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waste from a storage silo. They also have plans in place to install a two mega watt wind turbine on the site, which will make the facility not just energy neutral, but a contributor to the grid. Symphony uses technology in its offices and warehouses which detect occupancy and operates daylight dimming to ensure best energy usage (something which is available to companies in Gibraltar through PCL LED Lighting company, see page 32). Symphony even operates a fleet of fuel efficient Bluetec Euro 5 Mercedes Actros delivery vehicles converting nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water. It is this kind of corporate responsibility within the supply chain that Myra seeks in her suppliers. “It is always our preference to work with responsible suppliers like Symphony.” Although function and beauty are as important to us in our homes in Gibraltar as environmental issues, it is good to know that there are suppliers who can deliver both. n 101 Ltd, top floor, Unit 100, Harbours Walk, The New Harbours, Gibraltar. Tel: 200 41019 email: Symphony Kitchens


BLIND savings Reduce the carbon footprint of your home (and save money on energy bills) by having window blinds fitted. Window blinds will save you money and create a more comfortable environment because they provide insulation which helps reduce both heat build up in summer, and so reduce the amount of air conditioning you need, and heat loss through winter, saving on heating bills. The higher the level of insulation, the more money you save, so check with the retailer to ensure you are purchasing thermally efficient fabrics or materials. Remember your blinds are only working for you when they are closed, so leaving them closed when you are out during the days is the best option. Blinds are endlessly practical, allowing you to reduce or increase the amount of light entering your space, and fabulous to look at — a treat for any window. They are available in a range of contemporary colours and include blackout for bedrooms — the most energy efficient blind. n


The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  
The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  

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