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and non-hazardous wastes. A full description of wastes handled can be found on the company’s website: Demolition & Construction Waste

Old structures inherently contain many noxious substances, which, if not removed in a controlled way prior to demolition, are harmful to health and to the environment. These materials, found mainly in older structures, are mostly asbestos (various types), used in wall insulation, pipes, tiles, windows, roof sheets, exterior surfaces, electrical installations, boilers and appliances. Asbestos must be removed by licensed asbestos removal contractors, following very strict safety and contamination containment procedures. The final disposal of these materials is strictly controlled by the authorities in EU licensed and approved landfill sites. Demolition wastes, containing hazardous materials, safely disposed of by EWMS, also include: Bitumen and tars (road surfacing, roofing, waterproofing); paint contaminated materials and paints; earth contaminated with hydrocarbons or metals or non-hazardous; waste electrical/electronic equip-


ment; and fluorescents and bulbs. EWMS safely collects and ensures waste products are safely treated and disposed of, are listed below Industrial & Commercial Wastes There are many industries with- with a list of major wastes they in Gibraltar which, in common produce: with similar developed countries, Garages and Workshops: Wastes generate waste products. These, if produced at garages and worknot disposed of responsibly, cause shops safely collected and treated/ contamination and deterioration of recycled by EWMS are oily rags, the environment. In Gibraltar we waste oil, oil filters, paints and have natural habitats teeming with solvents. flora and fauna, many of which are unique to the area and endan- Photography and X-Rays: Phogered, hence the need for them to tography and X-ray wastes colbe protected and preserved. lected and treated by EWMS are Industry sectors for which developer and fixer fluids, and

X-ray plates Shipping Wastes: Gibraltar is an internationally recognised shipping hub, however the industry produces a wide range of wastes which need to be treated and disposed of through proper means and by licensed contractors. EWMS removes/disposes of pharmaceutical wastes; hydrocarbon sludge from tank cleaning; oily rags; and asbestos. n Contact EWMS Tel: 200 44220 Email: or visit for further information.


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The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  

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