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make it easier to connect with the audience.” She confesses with a grin she’d love to play extravagant characters like Willy Wonka, Nanny McPhee or Mr Magorium. Last year she was part of the world premiere of the original drama, Mary Jane, by Julian Felice, the driving force behind Dramatis Personae Youth, the group Alex belonged to and is leaving now to pursue her university career. “No, I didn’t play the title role there, I was in the ensemble, the chorus... just imagine if I had, now I could brag in my résumé I played a prostitute in an award-winning published Victorian drama!” Alex jokes. “I also played a very serious part in Hard to Swallow, where I was the anorexic girl’s sister who had to watch her die.” Back to comedy, she was Frankenstein’s bride in the dark fantasy Twisted Tales of Terror. “Serious roles are much harder,” she says. “Being funny comes quite relaxingly, but when you are cast in a serious role you must feel and suffer what the character feels and suffers to portray it realistically.” The trophy was a big confidence booster for Alex who is finishing her A-levels in Drama and Music and is planning to further her studies in Applied Theatre with the aim of getting into theatrical productions, or perhaps TV, or even cinema, both on screen or as voice talent for animated films, because she can imitate many accents and animal calls. She is willing to put up with gruelling hours, and as long as money is no object she is ready to see her dream through — long queues for auditions and all — because, who knows? “Even if I don’t get the part, I can always end up at an audition standing in line next a future celebrity, and later boast: ‘Hey I knew them when they were just hopeful nobodies’...” Rejection is, however, the biggest downside of showbiz for her, but she’s confident she will get a part sooner or later, and she’s determined to use her time the best she can. She is fascinated with playing old ladies, powerful old ladies, for instance M in James Bond movies, as portrayed by Dame Judi Dench. She admires Anne Hathaway in Les Mis, for being able to realistically weep on screen, swollen eyes and red nose included,

I like the idea of being someone else, the more different from who I am the better. I like to walk in my characters’ shoes, but mostly I like to have all eyes on me. I am such an attention seeker!

but she also loves her in her debut role of the Princess Diaries. Alex’s role model remains Meryl Streep, whom she loved in Julie & Julia and, more recently, The Iron Lady. “I like the idea of being someone else, the more different from who I am the better. I like to walk in my characters’ shoes, but mostly I like to have all eyes on me. I am such an attention seeker!’ her eyes sparkle. Yet, she enjoys rehearsals and the cosy good vibe they entail — all camaraderie, team effort, timing and hard work. She recently presented her A-level exam play with her eight-strong class. A piece of ‘theatre of cruelty’ they wrote


about the seven deadly sins. “In this play, the boundaries between actors and audience are broken. The line between stage and floor blurred, and spectators will be scattered on stage so that they become silent characters, actual victims of our verbal abuse as we walk amongst them and shout at them and accuse them of committing a deadly sin. We cannot touch them alright, but we can make them really uncomfortable as part of the show. A disclaimer advises them before attending, that’s why we’re cherry-picking a certain type of audience, because this is not something everyone is ready for...” Right on cue: experimental ‘total theatre’ may prompt mixed reactions, but a sure standing ovation for introducing Gibraltar to it. n

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