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l MS Awareness Week 29th April - 5th May

Support For Multiple Sclerosis Patients

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Initiated two years ago by local MS patient Iris Guilliano as a Facebook page which grew, the Gibraltar Multiple Sclerosis Society is now a registered charity with a committee and special mini support groups within it. The Society comprises patients with Multiple Sclerosis and similar neurological conditions and provides a local support system and patient network to promote public awareness and provide patients with information. These conditions often strike young adults unexpectedly and can abruptly change their lives, sometimes quickly leading to some form of disability. The Society’s aim is to help patients to be as well as they can for as long as they can by providing info on helpful therapies, exercises, foods and tools. Members keep in touch through Facebook and Twitter pages where there is always someone available to chat. The Society puts local patients in touch with each other — before October 2010 when the Facebook and Twitter pages were started, patients were not aware of others locally with the same conditions and problems. They are provided with links to worldwide research updates

and various relevant overseas associations some of which are also members of the local pages and are able of communicating directly with patients. Last December the Society asked GHA for neurology patient numbers and found that there are around 210 neurology patients locally with a variety of conditions, these had not previously not been monitored. The Society estimates there are around 65 patients with MS and possibly another 30 with similar conditions. The Society’s other long term aim is to set up a GMSS Neurology Centre, where they can provide specific helpful therapies, and access to information relevant to conditions. A meeting place where they can also organise chats from specialised professionals and other charity groups relevant to conditions and somewhere to have an informative library. n Email: GibMsSocietygibraltarmss@

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Nailing it Are your nails brittle and flaking? Healthy nails are a sign of a healthy body, so if your nails have been looking on dull and ragged lately, that may be a sign you are suffering from a vitamin deficiency. Fear not, here is a list of vitamins for lovely nails... Iron: Brittle nails can be a sign of an iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is one of the most common of the nutritional deficiencies, and commonly causes fatigue. Look for chelated iron supplements or consume more nuts and green, leafy vegetables. Zinc: White spots on your nails, along with poor growth and inflammation of the cuticles is a sign you need to add more zinc to your diet. If you don’t want to take a zinc supplement, some foods that are high in zinc include dark chocolate (yes, we are recommending chocolate!), peanuts and turkey. B-12: Excessively dry or darkening nails could indicate you’re not getting enough vitamin B12. Vitamin B12 also helps to maintain a healthy nervous system and the formation of new red blood cells. You can take it as a food supplement or it can be found in cheese, eggs and crab.

Multiple sclerosis (or MS) is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system (CNS), which is made up of the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerves. Symptoms may be mild, such as numbness in the limbs, or severe, such as paralysis or loss of vision. The progress, severity, and specific symptoms of MS are unpredictable and vary from one person to another. Today, new treatments and advances in research are giving new hope to people affected by the disease. n



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