it out a long time ago. There are only so many bands in which we invest a lot of time and energy. If we bring an US band it’s genuinely because they are best friends of ours. This time around we wanted to promote English music because there was never really an obvious tour for our band to do when we were starting up. We would jump from obscure line-up to obscure line-up; it’s not like we ever went on tours with bands that made sense. We only went on tour with Paramore when we were already selling out Brixton Academy. What have you got planned for the next few months?

The tour is so short, we’re literally only doing a tour because we’re releasing an album and we wanted to do some UK shows. We’re doing a proper 20 date stint in March and February and for that we’re going to bring over some of our best friends. What can we expect from the show in Margate? We’ve been so tied up in finishing the album and getting the artwork ready we haven’t had a chance to think about production of the tour. What I would say is that we’ve never been to Kent in a band other than the MySpace School Bash in a school. For people coming to see the show, this is the first UK run of playing new songs from the new album meaning Margate will be one of the first places to see the new stuff live. I think that’s kind of a cool thing. You Me At Six have just announced an album release for the 3rd October entitled ‘Sinners Never Sleep’. You can catch them live in Margate on Friday 14th October at the Winter Gardens with support from Lower Than Atlantis and Deaf Havana. The Gig Guide will be there too.

Riskee & The Ridicule’s debuT RecoRd is ouT now! AvAilAble fRom GiGs And Also on iTunes. This mega record received 9/10 in the August issue of The Gig Guide. Search for ‘Riskee And The Ridicule’ on iTunes

Check out for more information.



Hop Farm Words by Ben Tipple Photo by Amy McManus Located in the midst of the garden of England, the Hop Farm Festival has throughout its short history been a cauldron of massive names and up-andcoming bands, aimed to appeal to a more adult and family crowd than regular festivals. The audience were surrounding the main stage where City and Colour provide beautiful and haunting melodies designed to be played either in a large dusty church, or on a hot summer’s afternoon in Kent. It does not take long before the entire crowd is in awe of the note-perfect vocals and an abundance of relaxing guitar chords. 10CC prove one of the biggest surprises of the day, and with a more mature crowd moving into position it is clear to see why. Whisking through a reasonably lengthy set for the time of day, the band indicate why they are described as one of the best 20

British rock bands of the 70s. A power-cut during the closing song does nothing to dampen their spirits, as they return to the stage 15 minutes later ready to wow the crowd. The day also see a fantastic performance from The Walkmen; a packed yet somehow lacking nostalgia trip from Ocean Colour Scene, and some summer vibes courtesy of Summer Camp. The main stage sees Death Cab for Cutie falling flat with a disappointingly lacklustre performance. As the day concludes it is left to The Eagles to bring the house down, playing a mixture of classics and solo-songs by the various band members. With the sun finally setting and warmth still in the air, it is Don Henley song ‘Boys of Summer’ which truly marks the high point of a relaxing day in the Kentish countryside. A weekend ticket for next year is definitely on the cards.


Lounge on the Farm Words by Bradley McManus Photo by Matt Bristow It may seem like the festivals of the summer were a lifetime ago right now but when you look back you remember what was truly fantastic. After Ben’s write up of his experiences of the Hop Farm I wanted to cast a quick review down of Lounge on the Farm. Lounge’s boutique country style looks and works very well against in its farm setting. It is still bizarre for me to look to my right and see Ellie Goulding and then look to my left and see a

cattle shed full of cows (who I’m sure appreciated her dulcet tones). It is one of the biggest strengths of this festival, it is genuinely a different atmosphere. When was the last time you were at Reading Festival and had a choice of several real ales? Bumping between personal highlights of Benjamin Frances Leftwich, Coco’s Lovers, Devlin and Example you can see from a couple of names what variety this place has to offer. Hopefully the festival can grow in years to come as there were major issues with traffic and the arena site is fairly small.



