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creatives arts She has made painting her full-time job because she must paint to feel alive, as much as she needs to breathe the Strait’s briny air sual apparel, as their funky and surreal image would fit T-shirts and backpack prints for the surfing dudes who work themselves to the bone in pursuit of their passion. Despite admitting that influential galleries can make or break an artist when they cherrypick whose work to exhibit or advise collectors whom to invest in (and lamenting that they can be ageist sometimes) Judith has had a great run so far, making last winter’s Cork Street exhibition in London for instance, shortlisted out of some 1,600 entrants, and so getting her foot in the door to stardom. At the moment she can only wish her work enjoyed the same strike of luck of Peter Doig’s record fetching canoe. She has made painting her full-time job because she must paint to feel alive, as much as she needs to breathe the Strait’s briny air. This will hopefully inspire her oceanic and breezy colour palette for an Andalusian second exhibition in the near future, after breaking the ice at her solo at Sacarello’s Coffee Shop, where she also hopes to network with like-minded local painters. n For more information, visit

publications such as “Lee Miller - War Editor” , “ The Angel and the Fiend” and the “The Home of the Surrealists”.

Gibraltar Decorative & Fine Arts Society lecture

The speaker is well-known to Nadfas groups in Spain and on the Rock, and he will be welcomed for his unparalleled account of exciting artistic times.

Picasso, Man Ray & Max Ernst

For further information on GibDFAS news and the activities of the other four mainland groups of Nadfas, visit the website: www.

Wednesday, 15th May 7.30pm (pre-lecture drinks 6.30pm) at the O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel

Picasso, Man Ray and Max Ernst through the eyes of Lee Miller and Roland Penrose. The giant figures of 20th century art, Picasso, Man Ray and Max Ernst were also close friends of the Surrealist photographer Lee Miller and artist Roland Penrose. This lecture is the story of this unique friendship which spanned the last


Picasso with Antony Penrose at Farely House Farm in Sussex

30 years of Picasso’s life and is told by Antony Penrose, who witnessed some of the events at first-hand. Sometimes known as the “ Boy Who Bit Picasso “, for decades Antony has been conserving and disseminating from the Farley

House Farm in Sussex the work of his parents Lee Miller and Roland Penrose which has featured in many national UK exhibitions and the V & A. Antony has lectured around the world, made TV documentaries and written

Max Ernst portrait, oil on canvas,1924


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