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for the up-and-coming generations where one day they may very well turn their dreams into a reality

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football not only because I enjoy it but because of the great satisfaction that comes along with it. So receiving this award has helped me to acknowledge the fact that Gibraltarians know how seriously I take this role and how committed I am towards football particularly — especially when we get to play against superior teams as this is where I try my very best to demonstrate how skilled and professional we are in Gibraltar and how much we truly want other nations to acknowledge this.” Gibraltar is getting tantalisingly close to becoming a full member of UEFA and for Lee this would be a childhood dream come true. “Unfortunately, I am no longer a 20-year-old football player and, whether or not I am willing to accept it, I know that my football career will soon come to an end, and I will never be given the one opportunity to sell myself as a professional player and live my dream. Then again, I am optimistic that this will undeniably provide new gateways for the upand-coming generations where one day they may very well turn their dreams into a reality.” Lee has many people who have supported him throughout his football career, but he singles out his parents for special praise. “My number one fans have always been my parents. They are the ones who have always been committed to sport, whether it meant driving us to training sessions, or supporting my brothers and I at local and international games. “As you grow older,” he adds, “you also acknowledge the hard work all football managers, coaches and officials put in when arranging both local and international events to help promote Gibraltar, and they may not always receive the gratitude they deserve. So here is a ‘thank you’ to all.” Thank you Lee for being a great ambassador for football in Gibraltar. n


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