The Gibraltar Magazine February 2012

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true lives course I wouldn’t be able to share what I have in this book if I didn’t practise what I preach, everyday.” I have read the book and it really does cover a lot of ground and has great resources to help you dive deeper into what you can do to help yourself heal. It is the go-to handbook for anyone with a diagnosis and has been classified by the Telegraph as ‘an excellent book to read’. In what other ways has your diagnosis helped you to do new things? “I work as a Holistic Health coach and raw food coach helping others to take back the reins on their health and happiness. I run raw food classes, retreats, workshops and online programmes which I love to do.” Polly is passionate about helping individuals to find the health and happiness in their lives and is constantly working on finding new ways to inspire, educate and empower them so they can face all challenges — a way to healing quicker by being positive in your life and dealing with your illness in the best possible way. Are you planning to publish more books, if so what will they be about? “My next book is going to be more of a diet and lifestyle book catered to everyone, not just those with illness. I want to promote living a healthy lifestyle so that prevention can become the cure. I think after I’ve been away meditating on a mountain for six months this year there may also be a book about that too! In terms of when they’ll be out will depend on when I start writing them! I’m keen to make sure I don’t put myself under stress because that’s not conducive to my healing but in the next year I hope to have it ready.” When diagnosed with cancer it changes the way you see life. How did it change you personally? “People say cancer is a gift. I think it’s a pretty rubbish gift and not one I would choose to give to anyone. However it has been a huge catalyst for change and my life is without a doubt much more purposeful and joy-filled, despite the fact that I live with cancer.” Unfortunately this illness can happen to anyone, no matter what age or race. In Gibraltar we have many of these diagnoses daily, we all tend to know friends or family who’s had or has cancer. I asked Polly to give me a saying that may help people to transform their lives a bit from now on: “Learn to think less negatively. Take time for yourself. Stay present and don’t delay your happiness until you have x, y and z because the only time is NOW, the present.” Wise words from a survivor. n


Sonia Golt and Polly Noble exchange books

Stay present and don’t delay your happiness until you have x, y and z because the only time is NOW, the present