1st Walmer Castle Pub, Deal

16th The Westcoast Bar, Margate

5 The Attic, Kent Uni, Canterbury

26th The Walmer Castle Pub, Deal


7th Hampton Inn, Herne Bay 29th The Captain Howey, New Romney

Unsigned AlternAtive MUsic


Hevy Festival Words by Fred Francis Photo by Aaron Worthington The summer is not all about indie pop, welcome to Hevy! After some careful planning from the organisers this year’s festival was better than ever. It was all about being all in or not at all! The weekend started with a rather disappointing DJ set from Daniel P Carter but was soon recovered by an epic live set from music pioneers Tek One. In the cold light of Saturday morning I saw the new site layout, which was initially bizarre. From the central Red Bull Bar you can walk 10 meters in any direction and be at one of the 4 stages. I thought it would mean a lot of cross over noise but in fact it meant I could see all the bands I wanted to by going from stage to stage during a set. Where else could you watch

Bouncing Souls and Rise To Remain at practically the same time? A special mention must go to the organisers who put on a very nice press area where we mingled with artists and like minded individuals (I just wish we could have blagged some food tickets!) Ghost of a Thousand were my highlight, playing their last ever show in their seven year career, an unforgettable moment. One of the best things about Hevy is that it is clearly run by people who enjoy and care for the music that they are putting out there. For all those people who just think this festival is for metal heads need to think again; there is a multitude of music genre available here and a really friendly togetherness about the crowd. Oh, did I mention The Dillinger Escape Plan? One of the world’s biggest bands playing in a field just outside of Folkestone! Can’t wait to see what happens next year.


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Quarterhouse, Mill Bay, Folkestone, CT20 1BN


Available on iTunes twitter - @wecryhero



CD Reviews We Cry Hero New You (LP)

6/10 The direction of the music on this five track EP can be surprising, shifting from keyboard led instrumentals to electronic intensive bars; with songs ranging from typical ballad ‘New You’ to the slightly distorted lounge-jazz ‘Super Tonic Hot Girl’. We Cry Hero demonstrate potential, particularly in regards to solid song composition greatly supported by vocalist Tom Fewin’s range and haunting tone. At times New You is slightly overpowered by the uncomplimentary electronic synth keyboards; unfortunately distracting from a decent pop record. With more careful experimentation, We Cry Hero could be releasing something truly special in the near future.

ShyClo Wake Up (Single)

6/10 The new single by Canterbury based pop/hip-hop/rock inspired sextet ShyChlo finds itself marketed as a future summer anthem, and in some senses it is easy to understand why. A large proportion of the song contains structured layers designed to associate with partying on the beach on a warm day; however unfortunately the track fails to break past this self-created pop-punk barrier. For a relatively short three minute stint, there is little to separate the reoccurring choruses other than sections of female-fronted rap which, although undoubtedly skilled, may have been better replaced by forward driven musicianship. It is difficult to argue that the song isn’t catchy; however those looking for more substance in their anthems may be disappointed. 26


Reviews by Ben Tipple

Predicting the Fall Pull Out and Run (LP)

7/10 The front cover and song titles on Predicting the Fall’s second EP borrow heavily from scene leaders A Day To Remember, reflected largely in the sound of the five tracks on offer. Pop-punk melodies are interlaced with raw, and often brutal, breakdowns which help to create a more daring distinction between melody and metal than that of the before mentioned band. Without doubt, Predicting the Fall are far more in their element when thrashing instruments and screaming vocals than when playing the poorly executed balled ‘Don’t You Dare Say I Told You’. That said, the band are clearly adept at creating coherent pop-infused hardcore, and although Pull out and Run may not destroy the mould, the raw attitude and confidence certainly helps to build upon the foundations.

You Me At Six Sinners Never Sleep

9/10 In recent interviews, You Me At Six have suggested that Sinners Never Sleep finds them comfortable in a new mature sound, encompassing everything they have set out to do in their previous efforts. The third release from the Surrey based quintet demonstrates a clear progression from albums one and two by developing on their success. Those looking for a revolutionary new sound may be disappointed; however Sinners Never Sleep is a logical step in the direction of mainstream pop-punk. Aided by well-chosen guest vocalists the album is extremely listenable, offering a selection dangerously close to pop-punk perfection. 27



InTErview by Phillip Moore Our very own MD managed to find time to briefly speak to Matt Cardle about his debut album due out in October. Hi Matt, how are you? Matt: Yeah I’m good thanks.

