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Whether the eyebrows are raised in rave, puzzlement or disapproval is for the art consumers to tell. And they can be frank, because Wolverhampton-born Tarifa-based Judith values honest feedback from progressive artists and fans, that’s why she’s taking her work back to British soil, after an itinerant existence in Europe. Judith strives to be true to herself and search for the perfect fusion of colour and texture, without copying any short-lived fad, but also without shunning major trends, smugly isolating herself in an ivory tower. “I want to bring back into fashion the value of pure painting. I want people to look at my work every day, and every day see something new and different in it, and never tire of it,” she says. Judith is in her element with textures and patterns, alternated or superimposed on figurative, narrative or abstract subject matters. Usually in a bold and colourful composition which, though apparently simple from afar, the works scatter in multiplicity, repetition and variation, when you step closer to appreciate the underlining pattern work. “I used to hand weave huge tapestries worth several thousand pounds which took months and months to complete, but towards the end of my course of studies I realised that wasn’t my path,” she explains of how the textures of woven fabrics made their way into her colour palette, when her need to paint grew stronger. No shortcuts here — no sticking snippets of textured fabrics or wallpaper on canvas and then sneakily doodling on top, not at all: the layered effect is crafted by hand painting one by one the myriad of modules, all similar, but


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The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  

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