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ganiser Genevieve Whitleand on 29th, the same day as Craig Sacarello. MAy you all, and everyone else celebrating this month, have a fabulous day and a great year to come. Talking about fabulous things, make sure you get your tickets for Urban Dance’s Spring Fiesta on Friday 17th May. The special guests on the night will be Academia Baile Eva, Metro Motel, the Jujitsu Academy and the MMA team, so it will be a spectacular show indeed. It starts at 7.30pm and tickets are just £12 from the John Mackintosh Hall ticket office. Remember you can also get a CD called Stand Firm, which will be released by the Band Corps of Drums of the Royal Gibraltar Regiment on Saturday 18th May. It is bound to be a hit with military music fans, and all proceeds go to RGRA Benevolent Fund and GHITA. Welcome to Gibraltar to ex-Trillo (Chelsea) chef Italian Guilliano Olivarello who is cooking up a storm at Café Solo. We can confirm his food is delicious so pop into the restaurant on Casemates and give it a try. On a final note, good luck to the Gibraltar Football Association on its bid to become a full member of UEFA — the long anticipated vote will be held in London on 24th May. Everyone in Gibraltar, keep your fingers, toes and everything else crossed! It could be a very exciting day for Gibraltar indeed. Well that’s it for this month. Have a great May and don’t forget the sun cream — you don’t want to walk around looking like a lobster right at the start of summer, do you?!

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The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  
The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  

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