How is all the promotion for the album going? M: It’s going really well, it’s nice to actually chat to people again! I had quite a long stint off it (promotions) being in the studio so I’ve just been talking to sound engineers and record producers so it’s actually pretty good to be able to speak to the press again. It must’ve been quite a shock going from the front pages of 28

newspapers and then getting away from it all? M: It was kind of nice you know? When I go out I still get recognised and everything but it’s not as crazy as you would think. When it comes to papers and that, during The X-Factor I never paid attention to the papers so when it was over and I got back to my parents they had kept every little clipping and there was so much I could not believe it. I was like, “it’s only been ten weeks!” But I needed that break to be able to get away and write the album. How many songs did you have tucked away from before The X-Factor and how many were brand new? M: You know what, I had a couple of albums worth of


material already written but I would go into the studio for each session and write with people who would say, “have you got any ideas?” and I would throw stuff in. We would mash songs apart and put them together again otherwise it’s sort of writing by numbers and that’s not cool. So this album is the real Matt Cardle then? M: Yeah. It’s a direction I’ve always been heading except this

time I’ve been co-writing with people who have helped James Morrison and Adele and I’ve got to know some incredible artists as well, it’s just great. I couldn’t be in a better place right now! Matt Cardle’s debut album Letters is out 17th October and you can pre-order it now on iTunes. The first single from the album, Run For Your Life, is available for digital download from Sunday 9th October and is in shops the next day.

Matt Cardle Letters (5 track preview)

7/10 Review by Bradley McManus Matt Cardle’s debut album is a collaboration of some of the UKs best writers and the result is still a pop record, no matter how much it claims to be rock. This is not a bad thing though, the title track ‘Starlight’ is a real gem which is a piano laden hit that is influenced by the likes of Coldplay and The Script. It is not surprising that the single is a power ballad and it really is a grower that gets stuck in your head. For me only a couple tracks stand out but the others are certainly contenders and I can easily hear Matt’s vocal style and strength coming through. I hope the unheard tracks are on par with the 2 I preferred because then Letters will be a hit and Matt will break the male X-Factor winners curse! 29



Peans, Broadstairs Folk Week by Phillip Moore To people like me, who do not live in Thanet, Broadstairs’ Folk Week carries many preconceptions – images of Morris Dancers, old men warbling to songs about a farmer in his field and so on. Well let me tell you that these pre-conceptions have now firmly changed to misconceptions; yes, Folk Week has a heavy biased to music of a folkey nature but perhaps ‘Music Week’ would be better. This was after I spent a wonderful Saturday summer evening sampling some of the delights of what Folk Week has to offer, I was drawn to a billboard outside of that wonderful café/bar that is Peans’ promoting a gig on the following Thursday –it simply said “Georgie – Contemporary Soul”. What I experienced was one of those fantastic moments that my job sometimes offers – the discovery of a talent that those in Thanet have been blessed with, that I hadn’t witnessed before. Georgie, accompanied simply by husband Thalis on keys and Lee on the beat box has a voice of pure soul – crystal clear, pitch perfect and full of emotion. From the moment she went through a hurried sound check to Good Luck by Basement Jaxx, it was a wow moment for me and from then, the gig simply got better and better – renditions of songs as diverse as the standards (Amy Winehouse, Kings of Leon) through to her own adaptation of current music. A highlight for me was Georgie’s version of Heaven (Emilie Sande) – played to a simple accompaniment; it was indeed heaven on the ears. It is quite 30

unusual for covers bands to be as current as Georgie and Thalis are – their version of Aloe Blak’s Dollar was soulful and in many ways better than the original. Peans loved Georgie – there were three encores accompanied by chanting, “one more song” every time they attempted to stop. Watching as much live music as I do at a local level, there are times when you are caught unawares. I love talented musicians who have no ego – who do not realise how good they actually are. Georgie falls firmly into this category – a voice that demands to be heard and listened to – not as background noise but to be caressed by as it leads you through the lyrics of the song. Georgie has no idea how good she is. Special mention must also go to Thalis and Lee and the understated manner in which they accompany Georgie to allow her voice to soar – the keys provide a fantastic backdrop and Lee on the beat box has people staring in amazement. If you see, as I did, an understated poster simply stating “Georgie – contemporary soul” – go in and be mesmerised – I promise you will not regret it



