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Lee’s Kicking it! The vote on the Gibraltar Football Association’s full membership of UEFA will take place on 24th May, 2013 during the XXXVII Ordinary UEFA Congress, to be held in London, England. It is an exciting time for the Rock and for Gibraltar FA’s forward Lee Casciaro, who was awarded GBC Sports Personality of the Year at a ceremony in February 2013, recognising his outstanding performances in 2012. Anyone who listens to the media or is upLee, who was born in 1981, describes growto-date with football in Gibraltar will know ing up in Gibraltar and playing football with that the long awaited month of May will his brothers as “extremely memorable.” determine whether Gibraltar is granted full membership of UEFA. “This has and will undoubtedly always be Lee can honestly say he a Gibraltarian’s goal,” says Lee, “to be given has done and achieved more the opportunity to reveal our true colours and let other countries witness for themselves than he would ever have how talented we truly are. Hopefully this thought possible in terms will occur sooner rather than later so myself and all my football colleagues can experience of local football this as present players and not as retired individuals.”


“Being the eldest of three brothers sharing the same pastimes, is something that not all siblings get to stumble upon,” he grins. “You can only just imagine the amount of fun we had!” Now reflecting in his early 30s, Lee can honestly say he has done and achieved more than he would ever have thought possible in terms of local football. When it comes to putting the ball in the net, Lee is the GFA’s top scorer and seems to have a natural ability to control the ball. “Ever since I can recall I have always been involved in sporting activities, and my spe-

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The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  

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