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Environment & Waste Management Services:

The Leader in Environmental Waste Management Gibraltar’s leading hazardous waste disposal and recycling experts since 1994, EWMS (Environment & Waste Management Services) was established by Alexis Almeda (Chief Environmental Health Officer from 1974 to 1994) and Alex Trinidad (Operations Manager for Shell Co. of Gibraltar Limited until 1995), to responsibly deal with hazardous waste produced by local industries and Government departments in an environmentally friendly way and in keeping with legislation. Until the company was formed there were no effective and ecological methods locally to dispose of hazardous waste, and much was disposed of as general refuse. Today, due to society’s growing consciousness of environmental conservation, the legal obligations placed on industry generally and the policing of these by the Environmental Agency, a large volume of local hazardous waste is safely disposed of by EWMS.

Recycling Services

Our community is more aware of reducing its impact on the planet through environmental conservation, sustainable development and the reduction in the use of the raw materials used in manufacturing consumer goods. Recycling of used materials is a growing industry aiming to convert used

consumables into raw materials to be reused in the production of new consumer products (rather than wasting it by sending it off to landfill). Locally, the Gibraltar Government’s Green Policies have led to a rethink of all aspects of the government’s internal processes, from Building Control (enforcing environmentally friendly and sustainable building structures), Department of the Environment (providing more recyclable waste bins for glass, cans, paper, Tetrabrik and plastics, in more locations throughout Gibraltar), Procurement (by purchasing recycled materials) and throughout government departments internally (by segregating paper, cartridges, batteries and electrical equipment for subsequent recycling). As a result of the Government’s

Green Policies, EWMS have re- cents, battery and waste electrical cently been granted two contracts equipment collections. by the Government of Gibraltar: •

Collection, transportation and recycling of wood pulp products (paper/cardboard) and printer cartridges from all Gibraltar government offices and entities; and Collection and transportation to a Government approved disposal facility of small batteries and small waste electrical and electronic equipment from Gibraltar government offices and entities.

Confidential Document Destruction

A new service available to EWMS customers is the destruction in bulk of confidential documents in a high security (Level 4) industrial paper shredder. Paper is collected in dedicated and sealed panel vans and transported to the warehouse where it is destroyed by bulk shredding. The shredded paper is cut into small pieces (1.9 x 15mm) and made into shredded paper bails which are sent to a paper mill in Spain for recycling.

However, EWMS doesn’t just work with government, and can help any Gibraltar company achieve its environmental policy objectives. EWMS provides a solution to of- Hazardous Waste Management fice waste by collecting paper and EWMS is fully licensed by the cardboard and printer cartridges Environmental Agency to collect, for recycling, as well as fluores- store and dispose of hazardous


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CONFIDENTIAL DOCUMENT SHREDDING (SECURITY LEVEL 4) WASTE PAPER RECYCLING GENERAL HAZARDOUS WASTE DISPOSAL Toners • computers • light bulbs flUorescents • bAtteries Environment & Waste Management Services Limited contact us &21),'(17,$/'2&80(176+5('',1* - or visit our website at - 6(&85,7</(9(/

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The Gibraltar Magazine - May 2013  

Gibraltar's fabulous business and leisure magazine. Crammed full of great features from finance to football, from fashion to arts. Enjoy i...