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Words by Ben Tipple Photo by Leon Staden There is a distinct handful of bands on any local music scene which generate sufficient interest to create a genuine air of excitement. The Rebecca Riots have managed to cause just that; especially impressive as the band are yet to perform any of their material in a public forum. The local support for the event at the considerably sized yet intimate Beercart Arms indicated something very special. Prior to the arrival onstage of The Rebecca Riots, and due to the unfortunate cancellation of the original supports, Midnight Carnival find their offbeat and energetic mix of electronics and metal as main support. It is evident from the outset that this is a band who throws their full energy into performances, fronted by the unusual yet entirely enigmatic Skylah Pendall. Although musically there are a number of easy comparisons which can be made to Enter Shikari, there are few bands able to perform with such excitement and vigour. Midnight Carnival provide an entirely engaging and

accessible performance. Accessible is not an adjective which should be used to describe The Rebecca Riots’ debut performance. It is immediately clear that the next thirty minutes are not going to be a typical Thursday night local gig; nor for that matter are the next thirty minutes likely to be like anything any of the audience members have witnessed before. The stage set up reflects on the abstract nature of the band, with a partial drum kit finding itself front and centre, waiting to be used irregularly by front-man Paul O’Meara. Similarly, a miniature keyboard and tambourine occupy the space adjacent to the lead microphone stand. Queue song number one, with a cut in music followed by a haunting chant from all five members of the band; a chant which is then replicated to close the set after a number of musically challenging songs. Where The Rebecca Riots prove most inaccessible is also where they excel, drifting through an incredibly broad range of genres with ease and impeccable musicianship; regularly circling the new wave of post-hardcore sound currently breaking across the pond.

The Rebecca Riots

11th August 2011 @ The Beercart Arms, Canterbury 32



7th July 2011 @ The Quarterhouse, Folkestone Words by Dean Kilpatrick In the middle of human pyramids and huge moshing pits, lead singer Frank Carter told the Folkestone crowd that an important announcement was to be made that Friday night. But no one cared, they were too busy rocking. So Gallows fans were shocked when the announcement came that Carter was leaving the punk group after six years at the helm, making their gig at the Quaterhouse one of their last shows ever with the set up of Laurent “Lags” Barnard, Steph Carter, Stuart Gili-Ross and Lee Barratt. Supported by 33 and Bastions, this show was loud and by all accounts pretty good. Gallows got all their hits out for this gig, playing Orchestra for Wolves, London is the Reason and In The Belly of a Shark. It certainly got messy too, when the well known Gallows fanatics moshed like there was

no tomorrow, with one bloke having blood all around his eye – something that Carter congratulated him on between songs. The packed venue went crazy for other more unknown tracks such as Come Friendly Bombs, Queensberry Rules and Six Years. Despite the band citing differences in ‘musical direction’ for their split, Gallows looked a tight unit on stage and showed they wanted to go their separate ways on a high. The riffs were spot on (if not mental), the head banging made you ache just watching and sweat was pouring down the faces of Gallows’ loyalists as they rocked the night out with Orchestra for Wolves. The banter between the crowd and the band was lively to say the least, but what do you expect from a gig with one of the best punk bands on the circuit? This gig was everything you’d expect from a Gallows concert, and what makes it most tragic is that you won’t see the same band on top form again. 33


Canterbury’s brand-new theatre Stephen Merchant SAT 8 OCT

Cirque Éloize - ID WED 12 - SAT 15 OCT A thrilling circus show

Pocket Comedy

TUE 18 - SAT 22 OCT

Shakespeare rediscovered

In The Dust MON 24 OCT

Contemporary dance meets Hip-Hop

Kate Rusby WED 26 OCT

“Folk music doesn’t get any cooler”. Q

Al Murray




A powerful journey through 1980s Britain

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GIG LISTINGS Your guide to all things entertainment in Kent this July, August and September...



Thursday 6th October 2011 Astor Comedy Club Astor Community Theatre, Deal Friday 7th October 2011 Cameo Opera Astor Community Theatre, Deal Goodbye Eric Earls, Maidstone Tim Edey Collective Oare village Hall, Oare EK1 The Clarendon Hotel, Deal The Eastcoasters The Clockhouse, Deal My Marlowe: The First Night The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Tapestry The New_Inn, Deal

Saturday 8th October 2011 Snake Davis SnakeStrings Astor Community Theatre, Deal Happy Daze Chimney Boy, Faversham Zedheads Deco 5 Wine Bar, Whitstable Brad Pittance and the Pirates Port and Anchor, Ramsgate YOUR SHOUT The Frenchman, Folkestone My Marlowe: Music Day The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Stephen Merchant The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Chris from As Is Now The New_Inn, Deal

Tres Hombres The Star, Ashford The Retrophonic Archive The Unicorn, Marden

Sunday 9th October 2011 The Slug Pixies Earls, Maidstone The Tony Johnson Band The Clarendon Hotel, Deal Left of The Dial The Hole in the Roof, Deal My Marlowe: Family Day The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury The Outcome The New_Inn, Deal

Wednesday 12th October 2011 Cirque Eloize: iD The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Thursday 13th October 2011 Breakeven Harpers, Broadstairs Cirque Eloize: iD The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Friday 14th October 2011 Blackshot21 Chimney Boy, Faversham The Drifters Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone The Retrophonic Archive The Fountain Public House, Sittingbourne Cirque Eloize: iD The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Don’t forget events at The Marlowe Canterbury 36

J.N.S. Sounds • Event Audio Management • PA Hire • Sound Engineers 07789 248881 Crazy Daisy The White Horse, Bridge

Saturday 15th October 2011 Kelly's Heros Chimney Boy, Faversham

Georgie The Clarendon Hotel, Deal Sneaking Sally The Hole in the Roof, Deal

Brad Pittance and the Pirates Divers Arms, Herne Bay

Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

The Bootleg Beatles Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

Electric Tortoise The New_Inn, Deal

Crazy Daisy Rodney's Sports Bar, Herne Bay No Worries The Billet, Sittingbourne This Empire The Command House, Dock Road, Chatham The Slug Pixies The Frenchman, Folkestone Cirque Eloize: iD The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Sunday 16th October 2011 The Tony Johnson Band The Clarendon Hotel, Deal

Wednesday 19th October 2011 This Empire Monto Water Rats, London

Thursday 20th October 2011 Eliza Carthy Band Quarterhouse, Folkestone Eliza Carthy Band Quarterhouse, Folkestone

Friday 21st October 2011 Raw Deal Astor Community Theatre, Deal AsIsNow Chimney Boy, Faversham

Don’t forget events at The Marlowe Canterbury 37

LISTINGS The Slug Pixies The Mill Inn, Deal VIVID NATION The White Lion, Streatham

Saturday 22nd October 2011 Mercury Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone Oxjam and Folkestone Winter Homeless Shelter Fundr Quarterhouse, Folkestone Jeff Barker Band The Clarendon Hotel, Deal Rumblefish The Coach & Horses, Strood, Rochester Michelle Shocked The East Quay, Whitstable

Wednesday 26th October 2011 The Retrophonic Archive The Deal Hoy, Deal Kate Rusby The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Thursday 27th October 2011 Sonic Boom Six Quarterhouse, Folkestone Al Murray The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury ShyChlo Walmer Castle Public House, Deal

Friday 28th October 2011

Goodbye Eric The Eight Bells, Hawkhurst, Cranbrook

Letz Zep Astor Community Theatre, Deal

Donna The New_Inn, Deal

YOUR SHOUT Bowling Green Tavern, Deal

YOUR SHOUT The Priory Hotel, Dover

Contraband Chimney Boy, Faversham

Sunday 23rd October 2011 The Magnets Astor Community Theatre, Deal

Kingsdown Band The Hole in the Roof, Deal

Antiques Roadshow The Clarendon Hotel, Deal

Sherlock Holmes The Death & Life The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Dodgy The East Quay, Whitstable

8-T's The New_Inn, Deal

Coco The Hole in the Roof, Deal Broken The New_Inn, Deal

Monday 24th October 2011 In The Dust The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Saturday 29th October 2011 Rumblefish Ascot Arms, Gravesend VIVID NATION Barnaby Rudge, Broadstairs Stormy Monday Chimney Boy, Faversham

Don’t forget events at The Marlowe Canterbury 38

The Eastcoasters Modern Jazz Quintet

ber 7th Octo Friday th ovember 4 N Friday nd December 2 Friday e, Deal s lockhou @ The C

Jazz scores of Miles Davis, Cannonball Adderley & John Coltrane First Friday of every month at The Clockhouse - A Jazz & Dine venue! Ring Claire on 01304 367757 for more details.

The Flack Deal Welfare Club, Mill Hill, Deal Halloween Disco Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone Foreign Beggars Live Quarterhouse, Folkestone YOUR SHOUT THE EAGLE PUB, DEAL The Tony Johnson Band The Kings Head, Deal

Sunday 30th October 2011 Counterfeit Notes The Clarendon Hotel, Deal Get Ape The Hole in the Roof, Deal Scandal The New_Inn, Deal

Tuesday 1st November 2011 The Nutcracker The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Wednesday 2nd November 2011 The Nutcracker The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Thursday 3rd November 2011 The Nutcracker The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Friday 4th November 2011 The Haunted Bride Astor Community Theatre, Deal VIVID NATION Britannia Inn, Margate Fiction Chimney Boy, Faversham Zedheads Duke of Cumberland Hotel, Whitstable Goodbye Eric Oranges Bar Cafe, Ashford The Eastcoasters The Clockhouse, Deal

Don’t forget events at The Marlowe Canterbury 39


The Tony Johnson Band The Hole in the Roof, Deal The Tony Johnson & The Flying Penguins The Hole in the Roof, Deal The Nutcracker The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Emily Portman The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Saturday 5th November 2011 Kaisai Masai Astor Community Theatre, Deal YOUR SHOUT THE BULL, DOVER The Nutcracker The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury John Wells Band The New_Inn, Deal VIVID NATION The Park Inn, Dover

Sunday 6th November 2011 Little Toby Walker Astor Community Theatre, Deal Mr Lazy The Clarendon Hotel, Deal Georgie The Hole in the Roof, Deal The Tony Johnson Band The New_Inn, Deal The Tony Johnson Band The New_Inn, Deal

Thursday 10th November 2011 This Empire Fiddlers Elbow, Camden

Hats Off The Led Zeppelin Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone Uprising The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Friday 11th November 2011 The Outcome Chimney Boy, Faversham Jimmy Carr Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone Sneaking Sally The Hole in the Roof, Deal

Saturday 12th November 2011 John Otway Astor Community Theatre, Deal YOUR SHOUT BOARS HEAD, DOVER 4 Poofs And A Piano - Smoke and Mirrorballs Quarterhouse, Folkestone Gold Top The New_Inn, Deal The Slug Pixies The Red Lion, Ramsgate

Sunday 13th November 2011 The Slug Pixies Old House at Home, Queenborough This Empire Quarterhouse, Folkestone The Outcome The Clarendon Hotel, Deal Riddinates The Hole in the Roof, Deal

Tuesday 15th November 2011 Sarah Millican Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

Don’t forget events at The Marlowe Canterbury 40

BOARS HEAD Contact us for a full listing of gigs and events

46-48 Eaton Road, Dover, Kent, CT17 9PB (01304) 330081

Wednesday 16th November 2011 Sensational 60's Experience Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

Thursday 17th November 2011

Saturday 19th November 2011 The Blockheads Astor Community Theatre, Deal Quadrophonia Deal Welfare Club, Mill Hill, Deal

Motown's Greatest Hits Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

For Those About To Rock Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

Lacuna Coil Quarterhouse, Folkestone

The Slug Pixies The Beauty of Bath, Sittingbourne

Friday 18th November 2011 Keith James: The Songs of Leonard Cohen Astor Community Theatre, Deal

City of Rochester Symphony Orchestra The Central Theatre, Chatham

Jacuzzi Soup Chimney Boy, Faversham

Private Widdle Social Club The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury

Buddy Holly / Elvis tribute act The Billet, Sittingbourne

Donna The New_Inn, Deal

Kai McKenzie The Hole in the Roof, Deal

YOUR SHOUT The Park Inn, Dover

Tapestry The New_Inn, Deal The Slug Pixies The Royal Norfolk Hotel, Folkestone

Sunday 20th November 2011 Interceptors The Clarendon Hotel, Deal

Don’t forget events at The Marlowe Canterbury 41

LISTINGS Gentlemen of Few The Hole in the Roof, Deal Electric Tortoise The New_Inn, Deal

Thursday 24th November 2011 Chris Addison Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

Friday 25th November 2011 Raw Deal Astor Community Theatre, Deal Timeless Chimney Boy, Faversham The Retrophonic Archive The Lower Bell, off the A229 Bluebell Hill, Aylesford 8-T's The New_Inn, Deal

Saturday 26th November 2011 YOUR SHOUT Barnaby Rudge, Broadstairs The Rolling Clones Deal Welfare Club, Mill Hill, Deal

The Hole in the Roof, Deal Broken The New_Inn, Deal

Monday 28th November 2011 ShyChlo The Lanterns, Folkestone

Wednesday 30th November 2011 Zebrahead Quarterhouse, Folkestone

Friday 2nd December 2011 The Broken Chimney Boy, Faversham The Eastcoasters The Clockhouse, Deal Anti-Nowhere League + The Members in Whitstable The East Quay, Whitstable The Retrophonic Archive The Red Lion, Badlesmere, Faversham

Saturday 3rd December 2011

Orchestral Society Leas Cliff Hall, Folkestone

FISH The East Quay, Whitstable

Goodbye Eric Royal George, Folkestone

YOUR SHOUT The Priory Hotel, Dover

Con Jovi The Brickmakers, Norwich

VIVID NATION Walmer Castle, 4 South Street Deal Kent ct147aw

The Retrophonic Archive The Long Hop, Sittingbourne Adjacent Two The New_Inn, Deal

Sunday 27th November 2011 EK1 The Clarendon Hotel, Deal The Tony Johnson Band The Deal Hoy, Deal Tapestry

Sunday 4th December 2011 The Retrophonic Archive Old House at Home, Queenborough VIVID NATION Quarterhouse, Folkestone

Thursday 8th December 2011 The Retrophonic Archive The Lobster Pot, Maidstone

Don’t forget events at The Marlowe Canterbury 42

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Promise Me Tomorrow - Various Pop/Punk stars “Promise Me Tomorrow” embark on a series of gigs throughout the fall to promote their new album. The Kent lads are all over the place throughout October!

Oct 1st Westcoast Bar, Margate Oct 19th New Cross Inn, London Oct 20th Esquires, Bedford Oct 28th The Red Lion, Gravesend Nov 28th The Star Inn, Guildford

ALSO NOT TO BE MISSED... The Self-Titled 29th October Unadulterated rock! In conjunction with our friends at Sick Fish Promotions, The Self Titled play an epic gig with some great support at Leo’s Red Lion in Gravesend on October 29th. Be prepared...

The Marlowe Theatre 7th-9th October

of which are free, just turn up, explore and meet the staff! Featuring the incredible...

Stephen Merchant 8th October The award winning writer and actor embarks on his first solo comedy tour and takes in a date at The Marlowe Theatre on 8th October

The new theatre opens its doors for a weekend on events, most 45




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ElliE G Gouldin The nGe on nInG lou heAdlI

to Kent PLUS: return heads The Block & Walls Margate. Floors g gig in homecomin Theatre The Astorit’s changed see how

2011 FArM

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The Clarendon Hotel Best Roast on the Coast from £7.95 Sunday Morning Breakfasts from £3.95



7 EK1

6th Mr. Lazy

9th Tony Johnson Band

13th The Outcome

16th Georgie

20th Intercceptors

22nd Jeff Barker Band

27th EK1


23rd Antiques Road Show 30th Counterfeit Notes

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Hole in the Roof


The Soul Bar

Hotel - Cafe - Bar

Live music events at The Hole in the Roof (6pm Sunday & 9pm Friday) •

Situated only a 5-minute walk away from Deal seafront and town centre

traditional homecooked food

three course specials

Function room for hire

Comfortable accomodation

OCtOBer 9th Left of The Dial 16th Sneaking Sally 23rd Coco 28th The Kingsdown Band 30th Get Ape

NOvemBer 4th The Tony Johnson Band 6th Georgie 11th Sneaking Sally 13th Riddinates 18th Kai McKenzie 20th Gentlemen of Few 27th Tapestry

42 Queen Street, Deal, Ct14 6eY tel: 01304 374839


The Gig Guide Issue 20  

Issue 20 of The Gig Guide for October/November 2011

The Gig Guide Issue 20  

Issue 20 of The Gig Guide for October/November 2011